Senran Kagura: Estival Versus OVA

May 22, 2015

I thought it was pretty suspicious that a fanservice-laden series did not release any OVA after the series ended. And then 2 years later, I guess the temptation was too great and thus Senran Kagura: Estival Versus OVA was released to satisfy horny guys who love to see sexy ninja girls running around in swimsuits. There may be other reasons but I prefer to believe in this one ;p. And just like my previous sentence says, expect nothing but lots of naked tits and fanservice because what else reason there is when you have 20 gorgeous ninja babes. Wow! Twenty beautiful ninja girls???!!! Now I see why they want to do such fanservice OVA.

Festival Eve Full Of Swimsuits
A bunch of new ninja girls I believe who have never appeared in the TV series. Yumi and Yozakura from Death Cram School are in a practice fight. Looks like a draw. Yumi has a bad feeling something big will happen. Once they return to their base, Minori shows them a letter that invites them to some spa resort. Yumi is very much against it as she starts labelling everything as evil! Their hearts are being covered by evil! Drawing manga is evil? Looking at your handphone is evil? Eating snacks is evil? WTF???!!! Who is she to label everything that?! She thought Yozakura would side her but it seems she is very much eager to go. To decide, they play rock-scissors-paper boobs version. I don’t know, they show us their tits and go. What? Did it start already? And I can’t tell one boobs from another because it is Yozakura’s win and this means they’re going on a holiday. WTF. And Yumi admitted her defeat! Oh, this evil!

Meanwhile Homura and co are walking around town hungry. No money. They have enough just for one bun. Uh huh. Need to share it among themselves. I don’t know why but they thought of splitting it up nice and good by attacking it like a ninja. WTF. Sure, everybody gets their portion but it’s not enough. Complain, complain… Seeing their pitiful state, the stall lady gives them a ticket for the lottery and guess what? They won the first prize to the spa resort. Free meals guaranteed! Back to Hebi All-Girls Academy, as the school is being rebuilt, Ryouna shows an invitation to the spa resort. She got it while begging like a dog and those horny men started throwing what they’ve got. The invitation was one of them. Suzune suggests her girls to relax at the spa resort as nothing much can be done while their school is under renovation. They agree but the problem is that Murasaki is holed up in her room since she got a new console. Well, I guess they’re going to try and use this excuse and bring her out. Hope she saved her game…

So all the girls are here at this invitation-only resort including our Hanzou girls. Since they’re here to relax and a particular group is just tired from being hungry, they call a ceasefire. And so the fanservice moment we’ve all been waiting for. Girls changing in their underwear, big naked boobs, girls having fun in the water, girls have fun eating their meat (food, that is). For some reason, the group leaders got into some petty argument. They’re really going to fight but Yumi tells them to stop as this will bring trouble to the spa resort. There is a way to settle this and it is via shinobi kibasen. So our girls get ready for the battle but Homura’s group have to sit out since Yomi ate too much that she looks like a pregnant lady and couldn’t budge an inch. Since the Hanzou girls are like idiots, the real fight is between the other 2 groups. Murakumo who is always wearing a devil mask accidentally drops it and since she loves hiding her face, she takes off her swimsuit to cover it. So she is okay with her exposed boobs but not her face? Fine with us! When Hanzou girls get serious, all of them take each other’s hand band off at the same time. A draw? Yumi suggests that they should take off each other’s clothes till none are left. The winner is the one with clothes left. But some of them feel uncomfortable with this idea.

Suddenly several mysterious ladies up the excitement by summoning female ninja foot soldiers. Time for some action. The girls cooperate to take them down. When they can’t use their battle gear transformation, I can’t believe they’re giving up when they are cornered. Suzune and Daidouji interrupt to give them some motivation. Yeah, big motivation for us too because they power up and as a sign of that, their clothes rip to bits! NOW THEY ARE FIGHTING AND KICKING ASS NAKED!!! HOLY CRAP! And they’re not embarrassed with this as opposed to that kibasen game?! Ryouna accidentally drink one of Haruka’s potions and turns into a giant. Ryouna smash! Then her inner masochist awakens as she wants everyone to hit her. For reasons unexplained (fanservice is all that I can think of), her boobs grow bigger each time until she explodes! I don’t even… Don’t worry. She is still alive but there goes the spa resort. At the end of the day after everyone has left, the Death Cram girls despite having fun apologize to Yumi and promise to train harder. However Yumi is the one apologizing because even though she called for everyone to be strong, it is meaningless if they aren’t smiling. This means more harsh training for them. Training with a smile… I hope she didn’t turn into a masochist.

Naked As A Jaybird…
Well, WTF. That is all I can say. Everything here feels ridiculous so much so that I just stopped questioning and enjoy the fanservice. Isn’t that how it should be? A cheap blatant excuse to milk more money for fans of the series and ecchi fans by using the ubiquitous pool and swimsuit theme. And then that butt naked fight was the ultimate of everything. Hell, they shouldn’t have put on swimsuits in the first place if that is the case. But I guess that is how it works because many of us will still come back for more, right? I suppose fans of the series would only enjoy-cum-appreciate this seeing that there are many new characters debuting here as they did not appear in the TV series. You are expected to know the background, the setting the girls, etc prior watching to this. Of course this means with so many girls and so little time, not many get their deserved screen time and very limited lines. But this OVA is just meant to be something extra for the fans. Casual viewers would just go in for the boobs and nothing else. Then you go watch other series with similar or better boobs. Because sex and boobs always sells. If this is the direction of viewers these days, then I really have a bad feeling that something big will happen… Or maybe it already did. Oh, who cares? Just give us our naked tits and butts, we’ll be fine.

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