Kamisama Hajimemashita S2

September 26, 2015

Before I knew it, the sequel was already here. Okay, so I wasn’t paying attention because I wasn’t such a big fan of the series. Therefore when Kamisama Hajimemashita S2 came out, I wasn’t particularly that excited but at the same time I needed to watch this so as to know and keep myself updated if there is any progress between a young human girl who became a local deity and her handsome but brooding fox familiar. Oh, what do I care? It was just an excuse to convince myself to watch this anyway. Let me just hope there is some sort of a romantic progression or something. Or I am going to complain to the deities about… Ah, never mind.

Episode 1
A short flashback shows the formidable bloodthirsty pair of Tomoe and Akuraou. No demons can stand in their way. Then one day, Tomoe just vanished from Akuraou’s side. And back to Nanami’s shrine, things are peaceful as always. Tomoe ‘abusing’ Nanami to get into shape. Ah yes. Peaceful alright. When Nanami sees Tomoe looking longingly at a butterfly, Mizuki explains that each deity has something that represents them. Mikage is represented by a butterfly. Otohiko comes down to check on them. He is still not convinced Nanami is a strong deity and because of the Gods converging at Izumo for a Divine Assembly in October, it is decided that Nanami will attend if she passes a test. At first Nanami isn’t interested but when Otohiko mentions that maybe some deities know of Mikage’s whereabouts, she starts thinking about it. Otohiko gives her a shikigami egg in which it will draw nutrients from her energy and hatch in 7 days. If the shikigami turns out beautiful and appeals to him, she passes. Only if Nanami knows what a shikigami is… So before she could begin warming her egg, Mizuki accidentally steps on it! It cracks! Oh sh*t! Not even the first day! A little monkey hatches out. Cute? Well, Nanami treats it very well unlike Tomoe who sounds very jealous as he hints she doesn’t need a monkey familiar. All she needs is only him. Even so, she can’t just abandon the little monkey, right? It goes without saying, the fox and the monkey don’t get along well.

As Nanami does more research on shikigami at the library (the silly grin to herself is making others freak out), a spider demon attacks her. If not for Tomoe coming to her rescue, she could have been done for. She realizes she is weak and not qualified to go to Izumo at this rate. That is why she requests Tomoe to leave her alone so she can become stronger by doing things herself. It makes Tomoe feel that he is not needed? Nanami thinks she can become stronger with her talismans. When Ami thought she saw demons in a room, Nanami hands over some of her talisman to protect her. Tomoe warns Nanami that a spider demon’s miasma has spread all over school and this will be hard for her to handle. Stubborn Nanami thinks she still can. She puts her talismans at several places but at the library, the dark patch swallows her up. The talisman didn’t work. Tomoe again had to come to her rescue at the expense tainting his hands. He tries washing it off but it won’t come off that easily. He remembers how he was filled with blood and Mikage picked him up to clean him up. The demon attacks him. Nanami wakes up at the infirmary safe. Ami too. She regrets her talisman didn’t work. Otohiko disguising as the school nurse ticks off Nanami for neglecting the monkey (since this affects his reputation as a tester). She wants to try again but he hints to her to stop wasting time writing talismans and should consider this monkey as her talisman. What power does she desire most? She wants to protect and thus she names the monkey Mamoru. He suddenly knows what to do and as it runs around, its aura purifies everything around. This includes saving Tomoe from becoming darkness’ dinner. Tomoe pats Nanami’s head. That’s the reward she gets?

Episode 2
Tomoe confronts Otohiko and knows he planned this from the start. The egg takes 7 days to hatch and since it already has a form on the first day, this might be a trick to increase Nanami’s godliness. Then there is the case of who is going to accompany Nanami to Izumo. Blame the budget. Tomoe and Mizuki will decide themselves via shogi who to go while she goes out to buy air tickets. Wait a minute. What kind of airlines takes you to that divine place? Mamoru warns Nanami that vicious presences are trying to get her. She runs to the park and bumps into this guy, Kirihito. The evils turn out to be former deities who are jealous that Nanami as a human deity gets to go to Izumo. They tell her not to go and badmouth Tomoe. This is when Kirihito chides them back for their character. No wonder they are former deities. Heck, they are not worth calling that. This angers them as they kill him. Nanami becomes upset. She unleashes Mamoru to purify them. Kirihito is amazingly still alive but covered with blood. Nanami wants to take him to hospital but he teases her by trying to kiss her. She freaks out and runs away. His fox familiars that Nanami bumped while buying air tickets return to him. It seems Kirihito doesn’t want to stay in this pitiful body and vows to regain his true form.

Tomoe seems to have beaten Mizuki in shogi and even has him signed a letter to acknowledge that victory! Suddenly Nanami says Tomoe will be staying while Mizuki will tag along. WTF?! What the hell?! He won fair and square! Actually Nanami is thinking if Tomoe goes, deities will speak badly of him and she doesn’t want that. At the airport, only Isara sees her off. Who can blame Tomoe in foul mood who is forced to dress up like Nanami in school to cover for her? I don’t know how Mizuki was careless to let Nanami slip off his snake and fall straight down. Can’t he swoop down and catch her? Nanami wakes up before the shrine entrance. She meets a myriad of Gods (weirdoes if you ask me). But the God of War, Takehaya doesn’t like Nanami because she is unable to demonstrate any godly powers. He warns her not to attend or else. She won’t be cowed and enters the shrine that leads to the banquet hall. Mizuki and Mamoru are lamenting they are late and cannot go in without a deity accompanying them. Which deity would be running late at such an important assembly? Well, Otohiko seems to be… Such luck… Nanami seems to be lost and it is like walking forever in this maze. The light goes out. Total darkness. Fear starts to seep in. A little butterfly light guides her to the banquet hall. Nanami is still indecisive so he tells her each deity isn’t omnipotent and each has their own strengths and weaknesses and roles to fulfil. She is the only one who can see through the eyes of a human, be by their side and offer them a shoulder to lean on. That is her strength and only hers alone. Attend the assembly and see with her own eyes. Make her presence felt and be proud. He won’t attend it himself and leaves. Nanami opens the door to the banquet hall.

Episode 3
Takehaya is of course not pleased to see her. It is revealed the host of this place, Okuninushi is the one who invited her but before he has her join the Divine Assembly, he wants her to go to Yomotsu Hirasaka. It is the entrance to the Netherworld and since the guard is away at this assembly for 7 days, demons will try to break it but they usually fail since 7 days aren’t enough. However he feels there is a powerful force there enough to break it. Nanami will accept this task if he agrees to tell Mikage’s location. He might not know but he will help her find him. Otohiko is not pleased he is assigned to be her guide there. He just shows her the way and goes off. Nanami wants Mizuki to stay behind and find the one who guided her to the banquet hall. She believes that is Mikage. Meanwhile Kirihito is convincing some demon boss to enter the gate (which is already cracked open) and under the pretence to get Akuraou’s body so he can be immortal, the demon takes the bait but it seems that lowly demons who step into it turn into dust from the poison. Having second thoughts? Only deities can withstand it. With Nanami entering the picture, the demon boss takes Kirihito as hostage to accompany him into the Netherworld. Too bad he burns up. Nanami dives in to save Kirihito.

Meanwhile, Tomoe continues to be in bad mood. I guess the only way for him to accept this is that he is going to enjoy himself all night long. It is not like Nanami is coming back, right? So he goes to seek the company of those raccoon geishas. But it looks like his mind is somewhere else. One of them relates a story about Akuraou who believed to have gone on a rampage here 600 years ago. Akuraou killed all of them and only Mizutama (who was just a little girl then) was the only survivor. Had not Tomoe stepped in to condemn Akuraou’s massacre, she might not be here today. Mizutama tends to Tomoe but he suddenly dreams of Nanami. Fearing she would be back at the shrine, he rushes home. Well, he only sees Kotetsu dressing up as Nanami… Don’t ask. His heart is filled with warmth seeing that Nanami left a letter for him. However it is for him to cover her English test and to study hard to get 80%. Only 4 more hours to the test… Nanami wakes up in the Netherworld as Kirihito warns her not to eat anything the denizens offer or she will never return to the surface. With more of them appearing, the only thing they could do is run. At least they won’t chase them into the water. Too bad Nanami can’t swim and he had a hard time pulling her up to shore. Otohiko is trying to look for missing Nanami but Takehaya tells him to forget it since the Divine Assembly is about to begin. Nanami’s tummy growls and she thought she could use her talisman to change the mushroom into food. Not working. Kirihito also tests her confidence on it and her hesitation proves she isn’t. They are then taken by a pair of demons to the shrine of Izanami, the presiding goddess of the Netherworld.

Episode 4
Nanami sees Izanami’s help to return to the surface. Although she will allow her but not Kirihito. Because he is already dead and should not be wandering around in the land of the living. After sealing away Kirihito, Nanami is adamant she still wants to bring him back all because she can’t leave without knowing who he really is. Huh? So she eats some food to become a denizen of the Netherworld. Then she goes off to look for him. Meanwhile Kirihito recalls everything. As Akuraou, He was trapped in darkness for so long till a recently deceased human named Kirihito Mori stumbled upon him (he was buried under tons of snow). He knows it is his time to pass on but because earlier he argued with his mom and doesn’t want to end it this way and hopes Akuraou could help do him a favour and apologize on his behalf. He can use his body while at it. Akuraou agrees on a whim just to escape this darkness. So when he wakes up in hospital in his new body, he is overcome with emotions. He has never seen light and felt the warmth for so long. He starts apologizing to the parents who are very relieved to see their son back alive. Kirihito kept a low profile and had his familiars do things on his behalf. Now, he wonders if that is all a dream and he is still trapped in the darkness. He starts panicking when Nanami opens the door to save him. She brags about using her talisman to guide her here and she gets an unexpected hug from him! So warm… Kirihito is suspicious when Nanami mentions about Tomoe’s name. Now they have to escape without Izanami detecting them. Meanwhile Kotetsu and Onikiri receive a message from Otohiko that Nanami is lost in the Netherworld. This rings alarm bells for Tomoe so he vows to bring her back. Time to head there.

Izanami’s servant, Hiou is sent to bring Nanami back. Kirihito is weak but is still okay because he stole some of Nanami’s hair and wrapped it around his hand. As long he has a part of a deity touching him, his human body will not rot from the poison. They have to make haste when Hiou threatens to burn the entire forest. As the talisman guides them to the gate, it is darker than usual. It might be because somebody has sealed it. Yes it is. Takehaya has placed a seal and guarding the place. He is not pleased to see Tomoe here and easily defeats the raging fox. True, a familiar can never best a deity. So Tomoe uses some tool to turn himself into a powerful youkai. As Kirihito weakens, Nanami will be bait to lure Hiou away. What can she do with only a single talisman left? Before cat girl can pounce on her, Tomoe saves the day. Master and familiar reunite in an emotional hug. But he wants answers about her actions. Can we talk in a better place? As they make back out to the surface, Nanami is exhausted and falls asleep. Kirihito tries to attack Tomoe but since he is also tired, he calls it a day for now and escapes with his familiars. Tomoe can’t help think of Kirihito’s question of what Nanami is to him.

Episode 5
Nanami is recovering but Mizuki is feeling bad that he was unable to do anything for her. Okuninushi although mentions about the complaints he has been receiving for her did in the Netherworld, he will overlook it. But when mention Tomoe is in prison for turning into a youkai and no longer her familiar, Nanami sprints out to go see him instead of heading to the Divine Assembly. She wants to make him her familiar again but he wants to think about it. Nanami goes to negotiate to Okuninushi for his release. Mizuki hands Tomoe some deity peach pills Nanami got from a deity. She thought if they go their separate ways, she wanted to give him something that will keep him safe. Because Tomoe can’t stop thinking about Nanami, Mizuki points out he is just somebody who is in love with a human girl. Tomoe goes to see sleeping Nanami and wonders if he desires her. He kisses her to redo the contract again. Nanami is of course happy for him to become her familiar again and even saw it in her dreams. This makes Tomoe be mean to her and as noted, each time he starts blushing thinking about her, he has a tendency to do this. So much so, Nanami starts crying that she cannot understand why he is yelling at her. He apologizes. Then he tries to play reverse psychology with her because she had no qualms about her familiars sleeping with her an even undressing in front of him (although she’s wearing a permissible camisole), he tries to change for her and even hints of doing things while she is sleeping. He might be just fooling around with her and she didn’t like it very much and hits him away.

Nanami continues to work hard at the Divine Assembly and even tries to help another deity with her work! A week later as the deities celebrate their last night at Izumo, Tomoe earns Nanami’s ire when he didn’t like the dress she is going to wear to the banquet. Mizuki hopes he doesn’t get carried away by eloping or something. He doesn’t want to be alone again right after he found a new master. Nanami sees that butterfly and follows it to Mikage. He praises her for doing well in the past week and being good to Tomoe. As for seeing him, Mikage can’t do so now or else his 20 years absence will be for nought. Until Tomoe completely ceases to need him, he has no intention of seeing him again. He adds about the taboo relationship between a human and youkai. Because humans’ life is short and fragile, they can fall in love multiple times and change with the passage of time. But youkais live for very long periods and rarely forget or let go. This is a hazardous position for even Tomoe. Nanami knows he is talking about Yukiji and although Mikage has used his powers to forget her, it won’t last forever. As for bringing Nanami to him, Tomoe believes humans are fleeting and frail and fears of being involved with them. He believes she can teach him human bonds are no weak and wants Tomoe to bond with humanity again. He wants Tomoe to take her hand and not his. He wants Tomoe to choose her himself. But it seems he still has a long way to go. Just when Tomoe spots Mikage and rushes to him, off he goes.

Episode 6
So when Tomoe asks what were they talking, she says nothing. Oh sure, nothing important. But this has Nanami wonder her own predicament. Her life is short and yet she longs for Tomoe. So while Okuninushi is impressed with her work, however he apologizes he couldn’t find Mikage’s location. But Nanami is okay with that. Since Okuninushi is going to have his date with human women (fair love for all!) so she asks him about the possibility of love between different forms. It depends on the duo. Nanami then bumps into Isara and upon learning she returned home alone, she suggests going on a date now. Is this just a fancy name for a girl’s outing? So Nanami tells her predicament. Her reply is that nothing will start if she takes inaction. Izanami is grateful to Nanami for helping to reach her feelings to Kotarou. Meanwhile some lowly youkai, Yatori meets up with Kirihito and wants to help him in retrieving Akuraou’s body. He admires Akuraou and wants to become his minion when he dominates the world. As proof of his loyalty, he will present Akuraou with the sacred Mt Kurama by taking over a tengu there. Kirihito doesn’t place much hope on him and doesn’t expect results but is going to use him for he is worth. Of course Yatori actually knows Kirihito is Akuraou and was just putting up a façade. Nanami accidentally steps on a little kid tengu on the streets, Botanmaru. He is looking for Shinjuro, the third son of Sojobo. He disappeared 17 years ago. Tomoe didn’t like this a bit and mistreats him. He strikes a nerve when he badmouths he might not be able to fly. But the usual kind Nanami is willing to hear him out. When Botanmaru was younger, he was crying because he already had wings but cannot fly. His brother told him about Shinjuro who was also like him. He was judged harshly and beaten up. However one day he got injured and fell off the mountain. It is said that tengus who fall from the mountains are useless. Botanmaru was told to grow stronger. Now he is in the same predicament and he hopes to find Shinjuro to ask him something. He believes he has grown into a fine tengu by this time. But where to find him? Look no further because Botanmaru recognizes his face. Hey… Isn’t that Kurama???!!! This guy is Shinjuro???!!! Make no mistake about it. It’s him. Unbelievable. Speaking of which, he is in a concert right now enthralling all those swooning fan girls. Oh yeah. He even wrote a song suitable for today’s concert. Although he can’t play the guitar and that is just for accessory.

Episode 7
Sorry Kurama. It is not Nanami who wants to see you but Botanmaru who is here to take him back. As Sojobo has collapsed, miasma has been filling the mountains and being prone for tainted creatures to enter. Botanmaru wants Kurama/Shinjuro to succeed as the next head and believes in him despite Kurama preferring the material world more. Because Botanmaru has been away from the mountains too long, he collapses from exhaustion. As they ride back to the mountains, Kurama remembers he was abused, bullied and ostracized by the rest for being weak. He never cared anyway. Only Suiro was the one treated him kindly and thus he looked up to him as a big brother. When Nanami and Tomoe get separated from them, Kurama felt a barrier within the mist. He sees Suiro who blames him for damaged wings for helping him out. When Shinjuro was tossed into the pits with lightning beasts to help make him use his wings, Suiro jumped into save him but got zapped. He is now bitter and believes he shouldn’t have helped him. However Kurama knows this is an imposter because he could hear the real Suiro playing his favourite flute song on the mountain top. Once Nanami and Tomoe are found, Suiro greets them before his gate. Kurama immediately bows his head and seeks apology for not keeping in touch. Nanami feels strange because as if Suiro is ignoring and treating her coldly. Meanwhile Jiro shows no mercy and punishes the weak. He even does this in front of the young ones. You weak, you die. He is visited by Yatori who tells him Shinjuro is back and might succeed Sojobo since Jiro isn’t all that popular. But Jiro is not fazed for he has trained hard to become stronger. He will let no one stand in his way. Nanami has to walk miles to go to the toilet (because Jiro won’t let her use his) when she stumbles upon a wilted sakura tree. The young tengus are shocked to see a woman but still believe Suiro is much prettier than her! Anyway they told her the current gloomy situation which doesn’t look too good. Nanami uses her talisman to bloom the sakura tree to make them feel better. However she notes it is wilting fast since her power is not strong enough and hopes for Sojobo to get better fast. Also, this is the first time Jiro and Nanami meet.

Episode 8
Jiro gets rough to extract answers out of Nanami. Thanks to Mamoru biting his hand, they escape. But this left Jiro feeling how fragile her hand he held was. Nanami runs back to Tomoe who could feel she is trembling all over. Kurama thinks of handing those deity peach pills to Sojobo to cure him however Suiro believes it is not that easy. Ever since Sojobo collapsed, he has been kept deep within the halls with heavy security. Since Jiro is the acting head and master, nothing gets passed him and outsiders like them are surely to be thrown out. Kurama wants to see Sojobo face to face then but Suiro says this is still too much for him. Several tengus heard of Kurama’s return and think he is back to succeed Sojobo. They plead for him to do so but Kurama clearly does not wish for that although he is in a dilemma to say it out loud (just look at Botanmaru’s puppy dog eyes filled with expectations). Suiro tells them to let Kurama rest for now as he is tired after returning and leave the knotty matters later. Suiro has a favour of Nanami. Take Kurama and leave the mountains tomorrow. As he has left for so long, he cannot be asked to be part of it in this state. He talks about Kurama’s kindness and how he never asked for help from anybody once. That is why the most Suiro could do is watch over him to reduce his burden. Kurama knew Suiro saw through him that he had no guts to back up his big words. He is having cold feet infiltrating the hall but since Nanami is here to lend her help and support, I guess he better go through with it now.

Jiro continues to toss out weak tengus. He is stumped Yatori can enter his tight barrier but the latter notes there were holes everywhere due to his weak heart and mind. Jiro becomes furious and displays a burst of great barrier energy. He hates being considered weak and believes is strong as steel. Kurama has got blueprints of the hall. The plan is for them to be split into groups. One group will be invited to drink Jiro while the other finds Sojobo. Botanmaru wants to help but Kurama tells him to stay out. Tomoe suggests Kurama go drink with Jiro (since tengus have to settle the score themselves) while he and Tomoe look for Sojobo. I mean, Jiro already knows how Nanami looks, right? Kurama isn’t so sure of this plan and starts arguing so Nanami puts her foot down. This is her plan. She and Botanmaru will go find Sojobo while you guys go drink with Jiro. That is final. So while Tomoe ponders a lot about Nanami and the likes that night, maybe she was sleepy or something that she crept up to sleep in his futon. His instincts to rape her almost get the better of him when Nanami comes to. She realizes she is in the wrong and returns to her side. Next day, both try to shrug off this incident since they both might be half asleep then. Tomoe screws up that he was daydreaming he mistook her as one of those geisha raccoons but came to due to her lack of boobs. WTF. Good thing or not, she isn’t bothered with it. Kurama disguises as a tengu returning as a land deity with Tomoe as his familiar to gain invitation into Jiro’s compound. Nanami (dressed as a male) sneaks in with Botanmaru and they begin their search.

Episode 9
Jiro is a tough talker. He even says bad things about Nanami. Just when you thought Kurama could get him drunk with sake, that guy can’t hold his liquor. Jiro thinks Kurama wants revenge to make him drunk but since he invited him to drink, he is going to accompanying him finishing this bottle. Oh sh*t. That is when Tomoe transforms into Nanami and starts seducing Jiro. This shock was enough to disrupt his concentration and weaken the barrier. This is good since Botanmaru is leading Nanami in circles. When they find Sojobo, they are shocked to see his petrified state. Looks like somebody removed his soul. Yatori finds and captures them. Although Jiro tries to be tough with ‘Nanami’, Tomoe chides him for hypocrisy and double standards because despite he badmouthing a mere woman, he calls her a celestial maiden. But what makes Tomoe mad is seeing himself in Jiro. Yatori reports he captured intruders. Tomoe is about to attack but Kurama stops him and allows Jiro to exact punishment on him. They both got caged up. What else to do when they’re stuck together? Argue and blame each other! Jiro becomes mad when he believes Botanmaru is a traitor. This is when Nanami tells him off for raising his hands against somebody weaker. Despite Jiro believe in the strongest will survive and it is better for the weak to die to save the trouble of being protected, he is being told that it is not like he has lived alone or never received help before. But Nanami is surprised that Jiro’s reaction indicates he wasn’t the one who removed Sojobo’s soul. When Yatori tells Jiro to go deal with Kurama and Tomoe, Yatori reveals he is that culprit. His goal is to remove Sojobo and rule the mountains with the tengus under him. He made a fake touching note from Kurama and since Sojobo was so touched and let his guard down, Yatori did the necessary. Nanami uses her barrier to purge him and doesn’t care despite he threatens they will not know where Sojobo’s soul is if he is killed. Jiro becomes confused thinking about Sojobo’s teachings. Several young tengus accidentally bump into him and they start to shiver in fear. Sojobo could see how scared they are. But the guards alert him that Nanami is running around trying to claim this compound as hers so she can nullify Jiro’s barrier and look for her friends. The path she leaves behind is plated with gold! Botanmaru finds Kurama and Tomoe and frees them while telling what he has discovered. Once Nanami finishes her barrier, the entire place is sparkling brightly in gold!

Episode 10
Now where could Yatori hide Sojobo’s soul? Hey. There is a room which is not paved in gold. Jiro breaks the wall to reveal an underground passage. It is a compound where all tengus avoid thanks to an accident 17 years ago that disabled a tengu for life (Suiro). Jiro dives down the deep hole and tells Nanami not to come closer. Too late. Looks like the raijuu found her. Before its lighting strikes her, Jiro moves in to protect her. He is close to death and would have been along with Nanami had not Tomoe come in to beat up this bad kitty. Tomoe thought he could impress Nanami but she is more concerned and crying for Jiro! Hey wait. DID JIRO CONFESSED TO NANAMI???!!! The raijuu then spits out Sojobo’s soul. Jiro has not waked up ever since and Nanami is crying over it because she thinks it is her fault. Time for some Tomoe consolation. The village recovers once Sojobo gradually wakes up. Jiro is walking in some dark limbo when he heard Sojobo’s voice. He is telling Jiro about everybody making mistakes. He is like everybody. They’re all the same. The dark clouds vanish as Jiro sees Nanami at the sakura tree. Enough for him to wake up (partly thanks to the peach pills). Tomoe is perhaps sulking over Jiro’s confession but acts indifferent as usual that he won’t be bothered if Nanami returns his love whatsoever. Had your fun teasing her now that she is close to tears? Kurama brings them to the sakura tree where they will have a party to celebrate Jiro’s recovery. Tomoe must be regretting his bad treatment towards Nanami because she chose to sit next to Jiro (fox guy got monkey boy instead) and then he flies her up to have a first class beautiful view of the sakura tree. Tomoe’s depression is just so obvious… Jiro is thankful to Nanami and those pills because had he not taken them, he would have to amputate his wings like Suiro. Asking her about those pills, she says it is her parting gift for Tomoe when he decides to walk his own path. Jiro would love to have Nanami stay a little while longer so he could imprint this lovely scene of her smiling amidst the sakura petals in his head. I’ve got a better idea. Why not just take a picture? Oh, right… Nanami somehow got drunk before they leave and as Tomoe carries her back, she mumbles she loves him. Yeah, same to you. Oh, did you know Kurama is coming back down with them?

Episode 11
Akuraou wanted to see a ‘sea of fire’ but Tomoe brushes him off that he may be able to start it but not quell it. Tomoe would love to show him his sea of fox fire but that will be another day. Kirihito has found another way to enter the Netherworld via stone mirror after the deities sealed off Yomotsu Hirasaka. Kirihito isn’t impressed with Yatori having the guts to return after his failure but leaves him to do as he pleases. Yatori joins him in his descent and Kirihito is curious that he didn’t burn up like the rest. Who is he? Someone who once served Akuraou. Is he lying? Well, Yatori claims Akuraou won’t remember him since he was shy and always sitting by a corner. Yatori then talks about the fearsome partnership between Akuraou and Tomoe. So formidable that the deities left them alone till one day they had a fall out and everything went downhill from there. This works up Kirihito as he blames Tomoe who became a fool for getting a crazy idea of wanting to become human himself. Kirihito finally finds Akuraou’s body and it is sitting on top of the fire mountain. It cannot be destroyed since his body regenerates. Eternal regeneration. He is close to collapsing so Yatori thinks it is time to go back before he dries up and come back another time. If he has a way to extinguish the flames anyway. This irks Kirihito because this means he would have to seek Tomoe’s help. But he will pay any price to get his body back. When they return, the poisonous gas is leaking and it got one of his fox familiars. He cannot risk breaking and sealing it after working so hard to find a way back to the Netherworld. But when his ‘mother’ is at the door, he has no choice but to break it.

Nanami is watching a marriage proposal on TV and shocks Mizuki that she has received one. Mizuki then punches Tomoe without warning! Nanami clears the air that it is not her who is getting married. It is Isara who is proposing to use her shrine when she is ready to marry Kotarou. Mizuki is relieved that Nanami isn’t quitting her deity job to get married. But Nanami says there is no way she is going to ever get married. Your heart breaking, Tomoe? Kotetsu and Onikiri remind Tomoe to get them new talisman before the New Year. Tomoe explains to Nanami about the rotation of the 12 animals serving as deity for the year so it has become a tradition to go to the Year Deity’s shrine to get a new talisman. Initially Tomoe and Mizuki would go themselves (and to settle their score) but since Nanami wants to come, can’t argue with that, can’t you? There are shrines bearing their names that they must walk through first. For those wanting to visit the deity, they must reflect the past 12 years of their lives. Again, Nanami thinks it is no big deal and skips right in. Tomoe knew it would be trouble because she went in first and didn’t come out like the rest. She may be lost somewhere in her conscious and despite it is taboo to walk through the shrine of others, they don’t have the luxury of that and need to find her. Well, Nanami is a young kid again! She sees her father who gave her a candy bar. When Mizuki tries to pick her up, she kicks him thinking he is a kidnapper! When Nanami returns home, she sees her mom apologizing to people whom her husband owes money. But mom puts on a caring and lovely smile whenever Nanami is around. This shocks Tomoe as he never heard her speak about her parents. He can sense Nanami’s mom is suffering from an illness and has not long to live. There is a side of her he doesn’t know and is interested to watch this a little longer.

Episode 12
Mommy tells Nanami never to rely on her father. She laments that their family has always been blessed with only a single child. Even that, they are all girls. There’s a legend behind it. Something in exchange for being beautiful but because of that they have no luck with men. That is why she wants Nanami to grow up stronger and to stay single if she has to. ‘Brainwashed’ Nanami agrees not to get married. After her mom died, shortly her house burnt down after her father got careless with a cigarette. Now it is time to go fetch her. Mizuki thought he could do a better job but she remembers him as the kidnapper. But when Tomoe is in the picture, she gladly goes with him! Because she is a kid, Tomoe can easily satisfy her needs although she is sad that she doesn’t want to go home because there is nobody else but her. He promises she will soon become the mistress of a rowdy house. She thought he was referring to her getting married and making a new family but quickly dismisses it as she will stay single. He disagrees her bad luck with men. She is just bad with judging character. He gives an example that he will be by her side and provide for her everything she desires. Does this mean he loves her? How could he not say yes after looking at such cute face? Then he proposes to her and will remember it for the sake of keeping her smile. At the end of the journey, he realizes what he has done and starts panicking. What if this, what if that? Regretting it? Nanami wakes up not remembering a thing but thought she had a long dream. Now Tomoe is not pleased! He is bothered by it! Hey, at least Mizuki is cleared from being a kidnapper. Tomoe thinks of refreshing her memory by giving her ice cream like he did but she gives it to Mizuki who wanted it. Nanami then says she doesn’t remember her mom’s face much since she died young and all the photos of her were burnt in the fire. This makes Tomoe ponder how Nanami has changed in the last 12 years. They’re the same person but yet so different. Where has that kid Nanami disappear to?

They bump into something big and woolly. The Year Deity is trying to shear the sheep before its year comes as it is blocking the shrine but looks like it is stubborn. Tomoe thought of doing this the hard way but with Nanami displaying her usual kindness, the sheep instantly agrees to be sheared. After the Year Deity gives the talisman for next year, as gratitude he also gives Nanami a picture of her mother (he took a memory he saw in the shrine). Seeing how happy she is, Tomoe realizes that Nanami the kid didn’t disappear. It was there all along even if she doesn’t remember. It will always continue to be with her. Nanami returns to her shrine and is proud of all the New Year talisman she has written but Tomoe chides her of her bad handwriting. Snippets show how the characters are doing. Okuniushi is swamped with work as he gets a call from his grandma who is no other than Izanami. Isara hints to Kotarou of going to Nanami’s shrine for the New Year (also to check out their reception venue) but he is more obsessed in completing a new record for his Rubik’s Cube. Kurama gets a surprise visit from Jiro, Suiro and Botanmaru who are here to check on how he is doing. Also, they want to give their thanks to Nanami so they’re asking him for directions to her place. No wonder Jiro tagged along… Mikage drinks with Otohiko. When Nanami looks at the snow, she remembers somebody telling her about becoming a mistress of a rowdy house. She cannot remember who but looks like it came true with her familiars arguing among each other. With the rest complaining Mamoru is making Nanami treating him like his mom, she doesn’t mind being one. Mizuki is worried that this means she will leave them and get married. But she asserts she won’t get married. Maybe. This made Tomoe blush. So there is hope? Maybe.

The Deity Is Boring…
Sadly, this season isn’t as good as I hope for it to be. If I had to sum it up in one word: Boring. Hardcore fans of the series may want to curse and kill me but sorry, I am not a big fan of the series. Just an ordinary casual boring anime viewer. The relationship between Tomoe and Nanami didn’t particularly go anywhere. Heck, I don’t think it moved. There are a handful of moments that see them getting close, getting a little romantic, you know, those kind of scenes that makes you want to scream out to them to just get it over and make out already. Okay, so I exaggerated. But doesn’t everyone who watched shoujo genre want to see or expect this kind of outcome? Despite we know that it can’t be that easy (and close to impossible) for our main duo to just say those magical words. Therefore the so called romance between Tomoe and Nanami feels fleeting and just teasing us. Like as though those scenes are some sort of a ‘reward’ for watching but you know it won’t last long as they’ll be interrupted by something. Frustrated? Disappointed? Yet another no-show? Well, shoujo genre veterans would have come to expect this.

The comedy and light hearted moments don’t feel excited or funny enough. It is there because for those who have watched the first season, we are somewhat familiar with the spontaneous humour that is already seen then. There isn’t any reason to deviate from this but it is hardly anything new especially to those who are already on the brink of boredom like yours truly while watching this. Then there is the eternal quarrel between Tomoe and Mizuki. They are always on each other’s nerves/throats and getting ready to pounce on each other if they have the chance. And they would finish each other off had not Nanami been around to stop them. It is amusing at first but then it becomes a drag. You know it is going to be something of the same. The only thing that I still find funny is the squeaky voice narration at the beginning of most episodes because sometimes it is like trying to adlib certain scenes and the story so far.

Although Nanami and Tomoe are the main characters, I don’t think there is much to say about them because they’re basically the same. Especially their frustrating romance which I shall avoid talking. Nanami is your usual lively girl who wants to help anybody and everybody even if she is at her limits. It is both good and a bad thing but I’ll leave you to discuss that yourself what are those. Thus the only story interesting for this season was the final episode whereby we get to peek into Nanami’s tragic and lonely past. It was a great insight to her younger days albeit just a short bit but even that wasn’t enough to save this season as a whole. And Tomoe, being the moody fox around doesn’t necessarily help things because he is already a tsundere by being cold with Nanami but yet can’t help sink into depression or annoyance when she looks the other way. Oh, how far he has fallen. At least only in this aspect. But you can count on him to be around whenever she is in trouble. He is not her familiar for nothing.

Other characters feel like they do not play a decent impact overall this season. For characters from the first season, they just feel so lacking. Like Mizuki has been just relegated to a side character, picking arguments with Tomoe and doing nothing much. Same case for Kotetsu and Onikiri. So minimal that you feel it is the same as now appearing at all. Kurama was particularly missing for the first half of the series so I guess they decided to make up for it by giving him a mini story arc about his tengu clan in trouble. At least better than Isara since she had no big role in this season and the only relationship she has now with Nanami is that they are good friends. Otohiko… Still so gay… Then there is the mysterious Mikage who is still mysterious as ever. Well, at least he met Nanami once but that is about it and then he goes missing forever (last scene clips do not count). I thought it would shed some light about this guy. Just enough to tease us and that is it. If you have forgotten all about Ami then I don’t blame you because I certain am almost had I not referred back. Along with Kei (whom I believe did not even pop up with a decent cameo this season, she is relegated to being forgotten since Nanami’s adventures take her out of her school.

New characters also feel lacking although some may be interesting. For example, Yatori remains to be the most interesting one because of his enigmatic motives. He puts on a dumb act but there is more to meet the eyes to this guy. Therefore of all the characters in this series, Yatori is most intriguing. Better than Akuraou/Kirihito who seems to be biding his time trying to get back his body. This ‘side story’ of his feels like a teaser and possible a new direction of the story if they ever decided to make another season. Jiro looks like an antagonist potential thanks to his unkind and strict ways but it just feels so odd for him to fall in low with Nanami. Even the great almighty strong tengu would fall weak to the powers of love ;). Suiro and Botanmaru aren’t much either and are just slightly relevant but didn’t make a big impact during their arc. Mamoru isn’t particularly memorable too especially when he spends too much time as a little monkey by Nanami’s side and even if he is in his human boy form, he doesn’t leave any much impact. Okuninushi is as good as forgotten once Nanami’s adventure to Izumo and the Netherworld (like I said, last scene clips do not really count). I thought he would have a better role instead of just showing his pretty face but so much about getting my hopes up.

I personally think the opening and ending themes sound funny. Take for example, Kamisama No Kamisama by Hanae as the opening theme. In addition to the fun and playful instrumental opener, I remember this singer who also sang the opening theme for last season sounded in between whispering and singing. It is no different in this season. I thought it would be better for her not to just sing and let this piece be an instrumental, which I think would sound much better. At least the opening credits animation is fun to watch because we see the characters in certain scenes doing a funny dance. Hanae also sings the ending theme, Ototoi Oide. This is a slow and lovely piece and I suppose her whispering-cum-singing fits this song better. It is one of the better songs throughout both seasons. There is also a special ending theme for episode 6 whereby Kurama sings Tsubasa Bassa Hazard, a slow rock.

It might not be magical this season and casual viewers like me watching the second time round will be disappointed. The introduction of new characters but the overall plot hardly goes anywhere and the appalling romance… Ugh… Thinking about Tomoe and Nanami being hopefully romantic now is akin to be as something traumatic. But it is still not as bad that it sucked, that you want to scream out to your monitor screen especially when the season ends to give back 24 minutes x 12 episodes of your life back. This means there is still hope if they ever come around to make another season because I am still giving this anime (like many others) another chance. Another chance for me to make me believe in miracles and the magic of anime and romance once more.

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