Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou OVA

May 1, 2015

It seemed like a long time. It felt so. Because I never knew there was Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou OVA. Seemed it went under the radar and would have continued so had not somebody subbed it and caught my attention. Actually the OVA only came out back in January 2015 but the TV series that started airing in April 2014, the gap between that felt like a long time. So much so I have almost completely forgotten certain things from that series. Haha. Feels like a blatant disclaimer to not remember things. Fortunately I still remember and have a general idea what that series was about. New guy who moves into boarding home falls in love with a socially awkward and bookworm girl. Something like that, right? And the painfully slow romantic development between them. Can a single OVA save the day? Don’t hold your breath.

First Time…
Maemura suggests doing a butler cafe as per some book, Count Bailey for the cultural festival. The girls are interested but the guys aren’t. They note it isn’t the guys who just get to wear but girls like Ritsu. Well, she looks boyish enough. So when Usa relates this butler cafe back to those boarding house guys, they also get excited and start talking nonsense and their own fantasies. Ritsu is surprised that Maemura was the one suggested it and although they still interact, she thought she was just acting. Usa believes it isn’t so because she seemed genuine too when talking about books. Of course Usa still doesn’t like Maemura for making Ritsu cry but he doesn’t want to think it was all just lies. When Sumiko suggests they pay a visit to his school’s festival, our young adults already have a sinister plan to fish for dates. Especially with Mayumi thinking she wouldn’t mind meeting Tagami again. But it seems he is going out with another girl in his class. Mayumi’s mood just turned dark and takes out her frustration on Shiro. Thanks to Tagami, the other girls in Usa’s class heard he worked in a cafe that has him dress as a traditional apprentice outfit and think it would be fun if the guys dress like that to sell takoyaki. They hope he can put in some good word and borrow the outfit. He doesn’t really want to do it but they insist. He has no choice. When they note he used to walk home with a senior, they wonder if they are dating. Usa is just happy hearing them say that. Is that what it looks like to them? It feels so good…

Maemura talks to Ritsu and to the latter’s horror, looks like they’ve already decided in doing the butler cafe. Ritsu notices Maemura giving good reviews about a book she has. Maemura lends it to her. Ritsu feels Maemura isn’t a bad person but just that they won’t match. Noticing she has read this book before, she is thinking of lending it to Usa. Speaking of him, he thought Ritsu spotted him outside via window so he waves like a happy dog. Maybe not. She continued burying her head in the book. Disappointed? Usa and the girls seek Tae’s request to borrow the outfits and she would but with one condition. Usa has no say and thus he is made to work harder than ever. Hayashi wonders where his ‘girlfriend’ is and he is happy that they look that way. But the rest ruin the mood by clicking their tongue. Because Usa is busy working for the festival, he is hardly home and this ruins Ritsu’s chance of lending him the book. Next day in school, you can see her sweating and summoning up her courage, waiting just to do that but unfortunately Usa’s friend, Andou beat her to it by lending a video game as thanks. So maybe Ritsu is a little gloomy. Mayumi thought she could lighten things up (something about Usa not into books) and she might have said the wrong thing because Ritsu is close to like bursting into theirs. Mayumi is panicking for doing something unintentional and leading up to this. She thought the rest could help out and say something nice but since they don’t make sense, Mayumi herself doesn’t understand what is going on anymore. Likewise, Usa could also feel that he is spending less time with Ritsu recently even though they’ve gotten close lately. If nothing is done, they might drift further away.

On the day of the festival as Usa is manning the takoyaki stall, he is surprised to see Sumiko and co here. And why the heck is Shiro doing wearing a paper bag over his head?! His normal clothes?! Tagami is surprised to see Mayumi here. And then this scene… Usa is feeling hot since he is behind the grill. Mayumi also feels the same and starts taking off her coat to flaunt her humungous boobs! All the guys can’t take her eyes off it! Sayaka also joins in and puts on that cutie act. Fishing for guys, aren’t they? Sumiko puts the brakes on their scheme and tells them to just watch quietly like Shiro. Man, what big eyes he’s got… After they leave to walk around, Usa stumbles upon his old middle school friends whom he isn’t fond of. And then Hayashi and Tae. He just keeps meeting people he doesn’t want to see, eh? Meanwhile Ritsu is made to wear a butler outfit and she looks stunning in it. That’s because she looks boyish, right? She can even be mistaken for one. The girls are squealing how cute and cool she is. They even start praising and commenting on the Count Bailey book but interrupted when this paper bag guy pops up. It just annoyed Ritsu… Meanwhile Usa wants Hayashi to go home because there are guys here who don’t like her. But she wants Usa to take her around the grounds. She’s getting a little close. Ritsu sees this and loses her mood. Later, Ritsu sees Hayashi being harassed by Usa’s old friends. They badmouth her and Usa. Hayashi stands up for him that he isn’t a loser or weakling like they think. They want to snap a picture of her face but she won’t allow. Ritsu jumps out to whack their head with a signboard. The mad guys want a piece for her.

Thankfully she is as a fast runner and as she hides in a classroom cowering in fear, she prays for help. Not help from God. From Usa. And it is like that guy’s Ritsu-in-danger sense is tingling and quickly rushes all the way to where she is! But WTF?! Why is he in a maid outfit?! Actually Tae gave it to him as a joke and the girls made him wear it. She starts sniggering at his maid outfit. Also, it was Ritsu that texted him about her situation and he was damn worried and came as fast as he could. Usa notes this is the first time he got a text message from her. It means her first time relying on her. He mentions the Count Bailey book he managed to finish reading. But what about that video game? He returned it. He wanted to play it but hearing the book was really good, he wanted to read it. To think that he would read books instead of playing games is all thanks to her. It was really fun. He starts praising the book and Ritsu wants to hear more of it. She feels happy. He feels happy. Now, where to start… Walking back together, Ritsu says he was right that Maemura wasn’t acting. She blushes when he feels happy for her. Wondering what kind of game he was lent, he is curious that she also has taken an interest in games aside her books. Of course, it is for them to get closer.

Maybe Another Time…
Just like I suspected. Nothing much. A small little hint that Usa and Ritsu are getting closer but it is so miniscule that it is negligible. You might even think it has gotten nowhere. Sometimes you might just want to scream out to them to just admit it to each other’s face but I suppose some things take time to nurture. You can’t rush in certain things. So maybe we’ll have a happy ending for them like… 200 episodes later? Geez… They might want to throw a little spanner to the works by hinting a comeback romance for Hayashi but I don’t think with the way things are going, it is ever going to be possible. After all, whatever happened has already happened. That past is the past. Aside the slow romance between our protagonist, the other side characters especially the quirky adults from the boarding house are more fun to watch especially with Mayumi and Sayaka trying to fish for guys. Would they stoop this low to a high school level instead of guys their age? Desperate? So overall, this OVA is only for those who want to feel complete in addition to the TV series or if you like some fanservice of seeing Ritsu in a butler outfit. Otherwise, don’t bother with it (if you don’t want to be disappointed) and you would definitely make use of your time better by reading a book. Or even playing a video game.

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