Ookami Shoujo To Kuro Ouji OVA

November 27, 2015

I thought nobody cared or everybody had forgotten about it. And because of that, so did I. Well, it might take a while for somebody to ‘care’ and sub the unaired thirteenth episode or simply Ookami Shoujo To Kuro Ouji OVA. If you know the trend of OVAs these days and especially one that is of the romantic comedy genre, you can generally guess what it is all going to be. After all, what else more can they do, right? What more can wolf girl and the black prince do to further deepen their erratic and peculiar relationship as a couple?

Breeding Doubts – Happening Kiss
Kyouya is not pleased that Nozomi knows his birthday. What’s more, Nozomi has got a matching set of glasses for him as present. I believe it is a sign he doesn’t want to be buddies with him so he crushes them. San surprisingly seeks Kyouya’s help to tutor her because Erika has some urgent business to attend to. Could it be that girl actually forgot about Kyouya’s birthday? As you would have guessed, she certainly did not. She has already planned an elaborated birthday surprise for him. First, she sees Takeru to get keys to Kyouya’s place. Then she does all the necessary settings and preparations while San distracts him for a day. Now all that is to wait for the surprise and let things take its course. Somehow I have a feeling that Kyouya praising and loving Erika will be the part that won’t turn out as she would imagine… Now it is about time, Kyouya and San are seen walking home. A boy chasing his dog accidentally makes Kyouya trip and this has him fall towards San. Their lips met. What is worse than a boy and his dog seeing this kissing incident? Erika seeing this kissing incident! My, is this the surprise. Kyouya prepares himself to explain but Erika continues with the surprise party and everything. But Kyouya can tell that she is very disturbed by that kiss despite she denies she is not concerned about it. You can obviously tell she is just messing up things.

Next day at school, Erika’s doubts grow when she sees San talking to Kyouya. She misinterprets San has a crush on Kyouya when they were actually talking on how to deal with Erika’s depression (of course Kyouya would rather leave her alone like always). Erika then gets an idea. In art class, she tries to persuade San the benefits of having a boyfriend and tries to recommend Takeru. San knows where she is going so she assures her she is not interested in Kyouya. Erika reveals her worries that because it is her first kiss, she might develop a crush on him. This has San divulging an embarrassing secret that it wasn’t her first kiss. Long ago, she had a boyfriend and they kissed but they have long breakup since. That was before she met Erika and that’s why she was under no obligation to tell her. Erika must be feeling shocked and stupid right now. So Erika texts Kyouya about the misunderstanding and promises she is over it. He can expect her to be normal. But imagine to his and everyone’s surprise, she is worst and gloomier than before! WTF?! Was that email a lie? Yeah, she is probably feeling miserable the entire day.

So on the way home, Kyouya just tells her off for dragging this out forever. She also hits back that she is bothered but won’t tell him what it is. Ah, typical woman answer… Then she runs away. I guess this means Kyouya has to go chase after her. Not because he cares (really?) but rather he is getting sick of all this. So he catches up to her to make her spill what is bugging her. Is that kiss still bothering her? Actually, they never had a kiss ever since that last time. Is that what she wants? He shuts her up with a kiss. So she should be happy, right? Well… She feels somewhat awkward. I don’t know what she is complaining again but I guess he kisses her another time. I hope that will do. Then in class, Erika bugs Kyouya to redo his birthday bash. That guy is certainly not amused with her persistence. San watches their comedic quarrel and even notes that it makes her want to fall in love herself.

Dealing A Kiss With A Kiss…
As expected. Not really much but still fun to watch but sometimes a little irritating seeing the insecure Erika being the typical girl wanting her boyfriend to make her feel better but not say a thing about it and that guy like any others will have to guess what the freaking problem is. Even if Erika knows very well it was just an accident (and she even saw it unfolding before her very own eyes) but she still let it get to her. But unlike many of the guys in the real world facing this problem and are often at the losing end (guys can never best a woman in any sort of argument, right?), it is because Kyouya doesn’t really give a damn and it is Erika who is the one relying on him that makes things work out in the end. All in all, this OVA would only appeal to fans of the series and those who love the odd couple of Erika x Kyouya. Otherwise there are tons of somewhat similar romcoms out there and if you have watched a lot of them, you won’t find this any different or stand out. Maybe you’ll just learn a thing or two. You can never take back a kiss but you can certainly add more to that and cover up the earlier ones. If it was only that simple in real life…

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