Hitsugi No Chaika: Avenging Battle

June 13, 2015

Alright! More Chaika! Hooray! Chaika returns! And with that I welcome the very much anticipated second season, Hitsugi No Chaika: Avenging Battle. It was a surprise that I took quite a liking for the first season therefore I couldn’t be happier to continue the fantasy action series and perhaps a closure to it. So without ado and dragging on, let’s see if our Chaika can continue to gather the remaining parts of Gaz and give father a decent funeral since there are other parties with similar interests and on their tail. I’m still hoping to see which hero is the one having his balls! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Or maybe as usual, there is something more sinister lurking beneath it all. Watch this, you must!

Episode 1
Five years ago at the height of the war when Emperor Gaz was still alive, he ordered Viktor Izhmash, the assistant director of the Institute of Magic to produce tools necessary to achieve his goals in total secrecy. Gaz knew he has not much longer to live. Soon the heroes killed Gaz and brought an end to the war. But even after his death, his influence still remains vast. The council is still in discussion that he may be the one behind the floating fortress incident. Meanwhile Chaika faces off with Lady Claudia who is an ex-soldier and one of the heroes, for a part of the Emperor. She is having a tough time going against her. You know what’s funny? I thought Chaika’s incantation lines were longer… Tooru and Akari dispatched Claudia’s underlings (but not without a fight) and ultimate Chaika loses. But since this is not a fight to the death, Claudia calls it a draw since both sides have got a win and loss. Try again tomorrow? Back in her estate, Claudia now runs a big grapevine and winery. All the ex-soldiers who find themselves unemployed during the war are employed by her. Since she is busy, Claudia suggests to limit tomorrow’s battle. If either one of them can land a victory on her during that time limit, they win. Chaika asks about her father’s last moments since Claudia was one of the heroes. Unfortunately she was tending to her wounded comrades and the Emperor was beheaded by their captain who was also believed to have beheaded his daughter. Well, with so many Chaikas claiming they are the real one… Claudia advises Chaika about her good offence but lacking defence. And this… Her incantations were too long! See! What did I tell you?!

That night, Tooru is thinking of a way to best Claudia but Akari clearly seems to be more interested in sleeping with him with an excuse to be close to protect him. Fredrica suggests victory will be easy if they just make a contract with her and the dragoon will just blast everything away. But Chaika intends to keep the promise for a fair fight. Chaika practises to reduce her incantation lines. She explains about everything has a meaning and that magic depends on many factors like temperature, terrain, humidity, etc. That’s why the right words are important. Heck, she even got a little notebook for all the words! Ironically even referring to them doesn’t help. Let’s say pulling an all-nighter didn’t help. Meanwhile Leo reports to Konrad about what happened to Gillette during that incident and the surprising fact that Vivi turned into Chaika. They researched her background to see if she is related to Gaz but her past remains obscure. Seeing that Chaikas and the gathering of Gaz’s parts remains a threat, Nikolai is made as the team’s new captain and to carry on their mission. Vivi is in the midst of depression when Guy appears before her. He says she only partially transformed into Chaika because she was interrupted. Although Vivi asserts she is not the daughter of that taboo emperor, Guy says being a halfie is enough for her to carry out her role to gather all of the parts. She’ll find out why when she completes it. Next morning before Chaika and the siblings head into battle, Tooru mentions that if they lose, they’ll just steal the parts since they know where she stores it. Chaika appreciates the sentiment but wants to fight as a wizard. The battle begins and they go on the offense but Chaika may be about to get owned.

Episode 2
Thanks to Tooru’s swiftness, Chaika is saved in time. But Claudia continues to dominate the land and there are traps all over. Our heroes can do nothing but hide. Even that, Claudia blasts her way to smoke them out. Meanwhile, Bohdan defeats a hero and gets a part. Although her objective to gather them for revenge remains her top priority, she still can’t get Tooru out of her head. Guy appears before them to tell the location of the next hero. However he also mentions about an island off the coast which might interest them. Back to Chaika, Tooru becomes the bait and receives some painful trap spell as Chaika goes around trying to circumvent Claudia. If she would stop worrying, she would have got the job done faster. But it is not Chaika that sealed Claudia’s loss. Fredrica pops up before Claudia’s feet and got distracted about this cat. That was enough time for Chaika for her long ass chanting to blow her away before she could react. Claudia admits defeat and points that it was Chaika’s wish to protect Tooru that gave her the strength to defeat her. This makes Chaika blush. Elsewhere, Karen gives Vivi an observation diary from Gillette regarding his observations on Chaika. In this library too are materials seized from Gaz’s castle and she found a report from the squad that killed Gaz. It is believed to contain his fortune.

Chaika is having a nice grape feast. When Tooru mentions Claudia is different from other heroes they met, she mentions many of them lost their way after the war. She didn’t want to go through that and found a new purpose. Although she was given a part as proof as a hero, it didn’t belong to her. She heard rumours Gaz’s daughter(s) was going around gathering parts and if she met one and liked her, she’ll give it to her. She is glad that Chaika is the one. But when she mentions about Gaz’s fortune, Chaika genuinely doesn’t know. Claudia recalls that a wizard from the castle gave a map containing whereabouts of Gaz’s fortune on a secret island in exchange for his life. However the captain killed him shortly. Allied forces searched for it and never found anything. They even raided his library but nothing. The search was then called off. As goodwill and prevent them for running around on wild goose chases, Claudia gives them the names and probable location of the other heroes. While stopping on their journey, Chaika wakes up from a bad dream of being beheaded. She questions herself if she is real or fake because if that dream was real, she would be dead. Tooru calms her down and assures they will stay loyal to their employer. When they reach the cabin of another hero, Glen Donkervoort, he tells them the red Chaika already took his part. Realizing the implication of this and not wanting Bohdan to get ahead of them, they make haste. The only remaining heroes are Viscount Alan Tramontana, Lord Stephan Hartgen and Clay Morgan. But Chaika now is more interested about her father’s island and wants to learn more of who she is.

Episode 3
Tooru and Chaika… Both sleeping at the wheel?! Who is driving?! Thankfully no accident. They reach the sea and they are awed by it since they haven’t seen one this up close before. Another funny incident: Akari helps Chaika to splash water on Tooru because she wants to see her brother all wet! On to serious business, they see a line of people outside Clay’s mansion. Seems entertainers who can entertain him are paid well. So they infiltrate as street performers. Care to be more specific? This is what happens when you let Akari speak. She claims Tooru can sit naked in a tub of boiling water impersonating a cockatrice while eating pasta through his nose! Wow! This I got to see! Although it’s a blatant lie, Akari really wants him to strip and do that because she really wants to see! She’s got him at knifepoint! Heck, even Chaika wants to see! Because she is disguised as a ‘ghost’ (to hide her Gundo), Clay finds them as funny comedians. However Tooru doesn’t want his money and wants Gaz’s part. This makes him suspicious but when Chaika shows herself, he starts becoming traumatized. He was sure he saw her head rolled on the floor. Believing she is a ghost to come haunt him, he flees for his life. The siblings go after him and it seems he must have run all over town because it’s like almost everyone had spotted him passing through. While they’re at that, Chaika tries to find somebody to bring her to the island but nobody is willing to because all ships that went to that area sank. When Tooru finds Clay, they fight. Despite Clay being a chubby guy, he still can move and swing that metal spear like a pro. He proclaims how scary it was fighting Gaz. Despite being impaled and cut up, that guy was smiling like as though he was looking down on them. He tried to forget this trauma by being entertained but now they brought this back up. Once he is subdued, he agrees to let them have it as long as they never come back.

Tooru picks up the parts hidden below the well. Hmm… His pair of ears… I don’t know, it just feels so unexciting… Guy then appears before them to tell them an island off the coast. Tooru remains suspicious but Guy lets him wonder if he was that same guy (pun intended) they talked to. Meanwhile Shin who works under Hartgen reports the white Chaika will be coming here. Hmm… He got twin daughters, Irina and Arina. Twin Chaikas? And this shocking-but-not-so-shocking revelation: Gillette is alive and working under him! Once Tooru learns Chaika is soliciting help to get to the island, he lectures her about trying to go off alone by herself. Especially if their information on Gaz’s fortune is so vague. Chaika thinks he doesn’t understand her feelings and threatens she will do that herself. Tooru takes that as being fired and leaves. Oh dear. Now only Fredrica remains. Chaika makes a plea to fly her there. As the siblings bum around, leave it to Akari to talk to him with her twisted ways to respect Chaika’s wish as theirs since she is their employer. Like an island where he keeps all his lewd things and about inept Chaika being raped by others or her head saying farewell to her body after being decapitated by red Chaika. Tooru gets the point and will go back and talk to Chaika. However he sees her leaving on Fredrica. He tries to get a boat to follow her but nobody is willing. Noticing a cargo ship belonging to Clay, he threatens that guy for it or he will scatter Gaz’s remains around his mansion. Take it! Bohdan and co see them and sneak onboard. When the ship is in the mist, both sides confront each other. But their ship is sunk by the giant Kraken. Chaika uses her Gundo to locate the island’s whereabouts. Once she manages to do so, several dragoons attack Fredrica and cut her wings. Free fall!

Episode 4
Chaika and Fredrica are fine but separated. Same case for Tooru and Bohdan’s side. However Chaika and Bohdan got arrested by demi-human soldiers and are being brought to an underground lab where they are being imprisoned. Tooru sneaks into the facility while Akari coincidentally bump into Fredrica as they slay several Fayla creatures. Izhmash ponders the meaning of the experiments ever since Gaz’s death. But there is an unconscious girl in a chamber he believes only Gaz knows how to activate. When Cyril reports the capture of the intruders but called off the search due to poor vision and footing that would endanger his men, he gets chided for not carrying out his orders. Seems Izhmash despises demi-humans and even thinks of using them as experiments to get rid of them. Chaika is treated well by Ursula but the latter doesn’t know much or can’t say. Tooru manages to free Chaika as she apologizes for her selfishness. As they run and hide from the guards, it brings them to an underground cave. There are lots of dead Fayla creatures. They hear a voice telling them they are all duplicates. This Kraken reveals this facility is used to research production of mass Fayla via forging magic. Failures are tossed here. He was captured and experimented on to mass produced Krakens. He knows Chaika because there was one here before. It hints to Layla. As Kraken’s life is ending, he will answer all Chaika wants. She doesn’t hesitate to ask who she is. One to set destiny in motion, carries a coffin around, body as a tool for that purpose, key to unlock destiny. Well, we already know all that. Ursula and Cyril see Chaika’s escaped cage and know they’ll be punished if Izhmash finds out about this. Meanwhile Nikolai and his team talk to some drunken old guy about seeing floating castles. That was when he was just a boy. 80 or 90 years ago? But floating fortresses haven’t been invented then. They wonder what Gaz was trying to leave behind.

Kraken continues his explanation how Fayla and magic co-existed. But when humans appeared and desired magic, they used manmade implements of magic to control them. Mankind’s development in magic developed rapidly under the wizard named Gaz. Therefore Chaikas are tools to fulfil his ambitions. Their life and death, joy and sorrow are part of the gears that comprise them and cannot be denied. When destiny is set in motion, humans, Fayla and all other living things will be hurled into chaos and destruction. Chaikas hold the key to that future. Cyril and his men attack Tooru. But since there are too many of them, it is best to give up. When Cyril learns she is Chaika and reports to Izhmash, he is astound that there are 2 Chaikas here and wants them brought before him. He introduces himself and is surprised that the girl in the chamber awakens and reacts to them. He notes she was still in development when the previous Chaika was here. Bohdan is not amused for this treatment. I mean, she’s the Emperor’s daughter, right? Izhmash laughs and lets them in on a secret. Gaz had no daughter! After the war, there were many orphaned children. Girls of similar age were secretly gathered and magic was used to alter their memories. All girls receive identical memories of being Gaz’s daughter. When they woke up, they took up coffins and set out to look for his remains. Proof of that is the scar on their neck. Words of Layla and Kraken begin to echo in Chaika’s head. She falls into shock that her memories are fake. Izhmash is going to remove their brains and analyze them. After all, other Chaikas will gather the remaining parts and bring them here.

Episode 5
Izhmash is going to punish Ursula and Cyril for letting this happen. The Chaikas are taken to the dissection room but they aren’t going to sit still and be cut up. They fight back against those weak demi-humans and free themselves. Although Bohdan doesn’t quite like it, she temporarily cooperates with Chaika to get out. Because the girl in the chamber, Niva Lada looks pitiful, Chaika frees her and takes her along. Akari and Fredrica burst into the underground lab. They see David and Selma in the cell but aren’t interested in freeing them. Since they find the weapon of Chaika and others, maybe David’s idea of repaying the favour twice in the future sounds handy so they drop their weapons to let them escape themselves. Next, Akari and Fredrica see Ursula and Cyril tied up. They offer to be their guide. The Chaikas are surrounded by demi-humans. Thanks to Tooru coming into the picture, they get to escape. Once Izhmash realizes Niva is gone, he makes it top priority to find her at all cost. The Chaikas don’t matter anymore. Release all Fayla and demi-humans and kill all those who interfere. He will be heading to the observation tower to control all the Fayla himself. After all, after extracting elements from all Fayla and completing Niva is what Gaz entrusted him with. All the separated parties reunite in the forest as they hack and slash wave after wave of Fayla. I can’t believe Akari can even quip how Tooru has tainted another young girl’s purity after seeing Niva for the first time. Better take your baseless frustrations by killing more Fayla. On higher ground, Cyril explains the tower that controls everything on the island since all experimented subjects have some magic receptacle in their brain. Cyril and Ursula are the last of their demi-human kind on this island and were brought her to contribute cells for mass produced models.

Chaika wants to shoot down the tower with her Gundo. But her first shot didn’t have any effect. Better hurry because the rest may not be able to keep up with the increasing number of Fayla. Niva then switches to some functional mode and transforms into one badass Gundo accessory for Chaika. This is Niva’s true form. With Chaika’s permission, she fires a powerful blast that brings down the tower. Immediately all the Fayla become motionless. Dying Izhmash realizes Chaika was the key in activating Niva and them coming to this island was all part of Gaz’s plan. Cyril and Ursula plan to stay on this island seeing Fayla is no longer a threat. David wants to settle a score with Tooru but the latter has him think about Guy sending them here. Could it be that it is someone’s plan to have them kill each other? I guess that is enough fighting for today. Both side part ways. Meanwhile the council learns that Hartgen is holding a martial arts tournament. The prize is a part of Gaz and the participants are coerced to kill each other. They fear the strongest fighters will assemble and thus a military expansion. They will send a request to be cancelled but Fyodor doesn’t want to be too hasty since their true intentions aren’t confirmed. If the prize is a part of Gaz, it may have some connection with the Chaika issue. He suggests using Kliemann Organization to investigate. Back on shore, Chaika is very confused about her memories. Truth or fake, she doesn’t know anymore. Tooru says to take her time to think about it. Niva believes she will gather the remains, the reason Chaikas existed. She has been waiting for her.

Episode 6
Hartgen’s retainer pleads to his lord to withdraw the tournament as the council is on to them. However he won’t because what he does with this is his business. Guy confronts Chaika’s group. He will not dispel her uncertainty of who she really is. If that is what she wants to believe, so be it. He is here to tell them about Hartgen but they already know about it. From the way they say things, Guy must have already told Bohdan. Nikolai and his team are examining the devastation on the secret island. They are met with Cyril and Ursula who explain about the Chaikas and the Gundo accessory that Niva became. They realize that with this Gundo, Gaz’s remains can be used as a powerful energy source. Their next mission is to head to Hartgen’s principality to investigate. When Bohdan’s group enter the principality, they are immediately attacked. The tournament has begun. They easily take their competitors out and qualify for the next round. Meanwhile we see other competitors fighting among themselves outside the match which might amount to disqualification. However Gillette didn’t even give them a chance and kills them both! Merciless! Chaika’s group is near the principality and a small tavern owner earnestly tells them about this tournament which is just a mask to kill each other. He advises not to go near it till it is over. Nikolai delegates his duties to his men. He and Vivi will participate in the tournament, Zita and Matthaus will seek an audience with Hartgen while Leo will find out the other participants. Before Zita and Matthaus could speak their mind, Hartgen already shoots them down that he will not cancel the tournament or return the remains. I guess he must have got this question for the umpteenth time. He invites them to participate. Chaika’s group easily passes through the next round and Fredrica is not amused that she didn’t get to have some fun since the enemies were taken out too quick before she could have her share of action. Don’t worry. There’ll be plenty of action for you later. Guy confronts Gillette and the latter has no recollections prior to this. Seems Guy saved him then because he saw the hatred in his heart and liked it. Guy mind controlled the soldiers to glomp over and protect him during the blast. As night falls, Tooru, Akari and Chaika plan to sneak in to steal the part and thus they won’t have to be in this tournament. As Chaika returns to the barracks, she is shocked to see Niva leaving voluntarily with Guy. Guy says Chaika’s mission was to bring Niva here and her role is over.

Episode 7
Tooru and Akari sneak into the waterways of the castle to get in. However Shin is expecting them. They know they cannot beat this guy and retreat. They soon learn from Chaika about Niva’s case. Tooru believes this means Guy knew Niva is a weapon. Coming to this, the only way left is to participate through the tournament since Hartgen won’t be giving the part up easily. Fredrica thought her method of forming a contract with her and then beat up everyone would be simpler but Tooru thinks they don’t know how powerful the enemy or the terrain so it is dangerous for her to go berserk. What a downer. Guy brings Niva before Hartgen. Sounds like he is working for him. Seems like Hartgen wants war to start again and despite he is the hero who decapitated Gaz, he felt he made a mistake because he should not have ended the war. War is what gave purpose to their lives. All the participants gather the next day to hear the rules of the next round. They must take the arm bands of their competitors as proof to qualify for the next. Hartgen then makes his speech about transforming this boring and peaceful world into one that warriors like them can live. In short, he wants war. It seems the purple Chaika twins aren’t the only Chaikas but there is a black one too! They talk about how this tournament is just an elaborate plan of bringing Chaikas to her. With some of them in the tournament, she is curious to know which among them is the strongest.

As the battle rages on, Tooru-Chaika team chance upon team Nikolai-Vivi. They exchange information. Tooru and Chaika aren’t working for Hartgen as the duo believe. Vivi doesn’t like Guy because he called her a Chaika. They suspect Guy might be working for Hartgen because he had numerous chances to take Niva but only acted when they arrived here. But Tooru and Chaika are shocked to learn there are other Chaikas under Hartgen. It could be his goal of gathering parts like them. Karen reports about the secret island and lab to the council. Some are bent to take action on Hartgen now while others are cautious not to start a war again. Fyodor suggests for Kliemann Organization to come back with their report before taking action. Of course those who want to see action taken secretly begin theirs behind the backs. Later Karen and Konrad show Fyodor the blueprints of floating castles believed to be 100 years ago and even before they were believed to magically advanced. When report from Kliemann Organization returns, Zita and Matthaus have been imprisoned for their request. The red and white Chaikas have been spotted participating in the tournament as well as a black Chaika spotted with Hartgen. They realize Hartgen must have wished for war. Bohdan and David are seen locked up in a cell and their opponent will be within it. They have been charged of violating the rules because they detected Selma was trying to locate the location of the remains. Tooru-Chaika and Akari-Fredrica make headway progress. From the current situation, Tooru deduces with Chaikas inside the castle, this isn’t about stealing remains from heroes anymore since they are also out to gather the parts. If they try to steal from them, then they might try to steal theirs. Making it tougher is they have Shin on their side. Chaika resolves to stick by him till the end. They have to finish this.

Episode 8
Getting to the next phase of the tournament, Nikolai and Vivi are stopped and thrown into the cell. The guards know they are from Kliemann Organization. Shortly, Tooru and Chaika too because they know they were snooping around castle grounds last night. As they trudge on, they talk about Niva being Gaz’s fortune. If he left a powerful Gundo behind, this means he wanted to bring war even after his death. Maybe that Gundo was needed to be given to someone who wanted to start a war like Hartgen. In that case, his goal has been realized. Chaika wonders if Tooru wants war too if that is the case. Leo sneaks in to bust Matthaus and Zita out. Before they leave, Hartgen’s retainer in the next cell realizes who they are and begins telling the dark truth. Hartgen’s goal is to succeed Gaz and become the next king. Like as though Gaz possessed him after he killed him. After the war, he was a complete different person and researched on how to raise army, to start a war, etc. It only spurred him further when black Chaika arrived. In exchange for bringing change to his monotonous life, she wants Gaz’s parts to be gathered. She proposed this tournament and gather strong men to this castle. At first nobody believed Hartgen will take her seriously but he did. Those who opposed him were disposed off. Matthaus wants Zita and Leo to return to their meeting point while he stays behind to find Vivi and Nikolai. Akari and Fredrica sneak around in the castle and inside a room they are confronted with… Coloured Chaikas! OMG! I thought they were Power Rangers Chaika version or something. Although they make their escape, they are faced with Shin. Fredrica is easily ‘killed off’ (again?) while Akari gets owned.

At the end of the tunnel, Tooru and Chaika are surprised to see 3 Chaikas! Likewise, Nikolai and Vivi couldn’t believe before their eyes is Gillette! Is it him? Not a ghost? Unfortunately, they are put to face each other. With Gillette having no memories, he ferociously attacks. Nikolai has to do all the defending and attacking since Vivi is reduced to a love stricken girl reminiscing her ex-boyfriend. No matter how much screaming she does, Gillette won’t remember. Or would he? Before Gillette could kill Nikolai, Vivi takes up a sword and cuts off his hand! That was enough to bring back his memories. The Chaikas are disappointed and let them leave. Now it is time for white and red Chaika to fight. Bohdan rejects Chaika’s suggestion to work together and gather the parts. Although Bohdan and David attack furiously, Tooru and Chaika have better coordination and win. Seeing David is badly injured, Bohdan makes the surprise call of admitting defeat. She has something else important to protect too. With Hartgen coming in to watch, now he lets them face Shin. The saboteurs face off but Shin is clearly better skilled than Tooru whom he claims is not cut out to be a saboteur since he acts on his emotions. He is easily defeated and useless Chaika becomes a damsel in distress by becoming their hostage. Shin throws down the ultimatum: Give all the parts he has if he wants to see Chaika again. Hartgen and black Chaika are happy things are going as planned.

Episode 9
David ponders their next move but it seems Bohdan has given up. She has lost. She will hand over her remains. However when they return to their barracks, Selma is injured as Hartgen’s guards have taken the part from her. Tooru and Akari bring Fredrica back to their carriage. She is still weak from the poisoning and needs time to recuperate. Oh sh*t! Another Aliens reference because the cat just burst out from her mouth!!! Tooru takes the coffin containing the parts. Chaika is brought before Hartgen and she recalls faint memories of him decapitating her. It felt so real. I’m sure everyone is shocked and happy Gillette is back. So he reports back to Konrad about Hartgen’s plot to start another war and that mysterious Guy who seems to know a lot about Chaikas. Gillette then speaks to Fyodor and the latter informs that some of the council members are acting on their own by deploying a floating fortress to the principality. This will lead to a domino effect of nations joining the war. They must stop this before it manifests. He will do what he can to stop it but since they can’t make it in time by the time of firs contact, it is a job for Kliemann Organization. Gillette uses his credentials to get back into the castle (I guess nobody realized he got his memories back). Tooru and Akari return to the throne room with the coffin. Against Chaika’s wish, Tooru is going to give it to Hartgen for her release. But Chaika is not released yet. Black Chaika makes her appearance and is going to show Chaika the true form that she failed to become. Hartgen is happy that all the parts are here but is baffled what black Chaika is going to do with them. She is going to eat them! She will bring her real father back. Holy cow! Now I realized her lower half is bulging like an octopus! The way she ‘eats’ the parts from her lower half feels like watching a very sick porn… That moaning-cum-screaming… Guy clones get absorbed into black Chaika while narrating about men wanting to have magic but doesn’t possess any organs to do so. It is theorized that if men had parts like Fayla and continuously take magic fuel from all living things, he can master all magic forms without limit and develop new magical arts.

Once the sick porn climaxes, a body explodes out from black Chaika! This young Guy claims he is Gaz. He has returned to take control of the world. To acquire a new body, he died and reborn again. Hartgen begs to fight along his side but Gaz kills him. He was just testing out his magic? Good riddance. And the Chaika twins laugh and giggle their fake father got killed… As Chaika pleads for the truth, Gaz thanks all of them for doing their job splendidly. Chaika is just a generic name for the magic devised to bring him back. Shock! Then he devised a magic to bring his scattered remains back together. At this point, Gaz grows into an adult looking a lot like Jesus Christ… Black Chaika is happy to have brought back father unlike the rest who worked to gather the parts. She is the queen bee and the rest worker bees. Gaz adds that Chaika look a lot like that particular girl who contributed memories for Chaika. He kept her for fun but no longer remembers her name. As Chaika falls into shock, Gillette asks about him going through the trouble of heroes slaying him when he could just die and resurrect in his own castle. It is to plant the fear of death within, because rich, intense emotion and memories are ideal for magic. Further explaining like feelings of anger, revenge, pain, envy, loathe, fear, etc give about to strong magic. But what is the most effective way to create so many people of that nature at once? A war. Long ago, he even created devices to absorb those feelings (those floating castles). He will bring war to those who desire it because it is in their blood to wish for war. He demonstrates by easily destroying the council’s floating fortress using Niva! Behold its superb firepower! I don’t think he exerted any effort at all. Gaz now calls forth his new flying castle. Woah! It is in space and looking so futuristic!

Episode 10
Gaz also fires on other nations and has a fleet of floating devices in space that will gather all human emotions seamlessly for his new magic creation. Black Chaika tells Shin to go serve Gaz. Chaika is dead shock reflecting Layla’s true words. Tooru cannot be more frustrated. He quits being a saboteur and severs his sibling link with Akari (must be the most horrific thing ever) and makes a pact with Fredrica (looks like she’s okay now). Fredrica bites him and part of the contract needs him to eat her flesh or else he will die. Once the pact is form, Tooru is going to kick Gaz’s ass. Chaika wants to come along but Tooru leaves her at a remote place. Trying to be a hero? Gillette reports this to Konrad who in return inform this crisis to Fyodor. However he will not engage or send any army to attack because he knows this is what Gaz wants. Akari, Bohdan’s team, Vivi, Leo and Nikolai fight off black Chaika, the twins and the coloured clones. The clones feel like immortals since no matter how much damage taken, they resurrect. Not until Bohdan kills black Chaika (who is still ranting how she is the one reviving father to death) then all the other Chaikas drop dead. Fredrica cannot penetrate the flying castle. Not even Chaika’s Gundo assistance. Seeing Tooru has made it this far, he is impressed and leaves Shin to handle him. Gaz opens a pathway to let them in. Tooru and Shin get their rematch. Tooru lets his shoulders get pierced so that he could stab Shin in the guts. That’s the end of it. Tooru makes his way into the throne room and Gaz is impressed with him. He thinks Tooru should work for him since it is him who helped the most carrying his body parts here. But Chaika is only on his mind. Screw you!

Tooru attacks and Fredrica gets killed off again. Gaz is amazed by his intent to kill and such emotions work best for him. Tooru cannot get near him and gets pierced throughout his body. But that doesn’t stop him from telling off that Jesus knockoff that if this is all he has got after 500 years, go reborn again! Gaz uses Niva and is going to blast Tooru into the sky. As the walls open, Chaika spots them and uses a barrier to protect and fling them out of there. Gaz aims at Chaika but it seems Niva is fond of her and cannot kill her. Instead, Niva goes to Chaika and becomes her accessory to shoot back at Gaz! WTF. The blast is so freaking powerful that not even bloody confident Gaz could block it with his barrier. His flying castle is ruined and all the space devices stop working. I guess the price to pay is one heck of a mother pain for Chaika. When Tooru returns to motionless Chaika, he can’t help hold her in his arms and cry. Please don’t leave me alone. Is that all he’s got to say after leaving her alone to be a hero? In the aftermath, Gillette reports of Gaz’s self destruction, the death of all his Chaika daughters and Niva in their custody. Kliemann Organization is praised and Konrad is promoted. Now that the war is over, Gillette has traded his sword for the pen, which is ironically harder to wield. Bohdan is now living with Akari who is writing a tale of some intense love between the saboteur siblings. This encyclopaedia thick novel is only the epilogue… Tooru and Chaika take a walk and admire a tree blooming with white flowers.

The first part might have happened a long time ago and in the early days because Gillette and his men are still running around chasing Tooru and Chaika with full force under their mission to stop the taboo emperor’s daughter. Gillette and his men are intensely chasing Tooru and Chaika through the streets. They take refuge in a theatre and it seems currently a play is in progress. Because Gillette’s team are also here, they need to hide and what better idea for Tooru to hide Chaika in her own coffin! What about him? He must have picked the wrong place since he is hiding in the girls’ changing room! Vivi and Zita happen to come here to check too but the madam thought they were part of the dancing troupe and tells them to get ready. Tooru manages to escape… By cross-dressing as a female dancer! Such a gay voice! Meanwhile, the prop crew carries the coffin since the scene that requires a coffin is near. Yeah… When Akari and Fredrica arrive, they see Tooru in this getup and Akari is not pleased that he decided to let loose on his inner desire. The big issue now is whether to call him big brother or big sister! Oh, Akari! Gillette’s squad is trying to get the play cancelled but are unsuccessful so they are on a lookout. Chaika’s coffin is about to be opened as part of the play when Tooru, Akari and Fredrica impersonating as dancers barge into the scene and change the script into some resurrection of a goddess. All hail Chaimannen! Chaika is made to play along too. The stage actors don’t understand what is going on but also play along. Gillette spots them and goes onto stage with his men to arrest them. However Tooru’s quick improvisation has everyone think Gillette and co are part of the act. During the commotion, Zita and Chaika start firing and cause the entire building on flames. Half of the building is gone! They escape via Fredrica in dragoon form. Everyone is amazed at this play and gives a standing ovation. Nobody believes Gillette is trying to help evacuate them from the fire. Bravo! Encore! Must be good special effect,s huh? Chaika feels bad for destroying an ancient theatre. Tooru couldn’t care less.

The second part if you like Chaika fanservice, well this part has got it covered. We start off with a little Akari fanservice as she is bathing naked in the rivers. Matthaus spots her clothes but got whacked unconscious. Tooru and co need to get the remains that is believed to be resting in this temple. Fredrica is not interested and bails on them. Matthaus reports to his team and confirms of Chaika’s presence but can’t remember what he saw before he got knocked out. At the temple gates, both sides clash. It gets messier when Bohdan steps in but clumsy Chaika steps on a floor plate that causes the entire ground to cave in. Tooru is alone with Bohdan underground. Why is Bohdan so lots of angst? Maybe Tooru is only thinking about the other Chaika. Speaking of her, she is clinging onto a vine as with Gillette. He wants to help her out first but she refuses. Tooru tussles with him for Chaika (her arm must be hurting) but eventually drop her down into the mud. Akari and Chaika then head toward the temple while Tooru deals with Gillette. He makes Leo and Nikolai force to pull the vine Gillette is holding on. Then he kicks them in. One bad deed deserves another because as Tooru mocks them, Vivi flying kicks him down. Mud chase! Chaika discards her muddy dress to avoid being followed by Vivi’s team (Chaika fanservice!). They swim via the waterways to reach the inner temple. Matthaus is looking around and gets lured by Akari’s clothes. Deja vu again because he got clobbered by her. Bohdan follows Chaika to the temple but it seems Vivi and Zita beat them to it and got the remains. Another fight ensues. Deja vu again as Chaika steps on another plate and caves the ground. Luckily Tooru is there to save her. Fredrica wants to join them because she realizes they are fighting (regretting it now?). Chaika then fires into the temple. Everyone else needs to hold on for their lives because at the bottom of this hole are sharp spikes! Yikes! Frustrated Bohdan vows to get even with Chaika next time. Tooru and co inspect the box but only the remains of a baby cockatrice. They realize the reason for it being this temple worship and live alongside it. Chaika feels bad for burning down the temple. Tooru couldn’t care less. Deja vu? Yeah. No wonder Chaika is said to be dangerous and her presence could spark a war. Destroying buildings like that…

Chaika – Tools Of War; Men – Fools For War!
Hey, wait a minute… Something feels odd… It feels kinda short… Holy cow! I just realized it had only 10 episodes for the TV series! What the?! And I thought it may mean that there wasn’t enough plot to sustain the season. Maybe they cut the fillers and get to the climax that’s why you don’t need the typical dozen of episodes that you see every season for a typical anime season. Anyway, this second season overall still doesn’t disappoint but I have mixed feelings if I should say it would be better than the first. At least, still as good as the first nevertheless. It is that kind of ending that makes me hold back on whether this was an overall good series. I know they don’t want to waste time and just show snippets of things and just for the sake of tying things up a little but it feels rushed that when the end credits came up, it felt like the rug was pulled from underneath my feet. Really.

And then I was like, that was really all to it? Oh come on. At least show us a bit more. Because for example Bohdan although is living with them, nothing of the likes say that David and Selma are also staying with them. Logically they should but we don’t see them around anywhere. The last time I saw them was fighting the Chaika clones and that’s it. For Bohdan who has refused to cooperate with Chaika for the entire series and to live somewhat together in the end just feels odd. Perhaps there are no more reasons to kill each other. They know the truth to their existence and everything so what else is there to live for? And it was rather odd for the Chaikas to be casting away their typical dresses in exchange for another design. A signal that the war and mission is over? Well, at least Bohdan’s dress feels normal but I thought Chaika felt like she just came out from some mental hospital… That white gown… Really! Personally I felt they should have just continued wearing their trademark dress since I’m so used to looking at them in it and Chaika definitely looks prettier in it. Yes, she is! :)

Speaking of Chaikas, I wonder if Chaika and Bohdan are the only Chaikas left in the world. Not forgetting Vivi who is a halfie too. That brings me to the case of my own personal expectation to see other coloured Chaikas in this season. It felt like a downer. With only new Chaikas appearing in the final arc and half of the series, I thought I wasn’t going to see any more coloured Chaikas. And then suddenly they popped up! It felt like a disappointment because they are relegated to dialogue-less foot soldiers and their coloured nature felt like those palette swapped ninjas from Mortal Kombat. I don’t know how I got my expectations and hopes for other coloured Chaikas to meet and then slug it out in some Chaika battle royale contest but so far we only get red and white’s rematch and the final free-for-all which isn’t amounting to anything major. Even black Chaika and the Chaika twins feel weak because we don’t hear much of their background and are just deranged Chaikas after all.

On a trivial note, it is still amusing and funny to hear the Chaika speak especially in her broken way, though it feels much less that way in this season like as though she took up some speech class in between the seasons. But I feel her favourite ‘hitei’ is not used much in this season. Even if it was, I thought it was Bohdan who surprisingly made that call during that incident at the secret lab island. I thought it was going to be her spamming that line. Then when Chaika had her turn spamming this when Tooru was about to give the gathered parts to Hartgen. It made me remember she lacked saying this favourite line for this season. Also, I kinda noticed you don’t see Chaika carrying around her coffin as often as she did last season as she is seen carrying her Gundo more frequently. I suppose with the parts occupying a big chunk of space in the coffin, it only makes sense for her to carry her Gundo around. Plus, it saves time for assembling them especially having lots of enemies who are quick to attack.

The characters in the series felt okay and decent. Each have their own part to play but because there are quite a number of characters, something tells me that most of them aren’t properly developed and thinking back, I think it was kinda rushed. Like for Gillette’s men, they were running around to try and piece together the information without their captain. Their reunion with him felt forced although I already had a hunch from last season that this guy won’t be dead so it wasn’t a surprise fact. Ironically Kliemann Organization and Chaika’s group do not cooperate with each other directly and you can see that they act independently of each other although their goal is the same. Bohdan’s groups also make sporadic appearances from time to time and certain showdowns were inevitable but it wasn’t anything major especially David and Selma who felt like extras tagging around. As for the other heroes, it felt like their role was to meet and forget. Because once our heroes get a part from them, you’ll never hear them ever again. Flashbacks are irrelevant. What happens to them in the aftermath is sure unimportant because some are dead, some have gone mad and some trying to live a normal life. What about Cyril and Ursula? They do play their role when necessary but just like others, what happens to them in the aftermath isn’t important.

The antagonists for this season also feel rushed. With Gaz only materializing in the end of the penultimate episode, he makes it look like he might be some powerful badass villain that will bring chaos to the world once more. Heck, his new look after Guy makes him look tamer instead of his old madman look that we saw him in flashbacks. Ironically his ultimate accessory became his undoing and got him killed. How unimpressive. I suppose I can safely assume that with Chaika blowing him out of the sky, there is no chance of anyone gathering his parts in the future because they’re blown to bits. Unless… Niva’s role also feels limited. For a Gundo accessory spending her entire life in some experiment chamber and a few days making friends with friendly Chaika, it was all it takes for her to defect back to her for whatever reasons. Does she have feelings? I don’t know, she said she has personality as what Chaika quoted her. Because it is mind boggling too that Niva left Chaika and followed Guy to Gaz despite she voluntarily did it but it is still odd to think that after thinking that Niva might have been a new addition to Chaika’s group, off she goes to Gaz’s side and remained there till he wanted to finish off Chaika. Just strange. And to think that Gaz planned all this elaborate scheme for his revival and waited for years for everything to be in order only to have it cut short for a few hours. Yeah. You could say he didn’t even get off the ground and was grounded before anything could happen.

So now that Chaika’s goal is no longer relevant, what will happen to Tooru and Akari as her employer? It was never made clear what happened to make them live together but I supposed Chaika could have continued to hire them as her bodyguard. Who knows some drunk guy would want to rape her or something ;p. Hey, she’s cute, no? Because of that, although I don’t remember much about the romance between them but I certainly remember they kissed last season and that meant that they are just more than employer-employee relationship. Therefore this season it seems that has been forgotten because they’re acting like their usual employer-employee thingy and if you don’t remember last season’s kiss, you won’t remember the romance at all. Maybe it is just me but I can’t help think about it. Even that last moment when Chaika seemingly sacrificed herself to kill Gaz and Tooru weeping for her didn’t help reinforce the romance relationship. Not even that final tree watching incident. Maybe Tooru’s excuse of hanging around Chaika was because he loves her and gave that sticking-with-you-till-the-end-because-you’re-my-employer is just an excuse. Maybe… At first Bohdan seem like she continues to harbour feelings for Tooru. You can see her blushing reactions each time David teases her but as it goes, she starts to believe that her comrades are more important to the point that she is giving up her quest for revenge. So is she still into Tooru? Because otherwise why stay with them in the end? Likewise, Vivi for Gillette. I believe the former still has feelings for him but after the shock of seeing him alive and the hand cutting incident, it’s not an appropriate time to call for romance. Let time do the healing first.

Believe it or not, I still feel Fredrica is subtly the joker character of the series. Just like in last season, she goes where she wants although she mainly follows Chaika’s group but basically she does what she wants and is in a world of her own. She bums around, waiting desperately to get into some action but never really reached that satisfaction because it usually ends before she could make her glorious kill. Doesn’t that make her funny even if it isn’t supposed to? Even funnier how she is killed off a few times this season and it hints that this is some sort of a running joke despite we know dragoons are immortals and will regenerate if you don’t strike the core. So do you not believe the Fredrica is the joker girl of the series? Whatever happened to her wish of wanting to fight Tooru to the death? Got bored of waiting? The other amusing character is Akari who is still very much a brother complex saboteur. She can tell with a straight serious face her fetish and love for him like as though it isn’t a crime. Even in the midst of serious chaos she can still do this. Without flinching a bit. It’s like her face is stuck in serious mode because you won’t ever see her turning into that fawning, drooling face that girls make when they fantasize indecent things about their guy. In the end, siblings or not, she’ll still follow him. That is how deep her love for him is. So deep that it makes hell look like a playground.

Action is still the best element of this series and again this season doesn’t disappoint. You get to see lots of fights and other cool stuffs the saboteurs pull so it is not a dull moment. Even if you’re not amused by the revelation of things especially about the backgrounds of who Chaikas are which is just lukewarm (I was hoping one would come up and say “I am your mother” or something. Sheesh. Disappointing), at least stay for the action. Still top class and at times funny too because for example, Chaika’s long ass incantation of her Gundo activation which feels like she is pulling out words from thin air. Of course after taking up Claudia’s advice (in which I don’t see how), she manages to shorten it and it saves time. I suppose it is crucial when you are talking about life and death and that could make the difference.

Iori Nomizu once again sings the opening song for this season like how she did for the last. Shikkoku Wo Nuritsubuse is also another rock piece which is pretty much suitable for the pace and action genre of this series. The ending theme is also by Coffin Princess, Watashi Wa Omae No Naka Ni Iru. Unlike last season, it doesn’t have that ominous-like feel and is just a straight rock piece. Personally, I think I prefer the ending theme than the opener. As the casts of last season are retained, new ones joining the line-up this season include Masako Katsuki as Claudia (Tsunade in Naruto), Hideaki Tezuka as Gaz (Kurahashi in Zankyou No Terror), Sachie Hirai as Niva (Manatsu in Mujaki No Rakuen), Jin Yamanoi as Hartgen (Claudio in Ristorante Paradiso), Sakura Tange as black Chaika (Sakura in Cardcaptor Sakura), Yu Shimamura as Irina (Annie in Shingeki No Kyojin), Yui Ariga as Arina (Kurumi in R-15), Kazuyuki Okitsu as Cyril (Shion in Futari Wa Milky Homes), Nao Touyama as Ursula (Chitoge in Nisekoi) and Masayuki Omoro as Izhmash (Lord Asano in Inu Yasha).

It is sad to see the Chaika series come to an end like this. Despite the twists and revelations that make you feel like as though more are lurking beneath it and threaten to overturn everything we believe in, but turn out to be just average, I still think that this show is still worth the watch with a nice mix of fantasy, action, comedy and colourful (and some quirky) characters. Fans of the first season should watch it to feel complete and those who have not, then start doing so because watch this, you must. And sadly (and fortunately too), there isn’t a hero who was having Gaz’s balls because I believe it could have been the most powerful magical part ever. It could have been a whole new ball game altogether…


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