Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku No Zvezda OVA

April 3, 2015

You know how idols are slowly conquering the world with their provocative cute looks, provocative cute outfits, provocative cute songs and provocative cute dance moves? Yeah. It is no wonder that perhaps evil organizations bent on taking over the world are trying to jump on this bandwagon. With that said, it seems Zvezda hasn’t conquered the world yet. And thus the reason why we need an extra episode, Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku No Zvezda OVA to confirm whether they can pull through and make it big in the idol business. I know it sounds crazy but when you have big dreams of taking over the world, no ideas are that crazy. And I thought they gave up trying to conquer the world seeing nobody wanted to sub this OVA (thus no more ‘followers’) and therefore why this blog is late. I guess better late than never.

New Zvezda Operation
Hmm… Pictures of Gorou and Kaori lovey-dovey in their honeymoon. They must be really getting it going. And so Kate announces… Zvezda will be an idol unit! Wow. Asuta is so amazed (read sarcasm). With Yasu wanting to be the manager, what will Asuta be? The producer of course. Roboko is happy about this when she gets a letter. It seems she has been selected to take part in an audition to join the famous idol group, BBK88. Renge is happy for her however Roboko is in a dilemma. Despite it is Roboko’s closet dream to become an idol, Zvezda’s orders are absolute and she cannot go against it. She knows she will not be forgiven for betrayal. Renge suggests that she will join the audition on her behalf so as not to let it go to waste. Meanwhile Itsuka is training Kate on how to sing. She can’t even get a tone right! Loli is going to cry… Roboko is spacing out and can’t concentrate on the so called lesson. Renge tells Asuta about Roboko’s dilemma in class although she was told to keep this a secret. Asuta then goes to talk to Roboko in her room (filled with BBK88 posters). He congratulates her for passing the preliminary screening and wants her to take the audition. Because with her attitude now, she cannot be a top idol and that she is distancing herself from everyone else. Renge hands back the form to her as Roboko smiles. Smile? I can’t see anything? The trio are going to tell Kate and the rest about this. However they are engrossed in watching a new idol video. And this news just popped up. BBK88 is holding an audition to recruit new members. So we hear them badmouthing those b*tches and how since they are going to be their rivals, they are going to break them up! And with them applying for new members, they can’t let this go and curse all the new members! Yeah, those who signed up with them are considered sympathizers of the enemy! So watch out you BBK88, b*tches! All hail Zvezda and may the light of Zvezda shine through the world! Oh boy. This is going to be tough.

In the wee hours of the morning, Roboko heads off to the audition while Dva and White Robin will do something to stall the rest. They creep into Itsuka’s room but her sharp senses have her awakened. The duo are hiding on the ceiling but how long can they hold out? Dva’s sweat drops on her forehead. This makes her cry like a baby as they put a seal on her to sleep. WTF. Next is Natasha but her room is filled with dangerous obstacles that it makes you wonder if this is some sort of ninja palace! They can’t back out now since the alarm has sounded so after all that death defying miracle (it’s a miracle they got out alive), they made it through and put the seal on her. Meanwhile Roboko is in the waiting room and there are lots of idol wannabes. Also there is Miki. Their eyes meet but Miki says today they can’t be friends. Finally Dva and White Robin walk into Kate’s room. Nobody in. Has she waked up? Suddenly the door shuts and the screen behind has Kate screaming at them that she suspected something about them and was waiting for them to take the bait. She forces them to reveal whatever is going on and they can’t get out of here because the door is laced with explosives. White Robin has no choice but to disclose about Roboko and hopes Kate won’t blame her. Unfortunately Kate will not do so and sees this as an act of betrayal. Just then Gorou returns and opens the door. Whoops. BOOM!

As he is being explained, seems that their honeymoon is cut short because Kaori remembered she had a job to do. Something about being a special judge for recruiting members for a certain idol group. She heard somebody named Roboko passed the screening as well as Miki too. Well, they audition is being broadcast on TV live and right about now is Roboko’s turn. The entire town watches her belt out her song. At the end of the day, seems Miki and Roboko didn’t pass. As Miki leaves, the rest of the gang are here. Kate asks Roboko about her whereabouts as she comes clean. Roboko laments she cannot become an idol because she is a robot. Kate punches her face (her fist must hurt a lot) because it doesn’t matter whether she is human or robot. They’re all the same when they take on that stage. So don’t make up boring excuses. Kate is upset that she didn’t tell the truth and thought she would get mad and get in the way if she did (well, certainly it seemed like that yesterday, right?). But the girls can’t stay mad at each other so it suddenly becomes an emotional reconciliation scene as the girls cry and hug their heart out (the irony in Roboko’s case?). So to ‘punish’ Roboko for her betrayal, she is made to perform her idol stint in front of them. Wow. Nice special effects and everything. Flashy stuffs. You go, Roboko! Asuta asks Kate about their idol plans. Oh, she’s continuing it but this time she is going to make idols out of thousands of people under her command. And Asuta will be the producer. Asuta… Fast in declining…

Even Robots Have Dreams!
And so their dream of conquering the world goes on. Heck, I don’t think in this sense they even made any progress. If there is anything about this OVA, it surely focuses on Roboko and from what we can see, she is clearly more human than robot. She could even be more human than most humans are. Beneath that steely exterior lies a robot who has feelings. A robot who has a dream. Just like every other human being. Her actions of being in a dilemma, trying to pursue her dreams and even acting out of fear of not telling Kate the truth at first proves that she is just not some mindless artificial intelligence. Whether or not Roboko gets to live her dream next time is another story. But she doesn’t have to hide it anymore because she has the backing of Zvezda for that.

One thing that I am stumped is the friendly relationship between Zvezda and White Light. I don’t remember much of the TV series about them becoming friends. Even if their identities are known to each other and there is no reason for them to be at each other’s throat for the time being, the way they are shown here, it’s like their organizations don’t really matter. I mean, you see Dva and White Robin working together and easily inside Zvezda’s HQ. So I am not sure if they are allies or just being dormant. Otherwise it would be very ironic to see enemies sitting down together having a cup of tea or in their case, becoming Roboko’s backup dancers in her short idol performance. If the world is that peaceful, why the heck do you need to conquer it? Ah, maybe that is why there is a need for world conquest. At least for Kate.

Overall, this OVA is just okay. Nothing related to the TV series. Nothing serious. Nothing that furthers whatever development and even in the case of Roboko it was just a little and just for her. It is something to watch just to make complete after watching the TV series. Some call it fun, some call it a waste of time especially with the idol themed of this OVA, some might view that they are running out of ideas on what kind of plots to put in standalone filler episodes. I know we don’t get idol themes in every anime we see but with idols being ubiquitous all around, aren’t you just getting sick of it? Not if they continue with their provocative cute looks, provocative cute outfits, provocative cute songs and provocative cute dance moves. Yeah. Slowly conquering our minds and hearts with it. Idols. The new world conquering propaganda we all should fear.

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