Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

January 25, 2015

Have you ever admired or liked someone so much that you are willing to do what it takes to be next to that person? So you don’t mind being a lackey or some sort of an assistant just to be close to that special one despite he/she doesn’t realize your true feelings? I guess for some that is just enough for the moment, maintaining status quo rather than rush things in. And so that is the case for our main heroine in Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. There is this tall guy whom she has a crush on and I am very sure she would love for them to be a couple more than anything else. However with her poor choice of words and his density combined, she ends up being his manga assistant instead. I suppose the payment of being next to him is more than enough. Twisted rational if I should say. Maybe sometimes love don’t make you think straight…

Episode 1
Chiyo Sakura has always been in love with Umetarou Nozaki. After summing up all that courage, the most she can eke out to his face is that she is his fan. This calls for appropriate measures. He gives her his autograph! She tries again but this time could only manage to say she always wants to be with him. Then? He brings her back to his home. That easy? He makes her do inking on his manga and it is only till 4 hours later and after pages after pages that she realizes he is a mangaka! His signature that reads ‘Sakiko Yumeno’ sounds pretty familiar. Of course it is. It is the name of a popular shoujo manga called Let’s Fall In Love! This is a popular shoujo romance manga among girls as it depicts a young girl’s heart. However observing Nozaki, Sakura feels like it is a complete opposite. He lacks tact. A lot of them. She calls him by his pen name but he doesn’t want her to do so. It seems not many people in school know about this. Because they don’t believe him even when told. To a point they told him to stop lying! Nozaki says he has been keeping an eye on her. He is glad to have picked her since she is the best person who could colour a poster so cleanly and do a nice work. So she is just loved by her talent? Continuing to help him ink his manga (so as to get close to him), she tries contributing her ideas but finds it hard since they have to comply with the laws in real life too. You can’t really have your characters smoke and drink alcohol, right? Even riding a bicycle, you can’t draw riding in tandem. So this leads to a discussion on how to go about a romantic scene involving going home on a bicycle.

Next day, Nozaki asks Sakura to come cycle home with him. She is going to love this romantic encounter but turns out he brought a double seater bicycle. Feels so odd… Look at all the people staring… Can any love situation arise out from this? They try out more scenarios which are just plain embarrassing to Sakura. Finally he employs this double seater bicycle in his manga and resolves the tense romance situation by having its seats stolen in the end. Is this guy serious? Of course his editor told him to be serious so he changes it to one whereby the couple walked home along with the bicycle. That’s better. I’m not sure if Sakura is bitten by the bicycle bug because now she’s bugging Nozaki to ride the double seater with her. Sakura asks why he draws shoujo manga. It was a hobby at first and then he went with the flow. He assures that he has never been in love before! However he has given a bit of love advice to girls when they ask. He wonders if there is anyone she likes. Of course she flusters. Without naming hint, she tries to hint his personality, the good and the bad. However he is too dense to realize she was talking about him and wonders what is so good liking that guy. As Sakura ponders if things should remain the way as they are, next day she sees Nozaki lifting a fallen cat. It reminds her of something similar Nozaki did to her during the school’s entrance ceremony. That’s right. She can’t let it go on like that and needs to tell him how she feels. After summing up a year’s worth of courage, history repeats itself because the best she could say is she is his fan. She gets a second autograph. I don’t think those are tears of joy. Try again next time? Later Nozaki tells her that another assistant of his will come to help out with his manga. The way he paints Mikoto Mikoshiba as if he is such a nice guy. But the first time she sees him, he is like a total delinquent!

Episode 2
Mikoshiba not only demands respect as her senior, but he flirts with the other girls like a playboy. Then he gets embarrassed by it. Despite Mikoshiba not wanting Sakura to ask him anything, the way he is acting is obvious. He is itching for her just to ask. Just ask… Then when they try to follow a drawing game show, Mikoshiba doesn’t draw well in all categories! So what is he good for? Nozaki puts it this way. Nozaki will first draw the character. Sakura will then at the inking before Mikoshiba adds the beautiful effects! It’s his specialty to bring out the character’s charm to its finest. Annoying? Later Nozaki tells Sakura that Mikoshiba is actually the model for his heroine, Mamiko. Now that she reads it, her character is exactly like his! As Nozaki wants to introduce a new character, he needs to go observe people. He needs a model because if he doesn’t, all the characters end up looking the same! Asking Sakura if she has any friends she knows who would be a good model, she believes Yuzuki Seo would fit the bill as she is always being chased by someone. Oh, there she is now. Being chased by teachers! She’s fast! Oh God. I think I know what kind of girl she is. When Sakura introduces them, Seo thinks Nozaki is a lolicon for sticking around Sakura. Nozaki makes more observations on Seo. Seems she has a habit of lacking tact and doesn’t realize what she says that annoys that person. She also helps out in sports clubs but actually she lacks sportsmanship and does lots of fouls for her selfish play.

One day the teacher punishes her to take notes back to the science room as penalty, Nozaki became the unlucky chap to help her just because he was passing by. While she brags about herself, she unwittingly ruins the activities of others by cutting in between. That photo shot is now ruined. That love confession is now ruined! Then she wants to play a penalty game with him to see who will carry all the books. But it is a ploy to dump totally everything on him and run away. Then the teacher spots her. The way Seo tells Nozaki to take care of things for her feels like some manga scenario so Nozaki believes in her. In the end, she never turned up as promised and Sakura is the one who helped him finish. He finally concludes the kind of person Seo is: Oblivious! Damn right. But the damning verdict about Seo is when Nozaki catches her in the act of what she does best: She is singing like an opera singer!!! That angelic voice!!! Lorelei is her nickname! OMG! Can you believe it?! Nozaki believes that a lot of things happened between them that eventually made them friends and know each other so well. Some sort of rivalry battle perhaps. In actual fact it is because they sit close to each other in class. And so Nozaki creates a new character based on Seo and Mikoshiba could tell. He tries one of his cool lines that he is the perfect fit to be a model but Sakura just feels disgusted and annoyed. You embarrassed yet, Mikoshiba?

Episode 3
Mikoshiba wants to introduce Sakura to a friend of his who can be a new character model. However her thoughts on him as the heroine model is still on her mind so she freaks out he is cheating on the manga boyfriend. Yuu Kashima may be the Prince of the School and charms the hearts of every girl. However this person is a girl! Just the mere flirt with them sends their hearts aflutter. Kashima is a bit shocked that Sakura doesn’t know her. Sakura gets uneasy standing beside Nozaki and Kashima so to ease her heart, she stands next to Mikoshiba. Can’t take the pressure from 2 beautiful people, eh? I guess Mikoshiba isn’t. Kashima continues to flirt with girls when the president of the drama club, Masayuki Hori jumps in to beat her up! His way of reminding her to come to club? When Sakura does her inking, she notices several cute markings as a way to mark a section of inking. Nozaki notes she has not met that person before that person always come by late at night to help. Sakura gets worried thinking it is another girl. Nozaki couldn’t say because the person requested to be anonymous. But how come one of the marks looks like an underwear… She asks Seo about which mark she would pick and she picks the underwear! Easier to draw! Disappointed? Yeah, she doesn’t mind being called an underwear. Kashima requests Sakura’s help to finish the props for the play since her usual flirting has made Hori mad and beat her up resulting in more destruction. Sakura then sees a familiar marking on the board. Could he be the late night inker? She confronts him and she put it the wrong way that if he likes underwear! And the discussion turns into a friendly one over underwear… Kashima gets the wrong idea and when she asks, she gets beaten up for sexual harassment! When Sakura goes to Nozaki to do her inking, Nozaki knows she has already met him for he left a thank you note in the inking part. She is relieved this person is a guy and leaves a message back for him. Uhm, how is she going to ink that part then?

In exchange for Hori to help mark the inking spots, Nozaki also helps Hori out with a script for the play. Because he has met Kashima, Nozaki’s version of an ideal prince is ruined. Kashima wonders why Hori and Nozaki are so close so Sakura doesn’t want to give away much and says Nozaki is repaying Hori with his body. I think it just got worse. This causes Kashima to feel she is no longer needed. Because she is always the one Hori hits first, right? She confronts Hori to ask who is cuter but he doesn’t hesitate to answer Nozaki. Sakura also gives the same answer. No room for cheering up. Sakura asks Kashima what she wants from Hori. Marriage. Seriously?! Telling this to Hori, now he is more inclined not to tell her anything even if he has a girlfriend or get married because she will steal away the girls! Nozaki is stumped in his script so he has Sakura and Hori read the part of the heroine and hero part respectively. Since Hori is quite passionate and serious, Sakura won’t lose out. Mikoshiba gets the wrong idea that they are in some lover’s quarrel. Wow. They’re really into it like it’s the real deal. Since when did it turn into some sort of competition? Eventually he too gets drafted to read out the part of the maid. But since he is so timid and shy, Hori becomes the drill sergeant to tell him to do it properly. Say it right! Let the voice out from your stomach! Nozaki gets inspiration to complete the script but unknowingly made Mikoshiba the heroine. I guess that part always suits him best. Nozaki then goes to see Kashima act in the play in hopes his perception of her will change. Surprisingly or not, she plays the part very well. Nozaki asks Hori if he wants to act too but he is more than satisfied watching Kashima on stage.

Episode 4
Mikoshiba stays at Nozaki’s place because he wants to ask advice on love! Well, he writes shoujo manga, right? So what is it that he wants to ask? The decisions to make in playing a dating simulation! Flashback reveals Mikoshiba isn’t good with girls so he tried ‘researching’ via playing such games. However he was really frustrated at their kind of character. He persevered and eventually graduated from 2D to 3D. Figurines, that is. He lets Nozaki play and try out. At first he puts the name of his manga hero and then turns down or chooses options that hurts/ignores the heroines! Because his character has only eyes for his manga heroine! Restarting again and putting his name this time, he chooses a girl to conquer that resembles a lot like Sakura. It’s because the internet says she is the best route. Nozaki becomes depressed when the reaction of that girl differs than what he expected. So Mikoshiba suggests he calls Sakura for some help. It’s late at night. And Sakura is getting the wrong idea about it. In such games, there is always a character who is the hero’s friend and will do anything to help. At first Nozaki is sceptical and believes this type will backstab you. But after playing throughout the game, they realize he is such a good guy and even feel for him that he wasted his schooling years just to help the hero out! So sad that they want to draw a manga to dedicate to him. They try to think of the love interest this friend would have but realize from his actions, could it be he loves the protagonist?! If you think about it, why go to great lengths to help him out? Sakura stops by early next morning but nobody answers the door. It seems the duo have pulled an all-nighter finishing this manga dedicated to this friend. Sounds gay… Sakura believes Mikoshiba doesn’t talk much to girls so he insists he’ll show it to her. From what it looks like he is having a blast with girls, suddenly he texts Sakura desperate calling for help. Where’s the pride?

Mikoshiba’s friends enlist his help to even up the gender ratio at a mixer. Thanks to his pride, he accepts. Now what? So he practises attending a mixer with Nozaki. I’m not sure if this guy is joking around or has never attended one before. Or both. Uh huh. Nozaki even puts on a pair of bunny ears to pretend he is a girl. Not working. With Sakura coming by, he enlists her help to join him. She thinks this is the perfect chance to appeal her feminine but it seems he cooks way better than her. The mixer practice farce continues with Nozaki always calling Sakura to the toilet to comment after every line Mikoshiba says, Sakura ranting on her ideal guy (which is basically Nozaki and that means she needs no other guys, which means why the heck would she attend a mixer in the first place). Mikoshiba fears of being paired so Sakura suggests sitting alone but with a cake before him, which makes it look like some sort of birthday party. Since Nozaki is just being negative and Sakura talkative, Mikoshiba has had it and bans them never to go to any mixer. Another toilet commenting trip? Mikoshiba wants to join too! Eventually Mikoshiba doesn’t turn up and has Kashima replace him. The friends feel bad for trying to force him till they hear Kashima’s relayed message that he wouldn’t come unless they were all girls. They take it as an insult he wanted a harem. So they’re glad Kashima is coming along because despite the uneven gender ratio, less men more share, right? Well, no. Because all the girls are all over Kashima. She’s the centre of attention! The guys are the biggest losers. Kashima the big winner. When Nozaki learns his editor is coming to visit, he makes haste to clean up his place. Sakura comments he doesn’t need to rush like that and only reserve such for his girlfriend but he replies that he wouldn’t be this stressed if that person would be his girlfriend. Oh sh*t! Editor more important than girlfriend?! Oh Sakura…

Episode 5
Nozaki considers his editor as cool and mature so this sends bells ringing to Sakura that the editor must be a mature woman. But Ken Miyamae turns out to be a fat grumpy guy. Relieved? He leaves as quickly after he takes his manuscript and even turns down all the great hospitality Nozaki offers. Although Nozaki admires him to the max, Sakura can clearly see that Miyamae somewhat hates him. But as he continues explaining, we’ll soon learn why Miyamae is the best. Because his previous editor, Mitsuya Maeno is a nightmare. He has a penchant for claiming/bragging an idea is his. Also, you can tell if a manga is under him because he has a fetish for tanuki. Yup. Every manga has this tanuki in it! It’s like this little creature transcends space, time and dimension or something. Just when there is a new mystery genre manga came out and although it still involved a tanuki, the premise seems interesting till the next chapter review which reveals the culprit ruined it all! That’s Maeno for you. Sakura also meets Yukari Miyako who is also Nozaki’s neighbour and fellow mangaka. Sakura is so thrilled to meet her but all she could ever eke out of her mouth is tanuki… In her place, she discusses about Maeno’s current fetishes like idols (because their skirts are short enough to have you see their panties) and elephants (they’re too big to be put in the background or fit in the panel anyway). Heck, she shows him a website of the manga magazine in which it is absolutely nothing but him! You might even think it is his personal blog or something. And there’s the part where he ‘defiles’ the manuscript… Then here comes the person in the flesh. Nozaki is pissed upon seeing him and even more when Maeno claims Nozaki is here because he missed his advice. Cool down! But he calms down when Maeno gives him photos of the amusement park that he wanted. Unfortunately it might reach boiling point once more because all the photos contain his face. So you see, the big reason why Nozaki is grateful for a guy like Miyamae? Yeah. He even texts him to convey his feelings. His reply is offensive but he takes it as a positive note. Creepy…

Miyamae calls Nozaki that he couldn’t understand his heroine Mamiko’s feelings because all he sees is her calling out the protagonist’s name. So he tries to hint to that dense Nozaki (to him, not his characters) that this would be a problem if readers can’t really understand all that. Taking up his advice, Nozaki is going to become Mamiko for the entire day. This creep you out, Sakura? Yeah… He has made lots of bentos to see their reaction. He gets disappointed when he realizes the difference between fantasy and reality when Seo complains. Mikoshiba even gets one and although he feels odd, he finds it delicious and this makes Nozaki happy. Could this be how Mamiko feels? Later he sees several girls fighting over Kashima and realizes Mamiko also has rivals. Then this scene… Nozaki kidnaps Kashima away on a cart! A bevy of angry girls just chasing them down! After a while, Nozaki begins to realize there are no special feelings at all because Mamiko only had eyes on the protagonist. Kashima feels insulted because it’s like as though she got dumped. Sakura returns the lunch box to Nozaki. She shows him she made his bento into her handphone wallpaper. He is impressed enough to want to continue being Mamiko. Okay, I think that will be enough. That night he calls Miyamae and believes he understands how Mamiko feels now. However after reflecting what he did for the day as Mamiko (Sakura keep pointing out what he is doing wrong), he retracts that he needs to study more. The end result leaves Miyamae more frustrated and with a potential big headache…

Episode 6
Sakura brought some calming opera-like music to listen while they work. This voice sounds familiar? Yeah. It’s Seo’s! Nozaki immediately turns it off! Speaking of her, here she is causing her usual rampage during the boys’ basketball game again. Everyone gets pounded in the face? There’s no stopping her. Nozaki’s former basketball member, Hirotaka Wakamatsu meets up and talks how Nozaki has changed ever since he went into shoujo manga (Nozaki believes he is much cooler now) and also complains about Seo’s habits since she is the assistant for the girls’ basketball team. He feels like he is being target lately and has trouble sleeping. In exchange for hearing out his troubles, Wakamatsu will help with his manga. Nozaki accidentally plays the song from Lorelei and instantly falls asleep! He wakes up next morning and although apologizing for not getting any work done, he pleads he needs to have that song for he has never slept so good for a long time. Nozaki is in a dilemma to tell him the truth behind that voice. Maybe not. After all, Seo is the reason behind his stress and relaxing. With yet another rampaging by Seo, Wakamatsu again seeks comfort in Nozaki. Maybe he should really get mad at her but since he doesn’t know how, he wants to borrow his work to study. Seriously? Study shoujo manga? It gets off to a worse start when Seo finds a love letter in her shoe locker. It’s supposed to be a challenge letter. And when they finally meet at the rooftop, all what Wakamatsu had to say (he didn’t say much by the way) goes to waste since she was thinking of what kind of nickname she wants to give him. He blows his top and starts complaining (to the point of tears) about her behaviour. But from the way he ‘complains’ about her making up after that, doesn’t it sound suspicious that she may actually like him? And then this… Wakamatsu mentions about Lorelei! He starts praising her angelic voice and all the good qualities and how this person he never met is such a goddess! Seo’s reply? Please repeat that again! Utter defeat for Wakamatsu… The only thing left to do… What is he going to do with those gloves? Throw down a challenge? Nope. Just give it to her. Well, at least she has some use for it. Squash flies… So what’s the point of Wakamatsu complaining his ‘loss’ to Nozaki? Where did he go wrong? Well, he shouldn’t have studied shoujo manga in the first place.

Sakura receives an SOS message from Nozaki. She rushes down to his place thinking this time she will get in his good books by helping out with his work. Turns out he is sick. How can an ink she bought help him out? Apparently he mistakenly SMS to Wakamatsu and Hori too. Nozaki’s concern is that the doctor wants him to stay in bed but he wants somebody to stay in bed for him while he finishes his manuscript as the deadline is tomorrow. He tries to show off his professionalism by drawing with closed eyes since the body remembers. Let’s say Picasso is much better. Just rest. So the trio have the task of completing it for him. But this is the first time they have to cut and set screen tones! Although Hori and Sakura have more experience as assistants, Wakamatsu seems to be doing better so they pretend they know it all. As for what the characters are trying to say, Hori seeks Nozaki’s advice but since he won’t stop ranting (he is really going into details of the feelings of a girl!), I guess they just have to add the speeches themselves. Sakura checks on him and her heart beats like mad when she hears him murmur her name in her sleep. Could it be? Then it follows a few names of other girls before he decides on one that will be the name of his new character! So disappointed! When he is well, he checks on the work progress. The verdict? He will have to ask for a deadline extension! Wrongly applied screen tones! Wakamatsu is glad to receive new songs from Lorelei and wonders how Nozaki got them. That facial contortion that he got them by exchanging his pride has Wakamatsu believing of some underground connection. In actual fact he had to suck up his pride that he likes them and ask for more from Sakura (who is probably getting the wrong idea).

Episode 7
Nozaki finished his manuscript early and realizes he has no other hobby! Sakura must be dreaming of this day because Nozaki asking her to accompany him out is like a date! This is what happens when you put your hopes too high up. Because Nozaki can’t get work out of his mind. Whether it is the movie he picks or the food he eats, the reason he chooses them is because for reference for his manga! Even at the clothes shop, he wonders if the sailor uniform would look good on Mamiko. Would Sakura care to try it on? Heck, he even tries to put it on himself! No luck! At the figurines section, guess who they saw there? Mikoshiba. WTF… Nozaki thinks those figurines can provide some good model reference… At first Sakura’s heart is pounding of what kind of bishoujo he is going to pick. Then it turns out he picked a handsome guy. Disappointed! Then they head to the stationery shop to get some supplies. The day ends with Nozaki asking Sakura to come to his place. Could this finally be it? Again… This is what happens when you put your hopes high. She is made to finish the cooking he made too much. Eat your heart out! Eat away your misery! Don’t despair. After all that trouble, Nozaki has got a nice present for her. Gee, what could it be? A sailor uniform… Disappointed… And he wants to take pictures of her in it now!

Sakura asks Mikoshiba to be her art club’s model. He turns her down. But when some other girl asks, his charm automatically sets and accepts it like a cool guy. Regret? Sakura won’t even help him decline this one. Back home he tries to practice poses. Mostly weird ones. The only ones he is good at are bishoujo figurine poses. Just sad… Mikoshiba arrives at the art club. Some of the members have him pose in certain poses as they wish. That girlfriend breaking up pose… Sakura has him pose like working on a manuscript. Although Mikoshiba gets to boss Sakura around during break time, when she leaves to buy him some drink, he panics and scolds her for leaving him alone! Mikoshiba feels more tired despite the periodic breaks. Then comes in Nozaki and he hopes this guy could help whisk him away. Nozaki did ask for permission to take Mikoshiba away. However he is willing to wait till the club session ends. Damn. Nozaki sees some of the students sketching and their sketch are great model references. He wants to join! Not recruiting. Nozaki is also given a chance to pose Mikoshiba. But he starts posing all the other club members into one big group pose. At the end, the art club members thank him. One of them asks if he wants to model for them again. I guess his instinctive charm kicks in. He is glad to do it nude next time. Wowee! He just dug his own grave. Can Nozaki help him out? When he does that nude modelling, Nozaki wants to come and see. Yeah…

Episode 8
Hori carries around Nozaki’s shoujo manga in his bag. He is not worried of losing it and let people have the wrong idea since he always clutches on to his bag. When Kashima is seen running away from club activities, he throws the bag at her! The manga drops out as Kashima takes a peek. To her horror she gets the wrong idea on the kind of books he reads. Before she can go further, Hori takes her out. Eventually she gets a copy and Mikoshiba says he too has one. He surprises her by reciting a line perfectly from a chapter. She too acts her part out but this freaks Mikoshiba out. She then happens to bump into Nozaki and ask his thoughts on it. His comments are all professional but it sounded ambiguous that Kashima thinks it is all so complicated. When Kashima practises her play lines with Hori, she notices he is a bit different. A bit happy. Actually he is glad that for once she is taking serious interest in her work. When the other fan girls come in to bug Kashima if there is anyone who is playing the princess role, Kashima mistakes Hori’s angry face that he might want to play the princess part! Hori thought Kashima has her feminine side when she asks his opinion to choose between a long or mini skirt. Turns out she borrowed his clothes and left the skirt as his substitute. The following days, Kashima always leave female clothing and accessories in his locker. Is this some kind of harassment? Hori notes that they are all well coordinated actually.

Because Nozaki is hopeless drawing backgrounds, that is why Hori is around. Even he has a hard time trying to decipher where the characters are supposed to be. They are surprised Nozaki can debut with his horrible background drawings. I guess the mangas he drew doesn’t have much background in them. Hori trains Nozaki to draw backgrounds but it is so obvious that the characters seem like floating. How to fix this? Draw them standing on a box! His perspective of depth and distance is also off. Nothing like the box to fix it, huh? And he puts a note that boxes are the in thing now. Sakura suggests they should take some photos and draw. She flusters when she is supposed to play Mamiko and Nozaki the heroine. However she is too short that she can’t be seen in the camera. Since Hori has the same height with the protagonist, he takes over. Despite the perfect angle and everything, Nozaki feels something is missing. Boxes! Quit it already! Kashima sees Hori referring to the manga and even seeks Nozaki’s guidance about it. She gets the wrong idea he wants to be carried like a princess. As Hori is going to stay at Nozaki’s place for the night, Sakura fears something gay might happen and will also stay with pretence she wants to learn more about drawing backgrounds. Hori lacks sleep in his club and can’t help doze off. But when he sees Kashima standing on a box trying to reach for something, it pisses him off and does a slide tackle. It knocks him out. Kashima wants to bring him to the infirmary. Dressed like a prince and carrying him like a princess? Eventually she thinks if she can’t be his prince, the horse will do. But she put on a bull’s mask instead and runs straight there. Everyone thinks this must be some sort of rodeo. Hori is surprised to see the person behind that mask. In the end, Hori decides to draw all of Nozaki’s backgrounds but in exchange his next story must be about a prince who was turned into a bull. Sakura asks Hori has he mistake Kashima to be a guy the first time. Well, he never noticed her skirt and only when she entered the female toilet.

Episode 9
On a rainy day, Sakura forgot to bring her umbrella. Is this the chance she has been waiting for to share an umbrella with Nozaki? Well… He forgot to bring his too. Oh God, why are you screwing with her! He gets this idea of rolling up his sleeves and longs and hides under his jacket. Lame… Want to get in? Eventually they have to turn back since they got pretty drenched. As they wait, Nozaki thinks of writing out some scenarios. He starts telling of what seems to be a romantic story but turns into a ghost story. They see lots of girls competing with each other to share an umbrella with Kashima. It looks like some mushroom field. Seo then dumps her umbrella at Sakura because she prefers to run in the rain. Sakura starts flustering that she is finally sharing an umbrella with him but since she is fantasizing too much, she didn’t realize she got his head stuck in the umbrella. Such a tall guy… Now Nozaki holds the umbrella. Rain water keeps pouring on her head… Then the car splashes puddle over them. Bad day… Sakura wants to go on like this for a while. Nozaki too. Really? He just remembered he left the laundry outside and wants to escape reality! Back at his home, since they are soaked, he tells her to take off her clothes! WTF?! She has no clothes to change! Don’t worry. That sailor uniform. There are some poses he wants to capture. No way!!! Nozaki no baka!!! Next day Nozaki shows Sakura the rainy day scenario story. It seems he put in Seo’s scene and Sakura felt she really lost out to her.

Miyako’s college friends thinks it is weird she writes her love letters in point form. What is with this tanuki business too? They go eavesdrop her on the phone thinking she’s talking to her boyfriend. They get the wrong idea she got into trouble with some debt collectors since she is assuring she’ll get her work done. Nozaki and Sakura go see Miyako to confirm something. Hearing her off the phone with Maeno makes Nozaki feel he is such a blessed guy to have Miyamae. Miyako tries to solve her tanuki problems but it’s not going too well. She relates how she tried to stand up for her title to be published but from the way they hear it, she lost since it became a second title. Nozaki remembers Maeno has a habit of changing words on his own and thus the ‘misprint’ seen in the final printed version. Miyako also had many of such experience but it seems to make the dialogue very erotic. They suggest she complain and when she calls, surprisingly he apologizes at first but soon blames her manga has too many kanji and hard for him to read. Now she has to apologize! They suggest putting an indirect message of complaint in the manga but I don’t think Miyako knows how to do it. Another suggestion is to overload the tanuki factor so she draws a guy in full body costume of a tanuki and faxes it over to Maeno. He loves it! Backfired. When Miyako makes that character more boring, it seems Sakura takes a liking for it. Nozaki sees Miyamae and suggests of adding some spice to his next manga. An alien who looks like a human but only more handsome and popular? Isn’t he just a handsome guy? Miyamae thinks this was just a waste of time but Maeno totally loves this idea! Nozaki is irked that Sakura is more excited with a drawing from Miyako than he gave his autograph. He is willing to trade it by drawing his characters and even in tanuki suits. Big lecture from Sakura: Please treat your characters with more care. Oh sh*t!

Episode 10
His rainy day sketch surprisingly received positive reactions so Miyamae told him to write a side story for his side characters. However Nozaki is in a dilemma because those characters are modelled after Wakamatsu and Seo. When Wakamatsu comes over seeking his advice as he is deeply in a dilemma about going out with Seo who handed him a movie ticket, Nozaki didn’t hesitate to tell him to go. And then tell him all about it. So Wakamatsu dresses his best while Seo is just casual to go watch this so called alien B-grade movie. I don’t know what the big fuss was trying to fight over the dominance of the armrest space but eventually it is Seo who won since Wakamatsu is so meek. When the movie starts, Seo starts laughing at parts normal people wouldn’t. She loves the killings, doesn’t she? Towards the end, she seemingly falls asleep on him and he wants to find out her reaction when she wakes up but actually she’s just relaxing in that pose. As they leave, they talk about the movie but it’s like they are watching different movies because Seo is like talking about stuffs that didn’t happen in it. She’s talking about the killing and gore so much that he can’t take it anymore and tells her to shut it! Sakura reads the side story and is impressed. She likes it. However Nozaki only has negative comments about it. Wakamatsu spies outside the music club to find out who Lorelei is. Hori comes by and the best way to find out is to walk in and ask. He does so but when he comes out, he is excited to turn his next play into a musical! Nozaki and Sakura see Kashima depressed. Because Hori wants to turn the next play into a musical, she is required to do lots of acrobatic flips and somersaults. Is that a musical? However Kashima can do all that (?!) except one: Singing. Yup, she’s tone deaf. Sakura requests Seo’s help to train her but you can tell she’s not really into the mood. But since her best friend is asking… First she has Kashima sing to gauge her. You can tell from Nozaki and Sakura’s reaction they’re about to be dragged to hell the moment she opens her mouth. Seo? She had ear plugs on! Seeing their reaction was just enough to gauge her?! Her options to train her are harsh so the rest figure it’s easier to do something about Hori. Make him hate musicals or erase his memories. Wakamatsu sees Seo entering the music club. As she trains Kashima to sing, Wakamatsu mistakes this is her horrible voice and feels so bad for her that he starts crying out his woes to Nozaki.

Thank goodness Hori won’t be doing a musical play next but since an actor is out due to a broken bone, he has to replace him. Of course this makes Kashima happy as she gets to act on stage with him. In the play, her character is supposed to beat him but she couldn’t. His character is supposed to lose but he won’t. They just don’t match… Hori thinks of finding a stand in and who better to play it than Nozaki since he wrote this story so he should understand the character better. But Nozaki doesn’t realize he had this character… Nozaki is such an amateur in acting that it’s obvious. He wants to change since it’s hard to act in his school uniform. Sakura relishes seeing him in a costume when he comes out in a bear suit… So disappointed! Can’t even see his face! Well, it’s the only suit that fits him. Hori thinks he needs to get a guy who loves to stand out. The rest can’t think of one. Then how about a guy easily deceived to take this part. Everyone had the same idea: Mikoshiba! At first he won’t be tricked into it but with the constant praising, he’s in! Seeing Mikoshiba acts somewhat reminds Hori of a very familiar character: Mamiko! During Kashima and Mikoshiba’s fight scene, Hori cheered on the latter to crush the former! This makes Kashima sulk and she gets the wrong idea that Hori likes him more! Gay?! He even starts calling his name wrongly over and over. Mamikoshiba… Hori thought he has secured Mikoshiba as an actor but the next day he returns back to his timid self. Looks like Hori has to play the character himself. Want something done, do it yourself. Wakamatsu spies on Seo to try and catch her good points but all she does is give ill but in-your-face-honest advices to her friends. Wakamatsu’s friends think he is starting to fall for Seo.

Episode 11
Nozaki seems to know a lot about Miyamae. And he knows all of it via Miyako. It’s like information leak. Flashback reveals when they first met. Miyamae was to take over as Nozaki’s editor from Maeno but that guy didn’t show up. Miyamae finds Nozaki to be annoying because it’s like he fears Miyamae wants to butt in writing his story or win over him by flattering his characters. But when he manages to name several minor characters, Nozaki becomes impressed and that’s when they got ‘closer’. When Sakura mentions she would like to see an element of surprise in his manga, he starts sketching a few sketchy and absurd surprising moments. Though she is surprised, but it is not the kind of surprise she is hoping for. Nozaki suggests he’ll set up some excitement for her tomorrow. This doesn’t sound good. But Sakura can’t help look forward to it. First excitement: He becomes her chair! WTF?! Did anybody order some S&M play?! Surprised? Next he gives her some flowers. Ah, good surprise. Then his hand falls off. Surprised?! More of like shock. Then he helps her to bring some books to the faculty room but retracts on his statement. So uncool. So heartbreaking. She doesn’t hesitate to take up his offer to eat his lunch. All rice only? But wait. There is curry underneath. Surprise? She even gets tea, seconds and dessert. So much so she can’t take any more of such surprises and could explode! When he wants to walk home with her, by that time I’m sure Sakura is already suspicious. On her guard. Everything he does, she will be looking over her shoulders, getting ready for what may come. Nothing much happens. So what’s the surprise? None. He just wanted to walk home with her. That surprise. Surprised? Dumbfounded… Later Nozaki hands in his next manuscript to Miyamae employing this surprise element (especially that curry under the rice trick). He doesn’t look impressed and thinks it has turned into some food manga.

Thanks to the heavy rain, coincidentally all the guys stop by Nozaki’s place. This is the first time Mikoshiba meets Hori and Wakamatsu. At first Mikoshiba didn’t like how cool and athletic Wakamatsu is but when the latter praises him, they become friends. Hori doesn’t like the idea Mikoshiba is here because he might blurt out the secret that he does Nozaki’s backgrounds. If Kashima finds out, she would want to help out too and inadvertently bring all the fan girls and crowd in this place. Such vivid imagination. As Nozaki makes dinner, the rest decide to watch TV and unconsciously whip out their drawing tools at the same time! Whoops! Hide it back! Mikoshiba tries to start a conversation. Especially about girls. He hints to Nozaki for some ‘magazine with lots of girls’ but was given the manga magazine. Okay, let’s be more specific. Real girls. He hands him his graduation album. WTF. Oh well, this will do. Mikoshiba wonders what kind of girls they like so they start ranting away their ideals without looking at the pictures. As the train service has stopped due to the storm, looks like they will have to stay for the night here. Hori notices Nozaki’s notes that he is planning to make some pyjamas party for his next chapter. Yeah, see him taking down notes and turning their guys talk into girls talk? Nozaki can’t believe the guys want to go to bed this early. He’ll watch over them. No excitement. He mentions his intention of writing sleepover scenarios so the guys try to talk about relationships. When they are curious about Sakura’s relationship with Nozaki and are going to ask him, that dude is already deep asleep! The trio have fun arm wrestling well into the dead of the night. Meanwhile Sakura thinks a lot about Nozaki. She has a Valentine’s chocolate for him and a note of confession in the fridge.

Episode 12
The girls are talking the chances of going out with a guy based on the gift given. When Sakura mentions about that autograph, they feel it’s better for her to stay away from him. She gives them her Valentine’s Day chocolates. Five months ago, she forgot to give it to the guy she likes (guess who) or rather she couldn’t find the guts to do it and it stayed dormant in her fridge since then. Don’t worry, it’s not expired yet. She’s still sore she wasn’t able to get a hold of him on that day since he was busy ‘running around’ being a busybody when he heard other people were being given chocolates. But Valentine’s Day for Nozaki didn’t go too well too. Because he opines there is no need for White Day, the girls misunderstood his intention and cancelled him from their list. He got no chocolates. He was unfazed. He didn’t even realize it. Sakura talks to Seo about the last time a boy gave her chocolates. It was like when she was 3 years old… As for Kashima, because Hori said he didn’t like handmade chocolates, she went to the store and bought a chocolate, copied it and hand this imitation to him. So he unknowingly ate her homemade chocolate he hated so much. Sakura has been suggested to give Nozaki eat the chocolates since he might eat it naturally as Valentine’s Day is over. Unfortunately Nozaki bumps into her and her 5 months of love scattered on the floor. Nozaki gets the wrong idea that she is mad and wants him to pick up and eat them. Although she is happy, he further mistakes that happiness that she totally loves to see him pick and eat them up from the floor. He really wants to make it up to her and since she mentions she wants some candy to make him happy, he gets more wrong idea about what it means. Later Seo and Sakura compliment Kashima’s improving singing skills. But why do they cover their ears when they say that?

Sakura and Seo meet up with Mikoshiba and Kashima for the fireworks festival. They see a group of girls trying to resist asking them out. They look like zombies… Mikoshiba and Sakura exchange praises and clearly despite how plain they dress, Mikoshiba really wants to keep the praises coming. Nozaki and Wakamatsu are also here to observe the couples. But Wakamatsu’s misery begins when Seo drags him away. As he is not familiar with Kashima, he thinks ‘this guy’ is Seo’s boyfriend and starts having vivid imaginations about them. He’s really bothered about it. But what can he do about it? Hori is also here to take background snapshots for his manga references and isn’t too pleased to see Kashima around. When Sakura is lost, she bumps into Nozaki. I suppose this must be the most distasteful joke he has ever said to her. He joked he couldn’t identify her because of her different ribbon patterns! Sakura flusters on what to do so she shares her candy apple with him in which he doesn’t hesitate to take a bite. They head to a higher ground so Nozaki can take pictures for references of the festival. Since Sakura cannot get up on the metal bars, Nozaki lifts her up and this brings back memories of that entrance ceremony day. Deja vu. She thought it was bad enough she got on the wrong train till she saw Nozaki sleeping while trying to climb over the school gate! Since she was too short, Nozaki lifts her up. She thought he was some sort of delinquent but eventually realized he is a nice guy. That’s the first time she met him and he saved her when she was late for school, panicking and about to cry. She reflects lots of things have happened and their relationship didn’t go anywhere but she’ll keep on loving him more and more even though he only sees her as a friend. As the fireworks start to light up the night sky, Sakura accidentally blurts she loves him. Oh gosh. Did he hear that? He says something inaudible because the fireworks start up again. Then he puts his face closer to her ear and whispers he also feels the same like her. Yes. He loves the fireworks. Oh… I don’t know if Sakura has gone crazy but she’s laughing. In a cute way, that is. She thanks him for staying by her side and is happy with the way things are right now.

Love Lessons From Manga… Imitated From Real Life
Surprisingly I didn’t expect myself to enjoy this anime as I was going to pass it off as something mediocre. See, that is the problem when you try to judge something before fully watching it. The funny bits and moments are definitely the best parts of the series and it is just funny to see the characters react and deal with all kinds of it. The balance and right mix of such comical moments are what makes this series an enjoyable watch. Sometimes ridiculous but if you think about it, real life can be quite pretty similar too.

Bringing out the best in the comedy are the characters and despite Nozaki and Sakura are the main characters, the other side characters do well to bring good balance to the overall feel of everything. Each has their own quirks and personalities that we can relate to like Mikoshiba’s penchant to be praised. These characters also shows us the irony in life because for example Mikoshiba sounds like he is cool and flirtatious with the ladies but in real life he is just a noob and the furthest he gets with them is just dating simulations. Likewise, Seo may be a troublemaker and lacks tact but her angelic singing voice makes up for all that. Thus Wakamatsu, who is always stressed out by her, is also calmed and soothed by the person whom he doesn’t know is the very same girl. Then there is Hori who always has the tendency to beat the crap out of Kashima if she pisses him off the slightest. I don’t know if this would amount to violence against woman. Despite Kashima looking a lot like a guy, she is still a girl underneath that tomboyish looks. I wonder what her fan girls will have to say about that.

Ironically for Nozaki, despite writing such a famous shoujo manga, he himself isn’t really an expert on the subject of love. Though, he is keen in observing his subjects but tends to go overboard with zany and exaggerated scenarios from his perspective. Perhaps it is a reason why his manga is wildly popular because in some ways people can relate it to real life. For now his passion seems to be concentrating on the love life of his manga characters rather than the ones in real life. Right under his nose. Because in manga I think you can erase, reset and redo a scene again unlike in reality. No wonder he is so good. No wonder the manga is doing so well.

Sakura is a funny girl, which makes her an amusing watch. There are so many moments when she starts believing that Nozaki is going to do something romantic or perhaps realize something from the heart. Often as many times it turns out to be something else different and she’ll be so disappointed, disheartened, dismayed, crest fallen and frustrated. Feel like banging your head on the wall? In a way I think being status quo as his manga assistant is consider good enough because who knows what happens if they actually end up as a real couple. Hah. At least since they are not, there is no possible development of a break up later! Yikes! And the more she starts working with him on his manga, the more she starts to question the ideas he comes up with and uses. It just shatters all your perspectives on things.

Even the other smaller supporting characters outside the main magnificent seven are likeable in their own ways like Maeno’s narcissism, Miyako’s tendency to include tanukis not only in every manga she draws but in each freaking panel as well (something I feel is like a running gag each time she takes the limelight)! I believe Miyamae is the most serious character in the series and I don’t remember seeing him smile once. I guess his job is that stressful. Even Nozaki has times where he brightens up albeit usually when he comes up or does something silly. So with Nozaki’s strange stories and ideas sometimes, it even piles more pressure of him as evidently seen. No wonder he is so grumpy. I wonder if Lorelei’s music can help him. On second thought, maybe not. So which editor would you like to have? An unfriendly but serious one or a carefree and oblivious weirdo? I would have neither! If these characters were in Bakuman, I think it would have been big time fail.

I never put much hope on the romance department in the first place because I knew from ‘experience’ it was going to be status quo from start to finish. Even that seemingly heart stopping confession had some sort of a catch. And true enough it wasn’t really Nozaki that realized his feelings for Sakura or anything. Big relief or big frustration? Seeing so many of such situations in various animes already made me ‘numb’ when this sort of things happens. Oh well, on the bright side is that Sakura still gets to be by his side and she still has a chance. But don’t take too long… Or she’ll be forever waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting… Surely she doesn’t want to be content to be just his manga assistant, right? There are deep hints that Seo likes Wakamatsu (the constant teasing, why else would such a badass girl bug you like that?) and Kashima for Hori (otherwise why would she stand his abuse every time she escapes from club activities?). It would have been interesting to see something developing of this sort but you know, sometimes it is better there isn’t. Even Mamiko is having all sorts of troubles and challenges in love. Imagine it in real life. Oh wait. Doesn’t her love life chronicles take after real life?

The art and drawing are quite good especially the characters giving off that bishoujo and bishonen feel. In short, almost everyone looks good, handsome, cute and pretty and even girls like Seo with bad attitudes also look beautiful (till she starts giving away her bad habits then the overall beauty of the heart would start diminishing). Maybe the only one not fitting the bill would be Miyamae but even so, at least he is not that ugly. Note, Sakura has got the funniest-cum-cutest face when she goes into her annoyed mode because it makes her look like Pac-man! Serious!

I was surprised that Mai Nakahara was the voice of Kashima. No matter how much I think about it, she just doesn’t sound like the Mai Nakahara I knew of. Perhaps it is one of those roles once in a while whereby you voice something that you aren’t typically casted for. Kashima may sound a bit boyish but thinking hard and trying to recognize that lower voice belonged to Mai Nakahara, it was just mind boggling since she usually voices obvious female roles (think Juvia from Fairy Tail). At least Yuuichi Nakamura as Nozaki is still recognizable albeit he wasn’t in his angst character stereotype (Gray in Fairy Tail, Yamada in Valvrave The Liberator). Miyuki Sawashiro as Seo and Ayako Kawasumi as Miyako are definitely recognizable in my books. For the rest of the casts, they are Ari Ozawa as Sakura (making her debut voicing a main character), Nobuhiko Okamoto as Mikoshiba (Accelerator in To Aru Majutsu No Index), Yuuki Ono as Hori (Moral in Hamatora), Ryohei Kimura as Wakamatsu (L-elf in Valvrave The Liberator), Kenta Miyake as Miyamae (Klaus in Hayate No Gotoku) and Daisuke Ono as Maeno (Sebastian in Kuroshitsuji).

Another winning point for this anime is the opening and ending themes. The opener, Kimi Janakya Dame Mitai by Masayoshi Ooishi attracts you with that funky guitar play. The way the singer sings the song with lots of funk makes it feel like fun all the way. Definitely you would want to hear it again. Aaow! Yeah! Ari Ozawa does Uramote Fortune and the cutest thing about this anime pop piece is how she goes singing repetitively the lyrics “Hantai no, hantai no, hantai no, hantai no, hantai no Fortune”. Addictively cute. She already has a cute voice and now the way she sings it is so cute, it makes your heart go “Kyun~!”. Really. There are a variety of background music too and I think some of them are not bad. But there is one they keep spamming and playing quite often so I think even though it sounds great, hearing too much of it becomes a bore.

After all that is said and done, this series is a good and entertaining watch if you want some light hearted romance that brings out the hilarious moments in the simplest things, go for this anime. You won’t regret it even if you’re not into the idea of love right now. Another good point that I suppose certain groups of viewers would find it good is that this anime doesn’t rely on fanservice or any sexual subtexts for its comedy so the comedy is clean good fun. Good enough for even for the family to watch. In the end, no matter how good a romance novel or shoujo manga is or how successful or good it looks on paper and theory, nobody has the slightest clue what romance and love is all about. Everybody is just a noob when it comes to love. Funny, isn’t it?

Magi: The Kingdom Of Magic

January 24, 2015

They should have called the sequel Aladdin and the Magic Kingdom because that is what Magi: The Kingdom Of Magic is all about. At least half of it. With the plot and storyline progressing steadily from the first season, I am sure there is a reason why Aladdin is hogging a big chunk of the second season. That reason being the main trio heading off to their own separate ways (albeit temporarily) to improve themselves in preparation for the ultimate battle between good and evil. And thus in this season we have Aladdin in focus as he tries to learn and master magic techniques that will allow him to become a true Magi in this world. So get ready to tune in for more Arabian Niiiiiiiiights. Like Arabian Daaaaaaaaays…

Episode 1
Back at Sindria, Sinbad announces for a celebration with Alibaba and co’s safe return and of course the successful capturing of another Dungeon. There is even a play enacting their Dungeon capture but the actors look so ‘lame’ that it’s making them laugh… Ka Kobun tells Kougyoku and Hakuryuu that it is time to return home. Hakuryuu feels he needs to get Sinbad’s answer before then. Sinbad talks to Aladdin about the other Magi besides him. Apart from Judal who is serving the Kou Empire, there is Yunan then wandering Magi and the one who caused the first Dungeon to appear 15 years ago and Scheherazade, Reim Empire’s Magi who is also responsible for that empire’s prosperity for 2 centuries. Seems Sinbad is trying to persuade Aladdin to become Sindria’s Magi but Aladdin remains cautious and doesn’t accept it yet. Sinbad also goes to ‘flirt’ with Kougyoku and she really hopes this would never end. Jafar thinks he is a despicable man but he claims he needs to get all the resources he can get. Aladdin expresses his wish to learn more about magic so Yamraiha mentions the kingdom of Magnostadt where she learnt magic at their academy till 10 years ago. Sinbad and his Eight Generals are analyzing Dark Metal weapons and they find Magnostadt’s symbol engraved on it. Sinbad is going to talk to Dunya (who is under their custody) but Yamraiha cautions that her lips are tightly sealed especially when she learnt Yamraiha studied at Magnostadt. The only one who can break the ice is Aladdin. She’s laughing at his antics! And then he cannot resist it. Groping her boobs and thighs! Oh Aladdin! You lucky pervy bastard!!! Sinbad assures Sindria is not aligned with Magnostadt and that Yamraiha has stopped associating with them 10 years ago. Suddenly his Metal Vessels start reacting. It causes Dunya pain. Yamraiha manages to temporarily stop its proliferation but since it has eaten her too deep, it is only a matter of time. Aladdin uses his Magi power to dive into her mind and free her from the Dark Metal Vessel in her. He sees all the hate and grief from other people. Although he frees her, however the after effect of the Dark Metal Vessel aggravates her situation. She doesn’t have long to live. Alibaba discusses with Aladdin and Morgiana about Hakuryuu’s departure. Aladdin also announces he wants to go on a journey by himself.

Episode 2
Aladdin wants to learn more about the world although he likes it here, he feels he might get drawn into Sinbad’s great light. Of course they are worried about Aladdin’s decision to study at Magnostadt because of their peculiar discriminating system. Aladdin doesn’t want the rest to follow and they have to figure out their goals themselves. He wants to make Alibaba his king but has no power or knowledge to do so yet. Morgiana trains with Masrur when she asks about the Dark Continent. He explains he saw none of their people there. He thinks if this helps her to move on, then she must visit the place herself. Kougyoku wants to spar with Alibaba (because they are friends now) but it is Sinbad who does the honours. She is thrilled to fight with him so Sinbad had to cut short their bout at the expense of knocking out others nearby (those who don’t cover their ears) with some djinn shouting high frequency waves. Hakuryuu goes to beg Sinbad for his help although it doesn’t have to be now but in the future when he calls for it. Sinbad looks on the positive side and agrees. Aladdin talks to Dunya about his plan and hopes she will wait for him to come back with a cure. However she knows he is lying because she doesn’t have that much time left. They chat and Dunya feels glad to have met him. She dies after Dark Metal Vessel engulfs her body. It is a sad day for everyone as they watch Dunya’s body being cremated. Hakuryuu tells Morgiana about his family being murdered by Al-Thamen. He knows the organization has infiltrated the Kou Empire and had he accepted their invitation, he might have ended up like that too. Morgiana feels envy. She cannot remember her own family. She was alone and sold into slavery until about a year ago she was saved by Alibaba. Hakuryuu tries to give her hope her parents might be alive somewhere. Kougyoku talks to Alibaba about how she fell in love at first sight with Sinbad and chased him all the way to Sindria. Unlike her siblings, she heard her mom was a prostitute and she was born on the streets. Thus she is a princess of low birth and kept her distance in the palace as she never felt belonged. Only Judal and her big brother, Kouen recognized her warrior abilities. Although she is not sure yet, she is going home to search for her purpose.

Episode 3
Sinbad and the Eight Generals see off Aladdin, Morgiana and Hakuryuu. In the end, Alibaba never come to see them off. Unknown to them, he stowed away on the ship and thinks of surprising them with a perfect chance to make up. He waits for them to enter but they enter the room next door. He thought they would be worried about him but instead they are talking behind his back! Especially about his unpopularity. So much about being friends, huh? This hurts him a lot so he starts crying. In the end it is revealed that they knew he sneaked on board and were just playing a prank on him. Gotcha! Alibaba is also on a journey to train to become a gladiator. Sinbad noticed he couldn’t perform a full body Djinn Equip despite all the training and detected his Magoi might have changed in quality. At this rate he will never master it no matter how much effort he puts in. But don’t worry. Sinbad had this sort of experience too so he went to the Village of Magoi Manipulation inhabited by a minority race called Yambala. Because they are nomads, nobody knows where their real village is. However because they train to be gladiators, you are bound to run into them in Reim Coliseum, the largest coliseum in the world. As their ship nears the port, Morgiana could see something wrong ahead. The port is on fire. A strange looking kid, Olba floats by. He wants them to hand over their goods because he and his men are pirates of Umm Madaura.

Episode 4
The gang is surprised that the pirates are made up of kids. Olba uses his Magic Tool to throw them into the water but Hakuryuu summons Zagan’s power to bring them back up. Olba holds Aladdin hostage and give the pirates enough time to clean out everything before submerging back into the sea. When they arrive at the devastated port, they are greeted by the small army who explain that most of their troops were sent to the northern border to defend against Magnostadt. Ever since the fall of Mustasim Kingdom, they have started to encroach onto other land. The poor people are devastated because not only the pirates took their belongings but their children too. The army doesn’t know where the pirates’ base is and surely they can’t follow underwater. Do not fear. Hakuryuu has planted some seed in one of the goods they stole and its roots will lead them to it. But the army continues to give weak excuses why they can’t. The people blow their top accusing them that just because they are poor and from the slums unlike nobles, they don’t care. This brings back certain trauma for Alibaba. If the army won’t do it, they’ll save the children. Without any reward. Besides, they’re not in a hurry to go anywhere, right? Aladdin wakes up on the ship and sees children powering some Magic Tool to keep this ship running. They are willing to die for Madaura. The pirates’ base is in some rocky enclave. Aladdin notices lots of children. Heck, everyone is children. Olba explains the kids here get to eat all they want and sleep peacefully. Everyone gives their praise to the big boss Madaura. However Aladdin is not convinced because he saw kids nearly dying on the boat. The rest are still adamant that they will die for her cause and chant her name. Wow. Just like a cult. Madaura believes Aladdin will see the light of their way in time. Aladdin and co report back to Sindria what happened via some orb they gave Aladdin before they depart. Aladdin doesn’t want backup and will handle this themselves. The pirates are alerted that a ship is approaching them. Olba is confident they can’t get in. Want to bet? If they can’t go underwater, get in from the top! Morgiana swings and throws the guys like a discus and makes a great jump herself. Right on target.

Episode 5
Madaura won’t let Aladdin go to his friends and has him follow her. She starts brainwashing him that she is his mother. After Olba powers up the kids, they play hide-and-seek with Alibaba. The caves prove useful for making ambush attacks. I don’t know how but Morgiana follows them deep inside and beats the crap out of everyone so much so the caves’ frontier collapse. They head deeper inside only to see weak terrified young kids trying to kill them. If they go all out, they may look like bullies. Just ignore them and head on. But the kids plead not to kill Madaura since she is like their mother who saved them from the slums and took good care of them when everyone else abandoned them. So the trio are in a dilemma since despite their sympathetic position, does it give them the right to steal and plunder as pirates? Besides, they also have their own tragic memories of their own mother. Aladdin breaks free of Madaura’s spell right when Alibaba and co arrive. Madaura uses her giant fan to brainwash them. Now they start seeing their own mother in Madaura and are overwhelmed by her. Madaura notes this is her plan to brainwash and groom children from a young age to become future leaders so she can rule the world. Because no child can live or solve conflicts on their own. Alibaba starts feeling guilty over the incidents that happened in Balbadd when Aladdin snaps him out of it with some lecture that he shouldn’t mindlessly obey somebody even if that person is his mother. Also, think about all the feelings that other people he met on his journey entrusted him. That is why they are not alone. Alibaba and Morgiana break free from the hypnotism much to Madaura’s surprise. It means that they might have a body of a child but their mind is already an adult. Olba and the rest will still protect Madaura with their lives. Alibaba tries to convince them they have been deceived. Alibaba wants Hakuryuu to use his special move but it seems he is still under her influence. He uses his power against them.

Episode 6
Hakuryuu remembers his brother told him to fight till his last breath. He is giving all he is got against Alibaba although the latter eventually bests him when his Magoi Manipulation reached its limit. Madaura and the kids carry all the treasure they can and try to escape but the navy has surrounded the place thanks to a call from Sindria. They have no choice but to give up. Back on land, Madaura is about to be taken away. The kids still adore her but in her heart she thought they were just useless. The people try to take the law into their own hands and want to kill her now. Hakuryuu suddenly comes between them as if he was trying to protect her. Big surprise… He cuts off her head!!! Not in front of those kids!!! Later Hakuryuu reveals Madaura had eyes that looked like his mom. He remembers his mission to kill Al-Thamen’s witch, Gyokuen Ren who defected to his uncle’s side and seized control of Kou Empire. His mission is to kill his mom who was the person who ordered his family’s murder. So when his mom remarried and he became the new king’s adopted child, he then vowed to kill her no matter what. Alibaba feels despite all that, he is just settling a personal score. Olba is going to kill Hakuryuu but doesn’t even come close. He lectures him that he has killed other women who are also mothers. Also, he might have realized they were being used because they were kidnapping children only to help Madaura to line her pockets and gained nothing. They were never loved in the first place. Alibaba decides to take custody of the pirate kids and send them to Sindria under Sinbad’s care. At first Olba didn’t care. Without Madaura, their existence is nothing. But Alibaba lectures him and even gets emotional that he can’t change what happened. Since he is like the big brother whom everyone looks up to, he shouldn’t say such things and should look to the future. So we’re done here with this? Chapter closed. Morgiana confronts Hakuryuu as he leaves. She doesn’t want him to say goodbye like that. Here’s another surprise. He confesses he likes her and even kisses her! Now Alibaba needs to go talk to Hakuryuu but Morgiana won’t let him. In that case, Aladdin will do it. Will he reconsider? Hakuryuu explains he is about to start a war that will split Kou Empire into 2. He wants his help as Sinbad has pledged his. Aladdin is not sure. He really wants to help out but he thinks he is obsessed with revenge and this would only lead to more sorrow. Since it’s like that, Hakuryuu thanks him for everything and carries on his journey. He remembers Morgiana cried after that confession because no man ever said that to her. She felt happy. Since she can’t come with him, he promised that he will return one day and ask her to be his bride once more.

Episode 7
The trio have their last meal together. Morgiana looks a little down. Later the guys visit the red light district so Morgiana tails them to see them really having fun. It makes her feel confused about Hakuryuu’s confession. She’s mad. But there’s nothing she can do about it. Alibaba doesn’t want to lose out so he calls the best girl. It’s that big ugly girl… Have we seen her before? I know who is going to be the biggest loser… Next morning, the trio part their ways. Alibaba gives Morgiana a spare Household Vessel in case hers breaks she can transfer her powers into this extra piece. Aladdin is hungry after flying too long on his magic carpet. He sees a travelling troupe and tries to hitch a ride. The old guy doesn’t want him since he is currently transporting a very important person. Till Aladdin shows his gold from Sinbad… Along the way, bandits ambush them. Aladdin wants to help out but the VIP, Kouha Ren comes out from his carriage and kills all of them with his flexible sword. He looks like enjoying every bit of it. Aladdin learns he is also heading to Magnostadt and talks to him. I won’t say they become close buddies but at least they have company for the rest of the journey. Also, his female servants are grateful and love Kouha because saved them from some lab that turned parts of their bodies into something horrible. However Kouha views them as beautiful. They are at the entry checkpoint of Magnostadt. Aladdin needs to pass a simple magic test but it won’t be easy. As Yamraiha warned, he must hide the fact that he is a Magi or Magnostadt will do whatever it takes to capture him. One of them being he cannot show his Rukh. This is hard since Rukhs appear whenever he uses them. Aladdin passes the test although the Rukhs appear for a while but the tester thinks they are just some interference. Seems Yamraiha gave him a Magic Tool that restricts the flow of Magoi to one direction. He can still produce Magoi but cannot receive it externally. This might turn him into a normal magician and neither the Rukh nor anybody will be on his side, Aladdin still accepted it because there is something in Magnostadt he really wants to find out.

Episode 8
All newcomers need to take a Kodor test to determine their rank. Well, Aladdin got 6th and the last rank. This is how well he could do without his Rukh’s help? His roommate is the arrogant Sphintus who thinks he is hell of a great despite just being 4th Kodor. Aladdin gets to know that every 2 months there is this Iktiyar magic test whereby one can be expelled if one fails. So for 6th Kodor magicians, they’re going to have physical training. No magic stamina. And with this Myers lady who looks more like some S&M queen, it’s unforgiving Spartan training. Aladdin never knew he was this weak, huh? So what is his motivation to go on? Myers’ big bouncy boobs… Although Aladdin perseveres, others drop out. In the end, only 5 of them remember. Myers has them test their magic and it is much bigger than before. This is all thanks to the rigorous training to strengthen their physical strength. Now they are ready to learn magic. Myers has them test their magic via some crystal to determine their magic type. There are 8 types (in ascending order): Fire, water, light, lightning, wind, sound, power and life. Aladdin is fire based. But this doesn’t mean he can only use fire. Based on the diagram, Aladdin’s other compatible magic is wind. After more practical training, the time for the Iktiyar magic test is here. Aladdin goes out and impresses everyone with his big combination of fire and wind magic. No doubt he passes and instantly jumps to 1st Kodor rank! Myers is so happy that she hugs him. Finally, the boobs reward…

Episode 9
Alibaba has finally reached Reim. However he got robbed along the way and is stripped of almost everything. Making his way to the gladiator school, he is stopped by Toto who won’t allow this weakling to enter. Since he insists, they fight to prove himself. But because he is weak without food, he is easily defeated and is kicked out. Alibaba is thankfully rescued by the Nando brothers. Remember those petty thieves who stole from Sinbad in the first season? Looks like they’re making it big in this country running a casino now. While the brothers treat him, a naked man causes commotion because he lost everything in a bet. He turns out to be Shambal Ramal, leader of the Yambala Gladiators. Since he heard from Toto about this afternoon, he is going to give him a chance by fighting Toto again. Now that he is filled up, Alibaba fights better than Toto. Shambal allows Toto to use her Magoi. The moment her sword touches him, Alibaba is blown back and is bleeding. He gets it again. Any more hit, may kill him outright. Alibaba cannot resort to his Djinn Equip and uses his different sword styles to best her. Shambal declares Alibaba the victor despite Toto believing she could still go on. Not if she wants to fight topless! Shambal brings Alibaba into his school where all sorts of swordsmen with different backgrounds from failed mercenaries and thieves to homeless knights have joined. Shambal and Toto are part of the 5 Swordsmen of Yambala and their goal is to train warriors. Alibaba informs about his bad Magoi flow that inhibits his Full Body Djinn Equip. Shambal looks into it (acupuncture?) and realizes his dangerous situation. Seems he has 2 different Magoi types in his body. In short, if left freely, it will tear apart his organs and kill him. The only way is to control both his Magoi flow. Since this treatment is not free, he needs to work and that is to win a fight or two in the gladiator ring. Well, he is confident of taking on any gladiators but he didn’t expect it to be a monster, Garda! Scheherazade is seen watching this match from the stands.

Episode 10
Here’s another catch. He can only use normal swords. This means no Djinn Equip or anything. Alibaba seems to be doing fine dodging Garda’s attacks. He is confident since the crowd is cheering for him. But when his sword gets stuck after he tries to thrust deep, that’s where trouble begins. He gets smashed and tossed around like a ragdoll. Alibaba realizes the harsh reality of being a gladiator because the crowd is cheering for Garda to eat him! Garda loves to play with his food so he sinks his teeth into his hand for more pain. You know you’re a goner when your life starts flashing before your eyes. It seems like game over when Garda breaks his arm and nobody is going to stop the match. Alibaba remembers how he survived with Kassim and suddenly he changes. Back then, they didn’t have weapons and only rely on their wits and teamwork to outsmart bandits. Running around the arena, he finds a spear and sticks it into his mouth to jam it just before Garda is about to devour it. Then he uses the force of the wall when Garda tries to punch him to stick his sword into his fist, jamming it. Now they’re both one arm. Although slashing Garda with the broken sword does minimal damage, eventually the more he slashes, the more it wears out Garda and the big baboon collapses. At that point, Shambal sees both Alibaba’s Magoi fuse with each other. Scheherazade is watching this match because she sensed a disturbing presence but couldn’t determine if it is Alibaba’s. Her bodyguard, Muu Alexius talks to her about rumours that Magnostadt may be trying to conquer Reim as they have been gathering loads of Magic Tools that are supposedly found only in Dungeons. Scheherazade promises to protect Reim but is also worried after sensing some major abnormality in Kou. Toto is surprised that Garda is now Alibaba’s pet! Oh sh*t! He used his reward money to free him from his gladiator services. Just like Garda, Toto looks at Alibaba with a different view now and with some respect. Though, he can still be clumsy. Shambal comes to fix him and asks if he has found the other Magoi residing within. After the match, they fused. What was it he realized in that moment? He has been thinking about the power entrusted to him and is going to take back the country he lost. He needs more power for that and hopes to continue studying under Shambal.

Episode 11
Morgiana just arrived at her homeland, Cathargo. However it is barren. In a nearby town contemplating if there her fellow Fanalis are still around, a group of bandits are getting ready to kidnap her but surprise! Sahbmad and Ahbmad advise them not to for their own safety. They believe since Morgiana’s feet are ‘cracking’ the ground. The duo are currently under Sinbad’s archaeological survey unit and are studying the mysterious tribe of Torran. They take her to their village they are staying and take her to the chief. He mentions the Dark Continent is split by the Great Rift and believes Fanalis are still there. However he warns once she goes there, she can never come back to this side. After resolving herself, Morgiana takes a leap down into the deep dark valley using her chains to help repel down. So deep and dark that it feels like she is falling forever. It’s making her crazy and remembering her traumatic past. Will this fall ever end? Suddenly she hits the ground. Hard solid ground. Dark as night. To save Magoi, she uses her ultra sonic scream sound waves to detect her surroundings. Then she runs forward till she reaches a light. A house in the middle of nowhere? Yunan welcomes and congratulates her for reaching here. Calling himself the guardian of this forest, he knows her name because he could hear the people calling her at the valley’s entrance. He must have good ears or this place has very good echo. He knows her goal of seeing her fellow Fanalis and can arrange to let her meet them. However he cautions there is no turning back once she goes over to the other side. He has the power to send her there but not bring her back. He hopes not to do it. After all, Fanalis suffered greatly on this side. Besides, a terrible war is looming and it will affect the entire world. The reason being the emperor of Kou has died. Meanwhile Kouha is in negotiations with Magnostadt’s chancellor, Matal Mogamett. After hearing the news, negotiations are off and Kouha will have to return to his empire. He warns Kou will invade Magnostadt in the future and hopes he will decide whether to be subjugated or eliminated. You mad, old man? Hakuei returns to Koumei and introduces her 100 Kouga men who became her Household Metal users. Hakuryuu also arrives riding his monsters. Now he looks so badass. But here comes the first prince of Kou, Kouen.

Episode 12
Kouen will wait for all the siblings to return before going to His Majesty. Kougyoku wishes to talk to Kouen so we have a short flashback of Ka Kobun narrating how he was assigned to be her attendant but found her in a worst state. To achieve his quest for power, he decided not to give up on her. He’s quite a smooth talker… Kougyoku hears Kouen talk to Hakuryuu and Hakuei. He asks Hakuryuu if he wants to become emperor. He doesn’t want to go to war against his brother. Because the world only needs one king. He explains about his thoughts on the mysterious origins of Metal Vessels, King Solomon, the Torran inscriptions that appear in all Dungeons and the world divided and speaking in many languages. His theory that the world had only 1 language before is because so they won’t end up dying out after fighting because they can’t communicate and are cut off from each other. Kouen’s goal is to unite the world into one and he wants Hakuryuu’s help. All the siblings proceed to pay their last respects to their late emperor and father (his body is hideous after succumbing to disease). Gyokuen tries to jump ship to Kouen but he is uninterested. By right Kouen should be the next emperor but everyone is taken by surprise Gyokuen is announced to be the successor and the Imperial Priests will aid her in her duties. This doesn’t sit well with some and Hakuei worries this will split their empire into factions. Hakuryuu suddenly goes up and tells Gyokuen to ascend the throne. Later as Hakuryuu reveals to Hakuei, it is his plan to crack Gyokuen’s bond with Kouen. The priests behind her all from Al-Thamen. He believes he has the power to return to this country to normal. He has lived for this day to take down Gyokuen. Hakuei remains sceptical because what he is doing will divide the country instead. She believes in Kouen’s vision. Judal talks to Hakuryuu and tells him that he thinks he might be revolting but that grudge is revenge is part of her manipulation. Gyokuen comes to see him but Hakuryuu won’t let her touch her. Then she hints that she should have killed him that day and this makes him mad. Despite all the super power in his attack, it didn’t do a scratch and Gyokuen easily hits him away. She reminds him all he needs to do is be her adorable kid.

Episode 13
Sphintus has been promoted to 1st Kodor too and only he and Aladdin will advance to the second year. His class is sure he will be named the top student but to their surprise it is Titus Alexius, the son of one of the ruling class of Reim. So pretty… Like a girl? Aladdin sees lots of Rukhs from him. While Titus’ ugly subordinates harass other students, Titus wants to make friends with Aladdin. However instead of shaking his hand, Aladdin fondles his boobs! See! What did I tell you he looks like a girl! Well, at least now we know he isn’t. Titus feels insulted that he wants to beat him. Mogamett walks by and everyone bows down except Aladdin because he don’t know who this old geezer is. Since Mogamett pats him, he thinks he isn’t such a bad guy. Then it is announced, Titus and Aladdin will fight in tomorrow’s exam. The loser will not advance to learn anything. So in this epic magic battle, both sides do well with Aladdin creating a sand golem in Ugo’s image but Titus has his impenetrable barrier. He mocks Aladdin’s magic as simple as he demonstrates his magic combo. That small little ball is enough to pack lots of explosion and damage. To compensate for his lack of magic, Aladdin uses his sound magic and combines it with his martial arts to go on the offensive. They both accidentally rip each other’s sleeve. Aladdin fears his Magic Tool will expose his identity but to his surprise, Titus also has the same Magic Tool on his arm. Could he be a Magi too? Before the battle can continue, Mogamett stops them and calls it a draw. He personally recommends them directly for several seminars. Aladdin wants to talk to Titus more but Titus attacks him as he thinks he cannot complete his mission with him around. If not for Mogamett’s quick action, Aladdin could have died. Aladdin dreams of King Solomon witnessing the world about to become one. But it failed because magicians and non-magicians hold deep grudges and ended in a big war with many casualties. If that same thing happens today, the world will end and that’s why Aladdin is here. He feels the key to stop that is in this country. Titus is in solitary confinement for his actions. He is panicking as he communicates back with Scheherazade. He never thought another Magi subordinate will be here. She tells him to fight on till the end to protect Reim.

Episode 14
When Titus is released, he talks to Aladdin. He reveals he is under a mission by Scheherazade and thinks Aladdin is similar. Aladdin speaks the truth that he is a Magi and this shocks Titus. But this doesn’t stop their friendship. Along with Sphintus, the trio explore the city that certain higher level magicians can enter. Titus is amazed with every cute thing… Aladdin learns the discriminating system of this place and citizens without magic are called Goi and are all housed in isolation in the 5th district, which is forbidden for their level to visit. Because that night Titus gets scolded by Scheherazade for fooling around and to hurry up with his mission, he brings Aladdin and Sphintus along but since they don’t know where it is, they disguise and sneak into the admin building to find the kingdom’s blueprints. To their shock, 2/3 of the population consists of Goi. Upon arriving at the district, it looks like this underground city is just like the slums. Depressing. They feel their Magoi flowing out when a young girl, Marga collapses before them. Titus takes her in to heal her as the people are surprised the magicians are treating them nicely. They are further surprised to learn this district is a Magoi production facility. It is designed so their Magoi will be drained and help power the Magic Tools you see in town. Marga has a heart condition and has not long to live but she dreams of going outside. She gets excited when Aladdin tells her some of his stories. Titus wants to take her outside but some citizens won’t let him because it would be a crime and all of them will be collectively punished by death. There is a big hole in the middle where Magoi gets processed and since they don’t have wings, they’ll be thrown in there. Titus says he can fly everyone out if they desire. The people remain pessimistic. They are happy with the way things are now. Suddenly the nightly patrol arrives to do head count. Aladdin and co have to hide since they will be expelled if they are caught. When Marga collapses, the magician officer, Doron deems her unfit and is sent to her death. The elders plead for mercy because the children are innocent. But Doron doesn’t give a damn because if they can’t produce Magoi, they are as good as garbage. And that means you die. Marga is tossed into the hole. She thinks that’s the end of her. She must be dreaming to see Titus and Aladdin diving down to save her.

Episode 15
Doron beats up Titus and could have died had not Sphintus heal him. Doron then throws everyone into the hole as punishment. Aladdin saves them. They prepare for the big fight but Myers put a stop to it. Aladdin is brought before Mogamett and surprisingly he forgives him. Because he has not truly understand the truth yet. Everyone who first came here were like that. Later he privately speaks to Aladdin and the latter becomes defensive when he asks about Yamraiha. She was his best student and treated her like his own daughter for a few years. He knows Aladdin is here on a mission but whatever that mission is, it doesn’t matter because Mogamett hopes for mutual understanding and coexistence. Aladdin can tell he is not lying but at the same time he remembers his past cruel capabilities. Aladdin is invited to a lecture that will guarantee to learn the truth. Meeting up with Titus and Sphintus at the lecture hall, it seems they have been granted authority to access 5th level district since Titus kept bugging the directors. Mogamett gives his direct speech to the magicians. He questions them if they are aware of themselves. He points out they are different than their loved ones and the purpose magicians exist. Although they can manipulate Rukh, magicians have never dominated in world history. All of the empires and kingdoms were of Goi. He uses his clairvoyance magic to project his personal experience to the class. It happened 70 years ago in the Mustasim Kingdom. 10 magicians were serving the royal family and since magic was not fully developed yet, they were treated like slaves and magic spells took a toll on their bodies. His wife died in the process. His daughter, Sana couldn’t understand why magicians exist so Mogamett gave her hope that magic exists to save lives and make the world a better place. The magicians continued to develop magic and give the common people a better life. Their fruits of labour were acknowledged and they were given the nobility status.

Mogamett has Titus explain what he saw underground. Oppressed people with Magoi being sucked away. Oppressed? Life may be hard without Magoi but didn’t he see those Goi wasting their days in idle bliss? As long as their primitive desires are fulfilled, they are happy. It makes them no different like livestock. But they are different than livestock on one thing. They have lust to dominate. But don’t magicians too? Mogamett has them think what they crave most. To learn magic. Knowledge. Because of that, no magicians in the past have ever tried to found a nation. An incident led him to believe it was wrong. Three years later, an epidemic swept the place. Healing magic could not work and worst, nobles spread rumours that the magicians were the ones who spread the disease as they fear of their sudden rise in status. The people started to hate them and they were thrown into prisons. The few who managed to survive, escaped to a small isolated school and eke out a living researching magic. 30 years later, a major war broke out as the Partevia Empire sought to expand its territory. Mustasim made the magicians go to war. Although Mustasim repelled the forces, many magicians died including Sana who continued to believe in magic existing to save Goi. The last straw came when Mogamett heard the nobles badmouthing magicians as useful tools as an outlet for the public’s discontent and as their shield in wars. Magicians are convenient breeds. Mogamett is horrified that magic existed for men such as these. Recurring wars between nations were no more than territorial disputes just to satisfy their lust to dominate. They’re like savage beasts. Were magicians doomed to servitude in a world with savage kings? It made him think that magicians are the ones who are capable of creating a better world on rational ideas and reigning in the savages. He decided magicians had to escape the rule of Goi and take full control over them who couldn’t even suppress their own desires. That is why he had to create a country of magicians, led by magicians and for magicians.

Episode 16
Continuing his speech, when the people found the nobles to be getting too greedy, a civil war broke out and the magicians were on the people’s side. Titus accuses Mogamett of wanting to be king and believes nobody will give him support after seeing the 5th district. He goes on ranting about poor Marga that she just wanted to go outside. Mogamett tells him if that is what she wants then just do so. But there are many others like her. Is he going to take responsibility for all of them? If he is doing it only for Marga, it is only like for his self satisfaction. Titus can’t answer to that. Aladdin also disagrees with Mogamett’s way especially about absorbing Magoi from many to cater for a few above ground. As some students are worried their parents are also Goi and don’t like the idea of having them locked underground, Mogamett assures that there are many Goi living and working above like normal. His wish is not to oppress Goi but to create a nation where people can live in peace. But magicians are often persecuted and treated unfairly. He merely wants to end that. So while the students ponder to have a look at the underground, Mogamett allows Titus to take Marga and live with him. He feels sorry for him because the way he threw his support behind her, he got to peek into his shadow. He knows about him working for Scheherazade and pities her and Yamraiha who are fighting a lonely battle. The way they are doing things will get themselves killed eventually. Because they depend on their own to create big barriers instead of help from others or Magic Tools so their magic will deplete faster. Mogamett goes down underground with them, picks out Marga and hands her to Titus. Aladdin cannot tell if he is truly kind hearted or otherwise. Because when another kid comes pleading he wants to go outside, he kicks him away! Aladdin realizes Mogamett do not see people who aren’t magicians as fellow human beings. Like a pet or pest? This kind of thinking will only hasten the world’s end.

Happy days are here for Titus and Marga. They spend time together but her body is at her limit. To his surprise, Mogamett can do a spell that prolongs her life. It’s not that she is cured but he just delayed the inevitable. Aladdin is in Irene’s class about Rukhs. He is surprised to see black Rukhs in her lab as experiments. One of them being artificial life form created from black Rukhs. Because all this doesn’t surprise Aladdin, Irene notes it is true that they need to keep an eye on him and hints he may know a lot more. Aladdin also hints back that Magnostadt has connections with a certain organization but she feigns she doesn’t know. Titus reports back the Scheherazade about Magnostadt producing Magic Tools to intimidate Reim. She learns about his happy life with Marga and reminds him she hasn’t forgiven him yet for that 5th district incident. She warns the more he enjoys, he will be the one with the most regrets. His job is to identify the threat to Reim and although he is doing a fine job, he should know better that he has not enough time too. Marga talks to Titus and is grateful for everything. She hopes he can wait till she grows up so she can repay him back a lot. He will wait. Good choice. Because he would look like a lolicon if it starts right now. Titus goes to see Mogamett. He is crying and says he doesn’t want to die yet.

Episode 17
Titus is not suffering from some human disease. Actually he is not even human to begin with. He is made out from Scheherazade’s magic and gained consciousness when he was already forming (ugly alien blob?!). After all that emo ranting, it seems Titus’ problem is that since he has a month to live, he can’t taste true freedom and the wonders of nature and longer and questions the reason of his existence. He doesn’t feel his life is worthy. Mogamett tries his best to be his depression counsellor but his emo turns into hatred when Scheherazade takes over his body to communicate with Mogamett. She wants Magnostadt to become a colony under Reim because in the future she sees only 2 options for this magician country. That or become a territory of Kou and fight Reim. Mogamett refuses and won’t even hand Titus back because this is the kind of people he wants to protect. Give him back! No way! I’m keeping him! No you don’t! And so the struggle ends when Mogamett destroys the Magic Tool. He is willing to risk going making enemies out of Reim. So be it. Mogamett tells all of this to Aladdin so the latter asks if he is in league with Al-Thamen. Mogamett knew Ithnan. He once approached him to provide him knowledge and the magicians created Magic Tools and Dark Metal Vessels to defeat Goi. However he severed ties with Ithnan when he found out he was also providing Goi with such powers. He left and never came back and that was the end of it. As for how Magic Tools end up in pirates’ hands, they sold inferior ones off as they wanted to get funds to mass produce better ones in the future. Mogamett doesn’t care about Goi because his mission is to protect just magicians. That is why he is asking Aladdin for his help.

Soon Mogamett declares to his magicians that Magnostadt will go to war with Reim. His fellow magicians feel the same to stand and fight to protect their family. Titus gets emo again because he feels all this is his fault. Plus, he knows Reim is undefeatable since they have 3 Metal Vessel users handpicked by Scheherazade: Reim’s current emperor’s son Nerva Julius Caluades, Reim’s supreme commander Ignatius Alexius and Muu who is the captain of the Fanalis Corps (a bunch of circus freaks?). News of Soon Magnostadt’s war declaration reaches other empires like Sindria. The ordinary people are panicking and some magicians are having second thoughts on this suicide mission. Change of heart? Now they don’t want to fight this battle just because of Reim’s formidable army size? Titus has also defected to Magnostadt and is willing to face Scheherazade. He is acting arrogant before Aladdin. And then emo again… Till Aladdin explains his love for this world, fun times, sad times, blah, blah, blah. But he would still rather not go to war with them as they are not their true enemy. He believes the source might be lying somewhere here. Mogamett rallies his magician while the ships carrying the Fanalis Corps, Alibaba is onboard one of them! Look at the battle scars he has… He can’t wait to see Aladdin. Oh, I bet you do.

Episode 18
Scheherazade announces that Titus has been taken hostage, which is amounting to declaration of war. She gives Magnostadt one last chance to surrender. No reply. Suit yourself. Mogamett has put up 3 strong barriers around the country. The Reim soldiers try to break through but here the magicians are unleashing their magic of carnivorous plants, moving earth and even acid rain. Makes you wonder why Magnostadt needs those bunch of soldiers who are so low in morale. Scheherazade isn’t panicking yet. An army of air balloons drop high intensity bombs over the barrier. It is not made by magic but via science and research. Scheherazade wanted the people of Reim to stand up on its own, the reason they do not use Metal Vessels or magic. That’s why the people should be proud of themselves. You scared now, Mogamett? Scheherazade adds that humans don’t need magicians and can go on living on their own. They might have erred and chosen the wrong path in the past but as long as they can move forward and learn from their mistakes, all of that doesn’t matter. What Mogamett has done is that when he leaves everything to the magicians, he makes the others forfeit their ability to fight for themselves and rely heavily on them. The first barrier is broken and this lifts the Reim soldiers’ spirits to march forward. See all those Magnostadt soldiers running away? Lots of magicians are injured and this induces Sphintus to join the battle. Mogamett hasn’t lost yet. He unleashes a powerful Magoi powered cannon that wipes out an entire platoon! It’s like a massacre! But here comes the Fanalis Corps. What took them so long? They enter the battlefield and beat up all the cowardly Magnostadt soldiers. They’re loving it, going wild and all out. The cannon needs time to power up. Because it is sucking Magoi out of the 5th district. Sucking more will kill everyone. They don’t have to because Aladdin destroys the Magoi pipelines. He is going to stop this war. Muu finds Titus and persuades him to come back. He won’t as he has people who are dear to him he can protect. However Muu forces him to look at reality. The way he is constructed, he is not fated to live that kind of life. That is all it takes to bring Titus down on his knees. Aladdin begs to differ. No matter what he is or how different he is, it doesn’t matter to him. He is his friend. Now they should put this aside and think how to stop this war.

Episode 19
Aladdin removes his Magic Tool. His Magoi isn’t restored immediately and needs time so he tries to tell Muu to relay his message to Scheherazade to stop this or else Magnostadt’s mentality won’t change. Nobody tells Scheherazade what to do. I guess that’s that. Muu orders his Fanalis to tear down the second barrier. The Fanalis easily destroy the magician’s personal barrier and beat them down. No challenge. Aladdin suggests firing randomly till the ground gives in. Then the underground river sweeps them away. Fanalis can swim. So? The magicians shock them with electricity! Only Muu, Lolo and Myron are left so they’re going to take them all down in a single blow by using their Metal Vessel. They should have fired this black stuff from the start because the magicians don’t stand a chance. Once Myers is down, they focus on destroying the second barrier. Hadouken! It’s cracking when a large hand sweeps them away. It is Aladdin. His Rukhs have returned as he summons giant golems in the form of Ugo. Because all the Rukhs are returning to him in big droves, everyone is flabbergasted at this amazing sight. Besides, too much Rukhs that Aladdin’s body is having a hard time containing them all. Scheherazade and Mogamett believe Aladdin to be a true Magi. Aladdin wants everyone to put their minds and hearts together because Magnostadt cannot become one with the world if their hearts are consumed with hatred. Aladdin easily deflects Muu’s attack without effort and sends a warning fire shot that can be seen past the coast. He believes he can end this war without a single loss of life. First, he tells Mogamett they are going to protect this country one more time. Then he advances his golems. The Reim soldiers are scared but Muu rallies them to advance. As they do, Aladdin turns the golems into giant wave of sand that sweeps away the enemies back to the shore. Back to square one. At this point, the barriers have been restored and Aladdin tells them they can advance again but each time, he’ll do this and push them back once more. Aladdin’s goal is to crush the soldiers’ spirit. After having journeyed so long and just before they reach their destination, they are pushed back to the start. It is demoralizing. Even more demoralizing that they know they can try as many times they want but it will end with the same result. He tells Reim to go back to their country and please don’t take away Magnostadt from the people who hold it dear, a place where they could belong.

Episode 20
Muu uses Djinn Equip to become Barbatos. He cannot last long in this form so when he pierces through everything, he wants the army to advance. He goes to face the biggest threat: Aladdin. He would have died had not his Djinn Equip being neutralized by Alibaba! His Metal Vessel of Amon did the trick. This act condemns him to be a traitor of Reim but he is not going to stand there and watch his friend die. Scheherazade surprises everyone by appearing in the flesh. After hearing Aladdin’s brief mission of trying to prevent something tragic, she believes he is seeing the same vision as Yunan and has her troops retreat. Then she personally talks to Aladdin, Alibaba and Titus. At first she smiles and is amused by the sight of Alibaba and Aladdin’s friendly jabs at each other. On to serious stuff, she reveals that Scheherazade is just like Titus. They are just clones and a part of Scheherazade’s original body. It lies somewhere nobody in Reim has ever seen. She is 268 years old! She asks what Mogamett is hiding and what Aladdin fears. He is afraid Mogamett might make Al-Thamen’s wish come true. With all that hatred, it is enough to give out black Rukhs, enough to trigger that tragic scene. He saw it during Balbadd when he achieved Solomon’s wisdom. In another world called Alma Torran, Al-Thamen brought about that great tragedy via a single war. But before the war ended and everything perished, King Solomon who is also a great magician guided the survivors to a new world he created. This is the world they are living now. Some cannot accept this and Al-Thamen’s wish is to eliminate this new world and recreate it as a world of chaos. And the power needed to complete this is the Dark Spot, a hole in the world created by vast quantities of Magoi and black Rukh. He never told it to anyone since he doesn’t want them to worry. It sounds like a fairytale, right? But Alibaba is not too happy. Because Aladdin was the one who told him they should think together when feeling such. No matter how crazy it sounds, he will still find a way and think it through with him like how he did for him. Scheherazade gives permission for Titus to stay with his friends. She feels the same way about them as the first person she chose. Because of that, she grew to love Reim and treated it like her own child. She apologizes and suddenly Titus felt bad for his thoughts of her all along. They don’t have much longer to live as the original Scheherazade’s body cannot last longer anymore. The most a month. So go spend those last days with your loved ones and when it’s time, they’ll return to the Rukh. Just as she declares the war over, here comes this message that Kou is on the move. Just great. And Mogamett doesn’t care. With 200 over magicians dead in this war, he’ll dispose Kou and Reim.

Episode 21
Mogamett heads deep into the 5th district. The people are begging him to go easy on taking their Magoi and also plead to save them. However he blows his top when a little girl touches him. Hitting her away and screaming from the top of his voice that he only wants to save magicians. Goi like them can die for all he cares. At the bottom of the hole are some hideous beasts in the furnace. From what I understand, he is going to accelerate he black Rukhs and awaken black djinns. He knows he must fall into depravity to manipulate them and his body will shrivel and die after that. His grudge will forever wander. I guess his hatred is big enough to make him do it. What a big change from his ideal when he wanted to save mankind. And now it’s just magicians. A huge swarm of black Rukhs throng the skies. Aladdin and Alibaba see this and head over. Aladdin mentions Mogamett has been creating black djinns from the Magoi via Al-Thamen’s help. This is the abnormalities of the world triggered by Magnostadt. However the black djinns are not targeting them. They head in the other direction where Kou is. Kouha is leading the charge when the black djinns wipe out most of his army in a single swoop! Kouha transforms into his Djinn Equip form but there is so much he can do as the black djinns can regenerate. As long as Mogamett can become the source and create more black Rukhs, they can regenerate. Kouha uses all his strength to hold the might of the black djinns trying to crush him. One of his retainers, Meihou remembers how the djinn, Lerage chose him although she didn’t have high hopes of him becoming the king of the world. Although Kouha has been accepting outcasts and failed characters into his family, he allows them to live as they are and even vows to take care of them till they are free to live on their own. To him, Kouha will always be his master. Enough of Kouha. Time for Alibaba to show us what he’s got. Here he is, fully mastered his Djinn Equip and with Amon in hand, he easily cuts down all the black djinns. There’s more from where that came from. He is going to show his ultimate move when the black djinns are easily destroyed by another giant familiar. It is Kouen and his subordinates leading the attack and bringing much relief to the Kou army. So much for your flashy debut, Alibaba.

Episode 22
The subordinates easily destroy the black djinns. Impressive. Kouen heals Kouha and has all the troops retreat. Alibaba introduces himself and cooks up a story he was here to protect Kouha. Since Kouen acknowledges and thanks him, the army can’t lay a finger on Alibaba. But the black djinns are back. More than ever. Mogamett is also sending more out to destroy the Reim army. Scheherazade will use her last ounce of power to put up a barrier while the Fanalis Corps take them down. How long can they do this? Meanwhile it may seem like Titus is selfishly spending his last times with Marga. You can’t blame him for his short lifespan. But Marga is happy to be with him and since she wants him to take her along, he brings her down to the furnace. Confronting Mogamett, Titus tries to reason with him that he treasures and loves everything. Mogamett is still a stubborn old man and believes Goi are useless and ungrateful. He tried to help them but was disappointed. You know that same ol’ story. Titus tells him it is not Goi that he hates but his fate. This is the truth. He hated his own fate for not being able to live his life close to and on equal terms with his loved ones. He will save him from this place and in turn nobody will have to fight and thus lives will be saved. Titus is able to deflect a huge amount of black Rukhs as his body contains a large amount of Magoi that Scheherazade has bestowed him for the last 14 years. Once Titus turns into all bones, all the black djinns disappear. Mogamett believes the furnace doesn’t need him anymore but it seems it has a mind of its own. It starts absorbing all his Magoi till he turns into another bag of bones. A huge black ball emerges from the ground and another one with tentacles from the sky. Al-Thamen watching this wonders whose Magoi the furnace used since the people of 5th district still lives. Gyokuen thinks Magnostadt has been secretly hoarding enough Magoi for this. Al-Thamen wonders if this is due to her guidance. On the contrary, the people of this world who chose to defy the great flow made this happen on their own volition. Finally, she and Al-Thamen can meet with their father.

Episode 23
Aladdin tells Kouen to pull back his troops or everyone will die. Will he believe? Aladdin summons out all the djinns to say it from their mouths. A hole has opened up in the sky and once it touches anything, it destroys everything. The only way is to destroy the medium. The incarnation of evil, Il Illah is a high ranking entity from another dimension. The power spot that is to bring down is called the medium. Yeah. That big giant ugly ball containing all the black Rukhs. Kouen learns that Aladdin is a Magi, Solomon reincarnated. And because he heard about the other world, he forces Aladdin to spill the beans. Aladdin is even sacred of a guy like him so he makes him a deal that if they stop this, he will tell the secrets of the world. Well, he might regret that even if this is an emergency. Kouen calls all his other siblings over right now. He is going to lend Aladdin all the power of Kou’s Metal Vessels in exchange for all that knowledge he has hunger for. That scary determined look. Told you Aladdin will regret it. Black djinns start stomping people and crushing buildings in Magnostadt. Scheherazade can only do so much. The Kou siblings strut their stuff as they take down the menacing black djinns. It might seem the medium is spitting them out endlessly but Aladdin believes it is a living thing and as such draws its source of magic from Rukhs. In other words, if they keep assaulting it until the medium exhausts its supply. How long will that be? Kill about 10,000 black djinns. Holy sh*t! Even Energizer battery can’t last that long! Don’t worry. That’s why you have Kouen. He strikes every one of them like as though it’s child’s play. Then he digs out the earth to bring forth lava to replenish and charge up his power to the max before slashing them all with his fire power. In short, he kicks ass! Don’t mess this guy. All because of the knowledge he wants to get. Oh Aladdin. You’re really regretting this, aren’t you? I’m sure he can kill all of them but this is going to take time and time he doesn’t have. So he forces Alibaba to charge up some fire power of his to attack. His little pea shooter isn’t working. However this is part of his plan to enhance his flames since they are using the same extreme magic. It amplifies and intensifies many times fold. So you ready to cut down this giant black ball now?

Episode 24
Well, bad news. It’s not working either. Before Kouen and Alibaba can replenish their power, the medium absorbs all the Rukhs from the lava and turns into some humanoid form. Anything its hand touches, it turns into dust and nothingness. Kouen and Alibaba’s continued attacks bear no effect. Their skins are even ripped off! Don’t worry. Got some healing magic. Kougyoku gets mad seeing them hurt like this and unleashes her magic. Funny, the medium takes some damage. Aladdin realizes only its arms can create a defensive wall or take away Rukhs. So attack him elsewhere. The other Kou siblings combine their might to finish it off. Okay, not over yet. In fact, it becomes much bigger and stronger since it can absorb Rukhs from about anything. The counter attacks are nothing but futile. The medium packs a punch when it fights back. Gyokuen recognizes Aladdin as the Magi who appeared in the sacred palace and obtained Solomon’s wisdom. She realizes Solomon created his own reincarnation in Alma Torran, had him sleep inside the sacred palace and sent him into this world to shatter their wish. Aladdin might not remember her but she knows him very well from the other world. She once served under Solomon as a Magi and then betrayed him. The medium is going to bring down that black udder in the sky. Suddenly a great explosion bombs the medium. Here comes Sinbad and his Seven Sea Alliance. All of them Metal Vessel users. They start bombarding the medium. Sinbad thanks a couple of people who grasped the situation quickly and then summoned and gathered them here. One of them being Yunan. Alibaba loses consciousness and falls but is caught by Morgiana. Hope you still remember her. She has powered up even more thanks to Yunan’s teachings. Sinbad mentions that he has no intentions to conquer or be conquered. Not even intervening in wars declared by nations. But if uninvited guests come into their world, he’ll not hesitate to eliminate all of them even if they are supreme beings called God.

Episode 25
More Metal Vessel users drop in to add to the devastation. But they’re running low on Magoi. Scheherazade uses her last ounce of life to replenish everyone’s Magoi. Then everyone altogether pulls off their extreme magic combo. Have they done it? No. Damn it. After all that awesome magic firepower and it did nothing? What a waste. Yunan notices the medium is hesitating. More like the person who became the medium’s core is hesitating. Aladdin knows that person is Mogamett. Their attack has weakened the medium and Mogamett is trying to keep it at bay as he hasn’t totally fall into depravity yet. Aladdin and Yamraiha go inside to see Mogamett’s Rukh. They see him sitting in a cage and the reason why he has come to his senses is because of Titus’ Rukh by his side. He has realized his selfish reasons that caused the deaths of both innocent magicians and non-magicians alike. Aladdin also apologizes for saying harsh things but Mogamett can’t go back now. There are so many black Rukhs here, people who have fallen into depravity caused by him. He can’t leave them. Such people who died cannot return to the white Rukh and reunite with their loved ones. Not even a Magi can save them. That is why Mogamett wants a favour of Aladdin. Find a way to return the black Rukh to the flow of the white Rukh. Mogamett is also happy to see Yamraiha and reveals her ancestry that she was a descendant of a family that serves the Mustasim royalty. He kidnapped her and kept it a secret in fear she would find out and run away. Yamraiha gets all emotional, she was happy being with him, she was able to find the warmth because of him, she was able to go on because of him, etc. She wanted to tell him sorry and all that too but it’s time to go. He wants Aladdin to pass his last message to the people of Magnostadt. A being that surpasses everyone doesn’t exist anywhere. No matter how strong you are than others, one cannot live life without making mistakes. Aladdin is sad that Titus had to die. But it seems his Rukh (or rather Scheherazade returns to some place where Ugo’s head is sitting).

The medium explodes and dark skies become bright again. The world lives! Yamraiha couldn’t stop crying when she wakes up. But now that this worldly threat is over, another one looms. There is a standoff between Kouen and Sinbad’s side! Kouen says despite their switch in enemy, their original objective of Magnostadt still stands. Yunan reminds Sinbad what they had talked about so Sinbad announces Sindria has formed an alliance with Reim. This was Scheherazade’s last wish. Moreover, since Mogamett is like the adoptive father of his subordinate Yamraiha, he will spare no effort in rebuilding Magnostadt. The Kou side is in uproar thinking he has been planning for this all along and to plunder Magnostadt. In that case, Kouen will claim Aladdin as his own. Gyokuen isn’t unfazed with this failure because Scheherazade has died and they will be able to gouge a hole in this world again. Once the next Dark Spot is completed, they can repeat the process and rejoin with father once more. But Al-Thamen’s priests caution her since Scheherazade’s soul has returned to that place and Solomon might drop the Rukh of a Magi on Reim again. There is a possibility that a clone compatible with Scheherazade’s Rukh still exists in Reim. Speaking of which, there is one… And Ugo allows Titus’ Rukh to be reborn in it. When Marga wakes up, she is asking for Titus. The rest haven’t got the heart to tell her. Suddenly one of Muu’s men rushes in to report the arrival of someone. It is Titus! Looks like a mix of his former self and Scheherazade. A new Magi? He looks a bit in a daze and his memories a bit hazy. Marga is glad she is able to reunite with him. Judal and Hakuryuu have watched enough and leave. Hakuryuu apologizes for turning his back on his friends. It ends with Alibaba, Aladdin and Morgiana happily reunited.

From World War M To Armageddon
And yet another adventure ends but of course not quite yet the end of everything. This season has been interesting in its own right with the advancement in the story as well as the introduction of tons of characters so it will be great to see another season. From the looks of it, it is still going to be a long journey so I doubt another season will do justice in bringing a conclusion to everything as the manga is still ongoing. But as far as this season is concerned, it lived up to my expectations (most of them anyway) and doesn’t disappoint. At least for the second half. The first half I thought it was a bit slow because we see the main characters parting and their journey of their respective path. But once we get to Aladdin and Magnostadt’s arc and the beginning of the big war, that’s where the pace starts moving.

With this second season, many of the characters who appeared in the first are relegated to the point that we might even forget that they exist. Of course it is because the focus now is on Magnostadt and it might seem that the many new characters in this season may have like ‘overwrite’ the older ones. Like Morgiana who only at most had one episode focus on her and after that she was missing for the rest of the second half only to show up late so that we wouldn’t end the season without forgetting about this ex-slave chick. It is the same case with Sinbad. He started out with an appearance in this season (since of course that is where we were last left off in the previous) and then right at the penultimate, here he comes to save the day. I guess that is why he is such a cool guy. So cool that he will be getting his own OVA episodes. Yeah. That. Even Kogyouku and Hakuei’s appearance in the final battle feels that they need to show us that they can still kick ass. Then there is Hakuryuu who has seemingly turned to the dark side or something and Judal didn’t quite make his presence felt in this season compared to the last. I almost forgot Ugo existed till Aladdin conjured his golems in his image. I never expected him to show up in the final episode so I guess his final words to Aladdin in the last season rang true. It was the last time they had seen each other.

As for the many new characters, they breathe new life and advancement to the overall story. It is both a good and bad thing. Good because new things always bring in new excitement, right? Bad because now there are too many characters to take into account and remember. The first season already had its fair share of number of characters and now with the second season and another set of characters, this means more contribution to the plot and everything. Oh boy. A dumb guy like me is going to have a hard time keeping track of them. I am starting to forget the names of some of Sinbad’s Eight Generals. Oh wait. Did I remember some of them in the first place? So as far as this season is concerned, many of the new characters are interesting in their own ways. You will love some of them and you will loathe others. Like I suppose Titus isn’t such a bad guy himself so in order not to make his sacrifice in vain so they resurrect him to be another Magi (and not break a little girl’s heart). Kouen is such a badass (in a good way) and you can tell he is the right person to lead the Kou Empire. Gyokuen will prove to be a menacing villain and from what I can see, she won’t be an easy pushover and will serve as a formidable antagonist.

Now that they are going all out with the different kind of magic spells and everything, hearing them now somewhat feels overwhelming. In a way it feels like a turn off to me. I am sure that reciting such ‘weird’ spell names means being ‘rewarded’ by casting an awesome and superb magic that really packs a punch. Unlike last season, this time around I can’t be bothered to remember them. Not even one. And I think I have forgotten all that are said in the first season. So if they say the same spells over and over again, I might not be able to identify it was that same spell they recite. Perhaps only by the visual awesomeness of it. Not by name.

The action parts still do not disappoint although they turned the half of the last episode into some emotional sobbing parting drama after all that fighting and magic explosions. I just can’t help snicker each time they unleash such powerful magic. So powerful that you think there is nothing else more powerful that can best this and suddenly somebody better unleashes another much more powerful one. Practically you can tell it is so because the explosions and blasts are on a magnanimous scale. Who needs an atom bomb when all you need is just a Metal Vessel and recite the right spell. Oh, you need to be a powerful and strong person yourself. On second thought, an atom bomb sounds easier to make… But to these guys who are just oozing with Magoi and magic, you don’t need such A-bomb in your arsenal.

Although the art and drawing remain constant with the first season, I can’t help find that some of the characters look closely to each other. For example, when I first laid eyes on Titus, I can’t help wonder what on Earth was Alibaba doing in Magnostadt. Yes. I thought that blonde guy was him. And then when they introduced Sphintus, I also thought what the hell was one of Sinbad’s Eight Generals, Sharkkan doing learning magic in this place. And yeah, young Mogamett has this very uncanny resemblance to Sinbad. Another striking resemblance between Marga and Sana too… Is it me or is it that Toto and Myron look almost alike? Or Scheherazade looks like a sleepy version of Pisti and have longer flowing hair? I know. Too many characters that I think I can’t start to differentiate them. Of course the Kou siblings are related so there is a good reason why they look closely alike. Oh, Hakuryuu has levelled up into a badass that I think he looks like Judal’s twin. I guess this is what happens when you become a disciple under someone like him.

The seiyuus of the first season are retained. And with lots of new characters, this calls for lots of new set of casts. Yeah. It is going to be bloated. The new ones include Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Titus (Sora in No Game No Life), Ryota Ohsaka as Sphintus (Haruto in Valvrave The Liberator), Cho as Mogamett (Brook in One Piece),Yuuichi Nakamura as Kouen (Tomoya in Clannad), Hino Satoshi as Koumei (Takagi in Bakuman), Tetsuya Kakihar as Kouha (Natsu in Fairy Tail), Maaya Sakamoto as Scheherazade (Ciel in Kuroshitsuji), Akira Ishida as Yunan (Gaara in Naruto), Miyano Mamoru as Muu (Light Yagami/Kira in Death Note), Kana Asumi as Toto (titular character in Haiyore! Nayruko-san), Masashi Ebara as Shambal (Might Guy in Naruto), Kikuko Inoue as Myers (Belldandy in Aa! Megami-sama), Aya Suzuki as Marga (Ritz in Kenzen Robo Daimidaler), Miki Itou as Gyokuen (Fujimura in Fate/Stay Night), Aya Hisakawa as Madaura (Maya in Tenjou Tenge) and Shindou Kei as Olba (Hazuki in Galilei Donna).

The first opening theme, Anniversary by SID sounds like a generic anime rock pop but somehow I prefer the second opening them, Eden by Aqua Timez. Although this season doesn’t have a children choir-like song, the first ending theme, Hikari by Vivid sounds more like a slow pop ballad. Hearing the second ending theme, With You/With Me sounds a little familiar because it is sung by 9nine as this piece sounds somewhat familiar to their only other piece I heard in one of Beelzebub’s ending theme, Shoujo Traveler. Not bad actually this song.

In the end, there is this satisfying but yet unsatisfying feel to this season because so much has been developed and progressed but yet it feels it is nowhere near any conclusion or halfway mark. So many good potentials and materials that it would be a big disappointment if another season wasn’t given the green light. So now I know why certain stories and chronicles really take up so many chapters and volumes that could be as thick as Encyclopaedia Britannica. Despite all that, this anime is still a good and entertaining watch if you like some Arabian style adventure, magic, adventure and some bits of comedy. Don’t forget the main theme of good versus evil too. Too bad there is no genie lamp for me to make a wish for another season because praying to God in this context seems less effective, if you know what I mean ;p.

Ano Natsu De Matteru OVA

January 23, 2015

Hey, hold on a minute. I thought they were done with it? Because it really seems suspicious that after 2 years the TV series ended, they came out with Ano Natsu De Matteru OVA, which is supposed to be a special episode to be included in Blu-ray box set. Two years later and they only release this set? Well, it seems this is how long this OVA is set. So they want to make it time realistic as well? Are they trying to play on our nostalgia? Oh well, seeing the TV series wasn’t that bad, people like me would definitely want to flock and watch it to relive all that romance and nostalgia that was while we were watching the dozen TV episodes.

Reliving Memories Of The Past
Kaito wakes up on a usual bright sunny morning. It is always summer in the countryside so don’t worry. Nanami asks if he has decided on his future and he doesn’t need to worry about money. Do what he wants to do. Because this is his last summer vacation. He’ll think about it. So we catch a glimpse of the characters in their usual daily lives. Including Tetsurou who is seemingly popular among a couple of girls! Say what?! Mio is not really happy… And there is Lemon and Rinon still observing the universe or whatever in their secret MIB lab. Tetsurou visits Kaito at his home. Lazing around. Nothing better to do for the summer holidays, eh? So why is Tetsurou here? Because Kanna told him to keep a watch on him. Besides, Manami is back crashing at his place and doesn’t like the smell of his tank plastic model that he is about to make. Husband problem thingy again. Well on a related note, Tetsurou knows the girls are talking about him right now. Because Tetsurou received love letters. Not just 1 love letter but 3 of them!!! THREE FREAKING LOVE LETTERS!!! Of course Mio tore it all apart to convey the message to him. He better get it. Because they are going out now so he better not be screwing around with other girls. Tetsurou finds an old film reel lying around. Kaito remembers he was reorganizing his film and must be from that time. From the looks of it, it seems like some test film they did before that movie they made. Starting to remember what it’s all about? Back home, Tetsurou calls Mio to apologize but she’ll only forgive him if he says he loves her. In a convincing manner. He has to suck up his embarrassment to say it. At least it’s enough to make this nudist on cloud nine. He then tells her about that reel. They remember about it…

That night, Kaito plays the reel for nostalgia sakes. It is a test acting of Ichika before they film the real thing. So she is just doing normal things but as we can obviously see, she sucks. Don’t blame her. It is her first time after all. Remember Lemon’s Dynamite drink? Who the hell could forget that? Uh huh. She has nervous Ichika cool down by drinking it. Oh no. Because of that, Ichika is now acting very flirty. Get the camera! Hey… Why are they just filming her boobs? Mio won’t allow Tetsurou to watch any further and Kanna stops Kaito’s filming. However he couldn’t resist continuing when Ichika starts sexually harassing Kanna. Lemon who is in charge of the screenplay now gets tons of ideas watching them. Oh, why the heck did Rinon drink the juice too? After they are put to bed, the rest are discussing stuff and I don’t know if they’re too engrossed in it because that cheeky Lemon served her Dynamite drink to the girls and I am not sure if they realize what they just drank. And as expected, their behaviour change. They start getting loud while Kanna does a submission move on Kaito, refusing to believe nothing happened between him and Ichika. Accidentally he got his hands on Ichika’s boobs and flusters. This only upsets Kanna since his hand is on hers too. Too flat to feel anything… I think he just ‘died’. And Lemon… She’s pretty enjoying all this. The ideas are keep flowing in! The final segment of the film shows them playing sparklers and it ends with Ichika putting them all to bed with a cute smile and finger to her lips.

Kaito’s friends come by and they brought sparklers to play. They remember it was 2 years ago that they had such fun with everyone. Kaito even remembers Kanna’s bellybutton showing. Feel like ‘dying’ again? Tetsurou mentions he is planning to go to Tokyo University. Mio already knows and will follow him. As for Kaito, he wants to make movies again one day even if it’s something as simple as this because it had a happy ending. Kaito narrates although the silhouettes of memories in their hearts are continuing to disappear day by day, it still feels irritating and painful. He thought had they never met Ichika, their lives would have lived different lives. But that doesn’t mean it would be the end. There’ll be a sequel. They’ll always be waiting.

Old Films Never Die. They Live On In Our Hearts…
And so it was an epilogue mixed with some flashback. If I had to describe this OVA, it would be disappointing. Maybe that is the problem when you expect something great to follow after watching a great TV series. The only thing that it succeeded was that it brought back nostalgic memories of the series. Two years ago might seem like a long time now and I could hardly remember the show now. However this OVA doesn’t seem to do justice to any of it. Kaito and Ichika were supposed to be the main stars and I thought how it would be possible for this to happen when it was already over then. So that is why they brought back this old footage thingy and thus you have your Ichika’s appearance. It wasn’t anything special. Even that last scene that Ichika is watching through space, possible 2.3 million light years away, that doesn’t even feel like the saving grace. I mean, will she actually come back again? How old would Kaito be when that happens? Will Earth still be the same? Sure, alien technology speeds things up. Assuming that. Thus is also serves to highlight that Kaito is still probably much in love with Ichika because if he wasn’t, I am thinking that Kanna and him would have been an item. Like he said, had they not met her, they would have led different lives.

Thus this OVA is seen mainly focusing on the other characters albeit just a bit of development and nothing more. They try to make things interesting by employing bits of fanservice like that scene of Mio in her complete birthday suit just to remind us she is a nudist and is not ashamed to flaunt her body. At least in her room. Then there is this big joke of Lemon and her Dynamite drink that she makes the girls drink so that she could get her kicks from watching the young ones do flirty stuffs. Some may say this joke is getting old, a way to waste time and give Lemon a reason to make her cameo appearance that otherwise would mean nothing. Well in a way it is although personally I thought it was funny (in the nostalgic sense) even though it is just odd that the girls continue to fall for this prank.

Strangely or not, the opening and ending themes bear striking similarities of the themes done in the original TV series. Most probably it is because they are sung by the same singers who sung them then. Kisetsu No Shutter is the opener by Ray while Nagi Yanagi sings the ending theme entitled Point At Infinity. Though, personally I still prefer Vidro Moyou, the ending theme for the TV series. In a nutshell, I wished that they could have done this better and not ‘taint’ the series because now I feel the great overall TV series is let down with this unsatisfying finisher. Just like everything in life. It fades into our memories and those feelings turn into nostalgia if they are strong. Otherwise they will naturally be forgotten with the flow of time. Yeah. 2.3 million light years is a very looooooong time.

Every girl would love to dream to marry a handsome prince or a king of a kingdom, right? What if that prince or king turns out to be a kid young enough to be your little brother? Make that a cold and sadistic kid. Are you willing to spend the rest of your life under this kind of person? Thankfully kids these days have lots of say in their engagement and marriage. Yeah. Marrying a prince or king seems so outdated these days, huh? But the choice is not hers to make for our princess in Soredemo Sekai Wa Utsukushii as she is made to marry a young king who has just conquered the entire world in just 3 years after his ascension! Neat, huh? The first thing he wants? Call the rain! What is she? A shaman princess? Despite the title literally meaning that the world is beautiful, this series chronicles the hot and cold relationship between the duo as the toughest part isn’t about ruling the country or changing it but themselves. I guess there is beauty in the heart of humans especially when it turns from cold to warm.

Episode 1
Nike Lemercier, the princess of the Principality of Rain arrives at the Sun Kingdom’s port in the deep of the night. She wants to sneak off on her on instead of her scheduled time. To catch the kingdom by surprise? Well, she wants to see what this country is like by herself since Sun Kingdom controls most parts of the world. She is amazed by the life of the night market but finds out how poor her kingdom is since the prices are quite high. She couldn’t find a decent hotel to stay and got tricked and robbed by a couple of robbers. She wanted to teach them a lesson but was too hungry and passes out. She is taken in by the kindness of sisters, Mina and Liza. They learn of Nike’s journey here. To marry their king. Surprise? As part of the agreement for Principality of Rain to remain autonomous, in exchange the king asked for one of the king’s daughters’ hand in marriage. Nike is the youngest of 4 sisters and drew the short end of the stick. Before she knew it, the other sisters set her on a journey to Sun Kingdom. Hey, she gets to be a celebrity, right? Yeah. Their little country’s future is riding on her marriage so get on with it! They even throw in rumours how evil the Sun Kingdom’s king is. Meanwhile a group of shady military men are discussing about Nike’s arrival and their job to escort her to the castle. Seems they don’t like Principality of Rain and ponder what happens if an ‘accident’ would occur along the way. They then heard that couple of robbers who are fuming the suitcase they stole from Nike had nothing valuable. So the military men go up to them and have them spill what they know.

Nike repays her kindness of the sisters by helping them out. She learns their mom died 4 years ago in a battle in this town that got everyone mixed up in. Their dad worked hard to raise them and Liza hopes to grow big and strong. The robbers plan to kidnap Nike since they’ll get a big reward. Unfortunately they mistook Mina for her and kidnap her instead. It took them a while to realize their mistake. What now? They’re going to give us viewers some fanservice as compensation. Wow! Really?! Too bad we won’t get to because Nike is here to save the day. Aw shucks. Can you come a little bit later? She uses her wind power to blow them away. Don’t mess with her. Nike finally leaves for her journey to the capital. The robbers become her caravan chauffer. I bet they learnt their lesson. As parting gift, she uses her power to cut the cloth and they scatter like dancing petals. The military men realize Nike is not on the ship when it arrives but note they have other more chances. Nike is at the gates of the capital but gets into a brawl with the guards. I mean, who would believe that she came here to marry the king? It could have been avoided if she had just showed the official document… She is taken by the chief attendant, Neil to see the king, Livius Orvinus Ifrikia or Livi for short. Nike gets the shock of her life. The king is a 15 year old kid!

Episode 2
Because Livi is tired of the sun and wants Nike to call forth the rain, she messes with his face! King or no king, kid or not, she tells him off not to mess with a person’s life and is going to teach him the harsh reality. Livi is impressed for no one has stood up against him brazenly before. He throws her into prison and gives her 2 choices. Entertain him by be his plaything or starve to death. But Nike isn’t going to let him have his way. That night, she uses her wind powers to cut the grills and enter his room. I guess he is working overtime and considers the budget proposals as boring. So you want a good time? Nike can show you that. She’ll teach him to respect his elders. Too bad her stomach is growling. Livi wants her to call forth the rain so she explains it is not that simple. The sacred ritual takes time and preparation and in accordance to feelings and experiences. So if he wants her to show him the rain, he needs to show her the beauty of this world. Nike has 3 personal maids, Suunya, Ranra and Mikia. She is not happy that she is forced to dress in this frilly outfit. She sees beautiful flowers and notes this is what he should be showing her. However he seems indifferent. They’re just flowers. Nothing great. Nike feels sad. He owns the world and yet has never seen it. What a waste. Livi ponders about her words that night and sees her looking at the stars on a tower. Although it is just stars to him, he notes that they used to shine brighter back then. Nike explains basically how she needs to arrange her song, etc just to summon rain so he says there is a garden on the roof of the north tower if she ever needs it. The garden is indeed beautiful but Livi has not been here for a long time. Nike notices his eyes are cold and dry. She then spots something shiny in a distance and realizes an arrow coming straight for Livi. She quickly moves to protect him and the arrow hits her shoulder.

Although her wound is not fatal, she is having fever. Neil speaks to Livi and thinks one of the enemy factions may be behind this. Livi is reminded this is how the world should be. It exists just to hurt people. To survive, you mow down your enemies and take what you want. Nike learns the capital is in martial law and Livi has already done some interrogations. Some of the retainers have been identified to be behind this and got exiled. Nike believes this is a wrong move as this will only sow more resentment. She wants to go see Livi but Neil won’t let her since Livi has issued orders for him to accompany her back to her country. Nike thought she got divorced… Nike would love to help out so Neil apologizes and explains Livi’s past. His mother, Sheila was born from a low class. They lived together in secret and only relied on each other. When Livi ascended the throne, he did his job brilliantly as a king but that was only a distraction. Sheila was assassinated 3 years ago. Sending Nike home is his way of showing his consideration. He wants to protect her. The journey is halted when they notice the castle is on fire. The imprisoned enemies have used this chance to escape. Livi manages to crawl out via secret passageway to the rooftop. He sees Nike on the opposite tower as she sings her song to call for the rain. Instantly dark clouds hover over the kingdom and it rained heavily enough to douse the fire. A big beautiful rainbow to follow after that.

Episode 3
Livi comments that the rain she summoned wasn’t pleasing at all. The water tasted funny… But the best part was the rainbow after it. Nike doesn’t want to play along with this anymore but this only serves to make Livi more interested in her. The more she pushes him away, the less he wants to let her go. He takes her by her hair and kisses her! She is going to make his life more interesting from now on. The first interesting will happen next morning because Livi is sleeping in her bed naked!!! His room burnt down, right? And he got the guts to comment that her breasts have shrunk. King or no king, she beats him up. Livi plans to hold a party to introduce her as his wife to ambassadors of the allied countries. He wants her to put on a performance to show the rain. She won’t. Summoning the rain isn’t some sideshow party and it is something the ruler does for the people. Nike hears from the maids that Livi is a workaholic and works overtime at night. This is confirmed by Neil who adds the more work he does, the less he’ll be forced to remember unnecessary things. Nike meets the ambassador from Ocean Kingdom who mocks her as somebody from a backwater country. However he is put in place when Livi warns him to be careful with his words. That is his wife he is talking to. Livi is in a bad mood so don’t provoke him. Yeah, he pulled an all-nighter last night. He lies on her lap for her to take responsibility. He wants her to summon the rain again. Of course she refuses. But did he not dislike it the first time? He doesn’t know. When it rains, he felt peaceful and calm but remember things he doesn’t want to remember. Nike suggests to lighten his workload or delegate them but is told of not to tell him how to run things. She remembers her grandma telling her how to tell if rain has reached a person’s heart.

Learning Livi is the one who puts those beautiful flowers in her room every day because it helps her relax, she goes to see him in his room but he is sleeping (he loves sleeping naked, doesn’t he?). Neil shows her some medicine he has been taking every night ever since his mother died. But ever since Nike arrived, he hasn’t been taking it. What does this mean? He is capable of relaxing around her. Nike thinks he is a strong person and trying the best he can. He never forgets how to sympathize with others and it is beautiful. She doesn’t want to be protected all the time and wants to protect him too. At the party, Nike arrives and stuns the crowd with her beauty. As thanks, she sings and calls forth the rain. Everyone is in awe seeing the raindrops like falling ray of light. The Ocean Kingdom’s ambassador is so astonished that he wants to kiss her hand. But Livi won’t let him. What was he saying about his wife being a hayseed princess? Livi thought she didn’t want to summon the rain for entertainment. She didn’t. She could see Livi’s grateful face. Nike feels compelled to touch Livi’s cute sleeping face. But apparently he was awake the whole time. He wants her to kiss him and won’t wake up till she does. Neil tells her to get it over with…

Episode 4
Nike needs to lose some weight if she is going to fit into that dress. And that Versace dude insists she must if she is going to wear this dress of his design. However there is an emergency. It seems their engagement is called off. Livi is pissed that the Ministry of Priesthood did this. All royal weddings must have their approval and they decided not to on grounds that Nike is of a foreign ethnic group. This is just an excuse because Livi knows they just don’t like him. Ever since Livi ascended the throne, he has belittled them. If Nike still insists on them accepting her, she must undergo the Rite of Illumination. It is a dangerous ritual as many princesses have lost their lives in this underground maze. This custom was stopped 2 reigns ago. Livi believes this is the work of Rani Aristes. He asks Nike if she is prepared to face all the forces against her. He wants her to sit back and let him protect her. Nike can’t say a word back to him. Livi dreams of Sheila giving him her ring of protection. If he finds someone he loves, give it to her. Nike decides to pay the priesthood a visit. And what does she see? A priest trying to hit a maid for accidentally spilling water on his clothes. This man of God trying to raise his hand to a maid? He should be struck by lightning! Thankfully Aristes was there to tell him off to be patient. Nike didn’t think he is such a bad guy till he says it straight to her face that he deems rain and clouds as ill omen to the country (because it covers the sun). He also badmouths Sheila as a peasant woman who was from some ethnic minority. People warned the ex-king about taking her in but he forced Sheila to become part of his concubine. Now Livi has ascended the throne, defiling it and ruining the country. Nike wants to beat him up but was restrained. You can’t hurt a priest, can’t you? He says she is lucky that she has been given a chance so that she doesn’t end up the same way Sheila did. Nike feels frustrated. This must be how Livi felt the entire time all by himself. She laments she can’t stay with him.

The maid takes him outside to see an establishment filled with ethnic minority kids. They are minorities of lower classes. Although the king abolished the class system, he never actively concerned himself with the establishment. The kids talk to Nike and they are happy talking good thinks about Livi. They thank Nike for coming into his life because they could see how much he has changed. Nike feels she wants to repay those feelings and be worthy of them. So she goes back to Livi and tells him she will be taking that ritual. She hasn’t forgotten what he said about harm coming to her. She doesn’t mind getting hurt. Any harm that comes to him because of her, is the harm she needs. She wants to share his pain. She sounds like a masochist… Since nothing will change her mind, I guess there is no choice but to let her do it. Livi gives her the ring and assures it will protect her. Nike enters the door to the cave to begin her rite. She must find her way to the Sun Deity’s temple and find his ring. The time limit is till the morning of the state ceremony. Nike traverses through the dark maze with only a torch. A few near deaths and scares but she believes the ring is protecting her. Finally she reaches the temple but to her horror there is no ring in the box. She realizes Aristes never intended to accept her. Here is more proof. Assassins show up to kill her. They blame Livi for belittling the traditional retainers, paying more attention to the commoners and abolishing the social class that threatens the structure of society. Oh yeah. Nike is a direct threat to them too.

Episode 5
Nike can’t fight them so she erases the torch fire and runs. Can she see where she is running? She gets a surprise when Livi grabs her. It seems he knows this place since a part of it used to be some secret royal path. They begin to believe this trial is used for assassinations and the priests only let the princesses they like get out safely. Nike materializes fog to guide them out. Once out, she is about to be strike by Randa’s sword. Livi quickly pushes her away although the ring got cut in half. Livi is so mad that he takes the sword and is about to kill him. Only Nike prevents his death. The assassins don’t need to chase after Nike anymore because Randa would gladly report Livi’s action to Aristes. Once the duo are safe away, Livi hugs her. He doesn’t care about the ring. He was scared that he instinctively picked up the sword. Nike could feel him shaking in fear. He doesn’t know what to do if he loses her. He doesn’t need some ring or throne if she is not there. Aww… How sweet. She calms him down with a peck on his forehead. She vows to stay by his side and he could feel the warmth of her hands. As for the ring, they need to do something to cover it for tomorrow. Livi has an idea. He is betting on gambling on it. And that is to seek the advice of Lord Graham Wodan the tactician god, Lord Alan Catesby the weapons god and Lord Vincent Ratcliff the one with contacts all over the world. Together with Livi they are known as the 4 Gods and the decisions they make you can say are from the words of God. But well… The old men are discussing about boobs… Nike undergoes more ‘pain’ to fit into that dress. But she looks stunning. Livi complimenting her is from the heart. Not because he is sick.

Rani Learte officiates the ceremony between Livi and Nike. In the crowded arena, Aristes plots that this will not be possible as without the ring, the exchange cannot happen. And to know what Livi had done, he relishes has something to blackmail Livi. Learte is surprised the box is empty. No ring. Nike says she hasn’t given up. Livi explains that a ring from the underground is unworthy for a man who rules the world. For a ring to be worthy for the Sun King, she is going to make a white ring around the sun. Nike starts singing as we hear explanation prior to this how she can materialize this phenomenon. As everyone is in awe, Randa panics and starts to blurt about Livi entering the temple and that this engagement is a sham from the start. Before he can reveal more, Aristes knocks him out. Learte seeks an explanation so Livi tells the truth. He went in to stop the assassination. Aristes admits everything. He is doing this because of what Livi forced upon them. He belittled their Sun Deity, the source of their authority as well as striking down their authority and respect. Learte cannot cover for him this time and cannot forgive those who go against the king. Nike is going to give him her verdict as Livi has given his permission. She won’t be taking his head with the wind. Her punch in the face is good enough. In exchanging of sparing his life, she wants him to approve their engagement as she doesn’t want any resentment to remain over this. Although he views clouds and rain as ill omen and the sun wonderful, can he live without those things alone? They all live because of the sun, wind, rain and clouds together. You can’t just throw out things just because they are temporarily inconvenient. After all it’s all the same for this country and he is part of it. Livi gives the final reminder. He doesn’t care what they do. If they want to die, then die out. If they want to regain authority or respect then do it. The choice is theirs. Nike although possesses half the ring, feels it contains so much more. It’s best to make more memories from now on.

Episode 6
Livi wants Nike to call him by his name. Can’t do it? Suddenly there is this bratty loli who beat her to it. Not only that. She hugs him, misses him and reminds everyone about how they swore their future to each other. Amaluna Luirasael AKA Luna is a princess of Ocean Kingdom and Livi’s childhood friend. Neil assures the love is one-sided and that Luna was the one who decided to get married and Livi never played along. Livi asserts Nike is the one for him but she allows her to be a concubine. The only things bugging Luna are Nike’s bigger boobs. Like a b*tch, she starts insulting the home wrecker Nike is. Oh dear. How is Nike going to quell this storm? Luna clearly beats Nike at all the royal etiquettes and stuffs. Since she won’t allow Livi and Nike to sleep together (like they always do), it becomes a threesome and Nike hardly got any winks. So Nike decides to take some dancing lessons with Neil only to be caught embarrassed by Luna. Then Luna has Livi dance with her and makes everyone impress with her elegance. Nike feels small and holds it in but the loli b*tch had to rub it in to her that the things she does will cast no shame upon him. What can Nike do? Summon the rain? What’s that supposed to bring? Clearly this affects Nike’s mood. Flashback reveals Luna has always been smitten with Livi even with his fleeting smile. She wanted him to marry him so that he could be guaranteed certain positions like the Sun King. However he couldn’t care less about that. All he wanted was to get away from this place with Sheila and live quietly having no ties with anyone. But when Sheila died, he suddenly ascended the throne and when Luna saw his evil cold expression, she became scared that he had changed and ran away and distanced herself. Nike practises hard on her dance steps so Livi talks to her that he doesn’t care for all that. He doesn’t need dancing, manners or other benefits. Nike can give him what he wants. They’re going to be together for all their lives eventually. Those words easily sooth Nike’s heart as she feels better.

You think Luna after hearing that would concede defeat and go home? Oh no. Not a chance. After that gentle smile she has never ever seen before, she’s going to challenge to Nike to a duel. So how does this death horse race seem princess-like? It is dangerous but Nike won’t turn her down since she challenged her seriously. Maybe Luna is starting to regret it thinking those threats were just to scare her but the race is now real. She’s desperate enough to say that she knows Livi longer. Sure she does. But even the short time Nike spent with him, he saw a lot of sides of him and she loves them all. This shock causes Luna to fall off her horse and down the cliff. Nike uses her power to levitate her back up. Luna realized she was wrong. This woman could accept Livi’s weakness whereas she was scared and ran away (the reason why she just suddenly showed up because she got jealous when she heard he was getting a wife). As Luna rests in her room, Livi visits and talks to her. Luna has heard Nike’s song and hates it because it always gets into your heart. Livi agrees because it somehow strips everyone of their rank and appearance and leave them truly as they are. Just like how rain equally falls on everyone. Before she leaves, Luna acknowledges her loss to Nike and thanks her for saving her life. However she still finds Nike uncivilized and will not apologize for that. But for now Livi needs her and to show some pride. Luna requests her to sing since she doesn’t want Livi to see her crying. She now understands how her annoying song can make the world look so beautiful. Crying in the rain? Later Nike has been reprimanded by doing tons of paperwork for sneaking out of the castle grounds. She went to get some pear but the villagers gave her a whole bundle. She wanted to give it to him. It tastes good. But you know what tastes better? Livi tricks her to steal a kiss from her! You devil! So is this the reward for her managing to call his name?

Episode 7
Nike is studying and working hard about the finer points to be an elegant lady. We all know she’s just damn tired despite that lovely smile she puts up. Livi understands this and one day whisks her away to the town’s festival. Guess what? Because everyone can recognize Livi, Nike disguises him as a girl! Having fun, aren’t we? Yeah. She always wanted a little sister… Although they have fund throughout the festival, Nike can’t help feel that somebody is watching them. This handsome guy maybe, Bardwin Cecil Ifrikia AKA Bard. When they return, Livi is surprised and not really happy to see Bard sitting in his room. He is Livi’s uncle and the former king’s younger brother. He once served as Prime Minister but one day abandoned it to go travel around the world. Livi is not amused a bit that Bard tries to flirt with Nike. Even more that he kisses her cheek as token of their acquaintance! After he leaves, Livi warns Nike if she ever lets her guard down or something like that happen again, he’ll throw her into prison. Jealous? He’s serious… The duo see Bard popular with the ladies at the garden party. Livi is definitely jealous since he tries to match his arrow shooting performance. He can’t even hold the bow straight… So jealous that he is not thinking straight and plays right into his hands about attending tonight’s banquet to celebrate his return. Nike wonders why Bard settled for the Prime Minister post when he actually ranks higher than Livi to the throne.

At the banquet, Livi couldn’t stand how the ladies are gathering around this charismatic guy and goes out for some fresh air. Bard doesn’t want to spend more time with them so she uses Nike as an excuse that she is feeling dizzy and needs to take her away to cool. You can see Livi’s black face when he hears the lady fawning over how Bard carried Nike away like a princess. Not good. Bard takes Nike to a room and pushes her down to the bed. She wonders what his intentions are. He says ever since he spied on her in town, she stole his heart and loves her so much that he is willing to steal her away. So ditch that little kid because he can satisfy her even more. Nike tells him to stop saying things he doesn’t mean because she knows he doesn’t even love her a single bit. Bard laughs out loud and is amazed how she could see through him. He is relieved she is the real deal and no mere fool. Suddenly Livi barges in with guards. He will have Bard thrown into prison and accuses them of adultery. Bard tries to convince him that Nike is not at fault but Livi will not listen. Livi’s eyes are truly like the devil. It’s like his evil side has taken over that he threatens he can even burn down her entire country if he wishes! Then he has Nike confined to her room while thinking imprisonment for Bard isn’t just enough. He is going to torture him to death with his own hands. Truly fearsome little kid…

Episode 8
Nike and Livi having a childish quarrel? She tells him to cool his head. Where has the calm Livi gone to? Bard dreams his talk with Sheila. She notes he never showed the contents of his heart. It’s because of what people expects of him. Though it benefited him in some ways, he feels he can’t breathe. Sheila thinks it’s the opposite. He is like the moon. Bard always feels calm around her and confesses he loves her. Nike busts Bard out of prison to talk with him. As there is a beautiful view of the full moon, however it makes Bard sad so Nike summons the clouds to cover it up. She knows he came back to protect Livi and was worried about his engagement. He adds they never got along since young and they were just trying to protect the same person. However after Sheila’s death, he couldn’t face what came after and ran away from him and the memories. So when he heard Livi got a woman, he feared she was some power grabbing wicked woman. Now that he knows her, his fears were groundless. He wants her to stay by his side and support him. But this upsets Nike. If he thinks he can turn dangerous, he should be staying by his side. He would but Livi wouldn’t allow it. Nike feels frustrated. She’s not going to let this slip away and enlists Neil’s help. Bard dreams another one. After Livi ascended the throne, he is still bitter that this world continues to turn like nothing has happened. If destiny is going to kill him, he will control destiny. Then nobody will toy with him ever again. He wants Bard to work with him to make sure the sun never rises again in their world. That was the last time he saw him cry. Bard must have used his charms to get a place to stay at an inn. He could have flirted longer if not for Neil coming in to request something of him.

Nike manages to persuade Livi to meet her when it starts raining. He realizes it is her doing and a trap when he takes a nearby shelter only to see Bard there too. He wanted to leave but Nike sings harder and it pours! Trapped. Nothing to do but to talk it out, eh? And since they can’t talk about fun things, let’s talk about not so fun things. Ever since Sheila died, Bard thought hard how to protect him and the most reliable way was to give him the throne since he didn’t desire for it. Livi continued to indiscriminately expel enemies within and outside the country. He thought as long Livi wanted to live or have hatred, it is his way of protecting him. But he got scared and ran away. His journey wasn’t just to see the world Sheila lived in was not just one with sadness but to also recover himself. Livi accuses him of never saying the important things and that he never really cared how he felt after leaving. Then they realize the inconsistent rain. How long have they been talking? An hour. Holy cow! Nike has been singing for that entire time! Her voice is giving way… But she has enough voice to ask Livi if he has said what he wanted and his true feelings. Because if it hurts him to lose him now, be honest. Livi reinstates Bard as Prime Minister and he gladly accepts. Now everyone is all smiles. Now Nike can faint. She wakes up seeing Livi sleeping by her side. Bard commends Nike for being a great and wonderful person. So much so he starts flirting with her and wonders if she likes older men! Livi instantly revives and beats the crap out of him. A childish argument ensues but Nike is the maddest one because these guys better not break up again or her efforts will be in vain! Pay back her hard work!

Episode 9
The Sun Kingdom is hosting a conference from various nations. It’s going to be a tiring job. One meeting after another. Livi gives Nike motivation to get through. Once this is over, they’ll take a nice vacation somewhere. Just the 2 of them. Soon, Nike gets a letter from her grandma. Well, something tells us something is not okay. Nike summons the rain as part of the opening ceremony. Although everyone is pleased, she cannot fool Livi. She sounds depressed. Like as though she is hiding something. Nike reveals the letter that her grandma collapsed and is bedridden. Livi wants Neil to cancel all of Nike’s appointments from now on and start packing their bags. She’s not going back alone. Livi is coming too. But what about the conference? There’s so much to be done. That’s why he has a Prime Minister, right? Yeah… And those old geezers think they’re going on a vacation to till Livi tells them they’re staying back and covering for him. The shock… I wonder how many days have they been frozen like that. As they sail their way back to Principality of Rain, Nike thinks of her grandma, the person who raised her and taught her how to sing. Livi soothes her heart that he is intensely watching over her because she is the only person he can see clearly. Once they reach ashore, Livi and Neil heard many great and amazing legends of the past from this country. But all that turn into shock when Nike’s sister, Kara and their father come to greet them in a casual and laidback fashion!

Even more embarrassing is that grandma Tohara is well and kicking. She came back from some hiking and sprained her back. Well, to an old woman, she thought she was going to die. Anyway she wanted to meet Livi too. When Nike’s other sisters Mira and Nia come in, they think Neil is the Sun King and start getting infatuated over this handsome man! Even after Nike introduces the real Sun King, they are even more thrilled that this young kid is the king and want to dress him up like their plaything! No respect?! Yeah, they’re taking him away to take pictures! A young lad, Kitora watches and he vows to take Nike back and make Livi never set foot on this soil again. Livi is tired out because the sisters actually dressed him up and take pictures! Toyed around… But Livi and Neil are also having a headache because of this country having lower air pressure. Many foreigners who are not used to it will have this sick feeling. At night when Livi feels better, he is so awed in seeing the clear skies filled with stars. Nike explains her family are doing it for them (because Livi said he wanted to see the stars with her). She also cooks for him and Livi could feel this gratitude feeling in his heart. Also, Nike starts feeling something running through her body. An emotion she never felt body. In the spur of the moment, they kiss. Only to be cut short when Neil arrives. Kitora doesn’t look impressed.

Episode 10
Nike is still flustering over that kiss. So to cool things down, she goes for a walk with Livi. He apologizes for that threat of burning her country down and felt really close to her this time. Back in his kingdom, he felt she could fly away at any time. Kitora happens to be here so Nike introduces her cousin to him. Seems they forgot about Nike’s dad because he wanted to take a walk too. He explains Tohara was the previous leader and a great ruler. She made many wise decisions like not having her people go to war and is well respected. The decision to send Nike away to get married was his decision. Tohara was furious. This is what happen when you let someone incompetent handle things. He admitted that? He continues telling about Kitora. Losing his parents when he was young, he stayed with them. Nike and Kitora were black sheep of the family. They had no talent in summoning rain till Tohara taught them. Under her guidance, Nike excelled very well to a point Kitora admires-cum-adores her. Kitora talks to Nike privately. He tells her straight that he doesn’t like her being married off to another kingdom. He questions if she is really in love with him because it looks like she is just playing house. She’s just pitying him and can’t abandon someone who is damaged. Nike falls unconscious thanks to the incense she smelled. Seems the mastermind behind it all is no other than Tohara. Nike is said to have come down with a local illness and Livi can’t see her since he is without immunity. Actually she is locked up in the royal tower where their powers are restricted. Kitora keeps watch over her and is kind enough to tell their plan. They are going to hypnotize Livi every night for 3 straight days till he forgets her. If they see each other, the spell will be broken. Gee, thanks for the tip. Kitora adds that she is not meant to be a wife to some child and her place is here to protect their secret art. He has been watching her all this time. Creepy. It makes him sound like a stalker.

Meanwhile the other sisters aren’t happy they need to do this but they have no choice. Grandma’s word is absolute. Aki will handle the hypnotism and as he checks on Livi, he surprises him by pointing his sword at his throat. He has never drank the drink laced with hypnotism and only pretended. With Neil fighting off the guards, Livi escapes and Kara guides him to the tower. She knows this is like treason to grandma but she wants to find her own answers even if it is different. Outside the tower, Tohara shows herself. Livi reveals he had always suspected her from the start because recalling your engaged granddaughter over a sprained back is just plain suspicious. She shows him the key imbued with her magic that no one can get in or out without it. She throws it into the mud. She will not give up Nike. Because Nike has the power to alter the world to a point if she can call a wrath upon it, she asks if he can guarantee he will not use it for his own purpose. Or even his children or descendants. But Livi couldn’t care less about the future and what he wants is the present. And what he wants he gets. Nike is his woman. Tohara will give him a chance. If he can find the key, he can take Nike. Hurry because the mud is filling up. Livi jumps in without hesitation. He won’t give up. Because a future without Nike is the same as dying. Nike on the other hand can’t sit there and just be a damsel in distress. The thought of Livi losing memories of her is frightening so she tries to break through the wooden cage. Even though it is futile, it’s better than doing nothing. Oh, she’s bleeding… Kitora is very worried and wants her to stop. She won’t. She can’t. Each time she thinks of losing Livi, she can’t stop shaking. She realizes she is really in love with him.

Episode 11
Kitora can’t stand seeing her hurt herself anymore and because of her steely determination, he lets her free and gives a key to the back exit. Once outside, she is taken by Kara to where the rest are. Livi was pulled out of the swamp after it engulfed him. After doing CPR and lots of screaming of the heart, he wakes up. Even sweeter is that Livi announces his victory because he has got the key in his hand. Two days later as he recuperates, the other sisters apologize for going along with this plan. They knew of it and yet did nothing. They will accept any punishment. Neil doesn’t want this to be an international issue because it might reflect badly. However Livi says they got the wrong idea. This is just a personal squabble and nothing more. Later Livi and Nike have their personal talk but before they could reach to the point of flirting, Neil breaks them up and says everyone else has been summoned and wants Livi to return to his chambers to rest. Livi is then whisked away by Iraha, Nike’s mother. She treats him to a bath and is fascinated with him. After all, she only had daughters. She mentions about their legend about their people being terrifying is true. But there is a secret art inherited only by the country’s greatest singer. It’s a blessing and a curse together and cannot be separated. If others inherit this power, it will bring about world disaster. That’s why she views it is safer for her to stay here. However Livi disagrees and believes it is more dangerous for Nike to stay in this small and weak country. It will be safer by her side as he vows to protect her always. Iraha then puts on traditional wedding clothes on him since her daughter is going to get married. Why not do it their style since they’re here? And it seems Nike has been put on the same too. Pretty enough for Livi to be speechless. Mother gives her blessings. No tears, please. After all, Iraha’s weak body came about after she gave birth to Nike. She can’t call the rain now. Please no sad tales on this joyous day.

Everyone holds a party for them. Livi is made to give his speech as he mentions his first encounter with Nike. Yeah. Thrown into prison. He adds that he only thought his mom was his only real family member and everyone else blood related was to be hated. He never knew what a true family means. Even now he feels a little out of place. He feels envious. The crowd eggs him to kiss Nike and he doesn’t hesitate to land it on her lips! What’s this victory sign he did?! Because Kitora and Tohara are the only ones who didn’t attend, Livi is able to trace him bumming around some cliffs where he used to hang out with Nike. Livi doesn’t sympathize with him and instead calls him a coward. His attitude of admiring Nike from the background and that get jealous when she is taken away is what makes him sick. Kitora is mad and is about to push him off. Livi tells him off that if he really wanted Nike, he shouldn’t have concocted that stupid plan and should have done this right from the start. Kitora couldn’t kill him either. And those usual words when you give up on something you love. Make her happy or else he’ll come kill you. But when they have the same thoughts on Nike, it’s like they become brothers, in unison discussing about her as they feel the same for her. As part of Livi’s plan, Nike comes by shortly. He knows they have lots to talk before they depart and leaves them be.

Episode 12
Everyone sees of Nike at the port. Of course grandma is the only one who didn’t come. She tried to say her goodbyes earlier but Tohara never wanted to see her again. Livi knows she doesn’t want to leave like that and tells her to go do it before she has any regrets. Tohara is taking a walk and thinking how a troublesome child Nike has been when Nike stumbles upon her. She quickly locks herself in the room. Nike talks to her from outside and makes her peace. She explains ever since she met Livi, she has grown to love singing and living more than before. She wants to keep living with him. Livi also has some words for her but it’s not as sugar coated and harsher. It’s like he wants to piss her off or something. Anyway he understands how she feels but unlike her, he cannot see the person he wants ever again. As the ship sets sail, they hear Tohara’s song echoing throughout the land and sea. It is the farewell rain song sung to those leaving this country. Nike is touched by the beautiful piece and starts breaking down. Tohara summons the wind to push the ship faster much to Nike’s dismay because she wants to stay like this a little longer. When they return to Sun Kingdom, Nike reunites with Mina and Liza before they return to the capital. They’re going to be in for a big surprise. Yeah… This is what happens when you leave Bard in charge. It has become a big love garden! Everybody’s fooling around! Heck, I thought this would turn into some sort of Sodom and Gomorrah! It’s no surprise that Livi is so pissed that he wants to give him the death penalty! No time for that because Livi and Nike are whisked away for work. So many things to be done. Because of that, Nike has spent continuous nights alone. She starts feeling the strain. Has this been the longest time they have been apart? Bard’s talk can only do so much. The plan by the head chef to let Nike send breakfast to Livi didn’t go too well because he is away. And Neil is being such a doofus being unable to catch what she is doing. The maids lecture the men for being such dense creatures. The lonely days continue so much so Nike starts singing the rain song. It feels like her heart is crying too :’(. One day Nike waits by the plains. She believes the next time she sees him again, she will fall in love once more. Suddenly here is Livi on a steed before her eyes. He snuck away I guess. He joins her lying on the grassy plains. So why did he come to see her? Isn’t it obvious? It was painful not seeing her. It’s the thing he hates most. She too. And the much obligated scene we’ve been waiting for. Their first tender kiss.

There Is Always Sunshine After The Rain
I can’t say I totally love it since such romance genres are a dime a dozen. Although I have to admit that I am touched with the romance part of the series because it is the interaction and bonding between Nike and Livi that makes this series a lovely and pleasant watch. From the start you’ll know that these two won’t really like each other but we have seen so many stories that such couple will eventually come together. You know what kind of ending this kind of shows will have but the magic part is of course watching their romance unfold throughout the dozen episodes and in no time you’ll find yourself rooting for both of them to be together instead of because you expect this kind of shows to end in such a way.

The series divides itself into several mini arcs but that isn’t the story of those arcs that really captivates us but the dealings between Nike and Livi. In each obstacle they go through, they go through it together and learn more about each other. The more they know, the more they start to feel that they can’t live without the other. In a way, their union brings out the best in them because they work best when they rely on each other. Nike’s brash and unpolished behaviour may raise eyebrows and make others wonder if she is suitable to be the queen of a country that governs a great deal on this planet. Despite all that, she has a soft side and shows that she really cares. Livi started off as a cold and distant kid. Cruel if you may call him that. Probably ruling with an iron fist is the only way he knows how to live. He never knew any other person than his late mom that could have the same warmth till he met Nike. You can say Nike is his gateway of opening his eyes that the world isn’t such a bad place after all. The world had always been beautiful. Much more beautiful when you’re in love.

Therefore the blossoming and romance developing between them feels appropriately fleshed out throughout the series and doesn’t feel forced at all. Their personalities always clash and at times they are loggerheads on just about anything but like I said, the more they start to understand each other, the more they feel they need each other to a point that it is just painful to not be by each other’s side. And I think that is the kind of romance that we all like to see and have, don’t we? Thankfully the interaction between Nike and Livi is also nicely done. Because there are some funny moments and there are serious moments. The right mix and balance of it all makes it enjoyable and fun to watch. You won’t be bored with them around. So you see. Life in the royalty doesn’t necessarily be boring or just work, work, work. Beneath that king and queen status, they are still humans after all.

It goes to show that once again love is like the miracle worker. With Nike and Livi loving each other so much, you won’t even notice in the end that she is a much older girl compared to his young age. Is that even legal? Oh what the heck. He is the king and he does what he wants anyway. Letting go is another form of love as seen in the case of Nike’s grandma. Wanting to keep their secret arts among themselves feels just like an excuse. Remembering her as a troublesome kid also feels like one. Because if that wasn’t love, she probably wouldn’t have spent so much time guiding her to where she is now. So probably it is just the fear of parting and never getting to see Nike as and when she wants is what was holding Tohara back.

Other side characters are also okay and complement Nike and Livi but they don’t leave much of an impact on the overall aspect since the series is mainly focused on the duo. Neil plays the loyal butler but that is about it. Sometimes I feel he may be more stressed than Livi in trying to keep up with him. Then there are those old geezers who are supposed to provide Livi with wise advice but all I see them is that they bum around talking nonsense and sometimes dirty stuffs. It’s like they’re the little comic relief trio of the series. I suppose when you are that old, you’re going senile and there is no reason to take yourself that seriously. After all, there is so much fun in seeing the young ones taking the helm. Bard is a fun and nice guy but sometimes I feel his charming and flirting ways may bring about his downfall if he isn’t too careful about it. Due to the episodic nature of the series, some characters I thought would play some role towards the end never turned up again like Aristes and Luna. It would have been great to see them again but I guess with the final arc having Nike and Livi away to the former’s homeland, there is no reason why some of these characters would pop right back up.

The art and drawing may not be the best but at least it feels satisfying since partly it is part of a fantasy kingdom. Though, no dragons or flying islands and this helps bring about some realism with some of the buildings having this medieval European feel. The Sun Kingdom is really bright and sometimes the brightness of it all can make you feel how hot it is without any clouds and thus any rain that Nike summons is much a welcome relief. Likewise in the Principality of Rain, it is always raining and gloomy so much so I could feel its dampness. Character designs also doesn’t feel unique especially the Principality of Rain’s traditional rain feels like they might have just ripped it off from some rural tribe. Some characters look like they were ripped off from other animes like Livi has this uncanny resemblance to Ciel from Kuroshitsuji while Neil could be the twin brother of Girls Bravo’s Hayate. Nike feels like a grown up version of To Aru Kagaku No Railgun’s Misaka or Zettai Karen Children’s Kaoru only with long hair. Hey, they’re all tomboyish! Bard has this generic look of a handsome guy in long hair although I can’t name any character that comes to mind right now but I feel I have seen this looks somewhere before. Even more eyebrow raising is the fact that Nike’s main one piece dress feels like as though she is too tall for this tight short dress and thus her obvious thighs. Sometimes I can’t help wonder if there is a chance you can catch a glimpse of what is underneath if the little wind were to blow it up a little.

At first I was convinced that Rina Satou was the voice behind Nike because she sounds awfully similar to To Aru Kagaku No Railgun’s Misaka since she has this tomboyish voice (as well as that little resemblance). Although there was something a little off but I was still convinced it was her. To my surprise it wasn’t. Rena Maeda plays Nike and the only major role I knew of her was as Jinsei’s Ayaka. Other casts include Nobunaga Shimazaki as Livi (Shido in Date A Live), Tomokazu Sugita as Neil (Gintoki in Gintama), Takahiro Sakurai as Bard (Suzaku in Code Geass), Chisa Yokoyama as Tohara (Sakura in Sakura Wars), Takauyuki Kondo as Kitora (Oishi in Prince Of Tennis), Yuki Terasaki as Kara (Basil in Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn), Ai Kayano as Nia (Mei in Sukitte Iinayo), Mariya Ise as Mira (Levi in Fairy Tail), Michie Tomizawa as Iraha (Sumire in Sakura Wars), Yuki Matsuoka as Luna (Orihime in Bleach), Daisuke Namikawa as Aristes (Waver in Fate/Zero) and Keiko Han as Sheila (Luna in Sailormoon).

The opening theme, Beautiful World by Joanna Koike sounds like a generic anime rock. Feels rather okay but nothing that piques my interest. I prefer the ending theme, Promise by Rena Maeda that is quite a lovely ballad. I still can’t help think it is Misaka Mikoto singing this song although I well know it isn’t. The very odd part of the ending animation credits isn’t about the huge focus of Livi’s sleeping face but rather he is sleeping naked! I know he likes doing that but putting this as the big part of the ending? I don’t think so. Thank goodness I didn’t have any shotacon awakened within. The best song goes to the insert song whereby Nike sings to call forth the rain. Ame Furashi No Uta ~Beautiful Rain~ is a very beautiful piece. I actually enjoyed her singing this piece every time. It doesn’t even feel bored despite the several background music versions of it (or is it just one or two? Don’t care as long as it’s this song). I don’t know but if there is some sort of calm and satisfaction in hearing this song, I guess Nike really is a good singer and it’s like this song really has its magic. It might not bring forth the rain in my world but at least it shines in my heart. Heh. Cheesy as it sounds but I really love this song.

Overall, if you are looking for a nice heart warming and touching romance tale, this one deserves to get some little love and attention. There are some funny moments that make you laugh. There are some touching moments that tug your heart strings. There are some dramatic and suspenseful moments that make you sit up and take notice. I don’t want to say this anime isn’t perfect because I probably do not know what perfection is. It’s all up to what you believe in. So if you want to believe in some sort of realistic love and romance development but a bit of some fairytale too, you won’t be disappointed with this series. Unless of course you aren’t into this type. Life is like a cycle. There are good times and there are bad. Take it all together because they go hand in hand. Because even if it’s raining and pouring like cats and dogs, the sun is always there. Just hiding behind the clouds, waiting for the right moment to shine again. That’s the beauty of life and this world.

Tenshi Ni Narumon

January 17, 2015

It is every guy’s dream to have an angel fall before you and live with you, right? I mean, who wouldn’t want an angel, right? Well, let’s hope that God didn’t just send you an angel only in form. Because from what we get in Tenshi Ni Narumon is a hell of an annoying angel! Or at least an incomplete angel. So for our main protagonist to have an angel falling from the sky isn’t actually a blessing but somewhat an annoyance. Definitely not the kind of boy meets girl romance he is hoping for. Not only does she become his fiancée but her entire family moves in into his home. There goes his peaceful life. So it is true that when you marry a girl, you not only marry her but her family. Welcome to the hellish life. Oh, did I mention he has a girl in his class he has a crush on? No, it isn’t complicated. Just annoying…

Episode 1
Today is the first day Yuusuke Kamoshita will be living by himself since his parents are going overseas to work. Probably he is so happy about his newfound freedom that he crashed his bicycle in the woods. He sees a trail of girl’s clothing scattered. I guess the panties stuck on a branch must have got his attention. He tries to get it and falls down onto this buck naked girl, Noelle. Their lips met. She wakes up and is ecstatic to see Yuusuke as her betrothed. This freaks him out as he peddles back to school. He tells this to his friends but they think he is imagining too much. They’re doing this while trying to spy on girls in the swimming class? So it is no wonder when one of his friends tries to snap a picture of the girl he has a crush on, Natsumi Suzuhara, he struggles to take the camera from him but she splashes water on them and hates Yuusuke. Because she mistakes him as a pervert as he is the one with the camera in his hand. Meanwhile, Dispel shows Silky a hologram of Noelle. Since she has her halo but has no wings yet, he finds her incompleteness a beauty. In class, homeroom teacher, Shinobu introduces them to a new transfer student, Noelle. Erm… She’s chasing a butterfly outside. But she is extremely happy to see Yuusuke. As she is constantly calling his name and wanting to be by his side, it is understandable he is annoyed. But how does she know his name? She got his student ID somehow. He tells her off not to follow him home and surprisingly she agrees. But when he reaches home, he finds his house turned into some weird fun house. There is Noelle to greet him. She has moved in and this will be her home. Oh, meet the family too. There is Papa the Frankenstein, Mama the kind and gentle mother, Gabriel the big brother vampire, Ruka the little sister elf, Sara the older sister invisible woman, Baba the grandma witch and pet ostrich, Nekhbet. Yuusuke can’t so no to whatever Papa says. Don’t want to mess with this big strong fellow, don’t you? Suddenly there is this giant daruma robot appearing. It is sent by Dispel who is here to take Noelle. But Ruka has seen this coming and the family jumps into their own giant robot (including Yuusuke whose job is to peddle for power). I think Noelle was simply pressing the buttons and it activated something to defeat the daruma. Dispel is left in despair. Everyone has a great dinner but Yuusuke is not. But he can’t risk Noelle crying so he has to put up with him. Happy Noelle hugs him and asserts she loves him. Yuusuke can’t believe he has to join in this friendship reconciliation dance too… Oh, he can’t sleep in peace because Noelle creeps in to sleep beside him.

Episode 2
Yuusuke is going to tell the weirdoes to get out of his house. Can he? Well, everyone ignores him. Except for Baba who seems to be against Noelle and Yuusuke to be together. Noelle disagrees and is happy being with him. Papa and Gabriel get into an argument about getting accustomed to the human world and finding jobs, something Gabriel doesn’t want. Noelle continues to chase Yuusuke at school. Naturally he runs away and hides. But he didn’t realize he was hiding in the girls’ changing room! Furthermore, he had to pick Natsumi’s locker! And here she is opening the door… He might have escaped with his life but later he tries to apologize to her but gets slapped. Noelle sees this and is furious that her beloved Yuusuke is hit but that guy just wants to be left alone. Later on he meets up with Natsumi and wants her to read his letter. Although it sounds like an apology letter first, you can guess it is also a confession letter. So she’s like an angel to him? Natsumi is not impressed. Sure, she will forgive him for all the peeping and other stupid things he done. In exchange, don’t ever come near her again. She rips the letter. Yuusuke’s heart must be ripping to pieces right now. Noelle saw this and tries to cheer him up but he is not in the mood. This causes Noelle to be sad as she cries in her room. Meanwhile Papa has returned home and has found a job. He will be the PR manager of this wrestling champion, Deli. They have a party in the house when Sara visits Yuusuke to tell him to make up with Noelle. Deli enters Noelle’s room to take her to Dispel. But Noelle laughs at his true funny face. Yuusuke enters her room only to see her being kidnapped. He chases after them but looks like he doesn’t need to do anything as Noelle covers his eyes to let him ram into a pole. But their victory is short-lived. He flings Yuusuke away. Gabriel is here to save his sister but because Deli’s body is made out of balloon, it is hard to fight him. Yuusuke lands on Papa and points to where Noelle is. Papa holds down Deli while Gabriel bites him to remove all the air. A balloon is as good as useless without air, right? Dispel in despair again… Back home, Yuusuke sees Noelle taping his letter together again. Why? Because it will be a waste to throw it away since he packed lots of love into it. This makes him feel better but feels trouble is coming up when Noelle hugs him and will become his angel.

Episode 3
Gabriel is sick of drinking tomato and thought he could seduce a girl and drink her blood. He had to pick the wrong girl. She is Miruru, a cat girl and ex-neighbour. Oh, did I mention they used to like each other? She starts chasing him. What a way to bring back your ex into your life. Meanwhile Noelle bugs everyone on how to become an angel. Baba has this sly idea. She must give up her desires. This means no hugging or poking Yuusuke. It’s going to be hard trying to endure it. Miruru’s chase for Gabriel continues well into their home. Miruru recognizes Noelle as they were once childhood friends. Noelle is shocked Yuusuke is missing and that name rings a bell to Miruru. Yuusuke can’t find solace in his own home so he is bumming outside the park. He sees Natsumi hanging out with another guy. It’s that feeling again… That night, Miruru calls Dispel to inform the plan is on track. Noelle wears some spring armour created by Ruka to school. Each time she tries to hug Yuusuke, the force will repel her back. Boy, that’s going to hurt. After lots of pain, Yuusuke brings her to the infirmary and wants her to take it off. She won’t and stubbornly wants to become his angel. Yuusuke discovers a letter from Natsumi in his shoe box to meet tonight at the school’s pool. Of course he won’t miss this chance but it turns out to be a trap by Miruru. She wants him to break up with Noelle because if he is not around, Noelle will return to the monster world. Besides, having her becoming an angel will be troublesome. Speaking of Noelle, here she is making her way to school since Yuusuke isn’t in his room. Still in that armour? Miruru has the kappas make some whirlpool to drown him in it. Noelle dives in to save him but the armour keeps repelling her. Because of her determination so great to save him, the armour breaks. So much so this effects Silky (she starts breathing hard) as she even lashes out at Dispel who is being a sadistic big bully. Yuusuke is rescued but Noelle is out cold. No choice but to give her CPR to revive her. She wakes up and hugs him while apologizing for everything. Yuusuke carries her home as she notes his warmth despite they are soaking wet.

Episode 4
Yuusuke falls sick and some of the family members have their own interpretation the cause of this. It’s just plain ol’ cold, people. Noelle kicks them out and tries to cool him down. Yuusuke doesn’t want her to miss school and manages to convince her that angels go to school. Yuusuke’s friends find out about his condition via Noelle and in turn she keeps pondering about the meaning of happiness among some other words. I’m sure they try their best to explain but don’t get your hopes up. So in class, Noelle bugs the teacher about the meaning of precious. Natsumi couldn’t stand anymore of this and tells her off but Noelle is being a retard and thinks everything she says has something to do with being precious. Yuusuke can’t rest since Baba comes in claiming she knows the source of his illness. It is a curse from his former life as a green turtle and has grudges from other female turtles. To cure it, he must drink this potion. It sure freaked him out. Baba had a nice time with this prank. Miruru convinces Noelle to come with her because she wants to make it up to her (liar!). She brings her to some shady restaurant whereby Noelle gets ecstatic by the taste of some pudding. This is what happiness is? She wants to bring this to Yuusuke now but Miruru convinces her to stay put. Of course this is a plan by Miruru and Dispel to keep her there. I don’t know what is going on because the furniture creeps up on her and when she suspects something amiss, she runs for it. The restaurant chases after her and is joined by his ‘brothers’. They combined into a big robot and when they corner Noelle, they got distracted by a big caked that Papa was making as part of his job. After gobbling it down, they return to their little doll house size. Safe to say, yet another failed scheme from Dispel. Noelle laments the pudding is ruined when Yuusuke comes by. He is better now as Noelle explains about the jelly. He believes it is good and Noelle hugs him like she always does.

Episode 5
The family are going to the beach for some relaxation. Except Sara who is believed to be on some part time job. Mama dominates the schedule and nobody dares go against her. She is fired up to play beach volleyball and singlehandedly defeats all of them! Yuusuke goes to get some drinks and enters a strange building. The shop employee is in bandages and seemingly hiding behind the counter. When he sees a strange box, she warns him not to look into it. She thinks some hidden things once you see it, it becomes boring. Yuusuke doesn’t believe so like as in the crane folklore. That night at the campfire, Baba plays another prank on Yuusuke that scares him. Noelle goes in search for him but encounters… Aliens?! Yuusuke ends up in the beach house and finds it unlock. His curiosity got the better of him as he peeks into the strange box. He heard someone calling him as he follows her out. This bandage woman knows his name because she is Sara! She felt happy when Yuusuke praised her because no one cares about her as they can’t see her. At first she was happy being invisible as nobody would bother her. But she has been invisible so long she couldn’t change back. She feels everyone slipping through her fingers. However she feels that with him around, she can change back. She wants him to look at her as she takes off everything. Her bandages and her clothes. Could have been the best night viewing had not Noelle scream. He goes off to save her. Sara feels disappointed and returns being invisible. Noelle is being kidnapped by aliens (setup by Miruru of course) and Yuusuke manages to get onboard. Sara tries to tell her family about the abduction but they are too engrossed in Mama’s beach volleyball training to hear a thing. Till Sara blows her top and becomes visible that they take notice. They ride Ruka’s machine to save the duo. Noelle is being tickled by aliens? Well, Yuusuke tries to be a hero but gets zapped. The UFO is under attack by the family. Mama is furious since they ruined their family time. Her volleyball throws are deadly! Oops. She might have forgotten that Yuusuke and Noelle are in there. Meanwhile Miruru is relaxing and thinks this has so far been the easiest job ever. She makes a wish on the shooting star. Till she realizes it’s getting to close! The UFO crashes on her. Yuusuke and Noelle are picked up by the family. Now that Sara is visible again, Papa formally introduces her to Yuusuke. I guess with daylight, he could see how pretty she is. Blushing, isn’t he?

Episode 6
There is this dream whereby Natsumi frantically chases after her big brother. She felt sad he flew away in those angelic wings and she was left behind. Noelle climbs a transmission tower and jumps off! She thought she can be an angel by flying with Ruka’s whatever this contraption is. It didn’t work and this makes everyone worried. Thankfully she pulls the strings for soft landing. She continues to fly that night but crashes into Yuusuke’s room. And the mind boggling part is how she thinks anything that flies is an angel! The grasshopper… The cicada… The aeroplane… Oh boy… Thus the question of the episode: Why do angels fly? My answer: Because they don’t swim, silly! And so Noelle goes to bug Natsumi to teach her to fly because Yuusuke called her one! Natsumi can’t be bothered with her especially trying to drill into her annoying brain that humans can’t fly. Too bad Noelle keeps tailing her so I guess if she can’t shake her off, might as well talk to her and see where this goes. So Noelle is confused what constitutes to be an angel. They fly but not every flying thing is an angel. Is it because of a smile? But Natsumi never smiles? This only serves to make Natsumi angry and won’t hear any more of it. I guess Noelle becomes crazy enough to try and jump off the diving board. Natsumi doesn’t believe she can do it and will chicken out (that traumatic dream keeps flashing before her). Oh Natsumi, you don’t know Noelle… Because she leaps! For that short moment, it looked like she was flying. At least in Natsumi’s eyes. After a second, she falls like a rock. Natsumi dives in to pull her out of the water. Although Natsumi scolds her, Noelle is happy because when Natsumi came to save her, she smiled. Noelle promises Yuusuke she won’t pull that kind of stunt anymore. She asks him what angels do. Basically, they comfort you. Noelle wants to make Natsumi laugh more when she becomes an angel. They agree she is like a star.

Episode 7
Yuusuke receives a package. Sender unknown. Upon opening, there is this squid girl who claims to be Noelle! What’s with that fake halo? Anyway, I believe everybody is so dumb that they got confused by squid girl’s twisted reasoning that doesn’t make sense why she is part of the family. Noelle is even dumber because she can’t take the hint that fake Noelle is going to replace her and even shows squiddy her room. Because it’s Noelle’s room, right? Yuusuke taking a bath alone can’t take anymore of this so Miruru infiltrates disguising as a maid to drive a wedge to stand up to them. But his meek personality means he won’t be able to do it at first go as the family have dinner. Because there are 2 Noelles and only 1 bowl, squid girl is hogging it. Yeah, everybody is so dumb and confused. Yuusuke gives Noelle his and leaves. He’ll buy his own. Eating at the park, Miruru continues to persuade him to get tough and stand his ground. Meanwhile squid girl confronts Noelle and blames her that she is the reason why Yuusuke left and might not come back. Noelle is still too dumb to get the hint so squiddy tells her to leave. There’s no place for Yuusuke as long as she is here. Finally! Noelle starts feeling something. Or is it… When Yuusuke comes back to tell them off, again he can’t get the chance because Papa has an announcement. He has brought squid girl a bowl of her own and welcomes her as part of the family. Squiddy is touched but Miruru purposely bumps into her and break the bowl. Signifying that family will also break up? Because Noelle is not around, touched squiddy reveals she left and spills everything that her mission was to do that. Miruru didn’t like that their plan is exposed and is going to punish her. Yup. How does barbequed squid sound? The guys are useless to fight Miruru’s contraption and the ladies are just hiding… Yuusuke spots Noelle in town. She is guided by the barbequed squid smell. She is going to save squiddy but Miruru’s contraption won’t let her get close. With Yuusuke helping out (but not much), their bungling clumsiness causes the contraption to come apart and send Miruru running away in defeat. In the end, Noelle was in town to get another bowl for squiddy. But squid girl can’t stay and must leave. She needs to find her own fiancé and views Noelle and Yuusuke a perfect couple. The family later receives a letter from her that she is doing fine and happy. Paparapu~

Episode 8
Yuusuke gets a rude awakening when the furniture in his room starts sliding. Turns out Ruka had created an upgraded version of her tengu robot. Now installed with better weapons and emotions. Checking out inside, it seems that one needs to wear a silly suit and be connected by weird string-like creatures to control the robot. Only Noelle can fit it. I guess we can see what’s going to happen now. The robot is acting as dumb as her… Meanwhile the guy that Natsumi hangs out with, Kai takes her to the beach. He thinks it’s a bad call since she must be bored facing water all the time. She explains how her mom named her so because she saw the sea through her window. Each time she looks at it, it makes her nostalgic. Likewise her brother was named Fuyuki because it was snowing. When Kai suddenly hugs her, she didn’t like it and runs away. Miruru tries to incite the wife of the daruma robot to seek revenge for her husband by blaming the perpetrators. This of course makes her mad as she chases Noelle (still in the tengu robot) all around. The rest need to save her and Ruka has this prototype doggie robot as spare. It picks Yuusuke as its pilot but it is as picky and won’t listen to his commands. Not to mention the sill suit he has to wear too. Doggie robot stops functioning and Yuusuke’s plea doesn’t help either. Noelle continues to get beaten up and won’t fight back because she still believes of not doing unto others if she doesn’t want something done unto you. So is she going to be beaten to death? Sara suggests bringing the husband back so the wife will have no means to seek revenge. They fix him up good in time and the wife stops beating Noelle and leaves with her husband. WTF ending but a happy ending nevertheless. Noelle and her family have dinner but nobody notices Yuusuke is missing. He is still stuck in the doggie robot… Nobody cares or remembers and they dare talk about being family…

Episode 9
Baba is against the family’s idea of having a wedding. And nobody cares about Yuusuke’s opinion that he never agreed to this marriage. And Noelle doesn’t even know what marriage means despite being so excited. On the streets, Baba is whisked away by a minstrel to Miruru. Baba won’t help whatever her schemes are. Suddenly Miruru says she likes Yuusuke and would give her anything just to have him. Not a bad trade, don’t you think? Meanwhile the minstrel infiltrates Yuusuke’s home and while Sara is bathing, the ukulele’s scream turned her into a frog. The family are so dumb they can’t believe it is her despite Sara herself asserting it is really her. Till the minstrel turns Papa and Mama into frogs. So now you believe? After Ruka gets turned into one, Gabriel thought closing his ears would save him but alas it did not. Seems Baba is in cohorts with Miruru and this is her magic that changed them into frogs. With almost the entire family turned into frogs, they think of the cause. As it could be Baba’s black magic, it might be because Papa and Mama stuffed her in a bag earlier on and now she’s mad. Hopes now rest on Noelle and Yuusuke but Noelle gets turned into a frog and she’s excited being one. Baba confronts Miruru that this wasn’t the deal because Noelle is not to be touched. Too bad that cat girl was lying and snatches Noelle away. However Noelle slips out of her hands and the chase begins. Noelle ends up hiding in the ukulele. Miruru wants the minstrel to hand over his ukulele but he won’t since this instrument is like his life. He turns Miruru into a frog. Yuusuke then understands how the magic works. It is not the scream but rather looking into the eyes of the ukulele. He blindfolds himself to avoid falling for the trap. But how can he see? Swinging around blindly. Baba tells him to cut the strings and with Noelle’s voice, he manages to snap the strings to return everyone back into normal. Papa and Mama apologize to Baba for what they did. Although she doesn’t hold a grudge for that, she still won’t acknowledge the marriage.

Episode 10
At the shrine, Miruru in disguise sells to Noelle a Bun-bun angel. Take care of it and it will turn into an angel. You know how easily Noelle is deceived when she hears that angel word. Yuusuke didn’t want to buy it for her but since she insisted… Of course this is all part of Miruru’s plan to break them up. And it begins when Bun-bun doesn’t want Noelle to sleep with Yuusuke (for your information, she always creep in without his permission). For once they’re going to sleep in separate beds? Is Yuusuke sure he is going to be relieved? But why can’t he sleep? Does he miss Noelle? Sara comes in to tease him and offers to sleep with him. Even offering a kiss? Just kidding! Next morning, I guess without Noelle around, Yuusuke can’t wake up by himself. The family teases him about them sleeping separately. Noelle had gone to school earlier because Bun-bun dragged her along. In class she shows it to Natsumi who isn’t amused she is still going about on this angel thing. Natsumi later calls Kai to apologize for that day and wants to stay like this forever. As brother and sister. But he says they won’t be able to see each other for a while. Natsumi jumps to conclusion that there is someone he likes and puts down the phone. Yuusuke was accidentally eavesdropping and felt pity. Till annoying Noelle ruined it all. During lunch, Noelle feeds Bun-bun. When she is away, Bun-bun becomes a rude monster by eating up everyone’s meal. Back home, Yuusuke tells Noelle to return Bun-bun because it is just acting cute when it is actually a violent monster. She won’t. The argument escalates and just when it seems Noelle is going to say she hates him, she actually still loves Yuusuke. Disappointed Miruru orders Bun-bun to transform into its real form. It starts drilling holes everywhere and chases Noelle around. Finally Yuusuke hits it away like a baseball. Noelle wonders if Bun-bun was an angel. Yuusuke replies it wasn’t. In the aftermath, Ruka fixes up Bun-bun good as new and like an angel, making Noelle very happy. Bun-bun will always be an angel to her.

Episode 11
Yet another dream by Natsumi of Fuyuki. Yeah. He disappears. Some Durian Comet is passing by next week and it is believe you write your wish on your head with a durian and your wish will come true. Guess what it means for Noelle? But Yuusuke hears Natsumi murmurs wishes don’t come true. As the school will be holding a durian festival in conjunction with it, Shinobu wants 2 volunteers for the committee. Natsumi is of course picked. Yuusuke’s friends then nominate him. He just can’t say no, can’t he? Yuusuke wants to help Natsumi and not only things related to the committee. She is not impressed and is sure he will not be able to help. Gabriel isn’t happy seeing Yuusuke flirting with another girl and is going to suck his blood dry (earlier he tried to suck Shinobu’s blood but the durian stink ‘killed’ him). Noelle brings back the durian and the entire house just stinks. Ruka thinks of making something out of it. The family notices Bun-bun more attached to Ruka. When Natsumi sees Kai at the school gates, she runs away. Yuusuke happens to be there and Kai talks to him. He explains he likes Natsumi but she only sees him as her brother’s best friend. Long ago, the 3 of them used to be together. Till Fuyuki died and she filled the void by spending time with him. At first he was okay with it as he was trying to help her. But she hasn’t grown or moved ahead since. He thinks it’s his fault. Natsumi only sees Fuyuki in him. He hopes Yuusuke can help her. Gabriel wants to target Natsumi but Miruru puts a stop to his tracks and let him do her in instead. Natsumi then sees a bunch of toys who beckon her to come along. This is of course Dispel’s plan to lure Natsumi to draw Yuusuke’s heart to her and away from Noelle. Finally the mysterious guy that we have always seen bumping into Noelle and speaking in riddles, Mikael meets Yuusuke and tells him he is the only one who can protect Noelle. He should not take her eyes off her and she is at the clock tower. Ruka has Noelle wear some prototype flying machine. The wire gets stuck in the clock hands, which is being wind by hypnotized Natsumi (trapped in visions of her past). Yuusuke finds her in time and unplugs the wire. Noticing the clock is acting strange, he enters it and sees a young Natsumi.

Episode 12
Natsumi is also acting like a kid. Oh no. With Noelle already like one, it’s going to be noisier. Back home, everyone thinks of what to do with Natsumi. Since the family is not helping, Yuusuke will do it himself and brings sleeping Natsumi to his room (rest assured, nothing hentai happening). But Noelle understands he wants to be left alone?! Noelle understands?! I guess she is more preoccupied with continuing to fly with Ruka’s contraption. Yuusuke and Natsumi of course can’t attend school so Shinobu calls Yuusuke’s friends that since they are down with some viral infection, the duo will have to be committee replacements. They don’t look happy… So they go visit Yuusuke’s home and find him looking well. What’s this? Natsumi the loli? So he tells them the truth and though what is happening seems strange, they believe Yuusuke should do something about it while they help out as much as they can to cover for him. Yuusuke thinks Natsumi should return to the clock tower to find a clue. But she doesn’t like that place and runs away. Oh no. Now he lost her. So I guess Noelle is the only one who can help him look. She brings him to the graveyard since she and Natsumi once came here before. They see her sleeping by the family grave. When she wakes up, she thinks Yuusuke is Fuyuki. Yuusuke sounds harsh when he tells her that Fuyuki is dead and won’t come back alive. This is of course traumatic for a kid as she cowers behind Noelle. It makes him look like a bad guy. Natsumi locks herself in his room and shows tantrum by throwing things. You can’t get close to her. Noelle continues her practice flight and on the festival day, Natsumi dresses up in a durian suit and sits on the rooftop. He has her listen to what he has to say. He understands it is painful not being able to see a loved one. When he was young, his father was always busy and never home because of work. That’s why mom left. He has been through lonely times and is sad thinking they’re happier somewhere else and wondering if he can see them again. Thus it is completely different from hers. If she wants to see Fuyuki that bad, she should wish upon it. And the Durian Comet has that power to make that wish come true. Natsumi is now more open to him and goes to his side. Noelle is making one last practice flight. Ruka mentions that Yuusuke is trying to be an angel for Natsumi. That’s why he is trying so hard. Will she be okay with that? In that case, Noelle will be Yuusuke’s angel.

Episode 13
Mikael sees Baba in her fortune telling booth. She tells him he has no idea what will happen if Noelle becomes an angel. She wants him to stop encouraging her. She tries to burn his Book of Chaos but Mikael notes it is just an illusion. Just like Noelle’s current form. He points out she is just confused about what is best for Noelle. Like he knows? Yuusuke brings Natsumi to the clock tower. They have to be as close to the comet when it passes when she makes her wish. Miruru is having fun at the festival when she meets Dispel in person for the first time. He is here because she has failed to meet his expectations, he will retrieve Noelle himself. What about her? He will dispose of her. She gets beaten up and everyone thinks this is some cool cosplay action. Gabriel makes him stop his ground slamming abuse. Dispel doesn’t have time for this and leaves. Gabriel is amazed he doesn’t have that itch when he is with her. Could it be he got some immunity when he drank her blood? Well, it made Miruru bolder to flirt with him now. Before Noelle can fly, Dispel appears and shoves Ruka away. Who the hell is he? He is the angel who has come for her. For once Noelle isn’t a retard and doesn’t believe this liar (because an angel won’t do that to Ruka). She runs away while he chases. Yuusuke’s friends and Shinobu see this and throw their stinking durians to stall him. Dispel chases Noelle around the clock tower. Even Yuusuke arriving didn’t help much. Dispel shoots him away. He is hanging on the ledge as Dispel licks his hand to make him fall! Disgusting! When he does, Noelle dives down to save him. At that moment, she looked like an angel in Natsumi’s eyes. Flashback time. Or so it seems.

Natsumi catches up with Fuyuki and he wants to let her go as he will always be in her heart and watch over her. She still doesn’t want him to go and has been waiting for him. He believes she won’t be happy and what he wants is for her to smile and maybe think of him once in a while. She wants to stay here with him forever. But that is not for her to decide. Now it’s time to go. Noelle can’t fly so she prays hard that she could. Her halo glows and she is able to fly. I wonder if it’s the contraption. She grabs Yuusuke’s hand and lands him softly. Noelle is happy that the comet granted her wish. Natsumi is back to normal but doesn’t remember why she is here. Yuusuke knows she has met her brother because she’s back. Dispel is saddened that Noelle has become an angel and that he has no use for her. However Silky says she hasn’t yet. Dispel doesn’t like her tone but Silky isn’t intimidated. To his fear, she doesn’t need him anymore as she has gotten bored and when she cuts something, he turns into a toy and is put away in a box. She wonders what she will play with next. Mikael picks up a feather at the site and believes Noelle had become an angel in that moment. He is stunned to see his senior Raphael and is not pleased that he is the one who pulled the strings to hasten Noelle to become an angel (because he thinks Mikael was too slow and took care of things himself). Mikael believes despite Noelle being clumsy and imperfect, it is part of the learning process to become an angel. Because Raphael views him as dear, he is here to help him watch over Noelle and things are going to be interesting from now on. Noelle tries to fly but fails. Could it be a fluke? She is adamant to prove it wasn’t. Because she is still going to be Yuusuke’s angel.

Episode 14
Silky seems to be writing something before crumpling and stomping the paper. As her subordinate Eros finds out, she is writing how much she hates angels! Their wings, their halo, you name it… Eros also notices an empty throne besides hers and it is reserved for her future prince who will make her dreams come true. Eros is taken in with that and vows not to let Noelle turn into an angel. Meanwhile Yuusuke is fed up with the family’s usual antics. Furthermore, Miruru is now officially part of the family as a maid since her former employer has gone missing. Nowhere to go? The best excuse to stay by Gabriel’s side maybe. But here comes to most annoying one. Noelle is still trying to fly so Yuusuke reminds her he never told her to become one in the first place because he hates angels and monsters! Oh really? What was he saying about Natsumi before? Surprisingly Noelle is taking it pretty well. Does she understand what this means? Even her family is in shock when she tells them she is giving up becoming an angel. Yuusuke feels he might have been too harsh on Noelle. On his way to school, he meets Natsumi. She seems not to dislike him anymore and thanks him after hearing what happened from his friends. But Yuusuke is surprised when Noelle tells him she won’t become an angel. Wasn’t this what he wanted? Mikael even tries to convince Noelle to try harder because he believes he transformed then. Since Noelle is being a retard, it even annoys Mikael to death. She still won’t. Raphael suggests changing Yuusuke’s perception. Make him see the miracle of an angel. Meanwhile some pen monster sent by Eros is trying to make Noelle sign a contract she won’t become or attempt to be an angel. And she is pretty surprised that she won’t. She should think harder. WTF. Anyhow, Noelle refuses to sign or anything and the chase begins. In the end when Yuusuke finds them, she trips and ruins her contract. Doesn’t she have a spare? Yuusuke apologizes for what he said and the bottom line is that he would rather like angels than hate them. And so her angel flying attempts resume. Well, try harder. Eros reports his failure to Silky but she won’t be giving him another chance. Goodbye. Raphael moves into the same apartment to live with Mikael, much to his dismay. They live just opposite Yuusuke’s house so to protect Noelle better.

Episode 15
Because Noelle accidentally turn off the alarm clock, Yuusuke is running late for school. Same case for Mikael. Raphael would rather love watching his sleeping face and do something gay! So they meet at the front of each other’s house. Mikael meets Noelle’s eccentric family and just like her, they mispronounce his name as Kael. No use correcting them… It’s stuck… In addition for being late, Yuusuke and Noelle are tasked to guide a new transfer student around, Muse. But she starts crying for just about everything! Seems this is her first time going to school and has always been home tutored and thus no friends. This is also the first time she talks to a boy other than her father. Noelle does a series of funny faces on Yuusuke to prove he is not mad and has Muse try out. Each time she goes into exaggerative mode thinking that slight touch made him mad. So to prove he isn’t, they try lots of dangerous stuffs on him. Literally it’s testing his patience, no? See, Yuusuke is not mad! Hooray! Now they can be friends. Yuusuke and Noelle don’t remember inviting Muse to their house but they have to or else she’ll start crying about being un-friended. Muse pesters to see Noelle’s room and once she does, she transforms into a mirror and tries to make her believe in her own beauty. You think this retard would? Meanwhile Sara is love sick. She is thinking about Mikael! Muse did the same trick on her and she believes she needs to be slender and beautiful to win his heart. Muse then reports back to Eros her plan failed because it was Sara who fell for the trick instead of Noelle. They remember filling the Book of Chaos is one of the requirements to be an angel. If Noelle cannot save her family and in this case Sara from drowning in her own beauty, she is not qualified to be an angel and that book won’t be filled. Sara undergoes strict diet and exercise to achieve her goal. Since Mikael is worried about Noelle, Raphael fixes him up so he could visit the house. Noelle couldn’t understand why Sara is doing this despite she herself is pretty. She looks like she is in pain. Yuusuke tries to explain the concept of being in love. And here is Mikael too. Everyone could guess he is Sara’s object of love since she couldn’t take her eyes off him. Gabriel is very much against this and lectures her about the balance of the world. WTF. She’s not listening and he gets beaten up. When Mikael says those exact same lines, Sara believes in it and takes up his advice that she is already beautiful as it is. She blames the mirror but Muse runs away and vows to succeed the next time. Can she hold back her tears?

Episode 16
Yuusuke, his friends and Noelle didn’t do well in their test. 20%. They have to take a remedial test or else be held back by a grade. Muse is the worst. Zero! Since Natsumi is sick, Yuusuke is tasked to go give her notes but since annoying Noelle is pestering what the hell is green onion and where to stick it, she kicks them out. Papa panics when Noelle tells him the teacher wants the parents to come to school. He believes Noelle will be expelled and will take all measures to prevent that. Since Mikael has perfect marks in his score, he is to help them study (because Raphael also gave his approval). Noelle continues being annoying but she is forced to study after Sara puts it that if she fails, she won’t be with Yuusuke. That should make her sweat. Muse also joins them and thinks her shrine charms will do the trick but Mikael believes they shouldn’t rely on God’s power. Besides, Nekhbet eats them all up and Baba has them make incantation dolls. In school, Papa tries to apologize to Shinobu for being a bad parent. He thinks she won’t accept his apology and is going to shave his head. Thank goodness Mama is here to put a stop to his antics. I don’t know about this but Shinobu allows the family visiting and remedial test to go together. You can expect Noelle’s family to cheer loudly for her. Natsumi is also taking this test and tells them to pipe them. Cheer softer? Muse plans to frame Noelle by putting a blank sheet in her desk but Nekhbet eats it up. Muse then will have Noelle tell her an answer which is like cheating. But her family helps out Noelle. Shinobu won’t allow it despite their argument of family support so she has them take the test as well. It’s harder than it looks, eh? Finally Muse pretends the need to go to toilet. After Shinobu takes her, the ruckus begins. Natsumi cannot take it anymore and tells them off tests are supposed to be done by yourself otherwise there is no meaning. Muse returns disguised as some board. Claiming to be God of Education, she teaches them how to ‘cheat’ by rolling the pencil if you don’t know the answer! In the end, time is up and since Muse technically didn’t return, she’ll have to sit for another remedial test. That’s just sad… Shinobu sees Noelle and tells her she needs to answer the questions instead of writing “I love Yuusuke” on the paper.

Episode 17
The hot topic of red string is the talk of the family. I don’t think they understand it. Different colour strings? Like a telephone connection? So Noelle is dragging Yuusuke around in class tied to the red string. Natsumi doesn’t believe in such superstitions and when Muse comes in with her carriage, she accidentally snaps the red string. Just great. 2 girls crying. Till Shinobu mentions the red strings don’t easily break. Muse calls Eros and wonders if they are connected by the red string. However he tells her to forget about it and get the halo (because Silky was lamenting she was bored playing with red strings and some ring toss that looks like an angel’s halo looked interesting). Mama has been spacing out and unknowingly vacuumed everything up. When she realizes it, she thought Papa was trying to accuse of something and runs away in tears. Sara notes that Mama started acting strange after reading a letter. It could be a bill or love letter. That just sends more sad news for Papa. And so Muse decides to be a cushion for this and steal Papa’s heart from Mama. So she has to become a cushion for that? Muse sees Papa and tries to instigate stuff and lends her shoulder to cry on. Because he is such a dumb guy, she tells him that he needs to act tough because women like strong men. Mama is still sighing about the letter but once she has decided, she returns to her normal self and goes cooking. Papa couldn’t resist her delicious food and against his better judgment to listen to Muse’s words, he turns the tables and tells Mama to remake dinner. Mama got heartbroken and runs away in tears. She hates him. It’s all over. So Papa is once again crying in the bosoms of Muse when Mama sees this. Who is this woman? Muse then says Papa will start a new life with her. Mama is not willing to let Papa go and a tug of war begins. Also a war of comparison begins. The rest of the family join in this tug of war to argue why Mama is kinder, gentler, warmer, etc. I can’t believe they all of them couldn’t even pull away from a cushion. The force throws them all into the river. Papa and Mama apologize and reconcile. They believe their red string is still connected. Muse loses since she is all soaked up. You know how hard it is to clean a cushion? Late that night, Noelle finds Mama’s letter on the floor. An invitation to a witch’s tournament in the demon world.

Episode 18
Mama can’t stand the urge one night. She needs to fly! So she takes out her sealed broom and goes crazy in the night sky. It’s no surprise she didn’t cook anything the next morning and bringing out empty plates. She starts blaming herself for being a failure so the family members try to name her good points. Till Noelle mentions about her flying in the sky with a broom because she saw it last night. Of course she denies. Later, Noelle shows Mama the letter. She explains it is a prestigious event that every witch dreams of entering. Of course Mama can’t enter since she has the family. There is nothing more she wants than losing them. So she’s not entering? Yeah. Noelle is going to rip it apart! Mama will keep it as souvenir. In school, Noelle causes another ruckus. She thinks she can fly on this broom! She jumps off! Didn’t make it. Yuusuke couldn’t catch her but thankfully Mikael did. Muse’s plan now is to have Mama enter the tournament so the family will fall apart and if Noelle can’t save this, she’ll be disqualified to become an angel. Disguised as a vacuum cleaner, Muse goes to persuade Mama to ditch her family and join the tournament. However Mama thinks this is a dark illusion of her heart and starts throwing her volleyballs! Muse’s scream attracted the rest and when Baba sees her broom, she can tell she wants to fly. But if she joins this tournament, she will be throwing away her commitment. Papa doesn’t believe since Mama has not flown since they got married. Since everyone is being such idiots about this tournament, Mama blows her top and tells them this wild side is her true self. A psycho witch that Papa would be scared of. That’s why she quit that and became the kind Mama. All that is going to end now. She flies out of the window as Noelle tags along. Since she wants to fly, Mama has her undergo tough training using Muse as her broom. In the end, she didn’t make any progress and Yuusuke wonders if there is any meaning in this. Mama says this is just to prove it can’t be done or else Noelle won’t give up. Witches and angels are different and she envies Noelle as she has a man she could lose herself in. She was once like that too. She returns home with the family. She is not joining the tournament and just felt better after flying like crazy. Oh, it is Muse’s loss again. Try harder next time.

Episode 19
Ruka has created a new invention. Bloomers powered by farts to make Noelle fly! Say what? Since Noelle can’t come up with a fart, it is suggested to buy sweet potatoes for you know what. So happen Mikael is selling them because Raphael says it’s a need to pay their rent. So it’s a race between Ruka and Eros to get the sweet potatoes but eventually Eros beats her and buys everything for 10,000 Yen! Ruka wonders how Eros could outrun her with his feet when she was on her best bike. It’s the power of love! Ruka is furious she is made fun of and rushes back to find a way how he ran so fast. Worked up, isn’t she? Eros presents the sweet potatoes to Silky. It’s his mistake to say it taste will make her feel like an angel so she dumps it all over him. Not giving up, he believes he needs to find better sweet potatoes. As he runs around to find better ones, Ruka finds him and bugs him again. She crashes her bike and takes out her frustrations on him. She is sick of his power of love answer and challenges him to a duel of pulling out the most sweet potatoes. The family goes cheer them on while Muse is worried that her beloved Muse is having so much fun with her. So it’s the power of love versus power of science. Ruka makes a great start and lead but as usual, her machine goes berserk. Eros is doing fine at his own pace. Ruka won’t lose to him and starts doing it manually. Eros praises her she is good like this too and this causes Muse to worry even further. Even disheartening that Eros is doing it for Silky’s love and that he doesn’t know about her feelings. Can she take this anymore? In the end, it looks like a draw. Eros commends her for being this good even without the power of science. Ruka also thinks he is not bad and says the need to scientifically evaluate the power of love. He replies in that case she needs to fall in love with someone. She starts blushing and her family teases her. At this point, Muse comes charging in as a food cart. She eats up all the sweet potatoes but her system couldn’t take it and explodes. Now everyone can have baked sweet potatoes! Thanks Muse for cooking them all. Noelle gets enough farts to fly but doesn’t she look just like floating? Ruka gives some sweet potatoes to Eros but he is too fast to disappear as she forgot to get his contacts. Unfortunately Eros’ efforts go wasted since Silky is not appreciative. Dumped it back all on him. Mikael continues to sell into the night…

Episode 20
Because Mikael is being serious he wants to be an angel, Raphael puts him to a test. What happens when you become an angel? You’ll have to say goodbye to everyone on Earth. He can’t see anyone as he wishes. This shocks Mikael. So Raphael asks why he wants to become an angel despite not knowing the consequences. What is he going to do when he becomes one? Mikael panics. He doesn’t know. And then Raphael just goes missing. Mikael looks for him but finds Noelle at the field. Then it’s like Noelle is interacting with Raphael but Mikael cannot see or hear him! He tries to make up excuses or block her but how can he when he doesn’t even know what’s going on. Noelle isn’t just seeing things because Raphael is really there. Just that Mikael can’t sense him. He doesn’t even know what questions are being asked and just confirms to everything Noelle enquires. Like how much he loves Raphael and wants to live with him forever… Noelle leaves to make some jelly for them. Mikael can’t contain his anger that Raphael is fooling around. Is this some sort of punishment? No reply… Noelle gets passionate in mixing everything into this giant blender. Is she making jelly? Or a recipe for disaster? I don’t know how she dumped Yuusuke inside there… Mikael waits and waits and then slowly packs to move out. He won’t stay here anymore and Raphael can live here on his own. He is hinting this to him. Sure, he really wants to move out? At the same time, Noelle and her family have finished the jelly (they too have been standing there all day long like idiots waiting for the jelly to finish). Suddenly Raphael appears. Unfortunately the jelly is too heavy and the family stumbles. Raphael dives to catch Noelle. Not only he passes through the jelly, he also goes through Noelle! Splat! Noelle then hugs Mikael and notices he is warm. She goes over to touch Raphael but her hands go through. He doesn’t feel warm or cold. It’s like he is close but far away. Raphael has this sad face and says he really wanted to taste her jelly. In the end, Mikael moves back in as Raphael tells him he was thinking of what happens after becoming an angel and his uncertainty drove him away from him. Mikael says he has been told to protect Noelle since young and he entered angel school and learnt many things from him just for that. That’s all he has now and what will he have if he changes now? Raphael is okay with that. Mikael touches with face (not sure if it connects) and Raphael wants to stay this way for a while.

Episode 21
On her way home, Miruru sees a wedding at a chapel and is enthralled. Meanwhile Muse’s predictions via cards are all correct. Some tragedy befalling? It couldn’t be worse for Yuusuke when Miruru comes in to brag to him about marriage and gives the wrong impression to his friends. Especially when the going with Natsumi is getting better, here is this damn cat girl giving ambiguous signs that makes Natsumi give that hmph-I-don’t-care-about-you look. Miruru wants Yuusuke’s help to break this marriage news to the family because Gabriel always runs away if she talks to him. That’s why she bragged to him. However Noelle is wondering about her birthday. None of the family members know what it is. And they misinterpreted it by picking a day that is a pun of their personality. Then Miruru breaks the news of her marrying Gabriel. Everyone celebrates. Vampire boy not happy. Don’t decide things on your own. Yeah, she feigns being pregnant… Then it is also suggested to hold Yuusuke and Noelle’s wedding. Double happiness. Send out the invitations! Book a place! But Baba has a serious talk with Miruru. Because she has no passport to this world, she is considered an illegal. If the demon world police ever finds out, she’ll be deported and won’t see Gabriel for 300 years! So if she’s serious, do something about it and Baba will acknowledge their marriage.

So while Noelle ponders that she doesn’t anything (it’s about time), Miruru kidnaps Gabriel and elopes! Muse comes crashing down as a rocket to eliminate Noelle once and for all (because Eros tells her off if she has so much time to waste on fortune telling, might as well stop Noelle from being an angel) when a police from the demon world comes. So everyone is being awfully nice to him but he hints that he has been on the job for 29 years and can tell… They’re not a real family, right? Because everyone is so different! Then he handcuffs Noelle! So she is the ‘criminal’? Miruru and Muse are so happy they are not the ones and fly off into the sky (with Gabriel kidnapped again of course). Flashback reveals Baba found a golden egg that hatched into Noelle. Papa also found it and since they consider this a gift from heaven, they decide to raise her. Baba would love to become a mother but since Papa can’t accept that, they go around ‘recruiting’ other family members. So after much bugging from Yuusuke, the family jumps to drag Noelle back. Gabriel decides his family is more important and escapes. Miruru turns back and then confesses she is the real criminal and to arrest her, not Noelle. The officer realizes he made a mistake and lets them go. Even 29 years of experience, he can still make a mistake. He advises Miruru to register at the immigration and say she is family to speed up the paper work. With this happy ending, Miruru can be part of the family. But it’s not a happy ending for Gabriel. You know what this means, don’t you? Gabriel becomes the fastest running vampire… And it seems all that happened, Raphael somewhat intervened. He notes they might not be blood related or a traditional family but they are definitely connected.

Episode 22
For the first time, Noelle’s halo is shining brightly. So much so Yuusuke can’t sleep! The family is so awed at its brightness. So warm. Even in class the classmates can’t help gather around her like a campfire. So warm… Yuusuke thought he could sleep with the blindfold. However now it’s buzzing! Not a wink! As usual, the family is impressed it’s spinning. And since it’s a little noisy, Muse suggests stopping the halo. When Noelle puts her hands over it, the sound stops. Muse reports to Eros and it hit him that there is no way Noelle can be an angel without a halo. So get rid of it! Now Yuusuke has got blindfolds and ear plugs. But why he still can’t sleep? Because it’s shining brighter, louder and isn’t the halo bigger? Holy sh*t! It’s like a chainsaw cutting things in half! Uh huh. The family experiments by cutting things with it and in class it is so noisy that everyone has to resort to writing on signs! Can’t hear yourself think? It gets worse when the halo becomes like a mini UFO with its own mind cutting everything in half. Soon she gets unwanted stares from other students and it makes her depressed. Seriously, Noelle depressed? Very unusual. Of course all these are signs that Noelle is about to become a full angel and as Mikael explains, including the negative outside reactions as stimuli. Yuusuke feels bad for her and he couldn’t stop her from running away. Natsumi bumps into him and notices the protective gear he is wearing (resembles a lot like Doraemon). She opines that although it may look insensitive, but he is also kind as it shows he wants to be with her. However the kinder he treats her, she’ll hate herself for hurting others. She might be happy but will eventually be alone. Since Noelle is cutting everything to rid of her halo including Muse’s carriage, she’ll help her get rid of it and tie heavy duty chains to pull it off. However it’s not coming off. In fact it cooks up a huge storm that blows everyone away! She keeps crying and calling out to Yuusuke’s name. Yuusuke tries to get close but couldn’t and hangs on to his dear life. He remembers Natsumi’s words and tells her she is not alone. When she cries out she doesn’t want to become an angel, everything immediately ceases. The halo returns to normal size and rolls off her top. WTF. That easy? Noelle and Yuusuke embrace each other and Mikael doesn’t look happy.

Episode 23
Suddenly Noelle becomes heavy and is stuck to the ground! Ruka’s inventions can’t pull her out as she sinks further. But I don’t know why this balloon could do the trick. See? She’s floating… Anyway Mikael needs to take desperate measures. He tries to coax Noelle to accept back the halo since she wanted to become an angel for Yuusuke and those signs she experienced indicates she was close to being one. Unless she was lying about not wanting to become an angel. She still doesn’t want it because with that halo spinning and all, she can’t hug Yuusuke. Mikael is so mad that he cuts the balloon’s string and tells her off she can’t be an angel with this fake flying! Yuusuke doesn’t like this and doesn’t want him to ‘bully’ Noelle. Mikael insists they have to become angels. Mikael calls him a detriment now and no longer useful so he should let Noelle go. Although Yuusuke doesn’t understand what is going on, he can’t leave her alone and believes everybody is happy since the halo is gone. So please stop interfering with Noelle. Mikael then goes to return the halo to the family. But because they are indifferent, he ticks them off about being a fake family. No, not in the sense that they come together to raise Noelle, they are just a bunch of people living together without any self awareness of what they’re doing. The halo is part of Noelle and by her own will she discarded it. This means she has denied her existence. Denied her family. In other words, they are no longer needed by her.

Later Baba confronts him and he blames Nekhbet for what happened that day. When Noelle wanted to become an angel for Yuusuke, it was all part of the big flow of destiny. So is it the same when she took it off? By saying that, does it mean Noelle has been happy all this time? The family then announces they are going to break up since Papa said so and it seems they have no qualms in packing their bags. Noelle goes to see Mikael. Again he tries to persuade her to become an angel. She’ll save lots of people and Yuusuke can be part of that many people. Noelle reluctantly puts it on but the traumatic memories of blowing Yuusuke away were too much. She throws away the halo and runs away. As he is seething in frustration, Raphael tells him he is different than Noelle as he managed to adapt to life on Earth. As he could see Raphael, it indicates his high devotion and he respects him for that. But now he can’t turn away from the truth. Has he ever thought why his halo came off? But Mikael is going to turn into a demon so Noelle can become an angel. What’s with this magic electric guitar he summons? When Noelle wakes up the next day, the house is smaller. Back to its original form. The family has left. She and Yuusuke are the only ones who remained. Meanwhile Silky has been acting strange. Edgy and full of sorrow. That curious cupboard that has been bugging Eros, finally he opens it and is shocked to see a halo!

Episode 24
Noelle’s balloon is working up again. She’s floating away… Yuusuke uses all his strength to anchor her and the strings snap. Good news: She doesn’t sink! Yuusuke goes out to look for the family but Noelle wants to come along. He convinces her to cook dinner for him. As he heads out, he sees Mikael trying to find Noelle’s halo in the drain. He is still bitter that Noelle chose Yuusuke over her family. They would have stayed together had she taken the halo but couldn’t stand the pain of seeing Yuusuke hurt. Yuusuke is adamant they will return because they’re a family. Meanwhile Silky is still sad, beating herself up and wondering about her prince. Eros feels sad that she didn’t get better despite Noelle is no longer an angel. Muse becomes a chair to let Eros rest his troubles. Meanwhile Miruru is somehow taking refuge in Natsumi’s place and eating her heart out to ease her troubles. She teases Natsumi she might like Yuusuke since it is because of her dumping him, Noelle tried to become an angel. She stops pestering when Natsumi gives her that death stare. Miruru proceeds to tell how Yuusuke saved her in which of course Natsumi has no recollections about. Suddenly Miruru’s bag starts buzzing. It is Noelle’s halo. She can’t contain it anymore as it bursts out, zipping all over the place. Time for Miruru to run. The halo stops dead in its tracks before Natsumi. Yuusuke tries to convince each of the family, all over the place separately, to come back but they give half-hearted excuses. Till he meets Baba that she tells him the irony that he was the one who treated them like strangers at first and now he wants them back. She explains 15 years ago, an undeveloped angel’s soul was taken to heaven. But it fell and split into 3 pieces. She found one of them who is no other than Noelle. The other undeveloped soul tried to find her in the demon world and contact her. Realizing this, she reluctantly moved the family to the human world. However her expectations failed because Noelle wanted to become an angel because for a love of a man. If Noelle becomes an angel, it is likely that all3 souls will reunite into one.

Mikael sees Noelle (still cooking?). He assures not to be afraid because she is him and he is her. He hypnotizes her to sleep and brings her away. Meanwhile Silky continues to torment herself. He shows her the halo and this makes her traumatized. Eros realizes Silky is destined to become an angel and that she doesn’t hate the thought of Noelle becoming an angel but rather is jealous that she had a family and everything. He starts destroying the throne. He doesn’t care as long as she smiles. Silky goes crazy. Eros wonders if he isn’t enough for her. He tries to reach out his hand to her but she cuts his strings and reverts him back into a doll. Muse is devastated and chides Silky that she herself is the one who doesn’t understand what true love is. All she did was create illusions and making them vow eternal love to her. It is just pathetic. Just rot away in this castle then. Silky will not tolerate anymore of this and cuts her strings. Two little dolls… Mikael carries Noelle to the school’s clock tower. Raphael finds it ironic that he wanted to be an angel so much but what he is doing is the opposite. Mikael won’t listen to him anymore. Yuusuke comes home and realizes he is too late. As he leaves, Natsumi is outside. She heard from Miruru and is here to thank him for saving him. At first she didn’t believe such outrageous story. However she has vague memories of it like flying and the warmth of his back. It was like a dream. She gives him the halo but it flies off towards the school. They give chase. Mikael is literally climbing the stairways to heaven while carrying Noelle. Silky vows not to let Noelle become an angel and leaves her castle for the first time.

Episode 25
Here Silky is in the real world. Lots of crowded uncaring people. Noelle’s halo stops dead at the doorstep of the clock tower. Yuusuke will go alone and wants Natsumi to stay behind since it’s dangerous. Noelle finally wakes up and it seems Mikael has been carrying her while walking up the very long stairs to heaven. He looks like a crazy maniac bent on turning them into angels. At the top and middle of the stairs is Durian Comet. Mikael summoned it because becoming an angel requires a large amount of energy and needs its help. Noelle finally snaps not wanting to become an angel and runs down the stairs. Oh dear. Now he has to chase her all the way down. Those ropes holding the stairs… Conveniently sliding down it. All the hard work of climbing up. Mikael shouldn’t have taken his sweet time climbing it or cast a longer sleeping spell. Yuusuke too is running up and tries to catch up. Meanwhile Silky has arrived at the doorsteps. Natsumi tries to warn her but she pushes her away. Mikael grabs Noelle’s hand. He has this evil look on his face that he has won. Her trauma of not becoming an angel reaches boiling point. She breaks free and also steals Book of Chaos from him. But when she drops it down the stairs, it seems he is more concerned about the book than Noelle and goes after it. It falls on Yuusuke’s head. Now give the book back like a good boy. He will only do so if he promises not to harass Noelle. No can’t do. Noelle will still become an angel. If that’s the case, he throws the book down. Go and get it. Yeah. Long way down. Yuusuke and Noelle happily reunite. The book is now in Silky’s hands. Mikael knows who she is and the fact she is here means she wants to become an angel. She disagrees. And she hates Noelle. Mikael explains Noelle and Silky are like mirrors facing each other. Noelle is always surrounded by warmth and love while Silky always in the cold darkness and shivering all alone. He pities her but that’s alright. They’re all going to become angels. However Silky starts ripping the book like a mad woman. Enjoying it? Mikael goes crazy just watching this. What are you going to do now pretty boy? All the pages are torn out. After picking up a few pages, he becomes insane believing he can still be an angel. Then wings sprout from his back. Did the Durian Comet grant his wish? Not only his, Silky and Noelle too. Meanwhile Natsumi is awakened by Papa and the family. They are here because they have the same idea to make a wish upon the comet to become a family again. Better hurry. Because Mikael is laughing like a maniac while Silky in depression-cum-denial and Noelle, her back feels so hot.

Episode 26
Are you happy now being an angel? Well, Silky isn’t. So she’s going to burn her wings! I didn’t know angel wings were easily inflammable. But guess what? If an angel’s wings are on fire, other angel’s wings are on fire. I guess they are really one being. Meanwhile Natsumi and the family prepare to ascend the tower. When Natsumi sees Raphael, she recognizes him as Fuyuki. She gets distracted for a while and when she turns back, he is gone. I suppose all that burning must have made Mikael open his eyes. This isn’t what he wanted. Because now he pleads to Raphael to save Noelle. Save everybody. The stairways start collapsing and everyone falls off. Noelle desperately tries to grab Yuusuke when she remembers Mikael’s words about being an angel. She’ll save lots of people. So now she wants to become an angel? Oh come on! Make up your mind! Because she wishes so hard, true angel wings sprout behind her back as she swoops down to grab Yuusuke. Look Yuusuke! I’m flying! What about everybody else? Mikael safely caught them in his floating ball. Oh yeah. Mikael and Silky also have wings. But Silky is still being the stubborn b*tch because she still really doesn’t want to be an angel. Then it took Noelle’s warm hug to make her relent. Seriously, that was all it took? Once they land safely, here is another set of problems. Noelle can’t touch Yuusuke anymore. She goes through him like a ghost. The angels start floating up in the sky against their will. It’s like gravity for angels got turned off. This is a cue for them to unite and become an angel? Noelle is screaming Yuusuke’s name as usual.

Yuusuke tries to catch her but he can’t. He is on the verge of giving up when he gets a big lecture from Natsumi not to give up. She’s the one who is the most emotional… The family agrees to help out and have Yuusuke catch Noelle. I know forming a human totem pole is a great idea but how the heck are you going to grab somebody you can’t even touch even if they gather all the people and reach the heavens? That’s why I suppose Yuusuke has to say those magic words that he will always be by her side. They’ll always be together. Yeah. Suddenly he can touch Noelle. He grabs her and pulls her close to him. I’m sure this is quite a lovely moment but Papa being the base of the totem pole can’t hold any much longer. And so everyone comes tumbling down. They hold hands for the longest time ever. Yeah. Hands so warm. Because it’s snowing… In the aftermath, the family holds a Halloween-cum-Christmas party that most of the side and minor characters attend. Except for Mikael because he is looking for Raphael. He is leaving back for heaven. Oh wait. So now Mikael doesn’t want him to go and leave him alone? If that is the case, Mikael wants him to bring him back to angel school with him. He can’t. Because Mikael has already passed. This test wasn’t just for Noelle. It was for him as well. Raphael hints of doing lots of naughty yaoi things with him as they disappear back to heaven. Regret wanting him by your side? Noelle is happy that Yuusuke came looking for her. I guess this is the part we’ve all been waiting for. Yuusuke and Noelle finally kiss. That just seals it between them. Lastly, if you’re wondering where Silky went, don’t worry, she isn’t forgotten. Shinobu introduces a new transfer student. You guessed it. Silky! Such a kind and pleasant behaviour this time.

I’m Gonna Be An Annoying Retard!
So everybody gets to live together happily ever after? Well, that is fine but in the end, I never really understood the concept of what it takes to become an angel. It sounds so easy but yet so complicated. Because it all depends on your feelings and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it goes against your will sometimes it listens if you pray hard enough. As said the egg split into 3 pieces. Shouldn’t God or the angels come looking for it or something? Sure, destiny thingy. The ending doesn’t sure look like it. With Mikael choosing to return to heaven, do Noelle and Silky choose to stay behind and remain as half angels since they still got their halo but no wings. What will be of their destiny to become one? Don’t tell me it’s postponed. The other thing I never understood was why Mikael never had his halo. How did it come off? And then finally after all that, we see him having it back on his head. Did I miss something somewhere?

The story and plot I guess it is rather okay and despite coming in as silly this is because it is supposed to be a funny show. I mean when you have a bunch of monster trooper as your zany family members, nothing can be taken so seriously. For the first half of the series, we see how Noelle tries to become an angel while some underworld sneaky enemy of the week whom family will never ever get to know tries to stop them but ultimately fails. Natsumi’s arc come in the middle and then later on you get a bit more serious stuff with this becoming an angel thingy and Mikael getting a little pushy but like I said, I never quite comprehend that becoming an angel part. Because I don’t even understand why Silky had to leave her comfort zone just to keep spamming us why the hell she won’t turn into one. Okay, girl. Fine. How? Yeah. That. So I had my fun share of laughing at the silliness of everything. But it won’t be anywhere near my top favourite anime comedies.

Noelle has been annoying from day one till the end. She could be up there in the list of the most retarded of the history of all retards. At first I keep wondering if she really loves Yuusuke because it seems she doesn’t even understand the concept of love. All she does is bug him without even having what you call a conscious to see how pitiful this guy is in his state. It not only makes her an annoyance. It also makes her a retard. Because seriously, she doesn’t know a lot of things and although I would want to believe that she may be a pure angel who is alien to everything in this world, the way she goes about it makes her look like a retard. And annoying. And then after her short experiencing in dangerously becoming close to become an angel, suddenly she doesn’t want to. After more than half of the season bugging Yuusuke and us that she wants to become an angel, now she doesn’t want to. Complete u-turn. And then back to an angel again. Temporarily. It’s like she never understood the concept of what is an angel or becoming one in the first place, which is what I think it is. I know it’s not right to badmouth her like this since she hasn’t been long in this world but after a while I just can’t help it. To give Noelle her dues, I suppose she is the embodiment of being pure and innocent. At least she’s cute too :p.

Yuusuke as seen initially has to put up with all the shenanigans and antics. It feels like he is a wuss for not being able to voice out his frustrations. Or is it because the family’s annoyance is just too great for him to make his intentions known? Besides, in the first half of the series whenever Noelle gets into trouble, each time Yuusuke tries to go save her, he fails badly. The trouble solves itself without having any need for him to intervene (because the baddies are just as dumb anyway). So in a way, he is like a wuss, right? He might not approve of being Noelle’s future husband but he certainly didn’t say he hates her because if he did, he would have gone to great lengths to kick everyone out. It would make him look more evil than the antagonist. So as expected, he grows used to the family to a point he wants to keep them together despite it’s for Noelle’s sake. It’s a sign that he has accepted them, right? And slowly spending more time with Noelle means his crush on Natsumi has diminished. Observe how he no longer acts like he has a crush around her anymore. He becomes more concerned for Noelle than her. Well, Natsumi ‘dumped’ him, right? Safer to stay in the friend zone.

Natsumi feels like she has become irrelevant after halfway and her issue ‘solved’. She becomes part of the background like and although she doesn’t dislike Yuusuke as much as before, it feels as though she doesn’t matter anymore. She’s just around just to let us know she’s there and perhaps to give that all important hint or nudge to Yuusuke. Otherwise it felt like she didn’t really matter after that. It is also hinted that she starts getting attracted to him a little after that. Such bad timing. When he likes her, she didn’t reciprocate. When now she seemingly does, he doesn’t. It only means their love was never meant to be? But hey! What happened to Kai? I haven’t seen his nose anywhere since the end of Natsumi’s arc.

The other family members are okay and although they have a little bit of screen time on their own, overall they just feel something like of a supporting role rather than anything that adds impact to the overall series. Like Gabriel feels like the punching bag of the family in the series. Anything that goes wrong and needs some beating up, you look for this guy. That’s his role. Then you have Miruru who is just all over that vampire boy. Literally she didn’t change before and after. Ruka’s most prominent episode was the sweet potato challenge with Eros and it would have been nice to see some romance blossoming from that friendship. Too bad it was cut short. Same case with Sara. Now that her Mikael is gone, will she still continue to fawn over him? Looks like it. Mama’s wild witch background also provides some variety but that is about it. Then there’s Baba who is always opposing to many things but doesn’t take any proactive action most of the time. It just makes you wonder if she is really serious about disagreeing on the subject in the first place. Maybe she’s just trying to not be forceful and let Noelle make her own decisions.

Mikael seems to have changed a lot. For the first half of the series, he was exuding this mysterious aura because he knows about Noelle and his scenes are always the same. At the end, he opens his Book of Chaos, says something philosophical which I don’t really get and that’s it. Then come the second half, he becomes a bit comical ever since Raphael came into the picture because this angel loves teasing him to a point of suggesting something yaoi. It was like that cool mysterious aura disappeared when we start seeing more of his comical side. And then he had to turn to the dark side after getting so desperate to turn Noelle into an angel. So who is the real angel here? Sometimes I feel Raphael is around not only to poke fun seeing Mikael’s reactions. Something tells me he was watching over Natsumi too because as the last episode greatly hints he is her brother. Because why does an angel with only one wing descend down to Earth just to screw around with Mikael if he wasn’t really serious in doing his job in his first place? Oh maybe that is just what he is. I’m sure the subtle yaoi hints would make fujoshi fans squeal in delight. Absolutely made in heaven. Literally.

Silky baffles me. For the first half of the season, we were made to believe that Dispel is the master and Silky is his slave of all sorts. And then it turns out to be the other way round. So I am wondering why she was acting like a doll and being so subservient to Dispel who was acting like a big bully and sadist. Was she that bored that she decided to have some sort of kinky S&M role play? After Dispel is disposed, Silky continues to bum around in her lonely castle waiting for her ideal prince who will never come. I don’t even know what she’s trying to do. Then suddenly pops up Eros and Muse from nowhere to be her underlings. Where have they been all this time when Dispel was in control? It’s like they have been around for a long time with Eros trying to do everything to please Silky and Muse trying to do everything she can to please Eros. Unrequited love. So in the end are they really just toys? Toys with more feelings and emotions than Silky? Speaking of Muse, she is annoying girl after Noelle because of her insecurity and her tendency to become a cry-baby. Maybe that is why she always fails. Heck, blame Noelle and her family for being too dumb to notice. I know she can shape shift into other things but that is not the point. Do they not notice that some odd talking unrelated object starts popping up and interacting with them? Oh, who am I kidding? There are all sorts of demons in shapes and sizes so maybe Muse’s shape shifting doesn’t ring any alarms. At least Eros and Muse aren’t forgotten as seen in the final scenes that they are hanging as Silky’s little doll straps. Nobody remembers Dispel… At least Silky doesn’t look so hateful anymore.

Although the art and drawing are old school anime, however sometimes the monsters that were sent to disrupt Yuusuke and Noelle’s family seem funny. I know this is on purpose but they like they have this very plastic-look and feel (take a look at the family’s house – some sort of fantasy fun house?). I want to think of their design being comical but sometimes deep down within me I thought it is a bit of horror-like. Yes. I don’t know. It must be just me. For example, clowns. Bright happy colourful people that make you laugh, right? There’s a horror side to that especially for people who fear them. Get what I am saying? Anyway, what I’m trying to say that the monsters and Ruka’s inventions also makes it look unreal. Like a mismatch between the human’s world and theirs.

The opening theme, Datte Daisuki by COMA is amusing and catchy. It’s quite fun to hear actually especially with the singer’s voice sounding like she has this sleepy feel. The lyrics are cute (Cycling… Cycling… La la la la…) and the background instruments help enhance the catchiness of the tune. Sometimes I would love to sing along. However the ending theme is the oddest of them all. After all that comical nonsense and drama, Ai Wa Umi and Shizuru Ootaka is such a slow and calming song that it feels like it doesn’t fit anywhere near this anime. Either you want to fall asleep or go to heaven after hearing this serenading tune. More so, the singer’s voice sounds a bit of a ghostly feel. Yikes!

I’m sure they’re trying to tell us the concept of being family and it doesn’t necessarily mean sharing the same blood. Just like love, the concept of family isn’t as straightforward as you think sometimes. Despite having a Frankenstein, witches, vampire, elf and invisible girl (and later a cat girl) to the mix, everybody gets along well despite their differences. They’re just short of a mummy, werewolf and some other creatures I can’t think of with now. Okay, so they are not much different in terms of their thinking and ‘dumbness’ or density. But you get the point. The family that thinks together, sticks together. Okay, I made that up. But you get the point. Much better than blood related people living together without bond. It’s like related strangers living together. So you see when you start living with weird and crazy people, normal guys like Yuusuke can even get used to it and start developing that special bond with Noelle. Annoying at first. Spiteful at first. Then you start to see the good side of the other person and come to think he/she isn’t that bad after all. Yeah. Life is funny too.

Overall, this series is still entertaining and fun to watch despite some silly stuffs (there’s always a little silliness in every one of us anyway). Probably being an old school anime is a saving grace for this anime to be a good watch mixing some comedy with a decent pace of character drama and bonding. Because comparing with so many animes nowadays that are even crazier and sillier compared to those ‘innocent and pure’ animes back in the 90’s. This anime came out right before the millennium back in 1999 so I guess it counts, right? Next time if you ever wished for an angel, better be a little more specific because you may end up with a little devil instead.

Miss Monochrome OVA 2

January 16, 2015

Wait a minute. There was another OVA? I couldn’t have guessed it as there is a second episode for Miss Monochrome OVA. Well, if some random fansub never came up with it, I would never have gotten my hands on it and this limited edition OVA would have flown by me into the darkness. Something like that. So it is no harm to see more of our little Miss Monochrome as she works hard trying to understand and become the idol that she wants.

Monochrome is perfect in her role in a drama shoot. Yeah. She’s standing there steadily as a mannequin. Perfect. Suddenly she gets a call from Mana. She’s in hospital. Is she dying?! Serves her right for trying to cheat! Haha! Oh wait. You mean she is not and just got a cold? Shucks… Anyway because she is ill, she wants Monochrome to do her a favour and temporarily become Kikuko’s manager. And since Mana has faith in her, how can Monochrome say no? So with Maneo, they become the temporary manager and follow her around to her interviews, handshake events and photo shooting sessions. As tired Kikuko sleeps on her way to her next concert, Monochrome wonders why she is pushing herself to this extent. Maneo replies it is because she is an idol and she wants to show her fans the golden dream. As there is a traffic jam, they won’t reach the concert in time. Monochrome vows to protect her golden dream and carries her all the way there with all her fans (and animals?) running alongside them. Kikuko manages to put up a splendid performance and Monochrome vows to stand out more so they can compete as top idols one day. As gratitude, Mana sends a golden battery to her. However it is too powerful and she runs rampage on the props and set. Time for another big apology from Maneo…

Managing Well…
Well, there is nothing much save for it brings back some nostalgic memories of the short TV series. And a great reminder that Yui Horie is still having that cute lovely voice :). With Monochrome having a little experience working as an idol manager, hopefully this will spur her to greater heights to become a top idol. But you know with her kind of personality, that is going to take a while. So it goes to show that whatever job you do, it has its difficulties and obstacles. All you need is to put in the effort and lots of passion to make the difference. Now, I wonder if there is a job as an otaku manager…

Gokukoku No Brynhildr

January 11, 2015

I guess it must be very hard to forget those memories. Especially the kind when you watch a friend of yours die during your younger days. It stays with you for the rest of your life. Regret. Remorse. Guilt. Trauma. Harem. Eh? What suddenly?! Gokukoku No Brynhildr at first may sound like a dark sci-fi horror genre but I guess the reason why I started watching this is because of the harem factor. This show might not be intended to be one but as far as there are girls flocking around a single guy due to circumstantial reasons rather than romantic reasons (like I would believe that), that is already a harem genre in my books. Never mind the dark conspiracy about aliens, the magical powers that the girls can use, the melting girls, the ultimate horrifying truth about what awaits humanity if a certain event is allowed to happen. All I’m here for is the harem! Yeah. I’m the worst, right? Hey wait a minute. Melting girls? That’s scary…

Episode 1
10 years ago Ryouta Murakami had a childhood friend he liked named Kuroneko. He made 2 mistakes that led to her death. First, they should have turned back when they were trying to cross the dangerous dam. Second, when he slipped, he pulled her along. Ever since he has been looking at the stars alone and longs to see her. His goal is to become a scientist in NASA to prove there are aliens as this was something Kuroneko never got to do. Because Kuroneko believed aliens existed and Ryouta didn’t. So she was going to show him the place. She brought him there but the accident happened. Miraculously Ryouta survived and was hospitalized. He thought Kuroneko was admitted to a different hospital but when he was discharged, he was told the truth she died. He was sad. Even sadder, he knew nothing much of her. He never knew her real name and had 3 moles near her armpit. WTF. And now back to the present. He gets this eerie surprise because here Kuroneko is, a new transfer student in his class! She calls herself Neko Kuroha. The first thing he did is to shout from the top of his voice that she is still alive. Neko asserts she doesn’t know him but he won’t take any of this crap and believes he can prove it! Show your moles under your armpit!!! WTF???!!! He got a slap and an infamous reputation… During pool lessons, one of the girls got her leg stuck below in the pump and is going to die. Neko predicted 2 students would die today. And then some sort of crater just cracks the ground and frees her. She lives. Ryouta goes back to his star gazing in his club’s observatory (he is the only member left as the rest have graduated). Surprisingly Neko is here. She tells him the prophecy that 2 students are to die today. The other is him. To prevent this, he must board the last bus home he usually takes.

Ryouta is further suspicious of Neko because she doesn’t know her simple multiplication tables well. Well, she’s good at making puns at the questions he throws… How the heck did she get into school anyway? Maybe she sucks at maths but she can beat him in physical strength. Ryouta instantly loses to her in arm wrestling. Then he fondles her arms and checks her biceps and couldn’t believe how he could lose to those squishy arms! Neko gets a call from her friend, Kana Tachibana that the prediction has change. So Ryouta has permission to miss the bus. Actually, don’t even go outside and stay here. Like he is going to believe that. Neko leaves and believes she has saved 2 lives today. She remembers there was this accident and the truck she was in overturned. Akane told her to take some package and run because she is the only one who can save this world from ruin. Neko receives another call from Kana. Another changed prediction? Yeah. Because stubborn Ryouta although he missed the bus, he continues to walk home in the rain. This is what happens when you don’t listen. Suddenly there is an avalanche! Not only he is caught and stuck in it, there is a boulder going to crush him! What a way to die. Suddenly here comes Neko with her super powers to split the boulder in half. At least he still has life. They realize the changed prediction. Had Ryouta got on the bus, it would have put it right in the path of the avalanche because Ryouta’s boarding delayed its journey. If that happened, everyone on the bus would have died too. So now you believe her? But as for what she is, she is a magician and hopes he would keep this a secret. The source of her power comes from a harness embedded behind her neck. While she is showing it to him, he didn’t see the moles under her armpit and concludes she isn’t Kuroneko.

Episode 2
Ryouta still has nightmares over Kuroneko’s death. Next day in class, Neko is absent. He is tasked to bring her the guidebook for the upcoming summer trip since her address is close to the observatory. Along the way he sees military trucks passing by. Ryouta thinks something amiss when the address turns out to be a viewing platform. But he realizes an abandoned village below (it was flooded but reconstruction was put on hold). She may be down there. True enough he finds her but catches her singing an embarrassing song. She declines the guidebook as she views her job is done. She only transferred in because she was curious to see what school is like (she spent 10 years in a lab!). She wants him to stay out of this because if the lab people find him, they’ll kill him too. Ryouta swore he could hear a person crying for help inside the house. He wants to help but Neko unleashes some warning craters and tells him to go away. Sure, he did. Then he changes his mind and comes back. He hears Neko talking to Kana that they don’t have very long to live. When Neko goes to get some water, Ryouta is shocked to see Kana in a vegetative state. She’s alive and not moving. Just like a doll. Neko returns and no use hiding it. She explains Kana obtained a very great power in an experiment. She can predict the future but as a result she became paralyzed. Only her left hand is movable and is used to type into some device that converts words into voice (how convenient). Sometimes the device becomes cranky. Kana mentions that the lab guys got Kanade. It’s too late for her. They don’t even know where the lab is. Kana suggests Neko to enjoy her final days.

Therefore she returns to school the next day and wants to go for the summer trip. Neko is in a pinch since the teacher calls her to read. She can’t even read! Ryouta saves her by taking her to the infirmary, citing she is not well. Kana calls again and mentions an old woman in red is going to be run over soon. Ryouta and Neko make haste and almost collided with a woman on a bicycle at the school gates. They run as fast as they can and when they reach there, the accident has already happened. However they heard no one died. That bicycle woman was supposed to be the victim. Because they bumped into her, that delayed her and threw off the timing. Yeah, now she’s taking photos of the accident with her handphone. Meanwhile the lab guys are interrogating Kanade. They won’t listen to her plea to spare Maki as she has witnessed her magic. Kanade doesn’t know where the rest ran to because they scattered in different directions after the accident. She pleads she will be a good girl and won’t runaway again but the heartless bastards press her harness and she melts away! Kana is throwing a tantrum she can’t have wild grass for food anymore! That’s how poor they are but thankfully here comes Ryouta the saviour as he bought cakes for them. But how is Kana going to eat? Neko puts it in a blender to turn them into liquid and pour it down her mouth… Gross… Ryouta can’t understand why he is being so nice either. Is it because Neko looks a lot like Kuroneko? Is this how much he still likes her? When he leaves, he is surprised to see Neko starting to bleed. She brushes it off it is nothing but the next day, she is absent.

Episode 3
She attends school the next day but is all covered in bandages! What happened?! A cold did this? Yeah, right. And just like playing musical chairs, she is absent the next day. When Ryouta goes to visit her, he sees her bleeding like hell. She tells him to take the pills from the drawer. As explained. They have to take them in 30 hours or their skin will start falling apart and blood pouring out from every hole. By 35 hours, their organs melt and they die. They’ll be fine and their wounds regenerate after taking it. They have only 10 pills left. Five days each the most. She wanted to go for the summer trip and was trying to stretch it. Ryouta, don’t you just feel guilty for asking her to come? While Ryouta is thinking of a way to get more pills, Neko’s carelessness in boiling water causes the house to be on fire. Ryouta carries Kana out but even more bad news: All the pills are burnt. The last time Kana took her pill was yesterday. Oh no. Here’s that little bleed as reminder… Kana doesn’t want her to be sad and tells her to kill her before that happens. Make it a painless and swift death. Ryouta has an idea. They can go to the factory making the pills and get more. How does he know it is Dresden Pharmaceuticals? He has a good memory and memorized the pill’s serial number. I suppose you can say his special ability is to remember everything he sees once. That’s why there are certain bad memories he want to forget, he can’t because he’ll always remember them. Taking refuge at the observatory, Ryouta searches online for the factory. There is the address but no mention of that sort of pill. The girls think Kazumi Schlierenzauer can help but this hacker girl will charge a hefty price. As she is like them, they can share some pills they plunder as payment. They call her and make a deal. She wants half of what they got and this upsets Ryouta. Kazumi realizes they got an outsider involved and warns he’ll be killed if caught. Kazumi agrees to do it and disabling the security will be easy. Kana suddenly gets a vision. She sees Neko dying and doesn’t want her to go. Their call has been tracked by the lab guys but since it is masked with proxies and such, they’ll need time to decipher it. In the mean time, they will unleash Saori to exterminate the deserters.

Kana saw Saori killing Neko. She is class AA-rank magician and wields 2 special abilities. Neko and the rest are B-rank. Ryouta thinks the pills have moved since they are sending Saori and suggests Kazumi to share some of hers. She tells him off she won’t. Kana is sure the pills are in that factory as they are confident they won’t survive and thus there is no need to move it. One of Saori’s abilities is that she can slash anything apart in 6 metre radius. But there is a way to disable her magic. The harness has 3 buttons. One of them hangs up the magician’s abilities. The other is an eject button that kills the magician outright. The third one is unknown but is believed to be something more terrifying than death. Kana is still worried as the future has not changed. Neko asks if Ryouta will die. Probably he won’t. Neko is sure the plan will work. Kana tells Ryouta not to let Neko too much of her magic or she will get hung up too and lose something important. Kazumi wishes luck to them. It seems she herself is bleeding and has no more pills. At midnight, the duo sneak into the factory. The plan is for Neko to distract Saori while Ryouta sneaks up on her and press her harness. Prior to this, she left Ryouta with a letter. He realizes she plans on sacrificing herself and doesn’t want him to save her. Take the pills and leave. Of course Ryouta isn’t going to let this happen. And because of that, Kana sees a new vision. Ryouta is going to die too. Neko tries to buy some time but gets hung up and pounded. Ryouta closes in on Saori. Then he sees the all important moles on Neko. They’re on her breasts. This is the logic. When she grew up, the moles must have moved. Really? Did it move that far? I mean, it’s not like Neko had very voluptuous boobs either. Ryouta is so glad Kuroneko is alive and the reason she doesn’t remember him is because each time she uses her magic, she loses some of her memories. He doesn’t care if she doesn’t remember him. They just have to make more memories in the future. Probably he was taking his time shedding tears of joy because Saori cuts Kuroneko (who realized the idiot didn’t go ahead with her plan). The bloodied wall. I think this guy is going crazy knowing the fact he lost Kuroneko again.

Episode 4
Ryouta stabs Saori and wants her to turn back time. This is her other ability although it will only be for the last 1 minute. Saori kills him since he is in her radius but is in a dilemma whether to turn back time or not otherwise she will die. Eventually she does. It resets to where Ryouta just came into the scene and Neko is cornered. Saori now hangs up and the duo capture her. When she turns back time, only Saori has memories of what happened during that 1 minute so this means Ryouta couldn’t remember he saw Neko’s moles, though he feels he is forgetting something important. Saori knows her time is up since she failed so the rest tell her to escape with them. Not possible. There is a tracker in her harness and if she escapes, it will be ejected remotely. Saori isn’t going to give up and will kill them when she has the chance. However her harness gets ejected and she melts. Then there is this creepy little alien parasite crawling up to retrieve her harness. So freaky that Ryouta gets freaked out and steps on it. When they return, Kana is bleeding all over. Thankfully Kazumi is here. She only had 1 pill left and shared half with hers. Kana is baffled because she saw her vision of them dying. Ryouta deduces that they had indeed died but Saori turned back time. Ryouta allows them to stay here for the time being. He is so happy when Neko calls him by his name that he cried. WTF… Neko goes on the school trip and is happy she gets to see the ocean. She also excels in class as she learns fast. No more a dunce in maths. Ryouta advises her to register to join the astronomy club since she will be allowed to stay at the club. I mean, they’re going to watch the stars, right?

One the way back, Neko hands him a couple of things. A terminal and an alien embryo. The proof you need that aliens exist, right? Kazumi seems to be visiting the club often. As it was raining and they’re wet, Ryouta mentions there are hotsprings nearby. That smirk on Kazumi’s face… One careless note from Ryouta about wanting to see Neko’s boobs, and Kazumi is all over him. Trying to tempt him to see hers. He accidentally sees more than that and is now charged a boob fee. Worse, he accidentally got his hands over Neko’s boobs. He was so flustering and distracted that he forgot to check her moles. Kazumi will be also staying here as part of his repayment. She beats him up when he whispers her boobs weren’t probably worth that much. I didn’t know he could joke like that. She has another surprise in store for him tomorrow. You might have guessed it. She’s a new transfer student in his class and will join his club. I guess hacking the details is just child’s play for her. Meanwhile another witch sees one of the head scientists, Chisato Ichijiku. She is bleeding and pleading for a pill and will reveal the location of the other witches in exchange. But do you think this evil guy will keep his word? Empty promises. Poor girl… Ichijiku is then summoned by the council to answer about the danger of letting witches run free. 27 escaped during that transport. 8 were already captured and disposed while 5 were found dead from lack of pills. However they grill him over a bunch of pills stolen recently and what more an AA-rank failed to eliminate a single one of them. They remind him of his duties that go beyond just supervising the witches. He assures there is no delay in the updated plan and is underway. He has already sent an AA+ witch to deal with it instead of dispatching multiple witches together to decrease the chance of rebellion. Ryouta receives a surprise when another new transfer student, Kotori Takatori wants to join his club. Looks like a pretty nice girl. But… See that harness at the back of her neck? Yup.

Episode 5
Kazumi is prodding Kotori’s humungous boobs. Best of worst comeback by Ryouta: Those are the kind of boobs he’d pay boob fees for. Kazumi’s pack a punch enough for him to bleed. So Ryouta introduces Kotori to the other members and especially Kana who is a mascot because she doesn’t move, right? Ryouta suggests for everyone to come for a stargazing event tomorrow. I don’t know why but Kazumi rather flirts and teases him. He notices her dirty talk ever since and figures out she must be a virgin. He asks about them losing their memories. She isn’t sure. They lose random memories. The worst ones are losing the important ones. Neko has undergone so many experiments that she barely remembers her childhood or parents. At the stargazing site, Ryouta asks Kotori’s intention to join this club. She wants to meet aliens. When he spots her harness, Kana sees a vision that Neko is dead and Kotori smiling by her corpse. Ryouta confronts her but Kotori seems like an airhead. She is super surprised that he knows about magicians and couldn’t believe the other girls are magicians too. What a big coincidence! Playing dumb or what? So she’s not here to kill them? As proof, she shows her teleportation ability. But right after that she hangs up. The rest remains suspicious since she may hide a hidden ability. But since she can’t use her magic for now, it’s back to stargazing. Kana sees another vision but won’t tell. Not until they walk back that she tells Ryouta about the changed forecast. She saw him die instead by Kotori’s hands. Meanwhile Shino is taking refuge and trying to escape from an AA+ magician, Kikako in hot pursuit of her. She already has a couple of harness in her hand.

Next morning, Ryouta comes in early to find out more details of Kana’s visions. In both visions, they die at a lake at evening and since her predictions cannot deviate far, there is only a lake nearby. Whatever they do, they need to stay away from that lake. Kana doesn’t want him to tell Neko about his death as she will be worried and go save him. Not that Kana cares about him but if he dies, Neko will be sad and she doesn’t want that. Ryouta knows she is just not honest and it’s her way of caring for him. If she doesn’t, she wouldn’t have told him. When the other girls come in, they talk about Chie, Kotori’s friend. Seems she died recently and Kazumi thinks she stole her pills. Kotori won’t do that, right? Ryouta believes if Kotori’s mission is to kill them, there was no need for her to transfer here in the first place. Kazumi gets a call from Shino to save her. Where is she? At the lake. Neko will not hesitate to go save her. Not even Ryouta can stop her. Looks like he has to go after her. With Kazumi hacking the cameras to give them visual, they arrive but Kikako is already in sight. Kazumi warns them of her bombardment magic. Despite she only has 1 ability, this means she packs lots of power in her attack. Yeah, the half the boathouse got blasted away. Ryouta wonders if Neko is seriously going to fight her. She tells him that all B-rank magicians are weak and the lab is hunting them down. That’s why they have to help each other out. Everyone understands this even if they don’t admit it. Now you understand why Ryouta has his unofficial harem staying at his club? Shino tries to run away from Kikako’s blast but she couldn’t make it in time. I guess they were too late.

Episode 6
Now that Shino is dead, Neko will have no reason to face Kikako since she is not her target. However after seeing Kikako rip out Shino’s harness, she feels angry. Ryouta presses her harness and tells her to calm down. They must have forgotten about Kotori since she is still out there looking for Shino. The plan is for Ryouta to bring Kotori away while Neko distracts Kikako. Kazumi thought he sent her to her death but as Ryouta explains, Neko wants to try some diplomacy first. He has figured out Kikako’s magic flaw. It takes time for her to shoot her beams as well as recharge it so Neko is able to dodge. Then he’ll approach Kikako and press her harness. But during this, Kotori goes missing. She is tying herself to a post? Ryouta figures she will teleport with Neko and switch places (as seen in Kana’s vision). She doesn’t mind dying because her last day is tomorrow. Oh. There’s the bleeding from her mouth as cue. When Ryouta figures out something, Kana sees a change in prediction. Neko is pinned down by Kikako. She’s going to fire her beam point blank. Suddenly Kikako finds herself tied to the pole. It was just simple. Kotori just needs to switch places with Kikako. Ryouta interrogates her but she says nothing. Neko points out it is because she doesn’t know. They have to leave since the crowd is gathering. They can’t take Kikako since as a killer it will be hard for her to switch sides and just let her be. But now Kotori is missing. Ryouta and Neko know where to find her since she wrote her address in the club registration form. She is bleeding like hell and refuses to take pills from others. Oh, today is her birthday. Death day too? Sorry for the joke. Anyway she reveals Chie’s birthday is only a week after hers and Chie wanted her to live on by giving her pills. Of course Kotori won’t have that so Chie stopped taking her pills so that Kotori can live longer. As her birthday present, Chie had rigged something for her to attend school. Oh, one last thing. Happy birthday.

So Kotori promised she will keep smiling no matter how tough things are (that’s why she has this dumb smiling look on her face all the time). Ryouta won’t allow it and makes her take the pills. Because it will be bad if his club gets disbanded just when he got a new member. Also, I thought it would be sad to see his harem girl killed off. Haha! Oh, one more thing from Ryouta. Happy birthday. A week later, Kotori pays respects to Chie’s grave and starts crying because it’s just painful to hold it in. Oh, one more thing. Happy birthday, Chie. Ryouta notices the news reporting Kikako’s incident as some minor explosion. He thinks somebody must be pulling strings to cover up the events. Not to mention Kana’s prediction threw them off this time and made them suspect Kotori. He thought something happened to the girls when they are not in the observatory. Actually they’re all cooling themselves outside spraying water. And Ryouta saw them taking off their clothes… Sure he doesn’t need to pay some fee for that? He talks to them about this guy whom he believes can get more pills for them. His personality is questionable but he won’t betray them. So Ryouta goes to see Hashiratani Kogorou for help. This scientist hopes Ryouta has been popular… With boys. This guy turned down some offer by the Americans to come study at their lab and is happy with what he is doing in this university. Ryouta prefaces his request and warns he might be killed or get turned in and that Ryouta has seen a couple of people killed before his eyes. So why does Kogorou need to risk his life for him? As he doesn’t believe in magic or fairytales, Ryouta is going to prove it to him right now. He has brought a magician with him and wants him to name anything and he will tell Neko (sitting outside the lab) to blow it up. At first Kogorou doesn’t believe and thinks he pre-planted the bombs. But after blowing up a few personal stuffs, he is convinced this is worth risking his life for.

Episode 7
Ryouta wants Kogorou to make replicas of the pill. He can’t just make it like that, right? He needs information! Yeah… I guess Ryouta is going into flashback mode from his days of Kuroneko and how Neko saved him. Spare us the details, please… However Kogorou has some bad news. If they’re lucky, the fastest he can make is in 6 months. Otherwise it will take years. The girls only have 1 month of pills left so it is no surprise he is rushing for it. Kogorou thinks there is a way and something about pooling his resources to test whether it is viable to replicate. Another request Ryouta wants him to do is to take a look inside the alien embryo. Neko’s friends invite her to karaoke. Of course she has no confidence since she had never sing before. What about that song when Ryouta first heard her? It wasn’t too bad… She’s still embarrassed about it. She wants him to come with her but he can’t since everybody knows him and it’s not right to just go uninvited. At the karaoke joint, a guy tries to hit on her and he thought it is his lucky day since she touches his hand. However she notes her heart didn’t go racing. Rejected! Meanwhile Ryouta finishes tutoring somebody and leaves, leaving that girl jealous thinking that he is out on a date while she had to continue reviewing her work. Girls wanna have fun too… When Neko leaves, Ryouta just came in. He sounds like a tsundere saying he came here by himself and not for her. It’s not like he was worried about her or anything. Yeah, right. Even he thinks he is a stalker. When he gets back, he gets a call from Kogorou. The results are negative. He cannot make the pills in a month. Impossible.

Ryouta of course won’t give up because it means giving up on their lives. Because the observatory is so hot, the girls are in their bikini. Now I understand why he isn’t giving up on them :). Ryouta’s interest piques when Kotori mentions she heard about why the lab was built 100 years ago. Aliens were found then. So now you know why she believes in aliens? The council summons Ichijiku again as he updates them about the progress of killing witches is going steady. Kikako also met her fate and had observed number 1107. However the council views the recovery of Grani is utmost important. They believe Ichijiku will do the job since he is a great scientist and it won’t be long before their ambitions are realized. Ichijiku decides to use Nanami for this mission. Kotori describes the alien which is a blob of meat. That multi-eye amoeba wasn’t it. There is also rumour the lab houses the strongest witch of the strongest S-rank grade called Valkyria. Yeah. Enough to destroy mankind. Neko reflects on Akane’s words to save the world. The girls ask about the pills replication. It is killing Ryouta to tell them the bad news. They don’t sound disappointed since they weren’t putting up high hopes. Except for Kazumi. She is crying quietly. Because a computer part is broken, Ryouta agrees to accompany Kazumi to Akihabara to get its replacement. She’s like a country bumpkin saying out loud all the otakus around. Especially all those who are buying eroges must be virgins! Everyone turn their heads so it could mean… Kazumi is happy Ryouta agrees to take her to a maid café. But there is another reason why he wants to come here. He feared turning on the terminal would expose their location. Because Akihabara has lots of people with similar gadgets, he hopes it will lose them here. Upon turning it on, there is an unknown language and a map. Kazumi is not happy. She recognizes the language as German. It says to kill all witches immediately and then the truth will be told.

Episode 8
Ryouta believes it is the only lead for him to find more pills so he wants to go alone as he thinks if the girls go, they will be killed. What if it’s a trap? He’s willing to take the risk. Neko is very concerned. So much so she hints to him that she will be really sad if he dies. Don’t worry. He’s the hero. Ryouta goes home to try and find the location of the map. Here comes Kazumi to help. The greatest hacker knows where he lives. And all the porn sites he went… She manages to find the place that matches the map (he has good memory so he can remember it without turning on the terminal again). From now on, Ryouta will go there alone because he fears if their pursuers find the same type of magician there, they might notice her doing this research. We get distracted for a while when Kazumi takes off her panties and wants him to have sex with her!!! Since when did this show turn borderline hentai???!!! Ryouta you lucky bastard!!! She’s doing a lot of teasing that normal guys won’t tolerate and would have done her in. For Ryouta to tolerate all this is going to prove that he is just gay… He wants to tug in early since he has to wake up early tomorrow. But how can he sleep when a girl sleeps next to you. In her underwear. Hugging your body. Can he really wake up early? Miraculously he did. So here he is at this place. The church is decimated and the rubbles show that it is recently destroyed. He tried asking a nearby stall lady but she didn’t give much info. He returns to the site and sees some German lines on a broken wall. That’s when the police arrest him for trespassing and trying to resist arrest. Ryouta is in a dilemma. Should he break out? Who knows how long he’ll be imprisoned if gets turned in. Suddenly the police car is crushed. Neko in a mask? She shows off some of her super powers, destroying the bullets (I thought she was going to stop it like The Matrix) and destroying their gun. The captain thinks she is part of some terrorist as she has that ring (harness). When she hangs up, it’s time to run. But the police captain is going to take down Ryouta with his bare hands. Suddenly he switches place with Kotori (also in a mask?). He is now tied to a tree. See, her teleportation is useful.

Ryouta gets reprimanded by them for trying to go alone. Kana’s prediction saw him got killed. The police shot him when he tried to run away. Of course the girls won’t sit back and let this happen. The point is, they can help him out. So don’t leave them out in the cold and try to be a hero. Kogorou gets a call and is impressed that the alien embryo is getting some leads. Ichijiku’s assistant, Kurofuku shows him the report from the local police. He thinks number 1107 and 7620 have been spotted. Ichijiku approves the deployment of Nanami to look for them. Kana is scolding Kazumi for mentioning Valkyria. Kazumi gets cheeky and tries to violate her boobs. That’s when the rest came back and since Kazumi doesn’t want to risk Neko’s wrath, she pretends that they are good friends and even gives her pudding. That’s Kotori’s by the way. All that pudding will make her fat so it’s best to share? Anyway, Ryouta thinks the underlined German words may be the clue and password to the terminal. That’s a very big assumption. Of course he now needs to find a place that is safe for the girls so he can turn it on. Kurofuku sees the local police and it seems he is pestering them for details although the captain keeps telling him to read the report. It’s all there. Besides, they want an explanation about the supernatural thing they saw. Kurofuku brings in Nanami (in a strait jacket) and lets her look at her face. They seem so shocked… After they leave, it seems Nanami has the power to look into their memories and saw a boy and a girl with mask. Kurofuku lets her loose, reminding her about her mission to find number 1107. In a place where there are lots of people, she gets their attention by lifting up her skirt. All eyes are on her now. Time to look into theirs.

Episode 9
Nanami is able to scan their memories as long as she can see their eyes. Then she requests some ice cream citing her powers need lots of sugary stuffs. Sure she’s not making that up? The search and scan process continues. Each time she lifts her skirt to get attention and then Kurofuku had to buy her more treats. Since the small town is making no leads, they head to the city where she takes off her dress. Definitely will make heads turn but she’s not in her underwear. At least she has a skimpier dress underneath. This of course attracts a couple of punks who want to hit on her. However she erases their memory. Now they’re acting like a little kid! Better keep those sunglasses on. One of Ryouta’s classmates, Kikka passes by. Nanami is able to scan and see Ryouta. Nanami wants a day off but Kurofuku won’t have it. She reminds him she can also rewrite memories. Seems she has rewritten the memories of all the guys around. They think Kurofuku did something bad to them and they all gang up to beat him up. This in turn causes his sunglasses to break and Nanami scans his memories. She sees the hideous experiments and then rewrites his memories. Nanami then uses Kikka to bring Ryouta to him. When she realizes his harem’s location, his sharp observation makes him know what her power is. Because Kikka isn’t a person who likes magicians and by having her calling Nanami as a friend, it is proof she must have altered her memories. He tries to persuade her to join their side because he wants them to be friends. Will her one day reward of freedom satisfy her? Nanami doesn’t believe him since he is shielding his eyes. He takes a gamble but unfortunately Nanami lied and erased all his memories. Now he has no memories at all and is a newborn baby. After she leaves, Ryouta gets back up. He was just acting like one to convince her. He thinks her magic didn’t work due to his permanent memory. He goes back to report to the girls but why does he have to stumble them taking a bath? Now it’s not the time for fanservice! Then they decide what they are going to do. Fight her or flee?

Nanami vows to use this single day of freedom without using her magic. Can she? I mean she used her power to alter the hotel staff’s memory to make it seem she had paid her stay. Hungry and knowing she needs money, she heads to Kurofuku (he believes his duty is to observe some castle). She asks for 500 yen. So cheap! He will give her a thousand if she shows her boobs. Though embarrassed, she has seen worst things and shows it. She then sees a couple of friends fighting because one messed up a rare card. Nanami gives her money to him. Her conclusion: Her boobs saved a friendship! No money? Go back to Kurofuku for more. How much for showing her belly? He has already seen that… So for the first time she tastes all the good food (although she realizes it all costs a bomb). So good such life, she doesn’t want to go back to that lonely depressing lab. When Ryouta, Neko and Kotori find her, she is surprised that Ryouta still has his memories. Again they try to persuade her but she still doesn’t believe. Neko takes of her sunglasses to show she is sincere in saving her. But Nanami alters her memory to make Neko protect her so she unleashes her power on Ryouta. When Nanami looks into Ryouta’s eyes again, she sees them discussing that they truly want to save her and be friends. She restores Nanami’s memories (since she had them stored in hers) and feels touched. She really doesn’t want to go back to that lab. Kurofuku returns to his car. Neko hugs her and assures they will find a way to save her if they put their heads together. He reads his journal (detailing the activities and events before his memory alteration) and discovers something amazing.

Episode 10
Nanami is brought back to the observatory and since Kogorou is here, he hopes he can remove Nanami’s beacon so that those lab guys can’t remotely eject her. They can’t forcefully remove it as there is some censor that will send out some signal to the lab guys. You know what will happen then. Once done, she can live here with them (and add to the harem, f*ck yeah!). Kogorou has his doubts since he has not seen the structure before although he suggests the risky move of liquid nitrogen. Nanami is sure she won’t die either way. She believes a person won’t die as long as he/she is not forgotten. As she can alter memories, she is kept separated from other magicians and always wanted a friend. As long as they don’t forget her, she will be more alive even after she dies. Of course the rest won’t have it that way. They’ll be sad. They really want to be her friend. Just as Nanami feels touched, Kana sees a vision too late. Nanami starts melting! That Kurofuku guy must have remembered and pressed the eject button. Freaking sh*t! Nanami! NOOO!!! And here I thought there would be one more to the harem! Nanami melts away and she couldn’t be happier because she has friends. Suddenly the girls couldn’t bear to see this garbage and wants this cleaned up. They don’t remember who Nanami is. Ryouta realizes that she must have altered their memories in her dying moments. Why would she do that? Wasn’t she the one who wanted friends badly? Then he realizes. It is because it will make them sad when they remember. She was willing to sacrifice her dream for her friends. He starts crying. The girls confused. He might be going paranoid because he is seeing Nanami’s ghost! Actually she has written herself into part of his memories so you can say she still lives within him. Now he has knowledge about the lab and such.

The exams are coming up and morale is low because their pills will only last for more weeks. Kotori suggests that there would be some reward as motivation. How does going to the beach again sound? Kazumi’s dirty talk riles the girls. When she hints she has kissed Ryouta, you don’t know how many trees Neko uprooted. Actually at Akihabara, it was more of an indirect kiss. She ate from his spoon. Kazumi was happy that day but apparently to her disappointment he didn’t feel the same way. Now Ryouta has got to find Neko who has ran off somewhere. Not too far. The observation platform. She’s singing a weird song she is not bothered by it. Oh, she’s definitely bothered. She gets embarrassed to discover he heard her. All that yelling made her thirsty and she drinks from his bottle. Indirect kiss? Kazumi’s perverted intention didn’t stop there. If she ranks second overall in the exam, she wants to take his virginity!!! So what he’ll eventually lose it? Might as well lose it to her?! Thankfully his chastity is safe when Kazumi ranks third. Surprisingly Neko ranks tops and dethrones our man. So Neko wants his virginity too. Like she understands what that means. So everyone gets to go to the beach. Including Kotori because she failed. They have fun in the sun and wish this happiness would really last. Yeah. Enjoy every bit of it because… Ichijiku has an audience with the council and wants to use Valkyria to retrieve 1107. They view her too dangerous and refuse. He assures all the steps and several A-rank magicians to observe her and under control, etc. But they still won’t approve this. Too bad. He already let her out. He will take full responsibility but they note this is something he cannot atone even with his life. And here is Valkyria (hmm… She looks a lot like Neko) is out in the open and it feels so good to be back outside. Yeah. She just slaughtered everyone. Feels good alright.

Episode 11
The police are going to arrest Valkyria for murder but guess what? She uses her anti-matter and blows up the entire mountain!!! Holy sh*t!!! News of this reaches Ryouta and the girls and they know it is Valkyria. Hell is coming if they don’t do something now. Because she is an ultimate hybrid that can use 8 different types of magic! One of the magicians who was slaughtered by her, Hatsuna is still alive because her power is regeneration. She notices her beacon is dropped off and quietly runs away. While faking her death, she heard Valkyria could sense magicians in an observatory and thus the reason she makes her way there. To her horror, Ryouta and the girls are massacred! Covered in blood! Then it turns out to be a ruse. If Valkyria walks in and sees them dead from lack of pills, she will lose interest and leave. Ryouta had to play along since Valkyria would just kill everybody. Hatsuna tells them about her mission to assist Valkyria retrieve 1107 although she has no idea what that is and for now Valkyria has run off somewhere. The girls go to the hotspring to clean themselves up while Ryouta has the honour of cleaning this mess up. During the bath, Hatsuna learns the girls really trust Ryouta because he saved them. She is going to test him. On pretence she is stuck on a tower and too scared to climb down, she is surprised Ryouta actually came to get her down. Suddenly she slips. This is not part of the act. Ryouta grabs her with a hand and the other holding on to the pole. Why must such poles have loose screws? She wants him to drop him as she won’t die from a fall (although she is not immune to the ejection and lack of pills). However Ryouta doesn’t believe her. He thinks she is lying to let him save himself. So he is not letting her go. The plan is to swing her to a nearby platform and then use both hands to climb back up. The chances are slim but it is better than letting her go. Hatsuna is able to grab the platform but Ryouta falls. Thankfully Kotori switches place with him for a soft landing. Hatsuna returns and apologizes for doing something dangerous. She believes him now. He doesn’t mind since they’re both alive. Well, Hatsuna didn’t fall from that height, but she has sure fallen for him! She even asks him to go out with her and kisses him right in front of the girls! Hell, yeah! Another girl into his harem and Nanami’s replacement! The tower explodes and Neko runs away. The girls start chasing him and Hatsuna understands the social map now.

Ryouta sees Kogorou and the latter still remembers about Nanami as he stayed out of her vision. His research shows that the melting mechanism seems to be something like of a digestive enzyme called proteases. It is possible the pill inhibits that secretion. Based on a thesis of an ex-colleague, he is able to speed up the process of making the pill. The soonest is a month. But that’s not going to cut it since there is only a week of supply left for the 5 girls. In that case, he must choose. After Ryouta leaves, it seems Kogorou’s ex-colleague is Ichijiku and he wrote that thesis. He wonders where that genius is now. Speaking of which, he meets Mako Fujisaki or now known as Valkyria. He is not scared despite she threatens to kill him for vengeance for taking away her humanity. Then he slaps her! She starts crying and apologizing! She doesn’t want to be hated and loves him! Woah. I don’t really understand this dangerous girl. When Ryouta returns to the girls and tells them what happen, the girls soon realize that given that amount of time and remaining pills, only one of them can live. It is decided to draw straws and the losers will die tomorrow. Hatsuna wants to sit this out. But unknown to them all, she secretly has 20 over pills she stole from those dead magicians. She came here thinking they had more but apparently they’re as poor as her. Neko, Kotori and Kana also want to sit this out and agree for Kazumi to live on their behalf. WTF?! Trying to be heroes?! Kazumi doesn’t agree to this because it makes her sound desperate. She hates to lose her friends and wants to enjoy the last summer vacation with them. Because it’s meaningless without them. So as not to waste time, she calls for a party now. Clumsy Kotori spills drinks on Neko. She tries to clean it up but takes off her dress?! That’s when Ryouta sees her moles. That flashback again. He is so happy Kuroneko is alive that he starts crying so loud. No heart to tease that… Talking with her alone, he is glad that she is still alive after all these years. She might not remember anything but that’s okay. Ryouta remembers everything like it was yesterday. Even if she forgets, he’ll remember it all. So let’s make new memories and he’ll remember it for her. Suddenly a helicopter is heading straight for them. Then Valkyria pops up before them. Hi. Long time no see.

Episode 11.5 (OVA)
Taking place right after Hatsuna’s confession and kiss stealing scene, this of course leaves a bad taste in Kazumi’s mouth (although literally speaking she wasn’t the one who kissed him). She needs to get back at the usurper b*tch and her first step is to confront Ryouta to ask if he likes anybody. Sure, he does. That childhood friend named Kuroneko. What about now? It’s none of her business. Suddenly Kazumi slips down the grass and Ryouta the hero also comes tumbling down to save her. When she wakes up, she is in the observatory and seeing that she is fine, Hatsuna blatantly starts flirting with Ryouta right before everybody’s eyes. Yeah. She hints she can give something even better than kissing. Therefore Kazumi suggests making it clear now. Who is going to be Ryouta’s wife! Kazumi volunteers herself thinking nobody would say yes. Surprisingly Kotori wants to be his bride. One of her goal is to marry before she dies. Oh, Neko too wants a piece of this? She just wants to stay by his side. Technically that’s the same, right? Kana wants the girls to stop because she saw a horrifying vision of everyone dead. Kazumi brushes her off thinking she is just jealous that she has no chance of winning. And off the girls go to do their challenge. Ryouta’s feelings ignored… The first test is cooking and since Kotori is so skilled, Kazumi adds a rule that they must cook in a naked apron! Although this has Kotori and Neko sitting out, Kazumi has to face Hatsuna. In the end, what the heck is this abomination food?! Ryouta is going to die! He vomits both their dish and the duo are more concerned which one he prefers! NEITHER!!! Next is the hotspring endurance contest. Real tits! If you think about it, don’t you think Kana is going to win this one? All the able bodied girls pass out so Kana shouts for help. Ryouta comes in to do that but is labelled a pervert. So to save or not to save? Oh, free tits show…

Finally there is this massaging contest. Hatsuna goes first because the first one doing the massage will have the biggest advantage. Not wanting to lose to her, Kazumi orders Kotori to use her teleport trick on Hatsuna. Now she is tied up around a pillar. Kotori’s boobs suffocate Ryouta. Kazumi disqualifies her. When it is Neko’s turn, she applies too much pressure that I think she broke his bones!!! Disqualified! Kazumi comments she is not competent to be his wife. This causes Neko to be sad that she can’t be with him anymore. Then her powers go berserk and start destroying everything in the observatory. The premonition that Kana has been warning everyone about? When the telescope is about to crush Neko and Ryouta, Kazumi dives to the rescue and is pinned under it. OMG! Kazumi dead?! But she died with a smile?! Yeah. Probably she realized her feelings will never be requited. Guess what? Turns out this is all a big dream right after that slip and tumble. Guess what too? Ryouta and Kazumi’s lips are in contact! Does this kiss count? It serves as further motivation that Kazumi isn’t going to give up on him yet. But now they have to deal with yandere Neko who is furious thinking that Ryouta is now trying to kiss Kazumi. She’s really rocking the place, literally.

Episode 12
Valkyria is sad Neko doesn’t recognize her. But here comes Ichijiku. He wants 1107 who is no other than Kotori to come with him! Ryouta is not going to let him do that. When he sees Hatsuna behind, he instantly starts begging for his life. This is to let Hatsuna enough time to press Valkyria’s harness. However her harness is different! Eh? Where to press? She gets cut down. Don’t worry, she’ll revive. Ryouta argues about killing the girls. Ichijiku mentions about something dangerous hidden within them. But have you thought about their feelings when you kill them? Have you thought about an insect’s feelings when you squish it? Humans aren’t insects. All human lives are equally valuable. Ichijiku disagrees and views one’s life is most important. He won’t hear more of this and orders Valkyria to kill everyone. But she is reluctant because the deal was to spare Neko. He doesn’t care. Do it! Kotori restrains Valkyria so Neko goes into attack mode. When Valkyria attacks back, Ryouta saves Neko and takes the hit. Oh sh*t. Main guy is dead? He sees Nanami before his eyes. She programmed herself to appear when he is on the verge of death. She reveals that the lab guys fear 2 greatest magicians: Kotori and Neko. Neko is believed to have powers surpassing Valkyria. That is what the lab fears her and never used her unstable power. She will tell Ryouta how to release it. By pressing the top button of her harness, it will unleash her power but there is a 99.9% chance of failure she will melt and die. This is only chance to survive. He can’t do it knowing she will die and passes out. Valkyria is going to finish them off when suddenly her power is nullified. Enter a group of father, nun, Mormon cosplayers… Thanks to Ryouta’s terminal, they manage to track Ichijiku here and want him to hand over Kotori. However Ichijiku shoots one of them as distraction (short of killing him) and escapes with Valkyria and Kotori. The girls are crying over Ryouta’s death. There is no more reason to live! In some ways I agree with that. But Hatsuna knows a way to revive him. She can heal his wounds but at the expense of her life. She does so and although is struggling, she manages to heal it and eventually melts away. The others do CPR to revive him. He is sad Hatsuna sacrificed her life. Yeah… And I thought the harem would have been added by another.

Miki of this Hexenjagd reveals they are a resistance organization against the lab and their goal is also to kill all the witches. Because the longer they live, the Drasil (that hideous blob) in their harness grows. Eventually it will hatch and consume the witch and turn into a killing monster. They are not concerned with small fries like them and Kotori is the more worrying one. Kotori wakes up in Ichijiku’s lab. He calls her by her original name, Rena. Who? His sister. She was dying and he tried hard to save her by saving her mind and soul. He thought hard how to give her a second life. Then he met the council whose goal is to create humanity fit to rule this planet. There is a one in several thousand chance a Drasil incubated in a witch’s body will become a Grani, a key factor in creation of a new ideal life form. Life on this planet was created by extraterrestrial life and the aliens encoded a mechanism to reset the planet in humanity’s DNA. Kotori is the switch that initiates that destruction. So when the Grani in her hatches, all cells of living things will fuse and turn Earth into a lifeless rock. Miki further explains that they targeted to kill Kotori but accidentally attacked other transport vehicles containing other witches. The witches then scattered and Hexenjagd lost a member of theirs (Akane). Ryouta sees no reason to kill the girls as they will be just like Ichijiku. But they remember their priority is Kotori and they need to find her. Ryouta knows he will be in his lab and Kazumi can do the hacking trick. In exchange of telling them the location, they must bring them along. However Miki still insists in killing Kotori. Kazumi hacks her way and before she hung up, she discovers his location, near the lake where they fought Kikako. Everyone makes haste (Kana has to stay behind obviously) but it seems the Drasil is growing out of Hatsuna’s harness! Ichijiku is going to kill Kotori and believes Rena’s soul is inside that Grani. He will do what it takes to revive Rena, no matter how many lives it costs. She asks about Valkyria because she is fond of him. Ichijiku once saved her and she may feel indebted. However she is vital in his plan and does not feel anything for her. What are the chances Valkyria heard that? Yeah, and she can’t help but still love him. Suddenly a bright light bursts from Kotori’s harness. The light that governs life, Ain Soph Aur starts covering Earth. Too late?

Episode 13
Hexenjagd is reduced to praying to God. Yeah. Oh Lord, we’re comin’ home! It’s up to Ryouta and the girls. However they knock him out. For the best? Ichijiku mentions about the council’s plan to reset life on this planet and create to new breed. However he doesn’t care for all that and is just interested in using Grani to revive Rena. However Kotori will press her harness and sacrifice herself. Think she will not do it? She does and Ain Soph Aur recedes. When Neko and Kazumi enter the building, they see Ichijiku and Valkyria. They are told she melted and died in vain. Ichijiku isn’t interested in those failed subjects and orders Valkyria to dispose them. However she still wants to save Neko and Kazumi wonders why she is so obsessed with her. She’s her sister. I figure it was something along this line. Actually, I thought she was her clone. Anyway Valkyria blasts Kazumi. Ryouta isn’t going to sleep forever so he wakes up and with Nanami’s guidance, he makes his way in. Then he sees Kotori melting! Still in the midst of melting?! She is willing to sacrifice her life to let others live. Of course there is no meaning to the word harem if she’s dead! She wants him to stop her brother and relay a message to him. Please don’t cause anyone anymore sadness. Then she melts for good. Holy sh*t! What about the harem?! It’s not over yet because now to his horror, he finds Kazumi close to dead! No way! His harem cannot end this way! She tells him to go on. He is the only one who can save Neko. Even in death she can joke about dying a virgin. But she is happy to have spent time with them and glad to have fallen in love. Life’s not so bad after all. Just short of confessing to him. Valkyria is in a dilemma to kill Neko and follow Ichijiku’s orders. Ever since that incident, she dedicated her life to him. The experiment she was in failed and she was melting but Ichijiku came in, not caring whatever radiation that would affect him and saved her.

Ichijiku still wants Neko dead. If she won’t do it, he will. Before he can, here comes Ryouta with his flying kick! Yeah. He’ll never forgive him for messing with his harem. And don’t you dare take Neko away. He relays Kotori’s message and although surprised he knows about Rena (because her soul was inside Kotori’s) but he starts laughing. Because now he knows it has succeeded, all he needs to do is repeat the process as Rena’s brain is still preserved. Valkyria restrains Ryouta and Neko so Ryouta tries to make Valkyria realize Ichijiku is just using her. When Ichijiku confirms it without hesitation, Valkyria loves it! Masochist? Neko tries to press her harness but Valkyria won’t let her. But suddenly here comes Kana into the scene! How the f*ck can she move?! Okay, so she explains ever since Neko saved her life, she dedicated to using her forecasting power to protect her. In exchange, she lost her ability to move. But now she throws away that power, she is able to move. WTF?! Is this possible?! This gives enough time for Neko to press her harness and unleash some super protective barrier. It even restores her memories! She remembers everything as Kuroneko. I’m sure Ichijiku must me damn annoyed seeing this drama so save it for later. She faces off with her sister and her powers are much greater. Of course she weakens eventually and now Valkyria is no more nice big sister and is going to kill her for good. Suddenly she can’t use her powers. A Hexenjagd member nullifies it temporarily so that the rest could pump bullets into her. However Ichijiku uses his body to protect her! Surprised?! His body is riddled with holes! Ichijiku’s last words are that he hates humans because they act on sentiments instead of logic. Human hearts are foolish things. Well, it proves he is still a human.

With Ichijiku dead, Valkyria couldn’t care less what happens to the world. It can die for all she cares! No Ichijiku, no life. She’s going to destroy it with anti-matter! Neko can stop it by creating a micro black hole. But before that, there is enough time for Neko to kiss him! Enough time to thank him! Enough to time to confess she loves him! Why? Because it’s goodbye. Don’t forget about her. How could he? Neko goes to Valkyria and uses the black hole on her. I don’t think Valkyria minded failing and dying too. Neko falls back down but falls off the ledge. Ryouta grabs her and won’t let history repeat itself. Good news: She is saved. Bad news: Who are you? Oh God… As good as dead… The only girl left in his harem is… I don’t know if Ryouta is crying tears of joy or sadness. Or both. During all that action, Kogorou left a message on Ryouta’s phone that he had found something incredible in developing the drug. Bring everyone to see him. Too late. Everyone’s dead. In the closing scenes, we see Ryouta carrying on life as normal. He prays at the grave, Kogorou continues to investigate the alien embryo, the lab is still continuing with its experiments, the council guys are still around bidding their time and most important of all, Ryouta’s harem isn’t dead yet! Kazumi and Hatsuna are still alive! Kana back to her wheelchair and everyone goes stargazing.

Gokuraku Harem Koku No Brynhildr
WTF?! What the hell is this unsatisfying and rushed ending???!!! So much more at stake (and I’m not talking just about the harem) and suddenly it ends like this?! I can’t believe it. Can’t they extend it for another season? Really can’t believe this crappy ending. Hell, no. This is not happening. Yeah, blame me for putting a lot of expectations and hopes only for it to be crushed with such a disappointing end. Oh, and I supposed that showing us in the final clips that Ryouta’s harem is still alive is supposed to appease my anger and dissatisfaction? Well, only a tiny bit. Because Kotori is no longer around. Oh yeah. Harem. The word you’ll be spammed and hearing the most for the rest of the blog. H-A-R-E-M!

Because of the rushed final episode, it brings forth lots of questions like Kana’s ability to move. Can she forgo her power just like that? Okay, maybe that is what the third button on the harness is for. Is this really terrifying? Because if Kana knew about this would bring about her moving again, why doesn’t she do it sometimes? I mean, it’s not like she can receive predictions all the time, right? Is it you lose your memories for good? But as seen in Neko’s case, she got all her memories back and this proves that she didn’t lose them but was merely lying dormant somewhere in her brain. So now that she has no more memories, is this just temporary? Did Kana also lose her memories? Besides, who was the one who pressed Kana’s harness? Big hint to Hatsuna. That’s her shadow before Kana in that scene. It’s her that Kana was addressing to press it. And speaking about Hatsuna, how come she is still alive?! Wasn’t she supposed to be dead? Wasn’t something bursting out from her? Oh God… These questions… How could you do this to me? Otherwise, this series could have been surprisingly interesting and pleasant. Aside the harem part, that is. Of course harem is the best part and icing on the cake. But seriously, I would have enjoyed this show if not for this ending that sucked so badly. It takes the kick out of everything. The harem part can only save so much.

Just like many other shows, this one had potential. Every anime does. Personally I think the flow of the story, balancing with the harem parts and unravelling the mystery behind it all is done at a decent pace. It is quite interesting actually and it makes you want to know more. Usually sci-fi terms turn me off but surprisingly this one doesn’t have many or at least it doesn’t sound complicating (maybe because my mind is more focused on the harem). Heck, does Grani sound sci-fi? Even odder if you think about the storyline for this season is about Ryouta and the girls trying to survive but at the same time enjoy to the fullest of their lives. You can’t always live your life on full alert, can’t you? Gotta have some fun from time to time. Sometimes girls just wanna have fun. Life is so short for them that in terms of lifespan, they are like human version of insects. Though it boggles me why the lab wanted to get rid of them in the first place. Sure, failed experiments, no longer useful. Kill them all. So what is the harm of letting them live anyway? I mean, some monster will break out like Aliens, won’t it? That’s why they have the pills in the first place, no? To suppress it. What’s wrong with giving them that? All they want is to live. Let them lose and they’ll run wild with their powers or tell the authorities? Maybe. The girls I believe previously had normal lives before this experiment. How did they end up as experiments in the first place? Ah, I’ve got to stop asking such questions from now on.

Character wise, it depends. You either love them or hate them. Because like Ryouta as the main protagonist, he is also important in the harem factor. It was pretty cool that aside from being a smart guy, he has this photographic memory and that his brain cells are better than the best computer processing memory chips ever because he never forgets. Heck, I thought there was going to be some twist like he also came from some sort of experiment. Just my imagination. Just like any other nice guys, he must help the girls, put his life on the line, doesn’t like people sacrificing their lives for others even if it means either you save the girl or save the world and he’ll have it no other way because he wants both. Greedy. Yeah well, good thing he got his Charlie’s Angel girls doing some butt kicking too since he lacks any martial arts training. Then there is Neko who is acting cold and distant at first just because she’s being amnesiac. And then when she temporarily gets them back, it’s like she turned into a childhood friend who has always been in love with him ever since. Yeah. That says a lot. Because despite caring a lot for her fellow magicians, she can’t stand those who get too close to Ryouta and is very evident when she becomes short tempered. And Kazumi? Two sentences: Genius hacker. Noob seducer/lover.

Something about Kana really bugs me. Something that makes her feel unreal. You know how she types into a device to ‘speak’? The most mind boggling fact is not how fast she can type so much so it can match what she says (I guess it is a good thing she isn’t speaking English because you know how some words are pronounced differently so if she is typing so fast and saying it at the same time, you know how many words she will mispronounce? Thank God there is no auto correct), but rather the emotions and tones of her voice of the device. If it was just a device, shouldn’t it be some monotonous computer voice? I mean, it’s okay if they put a human female voice, that’s fine. But how the heck does she type in words to scream?! How should she type in to indicate the level of screaming she wants to make? How does she type in the level of emotions while she is speaking? Is there a special key for it? Because of that, Kana feels unreal and not by the fact she looks like some porcelain doll confined to her seat. It feels like there is some smaller person hiding inside her (or somewhere nearby) speaking via a microphone to convey her thoughts.

Something about Kotori has always been bugging me and I feel that she has something hidden and more sinister. Because the big clue is that nobody knows who she is. Notice the fact that all the magicians know each other? Heck, they know who this A-rank magician is. They know who that babe is trying to kill them is. Yeah. It’s like they know everybody in the lab. So when Kotori came into the picture and nobody (or at least most of them) knows anything about her, it feels something is odd. Something fishy. It keeps you wondering if that ditzy act of hers is just all an act and there would be a twist somewhere. And true enough, she might be a good girl, she still harbours the most dangerous thing ever. The saddest fact that she is no longer around. Her ditzy character makes her annoying because it is like as though she is just bumming around in the group and she lacks a lot of development compared to the rest. What about Kana you say? Well, she can’t move like as though she’s part of the furniture so I guess that’s forgivable XD. I was hoping that with the mysterious case of Hatsuna reviving (aside her power to resurrect), something would be done for Kotori too. Oh God. Can’t believe Kotori is gone.

Ichijiku plays well as an antagonist and he is a person whom you would really love to hate. At the same time he could be the coolest person considering the generic characteristics of Ryouta and his harem. Ichijiku is merciless, uncompromising and goes all out to get what he wants at any cost without taking into account others except his own. I suppose that is why it makes him a fearsome character not to be played with and probably this has gotten him as far as he is now. Something along the lines of ‘you have to be cruel to be kind’? Even though he has his own reasons and in that sense alone you want to sympathize with him, overall it still makes him a bad apple with his questionable ways because you know, he is like trying to play God or something. He is not afraid to admit things in your face and because so, sometimes he has one of the best quips in the series like when Ryouta won’t forgive him for messing with his girls. Fine. He doesn’t need his forgiveness. Because he killed many humans in his life too. Woah. Right in your face! So true. So brutally honest. So is it a sad or good thing that he eventually meets his fate? Well, I don’t know what’s going to happen to Rena now that he is no longer around. Her brain will rot away, I suppose. As for Valkyria, I thought it was pretty interesting for her to be the yandere type. Ah well, there goes the fun. Kogorou’s role feels under-utilized. Because most of his time is spent in trying to make the drug, you won’t hear most of him. And the biggest slap in the face is when he finally announced something big, only not to tell us what it is. What is it about the drug that he has discovered? Say something, please?! I don’t need such cliff-hangers!

Despite the plot and details revealing at a decent pace, I guess like I said the more interesting part to me is the harem. I know I need to talk about this eventually. Some people might find this a turn off for this kind of sci-fi genre and the reason why this series started great and then spiralled into disappointment at the end. But to me, it is more fun to see Ryouta and the girls engage in some cheap folly and interaction with each other rather than trying to find a clue for their next move to get more pills or take out the enemy. And we all know that the girls one way or another have a thing for Ryouta despite their pride will not admit it. Especially with Kazumi being a surprise because I didn’t expect her to ask for sex! Or does it indicate she is just being desperate? Teasing him is one thing but why do I get the feeling it is more than that? And with Neko’s explosions after seeing such flirting, that makes her jealous, right? Just too bad that Nanami and Hatsuna who are great potentials to be part of his magician harem, they have to die. Why couldn’t they make it more the merrier? The odd part is that the duo are somewhat included in the subsequent ending credits animation. I know Nanami is somewhat a ghost but Hatsuna? Hatsuna could have been a great front runner for Ryouta and giving Kazumi a run for her money. But sighs… If Ryouta had saved more girls in time, I guess it is safe to say they will be added to his harem. So it was a tad ‘sad’ that some of the minor ones had to die. Even sadder because Kotori… Kana may seem like the least she likes him but I believe she’s being tsundere. Her speeches about not caring for him, don’t care if he dies make it sound so tsundere-like.

What is a harem without some fanservice? There are a few scenes here but that of course feels like a small distraction to the main events. Just like the harem. A small distraction overall but something I look forward to ;p. In fact all of Ryouta’s harem girls have some sort of sex appeal. Kazumi being a pervert with her dirty talk (like it’s the norm for her), Kotori with her humongous boobs, Neko coming in next for her bust size but the moles on her boobs enhance her sexy effect (I don’t know, maybe some people do find it sexy) while Kana looks like a defenceless porcelain doll that it makes beasts lose the urge to restrain themselves (okay, maybe I’m just exaggerating but really, don’t you find girls who don’t move or talk much to be a turn on?). I don’t know if Nanami as a ghost girl would be some kind of a new harem trope.

Art and drawing seems pretty decent although there are some scenes that are dark. Be warned although that there are gore and blood aplenty in this anime. Though, they are censored out in the TV version, I am not sure if all that will be censored in the DVDs. The gruesomeness of the action makes it a little realistic because if you are fighting with all those super powers, there is bound to be a high amount of splattered blood and damage. And of course the spooky factor of the girls melting which I sometimes find it unpalatable as well as those creepy little blob monsters. It’s just scary even though they’re just 2D animation since I am quite averse to the horror genre. But other than this, the character designs and the backgrounds are decent and look pretty normal.

The voice acting seems rather okay. Nothing much to shout about except that perhaps the only notable one is Mamiko Noto as Valkyria. Yeah. Despite her late and limited appearance, I guess she still rocks. However I thought it was Tomokazu Sugita (Gintoki in Gintama) behind the voice of Ichijiku but it turned out to be Hiroki Touchi (Panther Lily in Fairy Tail). The other casts are Ryota Ohsaka as Ryouta (Haruto in Valvrave The Liberator), Risa Taneda as Neko/Kuroneko (Mirai in Kyoukai No Kanata), Aya Suzaki as Kana (Tamako in Tamako Market), Mao as Kazumi (Renge in Seikai Seifuku: Bouryaku No Zvezda), Azusa Tadokoro as Kotori (Fino in Yuushibu), Manami Numakura as Nanami (Riko in Love Lab), Yumi Uchiyama as Hatsuna (Nagi in A Channel), Rina Satou as Miki (Misaka in To Aru Kagaku No Railgun), Kentarou Ito as Kogorou (Renji in Bleach) and Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Kurofuku (Eishirou in Sora No Otoshimono).

The opening theme is unique. Why? Because it is entirely an instrumental piece! Entitled Brynhildr In The Darkness Version Ejected by Nao Tokisawa, it has this sci-fi, techno and dramatic feel to it (especially the strings and background voices enhancing the overall effect). It doesn’t feel bad actually and quite refreshing because 99.9% of all the anime opening themes are sung. Not many are instrumental (Trigun and Baccano are the only ones I could name). However I don’t know why they changed the opening after 2/3 of the series. Although it is another instrumental, Virtue And Vice by Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas (oh, these names of bands these days…) resembles more like hard punk rock! There is this dissonance ‘interference’ sound that I dislike so much and to make things worse, there is some rocker guy screaming in the background of this cacophony techno rock beat. And worse still, it suddenly ends abruptly. The ending theme turns into a generic anime pop. Ichiban Hoshi by Ryouta’s main harem quartet (Neko, Kana, Kazumi and Kotori) sounds rather okay.

Overall, this anime is interesting in its own right. Dark but yet entertaining. Just beware about the rushed ending and to those who do not like the ‘dumb’ fanservice and harem elements, it will be even more distasteful. The concept about rewriting the world to a new one based on one’s ideals after eliminating existing life isn’t necessarily something original but it is still fascinating and given the chance if there should be a sequel, I’d definitely want to find out more (and more harem too). And it would be interesting just to think that if you don’t like a person anymore and had enough, all you could do is press a button at the back of the neck and watch him/her melt away. If only real humans have that kind of option. Dispose of your annoyance with a push of a button! On second thought, it is a good thing we don’t. Earth would have become one big giant melting pot. Yeesh! Not my kind of way to die!

Say you are working in a certain job industry. Does that make you obligated to follow and do that nature of that particular job in the industry? Get what I mean? For argument’s sake, say you are working as a cameraman or a film editor of a porn show. Aha! See what I mean? Despite just filming or editing scenes, are you required to get into the act of porn too? What if your ‘employer’ insists? And so this is the case of this anime (not set in a porn industry, mind you), Mangaka-san To Assistant-san To is about a female mangaka assistant whose employer draws dirty, fanservice-laden stories. Yup. I know what you’re thinking. This guy has got to be a pervert, right? Right. After all, you have got to be one when you draw such ecchi comics. And how does this poor girl deal with all that desperate pleas, calls and shenanigans? All that awkward positions and scenarios. Why is she still working for him anyway? I guess he’s not that bad. Just perverted. Okay. Bad enough.

Episode 1
Yuuki Aito suddenly wants to… Squeeze boobs! His assistant, Sahoto Ashisu isn’t impressed but plays cool. For what purpose may she ask? There is this manga scene whereby the protagonist squeezes a girl’s breast for the first time and since he lacks experience, he wants to do it for the know-how. Or at least squeeze her own breast for him. He’s begging. Otherwise he’ll be depressed. Ashisu does so and as he ogles, he unconsciously squeezes it too. No prizes for guessing what comes next for him. Aito’s editor, Mihari Otosuna chides his manga about a girl wanting to show the hero her panties despite in love with him. Because there is no way a girl would do that in real life. Aito has got the wrong idea as long as you love each other, you allow perverted things. Girls would rather stay away from this pervert. Redo this again! Depression time for Aito. He accuses her of forgetting to dream and makes her reveal her dream of marrying and living in a small house. This leads to Aito telling his biggest dream of being confessed by a girl once. Good luck. What is Ashisu’s dream? To become a mangaka who doesn’t cause trouble for the editor. Is she hinting something? Aito is in a dilemma. He doesn’t know whether to go for panty shots of full panty exposure. Isn’t both fine? He continues about both sides having different factions. He is on the side of full panty exposure but panty shots enthusiasts accuse them of being too lewd with too much exposure. It’s like saying his manga characters are lewd. Ashisu doesn’t think the idea of showing panties is good in the first place. Then it hit him. Viewers can use their imaginations to imagine the panties. But still, he wants to draw panties. Ah, tough decision. On Mihari’s day off, she is shocked to stumble into Aito buying lots of bras and panties! For his research and reference?! Don’t give her that crap. He is on the verge of demonstrating his knowledge in public so Mihari knocks him out before the embarrassment reaches unreachable heights. Then she lectures him about getting her involved because now she can’t enter that shop without people being suspicious. He wants to give some bras as apology. She doesn’t need it. Oh, but he insists. He knows her cup size, AA! Everyone is starting to get suspicious. How does he know? He can tell by looking since he is always checking out different bra sizes. Time for a beat down! I suppose him screaming he loves small boobs isn’t going to spare his life. Just shut up!

Episode 2
Aito will get a new assistant today. She is the lovely Rinna Fuwa! I know what he is thinking. Surprisingly she is a big fan of his and he doesn’t hesitate to ask to do perverted stuffs on her! She will as long as he takes responsibility. Big word… Oh, heck. Sex comes first so hell yeah! Of course Ashisu won’t allow that. Rinna is shown his true nature as he receives a delivery box full of panties. For research, no? Rinna isn’t surprised and in fact quite cool about it. When it’s time to get to work, seems Rinna doesn’t know how to draw! She applied because the ad said it was just recruiting an assistant. Aito calls Mihari and she fires back at him that he was the one who said any cute girl would do even though she doesn’t know how to draw. At this rate their manuscript will be late. Aito will teach her how to draw and since the duo give puppy dog eyes to her, she relents. And they pull an all-nighter. So tiring… Mihari sees Aito to tell him his manga is doing mediocre as usual. He is happy as long he can draw panties. He starts throwing a tantrum at the thought that he cannot draw them anymore. Just draw something else. Something more interesting. Aha! Draw more interesting panties! The girls suggest he should draw a romantic comedy and a rival should be good. However he becomes pessimistic that he would become better than the hero. I think the girls want it to turn out that way. No! But he gets motivated to do it anyway. As soon as he introduces the cool rival, he kills him off in an accident and won’t be returning. Rejected! Aito is once again rushing for the deadline thanks to his obsession to finish his galge. This makes Rinna wonder how Ashisu met him. The first time she went to his house as sent by the agency, he is taken aback at this beautiful angel. But he is acting so nervous and panicky that Ashisu finds him weird. He even spills tea on her dress but the last straw came when he tried to wipe it off and touched her boobs. Slap! What a first day. But she doesn’t think he is a bad person because he guides her how to draw. At the end of the day, he feels sad she won’t be coming again because he is such an idiot. I guess that very pitiful face seals it. She’ll be back. To his happiness, he jumps on her. So her reason of staying is that she is the type who can’t leave an abandoned dog behind. Rinna is thrilled they are so lovey-dovey. Aito doesn’t mind being called a dog. Woof, woof!

Episode 3
While trying to search for references, an entire box of porn magazines drops out. Oh no… There is a model that looks almost like Ashisu and another like Rinna. He says he needs them for mental training in case they have a relationship one day. Ashisu quickly shoots him down. There will be none. Now and forever. So sad… So she hates him? Not really. More like disgusting. Isn’t that the same? She tells him to dispose them all. He thinks if this is the first step of getting her to like him, he will do it. However he can’t since they are important people to him. Ashisu rips it apart without remorse. Goodbye sexy Ashisu. Goodbye sexy Rinna. Oh, the pain. He cried all night… Late one night, Ashisu wants to stay at his place. Could his dream finally come true? Actually she is sick and collapses. He panics and the first thing he did to change her was to undress her! Thinking of taking off her panties too? Thank goodness she was sane enough to slap him. After putting her to bed, he continues to be panicky. More of those porn magazines drop out. Did they just multiply? He tried cooking but could have burnt down the house. She tells him she’ll be alright and to go play his galge. I suppose this is so that she can have a peaceful sleep. She is awakened by the smell of something good. Seems he has made porridge. He looked up the internet and went through several trials and errors. And this one is delicious. Thank goodness for perseverance. However he got too happy and wanted to jump on her. She splashes the porridge in his face. Mihari tells Aito that she has hired a super assistant that even big mangaka guys will bow to her due to her incredible speed in finishing any manuscript. However if she is offended, she will leave instantly. So be nice to her. Here comes Sena Kuroi and the first thing he did is to hug and call her a cute little thing! Cue for Mihari to beat him up and apologize like mad. Know your place! She demonstrates finishing a manuscript in no time and Aito is so impressed that he wants to give her a snack reward. She’ll gladly have it till she realizes it makes her look like a kid. Embarrassed? More apologies? When she couldn’t open the ink, she gets annoyed and leaves. She isn’t impressed with Aito trying to console her and punches him! But her punches are freaking weak! So this is the reason why she gets upset easily. Because it would be lame if anyone heard a super assistant is weak. Aito hugs her and assures this side of her is very cute. Then he starts rubbing his face on her smooth skin. Freaky! She freaks out and runs away. Now he cannot finish his manuscript. Utter defeat.

Episode 4
Sena returns to see Aito. Could it be a confession of love? Dream on. Here’s the bill for that one day service. Expensive. Pay up! He can’t because he’s broke. Spent it all on some Blur-ray box set. Then he’ll have to pay with his body. Oh really? But it’s not what you think. She’s going to whip him! S&M queen! In addition to whipping him like crazy, she sits on him like a chair. However… Remember how weak her punches are? Yeah. They feel so good on him! Especially her soft butt… Her plan backfires when he takes off his shirt and wants more! I’m not sure if her punch is that weak or his masochistic ways have awakened. Now Sena is the one freaking out. Ashisu who is trying to ignore and not get involved eventually has to when Sena pleads for help over this freak. Aito wants to be beaten up more and Mihari will gladly give some to him. Now this one is really packed with a real punch. As mascot characters are the trend lately, it seems Ashisu has taken a liking for them too. Aito designs a few uninspiring (and perverted) ones but one strikes her attention. Erm… A mouse in a silk hat and panties? He draws more and it seems this Branya (cat in a suit and bra on his head) is the clincher. He even makes a doll for her but it is so bad quality that it doesn’t impressed Ashisu (but why is she keeping it?). With Rinna, they make another doll but Rinna’s is much better than Aito’s ragged one. He feels so insulted that he runs out and finds a cat that looks exactly like Branya. He is talking to his troubles to this cat? The cat understands?! He brings the cat back and dresses it up exactly like Branya. Ashisu is so impressed. However all the attention is now on Branya. Nobody cares about you, Aito. Cry like the wind! Mihari remembers how she first met Aito. While she is in school, she tried her hands in publishing her manga but was rejected. Her drawing wasn’t that good. Aito is her classmate and realized his drawing is real good. She is impressed that he wants to convey the things he loves and will support him all the way. Till she finds out he loves panties. Yeah. He is good in drawing them. What a big pervert he is. Time to freak out? I suppose this is this first time he tasted her punch.

Episode 5
Aito’s manga is dead last in the recent survey. Despite putting in too much panties, that’s the very reason why it’s last. People have lost interest. Till his rankings improve, panties are banned! So he is pondering who to go about it when he notices a little girl, Matome Ninano holding up a manga magazine. She is attracted by his chocolate and sits on his lap eating and reading the magazine. He points out he is the author of the manga she is reading. Her response is that she once liked him. Past tense. His manga hasn’t been interesting lately. Yeah. Too much panties. She asks if he likes panties that much. Even much more than his female character, Moemi? Because the manga is filled nothing but panties and it seems Moemi has ceased to be important. The old him would have know if Moemi’s appeal increases, so would her panties. Now all he does is draw panties and forgot the fundamentals of a character. Woah. Life lessons from a loli. Now that his eyes are opened, he is thanking this saviour of his when Mihari comes looking for him. Guess what? Matome is the chief editor of this manga magazine! Holy crap… Ashisu sends in her manuscript to Mihari but she puts it in a nice way that it can’t be accepted. Rejected. So happen Aito was wandering around and she talks to him about this. He never knew about this and thought she could show him some. But she had a feeling if she showed it to him, he would try and suggest adding more panties. Then the thought of her becoming pro means she won’t be his assistant anymore. That sounds horrifying. Where would he get the motivation to go on? Though it is her dream to become a mangaka one day, it looks like is going to take some time. He’ll be sad when that happens but will support her. He dreams big that if that happens, they’ll get a bigger workplace with better supplies and rooms. That way they can work together and see each other every day. Aito tells Mihari he has come up with a new character that models her: Her tiny boobs! Mihari punch! So he is trying to take the good parts from her? Small boobs good? He tries arguing that personality is important and in this age of plenty, AA size boobs have unlimited potential. Another possibility of making unconventional fans increase! So suppress your fear of being disliked. However she is still embarrassed by the fact her boobs are small. He assures her being small is good. Because she can pass through narrow spaces. Time for Mihari’s supplex special. I wonder what he’ll get if he were to mention no stiff shoulders.

Episode 6
Aito just got his royalties and he is going to spend it all by bringing the girls to the beach! Everything is on him! Such a nice guy. I wonder… We know there is going to be a catch somewhere. So don’t let your guard down girls. Everyone except Rinna wears bra pads and he is appalled because he wanted to see them in their natural figure. I think the girls better have fun than wasting time beating him up. After all, they’re already at the beach. Ashisu gets caught in the wave. Aito notices her bra washed ashore and she calls to him to bring it to her. No looking! After putting it on, she then mentions her bottom also got washed away. No looking! Not wanting other people to see he naked bottom half, he offers her to wear his pants! Then another giant wave engulfs them. Their swimsuits are all washed ashore. Naked people in the sea… Thank goodness for their friends nearby. That night as they head for the hotspring, they are appalled Aito is joining them too. Despite it is a mixed bath, they accuse him of knowing this and thus picking this place. He begs for them to let him join them or else his royalties will all be in vain. Rinna suggests blindfolding him. Of course he cannot see and trips. His towel comes off and everyone saw his ‘little brother’. Sena is appalled her eyes are corrupted and beats him up. As he struggles, his hand accidentally touches her boobs and the blindfold came off. Sena becomes as powerful as a geyser… When it’s time to tug in, Aito wants to sleep with them! Heck, he only got enough money to book a room! Don’t care. He’ll sleep out in the veranda. So desperate he is that he even mentions his intention to peek at their thighs and cleavage. WTF. No thanks. Just stay there. Since he is crying so loud, Ashisu must have felt pity and doesn’t think they should lock him outside. She believes he won’t attack them while sleeping. Is she thinking straight?! Rinna adds that Aito treats them nicely and Mihari reconsiders her decision since it was nice of him to bring them all on this trip. But Sena is still not convinced. They’re being soft with him so are they in love with him? Rinna doesn’t hesitate to say yes. Then she teases Sena that she too in a way likes Aito because even if everything is his treat, if she really hates him, she won’t even go. Just as Mihari is going to let him in, she sees him sleeping outside hugging all their bikinis. Trying to feel their warmth? Mihari becomes as powerful as a fireworks launcher. Aito’s shadow… I thought I saw a roasted chicken flying in the air…

Episode 7
Since it’s the holidays, Ashisu’s little sister, Sahono comes over to her workplace to play. While Ashisu cooks, Sahono shows Aito a photo album containing pictures of Ashisu during her younger days. She had to mention that she has been drawing for so long and most probably she had no talent. Ashisu confiscates the album just before they got to the good part: The nude part! Don’t worry. Sahono will send him a copy. Ashisu burns it! She makes little sister go take a bath and Sahono want Aito to come bath with her. Don’t worry. She’ll be in her swimsuit. Sahono relays her worries about her big sister of ever making her debut and getting too old to get married. However Aito assures that she is hard working and is impressed of her ability to continue drawing despite being rejected multiple times. He believes she will become a mangaka. Ashisu is standing outside and heard all this. Her opinion of him could have changed if not for what is to happen next. Sahono is impressed by his words and gives him her permission to push her down! Noticing she is standing outside, she tells him to go for it! He does! Defeated by the ladle. The duo see off Sahono and Ashisu feels so tired. Mihari realizes she has missed the last train and can’t take a taxi since her budget is tight. Aito suggests she stays for the night. I guess there is no choice. If he tries anything funny, she can always punch him. After taking a bath, she is shocked that they’ll be sleeping in the same room. This is the only room, right? Her mom calls and gets the wrong idea she is in a relationship and doesn’t want to get in the way. Hang up. As she tugs in, she thought he is trying to lick her and pushes him away. Turns out to be Branya. Sorry… Sena tries to kick Aito after he suggests she put on this lovely dress. She slips and twists her ankle. He carries her home while praising how hard she works despite her petite size. She explains all the pain staking measures she go to assure she is good and he believes she loves manga because of the effort she puts in. Starting to see him in a different light? Once they reach her place, she is about to thank him for everything when his perversion got the better of him. He really enjoyed touching her soft legs.

Episode 8
Mihari brings Matome in to check Ashisu’s manuscript. However she browses through it and is more interested in Ashisu’s relationship with Aito. She even asks if he squeezed her boobs! Now she wants to squeeze them too! He can but she cannot? Ashisu thinks there must be a reason for this and since she is the chief editor, try not to get on her bad books. Matome has a feel of her boobs. But she might have gone a little far asking her to take off her bra. Now that she is satisfied, she is going to evaluate her manga. Try harder again. The boobs squeezing has got nothing to do with it. She just felt like it… When Ashisu comes in for work, she sees Aito putting on bra and panties!!! WTF???!!! Trying to understand what a woman’s heart?! She tries to ignore him but he thought that was even crueller. Then the other girls come in. Rinna impressed. Sena freaking out. Rinna suggests doing it properly. So he has his legs shaved, put on some makeup and dresses up like a real woman. He tries to act and speak like a woman but this is just making Ashisu and Sena feel more disgust. As Sena has finished her work early, she falls asleep. Aito hears her murmuring for her mama’s breasts and suddenly he takes off his top and going to let her suck his tits! The best chance to understand the maternal feelings of a woman?! He lets her suck it and when she wakes up, I wonder how many times Aito has died. Mihari lectures Aito for being late again for the deadline. Yeah. He is spending way too much time on playing video games. That’s his ‘research’? Ashisu notes that Mihari is so patient because if it was her, she would have put another person in charge of him that he will have no reason to oppose to. Like who? A homosexual macho guy? Suddenly this thought freaks the hell out of Aito. He works so hard that not only he meets the deadline, he prepares many storyboards enough to last for a month! Woah! No gay muscle man, please! Mihari is the best! So Mihari learns from Ashisu so she goes to comfort that overworked guy that if she starts pushing people, they would have quit. She allows him to play his video games but in moderation. But he wants 9 hours as opposed to only an hour. He continues to be steadfast for a longer period and so it’s back to her ticking him off.

Episode 9
At a class reunion, Mihari’s friend always thought she was in love with Aito. She gets the wrong idea that she cut her hair because she was rejected. Time for flashback. She was a bit shy when she learns she is going to be Aito’s editor. A little embarrassed because of the way he compliments her cuteness and bringing up topics of panties. She realizes she flusters around him and wonders about his intentions. She calls him out to ask if he really likes her as he once said. He didn’t hesitate to say yes. And as a woman. She got embarrassed enough to slam dunk his face on the table? Back home she is thinking about what he said and the kind of person he is when she gets call from her chief editor about the manuscript’s deadline. It is suggested she goes to stay with him and keep a watch on him. Her imagination runs wild on what will happen if they are left alone. However she couldn’t decide on what to wear and this eats up a lot of her time. Well, this frilly dress will have to do for now. A little inviting, don’t you think? When she arrives, he is already half dead. She goes to the toilet to change when Aito wants to come in. She starts thinking he wants to see her in her underwear and will be disappointed with her small boobs. However she reasons it’s best to get disappointed now and return their relationship to being professional. When he comes in, he ignores her and didn’t realize she was in her underwear until too late. After he barely manages to finish his work, Mihari is going to take the manuscripts back when she accidentally pours ink all over it. Oh dear. The deadline is tomorrow. She feels bad to make him work harder. The only way to take responsibility is to resign. She’ll try not to let this affect his serialization. However Aito can still do it. Can he? Yeah… He’s like a zombie now. A zombie on energy drinks. Finally he finishes in time and collapses. Mihari, relieved I suppose warns him if he is going to push himself this hard again, she’ll punch him out. He’ll die, right? She blames herself for not focusing on her job. Subsequently she decided to cut her hair short as determination to keep focus. He doesn’t really care because she looks fine with her hair short. She’ll answer his confession once she becomes chief editor but since he is being hyperactive over her new look, he gets her special Mihari punch. Mihari feels unpleasant recalling such memories. Aito laments many of their classmates are now married. Mihari gives him hope that if he is still single in 10 years, she’ll date him. Maybe. Please don’t give false hopes.

Episode 10
Aito and Sena trapped in a lift! Oh, the horror! Even worse, she needs to go to the toilet. He has an empty bottle but her pride as a woman won’t allow her to do it in front of a man despite assuring he will not look. He is happy she acknowledged him as a man… Aito sympathizes with her. She won’t have to do it alone. He’ll do it with her! Get out of here! Since it has come to this, she is going to kill him! Die for her sake of pissing in peace! However he allows her! He won’t allow her heart to be scared in eternal sadness. This of course makes her lose her motivation to kill and gets very emotional. So she’s going to allow him to use the bottle on her? Just as they’re about to start, the lift is fixed. The repairman and Ashisu see this. It’s not what you think! Sena runs off to the toilet. As Aito is tired for pulling another all-nighter, Rinna has a fabulous idea of giving him motivation. She gets into her Playboy bunny suit to give him the much needed energy. Each time he runs out, she hugs him and he’ll be bursting with life. Finally he finishes and falls asleep so she goes out to buy stuffs for dinner (in that bunny suit). She comes back to find him still sleeping and lets him sleep on her lap. Accidentally his hand groped her boobs and causes her suit to come off. Mihari just walked in and sees this. I think this is her waking up punch. Ashisu takes shelter at the convenience store on a rainy day. Aito came rushing only to be horrified she bought an umbrella. It was his intention to share his umbrella with his. As they talk on their way home, Aito panics when she reveals she has been confessed by many in the past. The all important question is did she go out with them?! And since he is begging on his knees, this unsightly scene is attracting lots of stares. She’ll tell him. She has never dated anyone and she feels embarrassed that she hasn’t done so by this age. She doesn’t want him to tell anyone and he is happy to have a secret they only both know. He asks if there is anything she wants to know about him in return. Nothing really.

Episode 11
When Mihari comes to check on Aito’s progress, suddenly he starts freaking out in fear. He talks about change. One day his serialization will end. One day people will grow tired of his panty shots. He hints Mihari has changed. Because he loves the old her. She assures she has not. But he insists she did. He is crying so hard. Something is wrong. Turns out he can tell her boobs have grown a little bigger (pun not intended). He loves them small! She goes to measure them and is ecstatic it has grown 2mm from all that massaging. Aito however is still sad that if she becomes big breasted, she won’t be the same anymore. She assures him that her objective is always to be A-cup and that being big breasted is impossible in the first place. Tears of joy. Banzai for small boobs! Sena comes over to Aito’s place drunk. The chocolate must have alcohol in it. She starts fawning at all the cute cats at his place (he is taking care of his friend’s cats). She wants to wash them all and starts stripping right now! Thanks Branya for providing the necessary covers. Of course the cats hate baths and they give her a hard time. Aito cheers her on and she manages to pull it off. After that they have an I-did-it-and-did-my-best victory hug. Ashisu ponders on yet another rejected work of hers. Wondering what she is lacking, she believes Aito has something serious to say this time. However it’s about his thoughts about the situation and angles of panties that makes him the happiest. She thinks hard and perhaps it is her characters she created do not fit her personality. For the first time we see Ashisu the one being stunned on her knees when Aito notes all her characters are strange. She doesn’t want him to get involved so he suggests being mean to her. Then it hit her. She turns into a demon! She starts scorning him of his perverted ways while forcing him to confess he is a pervert and teasing she will show her panties if he doesn’t make up his mind. He is reduced to such a sorry state when Mihari walks in and sees this. This is not a new hobby or fetish of hers. Later she comes up with an idea for her new work. The theme is a boy being bullied by a sadistic girl. Maybe this will work.

Episode 12
Ashisu shows her work to Mihari and it seems she accepts it to be submitted for the best newcomer award. But don’t get too happy yet. It’s not like she can debut as she needs to be nominated. Aito supports her to redraw everything again. His ulterior intention is that so their love will bloom while working. Not a chance. Ashisu is going to redo it again with Aito’s strict supervision. So each time, she has to add sexier, bolder and terrifying stuffs. Aito should be worried about his own… Finally when it’s done, it is a page more. Redo it again! Now we have 2 zombies… Thankfully finished in time. On the day of the results, Aito is more panicky than she is. Because he is responsible for her, if she doesn’t win, she’ll hate him, right? Well, she already has lots of reasons to hate him by working with him. However she still thanks him from the bottom of her heart and is able to move forward. He wants a big hug but Mihari calls. Congratulations! She has been nominated! However her contents are too extreme so her debut will be postponed… The duo watch the fireworks as summer ends. Ashisu still laments her work got rejected after that even after she tones it down because it lacks impact. Ashisu got cheeky enough to say if she can’t debut, will she marry him? She’ll definitely debut next year. What about staying as his assistant. I guess so. She can’t understand why he is so happy with this little thing. She can’t figure out his desires. Normally he wants to do perverted things with her, right? For the record, she’s not going to do it with him. Sorry to get your hopes up. Anyway he is happy being with her like this through the season. You know what? She’s going to debut and quit being his assistant. When Sahono visits again, she shows Ashisu’s bold panties to everyone! This has Aito become a panty expert, addressing about one’s true nature based on the panties wore. So this bold panties makes Ashisu a pervert closet? She has more reserved ones and this means she is unable to suppress her erotic feelings? He carries on analyzing the panties of the rest. He knows what they’re wearing! Rinna’s frilly ones = she is just as she is. Matome’s no pantsu = freedom. Mihari’s striped panties = tsundere. Sena’s bear panties = kiddie. This has the girls wondering what kind of underwear he is wearing. Heh. What does he mean he is wearing a normal underwear? Care to show it? Trying to get their revenge now. So while the girls pin him down, Ashisu unzips him. He cries rape! Rinna can’t stand them bullying him and pushes Ashisu. Her face ends up in his crotch. Then they see his white briefs. What does it mean? His heart’s purity. Yeah, right.

It is Ashisu’s day off from work and she’s going to find it real irritating when Aito keeps mailing her for the slightest non-relevant things. Oh boy. Is he some sort of stalker? She heads to her manga school and meets up with her friends. And they can tell it is not her job that is tough but dealing with Aito. At the end of her lecture and lunch, she realizes there have been 85 unread new messages from that pervert!!! The most duh of the duh is, “Is it lonely being alone?”.WTF?! And so she has to cancel hanging out with her friends so that this evening she can return to work. Aito is really rushing to hug her thinking she hates him after all that no reply. Don’t worry, she doesn’t. If it was anybody else, they would have. Anyway she is still annoyed she got tons of mails on her day off. This makes her feel she is a mother of a child that needs a lot of care. Aito can’t seem to draw Moemi lifting up her skirt so he is hinting he needs someone to be a model as reference. Ashisu is dead on not doing it. She even suggests that he do it himself, wear skirt and panties and take the photos. Otherwise he will still have that problem. And here he is, putting on a skirt. And very embarrassed! As for taking pictures, he wants her to do it. He’s blushing like hell. He only has a handphone. No camera. Reluctantly she gets ready to snap but Aito is so embarrassed in lifting it himself that it annoys the hell out of Ashisu. Want to do this or not? Since he is dragging this out, she helps him lift his skirt! Right before she snaps, he snaps. He runs away in tears calling her a pervert! Say what?

Aito is on the verge of dozing off when suddenly Ashisu enters in her swimsuit! Yeow! What gives? Today is hot? Oh yeah. Hot alright. The other girls also enter in their swimsuit. Yeah! Getting hotter. They suggest he also get into his swimsuit. When he takes off his shirt, suddenly he is so buffed up! Those muscles! Those six packs! Yeah. I think I know what kind of scene this is. Everybody loves his great body and wants to have a feel of it. Even better for him, the girls are in heat and want him to take off their swimsuit. This is not a prank. Go ahead. Do it! As he unties Ashisu’s top, suddenly he is awakened by Ashisu in real life to get back to work or else Mihari will get mad at him. Not only he is sad that this was just a dream, even extremely sadder is that had Ashisu awakened him a minute later, he could have caught glimpse of those delicious boobs! Why, oh why?! Destiny is not for you to see those boobs, Aito.

Mihari rejects a manuscript from Aito. Nothing about panties again. Does he know nothing on how to make a girl happy? Aito suggests she go on a date with him. Hell no! She knows all the embarrassing situations she will be put through and she’s not going to do it despite he argues this manga is like their love child. She is still not thrilled till Matome comes in and tells her that it is her job to do anything she can to make the manga better and also her employee happy. She did her research that Aito was her first love, though she quickly denies that she was confused in that moment. She accepts to do it and Matome has already brought her a dress and battle panties to wear. Mihari feels embarrassed as she is not used to wearing a short skirt. If that is not bad enough, Aito has to take her to a haunted hospital. Is this his idea of being romantic? Of course she freaks out and runs away, separated from Aito. Scared and alone, she is relieved when they are finally reunited. However that cute face and tears are too hard to resist because he wants to squeeze her! Which is scarier? This monster pervert ahead or that skeleton zombie behind? Both! She dashes out to the exit but her freedom is short-lived when she trips. This causes her to fully expose her panties. Bad end for a date.

As our gang are trying to hurry up and finish a manuscript, here comes Branya helping out. Amazingly his art is even better than Ashisu’s! He even tries to communicate with Aito what is needed! So perfect that Branya becomes his main life saver. His help is required regularly. One day on another tight schedule and his help is needed, Branya is found asleep. However his sleeping face is so cute that Aito has got no guts to wake him up. Even Rina and Sena fall into its cute sleeping face charm. They conclude to protect this cute face, they must work harder for his sake. Eventually Sena becomes sleepy and falls asleep on the job. Aito can’t wake her up either. See that cute sleeping face? Even cuter is when they put Branya sleeping together with Sena. Now they can never wake them up. Time to work even harder. In the end, Rina falls asleep and Aito is like a zombie trying to do everything by himself. He has a duty to protect their smiles! Mihari scolds him to protect his own deadline first!

Aito, Ashisu and Sahono visit the manga magazine building only to catch Matome in the midst of changing into her yukata for the festival. But Sahono is alerted that Matome isn’t just an ordinary girl. An ero loli as a chief editor… Definitely not normal. It becomes a challenge. Sahono claims she isn’t just cute but a pervert as well. Matome takes the liberty to look underneath her skirt. Nice sexy panties. Thanks. It belongs to her sister. Oh sh*t! I’m sure Aito would love to see it. Matome teaches Sahono the true meaning of eros as she opens her yukata and bares her front! Frontal nudity! No pantsu! Sahono won’t give in and pulls down her panties. Since it has come down to this, the duo start molesting each other’s flat boobs till Sahono loses. Too strong, she says? But there is no need for shame in this defeat because Matome praises her for being the first opponent who fought her seriously. They make up and from this born a friendship of… I don’t know. What does it look like? Ashishu wonders why she came here for.

Matome sees Aito sleeping and couldn’t believe he could sleep like that. This means she strips him naked and does the same for herself before going under covers next to him. Bored Sena happen to come by and get this naughty idea to tug next to him. Ooooh. Take a selfie too. She thought Aito’s hand was fondling her butt and pulling down her panties when it was actually Matome’s. Sena then realizes Aito is naked and this is how curiosity kills a cat. She’s trying to take a peep with an excuse this is for educational purpose. Yeah. Very educational alright. Matome catches what she is trying to do and calls her ecchi. Sena realizes she is the one molesting her butt as Matome says she was dreaming of fondling a butt. Later, Ashisu thinks she has really nailed a new cute character design and shows it to Mihari. You know, it even looks like a character worthy for horror movies. Mihari was polite enough to turn her down and will leave this to Aito. Ashisu returns to her workplace while lamenting she is worst than Aito in this aspect when she catches him putting all his pantsu collection in a box! Then it’s like something in her snapped. He, a better human being than her? You got to be kidding. Aito is sweating and scared to hell since Ashisu is turning into a demon and going to teach him a lesson. In that case, Aito gives her a whip and has always wanted to be whipped by her. If he insists. It soon turns into a full blown S&M play with Ashisu whipping him to her heart’s content and Ashisu squealing like a pig. Then Mihari drops by and sees this… Oh sh*t… Maybe this kind of stuffs could make her manga more interesting… Maybe…

Sexual Harassment!
Personally I think this anime is pretty fun and funny if you can cast aside all the distasteful perverted jokes and scenarios. I mean, you already read the synopsis, it tells you straight what it is about, so what are you doing continuing to watch this despite knowing there is going to be some ecchi fun in it? Believe me, there are much worst ecchi and fanservice animes out there in terms of quality and/or content. This is already considered so mild that the only reasons why panty shots and seemingly perverted scenes are about are for the funny factor. Yup. That is why I am here.

Trying to compare this series with Bakuman is like trying to compare a true blue horror movie with a comedy spoof horror movie. There both poles apart and the only similarity both these series have is that they focus on the mangaka. The duo in Bakuman have it real tough. Seriously tough. Here, they make it look like a breeze. Even though with Aito barely making it for each deadline, you could hardly feel any threat that his serialization will be cancelled or be out of this industry in no time. There are so many factors to take into consideration in Bakuman that could have made a mangakas job to be in the top 10 most stressful job in the world whereas it feels like play-play no serious commitment here. So for Bakuman, it is very much a serious struggling sh*t stuff unlike this anime which is more casual, funny and easy-going. And don’t forget perverted too.

The problem of thinking too much about the fanservice galore here is that one may start thinking that this perverted series is trying to glorify panty shots as being something normal. And that such disgusting perverted guys only see woman and panties as sex objects (because these are the most beloved subjects that Aito sees as). Even worse, that this may enforce to some who do not view favourably of the anime and manga industry to continue thinking that such a profession is just disgusting and only perverts and sickos do it. Just like the porn industry. Guys like Aito just make the world a worse off place and degrading the moral value in today’s society. Well, you’re free to think whatever you want. But seriously, which guy doesn’t really think of sex or perverted stuffs? If there are such guys that exist, that is definitely no longer a guy. Therefore if you start seeing the ecchi parts as the humour factor, you’ll be alright. Besides, there are no bare tits and nothing that would even make extreme anime fans conclude this would be hentai. The only tits you’ll ever see are those belonging to Aito! That cross-dressing mother scene… It’s already burnt into my cranium… :'(.

Character wise, I think they’re pretty fun and generally they make this entire series a fun watch thanks to their dynamism. Especially with Ashisu who has got to be the coolest character ever. After working with Aito for so long, she knows his quirks and habits. She knows how to handle him, rebuke him, reject him, keep him in his place and most important of all, say no. Each time she puts up that deadpan annoyed looks, it just shows how much she has gone through to face this crap. It is amazing for a person like her to continue working under him for so long when in real life, many would have quit or slap a sexual harassment lawsuit into his face. But I suppose when you have worked in a hellish place, worse than what you imagine, coming out through it is like being successful, no? So I figure working in such a perverted working condition isn’t a bad thing for Ashisu because in a way it prepares her mentally when she steps out into the big world if she moves on. Instead of being freaked out and scared like a bunny that there are bigger and worse perverts out there, take this one with Aito as a little training. Besides, Ashisu is always in control and will never let Aito get the better of her.

If you look at Aito from a different perspective, Aito is like a normal guy. For a guy at his age, he is pretty normal having such perverted fantasies. Perhaps drawing such mangas only makes it worse. But it could have been worse. He could be gay! So by taking out his perverted fetish from time to time, scaring the sh*t out of his assistants is sometimes a cue that he is normal because as a young healthy straight adult male, that is of course, uhm, normal, right? Just that Aito may just be a little too excited when it comes to doing stuffs like that since he has a habit of jumping out of his seat and screaming of the top of his voice to the girls. Generally he is a nice and good guy so don’t hate him. But do keep on your guard. A pervert will always be a pervert. You’ll never know when it will happen. It can happen for all you know. So I guess this sums it up what Aito is. As a mangaka, he is very much respected. But as a person, he is very much a failure.

The other characters are also okay and I think they have their fair share of screen time. Just too bad that each episode is around a dozen minutes long so there won’t be enough time for anything else. But you can feel that his ‘harem’ girls in a way like him. They won’t admit it but otherwise, why keep coming back? It’s looking more like a harem than a manga studio, eh? I’m sure it is more than Aito’s begging that has Ashisu staying. I’m sure she has better places to go and better mangakas to be of assistance. Don’t give me that abandoned dog crap answer. The porn industry also needs all the help they can get :). Whereas can you get such a carefree and easy-going guy? Sometimes take advantage and beat him up a little. Nobody gives you better deal than this than Aito. Mihari has been his editor for so long that sometimes you think it may be lingering feelings from the past that binds her. Although the occasional beating up that gets her through and gets him through his deadline. I always wonder why Rinna as the most submissive among the girls, Aito doesn’t take out his fetishes so much on her. I mean, she’s willing to go the extra mile, right? Heck, she might even do it if he asks. Most probably there is no fun when someone is easy. There is always the thrill in rejection and certain victory in obtaining something hard to get. Thus sometimes Rinna feels that she is just there because she’s just there.

Sena = tsundere. Need I say more? That lift aftermath incident is a big hint that she may take a liking for him. Like I said, otherwise why come back from time to time? Needing the extra help to finish before the deadline doesn’t seem like a strong excuse. And perhaps in every harem group, you need to have the genki imouto. Sahono is probably the only other person Ashisu can’t handle. I’m not sure if she has this onii-chan complex on him but she seems very bent in trying to hook up her big sister and Ashisu. I guess there is fun and thrill to certain people. Especially a kid at her age. Heck, it’s better than staring at your iPad or Facebook all day, right? Watch some real love unfold. Hopefully. Lastly there is Matome whom I believe also have this obsession in trying to fix up Aito with Mihari or Ashisu. It is already mind boggling that a deadpan loli is the chief editor but you won’t really ask such question as you’re trying to ponder what Matome thinks. Is she more interested in the content and quality of the manga magazine or real life relationships? I suppose you can see a stark difference between them and it’s interesting to try and compare them. Manga imitates life after all. Or is it life imitates manga?

The drawing and art are quite good. It would be ironic if a series about a mangaka would have such a poor art. Everything is bright and vibrant and you can say that the animation is crisp and consistent. I mean, if you’re going to draw pantsu in your anime, might as well put in all your effort and make a good job out of it! Get what I’m saying? Thanks for those lovely pantsu designs anyway ;p. Given already that the series’ running time per episode is half of the standard 24 minutes, it is even better that they further split the episode into smaller segments, each independent on its own to keep things fresh and ‘exciting’.

Voice casting seems okay with Saori Hayami as Ashisu, there is this ‘tiredness’ in her voice after putting up with lots of Aito’s nonsense. For the record, she is the voice of Azuki in Bakuman. So instead of her character being an aspiring seiyuu, she is aspiring to be a mangaka. Tsundere roles are long a specialty of Rie Kugimiya so it is very much welcomed to hear her voicing Sena. Yuka Iguchi is also recognizable as Rinna but doesn’t go as bratty as the titular character in To Aru Majutsu No Index. Other casts include Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Aito (Kirito in Sword Art Online), Arisa Noto as Mihari (Kotori in Kono Naka Ni Hitori Imouto Ga Iru), Miku Itou as Sahono (Nanako Usami in Locodol) and Manami Tanaka as Matome (Alice in Kin-iro Mosaic). Both the opening and ending themes are sung by Stylips. The opening theme, Junsui Na Fujunbutsu being a generic anime pop but the slower paced ending theme, Spica sounding somewhat like a school anthem. But the ending song for the final episode has got to be the most epic one. Owarinaki Pantsu by the seiyuu of Aito is exactly like what its title suggests: His fascination and love for panties.

Overall, if you can cast aside the distasteful theme about a guy who loves panties and the fact he bugs his harem female assistants like as though it is a normal thing to do (remember people, sexual harassment anytime and anywhere is always not a good thing), there is (in)decent entertainment value in making some good laughs. There is always that little naughtiness inside every one of us. Sure, you can argue perverted jokes are bad, etc. If it gets out of hand. Let’s say in the case solely for this anime I would rather try and look at things the more positive way. Laughter is the best medicine. Panties are like icing on the cake. It’s not like they spam panty shots every 5 seconds, do they? See? The key to it all and everything is moderation. Too much of something and you’ll eventually get bored of it no matter how much you love them. But oddly, we never do get tired of porn, do we?

D-Frag! OVA

January 9, 2015

It is good to play games but playing them indoors all the time isn’t really good and there is a need to have outdoor games to exercise the body so that the body and mind continue to stay sharp. Oh heck. Who the heck am I kidding? Certainly the gang in Game Development Club (Provisional) wouldn’t care much about it. And so D-Frag! OVA is mainly about Kenji getting dragged (as usual) by his crazy club girls to participate in some outdoor race over some ‘normal’ prize. That’s crazy, right?

Sakura challenges Kenji to a fighting game and if she loses, she’ll tell the secret of other girls. He thinks it’s a great idea to learn their weaknesses and use it against them one day. Guess what? Sakura is so weak that Kenji wins perfect! Secret #1: Chitose has a great body. When Noe comes in to remind big brother about doing errands for mom, she is dragged in to play a match with Sakura. I guess Sakura is that weak… Secret #2: Roka’s body is also great. Absolute lie! When Kenji is back home, Sakura surprisingly pops up and requests for his help. There is this spring race competition that offers some special limited spring water Sakura would love to get her hands on. Hey, water is her element, right? But why need Kenji’s help? She’s smart and strong enough to win it on her own, right? Because the rest of the competitors are weak old men. Well, there is this beautiful and busty lady whom she considers her biggest rival. Does she seem familiar? She was a host for that superhero show at the shopping mall rooftop that got on fire. The one where Sean saved Kenji while this lady immediately bailed! Yeah. That’s her. Noe is not happy that Sakura is getting too friendly with her brother. She starts getting upset. Sakura fuels the fire by proclaiming she’ll win the race and become Kenji’s sister! Noe doesn’t want to do this and go home but Kenji says that since they are here, might as well take part. Oh, guess who are also here? Chitose and Roka! Somebody needs water for her earth and the other for her barley tea.

As the race starts, Noe accidentally loses a sandal. Now they are at the back of the pack. Old men beating them in this race? Along the way, they see several ‘defeated’ old men because Chitose and busty lady are engaged in some fearsome rock-scissors-paper duel and I supposed their aura knocked them out. Kenji, Sakura and Noe try to tiptoe pass them but they finish their duel and continue racing. To stop busty lady, Chitose and Roka throw their souvenir hats at them. Two against one, sure to win, right? Till busty lady mentions her hat is no ordinary hat and one that she won last year. The duo lost… I don’t know. Don’t ask. Noe continues to be annoyed at the crazy girls because Kenji is acting weird with them and all. Sakura believes she should join their club and make it more fun but Noe refuses. There is a big ‘traffic jam’ ahead. Because the old men are trying to cross a flimsy wooden suspension bridge! Roka tries to use her secret love jump technique (couples can really ‘fly’ when they are in love, right?) but falls like a rock! Luckily Kenji got her hand but she accuses him of trying to kill her! Noe has had enough and wants to quit. They don’t have to follow through with their antics. But Kenji wants to carry on with this race seeing his stubborn side not to lose. Noe can go home if she wants to. If that’s the case, Noe isn’t going to lose too. She crawls underneath the legs of those old guys to cross over to the other side. The rest? Make one big leap of faith! Kenji falls short and is about to fall into the abyss but Sakura pulls him back but in turn will fall. If not for a rope, she could have fallen to her doom. Kenji scolds her for that reckless move but she wasn’t worried. There is river below and water is her element, remember? But where did the rope come from? It’s Sean! Seems he has something of importance to do.

Sakura has sprained her ankle and Noe shows her concern that she can’t have a fair race if she is injured. Roka threatens for her to go on first or else she will get mad. Little sister takes the bait but it doesn’t work on Kenji since he won’t leave her behind. He carries her with the help of the other girls. But where did busty lady go? She fled the scene and abandoned the race after seeing Sean. The way Chitose talks as though they know who that lady is. They once saw her at a PTA meeting. I suppose it’s a small world after all because that busty lady turns out to be Takao’s mom. Those huge racks… See the resemblance? Eventually the ‘cavalry’ carrying Sakura catches up with Noe. Little sister won’t give in and starts running like hell. Roka and Chitose use their ultimate pushing strength for more speed and it makes it as though Kenji is a slow poke. The sibling won’t give in to each other as they start taunting each other. Since when did the race descended into a sibling showdown? As they make a final push for the finish line, Chitose and Roka usurp them and cross it first. Sakura isn’t sad because she had fun. Let’s try again next year. No way! Keep Kenji out of it next time!

To their surprise, Sean is also there and has tied up the race’s organizer. Seems the spring water is fake and is just ordinary tap water. Sakura goes into extreme shock and collapses. I guess it was that bad for her. In the aftermath, Noe tries to reconcile with Sakura but the latter still can find ways to annoy her. In fact I think everything she says and even her existence annoys the hell out of her. Sakura comments the siblings are close and are both airheads. Noe on the other hand comments the fake water doesn’t taste too bad either. As promised, Sakura must buy her ice cream for not winning the race. She agrees to it but also suggests drinking water to flush out all that sweet sensation. Noe disagrees and would prefer drinking milk after eating ice cream. Sakura would beg to differ… Noe won’t change her mind… Kenji sees them arguing and is somewhat happy that they get along fine. Really? Do they?

Bridge Over Troubled Waters
Despite only a single episode, this OVA is still amusing as ever and brings back memorable memories of the chaotic hilarity that the TV series brought. Kenji is still the loudmouth rebuffing character thanks to the quirkiness of the girls and he looks like he is doing a fine job carrying on this traditional role of his. Another interesting point of this OVA is that the featuring of Noe. I won’t say that it is a very prominent focus but at least it’s better than her single episode appearance back in the TV series. She is still very irritated that her big brother has joined a club filled with weird girls and despite her constant anger (which looks like a permanent feature on her face), at least she is more tolerable. Because if she really hated those girls, she wouldn’t have continued joining the race and wouldn’t have tried to make up with Sakura in the end. So could you say it is like trying to bridge their bond? All because over some water thingy. And I think Sakura has a liking for Noe too because of the way she teases her and that everlasting smile on her face. It’s like she could never get mad. Oh wait. Do you want to see Sakura mad? Well, seeing Kenji mad is already hilarious enough. Care to do it again, girls?

Hitsugi No Chaika

January 4, 2015

Mmm… Cute girl. Cute girl in gothic dress. Cute girl in gothic dress carrying a huge coffin around. I guess that is enough to turn off anyone trying to approach her. Harbinger of death maybe. I suppose when your guns are too big to fit into your standard size suitcases, the coffin is the best mode to transport them around. Hah. And so Hitsugi No Chaika isn’t about a goth loli as an assassin going around killing people, she’s trying to find the scattered remains of her late father who was an emperor of a fallen kingdom. Yeah. That still sounds gruesome enough. Travelling with a pair of assassin siblings she hired, join them in their adventure as they go from one town trying to fulfil this personal mission of hers. And carrying that damn big coffin around…

Episode 1
A being is telling Chaika Trabant about the taboo emperor, Arthur Gaz. His daughter is the successor to his empire and subsequently the one who will decide its fate. Chaika is a mere tool whose sole purpose is to set that fate in motion. Jobless Tooru Acura is searching for edibles in the jungle when he stumbles upon lost Chaika. Suddenly a unicorn is in sight and they make a run for it. They jump off a cliff into a river but this only provides little relief as Tooru knows the unicorn will catch up in no time. When Tooru mentions he is a useless person, Chaika believes they are the same. She opens her coffin that contains lots of Gundo and he thinks she is a wizard. She can kill the unicorn if he provides her enough time. He enters into his Iron Blood transformation to fight the unicorn. Chaika want to hurry with that preparation because the fight is going underwater now. Once the unicorn emerges, Chaika fires her gun and the unicorn splits into half! Chaika is amazed at Tooru for being strong. He admits he is because he was a saboteur. In town as Chaika buys him lots of food as part of the deal, suddenly Tooru’s sister, Akari comes in and tries to kill him with the hammer! She is complaining about his uselessness! Well, Chaika had to pay for the food and the damages and the store owner even chiding Tooru for being the most useless sh*t ever because he was supposed to come back with food while Akari was waiting. And how dare he come back eating by himself. Chaika wants to hire the siblings for a job.

Alberic Gillette sees Robert Abarth in his mansion and hopes to give him the article he acquired during the battle for the Imperial Capital of Gaz Empire. Because he cannot answer more due to its confidential nature, Abarth has them leave empty handed even though Gillette argued that this is for the peace for the entire continent of Verbist. Speaking of hand, there is that hand article sitting nicely in his vault… Gillette returns to his team and reports something odd about the mansion. There were lack of guards and since he was one of the 8 heroes and coming from a military background, he didn’t seem proficient in martial arts at all. They also discuss that Chaika may be in town and targeting Abarth. Worse, she has a partner now. The job Chaika wants to siblings to do is attack Abarth’s mansion because there is something she wants to seize. Akari wonders if they can trust her wizard skills. I don’t know what Chaika was doing or testing with her gun but she blew up the bread and the entire room is filled with flour and yeast. That night they infiltrate the mansion and I guess it’s going to be tough trying to get her coffin in. I don’t know. Is it easier to bring her inside with Chaika hiding INSIDE the coffin? Heavy… She uses her gun to detect the item she is looking for. Tooru heads into the room but Abarth is waiting for him. He knows he would come and believes he is upset about his dismissal earlier on and works for the Kliemann Organization. Tooru is surprised Abarth is a wizard as he uses his telekinesis power to throw all the swords at him. When Chaika enters the building, he is stunned in shock because she is supposed to be dead.

Episode 2
Abarth was sure he killed her then. So is she a ghost? No matter, he won’t hand anybody his treasure. Tooru takes the ladies to run and hide. The plan is for the ladies to find Abarth’s Gundo and destroy it while Tooru fights and distracts him. Chaika detects the Gundo in the mansion’s centre. Nothing like Akari smashing things around just to find it. And there it is, behind the mirror. It is protected with some magic barrier. Nothing like Chaika’s magic gun can fix it. But wait. Don’t smash that hand in the jar. It’s the all important thing Chaika is looking for. Tooru escapes from Abarth’s fixation of throwing things at him. Abarth mocks his saboteur skill as being useless in this world and is now just a petty thief. Abarth suddenly loses his magic source. That is when Tooru traps him and hangs him up on the ceiling. The ladies return to Tooru and they escape. Abarth desperately wants that jar so he tries to buy it back. Name your price. Tooru won’t have Chaika listen further and leave. Once they are at a safe distance, the siblings want an explanation but Chaika pays them for a job well done. Severing ties? Suddenly Gillette and his company confront them. He tells them not to further involve themselves with Chaika if they are just merely hired. They will not press charges or pursue them so just leave quietly now. After that long stare, Akari releases her smoke bomb for their escape. Tooru has a plan. He wants them to split up and Chaika to hand him the jar. He promises he will not hand it over because the job is not over. Tooru is chased by Gillette’s men through the small nooks and alleys. He faces off with Nikolai Avtotor but eventually Tooru’s combat skills are superior. Nothing like a little help from the jar to knock him out. Thank goodness it is hard enough.

Tooru is surrounded by Gillette’s men. Again Gillette tries to tell him to give up and that they are pursuing Chaika with requests from many countries and in the name of justice. You think Tooru cares for that crap? That still doesn’t give him the right to judge her. Gillette explains very classified information. That hand he is holding belongs to Emperor Arthur Gaz of the Gaz Empire. During his 500 year reign, he exposed Verbist to many dangers. He was defeated in a war 5 years ago but his daughter escaped. Chaika is his daughter. They don’t know what Chaika is doing and there are many Gaz supporters trying to use her to rebuild the empire. Although Gaz has died, his remains still possess magic that could even be used as an enormous weapon of unfathomable power. He is after all the strongest wizard ever. They believe Chaika is going to bring calamity to this peaceful world again. War will erupt once more once she obtains all the emperor’s remains. Tooru is okay with war. I mean, a peaceful world means a saboteur is out of a job. So yeah. Why not let her bring back the war? Akari jumps in to distract them as Chaika shoots a blinding light for them to escape. The trio prepare to leave town as they have been seen by all parties. Chaika mentions her intention is to gather all remains so as to give her father a decent burial. That is all to it. Tooru agrees to help her achieve that since it will give him something better to do in this boring life. First, they start by crossing the mountains.

Episode 3
Entering the next town, it seems Chaika’s coffin is getting some unwanted stares… Wrap it up! Then Chaika gets infatuated in checking out the town. As they are eating in a restaurant, seems Chaika has no idea or clue about their next search. So they ask the restaurant waitress. She explains nobody knows where this town’s ruler lives or even her face. The only thing they know is that she is a female cavalier who signed a contract with a dragoon. I suppose Chaika’s coffin even though under wraps, innkeepers won’t allow them to stay even for a night. Gillette’s men are in town. Vivi Holopainen and Zita Brusasco just missed Chaika and co. It should be easy to find them. Big coffin sticking out like a thumb. Unless a few people are carrying something that big too… Tooru spots Gillette’s vehicle and curses this guy is in town. While hiding in an alley, a kid appears before them. Tooru attacks him without warning but his knife doesn’t connect. He is Guy and Chaika’s informant. He denies he is a devotee to Gaz and is merely helping Chaika retrieve the parts. All he does is provide her information. He tells them where to get abandoned vehicles to escape this town and also Dominica Scoda, one of the 8 heroes who have one of the parts. She is the ruler of this town and lives in the forest half a day’s drive from here. They make way to the river bank and restore the abandoned vehicle. I don’t know how driving into the river is considered a perfect test drive for Chaika. That night as they camp out, I don’t even know why Chaika is using her gun to cook the chicken when they can just use the pot and fire. Yeah. It exploded. Akari seems to be sarcastic when Tooru comes up with a plan to try and negotiate with Dominica because her dragoons are the problematic ones. It is rumoured those dragoons sleep at night, which means the best time to talk to her is right now. Better get a move on.

Gillette’s men report that there have been no leads on Chaika despite sightings of them in town. Gillette also laments the lack of info on Chaika considering the documents HQ sent them. They discuss all the Chaikas they have captured lacked credibility with some committing suicide to avoid questioning. And those they have captured were all fakes. Zita feels they have been mistaken about Chaika. Though they have been trying to capture her under the agency’s orders, it feels ridiculous that a disaster will happen if the emperor’s remains are gathered. What kind of organization can actually use that kind of power? But something more fundamental bothers them. Does the emperor have a daughter in the first place? Tooru and co make their move as he talks to Chaika. He is amazed that she is able to survive this long. How did she escape from Gaz Empire? Actually she doesn’t remember. More like a memory gap. She only remembers before the war and after it has ended. Only clear memories up to a year ago. When she realized it, the war was over, her father dead and she was alone. They are suddenly chased by a pack of double headed monster dogs that emit electricity. I don’t know what Tooru is thinking as he jumps down to face them all just to let the ladies go on. See? He gets electric shock and is about to be dog meat if not for this armoured babe appearing and ordering those dogs to get lost.

Episode 4
The dogs really scram when Dominica orders them to. She invites them to her mansion and Tooru thinks it is troublesome since she has seen their faces, a sneak attack is impossible. Chaika’s concern? It’s good to have a place to stay for the night! Yeah… Like as though she forgot about her mission to gather her father’s parts. But Akari is the one that came up with the biggest lying story. She tells Dominica that they are siblings in a forbidden love and ran away as their family won’t approve it. Chaika really believes that story so Tooru had to correct her they are not even blood related and just grew up together. The trio notice the mansion is filled with paintings and statues about herself. Is she a narcissist? Yeah, even a magic projector of her in the yard. Chaika finds a cat and doesn’t feel scared in this creepy place. Tooru discusses how to deal with Dominica. He’ll ask nicely or else they’ll resort to force. Chaika feels bad if they fight her because she is a good person. Tooru reminds her that Dominica is the enemy and that his objective is to fulfil her wish. How good she is and the circumstances don’t matter. As their employer it is her job to decide. She is still in a dilemma so Akari further talks to her that Tooru wasn’t making things difficult for her but only thinking of fulfilling her objective as their master. Next morning during breakfast, after Tooru confirms straight that she is one of the 8 heroes and has a part from Gaz, she will not hand it over to him and if he really wants them, then fight her. She has been itching to fight someone. I don’t know why Akari is planking and lamenting about Tooru’s decision. Because what he said about having someone precious gave her the wrong idea he likes flat chest! Worse, Chaika misinterprets it’s some sort of love confession. These girls need to listen…

That night before the fight starts, Dominica informs them the parts are in the magic projector. She is confident she will not be defeated and even tells them her weakness is in the forehead and strike deep so she cannot regenerate. While the fight rages on, a short flashback as Tooru telling the girls that this Dominica is fake. Because she is not surprised that Chaika is still alive just like how Abarth was in shock. When Tooru starts destroying the statues and everything that looks like Dominica, she starts panicking and wants him to stop. He starts mocking her as a creature who can’t forget her master after the war and is living surrounded by her images. After Chaika shoots her with her magic, she turns into her true dragoon form. The effect from Akari’s poison takes effect as Tooru strikes her forehead. She turns back into Dominica’s shape. She reveals Dominica died after the war due to an illness. Since the war ended, the dragoon sought by everyone is no longer needed. She was left alone. Not wanting to forget her master, she put images of her everywhere. Because she too loved to fight till the end, she wanted to fulfil that wish of hers. Tooru won’t kill her as it wasn’t part of the deal and takes the parts of the eyes. Creepy? Dominica then transforms into another loli form. She now calls herself Fredrica and her new goal for living is to kill him. This means she will be travelling with them from now on. Oh, she can also transform into a cat, which means she heard their plan from A to Z all along. Tooru, better watch your ass now. But Chaika is happy. The more the merrier!

Episode 5
Chaika was really going to go with some shady guys whom she believes have information. If not for Tooru beating the crap out of them, she could have been sold off or something. Oh, Fredrica is itching to fight or kill somebody. In that dragoon form?! Akari returns with information that the nearby town of Perimeral has wanted posters of them. They look so ugly… Gillette’s team are stopping by in a forest. He is practising his sword swings to cast away his doubts while Vivi is still hesitating to confess to him even though her comrades root for her. Leonardo “Leo” Stora returns with information that their target has been sighted in the town of Perimeral but something about their characteristics are a little off. Tooru and co travel through the ruins and a hooded person stands before them. She demands they leave their belongings but Tooru is not in the mood to be robbed. Since she is not open to negotiations, I guess it’s time to fight. During the fight, when her hood comes off, Tooru is surprised to see her resembling Chaika. In fact, she looks exactly like her. Only dressed in red. She has her own comrades, David and Selma Kenworth ambushing them. Chaika is taken hostage and so is the red one. Since Gillette’s team is coming into the scene, they have to flee without any exchange. Gillette examines the battle aftermath and it is suggested that they split into teams. Leo and Matthaus Callaway will stay behind to look for their target as they believe they could still be nearby while the rest return to Perimeral to look for more information.

Tooru and Akari try to interrogate red Chaika (who has the same scar marks as our white Chaika) but since she is giving them the silent treatment and that calling her Chaika would be confusing, Akari suggests identifying her as Sticky. Since they are spamming this weird name, she can’t take it anymore and reveals she is Chaika Bohdan. But that’s all you’ll hear from her. What now? Torture time… But that means eating delicious meat right before her eyes. Yup. Torture alright for an empty stomach. Growling like crazy. Can’t resist the temptation? She also has the same intentions of collecting the emperor’s remains but she has a little more. She wants revenge. To kill all those who killed her father and those who didn’t protect him. Also, she has no memories for a certain period. She thinks the other Chaika is fake and herself the real deal but Tooru believes that is what all fakes say. Meanwhile David and Selma examine Chaika and since they don’t see any parts with her, they think she is of not much use. They not both Chaikas have very opposite personalities despite looking the same. They know at least 3 other Chaikas and all are looking for the emperor’s remains. David goes out to check on the battlefield and sees a note to meet by the waterfall by dawn. Leo and Matthaus are spying on him. Akari returns to Tooru and relays the note has been taken. Since Chaika’s butterfly accessory was left there, it is a sign that they agree to meet.

Episode 6
The exchange takes place but before that, Tooru warns if David tries to pull any funny stuff, Bohdan has a bomb attached to her in which he will not hesitate to pull and blow everything up. Selma who is in sniping position must now be very cautious. Halfway through, they are attacked by monster birds. They know someone is controlling them (Matthaus) since they don’t usually come in flocks. Tooru pulls the ‘bomb’ which is actually smoke screen to cover for their escape. The exchange is off for now. Tooru returns to the ruins. There is Fredrica bumming around bored. Where the hell was she? She just missed the killings. And to think she thought Chaika got a new hairstyle. Fredrica offers to use her magic to remove rubbles pinning down their vehicle provided if Tooru fights her later. But isn’t turning into her dragoon form and pushing away the rubbles just brute force? Leo and Matthaus realize they have failed since they couldn’t trace the properly covered tracks. Leo theorizes that all Chaikas may be real as the emperor may have several wives and named all daughters the same to ensure an heir. This only proves how little they know about Chaikas. Meanwhile in some conference between nations arguing about farmer’s quarrel and bandits, Konrad Steinmetz the head of Kliemann Organization tries to bring up the Chaika issue but was shot down of chasing something mythical and might as well put his power to solve these petty issues. Because of that, he informs Gillette and his team to set out immediately on their new mission. Frustrating, isn’t it?

Bohdan learns that Tooru is a saboteur and tries to hire him by paying more. However he says his pride as a saboteur means he won’t betray the employer who hired him. Bohdan can give him the battlefield he longs for but he’ll think about it. Fredrica comes teasing him to which Chaika he is going to choose. Akari returns and says she has met David in town and they have set another exchange meeting. Before Bohdan is handed back, she wants Tooru to switch masters. He’s not changing his mind. Does he not like her or something? He puts it this way. She is strong physically and mentally unlike Chaika who is too trusting and defenceless. He can’t leave her alone and wants to work for one who needs him more. Doesn’t Bohdan need him too? Both Chaikas return to their original masters. Selma is ready to snipe but notices something odd about Akari. She has cat ears and tail? Fredrica in disguise definitely. The real Akari attacks her but she manages to escape in time. As they leave, Bohdan and David stand in their way again. Does Bohdan take a liking for Tooru? They offer to join them to search for remains. But what will happen to Chaika? Bohdan’s reply is that there is no need for multiple Chaikas. I guess that’s it. Tooru will be their enemy. The fight begins as Chaika uses her magic light to blind them. But they got away eventually. Continuing their journey, Tooru believes they need to address this issue quick. Not only they have got people on their tail to prevent them from gathering the parts, there are others who are trying to steal the parts from them.

Episode 7
This has got to be a classic scene. Tooru putting Chaika to sleep when Akari puts her knife at his neck. She is spouting about his most active libido in the continent and won’t allow him to disregard his sister and violate Chaika because a defenceless sleeping girl is like a raw meat before a wild beast. I don’t even… Anyway Guy is here to tell them of another hero, Simon Scania. His existence was last verified 4 years ago in the town of Rademio. Tooru has this feeling they are being deceived but Guy welcomes that. So they prod around town and find out about this Valley of Death whereby those who enter never return. Meanwhile Steinmetz also relays the information of Simon to Gillette. They feel something odd about the heroes like although they obtained victory over Gaz but they have been cursed thereafter. It’s like they have lost their best judgment. While leaving town, Tooru and co come into contact with Gillette’s team. They are surprised to hear Chaika just wants to gather parts for the funeral. Since nothing is resolved, a fight is inevitable. In the midst of it, Fredrica pops up and wants to join. Because there will be some killing, right? Unfortunately Tooru wants her to help them escape since they are outnumbered. What about the killing? Well, she doesn’t want others to kill him, right? Right. This sucks. She takes them and flies away while Gillette and co are left dumbfounded that a dragoon is on their side. At the Valley of Death, Chaika detects lots of magic and can’t pinpoint the part’s location. Tooru needs Fredrica’s flight help to scan over the area but she sulks and won’t help since he didn’t keep his promise to fight. Till Chaika starts climbing down herself and fall off, did Fredrica change and dive down.

Then this mind boggling scene. Tooru and Chaika close to each other. They are acting like lovers?! What’s going on?! Actually Tooru got caught in the mist which is some sort of illusion. The real Chaika and other ladies are watching living out his pathetic desires in this safe magic barrier. Another classic scene. Tooru fights his enemies and notes the last part is with Gillette. Suddenly here he comes on his steed and Chaika goes to marry him! Because what better way than to get it, right? The wedding and funeral will be on the same day! Tooru is left heartbroken and chasing after them. He enters the magic barrier and snaps out. Cue for Akari to slap him. Cue for Fredrica to join in and punch him. Woke up from your dream? Once he learns what is happening, Chaika mentions they can still move through the fog provided she shoots clear a path. They keep running till they see a magic contraption. Chaika fires to destroy it an immediately the mist disappears. There is this vagabond complaining how useless this magic machine is. He denies he is Simon but Fredrica could identify it is him although he changed a lot. He starts ranting about how he was betrayed by his best friend Marco during the war because he sold them out to the enemy and that his wife ran away with him. Tooru deduces he abandoned the army and came to live in this valley alone and the magic was his way of showing people illusions of friends betraying them like how it happened to him. Chaika asks him for the parts and he doesn’t hesitate to give that most useless thing away. He doesn’t need it anyway. Well, well. The entire right leg. As they leave, Tooru has this uneasy feeling it was too easy. Besides, it just feels tragic. A hero of the war getting financially compensated and a part of Gaz but not a happy ending. Chaika likes the illusion of them together but Tooru brushes that off of ever happening and only happened in his fantasy because Akari and Fredrica were out of the question. What the heck does he mean by that? Akari not too pleased. Chaika becomes upset and that dude is slow on the uptake till she throws food at his face.

Episode 8
Since Gillette is so concerned about Chaika this, Chaika that, Steinmetz suggests he take a break from it and reminds him their priority is still the welfare of the people. Chaika and co reach a border patrol. They claim this land belongs to Neo Gaz Empire (in the midst of rebuilding anyway) and they need to pay toll. Why, that’s news. They are introduced to General Mart, Minister Lavr and Frol the head of the Imperial Guard. Heck, they even introduced Princess Chaika. Behold! Blonde Chaika AKA Julia. In addition to almost giving herself away, Chaika gladly pays the toll but I guess the guys got greedy when they see her silver coin. On grounds that their carriage is suspicious, they check it and Akari lies through her teeth that they are travelling performers. The guys are not convinced and will have them perform. So this is their castle? So rundown… The trio put up cheap performances (because nobody seems impressed) until the big one which has Fredrica turn from a cat into a dragoon! Impressive! That night as they celebrate, Tooru notices several men bringing in stolen gold and silverware as ‘military funds’. He realizes they are just a band of thieves and knows it’ll be trouble if they stay longer. Chaika talks to Julia and the latter seems like a nice lady. Julia promises to tell her some poem tomorrow since she has ‘business’ to attend to. I guess that business is to go rob somebody’s house. Julia confirms Chaika is really a genuine idiot but knows the saboteurs must be dealt with quickly. As Julia and Lavr break into a house, Julia realizes too late it is a trap and gets captured.

Meanwhile Tooru wants to leave this place right now and doesn’t want to get any more involved with these people. Chaika disagrees since she promises. Also, only Chaika can drive and since she won’t, they’ll be staying put. Mart and the rest surround them and offer them to join their ranks. Tooru refuses. They think they can beat the siblings? It only took a second for the duo to round the bandits up. Suddenly Frol remembers Chaika’s familiar face. She is the real Chaika from the wanted poster! Mart explains that their goal to restore Gaz Empire was true but it seemed so far out of reach and they became discouraged by the day. Although, they haven’t given up yet. Lavr returns with bad news. Chaika wants to rescue Julia but Tooru tries to be a pessimist. It’s like he doesn’t want to do it, no thanks, I’m leaving. Too bad Chaika is his employer so when she says she’s doing it, you’re doing it too! They easily break Julia out from prison and everyone is sincerely grateful. Before they leave the next morning, Julia keeps her promise to tell Chaika the poem. Mart returns the silver coin to them. Tooru asks about the emperor’s personality. Honestly they don’t know. They have never even seen his face. They also heard he did some shady human experiments to advance magic technology but even so, they only heard about this after the war. In the end, they knew nothing about him. As for what they are going to do now, it’s time to take long overdue action and do what they’ve been putting off so long. Lastly, the conference between the nations is in uproar. The emissary they sent to Duke Gavarni’s domain to request the return of the floating fortress Soara, was found murdered and his body returned in horrific condition.

Episode 9
Since today is the festival to celebrate the end of the war, many shops are closed so Chaika and co can’t get replenishment of magic fuel for their vehicle. The shopkeeper was nice enough to recommend some shops but don’t keep your hopes up as they might be closed. Tooru learns that Chaika can use her memories as magic fuel substitution. I guess this explains a lot. And I suppose it’s a duh question to ask how many memories she used up or when was the last time she used it. Yeah. She can’t remember. Gillette and Vivi are also having a time out at the town together. They stop a thief stealing from a noble who in return wasn’t that grateful. The thief continues to scorn nobles for living such a lavish way and people like Gillette wouldn’t even understand. Justice won’t fill a man’s stomach. Know what he’s saying? The rest of Gillette’s team are talking about Gillette’s sincerity and how he saved them from certain predicaments, the reason why they follow him. They also notice Gillette note acting like himself lately ever since chasing Chaika. Steinmetz’s secretary, Karen Bombardier comes in seeking Gillette and everyone. There is an urgent order to return. Tooru asks several peddlers if they have any magic fuel. Sorry kid. You’re out of luck. This brings back memories of his younger days in his hidden Acura village where he and Akari undergo strict training by their brother mentor, Shin to become saboteurs.

Finally they hit an open store that sells magic fuel. This old guy doesn’t have good memories of this festival because the war killed his entire family. While he helps fill the containers with magic fuel, Tooru tells Chaika part of his past. There was a peddler named Hasumin Orlo who used to come to the village. It was like a reward to buy something after their hard training. You can say she is his first love (although he clearly denies it) because he always wanted to show off his newly mastered techniques. However Hasumin never praised him and only looked on with a sad expression. One day, bandits attacked her troupe and everyone got killed. Tooru remembers clearly seeing her last breathe. Although later the adults slaughtered the bandits, Tooru still couldn’t let it go. He always had this regret he failed to help her. He can never forget it. Chaika believes he is thinking the wrong way. Because he saved her from that unicorn. The memory might be painful but it is valuable. Because having memories is a happy thing. I guess she’s right. Considering Chaika’s case. As the old man finishes, Tooru asks if there is a place they can get large amounts of magic fuel. He thinks the neighbouring territory that belongs to Gavarni. It is also believed this domain has Gaz’s remains too. As there are lots of mines in the area, his friends might have bought the remains from some hero with the mining profit. Tooru asks Chaika if she can choose which memories to use for fuel. I suppose she could. He thinks it’s best to save the good memories. Gillette’s team prepares to sneak into the Soara when it anchors at its set interval.

Episode 10
As Tooru and Chaika enter the next town, they can’t help see everyone staring at them. Chaika’s coffin? Nope. Then he realized. There are no women in this town! Trying to get fossil fuel from a store, it seems they only can sell in very minimal amount despite this town has the largest fossil fuel mines as everything goes to the duke. The shopkeeper whispers to them that Gavarni has been abducting girls by force. They never came back. Although some has fled, they believed to have been hunt down and killed. So it is best for a girl like Chaika to leave this place at once. But why hasn’t anybody go to the duke’s mansion? Because it’s a flying fortress! Of course our gang needs to infiltrate it to uncover the mystery. Fredrica doesn’t want to fly them since Tooru has broken his promise so many times to fight her. However Akari gives Fredrica too much needed motivation. She can kill him but don’t leave too many large wounds because she wants him stuffed! After they survey Soara by night, the next day as the guards come down to take more girls, Akari purposely joins in. Vivi and Zita have also snuck on board to do their investigation. They send periodic reports of what they have observed. The duke has not shown himself in person and it seems this place is run by a wizard named Grad Lancia. There is a young boy with royalty looks with him. Other than that, there is no one else but guards patrolling and the girls are taken to waiting rooms before being split into smaller groups. Meanwhile the allied nations are demanding to send a punitive army to take down Gavarni. Steinmetz tries to reason with them to wait as his team is there to gather information but those bastards aren’t going to be patient and wants to launch a pre-emptive strike now! Worse, the king gives orders for it and to subjugate the duke. Steinmetz relays the bad news to Gillette and to tell his team to get out of there because the allied nations are going to use the floating fortress of Stratus. Attack will be by morning.

That night, Fredrica sneaks in the rest to meet up with Akari. They see a large giant pillar believed to be a giant Gundo because such enormous amount of power is needed to move this flying fortress. Suddenly guards attack them. Fredrica gets stabbed and thrown off the bridge! I know she won’t die from that but it was that easy to get her out of the picture? The siblings split up and go separate ways but Akari gets captured. She is brought to Grad and introduced to Ricardo Gavarni, the duke’s youngest son. He hints he is a psycho sadist as his hobby is cutting up people. Akari wants to see his father but that won’t be possible because Ricardo has cut up his entire family! Ricardo also hints that besides him and Grad, there is another third person sharing their common goals. Grad suggests putting Akari’s skills to good use by capturing her friends. Of course she refuses so Grad infuses some magic that will make her obedient but yet retain her personality. Tooru and Chaika stumble into this hooded girl, Layla who wants their help to get out of this place. Oh no. Chaika wants to help. She can’t be serious. Grad and Ricardo know the allied nations are moving and their dreams will soon become reality. Oh, you might have guessed it too. Layla is their third accomplice. When guards attack Tooru, he engages them while Layla tries to persuade Chaika to come with her so as not to bother him. Chaika has a bad feeling about leaving him so she forces her into the elevator. Goodbye. Realized too late it’s a trap. Worse for Tooru, he has to fight Akari.

Episode 11
As the siblings fight, Tooru thinks Akari has defected to the duke’s side but is sad she betrayed Chaika. Vivi and Zita are thinking how to get off Soara when they hear some fighting nearby. Tooru could have fallen to his death if not for Zita saving him. Zita suggests they trade information. Although Vivi is much against it, their priority now is to return alive to their team. In exchange of telling Tooru about the punitive attack, they want him to tell them a way out. Hey, since he got in, he must have a way out, right? Well, he has. But everyone is separated and they’ll have to wait till everyone is united first. On their way up, they see a bloodied wall. Upon removing it, they see hideous corpses of women hanging upside down! Sick! One of them barely alive mentions Ricardo did this. It is believed for magic fuel but corpses are more than sufficient. As the magic source are accumulated memories of living beings, the denser the memories, the better its quality. Girls are taken because they are prone to intense pain, agony and fear. However, using this much corpses isn’t necessary to fly Soara. Tooru and the girls continue to run from Akari’s offensive. Zita thinks some sort of magic drug makes her hypnotized under someone’s will like those guards. There must be something more that these corpses are used to power. Layla brings Chaika into her room and learns her name and mission. Then she mocks there is all to it. Then she explains Soara is on its way to attack the capital Cadwell to start another war. This is what Ricardo and Grad want and she is supporting from the shadows. I guess they got bored of peace. I mean, Ricardo could cut up anybody he wants in a war, right? Chaika denies everything she said as lies but Layla know how she feels. Because when she takes off her hood, she looks like Chaika! Another Chaika! Except this is a blue one.

Chaika calls her a fake. Guess what? Every Chaika says she is the real deal. Layla explains she was once like her but one day awakened to discover the horrifying truth. That opening scene of being a tool and setting fate in motion. They are all tools to gather the emperor’s remains and everyone that travels with them are tools as well for this cause. She adds there are many types of Chaikas with different personalities and skills. Once she learnt about the truth, she stopped being a Chaika. Fredrica comes though the air ventilation and heard it all. She wants Layla to hand over the remains when suddenly a creepy spider monster kills her! NOT AGAIN!!! This time it might be serious because it got her brain, a dragoon’s real weakness. Layla continues that she will use the remains as magic fuel until it finishes. This is her revenge on the ones who orchestrated all this. Gillette and Leo meet the advancing punitive army. He speaks to the commander of this army, Theobald Setra to delay the attack. Setra doesn’t give a damn about the lives of a couple of spies and that this is an order from the king. Gillette has no say in it. Plus, they are just subjugating a duke and not a war between nations. Gillette is desperate to delay the attack by any means. He cannot believe these guys want to fight so badly rather than delaying for a few seconds. So he points his sword at Setra and won’t move an inch. Tooru and co get this brilliant idea to crawl through the air ventilation. Yeah. Why didn’t they think of that? Nobody guards these places, right? Well, we’ll soon find out. Because that creepy spider monster lurks! That’s why! RUN!!! Since the stairs are blocked with magic barriers, I guess the only way is to climb from outside. You crazy?! Don’t worry. Tooru has some training in climbing walls. So while the ladies handle Akari’s attack, Tooru becomes Spider-man! Watch him wing from ledge to ledge!

Episode 12
The commander of Stratus, Bernard Chizeta will not let any trivialities stop his attack. Today is the day he waited for. This means he is ignoring Gillette’s request and ransom. He commands Stratus to fire. Although it hits Soara, its magic barrier barely scratches it. In this distraction, Vivi and Zita subdue Akari and use magic to snap her out of her spell. Chaika won’t be a damsel in distress. She is going to get out. But seriously, she might have trouble getting into the air ventilation and if you think about it, how the heck is she going to get her coffin in there?! Tooru fights off the spider monster. How many stabs does it take for this thing to die? As Akari and the girls make their way to the top, they see Fredrica’s dead body. Suddenly something bursts out of her stomach! Holy sh*t! Mini Fredrica???!!! WTF?! Like Aliens?! I didn’t know this was some sort of horror cutie comedy?! I don’t know about her molting structure that gives her dual personality, but heck, she’s back and freaking kawaii in this chibi form!!! Bernard is starting to panic when Soara fires back and Stratus takes massive damage. The next magic beam from Soara goes off tangent and destroys the land army. Holy cow! The entire army wiped out! Gillette got caught in the line?! Say it isn’t so!!!! With Soara taking some hit, it seems they can’t use magic attacks when they reach Cadwell. Layla has an idea. Why not use Soara as a projectile and ram into the capital like suicide bombing? Ricardo loves that idea and approves of it. Bernard won’t go down alone and will bring Soara down with him and orders his men to ram Stratus into Soara. Chaika escapes and should have done this a long time ago. She blasts the doors open with her Gundo and then stumble into an engine room and see an entire left leg as the magic source powering Soara. Chaika’s presence is given away when Stratus rams into Soara. Ricardo introduces himself and is excited to cut up Chaika. Fredrica brings the ladies to the room where Chaika was held but only find themselves facing those spider monsters. This time Fredrica transforms into a dragoon to initiate some payback. Now she can really go for the kill.

Tooru arrives in the nick of time before Chaika is operated open on her own coffin. He fights Ricardo who is surprisingly as agile and swift. Ricardo thinks he has defeated Tooru when he stabs his arm when Tooru turns around and stabs his guts! So easy?! So is Ricardo impressed with the colour of his own guts? Looks like it. All you have to do was just die, right? Akari knocks out Grad and sends every mind controlled person in this fortress to go unconscious. The fortresses crash into the sea. After Tooru retrieves the left leg, Layla shoots her crossbow into him as he falls into the rising water. She is about to kill Chaika too but she gets stunned when she sees Guy behind. This allows Chaika to chant her magic and fire back. Then she dives down into the water to kiss Tooru. I want to believe it is to give him some air but at the same I think she really wants to do that too because she could have just summoned that magic bubble of hers and surround them with air. Besides if you think about it, how can one short kiss revive him? He didn’t like her saving him because it’s like the roles of the tool is reversed. Chaika disagrees he is not a tool. They could have a second round of kissing but the other girls meet up and they escape Soara who has now sunk to the bottom. Ricardo and Layla are somewhat tired-cum-satisfied and remain together till they meet their watery grave. When Vivi and Zita return to the rest, they are extremely shocked to hear about Gillette. No way!!! Don’t tell me he is freaking dead?! Don’t you dare! The shock was too much for Vivi that she starts screaming and transforms into Chaika?! WTF?! Vivi is another Chaika?! Chaika reveals about what Layla said about being tools and programmed to retrieve parts. She wants to resume her mission to collect her father’s remains and Tooru as well as Akari will follow her and don’t care if she’s fake or not, manipulated or not. They have chosen her as their master. Fredrica wants Tooru to form a contract to be a dragoon cavalier. Since he is going to be reckless, he won’t be treating every wound if they have a contract. She’s serious but he’ll think about it. They make haste and continue their journey thinking Gillette’s team will be hot on their heels.

Will The Real Chaika Please Stand Up?
Seriously. It can’t end like that! Even Chaika agrees! Yup. And so at the end of the episode, we get an announcement from her (she even sounds this excited like I am) that there is going to be a second season and thus ‘saving’ this season from my scathing criticism if they were just going to end it here without anything more. Ah yes. You could tell that I am quite fascinated and interested in this series and will be looking forward to the next season. At first I didn’t put too much hope on this series and thought this was going to be a mere run of the mill fantasy setting. But surprisingly every turn of events from the pacing of the story and the action bits kept me interested. It is very rare for such animes to actually keep me glued to the screen that I lost track of time. True. Before I knew it, the series was over and I was like, it is over so fast? Seriously. And I thought Shingeki No Kyojin, the last anime that made me felt so, it would be another long time before another series would have this effect on me (Kill La Kill was great too but I wasn’t this crazy and wanting so much and more).

With different types of Chaikas running around, each with different personalities but their goal somewhat remains the same. It is intriguing to see how many more there are and their true purpose. I have a feeling that gathering Gaz’s remains could just be a façade for something more sinister. After all like it is hinted, how much do we know about Chaika? This thought screws with our minds and makes us think twice about Chaika’s goal and question what we have seen, their actions are they seemingly genuine or not. For all you know the memories implanted with them are also manipulated. And every Chaika claims they are the real one. Yeah. Like who would admit they are fake? So will the real Chaika please stand up? For all you know, all could be real. All could be fake. Or even half truths and half lies. Now with Vivi revealing to be a Chaika, things are not going to be as straight forward as before. It will only get more complicated, I figure. With different Chaikas given different colour codes, I am hoping there would be the ultimate colour Chaika: A rainbow Chaika! That would be classic. Also just a little thought, with Gaz’s remains scattered throughout, it makes me wonder what the remaining parts are. Because I have this cheeky thought of wondering who is having his balls. HAHAHA!!!

Chaika is an amusing girl. It makes her funny. Firstly, her thick eyebrows make remind me of Groucho Marx. Just that she doesn’t smoke a cigar :). Sometimes those eyebrows too make her seem like she came out from a Sesame Street production… The second obvious thing you’ll notice is the way she speaks. Somewhat broken. I know it is good to keep your sentences short but most of the time it is like there is a full stop after 2 or 3 words. In some ways, it makes her sounds like a retard (in a funny sense). But that’s what also makes her cute. If her words were translated into English, I guess her speech could be equivalent to Master Yoda. Her naïve and gullible but kind personality is also amusing to watch. I mean, using her Gundo to light up a little fire? Well, she’s in for a blast. Literally. As such, it makes her cute. It makes her funny. It makes her amusing. Oh. Did I repeat myself? Speaking of phrases, I think her favourite word is “Hitei!” (something that denotes disagreement or no). At least in the last arc because she seems to be spamming this a lot especially with Layla revealing the big revelation and Chaika was like hitei this hitei that. Another thing that bugs me is the amount of money she carries. I wonder where she got that amount because it seems she can pay for just about anything. From the royal treasury? Maybe before daddy died, he gave each Chaika some allowances to go about. Uh huh. Coffin coffers, if I should put-cum-pun it. Such a rich girl I don’t mind her paying for meals, expenses and the likes ;p. And her coffin, something tells me there is some sort of space dimension rift inside because she can keep a lot of things inside! It’s like Doraemon’s magic pocket. No doubt the coffin is much bigger than her, I wonder how she will fit all the parts in addition to the Gundo equipment that she stores inside.

Akari is also another amusing character especially there are lots of hints that indicate she is somewhat obsessed about Tooru (their verbal spats and her exaggerated accusations are the biggest clues). She loves accusing him of being a predator on girls, doesn’t she? She has a potential to turn yandere if I should say. Dead or alive, she really ‘wants’ him. So if she is not putting her saboteur skills to good use, she is more likely to be seen in this ‘lively interaction’ with Tooru. Tooru himself in a way is also cool. Cool with his skills as a sharp saboteur and cool and ‘indifferent’ in deflecting Akari’s serious fake accusations about him. It’s like he has heard it so many times that it doesn’t surprise him. The only thing that I can think off why he decided to stick with Chaika through thick and thin isn’t just about his code as a saboteur to be loyal to his master, but also he likes her. Uh huh. Didn’t think so, did you? That kiss just seals it. Because we know from Chaika’s easy-to-read body language that she likes him but what about him? I’m sure he does. Because even if he claims this peaceful world is so boring, literally he could have just found anything else to do other than being Chaika’s employee. So how is the adventure currently? Well, he didn’t say he was loving it but at least it keeps him from bumming around and letting girls pay for him. That I thought was going to be the running joke of the series but eventually after the initial episodes, it died out.

Fredrica feels like a fickle member of the group. I guess that is why she is aptly taking a form of a cat if she is not in her goth loli appearance or her true dragoon form. Because for other times when she isn’t really needed, she is not around and wandering somewhere. Not to say that the saboteurs need her assistance as they are self-sufficient for most of time except when it comes to flight. But she appears as and when she pleases and feels like she is just tagging and bumming around, bidding her time so she can get that chance to fight Tooru. Did they ever say the fight must be to the death? Can they just spar? Or can they ‘fight’ using other methods? Say, rock-scissors-paper best out of 5 rounds?

As this is not the end yet, there are lots more characters that aren’t properly fleshed out yet and we have not seen the last of them. For one, it is not really sure if Gillette has perished or not despite Leo was the only survivor of the stray blast and collecting his sword back. I mean, there was no body, right? And if you tell me it disintegrated, how come the other dead soldiers’ body didn’t? So I am sure (keeping fingers crossed) that such a handsome and sincere guy like him would be still alive and somewhere (otherwise Vivi would be a sad girl and could turn her into a bad girl). Then there is Guy who feels like his cameo appearances in popping up here and there watching over Chaika feels like he is just trolling. We don’t know what he is but he gives just enough information to push Chaika forward. For all you know he may be Gaz himself! Gasp! Of course there is Bohdan’s group and from the last battle, my guess they will definitely cross paths again along with the other Chaika groups. There are some unfinished businesses to settle.

The action part is also quite good. At least it keeps me well entertained especially with Tooru and Akari as skilled saboteurs, they employ their learned skills and resources to the max resulting in them pulling off fast reflexes and certain acrobatic stunts that have been perfected throughout their years of harsh training. Be warned, sometimes the scenes may get a little bloody and gory. I wouldn’t say Chaika is a dead weight. There are times when she fights too but it is only when she uses her Gundo and it takes some time to setup her gun and chant her magic spells. Speaking of those magic lines, sometimes it feels like gibberish. As though they just pull it out from thin air or say the first nonsense word that comes to mind.

The artwork and drawing feels decent. Since this is a fantasy setting, I suppose the designs of the character dresses like Chaika’s gothic outfit (personally I like hers the best), the automobiles and the different dangerous beasts are rather okay. Talking about the beasts, that creepy monster spider just reminded me of something. I thought that kind of design reminded me of those frightening BETA monsters from Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse. Creepy indeed. And thus some scenes can get gory and graphic like that Alien reference or that hidden wall of bloodied female corpses. Prepare your heart for such scenes. Personally I also feel that all the towns somewhat have this same look and feel to it. I’m sure it is because the towns are still recuperating from the aftermath of the biggest baddest war so it is no surprise that many parts have this gloomy and poverty-like ambience while there is a vast piece of wilderness and undeveloped lands. The buildings also have this old European feel to it. They have no distinctive feature that tells them apart. Therefore I can’ tell if they venture into another town if they do not mention it or logically if I am not paying attention and following the story.

Hearing Chaika’s voice for the first time, I thought it was Kana Hanazawa behind her since she sound awfully close in that retard mode. But something feels off. Sounds like Kana Hanazawa but not. Could it be Aki Toyosaki? Nah. Turns out to be Chaika Chika Anzai whose only voice acting role that I heard was Suzu Shutou from Akuma No Riddle. Originally I didn’t recognize Chiwa Saito’s voice. She wasn’t her usual when she was as Dominica. Then when she turned into Fredrica, it all becomes too familiar. Especially when that dragoon is craving to go berserk and do some killing. Reminds me of that crazy psycho teacher, Becky in Nourin. Other casts include Junji Majima as Tooru (Ryuuji in Toradora), Yuko Hara as Akari (Hitomi in Happiness Charge PreCure), Yoshimasa Hosoya as Gillette (Shichika in Katanagatari), Iori Nomizu as Vivi (Nymph in Sora No Otoshimono), Yui Makino as Layla (Sakura in Tsubasa Chronicle), Megumi Ogata as Ricardo (Shinji in Neon Genesis Evangelion) and Saeko Zougou as Bohdan (Chacha in Maken-Ki!).

Hearing the very rock-like opening theme, Darkena for the first time somewhat brings back familiar memories. No, I have not heard this song anywhere before but rather the singing style somewhat feels familiar. Then it hit me. Realizing it was Iori Nomizu’s voice behind the vocals, this brings back memories of how she sang the opening for Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka. I don’t really want to say bad about her singing but personally I thought her voice wasn’t the suitable type to sing. It’s a bit out of tune. Maybe that is her singing trademark. At least better than mine. Kairaku Genri is the ending theme sung by Coffin Princess (which is basically the voice of the 3 main Chaikas in this series). Despite it is more of a rock outfit, I can’t help feel there an ominous feel and sometimes it sounds like a hymn.

So peace is not a good thing to some? I can see why because it puts a lot of people out of a job. It doesn’t keep the economy running. It makes a lot of bored people with nothing else better to do. What else can people like Tooru and Akari do? What other industry can they go to? Even the case of Fredrica whose original dragoon form is much sought after has diminished in its value. Some things are only worth it and valuable when they fight. So yeah. War is good. Hah. With it comes pain, misery and all the suffering. I guess some people like that. Being sadists on a worldwide scale. It’s their only way to show their superiority and assert their authority over others, I figure.

Overall, this anime has a good mix of comedy, action, great prospects for character development and storytelling. People who are not into this fantasy setting or this kind of genre should also give this anime a try. Like every other anime out there, it is not perfect and not with its short comings but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying this anime. At least this series made me less fearful when I see coffins. Especially if a goth loli girl carries it. Hmm… Could be the next trendy fashion to replace bulky suitcases. Coffins and coffin carriers aren’t necessarily the harbinger of something ominous. For they might be loaded with cash and if you are lucky to be employed for your services, you’ll be set for life. Unless the job never ends…

Kenzen Robo Daimidaler

January 3, 2015

Alright. I am going to make a vow now. Never again will I watch a mecha themed anime ever again. After the last few rounds of me somehow ending up watching mecha themed animes that I never thought would ever watch, let me right now make a promise that no matter what kind of great story, great characters, great action or great robot designs will ever make me watch another mecha anime. Cross my heart. That will be my new and steadfast resolution. And that’s why I am going to give Kenzen Robo Daimidaler the big skip. This is a mecha anime, right? Yeah. I’m not going to watch this. You can’t convince me to do so. Say what? It is sexy? Hmph. Not convinced. It has some ecchi elements, you say? Erm… Okay, I’m not swayed either *sweating*… Oh… What… The… You use the power of perversion to pilot the robot and you do so by groping boobs???!!! Oh sh*t! I have to see this one!!! OH F*CK!!!!!!!!! FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, goodbye resolution. And once again, I gave in to the power of ecchi and fanservice to catch this mecha themed anime. Shame on me… But just to clear things up, I’m not in for the mecha elements, okay. It’s for the fanser-… Oh sh*t! I think I just said the wrong thing to make it worst… Anyway, if you want to watch this show, be warned that there a fapping materials aplenty. Yeah… Hey wait. So is this a mecha or ecchi fanservice series in the first place? Or both?

Episode 1
Uninspiring robot design. The reason why mankind lost to some enemy in an equally uninspiring robot design too. Yeah. Mankind is doomed. In present time. Kouichi Madanbashi is a delinquent. A pervert. He isn’t scared of busty teacher Chieko Kakazu who wants to reprimand him for wearing a different uniform. Instead he fondles her boobs and makes his run, on his way flipping girls’ skirt. Oh Kouichi… The enemy of women! Kyouko Sonan stumbles upon him and remembers her mission to find a new particle accumulator. In short, she needs to find people who are possible Factor candidates and test them out. Kouichi is one of them. Is this her lucky day… Or not? Because Kouichi endangers his life just to peek at girls’ panties under the overhead bridge! Kids, remember to look left and right before crossing the road! When Kyouko finally catches up to him, he thinks she wants to f*ck him! They are distracted by several weird Penguin guys from Penguin Empire who start ranting proud about their ‘front tail’. They also know Kyouko is an agent from Beauty Salon Prince Intelligence. Kyouko fires a small firework as distraction to escape. But it isn’t long before they are cornered. Kouichi is going to do some serious ass kicking but gets owned. Super weak! Disappointed? Oh, not Kouichi. He isn’t disappointed by her voluptuous breasts and starts fondling them as he likes. Suddenly he powers up and beats the crap out of the baddies like a super hero! This guy really has the Hi-ERO particles and Kyouko wants him to help them fight against Penguin Empire. Kouichi isn’t interested in this Factor, Hi-ERO and saving the world crap thingy. He’s just a normal high school student. Yeah. Which normal high school student flips up girls’ skirts? So he goes home only to see those Penguin guys raiding his room. Reading his porn… They’re going to great lengths to eliminate anybody who poses a great threat to their ambition. Not wanting his rental deposit to be forfeited, he runs away while the Penguin guys nicely put away his porn before going after him.

Kyouko stumbles upon him again as she was heading to his place. And then those Penguin guys ride their ugly Antarctic robot series to destroy them. As the duo try to outrun Antarctic, Kyouko calls back HQ to request for their robot. However it’s not working and the staffs couldn’t be really bothered. They’re not motivated unless Kyouko treats them. Fine. She is given coordinates to Daimidaler. Mummified? Kouichi agrees to help since it would be interesting. They ride on as Daimidaler unwraps. Kyouko will give him hands on lessons (no pun intended – but I wish it was). Kouichi is doing great at first but since he is still a beginner, he gets beaten up. Daimidaler is also out of power when Kouichi realizes a crucial point. This machine runs on Hi-ERO power that is rechargeable and since Kouichi recharges by doing perverted things to women, Kyouko please bare your boobs for him to fondle! Are you going to let mankind get wasted just to protect your chastity?! So put that erotic body of yours on the line for the sake of mankind! Against her will, she lets him touch them. He enjoys every moment of it and this recharges his Hi-ERO particles and he pulls off never seen before moves. Not bad for a beginner, huh? They won the fight but it’s not over yet. What do you mean it’s not over? He’s not over fondling her boobs! So this is like extra reward? And so Kouichi agrees to lend his power to fight against Penguin Empire because it means he’ll get to fondle more boobs. Every fight will mean another perverted act! Yup. Mankind is doomed one way or another.

Episode 2
Kouichi is brought to the base and introduced to the 3 professors responsible in maintaining Daimidaler: Moriko Tomoyose, Soriko Majikina and Sewashiko Goya. Kouichi wants to fondle Moriko’s humongous boobs but was told to focus on Kyouko. Much obliged! They detect his Hi-ERO particles increasing so much that he must be some S-class Factor, the most powerful of them all. Oh yeah. And he gets it all by his fondling ability… When another Antarctic series attacks, Daimidaler is launched. It is a twin seater. Kyouko is also a pilot even though she does nothing. You’ll see… Antarctic moves too fast and splits itself to attack Daimidaler. At times like this, erotic powers are needed so that’s why Kyouko’s seat can move to where Kouichi is so he can get as much convenient fondling as possible. However his Hi-ERO particles are not charging up! Daimidaler could have been smashed like an iron maiden had not for some mysterious priest calling in the helicopter to unload stacks of porn magazines. Antarctic wants to get them all but in this distraction Daimidaler gets back up to fight and forces the enemy to withdraw. Back at the base, Kouichi continues his fondling harassment to see where he went wrong. The priest appears and chides him for being an amateur. He is the organization’s administrator, Kazuo Matayoshi as he goes on explaining how this organization began as a beauty salon and evolved into electric engineering that has the greatest scientists gather to create Daimidaler as Earth’s first line of defence. Kouichi is a wimp that shouldn’t be here. Uppercut! Kouichi is going to show him his worth (poor Kyouko gets more fondling) but Matayoshi swiftly moves his finger and sends Kyouko into ultimate ecstasy! How could this be? Kouichi thinks back and realizes his finger touched her nipples and just grazing her erogenous zone was able to induce such powerful reaction. Now you realize why you’re just a perverted amateur? Now take some lessons from the perverted master! All breasts are not the same! Fondling breasts isn’t child’s play! See beyond what you cannot see! Oh yeah. Kouichi definitely wants this guy to be his master.

The big boss of Penguin Empire, Penguin Emperor makes a call and wants to negotiate. However Kyouko is the one getting most emotional. She calls them liars and that they tainted her father’s heart 2 years ago. During that negotiation, Penguin Empire did the front tail dance (it is their form of greeting – don’t ask) and it traumatized him. So much so he is afraid of bananas! Since that day, Kyouko hates Penguin Empire and will not forgive them. Since negotiations have failed, Penguin Emperor is going to unleash Operation Shadow Hell. Look up the details in their shady website. All those random GIFs… A huge umbrella covers the city. When it is dark, humans will go home. They will make babies and this will produce Hi-ERO particles that they need. However, despite being dark, nobody is going home to f*ck. Plan failed. Daimidaler is launched and once again Kouichi cannot get Hi-ERO particles to recharge with the fondling. It upsets Kyouko even more when he says he might be bored with her boobs! Do you know how embarrassing is this to her?! What he meant was, if you eat your favourite dishes every day, you’ll get bored. Need more variety. How? Then he realizes Matayoshi’s words. He opens her shirt and lifts her bra to have a full view of her bare tits! That’s it! Hi-ERO powers rapidly increasing! It packs so much power that not only the enemy is defeated but I think it left a big crater in the middle of the city. Matayoshi adds to Kouichi’s lesson that imagination is important and isn’t bound by what he sees. Kouichi is fired up and wants to undergo more rigorous training. Nonstop fondling till the crack of dawn! Spare a thought for Kyouko, please!

Episode 3
Kouichi continues with his training by peeping on the professors doing yoga in tights and of course fondling Kyouko’s boobs. It feels more like a crime than training… Meanwhile Penguin Emperor is sick of Daimidaler thwarting his plans when this cute girl, Rikantz Seaberry AKA Ritz shows up and starts hugging all the Penguins. She loves Penguins! She wants to join them! Penguin Emperor has her pass a test first and it seems she defeats all the elite commandoes easily. She even does to same to his majestic when he joins in. However he disqualifies her because knocking out the emperor is a crime! So she’s out! Ritz is crying alone when one of the Penguin henchmen talks to her that the emperor and everyone else were just feeling touched that a human sympathized with them. This made Ritz vow not to give up so she goes back and polishes everyone’s front tail till it shines so bright like the sun! Penguin Emperor is very impressed and makes her part of the family! Soon Penguin Empire launches an attack on the city by reading an electric appliance instruction in a very horny fashion. Yeah. Put your plug deep into the hole… Kouichi and co think Ritz is taken hostage but apparently they are proven wrong when she pilots Antarctic and attack them. Kouichi is so hot headed and angry that his fondling of Kyouko seems forceful. Daimidaler takes critical damage when Ritz suddenly stops attacking. What gives? Too much spinning causes her to have motion sickness. Thanks to that, Daimidaler is spared but Kouichi cannot accept this embarrassing defeat. Matayoshi points out Kouichi is the biggest weakness as he relies too much on Kyouko. He must undergo some rigorous training so he can pilot Daimidaler without relying heavily on her. Kouichi is desperate to get stronger and agrees to go off on a journey with Matayoshi.

Penguin Empire is celebrating Ritz’s success and putting up a party for her. Penguin Emperor notes he will soon obtain Hi-ERO particles needed to complete this Penguin device. Kouichi has been gone for 10 days while the ladies wait for his return by playing bowling. Starting to miss him, Kyouko? And when he returns, he looks changed and more powered up. Kyouko is happy but something is not right. Kouichi won’t let her touch him! OMG! Is this for real?! Why so sad Kyouko? No more perverted harassments, right? In good timing, Penguin Empire launches another attack. This time they put panties on everything… Don’t ask. Kyouko is amazed that Kouichi doesn’t need to fondle her boobs to recharge and can pilot Daimidaler better. But why the long face? She feels sad she is not needed anymore! What is she trying to say?! Meanwhile Kouichi notices Kyouko’s back. He never realized she was this sexy before. When it’s time for the big attack, Kyouko allows him to fondle her boobs. However he can’t let go of the controls or they’ll be defenceless. There is only 1 way. Kyouko must show her boobs! What kind of a sick play is this now?! Of course Kyouko is still pouting that he was acting he didn’t need her and all. But like any other women, all she needs is her man to say the 3 most important words and she’ll forgive and allow. Finally Kouichi bursts from his holding back. He says he needs her so Kyouko shows her tits. Finally all that training of abstinence is going to pay off. His Hi-ERO particles charge up way past the maximum as Daimidaler sends Ritz to a crushing defeat. Kyouko feels glad that she is still needed but she may be regretting it. Is it her or her boobs that he really needs? Penguin Emperor isn’t disappointed by Ritz’s loss. In fact he realizes Ritz emitting a high amount of Hi-ERO particles and is a Factor herself.

Episode 4
Ritz is in a container to share her Hi-ERO particles to be infused in a Penguin. Previously experiments for this led to failure but with Ritz providing it, there will be a chance of success. One of them is reborn and shall be known as Commando Six! On another day, another Penguin attack. Wait a minute. The Penguin is piloting a Daimidaler? Two Daimidalers! Oh no! How can we tell which is the real one? Of course the real one beats the fake till it exposes Antarctic’s real form. Commanded by Six (Kouichi heard as Sex), both sides trade powerful punches and blasts. I think the city is going to be done for at this rate. Six is going to do a very dangerous move that is akin to suicide. He will do it for the sake of Penguin Empire. In the aftermath of the blast, Penguin Emperor orders his men to retrieve Six who has from the effects of the battle turned human-like. But he is not in his mecha. Kyouko visits her father at hospital and notices a handsome guy. Of course this is Six and from the effects of the battle, he has lost his memories. He felt he has met Kyouko somewhere before but each time he thinks harder, his head hurts. The duo have a lovely chat as she talks about her job as a ‘beauty salon’ and also about happiness. When Six realizes he wants to be happy with this moment, all his memories come back. She realizes who she is. If he captures her, he’ll be able to defeat Daimidaler. However he can’t bring himself to do it and runs away.

Kyouko feels happy for meeting such a nice good. But her good mood is ruined when she returns to base. The professors have analyzed the footage taken from the last battle and they have a clear view of Six’s face. Doesn’t he look familiar? Kyouko falls into dilemma. How could this be? Six enters her apartment believing he can do it this time but he couldn’t and just left a note to meet. Eventually they meet up and since they know each other’s identity, memories of their short good time will be blown away by the wind. They continue their big mecha battle as Kyouko narrates a sad monologue about her wish and happiness. Six pins down Daimidaler and is going to do another suicide move because he believes he has done something that betrayed Penguin Empire. Kyouko isn’t herself either. She tells Kouichi to fire at Antarctic’s weakness. He did and Daimidaler wins. And Kyouko isn’t happy he fired… Which is it? Kyouko spaces out in the aftermath but is back to normal when Kouichi fondles her boobs. And as truly said by the narration about Kyouko’s role, her boobs are not meant for sweet love but to be fondled like crazy! Lastly Penguin Empire is holding a funeral and tribute for Six. He has become a martyr. Penguin Emperor vows to stop at nothing till Daimidaler is defeated. Actually Six is still alive and returned to his original form. There is no way he can find himself to go correct this situation…

Episode 5
Penguin Emperor mulls over the inclusion of Hi-ERO particles and still it wasn’t enough to defeat Daimidaler. Till his henchmen reveal that long ago humans stole one of their robots and used it as a blueprint to build Daimidaler. Come to think of it, humans who have always used planes and tanks suddenly used a mecha. Strange isn’t it? Yeah, they’ve been keeping it from him since he knows he’ll be mad. Oh, he is now. He orders them to do detailed research on Daimidaler or else no food! Kyouko tries to plead to Chieko over Kouichi’s attendance. But Chieko isn’t going to believe that Kouichi is saving the world story. Kouichi proves it to her by fondling her boobs! He’s good! So what’s the proof? His Hi-ERO particles are shining ever so brightly. Much brighter when he was harassing Kyouko! You jealous? All Kouichi needs to do is to take a make-up exam (and reimburse the cost for ripping Chieko’s dress). Kyouko will help him out since he is her responsibility but Kouichi views saving the world more important than school. They end up arguing like a lover’s quarrel (at least to the professors). Then he says something that makes her heart goes soft. If not for her, he won’t be piloting Daimidaler. It is all thanks to her. Had she only heard the reason for him piloting Daimidaler because he gets to fondle her boobs… Penguin Empire launches another attack. This time they are distributing flyers on their empire and since it is raunchy, you know what this will lead to, don’t you? Daimidaler is launch and Kyouko can’t stop thinking about Kouichi’s ‘thoughtful’ words. Has her opinion of him changed? Because of that, Kouichi gets the best reaction from her while fondling. Daimidaler powers up enough to beat Ritz in her customized Antarctica. However this is not the end yet. Antarctica transforms into its true form. Although it looks the same, it is emitting Hi-ERO particles. This makes it on par with Daimidaler. Antarctica even has a Hi-ERO barrier that makes it unscathed from Daimidaler’s ultimate beam.

When Ritz sees one of the Penguin guys injured (his tail has been damaged and it won’t stand up for a while. Geddit?), she becomes filled with rage. She is going to kill everyone who bullies Penguins! Boiling with rage she is that Antarctica rips off Daimidaler’s right arm (it was always useless to begin with anyway). All functions in Daimidaler go offline. It’s like a useless pile of garbage now. Suddenly an anomaly is detected in Antarctic. Because Ritz has been overcome with her feelings, she has been absorbed by the Hi-ERO particles. Since she has not enough experience to handle this, Antarctic cannot maintain this any longer and go out of control before exploding. Penguin Emperor orders Ritz to be extracted immediately. She is knocked out and taken out safely. However Antarctic is still moving by its own thanks to Ritz’s strong emotions within Hi-ERO particles. It will still overload and explode. So evacuate the area now! Kyouko is horrified that their bailout system is not working. Antarctic is inching closer to them. Kouichi uses all his will to force Daimidaler move his hand to break itself so it could extract Kyouko away. To add to Kyouko’s misery, she heard him say last words like tragic heroes always do: He loves her. He really did. NOOOO!!! Kouichi don’t die!!! Had she only heard his complete sentence of how much he loved her boobs… In the aftermath of the explosion that probably wrecked a big part of the city, only Kyouko is detected alive as she is safely protected in the hands of Daimidaler fused with Hi-ERO barrier.

Episode 6
Since the old hero died, time to replace him with a new one! So don’t be baffled if you think you’re watching a new series. The world has now accepted Penguins. They are thriving. Prince has shut down and the professors are reduced to bidding their time bowling in their undies. Our new pair of characters, Shouma Ameku and Kiriko Kiyuna with the former confessing his love to the latter. Kiriko starts glowing with Hi-ERO particles and it seems only Shouma’s touch could calm her down. As explained, she starts glowing whenever she gets excited or her heart beats fast. Eventually they start dating but trouble comes when the Penguin men are here to take Kiriko. Shouma won’t let them and accept their challenge. Compare front tails?! Obviously somebody is going to be the winner… However Shouma remembers some secret move his father told him and unleashes Gulliver front tail! What the heck is that?! The Penguins are not impressed and made fun of him. This causes him to go into shock. Kiriko needs him to excite her so she can power up and beat those goons. How can he? He is in depression. How then? She kisses him! That radiant glow has her beat them up in no time and since they see the beautiful sunset, the Penguins start running towards it. Suddenly Matayoshi is before them. He is Kiriko’s former employer. He isn’t fond of her playing around and flirting with men. He warns her that she is being hunted by Penguin Empire and throws her a remote control. He believes that day will come when she will need it. The Penguins return to base and tired out after all that running. Ritz won’t forgive this and under the orders of Penguin Emperor, they are to bring Kiriko in. Meanwhile Chieko calls Shouma and wants him to break up with Kiriko. There are photos of them being lovey-dovey 24/7 and this looks bad on his reputation to gain entry into some higher learning institute. More importantly, this will hurt Chieko’s chance of promotion! If he needs somebody to get dirty with, Chieko will be the one. OMG! I can’t believe this teacher would strip down herself to let him touch her! But Shouma is loyal to Kiriko and won’t fall into her temptation. He runs away to Kiriko and they assert their love for each other.

When they return to class, Ritz and the Penguins are waiting for them. Shouma suggests Kiriko push them away with her light but when they kiss, nothing happens. It seems Kiriko might have gotten used to kissing so it doesn’t excite her anymore. Ritz calls them amateurs and shows how it is supposed to be done. She lets one of the Penguin dudes fondle her. That lucky bastard! Even luckier, Ritz does her God Scrub on his front tail!!! Kiriko falls into depression but Shouma thinks quick. He fondles her boobs and her Hi-ERO powers unleash to give them enough time to escape. Unfortunately that is only temporary as Antarctica captures Shouma. Ritz is going to violate him. Shouma says whatever happens to him, he will always love her. This makes Kiriko confess. She has been lying all the while. She wanted to hide this glow to live a normal life and was scared she would be found out. Till she met him. He was a convenient and loyal guy that could nullify her light and even luckier he likes her. In short, he was just a convenient tool and started dating him to use him. Shouma’s feelings still won’t change. But here is another confession. She is totally in love with him and can’t stop thinking all the time, etc. She really, really, really, really, really loves him, to put it simply. Using him as a tool was what she thought of initially. But as she spent more time with him, she realizes her love for him has grown and the first confession was to tell him the truth because she wants to be with him forever. But this confession isn’t going to do anything about Ritz doing her God Scrub on Shouma. Kiriko has no choice but to use the remote control to summon Daimidaler.

Episode 7
Kiriko rides the new never tested before Daimidaler. Antarctica is easily defeated and Shouma is saved. Penguin Emperor tells Ritz and co to escape before this Antarctica type is not meant for battle. In the aftermath, Kiriko confesses that she used to be a pilot for Daimidaler. She apologizes for getting him involved. Shouma doesn’t understand what is going on because all that matters is that he wants to be with her and help her as much as he can. Then they kiss so casually in public like there is no tomorrow. There goes Chieko’s promotion… Kiriko and Shouma return to Prince. Matayoshi explains the reason she was chosen despite there are a couple of other Factors was because her name came first alphabetically! Since the duo continue to shamelessly flirt before their eyes, it just makes them jealous. Die! One day as Matayoshi waited for hours just to pick them up from school (because their school prohibits handphones), Antarctica is spotted raging throughout the city. So it’s going to be a rematch between Daimidaler and an upgraded Antarctica model. The latter is much more superior thanks to all the data on Kiriko’s attack patterns. The only way for Daimidaler to attack back is to move massive amounts of Hi-ERO particles into the system. And this means Shouma must do very perverted things to Kiriko’s body! Even Kiriko gives the green light! OMG! Shouma you lucky bastard!!! But wait! He hesitates! WTF?! Shouma you idiotic bastard! He realizes because he did so many light hearted things to her, he believes he has corrupted the pure and innocent Kiriko he knows. He will not do perverted things to her. Shouma you stupid bastard! Are you going to let mankind die because of your morals?! Then he gets an idea. He shows his Gulliver Stick! WTF?! Kiriko is in so much shock that Hi-ERO particles blast through the roof! Despite so, this isn’t good news. Kiriko is so shocked that her Hi-ERO particles are going out of control. Yeah. Gulliver Stick. Truly fearsome. Shouma takes over the piloting but can an amateur do it? It’s precisely why he can. Since Ritz doesn’t have his fighting data, it throws Antarctica off. His punch is his kick and vice versa. Beginner’s luck. Kiriko sees how cool Shouma is and calms down. Together they power up (Daimidaler getting a new bigger hand) and defeat Antarctica. Matayoshi is glad that this pair will be mankind’s key to defeat Penguin Empire. However he still can’t stand their immoral public make out! Must they do it every time? Just die! Meanwhile Penguin Emperor isn’t pushing the panic button yet. Looks like he has an ace up his sleeve…

Episode 8
Ritz and co are trekking through the dessert. Lost… Penguin Emperor tests some teleport device and it brings Macaroni. This cute sexy babe is a subordinate of his from the other world. Matayoshi shows Shouma and Kiriko around the new base but they are more interested in cuddling and be love-dovey with each other. So irritating… Then they get lost in some store room area. Time for a cliché moment. The shelves topple over and they are trapped. Suddenly Shouma becomes a perverted monster and starts fondling her boobs. Actually he wants her to use her Hi-ERO particles to blast them out. Yeah, it did. But too powerful that they are sent flying into to command centre. No more lost. Penguin Emperor notices non-living objects that go through the transporter doesn’t have damage compared to living things. Because those things that pass through will lose something. Be it memories or something physical (the reason why Macaroni was naked when she first arrived). Ritz and co are really lost in the dessert when suddenly they are teleported back. Penguin Emperor reveals he used this transporter and after he has them say what they lost, he apologizes for using something so dangerous on them. He really wants to take responsibility but the rest don’t really mind about the little stuff. Because they are family. Aww… Penguin Emperor wants Ritz to have her physical data taken so the Penguins start off with some erotic play! The data is supposed to be crucial for their next operation so do it properly! The Penguins note that Kiriko’s measurements must be better so Ritz won’t lose to that woman and orders them to go take Kiriko’s sizes.

Guess what Shouma and Kiriko are doing? They’re playing rock-scissors-paper. The loser gets kissed. Isn’t that a win-win solution? So irritating! Heck, they even screw this game and just start kissing! Are you trying to test our patience! Sorry to interrupt your kissing time but here are those Penguin dudes. First they hypnotize Shouma out and then they restrain Kiriko. First she dares them to touch it and they think it’s a bluff to let them lose interest. When they start fondling, she realizes her plan to conjure Hi-ERO particles failed because she can’t get excited as long as it’s not Shouma. Shouma is freed from the spell and uses his Gulliver Stick to do the trick! However from this position, his pants rip and he can’t do this move no more. Kiriko is close to naked and since Shouma sees her, her Hi-ERO particles burst out. She calls forth Daimidaler so the Penguins cry it is unfair since they are here just to measure her data. Kiriko then gives Shouma measure her and let the Penguins have it. As a pride of a woman, she won’t want to lose to Ritz either. Shouma feels unfair for just measuring her. He suggests she measures her stick next time. If she wants to. But of course. When they return to base, they see Matayoshi in negotiations with Penguin Emperor who wants cooperation from his Factors as they need vast amount of Hi-ERO particles. He refuses. In that case, Penguin Emperor will take action. At the same time, Ritz is going to settle their measurement size once and for all. When she sees Kiriko’s data winning by a clear mile, she gets freaking upset. Penguin Emperor uses the transporter to teleport a mecha, Super Antarctica by Humboldt.

Episode 9
Long ago, Ritz seems to be the survivor of a war that ravaged her land. That’s where she met Penguin Emperor who was also alone and wandering. She follows him around and is taken in by his kindness. But once they reach a town, Penguin Emperor told her they had to part because it is not time for him yet to show himself to humans. He tells her to be strong and live, go find her family. Perhaps one day they will meet again. Ritz doesn’t really remember much about it but dreaming that just felt nostalgic. Similarly Penguin Emperor also dreams back of the past. When he was in the other world and his Penguin Empire is on the verge of defeat, his men created some teleport device to allow him to jump to another world. However he toyed around with it and accidentally sent himself there. Trapped in this new world, he has no choice but to rebuild from scratch. That’s when he met that young girl. Since he isn’t a lolicon, he doesn’t remember her face. Penguin Emperor introduces Ritz to Humboldt. She is one of the 5 strongest elites back in the other world (Macaroni is one of them) and looks a bit like Ritz. Although she is flat chest, she is a bit of a pervert… Ritz doesn’t understand about humans being part of his empire but he explains Humboldt isn’t human and was artificially created. It seems Super Antarctica cannot move after being teleported here. Don’t worry, Humboldt will pilot it. Oops. She forgot how! Must be the side effects. I don’t understand about this talk about using generators humans created from their technology to move it. Humboldt remembers there are robots using Hi-ERO particles appearing in the other world but weren’t that useful and changed to some thermal power system. They’re going to do the same here but how are they going to find the funds for to remake it? All the Penguins will sell their porn magazines! All for the Penguin Empire! Ritz has a martial arts combat with Humboldt. Humboldt clearly rules as she finishes her off with her clothes ripping Fiery Blast Penguin Thrust. She tells Ritz is she plans on joining the elite, she must master this fist. And so Ritz trains under this new master of hers while the Penguins rebuild a new Antarctica using parts and technology from Super Antarctica. Once it is done, Humboldt returns to her world and prays for their success. The new Antarctica makes its appearance and of course Daimidaler is called into action. At first, Shouma and Kiriko’s power of love easily overwhelms Antarctica. But this is not the end yet. Antarctica takes Daimidaler up into the air (so that the city won’t be damaged – how considerate) and it starts emitting Hi-ERO particles. Prepare for the blast of your life. Kyouko is seen lying in coma in a containment unit.

Episode 10
After all that explanation about this Evolt power, nothing happens. Failure? Kiriko and Shouma taunt Ritz as they continue to be lovey-dovey. Penguin Emperor decides to send one of his commandos over, Joseph. His front tail has a special ability. But once he is transported, curse the side effects since his front tail is not standing up! Another failure? Don’t worry. Joseph knows how to get it back up. Sexual harassment on Ritz! After recharging, he powers up Antarctica to transform into Super Antarctica (in which we shall call this new version Kai). Kai is much better than Daimidaler and is going to do the finishing blow. Shouma protects Kiriko when suddenly Hi-ERO particles burst out from him. He turns into a Penguin! What the hell?! Ritz persuades Shouma to join them as Kiriko desperately tries to cling on to him and not make him leave. Her high burst of Hi-ERO particles cause Kyouko to awaken. However this only backfires as Shouma did not change. To her dismay, he goes over to the other side and she falls into depression. The battle now takes place over the ocean since Ritz doesn’t want to city to be destroyed. Kiriko is so sad that she is bursting with Hi-ERO particles. As she was able to use it freely with Shouma around, now that he is taken away, Daimidaler is going berserk as it is being drowned in her feelings. She is going to get her revenge. At this rate the city will be destroyed. Matayoshi doesn’t care if a town or two gets destroyed in the process so long Ritz is annihilated! So go forth and destroy her! Destroy the Penguin Empire! Your name will be gloriously carved in the victorious history of mankind! Oh dear. Who is the real bad guy now? Shouma doesn’t want Ritz to attack Daimidaler sloppily because from his experience if she does she’ll be blown apart. Penguin Emperor tells her to use the Penguin Thrust. She is not confident but with all the Penguins supporting her so strongly, she begins her attack. Similarly Kiriko also unleashes her ultimate CP Slash. In the end, Kai wins. Matayoshi cannot believe this lost when suddenly he Kyouko contacts him and wants him to launch her right into the battlefield in this arm of the previous Daimidaler. It’s a gamble. Ritz and the Penguins are making their thanking speech. They protected the city. Thank you everyone. Suddenly here comes Kyouko flying in. The old Daimidaler all of a sudden appears from the sky as the arm attaches to it. Kouichi is back! What the?!

Episode 11
Kouichi in this modified Daimidaler that has a candle on its head, kicks the hell ass out of Ritz. Guess what? The molestation of Kyouko continues. Yeah, the cockpit is also modified for some bonding style groping. After episodes of hiatus and this is their perverted return? The Hi-ERO particles are bursting that it sends Kai reverting back to Antarctica version. Time for a retreat. Back at the base, we hear some explanation how this new Super Daimidaler uses 2 kinds of power and one of them being thermal (the candle). After the explosion, Kouichi found himself in a strange world. Soon, several people picked him up and modified his robot. The odd part is he can’t remember the faces of those people! But he remember being told as long Daimidaler’s left arm was still intact, there is a chance he could go back. So while Daimidaler was being modified, he was spending most of his idle time in the cockpit thinking about Kyouko (harassing her, that is). Kouichi meets Kiriko for the first time. To his surprise, he didn’t know she is from the same school and a year his senior. Meanwhile Penguin Emperor is pondering about the recent events. He knows that candle on Daimidaler is from the humans of the other world as it is their limitless power source. Large amounts of Hi-ERO particles can transfer one to another dimension and the first time teleported him there. When Kai and Daimidaler’s super impact happened the same time, the large Hi-ERO particles allowed Kouichi to return and the left arm was some sort of beacon. Further thinking has him believe that original Hi-ERO particles weren’t meant for weaponry and warfare and thus he might have done something terribly wrong. Kiriko observes Kouichi and Kyouko’s relationship but couldn’t figure it out. He’s bugging Kyouko to wear this skimpy ‘battle suit’ and wanting to practice. The professors have found Penguin Empire’s secret base. How? They just Google it!

Kouichi continues to molest Kyouko in that ‘battle suit’. Oddly everyone seems to tolerate it. I guess this is not as annoying as being a lovey-dovey couple, huh? Unknown to them, this pervy act is being secretly watched by several government men. They have records and statistics to show how sales of unhealthy and perverted things are on the rise since Daimidaler came back. They believe Prince is behind this and should have wiped them out then during the explosion. The irony is that they thought they were the saviours of the world but instead it is Penguin Empire that purified the world from such unhealthy and unholy products. Time to fix this once and for all before the people start making a fuss. Kouichi’s Hi-ERO particles are increasing more than ever so Matayoshi is happy their victory chance is bigger. Kiriko wants to go into battle too and he allows it. Because 2 Daimidalers will increase their victory chance. Although she might go berserk and explode again, since they’re at the enemy base he doesn’t care as it will wipe out the enemy! Kiriko doesn’t need Kouichi’s molestation as she can go into full burst using her own imagination. Oh really? After Kyouko picks the duo up from school, suddenly an army of Daimidaler is seen around the city and the announcement of evacuation. This old Daimidaler types can be piloted by anybody as it uses some plasma system. To Prince’s horror, they have not being disposed off as believed and are not going to use to eradicate the ‘bad guys’. They blame them for bringing back the depravity and unhealthy culture to men and worst of all, do you know how much it costs each time they send Daimidaler back for restoration? Can’t deny that, can’t they? And looks like they’re not going to give them a chance to surrender as they intended to eliminate them from the start.

Episode 12
The army attacks Prince’s base. How ironic. The one supposed to protect is attacking unarmed people without warning. More old Daimidaler models are pushing deeper to destroy Prince’s underground base while Kouichi and the ladies are running around. Can they really outrun those giant robots? Suddenly their Daimidalers burst into the scene. The professors are piloting them and managed to move it away while Matayoshi was arguing with the army commander. The kids enter their robots and it’s back to familiar territory. Kouichi didn’t hesitate groping Kyouko while Kiriko has her own lewd imagination on Shouma. Power them up Hi-ERO particles! The fight rages on but with the endless wave of old Daimidaler models, even Kouichi’s Hi-ERO particles has its limits. Penguin Empire gets wind about this internal fighting and Ritz doesn’t like what she sees. She goes to help Kouichi and co with excuse that she is the only person who will defeat them. The army on the other hand is going to destroy Penguin Empire too because anybody who attacks them is a threat to the country. All the old Daimidaler models combine into one giant ugly model called Super Sound. Kiriko is surprised Shouma comes to join her piloting. She tries hard to psycho herself despite looking like a Penguin, he is Shouma inside. And yeah, his front tail is just his Gulliver. Our kids do well to push back Super Sound and before they could land the finishing blow, the army commander tells them to stop and surrender. What gives? He explains why Prince is a menace to society because ever since they came back, human’s libidos and immoral activities have been on the rise. Unlike Penguin Empire that sucks Hi-ERO particles and leave humans void of sexual desires. Of course this is just a side distraction to let Super Sound recharge. Kouichi couldn’t give a damn about that but Kiriko feels insulted. Are doing those lovey-dovey things considered to be a crime? She won’t accept this and vows to protect Shouma. She ejects him from his seat and is going to do a kamikaze move. She won’t forgive anyone who refuses to acknowledge their deep love as she powers up with Hi-ERO particles and attacks. However she got shot down. If you thought you have seen the end of the professors, think again. Although this time their limited appearance would be to fire their bazooka at some antenna that sends the control signals to Super Sound. Although the army doesn’t control it anymore, it goes berserk destroying the city! Holy cow! This is much worse!

Kiriko wakes up and is so glad that Shouma is back being human! When he was ejected, Six seized him and under Penguin Emperor’s orders, he put some little device on Shouma and infused him with lots of Hi-ERO particles, turning him back to human (that was how Six turned into one, right?). And now that he is back, let the kissing continue! Can we do this later? The plan now is to destroy Super Sound in a concentrated attack. Kiriko won’t go berserk anymore and will join in this plan. When Shouma tells Kyouko that Six gave his regards to her, she felt a sense of nostalgia. I guess it’s a good thing because she allows Kouichi to mess her up the way he wants! Music to his ears! The words he has been waiting for! No mercy groping! And of course, Kiriko and Shouma’s kissing ecstasy… Don’t feel bad or jealous, Ritz… Their over the top Hi-ERO particles power up to the maximum to defeat Super Sound. The army commander couldn’t believe they are being saved by immoral people but here comes Matayoshi to impart his perverted lecture that lust is the proper growth of a sound youth! Don’t those hypocrites also went through the same phase and now they want to ban this from the current youth? Don’t be such an unsound middle aged jerk ass! In the aftermath, Penguin Emperor and his Penguins arrive on scene to pay their respects. He explains that their species do not have Hi-ERO particles and must collect them from others to reproduce. They are more infatuated with lust as they do not have Hi-ERO particles themselves. Because such particles in humans are unusually high, his original plan was to harness it and turn them into their kind. However it is too dangerous and as seen could turn them into humans. It is decided they leave this place and return home. After all, the transporter has been fixed thanks to all the Hi-ERO particles collected. Ritz is not happy they are going away and leaving her behind as Penguin Emperor reasons she is human of this world and cannot take her along. She begs not to be left behind and he remembers she is that girl from the past. He renames her as Rikantz Penguin Seaberry and from now on part of the elite commandoes and reborn as his daughter. This good news calls for a celebration as Penguin Empire bid farewell before heading home. Penguin Emperor and Matayoshi agree that lust is necessary for peace and prosperity. It is the treasure of the universe! Penguin Emperor warns humans not to lose their libido or they will become Penguins like them and suffer the same fate.

Mini OVA 1
What else? 5 minutes of more perversion if you buy the DVDs. Kouichi is adamant that Kyouko cosplays to help fight against the Penguin Empire (really?). However Matayoshi shoots his idea down, calling it childish and this foolish move will make his boob massaging inferior and Kyouko will hate him (I think she already does). Kouichi admits his wrong move so Matayoshi is going to teach him the finer points of boobs massaging. Because Kouichi gropes like a kid so he is going to teach him adult style! Oh God… You know what this means for Kyouko… And so here Matayoshi coaches him on this Touch & Attack method, poor Kyouko is left screaming-cum-moaning at every groping. In the end it not only brings out more Hi-ERO particles, but his groping skill also increases. So remember the hand movements, angle and rhythm! They’re all very important! I don’t know if Kyouko is just tired or climaxed. After that tenacious fondling, Kouichi could tell her left boob is a little smaller than her right! You’re the worst! And now Penguin Empire has conveniently attack. Time to show the fruits of your training. Time to show your boobs, Kyouko! NOOOO!!!!

Mini OVA 2
The scientist trio are playing their favourite game of bowling. Yeah, bowling balls in the shape of round boobs. And of course to make it interesting, they’re going to play a strip bowling competition. Soriko is much against this perverted idea but who cares? It’s her against everyone (that includes us viewers). Even if Moriko and Sewashiko lose, they are happy to strip because they don’t mind flaunting their sexy body! You go, girls! And why is Soriko so upset even if it is not her stripping? Eventually she too has to strip because of the way she clumsily wore layers of clothes. Think she will be safe? Down the gutter! Strip! Strip! STRIP!!! In the end, Moriko wins and everybody is totally naked. Soriko wants Sewashiko to be completely naked and this means taking out that strip of cloth hanging on her nose. Sewashiko starts panicking as Soriko turns into the devil and pulls it out. She got labelled as a pervert. So that tiny insignificant cloth is all that is separating Sewashiko’s modesty?

Mini OVA 3
Ritz is overflowing with Hi-ERO particles due to the generator’s after-effect so much so she is turning into some sort of sex maniac on the Penguins. Get some love! For the remaining Penguins that ‘survived’, they figure the only way to stop her love spree is to unbutton her shirt and expose her boobs. What? They think it will immobilize her. Say what again? Unfortunately it backfired. She is even crazier than ever and gives them a Godly Ungodly God Scrub (whatever, it is freaking super!). The showdown evolves into a Penguin molesting her boobs and at the same time Ritz giving him her God Scrub. It’s getting real intense. Who is going to give way first? Maybe Ritz will be first to break when her panties are off. Now she feels embarrassed? The charade ends when Penguin Emperor beats them up for trying to turn this show into some hentai flick.

Mini OVA 4
What the hell is this? Chieko trying to force Shouma to become her naughty partner?! WTF?! She’s forcing his hands to seduce her boobs as Shouma tries to resist it because he already has Kiriko. Speaking of which, here she comes and she knows Chieko is at fault. Suddenly Ritz raids the school and blasts some sort of solvent that only melts clothes. Gee, why doesn’t it melt panties? Kouichi shows up in Daimidaler to fight Ritz. In the midst of that, the sex crazed teacher is chasing after Shouma but loses him. She vows to let Shouma get a taste of her advances. For some reason too, Kyouko also gets blasted by the solvent and then another round on Kiriko. Not to be left out, Ritz also gets it and to add salt to her wound, she lost the fight. Kouichi is savouring his sweet victory while admiring the sunset as Kyouko is upset she is still naked.

Mini OVA 5
Taking place during Ritz and Humboldt’s martial arts training. Yeah. There was more that was shown during then. We see Humboldt clearly overwhelming Ritz with some sexy-cum-lewd-cum-embarrassing submission pose. The Penguins believe Humboldt’s smaller boobs are superior to Ritz’s bigger ones. Humboldt then pins her down and reveals the secret self-defence of the Penguin Empire: The 69 position! Something how the pleasures continue to repeat itself. Be warned: Extremely tempting fapping material: Girls in freaking hot 69 position!!!!!!!!! Penguin Emperor then has his subordinates remember their proud traditional art. I don’t know what this circling group dance is but it was enough to make Ritz see something and win the fight with her fiery punch.

Mini OVA 6
Penguin Empire is having a mochi party. Thinking that something is missing, they summon Macaroni who was probably in the midst of eating her abalone. The Penguins’ horniness gets activated as they strip and unrobe her. They also have Humboldt do some strip pole dancing. Ritz feels left out when everyone starts talking about Macaroni’s shrunk boobs so she starts pounding mochi with Humboldt. It’s like the mochi also have its horniness activated as it starts fondling Ritz’s boobs. The only way to save her is… Suck on her boobs! Humboldt uses some suction to get rid of it. Ritz’s orgasmic face… The Penguins are sorry for letting this happen to her and ruining the fun (you mean they weren’t having fun with the fanservice?) but Ritz doesn’t think so because as long she is with them, everything is fun. Really? Want to have another go?

The Grope-inator…
Wait a minute! So that’s the end of it?! No hanging teasers of cliff-hangers to indicate that there might be a sequel in the works if ever the producers get horny enough or more perverted ideas in the future?! You mean it ends here with Penguin Empire going home after all that?! Then what will become of Daimidaler from now on? What will be its use now that there is no more Penguin Empire threat to fight against? What will Kouichi do now since there is no more reason to grope and get hardcore perverted with Kyouko since peace reigns! Oh yeah. The irony. Lust for peace! And now that peace is here, where is the lust?

This anime will always be remembered for its notorious breast groping fanservice. This is what this anime is about. This is why you watch this anime. Everything else doesn’t matter. I supposed there is a censored version but I guess if you are going to watch this kind of anime, might as well go for full blown bare tits. Groping boobs feel like the main course compared to the panty shots that are appetizers and desserts. There are plenty of them so if you love this kind of fanservice, you’ll be fapping every episode ;p. For the record, I didn’t. If all that fanservice isn’t enough, be glad to know that the first half of the mid-intermission eye-catch is even shameless with the girls in half exposed bodies and very tantalizing-cum-inviting positions. Definitely your ultimate fapping material! For the record again, I didn’t. The second half of the intermission is the uninspiring mecha pose, which strikes down all that horniness. Why the heck do they need to put this? It would have been better if they put additional of those fanservice poses! Wasted! :). And with the cleverly named term of Hi-ERO particles, it goes to show that sometimes being a hero is also ero.

Character development is close to zero and we have all already resigned to the fact that there isn’t going to be any given the nature of this series. Which is a good thing because it avoids us from getting really disappointed. May I need to remind you the real reason why we are watching this series in the first place again? You can guess from the start that Kouichi is a damn pervert and will continue to always be one. That villainous face screams of fondling and groping intentions from miles away. The same case with Kyouko. The reason she exists or at least her character role in this anime is so that she can be violated and groped to the maximum by Kouichi while satisfying us viewer’s horny lust. In fact, you don’t think about Kyouko. You just think about her boobs! For better or worse, can you say her boobs are her greatest assets? Yeah. Those pair is what determines victory and loss! The professors don’t really play any significant role except for some little fanservice moments like Moriko’s big bust, Soriko’s leotard like as though she just came out fresh from working at Playboy and Sewashiko’s tendency for sexual subtexts in her conversation (why does she have a cloth hanging out from her nose?). Despite making a more notable accomplishment in the final episode, it is easily overshadowed once the action and fanservice resumes. I notice in their past time they love to do bowling. Nothing odd but when you think about professors and bowling, it just feels like a weird combination.

I want to say that Shouma and Kiriko are the most decent characters but their penchant of being lovey-dovey annoys me like hell too. It’s like their purpose in this anime is to piss us single otaku loners-cum-losers and rub salt into our wounds. I also don’t even know why Chieko exists but I suppose it is to provide a variety for big boobs because after a while, we all will get bored with the same groping scene. Yeah. Variety is indeed the spice of life. As for Matayoshi, he must be the master of perversion since he teaches Kouichi the finer points in being a pervert and he gets really passionate when he tells us about that lust thingy. Uh huh. Everybody is a pervert one way or another in this anime. Even Ritz herself. Despite caring a lot about her Penguin family, she sometimes has this tendency to play along in the perversion game. Yeah. Variety is the spice of life. Oh, did I say that before? And her God Scrub = Labour of love. Ultimate pleasing skill ;). The only thing ‘unique’ about the character part is how the main character goes missing in the middle of the series, be replaced halfway through, only to make a grand return in the final couple of episodes. You don’t see that very often in lots of animes, don’t you?

Ironically Penguin Empire is casted as the antagonist initially. However as the series progresses, you’ll find that Penguin Empire isn’t as bad as they seem. Because they really take great care in not damaging the city unlike our Daimidaler pilots who are just going all out with full force. They also treat each other like family and value it like a precious treasure. Penguin Emperor cares a lot about his subordinates and will not risk their lives if the battle with Daimidaler gets too dangerous. Why, he even has regrets. Isn’t that what makes him great? And ironically during their reign, they brought down the level of porn! Although this might be debatable to some but a less perverted city means its citizens will be doing something more productive, right? So now do you see why Penguin Empire is more like good guys than villains? Besides, who would in their right idea casts cute penguins as antagonists? It is like turning pandas into bad guys. It just doesn’t cut it!

So it goes to show that Penguins are also humans! Why not? With the subordinates having ordinary names like Michael, Jim, Nelson, Dennis and Jake, in addition to be a little goofy and playful at times, they are as equally as perverted as their human counterparts having seen reading human porn magazines in their spare time. Yeah, they love those stuffs. Also, since 2 of Penguin Emperor’s strongest 5 have appeared and look so human-like, I don’t really understand about how they were conceived that makes them look so but they definitely do not look as close as penguins. So is it possible there are more human looking subordinates under him? It would have been interesting to see something more about this and his army from the other parallel world. Thus it just feels fleeting that they teleport here just for a short time and then go back once they have done their thing. Can’t they stay longer? I guess this shows that they’re doing well on the other side for them to go back.

Slowly you will realize the Prince team to be villains (or acting very much like one) especially with Matayoshi so obsessed and bent on destroying Penguin Empire at all cost that he doesn’t even care about the lives of others! Aha. First sign of being a villain. Remember what I said about penguins being too cute to be villains? Kyouko hates them to the max. What kind of human would hate such cute creatures?! Only bad guys can do that, right? That’s why Kyouko in this sense is considered a villain. Though I’m not sure if her hatred for Penguins has subsided in the end because we see her dad doing fine and not fearing bananas anymore. And then you have Kouichi who is a big time molester and sexual harassment monster while Kiriko and Shouma are more interested in flirting. Yes, being lovey-dovey with each other shamelessly in public is a crime! That’s why they’re like villains in this sense! Haha! The professors? Since they help maintain Daimidaler, they are like partners in crime. Accomplice, no? And finally, we have the army guys and those old bastards sitting in their dark rooms as the final arc’s antagonist because you can’t put our young kid heroes and Penguin Empire as baddies so might as well put it on those people against sex and porn. And now with Penguin Empire and Prince seemingly making peace (although the former has gone back), does this mean that they are fighting on the same side? The side of porn and eroticism, that is! Yeah. A new reason to fight for. A new reason to live. Long live porn!

The mecha designs especially Daimidaler are one of the most hideous and the ugliest I have ever seen in the history of all the mecha animes I have watched. Even looking at it the first time already zaps the wow factor for the mecha part. It’s like they didn’t put enough effort or just simply use one of their kids’ doodles as the final draft. So laughable that it is so lame to begin with. The Antarctic series also doesn’t fare well but at least it looks slightly better than Daimidaler although generally they are still plain and boring. Of course we are distracted by the groping and ecchi fanservice stuff, the reason why we can forgive this towering metallic atrocity. That is why we can laugh it off without cursing the lack of design effort in this behemoth abomination. Although the Penguins don’t look like the bird kind and resemble more of like humans wearing a full costume getup, it is their front tail that gets the most ‘attention’. There are a few ‘stand up’ jokes about it but it all boils down to perception. Don’t judge a dick by its front tail. If you tend to think of it as their penis and major turn down to the fanservice, then you my friend are really perverted to think so. Because their front tail doesn’t even resemble close to the phallic shape. It looks more like white radish sticking out…

Action wise, there are destructive mecha battles like one would expect but then again as I have said, do you really care about this part? With Daimidaler going all out and unleashing whatever power, the city is guaranteed to be destroyed or suffer some sort of damage in one way or another. And ultimately, the entire Tokyo is now a wasteland. I wonder what the bill is for cleaning and rebuilding everything. So was it worth it? To fight and protect your right and freedom for perversion! The punches and beams of the robots are packed with lots of power and you can feel the impact. No, I’m not talking each time some high powered Hi-ERO particles start charging up. So it is like you get both your fighting and fanservice action all at one go. Kouichi must have the best job in the world. He gets to fight to so called save the world while doing perverted things. Yeah, fighting Penguins feel like an excuse to just grope boobs. Each Antarctica series has their own unique moves but it is more less the same thing of cannon, missiles and beams with a few varieties.

The opening theme is of the same name as this series and sung by Endoh-kai. If this tokusatsu-like opener sounds very familiar it is because Masaaki Endoh (of JAM Project fame) is on the lead vocals and his voice is very suitable and has covered many similar songs. Personally I think this opening song is not bad as it is packed with lots of power, passion and your usual lively and upbeat rock that gives you a feel that this is going to be a mecha series that rocks. But we know the mecha elements aren’t the main thing anyway. Otherwise, I think this is one of those songs that you would want to belt out and sing along with zeal whenever you have the chance to. It is a different story for the ending theme. Now it sounds like an all-girl group anime pop. Suki Suki//Links by the seiyuus of the professor trio also has that cute and kawaii feel. I suppose with the professors don’t make much of an impact in the series, this is can be considered their centre stage as the ending credits animation is focused almost entirely on them (sexy fanservice pose and teasers are very much welcomed, thank you).

I don’t know but I think it must be me since I feel they are trying to subtly hint us a message in this anime. That being a pervert is good?! Being young and youthful means it’s okay to have perverted desires? Well, you only get to be young once. Use it or lose it. Because a sound and healthy mind is a perverted and lustful mind! So does saving the world give you a reason to get perverted? In that case would it have been better for mankind to be doomed in the first place? I know there is this saying of make peace and not war. Because everybody will be too happy having a good time fapping to porn material instead of fighting each other. So is such immoral activities accepted in this sense? Sex and porn are pretty much taboo in many parts of the world and the older generation. If sex and porn are really that bad, how come it is thriving so well? My theory is that such people who are vehemently against this either enjoy a very good sex life or had a very bad experience with it. They’re acting like they know porn very well to be against it. Hah. Don’t deny it. It’s basic human nature and part of who we are. That’s what makes us humans. Eventually it all comes down to moderation. Porn and perversion can only be good up to a certain limit (child porn is still bad in any ways). So don’t jump on the bandwagon and start taking out your perverted fantasies in real life on others. Reality dictates that there won’t be any Hi-ERO particles produced but you’ll be slapped with sexual harassment lawsuits.

Overall, this show is definitely not for everyone and I can clearly visualize viewers will be split into different camps on their views of this series. If you do not support breast groping (pun intended) and find such fanservice to be really annoying, this anime would be downright blasphemous. Then stay away as far as possible or you might catch its perverted disease. In fact, stay away from all anime or TV shows from Hollywood or any parts of the world. Don’t watch TV. Don’t even surf the internet. Stay cooked up in a cave far away from civilization and live a life of boringness and solitude that nobody will ever care. That way your mind and chastity will be safe from all forms of corruption. Might as well be dead. And for those who love it, take it with a pinch of salt. Enjoy the fanservice. Laugh at the boobs groping. Move on. Life is too short to be depressed. So don’t be too hard on yourself (pun intended). Don’t hate porn, hate the stigma. Hope I didn’t rub this the wrong way.

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu OVA

January 2, 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!!! Bah. Only a day late. Makes no difference, right? And so another year has passed and another awaits. This means more and more animes for me to watch till I am anime intoxicated. Will I be bored? Will I get deeper into the passion and never get out? Only time will tell. But here is hope and cheers to the new year to me and everyone else.

Teachers. Either they make or break you. Either you’ll have the most memorable time of your school days or the worst ever time in your growing up life. Yes. Teachers, hate them or love them because they really play an important role and big impact in our lives and future. But what happens if there is a teacher that is crazy enough to destroy the world but at the same time the best teacher there is? Hard to say, huh? Well, if your teacher is some yellow tentacle alien who can move at incredible speeds, then maybe. Wait a minute. Did I just say that a teacher is an alien? Hardly anything original but wait till you hear the rest of the synopsis of Ansatsu Kyoushitsu OVA.

As our moon is already 70% destroyed, this yellow creature has announced the destruction of Earth by next March. So it is up to us to kill him first or he kills us. Unfortunately all attempts from the military or the best world assassins failed to do so because this dude can move up to speeds of mach 20! For unknown reasons, he ends up being a teacher in an assassination school and since nobody is able to kill him, he is nicknamed Koro sensei. Now, the biggest problem isn’t how difficult it is to kill him (which is actually a grave problem itself no matter how much you think about it), it is that his classes are so much fun! Holy cow! The person you need to kill is the best teacher in the whole wide world?! WTF?! Are you in a dilemma to kill the only person in the world who knows how to bring fun and educate you at the same time? This single OVA as I read is adapted from a popular manga arc whereby the class is on a field trip to Kyoto.

Always be prepared…
As our students prepare for their 3 days and 2 nights trip to Kyoto, Tadaomi Karasuma sensei reminds them that this trip is also their mission to try and eliminate Koro. He has dispatched the country’s best sniper as well and as the routes in Kyoto are more complicated, the students are to guide Koro to such places for the sniper to assassinate him. Sounds easy, right? So our main group of students consists of Nagisa Shiota, Tomohito Sugino, Kaede Kayano, Karma Akabane, Manami Okuda and the class belle Yukiko Kanzaki. Bitch sensei (real name Irina Jelavic but we don’t really find this appealing, right?) is running her mouth how the kids are acting so excited over a little trip unlike her who has travelled around the world. Nobody gives a damn so she threatens she won’t be left out of this fun! Koro has finished making a guidebook for their trip. It covers everything. Yes, everything. It is so thick that it puts the dictionary to shame! As they board the train, Bitch dresses up in a sexy flaunting way but Karasuma is not impressed and tells her to change. Why the long sad face? Koro almost missed the train and sticks by the glass till the next stop. Nagisa observes Koro interacting well with the other students and depending on what happens on the trip, they may get to see more sides to everyone. Also on this train to Kyoto are a bunch of delinquent high schools who are setting their sights on the girls. One of them has stolen Kanzaki’s field trip diary. After reaching their destination, Koro might seem dizzy from motion sickness. Even so, he can move fast enough to kill any knife stab! As Nagisa and co take their own tour down some lesser known alley, they are confronted by the delinquents. Karma instantly beats one of them but is easily taken out. The other guys are taken out while Kanzaki and Kaede are ‘kidnapped’ (Okuda was hiding so she is safe). The delinquent remembered seeing Kanzaki before and he has a photo of her at a game centre last summer. He tried looking for her again but to no avail and didn’t expect to see her here. He is trying to brainwash her that being a scum is fun and people from good backgrounds want to be delinquents.

Meanwhile the rest of the group recover from their attack. What now? Refer to the guidebook! Yeah, it even lists down what to do if there is a kidnapping (and even what to do if you fail to buy souvenirs!). Wow. So really thought out. Such details… Kanzaki reveals her father was always strict on her and had high expectations. She wanted to escape that stifling life and went to have fun in a place she thought no one would know. She regrets it now. Her grades eventually dropped. The delinquent is preaching about how they are ‘saving’ elites by turning them into scums since this is everyone’s true nature. Before anything can be done, Nagisa and co come busting in. They are doing exactly what the guidebook says. That’s why they know where they are hiding out and all. Heck, it’s like as though it is predicting the future or reading the script for this anime! The rest of the delinquents are taken off by Koro. The remaining delinquents aren’t impressed and aim at him. But who could be angrier (with a smiling face?) than Koro who is about to teach those bozos about touching his students. So fast his whipping that they didn’t even see it coming. Then he starts lecturing about not dragging others into the mud like them because a fish whether it lives in a lake or river, as long as it continues to swim, it will grow up beautifully. And finally, the most useful thing that the guidebook has ever done. Everyone takes it and knocks it on the delinquents’ head! Yeah. So heavy it could be akin to a murder weapon. In the aftermath, Koro is surprised that Kanzaki isn’t shaken from the events. Instead, she is quite grateful to him. So don’t you see why he is the best teacher, no?

As the trip continues, Red Eye is an assassin who has been hired by Karasuma to take out Koro. He has been briefed about the alien and all. On this trip where groups go their separate ways, Koro will take turns spending time with each group. They have to lure him to certain spots whereby the sniper will take him out. The first one is when a train stops on the bridge to see the boat people rowing below. The moment Koro sticks his head out, Red Eye shoots. He was sure it was a clean head shot but to his surprised Koro stopped to bullet with his fingers using some snacks! Next is watching the enactment of a samurai play. This time Koro joins in the act and since it is too messy and the other people blocking, Red Eye cannot get a clean shot. At some temple, some girl put some blotting paper on him. This gives Red Eye the opportunity to shoot. Unfortunately the blotting paper act like bullet proof paper. I don’t know how it soaked up enough of his mucus to stop a bullet. Now this is getting on Red Eye’s nerve. Karasuma then calls Red Eye to inform the rest of the assassination is cancelled since the next group ran into trouble and Koro ran over to deal with it. Red Eye thinks it is time to stop too since his pride is being shredded. He remembers becoming an assassin 8 years ago. His scope is always filled with blood and thus his nickname. To his surprise, Koro has finished dealing with the problem and sees him to send his greetings. So he is being treated to a hot meal? Red Eye thinks he is going to be killed and is prepared for it since he is in this line but surprise is in store. Koro thanks him. Because of him, the school trip has become enjoyable. The students had an opportunity to explore Kyoto differently (so as to find assassinated spots) and in a way had lots of moments to understand the charms of this city. What they obtained through their assassination efforts will no doubt fill them with plenty of experience. That is why he looks forward to be assassinated. Next day, Red Eye calls Karasuma that he is quitting this mission. Because rather being obsessed with just a colour, he is going sightseeing to see all sorts of colours. Holy sh*t! An assassin turned over a new leaf?! So don’t you see why Koro is the best teacher not only to his students?!

At the inn, the guys see a couple of girls trying to peep into the men’s section. Holy cow! Is this true? Actually, they plan to see Koro naked! Don’t get the wrong idea. They saw his clothes hanged up and this could be a perfect chance to see what his body look like and learn his weakness. As they creep in, they are surprised to see him in a bubble bath. This isn’t additives he added by rather his mucus. They are confident that he has no way of escaping as they are blocking the only exit. To get out, he must get past them and if they can’t kill him they will at least see his naked body. Oh, that won’t do. The entire bath turns into some solid jelly (covering his body) as he escapes by squeezing through the window. So much about their plan. Meanwhile the rest of the guys are doing a definitive ranking of the girls in their room. This will be their little secret and won’t let others find out. But Koro is peeping on them outside and has taken notes! Get him! Meanwhile Bitch is boasting to the girls about her sexual prowess but they aren’t buying it. They are more interested in hearing about the men who fell for her but before she could gladly start, she notices Koro among the girls trying to listen. He wants to listen to such love stories too? The girls accuse Koro that he must have his own fetish and unrequited love. Time to make like a banana and split. Get him! Oh no. An attack from the guys and girls how will he get out now? But Nagisa has a lot on his mind. Whether or not Earth will be destroyed next March remains to be seen. However it is for sure their class will end by then (they are seniors and will be graduating). He wants to get to know everyone better, try to kill Koro more and live life without regrets. For now, let’s just take one step at a time. Kaede would love to go on a field trip one more time.

Best Teacher For Life!
Well, it was actually fun. A whole lot of fun. Especially with the mysterious Koro whom you can’t make head or tail of (despite he is mostly made out of tentacles). Therefore I think this OVA serves as a good introduction and promotion for the manga as well as for the upcoming TV series that it will be adapted to. For sure I’ll be catching it and see all the wild and crazy antics and attempts everyone is going to do to assassinate him before the time is up as well as the amazing life lessons that Koro will teach us not through spoon feeding in class but hands on experience.

Koro is easily a very likeable character and you can’t find ways to hate him. Maybe it is because of his big yellow head that has this uncanny look to that yellow smiley face or Pac-man. Creepy or cute? Or both? This dude is exuding with lots of mystery and mind boggling stuffs because as we have seen throughout the episodes, he has several weaknesses from motion sickness (I suppose he didn’t travel light years here on a space ship if that’s the case) to worrying about other people looking at his face (wearing only a thinly see through black veil?) and even eating hot food (is that why he blows his food for so damn long?). With such silly weaknesses, it seems like he is so open and unguarded to be killed but why hasn’t anyone done so? Thus it is not as easy as it seems. This dude moves so fast that he puts people who use Bullet Time to shame. It is like he is on eternal God mode with all his super amazing skills and abilities that no one could best.

And of course the best part of him is how at the end of it all, he imbues rich experience and lessons that you don’t learn in classrooms or textbooks. So is it no wonder why sometimes they find it hard to kill him? Where on Earth can you find such great teacher? Maybe that is why. Not on Earth. So thank God for this godsend creature. Uh huh. It feels like having a wonderful time before you die. Ironically he treasures his students a lot because he would really teach those a lesson for those trying to bring harm. Perhaps it is like nobody is going to touch his prey before the ultimate destruction.

I can’t say much for the other characters but we have a little glimpse on some of them like Karma who is always itching to take the violent way and Kanzaki’s little background as a fallen elite trying to pick up herself by looking forward, moving forward and doing her best. It remains to be seen for the rest and I hope the TV series will flesh them out. And I have a feeling Bitch sensei is going to also be a fun character to kick around. Maybe that is why she is named so and I hope she lives up to her name for laughing sakes.

The drawing and art is rather standard although it can be a little cartoonish especially Koro. While the voice acting boasts quite a number of famous seiyuus like Tomokazu Seki as Koro, Nao Taouyama as Nagisa, Rina Satou as Kanzaki, Ayana Taketasu as Kaede, Nobuhiko Okamoto as Karma, Yui Horie as Bitch, Junichi Suwabe as Karasuma and Miki Shinichiro as Red Eye.

It is too early to comment on anything else for now but as I have said I am looking forward to all the silliness and comedy when the TV series comes out. Because unlike its serious and seemingly dark title, the show itself is quite fun and funny. So keep racking your brains for a way to get that alien sensei before it’s too late. Because it’s like telling us we have failed the test in life if we don’t get to kill him at the end of it all. Then it would really be ‘class dismissed’. Sighs. If only I had a teacher like that during my school days. Learning would be a blast. Then I wouldn’t mind Armageddon even if it really comes. For now I will have to be content that animes are my ‘best’ teachers around. Oh yeah. Animes. Your perfect educational guide to the world and life… ;p

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