Yozakura Quartet ~Tsuki Ni Naku~

April 4, 2015

Oh God. Finally. I almost nearly forgot about this and even so, I thought they had given up on it. Because it took one damn year for the OVA of Yozakura Quartet ~Tsuki Ni Naku~ to come and go. And there are only 3 episodes! Three stinking episodes and you made me wait the entire year just to watch them all at one go? Even the retelling of the TV series, Hana No Uta is long gone and over. Okay, so that is my own problem and I don’t think this is the first time that I have waited an entire year for such a short OVA series to be completed. In fact, the Hoshi No Umi OVA also followed this pattern back in 2010-2011. But anyway let us not get distracted by that and since it is all here, might as well watch and enjoy what the OVAs have to offer. It better be worth the wait of a whole damn year. One damn year… And I’m not even a fan of the series… One year…

Episode 1
Ao won the lottery for a trip to the hotspring at Hakone. Hime really wants to join but hints she has lots of work to do. Everyone looks at Kyousuke… Alright, alright. It’s been a long time since she has a break but they’ll work extra hard when they get back. Yipee! As Shidou fetches Mina and Kana, he needs to stop by the station but the jam is terrible. Lila gives them a lift there. Police car tied to a broomstick and flying? She learns Shidou is in the only police department in town that deals with supernatural stuffs. Because such supernatural cases don’t happen often, the unit is quite small and the staffs have lots of free time slacking off. Like the baldy chief Takao Takemura who is literally sleeping on the job so Mina lands her flying kick in the face while Kana accidentally shoots her rubber band bullets. Yeah, old geezer Tokui is teaching her how to shoot right. Then there is Nadeshiko Matsudaira who doesn’t hesitate to hug Shidou and jump to conclusions he will be taking over the family business. Since her careless hug on Shidou almost crushed Mina in the middle, Mina teases her small boobs. Nadeshiko gets brazen to even open her top just to show they exist! Throwing a tantrum like child, she spills a pail of water over Mina so that she would turn into her teenager self and that she could start fondle revenge those boobs of hers. Don’t even ask. But looks like the unit will need to get down to business. There is a call reporting in that there is a fallen bear in the Saitama region. Lila drops off Mina and Kana and on their way meet Yuuhi and Mariabelle. Since Yuuhi is going to unleash his lolicon fetish, Mariabelle whacks him. Shidou and Nadeshiko are driving along the highway when something fast zips by in the opposite direction. Could that be a black wolf?

Akina and co are riding a cable car up the mountains. Only Hime is the scared one. It’s swerving left and right! Akina wonders the bag Yae told him to carry is heavy. And only now he has the decency to check inside despite being told he could see what is in it? Well, what do you know? It’s Yae inside (in chibi mode)! At the top of the mountain, I am not sure why Kyousuke is making Hime eat lots of eggs. But it only took one to turn Ao into a drunken state. They follow the guidebook to the inn and it seems Yae is very close friends with the dog spirit owner, Tomoe. And so hotspring soaking fanservice and a very hearty and delicious meal. Tomoe is fine revealing her dog ears since humans rarely visit here. They are the only guests tonight. Yae reveals she stows away in the winner’s bag every year to get here. To work out that meal, they play ping pong. Hime sounds like she is raring to go and an expert but her serves are just freaking weak. Kyousuke is noticeably gloomy ever since so Akina talks to him about his long face. He thinks this trip will be their last because next year Nanagou will bloom and it’ll be the end. It’s hard to enjoy when you are thinking like that. Akina’s answer? Things will somehow work out. This is the kind of answer that Kyousuke won’t take. Kotoha receives a call from Juri just to scream something. She does so and everyone is thrown off their feet. Then Kotoha, Ao and Akina challenge Kyousuke to a ping pong match but he beats them all. I didn’t know he is that good.

Kyousuke receives a challenge from Tomoe and they’ll put the stake of the world in this match. He doesn’t really want to do it but Tomoe shows her true strength after easily pushing away the ping pong tables and turn this into a kendo dojo. As they fight, Kyousuke finds he needs to get serious and use all his strength to pin her down. Tomoe finds it charming. And since it is a full moon tonight, she transforms into her voluptuous self. Charming, eh? Long ago, this place used to be a stopover for youkais as they travel far. They often get into fights and Tomoe is the one to quell them. It is Tomoe’s victory but Kyousuke took it seriously. He feels he is too weak to protect this town, let alone the world. Tomoe wants him to train himself and come back in a year to face her again. But the world will end by that time, no? Don’t think about the details. Just promise that he will come back here in a year’s time to defeat her. Just think that. Or if he isn’t in any fighting mood, coming back to see her is good enough. Because it gets lonely up here. Trying to hint something? Biting his ear and getting all flirty… Touka reveals Kyousuke was the one looking forward to this trip the most as the guidebook was made by him. And you thought Touka did it, eh? Kyousuke agrees to come back next year but with a condition that everyone here must come along too. And they must run in the Tokyo-Hakone relay race too? Meanwhile Shidou and Nadeshiko investigate the bloody forest site. The bear is cut up into pieces and eaten. Mina couldn’t understand why Kana couldn’t stop crying when the black wolf attacks them. It takes Kana.

Episode 2
Takemura sees Juri to give her some medical records. Lila calls her and thinks it’s time to come back from this voluntary patrol. As she wanted to take a shortcut through the alley, it is like there is some barrier interfering with her thoughts and telling her to change her mind not to. She sneakily enters her medicine box and pops up in a garbage bin inside the alley. She’s a magician too, remember? Then she sees this. Mariabelle and Mina down. Kana in the black wolf’s mouth. Time to hang up and go into action and teach this bad dog a lesson. Takemura calls Nadeshiko (since Shidou was on the phone trying to call Kana but couldn’t get through), he scolds him for taking too long on their patrol and should have been back by now. I guess they stopped somewhere for some eel meal. Lila is eventually flung and defeated by the black wolf. She is not surprised he can speak. Rokkaku says a single bear wasn’t enough to satisfy his appetite and is going to eat her (I thought it looked like raping her, tearing her clothes, licking her skin…). However the barrier wears out and it is a sign to get out. After all, he doesn’t want to spoil his main course: Kana. Next time they meet, he’ll surely eat her. So stay pretty till then. Lila’s best counter quote: She’s always pretty! By the time the police arrive, it is already too late. He’s gone. Takemura gives Shidou a good scolding that he is slacking off instead of protecting the twins. Since Hime and co are out of town, it is their duty to hold the fort. And no, he can’t call her. She’s on vacation. Shidou and Nadeshiko head out to town to go search. Trying to find a needle in a haystack? Mina and Mariabelle are at the station with minor injuries and recuperating but Mariabelle gets off and leaves. Lila is pissed that Takemura is not acting and just waiting. He reminds her the Commissioner is their boss and they follow his orders. He isn’t afraid to admit they are obedient dogs because loyalty is a form of strength. If they were to break it, they’ll shake the foundations of that strength. So no matter what, they’ll not take action until the boss says so. Yeah. So many police staff and none taking action except busy with their own paper work.

Explaining to us why Kana is targeted, based on famous fables, mermaids have been sought and eaten not because of rarity but because their blood and skin gives immortality. So if they don’t do anything, Kana will be eaten. Speaking of which, Rokkaku is going to have his tasty loli when Enjin comes in. Rokkaku chides him to make a better barrier that holds out. Enjin hints he shouldn’t eat her like that and should add some ‘seasoning’. Rokkaku puts some of his blood on her and her body transforms into her teenage version albeit only for a short while. It is hinted that since her power is weak, it is only right to strengthen her vampire half so this mermaid will also strengthen. So it is not just any blood and must be the one that matches the power stored in her flesh. And the blood that greatly matches it is the blood of a vampire. Looks like Rokkaku is going to have to go get Mina now. Lila continues her explanation about werewolves and tonight couldn’t be a worse night as the full moon is out. Shidou and Nadeshiko follow Rokkaku and confront him. Rokkaku could smell something familiar about Shidou. He is a werewolf too! He invites him to eat Kana together. This only makes him mad. Time to fight. Rokkaku thinks he needs some exercise to work up an appetite. Lila continues to be pissed with the police’s no-action despite they know werewolf weakness and have all the silver bullet equipment in the store (why abuse Takemura’s sunglasses?). Takemura explains that there are no rules for youkais to join the police force but many don’t want to. Because the police will always take the human’s side, they don’t want to end up taking down their own kind. Lila thinks it’ll be fine since Shidou and Rokkaku are both werewolves and should settle things themselves. Well, Shidou just lost and Rokkaku mocks him as weak for not eating real stuffs. Only the moonlight is powering him. Again, he invites to eat Kana but Shidou gets real mad and pulls off a really powerful punch almost hitting him. Rokkaku demonstrates his ability to use the shadows to pop out anywhere and take Nadeshiko hostage. Before he could do anything to her, he nearly got hit by a silver bullet from Tokui. This old guy mentions about Mina’s whereabouts and points the directions to the station. Good. He was getting bored of this. Why would Tokui sell out? He knows Shidou has no chance of winning and dying would be meaningless. The station has a better chance of winning.

Kana wakes up and is surprised to see Enjin next to her. Don’t be afraid. He won’t eat you. She can tell he is from the Hiizumi branch family since she pieced the details together over time. She doesn’t remember about her parents as they were part of the Blank Period. It was a time when Akina’s father tried to stop the merging of the dimensions by journeying to the other world en masse. Enjin gives false hopes that he might know them. He explains to her what it is like on the other side. Nothing but emptiness and hatred. He is the only one who has returned from the other side and has no choice but to listen to him and could even be lying. Obviously he is trying to merge the dimensions as revenge. But why involve the world when he is angry at the family’s head? He wants the Hiizumi family to bear the burden that all humanity will suffer for what they did. Besides, he’ll feel so much better to make them do it than himself. Kana starts crying not because she is scared. Not because she pities the Hiizumi family. She pities him for having such twisted thoughts. This is enough to get Enjin real mad as he beats her up to tell her to shut up and not talk like she knows everything, the hatred and resentment they have. OMG! Loli abuse! It is that exact reason that she doesn’t know is why she pities him. Enjin is bored of waiting and thought somebody interesting would have come to rescue her. But since they’re all cowards, they’re going to Rokkaku instead. That werewolf boy is outside the police station as they speak. Hey… Hime and co did not freaking appear once in this episode!!!

Episode 3
A short flashback about Shidou. He was once a lone wolf. Stealing food and wandering from town to town. Till he wandered into this one where a policeman picked him up under his wing. After observing him on several police jobs, he is encouraged to join the police force. His wife gave birth to twins (Kana and Mina) but the happiness didn’t last long. It is hinted that Shidou gave into his instincts and devoured the parents. He vowed to protect the twins from then on. Back in present time, Shidou has arrived back at the station. Rokkaku has already torn up the force. Do the ripped clothes of Lila tell you anything? Although Mina is hidden, Shidou fights Rokkaku again and loses. Not even Takemura could stop this rampaging hungry wolf. When Lila sees Juri crawling around (in her underwear?), she creates a smoke distraction. It backfires since Mina’s whereabouts are revealed. Rokkaku takes her and leave because everyone knows nobody is strong enough to stop him. Shidou feels frustrated and if you think Rokkaku’s beating was the end of it, Nadeshiko comes beating him up for being pathetic. Is this the man she fell in love with? Think of all the hard work he has put up with all these years and he should take responsibility for stealing her heart and never stop working hard. Shidou gets renewed confidence to go after him. But can he defeat Rokkaku alone? Nope. The entire police force is behind him. They have all the analysis and info at their fingertips as they discuss Rokkaku’s weakness. Thanks to the moon, he is able to detect movements within surrounding shadows and thus needs someone to take care of it. Lila volunteers to do that. Now if you’re wondering why everyone is now moving their ass unlike before, did they get an order from their Commissioner? Yes. Who? Nadeshiko! Holy cow! She is the high commander?! And now you see the effectiveness of the police force as they blaze out in chase of Rokkaku. Once everyone has left, Zakuro stumbles into the police station. Maybe she got lost again. She saw somebody…

Meanwhile Enjin takes Kana to the edge of the Sakurashin City to wait. If Rokkaku gets here and eats her, he wins. Otherwise he loses. That’s the plan. He explains Rokkaku was just a wolf before he got struck and became a werewolf. He has natural instincts that not only allow him to sense movement but danger as well. The police corner and chase Rokkaku all over town. It is time for another grudge match with Shidou. Although Shidou is still much weaker, he doesn’t give up so easily. Now it is Lila’s turn to put on her magic show. She materializes 2 moons and this somewhat thins Rokkaku’s power. What about a hundred moons?! Oh sh*t! Now it’s down to the strength of the brawl. Shidou may look like he has lost but it was a ploy to take back Mina from him. Then Mina turns out to be Juri in disguise. They swapped places at the station. Plus, this is where Juri called Kotoha to shout and summon aloud an RPG from her handphone. Although it isn’t made of silver, now everybody else fires their silver bullets but Rokkaku is still confident he can sense all the incoming bullets 100 metres wide. Only that? Because he is hit by a silver bullet from a long range snipe shot by Tokui. Game over. Not quite. He still has enough left to fight Takemura. But the punch to his face only hurt his hands since his shades are made out of silver. And finally, the last boss that he must face: Nadeshiko. Make that an angry Nadeshiko. With her silver sword, her slash was enough to send him flying and crashing into the police cars and cause a mini atomic-like explosion. Oh sh*t! But that wasn’t enough to kill this tough wolf. He has already escaped. Meanwhile Zakuro has brought the real Mina to Kana. Enjin notes that Rokkaku has lost and takes his leave. Rokkaku continues to run into more bad luck. Yuuhi is now pointing his gun at his face and will repay the favour of what he did to Mariabelle. He reminds him Mariabelle, every part of hers is his. He will never taste an inch. However Mariabelle doesn’t want him killed and so with her kindness, Yuuhi did something else. Game over for real. Shidou is reunited with the twins. They are impressed with him today. When Hime and co return from their trip, they see the twins riding a tame wolf. They are surprised it talks! Didn’t they just meet a dog god? Anyway as Nadeshiko explains, this is their new police mascot and undergoing training.

Meat! Glorious Meat!
If something struck me at the end of the series it is that our usual Yozakura Quartet aren’t the main stars of this little OVA! It is like the very minor characters of the Hana No Uta temporarily take over the leading roles and become its star. Especially Shidou and Lila. So you can say that this OVA series is basically for them. It’s like the rest take a back seat and let the supporting ones handle things for once. I guess it goes to show that it is not only our usual Yozakura Quartet of Hime, Akina, Ao and Kotoha with the extended force of the ogre siblings of Kyousuke and Touka that are responsible of taking care and protecting Sakurashin City. Because everyone who lives in this town and loves it have this duty to protect what they love if they are going to continue living in his unique town. And it doesn’t take superheroes with super powers to do it. As proven, as long as you combine your strengths against the menace, you’ll come up tops eventually. So as far as this OVA is concerned, this is a rather nice little side arc for our little supporting characters although it doesn’t impact much on the main overall storyline of the series. Although in a way if you think about it, isn’t it a little misleading to term this OVA series as Yozakura Quartet since our main heroes are away?

As said, Shidou is the main star of the triple episodes. As you can see that he might look and act like a wuss. He might not have all the necessary power to protect what he loves. But you can see that he never gives up till the end. He might have his ups and downs, his low points in life and the feeling of helplessness but with the support of his friends and force, he’ll be alright. Speaking of Nadeshiko, I thought she was going to be just a comic relief character playing a one-sided crush on Shidou. Turns out I was wrong. She is the most powerful woman in the police department and you certainly don’t want to mess with her when she’s mad (despite always putting up that ‘dumb’ smiley face). It really proves that you shouldn’t really judge a book by its cover. I think I learnt my lesson. For now. Then there is Lila who has turned into a heroine compared to her antagonist role in Hana No Uta. All I can say is that she shows a lot of angst (initially when the police refuse to do things themselves) and also a lot of sexy fanservice shots. Yeah. I think this is the biggest reason why she is around since we lack seeing Ao’s shima pantsu or Juri’s sexy appeal. Care for some sexy meat, anyone?

As for our lone antagonist of the series, Rokkaku is cocky and arrogant, a reason why it led to his downfall. Partly too is because of his lone wolf persona. Unlike the rest, he has no backup comrade although he relies greatly from his strength and other abilities drawn from the moon. Enjin isn’t necessarily one because like he said, an enemy of an enemy isn’t necessarily a friend. So Enjin and Rokkaku may be just strangers after all with a seemingly common goal for a little excitement. The only thing that bugs me about Rokkaku is when he kidnapped the fake Mina, shouldn’t his very keen sense of smell tell him that this is not the real Mina? Unless there is a spell that also replicates Mina’s scent or Rokkaku was too happy he got his meat and then too busy evading the cops to even notice. But even so, I think he should have got the hint because it couldn’t be this easy to get her after all the trouble they go through to stop him and hide Mina, right? Then it must be his cockiness and arrogance blinding his senses like I mentioned.

One of the saving grace I find in the OVA is the power battle in the final episode. Even though it seems exaggerated and the quality not as good (heck, the art quality has remained as less refine an ‘un-beautiful’ ever since the retelling) but the devastating power blows and all was enough to keep me glued to the screen for the duration of the fight. Because it is like everyone is giving and throwing everything they have like as though they are staking al they’ve got into this battle. Which makes it pretty awesome and impressive at the least. So even if the distracting and trolling plot of the entire first episode which is just to see off Hime and co go holidaying, the build up of the second episode about a werewolf wanting to eat certain meat to live forever, personally I figure the third episode that contains all the action is the one that nails it. If I am going to remember this OVA, it isn’t by the first 2 episodes but rather the third one.

I don’t know if they will do another TV series or make another OVA like this but I sure hope that they don’t continue this same formula of a year to get our 3 episodes. Because in this era where everything is so fast and instant, it might be the producer’s idea of wanting to retain that interest in the series. However wait too long and you’ll find many flocking elsewhere or even forgetting about it by the time it is released. Perhaps only true fans can wait forever till the next instalment comes out. For me, I’ll think about it when the time comes. Because I’m sure not going to hunt down mermaid flesh and drink vampire blood just to live forever to find out if this series will continue or not.

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