July 27, 2014

Clubs are usually associated with high schools in many high school themed animes. Some clubs you have members who do look stereotypically like the clubs they join in and others don’t. When it falls into the latter category, it could only mean that everyone is probably an oddball or a weirdo and doing things that aren’t really true in the name of that club. Uh huh. Names can sometimes be misleading. Take the case of D-Frag! Heh. I thought it was an anime going to be about computing. You know, defrag? Speaking of which, when was the last time I defrag my PC? Oh hell, who cares? Although this anime isn’t really about computing, it’s about a game development club whose members aren’t really developing video games. Who knows what they’re actually doing. Yeah. Oddballs. Weirdoes. And when a delinquent is made to join the club, you can tell it gets weirder. It’s like he is the much needed tonic to keep their already bizarre club even livelier than before. Yeah, driving him crazy. So people, be careful of what clubs to choose and join. Or you can simply hand in your resignation if you don’t want in anymore. But would it be so easy?

Episode 1
We are introduced to the Kazama Family that includes shorty cartoonish Yokoshima (I thought he came out from that Old Master Q comic), the tall and tanned Nagayama (I thought he looked like School Rumble’s Harima) and the leader whom nobody remembers, Kenji Kazama. Their goal is to become delinquents and conquer the world. Whatever. Meanwhile the Game Development Club is in risk of being disbanded due to not having many activities and not meeting the minimum member requirements. Think fast. Kenji sees a fire coming out from that club room and rushes in to put it out. Suddenly his buddies are knocked out cold. Yokoshima got zapped by lightning (taser from Minami Oosawa) and Nagayama out by water (Sakura Mizukami chugs the bottle of water down his throat). Roka Shibasaki is going to use her fire elemental on Kenji. If you thought it was burning him down, well, more like some cutie moe words. Moe is like burning which is like fire, right? Didn’t work. She crashed and burn instead. Kenji almost got punched by Chitose Karasuyama. How does her punch qualify to be earth element? She just made a sand castle… When Kenji sees an escape chance, he dashes through. Roka manages to catch up but surprisingly thanks him for putting out the fire since they were playing fireworks in hopes it will attract potential club members. After introducing herself as the club’s president, she proceeds to recruit him and reveals her fire element was a decoy and darkness is her true element. Suddenly everything goes black. Sack over his head. So the girls are threatening him to join the club or else. When you’re in that scary sh*t situation, you’d join for your life, right? He signs the form to join without fuss. His actual plan is to steal it from whoever takes it to the club advisor and shred it. Turns out that Minami is the club’s advisor! Holy cow! Couldn’t have guessed. He snatches the form and runs away.

Again Roka catches up to him and since her ‘fire’ didn’t work on him, it’s back to darkness. She unleashes drapes around the area but since Kenji knows her trick, he darts out. Only thing is he dashed through the wrong side and falls out from the window. Roka catches him and won’t let go. She doesn’t care if she falls down with him and this is the real her not putting up her cutesy act. But her stamina is going to give way and she’s already complaining how the pressure will affect her womb… Luckily her friends help to pull him up. After such drama, Kenji joins the club anyway. He must have got caught up in their pace. He later explains it to his pals but it seems they don’t remember what happened. Then comes in another of their friend, Ataru Kawahara (probably a perverted masochist). He heard Kenji joined the club and warns the danger of Chitose who is also this school’s student council president. She is so dangerous that not only teachers but other delinquent groups (yeah, there are quite a handful here) are keeping away from her. Since they’re talking so loud, Chitose heard them from the floor above and wants to join in. She seems to be mocking Ataru as he lost the presidential election to her before (he is the vice president now). Chitose is going to rid them using her saliva and Ataru wants to catch it?! Seeing this won’t work, she tries to drop a locker on them! Ataru won’t run because it would mean of returning to those days of servitude. He also wants to save Kenji. So they form a human totem pole to push the locker back as Kenji delivers the final kick. In the end, Chitose who was doubtful of them, now acknowledges them and now understands why Roka is fixated on them. But they are in trouble because they just landed inside the girls’ changing room. Just be thankful all they got was just a suspension.

Episode 2
Kenji and Ataru are being lectured by the teacher for trespassing the girls’ changing room. Till Kenji hears Roka calling him a pervert, he wakes up from this dream. At the park, Kenji is surrounded by some cult people in strange mask and robe. Actually they are the real Game Development Club as put by club president Takao. So the club he joined is fake? Takao blames him that the fake club was to be disbanded but thanks to him joining in, he somewhat ‘saved’ it. He doesn’t want to have any part in this but they won’t let him escape. Since he can’t lay a finger on girls, this means Takao and fellow Tsutsumi Inada are out. Hmm… How about Sakuragaoka? As Inada tells us, he is just a pretty guy who looks like a girl and thanks to that, he is saved as he is wearing a girl’s uniform he hated so much underneath. Nose bleeding fanservice for Inada! What about this last huge person, Yamada? As Inada says, despite his large demeanour, he is actually a gentle and nice person. Yamada tries to be convincing wearing makeup but he looks so hideous as Kenji punches him out. Another nose bleeding fanservice for Inada? Takao threatens to call the police just to best him as the conversation takes a turn that Kenji is a leg fetish instead of boobs fetish (a nickname Chitose gave him and now its permanently stuck). The police really come as they got a tip off that a civilian was being assaulted by some cult member. Yamada looks like the part so everybody abandoned him to save their skin. Uh huh. Yamada got taken into custody.

When Kenji returns to school, the first thing he sees in the club room is some random role playing by them. He really didn’t want to get involved but they force him to. As they’re about to discuss what to do for the cultural festival, Takao barges in and confronts Chitose about having them to be disbanded. Of course she can’t stand up to the might of this dangerous woman so she curses them to break up as she runs away. While Roka goes after her, Kenji asks Chitose why there are 2 Game Development Clubs. Seems Takao holds a grudge for almost driving the club into oblivion. Roka was a strange person. Wearing a sack in class? You get a picture. Because of that, she was treated coldly and slowly many left the club and eventually Roka herself left. Although mainly it is Chitose’s fault for burying those people in earth. Chitose being Roka’s friend suggested to form a club with her. Kenji is made to go after them (because the rest will only make things worse) and he sees them, erm, pushing each other but in a stalemate? Kenji thinks Roka wants to apologize but Takao is not amused. It’s too late for that. She wasn’t even in the wrong but quit. Why couldn’t she stay in the club with her? Roka can’t disband her club as she formed it with Chitose. Takao thinks back all their good moments spent together and then throws down a challenge. A duel between their clubs during the festival. The loser club will be absorbed. Isn’t the outcome the same? Roka seeks Kenji’s advice on what to do next but he tells her she already knows the answer. She accepts the challenge. So as they go back to get their brains racking, looks like they’ve got a long way to go… They’re going to lose at this rate…

Episode 3
As explained by Chitose, the real Game Development Club that was on the brink of disbanding made a comeback and even won awards. Because there is no way to beat them fair and square, sabotage is their only answer! Yeah. They know nuts about making games and the most is just know how to play games. Kenji is forced to spy on them (since he lost the game bet anyway) to see what they’re doing. Takao spots him but lets him in to see what they’re doing. He apologizes to Yamada for punching him the other day and barely recognizes Sakuragaoka who runs away just to change. Inada and Yamada talk about Takao’s boobs pressing against Kenji’s head for a soft cushion but his spikey hair may be getting in the way. Cheeky Roka pushes Takao forward and her boobs got pressed in his face. Roka gets kicked out, Kenji gets slapped. Takao tells Kenji to join their club since they are doomed to fail. However after thinking back all those events, he thinks settling via duel would be interesting. When he heads back to his own club room, he sees the rest playing some space porno board game. So Kenji didn’t go and crush the other side? Well, Chitose can use her ‘authority’… Better don’t! Kenji then gets an idea. By the time Sakuragaoka returns dressed as a girl, Kenji has already left. But it gave Inada a great fanservice. Enjoy it while you can.

During the festival, both clubs renew their rivalry. Takao fears the deadly aura from Chitose who would have loved to kill them instead. The penalty for the real Game Development Club remains the same. Win and the fake ones get absorbed. But for those fakes, if they win, Takao boobs will be descended into some vulgar finger play in which Chitose and Inada only understand. They’re looking so forward to it. Kenji visits the real Game Development Club to see how they’re doing. Quite well. Yamada and Sakuragaoka dressed as maids? Kenji then brings Takao to see how his own club is doing. A long queue outside this huge ‘castle’?! And they’re not playing computer games inside but physical games such as basketball and bowling. You could say Chitose used her authority and used all the guys as labour to build this huge thing overnight. Takao calls this is foul play but Chitose argues that the bet was to see which club get more visitors. In terms of originality, technically their ideas are taken from somewhere, right? Made theirs from scratch? So do they. What now Takao? She starts crying… Suddenly Chitose hugs her and starts apologizing (no crocodile tears) and hopes she won’t take this away from Roka as she feels at home here despite how everyone is an oddball. Speaking of Roka, she is acting as a director for people who come in to role play in her games. Takao asks if she is having fun. Since she does, Takao admits defeat. Roka says although she is the club’s president, she can’t join hers but would like to be her friend. But she ruined it when she cockily says she doesn’t mind her joining her club. Smack! At the end of the day, Takao chose not to destroy the fake club because it looks like Roka is doing her best in her own way. And then here comes the penalty… Whatever Chitose is going to do with Takao’s boobs…

Episode 4
The fake Game Development Club now calls itself as the real club, pissing off Takao a lot. And so she participates in their ‘brainstorming’ to suggest a new name for the club. It all sounds too cute and cool for Takao, therefore rejected. Kenji comes up with The Second Game Development Club but because it sounds too plain, they reject it. But Minami finally speaks up that their club does have an official name: Game Development Club (Provisional). WTF. One day, the Kazama Family meets the delinquent group, Evil Orchestra 14. No, they don’t use musical instruments to attack but rather they hog the music game arcades. Arcade freaks… They are going to teach the Kazama Family how fearsome they are. Ataru rushes back to Kenji’s club girls to tell him he has been kidnapped. Actually they don’t care or give silly excuses. Till Takao head butts Roka in the gut to tell her to go save him because she is his club president. No buts about it. And so with this excuse she needs to go to toilet, the rest follow her. Meanwhile Kenji is beaten and tied up (Yokoshima buried and Nagayama hanging). They must have gotten better with their fingers after playing so many music games. Yeah, all to reign supreme over the school one day. When they spot that space porno board game in Kenji’s bag (the girls have got to stop treating his bag as garbage bin), the gang members get so eager to play that they’re quarrelling who should go first!!! However everybody is singling out their leader, Odahara. Even though he gets this idea to split into groups to fight for the right to play, he himself gets left out (though the gang has 14 members, 5 are currently MIA). Then both groups continue to have a showdown by betting their idols, some loli housewife named Funabori and Takao. I guess that girl has some sort of reputation among the delinquents.

Odahara gets desperate enough to form a group with Kazama Family to fight back but Kenji doesn’t want to get involve and tells him off to solve it since he is the leader. Guess what? He takes the board game and breaks it! Yeah. It breaks his heart to see them fighting like this. And suddenly everyone gets emotional and mushy. For some reason, Kenji tries to attack Odahara but before the rest could fight back, the girls have arrived. Odahara thinks Kenji planned all this. It doesn’t help when the girls also accuse him of having a hand in it. Lies of course. The delinquents freak out because they never knew the powerful Chitose is Kenji’s woman. Dare say that again? They think Takao is Kenji’s woman because she’s the only one who is refuting like a tsundere. Odahara doesn’t want to fight but his underlings think this is chance to defeat Chitose and reign supreme. Odahara remembers a fellow member who got injured in battle about cooperating together and rule the school. So you wanna fight? Let’s go! Evil Orchestra 14 versus Girls Who Lost Their Way From The Toilet! Needless to say, those small fries got owned. Everyone thinks of taking out the weakest chick, Roka. But when she sees Kenji all roughed up, she becomes the evil dark master! Kenji had to stop her before she does any harm on Odahara who is sweating in his pants after realizing who this petite girl is. She is the one who brought the battle between the current and former student council president to a halt and is thus the secret ruler of the school, she is The Ultimate Darkness! Say what? Kenji just feels everything is so wrong… Roka is wide open so Odahara goes in for a sneak attack. Kenji swiftly blocks that wood smashing move and punches him out. Don’t you dare raise a hand against his club president! And with the day is saved, what is their next course of action? Play an updated version of that space porno board game! Kenji feels like he has wasted his anger…

Episode 5
The gang demonstrate how to play the space porno game to Kenji. He’s not interested. Here comes Chitose’s foot for him to think about. Takao is also here to keep an eye on them. Or is it she doesn’t have any friends? And no, she doesn’t want to play the game. Roka is disheartened and wants Kenji to force her to play. He thinks that since the game is for 4 players, if she takes his place, he’ll be scot free. In his desperate attempt to make her join, he will do anything for her. So once that is settled, he learns the game has evolved to 5 players. Goddamn it! The duo need to select their characters, some goody Buddha or perverted alien. Of course they scramble to take the Buddha so Roka wants to join in too and will wager her Joe character. It will be decided via rock-scissors- paper. Roka is like being a sore loser because she puts in weird hand signals which are supposed to be house rules. One that freeze the game for 2 minutes just to intimidate them with her swan pecking finger? The duo also do the same thing and Takao seems to be asking Kenji about his likes and dislikes (hint, hint). In the end, Roka does the hand signal that signals the game is postponed till the next time. Roka wants a new character created then but the duo are smart enough to use this hand signal each time so they never actually get to play the game.

Kazama Family’s reputation has gone up as rumours spread they have defeated Evil Orchestra 14. Also, they think they are the dogs for the student council. Speaking of which, here comes Chitose and Roka to come have lunch with him in his class! They strike a fearful presence among the students! Kenji doesn’t want to eat with them and wants to go somewhere but they spot his bento and think his sister made it for him. Checking it out, it seems normal (no heart shapes or anything). Yeah, they even take their time eating it. Noting he isn’t acting like a delinquent like skipping class, it seems the next class which is helmed my Mr Sean Conecone is somewhat his saviour. Many years ago when the Kazama Family are attending a superhero show on the rooftop, the building caught fire and they got trapped. Till Sean came and saved them. However Kenji didn’t want to be indebted with an old fart he didn’t know so Sean told him that if he helps out other people in such situation, they can call it even. Ever since, he has been inspired by him. What is Kenji going to eat now that everyone has finished his lunch? Roka can’t give hers as she ate her own earlier on. Chitose feeds him but the food fell on the floor. Not going to eat that? Till she mentions this Funabori girl whom amazingly is in his class (he didn’t even know it) cleans it every day so clean so you can bet it’s hell of a clean. Everybody starts worshipping her as thanks. After Kenji eats it, Chitose points how the floor is dirty since everyone stepped on it ever since. Lunch time is over and Kenji hasn’t had anything to it. Thanks guys for the company. Funabori wants to share her little lunch with him. Sean enters and sees this. He knows what is going on and gives an excuse he needs to go back to get the papers he forgot so it’s self study for 5 minutes. Everybody admires how cool he is. Later, Takao who has eavesdropped on everything, hands Kenji a bread. She picked the last one from the school store and he can repay her later. Tsundere? Sean spots them and tells them to appreciate their youth while minding his business. They find him cool.

Episode 6
Roka hides behind Kenji as she is running away from an enemy! This girl has somebody superior?! He is Hachi Shiou and is a bit of a school celebrity since his father is from some big company. He was taking time off to work in it so now he’s back. So? Oh, he is the other member of the Game Development Club (Provisional). Shiou narrates the first time he met Roka during the first year of high school. Let’s say he got enveloped by her darkness bag and that’s when he takes a liking for her. Oh God. Not another freak. But when Roka points out Kenji also had this treatment, it makes Shiou break out into some love triangle song. Kenji throws them away and probably too hard that Roka banged the wall. It’s darkness time. Shiou wants to share the darkness… Not just mad, freaky too. Back at the clubroom, Roka wins another tug of war against Shiou. Only thing is, they’re shoving the cabinet. Oh yeah. Roka’s winning streak continues. 82-0. Kenji continues to retort everyone of their misunderstanding about them. Isn’t he tired? When Funabori returns the bag all washed and clean, Shiou throws a challenge to Kenji. Not over Roka, but her bag. Disappointed, Roka? Kenji doesn’t care about it but he can never turn down a good challenge. Roka is upset that they’re fighting over her things that doesn’t involve her and wants in. And so Chitose proposes to invite others to join in this open entry battle. The more the merrier, right? Suddenly Takao who was eavesdropping also wants in.

Chitose and Inada become the commentators of this battle as Inada introduces all 48 competitors. Seems like a bunch of freaks with freakish nicknames if you ask me. Takao is reeling from some emotional pain after she found out they’re fighting over a bag and Kenji wasn’t the slightest interested in it. Chitose and Inada make a detour to condemn Takao’s boobs especially how those over-sized racks causes her not to zip up her jersey. Show off! Takao then forces to zip it up and everybody rejoice. Huh? When Inada introduces the prize, she is even surprised like the other contestants on what the hell this is. Till Chitose adds it was washed and cleaned by Funabori, everybody will die to get it! Yeah, even new contestants want to join in. For the first round, everyone have to push each other out of the ring. Those who manage to stay in after the time is up advances. So we see all the freaks clashing with each other while Roka is intimidating everybody with her Velociraptor hand signal. A freak is going to ‘bully’ Takao but Kenji comes to her rescue but he too almost gets kicked out by her. She doesn’t want him to win. I have a feeling why. Suddenly her jersey’s zip breaks and it becomes a projectile to hit at Kenji’s face. Time is up and Takao couldn’t believe she is still in this game…

Episode 7
When Kenji wakes up, Funabori already treated him. He is currently in the middle of the semi-final finger wrestling match with Shiou! How did he progress so far unconscious? Everyone agreed to seed him since he was out and promised to battle all they’ve got when they reach him. But unfortunately none of those freaks reached the semi-finals. This means the other semi-final is between Roka and Takao. Everyone’s attention is on them. At first it started out as a simple musical chair but they keep provoking each other and now it turns into some sort of showdown. When Funabori asks which of the girls Kenji would love to face in the final, he doesn’t mind since the one who wins means the strongest. He will beat her and become champion. The girls must have really sharp ears to hear this and Roka isn’t too pleased hearing that. She emits deadly aura and is about to release all she’s got at Takao. Then she charges! Suddenly! She grabs the chair and wins it. Disappointed fellow viewers? It wasn’t some kind of deadly move you were expecting, no? Thanks to that distraction, Kenji also wins his match and pins Shiou’s finger under his. The final match will be king’s game. Seriously, you can play that with 2 people? Whoever gets the king wins. Kenji and Roka seem like they’re ready to kill each other. It’s making Yamada the stick holder between them cowering in fear. Worst position to be in. Before the game begins, they start intimidating each other about the luck they have and that they are luckier than the other. Roka asks what he will do with her bag if he wins. He’ll treasure it as much as he can. That answer is enough for Roka to get serious. However Kenji like his badass attitude won’t let this game go down to chance or luck. He snaps off both sticks to send them flying in the air. Now they’re even. He then dashes backwards to escape Roka’s darkness and uses Yamada as a springboard to grab the broken pieces in the air. Everyone is shocked at first but it soon turns into cheers as Kenji is declared the winner. Roka admits defeat and hopes he’ll take care of her bag or he’ll hear from her. It makes him sound like he lost. She hopes to compete on something other than luck next time. She tosses him back her broken stick and it fits the king. She could have won so Kenji personally calls it a draw. Shiou is so thrilled over the events that he starts giving him a handshake and won’t let go. He relishes their eternal rivalry forever fighting over Roka and her bag. Just creepy…

Episode 8
Takao and Kenji are called to the teacher’s room. Seems it wasn’t the battle ruckus that they were summoned. It was the zipper boing incident! Takao even feels sorry that she has grown fat! That’s not the point. Although this brings the issue about the safety of zippers, the thing is, ever since that, many students have tried to emulate it and some got seriously hurt. Uh huh. So hurt that one didn’t turn up for school at all. Doesn’t it mean her zipper is working well? Then they ask Chitose back since she is always wearing a jersey. Story time. She got it from a student whom she can’t even remember her name. Since she was always wearing torn clothes, the student gave her jersey to her since she doesn’t need it after graduation. Takao is so touched that she wants her to take her jersey after graduation. Nobody asks the other teachers but they butt in about it. Kenji ends it that nobody is at fault. The jersey is safe and there is no need to change it as Chitose has proven how durable it is (it’s not torn and dirty). Outside, Takao apologizes to Kenji for causing lots of trouble. To make it up to him, she wants to treat him out this Sunday. So got spare time? Oh, I see where this is getting at. But come Sunday, you’d expect Takao to be treating him to food or the movies, right? So why the heck are they waiting in line for some retro game release???!!! Uh huh. She forgot all about it till this morning and since she summoned her courage to ask him out, she doesn’t want to waste it. WTF.

Kenji wants to leave but Takao uses that promise made during the space porno game to have him do what she wants and that is to accompany her till the game goes on sale. In the mean time, she tells him the history of the game which ranges from boringly stupid to incredible stupid. I don’t know. That’s how I see it. They see a familiar tent at the front on the queue. Their fears come true when it turns out to be Roka! She’s heading this way. Takao is so afraid to see her that they hijacked the clothes of the guy in front who is cosplaying as the game character. So Roka sees Kenji in the robe with Takao hiding behind it. Hot and stuffy. For Roka to get back in line, she wants him to do some character stance. The other guys join in which makes it a real pain for Kenji. Takao had to hug him as so to hide her legs. Something is pushing against his back… Before Roka leaves, she asks about the bag. He’s taking care of it by carrying it around with him. Roka is a happy little girl. Once she’s gone, Takao doesn’t seem happy. Must be Roka’s bag thingy again. So much so she runs away claiming she is sick. How can she run so fast if she is sick? Kenji is left behind and everyone just stares at him. At a distance, Takao feels guilty for abandoning him and regrets not buying the game. Suddenly Kenji returns and gives her the game. After she ran away, the store opened and all the guys in line voluntarily make way for him so he could go after his girl. Takao is very grateful and would like to treat him for real this time. However she has spent all her money on the game that she can’t pay for the meal… Seriously…

Episode 9
Shiou joins the Kazama Family for lunch. He asks about Roka’s bag he is keeping and assures he won’t do anything so low to steal it. He will at least stuff his head inside his bag because he likes tight places. Ataru won’t lose out and will protect his bag! Just great. Two perverts to deal with. Kenji is having a hard time fending the duo off so he requests Funabori to take it away. Why choose her? Such an easy target. With all the panicking, Kenji wants her to move and hide while he holds them off. She unloads the things in his bag and hides her head in it. There. Who looks like the bigger pervert? In the end, Ataru and Shiou give up and declare her the winner. You mad, sis? Meanwhile there is a strange girl outside the Game Development Club (Provisional). They bring her in and when they touch her spikey hair, it brings that familiar sense. Even the way she retorts… Too familiar… She gets pissed off that they are treating her hair like some sort of weapon. Of course you would have guessed she is Noe, Kenji’s little sister who is checking the club out since she finds it strange that her brother joined one. With all the big fish here, is this a place where big shots gather? She gets pulled into their weird pace when they think her element is ice (because she likes ice cream). Sakura thinks they’re sisters. Noe is surprised that Takao is the normal one. Maybe she doesn’t really belong here. When Takao gets a call from Inada, Roka sees her handphone strap. It is a limited edition of the game character that you can only get during that sale. Takao fears she has given herself away that she was there in line on that day but Roka mention that it was Kenji who was waiting. Noe vehemently objects that her brother would do this while Takao feels the need to save Kenji’s reputation and that they won’t get the wrong idea. So she tells them she was ordering him to stand in line to buy that game because of that promise. She just made it worse for Noe. Big bother doesn’t take orders from anybody so for a woman to be pushy with him, it must mean she has to be freaking awesome, right? Yeah, big awesome boobs, that is what she was told about.

She’s freaking out over those huge racks that she accidentally touches them. Takao’s turn to freak out and pushes away. She hits the cabinet. A couple of books fall on her head. Noe turns into a little girl, crying for her big brother and running away, blaming the boobs that sent her flying. Fear the boobs… Later when she meets up with Kenji, when she tells him she visited his club, he didn’t say a single word on their way back and bought her the most expensive ice cream. He knows, he knows… She must have suffered, right? Noe is to deliver Kenji’s forgotten lunch but runs into bad luck because it’s that big tits woman again. Before Takao can say sorry, Noe starts getting down on her knees to apologize! It’s like she fears her! She wants to show she is not scary and hopes they can eat together. Of course, her ulterior motive is to get closer to Kenji f she is close with her. Noe declines and says she has to deliver his lunch. Change of plan. Takao offers to deliver it instead (sounding like a robot. So obvious). Noe fears she will hijack it, change its contents and force feed Kenji! She starts crying and Roka thinks Takao is being a bully. Learning what happened, she offers to take it to Kenji. And so the tussle between them to deliver the lunch begins. None is giving way. Takao pulls too much that the lunch gets pressed into her boobs. Then it launches away like a springboard! Wow! It went 27 metres far!!! Awesome boobs! Oh… Everything is spilled. Feeling guilty, Takao hopes she can deliver the bread she bought. But Roka doesn’t think it will be enough and will use hers. When Kenji finally gets his lunch, he is surprised to see the 3 girls together. But his stomach can’t wait for his brain to think whatever their antics are. Opening up his lunch, he sees words of “I love you big sister” written in the rice. Everyone misinterprets he has a big sister doing that for him. As for the trio, they awkwardly eat their lunch in the clubroom.

Episode 10
Kenji should have figured it by now that if you’re playing poker with those girls, don’t even expect it to be ordinary poker. Uh huh. Everybody has got a flush of some weird character. Since he is the loser, he is made to go buy drinks. Suddenly Kenji is given a judo throw by Tama Sakai. Ataru comes running in to the girls to report Kenji has been kidnapped. Again? What a pain. This confirms it. His nickname shall be Princess Pinch. Kenji is in the hands of the ex-student council members consisting of Tama, Shisen, Azuma Matsubara and Naganuma. He is bait to lure the Game Development Club (Provisional) members. Kenji doesn’t remember about meeting Shisen. It was during that battle for Roka’s bag. Remember that big odd robot in the tournament? Yeah. She was hiding inside it. Don’t even ask. The girls are heard coming so Shisen is going to face them first. In that robot. Those girls pretend to be cleaning the floors so as not to raise suspicion that they are here. Why are they in the seniors’ area in the first place? They talk about Chitose’s bad relationship with them. They just hate each other. They are faced with the robot and Shisen is inside it. Everybody recognizes her as Pukey and she got this nickname when she vomited in front of the stage. Besides, it was Tama who first coined that nickname. The girls start attacking by hitting their broomstick on the robot. It must be ringing like mad inside. The science club president, Tennouzu is fighting with the guys over the controller. He gets mad when his precious robot is taking a beating so he sets the controller for the robot to spin. Poor Shisen… The only to get pass it is to tiptoe at the corner. But can Takao do it? Her boobs are sticking out like mad. When she drops her handphone, she gives the robot a super push to stop it dead in its tracks. Nobody messes with her handphone. That’s the end of the fight. That’s the end of Shisen. She’s vomiting all over inside. It’s going to stink.

So when everybody arrives in the classroom, it has been a long time since Chitose and Tama seen each other. Actually they saw each other at the cafeteria yesterday. The thought of Chitose in front of her at the queue makes her blood boil. And so that’s how this showdown began. Chitose throws dirt at her but Tama evades. This is a combo trick to trap Tama in Roka’s darkness. However Roka spreads her twintails and it effectively prevented her head from being covered by the bag! Shisen is back as she explains how it is thanks to her she developed this move. Back when they were young, Tama used to let her hair down and since she always plays kabuki with it, Shisen always vomited (I guess she’s been prone to puking since then). To seal it, Tama tied it up. But also did double kabuki! Anyway Tama cannot let the club do what they want anymore. Especially how Chitose’s tyranny during the festival used the student council as manual labour. She can’t have people forgetting about them because of her tyranny so she wants the club shut down to be taught a lesson. She tries to persuade Takao to agree with her since she did have a history of wanting to shut them down too. Although Takao is scared about her scary face, she manages to keep calm and reply that she needs a rival club for hers. Good for competition. Kenji doesn’t want her to get those unrelated involved and if there is something she doesn’t like about the club, they’ll face them head on. It is agreed to have a battle. Four on four. Since the Game Development Club (Provisional) has got more people, they have to choose. Initially Shiou wanted to participate but they lock him in a locker and that’s how Kenji made the cut. So as for what game to play, this one is going to be a headache. It’s either to weird or too plain. And can somebody please untie Kenji already?

Episode 11
As Takao suggests, both sides will write a question in their handphone. The opponent will try to snatch it from them and answer it correctly to eliminate them. The last team standing wins. But the thing that motivates them is stealing their handphone… That’s all they need to know. If the Game Development Club (Provisional) loses, they’ll be disbanded. Otherwise, Tama will give them 10,000 Yen. Although the game officially starts in 10 minutes and everybody can hide anywhere in school, Chitose has an early pre-game face off with Tama. Because Roka has been weakened by Tama’s grasp, she wants Kenji to take her to the infirmary where she’ll recover. Oh, he has to carry her princess style for her strength to replenish faster. Sure she’s not making this up? Takao sure wishes that was her. Kenji is obstructed by Evil Orchestra 14 at the hallway. They are siding with Tama because thanks to her, they get to hog the arcades again. However the Kazama Family and their freaky allies get into a brawl with them to let Kenji and co pass. Along the way, Roka explains the other ex-student council members. If you ask me, they sound like goofballs… When the game officially starts, they run into Matsubara. Sakura engages her. They’re both swift with their hands. Meanwhile, things are heating up between Chitose and Tama. Chitose using Ataru as a human shield. She’s not breaking any rules since Ataru is an ‘object’. Yeah. He even likes it. With Naganuma in the picture, however this anime nerd is ‘paralyzed’ and cannot attack back since Roka and Sakura sound like very familiar seiyuus. Roka has healed a lot and she wants him to use his secret attack to head to Chitose (from Takao’s call, it sounded like she’s in real trouble). Kenji puts her down and then jumps out the window to use Yamada’s body as springboard to jump high to the next level. This is his secret move? It attracted the basketball club players as they bug him to join their club. Naganuma is hit by Roka’s darkness. She steals his handphone and can easily answer his anime question since he was too dumb to leave the hint on his wallpaper. He’s out. Kenji calls Takao and puts her handphone on loudspeaker. He has heard that Chitose has never defeated Tama. Speaking of which, she is beaten up quite badly. He apologizes for getting them involve and wants her to hang in there till he arrives. Chitose gets back up and tells him to hurry and become her second human shield or she’ll clean everything up before he arrives. She ties her hair into a ponytail. How is this supposed to beat Tama’s twintail?

Episode 12
Chitose senses a chilling battle taking place and makes a bet with the other teachers whose side will win. But all that is irrelevant as we go back in time to see how Chitose and Tama met. At the park where meek 4 year old Chitose was building a sand castle, Tama came to destroy it. Chitose’s sick sister who is desperate for Chitose to make friends because from the way she sounds it’s like she has not much time left in this world and her little sister is of the loner type, she wanted Tama to be her friend. Unfortunately Tama was cocky and didn’t need her. That’s when Roka came into the picture. Roka taught Chitose how to make a sand castle but jealous Tama destroyed it. Roka punished her with her darkness (pail over her head) and told Chitose about the need to dirty her hands to accomplish something. So that’s how Chitose turned badass. So that’s how they continued their rivalry throughout the years. Yeah. It was sure a nice composition written by Roka with the help of Sakura and Matsubara. I wonder how many of it is pure fiction. Don’t tell me all… And then they got into an argument of which hairstyle is the best. Of course Kenji sides with Chitose since he is not going to let her crush the club and mentions the twintails on Tama makes her look ugly. He’s going to pay for that. Ataru seems to be begging to be used as a shield. Needless to say, he enjoys getting all the sumo slaps and kabuki hair swings from her. Kenji also gets pushed around but Takao so happen to prop up his back. Giving excuse that she just happened to be passing by on her way to the toilet, blah, blah, blah. Plus, it would be troublesome if he loses so if the club gets shut down she won’t let them join hers. That was supposed to sound convincing? Oh heck, it motivated everyone to finish this fight so she can go to the toilet. Speaking of toilet, Matsubara and Sakura just finished using them. Their match ended in a tie and now they’re good friends.

Chitose slams a mud ball into Tama’s face to enable Kenji to get up close with her. He quips she looks better with her hair down and lets them loose. This is his favourite hairstyle? Of course this is a setup so Roka can put the bag of darkness over her head. Chitose takes her handphone and answers the relatively easy question. It’s like as though she never had any intention to fight them all. The Game Development Club (Provisional) is declared the winner and Tama admits her defeat. So let’s play again another time, okay? Makes it look like they’re good friends, eh? Have we forgotten somebody? Shisen is feeling okay now and barges back into the scene. Yeah. One more pipsqueak to finish off. Then her vomit syndrome comes back. Hurry up and end this game! Eventually Tama becomes a habitual visitor to the Game Development Club (Provisional). Because this place got lots of candy? Oh, she sucks in the board game too. Roka suggests Tama join their club in which of course the latter decline with insults. Then here comes the other habitual visitor. This time Takao has her hair down! What’s the occasion? Doing it on a whim doesn’t sound convincing. Minami then comes in to tell them about the staff meeting regarding their recent tag game. They’re all suspended till further notice! Lastly, Minami won the bet and gets the other teacher’s prize. Including Sean’s cursed diamond skull. Noticing the missing eye and that the banana she is eating fits it, she puts it in and suddenly… What the hell is this blinding light?! APOCALYPSE UNLOCKED???!!!

You Have To Be Insane To Have Fun
Well, this was absolutely hilarious! I have to admit that everything was so nonsensical, random and anything goes that even though there is hardly a plot, character development or the story not going anywhere (heck, is there one to begin with?), everything is forgivable since they made me laugh like mad. As long as there is the nonsense no matter how silly or illogical it is, as long as it is funny, this anime passes with flying colours. I suppose these days if you really want to stand out in the comedy genre, you really have to go to extreme lengths and make it look real funny. But not going too far that it looks more stupid and silly than funny. Therefore this anime seems to have hit the right combination and mix of comedy and silliness that if it wasn’t being confined to just a high school theme, I dare say it could have rivalled Gintama.

Oddly the Game Development Club (Provisional) doesn’t make any computer games but nothing in their title ever said a game should be of the video type, right? What we see them create (or improvise madly if you want to term it that way) are games that do not require any programming or inputting of Java commands. They ‘create’ traditional games that can be held or experienced by our own 2 hands. So in that sense, that is why I think 2 types of game clubs exist in this school. They could have easily take the crown of being the most innovating board game creators for many years running if only their rules do not sound so perverted or one-sided. Uh huh. Fair play is literally thrown out and non-existent. Everything goes and is possible as long as you win. Who doesn’t want to win? When there is a winner, there is always a loser. Maybe that’s why they brought Kenji into the club. Somebody has to lose and make the winner feel superior. But of course I doubt that would be the real reason. The important part is not making the game but the time spent together and that’s where the bonds between the members are created. Driving you crazy comes with it. That’s why no matter how much the girls piss Kenji off, he still stays and defends the club.

The best part in being a nonsensical comedy genre is the characters. Every one of them here including those minor extra characters that you wouldn’t really care about are so memorable and some likeable because of their quirkiness. Uh huh. It’s like everyone has this hidden potential to be a clown or joker. Uh huh. Everybody in this anime is just plain crazy. Take for Kenji for instance. He might be your normal delinquent wannabe guy. But at times when it matters, he gets serious and protects those that are important to him. Sounds like a fail delinquent wannabe, right? Sounds like a typical lead male protagonist guy, right? So what is the best part about him? His retorts! It’s like his role in this anime is just to retort all the silly antics everyone around him does. And he says it with so much passion and freaking annoyance that he sounds funny just doing that. Because of that, the comedic effect doubles up and laughing becomes inevitable. Even if you don’t laugh at the silly antics of the rest, his instant retorts will. At least, it had that effect on me. The retorts could be the best dialogues in the series as some are really funny and witty. But mostly funny. This guy is so good that he could be the king of retorts and maybe challenge Gintama’s Shinpachi for the title. If ever one exists. He can’t help it since everybody loves pulling pranks and making dumb statements just to make him retort. Yeah. He is such a fun guy to make fun of too. Being called nicknames and even being kidnapped twice. Which male protagonist gets this kind of treatment? Not unless you’re in this crazy show. Yeah, they drive him crazy.

Then you have Roka who borders between cute and dark (which resembles more like yandere mode). But either way she looks cute. Despite her darkness and ‘fire’ element, I think she has one more element: Chibi mode! Because I see her go into this mode quite often so I think it could be another ability of hers. By now we should already know that Takao hangs out in Roka’s club more often than her own simply because of a guy she has a crush on but can never admit to. Her humongous boobs are supposed to be for fanservice but the way it is made out of a joke in certain scenes, we tend to forget the fanservice part. Then again, maybe not. Because it feels like her boobs are made of jelly… Chitose is badass and Minami uses the clubroom as her personal bedroom. She shouldn’t be a teacher and should get a job as a pillow tester. Then again, she doesn’t need a pillow to just fall asleep anywhere. Sakura I feel gets the least focus among the Game Development Club (Provisional) members so if there is something I need to describe her other than her quirkiness, it would be her cheerfulness. For the real Game Development Club members, seems Sakuragaoka can never get the chance to tell Kenji he is a guy, Inada nose bleeding at the fantasies right before her eyes and Yamada the gentle giant. Shiou and Ataru can be good masochist buddies-cum-rivals but the former seems to prefer tight and dark places. As long as they can feel the pain, they’re alright with everything. In this world, there must always be someone who loves to receive than to give.

Tama has this crazy look in her eyes and sound that it feels if you let your guard down, she can quickly snap your neck before your know it. I take it that Chitose and Tama’s long standing rivalry is just that they want to become friends? Not like they would admit it anyway. Other minor characters are equally memorable too like Noe who only made a single episode appearance. I guess it is enough to give this little sister a lot of trauma after meeting those weird girls. She might even break and turn into a crazy person worthy to be sent to an asylum if she stays with this pack. Other than Roka, Funabori is another character exuding lots of moe charm (or for those who prefer flat chests). Who wouldn’t want to have a good woman with good housewife properties? Sean exudes an aura of coolness since of course he is a mix of Sean Connery and Indiana Jones. What? You don’t find Sean Connery cool? Or you’re not old to know who this first James Bond is. I wonder if this school is some sort of alternate reality for Hollywood actors because besides the Sean Connery look-a-like, there is another teacher that looks very much like Grease’s John Travolta. Even his name is suspiciously close: Boruta Torada. Okay, close enough.

There is a hint of romance in it but don’t get your hopes up too much. You can’t put in a decent romance theme when you have oddballs and slapstick comedy sticking out like a sore thumb. Roka and Takao are mainly seen as the front runners who have a crush on Kenji as we can see their reaction just to get his attention or to impress him. But you know, Roka is just being an oddball and Takao a typical tsundere, a dense guy like Kenji would never get it. And it makes us viewers frustrate that you just want to yell at them to just say it already. But then again, who cares about the development in the romance area when the comedy makes up for the rest of it. It’s either you laugh like mad or swoon your heart out at the swirling romance. You can’t have both. I am not sure but I am having a hunch that Funabori has a crush on Kenji. And probably Tama too. Otherwise, what other reason would she be hanging out in that club especially when there’s a rival she ‘hates’? Am I seeing a trend here? Other people not originally from the club hanging out just to be close to Kenji? So if Funabori gets serious, she too might be making her housewife rounds to the club. Yeah. But I don’t think this anime would currently develop into a harem although technically having the minimum 2 girls liking a guy constitutes a harem. But as with times, the more the merrier to be qualified as a harem. The other girls in the club also do take a liking for Kenji but my guess is that it is just as far as for someone to tease about instead of someone who is seriously gunning for romance.

At the end of most of the episodes, there is an additional short nonsensical footage like how the theme of this manga came about (seriously, it was supposed to be some wrestling themed?) and a short-lived tale of the school’s nocturnal baldies. But the one mainly hogging this section is the Legend of the Masochistic Hero Ataru. Perhaps it’s the only segment he gets to be a ‘star’. See how this masochistic guy goes about in his masochistic ways. On second thought, you might not want to unless you want to laugh at his failing ways. Also amusing is the end card illustrations illustrated by different people for each episode. Some funny, some cute.

Art and animation wise, it isn’t the best there is but it is standard and conventional that casual viewers won’t have any big complaints about it. Things are filled with lots of colours (for example, Shisen’s puke ‘represented’ using colourful flowers) and my guess is to symbolize the vibrant and colourful characters and their insane personality. But I guess we couldn’t care less about that seeing we have the main characters looking like your typical bishonen or bishoujo while the other minor ‘not important small fries’ characters looking very much like freaks to match their freaky behaviour and equally freaky nickname. Brain’s Base is the studio production for this anime. They also made ‘colourful’ animes such as Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Comedy Wa Machigatteiru, Mawaru Penguindrum, Akikan, Blood Lad, Kurenai and Kuragehime.

Katsuyuki Konishi as Kenji certainly fits his role as the retorting delinquent well. Maybe it’s because he voiced a leading delinquent as Oga in Beelzebub before. And perhaps other cool badass characters too like Laxus from Fairy Tail and Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Kana Hanazawa is identifiable as Roka since she sounded a bit like Inu x Boku SS’ deadpan Karuta but with more lines unless she is in her ‘fire’ element mode then she sounds like her typical cutie trademark. Other recognizable seiyuus include Shizuka Itou as Takao (sounds like a more emo version of Hinagiku in Hayate No Gotoku), Jun Fukuyama as Ataru (just like another pervert he voiced, Toori in Kyoukai Senjou No Horizon), Mikako Takahashi as Sakura (Rushuna in Grenadier), Kana Ueda as Tama (Rin in Fate/Stay Night), Aki Toyosaki as Funabori (Ai in Kamisama No Inai Nichiyoubi) and Akira Ishida as Naganuma (Gaara in Naruto). Not so recognizable for me is Chiwa Saito as Chitose since she was putting on a lower voice than usual. Heck, not that I could recognize the voice of Rebecca from Pani Poni Dash from time to time. Other casts include Ami Koshimizu as Minami (Horo in Spice And Wolf), Kouki Miyata as Shiou (Fujisaki in Danganronpa), Eri Sendai as Shisen (Touka in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai), Yuko Sanpei as Matsubara (Chizuru in Kimi Ni Todoke), Megumi Toyoguchi as Inada (Winry in Fullmetal Alchemist), Ryoko Shiraishi as Sakuragaoka (Hayate in Hayate No Gotoku), Emiri Katou as Noe (Akatsuki in Log Horizon) and Jouji Nakata as Sean (Kirei in Fate/Stay Night).

In line with the crazy and mad theme of this entire anime, the opening and ending themes are aptly crazy and infectious. You want to find it annoying but can’t help find it amusing at the same time so much so you can’t hate the song. Get what I’m saying? The crazy rock opening song of Stalemate by IOSYS jk Girls, sets the tone and pace of what to expect of this series. If words like high tension and hallelujah in the lyrics should give you an idea on just about everything there is. Despite the ending credits animation having the characters in chibi form, don’t be fooled by their cute looks because the ending song is equally crazy with video game-like synthesizers spamming all over and the seiyuus of Kana Hanazawa, Shizuka Itou, and Aki Toyosaki singing Minna No Namae Wo Irete Kudasai with equally hilarious lyrics to go with.

The only downside to this anime is that while I was having fun watching this anime… It ended! Uh huh. Too short? Maybe they should make another season of this and put more crazy characters and insane activities that will get them suspended. But in a way it is a good thing this series was short because if it stretches to who knows how many episodes, the weariness will set in and unless they can pull it off like Gintama, the fun and insane factor will be gone. It becomes plain, boring and the norm. I guess it is true that only in a mad person’s world, being insane is just like being normal. The reason why the characters in this anime don’t see each other as mad. And they are mostly high school students. Imagine the percussion if they are working adults. I highly recommend this anime to be watched just for laughs. But be warned, you may lose your common sense if you laugh too much because I feel I am a bit influenced by their antics when the series ended. Laziness is my element as I am too lazy to get out of my chair to do anything else but watch animes. And I have created a pass card that stops time just to let me watch all the animes I want while everybody else loses a turn. So far so good… [Insert scathing retort(s) here… If you have a retort pass card. Otherwise go directly to jail, do not pass go and do not collect $200. And watch this anime while you’re doing time :)].

You can make an anime on just about anything these days. Even mascots. Yup. Just leave it to Japan and anime and they’ll breathe a new life into your mascots. If your mascot is famous, why not go the extra length of reaching more audience by having your own animated series? This is the case of Super Sonico The Animation. Initially I have never heard of this character although I did see some random pictures of her around the internet but my curiosity wasn’t that nosy to find out more. Till this anime came along. Uh huh. At least in that sense it made me find out and read up a little more about this mascot. Yeah. So that’s how I got to know this character thanks to the anime. But not that I have turned into a big fan of the character or anything, just that now I know. Just that.

Let me see if my ‘research’ has taught me well. I found out that the character, Super Sonico is a mascot to a visual novel game developer company, Nitroplus. Obviously I have never played lots of games, what more Japanese games in my life, therefore that name doesn’t even ring a bell. Only just a few years ago, they started organizing concerts annually so I guess that’s where they put their mascot Sonico to good use. She’s a busty pink haired girl rocking with a guitar in hand. What better way to appeal to a broader fan base than to have your character so. I don’t know if she will reach the same height of popularity as Hatsune Miku (probably the most famous and recognizable one out there) or Black Rock Shooter, but since she has her own legion of fans, it can’t be that bad, can it? And now that she already has an anime series, you wonder what it is going to be like. Turning the character into some sort of superhero and saving the world from super villains? Not really. Just an everyday life and occurrence that we see the character and her friends go through.

Episode 1
Sonico finally gets up after all the alarm clocks and cats wake her up. Maybe she could have hear better if she hadn’t had those earphones. Oh wait. Are they part of her? Sonico realizes she is running late and rushes but it’s making her forgetful of the things she needs to do first before she leaves. Along the way she meets several people who know her. When she arrives at college, she enters the wrong class. Definitely late. For the 13th time. Although she excels in her studies, the teacher laments if she wasn’t late every time, she would have been a model student. After classes, she goes straight to work. However the client has moved up the schedule so she has to start right away. She is to be their model for some of the client’s products. Honestly, I thought that bikini looked skimpy already and it feels like she might be busting out of it any time. Lots of good shots are taken but the client decides to make her wear a more shameful piece and get some photos of her in it, convincing her it is today’s trend and how she’ll be a big hit. Suddenly the client’s head is grabbed by a man in a demon mask! Who? Kitamura. Sonico’s modelling agency manager. If his scary ‘face’ doesn’t scare you, wait till you see his fiery aura and flashing eyes! He claims they are attempting to do something out of their contract. Since Sonico has done her part, the contract is fulfilled and needs to do nothing more. Besides, she should go help her grandma’s bar now. So any objections, people? Who would? Sonico serves beer to a bunch of old guys from the shopping district as well as a baseball team who are having a party in the bar and they all love Sonico for growing into a fine woman. Her cooking is still the same. Best ever. She has to leave when she gets a call from band mate, Suzu Fujimi. As she meets up with her, it seems Suzu has got a new song. Sonico is excited to hear it now. They can try it out at the studio but what about their other member, Fuuri Watanuki? Suzu has already told her earlier in person since she doesn’t have a handphone. She’s sleeping here since afternoon after having many bowls since lunch. When the trio arrive at the studio, Sonico seems too focus in trying to learn the new song. However Suzu just tells her to play how she feels to it. That is what their band, First Astronomical Velocity do.

Episode 2
The girls do an advertisement about their upcoming concert. After practising, they discuss about the ticket design and Suzu wants Sonico to wear a special outfit. It is made with some special material because at the end of the concert, her sweat will melt her clothes away! Just like ice cream? No way she’ll wear that. Fuuri gives the damning verdict that their concert is for people to hear their music and not show off how they look. Sonico’s classmates know she is handing out tickets to her concert because she always acts this nervous before the live gig. Sonico gets a call from Kitamura that he is a model short and wonders if she can be the replacement. Seeing that she has other obligations, Kitamura is okay to look around further. However Sonico wants to do it despite her tight schedule. So she calls Suzu to apologize she can’t make it to their practice today. But Sonico is putting up a gloomy look during the shoot. Will it turn out fine? During the break, the make-up staff talks to her how she got into a band. Similarly, Suzu explains to her Manager the same thing. She saw Sonico nervous in the streets. Her huge boobs were really ‘distracting’. Suzu went to talk to her about her preference in music and invited her to join the band since they lack a guitarist. She also recalls recruiting Fuuri as the drummer (she gave a flying kick to some punk who was trying to hit on her). Sonico feels better and puts up more smiles when the shoot resumes. The night of the concert, Sonico thought she was late but looks like she got here first. Actually, Suzu is on her way to pick up Fuuri in a taxi because the train services stopped so she’s stuck at the station. At the mean time, she has to buy time to entertain the audience alone. Sonico wears the improved ice cream outfit (it doesn’t melt) and talks to everyone how they came up with the band name. Breaking through the atmosphere? Becoming stars? Hmm… Okay. Everyone understands that her band mates are running late and will wait. Sonico is about to play the song they made and worked together but suddenly freezes. She can’t do it alone. Thankfully Suzu and Fuuri arrive in time to start the music rolling with Skylab Hurricane. At the end of the concert, everyone is surprised to see Sonico’s outfit melting! I guess she took the wrong outfit because the correct one was in the locker.

Episode 3
Sonico makes her way to office to check her schedule. She meets fellow loli model, Ouka Satsurikuin. Sonico’s next modelling assignment is for Yamakawa Books who publishes magazines of collected mangas. The location? The sandy beaches of Okinawa! Kitamura and Sonico arrive at the southern island and meet the editor of Yamakawa Books, Endou. They are also introduced to the rest of the staffs on this shoot that includes a famous professional photographer, Kishikawa. The night before the shoot, Kitamura and Endou hit the bar together. Yup, they’re drunk. Kitamura must be glamorising Sonico to be the best model when some guy named Kakazu heard he is some sort of a talent manager and needs a favour. Next day, Sonico works hard as a model as they from places to places around Okinawa to take various shots. Night fall when they get back to the hotel, Kakazu is waiting for them but Kitamura doesn’t remember this dude. Seems last night Kitamura agreed to have Sonico appear in a movie he is making and signed a contract for it. Oh sh*t! He tries to give excuse that Sonico is tired after a long day but Kakazu says that the staffs are already waiting. Sonico is willing to do it thinking Kitamura got this job for her so she’ll do what she can. Seems this is some sort of tokusatsu movie. She doesn’t have many lines and only appears in this short scene so it won’t be a problem. Her role is to be the scared victim being harassed by the sea monster. Hmm… The squid seems to be like molesting her… Kitamura is getting suspicious what kind of movie they’re filming so Kakazu explains that this is how they make their money. In every episode, a girl gets harassed from some monster while yelling and screaming in embarrassing situations. When the squid ups the molestation and the scene is getting ‘dirtier’, Kitamura blows his top. There’s steam coming out from his mouth! Oh sh*t! Before those hero rangers can save the day, Kitamura jumps in and takes out a katana from his back (how the heck he hides it there?!) and cuts up the monster!!! Who is scarier? Don’t mess with this guy! Kitamura drives her home as he apologizes for accepting a job without knowing the details. Sonico doesn’t mind. Although she was scared, she was glad he came to save her. Kitamura notes when she came to his office the first time, he didn’t think she would last. She might be awkward and dense but it was her smile that lights up everything. In the end, the scene of Kitamura trying to cut up the monster becomes part of the episode. Those hero rangers don’t even have to lift a finger. Thanks to their ‘friend’, Okinawa is once again saved. Kakazu is so impressed that he offers Kitamura to star in another big part! No thank you!

Episode 4
Kitamura is glad Sonico could make it for another photo shoot and done it perfectly well. She even brought her guitar. He learns this guitar, Daydream is very precious to her and got it from her senior, Kyouka “Toma” Tomano during her middle school days. However she feels it doesn’t really belong to her and may have to return it to her someday. That rainy night, Sonico receives a postcard from Toma. It made her remember the day she first met her just like on that rainy day. Sonico waited till dark for the rain to stop but was attracted by the sounds of an electric guitar. She saw Toma banging away and the latter invited her to come in and sing (since Sonico couldn’t play an instrument that time). Soon Sonico is enthralled by her guitar and hopes she can join her light music club. That’s when she started learning and playing the guitar. One day Toma decides to give the guitar to her. It was given by her alumni, her senior who chose her. Now she chose Sonico to be Daydream’s owner. Of course Sonico isn’t that good yet so she suggests if she can master the tough guitar riffs of Moonlight Star, she’ll give it to her. It doesn’t have to be today but she’ll look forward to hearing her play. Later Sonico then realized why Toma gave Daydream to her. The other band members told her Toma was going to transfer away due to her family moving. She didn’t want a farewell party because she didn’t want to feel down. Sonico rushed to see Toma and caught her right before she left her home. As they talk, Sonico thought of giving Daydream back to her as she has not mastered the song but Toma told her to keep it. She also explains the meaning of Daydream and thus wants her to pack this full of her dreams. She is going overseas for now but when she gets back, she hopes she can hear her Moonlight Star. Back in the present, Sonico requests Suzu that there is a song she wants to play. During their concert, she plays Moonlight Star and dedicates it to her senior. Unknown to her, Toma was there watching and at the end of the gig, she leaves a message that she barely made it there and that Daydream is officially hers.

Episode 5
A local small time publisher is running out of ideas of what to publish so the editor thinks Sonico could be a good cover. Furthermore, he hands this task to Sayaka Kinomoto who is very much against it and doesn’t want to cover this cow tits brat. He thinks she’s since they’re both girls, it will do. Worse, she needs to keep in line with their tight budget too. She reluctantly calls up the agency to meet and is expecting to get rejected but to her surprise, Kitamura agrees to do it. Although the coverage will be what Sonico does in her daily life, Kitamura will still have the final say of what gets published. That night she calls her fellow friend, Yuuko from another publishing company out for a drink. We learn Sayaka was writing some novel but gave up. Sayaka is too drunk to walk home so Yuuko brings her home. She sees on her messy table the drafts of whatever novel she was writing. She hasn’t given up after all. Next day, Sayaka begins her work but Sonico’s grandma had to open the door to her apartment. Yeah. All those alarm clocks ringing and still sleeping. She takes a few shots of her as payback. The cats help her to wake Sonico up but she falls back to sleep. This is going to be tough. And she’s already running late for classes. While accompanying Sonico in her college, Sayaka also interviews other students. Sonico is just like a normal person with her likes and dislikes. Heck, some students don’t even know who this model is! Sayaka asks Kitamura why Sonico wanted to become a model so he thinks she should ask her personally and it would make a great material. Sonico’s answer is that her father’s friend suggested it but her current dream is not to become a model but a rock star. Sayaka is taken to see her band mates during practice. They too have good things to say about Sonico. Then accompanying Sonico to grandma’s place, the old farts get carried away inviting Sayaka for a drink. She couldn’t resist and ends up drunk. She is taken back to Sonico’s room to rest and while Sonico is in the bath, she caught glimpse of Sonico’s notebook and realizes she is writing songs. Then she asks if her music path failed but modelling career flourished, would she quit her band? She won’t because she loves rock even if she can’t be a professional. She’s gotten lots of ‘power’ from rock and would like to give everyone back that power. Sayaka walks home pondering that Sonico has got it good because she is surrounded by good people and hasn’t taste the bitter reality of losing things along the way. However she realizes she is not to judge her and blames herself for not doing the things she loves. Next day, Sayaka is in good spirits again as she drives Sonico to college as gratitude. She’s going to do her best. Later Kitamura calls Sayaka to thank her about the great article she wrote on Sonico and her rock dream. Sayaka calls Yuuko to say that she’ll try writing novels again.

Episode 6
The girls are trying out swimsuits for their concert on the beach tomorrow to attract as much audience. Sonico is advised by Fuuri to accept this sexy one or else Suzu will put on more embarrassing swimsuits on her. And then… It rained! There goes the show. Ouka shows Sonico her fat burning cream TV advertisement she starred in that will be aired nationally. Seriously, a skinny loli modelling for a fat burning cream? I can see why… She thinks she is going to be famous and invites Sonico and her friends to come onboard the luxury cruiser where the official product will be launched. Sonico, Suzu and Fuuri and perhaps enjoying the lifestyle of the rich on this cruiser since they’re given VIP treatment. At the product launch, Kabuko Joujoji, the CEO of the company making this cream has Ouka demonstrate how to use the product. She gives everyone onboard a sample for them to try. Notice how everyone is so fat? Even Sonico and friends are ‘fat’ at a certain part… Haha! Suzu remains suspicious, though because it sounds too good to be true. Meanwhile the scientist warns Kabuko about launching the product as the clinical trials have not been finished. The cream has different after effects on different people. Kabuko doesn’t care since they can’t back out now after coming this far and will pour all the funds into this project and become giants of the beauty world. That night as Sonico and Suzu are out on the deck, suddenly… ZOMBIES!!! WTF?! Did this show turned into survival horror?! They recognized those ‘zombies’ to be those people who attended the launch. Seems that after putting the cream, they have become so thin that they become hungry! WTF. Guess who are the fleshy meat targets? Run Sonico, run! Thanks to Suzu’s drop kick, they manage to get away. Oh, Suzu was once a wrestler so her kick packs a punch. It doesn’t help when Fuuri is hoarding food and taking it with her. They want to escape via lifeboat but Ouka cuts them off first. Bye bye loli? Kabuko has the girls take refuge in her room. She tells them the product will wear off after a certain time and it is estimated that will be by midnight assuming everyone applied it right after the launch. Since Fuuri was hoarding more snacks, the zombies barge in and attack. Kabuko distracts them for the girls to escape. A few minutes into midnight and the situation isn’t returning to normal. The trio are cornered. Suzu sounds like she wants to sacrifice herself for the duo but Sonico won’t allow it and takes their hands to jump off into the sea! Just then they see everyone returning to normal (fat again?). Oh brother. What a bad call. In the aftermath, they are pulled out from sea, the products are suspended and this means the ad will be taken off. This means Ouka’s debut never made it and speaking of that loli, she’s still drifting at sea… That’s what you get for being selfish.

Episode 7
Sonico is taking a lone trip to Niigata to learn new things. In the bus she meets a woman who seems to have her own problems but Sonico chooses not to ask. The woman learns firsthand how hard it can wake up Sonico. She’s even sleepy at their destination. When they part, Sonico sees her happily reunited with her man. At the train station she is still sleepy. The conductor had to wake her up when the next train arrives and even give her the notebook she dropped. After dropping off at the station, it starts to rain after a walking distance. She takes shelter in front of a shop when an employee happens to come by. She lets her in as she observes him making glasses with the furnace. He teaches her how to make one and lets her keep this little glass bead as souvenir. Once the rain stops, she continues her journey on foot. By evening, she must be darn tired and luckily finds an inn. After taking a hot bath, she sees a poster of tonight’s stargazing party. She makes her way there in the dark only to get lost. Something in the bushes startles her but it turns out to be a raccoon. It leads her to where everyone is. She sits alongside with them and admires the beautiful starry sky while thinking back the amazing journey and the wonderful people she met. If you’re wondering why there aren’t any lights whatsoever, it’s because you’re not supposed to have any at such events. You might block out the stars.

Episode 8
Sonico goes over to Suzu’s workplace to rehearse. She meets Miina the maid who doesn’t know they’re rehearsing. As Sonico is changing, someone attacks her! Tardy Fuuri arrives to see Miina trying to open the locked door. After Manager gives the sole key to open it, they find Sonico dead! Blood all over! OH NO! Is this turning into a murder mystery?! Actually Sonico is still breathing and the gang deduce from the footmarks, she just tripped and had tomato juice spilled all over. However here comes Ena who thinks there is more to this mystery. Who is she? Suzu’s little sister who wants to be the greatest detective and annoyingly loves bugging people. Oh God… She smelled a mystery so she’s here to solve it. Sure Sonico didn’t just fall down? Since they have time to spare and Sonico won’t wake up for a while, they decide to play along with her. First, Ena takes everyone’s alibi and nails the culprit! It’s Miina! Something about wanting more money and tried to attack Manager while she is tallying today’s sales but Sonico saw her so she followed her to the changing room and assaulted her. Of course this accusation is denied because Miina is a rich girl. Of course it’s a trap from Ena for the true perpetrator: Suzu! WTF?! She’s not making this up, isn’t she? From her handphone, there are expensive stuffs Suzu wanted so she tried to attack the manager but Sonico saw her and you know the rest… But how do you explain the locked door? Manager is in possession of it and has no spare. Another trap! Manager is the true culprit! Sonico and Manager were arguing over the stage fees. They assaulted each other’s boobs and Sonico lost. After that she left and locked the door. Crap… Sonico is about to wake up but Ena wants her to go back to sleep because otherwise she can’t finish her brilliant deduction! Is she that hard up to be a detective? However when Sonico mentions her guitar, the rest notice it is missing. Oh no. Could it be she was really attacked and her guitar stolen?

Checking the place, Ena once again deduces the perpetrator came in via air vent. Using a robot. The little robot unlocked the door for the culprit to enter and assault Sonico before stealing he guitar and then locking it and going back up the vent. Or Sonico must have stumbled to lock the door herself, passed out and rolled over to the tomato juice. I must give her points for her fantasy… But if Sonico was attacked, she would have screamed, right? Then it hit Ena. Because they are going to hold a practice here, who else have they told? That person could be the attacker. Since nobody else told others, it could only mean Sonico could be the one. They check her handphone for any messages but it seems she Twitted it. Oh yeah. Everyone knows about it. Suzu tries to wake up Sonico and put an end to this but Ena is still against it. When Sonico whispers Ena’s name, the rest feel suspicious that she might be the culprit. How else would she know there is a mystery? She wanted to be the greatest detective, right? What better way than to show off her brilliance by making the mystery up herself? Prove your innocence! Ena… Runs away! The rest chase her to the stage where she shows Sonico’s guitar sitting at the corner. Everyone deduces Sonico just fell on her own. In the end when Sonico leaves, the rest find out that she didn’t lock the door. Oh no… Much later, Ena confronts Miina and knows she is the culprit. The door was never locked. She pretended it was locked and made everyone think so. She didn’t want Sonico and co to practice because if they do, they may find out the broken amplifier in which she accidentally spilled water. She saw Sonico unconscious and took this chance to hide her guitar because nobody would suspect her if they don’t know how long the amplifier was broken. Miina admits everything and wanted to tell Manager about it. She wanted to get it fixed before anyone noticed but panicked when she heard about the rehearsal. She is afraid she will get fired. Ena promises she won’t tell anyone because being a detective isn’t to catch criminals but to solve mysteries. Sounding like a pro now, doesn’t she? So who catches criminals? The police of course.

Episode 9
Sonico must be playing too much video games. Some creepy bugs appear but she gets the help of her cats. Kitty Rangers! However after defeating the bugs, they decide to bring it to her… Turns out to be a dream. Sonico had been working hard for her college’s cultural festival and they are doing some marine exhibits. To cover the cost of the exhibits, Sonico and her college friends work as maids (I thought it looked more like sailor outfits) at the festival. Suddenly the light music club president comes running to her for help. The guitarist is out sick and they have a gig at 2pm. Please be her guitarist! Okay. And then… Ouka’s manager comes running to her for help too. Ouka was supposed to do some modelling here but entered a hot dog eating contest. Yeah, she was taken away in an ambulance for overstuffing herself. Can you help Sonico? Okay. It’s going to be a busy schedule but it’ll be fine as long as it’s not double booked. The first cosplay photo shoot goes well. Sonico is embarrassed to see Suzu and Fuuri cheering on her. During the break, she learns she has been entered in a beauty contest. They confront the committee and it seems they’ve gotten her permission a week ago. Yup. She was sleepy over the phone when they asked and said yes to everything. Gulp. Can’t back out now. So Sonico runs back and forth between photo shoots and sound checks. And then another problem crops up. The cafe is doing so well that they ran out of ingredients. They want her to go buy! Oh dear, Sonico. Going to feel the burn out? Suzu puts her feet down and assures everyone to get back to their posts. Suzu knows this will happen and thus is ready to help her out. Sonico is to play in the gig whereas her friends dress up as Sonico for the other schedules. Despite the costume making them look very much like Sonico and you can’t tell the difference, at least the people can tell it’s not the real Sonico from the way they act. Unlike some clone gags in other shows… Suzu helps out with the ingredients in which she calls Sonico’s grandma for help while Fuuri enters the beauty contest but can’t take her eyes off one of the food prizes. Though she didn’t win the beauty contest and just got an honourable mention, everyone pities on this doppelganger and just lets her have the food. At the end of the day, everything went smoothly as Sonico thanks her friends. But there is one more thing left to do. Sonico becomes the host of the marine exhibit to the kids.

Episode 10
A flashback shows how Sonico picked up the stray cats that are now her pets. I thought it looked like they took advantage of her kindness and good nature… Anyway after another job, Sonico stumbles into another little stray cat. She is torn to keep it or leave it because she remembers Suzu’s words about her poor planning will lead to her house being cluttered by cats. But you know… She brings the kitten back and although the other cats would love to get to know this new one, he ignores them since he is currently getting special attention by Sonico. She decides to call this one Rice. Her other cats are called Cha, Siew, Men, Naruto and Ajitama. Glorious food… That night when one of the cats approaches Rice, he got cat-fu by him. Don’t worry about waking up Sonico. She’s a heavy sleeper. Next morning when all the cats wake her up, after she turns off all the alarm clocks, she falls back to sleep. How to wake her up? Rice claws her hand! Instant wakeup call! While Sonico is out, the cats are left to their own device in the room. But it gets boring for Rice. When Sonico returns, Rice immediately tries to dash out but Sonico stops him. Sonico talks to grandma about this and she’ll try to ask if anybody lost their cat the neighbourhood association tomorrow (the cat seems to be of the expensive kind). That night all the cats see this miracle moment of Rice snuggling up close to one of them. But when he realizes it, it’s like he turned tsundere and does his cat-fu again. One day when Sonico comes back, Rice in exact timing dashes out. Sonico is forced to look for him but not before learning from grandma who the owner is. The other cats also get out to ask their feline and canine friends for help. Rice encounters lots of problems. Almost got ran over by a truck and being chased by a dog for accidentally dropping a pot on his head. When all the cats see Rice being cornered by the dog, they do their cat combo attack that leave the dog pretty much confused and defeated. Sonico eventually finds them all and then brings back Rice to his owner who is much grateful. They see Rice’s mommy cat and thus the reason why he wanted to get out and go back. In the aftermath, Rice sometimes ‘run away’ from home but to Sonico’s place just to play with the rest.

Episode 11
Christmas is around the corner and it’s not good news for the local shopping district people. Because a new big department store opened up 3 months ago, sales has been declining. An emergency meeting is called and Suzu becomes the special advisor. Part of the plan is to have girls dressed in sexy Santa outfits. But I suppose everyone is into mature woman because nobody is looking at Ouka… The plan goes well to bring in the customers till the department store brought in idols to compete with them. Love Idol ABC Forever Mountain 109. Geez… This is sure to take away the young customers and some are already queuing in line to meet them! Some old geezers trying to wait in line too? Traitors! Furthermore, our Santa girls are freezing in the cold in such skimpy outfits. Next day, the shopping district is totally empty. Suzu comes up with a plan to have handsome guys dressed as Santa but it seems the department store have gone a step ahead. They have hired an overseas boy band, Dimension Three (D3) to come perform so say goodbye to your woman customers. Some of the girls trying to sneak out to meet them too? Furthermore, they are issuing a stamp system whereby if you get buy and get enough stamps, you get to meet and greet D3! One of the district’s regulars continues to make her purchase here. However her daughter Ayaka is pouting because her friends told her Santa doesn’t exist. Sonico and Suzu confirm that Santa does exist but they need to do more than lip service. Suzu hits an idea. Get a real Santa approved from the Santa World Association. But how they are going to do that? Sonico’s grandma makes the call. She’s speaking in English so the rest probably didn’t know about the blackmail she said. Get Santa here or else you get trouble! Business is brisk but thanks to the department store having a fallout and contract issues with D3. They won’t be coming and this angered the people. Plus, Kitamura is weird appearance is attracting the foreigners to this place. Sonico sees Ayaka fuming at the park. She is mad her dad is a liar because he won’t come home for Christmas as promised. Although mommy brings her home, this has Sonico remember her own situation where daddy didn’t show up and was alone on her birthday. When Sonico goes to pick up Santa, they find he can speak Japanese and is a local. In fact, the event is near his home. He wanted to become Santa for his daughter’s sake as he told her he really exists so he took a certified course to become one when he is on a business trip. It then hit Sonico who this Santa is. Santa is a big hit with the kids at the park as Sonico rushes to bring Ayaka over. Ayaka wonders if Santa has really got her present. Santa has her close her eyes and when she opens them, daddy is here! She is so happy that Santa granted her wish. In the end, everybody had a great time and it’s a big success for the shopping district.

Episode 12
First Astronomical Velocity puts up a New Year concert. Since it will be boring if this entire final episode would be a music video, in between songs we here Sonico becoming like a Grammy award winner thanking everybody who made this concert possible. For instance, although they had saved enough money for this concert, even hiring a bigger and cheaper stage with cheaper lightning, etc, it was the cost of the professional technician that is going to kill them. So when Sonico went back to grandma’s place and looked worried, everyone hears her out and agrees to chip in since she helped them out and now it’s the time to return the favour. Suzu had Manager supply amplifiers and even Ena helped out with the ‘mystery solving’ by providing transportation of the equipment. Sonico’s college mates help out with the promotional posters while Miina wants to stream her concert live so that all the other characters we see in this series who aren’t able to attend get to see it live. Halfway through the concert and just about starting the next song, 2 of Sonico’s guitar strings snap. As Fuuri buys them time with her guitar solo, Sonico is in a bigger pinch as she doesn’t have an extra guitar or remember where she put those extra strings. Then grandma goes on stage and entertains the crowd with her own rock rendition. Wow! This grandma rocks! Brings back memories to those old guys when she was at the peak of her idol career. Yeah, truly their goddess. The extra strings are found and tuned in time. I don’t know, I thought Sonico should have perhaps asked to borrow grandma’s guitar. Nothing like your own guitar, eh? Going back on stage, the girls continue rocking as they think back the many things that happened throughout the year (read: montage of selected scenes for this series). With the clock striking midnight soon, Sonico leads the crowd to have a countdown with her to welcome the New Year. Of course, that goes without saying that they continue rocking well into the New Year. Next day, Sonico posts a big thank you to everyone who came to the concert on a social media. And as always, waking up late for college. Some things never change.

Rock On, Girls?
Let me just say this. I think fans of Sonico will only appreciate this anime therefore casual viewers like myself who aren’t into this character would find the episodes to be, uhm, boring? That would be a strong word for you Sonico fans out there but seriously, although I do not find the anime bad, it is just that it lacks something that should retain my attention. I won’t go so far to say it was hell of a boring that I was keeping count of my yawns (I don’t think I even yawned, which is a good sign, no?), but something in this series lacks the oomph to make it memorable in the long run. I know the first thing you want to tell me is her well-endowed figure, huge busts and sexy curves which are perhaps the biggest (no pun intended) thing to attract the fan boys. But this isn’t an ecchi themed anime so it doesn’t really work as they’re not spamming bust shots or anything.

There isn’t really any plot with this anime and I can say that each episode can work as a standalone. In this sense, it causes the lack of something to look forward or anticipate. So far the most interesting episode is Ena’s debut since that episode was a locked room mystery solver and I was trying to beat Ena in her game by deducing what happened. Although I had a feeling Miina was the culprit all along, it was just a hunch and I was far off from the actual conclusion of what really happened. Sonico’s solo journey was interesting but yet a little bore to me because despite it tells her journey of self-discovery and introspection in a different pace from other episodes, her interactions with other minor characters along the way just doesn’t seem to captivate me. Perhaps the stargazing party with the beautiful stars at the end was worth the watch. With a long list and piles of animes to watch, this is one show where you’ll just feel good for the moment and then after watching a few other animes, you’ll forget about it. That’s why as I said, only Sonico fans will only know how to appreciate this series but even as an anime adaptation itself, I am not sure if it sat well with the fans. Heck, I am not that free to go looking around the internet and look for comments on this show.

I don’t know what to say about the character Sonico herself. Trying to give her some personality like being a very heavy sleeper and a clumsy airhead, I am not sure if the real her is so. But I guess it makes her lovable although generally she feels quite generic (without a guitar in hand, that is). Her band mates also feels generic and don’t stand out much (not because they have smaller busts, mind you) because Suzu as the band leader is the one who is more energetic and lively while Fuuri’s habit to stuff anything in her mouth if she is not drumming seems to become somewhat of a running joke in this series. Uh huh. She loves eating so much and just about any food gets her to salivate, it’s a big wonder why she doesn’t add on to the pounds. Maybe it all goes into her boobs. Oops. Other minor characters are okay too but nothing that leaves a lasting impression or any impact overall. Like Ouka, she is probably here to satisfy those lolicons and flat chests lovers who aren’t so into those ‘lump of fats around the chest’. And it feels like a funny running joke too about her big break debut. She never gets it. Keep waiting for that big break one day, my little dear. Grandma is the biggest supporting character for Sonico. She’s always there for her and giving her the encouragement. I guess she has the experience and knows what Sonico is going through as she has experienced it herself. Thus you can see the eternal smile on her face which gives Sonico the much needed strength and encouragement.

If I had to pick the ‘best’ character of this series, I would certainly choose Kitamura! This guy is just odd and quirky with his demon mask on but despite all that, he is a professional and cares a lot for Sonico. I certainly would love to see more scenes of him because he was just cool unleashing his katana hiding in the back of his jacket. It’s a sign that you don’t want to mess with him. Come to think of it, I think he is partly the reason why there aren’t enough fanservice in this series. We have seen how protective he is when others suggest Sonico to reveal more skin, right? So think about it. Each time we want to fantasize our own ecchi fantasies of Sonico (which guy wouldn’t with a busty girl?), suddenly Kitamura’s scary demonic mask, glowing fire hair and hot steam coming out of his mouth make us think twice if we should even dream of such perverted thoughts on Sonico. Yes, this is quite effective in a way. You can’t even have dirty thoughts about Sonico without worrying that Kitamura will be just standing behind your back. That’s why in a way it’s such a turn off. Better not have impure thoughts on the main character. Better put your best behaviour when she’s around. Or else who knows how this demon will cut you up in different ways. Thank goodness nobody died in this anime.

As music is the big feature of this anime, however I am not so much into rock music unless it is very appealing. And because I do not find the songs Sonico sang to my taste, another reason why I do not find much enjoyment. The songs are not bad actually but it is just that it doesn’t appeal to me. So for every episode it features a different ending song by First Astronomical Velocity. Since those songs do not last more than an episode, it is even worse for me to find one that is memorable. You know, when you see or hear something a few times, you may start to like it. I know I can just replay the songs again but what are the chances since they aren’t that appealing already. Probably the closest one that got the little of my attention was that slow rock ballad in episode 7 (Sonico’s solo journey in Niigata), Star Rain.

But ironically to me the most interesting aspect isn’t the songs but the ending credits animation. Sonico in CGI means her movements are so, uhm, CGI. Odd. But what is even amusing are some of the animation themes. The ‘best’ one was Sonico in some horror survival scene fighting hordes of zombies. Hmm… Sonico with a chainsaw? Paying homage to Lollipop Chainsaw? And then dancing with the zombies? Tribute to Michael Jackson’s Thriller? Other ‘memorable’ ending credits animation include Sonico turning giant size like Godzilla, dancing with other live mascots, Sonico wearing an over-sized teddy bear head, the designing of Sonico from CGI wires to her little plastic model self in which she is ‘brought to life’ and a heart-warming story of Sonico as a stray cat who became a pet of her master who is a moustachioed cat. For the record, the opening theme is fixed, entitled Supasoni.

The voice acting feels okay but there is something odd that I want to point out. I have this feeling that the producers wanted to keep the person who voiced Sonico a secret because in the end credits, it is listed the one who voices Sonico is… Sonico! WTF?! I did not look around the internet much but it seems from the comments and the lack of information, there is no official statement to say that Ayano Yamamoto is the voice behind Sonico. Even in her resume it is omitted. So how do I know it is her? Not me. Other people and fans. Many recognize her to be the voice behind Robotics; Notes and Steins; Gates’ Nae Tennouji. My theory is that if she was officially credited for this mascot girl, fan boys are going to hound her like hell and she can kiss her privacy goodbye. Unlike Hatsune Miku whose voice is created by a singing synthesizer application so there is a chance that obsessed fans who couldn’t get enough of her voice would want to see her in person to. Hmm… At certain angles, I think she looks a bit like Sonico too. The hair cut? Coincidence? Just Google her image brings up a handful of her pictures in gravure worthy swimsuit poses…

The other seiyuu casts include Mai Goto as Suzu (Mika in Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu), Mami Ozaki as Fuuri (Hana in Girls Und Panzer), Ryota Takeuchi as Kitamura (Albion in High School DxD New), Hisako Kanemoto as Ouka (Ika in Shinryaku! Ika Musume), Kikuko Inoue as Sonico’s grandma (Belldandy in Aa! Megami-sama), Shizuka Itou as Toma (Hinagiku in Hayate No Gotoku), Yui Sakakibara as Ena (Hamaji in H2O ~Footprints In The Sand~), Yui Makino as Miina (Sakura in Tsubasa Chronicle), Megumi Toyoguchi as Sayaka (Chifuyu in Infinite Stratos), Atsuko Tanaka as Kabuko (Caster in Fate/Stay Night) and Kane Oki as Manager (Akie in Jigoku Shoujo: Mitsuganae).

In general, despite having a cute and well-endowed mascot, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee success of a good anime if it lacks some sort of plot (unless you’re talking about nonsensical slapstick comedy then it is forgivable that there is no plot) and lack of interesting supporting characters. Music is only if you are fans of this type of genre and even casual listeners wouldn’t go too deep into it. Ultimately, the mascot is to serve its purpose of what it is made for: Advertising the company’s product and create such awareness to the public. Sonico just proved that with her venture into the animated industry, it has at least reached a larger demographic of anime viewers like yours truly who don’t play Japanese type games. But even so, a cutie like her isn’t enough to make me want to go buy their games. Not even if she is dresses up as a maid.

It’s that age where you are neither a kid nor an adult. Ah, those teen years. But this anime I’m going to blog isn’t about teens with their raging hormones going through a rebellious phase. Instead, 12-sai ~Kiss, Kirai, Suki~ as the title suggests is about a 12 year old elementary school girl with the issues of kissing and first love. Not to mention bully victim too. So young and already facing so many of such issues in school. It’s like preparing them for the real world. It’s like starting them young. Who are we to blame?

Kiss, Hate, Love
Hanabi Ayase and her friends are discussing what kind of perfect kiss they would like. For Hanabi, she likes the wild kind. Bad boys. Really? This cute girl loves those types? She certainly doesn’t look like it. Yuuto Takao teases her for acting like an adult but she asserts she is one. She spins so much that she almost throws up. She lets us know she really wants a boyfriend but is too embarrassed to ask them out since those in her class lack delicacy, rough and violent. Hey, isn’t that her type? A naughty boy reads aloud a poll that all the boys voted for the most popular girl in class: Kokoa Hamada. She loves hearing it and wonders if it is because Takao also voted for her. Sorry girl. He didn’t vote for anybody. When the boy is about to read the last place finisher, Takao takes it away from him because this is making their teacher cry. Seriously? She is sad they can’t get along and will pair them up boys and girls for a recorder test. Kokoa wants to work with Takao but is shot down. Since Hanabi sits next to Takao… Later in the toilet, Kokoa warns Hanabi not to make a move on her future boyfriend/husband. Takao is out of her league. Hanabi assures her she won’t because she is not interested in boys. Boy, that’s a relief for Kokoa as she snuggles him like a best friend. Hanabi and Takao practice on the rooftop but the former sucks. In time, she improves. They see their teacher kissing another teacher in a room! I guess the kiss is infectious because they too get caught up in the mood and kiss! That for your information is Hanabi’s first kiss. Next day in class, she is flustering about it but Takao seems pretty normal. This makes her think that kiss meant nothing and he is some sort of a gigolo. Later as they practice together, Takao apologizes for ruining her expectations for a first kiss. He feels guilty for making her depressed all day today. She clears it up that she thought the kiss meant nothing to him but is relieved he felt the same way she did.

When they are cleaning, the boys are messing around especially the naughty ones who think they’ve caught some disease by touching Hanabi’s table. Only Takao helps around. It’s like Takao and Hanabi could exchange telepathic messages of thank you and you’re welcome. Hanabi feels guilty of her lie to Kokoa and needs to tell her. Don’t need for that. Looks like from their reaction she already could guess. So Kokoa and the other girls approach Hanabi and tell them of their plan to mess up the recorder test just to show the teacher they can’t get along. Hanabi must play along or else she will make her regret it. During the test, the girls purposely play out of tune but when it is Takao and Hanabi’s turn, they are in sync. This doesn’t please Kokoa as she stands up to make her voice heard. Does she know what she has done? Hanabi says although boys tease and make fun of her, she doesn’t want to be like them. The boys realize the girls mess it up on purpose and want to know who the mastermind is. Kokoa quickly puts the blame on Hanabi, lying that this was her idea and she threatened the rest to do it. With crocodile tears, the boys force Hanabi to apologize to her on her knees. However Takao stops them and says Hanabi would never do something cowardly like this. All the other girls agree and point out Kokoa as the culprit. As Hanabi cries and hides behind his back, the class starts teasing them the lovebirds they are and to kiss. Takao shuts them up and reveals they already done that! Biggest shocking news they’ve ever heard! He takes her out as she is still clinging on his back. She can’t show her face again knowing they will be bullied and teased from now on. Even so, she still loves him. He too.

And They Call It Puppy Love?
I suppose if you love shoujo type romances but with the protagonists a little younger, then this might be your cup of tea. Love knows no bounds, right? So why not at such young tender age too? It’s not like they’re going to do anything extreme, right? Assuming that their love relationship is maintained as pure and innocent as it is. Initially I thought this anime was an old since the art and drawing although is your typical sparkly wide-eyes cute pretty little girls and good looking little boys, but to my surprise it is a recent production. As recent as April 2014. Because I thought the art of such shoujo romance genres look like from that era like Kodomo No Omocha, Full Moon Wo Sagashite or even Suki Desu Suzuki-kun. Maybe all shoujo romance types have this kind of art and you can’t run far from it.

Besides the romance, this show also discusses about the issues of peer pressure and bullying. Yeah, it’s sad that it even exists at such young stage. Girls like Kokoa can grow up to be real b*tches in real life if they’re not brought back to the right path early. We need more people like Takao to just stand up and do and say the right thing even if it is against the popular majority thinking. Though, I can’t say if the kiss would be a right thing. Oh, what the heck, I’m all for love and peace and not war so it’s okay. I mean, they see adults doing it, right? There you have it, the bad influence. So why not as long as they love each other? And perhaps Hanabi can be more honest with her feelings instead of lying about the kind of boys she like or is not interested in love. Which girl wouldn’t dream of having such prince charming, no? Unless…

Although the ending doesn’t say much and it just confirms our lovebirds as an item, my guess that this single OVA was released just to promote the manga that is currently ongoing. Test market? Besides, at the end of the episode it did remind us that the manga is on sale and to check it out. Like any other of such genres, there is potential to turn it into a weekly anime series if there is good response. The ending theme, Koi No 12-sai by Utataneko Kageki Dan although sounds like your typical lively anime pop, the amusing part is that some parts of the singing uses the synthesizers to make the voice sound like a robot. Cute. In the end, this isn’t the kind of anime that sticks in my mind for too long since well, I never really did experience such things in my early school days. Never a bully victim, never had a first girlfriend and definitely never had a first kiss (still waiting for that!). Such a boring childhood…

Oh no. Not again. Here we go again. Yet another anime with a little sister in it. Yet again another mouthful to pronounce. Why do they love making animes with little sisters in it as well as making the title so long that it seems more like a statement than anything? If Saikin Imouto No Yousu Ga Chotto Okashiin Da Ga sounds suspicious, fishy and even to a point, sh*tty, please bear in mind that the official English title of this anime is ImoCho – Another Sh*tty Sister Manga Adaptation. Yes, you read that right. I guess that word tells us a lot. The kind of anime this is going to be especially when it involves a little sister. Also, the sh*tty word serves as some sort of expectation lowering mechanism. After all when we have heard that word, automatically we will have this feeling that it is either going to be funny or not that great so it prevents us to be really disappointed when we reach the end. I’m going to make a very general statement on the plot even though it isn’t very accurate because, do you really care at the end of the day after seeing the sh*ttiness of this anime? Well, here goes. It’s about a little sister who needs to get horny with her ‘big brother’ so she can go the Heaven. Feel free to interpret that the way you want. Because for those who are watching this show, we’re only here for the sh*tty fanservice, right? Oh yeah. Our sole motivation to watch such sh*tty adaptation.

Episode 1
Yuuya Kanzaki has just got a sister, Mitsuki. No, not a newborn. A step sister. And she isn’t friendly with him. This is going to be a smooth sister route. Because father is going to leave for India for work, he tells Mitsuki to talk to Yuuya if she has any problems. I don’t think she’s really glad to hear that. Yuuya’s buddy, Shoutarou Torii must be one jealous guy because Yuuya has got a little sister who isn’t blood related unlike his who is starting to be cheeky on him. Life’s just not fair. On the way home, Yuuya tries to talk to her but she ignores him. Suddenly she falls off the steps but luckily he grabs her. Since she is in a daze, she is sent to the hospital. In the hospital bed as Yuuya tries to talk to her, it’s like suddenly some horny switch of hers gets turned on. She starts hugging and caressing her big brother that would send every imouto lovers squealing in delight (or envy). Mitsuki realizes what she is doing and kicks Yuuya away. Yup. Something is definitely weird about her. Later in the evening, mother picks her back and wants her to thank Yuuya. But the instant they return home, she just locks herself in her room, unheeding what else her mom has to say. She continues to lie in bed as mommy goes out to talk to their aunt, Nanami while Yuuya goes to buy dinner. (Mommy will soon go follow daddy to India so the kids will be home alone). Mitsuki remembers seeing a loli angel on the pedestrian bridge. She told her to disappear and flew into her body. When Mitsuki wants to change, she is horrified to see a chastity belt under her skirt! The loli angel (ghost, rather), Hiyori Kotobuki needs to borrow Mitsuki’s body and bumps her soul out. Then she starts masturbating herself. Mitsuki won’t have her body violated and bumps her soul back out.

But Hiyori thinks they can do it together so the next scene is so yuri of Hiyori touching here, licking there, we are only reduced to seeing descriptive texts from a sex novel. Yeah. They’re telling us to use our imagination! Cheaters! I don’t know if Mitsuki is satisfied or tired but as per Hiyori’s instruction, she presses a button on the chastity belt to release it. Then she argues with her about her lost panties because she was sure she was wearing it. Then she needs to go to the toilet. But before she can do her business, the chastity belt comes back on. As explained, once the button is pressed, it will automatically come back in 3 minutes and cannot be removed for 1 hour. That just sucks. How is she going to do her business? Holding it in… Since Mitsuki continues to argue with Hiyori, mommy came back and heard something although Mitsuki brushes it off as her imagination. Big brother comes back and is told to do something. Hiyori is glad he is back but Mitsuki can’t take it anymore. Yuuya believes something is really bothering her but Mitsuki won’t say. I guess she’s really trying hard to hold it in. Hiyori bumps her soul out but realizes the pain Mitsuki is holding in and can’t move an inch. I guess Mitsuki must have really waited for an hour as cheeky Hiyori makes the countdown. You can see the relief on her face when she gets it all out. Was it better than masturbation? Later Yuuya returns the stuffs Mitsuki left in the hospital. A bag containing her panties…

Episode 2
Mitsuki tries to break the chastity belt but it won’t. Hiyori explains there are a few conditions and needs her help. She is brought to another dimension, a place where souls go before they crossover to the next plane. Hiyori doesn’t have any memories prior to this. The only thing she remembers is that she loves her brother Yuuya a lot (although Mitsuki thought Yuuya was an only child). There is a satisfaction gauge on the chastity belt and it has to be filled up with power. What kind of power? Since her regret was never get to do lovey-dovey things with her brother, yeah, that. Kiss, hug and sex. Come to think of it, if that chastity belt only lasts for 3 minutes, you can’t really have proper sex with it, right? Unless… And so this is where Hiyori needs Mitsuki’s body to do all those erotic stuffs. Mitsuki thought everything was a bad dream when she wakes up in bed. Apparently it’s real. Naughty Hiyori is still next to her. At school and during PE class, Hiyori takes over Mitsuki’s body to run a fast lap. This got her unwanted attention because all the girls are now impressed they never knew she was a fast runner. Hiyori explain she was trying to make an impression on Yuuya. Why does she need that? Oh, didn’t she tell? If she doesn’t do anything, the gauge will steadily drop till a point she will die! This makes Mitsuki scared and nervous. Yeah, it makes her want to go to the toilet. But Yuuya meets her at the shoe locker and is worried about her because she looks pale. He asserts if there is something wrong, just say it because they’re living under the same roof.

He brings her to the infirmary room and tells her to wait while he brings a teacher. Mitsuki can’t move since she will wet herself. Hiyori suggests doing it in that vase. No choice, right? When Yuuya comes back with a teacher, they see Mitsuki with her panties down… Cover your eyes! Unfortunately this horror situation made her wet herself… Although the teacher promised not to say anything, it’s still going to be a traumatic experience for Mitsuki. Especially Yuuya has seen her completely nude ‘down there’. She feels so horrible that she wants to die. Surprisingly Hiyori tells her to do that if she wants. Conveniently they’re at the pedestrian bridge and she can just jump off. She envies Mitsuki who has a brother who loves her. That changed your mind? Mitsuki is picked up by Nanami. Back home, Mitsuki hears strange sounds from the toilet and opens the door. Yuuya bathing. Full frontal nudity. Favour paid back? Later in the bath as Mitsuki laments she is at the mercy of Hiyori, the cheeky ghost starts her yuri masturbation and once again we are left at the mercy of using our imaginations reading those texts. Damn you cheapskate bastards! Mitsuki wants to get out but finds the door jammed. Maybe that’s why those strange sounds. Yuuya apologizes he forgot to tell her about the jammed door and have called to get it fixed tomorrow. Though he can still open it from the outside. Hiyori gets this naughty idea. The instant Yuuya opens the door, she possesses Mitsuki’s body to pull him in! Now they’re both trapped! And poor Yuuya gets blamed for coming in when he was the one being pulled in. The only ecstatic one is Hiyori. Alone together with onii-chan…

Episode 3
Although they’re stuck, they use the time to have a good chat. Yuuya says he was unsure how to approach her as his family never had girls. His mom died when he was young and his father was always busy. So when he heard they were going to be a family, he was happy. Not Mitsuki. She hated it. Her previous dad was a gambler who beat them up. In the end they divorced. She tried to sooth her mom’s heart but concluded what she needed isn’t a child but another man. Yuuya promises he will never do anything to hurt them. When someone rings on their door, Yuuya shouts out to let their situation known. Mitsuki feels embarrassed and in her haste make them slip. Yuuya’s childhood friend, Yukina Kiritani opens the door to see this. Interrupting something? So the thing that is spiting Mitsuki now is what Yuuya said about having no women in his family. How can you qualify a childhood friend as not being part of the family? Yuuya explains that Yukina was very boyish back then and lack the curves she has now (those big tits are monstrous…). He looked up to her more as a big brother. Mitsuki wants to leave as she doesn’t want to be the third wheel but Yukina has cake… Of course this does not sit well with Hiyori as she thinks that big tits woman is going to steal her onii-chan. Mitsuki doesn’t really care till she is reminded about the gauge. Feelings like jealousy and relationship stress can cause it to drop faster. Don’t want to die, don’t you? Hiyori may have been using her body to masturbate but doing sexual things by herself doesn’t seem to be enough to satisfy herself. I guess this means sex is needed. Gasp! Mitsuki realizes she is panicky because she is possessed and these are Hiyori’s feelings

As part of the plan, Hiyori possesses Mitsuki and acts like a lovey-dovey little sister in front of Yuuya. Mitsuki feels odd because it’s like as though Yukina is looking at her (while she is in ghost form). Hiyori ups the ante by purposely dropping the cake on Yukina’s breasts. She coolly picks it up and licks it. Sexy… In another blunder, Yuuya is somehow pushed and his face got sunk into Yukina’s boobs. ‘Mitsuki’ then asks the question what kind of boobs he prefer. Probably after staring at both sides, he says both. Neutral stance? But this made Hiyori happy and her gauge goes up a little. Because this means he also prefers small boobs, no? Next morning, drunk Nanami returns home and causes Mitsuki to spill water on her panties. Yuuya sees this. As they head to school, Yukina waits outside and Hiyori gets this strange feeling that she is looking at her but brushes it off. Meanwhile Torii takes out his whining at Torii because he’s got a cute step sister and a busty childhood friend. What is he? A harem protagonist? Today is a windy day and of all days, Mitsuki forgot to wear her panties. In bad timing, Yuuya catches her and wants her to talk if something is bugging her. The wind is picking up and Mitsuki is in a very yabai situation. She is saved by Yukina who chides Yuuya for not reading the atmosphere that he is troubling Mitsuki. Yukina hints to Mitsuki she knows what is going on and Mitsuki feels she has this big sister aura. But then the wind blew up the back of her skirt and Yuuya saw it all… So shocked that he tripped and banged his head on the pillar. He’s in the infirmary and good news he can’t remember what he saw although he feels he might have seen something. Argh, it’s just right at the edge of his fingertips… Hiyori is happy that Yuuya saw it because as a person obsessed with her onii-chan, she wants him to see every part of her! Hiyori sees a package on her desk. Somebody left woolly panties for her.

Episode 4
After those events, Mitsuki just spaces out in her room and can’t face him. Hiyori didn’t like Mitsuki’s way of giving Yuuya the cold shoulder and should be nicer to him. She is going to show her how to act like a real little sister. When Yuuya wakes up, Mitsuki has fixed him breakfast and is acting all goody-goody. Of course, this is Hiyori possessing her and part of the deal is no seduction or horny stuff or she’ll jump straight back in. ‘Mitsuki’ continues to put up very good manners that even has Yuuya wondering if this is the Mitsuki he knows. After going out shopping and hanging out at the big drain, Yuuya remembers there was this girl in the neighbourhood he and Yukina used to hang out. She used to call him onii-chan. ‘Mitsuki’ thinks this girl is her and emotionally hugs him. The real Mitsuki finds her violating the pact and tries to go back in her body but some barrier repels her. That night as it is stormy, Yuuya tries to look up on Mitsuki’s behaviour. His Google search has him think she has split personalities due to traumatic stress. Mitsuki tells Hiyori about the repelling thingy so the latter gets cheeky that this is her chance to seduce Yuuya for good. She even thinks at this rate, Mitsuki may be the one who will crossover and she will get to be with Yuuya. So the lightning and thunder are the perfect chance for Hiyori to go bug Yuuya and sleep with him. She even invites him to share the same bed but the rational guy will sleep on the floor. Midnight and Yuuya can’t sleep because he can’t stop thinking about how sisterly Mitsuki behaved. It is cue for Hiyori to get close to him and pretends she is still scared of the storm. Mitsuki can’t take this anymore but she still can’t get back in. Is she going to be a ghost for real? Thinking that her mom won’t even notice, she is about to resign to her fate when Hiyori tells Yuuya that she is going to stop being the nasty person to him and will be his ideal little sister. Did it activate Yuuya’s horny instincts? He’s over her now… It’s just to flick her forehead and say that he never thought of her as nasty. Getting along with someone isn’t something she should force herself. It’s okay for her to be who she is and take their time to become a family. Yuuya thinks he is seeing things when he sees Mitsuki and Hiyori side by side pleading they can make him happier. Hiyori is done playing little sister and gets out of the body. She shoves Mitsuki back in. In that short span of time, Yuuya thought she collapsed and put his head near her heart to check for a pulse. So when Mitsuki revived and sees what he is doing, she kicks him out. Isn’t this his room? Pouting Hiyori blames Mitsuki’s ‘little lumps’ that Yuuya won’t do anything to her. So what gives her the right to abuse them? The next morning, Mitsuki is back to normal, treating Yuuya the cold way. Well, he did say she should be who she always been, right?

Episode 5
Mitsuki has been invited to the pool by her friend Ayaka Tachibana. She wears a paleo to keep her chastity belt from being revealed. Somehow the rest of the gang are here too. Hiyori growls at the sight of Yukina because her boobs are very intimidating. Neko, the mysterious classmate of Yuuya who has been observing the strange events since Hiyori’s arrival, her father owns the place and in exchange for letting use this pool free, the gang are taking part of some focus group analysis in this facility. Hiyori bugs Mitsuki to get in the water and seduce Yuuya because it looks like Yukina is gaining all the edge. Mitsuki doesn’t care and Hiyori is left frustrated as she can’t possess her body. There is Torii’s little sister, Moa who is also invited by Neko. Safe to say, the siblings hate and throw insults at each other. When Yukina accidentally bumps into Yuuya that makes it looks like he is drowning, Mitsuki quickly jumps into the pool and injures herself. Yuuya has no choice but to carry her to the first aid room but in the process, she loses her bottom bikini. How they didn’t even notice this, I don’t know. It is only much later when they notice it and by this time Yuuya sees her chastity belt. Mitsuki is dying with embarrassment. Several ladies are walking by so to hide her chastity belt, Yuuya acts as though she is making out with her. Hiyori could only wish she was in Mitsuki’s place. In the end, Yuuya gave his pants to her. So he is buck naked? Hell, no. He was wearing another swimming trunks below. Next day in class, Yukina passes Mitsuki’s bikini bottom to Yuuya since his sister is out with a cold. This makes Yuuya think the sort of fetish Mitsuki has and her different treatment was just to get his attention. Little does he know that he is using the bikini as a handkerchief and wipe his facial sweat… Now everyone thinks he’s a pervert… Mitsuki blames Hiyori that her life has been a disaster. Ever since, Yuuya saw her wet herself and now the chastity belt. She can’t take this anymore and is going to cut it off with the scissors! Really? Can it? Of course not. Just then, Mitsuki passes out and Hiyori notices something strange with the gauge. It has turned into a gloomy colour. When Yuuya knocks on her room, he heard weird sounds. Then when he hears her pleading for help, he barges in only to see her in an ambiguous position of pleasuring herself. Ill Mitsuki then seduces Yuuya to do it with her (those damn texts again). Yuuya sees Hiyori in Mitsuki’s place and wonders who the heck she is.

Episode 6
Suddenly before his eyes, Hiyori becomes back to Mitsuki. He wonders where Hiyori went but no time to think about it since Mitsuki’s fever is getting worse. Probably her state of mind too since she is talking about her mother. Next morning, Mitsuki is much better and the gauge is in a better shape. Hiyori is bragging how she possessed her body and got close to Yuuya but Mitsuki doesn’t care about all that. She knows her life is over and thinks her brother will see her as a pervert. Hiyori notes at this rate Mitsuki will give out before she can go to Heaven. While Yuuya is out buying cake for Mitsuki with Yukina, he asks her opinion if someone’s personality can change when the living circumstances change too. Yukina puts it generally that everything could have that effect. Yuuya thinks so deep that he thinks he is the cause. But how does this explain about her chastity belt? Perhaps her mother? Or is it that friend of hers who cosplays as an angel? Uh huh. Could it be that Mitsuki and Hiyori are a lesbian cosplay couple???!!! When he gets home, Mitsuki wants to talk to him about something important but wants to go shower first. Gulp. His mind is running wild as he anxiously waits… As seen, it is actually Hiyori possessing Mitsuki’s body while she is fast asleep. Using this chance, she thinks of doing it with Yuuya and get it over with and doesn’t want to burden her anymore. So when ‘Mitsuki’ comes in only wearing a shirt, she gets so nervous up close with him that she could hardly say or do the things she wants. She took too long and her heart is beating like mad that it woke up Mitsuki’s spirit. She’s not too pleased to see her body being taken advantage like this. Panicky Hiyori switches out with her to leave her in a fix. Yuuya tries to put it in a way that he doesn’t mind her fetish and her weird sex preference with that angel girl but please keep it to a minimum since he is also living in this house. Hiyori thought he could see her but apparently he can’t at this moment. He also doesn’t want to force her to change and this makes her feel a little relieved. Till she realizes she was talking without her pants on and kicks him out. Isn’t this his room? Next day, Mitsuki returns to her cold self, ignoring Yuuya’s greeting. But she left a thank you note for the cake. Yuuya doesn’t care as long as she is happy. Lastly, a side nonsensical episode sees Yuuya in some mission impossible (Metal Gear Solid parody) to infiltrate Mitsuki’s room as ordered by his superior to find out more about her chastity belt fetish. They hooray when her cupboard is filled with normal panties but Mitsuki returns and spots him… Game over!

Episode 7
Ayaka invites Mitsuki to check out some clubs to join as she hints her inactive life is piling up the fats. Hiyori is against it since it takes away her flirting time with Yuuya. So they check out the tennis club first and Mitsuki is a total klutz. She is out of energy and has Hiyori take over. Suddenly she is like the princess of tennis and even bests Ayaka. The club captain is so amazed that she wants her to sign up as a club and aim for Wimbledon! No thanks. Next is the football club. As usual, Mitsuki is pretty useless before Hiyori takes over and zooms past the defenders with her awesome footwork and scores! Now this club captain wants her to join and aim for the World Cup! Hiyori wants to join since she is thinking of impressing Yuuya but the big put off are the numerous forms she has to fill in. Medical forms? Insurance forms? Dorm forms? WTF?! So they try out more clubs and more or less the same thing. In the kendo club, Yukina isn’t a member but since there is a lack of instructors, she volunteered to be one. Hiyori wants to switch and challenge Yukina so she can crush her in front of Yuuya. Yukina gets the idea and agrees. However the helmet is so smelly that Hiyori can’t take it. So when Yukina strikes her head, Mitsuki passes out. Torii laments about Yuuya’s step sister. It’s because it is somebody else’s sister, he can give her a dirty look?! Then Moa comes by and they continue insulting each other. Heck, they don’t mind if they trade places with Yuuya or Mitsuki. Mitsuki and Ayaka are in the theatre club. Due to lack of members, Yuuya and the rest are invited to try out a play on stage. It is about a story of a guy (Yuuya) torn between a step sister (Moa) and his girlfriend (Neko). Sounds familiar? The script was written by Neko. Suspicious… Mitsuki seems jealous watching them act out but I thought Yuuya’s acting was a little wooden. Torii and Moa continue to argue on stage and the crowd thinks it is so realistic. Yuuya in the end chose Neko and on the day he is supposed to marry her, she dumps him at the altar. Wait. This wasn’t in the script? Adlib! Mitsuki is brought on stage dressed in a real wedding gown. What the heck just happened? Because Moa isn’t too happy that her role has been hijacked, she hops onstage and accidentally steps on Mitsuki’s gown. It tears and everyone sees her chastity belt! OMG! Then F*CK! IT WAS JUST A DREAM!!! Did Mitsuki feel relieved? Not until she sees Yuuya in a naked apron! Dream in a dream?! How about now? Hiyori as a macho man lying beside her?! Another f*cking dream?! Okay, no more dreams. So when Mitsuki wakes up from it all, she receives mail from Ayaka assuring her not to worry about it. Because Yuuya said he pretended he didn’t see it so it’ll be fine. Oh no… So that was real? OH SH*T!!!

Episode 8
Neko gives Yuuya tickets to the aquarium, courtesy from her father again. When Mitsuki comes home, she sees a gravure magazine on the table and thinks this belongs to Yuuya. Hiyori thinks onii-chan is into big boobs and uses her magic to transform Mitsuki’s flat chest into tera-boobs! Wait? This ghost is a magical girl? Then it explodes! Oh wait! It was just a dream? Stop this dream sequence please! Mitsuki is relieved that her boobs are still small when Yuuya walked in and heard what she said. She blames him for leaving the magazine around but he explains that belonged to Torii. He gives her tickets to the aquarium and she becomes very happy. Hiyori switches with Mitsuki to go to the aquarium. On the way out, Yukina spots them going out together and the jerk Yuuya thought of inviting her to come along. Yukina notices that sharp piercing stare in the eyes of ‘Mitsuki’ and passes this one. Smart move. ‘Mitsuki’ is reduced to child-like and is enthralled visiting the various attractions at the aquarium. The thought that this is like a date has Mitsuki bumping Hiyori out. Several cheeky kids bump into her and cause her to fall. Yuuya explains this place has lots of unsupervised kids because they can get in here easily by paying a cheap entrance fee. He too came here often with his friends and Yukina. Mitsuki explains she too came here often but was admitted for free since her mom used to work here. She used to play here because it would be lonely at home so that’s why it feels strange for her to come home and have someone waiting. Yuuya wonders if they have met before in that case but she doesn’t remember. When she asks if his bunch of friends, does he have a friend named Hiyori, he doesn’t think so. Later Mitsuki is surprised to learn that Hiyori isn’t her real name and took it from a storybook. She did say she remember nothing but her love for Yuuya. How could she not tell her? Hey, she wasn’t really interested in her circumstances, right? She’s already dead and has nothing to do with her whatsoever. Right back at ‘ya. Yuuya brings Mitsuki to have some fish therapy. She feels weird having the fish nimble at her feet but Yuuya forces her to stay. Strangely, it causes her to climax, much to the disgust of the other visitors. She is mad at him but he pats her head and the warmth brings back nostalgic memories of her mom doing the same thing. On the way back, Yuuya rushes home first just to on all the lights and welcome her back. Hiyori realizes that because their synchronization ratio has gone up, it is easier for Mitsuki to have her heart throb lately. Their hearts are connected. She hints she is falling for Yuuya. Eh? No way! Mitsuki gets a call from mom and happily talks to her about today’s event.

Episode 9
Nanami just finished moving in but has to leave for work. She brought a kotatsu and Mitsuki didn’t hesitate to go enjoy its warmth. When Yuuya returns, he sees Mitsuki’s striped pantsu and butt! Her eraser rolled under and was trying to pick it up. It’s funny that it feels like her butt is talking to him… Mitsuki couldn’t resist the temptation of sleeping in the kotatsu and when Yuuya comes in, he sees her nicely tugged in with Hiyori. He also couldn’t resist it and sleeps in. He remembers the last time he did this was when his mom was around and he’s still a toddler. Mitsuki gets this suffocating feeling and to her horror when she realizes this isn’t Hiyori’s doing, she didn’t know Yuuya was the type who’d do something like this. He’s wrapping his hands around her! He is sleep talking and calls out to his mom. That earns him a slap. Ouch. That hurts, mom. One day, Hiyori is suspicious of Mitsuki because she’s been making bento for Yuuya. Hiyori cheekily possesses Mitsuki to explore the bento she made earlier. But there is another bento with it. If it doesn’t make her mad that her bento is unfinished, the other one was licked clean. Grrr… Learning that the other bento was from Yukina, she hints she is welcome to make his bento from now on. Since Torii is over, Yukina suggests making dinner. Mitsuki didn’t want it but Hiyori bumps her away and accepts the challenge. She has Mitsuki pipe down because if she can get lovey-dovey with Yuuya, she can get over with everything fast. To have Yuuya think that she is the better woman, ‘Mitsuki’ dresses in a maid apron outfit. But she is surprised that Yukina is talking lines that a wife would say to a husband. Mitsuki bumps Hiyori out to regain control of her body and tells her brother to just go take a bath. Mitsuki finds Yukina to be quite good in cooking. She explains about her mother recently remarried and thus just started to learn to cook. She also feels sad that Yuuya eats all her bento while hers has leftovers. Yukina hugs her for over thinking. She says Yuuya was probably full after eating hers and saving the rest later for snack. She assures her that he is happy Mitsuki is cooking for him. Soon, Yukina accidentally spills the dish on her and this means she has to go take a bath. Hiyori thinks of using this naked apron tactic but Yuuya just came out of the bathroom and sees this. You can guess what that big red mark on his cheek is. From what Yuuya says, Yukina notes they are very far from being lovers and have a long way to go. Hiyori is happy that just a few more steps, she can reach Heaven. Mitsuki can’t believe that slap filled up the gauge… She likes that? Well, she felt satisfied, no?

Episode 10
Mitsuki finds out it is true that Hiyori actually took her name from a children’s storybook. However she still complains about the chastity belt and perhaps went too far when she accuses her of not putting in enough effort to remember. This makes Hiyori mad as she tells her off it would have been easier if she could remember if she just did that. She throws a tantrum and in a blink of an eye, she vanishes from Mitsuki’s sight. Nowhere to be seen. At least she left a note saying goodbye to that flat chest. At first it was the much needed freedom Mitsuki loved. No more that irritating Hiyori hanging around. But then it sort off feels a little lonely. Yuuya can’t comprehend her ‘upset’ face as Mitsuki thinks back, thanks to Hiyori she is able to eat some of the food she dislikes and able to do physical activities or play sports better. Mitsuki and Yuuya’s hand accidentally touch each other when they go for the soy sauce at the same time. It causes Mitsuki’s heartbeat to go fast. It’s that feeling again. Why is she feeling it and her gauge filling up if Hiyori is not around? Yuuya think she is choking and does a Heimlich on her. She slaps him as gratitude. Thanks for nothing, pervert. Mitsuki goes to the toilet and to her surprise, the chastity belt is gone! It was there a minute ago. She rushes out to look for Hiyori. Seriously, where to start? Has she really cross over to the next world? Yuuya goes after her. I guess after-dinner marathon excuse doesn’t sound convincing. So she tells him about her fight with her friend. He will help Mitsuki find her and knows how she looks like as he thinks she often comes over. Mitsuki is surprised that he can see Hiyori but why is he doing this? This is just a fight between them so he shouldn’t get involved. If so, she shouldn’t have told it to him. Besides, he is her big brother. Mitsuki thinks back all the annoying times Hiyori has been to her. She figures she will be at the pedestrian bridge. She is sad she hadn’t said a proper goodbye or gotten lovey-dovey with Yuuya. Wait a minute. She cares for that? And then Hiyori flies down before her. So what happened? Because she ran away from home, she can’t just waltz back in. What about the chastity belt? Speaking of which, in the toilet cubicle, Hiyori shows her an ancient metal chastity belt she went to specifically request. Mitsuki said she hated the design, right? So it temporarily vanished because it was recalled. Anyhow, Mitsuki is glad she is back and not to scare her again like that. Eventually, Hiyori pulled some strings to get the original chastity belt back on her. Yeah. She prefers this one. So to say she prefers to wear one?

Episode 11
Mitsuki won the grand prize for a trip for 2 to the hotspring. Because she had additional vouchers that entitled her to play more, Hiyori rigged the lottery and she won the remaining grand prize. This explains why the rest of the other characters tag along with them. Yeah and you thought it is going to be brother and sister only episode. Our usual fanservice with the girls dipping in the hotspring and they talk about Yuuya whom of course Yukina knows best as they are childhood friends. She thinks Yuuya will be fine as they grew up in a neighbourhood filled with girls. I guess there’s a big difference in that and a family without girls… Again, Mitsuki is in her upset mood for whatever reasons so Yuuya has to go after her. Her attitude of ‘leave-me-alone’ and ‘I-do-whatever-I-want’ isn’t sitting well with him so he turns around. Fine. If that is what she wants. This sudden change in behaviour may have caused her to be surprised so she accidentally trips and somehow unrobes herself, exposing her chastity belt. Yuuya got slapped for looking. If he gets a penny every time he does that, he’d be a rich guy. Soon drunk Nanami tries to seduce him but vomits all over him. Hiyori switches with Mitsuki because she has had enough of her moping and now it’s her turn to seduce Yuuya. When they enter the bath, they are shocked to see Yukina clinging so close to Yuuya. Actually due to some error and haste (Yuuya wanted to clean up the vomit), they ended up in the mixed bath. They talk how different they are now as compared to when they are kids. Yukina is now very feminine while Yuuya is more responsible. Yukina feels a little dizzy and tries to get out but slips and falls over him. Yuuya knows Mitsuki has gotten the wrong idea after seeing this and goes after her to explain. It seems Yukina looks sad with his choice. He’d rather go with his step sister than his childhood friend? Mitsuki is in an even fouler mood when Yuuya finds her although she dismisses it. Read her like a book. He can guess she is feeling jealous. Spot on. Those feelings are causing her to go weak (the gauge effect thingy) and in the end he pats her head and carries her back. Loving this? Torii who is excited to go into the same bath with Nanami is disheartened to see Moa. The feeling is mutual. Later Yukina talks to Mitsuki that what she saw was a misunderstanding so she need not worry. It’s because with a cute sister like her, Yuuya has become more responsible. However she hints she won’t lose to her. Hiyori is pissed that she has declared war on them but Mitsuki couldn’t be bothered. Neko has been watching them and notes Yukina is getting carried away and needs to shake things up a bit.

Episode 12
Neko asks Yuuya if he has any feelings for his sister or even Yukina. If he seems pretty calm that’s because he’s just dense. To him, Yukina is like a big sister while Mitsuki the little one and although she might be his step sister, she is part of his family. Though, he thinks that he did have indecent thoughts about her (the chastity belt). Neko then gets up close to Yuuya and seemingly casts a spell. Next morning, Yuuya does not wake up despite all the callings from Torii. So the other girls thought Torii’s gay fetish has awakened when they see him on top of Yuuya. Uh huh. They think he’s such a loser that he can’t get girls so he resorted to this. Oddly, everyone sits around Yuuya and watches his sleeping face. And then he gets up. What’s the first thing he says? Mitsuki is cute. Gasp! If that isn’t shocking enough, he gropes Yukina’s boobs and doesn’t feel the slightest regret!!! He even wonders how she got them this big!!! Time for a deserving slap. Neko then comes in to explain it was her fault. She read a cheap book on hypnotism and tried it out on Yuuya. Needless to say, he easily fell prey to it. She made him honest so while the effects will last a day or two, this is the perfect chance to ask him anything and you might get an honest answer out of him. Some answers you might not even expect. Hint, hint. So back home, he’s got a little fever and turns into bed quickly. He mentions Yukina has changed into a fine woman and doesn’t think she needs to try so hard to get rid of her past because everything of her makes her who she is. I’m sure Yukina wanted to say more about him but he already fell asleep. When Yukina bumps into Mitsuki, she tells her she can see Hiyori because since young she can sense the supernatural and doesn’t view her as an evil spirit. Hiyori is surprised in this revelation and wants to use this chance to attack Yuuya while big boobs woman is gone but Mitsuki is not in the mood.

Yuuya still drowsy in his sleep thinks back to the weird things he said earlier on. He reflects on Neko’s words about his feelings towards Mitsuki and of course her chastity belt. Hiyori’s horny switch must have turned on so she’s enjoying herself molesting Mitsuki when suddenly Yuuya barges in! Caught with her pants down?! He needs to tell her something! What is it? Wearing that kind of chastity belt isn’t good even if it’s for cosplay. So… That was what he wanted to say? I don’t blame Mitsuki for kicking him out of her room. Meanwhile Neko is laughing like mad seeing the outcome of it. She didn’t expect this kind of ‘fun’ outcome. I don’t know how she viewed it. Through her magic book? I guess this is what we get for expecting Yuuya to be ‘honest’. Hiyori then takes Mitsuki to the gates of Heaven. After Yuuya said those things to her, the gauge is completely filled up. I suppose this is the end. The girls walk up together and they say their final goodbye. Hiyori is thankful she got to have fun since she met her (at whose expense?) and hopes someday she would tell Yuuya there was a girl who loved him. If she had a choice to reincarnate, she would rather be the child of Yuuya and Mitsuki. After Hiyori enters the gate, Mitsuki wakes up and finds her chastity belt gone. Yuuya is better now and doesn’t remember what happened last night. But he knows he said something that upset Yukina. And maybe Mitsuki too. But he gets the shock of his life when Mitsuki calls him her onii-chan. Life seemingly returns to normal for Mitsuki and even more peaceful now that the ghost girl is gone. But one day on the pedestrian bridge, Hiyori pops back up. She’s here to bring her back to crossover with her. Just kidding. Mitsuki is brought back to the gate of Heaven and is made to step inside. Won’t she crossover then? She finds herself on some paradise island. So? This is only the second floor and there is another gate to ascend too. Which means… Oh God… Say it isn’t so! The chastity belt is on with more 30% more improvements (30% more sensitivity, that is) and it’s going to be another round of filling up the gauge. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Moa seems to be summoning her courage to confess to this hot guy, Shimazu. Best timing in the world, her dumb brother Torii had to pass by and interrupt. He thought his dumb sister made him mad and quickly apologizes on her behalf. Moa gets angry and walks away. No, she didn’t do anything wrong either. Flashback reveals Moa was taken in by his gentleman courtesy and politeness. Every time she gets her allowance, she will not hesitate to patron him at the cafe he works. All she wanted was to ask him out to a movie. Torii is adamant that there is no way a college guy will go out with a middle school girl especially his sister. Because she is still a kid and he proves it by flipping up her skirt to reveal her bear panties! He deserves that kick in the crotch. Even back home, Torii continues to complain to Yuuya that this isn’t going to happen. Yeah, he’s judging everything by his looks. Moa then shows off Shimazu has replied and agrees to go out with her on Sunday. You know what this means. Yuuya MUST free his Sunday schedule. Two are better than one? So the duo spy on them and nothing out of the ordinary happens. Everything is proceeding like normal until they start walking into a hotel. Torii jumps the gun that he might rape his sister and rushes in to break them up. So he tells it  straight to Shimazu that Moa is just a middle school kid who even wears bear panties (WTF?!). Shimazu is relieved and assures they weren’t here for what he thought. This hotel serves the best cakes and they were here to buy some. Torii still feels wrong that a couple should enter a hotel alone. Shimazu dispels his misunderstanding. Shimazu is a girl!!!!!!! Torii is full of apology as Yuuya tells Moa that he was worried about her all the time. This has Moa remember they used to fight a lot but he would worry a lot too. Nobody knows that better than her. Even with this case resolved, Moa continues to chide her brother as usual.

Ayaka proposes a Christmas Eve party for girls only but Torii wants in too. Yuuya notices Mitsuki sulking and not in good mood. And so it suddenly becomes a Christmas Eve party at Yuuya and Mitsuki’s place. Hiyori is not pleased because this interrupts their alone time with Yuuya. Uh huh. Thinking about getting passionate after that, isn’t she? But Mitsuki isn’t in any good mood to hear Hiyori’s rants. So everyone is here at the party with the girls dressing up in sexy Santarina outfits with the exception of Neko as a snowman. It’s not her policy to show too much skin. Of course the sexiest one is Yukina. With her busty figure, it’s like she is going to burst out of it any time. God sent an early angel as present says Torii? As the fun gets underway, Yuuya gets a call from mother who says they’ll come back by the end of the year. She wants to speak to Mitsuki but it seems she doesn’t even want to talk to her! Mommy reveals that Mitsuki might be mad because she couldn’t make it back in time for her birthday on the 21st. Yuuya goes to talk to Mitsuki who is weeping in her room. He tries to cheer her up but obviously knows better she is still sulking about her birthday. He asks if she would like anything as a present. Immediately horny Hiyori bumps out Mitsuki and would love to have him. Yuuya agrees! He admits he isn’t good but here goes… Oh God… Is he really going to… Actually he starts singing! He is a horrible singer!!! Literally he is bringing the house down! Yeah, you could say he effectively ‘killed’ Hiyori. The others below thought it was some death chant or Buddhist recital lines! Before he can do an encore, Torii comes into stop him before he could ‘summon demons’ on this holy night. Nanami later joins them and Mitsuki receives a package delivery from mom. It is a purse as birthday present. She feels a lot better.

Recently, More Animes Are Becoming Unusual… And Sh*ttier!
What the hell sh*t is this? Me no impressed. The entire series like one big crap that has gone nowhere and it feels like almost episode is like a standalone with more or less the same thing. Ghost girl tries to make little sister do horny things to big brother so she gets to be a step closer to Heaven. From the sh*tty ending that we have seen, it looks like Hiyori is a long way from being admitted to Heaven. Heck, if there is a second floor, what are the chances there will be a third, fourth, fifth and so on? Uh huh. I thought it might turn into Sword Art Online in which she will have 100 floors to clear. Just minus fighting the boss level. If there are multiple floors to clear before she can even reach to this so called Heaven, Mitsuki would have been sexually drained and exploited by the time everything ends. I know she is still young but look at how everything is exhausting and embarrassing her at this rate. Just like Hiyori said, she might even die and go to Heaven first before her. But I figure that with each embarrassing moments she has to endure, she builds up ‘experience’ and immunity so when the next round happens, it won’t be as bad. Or is it? Who cares? That will be for another day.

The plot feels so thin and nothing really advanced that it makes you wonder if the producers really cared about putting in some story because everything has been stagnant from the first episode when we are introduced to the premise. For the rest of the episodes, you see Mitsuki and Hiyori trying to fill up the gauge doing seemingly bold stuffs and that is about it. Probably this anime was produced to satisfy a certain demographic that loves seeing that tortuous face of a little sister whenever she is in such embarrassing situation. I’m not one of those guys. There are probably more questions raised than answered after you watch this. For example about Hiyori herself. Why pick Mitsuki? Was she at the wrong place at the wrong time? Something about her past is intriguing since she cannot remember anything and even her name was taken from a storybook. Because we never knew (or even the slightest hint) if Hiyori was really the girl that Yuuya met before, in this sense the plot doesn’t go anywhere and is just left as it is. Even Yukina’s explanation that she can see supernatural feels rushed. Like as though they wanted to get that prickly question out of the way. But Yuuya can see Hiyori too, right? How do they explain that? And since he thinks Hiyori is a human friend to Mitsuki, it is just left as that. What about the time that Hiyori and Mitsuki cannot bump out each other’s soul and locked each other out? Doesn’t it feel convenient just for whatever that was going on in that episode?

The characters also fall flat (no offense to you flat chest girls) and aren’t that all exciting either. We all know Yuuya is going to be the kind big brother who does his best to look after his little sister. We all know Yuuya is going to be that kind of indecisive guy who won’t be falling head over heels over his little sister or even his childhood friend. He is even so dense in his hypnosis mode that you might feel you want to give up on him that he will become a lust monster and attack or violate the girls. Yeah. Dream on for something like that to happen. Mitsuki is having a roller coaster ride of emotions since she is going through a lot especially when horny Hiyori wants to get it going with onii-chan. So much so in the eyes of normal people, she’s like having a split personality and her only way of relieving some sort of stress. If this was the Monogatari Series, no guesses what kind of oddity she’ll become. The mixed behaviour is of course sending confusing signals to Yuuya who is already pretty dense in the first place. He wants to understand her but just couldn’t. Are little sisters this hard to understand? I don’t know. I don’t have one myself. As for Hiyori, sometimes I don’t understand about her being a ghost. There are lots of things that don’t add up. If she flies around hovering over Mitsuki, why can’t she fly up to Heaven? Unless wings are rendered useless in that zone. Mitsuki can also pass through solid objects but sometimes she can pick them up like as though she is still human. Is this another ability? What about the clothes she wears? I noticed that if Mitsuki’s spirit is bumped out, her spirit is wearing the clothes her body is usually wearing. So what happens if the clothes were changed during that moment? Hiyori’s trademark pink negligee is her default clothes but since she can be seen in other clothes, does this mean it is just all in our minds?

There is potential for romance but seeing how it all played out and ended, I guess I could say the potential was wasted. And as usual, nothing happens in the end. Yuuya dude, you blew it at the end. We get lots of hints that Yukina likes this dude and probably were wishing too much that some sort of love triangle mess would form. The most we got was just a ‘war declaration’ from Yukina to Mitsuki. We are shown Mitsuki isn’t too fond about Yuuya but who knows? She may be a typical tsundere and deep down she might be his biggest lover. Even bigger than the perverted ghost. If Hiyori had her own body, she wouldn’t have being hanging around as a ghost and would have gone in straight for the challenge. It would have got the love polygon rolling whatsoever. Other characters feel side-lined. Like Moa whom I thought would also take a liking for Yuuya but maybe that is just because she ‘hates’ her own brother so much that she’s just making a statement Yuuya is the better brother. Besides, isn’t she the tsundere kind too? I mean, obviously if she’s always mocking her brother a baldy among other insults, it shows that she’s just being a tsundere, right? That’s how the siblings communicate, no? Neko has this mysterious feel to her character like as though she knows what is going on. There is more to her than meets the eye. I can’t help think of her as some sort of angel of God and probably just watching over everything. Who knows? I won’t discount this fact but since nothing much about her is revealed, we can speculate anything we want on this enigmatic chick. Otherwise like the rest of the other characters, she feels like a disappointment and her potential wasted. Ayaka and Nanami are so minor that I believe without them, the show could still go on. Torii is your typical loser buddy only to make the leading male look like the ‘winner’.

It goes without saying that the main factor of watching this anime is the fanservice. Especially if you are into the chastity belt kind of fanservice. Unfortunately the version that I watched is heavily censored. If this is their idea of making a new mainstream fetish for chastity belt, I don’t see how the censors will make people fall into further debauchery. Unless you buy and watch the DVDs (or some other stations that I am unaware of that aired those scenes without censors), you are going to see those heart shaped designs as your main censors and will never fully know the design of Mitsuki’s chastity belt. Heck, I don’t think they even censor the panty shots. I am not sure if those sex texts will be gone and be replaced with the real juicy scene of Hiyori’s yuri violation-cum-sexual assault over Mitsuki. Then there are scenes of Mitsuki’s facial expression whenever she climaxes, being embarrassed or just feels it. It’s like almost anything can make this girl climax. She’s so in sync with Hiyori that she also starts feeling these sort of perverted stuffs? Hiyori’s perversion and Mitsuki’s reluctance and objection makes it all fun to watch in this ‘game’ of bumping out each other’s soul and seducing or reprimanding Yuuya . Yeah, blame us for being dirty minded sadistic perverts for watching a girl doing that. Shameful. Just sh*tty.

The art and drawing also seem okay but nothing to shout about. The character art feels plain simple like as though it lacks some details, sometimes making me believe that they didn’t want to put enough attention to it. I don’t know. This anime was produced Project No.9 and their only other notable anime series that I have watched under their belt was Ro-Kyu-Bu (both seasons). Furthermore, some of the characters look pretty familiar like as though they have been taken from other animes and given a little makeover. Maybe that is just me since I have watched too many animes so lots of characters have this similar feel to it. Like for Hiyori, I thought she was the ghost version of Yui from K-ON! That or some other KyoAni style girls. At first glance, I thought what on earth OreImo’s Kuroneko was doing here masquerading as Mitsuki. Just without the gothic lolita outfit. Yup. That’s what I thought when I saw her the first time and it had me guessing for a while that she awfully looked familiar to somebody.

Voice acting feels pretty normal too. Nothing extraordinary. Yui Ogura as Hiyori once again takes up cute more loli roles (think Hinata from Ro-Kyu-Bu, Tsukiko in Hentai Ouji To Warawanai Neko and Komurasaki in Unbreakable Machine Doll). If you want your lolis to really sound cute, this is the person you should look for. Chinami Hashimoto as Mitsuki, this is her debut role and so far has no other roles to her name. The rest of the casts include Junji Majima as Yuuya (Ayumu in Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka), Hisako Kanemoto as Yukina (Ika in Shinryaku! Ika Musume), Manami Tanaka as Ayaka (Alice in Kin-iro Mosaic), Aimi Terakawa as Moa (Kazumi in Futari Wa Milky Holmes), Yasuaki Takumi as Torii (Matsuda in High School DxD), Kumi Sakuma as Nanami (Candice in MAR) and Mikoi Sasaki as Neko (Hercule in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes).

The opening theme is Binkan Attention by the trio of Mitsuki, Hiyori and Yukina. Sounds pretty generic for this kind of anime and doesn’t really get my attention. Charming Do is the ending theme and sung by Yui Ogura. Remember how I said about her absolute cute voice? You can imagine how she sings it here. That cuteness reminds me of her stint she sang in Hentai Ouji To Warawanai Neko’s ending theme. The odd thing about the ending credits animation is this over-sized mascot girl which is the ‘star’ of this segment. You see her in what a normal high school girl’s life would be. Attending classes, getting confessed to and then rejecting that poor chap. In the end, she gets slammed by a truck but nothing happens to her and it is the truck that gets damaged! I don’t know if this has anything to do with Hiyori because I think the mascot looks a bit like her. Otherwise, I don’t see the relevance of this character in this anime except for the fact it was on a poster in Nanami’s workplace. It could be her company’s whatever mascot but even that doesn’t prove its relevance.

The anime might not have many rave reviews among the viewers but that didn’t stop the series from getting a live action movie. Looking from the trailer and the pictures floating around Google, safe to say that there are nudity and more explicit fanservice but stop shorts of making it a hentai or hard core porn stuff. Because Mitsuki is being such a wuss in giving us fans the much needed fanservice (she basically sucks in this sense), the reason why anyone would watch this show in the first place, I don’t think the live action movie will make any difference even though it will show some ‘real skin’ as opposed to 2D animated ones. But you know, people like us prefer 2D, right? Ironically, a chastity belt is supposed to prevent horny people from engaging in sexual intercourse. It’s an anti-rape device. Then came along this sh*tty anime trying to shake our religious beliefs and turning chastity belts into some sort of trendy sex toy/accessory. Isn’t it ironic that the character is supposed to get horny with a guy to get to Heaven faster but this lock item gets in the way? I don’t know what they will ‘creatively’ come up next but I hope it won’t be so sh*tty that it will further screw up our already sh*tty minds.

Little Busters! Refrain

July 19, 2014

Time is running out. Better hurry. That seems to be the underlying theme to me when I started watching the sequel, Little Busters! Refrain, which covers the final arc of the visual novel. As announced at the end of the first season, thus the second season was greatly expected and things won’t be as rosy as it has always been. The truth and the big picture will be revealed. Will it be a shocking conclusion and finale to everything that we have seen? Or to what Riki our weak Little Busters member who has learnt to overcome all obstacles and hardship through the support of his friends, has seen and experienced. Or maybe everyone should just continue having fun playing baseball like they always have, huh? Oh wait. This isn’t even a baseball anime to begin with.

Episode 1
Kyousuke shows Riki their group photo after their first official baseball match. The guys then head over to the cafeteria because Komari is organizing a pancake party for their match success. They had lots of good pancakes and fun. Especially the girls mixing in all the ingredients and feeding it to Masato. Ah, the resident idiot. It was so fun that Riki wonders how much time they will have left to spend like this. Hoping to stay this way forever? Remember the dwarves’ story from Komari? Hell, I didn’t… As the gang cleans up, a group of girls spot Kurugaya with Little Busters. Seems they are not happy because they have this very deep grudge against her. They blame her that because of her, the class looked down on them. The days go by and Riki feels that he is forgetting something important. Every day continues to pour like cats and dogs. Kengo notes they can’t practice at this rate. Suddenly the guys are called. The girls are consoling Kud. Seems someone has done a mean prank of her and put thumbtacks in her bag and shoes. Even her books are torn. Riki sees a suspicious girl hanging outside and chases after her. It leads him to a room where the perpetrators are. Two of them are revelling in this cruelty but one of them, Mutsumi Suginami feels guilty for being part of it. The duo are confident Riki can’t prove that they are the ones behind it when suddenly a tape recording of their heinous plan is played. It was about them discussing to hurt Kurugaya’s friends as a lesson so they will not hang out with her anymore. Kurugaya is in possession of that proof. And she has that killer eyes look. Telling them off (including Mutsumi because she did nothing to stop them which makes her equally guilty), she threatens to broadcast their scheme. The duo think they can get tough with her and talk back. Kurugaya shows her true power and seriousness in killing them when she kicks and destroys the door!!! Now you scared? Just get out of here. Better run for their lives. The rest of Little Busters arrive but so has a teacher. They will handle this and wants Riki and Kurugaya to leave. Masato and Kengo put up a stupid act of fighting… Riki takes Kurugaya’s hand and run away. She says she thought she had no emotions like a robot but turned out she felt angry then. Riki disagrees. She got angry because she cared about them. Kurugaya brings him to the broadcasting room and club which she is a member. Riki feels something familiar. Like as though he has been here before. Even this conversation sounds familiar. Haven’t they talked about this before? And then it happens. His narcolepsy cuts him off from reality.

Episode 2
Riki wakes up in the same room and looks like Kurugaya has taken care well of him. She talks that she is surrounded by friends unlike before and Riki adds he hopes these days won’t end because it has been loads of fun since she joined. Riki then feels they had this conversation before so Kurugaya distracts him by flirting with him. A boy and girl alone together in a room… Why does she tease him this much? Because she likes him! Holy cow! Never expect to hear that, didn’t you? Because of that, Riki couldn’t concentrate on his card game with his friends. Sharp Kyousuke can guess he is in love! Even more shocking they really think he loves Kurugaya. But because he cannot answer, Masato thinks Riki likes Kyousuke! Not to lose out, he too confesses he loves Riki! Rin is not amused and leaves. But the guys jump to a conclusion and will help him confess to her. Though they can’t understand what he sees in that girl, it’s when all their other fetish in women comes revealed. Kyousuke into lolicon? Kengo into miko priestess? Masato into maids? The plan now is to have Riki confess to Kurugaya during a fireworks display. I figure this must be the romantic setting they wanted. Also, this is to thank the other girls for the pancake party although they’ll be watching somewhere else. Surprisingly, the rain stops that night and so while the guys setup the fireworks, Riki’s job is to gather all the girls into a room. Let’s hope they don’t think he’s planning to attack them all in the dark corner… As they walk through the dark corridor, Riki has no intention of doing the confession when Mio has the girls run helter-skelter when she mentions a fake ghost rumour. Riki had to go find them but ends up finding Kurugaya alone in a classroom. The fireworks begin and everyone watches in awe. Riki accidentally drops his handphone when he gets a message from Kyousuke asking if he had already confessed. Kurugaya saw the message. They both starred at each other for so long and Riki felt he was spellbound that he couldn’t say a word. He never knew she was this pretty? However the next day, Riki felt something strange. The way the guys are acting as though it was yesterday, 20th June. He is arguing that date was yesterday but the sense of déjà vu overwhelms him. There are similar patterns of what happened yesterday happening today. The rain. The weather forecast and the radio claiming today is 20th June. He goes to the broadcast room and sees Kurugaya there.

Episode 3
He talks to her like they’ve had this conversation before. But she admits that she watched the fireworks and it was beautiful and unforgettable. Then she hugs him and hopes to stay this way for a while. Riki back in his room feels something is wrong. Kurugaya never acted like that. Something is wrong with the world. Before he knows it, morning comes and again it is 20th June. His friends certainly don’t remember. Could Riki be the only one reliving Groundhog Day? However it isn’t exactly Groundhog Day because although the date remains the same, everything else is changing little by little. Like how it is snowing now! Riki alerts the rest but they think it’s pretty normal! Wait a minute. Snow in June? Each time Riki falls asleep and wakes up, it’s like he is forgetting something. Groundhog Day continues and Riki has lost count how many times today has repeated. Then he remembers. Where the heck is Kyousuke? That guy should know everything. But he doesn’t pick up his handphone. He is nowhere to be found. The search leads Riki to the broadcasting room again. Kurugaya is there. He questions her about this never-ending day. How long has it been? He feels like the memories are slowly fading away. She wants him to forget about her and the time they spent together. It’s her fault that he’s trapped in this never-ending loop. When Riki wished back then that these days will never end, the one who truly wished for it was her. Thus, Riki is actually in her dream. Kurugaya begins her flashback. Long ago, she was touted as a genius because excelled academically and in sports. However in exchange for that, she lacked any emotions. As she refused to take part in international competitions, she refused and this made the adults think she’s looking down on her. She never smiled. She felt empty. She was alone. Till she caught glimpse of Little Busters and took interest in them. She talked to Riki about what is so fun being in that odd group and his reply was that it is a place where you can feel like you belong. So when Kurugaya joined, the more time she spends with them, she experienced more emotions she never had before. She is happy to have experienced them but now it’s time to go. Her fate is set in stone and this dream is her last wish. When he wakes up, he won’t remember anything of it. She wants him to promise to protect Rin no matter what. Riki cannot accept all this because she’s making it sound as though they’ll never meet again. Kurugaya and hugs him and says she really wanted to experience love. Then she vanishes. Riki wakes up to a brand new day. It’s going to be a good and fine weather too.

Episode 4
Although Kurugaya is not wiped out from everyone’s memory, they think of her just another classmate who plays truant. Riki sees Mutsumi being suspicious at a corner, when he gets her out, she confesses she likes him but knows he already likes someone else. Riki ponders about her words and especially if there was a girl he likes. He starts thinking of Rin and flusters. Could she be the one? He didn’t realize Kyousuke is nearby. He tells Riki that Rin was also confessed by some guy. However she doesn’t know what love is and is confused so he turned him down for her. Later as Riki thinks about his times with Rin, this girl comes by to have him help her out. On the way back, they slip down the slip and Riki falls on top of her. As they compose themselves, they mention about being confessed to. Rin then suggests they date each other because it will solve their problems. Riki asks if she likes him and she didn’t hesitate to say yes. And so he agrees. He couldn’t sleep that night just thinking about it when he gets a message from Rin just for fun. They begin exchanging messages and Riki feels the need to tell Kyousuke about it. But he feels like as though he is asking a father for her daughter’s hand in marriage! So when he meets the guy, he is nervous and couldn’t say. But Kyousuke could guess he is dating his sister. He was waiting for this day to happen as they were so close that they probably didn’t realize it. Then they tell the rest of Little Busters and they’re happy for them. Except for Masato who is reeling for shock over stupid things. Will he still be able to hang out with Riki? Of course he can. Kyousuke teases them if they have already kissed. This sends embarrassed Rin bolting out of the door. The rest encourage Riki to go after her. Riki talks to her but I guess she is still embarrassed and her tone of talk is like as though she wants to pick a fight. Then a cat jumps down into the picture with a message attached to its tail. It has a final task for them. They must nominate themselves during homeroom.

Episode 5
Rin wonders what they should do know that they are a couple. Probably Riki took too long that she fell asleep. Yeah. Like about 5 seconds. In class, the teacher announces members of the prefectural assembly will be conducting an inspection of their school. He wants volunteers, a boy and a girl. After a lot of hesitating, Rin and Riki volunteer. But will Rin be fine? Does she know how to speak politely? Can she even smile nicely? So the big day arrives as Riki coolly shows the members around. Rin should just keep her mouth shut because the words she chooses brings ambiguous meaning. Like they are living together. Living in separate dorms is what she means. In the end, the member asks Rin why she is always happy despite being an odd person. It’s because everyone is here for her. He hopes he could continue to smile like that. Soon, Rin is called to the teacher’s office. Due to her bad grammar, what she understands is that they tell her to go to another school. Kyousuke explains that she has been offered to enter a student exchange programme. There’s a serious reason for this. A bus containing students from the other school crashed. Only 2 survived. The entire school was traumatized and it became school of gloom. This programme is to help them out of the doldrums and Rin was chosen because of her cheerfulness. The school is pretty far away and it will last for a semester. This means Rin will be separated. Riki objects to this. He also questions how Kyousuke knows everything. He also accuses her like as though he sounds like he wants her to go. Kyousuke wants him to calm down since he is just stating the facts. He doesn’t want him to get so worked up because it’s up to Rin to make her decision. What about Rin? Does she want to go? Nope. She did turn down the offer but the teachers told her to rethink. And so she is doing some rethinking.

Since talking to the others doesn’t really yield a straight cut answer, Riki has decided. He concludes Rin is still a kid and doesn’t understand the real meaning of love as he is always by her side, this new experience is what she may just need to mature and grow. So when he goes tell Rin to do it, she is not happy. She thinks he hates her. On the contrary, he loves her that he is willing to have her go far away. Huh? Rin no understand. Because Rin continues to get mad, so does Riki. He accuses her of running away and they end up having their first lover’s quarrel. The days come closer for Rin to leave. Riki thinks back how the letter’s sender anticipated all this. And then it hit him. The letters started to appear after they play baseball and after each task, Rin grows more confident. He deduces the sender’s goal is to make Rin stronger and that she has been manipulated all this time. He sees the cat and follows it, leading him face to face with Kyousuke. Riki should have known. Everything was his doing. But how did he predict it all? How does reality warp around his words? Kyousuke wants to hear his deduction. Riki reasons Kyousuke wanted Rin to be independent. When he graduates, he won’t be able to look out for her so when he heard about the exchange programme, he decided to take advantage of it. It is the perfect way to make her independent. Each task makes her stronger and he even used the pretext of forming a baseball team for her to make new female friends. Kyousuke says he misinterpreted the question: The secrets of the world. Has he uncovered it? Riki thinks it’s just a bait to get Rin’s attention. Kyousuke laughs it off. However they have to run as the guard spots them. Kyousuke takes Riki’s hand and flee but when Riki trips, he lets go and continues running, vanishing into the darkness.

Episode 6
Riki continues to think how everything was Kyousuke’s doing. It’s all a setup. On the day they see Rin off, it seems a little… ‘Quiet’. Riki deduces Masato knows about this from the things he said. What about Kengo? He talks to him and although Riki understands Kyousuke wants to make his sister independent, he cannot forgive his method. Especially forming Little Busters just to disband it. It’s like he intended to send Rin off and disband Little Busters right from the start. Kengo agrees with him because Little Busters is the symbol of their friendship. He assures he will keep Little Busters alive even if everybody is gone. Riki gets mail from Rin that everybody is so depressing. Nobody talks to it. She can’t take it anymore. Riki can do nothing but give her text messages as support to try her best. When Rin cannot contact Komari and the latter’s mail keeps bouncing, Riki concludes Kyousuke must have had a hand in this to keep Rin away from the girls. Rin must have caught their depression syndrome that she wants to come back. Riki can’t take it anymore and wants to bring her back but Kyousuke stops him. Riki chides him of this approach and will lose everything they’ve worked so hard for at this rate. Kyousuke will try to make Rin come back during weekends so until then he wants Riki to keep his emotions in check. Come weekend, Rin really returns but she is so tired that it’s disheartening. He seeks Kengo’s advice and there is only one option: Fight Kyousuke. He won’t be alone, though. Because Kengo is going to fight with him.

The duo confront Kyousuke that they will challenge him to whatever. If they win, Rin stays. Otherwise, she’ll go back. Kyousuke suggests playing baseball and the first to hit 3 home runs, wins. Who is Kyousuke’s partner? Masato. But it seems this muscle brain isn’t happy doing this. Masato shows he hasn’t been building muscles for nothing. He quickly hits a home run. And that was just a practice shot. Riki throws but he slips and screws up. Since it is raining heavily, Kyousuke wants to cut it short and the first to hit a home run wins. Masato pulls off another home run. Riki can’t afford to lose so Kengo tells him to trust him. As Kengo gets ready to hit Riki’s pitch, suddenly he is filled with memories of Koshiki. He misses the hit. Kengo is upset and accuses Kyousuke for playing dirty. In his rage, he rushes to punch that guy but the rest hold him back while he screams in agony. Kyousuke leaves, declaring he has won. Riki feels Little Busters is no longer a place for him. That night, Riki suggests to Rin that they run away together. I don’t know how far they’ve run or where they’re staying, Riki knows from the bottom of his heart that he is too weak to protect her. And then a couple of police find them. Riki quickly hugs Rin as he remembers for a long time he had forgotten that to live is to lose.

Episode 7
In the dead of the night, somebody yells Kyousuke is back. Masato goes off to fight Kengo at the cafeteria. Riki tries to stop them and since he can’t, he tries to add some rules like throwing some random weapons in but the duo ignore him and continue fighting. Riki rushes to find Kyousuke but is nowhere to be found. Next day, Masato and Kengo injured each other. Kengo’s arm is injured and this jeopardizes his kendo selection trial. Although Kengo brushes it off as nothing major, he hopes Riki can come up with something fun for all of them to do. Riki goes to pick up Rin but notices she has changed. She has become scared of people, doesn’t go to school and her mind has reduced to that of a little kid. Riki looks for Kyousuke who is sitting in a dark corner of his room. Seems he is very down. Riki wonders if something has happened to Rin but is told he won’t find the answer in this world. Riki thinks back about their fun times as Little Busters and wonders how to bring those days back. Although he is worried for Kyousuke, Kengo advices he should put more focus to Rin. He says she loves him, the reason why she is not afraid of talking to him (Riki is the only one she talks to now). Riki gets motivated to do something fun with Rin. But playing badminton or wearing funny masks didn’t cut it until he gets this baseball idea. Rin likes it and is even a good pitcher. Riki wonders if she has played baseball with Kyousuke but she somehow feels it was with Riki. He goes to describe Rin’s smile and excitement in playing baseball to Kyousuke but he maintains his gloominess. When Riki gets Masato and Kengo to play baseball with them, Kengo is not amused and leaves. Riki wants to know why and is told he is doing the same thing as he did. This makes Riki think that everyone but him and Rin knows something and is trying to hide it. Even Masato hints something of that sort. When Riki mentions about Rin’s fear of people, Kyousuke’s reclusiveness, his drifting apart from them and the answer to be found in another world, Masato notes he should be fine since he has gotten this far. Yup. He’s leaving too. Riki and Rin are the only ones left. Riki feels the need to uncover the secrets of this world. He vows to become a leader like Kyousuke and gather their friends to form Little Busters.

Episode 8
Riki thinks if he follows Kyousuke’s footsteps, he can find out about that world. He asks Rin who was the first friend she made when Kyousuke formed Little Busters. It was Masato. Because he had a bounty on his head and everybody was scared of him. Kyousuke defeated him and they signed some friendship contract. Riki tries to recruit Masato into Little Busters but he isn’t interested. Why? Because he is the strongest and he will prove it. So stay out of his way if he doesn’t want to get hurt. Soon, a few students get hurt simply by talking to him. That must be one awful punch they’ve got. Riki plans to stop his rampage and Rin remembers how they setup traps to ring Masato in. Riki is glad liveliness is returning to Rin’s eyes. They make a bait for Masato to punch something. The strong dude wonders if all of them were disappear if he smashes all these. When he punches the bait, he flies back and is stuck to the statue thanks to the super glue. Riki explains this is to stop his rampage. But this doesn’t look like a rampage in Masato’s eyes. So with his elephant strength, he breaks free although the statue is still stuck to him. Riki has a plan. First he drags Masato around just to make him lose stamina as he is carrying a huge load. Then he leads him to a place where Rin is waiting to throw the net onto him. Although Masato breaks free from the statue, soon it becomes a fist fight. Riki throws a few ineffective punches. Masato punches back but Riki gets up. With a little help from Rin, Riki elbows the final blow into his gut. Masato commends Riki of this surprise. He never knew he was this capable but still is far off from Kyousuke. Because if he intended to remake Little Busters, it isn’t going to be easy and will have a long tough road ahead.

When Masato was a kid, others used to laugh at him because he was stupid. So to stop that, he trained hard to become the strongest. Nobody was stronger than him. Those who laughed got beaten up. Soon, nobody laughed at him but it still made him an outcast since everybody feared to get near him. After declining Riki’s invitation to join Little Busters, Masato started to see clones of himself everywhere. Actually they were other students, just that they looked like him in his eyes. So he punched ‘himself’ when in actual fact they were trying to take to him. He also saw Riki and Rin looking like himself. And thought if he smashed the bait, all his clones would disappear. But one was different (Riki) because he stood back up to fight. A worthy opponent just like back then. Kyousuke challenged him and set traps around till the final fist fight. After each side deliver several blows, Kyousuke wondered why he won’t fall. Masato fears that if he did, all that he has worked hard for will go to waste. He became stronger than anyone but is still alone. So he can’t afford to fall or he’ll go back to being an idiot. Kyousuke didn’t care for all that because he had fun fighting him. He hopes he won’t change and will play with him any time. They become friends from that day and Kyousuke promised there will be more fun times ahead. Masato finally falls as he realizes this was what he was looking for, a place to belong. And now, Riki almost says the same thing as Kyousuke did. He doesn’t care how strong Masato is and no matter who he is, he will always be his friend. Masato vows to stick by him no matter what and until the final moment.

Episode 9
Kengo is next on the list but he’s going to be a tough one. Riki asks how did Kyousuke managed to him to join. Masato explains when Kengo won a kendo tournament and became a local hero, Kyousuke challenged his father and defeated him. Riki asks Kengo about this but he can see through his ploy to get him recruited and asserts he won’t fall for it. Riki goes to talk to Kyousuke who is still in that pitiful state. But Kyousuke says something. Kengo is lying about one thing. Riki observes Kengo and notices his right hand is not injured as he uses it like normal when he thinks his friends aren’t watching. He confronts him that his right hand was never injured to begin with. Thinking he knows something about this world, Kengo warns darkness only awaits and wants him to go enjoy himself. Riki disagrees since everybody is apart and there is no way he can do that. He wants to make everyone smile again. As he isn’t going to give up, Riki wants to challenge him and Rin suggests baseball. If Riki wins, he must join Little Busters. Kengo goes back to tell Kyousuke to poor kid Riki has become. He accuses Kyousuke of using a mechanism of this world that Riki doesn’t know to trick him back then to make him lose focus. Because he tossed away his morals just to see his plan through, he plunged them into darkness and is now acting like a coward wallowing in regret. Kengo views Riki and Rin as weak and it’s their job to protect them. However Kyousuke believes people will mature even if this is a closed world.

On match day, Kengo thinks to himself that after this match, he will do all he can to protect them so he’ll be his enemy for this moment. The winner of this one on one match is the one who hits a homerun. Kengo is cocksure that his victory is guaranteed. Despite several misses and foul balls on Riki’s side, he gets back up no matter how injured or tired. This causes Kengo’s feelings to waver. Why won’t he just let him protect them? Riki’s will to bring everyone back to Little Buster finally lands him a homerun. But there’s still Kengo’s turn. If he scores a homerun, it will be a tie. Because Rin is also serious about this, she wants to be the pitcher instead and Riki be the catcher. Everyone agrees and Kengo will show it to them. Rin’s pitch improves as Riki gives her lots of encouraging words. Kengo realizes he cannot hit a homerun when he normally would. Is their drive putting him under pressure? Rin thinks about the nice blue sky and her friends supporting her so she throws the best pitch that strikes Kengo out. He remembers how winning was always everything in his life. So when Kyousuke defeated his dad, it was to free him from the strict mentality and pressure that he must win. Now no one will care whether he wins or loses because Kyousuke knew all Kengo wanted was to have fun like everyone else. They became friends that day. Kengo breaks down as he admits what he really wanted was to have fun with his friends without worrying about winning or losing. So let’s play a little longer shall we? Safe to say, he’s onboard the Little Busters.

Episode 10
Little Busters are going to see Kyousuke. Riki is going to do the same for Kyousuke like how he did for him. The rest of this episode is from Kyousuke’s explanation of important events throughout the series back to the first season. Kyousuke fears that Riki and Rin will be engulfed in darkness and despair that they might never recover from so he created another world set long before that cruel incident. Because Riki was weak and relied on him whenever something went wrong and Rin couldn’t hold a conversation, Kyousuke created the baseball team of Little Busters and added the few other girls who carried regret about their lives to the team. Masato was fully aware of his plan but played dumb. However Kengo was against it and the reason he was reluctant to join the baseball team. In this world, Kyousuke had absolute control of the cat as it is his other self and used it to send tasks to the duo. Because Riki was prone to anxiety and grief, he kept running away from it so he turned back time and restarted the trial from the beginning because running away won’t solve anything. By doing so, he began to overcome his weaknesses. That was the case of Riki and the other girls like in Kud’s case, that magical thingy that happened at the end of her arc. Riki became stronger and Rin more cheerful. He wished such happy times would last forever but his power to maintain this world was gradually weakening. So when all the other girls left, Komari wanted to stay behind to watch Rin till the end.

Kyousuke wanted to test Rin and thus the final task that will separate her from them. He knows it was a tough plan and he himself didn’t like it but he knows he can’t always protect her. However she was at her limit and Kengo had his own idea of protecting them. He refused to accept they don’t have much time in this world, the reason Kyousuke ‘cheated’ and made Kengo go berserk at him. But when Riki and Rin ran away, Kyousuke began to wonder if his plan had failed. Was Kengo right that they are still weak? He alone foolishly believed that Riki would mature and Rin was traumatized. Even though no one is left, he will violate his morals and principals to do this again and again. Kyousuke seems to be following the smell of the gasoline while slowly crawling in pain in the dark while leaving a trail of blood. He is sick of making them in despair. He wanted to give up but that is when Riki took his own initiative to form his own Little Busters. When Riki came to see him at the time trying to recruit Kengo, Kyousuke wanted to help him out but couldn’t. So he only gave the little hint that Kengo was lying. Finally Kyousuke has reached a funny structure and will stop the leaking. He will prolong these final moments as long as possible to give Riki an opportunity. If he can do that, he would have served his purpose and will have no regrets. Seeing Riki extending his hand to him, Kyousuke is amazed how much he has grown even though he has messed up and the many times he has restarted this world. He never imagined this would have happened. He knows when he takes his hand, everything will be over and leaves him to handle the rest. After he disappears, this is where everything will begin.

Episode 11
Kyousuke rejoins them and Little Busters is back to what is used to. The first order? Play baseball! But they don’t have much time left. It’s like Kyousuke giving his ‘report card’ to his fellow Little Busters and is glad to be with them. When Masato tries to catch the ball, he crashes through the scoreboard. Riki wonders if he is alright but Masato says this is goodbye and enjoyed the times together. Suddenly he disappears! Riki seeks an explanation from Kyousuke what is happening so he says he will be returning to the real world soon. A world where Riki and Rin are the only survivors. Remember that bus crash? It wasn’t the other school. It was them. The bus carrying them fell off a cliff during a school trip. Riki and Rin are the only ones who narrowly escaped death thanks to Masato and Kengo. But they couldn’t leave them to just die there because they’ll be overcome with grief once they wake up. Therefore Kyousuke created this world so that they could become strong. When he was wallowing in the darkness or afterlife or something, he prayed so hard and perhaps God heard his wish and let him create this world whereby they repeated everything since the first semester many times. They watched over Riki and Rin to become strong enough to overcome the cruelty of reality. Now that they have both become strong enough, they must move forward. No more turning back. Riki suddenly regains all his memories and he agrees the need to do so otherwise the strength that Kyousuke and the rest gave them will be in vain. Playing another round of baseball, this time the ball hits Kengo. He breaks down crying that he doesn’t want the fun to end and tried hard to make up for those lost times. He is happy to have met such great people. Kengo shakes Riki’s hand as a sign of friendship. Then he disappears. In the final game, Riki hits a homerun. I guess this is a goodbye walk for Kyousuke. Riki is so emotional that it’s affecting Kyousuke too. Yeah, he’s bawling out tears like we never seen him before. He loves them so much that he doesn’t want to part but life is so unfair. Why does he have to go. Since the world is fading, Kyousuke wants Riki to take Rin and run out through the front gate and not look back. Riki makes haste as he takes Rin’s hand, saying his last goodbye. Kyousuke walks around the school one last time to remember the fond memories. Ah… Good memories indeed…

Episode 12
Riki and Rin wake up in the real world to find themselves amidst the fallen trees of the forest below the cliff where the bus has crashed. He remembers everyone happily in the bus when it skidded out of control and crashed through the barrier. Kengo and Masato protected them from the impact. Smelling the gas tank has leaked, everything would have been futile if they are to die now so he brings her away to a safe place. But Riki doesn’t want a world without the rest so he goes back alone to the crash site to find them. However his narcolepsy starts acting up again after he sees the bloodied corpses inside the bus. Rin feeling scared by herself, crawls back to the crash site and is paralyzed in fear. She remembers her traumatic past but starts opening up when Kyousuke brings her out and the other guys joined Little Busters. She hears Komari’s voice as she narrates some sketchbook story to her. It made Rin remember her and the rest. How could have she forgotten all about them? Perhaps she didn’t want to see those scary stuffs and closed them off. But now she is going to find the things she lost and returns to that dream world. She meets Mio reading her tanka poems, avoids Haruka’s punch, getting teased by Kurugaya and licked by Kud’s dogs. She feels guilty for not being able to thank them as they have given her a lot. Then she remembers Komari’s one wish hasn’t been granted and runs up to the rooftop where she is waiting. Komari apologizes she couldn’t tell her the truth and should have gone a long time ago but stayed back out of her selfishness just to see her one last time. Rin doesn’t want this and rather be with everyone else. Komari makes this one wish of hers and that is to have Rin continue smiling. Then she disappears. Wondering how to make this wish come true, Rin believes if everyone smiles, she’ll be able to smile. So it’s not over yet. She’s going to save them and look forward. It’s going to be tough but she believes she can do it and have everyone smile together again.

Episode 13
Riki needs to overcome his weakness so he goes back in time through his memories to the day it all began. The car crash that killed his parents. Because he feared the sadness and wanted to run away, he fell into a slumber. I suppose this explains his narcolepsy issue. With the memories of Little Busters flowing through him, he gets the strength to overcome them and reunites with Rin. They’re going to do what they can now. Back in the harsh reality, they are standing before the crashed bus. First, they see Komari. Thankfully she has a pulse and is only unconscious. Safe to say that everyone is the same. They need to move everyone out before the bus catches fire. Riki sees someone outside leaning against the bus and realizes is Kyousuke. He is using his body to stop the gas leak. It must be excruciating but they need to move everyone out before taking him. The duo must have lots of reserved strength because they not only carried everyone out but stretchered them far enough where the sun reaches the grass. Wow. That’s lots of strength. Finally it’s time to get Kyousuke. He is still alive but hell, save your talking about surpassing your expectations and it’s all thanks to you for later. Get out now! The bus is already catching fire. Riki and Rin carry him with their last ounce of strength. And then… BOOOM! Three months later, we see Riki and Rin back in school. The rest of their girl friends are also there. They go greet Masato and Kengo who are just released from hospital. Slowly, all the students recover and come back to school. Miraculously there were no casualties but the last person left to return is Kyousuke. He is in coma and because in ICU, no visitors are allowed. In the mean time, Riki takes responsibility of leading Little Busters. As they wait and talk about him, the only person who gives them excitement in what to do, suddenly he comes back via the window. Surprise? He is back to normal like as though that accident never happened. The first crazy mission? Do something awesome and that is to go on a field trip again but this time it will only be them. Little Busters prepare for their beach trip in Kyousuke’s van. A new story for Little Busters will begin.

When Dream Ends, You Wake Up…
What else can I say? A feel good happy ending for our Little Busters to be together in reality. Although the thing that bugged me was Kyousuke’s super recovery at the end which seemed a little ‘fake’ and ‘rushed’. He seemed pretty badly injured and there was this possibility that it might not be a totally 100% happy ending. A bittersweet ending with him passing on. But having such a bad end and even one of the Little Busters dead would mean rendering 2 seasons of 39 episodes to be a big waste. Having Riki going through that endless trial of the first semester was just to prepare him for this and if it ended in a bad way, it would have really sucked. That’s why I think Kyousuke was miraculously revived so that we can all wake up and continuing living the happy life. Being admitted to ICU is no joke and I don’t think in my wildest dream this guy would even pull it off as a prank. Maybe except for the fact that the producers may just want to make us a little anxious before everything ends.

Seeing this is the home stretch, many of the characters we see in the first season are left out and this season the original quintet of Little Busters take the limelight and become the main focus. Even guys like Masato and Kengo are given some depth. Except for the first few episodes which had Kurugaya in the spotlight because she was the only girl outside the original Little Busters who didn’t have her stint with Riki. So characters like Kud, Haruka, Mio and to a little extent, Komari have been greatly sidelined in this season so much so that if you think too much about it, you might miss them and yell for them to come back because the new Little Busters are about the 10 of them, right? If such characters are already not given much prominence, the rest of those minor characters like Sasami, Kanata and A-chan are not even featured. I don’t even remember seeing them around and even if they did make their cameo, it was too insignificant for me to notice. I suppose that is why another special series called Little Busters! EX was aired after this season concluded. To give these little heroines their own screen time.

The plot of this sequel is still captivating enough and the melodrama was gloomier this time round since, well, Riki is a step closer in uncovering the mystery of this world. Speaking of which, when it was revealed that this world wasn’t a real one but a fake world created by Kyousuke, it somewhat didn’t surprise me because I was predicting something of this sort would happen. And I didn’t even do any reading up of the plot or play the game. I had a hunch that something like this would happen. How else would you explain the mysterious happenings that occurred all the while? Mysterious happenings that make things feel so dream-like if you think about it. It’s like magic. It’s like a dream. Nevertheless the magic of each episode still manages to evoke the same kind of emotion in my heart, the kind that I experienced while watching the first season. Not many animes can make a second season that is better or at least lives up to the reputation and expectations of the first so Little Busters! Refrain is one of those few who manage to do that well.

The overall gloominess of this season takes away much of the humour and comedy that I saw in the first season. I guess you don’t need any more fillers and drag on the series for another season just to keep your audiences watching. You’d be lucky if you have people who are still watching and not drop it halfway. With Kyousuke falling into a despair state, there isn’t any fun things to do like that free for all battle that has our battling Little Busters grab whatever ‘weapon’ the audience throws at them. As absurd and silly it may be, it was fun seeing the hilarity of it all. What about Masato’s penchant for always falling ‘victim’ of being called odd nicknames? Boy, I really miss those.

Of course in the area of character development, Riki and Rin grow stronger than before and are able to stand back on their own 2 feet. So that endless repetition of the first semester was really worth it. They came out unscathed, have a stronger heart (which probably led them to have stronger body since it’s all in the mind) and saved everybody. Kyousuke had his own problems and isn’t always the perfect leader that Riki knew but just like the rest, he wants to best and to protect the duo with all his heart. Masato isn’t a dumb guy and he’s probably the smartest since he just acts like a dumb brawn (somebody has got to play the fool that others need to make fun of) and Kengo too can break down or have his childish nature instead of the cool and composed one we are familiar with. So everybody improves, develops and moves forward because of each other’s support.

I don’t know how many times Riki and Rin have been forced to repeat a season of Groundhog Day but if we are going to be told in numbers, it would bring back memories of that sickening Endless Eight arc in the second season of Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu. Say, if this was possible and it took many tries for Riki and Rin to get it right, I wonder how long time has passed in the real world? It could take forever since they’re in a world that runs on a separate time. So it is really odd if you think about it that this could be the perfect ‘trainer’. If you want to ace or get better in something, don’t worry, just restart everything from the top till you do it better! Neat, huh? If only dreams work that way. Theoretically if Riki and Rin never get stronger, does this mean they get to stay in the artificial world forever? That would be better, would it?

The opening theme for this season is Boys Be Smile by Suzuyu. Sounds like another one of those pieces with that Key feel to it. In fact, all the songs for this season as I found out were taken from the albums for the visual novel. Ayaka Kitazawa sings the main ending theme, Kimi No Nakushi Mono which is a lively anime pop piece with some cute synchronizer effects. Another ending theme that only lasts for a single episode, Hanabi by Lia is also a lively anime pop rock piece. The rest of the other ending songs are sung by Rita who did the opening and ending themes for the first season. Song For Friends is probably the best song because this lovely slow ballad piece with heavy focus on the piano just touches your heart after watching the episode. Haruka Kanata is also another slow sad song but I still prefer the beautiful Song For Friends. Of course the final episode’s theme is a variation of the first season’s opening theme, Little Busters! -Little Jumper Version- to bring back that overall nostalgic feeling of this series and a fitting finale to it all. For the rest of the background music, I think all of them are being reused from the first season. The familiarity of those instrumental pieces still invokes great emotions during certain scenes.

Overall, this sequel is a good finisher to the first and I highly recommend people to watch both seasons for the interesting and fascinating tale and how it is all well executed. I feel this series should end here and shouldn’t have any more sequels or it will ruin or diminish the perfection it has reached. Spin-offs are another story but Little Busters 3? I don’t know how you can top this one unless it’s a goddamn miracle. So it goes to show that you don’t need to resort to fanservice and ecchi elements to attract a certain group of people. You don’t need to do cheap shots just to gain viewership or bring in the dollars and sales figures. If you have a beautiful story and good implement, it will leave a lasting impression in the hearts of people for a long time to come. That’s the best result you could ask for. I think Little Busters did just that. I mean, if your emotions are moved and touched while watching this series, then it must be a direction in the right step. Now if only every other animes are like this without the risk of disappointment, it would be a perfect otaku world. Unfortunately that remains just a dream.

Onee-chan Ga Kita

July 18, 2014

Oh no. Here we go again. Another one of this sister animes. Yeah. Can’t get enough of sisters, can’t we? But at least we don’t have to worry about if this sister theme anime has a very long title. Thankfully it is just descent. Onee-chan Ga Kita is a short anime with a dozen episodes lasting no longer than 3 minutes each. It chronicles about Tomoya Mizuhara, a middle school student whose father just remarried. Now he has got a step sister, Ichika who fawns and dotes over him like the cutest thing ever in the world. I know having a loving sister is good but when your affection is so overwhelming and behaviour so weird that it is creepy and making you feel scary, sometimes you’d wish you are back being an only child.

Episode 1
Here is a peek of what Tomoya’s ‘hellish’ life is going to be. Ichika changing in his room! Can’t blame him if he is having a hard time trying to accept this new family. Ichika continues to creep him out by taking photos of him. Uh huh. She is so familiar with him because she has done research prior to this. What research?! She wants to live in his room but gets kicked out. Any kind of emotion he shows, she finds him cute. Definitely something wrong in the head. When she decides to migrate to his room, Tomoya puts a sign on his door that prohibits her from entering because he’ll stop talking to her. So? How does she go around it? She comes in by the window! Why is she so desperate? Because she loves him! Hmm… The only other girl who ever said that to him was his late mother. But anyway he still kicks her out. And no, she can’t migrate to his room.

Episode 2
Tomoya goes to school with his neighbour and fellow classmate, Mitsuru Hanazono. Tomoya notices Ichika taking down notes and observing him like a stalker! In his class, Mina Fujisaki is the pure angel whom every guy including Tomoya adores. However deep down, her heart is black like a devil. She revels in having the boys under her control when Ichika shows up to give Tomoya his lunch. Suddenly all the boys flock to this high school girl. High school girls are the best! Of course this causes Ichika to dislike Ichika while big sister is left wondering if Fujisaki is his girlfriend. Then his friends blurt out Tomoya has a crush on Fujisaki so Tomoya has to disagree he doesn’t like her and is not cute just to hide that fact. Back home, Tomoya thinks Fujisaki hates him now and blames Ichika for showing up at his school just like that. However he realizes she brought him his lunch and feels bad for blaming her. The step siblings apologize.

Episode 3
Ichika has her friends over, Ruri Hayasaka and Marina Mochizuki. Tomoya is relieved that they are normal. Really? Because Tomoya is staring at Marina’s big breasts, Ichika slaps the boobs! Her friends mention about Ichika’s weirdness and Tomoya is so glad that somebody understands his suffering and even cries about it! Tomoya heads over to Mitsuru’s house and the friends joke that he is heading to his girlfriend’s house instead. Don’t make jokes like this to Ichika or she’ll go insane! She’ll be too if she doesn’t hug him for a day. Tomoya wants to take refuge here but Mitsuru is jealous he has those beautiful ladies over. He wants to quit being his friend but makes a quick u-turn when Tomoya will introduce them to him. Best friends forever! So he is introduced but they think he is such a loser. Oh, Ichika continues to chase frightened Tomoya around town.

Episode 4
Tomoya bumps into Kouki Hayasaka, the school’s most intelligent student. Kouki doesn’t like people who dye their hair (what about his?) and before he could admonish him, Mitsuru comes to his defence. Mitsuru claims that although he is smart, he has no girlfriend. On the contrary, we see lots of girls admiring this bespectacled dude from afar. Even so, he doesn’t think highly of those girls. Still, he is going to punish them for their dyed hair. However Ruri is his big sister and she doesn’t like him bullying Tomoya and punches him in the face! Violent sister… In the end when they note Ruri’s future husband will have it tough and that Kouki won’t let any guy near his sister, it just sounded like he is some sort of siscon. Tomoya thinks he used to be lonely waiting for dad to come home but now with a step sister, he doesn’t have to feel that way. He is thankful that they are doing fine unlike Kouki-Ruri. Big sister is just beating up little brother… Thank goodness…

Episode 5
It is so hot that Ichika passes out. But when mommy suggests going to the pool, she revives! She even has matching sets of swimsuits for them! And so the usual gang are there. Including Fujisaki who is showing off her swimsuit to the guys. It doesn’t take long before the guys are attracted to Ichika. Short flashback reveals Fujisaki was bullied despite having a cute face. Though she fought back, the teacher told her to have a gentle heart too. When Tomoya invites Fujisaki to swim together, Ichika pushes them away. She won’t let that b*tch near her Tomoya on her watch! Fujisaki lashes out at Tomoya but he remains cool. Also, he apologizes on Ichika’s behalf (although that sister is still showing her fangs at her). Fujisaki reflects that Tomoya didn’t run when she snapped at him and she feels she should treat him nicer from now on.

Episode 6
While out shopping, they meet a blonde foreigner who is speaking in English. Ichika can speak well but it turns out Souichirou Fuji was just fooling around with them. He is Marina’s cousin who is half Russian (Marina is a quarter Russian). Souichirou takes a liking for Ichika because she looks exactly like his idol princess, Minori. Uh huh. He’s got everything there is about her. Super deluded fan. He wonders if Ichika would cosplay as Minori for him. Worse, he asks her to be his girlfriend! Absolutely not! Rejected! Ichika will always be Tomoya’s boyfriend and possibly future husband! Besides, he doesn’t look like Tomoya. WTF. This of course flusters Marina but Souichirou pats her head and hasn’t forgotten how cute she is too. The step siblings note Marina may have bad taste.

Episode 7
Christmas is around the corner and Ichika is so happy that she thinks of dressing up like Santa and deliver presents to her beloved. Please… Don’t… Kouki is fresh from getting beaten up by his sister. From his expression, he likes it… Masochist siscon… Ichika sees Tomoya buying his Christmas present. But thoughts that he may give it to Fujisaki freaks her out. On his way home, somebody accidentally bumps into him and he drops the present. A bicycle runs over it. Ichika immediately dives to save it. Despite knowing how much she hates it that this present is for Fujisaki, she tries to act calm and cool (but sucks badly). Tomoya says that the present is for her and wanted to wait for Christmas to give her. I guess it makes no difference now. Ichika gives him a big hug. She happily puts on the pink socks back home.

Episode 8
Ichika is in her kimono for New Year but she’s snapping pictures of plain Tomoya like mad. The usual gang are at the shrine. Kouki seems extremely nice to Tomoya. Because Ruri makes him be friendlier with Tomoya this year. Fujisaki is also here, probably to get her revenge on Ichika. Then Mitsuru had to claim all the high school girls are maturely sexy and there are none in his class. What does that make Fujisaki? A pretty mad girl, haha. Ichika says aloud her wish to devote her life chasing Tomoya!!! Ruri hopes Kouki can be like that but since he refuses, she swings him! Kouki and Tomoya see a boy’s wooden plaque stuck on a tree so Kouki goes to get it down. But now he’s stuck up there. Once he is down, Tomoya always thought he is the kind who laughs at the misfortune of others. Of course they get into an argument and the girls think they are getting along so well already.

Episode 9
Ichika is so relieved that Tomoya has never gotten Valentine chocolates before. She thinks of covering herself in chocolate for him but as her friends advise, it’ll just make it scarier. So she goes to Ruri’s house to make chocolates. But I guess being her first time, everything just got messy. Eventually she finishes her first handmade chocolate. Ruri also made some for Kouki. Will he accept it? Of course. The last time, she threw it at his face! Ruri wonders what if someone else confesses to Tomoya first. Ichika pulls some air punches and won’t allow that girl to be his girlfriend and must defeat her first! Ruri teaches her how to punch better! Ruri is nervous before Tomoya. But she can’t wait for Valentine’s Day and stuffs the chocolate box in his face! The chocolate is mixed with udon that he loves so much. Yeah, he’s going to get food poisoning if he eats that.

Episode 10
It’s Valentine’s Day. Our guys do not receive any chocolate in their shoe locker or desk. But some other girls do give them out of obligation. Fujisaki wonders about giving hers to Kouki so she takes the opportunity to walk home with the guys. Kouki’s shoe locker is stuffed with chocolates! To the max! But what does he think of it? Stuffing so much like that is unhygienic! Fujisaki can’t find the right time to give Kouki until Mitsuru asks her if she has any for them. The perfect chance to give it to Kouki. Noticing around a corner is a suspicious pervert no other than Ichika! She’s all dressed up to go peep on Marina? Anyway Fujisaki boasts that she gave Tomoya her chocolate. Uh huh. They end up fighting, pulling each other’s hair. They get along so well… Back home, Tomoya tastes the chocolates as stalker Ichika observes him from outside his window.

Episode 11
It’s White Day. Ichika is very anticipating… Tomoya has a chocolate for her. Yay! She pounces on him and also gives him a return gift. Fujisaki sees a random chocolate in her shoe locker and has devilish thoughts. When Kouki gives her chocolate, her hearts just melts away. She wants to confess she loves him but eventually couldn’t. Tomoya also gives Fujisaki his chocolates. Kouki mentions that Ruri gets large amounts of chocolates at this time and Tomoya realizes that there are many who take White Day as a chance to confess. Hoping it will be him? Don’t count on it. When Ichika shows Tomoya about the cookies she received from some classmates, Tomoya can’t help feel sorry for them.

Episode 12
Their parents are away on a trip. You know what this means. But Tomoya is down with a cold and Ichika tries to nurse him. Yeah, she tries to sleep with him to increase his body warmth. Get out! Ichika calls Ruri for help since she is the ‘best sister’ in the world. Maybe it’s not so much about Tomoya she needs to worry about. Uh huh. Probably Ichika is the one that needs help. Ruri admonishes Marina for bringing so many apples. Like it will help. Tomoya could hear voices downstairs but it is better than total silence. It makes him feel he is not alone when he is sick. At the corner of his bed, he sees Ichika praying like mad. Next day when Tomoya is better, Ichika has caught his cold and now it’s his turn to take care of her.

Episode 13 (OVA)
In this extra episode that lasts an extra minute, we see how Ichika came to know Tomoya. Ichika was always alone and wanted a sibling. So desperate she is that at the park when she sees a pair of sisters playing, she goes over and wants to be their big sister! Needless to say, they were scared off. Then she sees crying Tomoya who lost his mom. This is her chance to play the cool big sister. But mommy found him and they go away. Not before Ichika and Tomoya’s eyes meet. Thinking how cute he is, she hopes a boy like him would be her brother. Years passed and Ichika’s mom tells her she is getting remarried. She is shown a picture of Tomoya who will be her brother. With great enthusiasm, she starts researching on him and shows all the details to her friends. It’s scary that she knows so much about him even when they have not met! Meanwhile Tomoya narrates because his mom passed away early due to a disease, he has vague memories of how she looked like. When his father mentions he is getting remarried, he tells Tomoya that he hasn’t forgotten about his mom and he will always be their son. And so both sides look their best and eventually meet.

Onee-chan Ga Stalker!
Hmm… Okay. It was fun while it lasted. Ichika is the one that makes this short series funny and interesting because she herself is a weirdo. So weird the way she acts and talks that it might even scare away normal people. Really. Look at her agape triangle mouth which seems like a permanent feature on her face. Is she always that amazed? Then something about her eyes that make her look droopy although they seem wide open. Combined with her super loving nature for anything Tomoya, we have got ourselves a big stalker, no? As for Tomoya, he is having it hard to live with this kind of sister that leaves him with no privacy. But like everyone and everything else, give it a little time and he’ll get used to it. She might be weird but at least she loves him. Heck, it’s better than siblings who hate each other and don’t talk, right? Better than like strangers living in the same house, no? Just that Ichika may just be going overboard with her ways of showing Tomoya her affection but I guess this is her way of showing her love. Sometimes you just want to say it to her that she’s doing it wrong.

The other characters are also pretty amusing, each with their own weird behaviour. Ruri is the violent sister who doesn’t hesitate to unleash her brand of violence on Kouki whom speaking of which has this habit of calling almost everyone a hair-dyer. He sounds like an aloof guy till you learn that he might be some sort of siscon masochist. Probably the ‘sanest’ among the ‘sisters’ is Marina but her humungous boobs are the first thing that most people would take notice. Yeah, it makes her stand out. Mitsuru feels like the loudmouth of the bunch and it hints that he might like older girls especially those in high school because he doesn’t have eyes even on the prettiest girl in his class. Speaking of Fujisaki, it is fun to see her dual persona and amusing to see her get into a conflict with Ichika. It makes me sound like a sadist since I wished more episodes had this spat of theirs. I thought she had a crush on Tomoya but maybe she’s just being close to Tomoya just to spite Ichika. I was a little confused when later it is shown she likes Kouki but I guess it could have been worse if she had liked Tomoya. Then we can have a real catfight… But I have a feeling that Fujisaki can never beat Ichika as long as those guys prefer high school girls.

The art and drawing sometimes might not be sharp especially the backgrounds if you take a close look at them feels like water colour or crayons. Of course some of the characters like Ichika look strange but since this is a funny anime, you can’t complain about it and in a way, it complements and fits the anime like it should. This series is produced by C2C. Although they have worked with many other anime studio houses, the series that they are mainly in charge are all short series. Besides this series, so far they have got Yurumates3Dei and Go! Go! 575 under their belt.

The voice acting part is all okay. I am unfamiliar with all the seiyuus except for Yu Kobayashi as Mitsuru. It’s nice to hear that trademark crazy voice of her again but it feels odd that she is voicing a young boy because I’m quite used to hearing her in such crazy tone in female roles, though she did voice boys’ role like Clain in Fractale. I didn’t recognize Marina Inoue as Marina probably I was focusing too much on the comedy and the weirdness of Ichika. I wonder if they named the character after her. Nah. Other casts include Aimi Terakawa as Tomoya (Kazumi in Futari Wa Milky Holmes), Juri Nagatsuma as Ichika (Satone in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai Ren), Misuzu Togashi as Kouki (Origami in Date A Live), Ibuki Kido as Fujisaki (Chinami in Golden Time), Omi Minami as Ruri (Hyatt in Excel Saga) and Kouji Takahashi as Souichirou (Ash Blake in Seikoku No Dragonar). The ending theme is Piece by Misuzu Togashi and sounds cute.

Thankfully this series didn’t turn into one whereby incest is hinted. So sorry for those expecting such things to happen. But really, can you call it an incest because Tomoya and Ichika are from different families who do not share the same DNA whatsoever. They are just legally married and staying together. Perhaps it might be in the legal sense. For now, Tomoya’s chastity is safe till she hits puberty… That’ll be a different story entirely. So if you’re looking for a big loving sister anime that is crazy and funny to watch in your short spare time, give this one a try and it could either make you feel thankful that you don’t have such a crazy obsessed sister who knows more about you than yourself or feel great envy that you didn’t get a ‘devoted’ sister like this. If it is the latter, then I am afraid you’re a big siscon…

Golden Time

July 13, 2014

Memories are important, right? So when a main character has amnesia, it usually sets up a convenient drama tale in which something shocking can be revealed about his/her past. Cliche? Well, everybody has got their own past or two. So it is in the case of Golden Time. Our main protagonist suffered losing his memories after getting involved in an accident. Good thing he didn’t die. Unfortunately, it was his memories that ‘died’. Or kept somewhere locked in the deep dark recesses of his mind. But life has to go on, right? Taking a step at a time as he makes new memories, new friends and a new love, there is a growing possibility that his old memories might return. Perhaps return isn’t the right word. Reset is more like it. What happens if those old memories threaten to reset and replace the new ones like as though they have never happened? Quite alarming isn’t it? And so this is the story of his life, love and drama, everything threatened by the fact that his old memories may just pop up and change everything he has now.

Episode 1
Banri Tada arrives late for the opening ceremony of his law college because he is not used to Tokyo having arrived from Shizuoka. By the time he gets there, it’s over. As he doesn’t know the way to college, he thinks of following a couple of girls. But imitate their actions too? Buying ice cream? Anyway he loses them and meets fellow classmate, Mitsuo Yanagisawa who is also lost too and did the same thing. They strike up a friendship and as they make their way to college, Banri learns Mitsuo is having some sort of girlfriend problem. Actually, he terms it as calamity. Suddenly a beautiful lady, Kouko Kaga gets out of the taxi, congratulates Mitsuo and smacks him with a bouquet of flowers! It’s like she’s telling him off that he can never run away from her despite enrolling in a different school. He’ll always be hers! Muahahaha! During orientation class, Mitsuo explains Kouko is his childhood friend and been to the same school since young. Their parents know each other well and her dad is a director of a big hospital. The reason she is attached to him is because she wants to go through life according to her perfect plan. And Banri saw what happened when he tried to deviate from it. Yup, he enrolled in a different school to run away from her. Because of that, he is also having a fight with his parents and they aren’t sending him any money so he’s in a pinch. Mitsuo paints her a naggy bossy woman although Banri paints her in a more positive manner.

To Mitsuo’s shock, Kouko is sitting right behind him! What the hell is she doing here? She knows about this place as her father has generously donated to many colleges. Seems she decided to enrol here too. What about her perfect plan to study in France and be a fashion designer? She just modified it a little. After all, she can’t enjoy life without him. See? He must be happy for he has a loyal woman. No, Mitsuo is not happy. He runs away with Kouko chasing after him. But Banri may just be smitten by Kouko’s grace and politeness. Because Mitsuo left a mess, Banri picks it up for him and a girl, Chinami Oka helps him pick them up. She hopes they can be friends. Outside, there are various clubs trying to recruit new members so you can say it’s a traumatic experience for a newbie like Banri trying to get away from it all. It’s like a warzone. So the one that catches his attention is the one that is not so desperate. Linda Hayashida of the festival club helps him up and tends to his little wound after he fell down thanks to all that pushing. He compliments her pretty lipstick so she blows him an air kiss. Banri feels confident he can fit in this new place and wants to fall in love. Don’t tell me he just did for her too? Going home, he sees Kouko waiting at the intersection as she believes Mitsuo will come here. Banri gets a call from Mitsuo saying he is still in college. Stalker girl snatches his handphone to tell lover boy to stay put because she’s coming to get him! She returns his handphone and hopes they can be friends. As she leaves, Banri sees an incoming call from the hospital. It made him remember about an accident he got into.

Episode 2
Kouko shows Banri all the pictures she has in her handphone containing Mitsuo. Scary… Speaking of that guy, he is right behind and trying to escape. Banri better not tell… Just when she turns around and spots him, she becomes the fastest runner. But he’s faster… Kouko even thought of enlisting Banri’s help to find out everything about Mitsuo’s likes and dislikes but ditches the idea and even pay him. Better to do it herself. When Mitsuo is hanging out at Banri’s place, Banri feels sympathy for Kouko because she sits alone in class and nobody talks to her. Mitsuo didn’t like that but Banri argues that it’s his right to feel pity for her like how it’s his business if he continues to ignore Kouko. Mitsuo takes Banri to a party by the film club. Chinami is a member and Mitsuo decides to join. Banri would like to check out a few more clubs before making his decision. Chinami expresses she wishes both Banri and Kouko could join. The next door part starts getting rowdy. When it turns out to be the tea club, the film club members cower in fear at the corner. Sao-chan and Shi-chan recognize Banri during the recruitment warzone and drags him into their hell. Sorry kid, you’re on your own. All the girls in the tea club are wild, partying like tomorrow and the guys are like ‘slaves’. Banri is made to do sumo wrestling with Takaya Sato AKA 2D-kun. Hell indeed. Yeah, 5 more parties after that…

Next day, Banri sees Kouko diligently waiting for Mitsuo at the front gates but Mitsuo wants to take the rear gate and doesn’t want Banri to tell her anything. Not even the club he joined. Banri must be hot property since he is not attached to a club so he is hounded by desperate recruiters. Linda (looking very plain without her lipstick) brushes them away, lying that he is already part of the festival club. But they had to part when she notices him caught a glimpse of Kouko sitting alone ahead. Banri hears some guys making comments about Kouko. So pretty. So like a model. Must be rich. An heiress of a famous hospital. Definitely out of their league. They sound like they’re mocking her. Banri sympathizes with her and goes talk to her. Sao-chan and Shi-chan come by to try and force him to come to another party but when they realize he’s talking to Kouko, they take their leave. Kouko asks him about what he thinks about the club recruiting. She’s not asking about the tea club. Because he lost count of how many clubs tried to recruit him, Kouko says none has recruited her. Why hasn’t anyone tried talking to her? Although she’s not interested in clubs but if Mitsuo is not there, it defeats the purpose. Ever since coming here, she feels like an invisible person. She thinks she is strange, the reason Mitsuo is avoiding her. Banri tries to cheer her up because she gets emotional when a club member sees the club poster in Kouko’s hands and thinks they’re interested in joining. So she treats them to coffee at the cafe as she explains all the things that they do in the club. That’s like everything, right? And it took her all day to explain everything!!!! Is she done yet?! It’s already night fall! Their bowl of coffee is finished (yes, coffee in a bowl) and she’s not out of energy yet? The duo are ready to drop dead any time… So, feel like joining?

Episode 3
Banri and Kouko decide to try out this club. They meet with other potential joiners (including 2D-kun) and are wheeled into the van for a 3-days-2nights trip. Banri notices something wrong. They passed the supposed university seminar house they were supposed stop, the club members all wear the same white outfit and had a snowflake pendant, newbies were made to write their details on a piece of paper and all their luggage are locked in a room. Yes, it’s clear. This is some sort of religious cult. Banri feels guilty because he was responsible in bringing Kouko here. They are made to watch a marathon of movies about the soul and universe and during dinner, 2D-kun blows his top about this deception and can sue them for unlawful detention. Soon the rest follows but Banri surprisingly tells him to shut up. He tells off those who complain are just bringing them down and that he is here to have fun. He adds he lost his memories as he suffered a serious injury in an accident. He woke up only to find strangers around. He doesn’t know who his parents or friends. He feels lonely and insecure. The believers take up his suggestion to make those not interested to leave. Just when Banri thought he is the only one remaining, Kouko returns. Back in the hall, Kouko knows he put up an act to let everyone escape. Although Kouko blew hers, she felt she couldn’t leave him alone here. Of course they’re not going to stay here. On pretence of putting Kouko’s luggage in the room, he asks for the key. One of the believers wants to follow them just in case. That’s when they make a run. They lock themselves inside the room and climb out through the window. Then they run like hell while the believers go searching in full force.

Once they’ve managed to get a safe distance, they take a break and talk. Banri feels guilty of bringing her to join this club as he thought it would be nice for her to make friends. Kouko admits it is her fault too. It is true nobody talked to her in college and was just trying to earn his sympathy to get more information on Mitsuo. Banri is the only one who talks to her so she is quite happy in that sense. They put up a little silly act and plan to get Mitsuo realize his true love is Kouko. She further admits her life is centred on him. All she does is think about him and can’t do anything without him. She explains about the rose bouquet smacking incident. It wasn’t supposed to be like that but when she saw him happily with Banri, she got enraged. She regrets it now and probably she does things to Mitsuo to give him reasons to hate her. Banri also confesses his amnesia is real. After he fell off a neighbourhood bridge, he woke up and didn’t know everybody. He also didn’t know what were his likes and dislikes. A year in rehabilitation didn’t help. He was afraid to see his friends as he thought they wanted to see the Banri they know and not who he is now. He thinks if he had a girlfriend, it would be different. But sometimes he feels that those vague memories are still lingering deep within and when he tries to pursue them, they disappear. Kouko wonders if he wants to return to his old self. He is not sure. But if his present self would disappear and be replaced by his past self, he doesn’t want it. He notes the person here right now is the new Banri. The duo have to make haste and continue running because the believers are catching up. But they see their flashlights going around in strange patterns like there is some sort of ritual. They thought they have been caught but it seems Barbara has found them. Oops. Linda, what Banri means. And you thought Kouko was the only one bad with names.

Episode 4
Seems Banri and Kouko ended up near the seminar house where her festival club is having an overnight trip and the ones doing some weird dances with flashlights. 2D-kun is very much relieved that Banri is back in one piece. So are Mitsuo and Chinami. He was worried when he texted them (including Kouko) but got no reply. Kouko must be one happy girl to receive that mail. When Mitsuo wants Chinami to hang out longer, here comes Kouko putting on a dominant b*tch attitude. She doesn’t want any girls speaking to Mitsuo and starts scaring her off by berating the way she talks and even her name. After constants reminders to stay away from Mitsuo, eventually that guy puts his foot down and his mean face puts a stop to Kouko’s dominating spree. Mitsuo leaves with Chinami as Kouko starts to shudder in fear as she realized the stupid thing she just did. She knew it but couldn’t help it. Banri invites Kouko to go thank the festival club members. Linda tells them she has reported to the college about the cult who has also infiltrated other schools. She also hopes they could join them and Banri would like to try it out first. Linda’s expression made Banri feel nostalgic. During classes, Banri sees Mitsuo discussing with 2D-kun that he wants to make Chinami his girlfriend. One day, Kouko and Mitsuo had a showdown at the cafe to settle everything once and for all. But why is Banri here? As witness. Oh brother. She has many stacks of files to prove her case. What’s this? A divorce case? From their family homes to childhood photographs, she states her case why they are destined to be together. Mitsuo is sick of her assumptions and just tells her straight there is a girl he likes. No, it’s not you Kouko. It’s Chinami. Kouko gets upset thinking after all she has done for him, is she not special? No, she’s not. She’s an idiot because she never tried to understand him. She doesn’t get it. That’s why he can’t date her for the sake of it. Even if he did out of pity, she won’t be happy. She might be special, he cannot be her boyfriend. Kouko grows desperate if that is the case, she doesn’t need him anymore. So forget everything like it never happened! I think he might really want that because he just pack up and leave! She might be regretting that too but she profusely apologizes to Banri. He thinks of what he said about the old him who disappeared from this world.

Banri tries to cheer her up and stays with her until late in the evening. Then Kouko has decided: She wants to die!!! But before she can really do that, Nana (is she THAT Nana???!!!) wants her to come to her concert where she can ‘die’ by her music. So as part of her process to completely fall apart, Kouko lets her hair down and attends this punk rock concert. She even goes up on stage to yell her heart out the idiot Mitsuo is. But she had to be brought down. She’s not authorized to ‘sing’ along with Nana. Banri brings her back to his place so he tries to explain he is in a similar position like her. He feels difficult to accept the new him when everyone else rejects it. As if they’re waiting for the old Banri to return. If he stays the way he is, everyone will be disappointed. Kouko for one won’t. Who else will she share this disgraceful night with? She hopes he won’t disappear and won’t forget about her. He won’t. Because he likes her. It might come as a surprise to her and wrong timing for him to say this but Kouko notes how everything always turns out fine no matter what she leaves behind. She gets enough strength to return to her place herself. Banri receives a mail from Kouko saying that worrying about rejection may be the same as rejecting himself. That weekend he goes back to his hometown unannounced. It’s his home, right? Going through all his old stuffs during high school in hopes of remembering something, suddenly pictures of him and Linda drop out. What on earth? Starting to remember something?

Episode 5
Banri rushes to the bridge where he had the accident but is sad he can’t remember a thing. Then it’s like we see his spirit watching over him. The one with memories somewhat became a ghost to watch over the soulless body entering college. They can never communicate. What the heck? Since when there is supernatural stuffs in RomCom? Kouko gives Banri a mirror set and now they have a matching pair. When they escaped from the cult, she had this in her pocket. She thought it would be a good symbol to commemorate their friendship. So she only views him as a best friend? When One day Kouko sees Banri coming in with Mitsuo, she acts a dramatic act of a lovely friend Banri is to her. As though they were destined to meet like in their past lives. Just creepy… Mitsuo? Just ignore her. Kouko is with Linda as she is being helped for class registration. Banri introduces Mitsuo to Linda, the person who saved them from the cult. Mitsuo starts to panic when Linda comments on the professor he has chosen is very strict. This gives Kouko the chance to snigger and put up that sarcastic “you-in-trouble-brother?” kind of expression. Mitsuo reverts to being childish, hoping she fails all her subjects and that she is dumb. But Banri’s thoughts are about Linda. If she knew something about him, why didn’t she say anything? Banri and Kouko decide to join the festival club as Kouko thinks of having a more positive outlook in life. They meet the club’s president, Koshino and he is glad they have a couple of new recruits. They start off practising the Awa dance for the summer festival. But Kouko… She’s doing the robot! Because Banri was good enough, she calls him a traitor and then dramatically breaks down despite knowing she’s just using his kindness to lash out at him, blah, blah, blah. So it seems Kouko is confused. Despite being just 2 days after Mitsuo rejected her, she thought she could put it behind her but it seems tougher than she thought. She wanted to deal with her feelings for Mitsuo but panicked and got emotionally paralyzed. Then she talks about Linda. She admires her good qualities and wants to be like her. She thinks Linda has a boyfriend.

This made Banri think about the time he was in hospital. Although hospitalized for 2 months after the accident and diagnosed with amnesia, he felt he was being confined for observation. He noticed late in the night there is a strange flashlight outside his window so one night he snuck out to just head there. He felt the meaning of true freedom and eventually bumped into the girl with the flashlight. Unknown to him, she is Linda. He explains that he was attracted to the flashlight because he felt it was as though somebody was signalling to him to escape. He felt suffocating and boring in the hospital and couldn’t take it anymore. He asks about her part she does every night. She says she came to visit a hospitalized friend but somehow can’t see him so she thought she could at least drop by. He is from Tokyo and she also goes to a college in Tokyo. Banri got an idea that if he could go to Tokyo, he could say goodbye to this ‘prison’. Linda tells him to come to Tokyo where it’s fun. And so Banri got the resolve to head down there. Looking back, Banri is certain that girl is Linda. But why didn’t she say anything about him or the time he was hospitalized? Banri’s spirit continues to watch over him as he comments himself has memories but no body but his other self has no memories but a body. He really wants to tell him what Linda meant to him.

Episode 6
When Banri’s class graduated, they got their own customized shirt that has everyone’s name. However Banri’s name wasn’t on it so he started crying like a baby thinking it was intentional. Of course it wasn’t and so Linda and the rest had it remade. Linda is worried for him because after they graduate, they won’t be together anymore (she’s going to a prep school in Tokyo). That night, he wanted Linda’s answer because he wants to be with her forever. She needed to think overnight and will give him a reply the next day. He will wait at the usual bridge. Banri narrates he was in love with Linda in high school but everybody else saw them as just either ‘siblings’ or best friends. Linda probably thinks the same too as Kouko does for him now. Banri seems to fit well into a pair of sneakers. The festival club guys are amazed since Linda wanted to sell them. To their surprise, she gives it to him for free since Banri is their junior. The club’s seniors visit them and have some souvenirs. Fans with ‘yes’ and ‘no’ printed on them? For the Awa dance festival? Disappointed? Do you like them? NO! Kouko notices Banri acting a little strange with Linda. He acts as if there is nothing but she hopes he can tell if there is anything. They’re friends, right? Chinami comes to invite them to a party but Kouko greatly refuses. Banri wonders why she would invite Kouko considering what happened the other day. Chinami holds no grudge against Kouko and finds something irresistible about her. Thanks to Banri’s convincing, Kouko is at the party. But Mitsuo is also there. Not on talking terms. Bad. Before you know it, they start arguing with Kouko accusing him he likes Chinami just to spite her. She dares him to confess to her. And so Mitsuo calls Chinami and really did confess he likes her and wants to date her! Ultimate shock for Kouko! But Chinami brushes it off as a joke! Ultimate shock for Mitsuo! To control the situation, Banri throws both of them into the next room where the tea club is having their wild party. New tributes…

Banri walks Kouko home and she’s quite drunk and naughty. She wants to party more. If Banri is out of money, they can stay at his place and talk things that include badmouthing Mitsuo. That’s when Banri has had it. He doesn’t want to be friends with her anymore. All she talks about is Mitsuo and has she ever thought how he feels. He gives back the mirror. Although he understands her situation, when she rejected him, she lost the right to want those things. He shouldn’t have become her friend. He can’t associate with her anymore. Goodbye. Even in the clubroom, Linda can guess something is wrong with them. Having a fight with you girlfriend? Not his girlfriend… Banri is upset that she can act like she doesn’t know anything. Banri lashes back at her. Does she have a boyfriend? Someone from high school? He is sure she will say there is no one. It’s like she feels bad for the old him. Banri knows he is doing the same thing, acting like he doesn’t know them. He locks himself in the toilet as Linda tries to reason with him. He was like a bomb. She doesn’t know what to do. One wrong move and she might lose him again. She thought it was her fault. Was it her fault for not making it on time to the bridge to tell him her answer? If it’s so, it can’t end like this. Now Linda feels lousy. Banri later leaves. Kouko was waiting for him but now he won’t even talk to her. Something must have happened. Banri runs away as far as his feet could take him. He is confused. Not knowing where to go or which path is the right one. He can’t turn back or find his lost past. At the bridge, he thinks if he jumps, he can start all over again. But Kouko crashes into him. She grabs onto him tightly and doesn’t want him to run anymore. Don’t run to places where she can’t reach him. Because she loves him.

Episode 7
Before things can get more romantic, the policeman arrests her. Because she stole a bicycle to catch up with Banri and the owner reported her. She gets off lightly with a warning. She explains her reaction at the party wasn’t that she didn’t get over Mitsuo. She felt sad. Because Chinami easily had everything she wanted, she was afraid she would get Banri too. She thought she was attracted to his kindness because of the pain of being rejected. She thought saying no was the right thing and would change the world. Guess things didn’t go accordingly as planned. Her father is here to pick her up. He apologizes on her behalf and hopes he can continue to be her friend. But Kouko disagrees. He is not her friend but he boyfriend! And so they become a lovey-dovey couple with flower frames and romantic talk everywhere they go. Just creepy? Or jealous? F*ck! This better not be a dream. Kouko even waited for him at the train station just to walk with him to school. Banri wanted to walk her from her home but it seems that isn’t possible. Not because her parents object to their date and it’s more like to keep the harm away from Banri! Her father thinks a weird girl like her can ruin his life. Oh well… 2D-kun is surprised that the duo are dating. Even creepier that Kouko romantically spells it out for him. Then here comes Mitsuo. He dyed his hair blonde. Repentance? Mitsuo isn’t surprised the duo ended up dating because he observed Banri had always been able to handle her. Now he’s so relieved an evil load is off his shoulder. But Kouko plays dirty. She had to mention about his stinging rejection by Chinami. Mitsuo hasn’t seen her since then but if he does, he intends to interact normally with her. Oh, here she is. Here’s your chance. He can’t and flees. Chinami explains she didn’t count Mitsuo’s confession as a proper since they were at a party. But it’s Banri’s turn to flee when Linda sees him and tries to talk to him. Many days passed with Banri and Kouko dating like a couple. He received several messages from Linda wanting to talk but he ignores them.

Kouko visits his room to ask about what happened with Linda. He explains she noticed about their awkwardness but he lashed out at her and now they’re awkward. She accidentally opens the box containing his porn magazines he put away. Why the heck is there a condom in there?! They panic. Though, they brush it off as normal, Kouko feels it should happen naturally. She’d prefer it to be in Paris. Ah yes, Paris. Where else is there such a romantic place in this world? Linda attempts to contact Banri fail. Her friend Nana notices this. One day Banri gets a call that his neighbour’s room is leaking and to check whether his room is flooded. He rushes back only to meet with Nana. That punk rocker is his neighbour? It is revealed it was all a setup to make Banri and Linda talk. Nana made that fake call and hopes they can settle and get it over with. It just irritates her to see them so indecisive. Banri invites Linda into his room. She explains Nana (not her real name) was once in the festival club but quit when she became too busy with her band. She talked to her about the issue with him and that’s when she was told Banri was her neighbour. Linda breaks down and apologizes for confusing him and doing things half-heartedly. But this made Banri break down too. He’s sorry for not knowing what she was thinking. She’s glad he is alive and got to meet him. That’s all she wanted. She explains how close they were in high school. He confessed to her on graduation night and she wanted time to think. She was late to arrive on the bridge because she was scared. If she was early, would he have not fallen off? As his senior, she wants to support him and as someone who knows about his accident. Even if he doesn’t remember, she considers him important and enjoys spending time with him. Banri gets a call from Kouko. Mitsuo is in trouble.

Episode 8
Another flashback. While waiting for Linda, Banri heard her talking to her friends. They insist she likes Banri but she kept coming up with reasons it’s not what they think. Linda made the killing statement that she never liked him. And when she realized Banri had heard, she felt devastated. She tried to talk to him but he completely ignored her. Till one day she waited in the rain and broke down. If Banri can’t accept her apology, he’s a total jerk. Their friendship was mended and they continue being friends but he kept wondering if Linda actually didn’t like him. Back to present time, Kouko wants Banri to go check on Mitsuo in his room because he left early. She can’t because that would amount to cheating, right? He makes his way only to see a girl trying real hard to seduce Mitsuo. He’s having a hard time trying to keep her away. Banri walks up to them and acts like his gay lover. Mitsuo gets the hint and plays along while borrowing that past life lines from Kouko. The girl feels disgusted and leaves. I guess this is how you chase away pesky seducers. Banri learns that Mitsuo and Chinami’s meeting didn’t end well. Because everybody in college knew about his rejection, he doesn’t want her to talk to him. Forever. He knows he should act normal but can’t help freak out each time. It’s embarrassing and sad. Banri gives him the encouragement to have more confidence in himself. Then he calls 2D-kun to throw a cheer up party for him. But why is Kouko here too? Because she wants to be with Banri. It has nothing to do with him. Besides, it’s her suggestion to go to the amusement park for this cheer up party. They could have ‘killed’ each other with their shoes… 2D-kun gets a call from Chinami and is hesitant if he should pick up. Kouko snatches it and in her dominating tone, invites her anyway even though she despises the idea.

So Chinami can’t refuse the idea and came. She brought dried noodles for the party? But Kouko continues to act like the snobbish b*tch and that she’s doing this for Mitsuo’s sake. Chinami finally tells her off whatever they do is none of her business. Her boyfriend is Banri, right? So why doesn’t she pay more attention to what she has? She wants her noodles returned but her bag breaks and her camera drops. Is it still working? She tests it out and records Kouko. She is about the cry but Kouko won’t allow Banri to see her cute crying face and slams her with the dried noodles!!! She’s suffocating! Once she has composed herself, she passes the camera to Banri to film her. The noodles are still stuck on her face! Funny! They have a good laugh and return to the amusement park to begin the party. Everyone hangs out at Banri’s place and they make a pact that if anybody needs some sort of hanging out like this, all of them should be invited. Dead in the night, Banri can’t sleep and he has this feeling Linda is still awake and texts her. She’s hanging out in Nana’s room and outside their balcony they casually talk. Banri thinks he used to like her and Linda feels the best way for them now is to come clean as there’s nothing between them that they can’t say anymore. Banri asks out of curiosity her answer on that graduation night. It would be no. She just couldn’t think of him romantically and was going to tell him to stay as friends. He then asks if she wants to go back to how things used to be. He yells out he wants to go back but isn’t sure if he really said that. Linda thinks he just fell asleep and should go back to bed. Banri’s spirit notes he still loves Linda and would love to be with her forever but the current him is dating Kouko. He can’t leave his current self or he’ll disappear.

Episode 9
Kouko comes down with a cold so she couldn’t come to class. However her cold lasted quite long and even into the weekend. When she did recover, she seems to be acting strange. Banri thought she is still sick and needed some rest but from what I hear, she’s sounding insecure. She wonders if he loves her. Of course. So what’s wrong? She feels anxious in whatever she does. Banri consoles and comforts her like a true guy would. A kiss to cast away that insecurity. Banri’s spirit notes that is how she comforted Linda in the same way. Another time for flashback. Back in high school, Linda had a brother whom they call Brother and he was a great passionate guy as a football coach. He had a fiancée whom he can’t wait to show Banri. But Linda doesn’t seem impressed. She later tells him that she caught his fiancée cheating on him. She saw her having a fling with a guy because they kissed. Not only she wants to get photographic evidence to break this marriage, she’ll do everything she can to make her pay so much that she will regret it and won’t be able to make a living! I’m sure Banri won’t go to such great lengths but he’ll help her nab them in the act because he doesn’t want a cool guy to be married to such a woman. So the duo wait behind the bushes and snap shots of the fiancée (Kouko clone?) and her lover entering the room. But after that, Linda had a change of mind. She wants to delete those photos instead of taking more damning evidence. She wants to take this as an adult.

As the fiancée leaves, Linda confronts her and wants to talk. She had no choice and during the entire talk in the car, she was crying. Linda hopes she will stop this if she still wants to get married. Banri keeps a watch on the car because the lover was watching them the entire time. Scary. Once the talk is over, Banri quickly takes Linda away and not to look back because that guy is still staring… I don’t know. Maybe he was just a mannequin… Outside a convenience store, they talk as Linda expresses she doesn’t want to hurt her brother so this is the best route to take as she isn’t destroying anything. But she is in a dilemma too. If they ever get married, they’ll forever live a life of lie. Can they endure this forever? Banri assures he will always be by her side if she wants to cry or scream. He doesn’t know how but he’ll be there. He’ll always be her listening voice. Blah, blah, blah. Getting pretty poetic there. Linda seemed hopeful. Can she trust him? Unfortunately he didn’t have the courage to answer her then. But his feelings for her grew until the need for that confession day. Back in present, Kouko seems to have fallen ill again and is absent. Linda talks to Banri. He doesn’t remember she has an older brother. She tells him to take care of Kouko since she is his girlfriend (reiterating that same poetic line Banri said to her). Banri’s Spirit wonders if he had answered her then and said he loved her, would things have turned out differently? Would they have been together and not become a ghost? Too late for regrets. Deep in the night, Banri’s spirit suddenly feels he has a body! He’s back? Is he? No more a ghost definitely! The first thing that comes to mind is… Linda!

Episode 10
Banri couldn’t understand that weird feeling. His memories didn’t come back but yet his desire to see Linda is strong. Next morning, he tries to look for hat picture of Linda in his cabinet but it’s missing. He thinks Kouko must have taken it. Maybe that explains her weird act. Banri is sick and injured himself last night when he fell off the bed. He could have ‘died’ if Nana hadn’t picked him up to hospital and back. She gets annoyed when he thinks she is actually a nice person. Even worse, somebody who cosplays and trying to act tsundere. Once Linda is in the picture, she gladly passes the baton to her. Good grief. Linda heard from Nana and the reason she came. She nurses him in bed as his thoughts are only to be with her. But being with her feels like meeting with Kouko was a dream. But it’s not… Because here she is now! She calls him a cheater and thankfully she didn’t smack him with the bouquet of roses. Linda was scared for a while with her scary expression but Kouko loosens up and gets all love-dovey with Banri. That was just a joke? I’m sure Mitsuo and 2D-kun acting like lovers fighting over the roses was one. Kouko from the heart thanks Linda for taking care of Banri. Mitsuo isn’t really convinced because she was really panicking all over before and thus the reason she called them to come (yeah, they skipped class for it). It could have descended into another childish fight f not for Linda telling them to stop. It’s not nice in front of a sick person. Kouko truly believes Banri wasn’t cheating on her but she still feels sad that another girl came to take care of him instead of her. They then discuss their plans for the summer vacation and it is suggested to rent a big car for all of them to go to the beach. That night, Banri wakes up much better. Kouko has been waiting by his side. Kouko feels she isn’t a good girlfriend and someone like Linda would be much suited. Banri assures her with a big hug. Kouko assures she’ll do anything she can for him. She’s got lots of love, that’s for sure. She also expresses of wanting to go to the beach with him. Just the 2 of them. It doesn’t have to be Paris. He promises to take her there once summer vacation starts.

Episode 11
Banri is pretty much fine now with Kouko coming to visit quite often. However he still can’t ask her about the missing photo. The duo head for their club activities to practice for the Awa dance. Kouko has been nicknamed Robo Girl thanks to her robot dance… She’s still like that? Some of the guys give lip service to Banri that taking a train to the beach with such a high maintenance girl may not be a good idea. Since he has no money, they suggest he do some part time job and earn his keep. Of course Kouko disagrees. She doesn’t want him to work because it would mean less time spent with him. She can offer to pay for his part since she’s rich. Banri isn’t sure so she had to tell him that he’s missing the point she really wants to be with him as much as she wants. Chinami sees them and joins in much to Kouko’s dismay. She wanted to leave but Chinami is also about to leave for a part time job. Speaking on this, Banri uses this argument that it is normal for students to work. Chinami invites them to the posh cafe she is working. Kouko’s verdict? He DEFINITELY CANNOT work here! Banri knocks on Nana’s door to thank her for the help and even pay back for the taxi fare and some cookies. Learning he is short on cash, she knows this weekend there is a party that he can earn big money as a waiter. With her recommendation, he doesn’t need to go for an interview. A condition is that he must bring Mitsuo. Banri tells Mitsuo about this and he has a feeling that it’s something shady. But when Sao-chan and Shi-chan butt in to ‘persuade’ them to join their club and get a job (wholesome healthy manual labour?), it’s no thanks for the guys. Better get out while you have the chance! Banri hopes Mitsuo won’t tell Kouko about this job. You know her response, right? Yeah, she’s even calling him every minute so he has to lie about writing a report, the reason he can’t respond immediately. Mitsuo is amazed that Banri can stand this stalker and even gush about loving her. However inside Banri, he feels guilty that he still has feelings over Linda. Seems that the guys are to be waiters at a masquerade party. Banri is made to dress up as a maid (which he doesn’t mind at all. Even if he shows this to others) but Mitsuo is only wearing an underwear!!! On top of that, he has to give ‘special service’ to those elderly ladies. Check out those abs! Although Nana is also working there, Banri didn’t expect to see Linda working here too. He can’t take his eyes off her sexy devil outfit… Meanwhile Kouko tries to call Banri but there’s no answer. Worried? And that missing photo… It’s with her!

Episode 12
Mitsuo is such a coveted guy. All the ladies want him. The boss is even willing to pay more if he goes up on stage with the rest of the macho men and strut his stuff. Oh hell! For the money! Even those old hags are horny with Banri. They want a one-night stand! Thanks to Linda’s swift action, he is saved from being ‘tainted’. Meanwhile Kouko starts acting like a stalker. Many calls go unanswered. She even heads to his place but nobody is in. She searches around town… Banri seems to be enjoying this and could get used to it. He and Linda are made to pose in ambiguous and sexy positions together because the crowd wants to take photos of the cuties. And then it happened… Kouko walks right in and sees this atrocity! She takes a drink and splashes it at him before concluding with a slap! Kouko looks upset. Banri looks stunned. The guests think it’s a good show. Nana takes Linda away as they can’t make a fuss in front of the guests. Banri does the same but at the backstage, he says he needs to finish his drop and then he’ll explain everything. Since she can’t hang around here, he gives her his keys to his place to wait. Once the job is over, Banri makes haste home. He decides to call her when he realizes the SMS and call spam. She was really frantic asking where he is and why he isn’t around or not answering. She even texted him of the locations she is looking for him. When he reaches home, Kouko is sitting dejectedly in the dark corner of his room. First she apologizes for splashing and slapping him. She really wanted to be his good girlfriend but lost control of herself. Banri instantly gets down on his knees and profusely apologizes he kept this a secret because he wanted to be a cool boyfriend in front of her and fund their trip. Then she throws that photo to him. What about this? He comes clean telling her Linda was his classmate and that he was in love with her before he lost his memories. He didn’t tell her because he didn’t want her to know. Not because she’ll become an annoying woman but because he will feel guilty. Those feelings of wanting to be with Linda would return to him sometimes and his soul would be screaming to go back to her.

But Kouko is upset he is telling her this. When she found the photo, she thought of waiting and giving him time to tell her instead of interrogating him. She was trying hard but now if it comes to this, everything’s ruined. Banri wanted to be honest with her but Kouko didn’t want to know. She hugs him and doesn’t want him to remember his past. That’s the only thing she wants from him. He promises her that and they start calling each other by their first names. It ends peacefully when they say “I love you” to each other. Kouko still feels uneasy because they don’t have anything together. No experience, no memories, no photos. Okay. Let’s just start with one from here. Next day, Banri meets Linda who is very sorry for what happened. Banri assures her everything with Kouko is alright. The reason he is meeting her alone is because he wants to ask about the past. Although he likes her, she didn’t like him. Linda admits she does like him but not romantically. Just a friend but wasn’t in love. Banri is going to shred the photo, resolving to himself he can’t go back that one-way street and to forget about Linda. But his inner voice yells hell no. He has been searching for Linda and wants to go back to her. Banri thanks Linda for everything and wants their relationship to just be club senior-junior. She is no longer his former classmate. Worried about Kouko, he thinks of putting some distance between them. Linda agrees and rips the photo apart. Later Banri takes a photo of Kouko.

Episode 13
When Banri ‘escaped’ from hospital and bumped into Linda, there was more to it. Not only had he vowed to go to Tokyo but to be a completely new guy. I guess now we know why this turned out like that. As thanks, he wants to convey the message to Linda’s ‘friend’. However she feels it is too late to reach him because she was late (and the accident happened). But anyway her message was for him to try his best. The festival club is holding its activities with the same club and societies from other universities. Kouko is in ‘trouble’. Because she’s nervous. Very. For the umpteenth time she feels like heading to the toilet. Her bladder must be empty by now. So nervous this girl that when she tries to put on her lipstick, she shoves it up her nose! The rest had no choice but to show them that dance. I don’t know, it looks odd. Very odd. Because it was easily imitable and they made Banri do it with them, soon nervous Kouko also joined in and became nervous no more. Effective. The activities went smoothly and the day ends well. Banri’s Spirit notes that although his feelings still remain in his heart, he thought this new Banri as his younger twin would respect the feelings he nurtured. But he abandoned him and rejected those feelings. He vows to be a vengeful spirit and curse him. Wait a minute. He’s going to make himself unhappy?! I suppose the curse starts because all the activities that Banri is supposed to attend somehow got cancelled. It’s going to be a boring summer. He sees Kouko arriving at the apartment. He thought of surprising her and waited by the lift. To his surprise, it wasn’t her and he got punched by Nana in the face for trying to be funny! Yeah, Kouko took the stairs to surprise him. That is the spice of love? Banri is extremely excited when Kouko puts on her apron and is going to cook him her yakisoba. But she warns she does not want him to help at help and even uses a blindfold. Sit there till it’s then. As she is making it, the blindfold slips down so Banri sees this through the mirror… She’s air cooking? Ready-made yakisoba? And when she realizes that, she explains that it was supposed to be a joke. An air yakisoba. So laugh! As they talk at the park, Kouko explains she really wanted to make it herself but since she was weak under pressure, the maid took over. She thought of cancelling her family’s long vacation to Barcelona just to be with him but he wants her to go along with her family. It will be boring if she hangs out with him. Kouko seems to be hinting for a kiss but Banri is reluctant to give her one. Banri worries that at this rate Kouko might abandon him for a better man. He thought he heard the voice of ghost cursing him to be unhappy.

Episode 14
2D-kun calls Banri and talk. It includes about Mitsuo who is busy these days to hang out with them. But he thinks he has a girlfriend. This piques Kouko’s interest and as a pro stalker, today is going to be a busy day for them to stalk on Mitsuo and Chinami. They wait outside Chinami’s house. Kouko is all into it but the guys… They’re bored. Chinami comes back home surprised to see what they’re doing. So she’s not with Mitsuo? She hasn’t seen him since the start of the vacation. So whose fault was it to jump to conclusion that Mitsuo is dating Chinami? She invites them in they find it empty. Her family is in the process of moving out due to her dad’s job changing. She will be the last to move out and needs to find a place of her own to stay and save money. Thanks to that, it killed her plans for whatever she trip she wanted to go for filming. 2D-kun suggests they can go to the beach and everyone agrees to it. When they go get something to eat, they see Mitsuo and Linda together! I thought his love for Chinami was unwavering? Although everyone is surprised, Chinami wants to leave them alone for the time being. She is sure they have their reasons. On another day, Kouko goes to Chinami’s house so that they can choose a swimsuit together. She shows the one she is wearing underneath. Will this be enough to charm Banri? Another goal for them to change swimsuits together is so that in the event if they end up wearing the same one, Chinami must change! Kouko wears a very sexy bikini which alerts all the signals in Chinami that this is no-go. But the casual look Chinami opted for her swimsuit had Kouko comment she is wearing ‘pipes’. It doubles as a home wear too? I guess it’s no-go too. Chinami says that Kouko doesn’t need to worry about Banri but Kouko is worried. Sure, she’s not putting any pressure on him? She lets her know the other day she went for a kiss but Banri didn’t give it to her. Chinami seems to get the gist of what she is saying and how Banri is feeling. She says Banri is hesitating because he wants to show he really cares for her. But Kouko wonders if Banri really loves her. She is worried he will disappear and if he is still searching for himself. Will he leave her if he does? Back to the swimsuit battle, Kouko finally picks school swimsuit for the both of them. This calls for a camera moment so the girls put up some introduction, nonsense talk (Kouko spamming “I love you Banri) and funny faces in front of it. Meanwhile Mitsuo shows the pair of trunks Banri must choose to wear: An innocent pair or that Speedo pair from that party. Mitsuo talks about Linda and wonders where she is from. He wanted to invite her to the beach too but she’s back home.

Episode 15
While on their way to meet 2D-kun, Kouko wonders if Mitsuo told him anything. But Banri reminded her that they made a pact not to pry. She explains it’s not because she still has feelings for Mitsuo but is worried how Chinami would feel. Oh, she brushes off she likes that midget and hates her. Being tsundere? Banri knows one thing for sure. She is the one he loves. The duo waited at the wrong place before fuming 2D-kun picked them up. There is a crawl to pick up Chinami and the air-cond broke down. When they get there, Chinami’s handphone is out of service so Kouko goes to look for her. Seems the cafe she was had no signal. It’s been a bad day and 2D-kun thinks somebody is cursed. You don’t say… But his spirit is lifted to know that Chinami is wearing her swimsuit underneath her skirt. But the bad luck continues… A traffic jam to Mitsuo’s place. 2 hours behind time. Mitsuo could feel the standoffish feeling when he tries to talk to Chinami. The journey to the beach continues but… A huge traffic jam. Raining. Should they turn back? They’ve gotten this far. It’s still raining at the beach. Nobody around. What to do but sit and wait. Kouko needs to go to the toilet for real. Since she is wearing her swimsuit underneath, this gives Banri an idea. He tells her to strip and he puts pressure by taking off his own clothes. He wore that Speedo trunks?! Kouko gets caught in his pace as they both dance silly in the rain. Then they have the rest join them in their mad pace. Soon the sun shines and they have fun for real in the water and sand before playing sparklers at night and have their own mini fireworks. When it’s time to go home, 2D-kun is really tired and it would be dangerous for him to drive. Kouko volunteers to take over. She has a valid driving licence. Thankfully, no false start. She makes a smooth ride home as the backseat people fall comfortably asleep. Banri talks to her that it was fun for everyone to come on this trip. As for her family trip next week, he still wants her to go but just bring back a souvenir for him. Though, Kouko would have preferred much to stay back with him. When Banri dozes off, Kouko too shortly! Gasp! Nobody is watching the road!!! Banri’s spirit is furiously trying to wake himself up. So his curse went too far? This wasn’t what he wanted? The car picks up speed as we see montage of Banri’s memories. Banri suddenly wakes up and slams on the brakes on Kouko’s behalf.

Episode 16
Thanks to the railing, the car didn’t fly through the slope. But it was a bumpy ride and it woke everyone up. Yeah. Now everyone is wide awake. Kouko is in shock. Even more shock to see Chinami is bleeding on her lips due to the bump. Banri calls the police to the scene to do their investigation. Because Kouko as a minor was the driver, they have to call her parents. When they drive back to Tokyo, Kouko’s father was there to pick her up. He immediately slaps her. She cries like there is no tomorrow. Banri calls Mitsuo and he wants to meet up. On his way out, Nana beats him up because of his gloominess. It’s pissing her off so get over it. So the friends minus Kouko talk about Kouko’s family trip was cancelled. Her father met with Chinami and 2D-kun’s parents for the injury and car repairs respectively. Everyone feels responsible and guilty for what happened. Of course the reason Banri calls them here is to plan their next step. He doesn’t want to break up with her and wants to know how she is doing. Kouko hasn’t been replying their mails ever since. It is suggested to go visit Kouko at her home but Mitsuo thinks Banri should go alone because it will probably be easier for her to talk to him. Kouko’s father lets Banri in and let him into her room. Kouko is hiding under the covers of her blanket. She has become a shut-in. She is surprised to see Banri. She feels so guilty over what happened that she thinks she doesn’t have the right to see anybody. She explains for the first time she thought about what she had done and it made her realize she was stupid. She thought she was an adult who could do anything but apparently just a child. Falling asleep at the wheel was inexcusable and even more letting her parents handle the fallout. This is how immature she is.

When she says she can’t face him anymore, Banri takes it as she won’t see him anymore. He akin this to running away and not taking responsibility. So if this happens again, will she start over at her convenience and leave everyone behind? Kouko fights back. She didn’t want to hear this from him. Because he did the same too. He abandoned his past and hasn’t accepted it at all. So when he said his former self was in love with Linda, what was she supposed to do? It’s like he never had any intention to accept his past self because he left his family, friends and Linda behind. She fears she will be cut next. Because she saw it in a dream. She was driving on the highway with Banri by her side. There’s a sign to say to get off and when she does, Banri drives off and leaves her behind. She is afraid to go to sleep because each time she will dream of this. If he really loses his memories again, she really won’t know what to do if he leaves her behind. So don’t leave her. If he goes somewhere, please take her with him. Banri hugs her, admitting that he abandoned parts of himself he couldn’t accept. He promises not to run away anymore. In that moment, Banri realizes her father is watching! He can’t stop Kouko because she’s already on an apologizing and “I love you” streak. And when she realizes father is behind her, daddy became a joker to say he thought he wanted to have lunch together! Kouko throws a tantrum while father has Banri make the instant noodles for him. How can he act like this in such a time? How else should they act? They should act normal, right? This is normal? Once Banri is done, father seems to have put Kouko to bed. He lets Banri take over the watch. He sees her dreaming. It must be that dream again. He whispers not to get off this time.

Episode 17
The festival club has reserved a spot for the fireworks festival. When Banri comes in, everyone starts to act oddly nice. Banri didn’t get what’s happening after they throw a few hints to him. It seems they think he has broken up with Kouko (because they don’t answer their mails and avoid this issue when talked about). So they’re throwing this party to help him cheer up and also in hopes they won’t quit the club. When Kouko comes in, they too treat her very nicely. Then Banri tells them it was a big misunderstanding. Everyone felt so disappointed… You mean they were really hoping for it? They divert their attention to a senior who just arrived. They think he has found a job, thus attending this festival. Turns out he didn’t and just wanted a change in pace. Linda has heard about their accident from Mitsuo. They talk about the past of them lighting fireworks before he lost his memories. He has a scar on his left leg. Linda didn’t want to bring this up but mentions anyway that there is a class reunion. She thought he won’t be coming and thus didn’t want to say. But if he turns up, it will show to everyone that he’s alright since they have been worried about him. Kouko wants Banri to attend. And so he will. Later Banri and Kouko talk. He feels nervous if his friends are expecting the old Banri. When she told him the other day that he too was abandoning his family and friends, it made him resolved to face his past. Kouko thinks she has got to see the whole Banri. She thought she couldn’t accept him before and only saw the Banri she wanted to see. When he said not to get off the car, it made her realize she was really in love with him. She doesn’t care the sides she doesn’t know or like and will be fine for who he is. So go see who he was in the past and then tell her about it. She gives him a little kiss on the lips. While Banri leaves for Shizuoka, Kouko helps Chinami unpack her stuffs in the new apartment she has found. It took the whole day so she slept over. Mitsuo and Linda are working at the same place. He notes she needs to go home again and realizes she comes from the same place as Banri. She doesn’t seem too pleased when he teases her. Kouko treats Mitsuo and 2D-kun. But Mitsuo asks 2D-kun about the place Banri came from. He is unsure but Mitsuo is surprised to learn about Banri’s first accident that got him hospitalized. 2D-kun doesn’t have the details since he vaguely heard about them during their stint at the cult. When Mitsuo asks Kouko about this, she shrugs it off that she knows anything about it but he doesn’t look convinced.

Episode 18
Now that Banri is gone for a while, Kouko lingers around his room. She’s throwing a tantrum and trying to hold back herself from doing anything perverted. It made her do some weird body contorting move… Exorcist! And then… Nana saw her in that pose! Oh sh*t!!! I guess she heard some ‘weird’ noises and came to check out. Because she was so impressed by her Exorcist move, she wants her to come work for her concert using that pose as her theme will be fear. Kouko quickly denies everything and that she can barely move in that. She’ll do anything but that and almost strangles Nana to death because she doesn’t want her to tell Banri about this. So Nana has her stay put while she goes out shopping. Soon, a yakuza dude comes banging on the door asking for money. Frightened Kouko hides in the closet but yakuza guy breaks down the door and searches the place. When he opens the closet, he gets the biggest scare of his life because Kouko is doing that Exorcist move!!! Then she whacks him out with her handbag. As revealed, it was all a plan by Nana. She became her guinea pig and it worked. They’ll feature yakuza crashing into her next concert. This yakuza dude is her bassist. Oh, she moved quite well in her Exorcist, didn’t she? Kouko screams for Banri’s return… He can’t hear you… Once Linda arrives at Banri’s home, Brother drives them to school. This gorilla is the most emotional dude to see this guy. Because Banri is still afraid of his classmates expecting the old him, Linda has him close his eyes and lead him by his hand. And then he realized he has been short-changed because somehow Linda swapped out with another guy. Embarrassed?

Everyone is glad Banri is back and they begin by playing dodgeball. Something about an unsettled grudge between Banri and Linda back then. The highlights of the match are Banri tricking Linda and slamming the ball in her face and Linda paying back the favour dearly. Everybody chats with Banri and talk about his old strange habits which seem more fiction than fact. However they’re all true. Fact is stranger than fiction, they say. The teacher is also glad to see Banri and they all take pictures together. That night Banri walks back with Linda and he talks about living and moving forward. He doesn’t want to be controlled by what happened to him. Linda is glad he felt that way as she was worried what would become of him. Although his past self is still part of him, he has chosen to be what he wanted to be. He is who he is. He explains that during the near-death experience with Kouko and friends, he heard a voice that made him wake up and slam the brakes. It was her message from back then that reached him. Banri wants to take a picture of the bridge where he got into an accident to show Kouko. When he gets there, it seems the past re-enacts itself. He saw himself been bumped off when a scooter zooms past him. Banri tries to save himself but his old self lets himself go. In the process, his mirror broke and he wonders if his memories are returning.

Episode 19
Banri explains what he experienced to the doctor. Of course he couldn’t find anything wrong. Banri has a feeling he is fighting with his past self. Because he tried to disappear back into the darkness, he deduces he won’t try to take over his body again. Kouko is going to relish her reunion with Banri but the rest of the friends beat her to it. So everyone has a welcome back party for him. Chinami has cut her hair. Mitsuo requests a favour from Banri and Kouko. He is doing an independent filming for his club and would like to film his festival club. He admits there is a girl there he wants to get closer with although he knows it’s completely one-sided. Later Banri tells Mitsuo that they know about him and Linda as they saw them once. Mitsuo also says that he felt something suspicious between Banri and Linda. She was very worried when he told her about the accident and that they’re from Shizuoka. He wants to know if he is hiding something important. Banri is in a dilemma to tell him. But when he made up his mind to, Mitsuo drops the case and apologizes for pressuring him. Kouko doesn’t go berserk since Banri’s mirror broke. Since he is alright, she is okay. When Banri left for Tokyo, his mom gave him her ring to give to Kouko. But he is hesitating to give it to her as it would seem like a proposal. He thinks too far into the future all the ‘troubles’ he might get into in marriage. Like her dad… Kouko gives him a present. She artistically made something while he is away. What the heck is that? Banri couldn’t guess it, how can we? So have you figured out what is this ‘club’ thingy? It’s the Eiffel Tower! Holy cow!

Then it’s like Kouko’s horny switch flipped on so she hints she wants to do something that will take them into adulthood. She starts off aggressive. Banri, if you skip this chance you’re a jerk! He didn’t. Now it’s his turn to get aggressive. However it is interrupted with Kouko trying to swallow back her vomit (because she at too much) and it ends with the ‘Eiffel Tower’ dropping on her head. That really killed off the mood. Literally, ‘Paris’ got her… She laments she couldn’t make things more romantic and feels she belongs to this place more than her own home. Banri wants to take things at their own pace. Mitsuo is given permission to film the festival club in their practice for upcoming activities. Some girls want to hit on him. But Linda isn’t too pleased and gives him the cold shoulder. In the end, he couldn’t get a chance to talk to her. After practice, Banri goes to talk to Linda to find out why she is so upset. She tells him to figure it out himself. So Linda’s anger made Banri pissed off which makes Linda even more pissed off. Huh? So when they calm down, she explains it’s not that she wants to ignore him. Mitsuo had treated her several times before and it dawned to her why is he so happy being with her. Thinking he sees her as valuable, she got scared as she couldn’t tell why he is interested in her. She doesn’t think she has what it takes to be that attractive and wants to keep a distance. They talk about the ring Banri’s mom gave him and if Mitsuo knows that they were quite close in the past. They are interrupted when Chinami wants to speak to Banri. Now it’s her turn to be upset. She chides him for being close to Linda as she is the girl Mitsuo likes. He shouldn’t be this close to her. She thinks Kouko will feel bad if she sees them like this. Wouldn’t you feel bad for her? She calls him the worst. What’s her problem?

Episode 20
Banri tells what happened to Kouko. She believes in him so he is fine. He thinks the mood now is perfect to give the ring but realizes he forgot to bring it. Back home, he wonders who else he could get advice from for the ring. Chinami is definitely out. Next morning, coincidentally he and Nana take the same train to college. She needs her attendance points. But seeing she’s so grumpy and moody, there is no way he can ask. She mentions about Kouko being funny… The Exorcist… When all the friends meet, Chinami instantly takes Kouko away to buy some rare Belgian chocolates on sale. Banri notices Chinami ignored him. Mitsuo is still lamenting he hasn’t had a decent conversation with Linda because it seems all the club members are trying to ‘protect’ her. Each time he approaches, she is somehow taken away. Later when Banri and Kouko hang out, he mentions about that Exorcist thingy. Oh no! Her face turns blue. She quickly changes subject that they should attend Nana’s concert some time. She hopes their days could stay like this forever and Banri feels the need to quickly hand her the ring. With cheeky Sao-chan and Shi-chan back in the picture, I suppose Banri can get the much needed ‘advice’. Those ‘experts’ explain the meaning of giving a ring to a girl. I don’t know if they’re encouraging him or putting him off. They dramatically over-react when they learn the ring was worn by his mom. It means mommy wants him to bring his girlfriend home and show off the ring on her finger. Mitsuo is in another filming of the festival club. Again, he fails to talk to Linda. Banri and Kouko feel for him. Kouko tells Banri that whenever she talks to Chinami about him, she would change subject and leave. They think they should leave her alone for a while. The festival club is holding another dance with other colleges in public. Kouko is not nervous anymore. During the dance, Banri suddenly loses all his memories. It resets to the time he was on the bridge waiting for Linda. He gets scared what the heck he is doing here. In his panic, he screams and run away. Everyone couldn’t understand what is happening but they have to continue dancing. Linda and Kouko run after him. Linda finds him cowering in some dark corner. When she mentions Kouko is waiting for him, his memories gradually come back. Clearly Banri is still shaken and trembling. He thinks his past self is trying to take back his body and his existence again.

Episode 21
Banri takes some medication but he is still worried his current self will disappear. Thanks to that little ruckus, many other colleges don’t want to deal with the festival club as what happened dampened the festival spirit. Besides, some of the seniors didn’t practised their dance well enough and made mistakes. Though, Banri blames himself for all that has happened. Kouko knows something is wrong with him despite Banri assuring everything is alright. Don’t give her that crap. It’s like he wants to run away again. He tells her about his fear that he will disappear without anyone knowing. Kouko thinks he is worried that he hasn’t told anyone about this because it might change the way they think about him. She assures she will be there for him no matter what. That kiss seals it. Banri and Kouko plan to gather their friends for a party at his place. Kouko’s bringing Kobe beef, so it’s your lost if you don’t come. After convincing 2D-kun, Banri goes to find Mitsuo as he is collecting dried leaves for his movie club. Chinami is also helping but she isn’t happy to see Banri. She continues to be upset with him although she insists she isn’t and was just upset that it was a mistake to cut her hair. I guess the Kobe beef got her attention but that doesn’t change how she treats him. Chinami seems to be the first to arrive. Because there is something she wants to tell him. Earlier she saw Linda at Nana’s door. She went to chide her for wanting to do something with Banri. But when Nana wonders what she is doing with her guest, Chinami felt embarrassed she jumped to conclusions and tried to pick a fight with her. That night when Banri was talking to Linda, she felt happy in the sense that if Linda doesn’t like Mitsuo, it’s all clear for her. Yes, she likes Mitsuo. She regrets it the moment she realized he was in love with someone else. So she pretended she didn’t care and cut her hair. But she still felt hurt. She wants him to record her stupid self now. That’s when Banri also wants to tell her something. But he wanted to wait for everyone so he could tell the whole story.

And then it happened again. The old Banri returns. He becomes frantic in this unfamiliar place and yells to Linda for help. Chinami rushes next door to get her. Mentioning Kouko’s name seems to bring back his memories. Then he panics. He doesn’t want Kouko to know about this and begs Linda. Nana slaps him for losing his senses. But he continues to panic. Realizing others are watching, he runs away. Out in the streets, he bumps into Mitsuo but continues running. He goes after him and calls 2D-kun to cut him off. Once he has calmed down, the guys sit down and talk. Banri mentions the gathering was to tell them all something. He has been thinking for a while about this but the right moment just didn’t come up. He is afraid of disappearing without anyone noticing, something which is worse than death. They might not really understand what is going on so they promise to do something about it when that happens. Besides, Kouko will always find him, right? Yeah, stalker girl… When Banri goes home, he finds a note from Kouko that the girls had Kobe beef next door and since Chinami said not to say a word, she didn’t pursue the matter. Next day Banri finds out more from Chinami herself. She told Kouko he ran away and it seemed she didn’t panic like she would. Banri wants Chinami to film what he wants to say. He is going to leave a message for his future self that he once existed so that he won’t lose his old self again when he looks back. He doesn’t know how much longer he can stay this way but he views Kouko as his light. If he loses his way, he is sure he can return to her and come back to life again and again. That’s why he wants her to trust and wait for him. When Banri finally gives her the ring, Kouko refuses she cannot accept it. She cannot promise a future with him. She hadn’t said anything until now but it’s high time he knows it. Remember her plan to attend this college just for Mitsuo? Yeah. That was her plan from the start. Goodbye. Poor Banri. Shell shocked! That’s what you call a blonde bombshell… Actually Kouko is more of a brunette.

Episode 22
Banri thought Kouko was joking so he waited and didn’t move. She never returned. Her father picks him up, though. But he thinks this is part of his ploy to keep them away. He tells Banri that he himself isn’t chasing after Kouko and not even telling him to let him see her. Instead of facing her, it’s like she’s waiting for her to change her mind and return. He also mentions Kouko asked him the meaning when one takes anti-anxiety medication and that might the reason Kouko reconsidered their relationship. Nana finds Banri alone outside. She knows about his case because Linda told her about it a long time ago. She never asked because she was in no place to get involved. When Banri feels like he wants to die, Nana warns him if he does that, she’ll kill him. Isn’t that the same? Don’t take life lightly. Nana talks about the harsh facts of life but after learning Kouko broke up with him, she starts feeling sorry and started to hate herself for ignoring and making light of him. She wants him to go home and rest. Tomorrow, try talking to Kouko again. She’ll help out whenever she can. Next morning, Banri bumps into Kouko and she seems to be pretty normal talking and apologizing to him. So everything is alright now? But when all the friends gather as usual, Kouko drops the bombshell that she has broken up with Banri. Wait. That was real? Banri cannot accept this. Since when did they break up? Oh, you mean he doesn’t remember? He lost his memory? Kouko claims they did talk about it yesterday and has already lost interest in him. She talked to him this morning because it was a form of apology. Now they have returned to being just friends. Mitsuo tells Banri not to accept this but Kouko warns that if they won’t let this go, she’ll avoid all of them. In fact, she doesn’t care about classes or college anymore. Now she’s mad at everything and everybody. Shocking?

Chinami thinks she knows what triggers this. When Banri had that fit in his room the other evening, it was all captured on her camera. Though the girls were having Kobe beef next door, Kouko returned to his room to get something and saw the camera. She must have seen the part whereby Banri screamed aloud of not wanting Kouko to see this. Banri knows it is all over. Nothing he does will help as Kouko knows everything even before they were dating. As for the recording he recorded for his future self, he lets Chinami do anything with it. He even cheekily mentions that they are now members of the broken hearts club. Banri tells this to Linda and she doesn’t take this well. They end up arguing. Collar grabbing. Sumo pushing. Hair pulling. Linda cannot accept this but to Banri, Kouko gave up on him and there is nothing more he can do. Banri fears his disappearance is coming closer and closer but Linda asserts she is always here to believe in him. Banri accuses her of not accepting who he was initially. Although she was late that day, he should have waited for her and not get into the accident (was this possible?). If she could, she wants to go back and redo that day. Unlike her, he still has time. When Mitsuo comes in, Banri lets everything out of the bag. About his relationship with Linda that goes back to high school and the accident that caused him to lose his memories of everything. Linda also views it is her fault. Kouko comes in to hand her resignation from the club. Banri snatches it from her but she doesn’t care and leaves.

Episode 23
Banri catches up to Kouko for an explanation. She says it’s an important place to him that’s why she’s letting him have it. Banri realizes it was his own fault for being pathetic. Realizing she has saw what happened in the camera, he reveals his memories have been returning lately at the expense of those after the accident. He might return to his old self and probably she wanted to break up with him because she knew about that. She couldn’t handle it. He asserts he loves her and can never hate her so please don’t distance herself from their friends. Although they officially break up, they still remain friends. Kouko hopes that as long as he doesn’t forget her, she’ll stay with him for the rest of his life. They bump into Linda who is looking for Mitsuo. He too took off. Linda also doesn’t want Kouko to underestimate her because Kouko told her to look after Banri when she disappears. She won’t do that. Kouko revoked her resignation to the club and Banri went to Mitsuo’s place and left a note. But he never called back. He even skipped classes and this made the chance of patching things up bleak. As the cultural festival approaches, one day when Kouko greets Banri, he just sat there spaced out. She felt so sad and ran away. 2D-kun didn’t understand what the heck was happening because he was just spacing out like it wasn’t his problem. He didn’t even realize Kouko was there! 2D-kun tries to get more information from Chinami but she cannot say much as she doesn’t know the exact details. Since he continues to feel excluded, 2D-kun summons everyone (minus Mitsuo) and wants to hang out tonight despite tomorrow is the festival. He throws a tantrum about that hang out code their gang had and wants it done because the group is falling apart. Banri agrees to come and will explain everything then. Kouko will bring Mitsuo and knows how to trick him into coming.

That night as Banri waits, Kouko and Mitsuo (he fell for the ‘emergency’ trick) meet up with him but Banri lost his memories. Reverting back to his old self, he is screaming like a baby of this unfamiliar place and shouting Linda’s name. Not even Kouko’s name could bring him back to his senses. Seems like there is some Banri-in-old-mode antenna in Linda as she quickly goes over to soothe him. Well, she was watching him for a while and feared something like this might happen. Linda brings him back in the taxi and that’s when his memories return. They pass by the store they were supposed to gather and Banri sees Kouko’s excruciating crying face. Back home, he calls his mom about seeing a doctor and can’t live here anymore. But he hopes she can come for the festival tomorrow. Next morning, he wakes up to find Nana sleeping next to him! Did he do her in?! Nana punches him in the head. Did he forget? Linda told him not to lock the door in case something happened. She was staying at Nana’s place and in the dead of the night, Nana went to check on him but seeing his peaceful sleeping face, she couldn’t resist sleeping next to him. Banri had not told his friends that he is moving out soon. He has also written a bunch of important notes that contain detail of his current memories. As the festival club prepares itself, the president of the private school committee comes in to talk to them. He has seen the footage Mitsuo put together from filming the club. Noting that they were working hard, he felt wrong to have not helped them. To make it up to them, he is lending them the costumes and instruments they need. This gives the much needed boost to the club. Banri and Mitsuo talk and made up. Mitsuo was really worried of losing sight of him but found him. He will continue to watch him so he won’t disappear (that context itself sounds creepy) and will always be waiting for him. As the festival proceeds smoothly, seems Banri has accepted his fate of losing his current self. What matters to him now is that he is alive in the present. After the festival, he reverted to his old self and lost all memories since the accident.

Episode 24
Banri has gone home for good. Mitsuo gives Kouko the broken mirror from Banri that probably fell out while he packed. It made her weep uncontrollably. Now that the old Banri is back, he doesn’t have a single memory of the time he spent in Tokyo. Not even the notes helped. Nothing. The ring accidentally dropped from his pocket and off the bridge. He checks his email to find lots of spam. But mostly they are from Kouko to ask if he remembers. Those ‘romantic’ words did creep him out. He doesn’t want to think too much about her since she dumped him, right? Al least that’s what the notes said. Oddly, there are replies from him which he never made so he thought somebody was using his name to make the replies so he replies back not to do so. Strangely enough, a reply comes back saying he won’t stop! Creepy! I hope it’s not his ghost mailing him from the other side! Banri and Linda’s relationship continues to be the same. He still loves her but Linda has not given him an answer probably to maintain this balance. One day, Kouko pops up at Banri’s home to return his DVDs. Banri thinks she is Chinami. Kouko doesn’t mind playing along with this since she is glad to see he is okay. He hands her back the mirror, thinking it is hers. She asks for directions to that ‘famous’ bridge and leaves. Banri felt something odd about the mirror and goes back to check his stuff. There is another set lying in the box but it is not broken. He realizes this is not his. Then memories of Kouko flashes through his mind. Then he rushes out to find Kouko. Did his memories return? Well, he was running so fast and clumsily that Linda had to throw him proper sneakers to wear.

When he reaches the bridge, it’s like he entered some alternate dimension of his mind. He confronts his other self. I don’t know who is who anymore. Which Banri is which. Is this the old Banri or the new version? I’m so confused? Anyway, one of the Banri is lashing to the other about being impatient and not noticing, the reason he gave up on everything and decided to stay hidden. Suddenly Linda comes running to hug this complaining Banri. Her answer to him is yes. Yes, she loves him. It is a yes to everything about him. Even his relationship with Kouko is a yes. It’s like as though peace has been made. Waiting after all this time has been worthwhile. He gives the other Banri the dropped ring and says goodbye. So when Banri returns to reality, he calls out to Kouko’s name and hugs her. Kouko is happy he didn’t forget her and they make a new promise to be together for the rest of their lives. Kouko asserts she won’t leave him and most importantly loves him. What is Banri’s reaction after her kiss? He laughs! Oh yeah. Everything that has happened seemed like a big joke now, no? And so they made up, blah, blah, blah and since there are lots of things that happened during his absence, she can tell him all about it back at his home. She accepts the ring he gives her. As later revealed, 2D-kun was the one who sent those emails acting as Banri. While he was helping him move out, he caught glimpse of the important notes that contained the user name and password of his email. Kouko learnt about this and didn’t like it so they got into an argument. But 2D-kun’s rational is that he once abandoned Banri during that cult night and won’t give up on him this time. Kouko too must have felt the same way so why isn’t she going crazy like her usual self? That got her going. All the friends continue to be together. Linda doesn’t spite Mitsuo so much and more importantly, Banri and Kouko together. Ah, golden time indeed.

Remember The Time
From the looks of the good happy ending, it seems Banri’s old self won’t be returning or bothering his current self again. Happily gone over to the other side? Made peace with himself? So all he needed was just an answer from Linda? Seems simple enough to make us go if she had gave her answer from the beginning, everything would have been somewhat solved. So theoretically if Linda never gave that yes answer, he’ll forever be going back and forth with this hell. Maybe this wouldn’t have happened if he had not taken those anti-anxiety medications. Because logically, the side effects may have caused him to hallucinate and lose his memories. You know, adding more chemicals into your system is like putting in more toxins.

For an anime that is supposed to be romantic comedy in nature, it was a little surprised that they added his spirit and made it a little supernatural. At first I thought this was just a joke or a figment of his imagination but when it gets apparent that the ghost of himself was real, it just feels weird. At one point it got me thinking about it and I almost scared myself. What is worse than having a ghost watching over you? Having a ghost of yourself watching over you! Yikes! I hope there’s none for me as I type this. I hope. I didn’t lose any memories, didn’t I? Although I have a bad memory and can’t remember many things so this doesn’t count, right? Right?! I suppose this aspect of the supernatural element makes it a little different from other romantic comedy animes that some would resort to fanservice of panties flashing and the likes. Thankfully this show doesn’t have any of those or else it would have felt cheap.

Banri comes across as a normal ordinary guy, the kind of protagonist that majority of everybody would draw up for any kind of romantic comedy genre. He doesn’t have anything outstanding or notable except for the fact that he has this memory relapse thingy. And so it gives rise to some sort of twisted love triangle because his old self still loves the old girl while his new self has already fallen for the fashionable high class lady. Sometimes seeing Banri losing his memories is just awfully painful (of the sympathetic kind). When this problem crops up too often in the later episodes, it’s like as though his past self has taken a trip to the future as he suddenly finds himself with unfamiliar surroundings. Then it takes some time or some sort of trigger for his ‘new’ memories to come back. It’s like somebody up there is screwing with his mind and having fun seeing him make such reactions. Yeah, his grimacing in anguish was really heart-breaking. Thankfully with his good friends around and their perseverance, Banri has gotten all the support he needs to be where he is now. I understand that initially he didn’t want to tell this problem to his friends out of fear that he would be ridiculed. But looks like it got worse off since eventually he himself can’t remember. So… Silence is not always golden.

On a trivial note, I guess with Banri’s memories problems, I suppose he can get away with not remembering birthdays and anniversary dates! Haha! But would he even be forgiven if he forgot the woman he married? I don’t even want to think about it. But having such memory loss seems like a great idea and excuse if your wife comes nagging with a long face if you have forgotten some sort of important date that you should always remember. And no, it is not the date of the next important football match. Somehow after watching this show, Banri’s failed memories made me want to sing Michael Jackson’s Remember The Time… Do you remember the time/ When we fell in love/ Do you remember the time/ When we first met girl…

Kouko is the best girl of the series. At first she gives off this stalker feeling when she is constantly bugging to be with Mitsuo. She is so good in stalking him that she can even tell apart his things by just a glance. She isn’t easily broken down and is always doing things her way until much later when she falls in love with Banri and that near fatal car accident that made her wake up a little. There are times where she shows her weak and feminine side, indicating that she isn’t always the perfect girl. Perhaps Kouko’s approach in being persistent was wrong. Being persistent is good but too much of it makes her like a stalker. Was it the reason Mitsuo wanted to get away from her? I can imagine if she became his nagging wife if he never breaks free from it. Her perfect life. His nightmare. If this wasn’t a RomCom and Kouko persistently continued pursuing Mitsuo, she might have become yandere potential! But one man’s poison is another man’s meat. Mitsuo’s reject becomes the desire for Banri. It was with mixed feelings that for someone who always had Mitsuo on her mind to suddenly shift her attention to Banri. Of course, this is what the direction of this show is. Heck, Banri gives her proper attention better than Mitsuo so I guess there’s a time to give up. And so Kouko learns in this painful lesson of life and love that nothing really goes according to what you plan. Sometimes it’s good to make some modifications or take an entirely new path. Who knows what you’ll find? And look what good it did to her? I believe that Kouko is happier now with Banri as opposed if she was stuck onto Mitsuo.

Kouko is a funny girl. Many of the funny moments in this series are stem from her especially when her emotions start to fluctuate. She’s funny in her dominating haughty personality, she is funny when she throws a tantrum and she sure is funny when she is freaking out. Her most unforgettable and funniest moment? EXORCIST! That was a classic! It’s amazing how a human’s body can contort in ways you thought it was impossible. But not funny when she is crying or being sad. Watching her in that was just painful and heart-breaking.

Other supporting characters do well but lack the attention and focus that the series mainly gives to Banri and Kouko. Most of the character development and progression is on them although overall the development of the characters is satisfactory and adequate. A little side budding romance between Mitsuo, Linda and Chinami but nothing too deep or anything concrete. It is after all, a Banri-Kouko series and ending. Although I find it strange that Mitsuo who has always been charmed by Chinami to suddenly shift his focus to Linda. Maybe that rejection hit him hard so he didn’t want to pursue it anymore and quickly found a new one. Banri and Kouko’s friends do a fine job in supporting each other and especially the duo. Good friends and good pals always stay together, right? Linda probably has played the most important support role for Banri. She’s always there for him whenever he is lost or loses himself. Even 2D-kun in the end did something for Banri to bring him back so he isn’t that all just a useless member of the group. Nana is the coolest character of the series because she doesn’t give a damn and is always in her own pace. She won’t be dominated and if she doesn’t like it (even though she doesn’t understand it), she gives you a whack and tells you to solve it or get over with it. Nobody goes against her because if you do, she’ll give you that ‘what-the-hell-did-you-say’ vicious look and you’d be turning your tail and decision in a split second. I later found out that she isn’t really a character from that Nana anime series but a person who just dresses up like that anime character. Like paying homage or something.

The art and drawing are quite good too seeing this anime was produced by J.C. Staff, an anime production company that has been around for a long time and responsible for producing many good animes in this romance genre like Ano Natsu De Matteru, Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo and Kaichou Wa Maid-sama. So here is another feather they can add to their cap. On a trivial note, most of the mid-intermissions feature Kouko in a different outfit and supposedly the dress of the episode. Perhaps this is what Kouko would be if she pursued to be a fashion designer instead of being a lawyer. The way she dresses to college makes her look like a fashionable girl instead of an advocate or barrister wannabe. Heck, I don’t feel that the lessons they attend in this college amounted to study anything law (aside lectures in college, what we mostly see is the festival club) so it never crossed my mind that they are actually law students and just ordinary college students until I think about it. Other mid-intermissions would feature other girls and sometimes the mirror. Eh? What?

So one of the important lessons is that when you are hesitating about loving someone or replying to someone’s love, as seen here it is best to go for it or you will forever lose that chance. See how Linda liked Banri but couldn’t say it. Then she almost lost him physically and lost out to Kouko. No matter how much it pains her that she wants to redo it, she has to bite the bullet and move on. It is pretty much similar for Chinami’s case too. She didn’t take Mitsuo’s confession seriously at first. And then when it is revealed that she really likes him, she started to have regrets. Now that he has his eyes on Linda, can’t do anything about it, can’t she? That’s why whenever such opportunity arises, be sure to take the plunge. The risk and pain of rejection is always there but it is better than regretting it later on for not doing so and no use pondering that what ifs.

Yui Horie as Kouko suits her character very much. I guess when you have over a decade of voice acting under your belt, you tend to be a professional in what you do. So voicing a sweet and lovely girl in my opinion is what suits her voice best. Sometimes I have a feeling that this show pays some sort of tribute to her because there are a handful of scenes that her Miss Monochrome character (a character that she personally created and designed) appears as cameo in some scenes. It is not obvious but you do have to keep your eyes peeled. The most surprising voice acting casting goes to Satomi Satou as Nana. I could never imagine her playing such a badass role after hearing her voice usually for sweet innocent/soft-spoken girls like Chitanda in Hyouka and Wendy in Fairy Tail. The most I ever heard her was cheeky ones like Ritsu in K-ON! So hearing her as Nana was something that blew my mind away. Other voice acting casts include Makoto Furukawa as Banri (Smoking Thunder in Log Horizon), Ai Kayano as Linda (Inori in Guilty Crown), Kaito Ishikawa as Mitsuo (Ledo in Suisei No Gargantia), Ibuki Kido as Chinami (Natsuki in Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku) and Takahiro Hikami as 2D-kun (Makoto Sakurai in Nichijou). I have a feeling that Sao-chan and Shi-chan are named after their seiyuus, Saori Goto (Bara Suishou in Rozen Maiden Traumend) and Shizuka Itou (Suzuna in Inu To Hasami Wo Tsukaiyou) respectively.

It would be such a waste to have a talented singer like Yui Horie voicing the main role but not let her sing any of the anime’s themes. In fact, she sings all the opening and ending themes! That’s good, right? She is just as much a good and experienced singer as well as a voice actress. But after hearing them, it gives off that one-kind feeling because you know, too much Yui Horie and her typical singing voice that is more of less sounding the same. The first opening theme (which is the same name of this series) is most probably my favourite and personally the best one of this series. Yui Horie in her trademark sweet and natural voice sings this anime pop in quite a lovely fashion. The first ending theme, Sweet and Sweet Cherry isn’t all too bad either but it’s a slightly slower pace than Golden Time. It is the same fluffy feeling of Yui Horie goodness in the second ending theme, Haneikyuu-teki Ni Aishite Yo. The second opening theme, The World’s End is probably (it is) the oddest one. Starting off like a solo tune from an orgel, it slowly descends into some heavy loud orchestra strings. Actually calling it music is somewhat inaccurate. Noise sounds more appropriate. The background music was loud and cacophony enough that it drowned out the singer’s voice. Even if you could hear her voice, it sounds like a big mismatch. Something feels like she’s rushing the notes and not in tune with the music. I guess when you have an apocalyptic song title, the harmony needs to match it as well. In fact, all of the themes’ lyrics are about Kouko’s feelings and insecurities about love.

Overall, this anime has an excellent has amazing romance, and drama to keep you in for the 2 dozen episodes. It has his fair share of giving us a roller coaster ride of emotions from funny comedic moments and heart-breaking break-ups to bitter rejection and jealousy. The plot overall may look like a simple love story and the little supernatural element may have cause some to feel awkward. A ghost of your past coming back to haunt you which is no other person but yourself? Might as well make the other self the another you from a different parallel dimension. But the human mind and feelings can be very complicated so let’s not go there. As seen here, love can ultimately change everyone and everything. For better or worse that depends. So give this anime a try and have a golden time watching-cum-experiencing it.

White Album 2

July 12, 2014

No, The Beatles didn’t have any sort of secret recording of demos while recording the double album that was released back in 1968 and thus the discovery of new materials and with new technology and techniques, they were able to fully develop the lost songs and made a second White Album. And sure hell there is no way any sort of connection to this Liverpool Fab Four when an anime was made with the title similar to that double album. If there were, it was just the genre of music. That’s it. I won’t say that White Album 2 is a direct sequel of the first season that aired back in 2009. A sequel nonetheless but not a direct one because there are new characters and a new storyline despite it’s still the same drama romance genre. Probably that is the reason why I decided to give this one a try seeing I remember that I wasn’t impressed with the first one. But there are a handful of references from the first season and that is especially the music in which those who have watched the first season would recognize. And thankfully this season’s era setting is around 2007-2008 unlike the first one which was set in 1986. Not too distant… So I don’t have the odd feeling that I’m watching a modern anime from a different era.

Episode 1
Just when Haruki Kitahara has the time to practise his guitar, here comes the problem of vocalist Tomo Yanagihara wanting to quit the band. Takeya Iizuka desperately tries to make her stay but nothing could change her mind. Not even reminding her about the goal of beating the super idol, Setsuna Ogiso. Now the band only has Haruki and Takeya. The rest quit thanks to Tomo who was the main problem. Now that the problem is gone, they’re still in trouble as they were supposed to play a gig at the school cultural festival. Haruki is called in by his fellow festival committee members. They view him the only one who can solve this problem. Setsuna does not want to enter this year Miss Hojou contest despite being last year’s winner. That time too she didn’t want to participate but her friend nominated her and she felt bad about winning. Haruki tells her that the past is the past. It cannot be denied she has won. Regretting it means it is unfair to the friend who nominated her and those who voted for her. She understands the meaning of what he says but in the end, Haruki does not want to force her to participate because the event is supposed to be fun. But this doesn’t sit well with the rest of the members because Setsuna is supposed to be the main draw of the event. You can pretty much guess the reception of it without her. Haruki gets back to practising and he hears the usual mysterious pianist playing next door. Each time, the pianist tries to accompany his horrible guitar playing. Later Haruki talks to his friend Io Mizusawa as she is best friends with Setsuna. Though they are popular but apparently there is something different about Setsuna that sets them poles apart. It’s like as though she is trying to hide her true self.

Next day when Haruki is helping to do labour stuffs with the committee, Setsuna comes looking for him. Because he is busy, he makes her help out carrying the wooden beam! It might seem heartless but this way, he is not giving her any special treatment. Because normally he doesn’t give a girl do physical labour. Anyway she reflected on what he said yesterday and felt bad that the committee is putting lots of hard work into it. Haruki doesn’t want her to sound like as though the festival will fail without her participation. Besides, he is okay with it although he and his pals now have extra work to do. Haruki is trying to allocate time for stage performance but is having problems since there isn’t much time if you want to consider the set up and performance time of each participating groups. Then as he goes chill out practising his guitar alone in the clubroom (Haruki only took up this instrument a few months back because Takeya desperately begged him and was supposed to be the band’s back up guitarist). Once more he finds calm and soothing in next door’s piano accompaniment. However there is somebody singing to it too. He rushes up to the rooftop and to his surprise it is the voice of Setsuna. She is also surprised that he is the guitarist.

Episode 2
Haruki asks if she would like to join his band and club, Light Music Association (LMA). After when Haruki sends in his final stage performance schedule to his pal, Chikashi Hayasaka, Io calls Haruki because Setsuna wants to speak to him. Unfortunately she rejects his suggestion to join his band. Haruki is okay with it and will give up for now. The rest of his spying pals take it the wrong way that she rejected his confession. So they try to console Haruki by going to some karaoke session after school. It’s all on the house so sing your heart out. But after school, Haruki goes to talk to Setsuna and she is surprised he knows her working part time despite she dresses up like a dork. She’s doing this to earn her own pocket money since many students who go to Hojou are rich kids. He promises he won’t tell and she wants to meet up with him in an hour’s time at the karaoke. This is also another secret she wants him to keep as she secretly comes here once a week. Karaoke is her hobby. She gets to the point that although she refused the vocalist position yesterday, she hopes there is still an opening. She wants to join. She will even participate in Miss Hojou event as long as she can sing along to his guitar. There is no way in the world he would refuse this chance, right?

And so Takeya is introduced to the new vocalist and he is pretty shocked that Haruki managed to get her onboard. Setsuna thinks he is the pianist but they reveal it’s the mysterious person next door. That adjacent private music room is reserved for top music students. Because their band is still incomplete, the idea hit Haruki. Why not ask this pianist to join them? So he goes over to the music classes to find the person playing the piano but their arrogance shoo him away. Anyway it was none of them. Chikashi thinks it’s some ghost because there was a student who committed suicide there many years ago and they’re hearing the sounds of the ghost playing. Seriously, nobody paid attention to this dude. Day after day, Haruki waited in his clubroom just for the pianist to show up but never did. When they are about to leave school, he hears the piano sound and rushes back. All they need to do now is to wait. A couple of judo guys come looking for Haruki about their allotted space for the festival but Haruki has got brighter ideas. He borrows their belt, ties it to his waist and tries to climb out of the window into the next room! Kids, don’t do this anyhow! Because he saw the figure of a girl, in his surprise he slips! Thankfully he is holding on the ledge. Before he becomes a victim to that suicide story, the pianist grabs his hand. She chides him for making her use her hands for this kind of thing. Kazusa Touma recognizes her as his classmate who always sits next to him in class. Always sleeping. Somebody who is cold and difficult to talk to. That’s Kazusa.

Episode 3
Kazusa is the daughter of the world class pianist, Youko. However she was an illegitimate child and had problems fitting in class and ended up causing lots of problems. The teachers are at their wits end on how to deal with her but they can’t just throw her out and put her in the normal programme instead of the music class. Takeya thinks he’ll have a hard time recruiting her. It will be impossible since she hates to stand out. But Haruki sums up his courage to ask her. Perhaps he sounded a little conceited so she kicks him out of the room. Once Haruki tells Setsuna who the mysterious pianist is, she invites Kazusa out for a drink and tries to persuade her to play for them at the festival. Of course she is not interested. She also accompanied the guitarist just to kill time and not for fun. Although Kazusa still doesn’t change her mind, Setsuna will not give up. And so one weekend, Setsuna invites Haruki and Kazusa to her place. Kazusa is suspicious if Haruki has a hand in this (he doesn’t) and why would a school idol who just joined LMA in less than a week be so forceful? Kazusa points out their plan isn’t going to work. Even if they manage to recruit sufficient members, there’ll not be enough time for the festival. Haruki is confident with Kazusa they can do it. Then there is the question of who will play the bass and drum. Haruki believes he can find them… In a week. Then another week it will be the festival. His ideal scenario is nothing but a dream. Kazusa finds Haruki odd because he is supposed to be an unadventurous, boring, pragmatic and risk adverse guy. Haruki argues he can be unpredictable once in a while. Before the argument escalates, Setsuna tells them to hush. She finds mommy and little brother Takahiro trying to eavesdrop. I suppose they want to know what is happening seeing Setsuna has not invited any friends over for the last 3 years.

Setsuna has second thoughts about calling them over. What she was looking forward to was singing that song, White Album again on the rooftop. Their chat is interrupted when Setsuna’s father wants to see her. Seems he is not happy that she wants to sing at the festival. Because any important decisions she makes need to be discussed thoroughly with them. Though mommy and Takahiro want to give her some slack and let her have fun, daddy wants an explanation for this and will decide whether she takes part or not. Since her friends are over, he wants her to ask them to leave. What’s this? He controls her life? Kazusa and Haruki had to leave and not get involve in their internal family problem. Kazusa notes she can’t get along with Setsuna. She’s cheerful to a point everyone and the world likes her. However before they left, Kazusa hinted to Setsuna that she is willing to join them if she manages to convince her parents to take part. Haruki is surprised because after what happened, he was convinced it will never happen. Kazusa cheekily replies that he was quick to fold and at this rate he won’t be able to seduce her. She makes it clear she is doing it for Setsuna. Although she said she couldn’t be friends with her, it means she can only be her sworn enemy or best friend. As they are completely different than her, they’ll never understand each other. Therefore it won’t hurt to be with them.

Episode 4
More shock for Takeya when Haruki introduces Kazusa joining LMA. This guy is amazing, no? As they don’t have time to find other people for other instruments, Kazusa wants Takeya to make do with programming those instruments. So get to work right away! After practise with Setsuna, Kazusa talks to Haruki that Setsuna is quite good for someone who has had no formal lessons. Ordinary people may pass her off as a professional. Kazusa herself have to practice every day for 10 hours otherwise she will lose touch. She wonders if Haruki can pull off his guitar part as he is a beginner. He’ll somehow do it. Sometimes having enthusiastic isn’t particularly convincing. She pulls him by his necktie and out of the train just to tell him to stop making promises he can’t keep. And so Haruki practises his guitar with Kazusa’s accompaniment at her place. He always messes up that single chord and they have to take it from the top again. Practice makes perfect, right? I don’t know how many hours they’ve been at it… Next morning, Haruki catches glimpse of Kazusa coming out of the bathroom in her towel. Embarrassed Kazusa feels she has been drawing the short end of the stick ever since she joined LMA. But Haruki doesn’t want her to feel bad. Her bad luck is balanced out by his extreme good luck. Seriously? Any luck mastering the song?

Come weekend, Setsuna and Takeya are invited to Kazusa’s house as part of their training camp. They are amazed at the big private music studio she has although Kazusa says she is merely using it and the previous owner was the one who built it. After hundreds and possibly thousands of hours of practice, Haruki finally manages to pull it off! Hooray! A thousand applauses for Haruki! Now they have to decide their next song. What? They’re not going to play just 1 stinking song at the festival, right? The next song should match Setsuna’s vocals. As Setsuna is a fan of Rina Ogata, she wants to sing her song that came out in that same year as White Album and won the first prize at the music festival: Sound Of Destiny. It’s a cool song. Just one problem: The guitar solo riffs are a killer! Oh God… Oh Haruki… How can you pull that one off? Notice how Kazusa is trying to contain her laughter? I’m sure Haruki wanted to decline but since Setsuna mentions how amazing he would be if he could pull this off… I think he better start practising now! Takeya leaves to start his programming. He gives Kazusa a notebook and hopes she will read it because he wants his dream to come true. Kazusa doesn’t think he can do it even if he practises 10 hours a day. Because there is only a week left to the festival. Even if he puts in 24 hours of practice, this means he will have 168 hours of practice time? Impossible? But Kazusa thinks he can do it. She will make him do it and turn him into a cool guy. Meanwhile Setsuna finds a matching set of toiletries with hers.

Episode 5
The riffs must be killing Haruki’s fingers. Thanks for sounding horrible. But big problem looms. Setsuna doesn’t look happy. Is she disappointed or something? Haruki tries not to pry too much and I’m sure there is some meaning behind what she told Haruki that he isn’t handsome and he’s probably being kind to everybody just to get on everyone’s good side. So he had to call her late that night to apologize for whatever. He found out from Kazusa so he had a gist of why she’s acting so. Because they never told Setsuna about Haruki staying at Kazusa’s place for a week (the toiletries, I suppose), she felt left out. Jealous. She thought that they’re in the same team and should at least tell each other things. Were they obligated to? Now Setsuna feels embarrassed and pathetic about it. Setsuna relates that she has this fear of being ostracized because her old friends for no reason did that. She has a trauma of being left out. Haruki promises to be with her all the way so Setsuna teases and forces him to call her by her first name. Needs some getting use to. So things between them settled, now it’s like Setsuna is trying to make up with Kazusa. Getting overly friendly? Cold Kazusa has no intention of getting that intimate with her and doesn’t really care about her past problems. Hey. It’s not her problem. However rest assured, she still finds her less annoying than Haruki. Was that supposed to be a compliment? During the test, Haruki must be really confident he will ace it because he finishes early and has time to scribble his plans for the festival on the back of the sheet! He thought the teacher caught him but it is actually Kazusa in trouble. She was doing her music sheet and dared to tell the sir that she doesn’t know anything about the test and didn’t do it. He confiscates her music book and this causes Kazusa to boil. She’s seething with anger and wants that precious book back. Scary face. Don’t blame the teacher if he turned pale. She takes it back from him and runs away to the music room. Haruki also ditches his test to go talk to her. And Setsuna makes it three. I guess you need another girl to understand a girl’s heart. Since they’re supposed to be a team, they stick with her till the end. If she’s going to be anti-establishment, so will they. That’s what friends are for, no? The trio continue their practice and make the most of the time they have left. Back home, Kazusa finishes writing her song but as soon as she does that, she collapses.

Episode 6
Kazusa dreams that her mother had to leave her and couldn’t bring her along. She was devastated. Probably she is sick that she dreamt of the past. She looks like she’s still reeling for it. Haruki seems to be nursing her. She shows her ‘gratefulness’ by claiming his food isn’t even fit for human consumption. Haruki must really treasure her. For he has skipped school and the rehearsal just to nurse her. He couldn’t lose a precious band member. Besides, he won’t do this if it was his other classmates. Aww. Don’t you just feel special? Haruki continues his practice and since Kazusa said she was responsible for making him a cool guy, she sleeps in the studio. Won’t it get noisy especially his horrible guitar? She explains that she wanted to give up piano because she wanted to give up being Youko’s daughter. When she left for Paris and told her straight that it was pointless for her to come along, she felt her world crumbled. Up till then, she viewed Youko as her role model and was everything. It was then she realized Youko thought little of her and everything started to look ridiculous. Haruki thinks it’s just a parent-child fight. If she recovers in time, they can play that song she wrote. Oops. He looked into her notebook. Will they actually have enough time? Don’t worry. It will work out. Such confidence. When Haruki goes to school on the eve of the festival, he is told by Takeya about the rehearsal yesterday. Setsuna couldn’t find her voice and stood there paralyzed. She felt guilty that she couldn’t do anything without her band mates. I guess that’s why Takeya thought Haruki will be the only guy who can solve this. Yeah. Everything will somehow work out. So he enters the class and surprises everyone because it seems that he is friendly enough to go up and talk to the school idol. And then he takes her hands and run away. Now Takeya has to answer to everyone for what is happening. The duo are on their way to see Kazusa. Everyone is starring at them. Not because of the traditional outfit Setsuna is wearing (part of her class café for the festival) but the way she is hiding herself behind Haruki’s back. Embarrassing? Yeah. Maybe. Anyway they make up and when they reach Kazusa’s place, Setsuna is glad to see her up and well again, pounding her piano. Setsuna is shown a song called Todokanai Omoi that will be their third and closing song. Never heard of it. That’s because it’s an original piece. Kazusa composed it and Haruki wrote the lyrics. Setsuna will sing it and it will be their song. She is very touched. Despite having less than 24 hours of practice, they are going to their best and live out their dream.

Episode 7
The festival is here. Kazusa is not particularly thrilled about this sexy almost revealing dress Setsuna picked for her (S&M police? Biker girl?). But it can’t be helped since she wasn’t here on that day for measurement. Like Haruki says, they’re both dressed to kill. LMA kicks off with White Album and the crowd loves it. Setsuna is pitch perfect. Tomo is not impressed. Just jealous. Could she have done a better job? She thinks so. I think not. The crowd is even thrilled when Kazusa picks up the saxophone and wails away. After the song ends, Setsuna introduces her band mates (I guess Takeya wasn’t part of it). She also introduces Kazusa as their bassist because their next song will be Sound Of Destiny. As they play it out, Setsuna and Kazusa remember about their talk. Setsuna wanted to know who she truly loves because she herself had no qualms in admitting she loves Haruki. Kazusa became uncomfortable as she asserted she has never fall in love before. Haruki manages to end the song with his killer rift. Perfect. We won’t get to hear their last number since it shifts to the end of the festival. Kazusa is back at her music room playing her piano as Haruki bugs her with questions she finds annoying. If she likes that outfit she’s wearing since she hasn’t change and it’s getting cold or what she’ll be doing after graduation. He thinks his actions have brought them together and hoped they will stay like this forever. I think Haruki’s nostalgic ranting must have got Kazusa teary eyed because she too had fun. Haruki must be so tired he fell asleep. When he wakes up, it is Setsuna who is beside him and Kazusa has left. Now it’s her turn to say she had fun and a wonderful experience on stage. And yeah. Always stay by her side. Since Haruki has gotten admitted to Hojou University, she hopes to take the same subjects with him so that they can be together. I suppose it is important. Then the romantic mood gets heavier and heavier, Setsuna gets closer to him till they finally kiss.

Episode 8
Setsuna sees Kazusa just to tell her about her and Haruki becoming a couple. Kazusa already knows because Haruki told her. Setsuna wants to apologize because it feels like she got in the way. But Kazusa doesn’t really want her to jump to such conclusions and doesn’t care about them dating. If they want to date, then just date. Kazusa allows Setsuna to call her by her first name, turning her into a happy emotional lass. Haruki is helping Kazusa study for her make-up tests but their friends want to go party since it is the year end and will be graduating soon. They can’t refuse a good karaoke session, no? Since when did Haruki become such a strict ass? At least Kazusa is more open up and joins them. So after Kazusa passes her tests (barely), the trio are organizing a trip to the hotspring for Christmas. Can you believe how whiny Haruki is? Since when he is like their father and disapprove of it? But he’s here anyway. I can see why he is concerned because Kazusa is going to drive them and there is a worrying damage on the car. Why not take a train? With Setsuna’s load of luggage, that’s why. Thanks to Haruki’s poor navigation, they got lost for 2 hours before getting back on track. Then it starts snowing and their car skidded. Oddly, Setsuna starts playing in the snow instead of panicking. And Kazusa is just laughing… Well, I guess that should be the way. But shouldn’t they call for help? I don’t know how but they made it to the inn. As they eat their warm meal in their room, Setsuna hopes they can do this together year after year but Kazusa disagrees since she might get a boyfriend and that Setsuna and Haruki might want some time together alone. Then Setsuna had to get all emotional arguing it’s because that they are her precious friends thingy. Turns out Kazusa was just pulling her leg. She should relax as she takes things too seriously. And so Setsuna hounds her (by stripping each other?) and for Kazusa to make it up to her, she’ll do anything she asks. Later it’s Haruki’s turn to thank Kazusa for being Setsuna’s friend. He also personally thanks her for helping him turn into a cool guy. He also sees her as his precious friends. Haruki thinks he has a quiet time alone in the hotspring when Setsuna forcefully brings Kazusa along to join him. She said she would do anything right? Splash! They trust this guy a lot, do they? Kazusa explains she is taking a piano competition next year. If she takes the entrance exams now, there is no guarantee she’ll be accepted into any university so it falls back to what she is good at: Playing piano. She thought she would give that a try again. Her friends are happy for her and will support her. Looking forward to watch her in competition.

Episode 9
Kazusa has not been to school ever since or answer Haruki’s calls. He thinks she wants to stay focus on the competition as she has locked herself in home practising her piano. Haruki and Setsuna talk about this so they agree to give her some space and not distract her. But they’ll support her all they’ve got at the competition. Later as Haruki sends Setsuna home, they have a very long passionate kiss outside her house. So passionate that Setsuna almost suffocated! It would have been hell funny if daddy came out with a shotgun… At the competition, Setsuna seems to be the nervous one. It is Kazusa’s turn and I thought the slow tune almost put me to sleep. Coupled in flashbacks of her times spent with Haruki. And when it got livelier, they must have fast forward it to the end. Later when they meet up with her, Setsuna is crying!!! WTF?! Seems she is sad that Kazusa wasn’t even placed. But Kazusa accepts her loss since she has not practised piano for 2 years unlike the rest who did for 10 hours every day. In fact, she doesn’t view it as a loss but a victory as she managed to move the heart of her best friend. Haruki steps outside to talk with Kazusa. He feels she is ignoring him. She doesn’t want him to talk to her even. He hopes they could get back like how they were since the competition is over. Besides, Setsuna’s birthday is next week. However Kazusa acts like she doesn’t care and this upsets Haruki. What’s wrong with her today? When Haruki walks home with Setsuna, he suggests booking a restaurant as he wants to celebrate this important occasion with just the 2 of them. However she tells him she was thinking of celebrating her birthday with her family and friends at home. But it seems her family is leaving for a vacation, I guess it will only be her friends. I can see why her dad was depressed when she didn’t want to tag along. She now hopes Kazusa will turn up or else it would mean she will be alone with Haruki. On her birthday, Setsuna hears the doorbell. A delivery man sending a bouquet of flowers from Kazusa. Guess she’s not turning up. Haruki finishes buying his present and has time to spare. He goes to Kazusa’s house and is surprised to be greeted by Youko. She recognizes him as the guitarist at the festival. As for Kazusa, looks like she is onboard a plane…

Episode 10
Haruki calls Setsuna and feigns he has some sort of cold and won’t make it in time but promises will be there. She is willing to postpone it do another day but he says today must be the day. Haruki is at the airport waiting to fetch Kazusa home from overseas. He learnt what is going on from Youko. Kazusa went overseas to find a new instructor and it took her a week for it. She is tired and wants to go home but Haruki won’t allow it and will have her come with him to Setsuna’s birthday. Because she is going to tell Setsuna herself about her plan of moving to Europe and living with Youko. He is fine with her plan but at least tell Setsuna about it otherwise it’ll be like breaking her promise of staying with them forever. Kazusa wants him to tell her on her behalf but that would defeat the purpose, right? And if she is going to tell Setsuna eventually, when will that day be? If Haruki had never found this out, she’ll never tell at all. Haruki blows his top that she is doing this to him and is this all he is worth. Kazusa acts tough but eventually breaks down. She doesn’t want to hear such things form her best friend’s boyfriend and it was he who left her first and torturing her to stay with him. Yet, she gets blamed and everything is her fault. She blames him for never realizing how she felt for him. How could he? He thought she never liked a loser like him. So she puts it bluntly to him. What’s wrong with falling in love with a loser?

For the rest of the episode, we go back in certain times during the year and see snippets of Kazusa. From the time she enrolled in this school and the teachers had trouble dealing with her f*cked up attitude and the special treatment they gave her just because she is the daughter of somebody famous is causing problems for other students in the same music programme. They were in a discussion to move her to the normal programme with a condition. Next, we see nice Haruki trying to leave her important notes in school but she just couldn’t care less and yells at him to f*ck off and not touch her. Although Kazusa is seen sleeping in class, she can still hear how Haruki is made to become the committee of the festival. One evening, Haruki continues to bug her to fill up her future career survey. At first she crumpled it away but when she realizes he doesn’t know who she is, she felt compelled to complete it for him. One day the teacher called her to stop giving problems to Haruki as they both live in different worlds. Though, Kazusa asserts that Haruki is the one who is bothering her, she is told to just ignore him like always. Kazusa hears Haruki practice his guitar and at first she hated it, she grew to like it. Although he should practice more as he often screwed up the simple chords. One day thinking of the teacher’s advice, she goes to talk to him to make him stop playing the guitar on pretence that the sports clubs didn’t appreciate his horrible playing. Since he continues to play (and screwing it up as usual), Kazusa tells him to hand over the guitar.

Episode 11
Kazusa’s point of view flashback continues. As Haruki tried to practice his guitar, Kazusa played her piano to accompany his horrible playing. One day Haruki called her to thank her for teaching him how to play the guitar. He also mentions about the person playing the piano next door, not knowing it was actually her. As thanks, Haruki gave her an English grammar book since she wanted to go to university. So did use the book well but one day she somehow lost it and tried to search everywhere till she found it. She was the happiest girl in the world. Probably this is why she is so sleepy in class and moody when Haruki talked to her. After the festival’s performance whereby Haruki talked with her in the piano room, when he fell asleep, she kissed him on his lips (I thought she couldn’t resist it, the way she bend down on her knees just to reach his lips). She starts crying and apologizing. Next day, Haruki told her about Setsuna’s confession and he agreed to go out with her. He was disturbed because he said the three of them would be together and then this happened. Although Kazusa was breaking inside, she acts like it has nothing to do with her and assures she will still be with them. That night she gets a surprise call from her mom who is back in town. She heard about Kazusa performing on stage so she couldn’t miss this chance to see it. Youko wanted Kazusa to enter a competition and if she did well, she’ll allow her to come to Vienna with her. Then on the trip to the hotspring, Kazusa thanked Kazusa for everything. On the trip back, Kazusa wanted to kiss sleeping Haruki but backed off. After sending the duo home, the closeness of Haruki and Setsuna caused her to cry uncontrollably. After the competition, Kazusa was surprised that Youko allowed her to come to Vienna despite she didn’t get any placing. Youko claims those judges are amateurs and the way she played cannot escape her sharp ears. She agrees to go. So now back to where we left off, Kazusa and Haruki in a standoff in the streets. She’s still crying. So what does Haruki do? He hugs her and kisses her!!! I thought she enjoyed this moment, the reason it took her some time to push and slap him away. Before he can admit he loves her, she accuses him of why he is so good at kissing. How many times has he kissed Setsuna? So to say, she loved that passionate kiss? I don’t know, she continues to weep like a confused little girl before running away. And Haruki is left standing alone…

Episode 12
Setsuna nurses Haruki who is a little sick after left standing in the cold. He’s apologizing for not turning up for the party and making her come to his place. Is he sure he is sorry about that? She’s glad he relied on her. And after she leaves, he just cries like a baby. Kazusa meets up with Setsuna to tell her she is living for Vienna to continue her piano and live with her mom. Setsuna wonders if she is unable to accept her as her friend. Kazusa denies and in fact loves her as she is her only friend. It is her who made her decide to move on. She doesn’t hate her mom that much and wants to get along with her. She wants to be a good girl. Takeya talks to Haruki and he has an idea about him and Kazusa. He wants him to forget her since he has Setsuna and not end up like him. Io is also talking to Setsuna and the latter still has feelings of guiltiness. Although saying things now won’t change, what if Setsuna was the one who confessed to Haruki? Would he have rejected her? Because that night after the festival, she saw Kazusa kissing Haruki in the piano room. She believes herself to be fickle and selfish and caused ruin to everything even though she knew how they felt about each other. During graduation day, Haruki as the representative goes up on stage to deliver his speech. Later hanging out with Takeya and Chikashi, they talk about Kazusa never showing up at the ceremony. Haruki is surprised to hear Chikashi lamenting he couldn’t get a chance to confess to Kazusa. Takeya warns Haruki never to do that in front of Setsuna.

Setsuna comes rushing looking for Haruki. Seems Kazusa left a letter in her desk. It shows she was here. Haruki wants to go look for her but Takeya stops him. But after seeing Setsuna’s ‘approval face’ (tinged with sadness), Haruki makes haste out of school. He looks for her everywhere, from the streets to her home, tries calling her and leaving many messages but no reply. Desperate, isn’t he? That night when he goes home with all hope lost, he suddenly gets a surprised call from Kazusa! Instantly he picks up! There were many miscalls from Setsuna and he didn’t even bothered picking it up. He starts throwing a tantrum and crying like a kid. Kazusa says she is in a place far beyond his reach (that would be the park just outside his apartment) and heard his boring speech. Haruki then confesses he loves her but she replies she hates traitors. So she hates him and herself. It starts snowing again so whenever this happens, she will always remember the times they had playing as a band together, throwing snowballs on their way to the hotspring and that warm kiss. Oh yeah. A lot of things happened during snowy days. Haruki confronts her face to face below and has a feeling she came to see him. Sure watching him by the window was enough? Kazusa confesses that she really loved him. So when he chose Setsuna instead, it hurt her a lot. She was also sad and angry. Cue for the guy to hug her… She blames him for everything. She shouldn’t have done this or shouldn’t let him done or remind her about that. All Haruki could say is sorry. In the end? A goodbye kiss.

Episode 13
HOLY COW! Haruki and Kazusa having sex?! The kiss wasn’t enough?! Is this a goodbye present?! And who is that bugger who is calling in the middle of it all? SETSUNA?! Haruki you jerk, you want to pick that up?! Kazusa throws the handphone away and they continue to make love. Oh yeah. It’s snowing. Another best memory to add to the snowy album. Next morning, Kazusa leaves. But why the long face for the duo? The best sex ever and you’re regretting it? Setsuna comes over to check on him and although he says he is fine and not sick, something tells us that Setsuna knows what was going on. Haruki wants to tell her the truth but she won’t let him. She too has something to say but wants to tell Kazusa. That’s why she wants them to go see her before she leaves on her plane. On the train, it’s an awkward gloomy feeling between them. Haruki cannot believe after the truth he said (from lying about going to her birthday party and such), she can be so calm. Why isn’t she mad? She doesn’t blame him and would do the same had she knew Kazusa was leaving. However he was lying to her even before all this happened. Setsuna kinda knew how they felt about each other. She might have confessed and really wanted him as her boyfriend, but I guess she wasn’t as serious as Kazusa. They were in love and yet she came in between them. She thought she would win if she acted first. That’s why she doesn’t consider his act as betrayal and has no right to be mad. Besides, she became his girlfriend so that the trio can be together. Oddly, Haruki is the one getting emotional and breaking down. The weight of the guilt must be that heavy, huh? Once at the airport, Haruki thinks this is pointless and wants to go home. And then… There is Kazusa before them. Get this. Haruki yells out to her and rushes to hug her! WTF?! Setsuna’s watching you dimwit! Oh, what the heck, they just kiss without a care in the world?! WTF???!!! SETSUNA IS WATCHING!!! It’s just so sad that Setsuna can’t help but cry her heart out. Yeah, everything is just sad. It’s snowing too… Another snowy memory… I hope it will snow too much and the flight cancelled. Sorry, didn’t. Once the plane flies off, Haruki just stood there in the freezing cold. His heart must be frozen. Same case with Setsuna. She just stands there with him. Two frozen and broken hearts. We end with the third closing song the trio played at the festival concert that we didn’t get to see.

Torn Between 2 Lovers, Feeling Like A…
Uhm… Eh… What… Just… Happened? Is this how it ended? No wonder I felt unsatisfied. The ending wasn’t really clear whom Haruki decided to continue with but I guess it doesn’t matter. The way things played out, I thought we just wouldn’t care about this guy anymore. He’s got a nice sweet popular idol whom every guy would be green with envy and die to go out with, and he actually picks the tsundere girl who has been giving him the cold and harsh treatment for a big part of their time? Well, he is indeed a strange person so it shouldn’t be a surprise. Now that she has left for Vienna, will he go back to Setsuna? Don’t know. Will he maintain long distance relationship with Kazusa? Don’t know. Will he find a new girl, say hook up with somebody else like Io? Don’t know. Don’t care. All I know is, the ending somewhat left a bad taste in my mouth (although I won’t go as far as to say it really sucks) that it made me think if this season had a School Days’ ending, Setsuna would have understandably turned into a yandere and cut off that guy’s head!!! Oh yeah. White Album 2. School Days minus the killing.

I guess that is what this White Season anime is all about. The guy becoming a couple and falling in love with the wrong girl. In the end, everybody suffers and we go back to square one. Just like in the first season, we don’t know if the main guy had ended up with any of the girls. But unlike in that season whereby the rival girls end up collaborating and released an album together, this one doesn’t. Just feels bitter, doesn’t it? All we are left with are the memories of them playing as a three piece band during the festival. That’s the best time they had together. Not even the final sex scene could save this season. What sex scene? We are mainly left to our imagination to what is happening. What else could they be doing on a bed with the darkness preventing our eyes from watching it no matter how hard we squint our eyes. Or even get desperate enough to try to peek at the edge of the monitor in hopes that something will show. Ah well, if you really want sex scenes, then you should be better off playing the adult visual novel game this season (and the previous) was based on.

The characters aren’t really anything to shout about despite the entire season is mainly focusing on the interaction and the relationship of the trio and the love triangle that you could have seen it coming from miles away. Heh. We expected that since we read the synopsis, right? Though, both female leads are likeable enough that would have viewers wondering who Haruki would choose in the end. Keep guessing. It didn’t happen. Fans of the game may have good things to say but unfortunately for me, I have to admit that at certain points it became some sort of a little yawn. Something in me kept wanting to shout out for something really dramatic to happen though it came late when Kazusa revealed she actually liked that loser. Haruki is just a normal guy with his own flaws. Setsuna might be an idol but she too has her own insecurities and guilty conscious. Kazusa is like still waters run deep. She’s like a bomb waiting to explode. She has been keeping her emotions locked that when she burst into tears and getting very emotional, I thought she was a whole different person. Is this the Kazusa we really know? The whole love triangle thingy is disguised under this masquerade called friendship. Yeah. Such a convenient word if you can’t choose which girl you want to be or the girl is afraid of hurting her rival and thus conveniently maintaining their level of friendship like this. Though, it is one big drama of the trio trying to understand each other and maintain their friendship as long as it takes. I guess it didn’t. So did Kazusa’s ‘escape’ to Vienna work things out for the better? I doubt it. At least not in the context of this anime. Everybody is a sad cat and only got happy memories to deal with for a happy ending. What a bummer.

The other characters feel lacking since as I have said, the big focus of this anime is on the trio. Like that Takeya guy who is a ladies’ man feels so insignificant that I thought his role has been reduced to some sort of gopher or something. It’s like the series can do without him but I suppose such buddies need to exist because every main guy character must have a good buddy whom they can talk to or poke fun or make in a way he isn’t the centre of attraction for the main girls. And then you need a little joker like Chikashi but he too is forgettable. Io might have known Haruki for some time and she might be his childhood friend if I’m not mistaken. I thought she would be added into the love polygon but it seems her role was just as minimal as Takeya and Chikashi. Heck, even in the first season of this series, there were a few other females showing potential interest in the lead male besides the main duo female leads despite they don’t stand a chance to these ‘giants’. And here, there is none. I suppose having a couple of girls and torn between them is already tough so don’t add to the confusion anymore. What about Tomo? I thought that b*tch would have some sort of role in the later episodes but her nose is nowhere to be seen after the festival. Only in the final episodes during the festival flashback scenes, we see her shedding tears of joy or whatever when she heard Setsuna sang Todokanai Omoi. I thought this b*tch hated her so much? Then after hearing her beautiful voice, she doesn’t hold a grudge anymore? This kind of woman… I’m glad she isn’t part of the love polygon because she might have yandere potential seeing how selfish and arrogant she is. And Youko, for whatever reasons she couldn’t bring her daughter along in the first place and left her emotionally ‘scarred’ and all of a sudden allows her to let her follow, I feel it serves as a wedge and the turning point to put an end to this fake friendship game the trio are playing.

The art and drawing are quite good but nothing exceptional. Though, there are some fine scenery and backgrounds, I like the snow effects best. I don’t know. The effect is simply pleasant to watch if the tear-jerking drama is getting a little too mushy to watch. Yeah. Now you know why they remember the important things that happened during snow. The art and drawing of the characters are also well done and resembles quite closely to the game. Satelight produces this anime, so they have some experience in drawing beautiful bishonen and bishoujo people. The Macross series, Arata Kangatari, Mouretsu Pirates, Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse and Sousei No Aquarion just to name a few.

Since this is mainly a drama genre, I don’t find the voice acting to be anything extraordinary in particular. The leading casts have Takahiro Mizushima as Haruki (Furuuichi in Beelzebub), Madoka Yonezawa as Setsuna (Ui in K-ON!) and Hitomi Nabatame as Kazusa (Yukiji in Hayate No Gotoku, Saori in Ore No Imouto Ga Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai). The rest include Takuma Terashima as Takeya (Mugai in Mushibugyou), Ikumi Nakagami as Io (Yukari in Girls Und Panzer), Noriaki Sugiyama as Chikashi (Sasuke in Naruto), Rio Natsuki as Youko (Nanami in El Hazard), Yuuki Kaji as Takahiro (Akina in Yozakura Quartet) and Miyuu Kashiwagi as Tomo (her only other voice acting role is young Arthur in Tears To Tiara).

The biggest draw to me of this series is of course the music. There are quite a number of lovely instrumental piano pieces played throughout the series which I believe can be nicely found all on the original soundtrack. As for vocal tracks (most of them taken from the visual novel game it was written for), there are also many insert songs in the series but my favourite ones are still those sung from the first season. My favourite is White Album. Probably they spammed the first few episodes with Haruki playing his solo electric guitar of it but it didn’t take me that long to fall in love with it. Just after a few listening and the piano version of it, I’m already hooked. Hearing Sound of Destiny isn’t bad either as it brought back memories of the first season but I still prefer White Album. Rena Uehara sings all the opening and ending themes for this season. Todokanai Koi 13 is the rock pop opening theme although it serves as the ending theme for the last episode and is sung by Madoka Yonezawa. Closing 13 is the first ending theme although this slow rock only lasts for one episode (episode 2). Also lasting for one episode is the pop ballad, After All ~Tsuzuru Omoi~ 13 in episode 11. The main ending theme would be Sayonara No Koto, another slow rock. Oddly I don’t find these themes as appealing as the instrumental ones or the older songs.

While overall this is not actually a bad or even mediocre anime, those who truly appreciate romance and drama and love to see how people handle love triangles, jealousy and rejection should have a go at this anime that can be heart-warming and heartbreaking at the same time. Just that the ending disappoints a little but that shouldn’t affect the overall enjoyment of this show. After all, there is nothing better to learn from others just in case you find yourself in a very similar position and circumstances. What would you have done? Could you have done better? Because in real life, you don’t have save game points to go back and redo any blunder. You can’t just switch off the TV and leave the drama as it is in the video. In this case, a win-win situation or a harem isn’t possible. Ah. Decisions, decisions and decisions. Choices, choices and choices. Choose a girl, get a harem or stay single. But don’t choose one where the girl will sever your head with a knife!

Robot Girls Z

July 11, 2014

Let me assert this again. I know I have said this before many times, I just need to remind (or rather deceive if you would like to put it) myself that I am not a mecha fan. No, no, no. So I was going to give Robot Girls Z the skip since this is an anime special about those mecha series robots from Toei Animation. Not even having those robots like Great Mazinger and Grendizer personified as cute girls would make me want to watch this. So what got me to watch this? As the plot goes, our main protagonists work to promote some sort of energy that the baddies want to steal. That is where the girls will also have to battle them to prevent this. And here is the clincher: “… though sometimes they beat up ‘bad girls’ to relieve stress”! OMG! This has got to be a funny show, right? It’s like Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt. Supposedly good girls try to save the city but end up destroying it instead. Yeah. This I got to see. Heh. Even good girls sometimes need to take out a little stress once in a while.

Episode 1A
At Nerima ward, Team Z consisting of Z-chan, Grenda-san and Gre-chan are handing out flyers about Photonic Energy awareness. They don’t seem too enthusiastic about their job and lament the no-show of their part timers. Speaking of which, they arrive but they look pretty suspicious. Baron Ashura looks like she has both gender halves , Garada K7 is confident she can shoot beams out of her eyes and Doublas M2 has hand puppets. Odd indeed. After much of Team Z’s harassment, the baddies reveal themselves as Mechanical Beast Girls created by Dr Hell and are out to rule the world by stealing Photonic Energy. I guess our heroines need to take out some stress so they transform into their ‘robot’ form and start beating the hell out of the Mechanical Beasts Girls. Yes. The city is going to get destroyed at this rate. Garada fears Grenda-san’s sadistic ways and gets pulverized into the sky. Gre-chan bullies Doublas by stealing her hand puppets before punching her back with it. Finally Z-chan finishes off Ashura but since she keeps missing, she just shoots everywhere!!! There goes the city… Thank goodness that with their bad shots, Mechanical Beast Girls manage to escape via train and they’re crying and sobbing all the way from the oppression! Scary, huh? People are staring…

Episode 1B
Back in the Underground Empire’s hidden base, morale is low especially Doublas who has turned into a shut-in. Dr Hell calls Ashura to inform her of the new Mechanical Beast Girls he has created but our girls are just being distracted by food. When they stop messing around, Dr Hell introduces Gromazen R9 whose ion beams can destroy anything. Anything? She is sent out immediately but lost as fast to Z-chan’s Photonic Barrier. Next is Gaia Q5 who has some sort of super magnetic power. Too bad she got blown away by Gre-chan’s Great Typhoon and her super magnetic powers means everything magnetic gets stuck on her. Now she’s a giant iron ball… Finally here is Kingdan X10. Erm… She is so shy and nervous that she is shrinking. Thinking she can’t do it herself, Ashura and Garada decide to go with her. Unfortunately Kingdan uses them as human shield when Grenda-san fires her Space Thunder. With failure so high (100% to be exact), morale is at all time low because Gromazen tries to hang herself while Gaia is just rolling around with low self confidence! So bad that Dr Hell just cuts communications for today. Have fun by yourselves, girls. Ashura tries to regain everyone’s confidence so that they can start anew tomorrow. Yeah. Let’s have a nice nabe meal first! Yay! That did the trick.

Episode 1C
Team Z thinks it is fun in the sandy beaches. However it was a trick from their superior to work on a tuna catching fish to pay for the city’s repair bills. Lots of macho man clones… When one of them catches a giant seahorse and sea urchin, they turn out to be Mechanical Beast Girls, Poses O II and Baranga M2. A huge whale ship surfaces and bratty Glossam X2 acts like the leader of the team and determined to take Team Z down. Yeah, she’s arguing with Ashura that she’s on a roll talking like the boss. But they are dumbfounded when Gre-chan mentions they should have attacked their lab while they’re gone. Never thought of that, eh? No matter. Now that they have come all the way out of here, they’re going to send Team Z to their watery grave. The whale ship bumps the tuna ship so Team Z falls into the ocean. This is the sea Mechanical Beast Girls’ domain as they move and attack fast. Especially Baranga who is some sort of pervert and molesting-cum-harassing Grenda-san. Glossam cuts their clothes and is going to cut their swimsuits too but the tuna ship’s captain throws a net and pulls them up. Now that they can’t move freely, it is Team Z’s turn for payback. They are thrown back into the whale ship. Team Z takes a commemorative photo with the ship crew’s right before the whale ship explodes. Our poor Mechanical Beast Girls have to paddle back on a little boat as Ashura purposely shuts off communications with Dr Hell who knows very well they have failed. She knows she’s going to get it… Meanwhile Team Z continues catching tuna into the night and everyone seems to have forgotten about Poses who has been hung up on the hook ever since… Cold… Hungry…

Episode 2A
Team Z are doing well and hogging all the attention at a local sports festival. Till Team T consisting of Gai-chan, Gacky, Bala-tan and Dandan crash in to challenge them and take over their starring roles. After all that mocking, it is decided that they are to enter a marathon. Mechanical Beast Girls want to enter too but it seems the places are filled up. So as the marathon gets underway, we see both sides trying to outdo each other. Well, Team T started it by cheating. They ride their machines and even fire missiles. Won’t the city be destroyed? Meanwhile another battle is going on somewhere. Bala-tan isn’t interested in the race and is eating her desserts. Gre-chan wants some so Bala-tan teases her by swallowing them all. Gre-chan can’t contain her anger and a girly fist fight starts. By the time Mechanical Beast Girls manage to participate and prepare at the start line, Z-chan and Gai-chan are fast approaching the finish line and still at each other’s throat. Their missiles wipe out the entire area. Team Z and Team T are disqualified. With all the other contestants knocked out midway due to accidents, the only one left standing is Ashura and she is the winner of the marathon! She didn’t even do a thing… At the end of the day as Team Z and Team T reconcile, it soon turns into another escalating war as the mocking gets serious… Here we go again?

Episode 2B
While eating some takoyaki, a beautiful girl is ecstatic she has found Z-chan. She is Minerva X and is supposedly her little sister. The rest are glad they have another sister to the team but Minerva quickly becomes a cocky devil to the duo, only being nice and goody to her Z-chan. Of course this is a ploy from Mechanical Beast Girls to mess Team Z. When Z-chan is at her part time job at a petrol station, Minerva doesn’t want her onee-sama to do this kind of job and to let that shrimp Gre-chan do it. Of course Gre-chan is pissed off but Minerva sheds crocodile tears that Gre-chan is being mean. This causes Z-chan to dislike Gre-chan. In the break room when the duo are alone, Ashura gives the sign to get her. But Minerva misinterprets and starts stripping to engage in some underage yuri sex! Embarrassed Z-chan notices how ‘flat’ she is. That’s because Minerva is a boy!!! Luckily Gre-chan slams open the door. Z-chan runs to her. Gre-chan will protect Z-chan and they end up in a face pinching battle, each claiming Z-chan is theirs. When Minerva fires her missile. Z-chan jumps in and takes the shot in her face. Z-chan then cuddles Gre-chan and is glad she is alright (despite her own face is pretty messed up). Minerva feels the heartbreak and leaves. Meanwhile Grenda-san finds Mechanical Beast Girls and beat them up. Next day, as Gre-chan is going to share her dessert with Z-chan, Minerva comes back. Didn’t she give up? Yesterday is yesterday. Today is today. And there will be lots of tomorrows to come. So she’s going to come every day? What a pain. And so the battle for Z-chan resumes…

Episode 2C
While soaking in the hotspring, suddenly Team Z hears an awful singing voice. Turns out to be Youko Lorelei, a legendary idol formerly from Rhine X1. Apparently Grenda-san is a big fan and knows a lot about her. Including her air this and air that. In short, she has nothing? Seems she couldn’t get a job in a city and feels she can do better here. The moment she opens her mouth, it’s ultimate destruction! Oh, the cacophony! Only Grenda-san is unaffected and loves it! Youko is even going to sing to entertain the guests at the dinner hall! Quick! Close your ears! Suddenly Belgas V5 pops up and isn’t going to let a washed up idol take her stage. Belgas is a robot created by Mechanical Beast Girls. But here is the thing. Belgas’ singing is damn good and it brings everyone happiness! Only Grenda-san is reeling in pain! So good that everybody starts feeling horny and unrobe themselves! Are we going to see some yuri sex again? Mechanical Beast Girls also get caught up in her harmonic voice and start undressing. Youko’s self confidence takes a dive since she views herself as not even close. That’s when Grenda-san beats her up to bring her senses back. Her songs can only bring people back! Are you sure? The moment she starts singing, it becomes hell. Belgas thought she can also sing a destructive tune but Youko and Grenda-san form a duet and out-sing her!!! Double destruction! Blown away! Literally they give a new meaning of bringing the house down. Yeah, even the volcanoes erupted. In the aftermath, the duo became a singing pop idol sensation called Steel Memories. Their ‘unique’ voice has garnered legion of fans. Plus, they have the most popular video on a video sharing site and have made hundreds of millions in business. True, you’ll never know what will become popular. I say everybody is tone deaf…

Episode 3A
Dr Hell probably realized this too late. Asking his girls to conquer the world was a big mistake. With the world conquest industry in slump and his investors bugging him, he is laying them off. Think of it as a long vacation. Ciao! Ashura sinks into depression so Garada and Doublas try to cheer her up. I guess they were desperate enough to buy something from a suspicious salesman. Before Ashura knows it, she is being sucked into a giant robot, Jetfire P1. Her underlings although assigned to other bosses, they insist they only want to be her underlings. Touching. With Ashura back up, first they send a challenge letter to Team Z. But they turn up late. Team Z sees P1 as a giant replica of Ashura. But P1 is no pushover as it strips Team Z to their undies to humiliate them and pound them back for some major pain! Justice is served? But best fanservice ever! Ashura is to deliver the final blow but seems hesitant. Thinking about the times they spent together? Those never existed! When she finally gets her chance to best Team Z, suddenly P1 stops functioning. This is only a demo version! Can they wait 5 minutes to download the full version? Nay. Enough time for Z-chan to use her Rocket Punch to blast them into space. As Team Z picks themselves up, another group of villains are watching them. The suspicious salesman turns out to be Archduke Gorgon. Alongside Juuma, they are underlings for the Great General of Darkness! She is going to kill them all!

Episode 3B
Team Z is so bored. So when they hear an explosion nearby, they quickly rush there to get a piece of the action. To their surprised, it isn’t Underground Empire but a giant Darkness and her underlings. Team Z whose suits are now upgraded to prevent another humiliating fanservice (aww, shucks), fights her underlings first. But Darkness doesn’t want to waste time anymore and blows everyone away. Then she destroys the barrier for the Photonic Energy building the old fashion way. Just break it with her sword! She absorbs all the power. After destroying the vicinity, Team Z is crucified. She is going to kill them when Team G arrives. Herald Jeeg (motorcycle girl doing embarrassing poses) and Get (rich oujo-sama with her own butlers – she even came in a limo!). So after freeing Team Z, they go into action. Get becomes mad when her pretty clothes are stained. Feel the wrath!!! The underlings are defeated and Team Z is worried of their reduced spotlight. Will they still be the heroines in the next episode?

Episode 3C
The quintet face off with Darkness but are no match. So weak. Before Darkness can kill them, she is interrupted with the arrival of Minerva! Lover girl/boy heard Z-chan was in trouble and came to help. But now she’s clinging all over her onee-sama… Now can Darkness kill them? Not yet. Here comes Youko and her horrible singing. Oh, by the way, Steel Memories disbanded. Anybody else want to drop by? Of course! Don’t forget Team T! With Darkness’ underlings defeated for good, all the Robot Girls team combine their beam attack (with equally ferocious names) and fire at Darkness. However Darkness is not fazed and deflects it with her nose shit! Thanks to that, the entire city is decimated! Z-chan is trembling in fear! She cannot believe their combined attacks didn’t work. She’s desperate for somebody to save her! Is this her doom? Not yet. Who is it this time? Mechanical Beast Girls arrive from the sky in P2! They manage to make this little ship using Ashura’s wedding funds. Don’t ask. Although P2 easily gets destroyed, the trio hang on her cape until it rips. Z-chan sees a zipper and uses Rocket Punch to unzip it. Darkness’ true form is a little girl piloting this big robot. She is Mycenae, the CEO of Mycenae Empire Inc and is dubbed the young genius who will take over the year. Yeah. She’s acquiring small companies… Mycenae is trying to play the cute brat but the girls are not amused. They want to teach her a lesson but she distracts them with some voice actress over there. Oldest trick in the book. She escapes via P2 but the engine is damaged and she is blasted away into the sky. You reap what you sew. At the end of a hard day’s work, the girls decide to get something to eat but Mechanical Beast Girls hijack the food van before Z-chan Rocket Punch and defeat them. The power of justice exists only for her! You don’t say… She almost died, didn’t she?

Destructive Girls
Well, it was a fun ride because from the way I see it, Team Z or any other team and villains are just about the same. Because each time their power fight ends up with the city being destroyed! It is like the trademark of each episode. I wonder how much money has been spent to rebuild it every time. And oddly, no casualties either. At that impact with the missiles slamming into the buildings still packed with people, it is amazing that nobody dies. That is why this is more of a comedy action series than anything serious. So have our Team Z girls relieved their stress? Be thankful Mechanical Beast Girls are around for you to take your stress out. I guess that is why they exist solely for this role and always lose.

The action is fine and entertaining with lots of big explosions and over the top craziness that if given to Hollywood, they might exaggerate it with bigger special effects like how explosions are a trademark in Michael Bay’s movies. The characters feel generic although they have their own quirky behaviours. Even worse for some of the robot girls are introduced and appear in only one episode. But do you care about the deep stuffs of each character’s likes and dislikes since we are here just for the action, explosions and nonsense? You probably wouldn’t care what happened to this character or that character since we are happy that the day ends well. At least for our girls. I personally think the character designs look good only for Team Z. The rest looks like weirdoes. It’s like a magical girl cosplaying as a mecha but didn’t quite make the cut.

As this anime supposedly pay tribute to all the mecha series made by Toei Animation, I suppose each girl represents some robot and I guess there are lots of them since in every episode we are introduced to at least one. Except for the last one of course. As said, I wasn’t even a mecha fan and although I remember did watching certain clips of Grendizer or Mazinger on TV, that was before my anime craze and was watching them as ‘children’s cartoon’. I figure that the moves they pull off are also in tribute to the actual moves in the original show but I wouldn’t know since I didn’t bother to do my research.

Due to the many robot girls introduced, the cast is also quite large with popular and not so popular seiyuus lending their voice. Some of the popular ones that I noticed include Yukari Tamura, Ai Nonaka, Saori Goto and Satomi Satou. As for our regular characters, they are Mariko Honda as Z-chan (Kurimu in Seitokai No Ichizon), Kazusa Aranami as Grenda-san (Tomoe in Da Capo III), Inori Minase as Gre-chan (Suzu in Love Lab), Aya Hisakawa as Ashura (Unohana in Bleach), Yukiko Morishita as Garada and Nao Touyama as Doublas (Kanon in The World God Only Knows). The opening theme is the same name of this series and sung by Kikai Shoujotai, which is basically the seiyuus of Team Z and Team G. Filled with all that power and excitement to get you into the feel of what this series is about. The ending theme is Team Z No Chikara and by the seiyuus of Team Z. Sounds like a typical anime pop.

Overall, I find this series decent despite being a fun and entertaining ride. Although I would think old mecha fans may appreciate this better but even so, watch this only if you want some laughs and not something to be taken seriously. I mean, if you have violent girls who are supposedly tasked to protect something but end up destroying everything else, who cares about justice when you can just beat them up to relieve your stress. And you can call that justice if you win. Only winners write history, right? Yeah. Pity the enemy. Pity the people. Pity the city. Pity this didn’t get more episodes.

Before proceeding to do anything, please choose: 1) Continue reading this blog; 2) Strip naked and run down the street while yelling out loud you are a perverted paedophile. Haha! So what will it be? Ah yes. Life is a series of choices. That is the main motto and subject of what NouKome is about. Or if you rather know its ridiculously long name, Ore No Nounai Sentakushi Ga Gakuen Love Comedy Wo Zenryoku De Jama Shiteru. Feels like a joke, right? Every day whether we know it or not, we make decisions and choices. It is those decisions that lead to certain results and outcomes. Some dully normal and some totally ridiculous. But the important thing is, we made our decision. Yes, we have chosen out of all the probably choices we thought there is to be. I’m sure that many of us will experience times when we are forced to make a decision in less than desirable situations. Now, what happens if you have to do that many times and there are no two ways about it? This is what this comedy series is about. A boy who is forced to make silly to the point of embarrassing choices thanks to some unexplained curse. Otherwise, his brain will start to hurt so bad that burning in the flames of hell would look like child’s play. Serious. Because he is not a masochist, he is forced to choose. Either way, he is screwed. How can he go on living like that? So if you love to see how his life gets screwed up every moment while maintaining his sanity, 1) Continue watching his absurd anime; 2) Write a complain to the producers but in the mean time you have to strip naked and run down the street while yelling out you are a perverted paedophile.

Episode 1
Kanade Amakusa sees a porn magazine at the park and tries to restrain himself to pick it up. The wind blows the pages so it’s a ‘victory’ for him. Suddenly he is forced to make a choice of either press the magazine against his face and smell it or eat it. If he does neither, the pain in his head will not go away. And so he chooses the first option. A couple of kids see this and label him a virgin pervert. As he explains to us, he has this strange phenomenon called Absolute Choices whereby he is forced to pick one of the two choices. We are glimpsed a few examples of history makers and famous people that the choice they made led them to something successful or as we know it like Edison’s light bulb and Einstein’s E=mc2 . Life is a series of choices so it’s no different for Kanade who has to put up with Furano Yukihira’s bug jokes because she read her forecast she is going to have a disaster with bugs and thought she would do some reverse psychology making a joke out of it. Then it’s Absolute Choices again. Touch her boobs or let her touch his. WTF. The second one. Everyone heard. I think Furano just wants to keep talking about boobies. All the other girls start guarding theirs. Kanade is glad Furano is a weirdo because he would never have made it out alive if it was others. The choices continue… Touch her boobies or let her touch his. The second one. Furano loses interest and doesn’t want to talk to someone who uses obscene words. Ouka Yuouji jumps into class through the window. How did she? This is the second floor! Seems she has to sneak in because she brought lots of prohibited stuffs. As the daughter of the UOG conglomerate’s CEO, she brings their products to let others test so as to have their opinions. Like one which is a Viagra for women. She tested it on her mom, Kyouka during breakfast and she started masturbating asking her daughter if she wanted a sister!!! By the way, her mom was a former idol and now a news commentator. Then there’s a device that makes money too. Isn’t that illegal.

Ouka shows Furano a maggot flavoured candy. So this is the bug nightmare? What does it tastes like? Horrible! It’s made with real maggots?! Well, it says the ingredients cannot be revealed… Absolute Choices works up again. Take off his top like a true Japanese guy or strip his bottom and be an Amazon warrior. Huh? He goes for the first, attracting stares from his classmates. They are used to his behaviour despite being transferred in only a month. They consider him as part of the weirdo group called Reject Five (Furano and Ouka are also part of). So as he runs around topless, loli teacher, Utage Douraku (looks small enough to be your little sister!) is not amused and takes him away. Although she knows this problem of his, there is a limit how much she can cover for him. I suppose she loves to tease him too because she really wanted him to take the second choice to expose his bottom and get expelled. More woes for him because he needs to rush back to class or Furano will burn his shirt! If you think his bad day is over, wait till he comes back because his fat ugly neighbour, Daiko a divorcee starts to hit on him! He is forced to make a choice to let her hold her or let her hold her and let his primal instincts take over. WTF. Go for the first one. He’s dead either way, no? Daiko thanks him for the ‘refuel’ when Absolute Choices returns. Wish for a beautiful girl or Daiko falling out from the sky. This is a no brainer so you can guess which one he will take. A blond bombshell falls out from the sky. Can I say, Sora No Otoshimono? She lands on him and claims she is here to save him. Lastly this is what we see if Kanade chose to touch Furano’s boobs… Kyouka is seen interviewing a lady about super popular musician, Kanaderu Kanade and his hit debut single all about touching boobs… Yeah. That sexual harassment moment gave birth to this moment…

Episode 2
This girl now is living in Kanade’s house like her own. She doesn’t remember anything. She doesn’t even know her name. But since she thinks Kanade likes chocolates, she will call herself Chocolat (to make it sound more sophisticated). Seems she is here to alleviate him from this curse but how, what, when and why, he has to ask God. Yes, God. And God really calls Kanade! Hmm… Sounds like a carefree high school senior? Since Kanade doesn’t believe, God turns him into a girl! Now you believe? He is made to do a handstand or else the other choice means he will remain a girl for the rest of his life! Apparently Kanade must complete some sort of missions if he wants to curse to be gone. God isn’t pretty sure about the missions too since they are random and is reading it from some manual he barely understands. WTF. That’s why he sent Chocolat. The only thing he knows is that if he fails just once, he will forever be stuck with the curse. And because Chocolat doesn’t know anything (except for the fact he cooks great breakfast), Kanade views her as useless and will kick this freeloader out but he has to make another choice: She stays or he moves out! I guess this one is obvious. At school, he received his first mission: Make Furano smile from her heart! There is a deadline too! Tomorrow! Looking at her sadistic smile, this is going to be tough, if not impossible.

We see Kanade squealing like a pig in front of class thanks to his Absolute Choices. This has Furano confronting him and since she thinks he is copying her ‘trademark’ she made this morning, she wants to sue him and appoints Ouka as the judge! Verdict? Guilty! Punishment? Death sentence! So it’s either guilty or be a pig. Thankfully he is ‘saved’ by Utage. When he mentions about a girl falling out from the sky and those missions he needs to accomplish, Utage sounds pretty serious. I suppose Kanade can’t brush it off as a joke now. Back home, Chocolat tickles him like hell. She got a call to help him complete his mission and thus has bought a thick book on how to tickle. F*ck that! Next day, Kanade tries all sorts of stupid to embarrassing jokes just to make her laugh. Even if I did laugh despite not understanding those puns (because he looks so silly), Furano isn’t. Oh sh*t… Not even a grin… The day is drawing to a close as he is desperate to try the tickling trick. He follows her up to the rooftop and to his surprise sees her crying! He hears her lamenting that she always has to end up like this and fears he must think her as a weirdo. Then she sees him… Oh Kanade, you didn’t make her laugh. You made her cry! And seeing it for the first time too. Meanwhile we see that what-if situation had Kanade chose to remain a girl… Hmm… Pretty got a nice boyfriend… Peaceful life… Oh sh*t. Could it really have been that way?

Episode 3
Furano laments all the weird things Kanade did and when she realizes Kanade has seen her, she turns into a violent b*tch! Apparently he wakes up from some gay dream and thanks to Furano repetitively slamming his head into the concrete wall while he’s out (it still hurts by the way), he forgot what he saw. Kanade gets desperate to make her laugh. He pulls out a rotten banana. Curses. Even more desperate, he tries to take out the book when Absolute Choices makes its move. Something about humour and surrealism. As Kanade tries to stop Furano from leaving, he slips on the banana. Furano laughs her ass off! She can’t stop! He gets a congratulatory message from God of his mission accomplished. Next day, Kanade gets a rude awakening as Chocolat is sleeping on top of him and dreaming some yaoi fantasy of him. So it’s her fault? And then Kanade gets another mission: Look at the panties of Konagi Yawakaze. Oh sh*t… In school, he notices Furano back to her normal deadpan sarcastic self. When he is about to remember then, he got his head slammed again. Wow. What a good way to make somebody forget. But here comes clumsy and klutz Konagi. Moe? She is Ouka’s best friend. Suddenly those damn choices: Order her to show her panties or trade his! Choosing the first one means her ‘bodyguards’ beat the crap out of him. So Ouka learns of his need to look at Konagi’s panties and would like to help him out. That can’t be good. Kanade is surprised that Konagi called to see him. She wants to apologize for earlier. She nails it when she says she would only show her panties to the one she likes. Kanade can’t violate this pure girl ever but then the stupid choices had to work up. Ask to show her panties or turn into an underwear himself. He’s crying blood… And since he has to make that option, I guess it’s back to more beating up by her bodyguards. Uh huh. One of them thinks he’s got a nice ass… Oh sh*t!!!

Ouka suggests that they go out together as Konagi is a klutz, the more she walks, the more she trips and this increases his chance of looking at her panties. Chocolat has even got a book on how to do it. Just throw it away! Kanade must be in a dilemma as he can’t possibly violate this pure girl. Ouka gets naughty trying to show her panties to Kanade. This is to help Konagi grow more confident in guys. By making her ask what kind of panties he likes? He prefers garter belt! This made everyone around think he is a pervert. And then… Absolute Choices… Whatever it was, the policeman was there… As they go around, there are many chances for Kanade to see Konagi’s panties. However… Unnatural beam of light! Steam! Objects blocking! Laws of gravity defied! I wonder if these will be gone in the DVDs. At the cafe, tired Konagi sleeps. She’s unguarded, right? Absolute Choices: To flip or not to flip. Kanade is about to become a demon but the wind almost blew it and made him back out. He thinks at this point he is already a horrible guy no matter what so if he is going to do it, he will do it straight up. A robber runs by so Kanade tries to protect Konagi. But here comes Ouka giving him a flying kick. In that instance, he sees Ouka’s panties. She’s wearing garter belt? Kanade gets a congratulatory message from God. Wait a minute. Didn’t he see Ouka’s? A call from God himself confirms that Ouka was wearing Konagi’s panties so it counts. They’re BFFs so they sometimes exchange stuffs. Oh, Konagi’s panties were a gift sent by her bodyguards. Freaking perverts! The girls are going to thank how cool Kanade is when the gust of wind blows up their skirt. But surprisingly it is Ouka who screams and runs away in embarrassment. She had no idea how embarrassing this is. Really. Meanwhile we see what happens had Kanade chose to become an underwear. It’s unsightly… Everyone is an underwear! He wants to be a garter belt???!!! Don’t even ask…

Episode 4
Chocolat becomes a new transfer student in Kanade’s class as the studies assistance pet. Don’t ask… She’s already popular with the boys… And then, Absolute Choices: Harem time or feel something good. Wait a minute. Good choices for once?! First one FTW! Chocolat shows off to Kanade that everyone loves giving her sweets. Furano thinks Chocolat is his sexual desires treatment pet and fondles her boobs. Kanade is shocked when his twin enters class! Oh wait. That is Ouka in a mask. When he unmasks her, he remembers about that flustering incident then. Could it be she still feels upset about it? Not anymore. She shows off the spats she is wearing underneath. Kanade thinks deep in the toilet when his harem time is going to start. Furthermore, it is odd that Absolute Choices were good. Suddenly a girl comes knocking on his door and wants to go out with him! Can this be true? Actually, turns out to be a girly guy. And a popular one! Kanade is chased by him throughout school and sends fujoshi ecstasy to all those sick girls. Including Chocolat. There are more macho guys gunning for his ass. Yeah. There is his harem. I don’t know how he got out of it but in a talk with Utage, we learn that those affected by Absolute Choices will lose their memories erased once it is done. She just laments that none of them screwed him. Although Utage has completed her missions and rid of her curse, there are still some limitations like when she tries to tell him things, she is ‘blocked’. She suggests asking that freeloader for help but since he describes her as a lazy, snack eating dog, Utage is appalled that he let someone like that live with him. So when he goes back, God calls him. He can prove he has the powers of God to stop an apple falling from his tree or change all his porn pictures in his computer into tapeworms. However there are some things he cannot do due to some rules, blah, blah, blah. Such as called in his world, curses. In short, he has no idea about the missions and can’t interfere with it. God leaves him hanging for a while like as though he has discovered some super revelation. But it turns out he needs to intervene or else some super bomb will destroy the universe in some world.

Kanade talks to Chocolat and when she says she feels like she is liking him more and more every day, he starts to hesitate but since he can’t fully bring himself to accept that, he continues treating her like a dog, in which she obliges. The class is supposed to do something in a party to welcome the first years. Everyone puts in their decent ideas. But not so decent ones from Furano and Ouka. A Where’s Wally spoof guessing game? Using some x-ray visions to see one’s innards? Oh, here’s Chocolat’s idea: Put all the boys in swimsuit and make them wrestle each other. Think the guys will shoot it down? Because it’s a request from cutie Chocolat, they don’t think it’s a bad idea! Seriously, they’re really considering these sick ideas. The popular student council vice president, Souga Shishimori comes in to look for Kanade. No, no harem time. But he is interrupted by Furano and Ouka’s dumb jokes about his name. Then popular student council president, Seira Kokubyakuin comes in to have Kanade, Furano and Ouka join in a stage battle. Popular versus unpopular. Needless to say, Popular Five versus the Reject Five. However she leaves one spot open in the unpopular side for them to choose. Maybe she doesn’t know who the other one is? Because the fourth participant in the Reject Five is Karasu Yumeshima. The weirdest of the weirdest. Seira notices Chocolat and also notes she is so cute that she is not human. Things couldn’t get worse for Kanade because it’s mission time. Have all the girls who participate in the battle to say they like him. F*ck this sh*t… Lastly, this is what happens if Kanade chose to feel good. He is indeed feeling good surrounded by busty harem girls. Too bad that is his delusion as he lies on his death bed. Even the doctor and nurse think his expression is creepy. Just die already…

Episode 5
Based on Chocolat’s statement that she likes lots of things, this gives Kanade the idea of the difference of love and like. So he goes up to Ouka to ask if she likes him as a human. Yes. That’s one girl clear! Then he goes to Furano to ask the same thing. She is surprised that he is human… Anyway she hates him. This one isn’t going to be easy. Kanade is dismayed with the return of his little sister, Yuragi Hakoniwa. She is his childhood friend who treats him (and everyone else) like a big brother or acts like a little sister. She was supposedly to be in America but due to changes she ended up in Africa. And since the place didn’t have decent school facilities, she came back here. Chocolat and Yuragi introduce each other and the latter wants the former to be her big sister. Only thing is, she is treating her like a pet… Absolute Choices: Ditch her the cold way or forever follow her like a geek. Kanade acts like the heartless guy who dumps her but Yuragi loves his super sadistic side and doesn’t mind becoming a super masochist. It just got worse… Yuragi is also introduced to Ouka and Furano. Want them to be her big sisters too? The rest think Yuragi should be part of their group. Kanade thinks that with her around, it will be easier for him to clear his mission. And so Yuragi becomes the fifth member. As the girls take turns mocking Kanade’s smell and hugging him all over, this strikes a nerve with Furano. Kanade could sense a deadly aura from her and when she walks up to him, she gives him a powerful punch in the gut!

All the members of the battle except Yumeshima are here in the briefing committee. The match will be one on one and the side that gets the most victories, wins. Popular Five’s line-up as follows: Souga, Konagi, Ayame Reikadou, Touya Yoshiwara and finally Seira. Because Kanade can’t help stare at Ayame’s huge boobs, this made Yuragi allow him to stare at her flat chest all she wants. As Ayame becomes arrogant and comparing hers to Furano, they enter into some boobs showdown. Kanade is forced to stop their fight thanks to Absolute Choices either telling them to end it right now or that but pinching his nipples. No brainer… When he chooses the first, they give him this f*ck-off stare. Yuragi asserts she will always be by his side and loves him. Thanks to that, Kanade got another girl clear for his mission. But Souga is not so happy. Because he has 5 younger sisters, he is sick of this archetype. So Yuragi acts like a badass sister before turning into a tsundere. WTF?! When Chocolat enters, Touya falls in love with her. Although he doesn’t want to rush into marriage, he wants to make babies first! And then Absolute Choices: Proclaim he is going to make all the girls here say they like him or have them love him but their memories won’t be erased. Damn it… First option… Now it gets harder to clear the mission. So as he laments about that back home, Chocolat has just got a book on how to get girls to say he likes him… Don’t need it! So in class, Furano asserts she’ll never say that word no matter what reason. However she gets disturbed to learn Ouka has already said it. And she says it again. She leaves the room. Something feels wrong. Meanwhile, this is what happens if Kanade picked pinching his nipples. It has become a greeting norm in the future! And those people who do their research on the origins of this think people in the past are really stupid…

Episode 6
Furano feels jealous… Kanade makes his move to complete his mission. First he calls out to Konagi to meet him. Though he feels bad to make a pure girls say that, under the pretence that girls hate him and thought having a cute girl like her saying she likes him even if it’s a lie to give him the will to go on, just when Konagi is about to say it, those bodyguards show up to take him away and beat him up. Konagi returns to apologize for what has happened. She thinks he is a nice person and says she likes him just to answer his question. Though, she’s quite flustering about it. When she runs away, the bodyguards return to give him round 2. Seriously, somebody should stop that gay guy who wants to screw Kanade’s ass! Kanade targets Ayame next but this one might be tough since she is the S&M type. Using a topless guy as her chair? He gets straight with her but she wants him to go on his knees and beg. But when he does so, she couldn’t believe he did it and won’t keep her end of the promise. Then Absolute Choices: Reveal her fake boobs are made of silicon and threaten her or change his name to Kanade And I Will Always Love You! Since he blurts the first option in disbelief, Ayame is worried her secret may be exposed and takes him away. She takes off her top just to prove a point and then forces herself to say she likes him. Well, another girl cleared. Ayame wants an explanation of this pointless thing he is doing. It’s hard to explain. Like her harsh behaviour. He needlessly finds out she acts this way because her childhood friend likes moody girls… Because she is so pissed that she said that, her anger causes her bra to break… Wooo… Fanservice! It’s like her boobs just wanted to bust out and break free, eh? Furano seems to drop a flyer, whereby White Piggy, a famous toy character that UOG is pushing is having an event. Behind the flyer is Furano’s handwriting that she loves it. Furano screams in embarrassment upon knowing Kanade has seen it and gives him a knockout neck chop. And so Kanade is made to wear White Piggy mascot suit and entertain the kids. This is part of Chocolat’s idea that since Furano likes this, she will turn up at the event and confess she likes the piggy. The indirect confession counts, right? Too bad she was so excited that she had a fever…

As Kanade makes his rounds throughout town, he sees Furano stealing glances and secretly taking photos. He lets her get closer and touch her which brings her squealing with delight. She loses control and hugs the mascot. So different her character that it makes you wonder if this is really the Furano you know. Yuragi, who is on a big brother or big sister hunt (trying to add more to her list? No wonder people are fleeing her), could have spoilt everything so Kanade distracts her and then carries Furano away to run. It’s funny to see a girl dating the pig mascot. At the end of the day, Furano hopes he could listen to her little request. She talks about her strange behaviour that odd words come out from her mouth whenever she tries to speak. Because of that she can’t speak normally and thinks everyone has this weird image of her. Kanade is giving sarcastic comments to himself till he hears she feels sorry about this boy who always talked to her and she always beat him up. She feels she can’t find a way to apologize. She also fears because of her weak self, if she shows her true self he might hate her. Kanade pats her head and Furano feels glad White Piggy is trying to cheer her up. She hugs him, thanks him and confesses she likes him. Technically it counts so that’s another girl cleared for Kanade. However… Absolute Choices time: Get out of the costume now or have his memories of Furano’s natural state deleted along to his porn collection he has worked so hard in collecting. As Kanade can’t let Furano know he is eavesdropping behind this mascot, I guess it’s option 2. And so he doesn’t know how he got Furano cleared but what the heck. He thinks of going back to enjoy some of his porn and to his dismay, it’s all gone!!! Furano is happy she got to talk and be with White Piggy. She hopes one day she’ll be able to talk this openly to Kanade. Then she’ll be happy. Lastly, this is what awaits Kanade had he opted for that name change option. In an interview, he is made to repeat his full name again and again. The interviewer turns out to be love-starved Daiko and he is accepted! Yeah. She will always love you too.

Episode 7
Trying to organize who goes first, here comes Yumeshima! We see why he is the weirdest of the weirdest. Bandages fully wrapped around his head. Maniacal laughter. Doesn’t want to be leader of this group and quickly writes who he wants to fight with and runs away. Kanade tries to go after him but bumps into Seira. Noting she is the last person on the list, he asks the question but she only phrases it that she doesn’t hate him. This is going to be tough. She makes a deal with him. If Reject Five wins the battle, she’ll say those words he wants. Otherwise… He’ll find out. Kanade returns and is serious to be the team’s captain. But the rest don’t give a damn and continue their antics. So here is battle day and we have broadcasting club president, Taichi Miyazumi as the host as well as Utage the co-host and picking a number on the screen that corresponds with the type of battle.

Match 1: Acting – Souga vs Yuragi
The girls are screaming over the hotness of Souga. The guys find total moe in having Yuragi be their little sister. Souga starts off well. So good his acting that everyone can see the non-existent fish he is holding! But Yuragi is better… She can ‘smell’ the ‘other woman’. She turns yandere and stabs him with a non-existent knife! So good you can even see and feel the horror! Due to the extreme graphic of non-existent blood flying everywhere and extreme superb acting, Yuragi wins the first round.

Match 2: Wrestling – Konagi vs Ouka
Ouka seems to be the aggressive one having fun doing all the submission moves on timid Konagi. When it’s time to do the finishing move, Konagi slips and this causes Ouka to slide out of the ring and onto Kanade. Because somehow her bloomers are down and revealing her panties in his face, she runs away in embarrassment. Now that she is in depression and unable to continue, the round goes to Konagi.

Match 3: Nicknames – Ayame vs Furano
Both sides need to come up with appropriate nicknames and the best one wins. Yeah. They’re squaring off with boobs. However I feel Furano’s insults are better due to sarcasm while Ayame feels a lot plain. Furano’s nicknames which contain ‘truthful information’ about Ayame’s boobs send the crowd puzzling. Furano nails with the nickname “Silicone Boobs” and starts fondling it to prove her point. But it’s natural…  Ayame’s “Boob Fondling Woman” ends the match and receives the highest score so it is Popular Five’s win. However Furano feels the real victory belongs to her… I agree… Also, she lied about Ayame’s natural boobs so in this sense she owes her one.

Match 4: Insults – Touya vs Yumeshima Chocolat
Insults? WTF?! It’s time for Yumeshima’s debut but it turns out he is just a dummy as he has to go back as his ‘crows are calling’. Reject Five will lose the overall battle if they forfeit this match. Touya thinks it won’t be fun and so he is allowed to choose his battle partner: Chocolat! But Chocolat doesn’t know what insult means! When she is briefed the gist of it, she gives the lamest insults to him. Touya forfeits because he can never insult a girl. I guess for this ‘sacrifice’, he scored lots of points with the screaming girls.

Match 5: Rock-scissors-paper – Seira vs Kanade
The final battle of the captains. Seira is so popular that both sides of the gender are screaming in support. Kanade on the other hand is so unpopular that not even a cricket chirp is heard. Deafening silence… Suddenly! Absolute Choices! Make a lame pun or become a drain! Another no brainer. Picking the first one since he must complete this mission. So when the rock-scissors-paper begin, Kanade beats Seira! Oh my! He won! Reject Five won! Eh? The last battle was easily over? Not pretty exciting, huh?

With that, Seira is going to keep her end of the promise now and to make things more exciting. She goes up to the microphone and confesses she loves Kanade as a man! Then she hugs him! Most shocking and scandalous scene ever! But Kanade is dumbfounded that he should have cleared the mission but no congratulation message. Then it hit him: new entry Chocolat is left. Because Kanade is in the monkey grasp of Seira, he cannot leave and is forced to yell to Chocolat at the stands if he loves him. She does. Now he gets the congratulatory message but also earns the scorn of all the kids in school. They’re throwing everything they’ve got! But for Kanade’s ‘harem girls’, they’re not looking so thrilled about hearing that. Lastly, this is what happened if Kanade chose to be a drain… Hot water gushing down his ‘throat’!!!!!!!!!

Episode 8
Kanade has to sneak in to school because everybody wants to kill him! There is only how far he can run before getting caught and beaten up. In class, Furano continues her sarcasm, Ouka is acting uncomfortable and Seira makes it worse by hugging her lover. He takes her away to ask the meaning of this. She asks if he has fallen in love with someone. He remembers being quite popular in middle school till this Absolute Choices ruined his life. As for why Seira is doing this, she feels frustrated and in actuality, a certain person should be fulfilling this role. As he heads back to class, Absolute Choices forces him to: 1) Hug Chocolat; 2) Hug Furano; 3) Hug Ouka! Oh man, 3 choices!!! He has to go with Chocolat since it would be dangerous to choose the rest. Then it’s like something struck her. Before everybody could get upset and throw things, Chocolat tells them off not to blame Kanade. It’s not his fault. Hey wait a minute. Chocolat is cool and composed? Is this the real Chocolat? Taking her up to the rooftop, it seems Chocolat has regained her memory. It happened this morning when she fell off the bed and hit her head hard. Although her memories weren’t completely returned, it took his warm hug to revert everything back. She apologizes for him having to see her pathetic side. That’s when Furano walks in to give her sarcasm about this new role play. Chocolat guesses this is the way they express their love. Furano stops short of poking Kanade’s eyes and leaves. Chocolat notes she is envious of their relationship. Even back home, Chocolat becomes a useful person and cooks for him! This is making him worried? Shy and bashful Chocolat… So cute? But causing such awkward situation. As she is not a glutton as before, she can’t finish all the extra food she cooked so Kanade takes it upon himself not to waste. To take responsibility, she even wants to feed him! And during bath she also wants to scrub his back… And front! Don’t get your hopes up this is going to turn into an ecchi episode…

Once Kanade has composed himself, he wants her to explain the situation. From what I understand, she is a servant of God. She was a hard worker till one day she lost her memory and become a lazy oaf. As she spent her days goofing around, she got an order from ex-God to go to Kanade. Right after that, this ex-God got into an affair and became pregnant. The shock made her a shut-in with a baby insider her and thus another God (the current one) is assigned to that position. That’s when Chocolat fell out of the sky, lived a gluttonous carefree life till she regained her memories. Kanade remembers that God told him the ex-God wasn’t responsible for his Absolute Choices so there must be another God before her. As Chocolat doesn’t know much, the best she can do is take care of him. Kanade almost choke when Chocolat genuinely says she loves him. It’s not joke. Then it’s like she gets a little horny (the desperate kind) and goes on top of him. She wants him to kiss her if he wants to rid of this curse. If he doesn’t, she’ll kiss him. Kanade is in a dilemma whether to do it or not when a tin can falls on Chocolat’s head and knocks her out. Next day… She’s back to the gluttonous freeloader we know… Disappointed? Yeah well, Kanade says he prefers to watch her eating. Oh God, don’t tell me you prefer this stupid Chocolat… And I guess it’s not only him because the rest of the class prefers this version as she devours all their snacks. Seira gives Kanade a ticket to Aqua Galaxy, an indoor pool. This is reward for Reject Five for winning the battle and all are invited. Everyone rejoice except for Furano because it means swimsuits and she doesn’t have the boobs for it… It gets worst when Kanade receives another mission: Take a picture of Ouka’s crying face at Aqua Galaxy! F*CK! Lastly, we see Kanade pretty comfortable thinking he has not received Absolute Choices for a while. He even gets cocky thinking God has run out of ideas. And then here it comes… Get pervy with a rock or a daikon? Either way, he’s screwed. And the girls are watching this disgusting act…

Episode 9
Furano rejects Kanade’s invite to the pool. He is really going to give up and she wishes he would try harder. So she has no choice but to take it but with excuse that she’ll feed the ticket to her goat. So Utage drives the gang to Aqua Galaxy and she’s drifting all the way! Wait a minute. A short loli driving? How the hell can she see?! Kanade remembers last night Chocolat gave him a book on how to make girls cry. He didn’t want it initially but saw a method using onion extracts. So he’s keeping the book as last resort. His hell begins when Absolute Choices makes him choose about his trunks. So he opted for ‘smallest in the history of mankind’. Those words are written on his trunks. Also, he has to lift Utage up like a kid instead of running to her as his mom. She understands his Absolute Choices is acting up but when he is forced to mention her flat boobs, she beats him up. There has got to be a limit for all this. Yuragi is on an onii-chan hunt but is scaring little boys. Furthermore, they call her onee-chan and it’s making her depressed… As for Chocolat, she’s admiring all those muscle man and dreaming of some gay pairing with Kanade… Furano is also secretly at the pool. She regrets turning him down but feels uncomfortable to show herself with the other girls who are big boobs. Kanade is looking for Ouka to complete his mission when he bumps into Seira, Konagi and Ayame. Seira has her friends help out to look for his separated girls. Seira advices him not to just concentrate on Ouka and not forget Chocolat and Furano too. Slow and steady wins the race. Kanade later sees a pile of men. Yuragi and Ayame in a showdown. Yuragi’s big brothers versus Ayame’s masochist pigs! Once all the guys are wiped out, the girls continue with their water pistol fight. Because of Ayame’s humongous boobs, she cannot balance well and falls down. Yuragi thinks she has the upper hand when Ayame turns the tables on her. Yuragi fires her pistol. She gets knocked out when her boobs hit her own face. And then she falls flat on Yuragi, suffocating her. Double KO.

Kanade sees Chocolat as the judge of Mr Aqua Galaxy. Yeah, she’s having lots of yaoi comments. I think everybody there is gay because they agree with her. Since Seira is around, Kanade wonders why she is helping her although she dismisses that she just wants him to have a good time. She also hints to be nice to a ‘white kitten’ who can’t be honest with herself and warns he’ll regret it if he tries to cheat. Kanade eventually bumps into Furano and is surprised to see her here. Although she puts up a tough front to act all high and mighty when in her heart she is embarrassed as hell. When Kanade finally finds Ouka and Konagi, the former is fresh finishing a ride and wants more so she drags Kanade along. As they ride the roller coaster, Kanade tries to act tough that she better not cry. Is Kanade on the verge of crying? Ouka mentions she hasn’t cried for years. Because mommy told her that girls will show their tears when they are happy and to the person they love. Just like how daddy got rough with mummy and hit her with enough force. Isn’t that wife abuse?! When the roller coaster ride starts, Kanade screams like a little girl and unknowingly grabs Ouka’s boobs. That ruined her fun so she too starts screaming. In the end, Kanade passes out and has no memories. Ouka seems relieved that he doesn’t remember but when Kanade’s Absolute Choices has him say he wants to touch those soft things (her hand), she flusters and runs away. Time is running out so Kanade is forced to do his onion extract move. He confronts Ouka as she learns it wasn’t her boobs but her hands he was talking about. Kanade is dead serious and seeks her forgiveness. He’ll accept whatever punishment comes later. As he is about to fire his pistol, Absolute Choices makes him: 1) Shoot 10 times up his own ass; 2) Shoot twice into his nose. Knowing he is screwed and that he can’t cheat, he points the gun up his nose, much to Ouka’s horror.

Episode 10
Actually Ouka is laughing her ass off because of Kanade’s stupid facial expression. Chocolat and Yuragi decide to go to the haunted house but Ouka seems reluctant. Aha. Kanade is going to bet on this last stake to make Ouka cry out of fear. This haunted house… Looks like an alien specimen experiment museum…  They get chased around by weird aliens. Ouka is crying and Kanade is about to whip out his camera. But she takes it and throws it at the monster. Damn it broke. When Kanade finds her alone, she starts acting like a child and wants him to carry her and call her by her first name. A big monster starts chasing them and the path branches. Absolute Choices has him choose the path that exits quickly but Ouka will stop crying or the path that doesn’t and she will cry longer. He could accomplish his mission if he opts for the second one but seeing her pitiful state, he chooses the first one. As they exit, Furano sees Kanade carrying Ouka and her heart starts breaking. Chocolat and Yuragi are planning what to do next when Seira interrupts them. She tells Chocolat that her duty may be ending very soon. When Ouka wants Kanade to carry her like a princess, he slips and falls on top of her. Seems she has no memory since entering the haunted house. She starts crying not because she is sad but feels happy because he was with her. Seira interrupts them to remind Kanade this is his last chance and hands him a camera. With Ouka’s permission, he snaps a shot of her happy crying face. Chocolat sees this and doesn’t feel good. She tries to hint to Kanade but that guy is so oblivious that Seira had to put it bluntly to his face. His curse will disappear if he falls in love with someone. He remembers why Chocolat was trying to kiss him then. Chocolat, Furano and Ouka accidentally meet. Chocolat comments how Kanade is always kind and having fun with them. It makes her feel jealous.

She goes to find Kanade again and asserts she loves him. No, not the kind of love she has for chocolates but the kind she wants to get married with. She holds him so tight that it could break his back. Furano tries to control herself when she sees this. Absolute Choices forces Kanade to confess to either one of the three. But there’s a fourth choice too. Something will happen to Aqua Galaxy. Because there is no way he can pick a choice and trample on someone else’s feelings, he picks the fourth option. Kanade asks Utage what that option means and suddenly the loli teacher starts trembling in fear! Oh sh*t. He might just be in the deepest trouble ever. Thinking this place will explode and that his selfishness caused everyone to be involved, he makes his way to the announcer room to tell everyone to get out. Along the way, he has to put up with resistant groups like Yuragi and her onii-chan members, Daiko, Konagi’ bodyguards, Ayame and her masochist pig guys, Kyouka still drinking bottles load of Viagra and White Piggy mascot blocking their way. Once Kanade switches the loud speaker on, Chocolat bugs him for his answer. Now? Yes because it matters. Asking if he hates her, he denies it and likes her but not in the way she thinks. As she is important to him, he can’t reply half-heartedly. Although heartbroken, Chocolat says she still loves him. And then she reminds him the microphone is on. Oh no… Everyone heard this drama? Then it starts snowing. In the pool? Furano flusters when Kanade calls her by her first name. He never knew she had this side. Then Kanade gets involved in a snowball fight crossfire between Yuragi and Ayame’s side. Little sister versus the queen. And Utage seems passionate in taking bets about this ultimate battle in swimsuits. So this was what she was ‘trembling’ about? Then all the other factions including ordinary folks get involved in this big battle. Kanade is running for his life from Daiko and her ugly manly ladies. Hey, he chose this himself, right? You get what you deserve.

Choose Your Destiny!
1) Do not continue reading this blog… And DIE NOW!!!
2) Continue reading this long winded blog and risk sleep deprivation…

And so… Kanade is probably a masochist because it seems he has chosen to continue living with Absolute Choices as opposed to getting rid of it. Probably he has done a cost-benefit analysis of this. Imagine this. Had he chose to fall in love with one of them, he would have hurt the feelings of the other 2. It might have freed him from this curse forever but knowing the fact that he has hurt them will hurt him more and this would scar everyone forever for the rest of their lives. So by choosing nobody and continue to live with the curse, he will still have to face more silly options to come. Therefore don’t you think Kanade is such a masochist? Oh wait… Maybe there is a reason why he cannot choose… He wants a harem!!! Oh, if only that choice would appear. But as we know, having Absolute Choices means no walk in the park or life is never going to be a bed of roses.

The funniest part of the series has always been the kind of options that Absolute Choices lays out for him. Both of them are equally bad. Both of them are equally screwed up. And certainly it is like between the devil and the deep blue sea. I happen to notice that the first option is already bad enough but the second one is usually worse off than the first and thus Kanade’s tendency to pick the first on in a hopes that it is the one that would leave the least regrets or at least do not hurt others. If a choice that forces him to decide something that has something happen over him and something that will happen to others, he is very likely to pick the former. But like I said, in the end he himself gets screwed up. Once a popular guy before, eh? Yeah, now his popularity has even skyrocketed but for all the wrong reasons. But you have to respect this Kanade guy for carrying out all the choices he has made. It is no easy feat and it causes the rest to just give him that stare. But must he do so out loud and let everyone notice? Like when he decided to touch his boobs instead of Furano’s, shouldn’t he have done it quietly or go somewhere else alone and do it? Because as I see some of the options and missions feel like there is a trick to them like looking at Konagi’s panties or snapping of picture of crying Ouka. You know, the option didn’t spell out word for word that he needs to do it right this instant or say it out loud. Maybe Kanade is just panicking to get it over with so he gets it done right now, down and dirty with it. At the expense of losing respect from other people. Whenever he gets a congatulatory message from God for completing his mission, his handphone will ring and shake. The vibration is so ‘big’ that it makes him look like he is doing some sort of indecent belly dancing. Funny, actually. I thought he should get rid of his handphone and get a new one but I remembered that God will contact him no matter what. Even if his handphone is off…

This series has a great potential in terms of the storyline and romance in addition to the funny moments (which is of course the best part of the series). However I felt that there are things that baffled and prevented me from enjoying this series 100% (which means I enjoyed it 99% Haha!). I can understand if they don’t really want to give an explanation how Kanade got this curse. Maybe the Gods were just randomly picking which kid to amuse them and so happen they decide to make Kanade even more popular. From the way I see Furano act, something tells me that she has Absolute Choices too. I know this is a very big speculation but this is the only reason why I can think she puts up this split personality. Words get twisted once they leave her mouth seems like a convenient excuse. We see her very shy personality in the shadows and regrets putting that sadistic act to Kanade. If so, why does she continue to spout sadistic remarks to him every time? I’m sure that wanting to maintain such an image to him isn’t the real reason. Unless she is afraid that he will change after he finds out that she truly likes him or will just be left heartbroken as what Chocolat did in her bid to confess. But I still think that Furano is bound by her own Absolute Choices and I am guessing that she chose sadistic comebacks instead of the other which I feel is something that makes her go lovey-dovey.

The biggest mystery goes to Seira and because she acts and hints like she knows about Kanade’s curse, it could mean one thing: She is the former God! Hah. I know that this is just a very big rumour but think about this. How does she know what to do and even give him hints and gentle reminders? With her ever smiling face, it just makes everything too suspicious about this student council president. Speaking about God, the way they are portrayed here seems like they are carefree and whimsical beings that only exist to see us in torment. In this anime, that would be Kanade. The one sending Absolute Choices to Kanade seems to be enjoying pretty much the decisions he make and we can sometime hear this Absolute Choices narrator voice snickering in the background, like as though knowing he’ll be screwed whatever choice he makes. I won’t be surprised if Kanade’s search for who this God is leads him to a former God, which leads him to a former God, which leads him to a former God, which leads him to a former God, which leads him to a former God… A wild goose chase. Yeah, that’s like screwing around with everything again.

The characters are quirky and weird and that is what makes them likeable. Or loath them if you do not like such weirdoes. But hey, everybody is a weirdo in his/her own way. So for Kanade who has been caught between a rock and a hard place, it is amazing he is still holding on to his sanity. After all, if he loses it I think that is when he will really lose so hang in there brother and good luck. Hah. Easier to watch other people suffer than to go through it yourself. Although this anime is romance genre, the way Kanade makes clear his stand on not hurting anyone (or that he wants a harem) shows that there isn’t going to be any love developments in this department. So be disappointed or be relieved because with this ‘postponement’ of who he loves, we get to see more silly antics from them. Which of the main girls in this series doesn’t like him? Chocolat has got a black hole stomach because who knows where everything goes when she devours all those fatty snacks and still could look sexy and busty. Personally, I love the kind and polite Chocolat instead of the clown one. It was just silly that she switches personality when something falls on her head. Hmm… Maybe that could be the catalyst. Either way, both Chocolat love Kanade not because he feeds and takes care of her good but because of his kindness. Despite him being a weirdo but that is thanks to Absolute Choices. Oddly for Chocolat, she has this fujoshi tendency too… And where does she get those thick books that is supposedly to help Kanade in completing his mission? Because it feels like the writer (whom I believe is God) is making a big joke with all of his ‘solutions’.

Furano’s deadpan sarcasms and wry sense of humour never cease to amuse me and it’s like she has this talent for it. Her shy split personality makes her even more interesting and just like Kanade, I feel she is also caught between a rock and a hard place. The cold side of hers will never allow her to admit she likes him but each time she sees Kanade with other girls, it just breaks her heart. So how long can she endure this torture? It happens so often lately that it’s getting annoying. You just want to scream out and yell to her and to confess her true feelings right now. Oh, she has this inferior boobs complex too… Ouka on the other hand is always lively and cheerful so it’s rare to see her in other emotions. She’s so carefree that you think she lacks any sort of decency to be a girl but oddly gets so flustered when she gets her panties seen. But then again just like Furano, she may be putting up such an act to hide her love for Kanade. For the time being, it seems there isn’t going to be any cat fight whatsoever seeing that everybody is calm after Chocolat’s public confession to Kanade. Maybe it’s the fact that they know he isn’t going to choose one of them now and still have a chance.

The rest of the girls don’t feel like part of the harem although they may have future potential. Yuragi will always love Kanade as her onii-chan and nothing more. Because she is so obsessed in amassing her own group of onii-chan guys, I guess you can forget her about being the front runner in getting Kanade’s heart. Ayame the queen also feels the same thing. Her showdown with Kanade shows that she might have a thing for him. But it could be me just over thinking because she would prefer her men to be masochist pigs. I think this will be some sort of a running gag in the series if it had more episodes. Little sister versus the queen. When Seira confesses to Kanade, you don’t know whether she put up a very good act or likes him for real. She is so cool and mysterious that you can never tell. Konagi may have something for Kanade but I figure she is so shy and her bodyguards are always by her side, it is unlikely she will make any sort of move. Speaking of her bodyguards, they’re just weirdoes. Although there is a delinquent, a hot guy and an otaku, the fourth one looks like a gay and is always gunning for Kanade’s ass! It makes you think how the hell did he end up as Konagi’s bodyguard if he is so much interested in Kanade’s ass? And the bodyguards are so infatuated in beating him up that they are oblivious to other more dangerous people hitting on Konagi at the same time. Fail!

Then there’s Utage the ‘legal loli’ who seems like she is just bored with everything. Maybe as an ex-victim of Absolute Choices, it zapped out her energy and is just tired of life. It’s like she worries about Kanade’s predicament but also doesn’t care about it. Yumeshima’s brief appearance in the anime didn’t do much except screw things up for Kanade’s plan. But it could have been double mayhem if he sticks around. So it’s better for him to be absent? I later learn that there is another member of Reject Five. Because if you really count, there are only four who appeared, right? I found out from Wikipedia she is Himeru Hisoka and does not appear in the anime. Yet. Imagine all hell will break loose if all the rejects were to show up. But why aren’t Yuragi and Chocolat added to the Reject Five? They could have become the Magnificent Reject Seven. I think it’s because they both have their own set of admirers unlike Furano and Ouka who have none.

There are fanservice elements in this series but mostly it is to add for the comedy effect. Like Ayame’s ridiculously over-sized boobs. And bouncy too. Even if those are fakes and all those dumb boys believe it is real, what else reason could it serve for us as fanservice? Of course if you like flat ones, there are Utage, Yuragi and Furano. The best part of the ‘fanservice’ goes to the one whereby Konagi ‘demonstrates’ the various typical censors. It was really funny just to think how true all those are. But I’m just thinking why the dark black hole censor wasn’t really added to the list. I suppose it falls under the blinding light category. Still, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to demonstrate it. So, 1) Thanks for the boobs; 2) Thanks for the pantsu. Diomedea is the production studio for this anime and if their cute character designs feel familiar, it’s because they’ve produced similar animes with such cute looking characters like Nogizaka Haruka No Himtsu, Kodomo No Jikan, Astarotte No Omocha, Chokotto Sister and even Shinryaku! Ika Musume.

The casts used for this series seems to be relatively unknowns. At least I’m not really familiar with all of them. The only one that I am familiar with is Jouji Nakata as the narrator for the series and Kanade’s pain-in-the-ass Absolute Choices. The way he narrates reminds me of that creepy narrator style he did in Amagami SS for Sae’s arc. The line-up for this series are Toshiyuki Toyonaga as Kanade (Shun in Kimi To Boku), Yui Kondou as Furano (Satomi in Level E), Kaori Sadohara as Chocolat (Tamae in Date A Live), Ayumi Tsuji as Ouka (Hatsumi in Saki Zenkoku-hen), Naomi Oozora as Yuragi (Suzy in Genshiken Nidaime), Hiromi Igarashi as Seira (Hina in Papa No Iukoto Wo Kikinasai), Rei Matsuzaki as Ayame (Nagahide in Oda Nobuna No Yabou), Misato as Konagi (Mana in Date A Live), Akiko Yajima as Utage (titular character in Crayon Shin-chan), Shinnosuke Tachibana as God (Nanamine in Bakuman S3) and Shiho Kokido as Daiko (Sai Lin in Magi – The Kingdom Of Magic).

The opening theme is S.M.L. by Afilia Saga, an all-female group associated with maid cafes and restaurants. Ooohh… Maids… The song sounds like a typical all-girls group. The odd and amusing thing about the opening credits animation is the handstand all the characters are trying to do. Again, it demonstrates the laws of gravity defied… Why can’t those skirts fall down if they go upside down and do a handstand? To add to the craziness of it all, you can see the characters wrestle, ride a UFO and even a cow getting abducted by aliens! I know it’s crazy but I don’t see how this is associated with choices. Or maybe everybody decided to do everything crazy. The ending theme is Taiyou to Tsuki No Cross by Two Formula and sounds like an anime rock pop. Afilia Saga takes the chance to narrate the next episode preview but it is actually some of them ranting on their views about the episode and some other funny antics before presenting the title of the next episode. Which happens to be also in the form of choices. I happen to notice that the first one is always picked. And it always ends with a cheeky choice of 1) Continue to watch this show; 2) Definitely continue to watch this show!

After watching this show, it proves and explains why there are lots of mad people in this world doing mad things. It may seem ridiculous to many and with this anime, people like me will start thinking if they are under the influence of Absolute Choices. You can’t explain the rational of them doing those embarrassing things, right? Right. So it must be Absolute Choices to blame. Maybe that is the reason why the world is so screwed up. But whatever the decisions we make, the options we decide, the path we choose, it boils down to us that decides. Other factors may influence us on our choice but it is ultimately you who made that decision. So whenever things go wrong, you can only blame yourself at least 50% and outside and other factors the most 50%. Makes sense, doesn’t it? So if you’re feeling bored and not sure what to do or have too many free time or tough choices to make, watch this anime series and remember to laugh out loud. I guarantee you won’t regret it unlike the Absolute Choices our main guy has to make here. So make a decision today, 1) Start watching this anime; 2) Re-watch this anime; 3) Turn your back on this anime. I must warn you if you pick the third choice, you won’t be laughing along with everyone but everyone will be laughing at you! Oh, you might need to strip naked and run down the street while yelling out loud you are a perverted paedophile. Are you ready to decide?

Infinite Stratos 2

July 5, 2014

Hello again and welcome back. Do we really remember what Infinite Stratos was about? Barely, huh? Do we really remember or even care that the basic setting is supposed to be a futuristic sports genre? Uh huh. Only females can pilot so called exo-skeletons that could have been men’s greatest war weapon of mass destruction and the use of such machines are only confined to sports. Didn’t care for all that, did you? Well, good news. Or bad, depending how you take it. The sequel Infinite Stratos 2 doesn’t necessarily need you to remember that because all we are here is to see that dumbest and most dense guy and his harem. Yes. This is how we should remember this series. Even the title of this sequel is so uninspired. Instead of some fancy second title like how most other animes are doing it, instead we just have a simple number. The lone guy in an entire academy filled with beautiful girls and is the object of desire from girls of several United Nations countries. He can never choose which girl he wants to end up with simply because he’s an idiot who doesn’t even know the girls are in love with him! So annoying! So irritating. But we like it. That’s why we are back to see how long this dude can maintain his streak of faggot-ness and how long the girls can persevere. In real life, many would have broken up with this bum but it seems in this sequel, he may just add a few more. Wow! I want to be this guy! I want to switch places with him! NOW! Or, I can just be content watching all the harem problems this guy gets into. So annoying. So irritating. But we love it.

Episode 1 (Special Edition)
This episode lasts for 39 minutes, more than your usual 24. So that’s 15 extra minutes worth of footage! Since I did not see the original first episode, I am guessing those extra scenes are fanservice ones… It begins with Ichika in a dream-like state. Some intense IS battle. And his sister Chifuyu strangles and kills him. Oh my. I hope this is not what this show is about. Because big sister got fed up with his imability to choose a future wife… Because this is what the show is supposed to be about… Ichika wakes up to find Laura sleeping with him! At least she is not naked and wearing a swimsuit. She shows him a flyer about the festival to commemorate the end of summer. Great idea. Get the hint? This dumb ass wants to invite the rest and Laura’s knife almost sliced his head. But did he learn? Cecilia returns from England after a week and because she’s thinking so much of Ichika, here he is! Delusion mode on. To add to her happiness, he invites her to the festival. Rin on the other hand sulking in her room, ruing that Ichika should have asked her out. Well, there’s a chance. He comes knocking on her door to ask her about the festival but since she is scantily dressed, she gives him a knockout punch. After Houki practises her sword, she takes a shower (my, how those boobs have greatly grown). Ichika is more careful this time as not to intrude and though he gets a glimpse of a little of a certain part, he manages to ask her out to the festival. You think she’d turn this down? Of all people, Ichika is asking her out!

I also feel this episode is somewhat a Laura-Charlotte bonding episode because we see them going out shopping together. Charlotte has Laura buy some feminine clothes and because the latter thinks too much about Ichika, she requests to try out a more revealing piece. Because the duo look like a hot couple, they started attracting admiration from other girls. Sheesh… Then at the cafe, the manager asks them if they want to work part time. Laura gets to be the maid and Charlotte looking so much like a guy gets to be the butler. But they’re setting hearts aflutter with their superb service. Suddenly a hostage takes place. The brazen terrorists do not hesitate to fire their machine guns as warning and can even kill. The police can’t get near. They get cocky enough to order Laura to bring them drinks. So Laura throws the ices in the air and uses them as her bullets. This is followed by some cool tackling and ass kicking by them. One of them wants to blow himself and everything up so our girls swiftly take their guns and fire to disarm the bomb! Superbly cool!!! I want them to be my butler and maid! Later they are at the seaside supposedly to get a mysterious crepe. They heard rumours if they eat mixed berry flavour crepe with the person they like, they’ll find true love. Unfortunately the mixed berry is out so they get strawberry and blueberry instead. A little yuri moment when Laura licks the cream off Charlotte’s face. Then they share each other’s crepe because technically it’s like eating mixed berries, right? Back home, the yuri switch must have turned on for Charlotte as they are dressed in cat pyjamas and they get really close with each other. Then Ichika comes in but since he is complimenting how cute they are, they let it slide. Of course he is here to ask Charlotte out for the festival.

An intruder is detected in the prohibited section of the base but thanks to those nanomachines in her body, no bullets can touch her and she’s like a killing machine. She is here to steal the secret IS. The rest of the security start to realize what they’re up against since she transforms into her IS mode, Silent Zephyrs. They think it could be Phantom Task but before they know it, here comes the big blast. Houki is one happy girl. She never thought Ichika would have aggressively asked her out and today is going to be a beautiful day. Till she sees the rest of the girls ahead. Long sour faces… Oh God. Then it hit her. That damn Ichika… How could he?! I thought it was only special between us?! And that bloody idiot still doesn’t get it why they’re so upset!!! At the pool, Cecilia suddenly whisks Ichika away on pretence that the others are waiting. Oh yeah… The girls think Cecilia is such a nice girl to buy them inflatables before they realize they’ve been had. Split up and search out for that b*tch! Cecilia is having a nice private time with Ichika but that doesn’t last long since she needs to hide when the rest come looking. She drags Ichika underwater and smothers him in her boobs. Once they resurface, the big waves ‘flush’ them to shore. Houki and Charlotte find Ichika and pick him up. I don’t even know how Cecilia got stranded on the statue top…

On the lover’s ride, Charlotte beats Houki in rock-scissors-paper for the right to ride down with Ichika. Girls have to sit in front of the boy and the guy has to hold her as close as possible. Embarrassing? Appalling to Houki. Wished she was the one? Before the duo can compose themselves, they already slide down. Thanks to the scariness, Ichika couldn’t help grab Charlotte’s boobs! Admit it Charlotte girl. Despite calling Ichika a pervert and giving him that stare, you liked it right?! Then he has to go back up for Houki. Not the ride again. Learning from his experience, this time he switches places. However he could feel Houki’s boobs pressing against his back. Worse? At the end of the slide, Houki feels a little embarrassed. She notes his back has gotten bigger. But Ichika needs to get back up for the other girls… Oh God. Does he need to do this for all of them?! To be fair… It is evening and the girls change into their yukata for the festival. As usual, the things they do during that include goldfish scooping, eating the standard festival foods like takoyaki and candy apple. All trying to vie for Ichika, eh? At the shooting stall, the girls prove they are sharp shooters. Because Laura wants the biggest prize, it is impossible with herself so the rest offer to help out and line up like soldiers to take it down. The end of summer has them playing sparkers. Meanwhile, Tatenashi Sarashiki tells us a very important announcement: It’s time for her debut. Yeah. See you next episode. And I think another special for this special episode is the full length ending theme.

Episode 2
Ichika is in a practice match with Rin and is on the winning streak. However his shield power wears out and this enables Rin to turn the tables on him. So while he goes analyzes what went wrong, he is greeted by Tatenashi. Who is this babe? No time to worry because she points out he is late for class. And he better come up with a better excuse than talking to a mysterious lady. Chifuyu thinks he prioritizes talking to mystery girls than coming to class and lets Charlotte handle the punishment. Gladly. Here comes the pain! During assembly, Ichika learns Tatenashi is the student council president. Didn’t know that, did he? She reminds everyone about the upcoming cultural festival. So what is Ichika’s class doing? I don’t know yet. But it seems every crazy idea has Ichika in it! They view Ichika has a duty to please them! Ichika is their property! WTF?! Till Laura comes up with a maid cafe. Everyone approves. Now they can put Ichika in a butler suit. Oh God… As he leaves for special training, he is surprised Tatenashi is assigned to be his coach. She views him very weak and he doesn’t take it lightly. He accepts her challenge that the loser must do whatever the winner wants. And so in this judo match, all Ichika has to do is to knock her down once but for Tatenashi, she must make him unable to continue. Really look down on him, huh? Of course, Ichika cannot even budge her as Tatenashi explains that being the student council president means the strongest in this academy. I suppose Ichika got desperate so when he grabs her top, he accidentally tears it open! Pervert! This is going to be costly. Yup. One punch in the face. Laura is looking for Ichika and overhears several girls talking about maintaining their appearance so she too tries to do her hair only to be spotted by Chifuyu. Trying to be feminine? She tells Laura she saw Ichika at the infirmary. But what she didn’t expect is to see him on a lap pillow of Tatenashi! Eliminate the enemy! Tatenashi easily deflects her charge. You can’t call yourself his bride if you can’t even win this…

Tatenashi introduces herself as Ichika’s special trainer to Charlotte and Cecilia and wants them to help out. She has them demonstrate some formation thingy. Ichika is really paying attention if not for Tatenashi’s seductive ways of blowing in his ear. Charlotte and Cecilia see this and lose focus, crashing into each other. Now Ichika has to demonstrate with Cecilia. I don’t understand or care about all the mumbo jumbo about his firing and shield. In a nutshell, because Ichika is just a lousy shooter, his best bet is close range fighting. Tired Ichika goes back to his room only to see Tatenashi in naked apron!!! Is she his wife now?! Bath or dinner first? Or her? Special coach means special synchronization by sleeping with him, right? Oh, Tatenashi… You’re such a great tease. She loves to see his reaction. And then… Houki is on her way to his room to bring dinner. She heard Ichika not wanting her to come in. She also hears a woman’s voice behind. That bastard! Cut down the door! Cut down that b*tch! Tatenashi easily protects and disarms Houki. Heh. What will happen if you kill the only guy in this show? Don’t want that to happen, no? Ichika continues his Spartan training under Tatenashi but can’t focus since his thoughts are on Houki’s ‘scolding’ that he is pretty submissive to older women. Then he crashes… Try again… He is so tired out that his usual harem girls don’t even have the heart to pick on him (about Tatenashi) or see this rare chance to seduce him (since that president is not around). Pitiful. What more, his morale is so low that he might be the weakest made the girls cheer him up that they like guys who try their best. And also maybe a little chance to persuade him to come to their room… Trying to take advantage when he is not on his guard? And so the argument to get Ichika come to their room because they have cards to play (?!) begins. But he is too tired to answer and falls asleep. Shhh! The girls will have to make do seeing his sleeping face. Awww… Cute.

Episode 3
Now Tatenashi is waiting for Ichika… In bed! He of course locks himself in the toilet but she gets pushy and cuts down the door! She wants her massage now! I suppose for starters and motivation, she massages his face in her boobs… And so the day of the festival is here. There is a long queue outside the maid cafe. All the girls are swooning over Ichika the butler. They want him. At least Charlotte is dressed as a maid. Rin becomes lucky number one as Ichika becomes her waiter. There is this item on the menu on the set called Treat For Your Butler. Ichika tries to persuade her to choose something else but she insists. Now she needs to feed him snacks. Initially shy, Rin gets the hang of it. However the rules state he cannot feed her. So she nibbles the snack while she is sulking. Ichika notes she is cute. Gasp! Is it true? Yup. Cute like a squirrel. Neck chop! And that guy doesn’t even know why she’s so upset! There is this lady, Reiko Makigami coming over to Ichika’s table and trying to persuade-cum-pressure him to use her company’s equipment for his Byakushiki. He tries to turn her down but she is rather pushy. His classmate Takatsuki ‘saves’ him that other customers are waiting for him. She also gives him a 30 minutes break. Cecilia wants to come along. So does Houki. Charlotte too. And Laura. All want to go together? Can’t leave the cafe unattended. The winner of the rock-scissors-paper: Cecilia! Lucky b*tch! They’re trying out some instruments and after Ichika blows the horn, he passes it to Cecilia to try. She is hesitating about this indirect kiss but she took too long that the music girl changed the mouth piece. Wasted opportunity. When Ichika gets back to work, Tatenashi is here in a maid’s outfit. But she has him help out in an important matter. She makes him put on some prince clothing and crown and to wait on stage.

And so we hear her narrate about some twisted Cinderella story. It’s no longer a name but a title. The kind of title you get when you completely destroy and annihilate your enemies! So hear is tonight’s deal, there is some confidential information in the crown that the girls must get. And they’re really dying to get it because Rin is trying to kill him! She assures her weapons are safe. Yeah, right. But the way she uses her force is as good as killing him, right? But Ichika is good at running… And dodging… Even escaping Cecilia’s sharp sniper shoots. We see a short flashback why the girls are bent on ‘killing’ him. Tatenashi told his harem that however gets the crown will get the rights to be Ichika’s roommate. As the student council president, she CAN make it happen! OMG… That crown is so mine!!! Charlotte helps Ichika out but of course she is not as violent as the rest and asks nicely for his crown. He is willing to give it to her but it seems he can’t take it off. Each time he does, he will be electrocuted! Sorry, Charlotte. When Ichika protects Charlotte like a princess, holding her close to him, it just pisses off Rin and Cecilia so much that they intensify the attack till they fall down the cliff. Although safe, Ichika continues to run and leaves Charlotte behind. Thanks for nothing. Now he has to face off with knife wielding Laura! Tatenashi adds spice to it by firing her artillery cannons. Ichika like a true hero saves her before leaving her all alone. Thanks for that too… And now for Houki… She also helps him up to a tower. Then Tatenashi unleashes a boulder on them. Run! When it passes, it’s a showdown between Houki and Laura. Looks like they have to take care of each other first. Laura cut her clothes but why must Houki cut Ichika for seeing? No logic… But time is up because Tatenashi opens this ‘contest’ to all the girls! Walk-in participants! Holy cow! It’s getting crowded! Can Ichika become Usain Bolt? Suddenly he is dragged underneath a trapdoor. It is Makigami. However she beats him up. I don’t think she is part of the game or after his crown. She is here to steal his Byakushiki. He has no choice but to transform to fight this crazy b*tch.

Episode 4
Autumn (Makigami’s real name) transforms into her IS form, Arachne and it begins the intense battle. Chifuyu has detected an unknown IS fighting with Byakushiki and orders the evacuation of the rest but has Ichika’s harem station at specific points. Ichika uses what he learns into good use but eventually not good enough and gets caught in Arachne’s web. She reveals she is from an evil organization called Phantom Task and it was them who kidnapped him during the second Mondo Grosso incident. She puts some creepy gadget on him to steal Byakushiki. Meanwhile Rin and Cecilia are facing off with an incoming powerful enemy, M operating in the stolen Silent Zephyrus. Cecilia is stunned to see this and cannot fight properly. They are forced to run when M turns to tables on them. Tatenashi is here to save Ichika. But she gets stabbed! Don’t worry. The strongest girl can’t die that easily, right? Turns out it is a water projection. The real Tatenashi explains her IS, Mysterious Lady controls water and mist. Not just ordinary water and mist as they are equipped with nanomachines. Tatenashi seems to have the upper hand against Autumn and even enjoys teasing her. And then it’s like Tatenashi lose on purposely. Autumn thought she has Tatenashi in her trap but when Tatenashi hints that the humidity of this place causes one to sweat… I guess she realizes that it’s game over. With a snap of her finger, Autumn experiences explosions within her armour since the mists are able to seep into the cracks of her armour.

Ichika has the honour to finish her off but as Autumn escapes, she is assisted by M. Autumn is not happy as she has not requested for assistance. Ichika fights M but is no match since his shield energy is dropping like crazy. In the end, the baddies must flee since they are outnumbered. Autumn takes the core from Arachne and lets her IS march towards the girls. It’s going to explode! Thankfully Tatenashi’s water protects everybody. Thankfully too, the girls are knocked out because they could have been really mad to see this: Tatenashi over Ichika and her boobs in his face. She even asks his opinion about her boobs! Soft. Back at the base, Autumn is going to kill M for interfering but their boss, Squall calls them to quit it. M retreats to her room, convinced that in no time, she will get her revenge and finally reunite with her… Hmm… Doesn’t M look like Chifuyu? Tatenashi explains to Ichika why Chifuyu assigned her to protect him since she foresaw evil organizations targeting his Byakushiki. Besides, her family has always been working in secret operations. On to some not so serious stuff, she tells him about the purpose of the crown during the Cinderella play. He is appalled that is not told about this. Well, duh… And since Tatenashi is the one who got his crown, looks like she’ll continue to be his roommate. Oh Lord…

Episode 5
Ichika is being told to send something to some part of the academy he never knew existed by Yamada. Suddenly he is being attacked from all sides and a sack is covered over his head. I can pretty much guess who those 5 shadowy figures are… The next time he opens his eyes, he is tied down to a chair. And then on stage is Yamada in a cow girl outfit as the moderator of a battle to see who can please Ichika the most! I know what this is going to be about… Houki is the first contestant and she’s in a fox priestess outfit. Doesn’t it look a little revealing? She’s a little shy. He’s a little shy. Oops, spilled the tea. Don’t mind. The mood was romantic enough but Yamada had to spoil it since time is up. There are other contestants, you know. Before Houki is forced off the stage, Ichika wants to touch her… fox ears. Duh… Next is Cecilia in a Playboy bunny suit. She is going to teach him to play billiards. Of course the way she teaches him is some sort of fanservice. Then as she makes him try, she gets too close to him. Relax those muscles… How can he when her boobs are pressing against his body? When he finally pockets the ball, time is up. Ichika expresses this as fun and hopes to do it again something. Delighted, Cecilia? Next up is Charlotte. I thought she was a sheep. But apparently that scantily bikini makes her a French poodle. She tries to feed cookies to him with her mouth. As this appals the rest, it slips and the cookie ends up in her cleavage. Wait a minute. You don’t think… Would he? However Yamada disqualifies her for being lewd. WTF?! I thought anything goes?

Next is black bunny Laura. They play darts to win prizes. How come Ichika won Laura’s swimsuit?! As Yamada explains, due to budget constraints, some of the prizes are Laura’s belongings. WTF… Somehow Laura’s show ended prematurely. In the dark, Ichika is whisked away by Tatenashi. Can’t let the girls have all the fun, eh? She wants him to meet somebody next time. She’s serious. How can he take her seriously when she’s flirting all over him like a cat? Then here comes Rin trying to give Tatenashi her kicks because she supposedly stole her cat outfit while she was distracted watching Ichika ogling Charlotte’s boobs. Tatenashi makes her escape and the harem girls want to punish Ichika. It always must come down to this, right? Everyone is ordered to the main stage for the final event. Chifuyu in a maid’s outfit?! What gives? Say a word and she’ll kill him! I guess he has to play along as she feeds him dessert. Then it turns out to be a celebration for Ichika’s birthday? That guy doesn’t even remember? Yeah, big sister says he has a habit of forgetting it. Everybody is having a nice time till Yamada asks which one of those performances he enjoyed. Dokidoki… His answer is… Chifuyu! WTF?! He thought he would be neutral, right? Wrong! Everybody got upset! So disappointed. They give him the best present ever: Beating him up. And that guy still doesn’t get why they’re so mad. On this way home, he comes into M. She reveals her real name as Madoka Orimura. She is him and in order for her to remain as herself, she will take his life. She shoots at him.

Episode 6
Ichika was quick enough to avoid the first shot. Laura saved him from the second. Madoka flees as she is not fond of being outnumbered. Since Laura didn’t have her eye-patch, Ichika comments how beautiful her eye is. Like a gemstone. This causes her to reveal she was looking for him to have a chance to be alone together. And then she beats him up. What does this guy do to deserve that? Ichika and Charlotte are in some escort mission. Seems Charlotte asked the other girls but they were busy with something else. Till Ichika came along… Blessing in disguise? True enough, a couple of unknown IS attack the place. The duo go into action to apprehend them. When one of them fires at an inflammable container, Ichika dives to protect Charlotte. Although he is fine, tests indicated something is wrong with Byakushiki. He cannot summon it. Chifuyu wants him to hand it over as it would be dangerous for him unable to summon it when Phantom Task is targeting him. Charlotte feels responsible for the incident and wants to protect him. Laura suddenly shows Ichika a catalogue of striped panties! Which does he prefer?! This raises the alarm to the rest of the other girls as Laura explains she got this idea from her senior officer Clarisa who is also an anime and manga ‘expert’. Panties flashing? You get the idea. Suddenly Charlotte feels her panties disappear! She runs away and thinks that just like Byakushiki, her IS is also experiencing some abnormalities. As long as she put on panties, it disappears! Ichika tries to rush her to class. They trip. I don’t know how Charlotte ended up in front of him when he was tagging her along from the front. He didn’t even see anything and got his daylights punched out. And so this no pantsu thingy is making Charlotte unable to concentrate. And then Laura saw it when the wind blows up her skirt. No pantsu! She makes an emergency call to Clarisa. She explains the ‘illusion’ of no pantsu and from that angle it is as though she is not wearing any. The ‘advice’ from the ‘expert’ relieves her a lot. A lot.

Charlotte thinks a lot too. She is worried if Ichika finds out about her no pantsu, he will feel disappointed in her fetish and leave her. Wow. She really thought that far. She will keep it a secret till Byakushiki returns to normal. Of course the other girls heard and have her spill the beans. And then it’s back to fighting over Ichika. Fighting over to protect him. Seriously. Are they trying to kill him???!!! Their hallway combat is put to a stop by Tatenashi who thinks of joining in because if she wins, she’ll get Ichika, right? Immediately the girls cease because they know they can’t beat her ass. They are made to rake the sand on the grounds as punishment. Later Ichika thanks Charlotte for everything so this made her think back about the time she broke her mom’s favourite mirror and kept it a secret for fear of being scolded. But mommy didn’t care about the mirror because Charlotte’s safety was more important. This made her realize she should have just told the truth right from the start. But there is a chance he might hate her. She reasons as long as she is honest with him, he will not hate her. So she stops him just to show him her panties! WTF?! Please look at this?! Laura sees what she is doing and peeps up her skirt. Her panties are still there. Charlotte is so relieved that she blatantly shows it to Ichika. What the hell is she doing? By the time she realized this embarrassment, it’s too late. And for that, Ichika gets blamed for being a pervert. Whose fault was it? Yamada and Chifuyu analyzes Byakushiki and it seems it was just a temporary problem (whatever that was, I wasn’t really interested) and is back to normal. And those terrorists had nothing to do with Phantom Task and were just spies. When Laura learns about Charlotte’s disappearing panties, she tells her she should have put on something which doesn’t resemble panties like bloomers. Embarrassed Charlotte rues she should have thought of that. Bummer…

Episode 7
Kanzashi Sarashiki is burnt out trying to configure some IS. She decides to go back and watch some anime. Dreaming the kind of hero who would come save and take her away from it all… Mayuzumi requests Ichika and Houki to come for an interview and model shoot for her sister’s magazine. Houki turns her down as she views it is against her ethics to be displayed like an object. But when Mayuzumi hands her vouchers for a restaurant dinner for 2, she immediately accepts! What happened to her ethics? Oh, now she’s a flexible thinker? And so the duo are there at the interview. A little nervous. Houki is impressed when she hears Ichika’s motto that he’ll protect his comrades. However her memories twisted it to “I’ll protect Houki!” and it made her very happy. But why does she need to punish the locker? Her thoughts are occupied on this that she picked a sexy gown for the shoot. They are made to do some very close up poses. I don’t know, can their nervous looks pass the test? Who cares… On their way home, Houki’s mind wanders that if they were alone, they might have kissed. I think she really wanted that. Her high heels got stuck in a manhole and she sprains her ankle. A cue for Ichika to carry her home. She falls asleep as she murmurs she loves him. Dumb guy didn’t even hear it even though her mouth was right next to his ear…!!!!! Meanwhile Squall confronts Madoka about her unauthorized contact. Her job is to steal other countries’ IS. Squall punishes her but Madoka’s reflex was fast enough to save her skin. Madoka is riled up when Squall knows about her intention to settle her score with Chifuyu. Madoka attacks her back because she doesn’t want her to look down on Chifuyu despite she no longer has her own IS. Squall advises her to lie low till the next mission. Ichika confronts Chifuyu and asks if they had other family members. Like a little sister? She confirms he is her only family. With that tone? That’s assuring enough.

Chifuyu announces a tag team tournament designed to improve their skills in view of the recent hijacking of IS. Those with personal IS must improve their skills. Hey, don’t those harem girls fit the bill? We are distracted a little with Charlotte and Rin feeding Ichika their lunch. He comments they could be good wives because of their good cooking. They then try to hint what kind of partner he likes for the tag tournament. He doesn’t get it that they’re hinting about him… When he goes back to his room, Tatenashi begs him for a favour. She hopes he could be her sister Kanzashi’s partner for the tag tournament. She is a little shy and gloomy and although a representative of Japan, has no IS of her own because her developers were focusing on developing Byakushiki so hers got pushed back. Ichika felt bad about it and agrees to it. For once, this dumb guy can guess the sisters are not getting along well because Tatenashi doesn’t want him to mention her name. But first Ichika must overcome the other ‘obstacles’. Laura boldly tells him to team up with her. It’s a must. Here’s the form. He boldly refuses her because there is somebody he has in mind. Like an angry wife, she tries to kill him! Only to be stopped by Chifuyu. Trying to give the husband-wife excuse isn’t going to work because Chifuyu says she will not accept such violent sister-in-law! Laura in depression mode… Houki and Cecilia are happy because they think Ichika is the one he picks. They feel bad for the other. That’s what you call counting your chickens, right? Ichika walks into Kanzashi’s class to ask her to be her partner. She turns him down instantly! What the?! Lots of girls would die just to be with him and this lucky b*tch rejects him?! He tries to change her mind but she tells him off that she has the right to punch him but feels tired so she won’t do so.

Episode 8
Kanzashi is stressed out in calibrating her IS. So it’s no wonder when for the umpteenth time Ichika comes to bug her about pairing up, she slaps him!!! OMG! No girl would hurt him… Oh wait… His harem tried to kill him many times before so I guess this is nothing. So Tatenashi finds out that things are not going well on Ichika’s side. She explains Kanzashi is trying to assemble her own IS and is quite stubborn. Learning he got slapped, she cheekily teases him maybe it’s because he touched her butt! If not, for someone who would waste such unnecessary energy, it could mean one thing: She likes him! Very perspective. With rumours spreading that Ichika has been pestering Kanzashi to pair up every day, the rest of his harem girls are fired up in training. They’re going to make him regret in not pairing him and will show him the true meaning of terror! Just you wait you bastard! Tatenashi goes up to Houki to request pairing up. She doesn’t mind so Tatenashi takes her measurements. I guess the only aspect she lost to Houki is her breast size… The harem girls think it’s nice for once that Ichika comes looking for them. Till he mentions he is looking for Kanzashi. Ichika you jerk… Get out of here now! And that guy doesn’t know why they’re so angry!!! Aha! They must be nervous about the tag team tournament. Oh brother… You got it all wrong! Kanzashi tests her IS, Uchigane Nishiki. Everything goes well till some booster thingy malfunctions. She drops like a rock and resigns to her fate she will never catch up to her sister. Of course Ichika sees this and saves her. He is glad she is alright. Can you see the change in Kanzashi’s reactions towards him now? Oh yeah. Can she be officially part of the harem now?

Seems they’re being friendly now to a point they can even eat together. Heck, Ichika even feeds her! OMG. Is that an indirect kiss?! So much so, Kanzashi can’t concentrate in class and all her thoughts are only filled with Ichika! Probably his daily stalking was effective because she sees visions of him asking her to be her partner. Hell, she even sees her favourite anime hero in him. She accepts to be his partner. Think that was a dream? Actually, she unknowingly said yes in reality too! Ichika is so happy that he takes her by the hand to the office to register. She even gives him permission to call her casually. She is flustering more and starts thinking that she may even like him! Spot on! Meanwhile there’s some sort of bonding going on between Tatenashi and Houki. The former knows that Houki doesn’t have very good relationship with her sister but is still glad that it is not to a point they hate each other. Trying to hint something about her own? Ichika has some of the maintenance crew look into Kanzashi’s IS. They calibrate back up to shape in no time. See, that saved Kanzashi from all the unnecessary stress. Ichika returns to his room only to be greeted by Tatenashi who wants a back massage. She talks that he is close to his sister. Is being strict considered close? It shows that she cares for her and he is special. Kanzashi is going to give her cookies to Ichika when she sees her sister coming out from his room. From the conversation, she realizes that they are in cahoots. This breaks her heart so much that she runs back to her room and cries uncontrollably. Wow. She must really have fallen for that useless dude.

Episode 9
Kanzashi is still reeling from the fact this is a setup by her sister. During Tatenashi’s speech for the tag team tournament, Ichika spends his time looking for Kanzashi!!! Yeah, yeah. She’s sitting somewhere sulking about everything. Before Tatenashi could officially flag off the tournament (wait a minute, there are only 8 teams?), suddenly the academy is attacked by unknown and unmanned IS drones. Hold on a second. Doesn’t this look familiar like last season? Before start of some game, some baddies attack and puts the event on hold. WTF?! These drones are upgraded versions from their previous ones so it means they really can kick ass. So powerful that they are giving our heroines a hard time. Kanzashi stumbles into one and becomes paralyzed in fear. So scared that she calls out for a hero to save her. Yup. She calls out Ichika’s name. And like a miracle, here he comes swooping down to protect her. But Kanzashi won’t be a damsel in distress as she wants to fight alongside him. Tatenashi does a very risky move that causes a big explosion. Kanzashi gives Ichika the green light to see what is happening over at the other gate and will handle this one herself. Of course when she sees big sister unconscious on her monitor, she becomes distraught. She becomes so mad and turns into a killing machine. However she is unable to destroy its core as her weapon power is empty. Even more distraught when she sees Ichika out cold. It’s back to that mentality that she’s a useless coward. No such thing as a hero in this world. And then… Tatenashi uses her body to shield Kanzashi. Bloody. Blood flying everywhere.

The sisters are like in some astral dimension, talking together like how it should be. How many years has it been since? About Kanzashi’s concern there is no hero, oh, here is Ichika in this dream too. He says there is no such thing as an invincible hero. He is human who cries, laughs and loses sometimes. As one, he can fight without running away even if it risks death. Otherwise he can never be himself again. Not convinced yet? Tatenashi adds she may be weak and all but she’s still human. As long as she stands up to the enemy and accepts her weaknesses. Back in reality, Kanzashi has got the confidence to do it. Tatenashi gives her an Aqua Crystal as charm. Because Ichika’s power is empty, Houki wants to refuel him but she needs time. Kanzashi will buy her that time and holds her ground well against the drone. Once it’s done, the trio combine their moves to bring down the drone. One of the missiles containing Aqua Crystal that Kanzashi fired is stuck in its core. Tatenashi activates it to explode and destroy the drone once and for all. The rest of the heroines also disengage the enemy by taking out the core. Tatenashi wakes up in the infirmary with Kanzashi by her side. Tatenashi feels she owes it to Ichika for making this happen because now the sisters are on good terms again. Could it also mean Tatenashi likes him? I hope so… Add more to his harem! Repentant Kanzashi apologizes for being a bad sister but Tatenashi has never stopped loving her. Cue for emotional breakdown scene. Meanwhile Yamada and Chifuyu are analyzing those unregistered cores. Although they only have 2 of them in hand, Chifuyu wants her to report to the government that they are all destroyed. She may risk putting the academy in jeopardy but she is confident enough to bet her life on this. Kanzashi is on her way to Ichika’s room. She is resolved to tell him her feelings. Oh yes. I’ve been waiting for this. She hands him a package containing her favourite hero anime. Brings back memories to him. He asks if she likes it very much. And she yells out she does before running away. But we know she’s going to be disappointed because as she takes a breather feeling relieved that she has blurted out her feelings, she realizes that he is a dense guy and must have took her confession the wrong way. He thinks she loves the anime a lot! True enough, it is! So frustrating…

Episode 10
After a couple of episodes focusing on Kanzashi, now we have our harem girls back… They’re confronting her! Oh yeah. I was waiting for this to happen. Five is already a crowded field, what more another one. They want to know if she and Ichika are dating but since Kanzashi says there is nothing going on between them, they feel relieved and become good friends. Wait. Just like that?! Don’t let your guard down! Meanwhile Ichika feels he is being setup because the student council ordered him to take physical measurements of the girls! I know it’s to calibrate the IS suits to fit them better, but him? Definitely a setup. Chifuyu gives him a blindfold. That guy is grateful till he finds out it’s see-through! Yup. Definitely a setup. So the girls are here and they would love this guy to take their measurements. He thought he would be fine with his eyes closed. What is he? Some sort of super human trying to use his third eye to see? Although we are left with our imagination, you can hear how Ichika screws up, touching the wrong parts, causing the girl to fluster like mad. What the hell are these soft things… Just open your eyes damn it! His harem girls didn’t like what they see and you can guess what happens to him after that. Some of the girls lament that their waist size has expanded but Ichika doesn’t really care about that. Oh brother. You don’t know how girls feel, don’t you? He starts complimenting the cooking of every girl except Cecilia because we know, her cooking can kill mankind, right? Rin wants Ichika to tell her the truth to save mankind but that guy doesn’t want to be so bad hearted. So Cecilia takes cooking lessons from Houki. She even brought a live chicken… I don’t even know how she can misinterpret straight instructions. But as we learn, never leave her alone unattended. When Houki attends a call, Cecilia feels the need to make it look better and sprays the colouring and some aroma. So when Houki gets back, she finds that those chicken bits are looking very good. She takes a bite… Next day, she’s absent from class and called in sick. Very rare for that to happen. I wonder why…

With Houki out of the action, Cecilia seeks Charlotte’s help next. Charlotte can guess what happened when she learns Cecilia and Houki were cooking together. Then she makes the fatal mistake of leaving her unattended. Oh, that killer looks in her eyes… Must add more colouring… Everything seems fine when Charlotte gets back so she has a taste of the dish… Late at night, Laura wakes up hungry. She thinks the pot was made by Charlotte for her. Looks good. LOOKS good, if you know what I mean… Next day, Charlotte and Laura absent from class… Was this a ploy by Cecilia so she could have Ichika all to herself for lunch? Even if it wasn’t, it was hell of a good one. But when she sees Kanzashi’s colourful kyara bento, Cecilia seeks Rin’s help. Rin refuses because she doesn’t want to die! However seeing her pitiful puppy dog eyes and the effort she put in (her fingers are all bandaged), she gives in. Although Rin didn’t make the fatal mistake of leaving her unattended, Cecilia gets the wrong idea about using more firepower in cooking. Yup. She blasts the kitchen with her cannon!!! Now you know why she should stay away from the kitchen? Next day, Cecilia apologizes to Ichika that she couldn’t make lunch for him because the kitchen yesterday somehow exploded! WTF?! Ichika is fine with that and will teach her to make his favourite dish. Sounds ambiguous if you really hear what they say because Ichika is teaching her to make onigiri. I guess the best part is him trying to guide her to make it. It’s like he is wrapping her from behind. So romantic… So warm… He thought the warmth is from making the onigiri… Duh… Meanwhile Squall tries to force Tabane to work for them. Bribing with exquisite food? Since she won’t, they threaten her. Tabane can beat up Autumn even with a smile! Not even Madoka in Silent Zephyrus can beat her! With a smile! She knows who Madoka is and is willing to make a personal IS for us if she comes with her. Oh, she wants to keep her too. Thank goodness the episode ends or else you’ll never hear the end of Tabane’s squeaky ranting. No full stop in her sentences…

Episode 11
It’s time for a field trip. The girls are in an intense card game to see who gets to be in Ichika’s group. To their dismay, he is in charge of photography and is put in a different group. Now, why didn’t he say something this important earlier on? You mad, girls? Definitely. At the site, Ichika receives a mysterious luggage. It is Tatenashi hidden inside! How did she?! Kanzashi immediately stuffs her back and throws her back into the truck! Good move! But that is just her clone… Cecilia must be feeling romantic amidst the falling maple leaves. Ichika takes a beautiful picture of her. Flattered? When she looks at the picture, she is half outside it! He is taking pictures of the scenery?! WTF????!!!! What is the meaning of this Ichika???!!! Then all the other girls hound him to have their photos. His lens fall into some ditch so Charlotte offers to help. Since she’s stretching low, he could see it. No, not the lens… Charlotte gets embarrassed when she finds out but to make up for it, he must hang out with her. Cecilia, Rin and Laura are trying their luck at some superstitious love rituals at the shrine. They get jealous thinking Charlotte is getting ahead of them with this ‘date’. Ichika denies it is a date (pissing Charlotte off). He pisses off everyone by saying they should enjoy themselves. They’re out for his head! What? Was it something he said? He bumps into Kanzashi in kimono. Anger level for the rest of his harem has just risen to boiling point. Rising even further when he carries Kanzashi away, princess style. Then he had to bump into Houki. Are we having fun yet? Later Houki gets to be alone with Ichika as they walk through the bamboo grove. He wants to take a picture of her but Squall offers to take it for them. She comments they both look good and Ichika is let baffled how she knows his name. Did he tell her? Of course not you dummy. Charlotte and Cecilia want to see the photos Ichika took but since they’re flanking his side and too close, their boobs are rubbing against him. Soon all the other girls want to see. I don’t know how many boobs he got himself molested. Because of that, he drops the camera below. Gee, why don’t the other girls help find it for him? Instead, he goes it alone but sees Madoka waiting for him. She is here to take his life. Deja vu? This time not in Silent Zephyrus but Black Knight. Houki and Cecilia notice Ichika is not back in the train when they are about to depart so they go look for him but stumble upon Autumn. Time for rematch. Chifuyu is about to go look for the trio when the train is suddenly automatically hijacked. Tatenashi confronts Squall about Phantom Task’s goal. Squall attacks her. Ichika wants to know why she is after her but Madoka claims her target is Chifuyu. Surprised?

Episode 12
Ichika is defeated. Madoka flies off to find Chifuyu but is kept busy with ‘small fries’. To add to the tension, there is a bomb on the train. 30 minutes and counting… Tatenashi continues her battle with Squall, likewise Houki and Cecilia with Autumn but they conveniently defeat her and head towards Ichika. When Madoka is going to fire at the train to destroy everybody, here comes Ichika to protect them. Bad guys always make the mistake of not making sure the hero stays dead. Kanzashi has finally managed to locate the bomb with her hacking so the other girls scramble to diffuse it. But is it too late because it exploded. Ichika got distracted by the explosion and thinks he is too late. Thanks to that, Madoka stabs him. Actually everybody is alright because the girl managed to contain the blast in a shield barrier. Houki is crying next to Ichika’s ‘lifeless’ body. Her tears must have activated something. Then it’s like deja vu because this is where the opening scene of this season comes in. Ichika getting killed by ‘Chifuyu’ who is actually Madoka. Of course he can’t die yet since his friends are still fighting so he pleads to Byakushiki to give him more power. The other girls are engaging Madoka in a destructive battle. Thanks to squall powering up some fireball barrier, the girls are weakened. Till Tatenashi unleashes some secret cannon weapon and a revived golden Byakushiki charging into the attack. Huh? What? I don’t understand. Oh what the heck. The baddies take some damage too and Squall orders a retreat as they cannot go on like this and have collected enough data. Ichika reunites with everybody and is glad everyone is okay. We see Tabane hoping Chifuyu would ‘enjoy’ this gift and promises more fun stuff is going to happen. After all this, now we’re back into familiar territory because Ichika is soaking alone in the hotspring himself. He wonders why Madoka has the same pendant as Chifuyu. Well, duh? Haven’t you connect the dots yet? Unknown to him, the hostess switch the gender sign. As usual… He is about the get out when the other girls come in. Now he’s stuck and assimilates as a rock. Tatenashi notes Houki’s boobs have grown bigger. I don’t know. The steam is covering so I can’t see. Ichika has been in hiding for so long that he passes out. And the girls freak out when they see a dead corpse resurfacing. HEY WAIT A MINUTE! It just ends like this?! WTF????!!!!!!!!

Indefinite Decisions -> Infinite Cat Fights -> Definite Mayhem!
I know I wasn’t going to expect much or even a decent ending but this one really gets on my nerves! So what if Ichika just floats up unconscious? At least it would have ended ‘better’ if we see the girls beating him up and throwing him out but nope. There is nothing. Straight away to the end credits and no epilogue after that too. Isn’t that just the worst? Or am I the worst? Nah. Blame the show. At least in the last season, we get to see everyone became sort of jealous because it looked like Ichika and Houki were hogging some quality time together. Even that they will leave you to your imagination what happens next. But this season? Too broad to leave it to our imagination. I know this show is overall a big crap. But the ending made it crappier. I know only loser guys like me without a decent girlfriend and only have an imaginary 2D girlfriend to show my sorry state will only watch this sort of anime (Oops! I think I revealed too much of unnecessary info there) but at least give us an ending that harem lovers will leave with at least a smirk.

So basically this season doesn’t ‘disappoint’ because as usual Ichika is your world’s biggest idiot and most dense person when it comes to the part of romance. He can win an Oscar for it. That factor contributes to why this show is a classic harem anime. Yes, people. Don’t get me wrong. This is a classic harem anime because the lone guy doesn’t choose any girl (ever), gets away with it and he is still being loved by everyone while they continue to fight over him. In this sense, that is why I consider this anime to ‘shine’ greatly. Otherwise, more decent anime viewers would have thrown this anime into the trash bin. There is no development or advancement with the characters. Everything seems status quo. My logic dictates that if any one of the usual girls gets ahead in her relationship with Ichika, the rest will be fuming and forming a deadly alliance to take her down. So it’s best to stay as they are now. Going nowhere. Hoping Ichika would come to realize that he really likes one of them and chooses. CHOOSES. Which of course I don’t see it happening in the even if there is Infinite Stratos 3, Infinite Stratos 4, Infinite Stratos 5… Right up to Infinite Stratos 100. I don’t think he is like that guy Kodaka in Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai as in he knows what is going on but pretends nothing is happening.

Although the fight scenes involving the IS machines are still impressive, however I feel those are the ‘boring’ parts. Because we’re here for the harem factor, right? Thus during the final episode action scene, I was itching for it to be over so that the series would resume back to its more familiar route. I know. Seeing them fight among themselves is better than seeing them fight against some evil organization whose existence we don’t even care if it is relevant to this anime or not. Even if for the big chunk of the series it is about his harem and even that nothing goes anywhere, it was still enjoyable because we get to see how this faggot tries to be friends with all the girls and not having the slightest clue that he is slowly opening the Pandora Box. I mean, his intentions of wanting everybody to have fun together but think about this, as a girl in love with him, you want him to be the only want to invite you out to somewhere. It makes it very special. It makes it very romantic. It makes it everything. And then you realize he too has called the other girls. Don’t you just feel mad and want to turn yandere and chop him up into pieces? And that’s the odd part of his harem. They have the tendency to get mad so quick and Ichika will be the first person to get beaten up whether he is at fault or not. But mostly it is. So do they deserve each other? God must be a harem lover for making this atrocious harem situation go on for 2 seasons… Some episodes have a slight focus on one of the girls with Ichika like Houki’s interview-cum-photo shoot, Charlotte acting as his personal bodyguard and cooking with Cecilia. Despite these close moments, it doesn’t feel like it moved anywhere. It is like as though to just satisfy fans of certain pairings for that short moment.

Adding into Ichika’s harem is the Sarashiki sisters and from the way I see it, it is going to get more complicated and messier now. The only thing which prevents me from considering the sisters to be part of the true blue harem like the usual quintet is because they don’t engage in silly antics, embarrassing showdowns or other stand offs like the other five. Kanzashi is so shy and timid that it would made Charlotte looking like a monster. I doubt for the time being she will be one who is pro-active to fight for Ichika’s attention if there is ever a silly need for some harem tussle. Tatenashi on the other hand is superior and always in control. In fact, she stands above all the other harem girls put together. She doesn’t need to stoop so low or get down and dirty like the rest and thus sometimes it makes me wonder if she is truly in love with Ichika or just messing around with him. Of course I prefer to believe it is the former. Also, although we could guess that the duo will be part of Ichika’s harem, they somewhat arrived too late especially Kanzashi who only made her appearance past the halfway mark of the series.

But don’t write off Chifuyu too and I’m guessing she has a higher ‘authority’ than even Tatenashi. It’s just that she puts on a strict face but deep down inside, maybe she just wants to cuddle him and smother her little brother with lots of love. Yikes! Don’t want to be caught dead by her saying that! Feels like she is the ‘last boss’ if the other girls want to end up as Ichika’s bride. Win the approval of your sister-in-law! Yup. That’s how I feel, the reason why they respect her in addition to being their revered teacher. With the siblings part of his harem, it almost completes Ichika’s United Nations harem because from what I read, the Sarashiki sisters have a bit of Russian blood in them. But still don’t have the all-important American girl? As I read, there was supposed to be an American IS candidate although she wasn’t part of the main harem. In the last season when everyone fought against an unmanned IS, it was supposed to be an IS piloted by that American candidate but went out of control so as usual Ichika had to be the hero and save the day. And he got a peck on his cheek. Man, I would have really loved to see that reaction among the girls but the anime had to turn it into an unmanned IS threat. Bummer. Now that I have remembered something, it seems that another potential girl of Ichika’s harem didn’t make her appearance at all this season. Remember Ran? The sister of Ichika’s friend, Dan? I remember she was quite conscious about Ichika and even wanted to enter the same IS academy as him. I suppose with Ichika having a lot on his plate this season, maybe that’s why she is omitted. Not that the red head will make things better anyhow.

Here’s a point to ponder. Although that all the other girls in this academy are interested in Ichika, they aren’t that interested to the point where they will actually engage in dirty dog/cat fights. What does this show? Two things. One, that they view him as a ‘tool’ and for something fun and casual. Because if they really want him to their boyfriend, they would have joined the harem fight. Which will make it a lot messier than before because it will be hard to animate hundreds and thousands of girls who are chasing after your ass. Heck, can you even keep track of their names!!!! Even this would have turned off the most serious harem anime lover. Hmm… Maybe they know they can’t compete with the main ones so they don’t even bother trying. So therefore in this sense, those other extra girls who do not really harbour such desperate romantic feelings for Ichika leads us to fact number two: His harem girls are just desperate cases. They’re supposed to be IS representatives from their country and when it comes to love, they act in such a manner. Disgrace? Well, at least it shows that they are still young girls who want to experience love. I’ll give them points for persevering, though. Oh, fact number three: At least everyone in this academy is still straight and does not resort to yuri. I thought I hoped to see or at least some sort of eye candy of something yuri but amazingly, everybody here isn’t a deviant who read yuri mangas or a fujoshi fan. Good job! Think about it. Even if there are some fujoshi cases, who are they going to fantasies for Ichika’s male partner? There is no other guy around! Thank goodness?

I know IS is supposed to be some sort of sport but the way we see those machines armed with all sorts of technical and dangerous weapons and everybody spouting terms that rocket scientist would only understand, it is ironic that such weapons are loaded onto the machines for sports. As seen in the final battle how their IS can cause very destructive damage around the area. Amazingly there were no casualties. I hope those tourist areas didn’t get damaged. Therefore it is mind boggling and ironic that such weapons are created for this IS sport. Realism? You want realism? Might as well go to war. That is more real than anything. And thus with such real dangerous weapons, it is no wonder that an evil organization is going around to steal IS around the world. For whatever purpose and reason they’re doing it (I am guessing world domination, what else is there?) and how they are connected with Ichika’s past, we can’t be bothered about it since we’re here for Ichika and his girls and that the baddies don’t really make an impact. Madoka just wants to kill her sister for who knows what reason. Autumn is filled with lots of rage that you think anger management classes won’t help. Squall sounds like an old woman despite looking like an attractive young blonde. Now that Tabane has teamed up with them, it’s going to be messier. Ah, I’ve said that word again. Really, I thought her child-like and fun, sparkly and lively personality was amusing since that personality is what makes her a super genius in making all those IS machines. But it wouldn’t have done anything to this series even if she had more screen time.

Joining this seasons’ cast of line-up is Chiwa Saito as Tatenashi. She sounds like she is having lots of fun voicing her role. In addition to blonde lolis like Rebecca from Pani Poni Dash or Rachel from Linebarrels Of Iron, the liveliness she puts in reminds me of and is on par with Taokaka in BlazBlue Alter Memories and Mamejiro in Blood Lad. The rest include Suzuko Mimori as Kanzashi (Nanami in Kamisama Hajimemashita), Ai Kayano as Madoka (Mei in Sukitte Iinayo), Fumi Hirano as Squall (Lum in Urusei Yatsura) and Yuka Nishigaki as Autumn (Yuu in Guilty Crown). Minami Kuribayashi who did the opening theme in the first season, again does the same for the sequel. I thought True Blue Traveler sounded like a ‘cousin’ of last season’s Straight Jet. As for the ending theme, it is now performed by the main quintet of Ichika’s harem. Again, I thought Beautiful Sky is like a spiritual successor last season’s Super Stream. It feels so familiar… I am thinking that as long as you see the girls running along behind Ichika, it’s safe to consider they are still part of his harem. So when Kanzashi is so called ‘accepted’ into this harem, she also sings along to this ending song and adds to the running pack. And of course with Tatenashi propping up the harem in the final episode, we’ve got 7 girls singing this song. There is also a photo at the end of the end credits animation which features Ichika and his harem. Since Chifuyu is in it, one reason why I think she is an unofficial harem of his member. I mean, you need to have the big sister type, don’t you? Besides, this idiot chose big sister’s performance during that stage battle so in a way you could say he might harbour some hidden big sister fetish… Or maybe he just doesn’t want to get killed. Big sister’s strike is deadlier than any of the other girls combined.

It is with mixed feeling when watching this show and even when it ended. Harem lovers would love how this show being a ‘classic’ harem anime but would also hate how Ichika is being a faggot and possibly gay because after being surrounded by a bevy of beauties and that everyone in school from students to teachers and heck, even the enemies are all woman, if he still doesn’t harbour any ‘healthy’ perverted thoughts on any girl, it just confirms that he is just being homo. Yup. Like as though he is the only man in this anime. That makes him very special, right? No wonder there are a handful of UN girls trying to get him. Besides Ichika’s jaw dropping density performance, everything else won’t garner some sort of award or honourable mention. You watch this show just to enjoy how this guy can lead-cum-play-on his harem (isn’t it?). You laugh at all their silly antics in the name of love. You hope for something would happen between them even if it is the slightest thing but fall flat on your face back on the ground when you realize nothing is ever going to happen because Ichika is a jerk who doesn’t care about the girls’ feelings (oblivious may have been the right word but then, who cares?). It would be even more dangerous if you are inclined to a particular girl and rooting for some sort of pairing because if it doesn’t, you might just go into a fit of rage (go Ichika x Cecilia FTW!!!). Hey, it’s only a show… In view of all this, I think it is better to watch this harem cat and mouse game instead of having one myself. Everybody is an armchair critic anyway.

Remember the video game consoles that are personified as goddesses in a certain anime? No? Well, you don’t need to remember or understand all that stuff if you just jump into watching Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation OVA. Just like many animes these days, it is a typical strategy for companies to make a few bucks by releasing the OVA well after the TV series has ended and right after the all the BD volumes have been released. If you don’t take advantage of that, how are you going to retain fans of the series? Or will the interest be lost by the time the OVA comes out? Since I am not really a big fan of the TV series or the game that it is based on, I’m just watching for the sake of ‘completeness’. After all, they say the OVA is the 13th episode from the TV series but as usual, don’t expect too much of it. Don’t get your hopes high up that there would be some sort of plot development or something new. It is just Neptune and the rest in… Well, just watch to see the kind of adventure they end up here.

The Promised True End
Nepgear is in a dilemma. She has to cut down Neptune as sacrifice in order to defeat the enemy. With her heavy heart, she does so but Neptune turns into several furballs and overwhelm Nepgear. This turns out to be a nightmare she is having as Nepgear is sick. It is the same case with Uni who is dreaming of Magiquone stuffing an eggplant into her mouth. Definitely traumatic. Don’t forget the twins too. They might be grown up and in the midst of a wedding. But they’re married to Trick and he is licking them all over!!! Marital rape! Histoire notes that some Shimmering Flower is the only cure. However she isn’t sure if they exist in this dimension as the last known place was the cave border between Lowee and Lastation. There is another place but it is quite far away. While Noire and Blanc go find the cave, Neptune and Vert are thrown into the other dimension. They are happy to come here because this is where Pururut and Peashy live. But upon arrival, it seems they cannot transform into their goddess form. They are greeted by Pururut and also meet this dimension’s Vert, Blanc, Noire and Histoire. At first Peashy is scared to meet Neptune but eventually she runs to hug her. If you expect an emotional happy reunion, think again. Peashy elbows in her gut! Some things never change.

The gang are outside a tower with 10,000 floors and the Shimmering Flowers are believed to be on the top floor. However they have only 3 hours to clear the floors because the next gate will open in 3 years. Can they clear it in time? Well, for convenience, there is an elevator that takes them from the fourth floor to the 9,999th floor. The catch: The ride takes 2 hours!!! Of course they are faced with level guardians and I suppose this is where they showcase this dimension’s goddesses in their goddess form to take them on. Neptune, Vert and Peashy take the ride up to the final floor and they split up to look for the flower. Although Neptune finds them, she is attacked by powerful beasts. Peashy transforms to buy them time to escape. However seeing that Peashy is in trouble, Neptune gives the flowers to Vert to head back while she stays back to help her. Although Vert is reluctant to leave Neptune behind, she is reminded of her goal here. Pururut assures that Neptune will be fine. When the 3 hours are up, Vert is teleported back to her dimension. Neptune and Peashy finally defeat the enemies. Peashy isn’t happy Neptune didn’t go but the latter explains she just can’t leave her alone in trouble and got to fight alongside her. Cue for emotional hug. Regrouping with the rest, they are trying to activate the gate to get out when a bright light is emitted. A big hole is before them and it seems the original Blanc and Noire are before them. Both counterparts meet each other for the first time. As explained, due to some malfunction, the gate will stay open for now. This means that both dimensions can travel to the other side with ease. With the young ones healed and Peashy being her naughty self stealing Nepgear’s new game, Pururut shows IF and Compa a photo of their counterparts in her dimension. Cute lolis? Then it’s time for pudding. Everyone eats the pudding Peashy makes and give toast to their dimensions and Gaminindustri. Cheers! Lastly, we see the counterparts of both dimensions getting along well with each other.

Double Dose Of Goddesses
As expected. Nothing much to shout about. Just another random adventure from Neptune and the other goddesses in another dimension that feels just like their own. Nothing different. Watching this OVA as a standalone is cool but casual viewers who have never seen the TV series might be thinking what the hell this OVA is about. Even those who did catch the TV series won’t be amused that this OVA is just like what I have said, a random adventure that has no bearing to the storyline. In that sense, it might be a little disappointing since the focus we get most is Neptune and Peashy’s ever ‘volatile’ relationship. The loli is still naughty and cheeky that she is annoying. But some people like it that way. Oh, a piece of good news: Abnes does not appear in this OVA! She is definitely the most annoying of the annoying. And I can’t believe that the gate malfunction was just a convenient excuse to link both worlds together. I bet there are lots of other caves that link to other dimensions as well. Now that it has ended up like this, it might open up a new possibility now that both dimensions are freely accessible. Yeah. Everyone might be confused which goddess is which. Oh what the heck. As long as they are that goddess, it means double the worship and power or something of that sort. But don’t go buy 2 video game consoles or another copy of video games. Unless you are that kind of obsessed collector who keeps a few copies for different purposes. One for personal use, one for exchange with friends, one for preservation, one for backup, one for…

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