Shining Hearts: Shiawase No Pan Specials

August 7, 2015

Yum! Yum! Apparently I thought it was over but since I recently only found out there were short specials of Shining Hearts: Shiawase No Pan, it serves as the perfect moment to remember those nostalgic bread moments. Mmm… Those delicious and tasty breads… Oh darn. Thinking all that bread is making me hungry. Maybe I should prepare a light snack while catching the 6 specials lasting 2-3 minutes each.

Special 1
Rick and the girls are at the beach. Airy is worried that God will be mad at her for showing some skin as she dons her swimsuit. By the way, she already put it on. Too late to retract your statements. Hope your God loves sexy babes in swimsuits. Meanwhile the rest notices Amil not in her swimsuit. So they ‘strip’ her to reveal the one she wearing underneath. After a hard day of playing at the beach, the girls head home but they think they have forgotten something. Maybe not. Poor Rick still buried in the sand. The tides are coming in and weird people are starting to think he is some sort of merman!

Special 2
You know Rick’s bread is so good when you can’t stop eating them. But there’s a limit to it. Notice something different about Airy? Oh my… SHE’S FAT!!!!!!!!! Amil and Neris help her to slim down but I don’t think jogging and cutting down her portions are going to do any good. So they go see Alvin for help. Uhm… Isn’t he fat too? Anyway he suggests sauna so the girls alternate between the hot and cold sauna till Airy gets back her sexy slim figure. Hooray! Rick has baked lots of new bread. Oh God… No… AIRY!!!!!!! TOO GOOD TO RESIST!!!

Special 3
Melty is thinking what kind of sweets to make for the Le Coeur girls. She thinks she knows what they like but she is basing that on the clothes they wear. Judging a book by its cover? So she mixes several ingredients together. And then a handful of non-edible ones into the mix. Oh God. Is she serious? Her little devil familiar, Sorbet has to test eat them, you know? The verdict? I think that vomiting scream is enough to tell us.

Special 4
Rufina is running a confession stand. Amil goes first as she confesses she has become a bit lazy ever since Rick came. Time to repent. Water splashes down on her. Next is Neris who believes that it is because of her charming face that is making the store popular. Time to repent. Water splashes down on her. Airy talks about organizing such things herself and despite trying to praise Rufina, it sounded like she’s saying bad about her as well. She got a basin dropped on her head for repentance. Finally Rick confesses and apologizes as he thought Ragnas was an impulsive prince at first. Ragnas sings him a song for his honesty. I guess it’s so boring that Rick fell asleep. Guess what? I guess now it is punishment time. 98 more songs to go… Oh God… Please forgive me!

Special 5
Xiao Mei’s room is filled to the brim. At this rate there won’t be enough room for all her antiques. She clears them out by holding a clearance sale. This means our Le Coeur girls are eager to get some stuffs they want at a bargain and Xiao Mei easily recommends and sells it to them. When Rick spots an odd item, Xiao Mei accidentally reveals it is a unicorn’s horn. This startles the girls since the unicorn’s horn is supposed to be confiscated by the kingdom. She tries to change the story that they heard wrong and when the girls seek Rick to vouch for them, he tells them he heard unikonbu no sunomono (pickled sea urchin and kelp). The girls are relieved and leave. Xiao Mei is grateful for Rick’s help and wants to kiss his cheek as reward. However he turns her down that he doesn’t need it. She turns into a mad cat and kicks him away! And he had no clue what he had done!

Special 6
Rick is reminiscing his time ever since coming to this island. Well, they’re just clips from the past specials. Yeah, so he is thankful and grateful. He’s happy as can be. Blah, blah, blah. We get it. Our Le Coeur girls also have a reason to be thankful for him and bake him a little bread. And of course, not forgetting the viewers for watching till the end.

The Bread And Butter Of Happiness
Hmm… Okay… It is just sad that I didn’t get to taste any bread! Damn it my mouth is still watering as I am typing this. I know. You’re going to tell me to go to the store and buy some, right? Anyway, I guess the specials are a nice way to end the series seeing it ended a couple of years before and I’m just late in watching the specials. Lots of nostalgia factor nevertheless. With the characters mainly in chibi form, sometimes they turn into their normal/bishoujo form for ‘fanservice’ scenes (albeit it is very minimal). So much so I thought they should have renamed this special as Shiawase Nopan or Shiawase No Pantsu!!! HAHAHA!!! Holy cow. I don’t think I would ever stop drooling if they put in such fanservice and bread. So delicious that I want to eat them all!!!! YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Uhm… They don’t make those PAN-tsu no pan, do they? Heh…

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