Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya 2wei OVA

October 9, 2015

It was inevitable. Sooner or later they will have to put in the much obligated hotspring fanservice episode. Even if it the series is a loli magical girl. There are no more morals in this world. Heh. And so with that, here we are watching Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya 2wei OVA. A hotspring episode for those of you who have been crazily waiting to see Ilya and friends in their naked loli bodies. Perverts. Me? I just want to ‘complete’ watching the series before I start the third season. Really.

A hotspring we will go…
Ilya and her entire family are here at the hotspring. They see Rin and Luvia really relaxing at the massaging chair. Shhh… Don’t bother them… Of course later the duo explain that they aren’t here for fun (it looked like they were having the time of their lives). They were ordered to apply some magic stimuli to a certain location. Why them? Who cares? Maybe it’s a job only they can do. While they are not sure about the exact location, they will need to use dowsing rods to pinpoint it. When Shirou walks in, the duo start to fluster greatly. Of course that mister popular just tell them to spend time with his family if they can. And so here is the much awaited hotspring fanservice. Ironically even if this is OVA, the steam censors are just horrendous. Wait. You really want to see naked loli bodies?! Yeah, maybe the steam really did us a favour… Shirou thought he would be alone but… There is that old geezer August waiting… No Shirou, you’re not seeing things. Gay time… When Ilya realizes Chloe is missing, she fears the worst. True enough, she is trying to seduce Shirou in the men’s section. Before anything steamy could happen, Ilya throws Ruby at him to knock him out and Miyu retrieves Chloe back. And Shirou gets blamed for being a pervert. Ilya is going to initiate the ‘trial’ when Chloe runs out of mana. Oh… Time to replenish. Time for hot yuri French kiss! OMG! Hot loli yuri loli French kiss! Not enough. Need more. OMFG! Hot loli yuri sex now!!!!!!!!!! Damn steam censors!!!!! OMFG! That ahegao face on Ilya… Miyu, please don’t stop them. But she volunteers to continue on Ilya’s behalf. Really? Can she handle it? But all she gets is a little peck before Chloe passes out. Back in the room as Luvia and Rin explain, there is some sort of high mana conductivity in the area. Somehow in this place she is consuming mana at a higher rate when she comes into contact with the water. As long as she is supplied with more and sufficient mana, she’ll be alright in no time.

So as not to ruin their vacation, Ilya suggests doing other fun stuffs. Like ping pong. Chloe beats Ilya flat. When Chloe plays with Miyu, she hints a wager and something to do with Ilya. All motivated up now, isn’t she? There is also an intense match going on between Liz and Sella but we’ll leave them as they are. The rest of the day sees the lolis doing other fun stuffs like at the shooting gallery and accidentally walking into a ‘treasure’ museum that actually turns out to be a sex exhibition. Nope. Not for your loli eyes. Ilya and Miyu want to take Chloe to a certain place but they see Rin and Luvia in the midst of their locating job. When they have found the spot, they remember part their job to administer as much magic stimuli into it. So I guess with the lolis here, it doesn’t hurt if they lend their help. After blasting magic deep into the earth, shortly the ground shakes. Water starts gushing out. Did they discover another hotspring? Analyzing the water, it seems it has no mana conductivity. And because the magic stimuli reached all the way to the water source, the water that feeds to other hotsprings has also been affected. With the composition changed, now the water has all the good and beneficial properties. This also means Chloe can soak in without worrying about losing her mana. So what else is there for the girls to do than to be the first ones to soak in it? They think those higher ups made them to this job because old people love to soak in hotsprings. Yeah well, at least they get to taste it first. Shirou who has been out for a night jog got lost and ends up seeing the naked girls. If he knows better, he should start running! Good news: He managed to escape. Bad news: He runs back to the men’s bath where August is waiting for him. Gay time again? That scream. Somebody got screwed… Is it a wonder on the way home the next day, Shirou is feeling more stressed than relieved? As for our cute lolis, they’re sleeping nicely on each other’s shoulders.

Come On In. The Water’s Fine…
Cute lolis. Check. Hotspring. Check. Fanservice. Check. OVA passed then. Ah well, I supposed this is essential another one of those filler OVAs with nothing much ado till the next season comes by. So fill up your yuri loli gauge that almost crossed over into the hentai category (only to be thwarted with all the steam censors) before the next big thing arrives. Just too bad that Ilya’s classmates didn’t make their appearance here because they already had theirs with the sports festival for the first season’s OVA. So it’s fair that Chloe gets some screen time, focus and bonding moments with Ilya and Miyu in this OVA. It could have been a lot messier and havoc should those classmates be in it but I doubt that will bring in any difference. Heck, Sella and Liz tagged along but were reduced to just cameos. Now that the lolis are relaxed and rejuvenated, it is time to head back and open the third season. I won’t be watching it so fast yet… Need to find that secret hotspring location and revitalize myself first…

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