Dog Days S3

November 14, 2015

I knew they announced the third season years ago. And because anime seasons come and go so fast in a normal year, I thought they have forgotten all about it or even abandoned making the next sequel. Yeah, it felt like a really long time. And then to my surprise, it did happen. Yeah. Dog Days S3 is (now was) back and I figure that there are a lot of furry lovers to warrant another season. The first season was interesting enough but the second season was lukewarm although it wasn’t that bad for me to never ever want to watch the third season. And now that it is here, I hope that it will get back on track in making things more interesting as before. I hope.

Episode 1
Today is the day that all our furry friends can be excited again because their heroes will be returning. It’s like their master coming home, eh? Meanwhile in the Iron Athletics on Earth, Shinku and Nanami ended up crossing the line together and thus for the first time co-champions of the games. Our heroes including Becky start packing to prepare for their journey to Flonyard. Everything seems to be going fine till Shinku and Nanami didn’t fall in the expected location and crash deep within the forests. Something must have gone wrong in the summoning. Be careful. Not everything is as cute as thought it would be. Like that carnivorous plant! And they must have had the ride of their lives when a Pterodactyl swoop them up before they drop back down into the stream. No rest for the duo because suddenly there is a stampede of… Hairy Brontosaurus?! Luckily they are chased away by the dragon priestess who resides in this forest, Sharu. She warns them that this is the dragon’s forest and that humans should stay away. By this time, the concerned nations are already dispatching their units to go find their lost heroes. Sharu doesn’t believe they are heroes since they do not possess their holy treasure. Besides, their outfits look more childish than elegant. Judging a book by its cover? Anyway she doesn’t have TV in her home so she has never seen those games the nations play. She warns them that recently there are demons popping up in the forest lately. Her pig familiar, Pega finds Nanami’s keychain so they follow to retrieve their lost items. Sharu notices many of the plants and animals have turned violent when they used to be docile. Could it be because of the Dragon Eaters? She sees a Brontosaurus being chased by a demon and goes to rescue it. But there is more popping up. Don’t worry, this is a cue for our heroes to go into action. Each demon they destroy turns it back into their original cute animal form. Sharu is in awe seeing them. So now do you believe they are heroes?

Episode 2
Shinku finally manages to get some reception to communicate with Millhiore. Everyone is relieved they are okay. They have to stay put in Sharu’s home till the rescue unit arrives. Sharu explains the land being ruled by Divinegons, huge god-like dragons that embody the life of this planet. They exist to restore the balance in mother nature that was disrupted by humans. Dragon priestesses help communicate humans with these dragons. But recently there are demons that keep harming the animals. She needs to find the source and destroy it. The heroes want to help but she insists this duty only belongs to her. Well, hope she is ready to go into action because more are detected. Chasing those Brontosaurus… Of course with so many demons, there is only a limit on how many she can destroy. That is why our heroes jump in to help her. Cue for some hinting romance when Shinku saves Sharu from certain death. Eventually with so many demons, this means our heroes can’t hog all the action together. The other nations arrive in time to demonstrate their demon butt kicking skills. While resting at her home, Ricotta and Noir talk to Sharu about their research that these demons are more dangerous than before as they speculate they might be attacking dragons and stealing power from Divinegons. According to the legend, whenever this happens, this is when the dragon priestess sacrifices herself to slay them. Ricotta and Noir continue their investigations and learn that the demons they fought were actually local creatures that were transformed into demons. There is a mother demon as the source of their transformation and they need to defeat it to save the dragons. Adele and Valery are doing their research on this. Suddenly they realize the great danger the continent is in. They immediately request all the nations to get ready for war because it is coming to the dragon’s forest.

Episode 3
The war is real. They are up against Dragon Eaters who consume other animals and turn them into one of them and repeat the cycle until the entire world is consumed. So while a nation help protect a Divinegon each, the heroes with Sharu go in search of the mother source. Better hurry. Because the demons are already corrupting the Divinegons. Once the heroes find the source, it is some big mother bug that oddly has a penchant for tentacle raping some of the female soldiers. Damn it. Is it time for pantsu fanservice already? Our heroes use their Hero Stone to turn themselves into adult versions so as to power up and do more effective damage. They cooperate to allow Sharu to strike the decisive blow and destroy it once and for all. The energy that the demon took starts raining down on the land in what the legend calls it as dragon’s tears. I didn’t know dragon’s tears were pervy too because it melts your clothes! Everybody in their birthday suit! Sharu seems like she wants to confess something to Shinku but the damn dragon’s tears have to ruin it all. Adele and Valery may not be needed this time but they have to do some extra work behind the scene to seal it and make sure this demon doesn’t reincarnate into a poor one again. As everyone leaves Sharu’s place, Shinku hopes he can visit her again. She wouldn’t want that in fear he would get lost in the forest again. Instead, she’ll come visit him next time.

Episode 4
With everyone returning to their respective nations, time for some fun. Millhiore is already up eager for Shinku to take her for a doggy walk. Oh, don’t forget the Frisbee too. Couvre and Becky sleeping together look like yuri… Nanami gives naked Leo a good body massage. Nanami and Genoise visit Pastillage so the former can thank Adele for giving her a Hero Stone. Trouble soon lurks because squishy little blobs are on the loose, eating all clothes and armour! Time for your fanservice of naked furries. The first person to blame is Valery. True enough it is his fault. Despite those blobs were original sealed, because his ass was always being busted by Liscia and co and wanted to get back at them. So everyone quickly goes to stop the blobs before they turn the entire nation into a birthday suit party. Too bad they multiply so fast that the entire castle is now over flooded with them! Yeah. This means our heroines are pretty much naked too. I thought they should have done this from the start because those with Hero Stone transform themselves to put a stop to this. But it is Couvre who steals the limelight as her gun is able to purify the blobs into spirits. Everything returns to normal although all programmes are pretty much delayed and ended late thanks to this mess. The ladies are resting and having snacks at the end of it all. Some wonder where Valery is. Adele has tied him up upside down deep in the dungeons. Time to repent.

Episode 5
Shinku and co are only leaving for a field research expedition so why does Ricotta need to pack like she is going on a year’s vacation? So we see them research on the ores and crystals in this forest. Shinku spots little green people. No, they’re not aliens. They are Moribito, forest spirits. As cute and friendly as they are, but they are requesting for help because their princess has been captured by a demon. Ah, there is that frog demon eating all the ores and crystals like there’s no tomorrow. So where’s the princess? In his belly! Don’t worry, anything the frog devours will be slowly absorbed in his stomach. So our heroes go to give this frog a warning but I guess he prefers doing the hard work. Wow. This frog throws stuffs like as though he is a pro pitcher! Then of course, he starts spitting yucky sticky gooey slime on the girls. Only Shinku is ‘immune’ to it because he is a guy. For that, he gets eaten alive! Oh the horror! Inside the belly, Shinku finds the princess. Then he uses his firepower to give the frog some mean stomach ache (bouncing all about?) till he spits them out. The frog reverts to its harmless chibi form. It seems a demon sword stuck to it was the cause of it all. Everybody takes a well deserved break at the hotspring. The Moribito people show their gratitude to Shinku by giving him drink their tonic. I guess it was too strong for him that he passed out. So as our girls clamour around him to help him recover (not taking advantage?), Couvre and Eclair happen to turn up late and they see this ambiguous scene. While Couvre wants to join in the fun, Eclair is so stunned that she wants an explanation from everybody on what they’re doing. Oh, why don’t you just join in the fun like everybody else?

Episode 6
It’s time for an exciting festival. Leo’s engagement festival. Say what? Hey. It’s like a carnival atmosphere. It seems there are men from far and wide who want to marry her but they’ll have to do it Leo’s way: A duel. You’ll have to beat her if you want her hand in marriage. Yeah. This is going to be fun. No wonder everybody is looking forward to it. So we see all the contestants vying for her but you know, Leo is still superior and beats them all flat. Yeah, some have been trying for years and the result is still the same. So as not to insult these losers, Leo announces that she enjoys fighting with them and praises their bravery to duel with her. And of course the final contestant is a mystery person. He is able to fight on par with Leo. She deduces it is somebody she knows because he is hiding his face. He says they did meet but will only reveal more when he wins. The fight continues till Leo manages to unleash him. Those rabbit ears and tail… He is Vert’s distant relative, Prince Lief Langue de Chat Halver of the Halver Kingdom. The last time they met was when he was a kid. She thought him swordsmanship and archery. She was also the one who told him to train and become stronger so that women would like him. But if he is here it means… You’ve guessed it. So the intense power battle continues and Leo barely wins by the skin of her teeth. And again this year, Leo will remain single. I wonder, if she continues to do this, she’ll be a very old single in no time. And an unexpected free fanservice for everybody as her armour shatters and her clothes rip in the aftermath. Wow. A great festival indeed! There is a social party afterwards. Everyone learns that Lief had the wrong impression of this battle. He participated so that he could talk to Leo and didn’t intend on marrying her. He always thought a marriage meeting would be something more private and engaging in conversation. But once Vert whispers him the truth, he can’t help blush like mad that he gave the crowd the wrong impression. Well, but you can’t deny the fact that he does like Leo in a way and looks up to her.

Episode 7
Lief becomes the guest of honour at Galette. He is taken a tour around the country. Godwin who just came back from an expedition didn’t see Leo’s engagement festival so he doesn’t know the strong warrior who almost beat her. Imagine his surprise when he learns it is Lief. Lief and Nanami then have an exhibition battle. The power fight ends in a draw but there’s still something for all the viewers at the end: Their clothes rip apart. Why does it always have to end like that? Now everybody wants to spar with him. Then they visit Brioche’s home before go watching Millhiore in concert. There’s an after-party after that. Finally they’ll be heading over to Pastillage to hear old hero stories from Adele and Valery. I guess everybody is interested to listen so why not? Adele begins her story of her travels. Along with her and Valery, there was Isuka and a woman who summoned Adele to Flonyard. She was the last princess of Pastillage, Clarifie Eins Pastillage AKA Fie.

Episode 8
During the days when demons were running rampage and threatening towns, Fie wanted to change all that so she summoned a French girl (Adele) as her hero to aid her in her quest. Adele didn’t have a good impression when she first met Valery because she thought he was a peeping tom (he claims it was his bath time). So as the duo head out to fight demons, the first demons they had to fight were… Clothes melting blobs! Next… Clothes ripping rabbits! WTF. As they fight more powerful demons, they are saved by Isuka and Hina (Brioche’s real name). They explain they are travelling to collect curse swords that impale creatures in this world to turn them into demons. Fie wants them to meet Valery because he is an expert researcher in cursed swords and demons. Valery seems to have a different thinking. He claims the world cannot afford to fight each other as they are busy fighting demons. However, what happens when you rid of demons? Peace will reign and soon they will be fighting among themselves. So leaving things as it is would be a better choice? Fie and Adele still want to hunt demons but Isuka warns them in travelling together. Isuka and Hina were the only survivors of their villager which was attacked by a demon. They were drenched in its blood at the end and have become immortal. There are many things they do not understand about demons so it is too risky.

With Adele’s heartfelt speech which she wants to continue this mission, the quintet set off on a journey to everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE to slay boss level demons. In doing so, they get to bridge nations closer, power up their Hero and Spirit Stones and become world famous! Peace did reign and as expected war among themselves was inevitable. That is why a treaty was setup that lasted till today. Valery gained the notorious nickname of Demon King as he stopped showing himself in public and continued his research behind closed doors. He had to keep a close watch on live demon samples and although it started out as a prank, he unleashed demons to those who challenged him and those who became arrogant. Fie however never stopped hunting demons. She delegated running Pastillage to Adele whom she felt guilty of bringing her over without permission and had no way of sending her back. One day as Fie left to fight demons as usual, she came back messed up. She barely won a fight with a toxic dragon. She used too much spells that made her susceptible to demon miasma. She knew her time was near but couldn’t be happier of her accomplishments. Soon Fie passed on and Pastillage turned from a kingdom to principality. Valery and Adele decide to join her in slumber after watching their grandchildren grow up happily. Isuka and Hina continued their journey but went their separate ways after Hina found Yukikaze. The rest is history after Shinku and Couvre woke them up from their slumber and they couldn’t be happier to see their descendents living happily. I guess the story is so long that everywhere is closed!

Episode 9
It could have been another boring fine day had not Sharu pay a visit on her flame dragon. Seems she has sensed something wrong with Skysea, a place above Flonyard with its own ecosystem. There is a huge Skywhale supposedly related to the gods or something and believed to have existed even longer than Divinegons. Just like dragons having dragon priestess, there is also a sky priestess for Skywhale. Nobody has seen her before but Sharu claims she has as Pega is a celestial messenger born from the sky priestess’ abode. Pega told her something is amiss with Skywhale and since it is floating above their nations, Sharu is requesting permission to investigate. Of course she can but they want to tag along too. Can’t miss out on the fun? Because the princesses are busy with their jobs, those who will accompany Sharu are the heroes, Genoise, Gaul, Lief, Ricotta and Yukikaze. As they ride up above the clouds, it is like a whole new kingdom. They see the gigantic huge Skywhale but as they approach, it seems it is sucking them in. Eventually they cannot fight its force and got swallowed. The gang are split up but Gaul is neither among them. He is alone and surprised to see Moribito with a girl named Aria who only communicates telepathically. She saved him from drowning in the lake but has no memories prior to coming here. He wants to go find his friends and she is happy to come with him but doesn’t want him to go now because it is dangerous. The rest are fighting demons. Gaul can’t sit back and goes to help eradicate the demons. He meets up with Shinku’s group and with Gaul found, they delegate Nanami’s group to find the flame dragon while they find the sky priestess’ abode. They hear fighting coming from the abode. Don’t worry. The sky priestess has everything under control cleaning up the mess.

Episode 10
Farine the priestess is huge! She explains when Skywhale is ill, the toxins turn into dark beings and if they pour out, they will wreak havoc upon the lands below. Farine clones herself into mini versions to guide the gang and help search for them. Shinku’s group is brought to the village of the star people (cosplay mermaids?) and most of them are ill thanks to the disease. When Gaul and Lief reunite with them and bringing weakened Aria in, the star people recognize her. Aria is their diva and an important person for the Star Festival. Apparently she went missing 2 days ago. More explanation of how the Skywhale inhales toxins and tainted air and purifies it inside its body. The song of the star people helps in the purification. But with them being sick and unable to sing, things are looking bad. Till Becky asks a question if only a certain people can sing to cure the illness. Well, as long as that person has a good soothing voice. Instantly everybody knew who the right candidate. Ricotta has brought her player along and plays a sample of Millhiore’s singing. You can see the healing effect! So it is decided, Shinku and Becky will go down to get the real deal here. Sharu, Yukikaze and Ricotta will stay here to protect Aria while the rest head out to destroy the disease. While the girls talk with the star people, suddenly this creepy kid pops up and starts attacking them with his disease. Yukikaze and Sharu are not match for him and got owned a couple of times. Seems he wants Aria to remember about her promise. When the last defence is down, he proceeds to be by Aria’s side and wants her to sing only for him. She recognizes him as Verde.

Episode 11
There is an explanation about humanoid demons that exist long ago. Verde could be its apostle. So the gang goes to find Aria while slashing demons along the way. When Aria wakes up, it’s time for flashback. Verde seems to be a chibi familiar by Aria’s side. Her singing continues to heal Skywhale and all its inhabitants. Because Aria had always wished to go to the earth below, Verde becomes obsessed in making her wish come true. So in some crystal room, Verde makes a wish with his power and that is when it corrupts and starts turning Skywhale ill. Aria is shocked to learn of this because this is not what she wanted. Verde is about to bring her down when Skywhale’s inhalation causes them to be blown away and separated. Aria didn’t have her memories and that is when she saw Gaul falling into the river and saved him. Now Gaul has found Verde as they both engage in brutal mortal combat. This is a diversion for Genoise to steal Aria away. Aria thinks that Verde will listen to her if she talks to him but Genoise is under orders from their boss to bring her to safety. Gaul tells Verde that he can bring them down if he changes his attitude. However Verde doesn’t believe in him. He doesn’t trust anybody else. Because long ago their kind tried to banish him even he did nothing wrong. He is going to put everyone sleep and make the world a safer place for himself. Too bad Verde can’t finish Gaul off because here comes Shinku to his aid. This means the rest of the gang and their entire army are here. Farine wants the Star Festival to begin its preparations. She turns Pega into its true form. What the heck is that? This piggy is a dragon and a unicorn?! Once Verde losses, Millhiore starts singing. Instantly it heals and purifies everything! So amazing! Even more amazing is how the entire song is just her going “Lalala~”!!! Now, all you star people sing along too! Yeah, the world’s biggest “Lalala~” choir!

Episode 12
Guess what? Millhiore’s song is also healing Verde and making him hard to keep up this form. Seeing the enemy in such a pitiful state, the guys want to save him (giving excuse there are lots of questions they want to ask him) but Sharu is the only one against this and wants the demon purged. Because she’s the only one and the minority, she gives in. Yeah. Democracy. Using their Hero Stones to further heal him, Aria and Verde get a good lecture from Gaul and Noir before reconciling and being true to their feelings. A cursed sword is purged from him and shatters. It ends with Verde returning to his chibi form but crystallized. It will take many years for him to recover. Aria then joins Millhiore in singing for the ultimate healing. As token for their heroism, Farine gives them her familiar. Although its true form is a ferocious griffin, so as not to scare us, it takes the form of a little cute bird (Angry Birds?). It takes a liking for Gaul but like guys who don’t want responsibility, it settles to Vert as substitute since she has the biggest bust. I can’t believe even mythical beasts can be perverts. Now it’s time to say goodbye. Gaul wants everyone to say goodbye to Aria but Nanami tells him he needs to do it himself since she saved him. Also, I think they want to see some sort of romance cooking up between them. Long distance relationship? As the heroes make their descend, they get another present from Skywhale as it drops little light balls like snow throughout the land. Don’t worry, they’re harmless. They won’t melt you clothes. Guarantee. And of course, this means the time has come for our heroes to leave for their own world. Time flies when you’re having fun, eh? Miss you. Come back again. See you soon. Yeah. We get it. Thankfully they land back on Earth safely because if they ever crash landed like how they did when they came to Flonyard, I bet humans are not going to help them but whip out their phones and start snapping pictures and upload it on social media sites. Yeah…

Doggone It Daze!
Shucks… To be honest, I actually have read online comments from here and there over the internet before I started watching this show. Many claim that this season is the most boring ever and sad to say I couldn’t agree more to that! Yup, indeed this season has been a total bore since many of the episodes felt like happy fillers. I mean, it is good that the people in this anime don’t fight each other like in real wars where real deaths occur. Heck, so boring that the previous 2 seasons had 13 episodes each and this time around, they are just short one episode! And they didn’t even play their usual war games! Not even a slightest hint of it. I know this breaks the boring pattern but isn’t that what this show is all about? Not really. So it feels like Shinku, Nanami and Becky just came to Flonyard just to visit their pals and play around (other than in the war games), which I think that is supposedly their visit because they are the heroes, right?

Personally, I thought the first few episodes that start it off were the more interesting parts of this entire season but even the arc of fighting demons in the dragon’s forest isn’t as half as interesting as the ones in the previous seasons. Really. Because they were up against a formidable enemy that we know little off and it was interesting in that aspect to see if they can really pull it off, in which they could because they’re the heroes and they have the numbers. Yes, seriously. And then subsequent episodes became so filler-like because how in the world with stories like Leo’s fighting marriage engagement tournament and saving the Moribito’s princess do anything to advance in the plot of the story or characters? They finally end it with the visit to the sick Skywhale and trying to cure its illness. Even if they put a badass Verde that could fight on par with our heroes, personally I still it is one big bore considering I know how it all is going to end. That itself took the excitement out of my watching and in a way decreases my attention that I am paying. Yeah, I have to admit that my mind starts to wander each time I watch an episode of this season.

Also very much lacking this season is the character development. Because there are too many characters in the first place and even the supporting ones are likeable enough. Therefore it goes without saying that for an anime with only 1 cour, there is no justice done to them seeing that they try to give each of these characters some sort of decent screen time but ultimately fails. Like Eclair who was supposed to be the greatest tsundere character of the series is sorely lacking this season. Not just her. Even the princesses of the nations feel very much lacking in appearance. I can say the same for the heroes from our world. The most we get is an insight on Adele, Valery, Isuka and Brioche’s past. Yeah, adding new characters this season like Sharu, Lief and Fie hardly turned up the excitement. Fie is dead, Sharu missing in between the fillers and Lief seems to be turned into a regular background character who seems to always be by Gaul’s side. All in all, it is just disappointing.

Alas, if you are hoping for some sort of romance, forget it. It was already bewildering that Sharu sent mixed signals to Shinku at the end of their first adventure at the dragon’s forest. You’d think they’d follow up on that. Maybe it is just to troll us. Yeah. Maybe. Perhaps all Sharu wants is to be friends. No need to be shy-shy girl. Or is there something in your heart that indicates you want to be more than friends? Because during the Skywhale adventure Sharu doesn’t seem so conscious being near Shinku. I might just be thinking a little too much… Just when we forget that there would be any romance, they hint us with Gaul and Aria. Again, are they trolling us? And the last scene back on Earth, Nanami hinting about love too? She didn’t blush. That guy did. I know all the girls love Shinku (I hope doggie girls won’t see Shinku as their master and that kind of love) but it’ll be just sad to see the friendship and nations torn apart thanks to love. So I think in a way it is great they rule out the romance part. It just doesn’t fit here. Not at this moment.

Therefore it is sad that we don’t know any much more of the demons that haunt this world than the characters themselves. It would have been good to learn a bit more about the cursed swords or whatever is corrupting cute little animals of the world and turning them into destructive demons. Unfortunately, it feels like an excuse too that our casts don’t know any more and thus maybe give our heroes a reason to fight something. I mean, how else can you have them unleash their powers when they have nothing to fight against, right? Can’t be practising among each other always, right? So with demons popping up and terrorizing the land, let’s just ask questions later and keep slashing them first. Yeah. We really don’t know about anything. Well, keep on researching. Therefore I am assuming that every darn living thing in this fantasy world is actually good. Just that some evil sword corrupted and turned them evil. Seems to be the trend, no?

What is more amusing this season is the mid-intermission. This time we see random characters being put in the outfits of clothes another character. It is interesting to see how different they look just because they don another outfit. And then there is one on Valery which just screams funny and disgusting… Really. I don’t want to ever see that picture ever again! Including that picture of Shinku cross-dressing! Never again! And who could forget the little fanservice that each season offers. This season is no different although I feel it is very much toned down. I don’t know if creatures or whatever dangers in this world has a penchant for eating clothes and turning girls naked. Heck, shouldn’t animals/furries be naked in the first place? And why do most power fights end up getting their armour and clothes ripped? Somebody should be complaining about the armour’s quality! Because the way I see it, no bodily injuries. Just the clothes get torn apart ‘nicely’.

Just like in previous seasons, when you have the biggest names in both singing and voice acting, it would be a waste for them just to do just one. And so like we have come to expect, Nana Mizuki sings the opening theme, No Limit and it sounds like your typical energetic lively piece that is on par with the previous seasons’ opening themes. Yui Horie on the other hand performs the ending theme, Stay With me and is a slower piece. The ending credits animation bugs me. I think it is supposed to be cute and fanservice altogether. Because we see the chibi form of Shinku, Gaul and Valery happily running and jumping with their mouths wide open all over the contours of the female characters in this series! It makes you go WTF?! It looks like they’re having a great time. But when they reach to the final girl, a sleeping Millhiore, they stop dead in their tracks and just watch her. Huh? Let sleeping dogs lie?

A sadly disappointing and boring season if I am going to sum up this series. Too bad it fell into that unfortunate trap whereby a series starts off great but declines with its sequels. Too many lovable characters but too little screen time is partially what killed it too. If you love furries so much, your stance might soften a little but I doubt it would change anything. I am not sure if a fourth season is in the midst of being planned but even if they are, I would still want to catch it because I am hoping it will save the entire series. But I am greatly lowering my expectations when it comes. Well, at least I know that although I didn’t have much fun watching the series, our heroes did have a fun and swell time at Flonyard. So all is not lost. At least technically ‘some people’ did enjoy something out of this series. In that case I won’t want to b*tch any further and let sleeping dogs lie. Cats, squirrels and rabbits too.

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