Shingeki No Bahamut: Genesis

June 28, 2015

Hey wait a minute. I knew there was going to be a sequel for Shingeki No Kyojin but did they jump the gun and make another spin-off of the series? I mean, who is this Bahamut guy? Attack on Bahamut? Is this the ultimate Titan that our heroes must face and kill? No, it is not you say? Phew. Thank goodness. I thought I was taken for a ride (maybe I was). Glad to say that Shingeki No Bahamut: Genesis has no relation to that popular Titan series whatsoever. So I guess that is why officially the English title they translated it as Rage of Bahamut to avoid any confusion associating with Attack on Titan.

So in this series, we have the good news that there are no giant beings trying to eat humans. But there is a giant being laying dormant for a couple of thousands of years that could destroy all that ever exist if it is ever released from its seal. Better keep that seal on. And as you know as time passed, some unscrupulous parties want to revive it for their nefarious ends and it is up to our unlikely heroes who got dragged into this mess to save the world. Sounds like an unoriginal storyline? Well, watch this action packed magical fantasy and you’ll see…

Episode 1
2000 years ago at Abos, there seems to be some legendary power fight with a dragon named Bahamut. Do you think humans have a chance? Present day at Wytearp. Kaisar Lidfort is furiously chasing after Favaro Leone through the Spanish-like town. Kaisar accuses Favaro that he is now a wretched bounty hunter. But mischievous and cocky Favaro plays a prank on his horse so Kaisar has no choice but to go after it. Meanwhile, several men in the trade of kidnapping women are lamenting their fate from their boss, Sir Garth since they are coming home empty handed (thanks to Favaro and Kaisar’s chase interrupting and putting a damper on their kidnapping). Suddenly this beautiful naked lady, Amira falls down from the sky. She notes her compass is broken and cannot reach Helheim now. The bandits are going to attack her but when you see this chick power up… Your fate is sealed. But a couple of them managed to escape and return to Garth. Big boss wants the bounty hunter’s head. Don’t bother looking. Favaro is here to take Garth him as he is on the wanted list. Garth summons his beast but Favaro has a dirty trick up his sleeve that tames it. With that, bounty captured. Favaro returns to Bacchus and his talking duck, Hamsa to claim his reward but is stumped that he only got half the amount. And since it is Favaro’s policy to spend his earnings, he is going to party hard. Yeah, waste it all on food and women at the bar. And like his usual arrogant style, he fabricates and exaggerates (probably all big lies) about his adventures and one of them being his journey to Helheim.

Amira is outside and heard this but Kaisar bumps into her and offers her to take her wherever she wants. She declines as she says she already has found a guide. Of course with Kaisar here looking to pick a bone with Favaro, that cheeky guy turns the tables on him and paints him as a richer and charitable man. This means all the women are now flocking to his side while Favaro himself escapes. That bastard. Amira confronts Favaro and wants him to guide her to Helheim. Favaro wonders if he should make up a lie and play along or just run. Looking at how pretty she is, he tries to hint he isn’t doing this for free and wants a kiss. Sorry to interrupt your kissy moment but here is Ghos to avenge his brother. Ghos who? Garth’s twin brother. Ah, no wonder he only got half the reward. So that wanted poster wasn’t just duplicated print. Ghos summons a huge terrifying beast to attack. Because Amira needs him to guide her to Helheim, she will help him. She transforms into a demon and easily takes it out! I’m sure Favaro will be happy to collect the remaining half of the reward but he begins to think the sh*t he is in since Amira is a demon… Too late to back out? As he passes out, it seems in this dream-like state he is falling down into some hell place. He wakes up in a room and tended by one of those ladies at the bar. When he starts stripping, she screams in fear that he is a demon. Wait. Favaro is a demon? He can’t even believe it himself till he looks in the mirror. He has a demon’s tail!!! Not good. You’re screwed.

Episode 2
When Heaven seems to be in a state of panic when they find out God’s Key have been stolen, they order the human, Jeanne D’Arc of the Orleans Knights to do the job. They have to get it done because if those 2 keys are brought together, it will rise again. So we see Jeanne and her knights being bestowed the power of Gods to repel the demons. But is Bahamut going to resurrect again? Back in present time, Favaro thinks he is dreaming. No he’s not. He can’t pull off the tail. It seems Amira has casted a contract spell on him (when he wanted to kiss her). Even worse, Kaisar is coming in to look for him. They flee through the window. Kaisar thinks he is into kidnapping women now. Favaro needs to break this curse and thinks the best way is to kill her. He could do it right now but needs to wait for a better chance. Thus he plays along with her and that he will personally take her to Helheim. The Orleans Knights enter town seeking a demon in human guise. Kaisar says he knows but because it is his mission to catch it, he will not reveal more but is more than glad to catch it for them. Because they see his bounty hunter band, they mock him and do not believe he comes from a lineage of noble knights. Of course, short flashbacks of how the people turned their backs against his family of proud knights. Lavalley the leader hints to him the desire for something can make one strong. This gives Kaisar the motivation to catch Favaro and re-establish their house. Favaro needs some funds so he goes bounty hunting. Amira easily defeats this monster. So are you having second thoughts about killing this chick? It isn’t going to be easy… Favaro goes to Bacchus to collect his reward. Amira… Wants to eat the duck!!!

Since Amira can’t walk around in suspicious clothes, Favaro takes her to tailor to get her decent ones. Then he treats her to food and booze. Yeah, she loves it! He even teaches her to dance. Having fun? So later when she is out lying in the lake and thinking about how much fun that was, it is actually Favaro’s ploy to let her guard down and kill her. However something is wrong with his band and is not working. He diverts her attention talking about his mother so Amira too mentions her reason to go to Helheim to see her mother. She has vague memories of her but when she holds her pendant, she can faintly recall the gentle look on her face. Then here comes Kaisar looking for his revenge. Amira protects her and since he is fawning over her beauty, Favaro kicks him in the face. He needs some time out. Favaro notices the knights in town and decides to play Amira out. He tells them of her location for a reward. The knights chase after and corner her and it seems she is the one who stole God’s Key. Favaro is going to let the knights kill her but the horse he is riding doesn’t go the way he wants and heads towards Amira. It interrupts the knights’ enchanting spell and enough time for them to escape. I guess Favaro can’t escape now. They are cornered at the bridge. Favaro pretends to take Amira hostage. Thinking of taking a swim? Yeah. Long way down… They are safe from danger as Favaro couldn’t believe why he had to side and save her. Had he not done so, the curse of the tail might have been broken. Amira wonders if he is a liar. The liar lies that he is telling the truth and to look in his eyes. He puts up a funny face and earns a slap. Soon, wanted posters of Favaro and Amira are up. Kaisar vows to save her from him.

Episode 3
Heaven is trembling as this is a sign of Bahamut’s revival. Jeanne must make haste her retrieval. But it seems she senses something odd. Weird things begin to appear after she stuck her sword in the ground. It could mean that the balance between Gods and demons have begun to crumble as the holy key is taken from the holy land. Meanwhile Kaisar is so obsessed in chasing Favaro that he ends up in some deserted land but a girl, Rita picks him up. Meanwhile Favaro goes on another bounty hunting for funds and this time he kills some dragon to get some herbs because he knows the next bounty hunter uses some kind of deadly restorative arts. And no Amira, you can’t eat or drink it. It occurred to Favaro that Amira has a wing. So why didn’t she use it to fly instead of making him go through all that trouble? She can’t fly since she lost the other wing. After she infiltrated and stole God’s Key, she was attacked and repelled. Although she survived, she lost a wing in the process. God’s Key is not a physical object and is now inside her. She has absorbed it into her soul. This means she is the God’s Key. Kaisar wakes up in the hospitality of Rita’s family. They serve him food and mention about terrible monsters attacking their town, ravaging their crops and kidnapping children. Rita is the only one left. To repay their kindness, Kaisar will help them slay the monsters. Rita is not amused with everything and leaves rudely. Kaisar goes to talk to her and although he doesn’t understand what she is murmuring about being older than him and sick of playing house. He continues talking that he was once like her, finding his own family annoying. His father was strict as he came from a lineage of knights. One day his father was selected to guard a king’s tribute. They were ambushed by bandits and the tribute stolen. His father as the leader was held responsible and was hanged. The family was stripped of their title status and banished. Half a year later, his mother cannot take it anymore and drowned herself. It is only then he realized he loved his family. So don’t be like him. Yeah, Rita wasn’t paying attention. It was boring. Besides, he is having stomach ache now?

Kaisar and the townspeople get ready to slay the incoming monsters. But do the monsters sound familiar? Once Kaisar is overwhelmed and given the herb, the ‘monsters’ turn out to be Favaro and Amira. He points out he was hypnotized by the fog’s spell. As he looks around, the entire place is dilapidated and the townspeople are zombies! Rita is a necromancer and she was hoping Kaisar could have stayed oblivious… Remember the food he ate? Maggots… Damn… Feeling sick now? Rita orders her zombies to attack. They fight back as well as Kaisar since he is upset he has been had. He is about to attack Rita’s zombie parents but she won’t allow him. I don’t know why or how but they bit her! Favaro takes Rita’s Black Bible which is the bounty. Favaro explains this town was attacked by monsters 200 years ago and Rita the only survivor found a spell book to revive the town. She’s been playing this sick family game for 2 centuries now. No wonder she’s tired of it. But you know what they say when somebody is bitten by a zombie? Yeah. She’s going to turn into one soon. Not Favaro’s problem. But can Kaisar kill her? Decide quickly because she is going to bite him! Favaro collects his reward and dismisses the bounty on his head. Maybe it’s somebody who looks like him. Yeah right. Oh, Amira chasing after Hamsa. She really wants to eat it!!! In the aftermath, we see Rita following Kaisar. Time to go on an adventure, I guess.

Episode 4
Amira is starting to get suspicious if Favaro is lying. Because how come now he is trying to get a boat to sail to Helheim? Yeah well, Bacchus told him that was the way. At first nobody knows of any boat and when he finally finds one, he remembers this captain, Amon. An emotional reunion? If you consider punching each other as that. Turns out that Amon was part of Barrosa, Favaro’s dad band of noble thieves. Favaro felt that kind of job didn’t suit him and didn’t take over after his death. Meanwhile Kaisar and Rita have also found a boat to chase after Favaro. Kaisar reveals that Favaro is his childhood friend. Despite their different status, they were close. Close enough for Kaisar to tell him everything. But on that fateful day when Barrosa attacked his father’s convey, Kaisar felt betrayed that Favaro sold him out and hid his identity as a son of a thief. And on Amon’s side, he remembers that tribute stealing incident was their last job. However one of the jewels contained a powerful magic and they unsealed a horrific demon. Everyone was slaughtered and Amon is the only survivor thanks to Barrosa saving him. Amira doesn’t know what a father is so Favaro has a hard time explaining. Suddenly a monster crab attacks. Time for Amira to go into demon mode and take it out. Besides, she’s very hungry. Too bad the crab isn’t delicious. Yucks. Elsewhere, Kaisar realizes he has been tricked as the boat he is on is only but pirates. They’re going to take him out but Kaisar can stand his ground. The captain thought taking Rita hostage is a good idea. Not. She bites him.

Amon is shocked to see Favaro a demon (his tail). Suddenly mermen jump out from the sea and they capture Favaro. Amon has planned this from the start. He made a deal with that demon and was granted magic for making that happen. Thus Amon was the one who killed Barrosa. Now he gets to profit on his son since there is a bounty on his head. But his ship is rammed by another. Rita commands all the pirates she turned into zombies. The commotion allows Favaro and Amira to escape to higher ground. All the zombie pirates start biting the mermen. Infected. I don’t know, this scene looks like one freakish orgy… Amon fights Favaro but the latter shoots the wheel to make the ship suddenly yaw. Amon falls off and into the claws of that monster crab. Chow time. Wait a minute. That puny fat guy was enough to satiate its appetite? Maybe he didn’t taste so good and returned to the sea to take a dump. HAHAHA!!! And now Kaisar wants a piece of Favaro. Before they can settle it, lightning strikes. Kaisar protects Amira although they both take a hit. A tentacle from the sky grabs them away.

Episode 5
In the Holy Land of Abos, angels are trying hard with their barriers to prevent Bahamut’s resurrection. Doesn’t look good… Rita tells Favaro that Amira was taken away by Gregor, who is also the flying castle for the fallen angel, Azazel. Weakened Amira is being tortured by Pazuzu for answers but her lips remained tightly sealed. Kaisar wants this to stop and insists this is all part of Favaro the demon’s plan. They start laughing so Azazel tells him Amira’s background. He is of course surprised to hear this. Because they can’t believe Amira could pull off such a great feat alone, they want to know who ordered her and the one pulling the strings. Kaisar still believes it is Favaro’s fault. They continue laughing but Kaisar is serious. He tells him about his best friend and betrayal that led to the downfall of his family. Immediately Azazel figures out who he is and of course Favaro. He tells Kaisar he will achieve nothing like his pitiful father. Meanwhile back on land, Favaro threatens Bacchus and wants to lend his carriage for that bogus tip. Bacchus dares him to show him how serious he is for the fare. Favaro strikes his dagger close to him and breaks his band, scaring the sh*t out of Bacchus. Without the band, Favaro is just an outlaw but he’ll cross the bridge when he gets there. They are on their way to the Sword of Valley. There lies a portal to the demon capital, Cocytus. This is where Azazel is going since Lucifer, the head of the fallen angels is there. This is as far Bacchus will take him. They won’t meet again.

Favaro and Rita invade Gregor. Azazel wants some entertainment and is willing to give Kaisar a chance to avenge his father. Favaro falls through a trapdoor and ends up in a torture room where Amira is. Before he can save her, here comes angry Kaisar trying to kill him. Again. But this time he is so mad and raging that he is close to doing that. But Rita punches him to tell him to stop it. When Gregor is partially through the portal, it closes, killing it. Seems Jeanne and the Orleans Knights were laying in wait for this ambush. Then they unleash all their firepower at Gregor in an attempt to retrieve Amira. Kaisar is not amused that Favaro seeks his help. Not after all that he has done. But Favaro promises they will settle it once they get out. He won’t run this time. His determined eyes make it believable. Pazuzu comes to get Amira but Favaro and Kaisar team up to land heavy cogs in his face and one ultimately one crushing him. Outside, Azazel is going to take Amira but something in her awakens and repels him off. He now understands what is happening. Gregor is crashing so how will our heroes get off? Rita turns a dead dragon into a zombie and they’ve got their free flight. Kaisar sees Orleans Knights below and wonders if Favaro called them. Nah. The wind just happened to blow this way, that’s all.

Episode 6
Amira remembers that someone told her to fulfil her mission and her wish will come true. Therefore she really wants to get there now but looks like they can’t. Because Orleans Knights take them into custody. At Cocytus, Azazel is stopped by Martinet to see Lucifer because of his failure. In that case, he’ll just go take it back. Amira and co are taken before the king in the royal capital of Anatae. Angels led by Michael descend down to explain Amira is both an angel and demon and the reason why she could infiltrate so easily was because she can switch between both. Because God’s Key is within a demon, they cannot take her back to the Ark. They order the king to guard her with his life as she will remain here. As for the rest, they too are to remain in his protection. The sign of Bahamut’s revival is growing. Should the keys created by Zeus and Satan become one with Bahamut, a catastrophe will occur. Their execution will only put a strain on Amira’s emotional stress. They must prevent Bahamut’s revival at all costs. They are freed and Favaro is so grateful that he wants to hug the king! But Amira is throwing a tantrum as she wants to go to Helheim. She kicks up a fuss about Favaro’s promise. However he reneges on it since he only said so because she put a curse on him. As he shows his tail and Rita explaining he is actually human, Kaisar is dumbfounded. I guess he really believed he was a demon. Favaro tells her off if she wants to go to Helheim, do it yourself. Oh, and undo this tail curse. Amira is so heartbroken that she slaps the liar and resigns to her room like an obedient child. The bell sounds as it is warning demons are approaching. However Jeanne easily defeats them all since she has God’s Key.

The angels discuss about Bahamut’s containment for now and it is confirmed Amira’s emotional state is vital for it. Of course they can’t afford to let humans keep the key too and Michael who chose Jeanne as the vessel will have to pay a great price. Michael remembers when she slew Amira, she felt a powerful magic protecting her. It could be the one scheming to steal the key and lift Bahamut’s curse. Amira’s goal to reach Helheim where the other key is and they believe keeping her at Anatae will make the schemer make his move. They are going to use this opportunity to expose his identity. Amira heard a voice claiming to reveal her reason of being born in this world. She follows it. Rita who isn’t fond of parties, returns to her room only to see the guards guarding Amira’s room knocked out. Kaisar is in a dilemma to fight Favaro now. He might admit he is a nefarious villain but yet he saved him. Anyway they get their little fight going. With a fork and knife? Rita beats them up to inform them that Amira is gone. As they go look for her, Favaro stumbles upon a statue of Bahamut. Jeanne is there to explain about this powerful creature that will destroy the world once its power is awakened. The world was nearly destroyed and all hopes lost when Supreme God Zeus and Demon Lord Satan transformed themselves into keys to seal it. People often come here to pray but not to Bahamut but to the prophesised saviour that will bring peace to the land if Bahamut is ever revived. Jeanne is believed to be that saviour. Favaro thinks this doesn’t involve him as he got dragged into this by a demon girl. He is just a simple bounty hunter who only loves booze, women and freedom. But Jeanne doesn’t think so. She was an ordinary girl from a remote village when the Gods gave her their blessings and awakened to her mission. Everyone is born to play a role. Thus he was destined to meet Amira for a reason. I don’t think Favaro would buy that crap. Amira is stunned that this mysterious guy has the same pendant as her. He was asked to hold it by her mom. Could it be he is her father? Another bell sounds. Azazel is leading his demon army. Playtime is over.

Episode 6.5
Wait a minute! What the heck is this recap episode for?! I was hoping there were new scenes but nope. It just plays in chronological order the events so far mostly scenes relating to Amira. From her stealing God’s Key and then crashing into those kidnappers when she was cut down, meeting Favaro and his lie to bring her to Helheim, their journey to that foggy village where Rita summoned her zombies and eventually followed Kaisar, that port adventure with Amon (for over a minute there, no dialogue in this summarized scenes) to Amira’s capture, the rescue mission inside Gregor, their retrieval at Anatae and finally that mysterious guy with the same pendant. This time we get to see his face clearer. Isn’t that Lavalley?

Episode 7
The offensive on both sides go into full force. Amira is now a happy girl after meeting her supposed father and goes off to eat. And I thought girls only feast when they’re depressed… Yeah well, she wants to continue eating despite the danger all around and won’t budge no matter how much Favaro and Kaisar pull her away. Pazuzu faces off with Jeanne while Azazel makes his way into the castle and before Favaro and co. Azazel reveals to Kaisar that he is the one who killed his father and mocks his last moments whereby everyone jeered at him. However Favaro tells him off that he is the one who killed his father. He wants Kaisar to take Amira to Helheim on his behalf. This is a showdown between demons. Of course Favaro is no match for a full demon like home although he doesn’t give up. Jeanne is on the verge of defeat when she receives magic support from her mages to revive and stab Pazuzu with her spear of light. But Pazuzu isn’t fazed with his defeat because the true goal is God’s Key. Favaro too is about to meet his doom but Kaisar returns to help him out. Don’t worry. Amira is safe in Rita’s hands. She turned dead guards into zombies to fend off other demons. So why did he come back? He isn’t going to let somebody else kill his father’s killer. Azazel laughs at his pathetic reason to let him live. In that case, it makes him the killer of both their fathers and will play with them a little longer. However Favaro disagrees. His old man died because he screwed up. He couldn’t care less about revenge or whatever reasons to give Kaisar to live. He lives for himself. Therefore Azazel isn’t his sworn enemy or anything but a rotten demon. The guys cooperate fighting mad Azazel and Favaro is now used to using his demon tail to his advantage. Although Kaisar stabs Azazel, nothing happens. Seriously, can human weapons even hurt him? Guess not. Azazel is going to kill them now as Kaisar notices Jeanne preparing her attack from a distance. He then changes his mind and wants Favaro to take Amira to Helheim. Kaisar charges at Azazel but is pushed off the ledge. This was enough time for Jeanne to fire her light and burn Azazel to a crisp. The remaining demons flee. Kaisar didn’t die, though. Favaro caught his hand. How long can he last… Rita is done with her part but finds Amira missing. You can’t leave that girl out of your sight for a second, can’t you? Seems she is looking for her father when she stumbles upon that Bahamut statue. She suddenly remembers its destructive force.

Episode 8
The pendant activates and Amira sees vision of Bahamut. She screams and then faints. The king is grateful to Jeanne and wants to give her a piece of land as reward. However she declines. But there is one thing she wants. When Amira wakes up in the company of Favaro and co, she reveals she remembers she was asleep in a cocoon for a long time. She was awakened by someone who told her to fulfil her mission so she will get to see her mother in Helheim. They are summoned before the king. Amira spots Lavalley among the guards and points out he is her father but Favaro doesn’t want her to be so hasty to go to him. Rita wonders if this means Lavalley is a demon but Kaisar refutes he is an ordinary human and a proud knight as he has met him once in Wytearp before. As part of Jeanne’s request, the king knights Kaisar and Favaro to become part of Orleans Knights. You can’t imagine how happy the former is but the latter is just rolling he is and forced to play along. Michael then descends to praise a good job they are doing. With the seal lifted, they can expect more activity from the demons. She gives Jeanne the holy sword, Precieuse that can even slay God. Sorry Mr King, you don’t get any but only their blessings. Azazel is alive although heavily injured. He is confronted by Beelzebub who burns him. Azazel is mad that he plans to betray Lucifer. What for? He will know when Judgment Day comes. The king is jealous and sad he didn’t get a sword. So much so he is seeing visions of his dead mother (somebody drugged his drink). But mother tells him to watch out for a traitor who will take his life. That traitor is Jeanne. She will kill him and rule over his land. The king’s scream is so gay! Of course the king won’t allow this to happen. Michael receives reports that the war god has been eliminated. It cannot be Azazel or Lucifer’s doing and might be the mastermind. Gabriel suggests increasing the capital’s security to prevent Amira from being kidnapped. Beelzebub reports to Lucifer about Azazel’s failure and will personally take charge of operations from now on. They cannot afford any more blunders and he will retrieve God’s Key to revive Satan.

Amira is happy when Favaro allows her to go see Lavalley. He in turn is happy to see how much she has grown in 5 years. He thanks Favaro for saving her. It’s time to reveal the truth. As Amira is both a demon and angel, this means Lavalley who is completely human is not her real father. Her mother, Nicole is however an angel. She was forbidden to return to heaven so Lavalley and his men were tasked to protect her. It was tiring fending off wave after wave of demons but the sight of seeing mother and daughter gave them a reason to go on. But one day Beelzebub attacked them and kidnapped Amira. Nicole journeyed to the demon world to find her and gave him a pendant before she left. He searched for her but to no avail. The first time he saw Amira, he knew she was Nicole’s daughter. Rita deduces Amira’s growth was due to being kidnapped by demons. This explains her childish character. But what about Nicole? Is she in Helheim? Lavalley believes not even she could last in the land where demon power is strong. He puts both pendants together and it becomes a map and compass to reveal Nicole’s location: Prudisia, the Valley of Demons. Nicole is a special person with unusual powers, thus the reason the demons want her. It may be her who can free her of that key. Lavalley apologizes he can’t go with her since he is needed here. She will bring her back so he can thank her personally. Favaro starts crying not because he is being sentimental. He can’t believe he will put an end to this tail curse. In his happiness, he says how he wished he could meet her mom once. Rita wonders if he is going to tell Kaisar about this. Don’t bother. He is happy to have reached is goal and won’t hang out with them anymore. Time for Amira’s send off. A lone dragon seems to attack the capital. Actually it is Rita controlling the zombie. This distraction allows Amira to sneak out via secret waterway. Favaro is so happy as he is going to say goodbye to her and the tail. However she signals him to come along. Eh? Why? Didn’t he say he want to meet her mother once? Oh sh*t… And so Favaro’s misadventures continue… Sometimes it pays to keep your mouth shut. Meanwhile the king is horrified that his guard’s head rolls on the floor. It’s that gay scream again.

Episode 9
Lavalley orders his men to look for Amira but privately talks to Kaisar to give him a personal army to go look for her. He tells him one of his top guards is dead and it is not done by Amira. He hopes he can catch her before the rest do as he must remain here. As Lavalley examines the king’s room, the rest of the other guards’ throat is slit. Strand of hairs is found and the king believes it is Jeanne who has come to kill him. He arrests her and although she pleads her innocence, he will not hear her. Blaming this witch for everything, now that Amira is gone, the capital will no longer be under the protection of the angels. Favaro and Amira trek through the jungle. She’s a worried girl thinking if mommy would recognize her. Suddenly they are ambushed by Kaisar’s knights. Kaisar attacks Favaro and whispers to him to play along. Suddenly a bright light absorbs them. Michael cannot hold the seal on Bahamut anymore and calls for Gabriel’s reinforcements. Jeanne is in a cell while praying as a mysterious demon goes up to her to play mind games with her that everything about her being a holy knight was a lie. Jeanne holds strong to her faith and will not listen but the pressure keeps piling as he shows her a potion that will reveal the truth if she drinks it. Tempting. Anyhow, no angels will come to her rescue.

Favaro and co are in another dimension. There is a big barb stuck so if Kaisar and Amira can’t pull it out, what makes you think Favaro could? Oh sh*t… He did! A dragon revives and he is so grateful he pulled that barb that was a thorn on his side for the last 2000 years! Eh… Does this story sound familiar? Anyway that barb belonged to Bahamut. When it was sealed, it was so powerful that it blasted to another dimension and stuck onto him. But now Bahamut is closer to revival again. He warns Amira is the key that will unlock Bahamut’s seal if brought together. Destruction will reign as it has countless times before. As they speak, Gabriel is already amassing her force likewise Beelzebub with his. Amira is sad that because of her, the world will be destroyed. Too bad. That is her fate. What about her mother? So sorry too. The only way to prevent destruction is for her to stay here forever. Amira starts crying so pitifully that it breaks your heart :’(. Now it’s Favaro’s turn to have his say. Screw this fate thing! She’s come this far so don’t give up. They can change fate however they want. He slams the barb and rips a hole in the time-space rift. Holy sh*t. He just realized he dug his grave deeper. And the rest are so awed. Can’t argue with that, can you? The dragon says they are free to do what they want as he is only an observer. He lets Favaro keep the barb as it might be possible to tear through fate. The capital is abuzz as notice of Jeanne’s execution to be burnt by the stake is put up. The king considers all those who pity her as traitors! Rita sneaks into the underground of the castle but that mysterious demon shows up. Now that Amira is at Prudisia, relishing seeing her mom, Favaro looks worried big time. The dragon told him alone that as long as Amira is the vessel, that 2000 year old miracle will not happen. Zeus and Satan are in the key form and only by the blood of a human vessel can they be manifested. Amira has blood of both God and demon. If the key and Bahamut come together, they will be permanently joined and never to be separated again. He is telling Favaro this because he said he wanted to change fate. So does he have the balls to kill Amira? How is he going to change that?

Episode 10
Rita fights the mysterious demon while Jeanne is being burnt at the stake. The people believe her to be innocent and fight their way through. The king orders the guards to kill them. Jeanne is sad that the gods are not doing anything to protect them but the angels tell her the harsh truth. Jeanne is just a vessel to serve them. God does not truly love humans. In her anger, the mysterious demon gives her drink that potion and she instantly turns into a full demon and flies away. Since Bacchus is among the crowd, Rita has something to ask of him. Explaining about a spell that turns humans into demons, he only heard of rumours about a bounty hunter possessing such much. He is believed to be obsessed with death and left mountains of corpses in his wake. Bacchus’ carriage bumps into something. It is Azazel. They pick him up and want him to spill the beans but he’s mouth is tightly zipped. Favaro and co are making their way nicely when the landscape suddenly changes. That mysterious demon turns out to be Amira’s teacher, Martinet. He says they are in Helheim instead of Prudisia. Although the compass says so, he points out they have been on their way here from the very start. The guys are caged as Martinet introduces Beelzebub who will take Satan’s place in his absence. Because Amira wants to meet her mom and take the key out inside her, Martinet suggests to go ahead. Ask her. Her mom, a splitting image of her is crystallized. She looks like in shock. Amira is hesitant but Martinet assures she is the real deal. Suddenly memories flow back into Amira. She remembers Beelzebub splitting her mom into two and the other one was her. Yes, Amira is just an imitation vessel made from this angel. Beelzebub is her true birth parent in this case. The pendant was a device created with false memories. Martinet didn’t expect she would enjoy this much and there’s more if she wants. Amira crumbles in depression. But thinking things will be back to normal if she hugs her mother, she makes her way there and does so, only for her mom to slowly disintegrate before her eyes. The key in her is now unleashed. Rita continues to press Azazel for answers. She doesn’t care about the world but only those youngsters. Azazel also agrees and proposes a deal: Take him to Abos. Beelzebub throws his spear into Amira, turning her into a Transcendent Key. The only thing left is Bahamut. There is only one option left for Favaro. He yells out in his typical betrayal fashion that he wants to join them. These guys aren’t his friends to begin with. Martinet gives him drink a potion. Favaro suddenly attacks but Martinet is familiar with his trickery and beats him up to make him drink it.

Episode 11
As Azazel reveals about Beelzebub behind this and Martinet as his aide, Rita believes Martinet may not be a demon and could be that bounty hunter that could turn humans into demons. Because when she fought him, she could see through his magic tricks. Michael believes as long as they put up this barrier, the key cannot reach Bahamut. Well, they didn’t count on Jeanne coming in to slay some of the angels! Regret giving her that sword? Although Kaisar is pushed off the cliff, he is hanging by some string. His last ditch attempt to convince Favaro not to let his spirit stoop as low as the demons fall on deaf ears. He is picked up by Bacchus’ carriage. Jeanne attacking Michael enters the scene. Jeanne turns her attention to Bacchus who in turn fights her on a now bloated flying Hamsa. Rita gives a pill to Kaisar for him to make Favaro swallow. Then they bump into that fat duck and he falls off again. Luckily Azazel picks him up since he wants to settle a score with them. Rita is trying to let Jeanne swallow her last pill but that stupid duck got in the way. She lost all hope. At least she wants some roast duck for her final meal. However Michael got the pill and puts it in Jeanne’s mouth. She returns to normal and is saddened over what she has done. But Michael says this is the price to pay for losing their direction. She reminds Jeanne she is the maiden blessed by the gods and the one who will guide the people. Michael’s physical vessel may cease to be but her spirit will always be with her. Azazel takes on Beelzebub while Kaisar tries to stop Favaro from delivering the key. As they clash, Kaisar can tell over their numerous fights, Favaro has changed into a true demon. Without hesitation, he shoots his heart. He is surprised to see Lavalley here. He claims he followed Jeanne here. Unfortunately before Rita could warn Kaisar to stay away from him, Bahamut absorbs the key and again, Kaisar gets pushed off the cliff by Lavalley. How many times has this guy fallen off? Oh, get ready for Bahamut’s revival!

Episode 12
Beelzebub is introducing himself how he’ll be the new Almighty when Bahamut turns around and blasts him! Hah! Serves him right. And he didn’t think this would actually happen to him? Rita reveals to Kaisar that from Bacchus’ info, Lavalley is the one pulling the strings behind everything. He deceived, humans, gods, demons and everybody to revive Bahamut. This includes turning Jeanne into a demon and manipulating the pendant. His real name is Gilles de Rais, a bounty hunter who has taken many lives with his gruesome sorcery. Kaisar stabs him with his sword but he is still standing. Lavalley can shape shift his face too and was the one posing as Martinet all the while. Bahamut continues to burn and destroy everything while Beelzebub laments he couldn’t control it. Azazel kills him to shut him up. Meanwhile the king is scared and praying for his mother to save him. Well, mother’s portrait fell on him. This joker… Favaro gets back up so Kaisar goes to settle the score with him after reading his lip synching. Favaro cuts off Kaisar’s left hand and shows it to Lavalley as tribute. But it is a trap because when Kaisar recites the words, Lavalley is absorbed into his band. As revealed, Favaro returned to normal when Kaisar shot him in the heart. It contained Rita’s pill that he affixed it at the end of the crossbow. So they had to throw in a little act with Kaisar going to great lengths to lose his left hand or else Lavalley won’t take the bait. Of course with Lavalley captured, he will be fatly rewarded. More than he can spend in a day. Well, if the world is still there tomorrow. Now to take care of Bahamut. Favaro is going to kill Amira. Kaisar is not happy with this joke and believes there is another way as he promised to save her but Favaro is dead serious. This is the only way. Besides, he doesn’t want her to suffer anymore. They need to end this for her. They need a way to get up there so Bacchus turns Hamsa into a giant duck for their ride.

Hamsa can’t get close or else he’ll be a roasted duck. But with the gods and demons cooperating to restrict Bahamut’s movement, this is the little chance our heroes need to get close and land on Bahamut. Once Favaro sticks the barb into the core, his outline looks very close like that statue prophesised saviour to Jeanne. Amira pops out and probably she’s not too happy waiting for him to come. But he wants his tail taken off. Just kidding. He says he’ll rush to her side whenever she is in trouble but is sorry about her mom. But Amira is okay with it because she recognized her when they hugged. Favaro wants to take her to other cool places and show her lots of cool things. Seriously. He’s not lying. Look into his serious eyes. As predicted, it turns into that funny face but instead of a slap, Amira kisses him. She thanks him and returns back into the core. Sadly, I guess this is it. Bahamut then explodes and disappears. Six months down the road, Kaisar seems to have his left hand replaced with a mechanical one and good as new. He is now the captain of the Orleans Knights and Jeanne is also reinstated back. They are to coronate a new king. Then there are small talks and rumours about how when the world was about to end at the hands (mouth rather) of Bahamut, a legendary knight appeared and banished him to another world. Does this mean Bahamut is dead? Not quite. Because Bahamut can never die and will show up again someday. Says who? Says Favaro who is leading his free spirited life. And he’s got that goatee to show us how he has matured. He rides off with Kaisar who refuses to be in his debt.

Baha-Max! Baha-Very-Good!
OMG! OMFG! This series is damn freaking good!!!!!!!!!! This is no doubt amazing. This is definitely superb stuff! No wonder I read that there were many comments ‘complaining’ why this series isn’t getting its deserved hype. Well, you can blame it by being overshadowed by other animes but on its own right, this series actually rocks! It is very interesting and engaging and even more so if you love this kind of genre of fantasy, demons and angels. At first looks, you may scoff it off as something un-anime thanks to the setting and all. But once you get into the grove, it really starts to grow on you. And I can think another reason why this series rocks it is because it is an original anime series (although I heard it is based on a card game) so there is something refreshing there as you don’t have any references to look up although some things are just predictable. But that’s not a big issue that will take your enjoyment out of it. Also, the ending was a bit rushed (because I wanted to know what happened to Rita) but after such great epic and awesomeness, this little drawback doesn’t matter.

The characters are great and they fit well in driving and developing the plot. Favaro is a very unlikely hero of the series. Heck, he is no goody-goody hero in the first place. You can tell from his scheming face that he is a selfish bastard who only lives for today and does things that only benefits himself. Despite all that, he still has a heart beneath this exterior and there are many times that he has a chance to get away with it but of course, we call it karma as it goes right back to him so technically, he gets dragged deeper into the mess instead of escaping it. Even so, deep down there is some good in him because he might not show it but he cares for Amira. It might not be when they first met but as he travels with her more often, you can sense that they become attached. Because if he was still downright selfish (which he still is), he could have just leave Amira to her fate instead of trying to change it. Or maybe it was just spur of the moment for him to say that destiny changing crap before he realized the deep sh*t he got into. But hey, at least it proves that he isn’t all that bad, although he is mostly. Also, I keep wondering if Favaro is cured of his demon tail in the end. Maybe that kiss undo it. At least he should show us his butt to confirm it ;p.

Kaisar first started out as some annoying guy. I mean, this pretty boy seems to be running around yelling Favaro’s name in the name to reclaim his family honour gets to you after a while (heck, even in the final scene he is still yelling his name). You know that they share some sort of unfavourable history together, something that turned sour along the way but with his constant persistence of hunting him down just felt irritating. Then he might look silly because of his penchant to talk about his family’s past honour but when are in his shoes, what is else left to do? So from childhood friends to great enemies and now back to being best friends again. Well, that’s life for them. You can call it destiny or fate but I think to these guys, they are more likely to believe they chart their own fates and carve their own destinies.

I don’t know, ever since Rita joined the group, it feels like she is having fun in her own way. She might be the brains and calm rational voice of the group despite looking like a zombie. Thought to ponder: If Bahamut successfully destroys the world, will Rita still be alive because she is an undead. Technically, she cannot die. This means she is as immortal as Bahamut! But aren’t we lucky that she doesn’t crave for world destruction because she could easily turn everybody into her zombie slave and that itself is world destruction. She is probably the best character of the series because she’s cool and doesn’t do emotional outbursts like the rest. Oh wait. Do zombies have feelings?

It goes to show that heroes do not necessarily come in the form of a white knight in shining armour. A carefree bandit, a fallen knight and a zombie are what it takes to save the world from yet another destruction. Heck, angels and demons can’t do the job. God and Satan can only do so much as seals. So despite their flawed characters, you can’t help realize that you want to cheer and support them on when the going gets tough. You don’t know how they’ll get out of their sticky predicament, but you’ll know they just will. And you’ll have that satisfying and relieved look when they do.

It was bittersweet ending for Amira because we have grown accustomed to her with Favaro and Kaisar that even in the last moments, you hope that Favaro would come up and think of some unconventional way to save her. I mean, he did say he is going to change fate, right? So I thought he wasn’t going to listen to that old dragon’s words and find a way around it. Guess not. Guess that surprised us. But overall, Amira herself is imperfect. There are many sides to her. From her badass side transforming into a half angel and half demon to kick ass to a naive and childish side because all she really wants is to see her mother again. Then there is her funny side and I think her unlimited appetite is made as a running joke. I think we can blame Favaro for this one because it seems after he introduced her to booze and food, it’s like things she is unsure of, could it be eaten?

Bacchus and Hamsa’s role aren’t pretty clear but the way I see it, they somehow fit to be like comical side characters from Disney. Really. I mean, when you look at that talking duck, he exudes this kind of feeling that you would normally only see in a Disney movie that has a lively talking animal sidekick. Doesn’t Hamsa fit that role very well? Otherwise, I don’t see what this duck’s role in this anime except for the running joke that Amira wants to eat him. Even zombie girl like Rita too eventually. Must taste good, no? I mean, do you ever felt the urge to eat Nemo? The rest of the other characters are okay and help in the development of the plot like Jeanne and Lavalley (I knew there was more to this knight than he looks) but some you’ll be left wondering what their purpose is for like Azazel (was it just to kill Beelzebub and let him have revenge? Couldn’t they just let Bahamut do the job?) and that sexy demon, Cerberus who went out of the scene halfway through the series and only made a cameo in the final episode for a handful of seconds just to show us she is around.

This might be trivial but I kept thinking that the big bad boss of the series that is even named after doesn’t get to move around much and stays dormant and sealed in his place. Isn’t that the big irony? The only time he gets to move is when he is freed in the final episode and even so, he doesn’t really move from his spot and it’s like just cameo. Why should he? He can just blast and destroy everything with his fire breath from where he stands right up till the heavens and right down to the underworld. So if you’re picky, you’d be wondering while watching the entire series where the heck is Bahamut’s rage anyway? The past doesn’t count, by the way. And since Favaro has ‘hinted’ that Bahamut is eternal and would one day return, does this mean there is hope for a sequel! I sure hope so!

Action plays a very important part of this series and I can say that they are all perfectly executed well. At least they are satisfying enough to keep your eyes glued to the screen. Some have that comical effect and nature added into the mix while some are intensely serious. Either way, you won’t regret watching the action bits. With lots of magic, wits and luck (for our puny humans, that is), it is no wonder that this series is a great fun to watch. Even if you know that it is going to be predictable (oh come on. Anybody would have guessed that an unlikely hero is going to save the day), it is still fun and intense to watch. Every bit of it.

The art and drawing may seem a little different than you conventional anime. Because with the fantasy setting and the main pair of characters that are introduced to us in the first episode, one may quickly jump to conclusions that this series has got some American or western influence or something. Firstly, Favaro already looks like a clown with his orange afro. Other characters like the king, Lavalley and Bacchus have this ‘American’ feel thanks to their big stature. Oddly, some demons like Azazel and Lucifer have anime bishonen pretty boy looks. I don’t know if it is the trademark art of this series because the way they draw the lips of the characters. For female characters they look fine, but when drawn on males, they look like pretty boys. Because it looks like they’re wearing lipstick! I mean, take a look at Kaisar. He looks more like a pretty boy than anything. Like as though he is the pretty boy version of Space Dandy’s titular character. See the striking resemblance there? Then you see Lavalley with those kind of lips. You wonder if he is such an effeminate guy. Cerberus’ design is also cute and amusing because as we know it is supposed to be a 3 headed dog that guards the gate of hell but instead you have a cute sexy demon lady with even cuter furry doggy hand puppets. It’s like she loves playing hand puppetry and speaking on their behalf. But character designs aside, the backgrounds and sceneries are quite good and fit well especially with this fantasy setting. Oh, and Bahamut being animated via using CGI graphics and in 3D isn’t that bad either.

I think something must be wrong with my ears. I thought Miyuki Sawashiro was voicing the roles of Amira, Rita and Jeanne. I don’t know. They sound so close to me. But something was off. Till I later found out that she only voiced Rita. Amira is voiced by Risa Shimizu (Shiori in La Corda D’Oro Blue Sky) and Jeanne is played by Megumi Han (titular character in Mushibugyou). Then there is the familiar voice in Favaro who is no other than Hiroyuki Yoshino. I guess with his joker voice, it is no doubt that he plays joker characters and make them sound so convincing like Saruyama in To Love-Ru, Bossun in Sket Dance and Meow in Space Dandy. Eri Kitamura was also recognizable as Cerberus. Other casts include Go Inoue as Kaisar (Sky High in Tiger & Bunny), Masakazu Morita as Azazel (Barnaby Brooks AKA Bunny in Tiger & Bunny), Kenjiro Tsuda as Martinet (Mikoto in K), Ryuuzaburou Ootomo as Beelzebub (Crocodile in One Piece), Hiroshi Iwasaki as Bacchus (Clay in Hitsugi No Chaika: Avenging Battle), Showtaro Morikubo as Hamsa (Shikamaru in Naruto), Hiroaki Hirata as Lavalley (Sanji in One Piece), Shouta Aoi as Michael (Ai in Uta No Prince-sama: Maji Love 2000%) and Ayumi Fujimura as Gabriel (Eiko in Shinryaku! Ika Musume). In short, the voice acting is great and does justice to fit the characters.

Upon hearing the opening theme, you’ll be blasted away. Because Existence by Sim is truly a mother f*cking hard punk heavy metal acid rock music (and whatever you want to put in) that has the singer screaming from the top of his voice! Really screaming like hell! Yeah, you can’t even hear a damn thing of what he screams. I don’t know if it was meant to be that way. But this ‘noisy’ rock music that is sung entirely in English is definitely befitting of this series despite I am not particularly fond of this music genre. But having this as the opener really does get you into the mood. As for the ending theme, it is a very beautiful ballad sung by Risa Shimizu, Promised Land. (Again, I thought it was Miyuki Sawashiro behind that voice). Although a complete opposite from the opener, this song also fits the series as an ending theme well after all that action, drama, revelation, etc. Sometimes it is beautiful enough that it wants to make you sing along. Likewise the background music and soundtrack are great and definitely fit, if not boost the epic-ness of this series.

Overall, this is absolutely a great series. It might not be a masterpiece but it is definitely an epic fantasy adventure done right. Whether you are fans or not of this genre or kind of story, this is absolutely a must watch. You won’t be disappointed. This could easily be your top 3 anime of the year and probably top 10 of the decade. At the end of it all, you would be craving for more and even hoped that Bahamut would have destroyed the world and then restart it again in another alternate time so that we can have a sequel and another set of approach-cum-adventure to put it down. Therefore if I could go on such an awesome adventure myself, I wouldn’t mind seeing the world getting destroyed over and over again. It isn’t a bad thing to relive the awesomeness again and again, no?

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