Yondemasu Yo, Azazel-san OVA 4

June 19, 2015

Perhaps because of the lewdness and immorality that many find distasteful to even sub Yondemasu Yo, Azazel-san OVA 4. Or maybe it was just forgotten along the way. Whatever the reason, I’m glad to have finally caught this latest OVA. Warning, though. Be prepared for some sick humour. Especially about a certain female anatomy that would usually send many straight guys crazy. You will never see it the same way as you did before. And if you really haven’t seen a real one before, I hope this won’t ‘scar’ you for the rest of your life. You’re saying that it is that bad? Well, why don’t you watch it and find out? Hehehehe…

Beware the vaginas…
Koutarou is forced to help Akutabe move to a new location for his agency due to the events at the end of the first season where the angels discovered his location. He thought he is being paid for his services. However this money is for him to buy fake grimoires to fool angels like the last time. He wants 100 of them by the end of the week. Yeah, how is it enough with only 5,000 Yen? Even the porn DVDs are a better bargain. Uh huh. 3 DVDs for that same price! Azazel becomes a smooth operator to convince him to buy it and back at the office as they’re eagerly start watching it, it is already as boring as f*ck because the guy is just talking instead of f*cking. And when the real deal of pulling down her panties is going to happen, WHAT THE HELL IS THIS ANEMONE VAGINA???!!! Is this horror porn?! FREAKING TRAUMATIZED!!! Koutarou knows they’re screwed for. They’ve been trolled by this porn and Akutabe is going to kill them. Azazel of course blames only Koutarou that it was all his fault and escapes. To Koutarou’s horror, Akutabe might have been standing there watching them. Koutarou tries to say he found this porn but Gusion’s truth telling ways threaten to reveal the real deal. Koutarou thought he could order Gusion to eat Akutabe’s memories. Didn’t work. Failed big time. One bloody monkey on the window. Akutabe then reminds him. He did say he could do whatever he wants with the money. However if he doesn’t get his grimoires by the end of the week, you’re dead meat… Oh sh*t…

The next day as Sakuma accompanies Koutarou to his new school, he tries to ask her for help but she knows the sh*t he is in and like any other people, she doesn’t want to get involved and tells him to own up to his sh*t. They meet the principal who suspiciously looks like the one from his previous school. Clones? Twins? Whatever. She takes them tour around the school and there is this topless woman statue, Koutarou thought he could peek underneath the skirt but guess what he saw? ANEMONE VAGINA???!!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE???!!! Now the principal wants to show her vagina to him… Rose garden, she says? Don’t trust… The sculptor of the statue, Osamu Osanai turns out to be in the same class Koutarou is put in. He thought he was just some eager beaver student who loves to study but you don’t know how wrong you are. Because during PE class as the teacher talks about dicks and vaginas, Osanai keeps pestering to see the real deal and wants to call a real girl to show it to them! Is he that desperate? Oh yes he is because he goes into the girls’ class and requests the teacher to show it to him!!! Koutarou starts making his fake grimoires when he discovers a stack of notes in Osanai’s desk. You guessed it. His life is on the line. But as he tries to pay with the money at the store, the clerk notices it is counterfeit and calls the cop. Run!

Meanwhile, Osanai summons his raccoon familiar, Ose and wants him to continue using his copying ability. Seems Ose is sickened by the fact that Osanai always wants him to copy vaginas! Is he really that obsessed with it???!!! However as explained, Ose’s copying skills are only as good as the knowledge and memories of the contractor’s. Yup. This means…. ANEMONE VAGINA!!!!!!!! Has this kid never ever seen a real one?! Desperate, he puts a hidden camera in the toilet bowl of the girls’ toilet. Koutarou is spying on him. The previous night when he showed Sakuma the fake note, everyone discusses that Osanai might be a summoner and Ose could be the likely demon who is copying and making the counterfeit notes. But what fake money and anemone vaginas have to do in common is beyond their comprehension. Koutarou confronts Osanai but Azazel becomes a big bully harassing Ose to copy some porn. He is sent falling down to a bloody splatter by Osanai’s wind power. Koutarou has a request to have him copy 100 fake grimoires for him but he refuses. Why should he help others? He talks about Solomon’s Ring which is said to turn demons into weak/cute animal forms and make them obedient. Koutarou has no idea what he is talking about.

Koutarou won’t let this go yet and steals the hidden camera. When Osanai is about to watch some real vaginas from his home’s computer, suddenly the principal walks in and sits down… OMG!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!! RAFFLESIA VAGINA!!!!!!!! MY EYES!!! ARGH MY EYES!!!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!! INSTANT DEATH!!!!! SO HORRIBLE THAT THE COMPUTER MONITOR EXPLODED!!!!!! AAAAARRRRGGHHHHH!!!! It is obvious that Osanai never turned up in class for the next 3 days and when he does, he is like an old man zombie. The traumatic memories are still killing him right now!!! Koutarou has Gusion eat his memories to revert him to normal. Of course he wants the grimoire copies in exchange for that. Osanai won’t be fooled into doing it since he knows this was his doing. Gusion spits back his memories. Want to relive that horrible trauma again? And so Koutarou’s ass is safe as he managed to get 100 fake grimoires for Akutabe although that guy barely passes him for it (inside the grimoires are only written ‘penis’ – had enough of vaginas, eh?). Koutarou has one more last request to make: Be his friend. Both guys agree but in actual fact, they have the same ulterior motive to use the other. Ah yes, a start of a beautiful friendship… At least no vaginas…

Don’t Fall For The Wrong Hole!
As expected, this OVA lives up to the lewdness, nonsense and crazy perversion this series is infamous for. Fans and old time viewers will find this OVA ‘enjoyable’ with all that bizarre crap from bushy jungle armpit hair to the horrifying anemone vaginas. You’ll laugh and cringe all at the same time and even having your guts, brains and eyeballs explode in splattering fashion. This OVA has it all. Comedy, blood, fanservice, supernatural and horror all under one roof. I suppose this OVA gives Koutarou a pretty decent screen time as other regular characters like Sakuma, Akutabe and even Azazel have very limited screen time. Though, it is expected each time Azazel appears, it would be nothing good. Anything that comes out from his mouth is either porn or bullying. I remember seeing Osanai and Ose making their appearance in the first episode of the second season but nothing much more was explained about them nor do they appear anymore later on in that season. Therefore this fourth OVA is a nice bridge to see how Koutarou and Osanai come into contact and became ‘friends’. Not forgetting, this episode also serves as a ‘good lesson’ to always expect the unexpected. Don’t rush into something before fully being prepared for its consequences. Especially you vagina loves out there, don’t be too quick to pull down panties just to glimpse of that heavenly hole. Now that you know what is in store, be sure to make it safe first for viewing pleasure ;). Who’d know that vaginas can be this fearsome. I hope you don’t go looking for penis after this…

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