Akuma No Riddle OVA

March 27, 2015

Hmm… I wonder. I wonder what could be in store for us, Akuma No Riddle OVA. After the way the TV series ended, it could be something that shows the continuation and aftermath of it or it could be just some random nonsense that has nothing to do with the TV series’ plot. But then again, after watching this thirteenth episode, it has me wonder the timeline of this episode. Because we have the girls of Black Class taking a trip on a cruiser for their maritime class. Wait. What kind of subject is that? Anyway, since all of the girls are here, I suppose it took place somewhere very early in the series or it could be some spin-off because when I watched the TV series, as far as I remember there is no break in between for them to go on a cruise like that. Everybody was taking turns trying to kill their target, right? So how on Earth could this happen? Oh, what the heck. As long as they put the girls in swimsuits and fanservice, that’s all we care about, right?

Beach Battle Royale
Like I said. Girls. Swimsuits. Fanservice. Oh yeah. Who cares about Mizorogi’s passionate reminder speech when they are having a nice time on this luxury liner? Having fun, aren’t we? Well, not anymore. Because Nio initiates the first phase of the programme as she blows it up and sink it faster than the Titanic. So we have everybody separated and alive on deserted island. Through a loud speaker, Nio announces the game. Their target is Haru of course and everyone has a badge on their swimsuit. The winner will be the one who takes the badge from Haru and will get whatever wish she wants. They have till sundown to do it and scattered across the island are boxes that contain random weapons that are only allowed to be used in this game. You will be disqualified and out of the game if your badge is off. Haru wants to give Tokaku her badge but Nio doesn’t want the game to end before it begins. First up is Hanabusa as she creeps out of the water and ready to get them. However her wires start to stiffen up and Tokaku easily takes her badge. First casualty! How ironic. She was the last girl to go out in the TV series (aside Nio) but the first one to go here. Since Chitaru and Kirigaya don’t need anything but each other and give each other’s badge, they are disqualified. Three down. Losers are taken to a loser area. But it might be the best place on the island because Hanabusa’s butler and chefs are serving up the best luxurious food ever! Holy cow! If that’s the case I would rather lose fast and enjoy the feast! Of course Haru wants to taste it but Tokaku won’t allow her to lose and will continue to protect her till time is up. Bummer.

Shiena teams up with Mahiru as they enter a dark cave to look for the duo. Unfortunately, Mahiru’s other personality, Shinya appears and is going to take out Shiena. In the struggle, Shiena loses her glasses and starts firing her catapult randomly and runs out. Shinya comes chasing but the moment she enters back into the sunlight, she reverts back to Mahiru. Takechi sees her and rips her swimsuit to steal her badge. Another one bites the dust. Takechi Then goes face off with the duo but she gets caught in a rope trap. Tokaku takes her badge. Out she goes. Nothing to satisfy your frustration by eating her heart out, eh? Kouko runs into Isuke and they both draw their guns. One is a lighter, the other a water gun. I guess Kouko feels confident to even take her on. Well, she is brought back to earth (literally) when Isuke pins her down. If taking her badge is not enough, she strips her naked! Oh, the humiliation. The fanservice. Thanks girls. And how do you keep this humiliation at bay? You eat your heart out! Mmm… Good food. Haru is hungry so Tokaku goes to pluck some fruits on the tree. This is where Isuke is going to get Haru. However Tokaku drops a coconut as distraction. The struggle begins and it seems Isuke has the upper hand. Just when she is going to take Tokaku’s badge, here comes Shiena blindly shooting. The distraction has Tokaku steal Isuke’s badge and they make a run for it. So what is a frustrated girl like her going to do? Eat her heart out! Oh yeah. With tension rising between Kouko and Isuke, it might just turn into a luxury food fight.

Haru and Tokaku stumble upon Shutou who has been soaking in the hotspring ever since. She invites them to come in. Tokaku warns Haru too late because Shutou is still in the game. The moment Haru dips in, Shutou steals her badge. If you’re wondering why Nio hasn’t made the call it is because everybody is busy enjoying the food at the loser’s area. Such glutton… Another struggle ensues to get it back. That is when Haruki fishes it. So it becomes a tug of war. Something tells me there is a reason why Tokaku is holding on and pulling onto Shutou’s swimsuit that is dangerously on the verge of being pulled off… With Shiena coming into the fray and firing randomly (it is amazing she got this far albeit being as blind as a bat) and once Shutou lets go of the badge, the force is so great that it is fling to the other side of the island. Really. That is where Mizorogi is. Poor chap is missing out on all the fun and thinks he is going to be stuck here forever. Yeah. He even tried to make friends with a crab. Crabby didn’t like him. Got his finger bitten. The badge falls into his hand and with sundown, Nio announces him as the winner. So with everybody converging at the loser area, they can’t believe Mizorogi is the winner. But is he a participant in the first place? Nio shows the badge behind his collar. It’s legal. As for his wish, he wants everyone in Black Class to graduate. Some call it boring, some call it unambitious but if you think about how the TV series went, that wish is not going to come true, right? Only Haru is touched. But with another round of food supplies arriving, time to fill up those bellies. Haru had fun and hopes the entire class can go on another field trip. You wish…

Short-lived Paradise…
Seeing that this is a single OVA and assuming that is a standalone from the TV series, I guess it is fun and enjoyable by itself. Because if you try to connect this OVA with the events of the TV series, it just doesn’t feel that it would connect. Because even if it would, you know the tragedy that turned out in the end, right? Mizorogi’s wish will definitely not come true. The only thing good of this OVA (no, not the fanservice) in terms of the series’ genre and plot is that you get to see all the girls trying to take out Haru. Therefore the action (if you can call it here) is fast paced in that sense. Unlike the TV series in which on average a girl per episode tries to take out Haru. However the downside to this beach episode is that it feels like everyone is just playing a game and not serious. Considering that they are preparing to take Haru’s life and what we see here they are engaging in battles that seem more playful and not serious than anything even though it is mentioned that this is just a game and their aim is not Haru’s life. Quite the irony to have fun before the real assassination starts, eh?

And I suppose that they give Shiena a little bit of justice here since she got a little bit more of action screen time and didn’t even go out at the end of regulation time. With things going at a fast pace, the limited screen time is shared across all characters so don’t expect to see any deep characterization for anyone. Except maybe for Chitaru and Kirigaya. Those 2 I figure are the ones enjoying the trip the most as they are in a world of their own, enjoying each other’s company (and the food) without giving a damn about what else is going on around them. And yeah, I can’t help mention about the food too. Quite mouth watering if you are hungry while watching this (won’t the girls get fat from eating so much?). Uh huh. You want to eat them much more than ‘eating’ the girls. Glorious meat! No, not that kind of ‘meat’, mind you! Yeah. Having a great feast with a group of sexy deadly assassins? It feels like having your last meal before your death sentence, no?

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