Hataraku Maou-sama VS Yuushibu

August 1, 2015

Here is another versus blog that I wanted to do a long time ago but kept delaying it. I know. It’s that dreaded ‘P’ word again but let’s not talk about that, shall we? Now, for a long time we have always heard of this ‘pairing’ that is no other than a hero fighting the demon lord. If you watch these kind of shows, you’ll get the idea that the duo are ‘inseparable’. It’s like a cat-dog relationship. Maybe even worse. But what happens when one day they find themselves ‘out of a job’? I know it sounds out but I mean, you can’t always be that, right? Therefore it was a curious case between Hataraku Maou-sama (Hataraku) and Yuusha Ni Naranakatta Ore Wa Shibushibu Shuushoku Wo Ketsui Shimashita (Yuushibu). I suppose as long as you’re on Earth, you still have got to go through all those society crap. You still have to eat, right?

Official English title:
Hataraku: The Devil Is A Part Timer.
Yuushibu: I Couldn’t Become A Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided To Get A Job.

The working main character:
Hataraku: Satan AKA Sadao Maou, ex-demon king.
Yuushibu: Raul Chaser, ex-hero.

Employment location:
Hataraku: MgRonald, a fast food outlet.
Yuushibu: Leon, a magical appliances store. Hey, you have got to start small from somewhere. Don’t expect them to suddenly take up a managerial position of some super corporate, didn’t you?

Reason for working:
Hataraku: After barely escaping from a near defeat from the hands of the heroes, Maou needs to work his way back up to reclaim his throne one day.
Yuushibu: One day, there is an announcement made that the Demon King has been defeated, thus putting all heroes out of a job.

His powers:
Hataraku: As the Demon Lord, it is only obvious that he wields a range of super powers like teleportation, shape shifting, protective barrier, high speed regeneration and restoration, magic transfer, flying, and a whole lot of magic power that gives him increased speed and strength. You’re doomed when he is in this Incredible Hulk mode.
Yuushibu: The ability to channel his magic into his weapon to boost its power attack. Raul Slash is his signature and ultimate attack.

Hataraku: Unlike in the home world of Ente Isla, magic is not free flowing and very limited on Earth. It must be restored via other methods like absorbing emotions from other humans.
Yuushibu: Magic flows freely in this world and commonly used to power many appliances that run on them.

I guess when one side is out of a job, it also puts the other in the same shoes.
Hataraku: Emilia AKA Emi Yusa who is now working in some call centre.
Yuushibu: Fino Bloodstone, the Demon King’s daughter now working alongside Raul as his apprentice.

Store manager:
Hataraku: Mayumi Kisaki.
Yuushibu: Seara August.

Female colleague:
Hataraku: Chiho Sasaki.
Yuushibu: Nova Luminous, Lore Beliferal and Fino.

Those with him from the previous ‘employment’ and currently with him or in the same predicament.
Hataraku: Asiel AKA Shiro Ashiya, Maou’s ex-general is now his homemaker.
Yuushibu: Airi Ortinet, Raul’s ex-hero colleague is now working at a rival store.

Ex-colleague turned rogue:
They must have lost their path somehow.
Hataraku: Lucifer AKA Hanzou Urushihara.
Yuushibu: Blaze Dis and Klein Art.

Rival business:
Hataraku: Sentucky Fried Chicken (SFC) – Selling fried chickens of course.
Yuushibu: Amada – A giant magic appliances corporation with large market share and branches everywhere.

Infiltration mission:
The best way to understand the bigger rival is to visit the store itself, right?
Hataraku: Maou sends Ashiya to spy on SFC.
Yuushibu: Raul and Fino visit Amada to check out what they are offering.

Deadly Alliance:
Hataraku: Orba Meyer from the Church conspires with Lucifer to kill the hero so that the former can seize power while the latter return to Heaven.
Yuushibu: Raid Mirroring, a demon conspires with Blaze and Klein to revive the hero industry.

The city in danger:
Hataraku: Lucifer turning the city into a big battlefield during his fight with Maou as he feeds off the people’s negative emotions.
Yuushibu: An emergency is declared over the city since a volcano is in danger of erupting any time.

Mysterious person:
More than meets the eye…
Hataraku: Miki Shiba AKA Miki-T, Maou’s fat landlady. She seems to know what is going on and possibly more. (Later I found out she is a powerful Earth guardian).
Yuushibu: Lamdimia Do Aximemor AKA Lam whose family is believed to be a scion and famous in the demon world.

The girl next door:
Hataraku: Suzuno Kamazuki – A girl in kimono living next door to Maou who is actually part of the Inquisition whose original mission was to kill him.
Yuushibu: Elza Crucial and Lam – Girls who work in a convenience store, Lawson next door.

Potential romance:
Even guys like them can get the chicks…
Hataraku: Obviously Chiho has a crush on Maou and despite Emi has been constantly reminding us she isn’t in love with this guy, her constant stalking and tsundere attitude is hardly convincing.
Yuushibu: More obvious for Elza since she did confess (although not in Raul’s face) and not so obvious for Fino since there are a few hinting scenes for speculation. And of course, Airi the tsundere. Enough said.

The date:
Hataraku: Maou and Chiho in Shinjuku. She talks to him about the strange voices she hears in her head.
Yuushibu: Raul and Fino play the part as part of their mission infiltrating Amada.

Hataraku: Sariel the archangel kidnaps Emilia to extract her sword, Better Half.
Yuushibu: Raid kidnaps Fino and wants her to wake up to her Demon King role using the Bloodstone of Control amulet.

Emotionless girl:
Hataraku: Suzuno.
Yuushibu: Lore.

Hataraku: Maou has been promoted to shift supervisor and subsequently shift manager.
Yuushibu: Amada employs idol group Sphere to promote their newly opened store in addition to other low price promotions. Also, when Airi becomes a new employee at Leon, Seara is promoted to be her senior.

The otaku:
Hataraku: Urushihara after being defeated by Maou, he becomes a NEET only facing his laptop in Maou’s apartment.
Yuushibu: A group of otaku nerds are seen stampeding into Leon to buy leftover or old stuffs that they have.

Bald guy:
Hataraku: Orba.
Yuushibu: There is a perverted old customer who is fond of harassing Nova’s butt that looked like Patrick Stewart!

Unusual weapon wielder:
Hataraku: Suzuno uses a giant hammer that she keeps hidden in her hair clip.
Yuushibu: Raul uses a ruler. Don’t ask.

Money woes:
Hataraku: Being a part timer at a fast food chain isn’t exactly the highest paying job so they have to be freaking frugal and save a lot while eking out a living and make do with what they have in their poor life.
Yuushibu: Raul who has to eat the same food every day. I understand Fino wants to spend her pay to buy stuffs to make people happy. But how is she going to survive for the rest of the month if she uses them all up on mail order products? Hasn’t she heard? You can’t buy happiness with money. Also, Airi ended up in Amada because she needed the money badly and thus the reason she is putting up with its job requirements she hates.

Buying spree:
Hataraku: Fino spending her paycheque on lots of useless stuffs. And possibly much later when she earns enough, Elza’s dream to buy all the items at Leon in the catalogue she has.
Yuushibu: Urushihara ends up buying so many useless stuffs over the internet that could hardly fit into Maou’s home.

Sick food:
Not for those with a weak stomach…
Hataraku: Suzuno’s poison food laced with magic literally floored and weakened Ashiya for many episodes.
Yuushibu: During Fino’s stint at Lawson, she tries to make their oden by mixing in everything! Ironically it tastes good!

Lending a hand:
Nothing like helping out others temporarily when they are short of hands.
Hataraku: Kisaki assigns Maou to work at MgRonald branch at Fushima amusement park.
Yuushibu: Elza requests for extra help at Lawson and turns down eager beaver Seara for Fino.

Customer service:
It is always the small extra services that put a smile on the customers and make them come back for more.
Hataraku: A familiar customer drops and delivers a free Tanabata plant as gratitude for some volunteer work they did. This results in customers streaming into their outlet after the plant is decorated.
Yuushibu: When a grandma and her son erred in double booking of an air-conditioning unit, they go for Amada’s cheaper price. However it is Leon’s employees that help solve their magic meter problem for free. The biggest reward for Leon could have is that the family doesn’t mind paying high cancellation fees to Amada because they would love to shop at Leon in the future. Later, an article written on them about their hard work and honesty helped increase their reputation.

Hataraku: Low fanservice level. The most we get are uninspiring bath scenes from Emi and that amusement park scene for swimsuit fanservice.
Yuushibu: High fanservice level with Airi being the main offender because it is like her role to be stripped and her armour that makes her look more like a slut. Then there’s the swimsuit scene of the staffs selling and promoting in their bikinis, the hotspring and even a seemingly tentacle rape spectacle.

Brand names spoof:
To avoid being sued of course.
Hataraku: Not many of them. Examples: Papasonic (Panasonic), Amada (Yamada Denki).
Yuushibu: Lots of them. Examples: Holy Potter: Blood of a Sorcerer and a Dragon (Harry Potter series), Pasta Vita (PS Vita), Unislo (Uniqlo), Docodemo (DoCoMo), Moonbucks (Starbucks).

Naming of episode titles:
Hataraku: Based on what the demon or hero (or both) is/are doing.
Yuushibu: Based on what the Demon King’s daughter is doing or what the hero (or somebody) couldn’t do and thus decided to do something else instead.

Number of episodes:
No second season?
Hataraku: 13 episodes.
Yuushibu: 12 episodes + 1 OVA.

Studio Production:
Hataraku: White Fox.
Yuushibu: Asread.

The basic moral of both series is that you don’t need to be big and famous to pull off the very basic thing in sales and services to make your customers happy. A polite service with a smile always beat any price cuts any time. As for which anime is better, I can’t really say since both have its strong and weak points. Because if you want something with lots of fanservice, then you go for Yuushibu. Hataraku has more decent action, though. When it comes down to it, even both sides of the divide can put aside their differences and work together for the greater good. It’s all about the money, eh? It’s all about the dum-dum… The cha-ching cha-ching… The ba-bling ba-bling… It goes to show that one can never be too complacent with your current job. There is no harm in starting small and working yourself up. It just takes time. I wonder if one day otakus will go out of a job too if that’s the case. How ironic that would be.

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