Spice And Wolf VS Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

July 3, 2015

This is the problem when you procrastinate. I even know about it way beforehand but yet still went ahead of delaying it. I don’t know what gave me the willpower to do it now but better late than never. Heck, it should have been better early than late! Because my memories are so bad that I think I have been starting to forget things. This is the first versus blog in more than a year. Oh, how time flies. I have always wanted to do a comparison between Spice And Wolf as well as Maoyuu Maou Yuusha simply because I thought the latter was a spiritual successor to the former and that they used both the same seiyuus for the leading characters in both series. So let me see if I can remember the similarities… Hah. An excuse not to put up too many entries…

World setting:
Spice And Wolf: Medieval European world.
Maoyuu: European fantasy.

Basis of character names:
Spice And Wolf: Most are of common European Christian names.
Maoyuu: Characters are named after their jobs or personalities.

Male lead character:
Both voiced by Jun Fukuyama. And the characters are human type.
Spice And Wolf: Craft Lawrence, a merchant.
Maoyuu: Hero, well uhm, a hero.

Female lead character:
Both voiced by Ami Koshimizu. And the characters are non-human.
Spice And Wolf: Horo, a wolf harvest deity.
Maoyuu: Demon King, well uhm, a demon lord.

Her nickname:
Spice And Wolf: Horo calls herself The Wise Wolf.
Maoyuu: Demon King is known as Red Scholar when she disguises herself as a human noblewoman.

What’s on her head:
Spice And Wolf: Wolf ears.
Maoyuu: Demon horns.

Reason for contract:
The reason why they are travelling together, which is also basically the main plot setting of the series.
Spice And Wolf: Horo longs to return home to the North and strikes up a deal with Lawrence to take her there in exchange for teaching him the tricks of the trade.
Maoyuu: Demons and humans have been fighting each other for ages with both sides taking the loser as slaves. In order to end the meaningless war, Demon King proposes an alliance with Hero in hopes of bringing peace and prosperity to both sides in the long run.

Travelling mode:
Spice And Wolf: A wooden carriage.
Maoyuu: Hero has the ability to teleport anywhere.

Basic lessons learnt:
These are educational animes and you are bound to learn something if you pay attention.
Spice And Wolf: Basics of trade.
Maoyuu: Economics and to a certain extent, war strategies.

The corrupted:
It always happens in every era, everywhere. Basically, the antagonist.
Spice And Wolf: The church.
Maoyuu: Human merchants and demons who fund the war to keep it going. Also, the church…

Merchant trade group:
Spice And Wolf: Rowen Trading Guild.
Maoyuu: Economic Alliance of Merchants and Southern Independent Cities.

Food of the series:
Spice And Wolf: Apples – Horo’s favourite.
Maoyuu: Wheat – Basic staple food and also pseudo currency.

Possible love rival:
Spice And Wolf: Chloe for Lawrence but it ended once she aligned herself with the church. Also, Amarty for Horo.
Maoyuu: Knight for Hero. Merchant A for Demon King.

Fanservice scenes:
For the female lead character…
Spice And Wolf: There are scenes that Horo is in her birthday suit but this is debatable since wolves are meant to be naked and with all that fur covering the body, is this amounting to fanservice?
Maoyuu: Demon King’s humongous boobs.

Falling ill:
Spice And Wolf: Perhaps Horo ate and drank too much food and party too hard. Nothing like a good nutritious and balanced meal to recover, eh?
Maoyuu: Sister Maid and Little Maid came from a very poor and large family. Their poverty caused some of their siblings to die from malnutrition and disease. Also, smallpox was spreading but thanks to vaccines and antibodies, the spread is stemmed.

Desperate moments:
Spice And Wolf: Lawrence desperate for money goes around asking other merchants to lend some money only to be chased away (some even splashing water at his face).
Maoyuu: Sister Maid disguises herself as Demon King and to be arrested for being heretic. Her lashing out about life and what it means to be human has the common people to turn their backs on the authorities and save her from being executed.

Trading new currencies:
Spice And Wolf: Lawrence learnt that there is a plan to trade some old silver coin currencies to newer ones for a profit. But it is just a scheme as only the purity of the silver content in the coins declined.
Maoyuu: The Holy Capital issues a decree that new currencies will be issued and current ones declared as illegal. This means the Holy Capital stand to profit based on the difference in exchange rate.

The kiss:
The moment that we all have been waiting for.
Spice And Wolf: In the final episode of the second season, Lawrence finally confesses he loves Horo and kisses her.
Maoyuu: There are a couple of scenes Demon King wanted to kiss Hero because the mood was right or as some reward but was interrupted by something else. So close yet so far…

Episode titles:
Spice And Wolf: All of them follow this format of “Wolf and (insert whatever things here)”.
Maoyuu: They sound more like conversations or comments.

Number of episodes:
Spice And Wolf: 26 episodes split into 2 seasons of 13 episodes each. Note, an episode in the first season was unaired and was eventually made an OVA whereas another OVA was aired before the second season started.
Maoyuu: 1 season with only 12 episodes + 1 recap episode.

Studio production:
Spice And Wolf: Imagin for first season, Brain’s Base for second season.
Maoyuu: Arms.

Like I’ve said, it has been a long time that I don’t remember much. Just the bare basics. It is hard to say which one is better because both series give us educational knowledge about microeconomics as well as macroeconomics. They are both enlightening in their own ways. This is the only reason why you should watch these shows (and of course these are their strongest points too). Not because of the plot, the art, the characters (although Maoyuu seems to fare better on this aspect than Spice And Wolf) or even the so called hinting romance between the characters. They all pale in comparison to the trade and economic information. I am sure more people will be interested to learn such topics if they are presented this way. Anime, the new platform for learning world business and finance. Then naysayers can’t always blame anime is always porn.

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