Log Horizon S2

October 10, 2015

It is time to resume the adventure. The adventure of players trapped in a game and trying to adapt and live their normal life while trying to find their way back. No, this is not Sword Art Online II. This is Log Horizon S2. Ah yes, the first season had lots of potential with many characters that it was no doubt interesting enough for me to return to watch the second season. It left us with some sort of a cliff-hanger at the end of the first season. No, no major character died. Our good ol’ strategist in glasses plans to leave his base of Akihabara to achieve a big goal. So how can you not be interested to see what more adventures our Log Horizon and the other guilds will have in store for us this season? I know I am.

Episode 1
Akihabara is so peaceful and brimming with life that they are even going to hold some After Halloween Party. I don’t really know the details but I think it’s going to be fun. But beneath all that, the Round Table is talking about money problems. Serious money problems. They may have bought a few strategic buildings under their name but maintaining them is going to cost a bomb. Therefore, Shiroe believes there is only one solution. It is bad enough that he doesn’t show his face during the festival like his comrades want and when he does, he drops the bombshell that he is going to leave Akihabara for a while. And he can’t tell them the problem as he fears there are spies and would lead to info leak. So much about trust. So much about the Christmas event. Naotsugu wants to go with him to be his guard. The same for Akatsuki but Shiroe tells her to stay put as he has a favour of her. Shock! Rejected! With Regan, the duo meet Kinjou, a representative of the Kunie clan in some cabin in the outskirts. Shiroe plans to seek financing help from his clan. Because money lending job doesn’t exist in this world, the only way to get money is by killing monsters or treasure chests in dungeons. Over time, they spawn. Kinjou is not willing to do so due to some ancient treaty. Even if Kunie is not going to help in financing, Shiroe suggests getting that money from the one who put it there before they respawn. According to Regan’s records, there is some whirlpool of gold located deep within the depths of the Palms belonging to Kunie. Their plan is to go there and steal it. Shiroe can’t explain more and will only do so if they help them. Can’t. Goes against ancient treaty. Kinjou suggests meeting at the depths of Palm and the clan’s answer will depend on their result of their challenge that requires a raiding party. Shiroe can’t bring the Round Table members in as he doesn’t want them to know what he is up to but he knows a place they can go recruit members.

Episode 2
We are explained the meaning of full raid (4 groups of 6 members each) and how teamwork and strategy are important to succeed in raiding big challenging dungeons. Shiroe and co are at Susukino to meet William Massachusetts of Silver Sword. This guild was the one who decided not to join the Round Table (in the first season) and left Akihabara and made Susukino their base. Shiroe seeks to recruit them for his full raid. However William says that some of them have retired as they had a hard time keeping up with raids so they don’t have enough members. Suddenly Demikas barges in and he has a grudge to settle with Shiroe. But Shiroe isn’t cowed and I’m not sure if he is doing it on purpose because he still mispronounces his name! You angry, buddy? Meanwhile Naotsugu and Regan meet some spunky idol, Tetra who keeps following and teasing Naotsugu. Tetra talks about Demikas’ guild lost members when Silver Sword came in and wrest control. That is why this place is peaceful as what is left of Brigandia now is working under Silver Sword. And Demikas has a great NPC wife… Embarrassing! William suggests if Demikas and Tetra who is a healer type join them, they can go on this full raid. Demikas agrees so they can settle their score there. And so the 24 members start their raid with hot headed Demikas letting off steam and just slashing away. He can’t wait to rip things apart. Good for him. Naotsugu makes periodic calls back to Marielle while Akatsuki is tasked to guard Lenessia. Little ninja girl is still reeling from that rejection… The full raid party is now at the lowest depths of Palms. This is where the real fight begins. But Demikas isn’t going to let Shiroe have his way and will make sure things won’t go smoothly for him.

Episode 3
Shiroe explains the offense and defence strategy of each party as they raid the big layout of the depths. The monsters here are much more powerful than normal raids but at least if you die, you get resurrected at the start of the gate. They encounter their first raid boss and this big bird is no pushover. It has very peculiar but powerful moves. They are forced to retreat and revise their strategy many times and can only experiment via trial and error just to find its weakness. Finally they understand its cool down period and that is when they go in to take it out. This goes the same for the second raid boss they encounter. Of course the more tries and longer they stay, their supplies are in risk of running out and their weapons dull from each hard attack. Demikas is more worked up and angry just thinking about Shiroe. He can understand his lost to Naotsugu and Nyanta then because they were using their own powers but he can’t accept Shiroe for just lurking in the back and giving orders. Even more insulting was in one of the recent raid attacks, Shiroe indirectly saved him by powering him up and stunning the enemy. Shiroe is at his wits end thinking of a strategy and Tetra doesn’t understand why he is doing this so Naotsugu explains about the family (his guild and place to belong) and probably the world he is trying to protect. Speaking about Akihabara, everyone is happily preparing for the Christmas event as the young ones talk about the rumoured Teachings which are basically a new rank for skills. Think of it as some sort of upgrade or power up to your existing skill.

Episode 4
We take a detour back to Akihabara in this boring ‘peaceful’ episode. It is almost Christmas but Akatsuki is experiencing some sort of melancholy because she is not by Shiroe’s side. She thinks she is weak for Shiroe to let her guard Lenessia although she is happy this also means he relied on her. It gets more depressing when her favourite sword she is saving to buy is already sold. In order to get stronger, she thought of watching trainees in DDD practice. More misery for Akatsuki when she starts comparing herself to Minori whom she thinks is much better than her. Seems melancholy is possessing Lenessia as she is still troubled in her duty. Nyanta sees Roderic to check on his progress about some high end phantasm and treasure class items he is researching on as requested by Shiroe. Lenessia joins the other girls to head to some restaurant as she tries to understand the adventurers. Each of them is as unique as they are. They are special and thus she can’t call herself their friend. Akatsuki’s melancholy reaches boiling point when she decides not to join the ladies, giving an excuse she has something to do. Yeah, yeah. She really misses Shiroe. Wants to be by his side doing things. We get the point. Meanwhile Kyouko thought she spot Santa in the alley. But this mean looking Enheart Nelreth of the samurai class stabs her!

Episode 5
Everyone knows about the serial killer lurking but they wonder why the Royal Guards didn’t intervene to stop fights in no combat zones. So the Round Table guys are having a headache trying to solve this problem and they have little information on who he is. Soujirou is pretty mad that the killer did in one of his mates so he really wants to kill him. Don’t worry. That chance will come very soon. Kinjou sees Lenessia to inform one of the armour in the guardhouse of the Royal Guards is stolen. He thinks the perpetrator is from the Kunie clan. The reason for stealing it is unclear though it is explained the armour is charged with massive amount of mana and works very well within the city limits so there is no point of taking it out from the city. Kinjou admits it is his clan’s fault but they can’t shut off the magic because this will make the city vulnerable to monster attacks. How about a quick reboot? That will take decades. Gosh… Later Lenessia is feeling frustrated that she has to face such trouble at this time. Where is that Crusty guy when you need him? Sure, he is away for some operation but she finds it annoying he is always there when she doesn’t need him. She realizes Akatsuki was listening to it all. She thinks the killer is hiding in the sewers because that is the only place they haven’t searched. Soujirou’s guild members encounter the killer. They could have been done for had not Soujirou stepped in. They find it odd that despite hitting him lots of times, his HP never decreases. Soujirou may be mad but that isn’t going to get him anywhere since the killer is still far more superior and cooler. Akatsuki jumps in to help. She shows some of her techniques to match the killer. But even that is ineffective. She wants Soujirou to run but he won’t. He just orders his guild members to escape. Is it because he wants to use some ultimate move? Yeah well, it didn’t work either. To end the bad day, Akatsuki is also cut down. All she could think of is where Shiroe is at this time. She misses him. Oh, speaking of him, he and the rest just got owned by another super raid boss. Call this an insult because the killer even leaves a parting message for Akatsuki: Merry Christmas! I don’t know if this is supposed to be funny…

Episode 6
Yet another boring peaceful episode with Lenessia talking to Rieze about her insecurities, blah, blah, blah. Then there’s Akatsuki who remembers some real life problem of hers but was just running away. Whatever. I guess she is in a place where souls go before they reincarnate. Some quiet sandy beach. She frolics in the shallow waters and Shiroe is there too. I guess he is dead too. They have a short chat before ‘returning’. Akatsuki wakes up in the cathedral as some of the girls come to pick her up. Some of them are surprised to learn that Shiroe is away from Akihabara and thus Akatsuki was desperately trying to solve the situation herself. However she realizes she can’t do it alone and wants their help. Meanwhile Roderic makes his report on his findings. Firstly, about gender. If you are a male in the original world and used a female character, you will gradually be turning into a woman. Vice versa. Holy sh*t! Second, he notices the distance between Akihabara and Mt Fuji is gradually increasing. Lastly, flavour texts which are supposed not to have in-game effects are beginning to have real world effects. The Apocalypse may not be over yet. Akatsuki is given an earful lesson about how she tried to solve things herself without relying on others. It is like as though she is insulting them. It is true that she too thought as long as she has Shiroe, she doesn’t need anyone else. She never tried getting close to others. But with Lenessia supporting her that they need help, I guess the rest agree to help out to stop the killer. They are friends after all. Crusty stumbles upon what he believes is a training ground for goblins. Misa’s weapon starts acting strange and she gets caught in some painful paralyzing beam. Crusty pushes her out but in turn gets trapped. She tries to reach for him but he disappears (along with her right arm!). Akatsuki informs what she knows of the killer and it seems he has the sword she wanted to buy. Rieze gets a distressing call.

Episode 7
Henrietta catches Rieze in tears. Until more details are known, Rieze doesn’t want word to get out about Crusty’s disappearance. They discuss about Byakumaru, the sword in the killer’s hands. According to the legend he was Rugrius, once part of the Izumo Knights and a hero. However he was betrayed by the Daughter of Elm and turned into a vengeful and hateful raid monster. Rieze forms a raid team to take out the killer. Akatsuki joins it and also hopes to learn Teachings but no luck. Well, at least she made some great friends. Rieze and Henrietta inform the Round Table about the properties of Byakumaru. It causes blizzard around and buffs up the killer’s stats as more people are around the vicinity. That is why a group attack is not possible. His own HP will also increase depending on the number of people around it. Rieze plans a raid attack on Akihabara but with a smaller team consisting of only 2 people. She also wants the place to be on curfew till New Year’s Day. They wonder if it will work because he possesses a power that can teleport anywhere. This is where Lenessia comes in. She is to temporarily disable the magic. She is still in a dilemma about what Kinjou said and in the end can’t give an answer. So we have Akatsuki’s melancholy continuing because she keeps thinking Shiroe is always pushing himself. So why can’t she? Lenessia too has her melancholy. She talks to Akatsuki about the responsibility she is shouldering and the friends she has made, blah, blah, blah. At the end of the day, she can’t run away and joins the raiding team. The teams begin their patrol. Akatsuki and Marielle must be in luck because here comes the killer. Seeing only 2 of them, he thinks he is being underestimated. He wants more people to gather so he can take their lives and destroy everything.

Episode 8
Akatsuki fights Nelreth with confidence (at least she is no longer ashamed of her petite size). After landing a few hits, they retreat to the next zone. This strategy has the teams apart from each other so that when Akatsuki and Marielle lead the killer through each zone, each group will simultaneously heal their allies and attack the enemy. Lenessia sees Kinjou and she has decided to shut off the magic temporarily although he questions if this will cause more harm than good. She believes this failure isn’t just the Kunie clan but all the People of the Land. This is their way to apologize to the adventurers. Kinjou agrees that his clan may have failed to protect the city, but they can’t move forward if they keep rejecting. He is indebted to her for this lesson. He takes her to a room where she can shut the magic down. If you’re wondering why Nelreth is just chasing Akatsuki and Marielle instead of finishing off the other adventurers, in his eyes they look like the Daughter of Elm. He must be very deluded. Akatsuki wished to go fast (like Sonic?) so much so she gained a Teaching of her own. She is able to clone herself and do multiple attacks! However she still cannot beat him and her HP is dangerously low. Akatsuki is then given a new reforged sword, Haganemushi Tatara that matches her size. She realizes she must destroy Byakumaru to end this and Haganemushi Tatara has the properties to lower that cursed sword’s condition. Nazuna saves her when she almost gets stabbed by him. When the time is right, the signal is given to Lenessia to shut off the magic. Rieze then rains down an ice block to trap him and allowing Akatsuki cutting Byakumaru with no worries at all. The flavour text of Haganemushi Tatara is rewritten and sounds like Akatsuki has become a legend. What better way to celebrate this victory and New Year’s Day via pyjamas party? Akatsuki now understands why Shiroe is always trying so hard. Having something to protect means a place to belong and be happy. She gets a surprised call from Shiroe to congratulate her. Looks like he is going in for another retry and won’t give up.

Episode 9
Shiroe and co are up against another raid boss. They’re making progress in observing its patterns and everything. Just when they thought they had it, it unleashes a never-seen-before move. Its armour can shatter and become little minions. If you defeat them, they return to being part of his armour and increase its HP. They’re repeating this cycle for a few times and when Shiroe thought of a plan to beat this pattern, suddenly here comes in a couple of raid bosses! OMG! How are they going to defeat them all? Isn’t this against the rules?! Was it impossible in the first place? Too bad. Everybody gets owned. So the rest of the episode chronicles Shiroe’s time during his ‘death’. We get to see his ‘realistic’ face and the small uneventful town he lives in. As his parents worked late, he often goes out for a walk to think at the park. Big little things this kid thinks. He thinks back of all the people who follow and trust him but at the same time he couldn’t trust them enough. Shiroe always believed there was something besides the players and People of the Land. Perhaps a third party who brought them here. Therefore he used the members of the Round Table to research on various stuffs without letting know this true goal of his. But so far there were no proofs. Then as he finds himself on that beach, it is actually the moon! As there are 13 servers for Elder Tale, the 14th one is believed to be a test server said to be located on the moon! Could the rumours be true? As he meets Akatsuki, he saw something ‘disappearing’ from her. Those snowflakes turn out to be fragment of memories of fallen players. This might be the price they pay to rise up again. So they talk about working hard, doing their best and try to get back up again. Time to revive and get back into the fray.

Episode 10
A long boring episode of William’s motivational speech… Everybody is about to give up from the impossibility to beat this game. William wanted to say comforting words but he knows it’s all just a lie. He fights against his inner self to say what he wants. All of them may be losers in society. But so what? They decided on this and dedicated their lives to Elder Tale. He won’t let anybody insult in what they’re doing because what they do is amazing. So what their win-loss ratio is recorded in the server? So what if everything is real or fake? It is real to them. He tells them a secret he never told anyone before. He had nothing in real life. That’s why they are his friends. Without this game, he couldn’t make friends. Elder Tale taught him many things and he was able to communicate with others. He talks about the ups and downs of raiding and his guild. They might be finished now and can’t win but he is happy to have come to this world. A world where they make raids better than anyone else. If they go back now, what will they have? They spent their time, energy and everything else on this game and he doesn’t care if others call him a weirdo. So if they run, where will they go? Demikas breaks this long monologue that is he telling them to keep dying instead of running? It is fine if they had a way to win but now they don’t. They are useless people in either worlds. Will he still tell them not to run? William’s long speech continues… He one ran away. That was from joining the Round Table. He thought it was silly to protect Akihabara then and wanted to do raids. He realized he was just running away. But Shiroe never ran away. Funnily, he admired him during his time in Debauchery Tea Party. He wanted to join that group. But by the time he levelled up, they already disbanded. Calling Shiroe an incredible leader, he stood his ground and build up Akihabara. That is whey when he sought his help on this raid, he was happy to accept it. Long story short, they are gamers, damn it! I guess almost 20 minutes of screen time motivational speech is enough to make everyone get back up and try again. William wants to win this time. Not for himself but for his friends. Shiroe wonders if he can speak so honestly like that. He has decided to tell everybody about the truth and his real goal. He has a slightly better plan and even though it is just 15% success, that will do.

Episode 11
Everyone’s motivated to retry again. Everyone’s better communicated and such. Even Demikas is reflecting upon himself. He came to this world thinking he could do anything he want because he thought it was just a game. But then he lost to everyone and everything. However when William pathetically lost, nobody left him. From what I can see in this new plan, after making this knight raid boss shed his shadow vanguards, they run into another cave to fight another hydra raid boss. The key is to fight the raid bosses separately but they cannot fight too far from the radii or else their healers won’t be effective. Their positions will be very crucial. Tetra can be flirty with Naotsugu even during this time. She drops the bombshell that she is going to join Log Horizon and Shiroe approved of it. Why? So that she can continue to play with him! The attack and healing goes well till does shadow vanguards show up and threaten to derail the plan. Shiroe concludes that the knight raid boss may have inflicted damage on itself to clone more of those shadow vanguards. They need to be drawn away so Demikas does so but also takes Shiroe along. Shiroe thinks Demikas is planning to get his revenge by ruining it all now. Demikas runs far enough for the shadow vanguards to stop following. He wants Shiroe to say his name. Seeing the seriousness in his eyes, he calls his real name for the first time. They both tell that they still hate each other. Demikas throws Shiroe down to a giant door. There is where he will die. He then runs off when the shadow vanguards come chasing. Shiroe realizes this is the deepest level of the Abyssal Shaft, their goal. Upon opening the door, rivers and streams of gold coins everywhere! Yeah, who says money come from trees? Before him is Kinjou.

Episode 12
Upon closer look, he isn’t Kinjou but another member of Kunie. Shiroe deduces his tears as being afraid. Who wouldn’t after his raid party keeps coming back like a zombie attack. Kunie explains all coins are born and returned here. The clan has been keeping this dark secret since. According to the law, since he reached here he has the right to take the gold. Shiroe has no intention of telling this to anyone but he wants to say what he couldn’t to Kinjou. He takes out some contract and rips it apart. This is to complete the contract. He reveals the Round Table doesn’t need wealth and now have the power to live peacefully in Akihabara. The contract states that all the buildings they have bought will be assigned to the Yamato server and ripping the contract makes it eternal. They bought the buildings to prevent it from falling in enemies’ hands but since it costs a lot to finance it, this expedition was his idea. Let me try to understand this. So Shiroe is using all the coins here to finance and buy all that? This includes all the zones in Yamato and then reassigning them? Shiroe finds it unfair that adventurers can purchase them but not People of the Land. This may be a problem in the future. He hopes Kunie will lend them money to do this so they will not destroy themselves. The land of Yamato should return and belong to Yamato. Silver Sword amazingly defeats all the raid bosses. Can’t blame them for laughing like mad. With it, all the super items and gold are theirs. There is also a tomb with their names erected stating them as the first adventurers to clear this. They return to Susukino as Shiroe talked to Silver Sword on many things. Regarding Demikas, he felt that he took out his frustrations on him by never calling his real name before. Now he realized it is wrong to steal someone’s name because it means you’re unwilling to recognize them as human. As they head home to Akihabara, Tetra continues to tease Naotsugu. Shiroe doesn’t want her to do that too much because he knows a little secret: TETRA IS A BOY!!!!!!!!!!! Meanwhile we see a short glimpse of that Plant Hwyaden guild biding their time doing nothing. I don’t know what they’re planning but it seems they’re surprised to hear Shiroe has returned to Akihabara. Log Horizon greets Shiroe’s return. Tetra purposely flirts with Naotsugu to irk Marielle and a tussle for the big guy begins… And where is that Akatsuki so to speak? Oh, she’s there. Too short to see her? I thought Shiroe teased her for growing taller! But he notes she has matured. It is one of those little times it’s okay to still be child-like as she hugs his back. Welcome back.

Episode 13
Valentine’s Day is around the corner. You know what this means. Is there some ulterior motive for Nyanta as he tells Serara about the coconia fruit that has you reveal who you love for the one who eats it? Then he also helps Isuzu make some cookies. But tension is running high for Akatsuki and Minori. It gets worse when Tetra teases Shiroe who is from Tea Debauchery Party and probably likes the leader, Kanami. Can this older woman be his girlfriend too? Shiroe’s surprised reaction even makes the girls worry. Could it be true? Rudy and Touya know Tetra is a boy but are confused how to address this cross-dresser. Even more tension when Minori and Akatsuki gathered lots of coconia fruits and at the same time they want Nyanta to teach them how to cook. Oh dear… Tetra then suggests working together since their goal is the same. She’s enjoying this, isn’t she? On a serious note, it has been 6 weeks since the magic barrier is down but there are no reports of monster attacks or PKs. Misa is given a mechanical arm as replacement. Since healing didn’t work, it is deduced the original one may be where Crusty is. Speaking of which, Lenessia’s gloom continues because Crusty is missing. Nobody to give her chocolates to? Marielle gives her sweets to Naotsugu (much to Shouryuu’s dismay). He eats it and experiences the effect of the fruit. She asks what kind of girl he likes most. He is about to say panties but that running joke of Akatsuki popping up to beat him in a flash ruins it. I don’t know how she left the kitchen so fast to go beat him up. Ah well, Shouryuu at least got leftovers and he’s happy about it. Shiroe’s cake trauma must be resurfacing as Minori and Akatsuki want him to eat their hard work. When he does, the girls are in a dilemma to ask that important question but ultimately can’t. Touya is hungry and wonders what is for dinner and this has Shiroe scream out he loves curry. I guess they’ll be having that tonight. The girls are relieved that this is for the best. Serara couldn’t find the fruit and gives Nyanta flowers she picked. Rudy eats Isuzu’s sweet and blurts out he loves everyone so they realize the effects aren’t just limited to romantic love. Meanwhile we see Indicus of Plant Hwyaden verbally abusing Nureha to forget about Shiroe and how nobody cares about her. Seems there is a contract between them for Nureha to collect wooden dolls to make a castle of a world of her own so Indicus will gain the entire Yamato server. But Nureha won’t give him since she has a promise with Shiroe.

Episode 14
As the Plant Hwyaden guys watch over the Minami town, KR talks of how he met Kanami in the China server and is coming back here. While his horse avatar was roaming for information, that is when he met Kanami travelling with an American player, Leonardo (despite he is in a frog suit, I can’t help see more resemblance in Ninja Turtle), Coppelia (the maid!!!!) and Erius Hackblade (a progenitor like the Izumo Knights). Seems the Apocalypse only happened in Japan server for the time being thanks to the time zone difference. As KR joins them, they enter a village whereby some plague demons start possessing people and attack others. They also meet Chun Lu (so familiar…) of the Rakurou Wolf Brigade whose entire members were wiped out in a raid. Kanami thinks of joining in this fight but Leonardo can’t see why she is doing so much to help NPCs. He understands Erius is an NPC but he is surprised to learn Coppelia is also one but created from a farming bot by a Chinese money laundering group. Leonardo also decides to join Kanami and that is when KR switched his other avatar to be part of this raid. So they face off with hordes of dog beasts and a couple of bosses, namely Lasphere who can control others by using a second name and swapping their status to take damage for her, and Paps whose slimy tentacles are trying to brainwash Erius that he is just a software personality! I don’t think that was meant to be funny. Of course Kanami can’t be bothered with all that and drops in to fight. KR doesn’t know what happened after that most probably because of the Apocalypse taking shape. Nureha comes out to greet the crowd and they are charmed by her while Indicus knows she is just being a puppet with a pretty face. KR of course didn’t tell Indicus any of this and this means she doesn’t know Kanami is back yet. Plant Hwyaden seems to be moving out for war in the east.

Episode 15
Isuzu performs on stage. Personally, I’m not impressed… But Rudy is praising her so much that it makes her embarrassed that she wants to beat him up?! Then Touya talks to Isuzu about her talented skills as we hear her being humble and modest about her musical background back in the real world. She is glad to perform since it makes others happy. The young ones are called by Shiroe because he intends for the rookies to go on a quest themselves to get materials to make some magic bag. It’s time for them to be independent. So we see them packing their stuffs, shopping around for weapons, accessories and a mode of transport (so they settled for a horse drawn carriage?). Then the entire guild has a feast that night to celebrate the beginning of a new journey. Next day, the young ones are sent off with lots of hope and encouragement (and some of them getting emotional too). What a boring episode…

Episode 16
Log Horizon rookies continue their journey. Boring… What’s funny is how their horses kick them off due to some time limit per day thingy. WTF. Yeah, they can even laugh it off. Nothing special about their ‘learning’ journey. They take breaks, set up campfire and in the next town, Isuzu uses her bard skills to perform so they can stay at the hotel for free. Rudy is puzzled of Isuzu’s treatment of him which is very different from Touya but the latter can’t tell him that Isuzu’s treatment over him leans more towards of a dog. Meanwhile back at Akihabara, it is Rieze’s turn to experience melancholy since Crusty is still missing. With the rest of the friends to support her, you know everything is going to be alright. Easy for Akatsuki to say since Shiroe is around. However there is only so long of Crusty’s disappearance can be kept secret. Because at this rate, guild members are leaving DDD and joining Honesty. Some of the old members are not happy with the increasing members because they feel those newbies are just leaches. They think of putting some limits but the guild leader is just having headache to think about it. Because Honesty is having a lot of influence in the Round Table solely based on grounds as the third largest guild. Finally we get to see some action as our Log Horizon rookies save a couple of the People of the Land from some ogres. They may be able to easily handle them but wait till the higher level spectres they are about to face. Luckily, a travelling summoner saves them from being casualties. Roe 2 suspiciously looks like a female version of Shiroe… But since she is also a vampire, she collapses from the sun’s rays.

Episode 17
Roe 2 is still weak from the sun but the rookies’ horse ‘broke’ so they have to push their carriage to the next town. Thank goodness it isn’t that far. They learn Roe 2 is heading to Ikoma to get rid of her vampire subclass that she hates. It is in the same direction as they are heading. Because she likes being called a big sister (because it makes her feel being relied on), she will gladly summon as much horses they want for their trip. And then a short hotspring fanservice scene with Isuzu teasing Serara and Minori on their crushes before Roe 2 usurps the conversation with her bigger boobs. What…? We take a detour back to Akihabara whereby the Round Table guys are discussing about the worrying income gap widening. Some suggests sharing wealth or publishing secrets for fair distribution but some argue about losing motivation on all the hard work you put in to achieve it all. No offence Marielle, but holding events for everyone to participate may actually look like arrogance to some. But how? You can’t leave and abandon the poor and those who are still not used it. What does Shiroe have to say? He knows making bug decisions among themselves like this will only destroy Akihabara. Our Log Horizon rookies enter Boxurt Mountains with heavy fog everywhere. They stumble upon merchants having trouble transporting their abundant cargo. Dariella, a travelling writer and People of the Land suggests helping them out. I guess Touya is smitten with her to agree. Passing by is an eerie group. They are actually Odyssey Knights from Plant Hwyaden. They are carrying an equally eerie contraption believed to be a mobile cathedral that allows adventurers who die to respawn anywhere in its vicinity. But how come they all look so lifeless and their march like a funeral procession? Must be a side effect, huh? And there are rumours that say it disturbs the voices of the heart when used… No wonder those scary eyes…

Episode 18
Nureha has gone missing because she went off on her own but Loreil is adamant to go find her. But if you remember well, she is currently masquerading herself as Nureha. But for the first half of this episode, it is about Rudy and Isuzu talking. After yet another sterling bard performance, Isuzu talks to him about her music background because her dad was a pro musician and was famous although only for a short time. Because Isuzu plays down herself that she has no talent, Rudy disagrees otherwise and how everyone is happy to listen to her play. Then it is like she realized something that makes her so sad. Because the People of the Land has 42 songs to go with and cannot create any more. That is why when Isuzu plays her simplest songs, they feel so happy. That is why Isuzu is considered a hero who has brought in so many songs. Then he talks about People of the Land having future and dreams, the reason why many of them start heading towards Akihabara. This only serves to make her feel more miserable and irresponsible about singing songs with such themes although Rudy and the rest clearly do not feel offended. I don’t know. I don’t really understand what’s her problem. So she locks herself in her room trying to write something. Next morning, Touya talks to Dariella but it feels something tense between them because he can’t look her in the eye and speak. Then he even says this weird thing that she won’t look odd if she stops smiling or something. Is he saying she is faking her smile? We take a detour back to Shiroe as Akatsuki happily reports all she knows about Lenessia’s father. Did she sneak into the castle? No. Lenessia told her. So? Should he be proud that she used her feminine skills to get such info? Well, I suppose. Minori feels strange as she cannot contact Shiroe. She thinks that mobile cathedral may be the side affect and what Dariella meant about voices of the heart being disturbed. She might be referring to telepathy. Suddenly a big ominous cloud approaches the town. Actually it is a horde of wyverns! Ah, got to wait till the next episode for the action. And what is this? Nyanta is nearby?

Episode 19
The People of the Land aren’t afraid since the Odyssey Knights are here to protect them. However Touya and co cannot be in more shock to see them happily and crazily attacking the wyverns. Even more shocking is that how they don’t mind getting killed since the mobile cathedral revives them. Then they start all over again. Plus, everybody is all over the place. No plans, no teamwork. Meanwhile Plant Hwyaden release some nightshade creatures to attack because from what I understand, based on some experiments they did, it will act as a vessel while drawing experience points from whoever without affecting the player much even if it dies. It’s like becoming immortal. Minori becomes suspicious of who Roe 2 is (because she seems to be talking-cum-hinting about things that I don’t understand and don’t care) while Touya who cannot stand it all goes to attack the monsters. Then he confronts one of the Odyssey Knights about his reckless action especially sacrificing their own lives. He is told many want to go back to their old world. When they die, they can see glimpse of it and perhaps a chance for them to return. He then talks about he is getting married and giving up this game for good, blah, blah, blah. Touya argues there are lots of people he loves in this world but is told off a world where one can’t die isn’t real. Touya is more upset. He remembers his real life he got into a car accident. Although alive, it was so bad that I guess he kissed his football dreams goodbye and needed to be wheeled around by Minori. That’s like being dead, right? Isuzu decides to stop being a worrywart and do what she does best. She is going to pick a fight with the god of this world for creating only so few songs. She’s going to sing. After Roe 2 throws back several questions to Minori and made her question herself if knowing Roe 2’s origin and destination are important, she realizes that knowing herself and where she wants to go is perhaps her wish. She wants to be a person like Shiroe who opens new paths and a big sister like her. I guess with that magic word, Roe 2 can’t refuse to help her as she summons her giant zebra and they ride into the battlefield. Nyanta starts his action by destroying the nightshade creatures.

Episode 20
Nyanta fights Londark who seems to be wanting to let People of the Land start a war to kill each other (something Shiroe had tried to say at the Round Table). Seems Londark is bitter because he wasn’t invited but forced into this world so he’s just doing what he wants with it. Nyanta knows what he says is true and tries to talk him out. But Londark wants to die. That is when Mizufa Trudy kills him to shut him up. She fights Nyanta and is impressed by his skills but sad that he has no intention to kill. Nureha is wondering what went wrong. She thought of interfering a little when she tagged along with those Log Horizon newbies. She only thinks Shiroe is special but after what Touya said about not smiling so that she wouldn’t look like she is lying, she thinks his teachings is in them. She can’t wait to see Shiroe and when Loreil finds her, she learns Mizufa ordered this wyvern and nightshade attack. She orders to help out. Mizufa is about to let Nyanta kill him but Kazuhiko intervenes. Nyanta knows him since he was part of Debauchery Tea Party. He believed Kazuhiko is trying to change Plant Hwyaden from inside but from the looks of it, he might have lost his goodness. Mizufa continues to attack and dares Nyanta to kill him but again Kazuhiko stops Nyanta’s blade, this time with his bare hand. Since top orders from Nureha have been received, the mission is cancelled and everyone is to back down. When Nyanta tries to ask Kazuhiko about Plant Hwyaden’s goal, he is kicked off from the train. Roe 2 is happy to help by summoning her angel to destroy the enemies. Should have done this earlier. Isuzu continues with her self reconciliation about her love for music, etc. We get it already! After seeing Touya trying to prevent those Odyssey Knights from killing themselves, she snaps. That is when she is going to introduce a new song to this world and starts singing it. Believe me, I prefer much better the ending theme that just rolled in right after hers. Haha!

Episode 21
The town is destroyed. The rookies are sad they couldn’t save it. The Odyssey Knights leave for their next death adventure. Touya is sad he couldn’t make them understand. It is time for Roe 2 to part but she gives Minori a letter for Shiroe. The best parting gift for her is for everyone to call her big sister. Music to her ears. Also, it is time for Dariella to part and return to Plant Hwyaden as Nureha. The rookies want to stay back and help clean up despite their mission is over. Rudy tries to convince them not to overstay their welcome but a little help never killed anybody, right? We take a detour back to Akihabara. Naotsugu notices lots more people becoming gloomy like when the Apocalypse first started. He hopes he is just over-thinking. Shiroe receives report from Nyanta about his meeting with Kazuhiko as well as Londark’s words. He fears that there are more people who can’t adapt and it makes them angry to the point that they will help the People of the Land to fight each other. If war erupts, can they stay out of it? What will the Round Table do? Also, there seems to be a strange travelling merchant, Camus going around hitting on girls. Some of the girls in West Wind Brigade were hit too but they weren’t amused and rejected. When one of them does, Kurinon punches his face! Suddenly she gets hypnotized to date him. Soujirou comes to her rescue and points out that thanks to the barrier being down, lots of weirdoes have been creeping in. When Camus hits on Soujirou, the other girls beat him up! Nobody touches their man! As Log Horizon rookies clean up, they hear cruel comments from the locals claiming the adventurers don’t care about them in the end. Isuzu realizes this might be why Rudy wanted them to leave. Isuzu still feels glad they came and despite creating a new song for the people, it won’t mean a thing if it doesn’t remain. But on their way back, they hear the kids humming to her tune so there is still hope after all. They won’t have to walk all the way back as Nyanta is here to pick them up on his Griffin. Hey. How can all of them ride on a single Griffin? Anyway, the rookies are glad to be back in the familiar warmth of their Akihabara guild. Home Good to be home, eh? Shiroe opens the letter from Roe 2.

Episode 22
Contents of the letter include Roe 2 claiming some of Shiroe’s memories are with her. Just like other adventurers, she is also part of another sentient being that came from another world. They are called Navigators. Shiroe talks to Soujirou after his guild destroyed Camus when he turned into a monster. He felt strange in slaying him because it was too easy like as though he was fighting a monster from a video game. During the Round Table discussion, they discuss another monster, Bagris that could control and distort measurements, making it difficult for them to attack effectively. But with Roderic creating some ‘ruler’ with Kunie clan’s help, Bagris was destroyed. For now, they term these monsters as Geniuses. We take a little detour with Akatsuki and Minori meeting up with Shiroe. But with Tetra clinging on to him and making ambiguous moves, the tug of war begins. At this rate he’ll be torn apart! Shiroe is counting his blessings ever since he got here. Because it has been a year since the Apocalypse and more and more adventurers are feeling homesick. With the impending war, the advent of adventurers is partly to blame for it so it is best they find a way home quickly. Shiroe calls the old Log Horizon members to discuss Roe 2’s letter. Sorry, it’s not a love letter. Yeah, Shiroe can joke! It claims she is the person Shiroe is looking for. Roe 2 is actually Shiroe’s other avatar he left when he was a tester on the test server. As Shiroe has long thought why they came to this world, it is illogical for a game to suddenly become real and they absorb into it. Their technology is not that advanced. With physics of both worlds mixed up, he thought there is a third party who is neither adventurers nor People of the Land who can explain. Informing them about Roe 2. In their language, she would be an alien. Apart from Navigators, there are also similar beings like them called Harvesters who are out to harvest resources called empathion. Too bad she didn’t explain what it is. But it seems their society had begun to run out of it and a new world was needed to solve this crisis. Therefore Roe 2 and her kind came here using something called Match which is something similar the adventurers experienced during Apocalypse. Roe 2 wants Shiroe to establish communications with the moon because that is where her society is observing the situation. She warns about Harvesters, powerful monsters using bodies prepared for them on the moon. They are what the Round Table calls them as Geniuses. Exercise extreme caution. Shiroe believes the validity of this letter because he saw it when he died at Abyssal Shaft. Akatsuki also remembers. So if they can get back there, they can go home.

Episode 23
Shiroe talks to Roderic about the lunar communication. Bad news. The cost is going to kill them. Even so, they cannot guarantee it will work. Log Horizon rookies are in a dilemma about Shiroe’s decision to send the adventurers home. Some feel they have made friends here but Touya doesn’t hesitate that he wants to go home. Because he came here without effort, he wants to work hard so that he can find a place to call his own. The rest of this episode focuses on Isaac and Iselus, Lenessia’s younger brother at Maihama. Yaoi-shota setting? Isaac is here to train the local guards and be Iselus’ bodyguard. He can’t stand the teasing in the form of praises. Isaac sees the Sergiatte who informs here he intends to officially announce Iselus as the heir during his birthday celebration. He hopes he can teach Iselus what they could not. Easy for him to say. Looks like it is going to be a long road. There is also talk about how the land was once ruled by only Westelande and its dynasty but a war split the land into regions as it is known today. Lenessia returns to celebrate Iselus’ birthday (making Tetra a sad idol because she wanted to form a new idol unit with her!). She warns Iselus to be wary of the adventurers especially those with glasses. Don’t worry. Isaac doesn’t wear glasses! During the celebration, Isaac catches a perpetrator trying to poison Iselus. He takes the kid and run but later finishes them off after being pissed at their hypocrisy. They’re claiming they’re doing this for the peace of the land and yet they want to kill a 9 year old kid? Regan returns to Shiroe having finished investigating the portal at Susukino that might have relations with the moon. Shiroe has always thought the communication equipment in an abandoned broadcast building was broken but during Regan’s investigation, he detected a slight signal of it. Suddenly everyone around the land collapses.

Episode 24
It seems only the People of the Land have collapsed. Eyewitnesses say they saw shining wings and they conclude it could be moths. During the Round Table meeting, it is suggested that they continue investigate the antenna since the people are only asleep. They have no time or energy to spare with all the weird events happening. Shiroe suggests keeping an eye on the situation since even if they can go home, it won’t be right away. Next night, swarms of moths descend on all the cities and this time adventurers who come into contact with their shedding scales fall asleep. More Round Table discussion as they believe people are asleep because their MP is drain away but not quick enough to recover. Shiroe thinks this might be empathion and the moths may be Geniuses. More shocking discovery as the moth’s nest is located at the broadcast building. It has also turned into a raid zone called Calling Fortress. Regan suggests destroying the antenna but that would mean destroying their only means of going home. He is not sure about the servers in other areas, if there is one or even functioning. Shiroe calls for a full raid and will have to finish it before the next moonrise as this is when the next moth swarm will appear. Regan also tags a long because there is a special seal at the entrance and since this is the first time something like this happened in this world, he has the responsibility to witness it. As they move in, they are attacked by… Moon rabbits?! Then minotaurs, ogres and monster boars join the ambush to make it tough for the raid team. They get stuck in the labyrinth so Shiroe suggests retreating to a safe area where they can rest and recover their MP. Some feel Shiroe is being pathetic because it doesn’t feel like the real him calling such shots. But no rest for the heroes as the monsters barge in to continue their attack. A new plant monster emerges from the ground. Casualties are raking up so Shiroe is forced to call it off. Instead of returning to the dungeon’s entrance, they reappear at the studio room. Shiroe apologizes but Henrietta slaps him! Minori and the rest tell Shiroe they are staying in this world. They know he is worried about destroying the antenna and their chance of going home. It’s not that they don’t want to go home but they’re not sure yet. Besides, they can’t leave the People of the Land like that. They don’t know when they’ll be able to go home but knowing they can makes them happy. After they settle everything, they can go home after that. New report shows there is a character appearing on the rooftop. He could be the raid boss. Shiroe is enlightened by the newbies and gets his scheming groove back. He is not going to pick either the world or antenna to save. They’ll save both!

Episode 25
The raid team is back in their groove attacking at full force. Thanks to Shiroe’s great planning and observation, they make lots of headway till they face off with the raid boss who seems to be interested in just putting everything to sleep. Shiroe shows why he was Debauchery Tea Party’s best strategist as he is able to figure out the raid boss’ attack patterns in a short amount of time. Then everybody attacks simultaneously and wins the entire thing. Good news that with this victory, the attack on everywhere else also stops. Regan has finished fixing the antenna. A voice is heard once the signal is connected. Shiroe recognizes and dreads this voice… It is Kanami! Gasp! His ex-girlfriend! Akatsuki… Minori… Hold still your beating hearts… If Kanami is making the communication, is she on the moon? Nope. She’s on the China server. During her journey, she stumbled upon a broadcast studio and messed around a little. She got lucky, huh? Kanami tells Shiroe that her daughter is now 3 years old. Wow. Is that a relief or what? Shiroe is surprised that Kanami isn’t desperate in going back. Because she wants to show her daughter how beautiful this world and the many friends they made. Then it hit Shiroe that it isn’t about staying or going home. There is a third option: Connect both worlds! Kanami wants him to do that and since Shiroe has already formed his guild, he will accept her request. The shocking revelation comes when Kanami says Crusty is here with her! Before more can be said, the communication breaks down. You did something, Regan? True, Crusty is there and he wonders who will be first to get him. Rieze or Misa. Hey. You forgot a certain spoilt princess who is still pouting your name that you’re not around! Meanwhile Indicus is not pleased to be told to restore the relationship between Westlande and Eastal. Even more insulting to her is that it is suggested to cooperate with Shiroe and the Round Table. There is no more time for infighting seeing what just happened. Indicus says no way Jose and won’t even let Shiroe go home. Nureha orders Indicus to stop the war with Eastal so Indicus thinks it is time to remind this b*tch her place. Too bad she won’t get to slap her because Kazuhiko stops her. Nureha tells her that she made a promise with Shiroe and she will not be the one to deal with him. Our raiding heroes return to savour the great taste of Nyanta’s curry. And now a new war begins… Minori and Akatsuki trying to outdo each other feeding Shiroe. He’s full…

The Melancholy Of Log Horizon
No wonder… Before I started watching this series, I had read comments from around the internet that they find this season totally boring. I wasn’t going to let that get me down and was going to maintain my optimism for this season. After all, everyone is entitled to their opinions. Sad to say, I have to admit that my final thoughts for this season are the same. I cannot believe this anime has fallen so far from its amazing first season to downright boring! Yes. It is sad for me to even say that but I think this is my overall sentiment for this season. Sure, there were some interesting bits but they were so miniscule and not making an impact that it couldn’t and retain my interest and eventually save the season.

First let me start off with the bad ‘boring’ points. As I can see, melancholy is the word that I would describe in what is going on for some of the characters in focus. During the first arc with beloved Shiroe away, Akatsuki started annoying us with her melancholy. She is thinking about her usefulness to her lord. After being with him for so long, I am pretty sure he is not the guy who would simply cast her aside for this silly reason. So why you so sad, girl? The saddest part? This is the only part where she has more screen time and in focus! Otherwise it feels like she has been relegated to a side character in subsequent arcs. Similarly, Lenessia is also experiencing her melancholy time. Again, she feels there is not enough she could do for everyone. So what are you sitting here lamenting about? Get out there and do something! Oh, she isn’t the only want feeling melancholy of Crusty’s disappearance. Rieze too. At least for a short while. Next, the Log Horizon newbies. Especially Touya and Isuzu who started feeling sad about this world. About death and music. Whatever. I know empathy is good but they’re being so sad like as though it is a hopeless thing (which isn’t). There is something that is eating Dariella/Nureha but I don’t know what it is either. Not that I care. Finally, Shiroe himself. I am sure and can understand this guy is carrying the responsibility and all the burden on his shoulders. He has a reputation and responsibility to keep up. So when he doesn’t, it isn’t like him anymore. Thankfully he has got great pals to support him and since the season is going to end, it is a good thing his melancholy is short and won’t span for episodes. Thank goodness.

The next boring point is the storyline. I don’t know. The adventure this season feels like it is lacking so much of something. Lacking the adventure magic that I felt when I saw the first season. Despite showing twin stories simultaneously side by side for the first arc, sadly they do not possess the wow factor. Mainly because Akatsuki’s melancholy has been hogging the limelight for the wrong reasons so it takes away the enthusiasm even when I am watching Shiroe’s full raid. Having Akatsuki redeeming herself by fighting and defeating Nelreth didn’t quite cut it. This mysterious killer story felt like it was put in just to match the full raid’s action sequence. Even the revelation of Shiroe going on this full raid, I didn’t comprehend it very well. Buying up the land to return it to the People of the Land? What? Me no understand still. It takes the fun out of everything.

And after Shiroe’s return, it is time to give the Log Horizon newbies a fair share of the limelight. So we send them away to do some sort of mission and they learn something or two and then mature and grow stronger from what they have learnt. Boring. Even if the impending war between the People of the Land is averted for now, it still doesn’t dismiss the fact that it could happen again in the future. With episodes running out for the season, they quickly mash together a sudden threat to Akihabara so it is a race of time to save what they deem important. Well, honestly after watching the boringness for so long, it isn’t a bad thing to see Log Horizon and some of the other guild members band up together to storm into the raid zone. Maybe it is because I have become a sadist in seeing them lose for the first time! An enemy they cannot defeat? Wow. This is interesting. And of course they won’t make losing as their streak and eventually turn the tables.

To be fair, not all of the plot or revelations are boring although there is a big portion of the show that I still do not understand. Heck, if some things in this world are still a mystery and Round Table is having a hard time understanding it, what are the chances for a guy like me? Therefore the most interesting plot for this season to me is about the server on the moon. Shiroe and Akatsuki’s temporary pit stop there looked fascinating and mysterious. Although not proven, it could be the answer for the adventurers to get home and I believe this is probably the biggest goal in the plot of the story. I don’t know. Personally having connected with Kanami at the end felt both great and disappointing. Great because Shiroe gets to reunite (sort of) with Kanami. Disappointing because it didn’t really connect with the moon and leave us wanting for more. Not even a freaking cliff-hanger.

Therefore even with the fleeting so called romance (if you can call it), it might be little and it might be just distraction but somehow I prefer to see the rivalry between Minori and Akatsuki and taking it to greater heights. That curry battle might just begin it all. Can the giraffe best the crocodile? Heck, if they had shown more of this, they might have turned the show distasteful, even worse than how boring it is. I would also like to see the rivalry between Tetra and Marielle but then again, that would turn everything distasteful. This idol cross-dresser sure knows how to tease about. Nothing major happening between Serara and Nyanta. Feels like status quo since last season. Same case for Rudy and Isuzu. Touya and Dariella could be interesting but it could just be the spur of the moment. Thanks to Crusty missing most of the time and trolling us if he is alive or not, we don’t see that romantic stuffs he pulled on Lenessia he did in last season.

Continuing the boring stuffs, I would like to talk about the characters. With so many major characters, it is hard for all of them to have a decent share of the spotlight. Unfortunately some of the supporting characters from last season didn’t make a decent impact. Heck, I don’t even remember some of them by now. For example, Lenessia is close to being forgotten after she played an important turning point in boldly standing up to challenge the status quo last season. Because with Crusty missing, I see no reason why we should see her being sad over his disappearance. Keep blaming this guy for not showing up when she needed him, eh? Oh girl, why don’t you just get over it and admit you like this guy!

I thought Nureha and her Plant Hwyaden would become the main antagonist this season as I expected last season but it all falls flat. Indicus is seen like a likely villain (she is after all another character in glasses) and could be the next big one at least standing in Shiroe’s way if there is ever another season. Or they could be just trolling us again. Plant Hwyaden seems intimidating enough but when it is time for action, their appearance is just so limited that I thought it was better for them not to appear at all. Okay, so it is my fault for putting up such expectations. Even Demikas and William make up for their sorry appearances last season despite just being confined to the first arc. But that is better than nothing. At least we can see that they’re not so bad people after all. Demikas just needs anger management and all William wanted was to make friends. At least Demikas shows he isn’t just all hot headed and filled with angst. I didn’t know he can joke because he ‘drools’ when his wife gets injured. Yeah, he doesn’t cry. His eyes drool! I didn’t know he can say funny stuffs! Old characters like Naotsugu, Akatsuki, Nyanta, Marielle and Henrietta (and the majority of the rest whom I have forgotten their names) didn’t do enough to make much of an impact. Akatsuki’s beating up of Naotsugu when he says the ‘P’ word becomes a faint reminder that it was a running joke last season. It didn’t work this time.

As for the handful of new characters, well, it is a mixed baggage. Because Tetra is the most amusing one with her penchant to be as happy as an idol and sticking around Naotsugu just to cause some jealous riffs with Marielle. I don’t know if she has some sort of skill to summon mini portals because she can pop up anywhere she likes over this big guy and very quickly. Trying to catch her is like trying to play whack-a-mole in extreme difficulty mode. Despite Tetra being freaking annoying, thanks to the boringness of everything, her lively teasing seems to be more amusing and interesting. Really. Then there is Roe 2 whom I thought would drop the bombshell and claiming to be Shiroe’s long lost sister or twin since they both look suspiciously similar, only just gender swapped. Didn’t happen. She was mysterious as the wind, came in and joined the rookies for a while before leaving. Her penchant for being called the big sister serves more of a comic relief when everything is getting boring. Though, the interesting bit about her was the revelation that she belongs to another sentient being and there could be another life form trapped in this world. Finally Iselus. I can’t help imagine this kid to be of yaoi-shota pairing with Isaac. *Shudders*.

Action wise, they are still okay but not exciting enough to retain my attention. Therefore I don’t remember if they spam a lot of new spells or techniques since I wasn’t really paying attention. Even if I did, I wouldn’t remember them. Despite the final episode filled with the action packed stuffs and a reminder of what Log Horizon should have been, but it was too late to save everything. Even so, I didn’t think that final raid boss battle was that exciting. Just satisfying enough. Personally, I thought the artwork remained the same like last season. But as I have read some comments, some say that the quality is lower this season. Hmm… There are a few scenes which I thought weren’t up to par but it is because I thought this was how the anime was. You know, the characters especially their facial expressions and the likes are simple looking instead of anything complicated.

As many of the big casts from the first season are retained, a handful of new ones join them in this new season. Most notable would be Tetra. At first I thought she was voiced by Aki Toyosaki because of that idiotic liveliness in her. Nope, it’s not her but Yukiyo Fujii (Latifa in Amagi Brilliant Park). Roe 2 is voiced by Ayumui Fujimura (Misaki in Kaichou Wa Maid-sama). Interestingly, Mariya Ise who voiced Lenessia in both seasons now also voices Iselus. I can’t tell the difference anyway. I also didn’t know it was Marina Inoue’s voice behind Kanami. Maybe I did but perhaps I wasn’t concentrating. Lacking of other new seiyuus I can find this season, I’m just going to list down Hiromi Igarashi as Coppelia (Hina in Papa No Iukoto Wo Kikinasai) simply because she is a maid character :). But there is a little pleasant surprise in this department for this season. I can’t be wrong or mistaken because I think that is Mamiko Noto’s voice making a cameo as Demikas’ wife! I know it is her! Yes it is! YES! Ah, this season is saved from being a complete disaster! Though, it is still boring overall. The show, that is.

I thought this was freaking familiar because then it soon dawned to me that this season’s opening theme is exactly the same one used in last season! Don’t have the budget to get a new opening theme? However I still feel this rock theme isn’t suitable. I thought they were going to reuse the same ending theme but thankfully they didn’t. Though, they maintained the same singer to sing it. Yun*chi sings Wonderful Wonder World and although I prefer this much better than the opener, however my preference still has me liking the first season’s ending theme better. Trivial note: I guess this season was boring that right at the beginning of the ending credits animation Akatsuki is seen yawning. My, what a big yawn. Then for the rest of the animation we see her sleeping and dreaming weird dreams. My, she must be tired after the boringness, eh?

So my guess is that overall this season fails to live up to its predecessor and the only thing now for this series to redeem itself is to make a super awesome third season. Hmm… Maybe that is what is intended in the first place. You make something real good to get people wanting for more and then you make a disappointing sequel that has those same people giving the thumbs down or booing or throwing rotten tomatoes. And then you surprise everybody with the unexpected by making an epic final in the trilogy. Simply because nobody who has watched the second season would expect the third season to surpass it. It is all about the tactics of lowering your expectations and then hit you when you least expected it. Heh. Doesn’t it sound like a strategy for Shiroe? In conclusion, this second season might be dull but do not lose hope. It may or may not get better. You won’t know if you don’t try. Now that Log Horizon is gunning to bridge both worlds, imagine both humans living together with computer game characters. I wonder if this makes it possible for you to live with your 2D hentai/porn characters. You live and play the game altogether.

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