Shinmai Maou No Testament

September 6, 2015

One day, you suddenly find out that you will be getting a little sister. How would you feel? I don’t know, I never had one before or at least one that I could treat as one. This is the case for our protagonist in Shinmai Maou No Testament. As an only child, his dad suddenly introduces him not one but two lovely little sisters. And they aren’t your ordinary sisters so to speak. Because one of them is the future Demon Lord! Holy hell! If you think you can dominate all over your little sister just because of your newfound big brother status, then better think again. Well, this series isn’t about a perverted big brother who always needs to be shown his place when his perverted side gets the better of him as the demonic little sister rains demonic punishment down in this slapstick ecchi comedy. It is nothing of that sort. Instead, you have got a very responsible big brother who is determined to protect his little sisters from malicious forces who want a piece of that inherited power inside her. Because, you know, they’re family. Yawn… Boring… That’s why they throw in lots of ecchi fanservice to keep us entertained and occupied… Hey, isn’t this why we watch this show in the first place?

Episode 1
When your father suddenly asks you if you want little sisters, something is wrong. The case for Basara Toujou. It might be a long forgotten dream he wanted as a kid but he isn’t too keen on it. No, daddy is not going to f*ck mommy tonight if you’re wondering. Basara is shocked of this news and I suppose he got impatient in waiting for them so he goes to the toilet. You know it’s his fault by walking in without reading the sign to knock first. Because there is a cute chick changing her panties! She tries to scream but he holds her mouth and tries to calm her down. Calm her down?! I thought this looked like a rape scene! And when she finally does, she slaps him! So Basara, meet your new pair of sisters, Mio and Maria Naruse. Their mother is currently overseas for a while so they’re letting them stay. Actually both sides are moving to a new house. Basara didn’t expect Mio to be on top of him when he wakes up. Is she trying to seduce him? Something feels hard down there… Oh, it’s a box of an erotic stepsister game! It’s not his! More confusion, more slipups. He lands on her. Rape scene? Well, another slap. More fanservice when Maria is cooking in a naked apron. Actually, she’s wearing clothes underneath. The apron is just too big and gives us that impression. She starts teasing him about getting horny and was the one who planted that game. Mio thinks he is trying to attack her now. What does daddy Jin have to say for all this? Please don’t commit too many crimes… While Basara and Mio are out for errands, several jerks try to hit on her. They act tough before Basara but he beats them up and throws pepper as distraction for their escape. Mio seems shaken up so he tries to be considerate to her. They’re family now. Though, Mio felt he was a little cool like a big brother then. Although she still won’t be forgiving for that toilet and bedroom folly.

And now Jin has to leave for Dubai as a freelance cameraman. Yeah. All alone with the sisters, huh? Whoever said it is the eldest son’s duty to protect them anyway? Right after Jin leaves, Basara thinks the sisters are scared of him because they shut the lights and remains silent. Seriously, he isn’t going to rape them. But nothing could be more surprise in store for him because Mio tells him to leave this house as they need it as their new base. Maria slams him to the wall with her magic as warning. She turns into her demon form and says there are many other types of clans like Gods and heroes. So Mio is a demon too, eh? Not just any demon. She is the FUTURE DEMON LORD! Seems they have altered his Jin’s memories and everything was a lie. They will alter his too. However it seems Maria’s magic doesn’t work and they get a shocking surprise when Basara moves faster than them and then materializes a badass gauntlet and sword to give a warning attack. Well what do you know? He is from the hero clan. Now he tells them to get out! Later Basara seems to be having trauma about the power he just used. He calls Jin to tell him what happened and he actually knew it all along. He pretended to be duped. Why? Mio is the daughter of Demon Lord Wilbert. He is a peace loving demon who stopped the conflicts with the hero clan. Those demons who love war target his throne. To shield his daughter from this, she was sent to the human world and raised by human surrogates. A year ago, Wilbert died and the demon who succeeded him is trying to extinguish Mio’s inherited power. Luckily she was saved by Wilbert’s faction but imagine yourself in her shoes and suddenly finding out you’re a Demon Lord’s daughter. Her powers aren’t fully awakened yet and since Jin was keeping a watch on that village for a year and decided to take her in. So this means Basara has to go find them now, eh? Better be quick because demon creatures are attacking them. Mio can only hold out for so long and good thing Basara was there to save her in this reckless leaping-off-bicycle move you should never ever try. His hero gear easily destroys the creatures. What changed his mind to come get them? Because they’re family.

Episode 2
Basara tells Maria of what he knows. Although the hero clan is watching them, it is not like Jin and Basara were working for them and are just ordinary humans. Really, what was that gear for? He then goes to apologize to Mio. I guess they are even because despite they tried to dupe him, he too hid his hero identity as a secret. Maria admires his strong power to negate her magic but he insists that it is just fluke. Mio is still reeling from watching her human parents burn and die so Maria gives her a new photo of their new family to move forward. She then knows a way to handle Basara. She creates a magic circle for a master-servant pact. This way, they will know where each other are. Can’t they use GPS instead? That malfunctioning technology? Unreliable! When the circle forms on the back of Basara’s hands, Mio is not amused because she has to kiss it and this will signify she is the servant. Because she waited too long, the circle is gone and she starts feeling horny! Maria explains about the loyalty enforcement in this pact. Each time a servant tries to defy the master, the curse will initiate. So why the horniness? Maria is a succubus and used it as ground work for this pact. The only way to solve this is to keep touching her till she submits. Be quick or Mio will ascend to heaven in more than one way! Can demons go to heaven? And so Basara starts caressing and this might all be Maria’s plan because we see her eager beaver face to watch this. By the time it is over, it is time for some payback because Mio drags her away for an explanation. Hope her skull won’t be crushed… Next day, Basara transfers to his new school. He remembers Maria telling him that as long as Mio acts accordingly and not try to be insubordinate (acts with intent to betray the master), the curse won’t activate. There must be mutual trust.

Right after he introduces himself in class, the class rep, Yuki Nonaka hugs him. What the?! Remember her, his childhood friend? Oh, now he does. Mio is not happy of this close proximity and separates them. Why is she jealous? What does this have to do with her? Oh, it does because now they’re living in the same house. Oh sh*t! So much about keeping that a secret. Thanks to that, new guy in school becomes public enemy number one among the guys. Maybe except for this guy, Yahiro Takigawa. Kind enough to buy him lunch (because Mio couldn’t care less about it), he tells him that Mio and Yuki are school idols and have their fan groups. Thankfully, both sides keep each other at bay. Basara notes more importantly with everyone watching them so intensely, no demons should infiltrate the school and harm Mio easily. So what’s the catch for Takigawa to hang out with him? Besides being a transfer student himself, it is interesting to hang out with a guy with the kind of luck of attracting princess idols or whatever other unseen power. Is he hinting something? On the way back, it is no surprise Mio is still in foul mood. Maria got the wrong idea that ‘a lot happened’ between them. Remember to use protection? That’s not it! It’s going to get worse when Yuki wants to talk to him. He has to. Because it won’t be nice turning down a childhood friend whom he has not seen for 5 years. So what is this hugging thing she reminds him that he used to do just to fondle her butt? Don’t remember, eh? Anyway she gets serious and tells him not to involve himself with Mio anymore.

Episode 3
Instantly Basara knows Yuki is from the hero clan sent to observe Mio. He decided to protect her because she is innocent and just a normal girl. If the hero clan won’t protect her, he will do it. Mio feels bad that she should have seen something like this coming when Yuki hugged him. Oh, what can she do to ever repay the favour? Maria has an idea… Yuki continues that at this rate, Basara won’t be enough to defeat all the low level demons that are starting to be drawn to her ever growing powers. If this gets to the point where she endangers others, she will become a target of elimination. She will show no mercy even if it makes him hate her. Well, she cut a demon as proof. Back home, I guess for Basara to make up with that tryst and Mio’s repayment, Maria has Mio scrub Basara’s back in the bath. If that is not enough, she has to use her boobs! More added fanservice when Maria brings in cake, drops it on him so she can lick him! And it’s like his inner horniness activates as he turns into a demon and is going to start raping them!!! But could it be just a dream? Oh well, he’s in bed with Maria (she snuck in) and somehow he got his hands on her butt. I guess this will do. She used her power to peek into his horny dream. At school, I guess Mio is worried enough of Basara to activate the curse. So Basara rather ditch organizing summer break assignments by his pals and teacher just to stay by Mio’s side at the infirmary. I think this is a better choice.

So Takigawa goes talks to him while he takes a breather when suddenly demons start attacking. Basara knocks him out to take care of them and then rush to Mio’s side. She’s gone. That’s because Yuki took her to the rooftop to talk. She tells her as long she is around Basara, he will suffer. So leave him. Not a chance. Not after he said he would protect her despite learning everything. Because they’re family. I suppose they have to resort to fighting now. Yuki doesn’t like how she talks as though she knows Basara well enough. She reveals he has lost most of his power. Five years ago in order to save her, he had to erase his comrades. This is the reason why Basara and Jin left the village. Until today, his past haunts him. Basara pops up to tell the girls to stop fighting till this demon dude in a mask (sounds familiar… I know that voice…) discloses to Mio how Basara and Maria had been fighting demons every night till dawn to keep her safe. As her inherited power grows, low level demons get attracted and it would begin harming humans, the hero clan will deem her as a threat and change the status from observation to elimination. When that happens, she can’t live here anymore even if it is with a former hero. That is why Yuki told her to leave. So why didn’t Basara say a word? Because she would blame herself. Well, it’s no different now. She’s in guilt-ridden mode. A demon is about to kill her from behind. Basara can’t summon his gear because that dude reminds him about the erasure. So he goes in bare handed to protect Mio with his body. Basara, NOOOOO!!! Ah well, at least he gets to die on her boobs.

Episode 4
Mio is being told everything is her fault and thus to make the right decisions. Basara is recuperating back home and he is literally fine thanks to his past hero training. There’s this flashback too whereby one of the heroes, Seito stole the sealed demon sword, Brynhildr and started killing everyone in the village. Before Yuki was about to be killed, Basara unleashed some super power. But now they have another problem. Mio is missing and Basara knows that idiot went to settle things herself. She meets up with the masked demon to attack him believing this fight should be only hers. However she is clearly not that strong and with his threats to hurt everyone, she agrees to follow him back to the demon realm. But before he can do that, it is Yuki to the rescue. Even if she could break his barrier by striking the same spot repetitively, she is still no match for him. And thus, it is Basara to the rescue. He plans to use this Banishing Shift move of his. It is some super move that nullifies everything. He used that move against Seito and there was this huge crater in the village. To stop something like this ever from happening again, Basara and Brynhildr were confined. With Basara tag team with Maria, he lands continuous combo strikes on the masked demon and defeat him. Before they can rejoice over their victory, a demon sneaks up on Basara and stabs him! OMG! Can you believe it was that same demon who killed him?!

Mio gets so upset that her ultimate power starts unleashing and blowing everything away. Despite Basara being okay, she cannot control this overwhelming power and wants him to kill her. However he won’t. Because she is his family and being his little sister is more important than the world. Heh. Some logic. This means she should just shut up and let big brother rescue her. Oh yeah, tasukete onii-chan, no? He uses Banishing Shift to return things to normal. Next day, Yuki visits his home to hand him some medicine. She wonders if that was the same Banishing Shift he did before. It isn’t since he was able to control it this time. Once Basara returns to school, he confronts Takigawa. He knows he is that masked demon (I knew it!). However Basara isn’t here to fight him and wants to make a deal. He knows it is Takigawa’s mission to awaken her power while monitoring her. But since he has failed, this means somebody more powerful will be sent to replace him. Basara has not recovered strong enough for that. So Takigawa could pretend nothing happened and continue monitoring Mio or Basara will make it known that he screwed up and he gets replaced. But they’re enemies, right? He is willing to trust him. Because something tells him when he was stabbed, his vital organs were purposely missed. Also, there were numerous chances he had to kill Maria during the hunt. Takigawa agrees to play along with his plan for now since he will be in a mess if this gets out. Basara wants to know who killed Mio’s human parents. It was Zolgia, the one monitoring Mio before him. He warns he is not as patient as he is and will make his move soon.

Episode 5
Time for some much needed fanservice. Basara wakes up to find naked Maria on top of him. It might be ungentlemanly of him to hit her but he claims she did worse! ARE YOU GAY???!!! And here’s a déjà vu scene whereby he walks into the toilet while Mio is clad in a towel. Trying to shut her up? And then they slip and he got her butt in his face! DAMN MIO CENSORS!!! Nothing like 500,000 volts of lightning to make it even, huh? Basara’s problem continues because suddenly Yuki is here to wash his back! She gets really jealous that he did it with Maria and Mio and yet he doesn’t want to do it with her! Seriously, what logic is this? But we guys don’t want to argue about it. She threatens to do bolder things if he doesn’t let her. And then there is Mio at the door trying to apologize but she finds a girl’s uniform outside. Guess what? Basara says it is his because he likes cross-dressing! WTF?! Can you lie better than that? So Mio opens the door and sees the unholy act. Want another round of zapping? But then her curse activates and eager beaver Maria wants to record this on camera but is locked away in the toilet. Later Basara treats Takigawa to some BBQ as repayment. He is told reinforcements will be sent to observe Mio because the higher ups think Mio’s power is awakening. It will be hard for him to cooperate now. He mentions about the pact Basara formed with Mio. It is not only a curse but can also make them stronger. When their faith and loyalty grows, it improves their combat potential. But since the greatest act of betrayal is being captured by the enemy, the curse will be activated at the fullest and will eventually die. Their busty teacher, Chisato Hasegawa comes to join them (I can see why men want to hit on her). Hasegawa walks with Basara and hints that she knows what she is going on. He seems confused so she tells him he should give more thought on what he truly wants to protect. Then she pecks his forehead and chants a protective charm from her village.

Takigawa meets up with Valga, the supposed reinforcement. He knows Valga isn’t just going to be content with just observing although he warns the hero clan has made their move. Then there is Zest, Zolgia’s right hand woman. She has orders from the top demon himself and Takigawa would gladly work with her. Basara talks to Maria about this curse she put on them was actually so that Wilbert’s power won’t fall into enemy hands. I guess she had to choose the risk of letting him protect her or let her fall into enemy hands. Of course she didn’t tell Mio because of that self guilt thing. So the best way he could learn to master this pact is to play an eroge! Proof of Basara not knowing a girl’s heart because he ends up with a bad ending. Maria guides the way and he is shocked to be led to some ecchi stuffs. So he needs to forcefully strip her shell away? This is how he should properly train his little step sister? Mio is not too amused to hear all this and takes Maria away for a ‘good lesson’. Well, Basara won’t be coming to save you this time. Meanwhile a group of heroes (Takashi Hayase, Kurumi Nonaka and Kyouichi Shiba) are on the move as they slash lowly demons in the vicinity and it seems they are on orders to kill Mio whose status has been switched from observation to termination. Basara gets into trouble with Mio and Yuki fan club boys. The teacher breaks them up before anything untoward could happen. It was Yuki who called the teacher. She has a favour to ask of him. Please go on a date with her next weekend.

Episode 6
My, what a lovely couple they are. But what is Mio doing here too? I suppose she got jealous and started tailing them, eh? But during the shopping, Yuki’s sister, Kurumi tells her play time is over. Yuki is missing ever since as the rest wait for her. Suddenly they are attacked by Valga. He is a tough guy and Basara-Maria combo doesn’t work. But he is frozen and then destroyed. Thank Takashi for that. Basara is not happy to learn the village has changed Mio’s status. But Kurumi cannot be more upset about a hero protecting the Demon Lord’s daughter. Shiba suggests a 3-on-3 fight in a week’s time since they don’t want to wreck the city. Shiba will only be refereeing and will inform the place and time. That night Basara calls Jin about the situation. He is in lots of dilemma especially about Yuki not wanting to fight Mio. If he fights too, he’ll make enemies out of all the heroes in the world. But Jin doesn’t have any obligations to those heroes anymore especially when the assigned him to keep an eye on Basara when they were exiled from the village. Basara trains with the girls as he reveals his former allies’ tricks like Takashi’s Byakko that could only attack from the west and Kurumi’s magic that would be limited to only wind spirits since Byakko is in force. If they keep their orientation and distance right, they’ll have a chance. Kurumi is giving Yuki a dressing down that she has taken a soft spot for the enemy (going shopping and all that?) because she used to work hard to become strong but now she is like living so carefree and forgetting about the mission. Takashi also has a grudge against Basara. Because his Banishing Shift erased everything, not even corpses of the dead were left behind, they couldn’t properly send off the deceased.

Maria gives Basara more fanservice in the name of growing the master-servant bond. She starts arousing him with the explanation succubus absorb such lust to turn it into their strength. HOLY SH*T! SHE STARTS LICKING HIS BODY! Then Mio sees this… But she doesn’t get mad. All part of Maria’s plan to make her take over? I guess some bonding is needed. This could have been a steamy tantalizing sexy scene if not for those DAMN LIGHT CENSORS!!!!!! Anyway, it ended well. Next day in school, Takigawa talks to Basara that since Valga was killed, he and his people might have to interfere in their battle. This means he will exterminate by force his enemies and this includes Yuki. So if he doesn’t want them to act, be sure to win. Yuki who has been missing for a week suddenly pops up before Basara to tell him to withdraw from the match. You know he can’t do that, right? Even if it means more than getting exiled and making enemies out of every hero in the world. Because Mio is his sister. That enough convincing for you? Then he gives her his spare key to his house! So, I take it that he is going to win the battle and give free access to Yuki to his house to be part of his harem. That must be it! And so where is the place they picked? On some overhead bridge over a busy road? WTF?! I thought they’d pick some forest or abandoned building or something.

Episode 7
The barrier is activated and they can fight all they want within the vicinity. I wonder if things get damaged here, will it affect the real world too? While Mio and Maria handle Takashi, Basara lures Kurumi away. Then he uses his Banishing Shift to seal her spirits. Not only he defeated her, he also saved her from the fall! And when she remembers their happy childhood times, suddenly her character changes into a blushing little girl? And now they have to deal with Yuki who seems not amused. What’s this? Kurumi now siding Basara? Yuki knocks him out with the hilt of her sword and then make him drink a sleeping potion to knock him out for half a day. Then Yuki goes to face off with Takashi (who is probably tired of playing cat and mouse with the duo). Yuki does not want to experience that tragedy ever again. That is why she became stronger. She will protect what Basara is trying to protect. Basara was also a victim of this. In fact he wasn’t the traitor. It was them who betrayed him by exiling him from the village. Maria tells Mio to go to Basara’s side. She tries to shake and wake him up. Basara must be regretting about his past in his dream. Then he sees Mio who tells him to protect her. I guess with her smothering her boobs in his face, it gives him enough power to break out from the sleeping spell. Now it is his turn to protect Yuki and fight Takashi. At first Basara is doing defensive moves before using his speed to counter attack. Byakko turns defensive and reverts into its original form, a white tiger. As it is a defensive weapon, it will do all it can to protect the wielder. Although it will do nothing if they don’t attack but half of the barrier is built by Byakko’s power. The plan is to draw out its attack and break through its wind barrier at the same time. Yuki will help him out with that and with her trust in him, they defeat Byakko. Takashi wants Basara to kill him but he won’t. Because they’re childhood friends. Just like the other childhood friends he killed? He starts badmouthing him about siding with Mio but she slaps him and tells him off he isn’t the only one having a hard time. Do you think Basara has forgotten all that? She wants to give him a few more punches but Maria holds her back. Basara says he will continue to bear his past and hatred for the rest of his life. Shiba announces it is over and that their mission is temporarily withdrawn. Because they had to clean up after Byakko went out of control, they will be morally tainted if they continue with Mio’s elimination. That would in turn affect their pact with gods and spirits. So suck it up Takashi. It’s over. All the heroes are to return home and this includes Yuki and Kurumi. Well, don’t want the situation to worsen, right? Have your harem another time.

Episode 8
It’s such a gloomy atmosphere with Yuki not around. But when Basara gets home, there she is making dinner for him! She explains the village decided to revert Mio’s status back to observation and Jin must have done something to negotiate for that. He is so happy that he hugs her! Now that he has led her on, she wants a kiss! And my, do Mio look unhappy about it. It gets even worse (or better) as Yuki declares she is now staying with him as this will be the best way for Mio’s observation. Something tells me it isn’t Mio that she wants. Maria then shows her those juicy footage of Mio and Basara’s bonding. Now this has led her on, she strips and wants Basara to fondle her too! I think Maria died a few times today… After learning about the master-servant pact, Maria suggests Yuki to make one with Basara too tomorrow. For combat abilities or for harem purpose? I know which want I am looking forward to. Yuki can’t wait for it, eh? So it becomes a challenge for Mio and Yuki in just about anything because horny Yuki is determined to beat her and let Basara fondle her a lot! When Basara sees Maria in their school grounds, he knows that sneaky succubus is up to no good and goes to stop her. She is here to check on Mio’s safety and wants him to accompany her to check spots that Mio would visit. Like the toilet cubicle. Or the rooftop (a couple is making out!). Then there is the locker room whereby cheeky Maria puts Mio’s panties over his head. But they have to hide as the girls are coming back. Of all times. Maria afraid to get spanked by Mio again but since they’re eventually going to be found out, might as well seduce the hell out of him now!!! This is what you really call a tight spot! So when Mio opens her locker to see this steamy scene, she just closes it back to give them a chance to come out more decently or else… A slap for Basara and several beatings for Maria. They’re lucky to escape with that. Because of that, her curse starts activating so it’s time for Basara to put in what he has learnt. Make her into submission! I don’t know about this shower scene and sticking the shower head into her swimsuit but it worked somehow. Damn censors… As it is time to go home, Basara notices Maria missing and goes to find her. To his surprise, he sees her meeting up with Takigawa. Something smells fishy. But later as Maria explains, she was lost and he gave directions (or is it?). Then she requests to hold hands and walk home. I guess she has got to pamper herself once in a while instead of always doing it for Mio. Oh wait, hasn’t she always? Meanwhile Zest shows footage to Zolgia about Basara’s power. Since Lars (Takigawa’s real name) is the only one to know of this power, Zolgia doesn’t feel the need to care about him and will move forward with his plans.

Episode 9
The moment we’ve all been waiting for! Yuki making a pact with Basara! Why is he complaining she is dressed so sexy?! If she wants to seduce you, let her seduce you lah! She even threatens to start stripping if he doesn’t look! Yuki wants to same kind of dominating treatment that Basara has on Mio. So when the curse is in effect, Basara has to make good of what he learnt to please her. Oh yeah. OH YEAH! Got it all recorded good on camera, Maria? It would have been sweet if not for that darn CENSOOOOOOOOOOOORS!!!!!!! Mio can’t believe this is how she looks like when she is in the same predicament. Yeah, believe it. So steamy the seduction that it even made Zest jealous just by watching. Next day during PE right after Basara sees Hasegawa (yet another usual of her enigmatic lines of not forgetting what he is supposed to protect), his classmate Sakaki suddenly comes in and wants him to do the same erotic things on Mio!!! WOAH! WAIT A SECOND! Suddenly another potential to his harem?! Yuki attacks her but she could evade her sword. She realizes Sakaki is being possessed. The same can be said for their fellow classmate, Aikawa. Yuki will deal with the duo while Basara goes after Mio since her curse is activated. Jealous, isn’t she? However she is caught by Mio and Zest. Before Basara could get her, they disappear. He becomes worried as he could no longer sense her whereabouts. Mio has this flashback how Zolgia popped into her life one day, violently slew her dad and burnt her mom. Terrifying. Then Maria appeared before her and revealed the truth and her true self as opposed to the cousin relationship Mio had always known. Mio is still mad at Zolgia for killing her parents. More shocking is that Mio is working under him. He is about to have fun with Mio when there is an important call from the current Demon Lord, Leohart. Seems some ruins have been discovered that dates back to the Diavola Era war between demons and gods. He wants Zolgia on the expedition team due this his magic expertise. Looks like fun time with Mio will have to wait. Basara calls out Takigawa and wants to know the entire truth. Takigawa knew Basara had seen him meeting with Maria and that itself should have made him suspicious. He reveals Zolgia never gave up on Mio and because Maria ran away with her the last minute, Zolgia went after Maria’s family and captured her mother. He can’t get rid of Maria too because she is holding some trump card. She was also the one who reversed the curse because Mio would have died had anyone beside her master steals her chastity. Takigawa won’t reveal more so Basara will fight him to the end just to save his sister. But I guess he lost. Because Takigawa goes to meet Zest and wants to make a deal. He will hand Basara over to her in exchange for Mio.

Episode 10
Takigawa threatens to tell Leohart that Zolgia kidnapped Mio. Zest has no choice… But to kill him! He didn’t see this one coming, didn’t he? Basara wakes up inside Zolgia’s castle and the first thing he gets is Maria’s seductive fanservice. So what is he complaining about? He knows of her captured mom and wants to help but all Maria can do now is follow Zolgia’s orders to subjugate his mind. She uses her trump card. Turning herself into a sexy busty curvaceous succubus? Basara might be under her spell but he eventually uses his will to break out. So he rather save her than taint her. I suppose so because it’s not right to taint somebody while she’s having tears in her eyes seducing you. She fights him but he just stood there and taking her punches after using Banishing Shift. This is part of the plan to nullify the magic from within so that Yuki can find the location of the castle. She frees Mio and they both fight Zest. Zest knows she can’t win so she tries to play a little psychology that Basara is now saving Maria, the one who betrayed Mio. By now if Mio falls for that, she’s a useless b*tch. Of course she realizes Basara has forgiven them both and promised they will be protected. She believes in him. Maria cannot believe Basara is still standing back up after all that pounding. But this guy has some smooth words too. He is saying about the times they spent together and how he doesn’t want to lose things and how he is going to save everyone. Wow. Really a hero. Yeah, it made Maria’s last punch so weak and right after he hugs her, she starts crying out so loud that the windows might shatter. So we skip the boring fight with Zest and just fast forward to see her defeated and tied up by the duo. As they’re about to leave, they are paralyzed by Zolgia’s magic. This pervert demon relishes having a new toy. Now he’s got a hero specimen, time to get horny with her too? But first he berates Zest for being a useless guard dog and chides her that he knows she envied those girls and wanted Basara as her master. For this betrayal, she shall die. And as expected, she can’t die yet because Basara interrupted with his Banishing Shift to nullify everything. But this old demon still has some magic up on his sleeve. He hypnotizes Basara to take a peek at what kind of power he possesses.

Episode 11
Well, what do you know? Takigawa looks like he is still alive. Basara manages to break free but whatever tricks he throws, Zolgia is always superior. Then he uses another mind control to have him dreaming about his harem girls seducing him! Woah! Such fun! Even Hasegawa is in! Even Kurumi! How can he not resist them all?! Unless he is gay… We interrupt this steamy fantasy with Maria barging in to fight Zolgia. He gives her 2 choices: Become his alongside the other girls or let her mother die while they escape. She declines them both. He expects this and shows the true footage of her mom already dead. NOOOO!!! YOU HEARTLESS BASTARD! Maria is such a sad succubus that she reverts into her loli form. But this awakens Mio’s innate powers. Zolgia is interested to take a look at it but as he touches her, his entire arm is destroyed! Holy sh*t! Now he looks freaking scared! Shivering in his own pants! Mio wants to kill him for revenge but Basara doesn’t want her to taint her hands or live with the rest of her life suffering by bearing his death. Then order her via the pact to stop seeking revenge. He won’t do that her and they’ll no longer be siblings if he does that. They’d never be family again. He promised his dad he would protect her. As he hugs her, this distraction gives Zolgia the chance to escape but outside he is met with Takigawa. Seems he is a puppeteer and Zest only killed one his dummies. This means, Maria’s mom, Shella also lives. Oh, I thought she is Maria’s twin sister! After Takigawa rescued Shella, he used another dummy to make Zolgia think he killed her. This is part of his deal with Basara. During that fight, he wanted to know what Takigawa wants and will see to it he will get it. No matter what! No, he will not sell him out to Leohart. Remember Mio’s human parents? They are actually demons. Kind hearted ones. They helped took in lots of orphan demons and Takigawa was one of them. He admired them a lot. His goal is to kill Zolgia by his own hands. With Zolgia’s magic undone, his castle turns into some dangerous beast. To fool Leohart and keep his location a secret, he hid it here but now the sleeping effect is wearing off, the beast is going to wake up and multiply infinitely and devour the entire world. I guess this is his ‘insurance’ that if he is going down, everyone will perish with him! Basara learns that this creature has vital organs but from what Zest explains you can’t destroy it with any magical or physical attacks. He is going to use Banishing Shift to the max. He knows it is dangerous but he did say he swore to protect his family even if it costs him his life. So why is he so against Mio and Yuki who want to go with him and play hero too? No time to argue. Let’s do this. Zest leads them to the core.

Episode 12
Running inside this creature feels like going through a little horror house with aliens just springing up to attack you. Even the ‘stairs’ can turn into aliens with sharp teeth! Yuki wants to play hero and keep these aliens at bay and all she needs to say is that believe-in-me magic word and voila! Basara will let her. Don’t look too long at those doll clones resembling Zest because they spring out and attack you! Then before the core, aliens attack whoever is on the offensive so Zest makes it sound like she’s going to sacrifice herself being the bait while Basara ends it. While Mio is against it (because she has a heart, blah, blah, blah), Basara surprisingly gives the green light. In no time, the beast’s core is destroyed and it’s like it is having a big stomach ache because its ‘vomit’ destroyed a mountain before it dies!!! Zest is still alive because Basara push her out of harm’s way at the very last second before he used Banishing Shift. Meanwhile Takigawa is slowly torturing Zolgia because he is waiting for someone to turn up. Zolgia thought he could use that someone to mind control and escape but that someone turns out to be Basara. He is here to watch his death. Say what? This is another part of the agreement. As Mio and Yuki will become aware of Takigawa’s real identity, he made a deal with Basara to vouch for him and in turn will see Zolgia die. Quite the sadist, is he? Zolgia tries to make a deal with Basara that he can provide more information about Mio if he is concerned about her safety but I guess he isn’t a cute busty female so it’s no deal. See that no remorse in Basara’s eyes? You’re screwed. Time to die. Oh yeah. His head just exploded…

Back home, Zest is given time to think what she wants to do but for the time being will consider Basara her master since her original master is dead. Basara goes to talk to Mio alone and he is worried if she was ‘tainted’. Fortunately, no. But the thought of this might happen to her riles him up so he pushes her down and starts raping her!!!! WTF????!!!! DID YOU SEE THIS COMING???!!!! IS HE TURNING INTO A REAL DEMON???!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!! It is too late when he realizes it because Mio (with that smirk on her face) tells her the only way she could forgive him is to kiss her! Don’t tell me she’s addicted to it? Because they’re taking too long, Yuki usurps her and gives Basara her steamy kiss!!! Oh yeah! Let the real cat fight begin!!! Sad Maria thought she had no part in this but Basara pulls her in and seeks her help in diffusing the tension between the ladies. They’re trying to bring her to their side. I understand Mio is arguing she is her sister but what does Yuki have to offer? Side her and she’ll help her do lewd things to Mio! What is her answer? She quickly gives Basara a long steamy kiss because he is her brother! That’s your answer! Oh boy, the cat fight is going to get real intense in a 3 way battle! We take some time off the steamy bits as we see the moderate demon faction picking up Zest and Shella. So they’re not staying to be part of Basara’s harem? What a shame. And of course life returns to normal for them. One big happy harem family with the occasional tussle for that guy. Okay, make that frequent tussle. Lastly, Leohart is puzzled of Zolgia’s disappearance and wants his status to be investigated because from Takigawa’s report, he seemed to be plotting something. But waiting for him in his throne room is no other than Jin who has taken out all his guards. This is payback for laying his hands on his kids. Those mean vengeful eyes… Who is the real demon here?

Episode 13 (OVA)
Maria sees Mio still sleeping and dreaming. This is her chance to see what she is dreaming as she whips out a special camera to peek into her mind. Hoping for something erotic? Because in Mio’s dream she sees Maria as Basara, the succubus did not waste time to take on that role and play out her horny desires with her. OMG! Yuri action! That includes fondling her boobs, sucking her boobs and then using a banana for… OMG! Is she really going to use it?! Till Basara beats her up for trying to do something horny in the morning. Maria is then relegated to cooking breakfast and has him test taste her new dish. But what is this hard stuff she put in? Tastes okay but he can really bite it that well. She claims it is his favourite food: Mio’s panties! OMG! That guy just swallowed a pair! OMFG! This guy is going to kill her right now! Yuki saw the entire thing. Now she takes off her panties and wants him to eat it! What? He ate Mio’s and hers is not good enough? Unhappy with this, Yuki takes off her bra and bares her boobs. Call it lucky or unlucky because whatever Yuki begs Basara to do to her won’t happen as Mio is pretty pissed in seeing them engaged in this unholy act. She fries Basara and the horny loli succubus.

Because Hasegawa didn’t get much decent screen time, the second half is dedicated to her. After all, it would be a waste not to ‘make use’ of those boobs, right? As Basara seeks treatment at the infirmary after a minor sporting accident, he sees Hasegawa in a swimsuit. She was trying it and thanks to her big boobs, the zip is stuck. Need help? He tries but it just wouldn’t unzip. Using any more force will rip it. So he puts some foam and then unzips it but he uses a bit too much force and it exposes her boobs. She then invites him to her home for food. Don’t worry, he won’t be eating her. I think. So as she washes the dishes, she wants him to hug her from the back. I know it’s getting sexy with her teasing him like that. Then he has her hug from the front. When he is bathing, he is shocked she is joining him. This is to be expected. This is what we are waiting for! She starts washing his back using his boobs and then has him give advice on how to improve on this! When she steals a kiss, I suppose that is the breaking point because Basara now turns into a monster, returning her with a hot steamy passionate kiss! Rape scene?! OMG! Since when did this turn into hentai!!!!!!!!! He starts fondling her boobs, sucking it, playing with her butt!!! OMFG!!!! Short of just showing a certain anatomy to fully call it hentai!!!!! I don’t know if it was all a dream because when Basara wakes up, he is lying on Hasegawa’s lap. He somewhat passed out. Was it because of the heat or Hasegawa’s lesson of letting him experience the pleasure of an older woman is too much to handle? It is not clear if this was just a dream or it really happened and passion was too hot that it made it all look like a dream. Basara grabs his clothes and then heads off. Basara… YOU LUCKY BASTARD!!!

I’ll Pleasure You 100 Times!
Hey wait a minute! Oh, come on! Don’t end it like this when the best parts are starting to get interesting! The parts that sees the girls fighting over Basara! NOOOO!!!! Can’t they just extend this bit a little longer! We want more of such scenes! Why does it always have to end when it gets interesting? So is that why the need of the announcement of the second season right at the end of the TV series? Oh well, you might have guessed that this is perhaps the reason why we watch this series in the first place… The fanservice and of course the cat fight in the harem. Not the story, not the plot, not the development and not the plot. Don’t you agree with me?

I am not sure if this series is trying to be a rip-off from a handful of other animes of the same genre. You know, high school with super powers and ecchi harem theme. I can see some overlapping similarities with this one and High School DxD and others such as Seirei Tsukai No Blade Dance, Seiken Tsukai No World Break, Yuushibu and even Hagure Yuusha No Estetica (trivia: they are both created from the same author). All of which are adapted from their original light novel series. So I guess with more and more of such similar adaptations and our craving/lust for anime porn that needs to be satiated every season, that is why it feels so similar. But it feels more like High School DxD clone because the main characters and the demon setting feel too awfully familiar. Just add the little sister link and you call it a new show.

So let’s get down to the points of the series that we aren’t interested in the first place. Get them out of the way right. Like the plot and development. Yeah sure, high school girl has some demon powers that everybody wants. Only some guy with an equally devastating power stands in the way. Hardly anything exciting. Maybe they’ll expand it in the next season but for now this plot just feels introductory to the setting and doesn’t move anywhere or make any great impact.

Character development also feels weak. At least for this season is concerned. Besides the main characters, many of some of the lesser characters feel fleeting and although it feels they definitely hold something more important but yet to be revealed. Like Hasegawa, this busty chick isn’t just your typical ordinary school nurse from her enigmatic speech and all. We all know there is more to her but looks like this season she won’t be making any moves yet. Then there is Jin who isn’t just some sleazy dad who decides to screw up his son’s life by leaving him with a bevy of babes. Seeing him taking on the interim Demon Lord shows that he is more than meets the eye. Heck, despite from the hero clan (as we believe), he could actually be God! Then there is Takigawa who feels like strange bedfellows with Basara and although they might have a seemingly common goal, his true intentions are yet to be seen. After all, he is still a demon and you can’t truly trust one, right? What about those heroes like Takashi, Kurumi and Shiba? Something tells me it isn’t the end of them yet and there’ll be more encounters in the future.

The main characters aren’t anything new or exciting. Just feels typical. Like Basara, you can compare him with so many archetype main characters that are just like him. This guy wants to be a hero who gets all his cake and eat it. Sure, he puts his family first before the world. That’s good, right? Which girl doesn’t want to have this guy as her big brother-cum-boyfriend-cum-future-husband? We get it already. You love your family. Don’t have to tell us all the time. Maybe he has to since Mio keeps having stray thoughts about everything else so he has to from time to time remind her about being family, blah, blah, blah. And the world can go to hell for all he cares if he is ever forced to choose between what is most important. Ironically, isn’t his little step-sister the future Demon Lord of hell? So if you want to do any heroic stuffs on join him on the offensive, you need to say those magic words that include trust, believe or have faith in me and he’ll automatically let you face danger but don’t get yourself in too deep because that will make him come back and save your ass. Which isn’t a bad thing but it’ll be embarrassing that you’ve already assured that you can do it but not live up to it.

I don’t know if Mio is trying to start a new catchphrase or something because she loves to say “I’ll kill you a hundred times!”. No, we don’t find that cute but rather annoying. We only find her cute (and sexy) when she is moaning like an amateur porn star ;p. I wonder if she is trying to rival that tsundere from Mayoi Neko Overrun, Fumino Serizawa because her favourite catchphrase is “Go die twice!”. Maybe there is a difference in getting killed and killing yourself. Otherwise she is pretty much a useless character. Her powers are still under-developed and has the tendency to go into guilt-ridden mode while being a tsundere. This is the future Demon Lord? Hell is screwed. Yuki feels like one of those expressionless characters, the kind that do not show much emotion but when it comes to dealing with the things she wants most, her actions speak louder than what you would guess from her facial expression. Still waters run deep.

I guess the reason why Maria has been given the succubus class is so that we do not complain whenever this loli gets horny ideas. Because she loves seeing Mio in such uncomfortable fanservice positions and that she is always ready to whip out her camera to record every racy second like as though she want to create and edit a porn collection of Mio and upload it to PornHub. Heh. She doesn’t even have to do that. There are a lot of sick people who would pay to watch that! For the record, I am not one of those people. When Maria oversteps her boundary, she becomes Mio’s punching bag to let loose some steam and remind her of her place but I don’t think it’s working given Maria’s succubus background. Seduction and flirting always comes first. Like pleasure before pain, huh?

And therefore the romance parts although it feels like Basara leaning more to Mio, but if you consider the lewd stuffs that they are doing, wouldn’t it be constitute as incest? I know they’re not related by blood and even if they are step-siblings, doesn’t this sound like incest? Oh, who cares about the laws of the world? It doesn’t apply when your love for your sister/brother is too great! Nobody understands our love! There might be a handful of scenes to see Basara and Mio ‘bonding’ but I just don’t feel it. Sure, they grow closer after each danger but I just don’t feel the bonding is there. So for now we just have to contend with Mio, Yuki and Maria in the harem because I really thought with Zolgia dead, Zest would join the harem with her new master. Heck, maybe Shella too. She could fit under the legal loli or MILF trope, right? Oh heck, I almost forgot about Kurumi. When is she coming back? Something tells me not to discount Hasegawa too because during Basara’s hypnosis from Zolgia, in fact all the main girls were there in his fantasy harem. Well, at least it is a good thing to know he isn’t gay. Because it would just scream hints of yaoi if Takigawa was part of it. I mean, really. This guy would do anything for him just to safeguard his sisters? What is he? Part of his harem? Thank God, no.

And thus the only reason why this anime was ever adapted was because of the fanservice. Who needs anything else when you can have horny girls being submitted by their onii-chan? This is how producers make their loads of money without needing to think much of the story and characters. Just fill it with fanservice and watch all the gullible perverts fall for this trick over and over again. Always works. Like yours truly. I can tell because of experience ;). However the biggest ‘disappointment’ in this area are the DAMN CENSORS!!! It is like the TV version is just teasing us and that they are telling us if you want to really see what is behind those blinding lights or chibi character censors, you better buy the BDs to get your 2 cents worth of fapping material (just like how it is all free and clear in the OVA). And that, my friend, is how you milk even more money from otaku perverts. Or else with those censors, it is like telling us to use our ‘vivid’ imagination to fantasize what is going on behind those juicy scenes. Oh sure, if I really wanted to fantasize and imagine such scenes, I might as well read the book. Read the light novel. But that isn’t the reason why we watch the TV series so in a way having censored fanservice scenes feels like ‘cheating’ us and ‘depriving’ us of what we really want to see most. You know what? I’m not going to waste my money on those BDs just to prove that I have a vivid imagination. OH YES! I CAN SEE IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

But not every fanservice scenes get those censors. Those considered to be ‘dangerous’ enough like Basara raping molesting trying to calm the curse down in Mio are definitely certain for such censors. Yeah, if it is a close up scene, I guess the censors will take up more than half the screen so you’ll be wondering if your TV monitor just burnt out from the blistering fanservice. I suppose such scenes are lewd and indecent enough to be borderline hentai and feels like any moment it could just cross over there. That is why they ‘leave it to your imagination’ for those censors in the TV series. Because girls only moan like that, yearn more of that and want to be raped like that… All that is only possible in porn, right? Therefore those small fanservice scenes like a scene of random girls changing in the locker room in their undies go uncensored simply because after all that we have seen and experienced, this is nothing compared to that.

The action bits just feel like a distraction to the fanservice moments. Because they cannot spam us with fanservice scenes for the entire duration of the episode, that is why they put in the sword and magic fights. The fight scenes are okay but nothing extravagant. Perhaps I wasn’t paying attention because I feel everyone has just 1 set of skills and there are no other variations. Especially with Basara’s Banishing Shift feels like the ultimate move cheat code because it just nullifies the hell out of everything in a single strike. How convenient. Sure, he has got it all under control now. But he makes it look so easy that he should just use this in every fight and every enemy he faces off. Oh wait, doesn’t he? And I thought he had some sort of trauma using it? I guess we forgot all about it in between because he has been using it like nobody’s business only for the final episode’s scene before Mio’s rape we see his hands shaking again just to remind us. There is a bit of gore and blood but sometimes they look more light red paint. Especially that scene where Zolgia’s head exploded… So unreal…

Basara sound familiar. Oh yeah. It’s Yuuichi Nakamura behind it at his usual angsty voice. Well, almost. Am I starting to see similarities in his anime characters? Like Kyousuke from OreImo, Yuuki from Koi To Senkyo To Chocolate and Tomoya from Clannad. Tomokazu Sugita was also recognizable despite not sounding so much like Gintama’s Gintoki. Feels a bit meek in this role but nevertheless still recognizable and thus the reason his character revelation wasn’t a surprise to me. I thought characters like Mio would be voiced by Ayana Taketatsu but it is Ayaka Asai instead (Hazuki Katou in Hibike! Euphonium). The rest of the casts are so-so. They include Kaori Fukuhara as Maria (Tsukasa in Lucky Star), Sarah Emi Bridcutt as Yuki (Yuzuru in Date A Live II), Keiji Fujiwara as Jin (Sven in Black Cat), Hiroto Kazuki as Zolgia, Go Inoue as Takashi (Kaisar in Shingeki No Bahamut: Genesis), Daisuke Hirakawa as Shiba (Muneakira in Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls), Iori Nomizu as Kurumi (Nymph in Sora No Otoshimono), Seiko Yoshida as Zest (Kyousuke in Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica) and Yuu Asakawa as Hasegawa (Leone in Akame Ga Kill).

The opening theme is Blade Of Hope by Sweet ARMS while the ending theme is Still Sis by Kaori Sadohara. Both sound like generic anime pop. Nothing that is appealing to me. Just rather okay. Amidst the action packed opening credits animation (and certain versions of the ending credits animation), also lots of naked fanservice. Including Basara himself. I guess if they don’t show the genitals, it is okay.

Overall, this show still has its potential if you are willing to give it a chance. I know, the fanservice. The redeeming factor that also partially killed it due to its horrendous censors. Try harder next time. I think I’ll form more conclusive opinions after watching the second season but that could be quite some time even by the time this blog is published. But for now if you want to satisfy your desire for little sister themed animes, there are many out there to choose from like OreImo, NakaImo and the atrocious ImoCho. But how many will have your little sister as a little devil and future Demon Lord? You know, that kind of feeling that you as an ordinary guy but your sister is a world famous top model. If you are really that desperate to get a little sister and hear those magical call words of “Onii-chan!”, I think the fastest and best way is to play a dating simulation of one. Maybe even better than watching this series.

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