Akame Ga Kill

August 9, 2015

What happens when the system becomes so corrupted that the people who are supposed to protect you are the ones that you fear of? More importantly, who will be there to judge them and bring the hammer of justice on them? Why, you use assassins! Isn’t it no different from being a villain, you ask? Something like Robin Hood who steals from the rich and gives to the poor. Because a thief with a cause is still a thief no matter the reason. As in the same case of Akame Ga Kill. I suppose everybody is so corrupted that you need assassins to do the dirty job done. Hey, somebody needs to do it. Somebody needs to die for their crimes. So when a young boy from the countryside comes to the capitol with dreams of making a living to save his poor village, all that comes crashing down when he finds out about the deep corruption that is plaguing the country inside out. He’s no saint but I suppose he has his conscious clear in not making dirty money. Dirty hands okay. Not dirty money. Where’s the justice in that?

Episode 1
Tatsumi impressively kills a Danger Beast singlehandedly. Boasting to the guards that he plans to make it big by joining the army at the imperial capital, they warn him of even more dangerous ‘beasts’ there: Humans. As narrated, the imperial capital which has prospered for a thousand years is now on the decline. Corruption is rife and the poor are marginalized. Such evils that cannot be judged by the heavens are dealt with in the darkness by those who are known as assassins. Tatsumi hits a dead end when he goes to the recruiting office. He gets kicked out for expecting too much. Busty girl, Leone claims she knows a few connections that will get him into the military. Tatsumi gives all his cash as instructed. This should be a ‘valuable lesson’… He waits for her to return but never did. Till the bartender had to tell him it is closing time and he has been conned. Well, he only has himself to blame for being too trusting. Nowhere to go, he sleeps out in the streets but a kind rich girl, Aria picks him up. Although he is already learning to be sceptical, but what else has he got to lose? He is taken in by Aria’s family as he explains his goal coming here. Apparently he didn’t come here alone but with friends, Ieyasu and Sayo. However they got separated during an ambush. They are confident he will see them again. Tatsumi accompanies Aria shopping the next day. More like her lackey to carry all the shopping bags! Rich people… Tatsumi learns from one of the guards that the emperor of the imperial capital is only a child. However he is only a puppet as the one pulling the strings is the prime minister, Honest (don’t be fooled by his name). He is the reason why this country is rotting. There are posters of members of an assassin group called Night Raid. They target high ranking executives and the capital’s upper class. As their name suggests, they attack at night.

That night, Aria’s mother got beheaded by a Night Raid member, Sheele. The alarm is sound and Tatsumi sees Night Raid outside the mansion. All the other guards got easily killed. Leone kills Aria’s father and does not even intend to listen to his plea to spare his daughter. A guard takes Aria to a warehouse, supposedly the safest place. Akame is here to kill them. Tatsumi is scared but tries his best to defend Aria. To his surprise, Akame skips him as he is not the target and kills the guard. Because Tatsumi will still defend her, Akame will kill him. She won’t get to do it because Leone pulls her back. Also, his village charm protected him when Akame’s sword pierced his heart. Tatsumi has a score to settle with Leone but she shows him the warehouse to change his mind. Inside, lots of tortured and dead people! The owners take in people from the outskirts and toy with them till they die. Hey look. Ieyasu and Sayo are unfortunately part of it! Sayo feigns she doesn’t know until Ieyasu who is barely alive blurts out everything. This causes Sayo to rage rant about their different status and her jealousy over Sayo’s beautiful hair. Without hesitation, Tatsumi cuts her down! Before Ieyasu’s last breath, he tells Tatsumi that Sayo never gave in. He too won’t… Since they can’t leave Tatsumi around after knowing their identity, they recruit him as a member. Tatsumi has no say…

Theatre 1: Short web clips lasting around a minute of random nonsense from the characters of the series. After Tatsumi puts up a tomb for Ieyasu and Sayo, he is furious of Leone’s swindling so she thought she could get away by letting him sleep in her boobs. But the other girls aren’t impressed and got the wrong idea of what he is doing. Dead meat…

Episode 2
Back at their base, Leone introduces him to the rest of the other members of Night Raid. Some aren’t too happy in accepting him like Mine the sniper and Sheele. Some easily accept him like Bulat (because perhaps he is gay!) and the perverted Lubbock. And finally there is Akame who is just a bundle of mystery. Their leader is Najenda and she wants their report of their recent mission. She offers Tatsumi to join them but he is still in a dilemma over his mission to join the imperial capital. Bulat was once from the imperial capital’s military. He thinks it is better to eliminate evil rather than working for the corrupt. But will killing all the baddies change the world? Najenda explains of the Revolutionary Army that is the main group against the imperial capital. Due to their sheer size, they need a smaller group to carry out covert operations. Night Raid is that small group. Tatsumi gets his hopes up thinking they kill in the name of justice but the rest laugh at it because no matter what, they are still committing murder. There is no justice in that. To start Tatsumi’s training, he is put under the care of Akame. Well, cooking and getting its ingredients can be a form of training. Leone gets a requested from a woman of a village who is terrorized by the merchant Gamal and Ogre the swordsman. They even framed people and execute them to cover up their corrupted ways. Tatsumi wants to finish those guys now but they caution him of talking big. Despite he made his first kill, that was out of hatred. Is he saying he can kill any time without hesitation? Akame warns him that his arrogance will cause his death. Leone and Akame easily take out Gamal while Tatsumi goes up to Ogre under pretence of wanting to join his army. Just when he thinks Ogre’s guard is lowered, Tatsumi strikes. But Ogre also could tell he is bluffing although he gets a big cut across his stomach. That scratch won’t be enough to kill him. Ogre continues belittling him and how he is superior to others. When he blurts out his future plan of framing others and the likes, this riles up Tatsumi about such selfish people. In his rage, Tatsumi kills Ogre. He vows to eradicate the world of such people. When Tatsumi returns to report his success, Akame suddenly strips him! She checks his body to look for wounds and is glad he doesn’t have any. A friend of hers died because he was too proud to report his wounds. Akame passes him. Tatsumi learns that she was hard on him during his training was because she doesn’t want him to die. But that is not the end of his training yet. Because Najenda assigns him to Mine next.

Theatre 2: Leone’s cooking looks horrible. Is this even edible? Well, Akame gives the thumbs up! Leone even saved his portion. Here goes… Hey! It isn’t that bad after all! And what do you know? He sees his dead body on the floor. You don’t even know you’re a ghost now…

Episode 3
Some bandit group has discovered Night Raid’s base. Everyone engages the enemy and eliminate them without hesitation. No mercy. Not even if you’re a girl. As Tatsumi waits for Mine, she still isn’t here and is told to go wake her up. Apparently he didn’t know about knocking so he enters her room to see her changing… Is it no surprise she wants to blast a hole through him. Too bad for the wall… Tatsumi becomes Mine’s lackey as they go around the capital (her face is not on the wanted posters like Akame, Najenda, Sheele and Bulat). She shows him the harsh reality where people have this sad looks on their face. They also stop a couple of punks harassing a little girl. Mine doesn’t want her thanks and tells her to learn to protect herself. So what it seems like a date outing between them before Mine reminds him she is the boss. She is on top and he is below. I hope there aren’t any sexual innuendoes here. They see a public execution of people being crucified. It is believed the current cabinet minister did this and without remorse. Meanwhile, a minister under the emperor, Shoui is sentenced to death for speaking out against his policies. He tries to warn the emperor that he is being deceived by Honest but since the kid views he is never wrong, that is the end of him. Najenda tells her team of a new mission to assassinate Iokal, a distant relative of Honest. He kidnaps women and beats them to death. Tatsumi wonders if Mine can hit her target because Iokal has a large entourage surrounding him. She might hit innocent people. Don’t be such a pessimist. Mine isn’t a genius sniper for nothing. A shot directly into his head from a distance. The guards go in search of the assassins. Mine takes this chance to tell Tatsumi about her past. Since she is half foreigner, people used to bully her. It was a tragic childhood. Because the Revolutionary Army is allies with the western foreigners, once they take over and open up the borders, others won’t go through like what she did. Also, she’ll get rich and live the luxury life while at it. Akame and the rest take out the guards but realize one is missing. That one almost kills Mine but Tatsumi was fast enough to save her. He holds him down and believes in her genius sniping to take him out. And no, not because he wants to die for her. Mine puts a hold in his chest but this has Tatsumi furious because that shot glided over his hair and is disappointed she isn’t genius sniper like he thought. They quarrel but the rest are glad they are safe and are getting along well.

Theatre 3: Leone is furious that they are having hotspring fanservice in this section. How can you call it fanservice when everyone is in chibi form? How is this appealing? Here is a realistic Bulat in his naked form… Okay! Enough of that! Leone tries to bounce her boobs to get us stimulated. Lubbock got baited by the temptation and is kicked away into the mouth of a Danger Beast.

Episode 4
Zank the Beheader is back and beheading random people at night. He was the imperial’s execution head and used to behead people. It became a habit that he started killing others to satisfy his urge. He disappeared when a punitive squad was formed but is now back. However he is an Imperial Arms user. As Najenda explains to Tatsumi, a thousand years ago the king was worried about his legacy so he created 48 weapons from Danger Beasts and rare metals. All retainers received them and made them very powerful. But a civil war 500 years made scattered some of them throughout the land. She explains each one of the Night Raid members’ Imperial Arms and its abilities. Thanks to the immense power of these Imperials Arms, when both users clash, it will result in one of them dying. As Night Raid goes out to hunt Zank, Tatsumi goes take a piss but sees Sayo. He follows her and cannot believe she is alive. It turns out to be an illusion from Zank. One of his Imperial Arms’ ability is to read the thoughts of others. Whatever Tatsumi does, Zank is always a step ahead. He knows what he is going to do even if it is just a bluff. Tatsumi’s bravery could only get him so far but thankfully he didn’t get beheaded. Because now it is time for Akame to jump in and take over. Zank can also read her thoughts and even if she blanks her mind, Zank can still read her muscle movements. He goes on ranting the voices he hears in his head of those he executed, telling him to join them in hell. However Akame heard no such voices. He is disappointed and thought they could relate. He then reads her heart and puts up an illusion of the person she loves most, Kurome. Thinking she will not be able to strike the person she loves, to his surprise she did just that. How come? She loves her enough to kill her! Zank realizes his blades are breaking and needs to end this quickly. But Akame is faster and after they shatter, she cuts his throat. The voices in his head stop and he couldn’t be more grateful to her. Tatsumi wonders who she saw but she will only tell him when the time is right. She lets him know that everyone in Night Raid is important to her. Including him.

Theatre 4: Lubbock hosts a TV shopping channel trying to sell Murasame, Akame’s sword. He will only sell this free to women provided if they give their photo, 3 sizes and contact number. Mine shoots him.

Episode 5
Tatsumi dreams that Sayo and Ieyasu are saying goodbye forever. Today he will be under Sheele. But can she be reliable as she is blind as a bat without her glasses. Not only that, Sheele reveals she is clumsy and a klutz in normal chores. Her flashback reveals she was never good at anything and often ridiculed. But she had a friend who never belittled her. One day, her ex-boyfriend high on drugs resented her for leaving him and strangled her. Without hesitation, Sheele takes the knife and slit his throat. Her mind was calm but her friend was obviously shaken. That was the last time she saw her. A few days later, that guy’s men came for revenge and killed her parents. Again, Sheele was calm and killed them all. She realized that she is good in taking out trash and it was something she could do. She was a freelance assassin before joining the Revolutionary Army. Najenda gives Tatsumi Zank’s Imperial Arms. He uses one of its abilities to see through clothes! Wow! However he loses strength and it is a sign it rejected him. Najenda will hand it over to the Revolutionary Army to research it further. Tatsumi is given a book on the Imperial Arms and told to learn as many as he can since it is part of their job as Night Raid to collect them. Asking for the strongest Imperial Arms, Najenda personally feels it is the one that controls ice. Numa Seika is the hero of the northern race and wields it. They are a threat to the imperial capital and as they speak, an army has been arranged to subdue it.

Tatsumi is excited because he believes that one of them may have the ability to resurrect his friends. However they dash his dreams because in the end you only have one life. The king is proof of this when he created Imperial Arms to leave behind a legacy. They warn Tatsumi to give up on this or it will hold him back and kill him. Tatsumi is disappointed so Sheele allows him to cry in her arms. She’ll keep this a secret. Meanwhile General Esdeath has subdued the northern race and even turned Numa into a naked obedient dog licking her feet! She feels disappointed there is nobody stronger. News that several generals have defected to the Revolutionary Army. The emperor calls for calm since it will be easier to attack them all once they’re gathered. Of course for Honest, the bigger problem is traitors closer to them because his close aides, relatives and even Zank have been killed. He suggests recalling Esdeath to return and eliminate the traitors. Tatsumi follows Leone to town. Because a group of people want her to pay her tabs, they run and this causes them to be separated. Tatsumi meets Seryu Ubiquitous of the imperial police. He notices her strange dog, Koro but she explains that it is an Imperial Arms that somehow only she is compatible with. Don’t worry, it won’t attack those who are good. They part ways after leading him back to the main road. Seems Seryu is a disciple under Ogre and she wants revenge on Night Raid for killing him. She has a strong sense of justice and wants to rid evil but that evil has killed her master. She’ll never forgive Night Raid.

Theatre 5: Sheele loses her glasses (again) and wants Leone to help pick one from her spare box. She has got so many so does it matter? Well, different glasses design give about different character… Unknown to Leone, there is a pair of glasses caught underneath her boobs and a ghost hand is going to retrieve it…

Episode 6
Leone and Tatsumi are in a red light district. But it’s to have fun. They’re going to kill those drug dealers who have been drugging prostitutes and make them continue to work for them. Those who are broken and addicted too much will be disposed and replaced. And indeed it is a bloody affair with their torsos split in half. Mission accomplished. Though it is not their responsibility to look after the prostitutes, Leone knows a doctor from the slums who can treat them. Mine and Sheele are done in their mission killing another drug dealer. However they are ambushed by Seryu. She is glad to have finally meet Night Raid and is going to serve them absolute justice. Her obsession in this might have just made her face broken… She’s really bent on getting her revenge. With Koro as her absolute offence and defence, it seems it can regenerate no matter what damage taken. As it is a biological type Imperial Arms, as long they don’t destroy the core, it will regenerate. Sheele tries to kill Seryu. To avoid a fatal blow, Seryu sacrifices her arms. Although she has modified body parts as weapons, Sheele is able to avoid. Seryu uses her last resort to turn Koro into a monster dog and crush Mine. Sheele cuts off its arms to save her. However Sheele got shot by a hidden gun inside Seryu’s mouth. She gets devoured by Koro. Holy cow! She died?! Sheele makes one last move to allow Mine to escape as imperial police reinforcements have arrived. And when you’re at the last leg of your life, you see all the happy times, right? Indeed, those were happy times in Night Raid. It is where she belongs. In the aftermath, Seryu continues to be broken and happy she has defeated one of the evils. Mine breaks the sad news to everyone. Shock. Despair. Anger. Tatsumi wants to know who did this and get revenge. However he gets punched by Bulat for being disgraceful. Running in without a plan will hasten his death. Everyone knew what they were up to when they joined Night Raid. Even him. Najenda views Sheele’s death not in vain because now the capital should understand it takes Imperial Arms users to fight one. This means more chances to fight and collect them.

Theatre 6: Esdeath is not amused how her men torture others. She solves it all by freezing everything. Everyone is enlightened by her sadistic soul. WTF.

Episode 7
Esdeath has returned from her conquest as the emperor rewards her with gold. He wants to give her more so is there anything specific she wants? She wants to fall in love. Did I just hear that right?! However she is a picky person and will have a list of the kind of person she wants to fall in love with up. Tatsumi sees Akame holding a snack. It is supposed to be Sheele’s favourite. Her name probably won’t be written in the Revolutionary Army’s records so she’ll do as much as she can to remember her as she is the kindest of the lot. Tatsumi is impressed she is this calm but that is when she loses it and snaps back at him. Of course she is in pain. It is unbearable. She has to act calm because it will affect their next mission. Tatsumi is shock to see this reaction. He realizes being miserable won’t bring her back. He needs to move forward. And by that he means punching his own face? So he trains hard under Akame and Bulat to be stronger. Elsewhere, a politician visits a poor country and intends to go against Honest. However his convoy is confronted by Esdeath’s loyal subordinates, Daidara, Liver and Nyau who are known collectively as The Three Beasts. They killed everybody! Then they scatter posters of Night Raid around. Najenda reveals the bad news that Esdeath is back and wants Leone to go the capital and observe her. Also, there has been a spate of murders of politicians opposing Honest and it seems posters of Night Raid were found at the scene. This is a blatant attempt to frame them and Esdeath’s subordinates are believed to be doing this to lure them into a trap. Of course they can’t sit back and let their name be sullied.

Since there are 2 potential politicians targeted, the team is split to Akame-Lubbock and Tatsumi-Bulat. The former team has no suspicious movement on their part so which means the latter’s team might run into trouble. On this extravagant Chinese ship, Bulat explains this Imperial Arms armour, Incursio he is using is like a partner. He used it to fight in the south. A general he admired got dismissed. Although he did nothing wrong, he went to the capital to defend himself albeit it all fall on deaf ears. Bulat was made the scapegoat but he escaped. Leone knows it is tempting to strike Esdeath who is alone. However she knows it is a trap and could feel her evil aura. She feels scared and follows her guts to retreat. Good move because Esdeath was waiting for that chance. Tatsumi suddenly feels weak after hearing the sound of the flute (played by Nyau). Everyone else collapses but as he heads outside, he is confronted with Daidara who fights to gain experience so he can be stronger. Tatsumi almost falls for his boomerang axe bait when Bulat beats him up for that. Is this time to joke? Anyway Bulat wounded himself to avoid the flute’s hypnotism. As they attack, Liver and Nyau also simultaneously attack. However all in that single moment, Bulat kicks the old guy and vampire kid away and slices Daidara in half! So awesome that Tatsumi is just dumbfounded. Then he realizes who Liver is. Isn’t that his ex-general? Why am I not surprised?

Theatre 7: Tatsumi and Bulat are exploring the Chinese ship but Bulat is more interested in looking at his ass… The attacks by The Three Beasts narrowly misses Tatsumi but Bulat dismisses them as some sort of performance.

Episode 8
Liver swore his loyalty to Esdeath since she saved him. While the power battle between Bulat and Liver rages on, Tatsumi takes on Nyau. Liver’s ultimate move isn’t enough to kill Bulat and could have been done for had not Nyau intervened. What happened to Tatsumi? That wuss lost. He is still alive, though. But Bulat is impressed since he can hold his own against an Imperial Arms user. With Liver and Bulat using up their energy and can’t use their Imperial Arms, Liver wants Bulat to join Esdeath. He refuses because Bulat considers himself defender of the people. Working for Esdeath means working alongside Honest. Since it’s come to that, Liver injects some vile into his own neck and they continue their power punches. They don’t look injured to be this fast, do they? When Liver uses his ultimate blood squirting technique, Bulat could sense something is wrong and took evasive action although he still got hit by some. His blood contains poison from that vile and Liver laments this last ditch technique didn’t work. Liver’s final words are the reasons he joined Esdeath because he idolized her, the way she expunged his fears and insecurities. Bulat is weakening from the poison but it’s not over yet since Nyau plays his flute to turn his skinny self into a macho dude. I don’t know, he looks funny like this. Bulat lends Tatsumi his Incursio to fight but Nyau plays it down that anybody random holding an Imperial Arms will die and wouldn’t risk it. Bulat punches Tatsumi for listening to the enemy. Remember his training. He is more qualified to use it. So when Tatsumi uses it, it seems Incursio that was made by some super Danger Beast starts evolving itself to fit him. Nyau thought of striking first but Tatsumi’s single power punch sends his body splattered all bloodily over the wall. Bulat is glad he is already this strong and will surpass him. He closes his eyes as Tatsumi apologizes for doing stupid things to earn his punch. He promises to grow stronger and learn how to use it. So it’s okay if he cries all his heart out now. Meanwhile Kurome sitting on a pile of corpses is eating her snacks. She receives word to return to the capital because she has been chosen as one of the 6 to form a new organization.

Theatre 8: In this twisted folktale version of Momotarou whereby Esdeath is the titular character, she owns and dominates everybody! Nobody can rule over her! When Honest opens one of the boxes from spoils of her victory, it contains lots of glasses.

Episode 9
Mine is now well and wants to help train. But she’s too late because the girls are already helping the guys train especially with Tatsumi who is determined to train and become stronger. Najenda is going to the Revolutionary Army’s base to return Imperial Arms for research and also to find new recruits. Tatsumi apologizes for being weak as Bulat’s death but Najenda wants him to be proud because he survived the onslaught of the Three Beasts. In the mean time, Akame is to take charge. Wave makes his debut at the capital and is full of confidence although everyone around sees him as some country bumpkin. In the conference room, his confidence takes a dip when he sees a weirdo sitting there. Is Bols a masked wrestler? Awfully quiet and sitting there staring at him. Oh sh*t… Kurome comes in next and Wave thinks she is normal. She won’t let him have her snacks. Not normal. Is lively Seryu normal? She’s scattering a rose path for Dr Stylish who claims he is a man of etiquette. Oh, he might be gay because he hints he likes Wave. Wave is already giving up by the time Run enters but surprisingly this pretty boy is normal! Thank goodness! Even more shocking is that Bols serve them tea and admits he is a shy person although he is from the incineration squad. Esdeath comes in wearing a mask and immediately attacks them. Nobody is able to stand up to them till Kurome cuts her mask with her Imperial Arms sword, Yatsufusa. Everyone recognizes her. She calls their new group Jaegars as they will be a special police force hunting down traitors. Noting that there is a spare Imperial Arms (Sheele’s scissors), she decides to put it to the test or else Honest will claim it if nobody does.

Now that Mine’s face is up in the wanted posters, only Tatsumi, Lubbock and Leone can run free within the capital. Learning about the formation of Jaegars, Tatsumi wonders how powerful Esdeath is. They explain an expedition to the south to eliminate some tribe who opposed them. The capital thought it was easy victory but the land was too intense to make headway and the tribes attack at every opportunity. Till Esdeath was sent. Najenda was also part of her group. With Esdeath running amok, she even insulted the tribesmen by not killing them and letting some live. Because she wants them to get stronger and kill her. Najenda had her conscious and felt she can’t be among these people who enjoy such savagery. Esdeath intends to have more rebellions and prolong the war she enjoys so much. Besides, there is a martial arts tournament organized by her. Meanwhile the emperor and Honest are going through Esdeath’s strict list for the person she wants to love. I don’t think many will pass the first requirement. Esdeath is bored during the tournament. Everyone is too boring. Till the last match that pits Tatsumi and some bull guy. After what he has gone through, this is nothing as Tatsumi easily subdues him without much effort. At that moment, Esdeath is attracted to him, especially with that sweet smile (one of her requirements). She goes down to meet him personally and is going to hand him the prize. She puts a collar and leash on his neck, claiming that she belongs to him now and knocks him out to take him to her room! Lubbock and Leone are shock and report back to Akame. They aren’t sure if Esdeath has found out he is part of Night Raid. But for now they have to move their base further into the mountains. They can’t rush in to save him and need a plan.

Theatre 9: Honest is running an interview for the Jaeger recruits. However all of them are so weird that it scares him off. Finally when Run comes, he is disappointed this pretty boy is male. Not a single one who is normal…

Episode 10
Tatsumi is not only Esdeath’s lover but Jaeger’s reserve member. He is taken to see Jaegers in action and they’re pretty brutal in their methods, slaughtering all the resistance fighters. Since Esdeath wants to personally train him, he thinks she has a soft side and wants to convince her tonight. He didn’t expect to end up in her bed… After getting Esdeath to assure she loves him (that kiss says it all?), he asks that he is unhappy with the current situation in the capital. He is thinking of joining the resistance army when Esdeath slaps him. She assures she will always protect him, including his family as well as her promise to not take on any other lover. However she cannot understand the feelings of the weak and believes in the survival of the fittest principal. Tatsumi tells her she should change her outlook if she loves him but on the contrary she says it is he who will change. He excuses himself to go take a shower but is warned not to escape or she’ll kill him. She remembers introducing Tatsumi to Jaegers and asked if the rest has a significant other. Surprisingly Bols is married as he gives her advice never to give up, etc. She’s taking those notes down seriously. Tatsumi learns that Kurome is Akame’s sister and the reason she wants to meet her is so that she could kill her. As part of Esdeath’s plan to impress Tatsumi, she is going to hunt Danger Beasts in the mountains. She splits the team with herself pairing with Kurome and Tatsumi with Wave.

Tatsumi and Wave are attacked by some tree Danger Beasts. Although the menace is quelled, Tatsumi uses this chance to escape in Incursio. Wave realizes Esdeath will kill him for this so he too dons his Imperials Arms armour and goes in search of him. When the armoured guys come into contact, Wave believes this guy is a Night Raid member, not knowing Tatsumi is underneath it. Wave calls Night Raid evil and Tatsumi is upset, tempted to fight back but he needs to remain cool and escape. Tatsumi takes a blow in his stomach. Wave thought he escaped down the river but Tatsumi was just being invisible where he is. His armour wears out and just his bad luck that a Danger Beast is going to eat him. Akame cuts it down and Akame is glad to have him back. Wave is punished for not only having Tatsumi go missing but a Night Raid member escape as well. She gives him one more chance and if he fails again, she will administer the punishment herself. Run wonders what will she do if Tatsumi becomes their enemy. Even now, she is still in love with him. She believes he is strong enough to survive and will meet again. Then, he will not resist her feelings. Tatsumi reports back Jaeger’s strength to his comrades. Akame now knows Kurome is there. When Akame fled the capital, she wanted her sister to come along but she chose to stay. In her eyes, Akame is a traitor. As for Esdeath, although she is on a different level, Akame believes she still has a weakness. As long as she has a heart that beats, she will take her down. Meanwhile Dr Stylish who has suspected Tatsumi from the start has his army of enhanced humans trace his steps back to Night Raid’s base.

Theatre 10: A commercial on the promotion of Incursio toy… Najenda seems to be replaying it so Leone believes she really wants it in which she admits. Little did she know that Leone bought it in advance and is hiding it in her under boob.

Episode 11
I guess Tatsumi’s homecoming party was too much that everyone passed out. Leone tried to wash her face at the pool but a guy stabs her knife in the face! Dr Stylish’s S&M foot soldiers begin their full assault with Akame taking on Toby who has blades and guns in almost every part of his body. With a little help from Lubbock, they win of course. Tatsumi fights Kaku but what makes him angry is the fact Kaku is in possession of Sheele’s scissors. Not as angry as Mine, thought. Kaku thought he could withstand her blast. He thought wrong. Bye-bye big guy. Mine is happy to have the scissors back in possession. The guy who killed Leone is aiming for Mine but Leone beats him up. He thought his hidden knives could take her out but she grabs them by her teeth! That is how she survived the surprise attack. Now he’s a goner. Dr Stylish is losing men and foot soldiers fast but he is not worried as he has many human experiments as soldiers. Besides, he is here to test out the compatibility of Imperial Arms and collect data. Najenda returns by riding a tamed manta ray Danger Beast and she has brought back a couple of new recruits. As Night Raid reunites, all members go paralyze due to Dr Stylish’s poison in the wind except Tatsumi (because he is wearing Incursio). It is time for newbie, Susanoo to do his job. With a club with spinning blades, he rips through the foot soldiers like paper! Dr Stylish detonates all the bombs inside the foot soldiers. Susanoo still stands and all his limbs regenerate. It dawned to him that Susanoo is a living Imperial Arms. Once Najenda has located Dr Stylish, she orders Susanoo to eliminate him. Dr Stylish injects a serum into himself and turns into a gigantic monster. He then eats his remaining foot soldiers to grow stronger. Tatsumi carrying Akame as well as Mine’s gun help Susanoo fight him. Eventually Akame’s sword cuts through his core and the mad scientist is left with dying regret that he wanted to do more human experiments. This is bad luck? I thought he got karma.

Theatre 11: Tatsumi and Lubbock plan to climb the stairs of adulthood by visiting a girl’s bar. However greeting them is Dr Stylish in a cheongsam and his merry gay men. They are so screwed…

Episode 12
Najenda brings her team to the mountains where they will train and make their new base. She introduces the newbies, Susanoo (neat freak) and Chelsea (she loves pissing off Mine and bribes Akame with her candy). She has Susanoo demonstrate his abilities. He chops wood, creates the base, cleans and cooks! He’s great to have household chores! Esdeath deduces Dr Stylish is dead instead of ran away because his lab equipment is left behind and all his soldiers are missing. This greatly affects Seryu who looked up to him as a supporting figure. She is sad that he is dead so Esdeath gives her an assuring hug. Tatsumi can’t believe the Revolutionary Army could give Susanoo to Najenda. Actually he was inactive and only responded when Najenda was around. She thinks it is her charm. Susanoo says she reminds her of his old master which is male instead. A cute kitten starts sucking up to Mine. Taken in by its cuteness, the cat then steals her cake and she turns out to be Chelsea. Her Imperial Arms allow her to change into anything. I think these 2 are going to hate each other. Tatsumi and Leone fight Danger Beasts as training as Leone notices Tatsumi has powered up that he is closely resembling Bulat. Najenda asks for Chelsea’s opinion of the team. She admits they are better than her former team but strength alone won’t ensure their survival. She read their records and how they lost a couple of members. She notes they are failures as assassins and if they want to survive, they must change their carefree attitude. This doesn’t sit well with some of them for badmouthing their friends so Mine wants the guys to teach her a lesson. Lubbock comes up with an idea for Tatsumi to become invisible and splash water while she is bathing. Of course he is using her to test if she is the type who gets mad when peeked at. Tatsumi uses Incursio’s invisibility but as he closes in, he sees Susanoo in the bath. Did he get the wrong bath? Susanoo says although he is invisible, he could sense his presence. Tatsumi thanks him for that great advice and will remember it in battle. Susanoo then changes into Chelsea. She knew he was there all along since deception is her skill and it would be unwise to think he could best her. She adds her cruel analysis of the team was because she doesn’t want to lose anyone here. She recently lost her entire team. Tatsumi is glad she is thinking about everyone and thinks she is also naïve. She splashes the water at him and warns if he peeps the next time, she’ll cut it off! Esdeath has this unsettled feeling in her heart. Is it because she misses Tatsumi or is a final battle looming? Run has some ulterior motive and is keeping an eye on her. Finally, the first deaths of this episode. Miners are being eaten alive by some Danger Beast and a mad guy getting his hands on some toy in which he will enjoy to the fullest.

Theatre 12: Another shopping channel with Lubbock as he has Chelsea demonstrate her Imperial Arms. He has her turn into the ladies of Night Raid and saying embarrassing things they normally won’t. And when they find out, they beat the crap out of him.

Episode 13
The emperor is impressed with Jaegars that they are keeping the rebels in the capital down and thus Night Raid has remained out of sight. Though, he laments he still can’t find a suitable man for Esdeath. Rest assured, she is still passionate in getting Tatsumi back. Honest has Esdeath on a mission. There are new Danger Beasts that closely resemble like humans, barging their way into homes and devouring people. He would like her to get rid of the menace but save some for him alive to experiment. Wave is sad that people judge Bols by his looks (is he any different?) but Bols says he is not a good guy like Wave said because he has killed many despite it was part of his job. Therefore those scornful reactions are punishment. Even more surprising are his beautiful wife and daughter showing up and they know about his past and continue to give him support. Susanoo is helping Tatsumi the finer points in fighting when Akame tells them of an emergency meeting. They are to take out those new Danger Beasts while moving to their new hideout. Najenda adds their numbers have been increasing and despite the capital is struggling to contain them, this time only they will help the capital eradicate them. Chelsea thought of leaving it to Jaegers to deal with it but Tatsumi still believes in his ideal to side with the people. All that coolness went down the drain because his fly is unzipped! Run talks to Esdeath about the new Danger Beasts. It seems they were once humans. Could it be Dr Stylish experimenting them in hidden lab? But he is away too long and if he was the one behind this, their numbers should be limited instead of increasing. Or there could be an Imperial Arms using responsible for this. More importantly, did those things escaped on their own or did someone release them? While Tatsumi patrols with Lubbock, he learns the latter was the son of a wealthy merchant and got everything he wanted easily. He was bored with the world. Till he saw Najenda and it was love at first sight. He joined the imperial army just for that reason and also the same reason he followed her to Night Raid. Of course he made sure the records stated said he is dead and everything. He vows to win her heart one day. But first he has to stop peeking at women bathing, right? Tatsumi heads up to the summit to have a better look of the area. Esdeath happened to be taking a night stroll. She thought she saw somebody below and it would be better if this was a Danger Beast to take out her frustration. What do you know? It’s Tatsumi! Holy sh*t! Not the moment he wants to reunite with her. Bad timing has powerful Danger Beasts appearing. But Esdeath cuts them all in one strike! So much about using them as distraction and running away.

Theatre 13: Najenda shows her new hideout. It looks cool as it is activating-cum-transforming. Hmm… Does it feel like some sentai show? Tatsumi is launched into the sky. And his fly is open…

Episode 14
Esdeath is so glad to see him and won’t let him go again. Tatsumi lies he was training to become stronger. She senses somebody hiding nearby and out this mysterious guy comes. He wants them to clean up some ‘big toy’ and uses his Imperial Arms to teleport them to a deserted island. Tatsumi thought this is an illusion and wants Esdeath to hit him to wake up. She kisses him! Everything is real. I’m sure Esdeath would love this date only to be interrupted by a giant Danger Beast that resembles like the one Dr Stylish became. Esdeath thought she could impress him but Tatsumi nails the first one before Esdeath herself gets a chance to drop some giant ice comet on the second. So these are the big toys they’re supposed to clean up? As they explore the island, it feels like a date (at least to her). Esdeath knows where this island is and is the farthest from the capital. She thinks she knows a way of returning. Observing that guy’s Imperial Arms, seems it is limited and such. It is concluded they can return once he opens the gate back here again. But now it is time for more flirting. Tatsumi uses this chance to get to know more about her and hopes to make her change her mind and join him. Esdeath was from a tribe that hunts Danger Beasts in the north. She learnt about life that the strong lives and the weak perish. One day when she returned from her hunt, her entire tribe was eliminated by another. She accepted they lost because they were weak. She continued hunting herself and when Danger Beasts became scarce, she moved to the capital and slowly it shifted to killing humans.

Wanting to see her Imperial Arms, it is a mark on her chest. When Honest wanted to give her an Imperial Arms, none seem to fit her. She noticed an urn containing the blood of some Danger Beast. Many who drank it became insane instead of getting its ice power. Esdeath dares take up the challenge as she felt it was calling her. She drank the entire urn and suddenly heard voices telling her to kill and destroy. As she was already this crazy, she won’t be subdued and takes control of it. Learning that Esdeath’s affinity for torture was way before this and her hobby, Tatsumi realizes it is hopeless to change her. That mysterious guy activates some portal and he hints he is Honest’s son who will someday surpass him. As Esdeath is trying to catch a Danger Beast to ride back home, a portal opens. Tatsumi thinks of sneaking in but feels bad for leaving Esdeath alone since she helped take care of him. He calls out to her but heads in first. They return right to that summit. Esdeath is stumped that Tatsumi is not around. She thinks he has been transported to a different place. She feels sad to be separated again and wonders if they’ll meet again. Actually, Tatsumi is using Incursio to become invisible. He can’t move or else Esdeath will sense his presence and will wait for her till she is gone. Now that he has realized she cannot be changed, the next time they meet, it will be as enemies.

Theatre 14: Tatsumi and Esdeath alone on the deserted island but with a dating simulation twist! I don’t think his options are any much of an option either. Because anyhow he chooses, Esdeath always gets what she wants on him. And the final sexy moment where all the choices are only “Take her on!”. Tatsumi cannot escape or quit! NOOOOO!!! Happy ending?

Episode 15
Chelsea just killed another rich ruthless bastard seconds before Jaegars came in. Thanks to her Imperial Arms, she managed not to be detected. Najenda has Night Raid assemble for a mission. The Revolutionary Army will be making its first move to bring down the capital. There is a religious group called Path of Peace gaining popularity among the people. They are going to use this chance for the uprising. Tatsumi is against it because this means many people will die. Najenda adds that with Esdeath in charge, strong organizations will still be no match and be suppressed anyway. The Revolutionary Army has allied with the western tribe and they will raid the capital. As there are many guard towers that stand in their way, because some of the soldiers are unhappy (being demoted, etc), they have been bribed and so advancing through to the capital will be easier. Once they get in, Akame will kill Honest. Swiftness is the key to their plan. But Path of Peace as the crucial key is currently unstable. Although their leader is charismatic, his advisor, Bolic is actually a spy from the capital sent to quell the uprising. Night Raid’s job is to take Bolic out. Esdeath summons her Jaegers as they move out. She senses Night Raid might be putting up a trap because they have been spotted on the outskirts of the capital. It is like as though they are purposely trying to be seen and even split into groups. She splits her group to take out Night Right. Wave, Kurome and Bols are riding along the canyon when they see a strange scarecrow in the middle. Definitely a trap. Mine snipes at them but Kurome’s super human reflex dodges it. Susanoo bursts out from the scarecrow to attack her but Wave blocks it and is sent flying away. The rest of Night Raid appears and they realize Esdeath’s group was a decoy. The sisters prepare to face off but Najenda realizes her gamble and plan is useless because Yatsufusa is able to control dead corpses and become Kurome’s puppet. Even this dead skeletal Danger Beast.

Theatre 15: Seryu teaches us what to do when confronted with assassins. Don’t beg for your life or give in to them or run away. Blast them to smithereens with no mercy!

Episode 16
Kurome even has a dead former friend and comrade, Natala fighting by her side as a corpse. I don’t know. The few other warrior corpses she summons to fight Night Raid, they look pretty fresh for a corpse, don’t they? While Susanoo handles the Danger Beast, Mine takes on gunslinger Doya, Tatsumi against Apeman and Hentarr, Akame fights Bols and Woll while it is Leone versus Rokgough. Natala stands guard by Kurome as she watches. Leone let her guard down and lost her left arm when Kurome strikes in swift fashion. She is told to go support Akame while she wants to face Rokgough, her former comrade. Merely stabbing the corpses won’t do anything good so they have to cut them into bits to immobilize them. After Najenda is done with Rokgough, she helps Susanoo and allows him to use a secret technique. This means absorbing her life force to turn into some badass God and reflect the Danger Beast’s landscape changing blast and slice it in half. Tatsumi gets help from Chelsea who impersonates as Hentarr’s ex-comrade to sneakily take him out. Tatsumi is able to finish Apeman himself. After Mine finishes Doya, she is eaten by a hidden giant corpse frog. Its stomach acid can dissolve everything. However Mine blasts through it and climbs out. Tatsumi, Najenda and Susanoo come to her aid but Kurome will kill them all at once. Akame and Leone team up to fight Bols and Woll. Bols is focusing too much on Akame after she has immobilized Woll so Leone thought she could attack him. However Woll had a hidden weapon and shot through her hand. Bols turns his attention to Leone but she manages to bite off part of his Imperial Arms. Now that it is useless, Bols is going to destroy everything by detonating his giant canister. Is there an atomic bomb inside it?!

Theatre 16: Wave when he was young saw a mecha toy advertisement and wants mom to buy it but she won’t since she doesn’t have money. Wave went to sleep sad but the next morning he is happy that mom left a present by his side. Unfortunately it turns out to be an action figure of Bols! Why can it contort into S&M positions? This suck… Thanks anyway, mom…

Episode 17
Kurome escapes thinking she has no chance if Bols is dead. Leone protects Akame with some shield that I personally think looks flimsy. However Bols is very much alive and somehow escaped. He remembers Esdeath asking why he prepares meals for them but refuses to join in. Thinking he fears them seeing his face, she unmasks him but is disappointed of his ‘normal’ face. She orders him to join them. Bols meets an injured girl and treats her. However this is Chelsea in disguise as she sticks a needle in his back. This girl is one of those he killed as suspected grounds of joining the Revolutionary Army. Bols knew such retribution would come but he wants to also get back to his family waiting. Unfortunately he couldn’t. Chelsea then copies his form and will go take out Kurome. She wants Lubbock to report back to Najenda and request for reinforcements. It might be dangerous but she can’t let Kurome regain her full strength and control puppets. They might not win the next time. As Kurome rests and eats her snacks, she remembers she and Akame were one of the hundreds of children kidnapped to be trained as assassins. Of course other kids fell like flies and they were the part of the 7 who made it out alive. Because they don’t want the siblings to rely too much on each other, they were separated. As Kurome was the weakest, she was given some sort of drug. When Lubbock returns and reports, Najenda orders Tatsumi and Akame to go support Chelsea. She has now met up with Kurome but will wait for the right moment to kill her. Just as she starts weakening (because she has not eat enough of the snacks), Chelsea takes the chance to stick a needle in the back of her neck. Mission accomplished. Chelsea remembers of wanting to work her way up but realizes her employer is corrupted and hunts humans for sport. She discovered an Imperial Arms in his basement and learns it was sealed because nobody could use it. She took it as her own and killed him. She thought of using this ability to restore the world into a better place. But she is in for a shock when Kurome revives. She likes like a scary mad ghost! I’m not sure what super drug they inject her but she says if you want to kill her, you must either destroy her heart or decapitate her. Although she is feeling the strain, she sends Natala and Doya to hunt her down. Chelsea has her arm slashed off and shot in the gut! She thinks this is her retribution. So much about getting praised when she returns. Her last thoughts are about Tatsumi. Speaking of him, he thought Chelsea might have accomplished her mission and returned to base and just missed them on the way back. As he checks around town, he sees a crowd gathering near a square. To his horror, it is Chelsea’s head sticking on a pole! HOLY SH*T!!! CHELSEA, NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Theatre 17: Lubbock tells everyone a scary story in his puppet theatre. Tatsumi and Mine enter a haunted house. Tatsumi’s girly screams sound so weird. The scariest thing they meet at the end is Bols. Everyone feel cheated of this unscary and incomplete story and beats Lubbock up.

Episode 18
Tatsumi is still reeling from Chelsea’s death but he needs to put it together because they are now here at Path of Peace’s base for their mission. Jaegers are also here and meet Bolic who introduces the Four Rakshasa Demons that Honest hired and sent to him for protection. These are assassins trained to gain full control of every part of their body and do not use any Imperial Arms. Wave notices Kurome is still weak and regrets not being there at the crucial moment. He wants to take her off the mission but Kurome won’t allow it for fear of being disposed. This is not her purpose. If she is to die, might as well die in battle. Akame meets up with a few allies to confirm a secret entrance to Bolic’s basement. However they are taken out by Rakshasa’s Ibara. Time to fight. She tricks him into taking Murasame and because the cursed sword is not compatible with him, she takes this chance to slice him up. Run makes a futile surprise attack on her but he is only here as reconnaissance and has gained great insights on Murasame’s abilities. Meanwhile, Lubbock is spying around but they can’t fool Mez and Sten as they attack him. Lubbock plays dead and his attackers would have left him alone had not they pick on the girl spy Lubbock was supposed to meet. He gets up and fights them with his flashy wire moves but this is just a distraction so his ally could run away. Once done, he also runs away but Sten won’t allow it and goes after him. He gets trapped in his wire trap as it completely crushes his heart. He might have trained every body part but he never trained his heart to be that strong, right? Now Lubbock gets trapped in Mez’s sweat trap and takes a direct hit. One more blow and he is dead. However a retractable wire knife trick turns the tables and he kills her. Tatsumi and Mine are staking out. So peaceful that they got time to argue. They are met with the founder of the Path of Peace, The Lord who believes they should confess to each other and become a couple instead of fighting. Yeah well, this only increases their heated argument and vehement protest. Bolic is about to do some ‘special ritual’ (sex) on an admirer who has been ‘chosen’ (she’s cute) to be his ‘noble disciple’ (sex slave) when he receives bad news that 3 of his Rakshasa members are dead.

Theatre 18: After Mine spots a cockroach and Susanoo takes it out by punching the wall! Tatsumi never thought Mine would scream like that but she says that wasn’t her. Turns out it was Najenda…

Episode 19
Susanoo cooks everyone’s favourite meal and it’s freaking awesome! I hope this isn’t the last meal or something. Tatsumi and Mine are staking out at the outskirts of the city. Seryu spots them and is disheartened to see Tatsumi with that evil. She is going to serve justice. She wastes no time in firing all her missiles! Overkill! Mine faces off Seryu in a grudge match while Tatsumi fights Suzuka, the remaining member left from Rakshasa. He also does an overkill by destroying the entire ruins to bury her. The assault on the temple begins with Susanoo and Leone against Wave and Kurome. Bolic panics so Esdeath tells him to not move from this room if he wants his ass protected. A clash of ideals of justice between Mine and Seryu. Although she knows Koro’s moves and weakness spot, she is still no match for their combo. Lying as though she is defeated, she remembers her past of being discriminated just because she is half foreigner. But she won’t be defeated now as she draws her powerful emotions which power her gun to slice Seryu in half and render Koro unable to regenerate again. Seryu’s final weapon is a super bomb planted inside her head. She laments she couldn’t rid the world of evil and have to die early. Mine tries to run away but her injuries are slowing her down and her gun has overheated. Well, she didn’t say she would die happy after getting her revenge, didn’t she? After the freaking huge blast, Mine is surprised she is still alive. Tatsumi has saved her. After failing to save Bulat and Chelsea, he vowed not to let anyone die. Najenda confronts Esdeath and informs her that Bolic has ignored her warning and secretly fled. Because of that, he has been taken out by Akame and Lubbock. Mine wants to tell Tatsumi something once this war ends. She can’t say it now. I think I know what it is :). So he better promise to stay alive till the end.

Theatre 19: Rakshasa’s stand up comedy is being usurped by Lubbock’s shopping channel. But Mine points out where this is going and can predict his plan. Spot on! She knows he is trying to take the spotlight to get his ass kicked again.

Episode 20
Some of the generals are concerned that the viceroys in remote regions are surrendering without a fight. Honest is not surprised as those are demoted and their betrayal is expected. Great general Budo isn’t pleased about this either so Honest introduces a new elite team that is led by his son, Shura. This will prove if he is worthy to be his successor. Tatsumi and Lubbock meet a girl from the resistance to meet up with the rest. However they have been slaughtered by Shura’s team. Recognizing Tatsumi, he answers his question of why he let those Danger Beasts free. He was bored. He’d do anything to have fun and wants to change the world by taking over the throne. Tatsumi is enraged and attacks but he has to deal with Budo who possesses great fighting skills. Try not to get too close to his lightning powers, though. Lubbock fights Shura who is out to have fun with his prey. So much so, he reveals his Imperial Arms ability to transport anywhere he has marked. At first it was tiring but with a new drug, he has managed to mark lots of places in the capital including the air. There is no escape. Resistance girl holds back Lubbock to let Shura kill him in hopes he will let her family free. However he kills her because he told everyone not to interrupt. Shura thought it is his victory when suddenly his right hand gets cut off by his wires! Lubbock wasn’t just running around but placing his wires. Since Shura was showing off his teleporting, Lubbock was able to mark those places. Resistance girl uses all her strength to stab Lubbock but her wish will never be granted because Shura says her family was dead a long time ago. Shura then teleports Lubbock into another dimension where he will spend eternity there. Lubbock has tied Shura to his wires and drags him in. Shura tries to escape back but Lubbock stabs his heart and crushes it. Looks like he won’t be the next king. They return to the real world but they are free falling. Lubbock knows his time is up as his Imperial Arms breaks. He didn’t fall to his death. Defeated Tatsumi sees before his eyes how Lubbock lands and gets impaled by spears! Honest shed crocodile tears upon Shura’s death but eventually doesn’t care. They want to make an example of Tatsumi to make the resistance back down. Esdeath who has just returned from an excursion wants to handle this. She won’t let anyone else have Tatsumi. A notice is all over the capital that Tatsumi will be publicly executed.

Theatre 20: Mine hosts a game show to execute Lubbock for hogging the shopping channel. This wheel of fortune will decide his death. But there is a small chance he might get a hotspring bath with boss Najenda. Lubbock eagerly gambles on this chance and a miracle happens! He gets it! But Mine reveals it is a trick. He gets a hotspring bath with Bols! Worse than death… Enjoy…

Episode 21
Esdeath sees Tatsumi in prison and knows all about him being in Night Raid. Still, she wants him to be by her side. He refuses and is even prepared for death. He doesn’t want to be with a person who spreads destruction. Esdeath has no choice to execute him personally tomorrow. So come tomorrow after the emperor makes his speech, Esdeath is about to execute Tatsumi but here comes Night Raid. The stadium is evacuated. Najenda and Susanoo fight Esdeath while Mine and Leone take on Budo. Because Leone got electrocuted and her body temporarily paralyzed, it is up to Mine to fight the big general alone. But thanks to her Imperial Arms’ trait, the more she is in danger, the more powerful her weapon is. It is risky putting herself in danger but what to do, she really wants to save Tatsumi. And after all that exchange, Mine fires a freaking powerful shot that blasts away Budo. It took a toll on her body. Akame was in charge of retrieving Incursio and then frees Tatsumi. Najenda has Susanoo turn into his God mode to fight formidable Esdeath but even so, not a scratch on her. With Tatsumi freed, Najenda orders to retreat. Esdeath won’t allow Tatsumi to run again and uses her secret technique she recently developed just for this. She freezes time and space for a short while to stab and destroy Susanoo’s core. Najenda uses her life force to rebuild that core. Tatsumi wants to help Susanoo but is made to remember what their mission was. Night Raid flees as Susanoo stays back to company Esdeath. He knows he can’t win but it buys his comrades time. Mine knows she has not long to live so she has Tatsumi put her down. You can tell those are her last words but all I remember was that she finally confessed she is glad to have fall in love with him. And then a last kiss… NOOOO!!! MINE!!! :’(

Theatre 21: Yet another twisted folklore. You know, the one about the crane. Tatsumi saves one and Lubbock thinks karma will repay him with a hot chick. That hot chick turns out to be the cool Snow Queen, Esdeath! She starts making love with him! Lastly, I’m not sure about this one but Lubbock is a fox that got shot by Mine.

Episode 22
Tatsumi cannot believe a few died just to rescue him just so as to protect the Revolutionary Army’s morale. But he must not give up now or else those who died would be in vain. Najenda is hardest hit since she lost Susanoo. By right she should have lost her life because she used it to power him. But Susanoo used his own to let her escape. He wasn’t a mere weapon but her partner. The citizens of the capital are in an unrest for the capital to protect them. Wave is frustrated he can’t do anything as Run explains the reason why he joined Jaegars was so he could change this rotten kingdom from within instead of foolishly protesting from the outside. The emperor is worried he might have made the wrong decisions but Honest’s smooth talk has him convinced that they need to use force to demonstrate his true strength and authority. Several rebels are crucified and Akame notes that one of them has a coded message personally for her. She knows it is Kurome and looks like time is not on her side as she wants to settle things. They meet at a chapel, a place where they reunited and Akame betrayed her. A fitting place to kill her sister. After being separated and carrying out their assassin missions, they were reunited simply because to replace fallen comrades. They become the best combo ever and Kurome was the happiest sister ever till Akame left and joined Night Raid. Akame realized what they have been doing is wrong and the capital is the source of it. Kurome was miserable after she left so she is going to kill her so that Akame could always be hers. Their fight awakens some giant monster. It takes out her zombies. The sisters cooperate to take it down. Just like old times. Then it’s back to more fighting but Wave comes to stop her, only to be stopped by Tatsumi who is here to prevent others from interfering. He believes everyone has a reason or else they can’t move forward. Kurome is grateful that Wave came and wished they could have been closer in a different time. In the final blow, Akame stabs through Kurome. She dies with a smile. But Wave is sad. He couldn’t do anything for her. But at least he came for her. He is confused what he is fighting for now. Tatsumi’s soothing words that he is done losing what is precious to him has Akame break down in tears. Cry your heart out. It’s raining anyway. Honest brings the emperor to activate the capital’s supreme Imperial Arms. This giant mecha is the ultimate weapon?

Theatre 22: Run mediates an interview with the sisters but Kurome cannot help mock Akame and talk bad about her. Especially about being the main character but being upstaged or have no role in certain places. The last straw came when Kurome says some profanity. Outside now! I think this radio station is haunted because you see lots of strange things and dead people passing by in the background!

Episode 23
Wave is at Kurome’s grave. Telling his story how he joined the army because he was saved by the navy and admired them. He is supposed to protect the people but is not sure what to protect now. Najenda gives Night Raid’s final mission to eliminate Honest. Inside the palace, they run into Run (pun not intended). He admits the capital has been corrupted for so long and that he was once a teacher of a poor village. Everyone was killed by bandits and the capital did not deem it a crime to stop it. That is why he joined Jaegars to change it from within. Till Night Raid had to show up. He doesn’t approve their ways because it involves too much bloodshed. Leone’s fist does the talking. She buys time so Akame and Tatsumi can press ahead. Honest continues to convince the emperor he has done right when Akame and Tatsumi bust in. Tatsumi tries to tell him what he is happening but Honest plays it all down as he summons Shikoutazer, the first and most powerful Imperial Arms. Man, it’s freaking huge! Its single blast can destroy a very huge area!!! Better than the atomic bomb! Puny Tatsumi fights him and tries to open his eyes that he is destroying and harming the people. The citizens are suffering. However that damn kid decides to listen to Honest instead (because this fat ass is always right). Tatsumi takes a beating but Wave comes to his rescue. He hasn’t defected but remembers his responsible to protect the people. Leone and Run put aside their fight to save the people. As Tatsumi and Wave cooperate to bring this huge thing down, it is like they hit some nerve. Tatsumi remembers Susanoo’s words of everything have a weakness. Because they kept attacking the same place, it is worn out. Plus, it takes a lot of burden to control this big thing. The emperor continues to beat him up and hoping he would just fall but Tatsumi won’t be beaten. He will not fail his fallen comrades. With Bulat’s voice giving him determination, Incursio evolves into a golden dragon to punch right through Shikoutazer! Now that big thing comes crashing down. Damn, I hope it would fall on Honest but instead it is threatening to plunge on the people! It seems ridiculous that Tatsumi is trying to stop it with all his might. Maybe he should have waited because it crashed a few metres away from them. Or could it be thanks to Tatsumi’s little push? Anyway he is bloodied all over. Akame is sad he didn’t keep his promise to live. And Esdeath, where the hell have you been all this time?! Your beloved Tatsumi is dead before your eyes now!

Theatre 23: Tatsumi is picked up by his dead Nigh Raid comrades to go over to the other side. But why is Akame here? To say goodbye? But it is just a dream she had…

Episode 24
Esdeath accepts Tatsumi’s death as he is weak but what is this unsettling feeling in her heart? The Revolutionary Army thought they could get her but they’re wrong. She freezes them all in her ice wall. Now it is the final fight between Esdeath and Akame. It is the capital that has lost, not her. The war is over, she’ll merely move on to another battlefield. The exhilarating fight begins with Esdeath pulling all swords of ice tricks and weapons. Finally, someone who can land a hit on Esdeath! But she won’t give in yet. Despite her hand being stabbed by Murasame’s curse, she cuts it off before it spreads through her body! Akame then stabs herself. Devil version? The curse from all the grief and pain that Murasame remembers flow through her. Esdeath uses her time stopping technique but when she tries to stab Akame, it is just an after image. She looked everywhere for her except up! Akame is able to cut a nice one across her body. Seems it Akame was waiting for her to use this. The after image she saw was her bloodlust that she inflated via the curse. Esdeath admits her defeat and since she gets to choose how she dies, she lies next to Tatsumi, crystallizing themselves in hard ice before breaking apart into nothing. I don’t know. I thought it looked like they vanished instantly. I hope they won’t come to a revelation that they transported to another world where they lived happily ever after. Honest thought he could run away but Leone corners him. He feigns fear to use his Imperial Arms that nullifies hers. But no matter how much bullets he pumps into her body, she still stands because she trained her body hard. Then she clobbers his face till it becomes some smashed flatten piece of sh*t! Leone later sees Akame and they part ways since Night Raid is over. When the Revolutionary Army takes over and brings peace, Leone quietly goes to one dark alley corner and dies. The emperor is in a public execution. He will be beheaded via guillotine. He realized he has failed his people and accepts this way of death. This is the only way to reclaim his honour. Wave and Run are at Kurome’s grave and they vow to make the new kingdom a better place. Tatsumi’s village receives a huge amount of gold. They believe those kids are successful and can’t wait for their return for a big celebration. Hate to break this to you, but they’re never coming back… As the townspeople pick themselves up and slowly rebuild their future, Najenda speaks to Akame for one last time. Najenda will be part of the rebuilding team while Akame will leave the place. She accepts all the wrongdoings of the Revolutionary Army to befall on her. Akame continues to wander and does what she does best: Assassinating.

Theatre 24: An after party for all the characters in the series, dead or alive. Everyone is having fun with drinks and food. If they were only like this in real life. And what’s this?! Tatsumi and Mine together?! Holy cow! Who says you can’t be a couple in the afterlife?

Kill Everybody! Kill The Anime!
I read that certain comments call this a poor adaptation of the series. I don’t know. I have not read the manga and thus I don’t have anything to compare or the right to say if it is better. Maybe it is because they didn’t follow faithfully to the plot or some of the chapters like how some of the characters who died are supposed to be alive as the manga is still ongoing. But I do know that the action and all that blood spilling, guts cutting violence are what made this series entertaining. That’s right. If you want to watch this show, stay for the action and violence. Not for the faint hearted because like I have said, there are lots of people being cut apart and blood gushing out like as though that there is a mini geyser waiting to burst out whenever you cut off limbs, torsos or the head. Also, I am guessing to show how ‘serious’ the action and violence are, a death is guaranteed in every episode. At least somebody dies in every episode whether that character is a major character, supporting character or a side extra character who is just existing for this unfortunate moment to be cut up. You can tell when the title of each episode is to kill something.

And though I also expected Night Raid to lose its members, I never thought Sheele would be the first to go and that was so freaking early in the series. A quarter into the anime, she’s gone! WTF?! I thought everybody should just die in the end then. No, don’t get me wrong Sheele is my favourite character but you will see why later on… That is why I was baffled why there are ‘so many’ survivors in the end. I was expecting only Akame to be the survivor of this deadly war since at least this is her anime and one that is named after her. But what the heck, not only Najenda is alive but Wave and Run as well? Why did you let them live?! Tatsumi dies but Wave lives? Nothing wrong with that but like I said, this anime kills off everybody like how Game Of Thrones does so I’m expecting the worst case scenario finish where there are no survivors left.

The uniqueness of each battle and some of the characters are thanks to the different Imperial Arms and its unique powers. They are interesting to note at first but you realize that with so many things going on and the fights that normally don’t last long, you don’t really see much variations of the Imperial Arms. Mostly they pack a punch and it is like you don’t waste time in using all you’ve got to bring out the best in that weapon and everything ends quickly or drags on just a little longer. Otherwise, why wield it in the first place? And some are just crazy like Seryu who is able to equip almost every part of her body with weapons that it blows your mind away. At least they provide flashy extravagance during the fight with some oohs and wahs but that is about it. Once the wielder is defeated, you will usually never ever see it again. Where do such Imperial Arms go? Well, Najenda did say they end up in the Revolutionary Army for research but that just feels like convenience never to hear from it again. I have not been keeping count of how many Imperial Arms users that have appeared, but they said there were 48 of them so my guts tell me that we have seen quite a number of them. Does this mean there are all to it?

But I suppose that is why some people do not consider this anime to be great because of the stereotype casting of the plot in which the ruling government is made to be truly corrupted and thus must be eliminated by a group of justice assassins who go around assassinating corrupt people. Like fighting fire with fire. Then they cover up with all the clichés and filling it with blood and body count to make it look badass and dark enough to make us think that this should be okay. Well, if you’re going to nitpick how it fails in other areas like the character development (too many characters, too little screen time) and pacing (refer to character development problem), then I am sure you can find faults in every other area too. Especially if you are a loyal manga fan. It may not be the perfect anime but at least I was entertained by the fighting bits so the rest didn’t bother that much.

Sure, the dark concept of killing people makes you think if this is the only way to get things done and change the world. Because if people themselves are open to talks, you wouldn’t have all this corruption in the first place. Night Raid is made to look like the hero only because we are made to think and believe that the capital is such a rotten place. No doubt Honest is the true villain and puppet master here. But are Night Raid’s actions something to be condoned for? The evil people they took out had taken many innocent lives before their time is up so sometimes you question if this is the right case for using fire against fire. Because for all you know, they themselves may become corrupt and the vicious cycle repeats again. After all, what do assassins do when the war is over? Don’t say it won’t happen especially to our heroes. Just look at what happened at Nanatsu No Taizai. I rest my case.

So basically character development is close to impossible when you have so many characters dying. Why give a character a long winded past or even half an episode focus for their flashback when they are going to die? Such a waste it would be. But I guess for those that matter like the main characters such as Tatsumi, I guess like any other main characters, a boy from a poor village powers up to become the champion of justice for the people. That sounds so typical and so cliché in this kind of genres but I guess when you put yourself in Tatsumi’s shoes, it is not easy to be where he is now. He may be the luckiest man on Earth to survive this far and also the unluckiest kid around to watch all the tragedies and many of his comrades die in battle. Yeah, how is he going to have a harem once the war ends? Haha! Girls like Chelsea and tsundere Mine definitely have a thing for Tatsumi but I suppose it sucks that they leave it too late to realize or tell their feelings. Heh. If Bulat was still alive, he would be a great contender too!

Oh, I just found out that Tatsumi and Mine did become a couple in the manga. Maybe that is why some don’t like the anime adaptation. Because our hero dies in the arms of Esdeath. Uh huh. Esdeath might be seething in anger in the manga but at least she died happy in the anime. Personally I think Esdeath remains the most awesome and powerful character in the series because of the inability for anybody to even lay a finger on her. Untouchable. And when she strikes back to those weaklings, she doesn’t even need to break into a sweat and in fact is so bored that killing them is just like an obligation to entertain us viewers with blood. Besides being a vicious blood killer, she has conflicted sides that makes her interesting. Like a part of hers wanting to fall in love which really surprises us because we never thought a person who loves conflict and fighting would ever be able to love. There is always an exception and Tatsumi must be one hell of a guy to be that exception. She is also always cool and oozing with confidence in anything she does. That is what makes her great and powerful.

Other characters in Night Raid also feel like some sort of stereotypes like Akame the emotionless one, Najenda the cool boss (I believe most of her roles are just giving orders), Leone the flirty sexy animal-feature type, Mine the tsundere, Lubbock the typical pervert, Bulat the big brother type, Sheele the klutz, Chelsea the pretty girl and Susanoo the all-rounder that can do anything and everything. Speaking of Akame, I thought it was just me noticing this but she did even say to herself (in the theatre) that as the main character she lacks a decent amount of screen time. Yup. Akame isn’t as much focused as Tatsumi as the series builds up. Till his death, it is only then Akame takes back the spotlight and shows us why she is the star of an anime that is named after her.

Some of the other supporting characters may not have their deep background but at least they are enough to give them a bit of character although ultimately it doesn’t matter in the end. Like Wave and Run with their own version of justice and from their past tragic stories, you can say that they are good guys in a way too but on the wrong side of the divide. I suppose that there are many characters like them who are not sure which side to pick so the best way is to stick with your beliefs. Can’t believe that those two are still alive in the end… Therefore Night Raid and Jaegars are ‘fun’ groups of people because they have an equal amount of weird and amusing characters. It is just sad that they are pitted against each other just because of the side they are on. I am sure if they would have gotten along well had not for this war. Because Bols is actually a nice and reliable guy (something tells me he also has this macho gay potential…) while all Kurome wants is just to be with her sister. Seryu might be obsessed with justice but can you blame her for the influence of this justice she believes in? But to normal people like us, she’s just crazy… Freaking crazy… Make that super freaking crazy!

See? When the big bad people are those at the top and those at the bottom suffer. The further down the line you are, the greater your suffering. That is why the common poor folks are the ones experiencing the greatest agony. So there was no love lost when Honest died a gruesome death because you know this fatty who is the one pulling all the strings behind the scene, one day he would get what he deserves. Too bad it came after so many had died. Including his own son that he doesn’t even care the least bit. At least even the emperor himself had some honour. But pretty much most of the time he is being misled so you can’t blame him entirely. I noticed that there are other weird looking generals by the emperor’s side. Weird enough to even think that they may be freaks with certain powers to join in the fight. And get killed. Guess that didn’t happen.

Drawing and art are rather okay. It goes well with the action scenes. The effects that go with it are also good. The designs of the characters as well as the unique Imperial Arms are also okay. The colourful and some even outrageous character designs do add personality to the character like Bols who might look like some S&M freak with his mask always on. See how crazy Seryu’s face contorts when she is in crazy mode? Is this how crazy people look like to us? The designs of the Imperial Arms can range from absurd (Shikoutazer – how on Earth did they keep it under the palace grounds when it is so bloody huge?) to freaky (Koro – don’t be fooled by its cute looks. It gets creepy when it is in its ferocious form). But I suppose that is why only certain people can wield them.

So another reason why I wanted everybody to just die in the end is because of this silly reason. Just when I thought I could hear Mamiko Noto’s voice on a regular basis as Sheele despite not as the main character and good enough she is casted as a supporting role, then she got killed off! The first in Night Raid! After a quarter of the series’ duration! What the hell?! Where is the justice?! It is like they don’t need her anymore!!! WHERE IS THE JUSTICE, YOU TELL ME???!!! Ahem… It was no more ‘fun’ anymore in the voice acting department so I’m going to make this quick. It is a freaking lost list anyway since there are so many characters because when you have a show that kills off everyone and on average one per episode, your cast list is going to grow longer than your mother’s grocery’s list. Believe me. It is that long. So the obviously recognizable ones to me are Yukari Tamura as Mine, Kana Hanazawa as Seryu and Jouji Nakata as Liver. Yeah, that’s about it. There might be others too but I wasn’t so keen in identifying them anymore :/…

The rest of the line-up includes Souma Saitou as Tatsumi (Touji in Zankyou No Terror), Sora Amamiya as Akame (Asseylum in Aldnoah.Zero), Satomi Akesaka as Esdeath (Arsene in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes), Yuu Asakawa as Leone (Rider in Fate/Stay Night), Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Lubbock (Kirito in Sword Art Online), Shintarou Asanuma as Susanoo (Yoshiyuki in Da Capo II), Kaori Nazuka as Chelsea (Nunnally in Code Geass), Katsuyuki Konishi as Bulat (Laxus in Fairy Tail), Risa Mizuno as Najenda (Shigure in Nabari No Ou), Yoshimasa Hosoya as Wave (Reiner in Shingeki No Kyojin), Junji Majima as Run (Ryuuji in Toradora), Ayaka Ohashi as Kurome (Momoka in Sabagebu!), Eiji Takamoto as Bols (Mitsunari Ishida in Sengoku Musou), Ken Narita as Dr Stylish (Sesshoumaru in Inu Yasha), Kouji Ishii as Honest (Fisher Tiger in One Piece), You Tachi as the emperor (Sayori in Love Lab), Hozumi Gouda as Budo (Kaien in Vampire Knight), Masami Iwasaki as Bolic (Iemitsu in Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn), Ryohei Kimura as Shura (L-elf in Valverave The Liberator), Hitomi Nabatame as Nyau (Margery Daw in Shakugan No Shana), Anri Katsu as Daidara (Tsuchimikado in To Aru Majutsu No Index) and Satoshi Tsuruoka as Zank (Caster in Fate/Stay Night).

Skyreach by Sora Amamiya is the first opening theme and the rock pace of this outfit befits the action genre and gets you into the mood of this series. Although the second opening theme, Liar Mask by Rika Mayama is also another rock piece, I didn’t quite like this one. Perhaps it was because I am used to the first opening theme but in this second one, the pace becomes like a waltz somewhere in the middle of the song so it really feels odd. Miku Sawai sings the first ending theme, Konna Sekai Shiritakunakatta and I prefer this slow rock piece compared to the rock pop second ending theme, Tsuki Akari sung by Sora Amamiya. Although the latter doesn’t sound bad but I just personally prefer the former.

Overall, I didn’t really find this anime bad although there are parts that it could be improved. But that would probably drag out the entire series and turn it into another 2-cour and run for the entire year. Especially the character development part if you don’t kill them off. I suppose it is sad to see your favourite and amusing characters go before they are fleshed out properly. All for the sake for blood and action. Yup. If you want to watch this series with some sort of expectation, it is just that and nothing more. It feels like I’m the villain liking to watch all that death and suffering that despite they are just 2D animation. I hope it won’t come a time where they send people like Akame or Esdeath to eliminate ‘harmless’ otakus like us just for ‘watching wrongly’. Between those 2 babes, it is like between the devil and the deep blue sea. Or like when a dragon and tiger clash and you’re just an ant. You know you’re screwed…

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