Ansatsu Kyoushitsu OVA

January 2, 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!!! Bah. Only a day late. Makes no difference, right? And so another year has passed and another awaits. This means more and more animes for me to watch till I am anime intoxicated. Will I be bored? Will I get deeper into the passion and never get out? Only time will tell. But here is hope and cheers to the new year to me and everyone else.

Teachers. Either they make or break you. Either you’ll have the most memorable time of your school days or the worst ever time in your growing up life. Yes. Teachers, hate them or love them because they really play an important role and big impact in our lives and future. But what happens if there is a teacher that is crazy enough to destroy the world but at the same time the best teacher there is? Hard to say, huh? Well, if your teacher is some yellow tentacle alien who can move at incredible speeds, then maybe. Wait a minute. Did I just say that a teacher is an alien? Hardly anything original but wait till you hear the rest of the synopsis of Ansatsu Kyoushitsu OVA.

As our moon is already 70% destroyed, this yellow creature has announced the destruction of Earth by next March. So it is up to us to kill him first or he kills us. Unfortunately all attempts from the military or the best world assassins failed to do so because this dude can move up to speeds of mach 20! For unknown reasons, he ends up being a teacher in an assassination school and since nobody is able to kill him, he is nicknamed Koro sensei. Now, the biggest problem isn’t how difficult it is to kill him (which is actually a grave problem itself no matter how much you think about it), it is that his classes are so much fun! Holy cow! The person you need to kill is the best teacher in the whole wide world?! WTF?! Are you in a dilemma to kill the only person in the world who knows how to bring fun and educate you at the same time? This single OVA as I read is adapted from a popular manga arc whereby the class is on a field trip to Kyoto.

Always be prepared…
As our students prepare for their 3 days and 2 nights trip to Kyoto, Tadaomi Karasuma sensei reminds them that this trip is also their mission to try and eliminate Koro. He has dispatched the country’s best sniper as well and as the routes in Kyoto are more complicated, the students are to guide Koro to such places for the sniper to assassinate him. Sounds easy, right? So our main group of students consists of Nagisa Shiota, Tomohito Sugino, Kaede Kayano, Karma Akabane, Manami Okuda and the class belle Yukiko Kanzaki. Bitch sensei (real name Irina Jelavic but we don’t really find this appealing, right?) is running her mouth how the kids are acting so excited over a little trip unlike her who has travelled around the world. Nobody gives a damn so she threatens she won’t be left out of this fun! Koro has finished making a guidebook for their trip. It covers everything. Yes, everything. It is so thick that it puts the dictionary to shame! As they board the train, Bitch dresses up in a sexy flaunting way but Karasuma is not impressed and tells her to change. Why the long sad face? Koro almost missed the train and sticks by the glass till the next stop. Nagisa observes Koro interacting well with the other students and depending on what happens on the trip, they may get to see more sides to everyone. Also on this train to Kyoto are a bunch of delinquent high schools who are setting their sights on the girls. One of them has stolen Kanzaki’s field trip diary. After reaching their destination, Koro might seem dizzy from motion sickness. Even so, he can move fast enough to kill any knife stab! As Nagisa and co take their own tour down some lesser known alley, they are confronted by the delinquents. Karma instantly beats one of them but is easily taken out. The other guys are taken out while Kanzaki and Kaede are ‘kidnapped’ (Okuda was hiding so she is safe). The delinquent remembered seeing Kanzaki before and he has a photo of her at a game centre last summer. He tried looking for her again but to no avail and didn’t expect to see her here. He is trying to brainwash her that being a scum is fun and people from good backgrounds want to be delinquents.

Meanwhile the rest of the group recover from their attack. What now? Refer to the guidebook! Yeah, it even lists down what to do if there is a kidnapping (and even what to do if you fail to buy souvenirs!). Wow. So really thought out. Such details… Kanzaki reveals her father was always strict on her and had high expectations. She wanted to escape that stifling life and went to have fun in a place she thought no one would know. She regrets it now. Her grades eventually dropped. The delinquent is preaching about how they are ‘saving’ elites by turning them into scums since this is everyone’s true nature. Before anything can be done, Nagisa and co come busting in. They are doing exactly what the guidebook says. That’s why they know where they are hiding out and all. Heck, it’s like as though it is predicting the future or reading the script for this anime! The rest of the delinquents are taken off by Koro. The remaining delinquents aren’t impressed and aim at him. But who could be angrier (with a smiling face?) than Koro who is about to teach those bozos about touching his students. So fast his whipping that they didn’t even see it coming. Then he starts lecturing about not dragging others into the mud like them because a fish whether it lives in a lake or river, as long as it continues to swim, it will grow up beautifully. And finally, the most useful thing that the guidebook has ever done. Everyone takes it and knocks it on the delinquents’ head! Yeah. So heavy it could be akin to a murder weapon. In the aftermath, Koro is surprised that Kanzaki isn’t shaken from the events. Instead, she is quite grateful to him. So don’t you see why he is the best teacher, no?

As the trip continues, Red Eye is an assassin who has been hired by Karasuma to take out Koro. He has been briefed about the alien and all. On this trip where groups go their separate ways, Koro will take turns spending time with each group. They have to lure him to certain spots whereby the sniper will take him out. The first one is when a train stops on the bridge to see the boat people rowing below. The moment Koro sticks his head out, Red Eye shoots. He was sure it was a clean head shot but to his surprised Koro stopped to bullet with his fingers using some snacks! Next is watching the enactment of a samurai play. This time Koro joins in the act and since it is too messy and the other people blocking, Red Eye cannot get a clean shot. At some temple, some girl put some blotting paper on him. This gives Red Eye the opportunity to shoot. Unfortunately the blotting paper act like bullet proof paper. I don’t know how it soaked up enough of his mucus to stop a bullet. Now this is getting on Red Eye’s nerve. Karasuma then calls Red Eye to inform the rest of the assassination is cancelled since the next group ran into trouble and Koro ran over to deal with it. Red Eye thinks it is time to stop too since his pride is being shredded. He remembers becoming an assassin 8 years ago. His scope is always filled with blood and thus his nickname. To his surprise, Koro has finished dealing with the problem and sees him to send his greetings. So he is being treated to a hot meal? Red Eye thinks he is going to be killed and is prepared for it since he is in this line but surprise is in store. Koro thanks him. Because of him, the school trip has become enjoyable. The students had an opportunity to explore Kyoto differently (so as to find assassinated spots) and in a way had lots of moments to understand the charms of this city. What they obtained through their assassination efforts will no doubt fill them with plenty of experience. That is why he looks forward to be assassinated. Next day, Red Eye calls Karasuma that he is quitting this mission. Because rather being obsessed with just a colour, he is going sightseeing to see all sorts of colours. Holy sh*t! An assassin turned over a new leaf?! So don’t you see why Koro is the best teacher not only to his students?!

At the inn, the guys see a couple of girls trying to peep into the men’s section. Holy cow! Is this true? Actually, they plan to see Koro naked! Don’t get the wrong idea. They saw his clothes hanged up and this could be a perfect chance to see what his body look like and learn his weakness. As they creep in, they are surprised to see him in a bubble bath. This isn’t additives he added by rather his mucus. They are confident that he has no way of escaping as they are blocking the only exit. To get out, he must get past them and if they can’t kill him they will at least see his naked body. Oh, that won’t do. The entire bath turns into some solid jelly (covering his body) as he escapes by squeezing through the window. So much about their plan. Meanwhile the rest of the guys are doing a definitive ranking of the girls in their room. This will be their little secret and won’t let others find out. But Koro is peeping on them outside and has taken notes! Get him! Meanwhile Bitch is boasting to the girls about her sexual prowess but they aren’t buying it. They are more interested in hearing about the men who fell for her but before she could gladly start, she notices Koro among the girls trying to listen. He wants to listen to such love stories too? The girls accuse Koro that he must have his own fetish and unrequited love. Time to make like a banana and split. Get him! Oh no. An attack from the guys and girls how will he get out now? But Nagisa has a lot on his mind. Whether or not Earth will be destroyed next March remains to be seen. However it is for sure their class will end by then (they are seniors and will be graduating). He wants to get to know everyone better, try to kill Koro more and live life without regrets. For now, let’s just take one step at a time. Kaede would love to go on a field trip one more time.

Best Teacher For Life!
Well, it was actually fun. A whole lot of fun. Especially with the mysterious Koro whom you can’t make head or tail of (despite he is mostly made out of tentacles). Therefore I think this OVA serves as a good introduction and promotion for the manga as well as for the upcoming TV series that it will be adapted to. For sure I’ll be catching it and see all the wild and crazy antics and attempts everyone is going to do to assassinate him before the time is up as well as the amazing life lessons that Koro will teach us not through spoon feeding in class but hands on experience.

Koro is easily a very likeable character and you can’t find ways to hate him. Maybe it is because of his big yellow head that has this uncanny look to that yellow smiley face or Pac-man. Creepy or cute? Or both? This dude is exuding with lots of mystery and mind boggling stuffs because as we have seen throughout the episodes, he has several weaknesses from motion sickness (I suppose he didn’t travel light years here on a space ship if that’s the case) to worrying about other people looking at his face (wearing only a thinly see through black veil?) and even eating hot food (is that why he blows his food for so damn long?). With such silly weaknesses, it seems like he is so open and unguarded to be killed but why hasn’t anyone done so? Thus it is not as easy as it seems. This dude moves so fast that he puts people who use Bullet Time to shame. It is like he is on eternal God mode with all his super amazing skills and abilities that no one could best.

And of course the best part of him is how at the end of it all, he imbues rich experience and lessons that you don’t learn in classrooms or textbooks. So is it no wonder why sometimes they find it hard to kill him? Where on Earth can you find such great teacher? Maybe that is why. Not on Earth. So thank God for this godsend creature. Uh huh. It feels like having a wonderful time before you die. Ironically he treasures his students a lot because he would really teach those a lesson for those trying to bring harm. Perhaps it is like nobody is going to touch his prey before the ultimate destruction.

I can’t say much for the other characters but we have a little glimpse on some of them like Karma who is always itching to take the violent way and Kanzaki’s little background as a fallen elite trying to pick up herself by looking forward, moving forward and doing her best. It remains to be seen for the rest and I hope the TV series will flesh them out. And I have a feeling Bitch sensei is going to also be a fun character to kick around. Maybe that is why she is named so and I hope she lives up to her name for laughing sakes.

The drawing and art is rather standard although it can be a little cartoonish especially Koro. While the voice acting boasts quite a number of famous seiyuus like Tomokazu Seki as Koro, Nao Taouyama as Nagisa, Rina Satou as Kanzaki, Ayana Taketasu as Kaede, Nobuhiko Okamoto as Karma, Yui Horie as Bitch, Junichi Suwabe as Karasuma and Miki Shinichiro as Red Eye.

It is too early to comment on anything else for now but as I have said I am looking forward to all the silliness and comedy when the TV series comes out. Because unlike its serious and seemingly dark title, the show itself is quite fun and funny. So keep racking your brains for a way to get that alien sensei before it’s too late. Because it’s like telling us we have failed the test in life if we don’t get to kill him at the end of it all. Then it would really be ‘class dismissed’. Sighs. If only I had a teacher like that during my school days. Learning would be a blast. Then I wouldn’t mind Armageddon even if it really comes. For now I will have to be content that animes are my ‘best’ teachers around. Oh yeah. Animes. Your perfect educational guide to the world and life… ;p

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