Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya 2wei

March 28, 2015

As promised and expected, Ilya fans can rejoice with the advent of the much anticipated second season, Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya 2wei (a clever play in the German word of ‘zwei’ which means ‘two’). Because one season of Ilya loli goodness is not enough and thus another season of 10 episodes to satisfy your Ilya needs. Whoops. Do I sound like an Ilya fan? Certainly not. I thought the first season was pretty decent so obviously it was only right for me to continue and check out what is in store for Ilya and the gang. Because there is more to things than collecting Class Cards for this accidental magical girl and her sharp acid tongue talking stick. And if I don’t check it out, something tells me that Ilya is going to cry and pout. And it is a bad thing to make a loli cry, right? Right. I’m only imagining things… And I’m not a lolicon, mind you!

Episode 1
Miyu heads to Ilya’s home to wake her up as they are class monitors for today. Ilya is sleep talking as she thinks Miyu is her onii-chan and almost kisses her! In class, the friends start talking about the beach for the summer vacation. Ilya notices Miyu has changed a little. Although she doesn’t fit in perfectly, she doesn’t shut others out like before. And we have Ilya remembering what has happened in the past month, which is basically a quick recap on the events of the first season. After school, they stop by the park. Seeing her friends share ice cream, Ilya does the same with Miyu. The friends start teasing them and feign they didn’t share ice cream. On the way back, suddenly Ilya and Miyu are kidnapped into a limo! No cause for panic. It is Miyu’s family car. Of course Rin and Luvia whisked them away for an emergency job. Rin received a call from the Mage’s Association that although they have recovered the cards that were disturbing the mana flow through the ley lines, 2 weeks later it showed no improvement. It could means the line is blocked or something. They want her to inject highly compressed mana into the power spot to expand the line. Although this would take dozens of mages, they have the Class Cards that have endless mana supply. Ilya is stumped that they are good friends now because they were trying to kill each other for the cards. They feign the fight never happened and are good friends. Sapphire’s translation: The Mage’s Association doesn’t want them back till they get along. Ruby’s comment: You can’t fix stupidity. Enough for the ladies to cast away their good side and begin the blaming-cum-catfight! Ah, back in familiar territory. Possible translation: Maybe the Mage’s Association don’t want them back after all… As they make their way through the forest, suddenly Rin and Luvia drop into some endless mud swamp. They are struggling to get out. And while they are still fighting each other and adamant they don’t want to die right next to the other, we have an eye candy of Ilya and Miyu’s magical girl transformation. They are pulled out but after all that fighting exhaust them. They had the energy for that useless bickering… Inside a cave, they do what is necessary. When they thought it is done and are about to leave, the entire place starts shaking violently. Miyu rescues the ladies while Ilya works to secure an exit. However Ilya changes into Archer to protect the rest with a light barrier. Everyone is fine in the aftermath as Rin notice the Archer card is missing. They are relieved to find Ilya okay too but to everyone’s surprise, there is another Ilya! OMG! Two Ilyas. How can I tell which is the real one? Simple. The other one is tanned.

Episode 2
Ilya rues that her horoscope predicts a bad day today. Ruby offers to tell a more accurate one. However all she comes out are warnings and at first Ilya thought it was a prank when a flowerpot almost hits her. But can it be a coincidence that Ilya almost got hit by a driverless truck, chased around by rabid dogs, get fired, get watered, get zapped, etc! Yeah. She’s lucky to be still alive. In the infirmary with Miyu, they talk about yesterday and it seems Dark Ilya ran away before they got a chance to talk. Ilya is worried because there is a girl out there that looks like her and people might get the wrong impression of her into cosplay. It’s time to go home when a football almost smashes into her face. On her way home, Dark Ilya appears and tries to kill her. So I guess all those were her going since she was trying to make her death look natural. I suppose killing her by her own hands would be easier. Since peace by lollipop isn’t working, Ilya and Miyu flee to the forest so they can fight her. However Ilya notices her magic is considerably weakened that it has no effect. When Miyu tries to protect her, Dark Ilya suddenly holds her and… KISS!!! OMFG!!! Yuri loli doing French kissing for a good 25 seconds!!! FREAKING SHIIIIIII!!! Ilya is mad. I remember they kissed last season but that was an accident. Maybe she wants to do that to Miyu? Actually she is upset that rumours will spread that somebody with her face stole a girl’s lips. Ilya concentrates her magic to be sharp like a sword. It works and slices Dark Ilya’s clothes. She commends her attack and backs down for now. Why? Can’t fight semi-naked? Yeah. Rumours of a cosplayer turned exhibitionist… And so with Rin and Luvia, they meet up to come up with a strategy to capture her dark counterpart. Ilya must be relieved to put her trust in such reliable people. She might regret it… Because Ilya herself becomes bait as she is tied up on a tree! And a table of lavish feast below? How dumb can they get? Dark Ilya is here and obviously knows this is a trap but decides to play along and attacks. Rin and Luvia unleash their trap but each time they do something, Dark Ilya can get out. It is like she knows and can read their next moves. I’m not surprised since the duo are that dumb, don’t you agree? Heck, Dark Ilya even got them tied up in their own trap. Dark Ilya even separates Miyu from Sapphire to turn her back into a normal girl. With Ilya left, all hope seems lost. She succumbs to her fate. But as Dark Ilya approaches, she falls into her illusionary trap. Now she is stuck in that mud swamp. It is made out of some blend that renders her magic completely inert. Guess what happens? Rin and Luvia start to get cocky. They insult and laugh at her till she cries! Who are the villains, you tell me?! Don’t you just feel bad for Dark Ilya? Even Ilya and Miyu are appalled. So appalled…

Episode 3
Dark Ilya is crucified and interrogated. For the sake of differentiation, they call her Chloe. Stem from Kuroe which basically means dark. Chloe isn’t giving any straight answers so Rin and Luvia cast a curse on her. First they take Ilya’s blood (ouch) and chant some spell after smearing the blood on her tummy. It is a one-way pain curse. If Ilya is hurt, Chloe will feel the same pain but if only Chloe is hurt, she herself will only feel it. When Ilya returns home, she is freaking shocked to see Chloe trying to flirt with Shirou! Wasn’t she supposed to be locked up?! How the f*ck the she get here?! Ilya cannot take any more of the flirting despite Ruby saying that this is possibly what Ilya’ true desire is. Ilya hurts herself to stop Chloe. Rin and Luvia come in to report that Chloe has somehow escaped from her chains. About time. They are shocked to see Shirou and have this flustered look! WTF?! They take Chloe and scram. Then the next shocking move: Miyu hugs Shirou and calls him her brother! OMG! Since when is this becoming a harem? When Miyu composes herself, she apologizes for that impulsive action since Shirou reminded her of her brother. So Ilya has got lots on her mind. Chloe and especially how much she knows about Miyu. Next morning as she heads out to school, Luvia wanted to chauffeur Shirou to school but he already left. As not to go to waste, she chauffeurs Ilya instead. Ilya tries to be friendly but Miyu remains silent. Luvia hints that there is something about Miyu’s past she doesn’t want to talk about. She also hints they could become sisters as she plans to marry Shirou! So start calling her big sister! In class, Ilya’s friends are furious! They accuse her of force kissing them! Holy sh*t! I think I know who is behind this. Worse. Fujimura is also a victim! Her first kiss… They’re going to get her as Miyu stall them so Ilya can get away. At the rooftop, Ilya witnesses how Chloe seduces another friend of hers and lands a passionate kiss! OMFG!!!!!! But as hinted, she isn’t kissing people for fun. She is sucking mana out of them and the best one was of course Miyu. Ilya is upset that she has destroyed her life. Chloe dares her. Before they could fight, her friends and Fujimura enter the scene. I supposed they were too much for Miyu to handle. Wait a second. Two Ilyas? One of them is cosplaying? Who is who? Ilya starts having a meltdown when cool Chloe mentions she is Ilya’s foreign cousin and kissing is a common greeting custom. You believe that? Yeah. She is supposed to transfer her next week but couldn’t contain her excitement to check things out early. I guess Ilya has to play along with this. But for now, run away before the girls could check out her magical girl outfit!

Episode 4
Chloe is geared up and all ready for school. Ilya can’t believe this is happening. So how did Chloe escape her imprisonment? That’s what Luvia wanted to know either. She put up the best magic locks that an ant can’t even escape but somehow Chloe did a Houdini without sweat. Chloe says she wants to try living a normal life. Besides, she already has the curse so don’t bother locking her up. Luvia agrees to this as long as she doesn’t hurt others among the few conditions. Ilya can’t believe this is happening but Luvia believes this is the best so as not to get innocent people involved. And what do you know? Chloe becomes a transfer student in the same class as Ilya and sitting next to her. What are the chances, man? Ilya’s friends throw down a challenge to Chloe for that force kiss. The game is dodgeball and the loser must obey the winner. Of course the friends have their wishes but if Chloe wins, she’ll kiss all of them every day! Holy sh*t! Better win this sh*t! Even Fujimura is joining this fight. Ilya is so uninterested that she purposely loses to sit out. Heck, it would even be better if Chloe loses. Doesn’t matter. Chloe will take on everyone herself. Fujimura became the first victim of her awesome powerful throw. Everyone is taken out and when Tatsuko is left, Ilya switches place with her after Ruby talks about Chloe usurping her life if she doesn’t do something. It becomes a fiery battle with lots of angst building up in Ilya. It’s all Chloe’s fault, right? In the end although Chloe wins, the ball in Ilya’s face means she too is knocked out from the pain. Both down. A draw. They are taken to the infirmary but the ‘bored’ nurse is just being indifferent and unprofessional in handling her patients. It’s like she doesn’t care. You wonder how the heck she became a nurse. But there may be more than meets the eye to her. Because she can tell the injuries of Ilya and Chloe are exactly in the same spot. Like as though they are opposing mirrors. She hints to Chloe that she won’t limit her freedom as long as she doesn’t do the same to her. She is the school nurse. Chloe is Ilya’s cousin. Let’s leave it as that. Panicky Fujimiura brings Shirou all the way here to help cure Ilya. Miyu observes how close Ilya and Shirou interact and this brings a certain sadness and envy to her. She notices the same expression on Chloe.

Episode 5
Ilya tries to practice a new move but accidentally blows a hole in the bathroom wall. This means everybody has to go to Luvia’s mansion to take a bath. I know Shirou isn’t a pervert but what did he do to deserve going into a small cramp bath with Luvia’s old geezer butler, August? Ambiguous gay moments… Ilya is not happy that Chloe is here too and tries to hide her. However she makes her presence known to Sella and Liz. Ilya cannot take it anymore and blasts her away. After the servants leave, Rin and Luvia join in as they hope Chloe will be on talking terms. However she isn’t going to easily reveal everything. They need to figure it out themselves. Rin notices the Archer card is missing and she saw Ilya using it. Ilya doesn’t understand how she made it work. Although their mission is to retrieve all the Class Cards, they think how they settle this is up to Ilya. What is her wish? She wants her old life back. Chloe is upset with that answer. Because did Chloe exist in her old life? She hints the card is inside her. Since it has come down to this, it is back to square one. They’re enemies again. She blasts a hole in the wall to escape. Chloe is absent from school and Ilya is back to where she started of fearing her popping out from nowhere and starts killing her. Miyu thinks she won’t since she still has that curse. They are interrupted by their friends who talk about going to the beach as promised. They want to invite Chloe too. Later Miyu goes to meet Chloe alone as requested. Although Chloe just wants to talk, Miyu remains on her guard since Chloe was close and behind her before she knew it. It’s like she had some teleport and projection magic. Miyu asks if there is a need to kill Ilya and they should coexist, Chloe doesn’t think so and Miyu attacks her. She pities Miyu for fighting for Ilya’s sake. Remember what she said about her wish yesterday? At the same time, Ruby talks to Ilya about what she said about her old life. It is like telling Chloe to disappear although we know this is not what she meant. But that is only half of it. The other half as explained by Chloe is that Ilya wished she never met any of them. Because she was dragged into this magical girl mess against her will. If she had never met Miyu, Chloe would never have come into being. This makes Miyu wonder if their bond is just an illusion. But if you remember the transpiring events of last season, Miyu knows that being called a friend is all that she needs to fight on her behalf. Miyu transform into Saber and prepares to fight. Ruby detects them fighting and they go off to stop them.

Episode 6
As they fight, Chloe explains how Miyu used the card to channel the spirit of Saber to her body. She hints that was her. Also, Chloe is able to skip all the process and arrive at the answer without having to put in much effort. Miyu warns that killing Ilya will have herself killed too. That’s fine. Everybody can die and it will be over. In that case, just go and die yourself. Ilya interrupts the fight. Miyu insists Chloe must be killed now. This is the only way to protect her. Chloe still believes they cannot coexist because as long as she tries to kill her and Ilya rejecting her existence, it is impossible. Ilya starts apologizing for not thinking through but if sorry could solve problems, we wouldn’t have been fighting in the first place, right? And so Chloe is not convinced and won’t tell Ilya what she really wants. Killing Ilya isn’t really it, right? Suddenly an old car leaps into their midst. It is Iri. Her mother instincts guide her back here. I don’t know if she’s joking or not when she asks since when Ilya got a twin. Very funny. Chloe isn’t happy to see mom either. As gratitude for erasing her existence 10 years ago, she attacks her. Ilya blocks the attack and this weakens Chloe. Chloe is confused over what she is doing so Iri invites her to jump into her arms. A trap to spank her out of commission. And then Ilya. Two wrongs don’t make a right she says. Ilya seems to have memories of Chloe when she was a toddler but wakes up in Luvia’s grand bath. Meanwhile Luvia and Rin discuss about researching about the Einzbern family. They could hardly find details and are stumped about this mysterious German family thought to be just nobles but were doing some sort of major ritual.

It is Q&A time with Iri so Ilya asks what she is exactly. Ilya was born to become the Holy Grail in the Holy Grail War as it is believed to grant any wish. Chloe corrects her. It was her who is supposed to be the Holy Grail because all knowledge were woven into her being but yet was sealed away. She is sad she was sealed away and couldn’t keep her old memories. She cannot understand why Ilya was the one who got to live a normal life. All those memories she sealed, she was part of it. She lost everything. Everything could have been hers. It is fine if Ilya gets a normal life. But at least give her a life as a mage. She wants to belong to the Einzbern. However Iri says the Einzbern family is long gone. There will never be another Holy Grail War. Chloe becomes agitated believing Ilya stole her life and has nothing left. Her anger emitted too much mana and she is on the verge of disappearing for good. What a way to die. At least being killed by Miyu was better. It’s not Ilya has taken after her and become a serial kisser. This is to inject mana back into her. She doesn’t want her to disappear after all this. She may not be as shocked when mama told her about this and the reason she is calm is because Chloe was the one being hurt. She shouldered everything that she was supposed to bear. Ilya’s tears make Chloe happy because she feels her life had meaning for someone to cry over her disappearing. Ilya won’t have that too. She’s the Holy Grail so make her wish come true. Chloe wants a normal everyday life. She doesn’t want to disappear. She wants to live. And that great amount of will was enough for her being to remain. Chloe is formally introduced to the rest of the family and will be staying with them from now on. Shirou must be a joker because he thinks Ilya and Chloe are so similar that Iri may had another man… Oh Shirou, you didn’t really think that, did you? So a happy ending and closure? Not quite. Because now Chloe is getting too close to Shirou. Get your hands off my onii-chan! Ah, a new fight arises…

Episode 7
And it may soon be as early as the next morning because Shirou wakes up to find Chloe sleeping next to him! Ilya mad. So sad that Shirou is the one being slapped and called a pervert. What did he ever do? So it is decided that since today they are making pound cake in class, they challenge they will make a better one for Shirou. It feels like the game is decided because Chloe is grouped with friends who can cook (like Miyu) while Ilya’s group contains those without talent (Tatsuko is also a saboteur type). Ilya tries to follow the recipe closely but you know her friends… Especially with Tatsuko sabotaging the ingredients twice. Nutmeg first and then mint the second time. Even if Ilya becomes a fighter not giving up, there is only so much she can cover up the taste, right? Or maybe she just made it worse. Shirou will be fair when judging people’s cooking so Chloe suggests the winner gets a kiss. Oh my! Chloe’s baking is nicely done. However he can tell it was made intended for someone else (Chloe didn’t do any baking and let her subordinates do her job while she orders around). As for Ilya’s, it tastes horrible but he can tell she put in a lot of effort and kisses her forehead! Sella beats him up for trying being a pervert. Isn’t the winner supposed to get a kiss? Well, Ilya too happy to do anything. I guess Ilya wins this round. Because the next morning, the score is levelled when Chloe is seen sleeping next to Shirou. Deja vu. Shirou gets slapped again.

Because of this, Ilya complains to mama that a hierarchy is needed to keep her in line. Iri makes a simple one. Of course herself being top of the chain (God level?) and Shirou right at the bottom. Good guys always finish last, right? Now the argument is who would be the elder sister because like mommy says, the elder sister has some sort of authority. And so the duo begin challenging each other over the slightest just to see who is better and thus become the elder sister. When the friends mention about holding a birthday party for Ilya, Chloe also mentions her birthday is the same date. Double celebration? Coincidentally Mimi also has the same birthday. Triple celebration? We know Tatsuko is lying about hers… Ilya then talks to her friends for advice to become the older sister. They relate their experience of being the older or younger sibling and let Ilya try out. You know it’s going to fail… Because that weird beehive flower hairdo with tsundere personality and show of strength (squeezing burst open the can?) and making Chloe ‘worried’ (she thinks it is better she goes see a doctor or psychiatrist or something). Ilya knows she has completely failed and forget about being big sister level, she’s now on idiot level. Back home, the duo reconcile. Chloe in a way feels grateful that her existence was continued and bought her some pudding. Personally she still feels embarrassed about the kissing part to suck mana. Just when Ilya thought things are settling down, she starts jumping the gun Chloe is trying to be nice to her to score big sister points. And the argument begins again…

Episode 8
Bazett Fraga McRemitz arrives at Fuyuki City. Luvia and Rin keep an eye on the girls from afar. Iri pops up and hopes they can help her ‘tour’ the school safely. Luvia will gladly do it because you know, it increases her chances of becoming her mother-in-law. Know what she’s saying? And of course Rin won’t let her do it alone. So they’re ‘spying’ the girls in class hiding in tree leaves and bushes. They almost got spotted by Fujimura but she is easily taken care of. Chloe could sense their presence and goes to see them. She flusters upon knowing that mother was here to check on them. Iri hopes Luvia and Rin could turn a blind eye of what they are after today. All she wants is her daughters to have a future filled with happy smiles. Rin goes to conduct some checking at the cave and realize it wasn’t complete in the first place and will report back to the association. Bazett arrives at Luvia’s mansion and is attacked by August. He sensed her bloodthirsty aura and only showed his hospitality tailored to satisfy his guest. However Bazett is not here to have fun and wants to see Luvia. Fetch her or she will find her herself. No need to. Here she is. Bazett knows Luvia should be familiar of the reason why she is here. Since Luvia feigns ignorance, Bazett attacks her. Rin just arrived and sees this. She fears the worst because she is the Church’s best enforcer and combat specialist. Half assed attacks will not slow her down a bit. August pulls out machine guns to fire but Bazett is too fast. Not even a combo with Luvia can do the trick. They make a run. August uses all he got from guns to revolvers to throwing knives and even flash grenades and he still can’t best Bazett. Eventually Luvia also lost but Rin distracts her with some weak attack so Luvia could do some self sacrificing explosive move that blows up the entire mansion! Enough for Ilya and Chloe to notice something is wrong and head over to investigate. Because the mansion is covered in some barrier, on the outside it looks like normal. Once they open the gate, they see the mansion burnt to the ground and Bazett walking towards them. She thinks they are involved too but it is a little too late for them to be reinforcements.

Episode 9
If you’re wondering where Miyu has been, she’s been sent on a ‘mission’ by Luvia to buy some rare food. She’s taking this really seriously. Bazett attacks Chloe as she transforms into her Archer mode to fight back. However Bazett knows her moves and defeats her. Ilya wants to help but it seems Ruby is just floating there instead of doing anything. Ruby explains that prior to Luvia and Rin collecting the Class Cards, Bazett was the person in charge. If you remember last season that they had a couple of Class Cards in hand, it was because Bazett was the one who collected them. When Lord Zelretech intervened, Bazett was taken off the case and replaced by the duo. Her return to this even though Luvia and Rin are still officially assigned to this mission means there is a power struggle in the higher orders of the Church. Bazett has already 4 Class Cards. Ilya still wants to fight her but Ruby doesn’t think she can win. But Ilya doesn’t care for all that predecessor crap thingy. Her friend got hurt. That is a reason good enough to fight back. Ilya transforms but is warned not to use special moves against her. Then how to fight back? She is left running from Bazett’s relentless attack. She’s like a sitting duck till Ilya concentrates her magic to lock her hands and blast a magic towards her. Too bad it was weak. Meanwhile, Luvia, Rin and August have escaped via a secret underground passage although Luvia is still weak from that reckless attack. But she can’t rest now knowing Bazett is after those cards. Bazett takes a card from Ilya and is then attacked by Chloe. She still has the curse so Ilya’s pain woke her up. But still not good enough to defeat her. Ilya is inching to retrieve the other dropped cards but Bazett stomps her hand. Ilya won’t give up. Bazett is going to finish her when Miyu arrives in time. Ilya hands her a Class Card as Miyu transforms into Rider. I won’t say Bazett is defeated but more like downed by her superior attack. Bazett cannot believe she could transform so easily when the Mage’s Association were trying ways to discover a method and still weren’t successful. Miyu asks about Luvia and Rin’s whereabouts. Under the rubble. That’s it. She is going to use Rider’s Noble Phantasm on her as Bazett readies to counter it. Something tells us it is a bad thing because Rin states Noble Phantasms don’t work on her and something horrible will happen if tried.

Episode 10
Despite warnings from Sapphire, Miyu is about to unleash her Noble Phantasm but Bazett unleashes Fragarach which nullifies it and reverses time a little for Miyu. As explained, this magic sword is activated if the enemy activates their ultimate attack. It also pierces their heart after the time reversal but since Miyu didn’t use her Noble Phantasm by her own will, that was a close call. Bazett beats her up and takes her card. Now all that is left is Archer. Guess whose body it is in? Well, it’s not like Chloe can take it out either. Yeah. Always take the violent way of ripping it out, eh? Ilya stands back up and with Chloe’s help, Chloe becomes the bait to take the first hit before Ilya. However Ilya is just an illusion set by Ruby. The real Ilya is behind her back and tries to touch the back of Bazett’s neck because she notices some magic trap on it (from Rin’s distracted attack). However she has no strength to reach it. Cue for Luvia to send some much needed magic shot to push Bazett towards her. Ilya touches it and it activates something. However Bazett quickly gets back on her feet although she knows something feels different in her body. Rin has arrived and explains what activated was the pain curse like in Chloe’s case. She even exaggerates it could cause death although this is just merely to stop her Fragarach move. Bazett is confident she can still win without it. But that’s not all. Rin shows a map of the ley lines of the city. There is a section showing where the ley line is constricted and there seems to be a cube there. It is the presence of an eighth Class Card. So if it is her mission to collect all cards, she’ll need this map that only Rin can read.

Since this is out of Bazett’s jurisdiction, she will head back to wait for further instructions. Rin also negotiates to hold 3 of the Class Cards. Is this a good move? She considers it a good victory because the best part is that all of them are still alive after that fierce fight with her. Ilya and Chloe return home very tired and messed up. The rest are unsure what happened but they have faith they didn’t do anything bad. Life returns to normal. Luvia and Rin discuss about Bazett, another problem to deal with and know she is sent by someone else. They also have to consider about the eighth card. Just when they start laughing and think how ironic their friendship have become, deep down in their hearts, this is just a ploy to ruse the other! Yeah. That’s more like it! That’s more like the Luvia and Rin we know! Keep it up :)! Ilya and Chloe continue their normal life in class. The rivalry is still there, though. Speaking of which, the rivalry for Shirou is still up for Rin and Luvia. That night Ilya and Chloe can’t sleep. The former is grateful that they managed to protect their normal everyday life. They could have lost everything yesterday but it was all here today. That’s enough reason to be proud of. Although they can’t tell what the future holds (there’s going to be a lot in store for them, if you get what I mean), at least they’re going to take it a step at a time. And first, time to look for swimsuits for their summer at the beach.


More 5 minutes of fun and laughter with Ilya and the gang if you buy the DVDs. Of course do not forget the fanservice. Loli or mature woman, they’ve got it all here! Oh yeah. Hurry, hurry. Get your hot sexy fanservice right here.

Special 1
Ilya asks Chloe about her clothes. And when she moves on about her lingerie, Chloe can immediately pick up what she is trying to ask. Cheeky Chloe pulls up Ilya’s shirt to prove that she isn’t wearing a bra. Ilya accuses Chloe of wearing one to show off because at their age, wearing a bra isn’t necessary as their chest hasn’t grown yet. Chloe mentions Sella wearing one even though she got a small bust. And she was outside hearing this… So depressing… Chloe becomes the bra expert as she explains why it is important to wear them because it shapes their breasts and keep it in shape. Unless you want those fats to spread all over. So wear a bra and turn those useless meat into fabulous boobs! Chloe then surprises Sella by lifting her shirt to prove that the right bra is essential in the shaping. See hers? No wonder she is still small. Violation! Sexual harassment! She gives hope that since their mum is the bustiest, it is not impossible for them too. Later, Sella catches Ilya red-handed as she tries out her bra just for size. Busted (no pun intended). By the way, doesn’t it feel like an insult for choosing Sella because it’s like they have the same bust size? When Liz finds out what they’re talking, she doesn’t bat an eyelid to say she has never worn one because it was a pain. Some people have all the luck. Life is so unfair…

Special 2
The bra topic continues. This time Ilya asks Miyu’s opinion about it. Miyu will go ask Luvia in turn. Rin and Luvia give their opinion but Luvia starts laughing at Rin’s commoner view. This causes Rin to be mad as she strips open Luvia’s top to prove that she is wearing a plain bra. Luvia does the same but Rin’s bra is quite fancy. Utter defeat. It descends into a full blown catfight. They would be a laughing stock if people found out why they are fighting so serious. About lingerie… Ah well, a woman’s lingerie isn’t anything trivial, right? :). In the end, Luvia decides to show off her sexy lingerie collection. Now she looks like a Victoria’s Secret model. The fight continues… Did they forget all about Miyu? So next day, Miyu tells Ilya that Luvia prepares her underwear and even so, it is too embarrassing to show her. Not like Ilya wants to see it either. Suddenly the gust of wind blows up Miyu’s clothes. Ilya sees her semi-plain underwear. Impressed? Shocked?

Special 3
Chloe is sick and put to bed by Liz. Ilya notices that what Chloe needs is some magical power but Liz insists that with Sella out for errands, she is the big sister now and decides to nurse her by herself. I mean, she can’t risk Ilya getting her illness, right? And Liz thinks Kuro wants Ilya by her side because they are such good friends. With Liz around, Ilya can’t sneak in as the former starts stripping Chloe to wipe her sweat. So as not to make her feel embarrassed, she also strips! Even more embarrassing is when Chloe notices Ilya watching from outside the window. Sella just came back and calls to Liz to help carry the groceries. Out goes Liz, in comes Ilya. And after a little friendship-big sister talk, they start kissing (I suppose it’s a reason to have some loli yuri for this magic transfer). Liz returns and sees this. Chloe is fine now but Ilya seems to have caught her illness. Liz believes of employing the same method on her based on what she saw. Yeah. Trying to force kiss! Before this lips raping scene can happen, Sella walks in after hearing a commotion. She doesn’t buy Liz’s argument that she’s nursing Ilya as a big sister since this looks more like an assault. Angry girl with white radish in hand… Doesn’t look good for Liz…

Special 4
Ilya and co see Suzuka frantic in the streets. She is afraid at this rate Tatsuko will become a criminal! Yikes! What happened? Before they know it, they are dressed in cheongsam and forced to work at a Chinese restaurant. It all began when Tatsuko saw an all-you-can-eat poster although there is a hefty fine if there are leftovers. I guess she got too greedy. Suzuka tried to stop her but even before she could, she already wallop everything. And they’ve got no money. Well, time to work their asses off. So we see them trying to lure customers in like Chloe being overly seductive, Miyu over explaining the technical stuffs and Mimi’s shy personality makes it so moe that you might want to eat her instead. Ilya is so frustrated since she told them to do it normally… Hang in there… It’s all for saving Tatsuko. A group of girls are impressed with Ilya’s fair skin in this dress. They take a liking for her and start ordering whatever there is. The rest are jealous she stole their scene as hers is the most abnormal. In the end, they manage to pay off their debt. But it seems they might have forgotten about something… Tatsuko! She has revived and continues her glutton ways. She thinks she can handle this time better. BETTER STOP HER NOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!! Sad to say, her mouth is faster than their hands…

Special 5
Finally, Ruby and Sapphire taking centre stage. Ruby is frustrated and bored that recently there aren’t any magical girl-like fights for her to enjoy. So to relieve her stress, she is going to activate her forbidden ability of temporarily turning someone into a magical girl and not worrying about the effects since it only happens in their deep subconscious and they’ll think it’s just a dream. Sapphire tries to stop her but Ruby punches her out. Sella becomes the first ‘victim’ as Ruby lies on the table in plain sight. And now you have magical girl Sella! How will she use Ruby? To clean the house, wash clothes and other chores. Boring! But it saves on electricity bill. Boring! Next bait, Ruby lures Liz. She uses Ruby as remote control and heat up her cup noodles. Boring… Next is Fujimura. As expected, she turns into a lively superhero magical girl and is going to defeat all the evil in the world! Watch out thugs, mafias, drug lords and human trafficking organizations because here she comes! Not wanting the violent side, Ruby ditches her. By this time, Ruby realizes her stress level has gotten worse. It is going to get even worse because here comes Bazett picking her up! I don’t know what was done to her but Ruby is like close to dead. She can’t be more grateful and appreciative to be back by Ilya’s side, eh? Magical girls must always be young little lolis, right? And so… Ruby ‘dies’… Don’t worry. Sapphire punches her back up. Revenge is always so sweet…

Double Trouble! Itazura Na Kiss!
They have done it again. Yup. Just like the last time, right after the series ends, another announcement that there will be a third season, although it is actually the second part of this 2wei series. Think of it like the Hunger Games: Mockingjay or Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows split into 2 parts. I suppose 10 episodes are not enough to fit in all the Ilya loli goodness so therefore another season of her is needed. I believe it is a busy and exciting moment for the Fate series since the Fate/Stay Night series following the Unlimited Blade Works arc was also made around that time. But as far as Ilya’s show is concerned, many things are not settled yet so it is only right that another season would be in the works.

This time around with Chloe entering the fray as a main character, this season feels lacking for the other supporting characters and not much development on them. Because mainly this season is mostly focus on Ilya and Chloe and their love-hate relationship on just about anything. Therefore Ruby’s sharp tongue sarcasm is sorely missed and kept to a very minimum. I was wondering and keep feeling there was something missing in this season and this was it. As the anime progresses towards the end, it seems Ruby has ‘lost’ her witty comments that we are fond of and also her serious display in the final battle makes it weird that it doesn’t feel like Ruby herself at all. This is also thanks to Rin and Luvia not making much of an appearance as compared to the first season. Because no collaboration with them means no smartass wisecracks from Ruby. After all, the cards have been collected so there is no reason for them to be together unless it really matters.

Rin and Luvia are also amusing and the constant bickering and at each other’s throat is one of the most amusing highlights of the series. Of course as said that they do not appear as much as in the previous season so the comical banter between them has been greatly reduced. Even more so, working together like best friends. This isn’t entirely wrong but we prefer to see the catfight. And of course, they couldn’t troll us even if they start faking that bogus friendship in the end. They’re just using each other. We’ll see what happens when the time comes. Miyu also feels like she has been relegated to a supporting character. At the events at the end of the last season, Miyu certainly has become friends with Ilya but with Chloe hogging the spotlight, it is hard to see Miyu and Sapphire making an impact this season. She fights to defend her friendship but that is about it.

As for Ilya, life has become better and worst at the same time. An additional enemy who became her friend and ally and finally a love rival. Oh yeah. Ilya has got it tough even at such a tender young age. If being a magical girl is tough, it is even tougher when a clone has her sights on the same big brother she adores. The source of her stress… Chloe’s hostility was probably that she wanted a place to belong. I don’t really understand about that part for the Holy Grail War and how Chloe drew the short end of the stick. My guess that she blamed Ilya for taking her normal life that she could have led and thus the animosity of getting rid of her even if it means killing herself. After all that fighting and letting out her frustrations, it is much better to coexist and live together for better or worse. Because the important thing is about the present and future instead of the past.

Shirou feels like he is given more prominence this time albeit it seems like this magical girl series is having a potential to turn into a harem genre. This guy who once ‘belonged’ only to Ilya now faces competition with Chloe and surprisingly Rin and Luvia too. Then there is that teaser from Miyu that he looks like her brother which could be seen as another potential rival for those gunning for his attention. The irony of it all is that he ranks at the bottom of the pecking order in both reality and fantasy. I suppose he is such a good guy it is no wonder almost every girl loves him. Other characters feel okay and pretty similar as we know them like Liz who continues to bum around the house instead of doing anything useful and Ilya’s supportive friends. The school nurse is a mysterious variable to the mix and something tells us that she is more than just one even though she puts on this boring expression, can’t-wait-to-go-home attitude and unprofessional behaviour.

There are a few moments of yuri and fanservice elements. With Chloe stealing our hearts and setting it aflutter (or causing it to nearly explode) with her super French kissing ability that would have shocked almost everyone in the series. Yeah. The most shocking and defining thing this season. I don’t think I can name another series that has lolis kissing each other like this. So good the yuri kiss that the girls pass out. They literally got owned. Notice how even Fujimura couldn’t help but fluster each time Chloe is called to the board to answer some questions and her body reaction would be something like flustering? I hope she doesn’t turn into a lolicon. Her reason to suck mana feels like an excuse to cover up for this. Ilya is one of those few girls who has not experienced this ‘taste of heaven’. Will she one day succumb to this? As long as it isn’t her onii-chan, right? As long as the kiss doesn’t involve an older guy because that would be most disturbing and unwanted. And for the fanservice parts, the steamy (literally) bath scenes and Chloe in her loli panties… I guess we’ll have to wait for the next season for the beach episode.

The fight scenes are still exciting and partly because they employ 3D CGI effects for the backgrounds. It is a little jarring mixing it with the 2D characters at first but if you focus on the action, you’ll get used to it and ultimately you’ll find the whole experience of the fighting scenes coupled in with magic power to be awesome thanks to the zoom in and rotating effects. Although I thought it was a shame that not all of the Class Cards were used in the battles. Especially Berserker since most of us would know this is Ilya’s Servant. Heck, I don’t think Ilya even transformed to any of the Servants other than Archer for a short while in the beginning. Only Miyu did that and it was only using Saber and Rider.

Joining the casts this season are Chiwa Saito as Chloe (Senjougahara in Monogatari Series), Hitomi Nabatame as Bazett (Margery Daw in Shakugan No Shana) and Tesshou Genda as August (Optimus Prime in Transformers). The lively generic anime pop opening theme is Moving Soul by Minami Kuribayashi while the ending theme which is as equally as lively is Two By Two by Yumeha Kouda. For the latter, I initially thought it was Chiwa Saito who sung this piece since their voices sound quite close. Must be something wrong with my ears. On a trivial note, the end card illustrations from various people with some really funny sketches (turning the characters into shoujo type art feels amusing), some disturbing ones (a shower scene of Shirou and August! OMFG!!! WTF???!!!) and some looking cool and serious.

So for those who aren’t really serious following the actual Fate series story or plot or whatever, having Ilya turned into a magical girl as a side story and her daily (mis)adventures, juggling her role as a magical girl and trying to lead a normal life with her school friends can still be an entertaining watch. It is still fun in its own right. And of course, if you’re a big Ilya fan and a lolicon, this show gives you double dose of them. Cute lolis doing cute things, cute lolis kicking ass and cute lolis just trying to be cute lolis. Ah yes, see people, this show isn’t about magical girls. It’s all about Ilya. Don’t I sound like an Ilya fan convert? I suppose this means now I will have to watch the third season to keep up with all the Ilya goodness after all that praising because I don’t want to make a loli cry, do I? That won’t be cute at all.

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