Danna Ga Nani Wo Itteiru Ka Wakaranai Ken 2 Sure-me

November 13, 2015

Ideally, we would love to understand our spouses better. Unfortunately in the real world, a lot of us hardly ever get close to that. That is why we need another season, Danna Ga Nani Wo Itteiru Ka Wakaranai Ken 2 Sure-me just to give us tips on how to understand our better, especially for you wives out there who need to know about your husband’s smoking, gambling, cheating, drinking and irresponsible personality that makes him look so different than the prince charming that you envisioned him before your wedding. Oh wait. You mean this sequel isn’t about that? How can you not have a husband and wife at odds with each other when you have a hardworking wife and her husband who is a typical otaku? Ah, communication and understanding…

Episode 1
Hajime is making money as a web designer. Much more money than Kaoru… To celebrate, he thinks of taking her out to eat. Instead of sushi, she suggests ramen. It is at an old place that brings back her high school days’ memories but she can’t exactly remember where. As they go searching in the area, Hajime wants to take pictures of the school girls and Kaoru punches him in the crotch! Then his password for GPS to find the nearby ramen shops consists words of penis, boobs and sex! Instant beat down! They finally find it on the seventh try. After that they walk around the area and Kaoru notices the damage that her senior did during fights have still not been repaired. Yeah, like as though time was frozen. Or nobody bothered to even fix it? Kaoru thanks Hajime for this trip. Perhaps she wanted to get to know herself a little more. After this as narrated, they had lots of sex! Say what?! Hey! I didn’t get to see it!

Episode 2
Kaoru’s friend seems to be ‘harassing’ her about her compatibility with her husband so she tries to read up on advice magazines, blood types and even astrology but it all points out they are not compatible! Feeling depressed, she goes to bug see Tanaka at her workplace for advice. I mean, doctors know a lot, right? Plus, she’s a smart person. Well, let’s say the doctor didn’t leave her with any good advice. Kaoru feels more dilemma. Is it because she is in too much happiness that she no longer feels happy? After she tells this to Hajime, he reveals that he did look up on their compatibility but stopped caring after he did it to her. Did what? This surprised kiss!

Episode 3
Since Hajime’s otaku merchandise has started ‘invading’ the living room, Hajime thinks Kaoru should take up a hobby to understand. This reminds her that she once used to bowl. She wants to go bowling so Hajime calls the rest of the gang to come. Miki suggests pairing up for a team tournament but it looks like everyone’s partners are very much decided without having to resort to drawing straws. This means Miki is stuck with Mayotama! So we see how everyone sucks with the balls going into the gutter but in the end, Mayotama-Miki team wins. And there is a prize for the winners: Tickets to the hotspring. Oh God… More like tickets to hell… On the way home, Kaoru had fun and hopes they could do this alone now and then. But first Hajime needs to clean the room…

Episode 4
Mayotama wants to be a manga artist and thinks of submitting his works to a shounen manga magazine. But he failed because they are all BL works! Thinking of a need to work as a manga assistant but doesn’t know any contacts, surprisingly Kaoru knows a senior that may help him out. Yuzu Kimura or Ramu Yuzuki as the pen name she goes by, might seem like a nice person but when she rants out the personal data of Mayotama that she has found out, things are starting to look scary… Yuzu then turns her attention to Kaoru. She notices that she is already married. Didn’t she say during high school that she would remain single? Hajime might have saved her by saying he fell for her instead but it just turned up the embarrassing factor. Mayotama becomes Yuzu’s digital assistant as he can do his work from home and via computer. As he mentions about the undo button, Hajime almost tries to hint of something similar when he took Kaoru’s virginity! When Mayotama’s works won an honourable mention, but it seems the married couple don’t really understand what is going on.

Episode 5
Miki wants to do something with everybody again. Looks like they’re heading to the hotspring this time. Miki mentions they haven’t split up the rooms yet and this makes Mayotama anxious as his heart isn’t ready yet. But even if it is split by gender, doesn’t this mean Mayotama and Miki will still end up in the same room? After soaking in the hotspring, the guys want to talk dirty stuff so Hajime starts off with one… About smelling Kaoru’s sweaty t-shirt! Technically that is dirty, right? The ladies also do the same. Rino starts off with birth control but Nozomu stopped her. Tanaka would gladly give hers. Then they tease Kaoru about this and if she has already got a name for their kid. At the end of the stay, Miki makes a cool line about maintaining relationships and this makes Mayotama blush. You know he is saying this for everyone, right?

Episode 6
Hajime wants to know how Nozomu met Rino. It was during college when he mistaken her as a lost elementary school kid! She felt insulted and always thought he would think of something insulting about her so as atonement for being ‘rude’, she makes him her lackey. I’m sure she finds him a good person to rely on but be careful in trying to repay the favour because it might make him look like a lolicon! Rino enjoys his company and hints she wants to be with him. He assures he will be with her for the rest of their college days and shortly they become a couple. He often takes her to the sushi store and so happen Hajime remembers it is around that time it was the first time they actually met. Because Hajime is the sushi waiter! Now you remember?

Episode 7
Nothing is going to stop Hajime from going to Comiket for the year end. He teases Kaoru that the convention might have an enka research book. She doesn’t to go but wants him to get it for her. He won’t be doing it for free. What sort of motivation will she do to get his ass going? Just put on a pair of cat ears… At the Comiket, Miki is surprised Hajime could find his booth. Who else would name his circle “The Denial of Destiny Association”? Miki’s doujin sells out so the duo go walk around. Till he had to stumble upon Mayotama’s circle so Hajime ‘abandons’ Miki for them to be together. Traitor! Meanwhile Kaoru goes out to eat with Tanaka and Rino. Hajime returns home in time to watch the New Year fireworks with Kaoru. On TV. He narrates about life for him isn’t like in games or manga. But the more he denies it, the more he feels it exists. And if he doesn’t believe it exists, he can’t handle this happiness.

Episode 8
Kaoru is a bouncer at Mayotama’s circle. Some diehard fans are squealing at Mayotama… But this is a flashback episode of Mayotama’s younger days. He never liked Hajime much as he always hogged the TV thanks to his otaku passion. Even so, he still wanted him to pay attention to him. Mayotama tried to make some friends at the park but the bullies think he is such a girly boy and won’t welcome him. That is when Hajime stood in the way to defend him. They both got beaten up. After Hajime buys him popsicle, Mayotama asks if anime is interesting. The rest is history. Mayotama’s doujin sells out and Hajime is relieved that his attention has shifted to Miki. Till Kaoru points out that Hajime is still being drawn in his doujin!

Episode 9
Hajime gets that dreaded call from his parents asking if he would come home for New Year. Kaoru wants to meet his mom again and so he has no choice but to go even if he doesn’t want to. While mom is nice and good with Kaoru, she switches to a different tune with Hajime, hounding him if he has found a job or getting some computer related work. Hmm… Maybe that is why Kaoru wants to come here so that mom can drill it into him with her lecture… And dad must have got the best reaction because he is acting in disbelief that they are married! So that call was just a prank call? He doesn’t trust him, huh? On the way back, Kaoru mentions his parents never changed. Yeah, it’s nice to know that mom can scold him properly… Besides, wouldn’t the scolding stop if he gets a proper job? It’s your call.

Episode 10
Kaoru’s colleague, Tobe is crying her heart out to her since she discovered her husband has been having an affair and wants divorce! This has Kaoru thinking if Hajime had cheated on her. She knows he wouldn’t but after looking at him watch his animes… It’s like he is cheating her all year round! Hey, is Hajime watching that trap anime?! When Kaoru mentions about double crossing, this brought back some unpleasant memories they don’t want to remember. It was a time when they were working together at the sushi store. Hajime claims Kaoru picked him up after he went into depression. Apparently a young girl was hired after them. She liked Hajime but backed off when she realized Hajime and Kaoru loved each other. Kaoru had always wondered if Hajime had feelings for both girls at the same time so one day Hajime joked around and asked that girl if she had feelings for him. She backed off and said she didn’t like him. That rejection made him sad and seeing him cry made Kaoru mad. He thought that reaction meant he liked her. Because Hajime is a virgin, he couldn’t handle rejection from girls. If he had to categorize her, it would be more of idolizing than liking her. The difference for 2D girls is that no matter how much you like them, your love won’t be returned. That rejection reminded him this world is of 3D and not 2D. He became depressed. Kaoru slapped him back into reality to make him realize his love for Kaoru changed from idolizing to true love. Back in reality, that girl now is showing Kaoru her novel work based on this and thinks of submitting it. Kaoru feels a little embarrassed.

Episode 11
If you remember at the end of last season, Kaoru was confirmed to be pregnant. Two months in, Kaoru is asking what needs to be done. Don’t worry. Hajime has it all figured out. Go to the doctor to confirm, contact her job to give maternity leave and certainly call his dad to take his place! Don’t run away! It’s you who needs to take responsibility! Kaoru feels guilty of taking advantage of the maternity perks and don’t really want to stop working. As Hajime goes to talk to Tanaka, he starts feeling the burden of making decisions. Not that he understands what it means. Kaoru herself is starting to think that she is so attached to her job that it really feels odd to take a long time off (Tobe is egging her to take full advantage of the company’s policy on benefits of maternity leave). Sometimes she questions herself if she is really needed around. I guess her panicky husband start breaking down about how everybody needs her. Especially him. He needs her! That’s very assuring.

Episode 12
Kaoru narrates when Hajime tries to introduce a manga to her, he’ll leave it on her table. But this time it seems all those manga belong to Mayotama. This makes her think the way sometimes he wants to tell her something directly or indirectly. However she tries not to be too pushy as he will be a father soon so she goes to talk to Tanaka who believes that she is having doubts about her current relationship. Could she be thinking after having the baby, she wants to be in a more lovey-dovey relationship? Is that supposed to be a joke? Hajime also starts thinking that this time it is different. All the while it was about himself. After marriage, he has to think about his wife and now a child on the way. He wants her to love him always but look at him. This is how he has always been. If he changes his personality, would it mean his wife would also change how she looks at him? For she has always accepted him for who he is. So he tells Kaoru that he would like to change by being more formal and polite. Kaoru is delighted to hear this but Hajime remembers an incident when he did so while she was sick from exhaustion, it didn’t go over too well…

Episode 13
Kaoru and Hajime are in an intense argument. And Tanaka is somewhat caught in the middle of it. This is what happened. When it was confirmed that the baby would be a girl, Hajime came up with a list of names. However Kaoru didn’t like them and had her own list. Hajime didn’t like her picks too and this is where we are now. So looks like the doctor isn’t going anywhere till they solve this? Before they know it, the rest of their friends and family are gathered here like as though this is some sort of chat group. The solution to the baby naming is ingenious. Everybody writes a suggestion and puts it in a suggestion box and Kaoru will draw the lot. Seems she picks out Tanaka’s suggestion: Sayoko. Everybody loves the sound of it. No objections? Then it’s settled. Now everybody can’t wait to welcome the baby girl into this world. And as nervous our new parents might be, it is also exciting and something to look forward to.

Perfect Understanding Of The Heart
Although this season doesn’t disappoint, personally I feel that something lacks the oomph to make it great or memorable. Besides, what more can you expect from a short anime especially when you have been told in the synopsis beforehand that it is just the daily life of an office lady wife and her otaku husband. If you’re hoping to see lots of clashing of personalities and flying plates, then I am afraid you have not watched the first season and understand about this couple. Sure, they do have their differences. But it is so minimal and nothing when they put them aside and try to work something out. If only in real life can most of us be this understanding and tolerant. Then we do not have to face a host of domestic violence and outside affairs that would wreck our marriage. Well, this anime isn’t going to address that but I doubt it would change anything in real life even if it would.

As far as this season is concerned, like I said it lacks that sort of punch to make it feel better than the first season. It feels more like of a continuation or extension of the first season rather than a sequel. But I noticed that this time, they placed more of the focus on Kaoru and Hajime. Mainly their thoughts and feelings as they go through their daily life, step by step. Each time, it brings them closer than before. And feelings of worries, anxiety and nervousness grow as each day passes and the closer the day their daughter will be ushered into this world. Can’t exactly describe that kind of feeling to you since I am (an otaku) single :/. But as you can see from here, their thinking and priorities start to slowly change when they start thinking of the baby. I suppose this is all natural and part of life. You’ll grow up in that instant once you reach that stage. Although this season may not be so direct in that, I believe this is what it is trying to convey to us viewers here about what it is like generally becoming a parent. Oddly, most otaku guys who watch this won’t come close in understanding :).

Of course since last season I have been ‘misled’ by the naming of the title, I am once again ‘fooled’ by the meaning of it because for both seasons, it isn’t particularly about Kaoru trying to understand what her husband is trying to same. Generally she knows her husband’s habits and peculiarities but it is not like he is a very difficult person to understand that you would be pulling out your hair just to figure out the riddles he says. In fact, Hajime could be a very simple and predictable person thanks to his otaku tendencies. But now he is insecure and start thinking if continuing his otaku ways would be a good thing or not. Would it be cool or embarrassing if your daughter has to tell her friends that her father is an otaku? Nevertheless, the great key in understanding your partner has always been via soft and gentle communication, another key lesson that I believe this anime is trying to convey. Instead of using harsh and loud words to get your message over (which it never will), tender and kinder words will have a better chance to reach the heart and thus naturally improving the quality in the relationship. Oh hey. Why am I ranting about unrelated stuffs about the anime anyway? It’s not like I’m a relationship expert to begin with!

As for the other characters, I feel that their presence and impact are very much less and sometimes I feel that they are here just to remind us that you know, they still exist. Otherwise, pretty much of this season, they can be done without. Still, Mayotama and Miki are the most amusing and hilarious of the side characters and this one sided bromance/yaoi thingy can make you smile a little. If you remember about their ‘relationship’ from the first season. I supposed Miki is doomed to be ‘paired’ with Mayotama if he doesn’t find a decent girl to date. Can he? Well… Try harder. Hajime’s mom is also pretty funny when she starts hounding on her son. It’s like she turned into a monster or something. There are a handful of new characters like Yuzu and Tobe but their screen time is pretty much limited and they don’t really make an impact overall.

The art and drawing is very much in consistent with the first season. Light and simple. No big sudden changes. Sometimes you think this anime is intended for younger audiences. I remember there was an episode last season whereby a flashback episode has the art quality diminishing so badly like as though they hired a different person to do a rush job. It is the same déjà vu here. This season we have Mayotama’s flashback and the dreaded artwork seems to bring back such memories. But I am beginning to think that this might be the trademark and trend of the show. Could it be that the horrible quality means a horrible part in their earlier life? I’m sure if you don’t have many memorable parts in your younger days, they would seem ‘ugly’ in your memories.

The voice acting casts remain the same although they have added a couple of new ones to the list. OMG! Is that Yui Horie cameo as Yuzu and the trademark voice behind Yoshinoya sensei as Tobe, Miyu Matsuki? Certainly indeed. Last season we had a very catchy ending theme. I won’t say this season’s ending theme isn’t good but I just feel it does not match up to the catchiness of its predecessor. Yuruganu Futari ~Ai No Sanka~ sung by the duet of Kaoru and Hajime is a nice and slow romantic ballad. The kind you’d normally expect to hear, a sultry singer singing her Broadway style song in front of her audience. This song is still passable but it didn’t make me feel like wanting to sing along. Even more so, I thought Hajime’s duet ruined it. That guy’s voice is not made to sing… Well, at least last season’s Iikagen Ni Shite Anata made its cameo debut in one episode to bring back the good nostalgic factor.

Overall, if you enjoyed the first season, there is no reason why you should not enjoy the second season or skip it. At least this sequel is better than most full length anime sequels that are recently being a big letdown. Could it be because of its short duration? Nevertheless, the short funny gags are still entertaining and amusing. Especially about the odd couple trying to become a perfect couple. Hah. How often do you find such a girl wanting to marry an obvious otaku?! I am not sure if Kaoru and Hajime truly understand each other or if they are perfect for each other, at least we see them try their best. Even at times if they don’t understand each other in words, I am sure they totally do in their hearts. Now, if I can only get my 2D waifu to understand me…

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