Magi: The Kingdom Of Magic

January 24, 2015

They should have called the sequel Aladdin and the Magic Kingdom because that is what Magi: The Kingdom Of Magic is all about. At least half of it. With the plot and storyline progressing steadily from the first season, I am sure there is a reason why Aladdin is hogging a big chunk of the second season. That reason being the main trio heading off to their own separate ways (albeit temporarily) to improve themselves in preparation for the ultimate battle between good and evil. And thus in this season we have Aladdin in focus as he tries to learn and master magic techniques that will allow him to become a true Magi in this world. So get ready to tune in for more Arabian Niiiiiiiiights. Like Arabian Daaaaaaaaays…

Episode 1
Back at Sindria, Sinbad announces for a celebration with Alibaba and co’s safe return and of course the successful capturing of another Dungeon. There is even a play enacting their Dungeon capture but the actors look so ‘lame’ that it’s making them laugh… Ka Kobun tells Kougyoku and Hakuryuu that it is time to return home. Hakuryuu feels he needs to get Sinbad’s answer before then. Sinbad talks to Aladdin about the other Magi besides him. Apart from Judal who is serving the Kou Empire, there is Yunan then wandering Magi and the one who caused the first Dungeon to appear 15 years ago and Scheherazade, Reim Empire’s Magi who is also responsible for that empire’s prosperity for 2 centuries. Seems Sinbad is trying to persuade Aladdin to become Sindria’s Magi but Aladdin remains cautious and doesn’t accept it yet. Sinbad also goes to ‘flirt’ with Kougyoku and she really hopes this would never end. Jafar thinks he is a despicable man but he claims he needs to get all the resources he can get. Aladdin expresses his wish to learn more about magic so Yamraiha mentions the kingdom of Magnostadt where she learnt magic at their academy till 10 years ago. Sinbad and his Eight Generals are analyzing Dark Metal weapons and they find Magnostadt’s symbol engraved on it. Sinbad is going to talk to Dunya (who is under their custody) but Yamraiha cautions that her lips are tightly sealed especially when she learnt Yamraiha studied at Magnostadt. The only one who can break the ice is Aladdin. She’s laughing at his antics! And then he cannot resist it. Groping her boobs and thighs! Oh Aladdin! You lucky pervy bastard!!! Sinbad assures Sindria is not aligned with Magnostadt and that Yamraiha has stopped associating with them 10 years ago. Suddenly his Metal Vessels start reacting. It causes Dunya pain. Yamraiha manages to temporarily stop its proliferation but since it has eaten her too deep, it is only a matter of time. Aladdin uses his Magi power to dive into her mind and free her from the Dark Metal Vessel in her. He sees all the hate and grief from other people. Although he frees her, however the after effect of the Dark Metal Vessel aggravates her situation. She doesn’t have long to live. Alibaba discusses with Aladdin and Morgiana about Hakuryuu’s departure. Aladdin also announces he wants to go on a journey by himself.

Episode 2
Aladdin wants to learn more about the world although he likes it here, he feels he might get drawn into Sinbad’s great light. Of course they are worried about Aladdin’s decision to study at Magnostadt because of their peculiar discriminating system. Aladdin doesn’t want the rest to follow and they have to figure out their goals themselves. He wants to make Alibaba his king but has no power or knowledge to do so yet. Morgiana trains with Masrur when she asks about the Dark Continent. He explains he saw none of their people there. He thinks if this helps her to move on, then she must visit the place herself. Kougyoku wants to spar with Alibaba (because they are friends now) but it is Sinbad who does the honours. She is thrilled to fight with him so Sinbad had to cut short their bout at the expense of knocking out others nearby (those who don’t cover their ears) with some djinn shouting high frequency waves. Hakuryuu goes to beg Sinbad for his help although it doesn’t have to be now but in the future when he calls for it. Sinbad looks on the positive side and agrees. Aladdin talks to Dunya about his plan and hopes she will wait for him to come back with a cure. However she knows he is lying because she doesn’t have that much time left. They chat and Dunya feels glad to have met him. She dies after Dark Metal Vessel engulfs her body. It is a sad day for everyone as they watch Dunya’s body being cremated. Hakuryuu tells Morgiana about his family being murdered by Al-Thamen. He knows the organization has infiltrated the Kou Empire and had he accepted their invitation, he might have ended up like that too. Morgiana feels envy. She cannot remember her own family. She was alone and sold into slavery until about a year ago she was saved by Alibaba. Hakuryuu tries to give her hope her parents might be alive somewhere. Kougyoku talks to Alibaba about how she fell in love at first sight with Sinbad and chased him all the way to Sindria. Unlike her siblings, she heard her mom was a prostitute and she was born on the streets. Thus she is a princess of low birth and kept her distance in the palace as she never felt belonged. Only Judal and her big brother, Kouen recognized her warrior abilities. Although she is not sure yet, she is going home to search for her purpose.

Episode 3
Sinbad and the Eight Generals see off Aladdin, Morgiana and Hakuryuu. In the end, Alibaba never come to see them off. Unknown to them, he stowed away on the ship and thinks of surprising them with a perfect chance to make up. He waits for them to enter but they enter the room next door. He thought they would be worried about him but instead they are talking behind his back! Especially about his unpopularity. So much about being friends, huh? This hurts him a lot so he starts crying. In the end it is revealed that they knew he sneaked on board and were just playing a prank on him. Gotcha! Alibaba is also on a journey to train to become a gladiator. Sinbad noticed he couldn’t perform a full body Djinn Equip despite all the training and detected his Magoi might have changed in quality. At this rate he will never master it no matter how much effort he puts in. But don’t worry. Sinbad had this sort of experience too so he went to the Village of Magoi Manipulation inhabited by a minority race called Yambala. Because they are nomads, nobody knows where their real village is. However because they train to be gladiators, you are bound to run into them in Reim Coliseum, the largest coliseum in the world. As their ship nears the port, Morgiana could see something wrong ahead. The port is on fire. A strange looking kid, Olba floats by. He wants them to hand over their goods because he and his men are pirates of Umm Madaura.

Episode 4
The gang is surprised that the pirates are made up of kids. Olba uses his Magic Tool to throw them into the water but Hakuryuu summons Zagan’s power to bring them back up. Olba holds Aladdin hostage and give the pirates enough time to clean out everything before submerging back into the sea. When they arrive at the devastated port, they are greeted by the small army who explain that most of their troops were sent to the northern border to defend against Magnostadt. Ever since the fall of Mustasim Kingdom, they have started to encroach onto other land. The poor people are devastated because not only the pirates took their belongings but their children too. The army doesn’t know where the pirates’ base is and surely they can’t follow underwater. Do not fear. Hakuryuu has planted some seed in one of the goods they stole and its roots will lead them to it. But the army continues to give weak excuses why they can’t. The people blow their top accusing them that just because they are poor and from the slums unlike nobles, they don’t care. This brings back certain trauma for Alibaba. If the army won’t do it, they’ll save the children. Without any reward. Besides, they’re not in a hurry to go anywhere, right? Aladdin wakes up on the ship and sees children powering some Magic Tool to keep this ship running. They are willing to die for Madaura. The pirates’ base is in some rocky enclave. Aladdin notices lots of children. Heck, everyone is children. Olba explains the kids here get to eat all they want and sleep peacefully. Everyone gives their praise to the big boss Madaura. However Aladdin is not convinced because he saw kids nearly dying on the boat. The rest are still adamant that they will die for her cause and chant her name. Wow. Just like a cult. Madaura believes Aladdin will see the light of their way in time. Aladdin and co report back to Sindria what happened via some orb they gave Aladdin before they depart. Aladdin doesn’t want backup and will handle this themselves. The pirates are alerted that a ship is approaching them. Olba is confident they can’t get in. Want to bet? If they can’t go underwater, get in from the top! Morgiana swings and throws the guys like a discus and makes a great jump herself. Right on target.

Episode 5
Madaura won’t let Aladdin go to his friends and has him follow her. She starts brainwashing him that she is his mother. After Olba powers up the kids, they play hide-and-seek with Alibaba. The caves prove useful for making ambush attacks. I don’t know how but Morgiana follows them deep inside and beats the crap out of everyone so much so the caves’ frontier collapse. They head deeper inside only to see weak terrified young kids trying to kill them. If they go all out, they may look like bullies. Just ignore them and head on. But the kids plead not to kill Madaura since she is like their mother who saved them from the slums and took good care of them when everyone else abandoned them. So the trio are in a dilemma since despite their sympathetic position, does it give them the right to steal and plunder as pirates? Besides, they also have their own tragic memories of their own mother. Aladdin breaks free of Madaura’s spell right when Alibaba and co arrive. Madaura uses her giant fan to brainwash them. Now they start seeing their own mother in Madaura and are overwhelmed by her. Madaura notes this is her plan to brainwash and groom children from a young age to become future leaders so she can rule the world. Because no child can live or solve conflicts on their own. Alibaba starts feeling guilty over the incidents that happened in Balbadd when Aladdin snaps him out of it with some lecture that he shouldn’t mindlessly obey somebody even if that person is his mother. Also, think about all the feelings that other people he met on his journey entrusted him. That is why they are not alone. Alibaba and Morgiana break free from the hypnotism much to Madaura’s surprise. It means that they might have a body of a child but their mind is already an adult. Olba and the rest will still protect Madaura with their lives. Alibaba tries to convince them they have been deceived. Alibaba wants Hakuryuu to use his special move but it seems he is still under her influence. He uses his power against them.

Episode 6
Hakuryuu remembers his brother told him to fight till his last breath. He is giving all he is got against Alibaba although the latter eventually bests him when his Magoi Manipulation reached its limit. Madaura and the kids carry all the treasure they can and try to escape but the navy has surrounded the place thanks to a call from Sindria. They have no choice but to give up. Back on land, Madaura is about to be taken away. The kids still adore her but in her heart she thought they were just useless. The people try to take the law into their own hands and want to kill her now. Hakuryuu suddenly comes between them as if he was trying to protect her. Big surprise… He cuts off her head!!! Not in front of those kids!!! Later Hakuryuu reveals Madaura had eyes that looked like his mom. He remembers his mission to kill Al-Thamen’s witch, Gyokuen Ren who defected to his uncle’s side and seized control of Kou Empire. His mission is to kill his mom who was the person who ordered his family’s murder. So when his mom remarried and he became the new king’s adopted child, he then vowed to kill her no matter what. Alibaba feels despite all that, he is just settling a personal score. Olba is going to kill Hakuryuu but doesn’t even come close. He lectures him that he has killed other women who are also mothers. Also, he might have realized they were being used because they were kidnapping children only to help Madaura to line her pockets and gained nothing. They were never loved in the first place. Alibaba decides to take custody of the pirate kids and send them to Sindria under Sinbad’s care. At first Olba didn’t care. Without Madaura, their existence is nothing. But Alibaba lectures him and even gets emotional that he can’t change what happened. Since he is like the big brother whom everyone looks up to, he shouldn’t say such things and should look to the future. So we’re done here with this? Chapter closed. Morgiana confronts Hakuryuu as he leaves. She doesn’t want him to say goodbye like that. Here’s another surprise. He confesses he likes her and even kisses her! Now Alibaba needs to go talk to Hakuryuu but Morgiana won’t let him. In that case, Aladdin will do it. Will he reconsider? Hakuryuu explains he is about to start a war that will split Kou Empire into 2. He wants his help as Sinbad has pledged his. Aladdin is not sure. He really wants to help out but he thinks he is obsessed with revenge and this would only lead to more sorrow. Since it’s like that, Hakuryuu thanks him for everything and carries on his journey. He remembers Morgiana cried after that confession because no man ever said that to her. She felt happy. Since she can’t come with him, he promised that he will return one day and ask her to be his bride once more.

Episode 7
The trio have their last meal together. Morgiana looks a little down. Later the guys visit the red light district so Morgiana tails them to see them really having fun. It makes her feel confused about Hakuryuu’s confession. She’s mad. But there’s nothing she can do about it. Alibaba doesn’t want to lose out so he calls the best girl. It’s that big ugly girl… Have we seen her before? I know who is going to be the biggest loser… Next morning, the trio part their ways. Alibaba gives Morgiana a spare Household Vessel in case hers breaks she can transfer her powers into this extra piece. Aladdin is hungry after flying too long on his magic carpet. He sees a travelling troupe and tries to hitch a ride. The old guy doesn’t want him since he is currently transporting a very important person. Till Aladdin shows his gold from Sinbad… Along the way, bandits ambush them. Aladdin wants to help out but the VIP, Kouha Ren comes out from his carriage and kills all of them with his flexible sword. He looks like enjoying every bit of it. Aladdin learns he is also heading to Magnostadt and talks to him. I won’t say they become close buddies but at least they have company for the rest of the journey. Also, his female servants are grateful and love Kouha because saved them from some lab that turned parts of their bodies into something horrible. However Kouha views them as beautiful. They are at the entry checkpoint of Magnostadt. Aladdin needs to pass a simple magic test but it won’t be easy. As Yamraiha warned, he must hide the fact that he is a Magi or Magnostadt will do whatever it takes to capture him. One of them being he cannot show his Rukh. This is hard since Rukhs appear whenever he uses them. Aladdin passes the test although the Rukhs appear for a while but the tester thinks they are just some interference. Seems Yamraiha gave him a Magic Tool that restricts the flow of Magoi to one direction. He can still produce Magoi but cannot receive it externally. This might turn him into a normal magician and neither the Rukh nor anybody will be on his side, Aladdin still accepted it because there is something in Magnostadt he really wants to find out.

Episode 8
All newcomers need to take a Kodor test to determine their rank. Well, Aladdin got 6th and the last rank. This is how well he could do without his Rukh’s help? His roommate is the arrogant Sphintus who thinks he is hell of a great despite just being 4th Kodor. Aladdin gets to know that every 2 months there is this Iktiyar magic test whereby one can be expelled if one fails. So for 6th Kodor magicians, they’re going to have physical training. No magic stamina. And with this Myers lady who looks more like some S&M queen, it’s unforgiving Spartan training. Aladdin never knew he was this weak, huh? So what is his motivation to go on? Myers’ big bouncy boobs… Although Aladdin perseveres, others drop out. In the end, only 5 of them remember. Myers has them test their magic and it is much bigger than before. This is all thanks to the rigorous training to strengthen their physical strength. Now they are ready to learn magic. Myers has them test their magic via some crystal to determine their magic type. There are 8 types (in ascending order): Fire, water, light, lightning, wind, sound, power and life. Aladdin is fire based. But this doesn’t mean he can only use fire. Based on the diagram, Aladdin’s other compatible magic is wind. After more practical training, the time for the Iktiyar magic test is here. Aladdin goes out and impresses everyone with his big combination of fire and wind magic. No doubt he passes and instantly jumps to 1st Kodor rank! Myers is so happy that she hugs him. Finally, the boobs reward…

Episode 9
Alibaba has finally reached Reim. However he got robbed along the way and is stripped of almost everything. Making his way to the gladiator school, he is stopped by Toto who won’t allow this weakling to enter. Since he insists, they fight to prove himself. But because he is weak without food, he is easily defeated and is kicked out. Alibaba is thankfully rescued by the Nando brothers. Remember those petty thieves who stole from Sinbad in the first season? Looks like they’re making it big in this country running a casino now. While the brothers treat him, a naked man causes commotion because he lost everything in a bet. He turns out to be Shambal Ramal, leader of the Yambala Gladiators. Since he heard from Toto about this afternoon, he is going to give him a chance by fighting Toto again. Now that he is filled up, Alibaba fights better than Toto. Shambal allows Toto to use her Magoi. The moment her sword touches him, Alibaba is blown back and is bleeding. He gets it again. Any more hit, may kill him outright. Alibaba cannot resort to his Djinn Equip and uses his different sword styles to best her. Shambal declares Alibaba the victor despite Toto believing she could still go on. Not if she wants to fight topless! Shambal brings Alibaba into his school where all sorts of swordsmen with different backgrounds from failed mercenaries and thieves to homeless knights have joined. Shambal and Toto are part of the 5 Swordsmen of Yambala and their goal is to train warriors. Alibaba informs about his bad Magoi flow that inhibits his Full Body Djinn Equip. Shambal looks into it (acupuncture?) and realizes his dangerous situation. Seems he has 2 different Magoi types in his body. In short, if left freely, it will tear apart his organs and kill him. The only way is to control both his Magoi flow. Since this treatment is not free, he needs to work and that is to win a fight or two in the gladiator ring. Well, he is confident of taking on any gladiators but he didn’t expect it to be a monster, Garda! Scheherazade is seen watching this match from the stands.

Episode 10
Here’s another catch. He can only use normal swords. This means no Djinn Equip or anything. Alibaba seems to be doing fine dodging Garda’s attacks. He is confident since the crowd is cheering for him. But when his sword gets stuck after he tries to thrust deep, that’s where trouble begins. He gets smashed and tossed around like a ragdoll. Alibaba realizes the harsh reality of being a gladiator because the crowd is cheering for Garda to eat him! Garda loves to play with his food so he sinks his teeth into his hand for more pain. You know you’re a goner when your life starts flashing before your eyes. It seems like game over when Garda breaks his arm and nobody is going to stop the match. Alibaba remembers how he survived with Kassim and suddenly he changes. Back then, they didn’t have weapons and only rely on their wits and teamwork to outsmart bandits. Running around the arena, he finds a spear and sticks it into his mouth to jam it just before Garda is about to devour it. Then he uses the force of the wall when Garda tries to punch him to stick his sword into his fist, jamming it. Now they’re both one arm. Although slashing Garda with the broken sword does minimal damage, eventually the more he slashes, the more it wears out Garda and the big baboon collapses. At that point, Shambal sees both Alibaba’s Magoi fuse with each other. Scheherazade is watching this match because she sensed a disturbing presence but couldn’t determine if it is Alibaba’s. Her bodyguard, Muu Alexius talks to her about rumours that Magnostadt may be trying to conquer Reim as they have been gathering loads of Magic Tools that are supposedly found only in Dungeons. Scheherazade promises to protect Reim but is also worried after sensing some major abnormality in Kou. Toto is surprised that Garda is now Alibaba’s pet! Oh sh*t! He used his reward money to free him from his gladiator services. Just like Garda, Toto looks at Alibaba with a different view now and with some respect. Though, he can still be clumsy. Shambal comes to fix him and asks if he has found the other Magoi residing within. After the match, they fused. What was it he realized in that moment? He has been thinking about the power entrusted to him and is going to take back the country he lost. He needs more power for that and hopes to continue studying under Shambal.

Episode 11
Morgiana just arrived at her homeland, Cathargo. However it is barren. In a nearby town contemplating if there her fellow Fanalis are still around, a group of bandits are getting ready to kidnap her but surprise! Sahbmad and Ahbmad advise them not to for their own safety. They believe since Morgiana’s feet are ‘cracking’ the ground. The duo are currently under Sinbad’s archaeological survey unit and are studying the mysterious tribe of Torran. They take her to their village they are staying and take her to the chief. He mentions the Dark Continent is split by the Great Rift and believes Fanalis are still there. However he warns once she goes there, she can never come back to this side. After resolving herself, Morgiana takes a leap down into the deep dark valley using her chains to help repel down. So deep and dark that it feels like she is falling forever. It’s making her crazy and remembering her traumatic past. Will this fall ever end? Suddenly she hits the ground. Hard solid ground. Dark as night. To save Magoi, she uses her ultra sonic scream sound waves to detect her surroundings. Then she runs forward till she reaches a light. A house in the middle of nowhere? Yunan welcomes and congratulates her for reaching here. Calling himself the guardian of this forest, he knows her name because he could hear the people calling her at the valley’s entrance. He must have good ears or this place has very good echo. He knows her goal of seeing her fellow Fanalis and can arrange to let her meet them. However he cautions there is no turning back once she goes over to the other side. He has the power to send her there but not bring her back. He hopes not to do it. After all, Fanalis suffered greatly on this side. Besides, a terrible war is looming and it will affect the entire world. The reason being the emperor of Kou has died. Meanwhile Kouha is in negotiations with Magnostadt’s chancellor, Matal Mogamett. After hearing the news, negotiations are off and Kouha will have to return to his empire. He warns Kou will invade Magnostadt in the future and hopes he will decide whether to be subjugated or eliminated. You mad, old man? Hakuei returns to Koumei and introduces her 100 Kouga men who became her Household Metal users. Hakuryuu also arrives riding his monsters. Now he looks so badass. But here comes the first prince of Kou, Kouen.

Episode 12
Kouen will wait for all the siblings to return before going to His Majesty. Kougyoku wishes to talk to Kouen so we have a short flashback of Ka Kobun narrating how he was assigned to be her attendant but found her in a worst state. To achieve his quest for power, he decided not to give up on her. He’s quite a smooth talker… Kougyoku hears Kouen talk to Hakuryuu and Hakuei. He asks Hakuryuu if he wants to become emperor. He doesn’t want to go to war against his brother. Because the world only needs one king. He explains about his thoughts on the mysterious origins of Metal Vessels, King Solomon, the Torran inscriptions that appear in all Dungeons and the world divided and speaking in many languages. His theory that the world had only 1 language before is because so they won’t end up dying out after fighting because they can’t communicate and are cut off from each other. Kouen’s goal is to unite the world into one and he wants Hakuryuu’s help. All the siblings proceed to pay their last respects to their late emperor and father (his body is hideous after succumbing to disease). Gyokuen tries to jump ship to Kouen but he is uninterested. By right Kouen should be the next emperor but everyone is taken by surprise Gyokuen is announced to be the successor and the Imperial Priests will aid her in her duties. This doesn’t sit well with some and Hakuei worries this will split their empire into factions. Hakuryuu suddenly goes up and tells Gyokuen to ascend the throne. Later as Hakuryuu reveals to Hakuei, it is his plan to crack Gyokuen’s bond with Kouen. The priests behind her all from Al-Thamen. He believes he has the power to return to this country to normal. He has lived for this day to take down Gyokuen. Hakuei remains sceptical because what he is doing will divide the country instead. She believes in Kouen’s vision. Judal talks to Hakuryuu and tells him that he thinks he might be revolting but that grudge is revenge is part of her manipulation. Gyokuen comes to see him but Hakuryuu won’t let her touch her. Then she hints that she should have killed him that day and this makes him mad. Despite all the super power in his attack, it didn’t do a scratch and Gyokuen easily hits him away. She reminds him all he needs to do is be her adorable kid.

Episode 13
Sphintus has been promoted to 1st Kodor too and only he and Aladdin will advance to the second year. His class is sure he will be named the top student but to their surprise it is Titus Alexius, the son of one of the ruling class of Reim. So pretty… Like a girl? Aladdin sees lots of Rukhs from him. While Titus’ ugly subordinates harass other students, Titus wants to make friends with Aladdin. However instead of shaking his hand, Aladdin fondles his boobs! See! What did I tell you he looks like a girl! Well, at least now we know he isn’t. Titus feels insulted that he wants to beat him. Mogamett walks by and everyone bows down except Aladdin because he don’t know who this old geezer is. Since Mogamett pats him, he thinks he isn’t such a bad guy. Then it is announced, Titus and Aladdin will fight in tomorrow’s exam. The loser will not advance to learn anything. So in this epic magic battle, both sides do well with Aladdin creating a sand golem in Ugo’s image but Titus has his impenetrable barrier. He mocks Aladdin’s magic as simple as he demonstrates his magic combo. That small little ball is enough to pack lots of explosion and damage. To compensate for his lack of magic, Aladdin uses his sound magic and combines it with his martial arts to go on the offensive. They both accidentally rip each other’s sleeve. Aladdin fears his Magic Tool will expose his identity but to his surprise, Titus also has the same Magic Tool on his arm. Could he be a Magi too? Before the battle can continue, Mogamett stops them and calls it a draw. He personally recommends them directly for several seminars. Aladdin wants to talk to Titus more but Titus attacks him as he thinks he cannot complete his mission with him around. If not for Mogamett’s quick action, Aladdin could have died. Aladdin dreams of King Solomon witnessing the world about to become one. But it failed because magicians and non-magicians hold deep grudges and ended in a big war with many casualties. If that same thing happens today, the world will end and that’s why Aladdin is here. He feels the key to stop that is in this country. Titus is in solitary confinement for his actions. He is panicking as he communicates back with Scheherazade. He never thought another Magi subordinate will be here. She tells him to fight on till the end to protect Reim.

Episode 14
When Titus is released, he talks to Aladdin. He reveals he is under a mission by Scheherazade and thinks Aladdin is similar. Aladdin speaks the truth that he is a Magi and this shocks Titus. But this doesn’t stop their friendship. Along with Sphintus, the trio explore the city that certain higher level magicians can enter. Titus is amazed with every cute thing… Aladdin learns the discriminating system of this place and citizens without magic are called Goi and are all housed in isolation in the 5th district, which is forbidden for their level to visit. Because that night Titus gets scolded by Scheherazade for fooling around and to hurry up with his mission, he brings Aladdin and Sphintus along but since they don’t know where it is, they disguise and sneak into the admin building to find the kingdom’s blueprints. To their shock, 2/3 of the population consists of Goi. Upon arriving at the district, it looks like this underground city is just like the slums. Depressing. They feel their Magoi flowing out when a young girl, Marga collapses before them. Titus takes her in to heal her as the people are surprised the magicians are treating them nicely. They are further surprised to learn this district is a Magoi production facility. It is designed so their Magoi will be drained and help power the Magic Tools you see in town. Marga has a heart condition and has not long to live but she dreams of going outside. She gets excited when Aladdin tells her some of his stories. Titus wants to take her outside but some citizens won’t let him because it would be a crime and all of them will be collectively punished by death. There is a big hole in the middle where Magoi gets processed and since they don’t have wings, they’ll be thrown in there. Titus says he can fly everyone out if they desire. The people remain pessimistic. They are happy with the way things are now. Suddenly the nightly patrol arrives to do head count. Aladdin and co have to hide since they will be expelled if they are caught. When Marga collapses, the magician officer, Doron deems her unfit and is sent to her death. The elders plead for mercy because the children are innocent. But Doron doesn’t give a damn because if they can’t produce Magoi, they are as good as garbage. And that means you die. Marga is tossed into the hole. She thinks that’s the end of her. She must be dreaming to see Titus and Aladdin diving down to save her.

Episode 15
Doron beats up Titus and could have died had not Sphintus heal him. Doron then throws everyone into the hole as punishment. Aladdin saves them. They prepare for the big fight but Myers put a stop to it. Aladdin is brought before Mogamett and surprisingly he forgives him. Because he has not truly understand the truth yet. Everyone who first came here were like that. Later he privately speaks to Aladdin and the latter becomes defensive when he asks about Yamraiha. She was his best student and treated her like his own daughter for a few years. He knows Aladdin is here on a mission but whatever that mission is, it doesn’t matter because Mogamett hopes for mutual understanding and coexistence. Aladdin can tell he is not lying but at the same time he remembers his past cruel capabilities. Aladdin is invited to a lecture that will guarantee to learn the truth. Meeting up with Titus and Sphintus at the lecture hall, it seems they have been granted authority to access 5th level district since Titus kept bugging the directors. Mogamett gives his direct speech to the magicians. He questions them if they are aware of themselves. He points out they are different than their loved ones and the purpose magicians exist. Although they can manipulate Rukh, magicians have never dominated in world history. All of the empires and kingdoms were of Goi. He uses his clairvoyance magic to project his personal experience to the class. It happened 70 years ago in the Mustasim Kingdom. 10 magicians were serving the royal family and since magic was not fully developed yet, they were treated like slaves and magic spells took a toll on their bodies. His wife died in the process. His daughter, Sana couldn’t understand why magicians exist so Mogamett gave her hope that magic exists to save lives and make the world a better place. The magicians continued to develop magic and give the common people a better life. Their fruits of labour were acknowledged and they were given the nobility status.

Mogamett has Titus explain what he saw underground. Oppressed people with Magoi being sucked away. Oppressed? Life may be hard without Magoi but didn’t he see those Goi wasting their days in idle bliss? As long as their primitive desires are fulfilled, they are happy. It makes them no different like livestock. But they are different than livestock on one thing. They have lust to dominate. But don’t magicians too? Mogamett has them think what they crave most. To learn magic. Knowledge. Because of that, no magicians in the past have ever tried to found a nation. An incident led him to believe it was wrong. Three years later, an epidemic swept the place. Healing magic could not work and worst, nobles spread rumours that the magicians were the ones who spread the disease as they fear of their sudden rise in status. The people started to hate them and they were thrown into prisons. The few who managed to survive, escaped to a small isolated school and eke out a living researching magic. 30 years later, a major war broke out as the Partevia Empire sought to expand its territory. Mustasim made the magicians go to war. Although Mustasim repelled the forces, many magicians died including Sana who continued to believe in magic existing to save Goi. The last straw came when Mogamett heard the nobles badmouthing magicians as useful tools as an outlet for the public’s discontent and as their shield in wars. Magicians are convenient breeds. Mogamett is horrified that magic existed for men such as these. Recurring wars between nations were no more than territorial disputes just to satisfy their lust to dominate. They’re like savage beasts. Were magicians doomed to servitude in a world with savage kings? It made him think that magicians are the ones who are capable of creating a better world on rational ideas and reigning in the savages. He decided magicians had to escape the rule of Goi and take full control over them who couldn’t even suppress their own desires. That is why he had to create a country of magicians, led by magicians and for magicians.

Episode 16
Continuing his speech, when the people found the nobles to be getting too greedy, a civil war broke out and the magicians were on the people’s side. Titus accuses Mogamett of wanting to be king and believes nobody will give him support after seeing the 5th district. He goes on ranting about poor Marga that she just wanted to go outside. Mogamett tells him if that is what she wants then just do so. But there are many others like her. Is he going to take responsibility for all of them? If he is doing it only for Marga, it is only like for his self satisfaction. Titus can’t answer to that. Aladdin also disagrees with Mogamett’s way especially about absorbing Magoi from many to cater for a few above ground. As some students are worried their parents are also Goi and don’t like the idea of having them locked underground, Mogamett assures that there are many Goi living and working above like normal. His wish is not to oppress Goi but to create a nation where people can live in peace. But magicians are often persecuted and treated unfairly. He merely wants to end that. So while the students ponder to have a look at the underground, Mogamett allows Titus to take Marga and live with him. He feels sorry for him because the way he threw his support behind her, he got to peek into his shadow. He knows about him working for Scheherazade and pities her and Yamraiha who are fighting a lonely battle. The way they are doing things will get themselves killed eventually. Because they depend on their own to create big barriers instead of help from others or Magic Tools so their magic will deplete faster. Mogamett goes down underground with them, picks out Marga and hands her to Titus. Aladdin cannot tell if he is truly kind hearted or otherwise. Because when another kid comes pleading he wants to go outside, he kicks him away! Aladdin realizes Mogamett do not see people who aren’t magicians as fellow human beings. Like a pet or pest? This kind of thinking will only hasten the world’s end.

Happy days are here for Titus and Marga. They spend time together but her body is at her limit. To his surprise, Mogamett can do a spell that prolongs her life. It’s not that she is cured but he just delayed the inevitable. Aladdin is in Irene’s class about Rukhs. He is surprised to see black Rukhs in her lab as experiments. One of them being artificial life form created from black Rukhs. Because all this doesn’t surprise Aladdin, Irene notes it is true that they need to keep an eye on him and hints he may know a lot more. Aladdin also hints back that Magnostadt has connections with a certain organization but she feigns she doesn’t know. Titus reports back the Scheherazade about Magnostadt producing Magic Tools to intimidate Reim. She learns about his happy life with Marga and reminds him she hasn’t forgiven him yet for that 5th district incident. She warns the more he enjoys, he will be the one with the most regrets. His job is to identify the threat to Reim and although he is doing a fine job, he should know better that he has not enough time too. Marga talks to Titus and is grateful for everything. She hopes he can wait till she grows up so she can repay him back a lot. He will wait. Good choice. Because he would look like a lolicon if it starts right now. Titus goes to see Mogamett. He is crying and says he doesn’t want to die yet.

Episode 17
Titus is not suffering from some human disease. Actually he is not even human to begin with. He is made out from Scheherazade’s magic and gained consciousness when he was already forming (ugly alien blob?!). After all that emo ranting, it seems Titus’ problem is that since he has a month to live, he can’t taste true freedom and the wonders of nature and longer and questions the reason of his existence. He doesn’t feel his life is worthy. Mogamett tries his best to be his depression counsellor but his emo turns into hatred when Scheherazade takes over his body to communicate with Mogamett. She wants Magnostadt to become a colony under Reim because in the future she sees only 2 options for this magician country. That or become a territory of Kou and fight Reim. Mogamett refuses and won’t even hand Titus back because this is the kind of people he wants to protect. Give him back! No way! I’m keeping him! No you don’t! And so the struggle ends when Mogamett destroys the Magic Tool. He is willing to risk going making enemies out of Reim. So be it. Mogamett tells all of this to Aladdin so the latter asks if he is in league with Al-Thamen. Mogamett knew Ithnan. He once approached him to provide him knowledge and the magicians created Magic Tools and Dark Metal Vessels to defeat Goi. However he severed ties with Ithnan when he found out he was also providing Goi with such powers. He left and never came back and that was the end of it. As for how Magic Tools end up in pirates’ hands, they sold inferior ones off as they wanted to get funds to mass produce better ones in the future. Mogamett doesn’t care about Goi because his mission is to protect just magicians. That is why he is asking Aladdin for his help.

Soon Mogamett declares to his magicians that Magnostadt will go to war with Reim. His fellow magicians feel the same to stand and fight to protect their family. Titus gets emo again because he feels all this is his fault. Plus, he knows Reim is undefeatable since they have 3 Metal Vessel users handpicked by Scheherazade: Reim’s current emperor’s son Nerva Julius Caluades, Reim’s supreme commander Ignatius Alexius and Muu who is the captain of the Fanalis Corps (a bunch of circus freaks?). News of Soon Magnostadt’s war declaration reaches other empires like Sindria. The ordinary people are panicking and some magicians are having second thoughts on this suicide mission. Change of heart? Now they don’t want to fight this battle just because of Reim’s formidable army size? Titus has also defected to Magnostadt and is willing to face Scheherazade. He is acting arrogant before Aladdin. And then emo again… Till Aladdin explains his love for this world, fun times, sad times, blah, blah, blah. But he would still rather not go to war with them as they are not their true enemy. He believes the source might be lying somewhere here. Mogamett rallies his magician while the ships carrying the Fanalis Corps, Alibaba is onboard one of them! Look at the battle scars he has… He can’t wait to see Aladdin. Oh, I bet you do.

Episode 18
Scheherazade announces that Titus has been taken hostage, which is amounting to declaration of war. She gives Magnostadt one last chance to surrender. No reply. Suit yourself. Mogamett has put up 3 strong barriers around the country. The Reim soldiers try to break through but here the magicians are unleashing their magic of carnivorous plants, moving earth and even acid rain. Makes you wonder why Magnostadt needs those bunch of soldiers who are so low in morale. Scheherazade isn’t panicking yet. An army of air balloons drop high intensity bombs over the barrier. It is not made by magic but via science and research. Scheherazade wanted the people of Reim to stand up on its own, the reason they do not use Metal Vessels or magic. That’s why the people should be proud of themselves. You scared now, Mogamett? Scheherazade adds that humans don’t need magicians and can go on living on their own. They might have erred and chosen the wrong path in the past but as long as they can move forward and learn from their mistakes, all of that doesn’t matter. What Mogamett has done is that when he leaves everything to the magicians, he makes the others forfeit their ability to fight for themselves and rely heavily on them. The first barrier is broken and this lifts the Reim soldiers’ spirits to march forward. See all those Magnostadt soldiers running away? Lots of magicians are injured and this induces Sphintus to join the battle. Mogamett hasn’t lost yet. He unleashes a powerful Magoi powered cannon that wipes out an entire platoon! It’s like a massacre! But here comes the Fanalis Corps. What took them so long? They enter the battlefield and beat up all the cowardly Magnostadt soldiers. They’re loving it, going wild and all out. The cannon needs time to power up. Because it is sucking Magoi out of the 5th district. Sucking more will kill everyone. They don’t have to because Aladdin destroys the Magoi pipelines. He is going to stop this war. Muu finds Titus and persuades him to come back. He won’t as he has people who are dear to him he can protect. However Muu forces him to look at reality. The way he is constructed, he is not fated to live that kind of life. That is all it takes to bring Titus down on his knees. Aladdin begs to differ. No matter what he is or how different he is, it doesn’t matter to him. He is his friend. Now they should put this aside and think how to stop this war.

Episode 19
Aladdin removes his Magic Tool. His Magoi isn’t restored immediately and needs time so he tries to tell Muu to relay his message to Scheherazade to stop this or else Magnostadt’s mentality won’t change. Nobody tells Scheherazade what to do. I guess that’s that. Muu orders his Fanalis to tear down the second barrier. The Fanalis easily destroy the magician’s personal barrier and beat them down. No challenge. Aladdin suggests firing randomly till the ground gives in. Then the underground river sweeps them away. Fanalis can swim. So? The magicians shock them with electricity! Only Muu, Lolo and Myron are left so they’re going to take them all down in a single blow by using their Metal Vessel. They should have fired this black stuff from the start because the magicians don’t stand a chance. Once Myers is down, they focus on destroying the second barrier. Hadouken! It’s cracking when a large hand sweeps them away. It is Aladdin. His Rukhs have returned as he summons giant golems in the form of Ugo. Because all the Rukhs are returning to him in big droves, everyone is flabbergasted at this amazing sight. Besides, too much Rukhs that Aladdin’s body is having a hard time containing them all. Scheherazade and Mogamett believe Aladdin to be a true Magi. Aladdin wants everyone to put their minds and hearts together because Magnostadt cannot become one with the world if their hearts are consumed with hatred. Aladdin easily deflects Muu’s attack without effort and sends a warning fire shot that can be seen past the coast. He believes he can end this war without a single loss of life. First, he tells Mogamett they are going to protect this country one more time. Then he advances his golems. The Reim soldiers are scared but Muu rallies them to advance. As they do, Aladdin turns the golems into giant wave of sand that sweeps away the enemies back to the shore. Back to square one. At this point, the barriers have been restored and Aladdin tells them they can advance again but each time, he’ll do this and push them back once more. Aladdin’s goal is to crush the soldiers’ spirit. After having journeyed so long and just before they reach their destination, they are pushed back to the start. It is demoralizing. Even more demoralizing that they know they can try as many times they want but it will end with the same result. He tells Reim to go back to their country and please don’t take away Magnostadt from the people who hold it dear, a place where they could belong.

Episode 20
Muu uses Djinn Equip to become Barbatos. He cannot last long in this form so when he pierces through everything, he wants the army to advance. He goes to face the biggest threat: Aladdin. He would have died had not his Djinn Equip being neutralized by Alibaba! His Metal Vessel of Amon did the trick. This act condemns him to be a traitor of Reim but he is not going to stand there and watch his friend die. Scheherazade surprises everyone by appearing in the flesh. After hearing Aladdin’s brief mission of trying to prevent something tragic, she believes he is seeing the same vision as Yunan and has her troops retreat. Then she personally talks to Aladdin, Alibaba and Titus. At first she smiles and is amused by the sight of Alibaba and Aladdin’s friendly jabs at each other. On to serious stuff, she reveals that Scheherazade is just like Titus. They are just clones and a part of Scheherazade’s original body. It lies somewhere nobody in Reim has ever seen. She is 268 years old! She asks what Mogamett is hiding and what Aladdin fears. He is afraid Mogamett might make Al-Thamen’s wish come true. With all that hatred, it is enough to give out black Rukhs, enough to trigger that tragic scene. He saw it during Balbadd when he achieved Solomon’s wisdom. In another world called Alma Torran, Al-Thamen brought about that great tragedy via a single war. But before the war ended and everything perished, King Solomon who is also a great magician guided the survivors to a new world he created. This is the world they are living now. Some cannot accept this and Al-Thamen’s wish is to eliminate this new world and recreate it as a world of chaos. And the power needed to complete this is the Dark Spot, a hole in the world created by vast quantities of Magoi and black Rukh. He never told it to anyone since he doesn’t want them to worry. It sounds like a fairytale, right? But Alibaba is not too happy. Because Aladdin was the one who told him they should think together when feeling such. No matter how crazy it sounds, he will still find a way and think it through with him like how he did for him. Scheherazade gives permission for Titus to stay with his friends. She feels the same way about them as the first person she chose. Because of that, she grew to love Reim and treated it like her own child. She apologizes and suddenly Titus felt bad for his thoughts of her all along. They don’t have much longer to live as the original Scheherazade’s body cannot last longer anymore. The most a month. So go spend those last days with your loved ones and when it’s time, they’ll return to the Rukh. Just as she declares the war over, here comes this message that Kou is on the move. Just great. And Mogamett doesn’t care. With 200 over magicians dead in this war, he’ll dispose Kou and Reim.

Episode 21
Mogamett heads deep into the 5th district. The people are begging him to go easy on taking their Magoi and also plead to save them. However he blows his top when a little girl touches him. Hitting her away and screaming from the top of his voice that he only wants to save magicians. Goi like them can die for all he cares. At the bottom of the hole are some hideous beasts in the furnace. From what I understand, he is going to accelerate he black Rukhs and awaken black djinns. He knows he must fall into depravity to manipulate them and his body will shrivel and die after that. His grudge will forever wander. I guess his hatred is big enough to make him do it. What a big change from his ideal when he wanted to save mankind. And now it’s just magicians. A huge swarm of black Rukhs throng the skies. Aladdin and Alibaba see this and head over. Aladdin mentions Mogamett has been creating black djinns from the Magoi via Al-Thamen’s help. This is the abnormalities of the world triggered by Magnostadt. However the black djinns are not targeting them. They head in the other direction where Kou is. Kouha is leading the charge when the black djinns wipe out most of his army in a single swoop! Kouha transforms into his Djinn Equip form but there is so much he can do as the black djinns can regenerate. As long as Mogamett can become the source and create more black Rukhs, they can regenerate. Kouha uses all his strength to hold the might of the black djinns trying to crush him. One of his retainers, Meihou remembers how the djinn, Lerage chose him although she didn’t have high hopes of him becoming the king of the world. Although Kouha has been accepting outcasts and failed characters into his family, he allows them to live as they are and even vows to take care of them till they are free to live on their own. To him, Kouha will always be his master. Enough of Kouha. Time for Alibaba to show us what he’s got. Here he is, fully mastered his Djinn Equip and with Amon in hand, he easily cuts down all the black djinns. There’s more from where that came from. He is going to show his ultimate move when the black djinns are easily destroyed by another giant familiar. It is Kouen and his subordinates leading the attack and bringing much relief to the Kou army. So much for your flashy debut, Alibaba.

Episode 22
The subordinates easily destroy the black djinns. Impressive. Kouen heals Kouha and has all the troops retreat. Alibaba introduces himself and cooks up a story he was here to protect Kouha. Since Kouen acknowledges and thanks him, the army can’t lay a finger on Alibaba. But the black djinns are back. More than ever. Mogamett is also sending more out to destroy the Reim army. Scheherazade will use her last ounce of power to put up a barrier while the Fanalis Corps take them down. How long can they do this? Meanwhile it may seem like Titus is selfishly spending his last times with Marga. You can’t blame him for his short lifespan. But Marga is happy to be with him and since she wants him to take her along, he brings her down to the furnace. Confronting Mogamett, Titus tries to reason with him that he treasures and loves everything. Mogamett is still a stubborn old man and believes Goi are useless and ungrateful. He tried to help them but was disappointed. You know that same ol’ story. Titus tells him it is not Goi that he hates but his fate. This is the truth. He hated his own fate for not being able to live his life close to and on equal terms with his loved ones. He will save him from this place and in turn nobody will have to fight and thus lives will be saved. Titus is able to deflect a huge amount of black Rukhs as his body contains a large amount of Magoi that Scheherazade has bestowed him for the last 14 years. Once Titus turns into all bones, all the black djinns disappear. Mogamett believes the furnace doesn’t need him anymore but it seems it has a mind of its own. It starts absorbing all his Magoi till he turns into another bag of bones. A huge black ball emerges from the ground and another one with tentacles from the sky. Al-Thamen watching this wonders whose Magoi the furnace used since the people of 5th district still lives. Gyokuen thinks Magnostadt has been secretly hoarding enough Magoi for this. Al-Thamen wonders if this is due to her guidance. On the contrary, the people of this world who chose to defy the great flow made this happen on their own volition. Finally, she and Al-Thamen can meet with their father.

Episode 23
Aladdin tells Kouen to pull back his troops or everyone will die. Will he believe? Aladdin summons out all the djinns to say it from their mouths. A hole has opened up in the sky and once it touches anything, it destroys everything. The only way is to destroy the medium. The incarnation of evil, Il Illah is a high ranking entity from another dimension. The power spot that is to bring down is called the medium. Yeah. That big giant ugly ball containing all the black Rukhs. Kouen learns that Aladdin is a Magi, Solomon reincarnated. And because he heard about the other world, he forces Aladdin to spill the beans. Aladdin is even sacred of a guy like him so he makes him a deal that if they stop this, he will tell the secrets of the world. Well, he might regret that even if this is an emergency. Kouen calls all his other siblings over right now. He is going to lend Aladdin all the power of Kou’s Metal Vessels in exchange for all that knowledge he has hunger for. That scary determined look. Told you Aladdin will regret it. Black djinns start stomping people and crushing buildings in Magnostadt. Scheherazade can only do so much. The Kou siblings strut their stuff as they take down the menacing black djinns. It might seem the medium is spitting them out endlessly but Aladdin believes it is a living thing and as such draws its source of magic from Rukhs. In other words, if they keep assaulting it until the medium exhausts its supply. How long will that be? Kill about 10,000 black djinns. Holy sh*t! Even Energizer battery can’t last that long! Don’t worry. That’s why you have Kouen. He strikes every one of them like as though it’s child’s play. Then he digs out the earth to bring forth lava to replenish and charge up his power to the max before slashing them all with his fire power. In short, he kicks ass! Don’t mess this guy. All because of the knowledge he wants to get. Oh Aladdin. You’re really regretting this, aren’t you? I’m sure he can kill all of them but this is going to take time and time he doesn’t have. So he forces Alibaba to charge up some fire power of his to attack. His little pea shooter isn’t working. However this is part of his plan to enhance his flames since they are using the same extreme magic. It amplifies and intensifies many times fold. So you ready to cut down this giant black ball now?

Episode 24
Well, bad news. It’s not working either. Before Kouen and Alibaba can replenish their power, the medium absorbs all the Rukhs from the lava and turns into some humanoid form. Anything its hand touches, it turns into dust and nothingness. Kouen and Alibaba’s continued attacks bear no effect. Their skins are even ripped off! Don’t worry. Got some healing magic. Kougyoku gets mad seeing them hurt like this and unleashes her magic. Funny, the medium takes some damage. Aladdin realizes only its arms can create a defensive wall or take away Rukhs. So attack him elsewhere. The other Kou siblings combine their might to finish it off. Okay, not over yet. In fact, it becomes much bigger and stronger since it can absorb Rukhs from about anything. The counter attacks are nothing but futile. The medium packs a punch when it fights back. Gyokuen recognizes Aladdin as the Magi who appeared in the sacred palace and obtained Solomon’s wisdom. She realizes Solomon created his own reincarnation in Alma Torran, had him sleep inside the sacred palace and sent him into this world to shatter their wish. Aladdin might not remember her but she knows him very well from the other world. She once served under Solomon as a Magi and then betrayed him. The medium is going to bring down that black udder in the sky. Suddenly a great explosion bombs the medium. Here comes Sinbad and his Seven Sea Alliance. All of them Metal Vessel users. They start bombarding the medium. Sinbad thanks a couple of people who grasped the situation quickly and then summoned and gathered them here. One of them being Yunan. Alibaba loses consciousness and falls but is caught by Morgiana. Hope you still remember her. She has powered up even more thanks to Yunan’s teachings. Sinbad mentions that he has no intentions to conquer or be conquered. Not even intervening in wars declared by nations. But if uninvited guests come into their world, he’ll not hesitate to eliminate all of them even if they are supreme beings called God.

Episode 25
More Metal Vessel users drop in to add to the devastation. But they’re running low on Magoi. Scheherazade uses her last ounce of life to replenish everyone’s Magoi. Then everyone altogether pulls off their extreme magic combo. Have they done it? No. Damn it. After all that awesome magic firepower and it did nothing? What a waste. Yunan notices the medium is hesitating. More like the person who became the medium’s core is hesitating. Aladdin knows that person is Mogamett. Their attack has weakened the medium and Mogamett is trying to keep it at bay as he hasn’t totally fall into depravity yet. Aladdin and Yamraiha go inside to see Mogamett’s Rukh. They see him sitting in a cage and the reason why he has come to his senses is because of Titus’ Rukh by his side. He has realized his selfish reasons that caused the deaths of both innocent magicians and non-magicians alike. Aladdin also apologizes for saying harsh things but Mogamett can’t go back now. There are so many black Rukhs here, people who have fallen into depravity caused by him. He can’t leave them. Such people who died cannot return to the white Rukh and reunite with their loved ones. Not even a Magi can save them. That is why Mogamett wants a favour of Aladdin. Find a way to return the black Rukh to the flow of the white Rukh. Mogamett is also happy to see Yamraiha and reveals her ancestry that she was a descendant of a family that serves the Mustasim royalty. He kidnapped her and kept it a secret in fear she would find out and run away. Yamraiha gets all emotional, she was happy being with him, she was able to find the warmth because of him, she was able to go on because of him, etc. She wanted to tell him sorry and all that too but it’s time to go. He wants Aladdin to pass his last message to the people of Magnostadt. A being that surpasses everyone doesn’t exist anywhere. No matter how strong you are than others, one cannot live life without making mistakes. Aladdin is sad that Titus had to die. But it seems his Rukh (or rather Scheherazade returns to some place where Ugo’s head is sitting).

The medium explodes and dark skies become bright again. The world lives! Yamraiha couldn’t stop crying when she wakes up. But now that this worldly threat is over, another one looms. There is a standoff between Kouen and Sinbad’s side! Kouen says despite their switch in enemy, their original objective of Magnostadt still stands. Yunan reminds Sinbad what they had talked about so Sinbad announces Sindria has formed an alliance with Reim. This was Scheherazade’s last wish. Moreover, since Mogamett is like the adoptive father of his subordinate Yamraiha, he will spare no effort in rebuilding Magnostadt. The Kou side is in uproar thinking he has been planning for this all along and to plunder Magnostadt. In that case, Kouen will claim Aladdin as his own. Gyokuen isn’t unfazed with this failure because Scheherazade has died and they will be able to gouge a hole in this world again. Once the next Dark Spot is completed, they can repeat the process and rejoin with father once more. But Al-Thamen’s priests caution her since Scheherazade’s soul has returned to that place and Solomon might drop the Rukh of a Magi on Reim again. There is a possibility that a clone compatible with Scheherazade’s Rukh still exists in Reim. Speaking of which, there is one… And Ugo allows Titus’ Rukh to be reborn in it. When Marga wakes up, she is asking for Titus. The rest haven’t got the heart to tell her. Suddenly one of Muu’s men rushes in to report the arrival of someone. It is Titus! Looks like a mix of his former self and Scheherazade. A new Magi? He looks a bit in a daze and his memories a bit hazy. Marga is glad she is able to reunite with him. Judal and Hakuryuu have watched enough and leave. Hakuryuu apologizes for turning his back on his friends. It ends with Alibaba, Aladdin and Morgiana happily reunited.

From World War M To Armageddon
And yet another adventure ends but of course not quite yet the end of everything. This season has been interesting in its own right with the advancement in the story as well as the introduction of tons of characters so it will be great to see another season. From the looks of it, it is still going to be a long journey so I doubt another season will do justice in bringing a conclusion to everything as the manga is still ongoing. But as far as this season is concerned, it lived up to my expectations (most of them anyway) and doesn’t disappoint. At least for the second half. The first half I thought it was a bit slow because we see the main characters parting and their journey of their respective path. But once we get to Aladdin and Magnostadt’s arc and the beginning of the big war, that’s where the pace starts moving.

With this second season, many of the characters who appeared in the first are relegated to the point that we might even forget that they exist. Of course it is because the focus now is on Magnostadt and it might seem that the many new characters in this season may have like ‘overwrite’ the older ones. Like Morgiana who only at most had one episode focus on her and after that she was missing for the rest of the second half only to show up late so that we wouldn’t end the season without forgetting about this ex-slave chick. It is the same case with Sinbad. He started out with an appearance in this season (since of course that is where we were last left off in the previous) and then right at the penultimate, here he comes to save the day. I guess that is why he is such a cool guy. So cool that he will be getting his own OVA episodes. Yeah. That. Even Kogyouku and Hakuei’s appearance in the final battle feels that they need to show us that they can still kick ass. Then there is Hakuryuu who has seemingly turned to the dark side or something and Judal didn’t quite make his presence felt in this season compared to the last. I almost forgot Ugo existed till Aladdin conjured his golems in his image. I never expected him to show up in the final episode so I guess his final words to Aladdin in the last season rang true. It was the last time they had seen each other.

As for the many new characters, they breathe new life and advancement to the overall story. It is both a good and bad thing. Good because new things always bring in new excitement, right? Bad because now there are too many characters to take into account and remember. The first season already had its fair share of number of characters and now with the second season and another set of characters, this means more contribution to the plot and everything. Oh boy. A dumb guy like me is going to have a hard time keeping track of them. I am starting to forget the names of some of Sinbad’s Eight Generals. Oh wait. Did I remember some of them in the first place? So as far as this season is concerned, many of the new characters are interesting in their own ways. You will love some of them and you will loathe others. Like I suppose Titus isn’t such a bad guy himself so in order not to make his sacrifice in vain so they resurrect him to be another Magi (and not break a little girl’s heart). Kouen is such a badass (in a good way) and you can tell he is the right person to lead the Kou Empire. Gyokuen will prove to be a menacing villain and from what I can see, she won’t be an easy pushover and will serve as a formidable antagonist.

Now that they are going all out with the different kind of magic spells and everything, hearing them now somewhat feels overwhelming. In a way it feels like a turn off to me. I am sure that reciting such ‘weird’ spell names means being ‘rewarded’ by casting an awesome and superb magic that really packs a punch. Unlike last season, this time around I can’t be bothered to remember them. Not even one. And I think I have forgotten all that are said in the first season. So if they say the same spells over and over again, I might not be able to identify it was that same spell they recite. Perhaps only by the visual awesomeness of it. Not by name.

The action parts still do not disappoint although they turned the half of the last episode into some emotional sobbing parting drama after all that fighting and magic explosions. I just can’t help snicker each time they unleash such powerful magic. So powerful that you think there is nothing else more powerful that can best this and suddenly somebody better unleashes another much more powerful one. Practically you can tell it is so because the explosions and blasts are on a magnanimous scale. Who needs an atom bomb when all you need is just a Metal Vessel and recite the right spell. Oh, you need to be a powerful and strong person yourself. On second thought, an atom bomb sounds easier to make… But to these guys who are just oozing with Magoi and magic, you don’t need such A-bomb in your arsenal.

Although the art and drawing remain constant with the first season, I can’t help find that some of the characters look closely to each other. For example, when I first laid eyes on Titus, I can’t help wonder what on Earth was Alibaba doing in Magnostadt. Yes. I thought that blonde guy was him. And then when they introduced Sphintus, I also thought what the hell was one of Sinbad’s Eight Generals, Sharkkan doing learning magic in this place. And yeah, young Mogamett has this very uncanny resemblance to Sinbad. Another striking resemblance between Marga and Sana too… Is it me or is it that Toto and Myron look almost alike? Or Scheherazade looks like a sleepy version of Pisti and have longer flowing hair? I know. Too many characters that I think I can’t start to differentiate them. Of course the Kou siblings are related so there is a good reason why they look closely alike. Oh, Hakuryuu has levelled up into a badass that I think he looks like Judal’s twin. I guess this is what happens when you become a disciple under someone like him.

The seiyuus of the first season are retained. And with lots of new characters, this calls for lots of new set of casts. Yeah. It is going to be bloated. The new ones include Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Titus (Sora in No Game No Life), Ryota Ohsaka as Sphintus (Haruto in Valvrave The Liberator), Cho as Mogamett (Brook in One Piece),Yuuichi Nakamura as Kouen (Tomoya in Clannad), Hino Satoshi as Koumei (Takagi in Bakuman), Tetsuya Kakihar as Kouha (Natsu in Fairy Tail), Maaya Sakamoto as Scheherazade (Ciel in Kuroshitsuji), Akira Ishida as Yunan (Gaara in Naruto), Miyano Mamoru as Muu (Light Yagami/Kira in Death Note), Kana Asumi as Toto (titular character in Haiyore! Nayruko-san), Masashi Ebara as Shambal (Might Guy in Naruto), Kikuko Inoue as Myers (Belldandy in Aa! Megami-sama), Aya Suzuki as Marga (Ritz in Kenzen Robo Daimidaler), Miki Itou as Gyokuen (Fujimura in Fate/Stay Night), Aya Hisakawa as Madaura (Maya in Tenjou Tenge) and Shindou Kei as Olba (Hazuki in Galilei Donna).

The first opening theme, Anniversary by SID sounds like a generic anime rock pop but somehow I prefer the second opening them, Eden by Aqua Timez. Although this season doesn’t have a children choir-like song, the first ending theme, Hikari by Vivid sounds more like a slow pop ballad. Hearing the second ending theme, With You/With Me sounds a little familiar because it is sung by 9nine as this piece sounds somewhat familiar to their only other piece I heard in one of Beelzebub’s ending theme, Shoujo Traveler. Not bad actually this song.

In the end, there is this satisfying but yet unsatisfying feel to this season because so much has been developed and progressed but yet it feels it is nowhere near any conclusion or halfway mark. So many good potentials and materials that it would be a big disappointment if another season wasn’t given the green light. So now I know why certain stories and chronicles really take up so many chapters and volumes that could be as thick as Encyclopaedia Britannica. Despite all that, this anime is still a good and entertaining watch if you like some Arabian style adventure, magic, adventure and some bits of comedy. Don’t forget the main theme of good versus evil too. Too bad there is no genie lamp for me to make a wish for another season because praying to God in this context seems less effective, if you know what I mean ;p.

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