Ano Natsu De Matteru OVA

January 23, 2015

Hey, hold on a minute. I thought they were done with it? Because it really seems suspicious that after 2 years the TV series ended, they came out with Ano Natsu De Matteru OVA, which is supposed to be a special episode to be included in Blu-ray box set. Two years later and they only release this set? Well, it seems this is how long this OVA is set. So they want to make it time realistic as well? Are they trying to play on our nostalgia? Oh well, seeing the TV series wasn’t that bad, people like me would definitely want to flock and watch it to relive all that romance and nostalgia that was while we were watching the dozen TV episodes.

Reliving Memories Of The Past
Kaito wakes up on a usual bright sunny morning. It is always summer in the countryside so don’t worry. Nanami asks if he has decided on his future and he doesn’t need to worry about money. Do what he wants to do. Because this is his last summer vacation. He’ll think about it. So we catch a glimpse of the characters in their usual daily lives. Including Tetsurou who is seemingly popular among a couple of girls! Say what?! Mio is not really happy… And there is Lemon and Rinon still observing the universe or whatever in their secret MIB lab. Tetsurou visits Kaito at his home. Lazing around. Nothing better to do for the summer holidays, eh? So why is Tetsurou here? Because Kanna told him to keep a watch on him. Besides, Manami is back crashing at his place and doesn’t like the smell of his tank plastic model that he is about to make. Husband problem thingy again. Well on a related note, Tetsurou knows the girls are talking about him right now. Because Tetsurou received love letters. Not just 1 love letter but 3 of them!!! THREE FREAKING LOVE LETTERS!!! Of course Mio tore it all apart to convey the message to him. He better get it. Because they are going out now so he better not be screwing around with other girls. Tetsurou finds an old film reel lying around. Kaito remembers he was reorganizing his film and must be from that time. From the looks of it, it seems like some test film they did before that movie they made. Starting to remember what it’s all about? Back home, Tetsurou calls Mio to apologize but she’ll only forgive him if he says he loves her. In a convincing manner. He has to suck up his embarrassment to say it. At least it’s enough to make this nudist on cloud nine. He then tells her about that reel. They remember about it…

That night, Kaito plays the reel for nostalgia sakes. It is a test acting of Ichika before they film the real thing. So she is just doing normal things but as we can obviously see, she sucks. Don’t blame her. It is her first time after all. Remember Lemon’s Dynamite drink? Who the hell could forget that? Uh huh. She has nervous Ichika cool down by drinking it. Oh no. Because of that, Ichika is now acting very flirty. Get the camera! Hey… Why are they just filming her boobs? Mio won’t allow Tetsurou to watch any further and Kanna stops Kaito’s filming. However he couldn’t resist continuing when Ichika starts sexually harassing Kanna. Lemon who is in charge of the screenplay now gets tons of ideas watching them. Oh, why the heck did Rinon drink the juice too? After they are put to bed, the rest are discussing stuff and I don’t know if they’re too engrossed in it because that cheeky Lemon served her Dynamite drink to the girls and I am not sure if they realize what they just drank. And as expected, their behaviour change. They start getting loud while Kanna does a submission move on Kaito, refusing to believe nothing happened between him and Ichika. Accidentally he got his hands on Ichika’s boobs and flusters. This only upsets Kanna since his hand is on hers too. Too flat to feel anything… I think he just ‘died’. And Lemon… She’s pretty enjoying all this. The ideas are keep flowing in! The final segment of the film shows them playing sparklers and it ends with Ichika putting them all to bed with a cute smile and finger to her lips.

Kaito’s friends come by and they brought sparklers to play. They remember it was 2 years ago that they had such fun with everyone. Kaito even remembers Kanna’s bellybutton showing. Feel like ‘dying’ again? Tetsurou mentions he is planning to go to Tokyo University. Mio already knows and will follow him. As for Kaito, he wants to make movies again one day even if it’s something as simple as this because it had a happy ending. Kaito narrates although the silhouettes of memories in their hearts are continuing to disappear day by day, it still feels irritating and painful. He thought had they never met Ichika, their lives would have lived different lives. But that doesn’t mean it would be the end. There’ll be a sequel. They’ll always be waiting.

Old Films Never Die. They Live On In Our Hearts…
And so it was an epilogue mixed with some flashback. If I had to describe this OVA, it would be disappointing. Maybe that is the problem when you expect something great to follow after watching a great TV series. The only thing that it succeeded was that it brought back nostalgic memories of the series. Two years ago might seem like a long time now and I could hardly remember the show now. However this OVA doesn’t seem to do justice to any of it. Kaito and Ichika were supposed to be the main stars and I thought how it would be possible for this to happen when it was already over then. So that is why they brought back this old footage thingy and thus you have your Ichika’s appearance. It wasn’t anything special. Even that last scene that Ichika is watching through space, possible 2.3 million light years away, that doesn’t even feel like the saving grace. I mean, will she actually come back again? How old would Kaito be when that happens? Will Earth still be the same? Sure, alien technology speeds things up. Assuming that. Thus is also serves to highlight that Kaito is still probably much in love with Ichika because if he wasn’t, I am thinking that Kanna and him would have been an item. Like he said, had they not met her, they would have led different lives.

Thus this OVA is seen mainly focusing on the other characters albeit just a bit of development and nothing more. They try to make things interesting by employing bits of fanservice like that scene of Mio in her complete birthday suit just to remind us she is a nudist and is not ashamed to flaunt her body. At least in her room. Then there is this big joke of Lemon and her Dynamite drink that she makes the girls drink so that she could get her kicks from watching the young ones do flirty stuffs. Some may say this joke is getting old, a way to waste time and give Lemon a reason to make her cameo appearance that otherwise would mean nothing. Well in a way it is although personally I thought it was funny (in the nostalgic sense) even though it is just odd that the girls continue to fall for this prank.

Strangely or not, the opening and ending themes bear striking similarities of the themes done in the original TV series. Most probably it is because they are sung by the same singers who sung them then. Kisetsu No Shutter is the opener by Ray while Nagi Yanagi sings the ending theme entitled Point At Infinity. Though, personally I still prefer Vidro Moyou, the ending theme for the TV series. In a nutshell, I wished that they could have done this better and not ‘taint’ the series because now I feel the great overall TV series is let down with this unsatisfying finisher. Just like everything in life. It fades into our memories and those feelings turn into nostalgia if they are strong. Otherwise they will naturally be forgotten with the flow of time. Yeah. 2.3 million light years is a very looooooong time.

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