Ai Mai Mi: Mousou Catastrophe

March 13, 2015

I guess it was inevitable. Sooner or later it was bound to happen. I mean, how long can you not succumb to the wonderful and high feeling of drugs? I am not talking about marijuana, meth or some cheap designer drugs, you dimwits. I’m talking about the surprise short sequel, Ai Mai Mi: Mousou Catastrophe! That’s right. A catastrophe. More catastrophes. If you love the first season that was filled with crazy, random, mindless, bizarre, stupid, uhm, things, you should love this one. Because there is no way that those who have watched the first season without getting addicted to it. YOU MUST WATCH THIS! I TELL YOU THIS IS GOOD! Real F*CKING GOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD!!!!!!! Guaranteed to be happy and smiling like an idiot after watching this. It is just a shame that they didn’t double the dose of the number of episodes or the duration of each episode. I guess 3 short minutes is enough to send you into ecstasy. More than that, you’ll go straight to heaven. Hey. I watched this straight without taking any breaks. Am I doomed? Who cares? As long as I have my ‘drugs’. Let me have my fix NOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!! Wowee!!!

Episode 1
Mi is a pirate. That is because she is from another dimension. However her friends don’t believe her and want her to stop kidding around or else they’ll tell her mom. Not her mom! No, please don’t! And I don’t know there was a last time because this Lucas guy was killed in some tournament by some internet idol. Who cares? Somewhere in Florence, Italy, the Six Brushes Society (although there are only 5 of them but you’ll only see 4 of them) are discussing the celebration of the debut of their comrade, Suzuki Sato but was defeated in that tournament. The big boss has chocolate lover, Taro Mocchiri explain their society’s goal. Something about some disaster that would happen if all budding mangaka submit their application to win some award. So they share their info and enter at different times to give others hope and smoothly produce record numbers. Thus it is their responsibility to raise manga that is restricted by commercialism to fine art. They hear a high school girl defeated their comrade but big boss doesn’t want her to be killed. It is not their goal to create a new world. Invite her to join them. But what if she decides to make a manga after defying them? Then they will make an example by killing her and a provision to the new world. What were you saying about no killing policy?

Episode 2
Mi is about to kill a kappa but this little creature is wielding double axe! Oh sh*t! And that tournament again, Ai managed to defeat Suzuki and advance to the finals. The rest of the episodes are short gags like Mi imitating a real emu; Mi the giant holding Ai in her hands in hopes that she will drop her manga manuscript; Mai licking a newt till it bleeds (WTF?!); Mi showing her muscles to Mai but when she shows those on her back she sprouts angel wings; A giant dog rampages throughout the city and the only thing Mi can think of doing is to text her friend. She got a reply saying it is awesome; There is a police squad going around invading house and arresting those who don’t own copies of this series! So better buy your copy now by any means!

Episode 3
Mi finds a coin on the ground but each time she tries to say something, Mai punches her. No choice, Mi offers to give her 2000 Yen to stop. Ponoka shows them a suitcase loaded with cash. She tells them to kill each other and the sole survivor gets it all. As they ponder about this, Mai changes the subject that she has debts. 30 million. She is grateful to Ponoka for giving her a chance to play this game. Besides, she always hated them. What the hell is she going to do with that chainsaw?! Mi tells her to calm down and would do that thing she loves. Some lame fish act with Ai? Well, Mai’s face still looks like a crazy killer. Before she can saw up Mi, Ai tells her they can run away with the money together. Ponoka then tells them to come to her by following instructions and suspicious directions of taking an elevator. When they arrive, they see her as a big giant stump and start panicking. Suddenly they have no more complaints.

Episode 4
Ai invites her friends to watch tonight’s festival. As Mai rushes back to get dressed, suddenly she is banged by a car. Ponoka is the driver. She was on her way to go buy sashimi and when she takes out one from her pot, Mi cares more about it than her dying friend. So the quartet eat dumplings while watching a couple of dinosaurs kill each other. The fight is so one-sided. Mi couldn’t stand it and calls the fire department. They ram into the wrong dinosaur. Eventually they are defeated so Mi calls the undertaker who then slays it down. Some knight monster is causing havoc and killing people. Mi is about to be his next victim when she pleads for her life to be spared in exchange for a funny one-liner. But since she couldn’t think of one, she allows him to kill her. However the knight takes it as a funny joke and she became a hit stand-up comedian on the dark side of the moon.

Episode 5
I don’t even know where to begin with this sketchy comic opener. All I see is somebody pushing a chick to somebody’s cheek and pushing too hard till it goes through! On a rainy day because Ai is preoccupied drawing her manga, Mai and Mi won’t let her and squishes her flat enough to fit into the fluorescent tube. Then Ponoka comes crawling in and sprawling with blood. Run away… The dumb duo think she entered that tomato festival in Spain. Then they see a creepy 6 legged creature entering the school compound. It could be a cat or their music teacher. What? And when this creature knocks on their door and claims he is Ponoka, the duo don’t buy it because she is dead next to them. The creature admits he is found out. Oh my. What creepy scary teeth you got there.

Episode 6
Mai and Mi are in a heated argument. Because Mi believes all seiyuus are not virgins! To settle this, Ponoka suggests a race. They need to carry hot liquefied rock to a shrine and the first one to do so wins. The dumb duo think of stupid ways to carry it with their bodies. When the race starts, Mai sucks it all up into her body like as though she is slurping ramen! She starts running and her Twitter fans start running with her. Mi won’t admit defeat yet and summons some God of Fire, Hephaestus to help carry the rock. However he can only do it tomorrow. Because his mom is calling him for dinner. WTF?! And so Mai wins and Mi is left to admit her wrongs. Seiyuus are indeed virgins. Please forgive her. Mai extends her hand out to Mi because she believes all virgin worshippers are all friends facing the same issue.

Episode 7
Instead of apologizing to Ai that they haven’t finished their manga in time, Mi is going to use all the money she got to hire professionals to get the job done. Meet cowboy Jake the magical specialist and alien Nardak who specializes in BL. So when they hand over their manuscript to Ai, she starts crying. Touched? Moved? Nope. She didn’t realize they were this stupid! Mi won’t admit it still although she feels bad about betraying her. They go back to Jake and Nardak and even throw in their bonsai plant as payment. However they won’t be satisfied by this anymore. Holding Mi hostage and criticizing her lame act to be cool, Mi admits she might be so but she doesn’t want to let her down because she is waiting for her. She trusted her. She’ll do anything and even eat poop for it! Really? On the day of the Comiket event, Ai feels sad she is alone at her booth. But her friends show up with the completed work. All is forgiven.

Episode 8
Mai has this misconception that this ito fish wants to die when it spawns just like salmons. She believes she needs to kill all of them so they can start spawning! She will save them! As she is a hopeless case, Mi runs to Ai for help. Meanwhile Mai is already at the river ready to chop them with her axe. Suddenly… Gloomy mood… Yandere face… Why aren’t they spawning? Do they hate her? Are they bullying her? That’s bad. Time for your punishment. Luckily Ai arrives in time to stop her. Suddenly the kappa pops out from the river and shoots darts at them. Whatever persuasion Mi is trying to convince him (the best river?), the kappa doesn’t give a damn and shoots the finishing blow.

Episode 9
Remember the legend Momotarou? Now you have Mi as Mitarou! Born from a peach and bumming around like a lazy bum, she is made by grandpa to go on a journey. She feeds a very hungry monkey (Mai) with the dumplings but it died because it was poison! Mitarou investigates this (aside useless information about typing letters on a keyboard and UV rays in summer), she discovers her grandpa is actually a demon and confronts him. Thanks to this, she is now a fugitive. This is part of grandpa’s plan to frame her so she cannot make friends as she is a descendant of Momotarou. Now she is one of them. She was happy when the monkey died, right? Although her mouth says no, her body shows otherwise. Now herald Aitarou, a descendant of Momotarou as she easily defeats the demon. Mitarou wants to make friends with her but Aitarou won’t leave it to chance and defeats her.

Episode 10
Mi contemplates what she should do. She wants a Lamborghini. And she really did buy one. When Ai tells her not to bring it to school, Mi rams into her! Ten years in the future, Mi is the top arms dealer and owns 76% of the world’s wealth! It looks like Japan is under her thumb. She then announces to the public that she wants to play a game. She will have her pet pick one of the prefectures. That prefecture she will fire her missile into it! Ai who is working as a remote control car while aspiring to be a mangaka barges in to stop her. Not forgetting giant size Mai who loves tunnels too. Mi is not fazed but Mai tries to tell her this is a dream. Ai tells her not to listen and do whatever she likes. Hey, she doesn’t look like Ai anymore! The dramatic cliff-hanger sees Mi in a coma on a tube…

Episode 11
Bankegon returns! It is eating up Ponoka while her friends helplessly watch! Hmm… Maybe they’re just enjoying the view. Mi asks what kind of funeral she wants. The Jakarta style. Continuing from last episode’s cliff-hanger of Mi in coma, the doctor diagnosed she ate too many imagawayakis and will die in 2 hours. And so Mai wanders around with thoughts of Mi flooding her mind. Thoughts about Mi who was a magical girl protecting the city from an evil organization, Purplick and fighting them all alone. This was the reason why Mi couldn’t finish her manga. Yeah. There’s even a song with cool guitar strumming chords on screen just for her. Let’s sing along! When Mai returns to the hospital, she sees Mi okay and back to normal. Thanks to Ponoka’s pot that did the job in like 2 seconds! However Mai is not pleased. She started becoming a magical girl because she thought Mi had died. Now that she is alive, this is not okay! She transforms into an evil magical girl while some ugly familiar pops up to tell her to kill everybody! Lest she wants her family to be turned into pancakes… Don’t ask.

Episode 12
The Six Brushes Society is going to make their move. However Taro is not around and as the big boss said, he returned home to take over his family’s rice farm and will quit manga. And the boss wants to talk about rice distribution… This is what happened during that tournament final that pits Ai against the internet idol. I don’t know what stupid moves they put as they injure each other. Then this gets overkill.  The idol starts bleeding everywhere followed by Ai. It spreads to the referee and then their friends. The audiences are bleeding too! In the end, Ai wins the tournament and although there were 512 casualties, this is considered low body count and very good. A grave of Lucas is erected in front of a pachinko store as his last wish and the records of this tournament were documented in a 4 panel manga. And then a mecha assassin panda shows up…

Delusions Overdrive & Overdose!
Wait a minute?! Game over? GAME OVER???!!! Oh God! They are giving me an option to continue and it is flashing repeatedly. Come on! Press yes! Say yes! Click yes! I want to have more! What do you mean it is not working?! Oh come on! The offer is going away! Please… Don’t go… Don’t GOOOO!!!!!! Boo hoo… When will I ever get to see another season of this again? I can’t wait for years, can’t I? Sob, sob, sob! Sighs… Ah well. I guess good things don’t last forever. It was fun while it lasted. Thanks for the ride, girls. Thanks to you now I am much more stupid than before. But I’m so happy… :-)

Okay, now that I am back to reality, let me just say that this anime isn’t for anyone who isn’t willing to lose a lot of their brain cells. In some extreme cases, lose their sanity. This anime has that potential of making people getting addicted with its silliness and in bite size. Not only silly, but some of the ‘jokes’ are sick too. Including that gag. Remember that usual gag? In last season, we had a narration complaining about something while shown a very sick and graphic act. This time, the narration is cut out but the sickness still remains. Some girl having her limbs stretched like Dhalsim and making a very stupid indescribable face while a chicken in a pot hold on to her. Yeah. WTF. Then for the second half, it changes to something less gross. Somebody dressed in a little bear or tanuki suit wandering around. Rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling… And for both these scenes, the backgrounds are real backdrops so it must be really ‘annoying’, huh?

As usual, the characters are super wacky and there is no logic or reason to things happening. You just go with the flow. Don’t think. Never think! It is dangerous when you start doing that because your brains may not be able to reconcile the differences between reality and delusion. That is why this show works. Mai and Mi are still the main stupid troublemakers and Ai is the lesser one although they’re all typically the same. Mai seems to be leaning towards more the yandere side and it is like any moment she can snap and kill! I think she won’t even hesitate if given the chance. As for Ponoka, she is still the sneaky one and of course who could forget her very useful pots. Other characters were funny and then forgettable. Because we couldn’t care about them and or their appearance. Laugh and forget. Some characters that appeared in the first season didn’t appear here at all but you don’t really care about that, right? So it was a surprise that this unknown Lucas dude made cameos. Twice! And of course, the best character of them all is still Bankegon! It’s sad his appearance is so freaking shot. He should have eaten up the rest of the girls…

For this season, it seems the character of Shiba Inuko makes her cameo appearance at the end of each episode. What she mostly does is help promote this series or warn us not to imitate the certain things that the author of this series did. There is also a cameo appearance of Chitose from Chitose Get You. I am not sure about the implication of this short and random single appearance of Chitose beating up somebody supposedly representing doujin leeches who get rich by leeching off other people’s work. Ai Mai Mi and Chitose Get You both appear and serialized in the same manga magazine. Topping up the hilarity of it all, those who have watched the first season may find it familiar their crazy theme song. Instead of the ending theme in last season, it is now the opening theme, Zenryoku Sakuretsu Ai Mai Mi. Also, the retro video game and pixelated animation credits bring the nostalgia and the frenzy craziness of everything. Keep up the good job!

Ah well, like they say, good things have to come to an end. I don’t know if there is going to be another season. I don’t know how long I will last and have withdrawal symptoms if I don’t have my delusional fix in the next 10 seconds! Oh wait. I already got over it. And I managed to overcome it without the use of pots. Remember people, don’t do real drugs and definitely not real pots. Lame pun intended. Corrupting your mind with stupid anime is hell better than corrupting your body with irreversible drugs. Yeah. That. ZXGABYPOEUBWKGFETHO… LOL! Till next time (if it ever comes), over and out!

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