YuruYuri Nachuyachumi+

November 20, 2015

Hey, wait! They’re not done with the specials yet? And here I thought YuruYuri Nachuyachumi OVA was the appetizer before the third season begins and here they surprise us with yet a couple of specials right before the season runs. YuruYuri Nachuyachumi+ is of course additional episodes that takes place after that summer themed OVA. Do we need more appetizers before the main course? If you’re a fan of the series, you can never get enough!

Episode 1
Akari meets her friends at the park but Kyouko claims she is late despite being early thanks to some Akari Time thingy she must adhere to. Don’t ask… They play water balloons the entire day and despite they get soaking wet, I don’t think this amount to any sort of tantalizing fanservice. Next day in school, Akari hears Sakurako trying to warn everybody about the ghosts she saw last night. I guess you can’t blame her with bad lighting because the ghosts are actually Akari and co heading back. They were tired from playing all die and walked like zombies. She sure had a hard time trying to clear the misunderstanding. Back in the clubroom, Kyouko starts taking pictures with her camera. Chinatsu really wants a picture of her and Yui to be her wallpaper. No, not her computer. Her room wallpaper! Kyouko takes rapid shots of Akari and wants her to move rapidly too. After all that tiring movements, it is only one shot. Each time Yui tries to take a photo of Kyouko, she somehow blinks. When Yui hugs Akari for a shot, this makes jealous Chinatsu enraged as she tries to tear apart Akari’s hair buns?! Trying to take a picture of Yui smile, although it is decent, she felt so embarrassed and locks herself inside the store. Kyouko reminds them this is the same camera that they took during the camp. With all the pictures printed out, it brings back fond memories of their trip. Nice pictures. Embarrassing pictures. ‘Miracle’ pictures. Yeah, all kinds. They show them to the student council and they too remember lots of nice memories. Maybe not so for Himawari because Sakurako tried to take angle shots of her certain body parts. Strained friendship again? Eventually with all the good memories, they would like to go on another trip again. Everyone notices they have a picture of their sleeping face taken. With Kyouko the only one without, they suspect it is her. Yes it is! Don’t worry. She’ll frame them up nicely! Maybe only Chinatsu wants one on Yui.

Episode 2
When Sakurako wants to express her gratitude, Himawari can’t believe it. Is she sick? But learning her reason to do so, she might be better off apologizing than giving thanks. Kyouko arrives early at Yui’s house but instead of doing their homework, she wants to play a Smash Bros spoof video game instead. Yui easily defeats her and on the rematch, Kyouko beats her once before falling into the losing streak again. When Akari and Chinatsu arrive, Yui whispers her plan to take a photo of Kyouko’s sleeping face to get even. Meanwhile the student council buddies hang out at Sakurako’s place and for her to show her gratitude to Ayano, she seems to be doing lots of extreme things. Like pouring her tea filled to the brim and constantly feeding her curry meal. Into the night, Kyouko and co play an Animal Crossing spoof video game. The rest are annoyed as Kyouko has dug lots of pits around. Similarly, the student council quartet also play this game and Sakurako too had dug lots of holes around. It is going to take a while to put Kyouko to bed since she is a late sleeper. Chinatsu’s idea of sumo wrestling only serves to make her more awake. When Yui suggests doing homework, Kyouko falls asleep. But they can’t take her picture yet as she is just lightly asleep. If keeping Akari awake is a challenge, it is going to be more so when Kyouko sleeps faces down. Yui uses a rum raisin ice cream lure to make her face back up. Finally they take a picture and go to sleep. Next morning, they show Kyouko the picture. She laments she wanted in on the action but it seems Kyouko will have the last laugh. Because deep into the night she recorded their sleeping faces! Well, she went to bed early, right? Man, they’re talking funny things in their sleep. What are the chances of her deleting it? Ayano wants to thank Sakurako for the hospitality and gladly shares her pudding. But Sakurako is enjoying them so much that she finishes it all! No more left!

Summer’s Over…
Hmm… I fear that maybe having too much appetizers before the main course would spoil the entire dinner. Although I still find the special extra episodes funny, somehow I don’t find myself laughing as hard as I did in the OVA. Could it be the case of the series reaching its saturation point? I hope not. If so, then this would spell some sort of disaster and an indication of things to come if I am going to start watching the next season. I also hope I am thinking too much and this might just be just one off. But fear not. At least the nonsensically named opening theme, Yurishurashushushu by the same quartet still retains its quirkiness, liveliness and cuteness as it brings that faint reminiscent of the opening theme in the OVA. The same can be said about the ending theme, Ohirune Universe. Now that I am all set for the third season, I hope there are no snacking and other side dishes distractions that will get in between as I start enjoying sinking my teeth into them lolis! Whoops! Let me rephrase that. As I start sinking my teeth and enjoy the show. I hope nobody takes a picture of my funny face as I watch the series…

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