Those Who Hunt Elves

November 29, 2015

Elves are a great ancient race even though they only in fantasy stories and worlds. Elves are great people to be respected for they can become your comrade in arms to fight against hordes of evil or even go save a princess who has been kidnapped countless times. What’s this? You say you can strip elves too???!!! WTF???!!! What kind of immoral and depraved people would do such a thing to such creatures?! Don’t get the wrong idea. Those Who Hunt Elves isn’t some sort of hentai flick that sees elves been stripped naked for pleasure purposes. There is a reason behind this stripping. You see, a group of humans from our world got lost in another world where elves are abundant. In order to get back, they have to retrieve fragments of a spell for a ritual to return to their world. Here is the catch: The fragments are embedded on a female elf’s body and they don’t know which elf it is. Aha… The only fastest way to check it out is to… You’ve guessed it… Strip them naked! Because I am sure even if they are elves, they are also women inside their heart and which normal woman would want to strip for suspicious people, right? Couldn’t they find some other better way to ascertain the fragment? Well, if they do, it wouldn’t be funny and amusing anymore. That’s why we watch this retro series. Because we want to see elves being stripped! Are you done being scared? Get ready to be stripped. Then, next please. I know this sounds weird but take my word, stripping elves is funnier than it sounds.

Episode 1
A group of fishmen pirates are taking down a group of village warriors. The boss, Hammerhead confronts the group’s leader Andy to bring out the elf but he will not say anything. Andy’s younger brother, Bronco fights back and believes that brave warriors will come to rescue them. Hammerhead laughs at his idea and takes him hostage. He then takes up the challenge and will wait till sundown for the brave warriors to appear. Later Andy sees Emily the elf and he doesn’t want her to get involved. He is grateful for her help on the village and believes in the legend whereby 3 brave warriors from another world with a miracle cannon will come to their rescue and restore peace. A fishman is harassing the chef for serving him fish! Airi Komiyama and Junpei Ryuuzouji come in and ignore him but since the fish dude is persistent, Junpei beats him out and tells him to scram! The chef is grateful and serves them food on the house. Airi sees the chef talking to Andy about Emily’s safety. The fishman reports to Hammerhead so he calls for a change in plan. His crew starts raiding the village to search for the elf. Emily can’t hide and do nothing so she goes to the village. Andy sees her running around town and hides her. He didn’t know this is Airi in disguise and reveals details that she needs to go back hiding at the cape’s cavern. The real Emily is captured by the pirates. When Andy comes running to her rescue, everybody is shocked to see another Emily. Airi reveals herself and their plan was supposed to exchange places and defeat the pirates but Emily coming into the picture ruined it all. It’s odd to see the fishmen falling for Airi’s beauty. WTF.

Hammerhead calls to kill the hostage but he didn’t realize Junpei had already freed Bronco and swapped him with one of his men. How do you catch fish? You trap them in nets! Insulting? Then Junpei beats them all up into his sushi platter. An eel guy is going to shoot him from the back but thanks to the sniping of Ritsuko Inoue, that won’t happen. Junpei and Hammerhead face off but Hammerhead has the edge with his secret sword technique. When Junpei learns Airi’s feet is broken, he becomes enraged and powers up to pummel Hammerhead. Now the shark is scared of him! Junpei will never forgive those who hurt the Oscar award winning American actress. I guess that is why her good acting got to fool Junpei. Now will the fishmen go home? Their captain starts firing cannonballs from the ship at the village. Suddenly a tank driven by Ritsuko appears. At this sight, Emily believes they are the legendary brave warriors. In one shot, the tank destroys the ship and the ironic part is that the captain, a freaking fish, can’t swim!!! Emily and the villagers are grateful and will do anything to repay their gratitude. Anything? You sure about that? You won’t regret it? Okay… Strip. Say what? STRIP NAKED! Junpei then gets desperate because they are doing this to find fragments of a spell printed on an elf’s skin so they can return to Japan. He rips apart Emily’s clothes! Wow. He looks like a pervert now chasing her around! In the end, she wasn’t one of the chosen one so they continue their journey. A big red slap mark on his face. Hey, shouldn’t the girls be the one checking Emily’s body out? And poor Emily, she won’t come out of her cavern hiding. Starting to hate the legend now? Well, they’re no legendary warriors but infamous Those Who Hunt Elves (TWHE). Found out too late about that, did you?

Episode 2
TWHE was told by Celcia Marie Claire that they are able to go back to Japan with the spell that she is going to invoke. From what I understand, she needs to translate it and write it down on her naked body. Wow… As she begins the ritual, Junpei talks to the elf priest about Celcia doing this on her naked body. It pisses her off and breaks her concentrating, causing the spell to split in 5 different directions. The only way now is to gather those spell fragments (believed to be imbedded on those who synchronized with Celcia) and since they are desperate to go back to Japan, they’ll find every elf and strip them naked to inspect their body! But after hundreds of stripping, they couldn’t find not even one. And they’re blaming it on Celcia… Of course Celcia knows they’re saying nasty things about them but would like to help assist them. Not wanting everybody to know her identity, she transforms into a cartoonish fortune teller dog to tell the location of the possible elf they’re looking for. They are impressed with this doggy and badmouth how this is much more helpful than that Celcia b*tch. Of course Celcia almost gave away herself by picking a fight with Junpei. I think she can’t help fight with him and using the lame excuse of receiving telepathy from Celcia to insult him. But her acting can’t fool observant Airi. Or at least Celcia has been tricked to reveal her goal to assist them (so that there will be less harm if she cooperates since sabotaging will be counterproductive and the sooner she can send them back to Japan). Don’t worry, Airi won’t rat her out. Too bad her dumb elf bishops claim to have found her. Busted… Meanwhile the dark elf, Gabriella is not pleased that she is being targeted and assembles her army for war.

Airi knows better they don’t have to look for Gabriella as she will come looking for them. True enough, she is here. She calls out for Celcia and views her as a traitor. Celcia tries to hide herself as Elizabeth the dog but stupid Junpei and the elf priests keep giving her away. Gabriella shoots her magic at them but Celcia’s magic defence deflect it. Now she summons a stone golem. The tank blasts it away! Her army charges. Ritsuko rigged the bridge with explosives! Then Junpei takes care of the rest with his martial arts. What are you going to do now Gabriella? She will fight with him using only martial arts and if she wins, she’ll strip. She lost with just a kick. The elf bishops want to quickly strip her but Junpei stops them. He is giving Gabriella face because she said she will get up and strip herself. Impressed, she does so but there is no mark on her body. They notice her eye-patch. She gets embarrassed to take it off so Junpei forcefully strips it. There is black mark on her eye. It is confirmed this is a legitimate spell. Finally. Celcia transfers the spell to her body and now that she has the black mark on her eye, she is being ridiculed. However because of this, she cannot transform back into her elf form. Oh, the humiliation! Must she live the rest of her days like this? I suppose she has no choice but to follow TWHE on a journey to find the remaining fragments. Celcia is mad that she as the ruler of elves is being treated this way. Junpei’s best reply: She isn’t Celcia but a stupid stray mutt with an ugly spot on its face! Oh, the humiliation!

Episode 3
The Skeleton Gang must be heartless to put a bomb on a kindergarten school bus. Thanks to Dihal, it is diffused and all the kids are saved. Junpei continues to treat Celcia like a stupid mutt (she’s acting the part too). When the ladies see the numerous magic items Celcia brought, doggy girl won’t let them touch a pair of potions as she explains it contains the most powerful magic ever. Suddenly guards surround them. Because of Junpei’s skeleton t-shirt design, they think he is part of the Skeleton Gang. Junpei is ready to rumble with them but Airi agrees to follow them after hearing Dihal’s name. As they’re being interrogated (because Celcia’s magic items look suspicious enough to be terrorist weapons), Dihal comes in to take over. The moment Junpei learns she is an elf, his passion has him break out from his binding and he orders her to strip! But Airi goes for a softer approach. Using her smooth operator talk and understanding a woman’s heart, Dihal is about to agree to that but dumb Junpei had to ruin this bluff with his stupidity. He just didn’t get this was just all an act. And he’s freaking relieved? Suddenly Skeleton Gang lets go an explosion at the station. This allows TWHE to escape. They see the Skeleton Gang marching in. This just confirms it. All just bags of bones. They start wreaking havoc when TWHE stand before them. Junpei easily beats them up. He makes a proposal that if they defeat the skeletons, Dihal must strip. But if they fail, Airi will be the one in the nude. Junpei disagrees since this is his idea so he will strip! Where’s the fun in that?!

TWHE go into full attacking mode. I can’t believe those bag of bones are so brittle. When a giant bone dragon threatens to stomp the kids, Junpei wants Airi who is safekeeping the potions to let him drink it so he can become a giant and fight the dragon. Celcia is against him using it but since Dihal has heard of the potions’ great magical properties, she casts a spell on everyone to sleep. She takes the potions but isn’t sure which to drink. Airi warns her so Dihal tricks Airi into thinking she has drank the red one. Now that the blue one is the true potion, she drinks it. Then Airi reveals that it was just a trick for the trick. The red potion was the real one. All Dihal does is turn into a giant. Everybody has a nice time looking at a nude giant. Yeah, big boobs… Kids, cover your eyes. Dihal is so mad and embarrassed that she beats up the dragon with brute force. She then smashes around to find Airi to get back at her but TWHE have already left the town seeing that Dihal doesn’t have the mark on her body. Airi reveals all this was a bigger part of the plan to make Dihal go nude without stripping her and what better way than to make her a giant. Celcia further explains the other red potion although is the real one, its true power can only be unleashed when some physical force is applied. You mean like how Dihal accidentally stomps on it? Yup. Big explosion…

Episode 4
Rapier the dojo destroyer defeats the 999th dojo master. All that is left is 1 more. TWHE are in the next town as they see a wanted poster of Rapier. It also states this elf has a strange mark on her body. Guess it’s time to go into action. As they stop for lunch, little do they know that Rapier is only a few tables away. Till the dojo students start harassing her for revenge that she starts beating them up. Junpei doesn’t want to interfere since it is going to end soon. But he has to go beat up some of them when his curry rice is in risk of being spilled! Once the small fries are gone, Junpei and Rapier face off but since he notices her ankle is injured, he calls off the match and wants her to heal first before they fight again. If he wins, she will strip. A few days later as the ladies run some errands, they stumble upon Rapier heading into the public bath. That means she’ll be naked, right? So as they inch closer to her, they see a number mark behind her back and believe it is the spell fragment. However Rapier explains it is not. She has this number mark on her back for many years and for her to rid of this curse, she must defeat 1000 opponents. Does this means Junpei does not need to fight her? However she won’t call off the fight and since her ankle is fine, tell him to meet at the riverside tomorrow. The girls relay this to Junpei who is still bent on carrying on with the fight. Because if Rapier loses, she’ll have to start from scratch again. Ritsuko and Celcia think he is heartless but Airi thinks that all Junpei wants is to fight a worthy opponent. That is why Rapier chose to fight him as the 1000th opponent.

As Rapier practises that night, she remembers her master was sad that she did not respect her defeated opponents. In the last fight with him, he placed a curse on her to fight 1000 opponents and told her to find the true path of the fist. Next day as the awaited fight looms, the ladies see the local dojo guys coming from afar to get their revenge. They aren’t going to play fair either. For the master is going to shoot them with an antique gun after both are tired out. Well, Ritsuko uses her tank! You gonna challenge that, mister? Of course tank blast beats antique gun as she chases the goons down the river. Meanwhile, Junpei and Rapier’s fight has not started. They have been staring in this showdown since. Finally when they make a move, they know only one blow is all it takes to win this match. It ends with Junpei’s victorious. Rapier admits her loss but Junpei is humble in his victory. Rapier is resigned to her fate to start all over again but suddenly the curse disappears. Then she remembers her master’s words. It is not the number of opponents she defeats but only when she realizes the true path of the fist, the curse will be lifted. She couldn’t be happier. TWHE are on their way and Junpei realizes he forgot something important: He forgot to tell her to strip! Junpei you idiot! Haven’t you been listening?!

Episode 5
The tank runs out of fuel in the middle of a bridge. Because Junpei thinks they should get rid of it and find an easier transportation, this doesn’t sit well with Ritsuko. Except her, the rest head to town to find gasoline fruits for the tanks oil but no luck. Suddenly a big teddy bear appears before them. It meows? Junpei is determined to get this as their ride. But the people wants it killed because they claim this cat spirit possesses stuffed animals and go on a rampage. Junpei chews them out that this spirit does not have malice and all it wants is to play. But when the teddy smacks him, now he wants to kill it! A scared villager shoots fire to burn it. This is a bad move seeing this means the spirit will roam free and possess another toy. Ritsuko is thinking about the times she had with this tank. She can’t believe she is going to say goodbye to it. Suddenly she sees a living stuffed dog. It meows… Oh… When the rest return, Ritsuko gladly shows this to them. She even has a name for it: Mike. Oh great… Junpei tells her they don’t need extra baggage. Besides, they already have a useless dog… Cue for man-dog fight! But Ritsuko is sad. It’s like they’re being selfish and abandon things just because they aren’t useful anymore. She won’t give Mike up. The villagers are here to take the toy (how the heck do they know it is this one in the first place?). Mike is taken from her and the plan is to seal it in a box forever. They think their tank is the box and will blow up the bridge to let it flow down the river. I hope Junpei is happy with the horse and carriage as compensation. The moment the bridge is destroyed, Ritsuko realizes she cannot bear to part with it. She jumps back and into the tank. The rest dive in to save her but they couldn’t find her body. Suddenly the tank drives out and Ritsuko is very much alive. But sad news. Mike isn’t moving. After setting up a makeshift grave for Mike (a grave for a toy?), suddenly it hit Airi how did Ritsuko drove the tank out if it was out of fuel. Was Ritsuko lying? Then to everyone’s shock, they see the tank moving on its own. Mike’s spirit is now inside the tank! I guess they don’t have to worry about gas now. Ritsuko happily reunites with Mike.

Episode 6
Annette is being hounded by complains of many elves that they were stripped. She is made to wonder why Celcia as the most powerful magician who once defeated the evil sorceress, Luffard is now a slave under TWHE. Sure, she feels responsible for this incident but becoming their slave? She is going to ask her directly. In the next town, a strange looking dog similar to Celcia approaches them. Celcia recognizes her but the rest thought the dogs just want to mate. Annette is glad to see Celcia again and gets straight to the point. Annette is not happy that Celcia didn’t use that ultimate spell she used on Luffard so Celcia hushes her never to speak of that again. That spell is one that is capable of destroying this world and that is why she has sealed it. But Annette is not happy with the stand Celcia has taken and hates her. Annette won’t let this slide so she steals the spell book and will take measures into her own hands. After tying up Celcia, she leads TWHE to the mountain top under pretence that Celcia went ahead and she is taking them there. But at the top, there is nothing. Airi tells Annette to quit lying and tell the truth. She knows all this is an act because whenever she lies, she has a habit of toying with her earring. Meanwhile Mike sees a mouse and tries to chase at. And shoot it! Well, at least the blast frees Celcia as she rushes to the mountain top. Annette is going to use the spell on them and although it sounds bad, Airi doesn’t want them to panic yet. If it was a terrible spell, why hasn’t Celcia use it on them? This spell is not what she thinks it is. At the end of the chanting, suddenly the top is filled with stuffs from Japan! They realize this is a summoning spell. Just in time for Celcia to explain. When she was fighting Luffard, she used this spell and summoned TWHE. Luffard mocked her but TWHE got mad and defeated her! And that is why Celcia sealed this spell away and is the cause for summoning these scoundrels here. The mountain breaks into half but Junpei saves Annette. Why did he save her when she just tried to kill them? They may strip elves but they do not kill or harm them. They know their way is not proper and if there is another way, please tell them. Annette is taken in by those words and starts believing in him. Till he remembers he forgot to strip her! Oh sh*t! Despite she says she has no markings, he still strips her as punishment for deceiving them! She vows to have a spell to rip him apart the next time…

Episode 7
Thanks to the storm, TWHE will be taking shelter in what seems to be a haunted mansion. Ritsuko looking scared… Of course she cannot sleep and continues to bug Celcia about the strange laughs and footsteps she heard. And now she needs company to go to the toilet? Well, Ritsuko is being more scared than the ghost. Until Celcia also hears the laugh. Time to panic. Then they see a ghost shadow and because Junpei doesn’t believe in ghosts, he starts describing the shadow as it changes form. This confirms it. Ghosts don’t play charade! They chase out to the yard where Celcia recognizes those mandrake flowers. Yeah, there’s some scary legend behind it but Junpei notes Celcia’s face is scarier! If you pluck it out and hear its scream, you’ll die. Junpei doesn’t give a damn and does so. Indeed it is a mandrake but they notice this mandrake has the ears of an elf. Yeah, her scream is because she is freaked out by them. As explained, they are mandrake elves and whatever scary legends about them are lies. They were just scaring them away so as to leave them in peace. TWHE are about to leave when they realize their mission to strip elves! And so Junpei is going to strip them but the little elves are smarter than he thinks. I can’t believe he has got so much energy to play whack-a-mole till morning. Since this isn’t working, Airi suggests another method. They are going to deceive them by putting up a stupid dance and party. Logically nobody will fall for this. Except mandrake elves! They’re ready to party! Oh yeah. Once they get drunk, check for the mark. None so far. Until there is one that refuses to join in and is stuck in the rock. Others claim she has a weird mark and just do not want to be laugh at. You know what this means. Junpei drunk as hell as he tries to convince this little one to join in and pours all the wine till she is drunk. Yeah, she is as rowdy as him now. Celcia does her stuff to collect the fragment and she is proud to have this one back because it is supposed to be a beautiful mark on her forehead. But with the rest staring at her with that look, she knows something is wrong. Here’s a mirror. OMG! The mark makes her look like she has moustache! An angry mutt is more dangerous than a drunken one.

Episode 8
They’re breaking a lot of fourth walls in this episode. TWHE are surprised they’ve already found an elf at the start. But as Junpei tries to strip her, he thought she was fast enough to avoid his fists. With Sister Romina here, they realize Emmy is a ghost! Romina wants her to go over to the next world but Emmy remains stubborn. So to strip Emmy, they need to undergo astral projection. That is, become ghost themselves. The gang is shocked to see Celcia in her elf form when they become ghosts. Junpei thought she was funnier as a dog… I can’t believe Junpei can crash into things and even tire out while trying to catch Emmy. I don’t know what this silly plan of his to make Emmy use the public bath house after working up a sweat but remember, breaking fourth walls here. Their plan fails because Emmy decides to go to the rice shop. They’re bathing in rice? But this allows Junpei to catch and strip her! No mark. What a waste. So are they planning to use the mutt as a freak show? But when they get back, their bodies are gone! It seems some guy knocked on their door and he entered when there was no answer. He was shocked to see lifeless bodies around and took them away. TWHE calms down and think who it could be. What would you do if you see a dead body? Call a doctor. What if he pronounces it dead? Give it a funeral. In this world, this means calling the church and they don’t bury but cremate bodies! Better hurry. Romina is already starting the fire. Better hurry faster because they can feel their souls getting hot. Since they cannot go any faster, they have to possess inanimate objects to do so. Romina senses something unworldly coming their way and thinks they are evil spirits trying to claim the souls. She uses her spell to repel them. But TWHE won’t give up and continue attacking with different objects till she tires. Finally an idol statue to defeat her? Once they get back in their bodies, they quickly rush and cool down in the lake. Romina is glad they have returned back alive although they know very well she unknowingly tried to kill them. Junpei realizes Romina is an elf and strips her! Oh God help us! No mark on her. They realize Celcia is missing and learn the dog is buried at the back of the church. Celcia is seen trying to dig out her body and cannot believe this ultimate humiliation.

Episode 9
I don’t know who lost the wallet but TWHE now has to work hard doing menial jobs to earn money. Except for Airi because she’s the brains, right? She’s putting her acting skills to good use, doubling the sales of a boutique as a sales clerk. She notices a hardworking girl, Colleena and after work observes her practising waltzing. Airi tries those steps herself and Colleena saw them. She wants Airi to teach her. Airi views herself as a bad teacher but since Colleena insists, she tells her to master this step by tomorrow if she wants to continue with the lesson. Later Airi learns that the royal family is opening the ball to the public for the first time. Next evening, Airi can tell Colleena has practised hard since her feet are pain. She tells her to rest them and come back tomorrow for the lessons. But after a while, Airi wonders if she has any natural talent in dancing since she is making the same mistakes. Time is running out since the ball is tomorrow. Colleena won’t give up but when she trips, her elf ears reveal. That night, Airi sees Colleena continue to practice hard until she masters them. Colleena reveals she wanted to dance because she is in love with the prince because of his kindness to her on one rainy day. Next day when she goes to buy the dress, it seems a customer has already bought it. She is about to give up when Airi presents her with the dress. She bought it for her as her graduation gift. Colleena happily accepts it. However secretly this is part of Airi’s plan to let Colleena strip herself so that she could see if there any marks. At the ball, Colleena is so beautiful that all the men want to dance with her! However with Airi offering herself, I guess they have no qualms dancing with someone prettier. The prince notices Colleena but before they can get together, TWHE crash in and start harassing women to check if they are elves. The prince is going to fight Junpei when a chandelier is going to fall on him. Colleena saves him but unfortunately Junpei strips her! No mark. Mad Airi punches him! The prince ignores everything else and resumes the dance with Colleena. Ever since that day, he can’t get her out of his mind. As TWHE leaves, Airi remains silent to the questions of the others of what she was doing at the ball. All she says is it is just a little girl who wanted her dreams to come true. Hinting, she was like Colleena when she was her age. And sad Junpei never understood why Airi punched him.

Episode 10
Lately TWHE are under revenge attacks from elves who want to avenge their stripped brethren. Too bad they also got stripped by Junpei. So could it be too good to be true when there are posters pointing to the next elf town that they can strip them all they want? Definitely a trap. Then they see this little Yoda elf putting up the signs and think he is making fun of them. However his granddaughter, Milliea wants them to really strip her! No joke! It all began 3 years ago when a monster attacked their village. She had no choice but to put on a cursed armour to rid of it. As a result, she cannot take off the armour and the swords that could cut the toughest steel are always stuck to her hands. As grandpa is willing to give them their dream’s desire, TWHE are all for it. But whether it is Junpei’s karate punches, Ritsuko’s tools, Celcia’s magic and Mike pulling or ramming, nothing happens. Airi shouldn’t waste her time. How can her acting do any good for this situation? Pitiful Milliea resigns to her fate and feels sorry for wasting their time. She remembers how the people were grateful to her but couldn’t bear to be close to her dangerous swords. Milliea tries to kill herself but the armour won’t break. TWHE tells her not to give up so easily. Junpei was wrong to have done so. There was never an elf they could not strip and they will not rest till they do so. So as they come up with very silly ideas to strip her, grandpa mentions about the family treasure, a potion that could strip any elf. You should see how incensed everybody is. Use it now! Milliea is out of the armour and how does it feel to take a bath for the first time in 3 years? It’s time to say goodbye to the armour but something feels strange… As TWHE leaves, they couldn’t believe it is the first time an elf thanked them for stripping her. No mark, though. Suddenly Milliea is seen wearing that armour again. Seems that she has spent 3 years with it and with all the good and bad times, she considers the armour as her greatest partner. She apologizes for their wasted efforts but they aren’t mad because she is better off and happier now than before. Meanwhile a mysterious elf is going to let TWHE walk into their trap and leads them astray with the location of another elf.

Episode 11
Annette and the bishops are surprised the elf police is here. Gild from the Royal Bureau of Investigation will be having them under house arrest while Celcia who is charged of treason will be stripped of her title. While TWHE is eating at a diner, they see the waitress having a fragment on her nose. Even lucky, the cashier has a spell on her cheek! No time to waste! I wonder what kind of funny face Celcia will have when she retrieves them… Yeah, can’t blame you if you can’t stop laughing. She’s got another black eye and a spiral on her cheek. Poor doggie… But Celcia senses something amiss. Why is it they are so lucky today? She turns back to the diner and recognizes that mysterious elf, Judge. He reveals those elf waitresses were procured by the Bureau to lure them. Everyone knows Celcia has been aiding those thugs and receiving complaints. If she cooperates, her charges will be reduced. But for TWHE, if they’re lucky, life imprisonment is all they get. Celcia agrees to bring them in tomorrow. However she has second thoughts about that seeing they are just 1 spell away. TWHE seems to encounter more products from their world. Could it be the result of Annette’s incantations then? The more familiar objects they see, Airi theorizes that both worlds are merging. The integration rate is also increasing as an alarming rate. At this rate, both worlds will be destroyed. Mike stops dead in its tracks because Judge is before them. He is disappointed that Celcia has decided not to cooperate with him and instead continue to aid the thugs. Celcia pleads to let them go since they only need the last spell but Judge won’t believe her nonsense. Because TWHE isn’t going down easily, Judge summons Mirage Golem. Exact copies of TWHE are created from sand. They are more than exact replicates because they can match each other’s actions. Like as though you’re fighting against your mirror. Don’t they get it? Why continue to fight each other? Their moves and actions are exactly the same! Don’t they really get it? When tired Celcia is about to be killed by a falling pole, Junpei saves her. Noticed the clone also did the same? Celcia has no choice but to surrender. Judge arrests them all.

Episode 12
The accused are being brought to court. The moment Junpei sees Judge, he wants to beat him up but a magic barrier prevents him from doing so. Thus all the elf females can be rest assured this monster won’t start stripping you. Judge as the prosecutor presents his case and calls up key witnesses (elves that were stripped in past episodes like Emily and Dihal) to testify against them. Junpei gets worked up of this crap and his yelling and violent manner is only making things worse. Airi realizes that this is Judge’s crafty tactic to bait him seeing the audience is calling for their execution. Till Ritsuko’s tearful plea that all they want is to go home, is that a crime? The session continues and with Annette as their defence lawyer, she brings in an elf that is on TWHE’s side: Milliea. She explains her circumstances and the good things that TWHE brought her. She also questions those witnesses, despite being embarrassingly stripped in front of the crowd, don’t TWHE’s actions saved their predicament or city in general? After the recess, before the judge delivers her verdict, she will let anyone say anything. Celcia admits this is her own fault and stupidity. Therefore she will bear all the punishment and wants her friends to be let off the hook. After travelling with them, she knows they are not bad people. She doesn’t care if this has her position stripped forever. Airi then wants to speak. She points out this world is in danger. Don’t believe? Then what is that thing over there? The elves see the cuckoo clock but aren’t sure what it is. What about that mountain outside? Sure, they don’t recognize Mt Fuji. Airi adds that this proves their world is merging at an increasing rate and the only way to stop this is to send them back. That is the only way to prove they are right. Besides, do elves even do court trials? Yeah, nobody even knows why. The judge then delivers her verdict and finds them guilty. They will be removed from this world. I guess it is a sign to say that they are free to continue their mission. This is what Junpei interpreted: Stripping elves isn’t illegal now! Oh sh*t!!! Now, who wants to be first to stripped? Yeah… The courtroom is suddenly empty… But the judge elf… Oh God… This is an emergency! As she tries to run away, she slips. There is the mark on her sole! Celcia retrieves it and puts it back in her book. Now the final ritual begins to send them home. She is sad to see them off. She tries to remain in focus as Junpei calls out to her name. Sniff, sniff. Please be strong. Suddenly what Junpei wanted to say was, wasn’t she supposed to do the ritual naked? This irks Celcia and breaks her concentration. As she argues with him, the sense of déjà vu starts to surround. Oh no… The ritual fails and the spell scatters into fragments. Perhaps even more because it sure looks like fireworks now! Here we go again!

Season 2

It goes without saying. With our gang not being able to go back to Japan yet, this means the mission to strip elves will continue. Banzai to more stripping! Banzai to more naked elves! Run for you lives!!! Ah yes. You can run but you can’t hide from Junpei’s stripping… Does this mean round 2 and nightmare to be stripped all over again? Yet again… Those Who Hunt Elves II… Part 2… The stripping chaos continues.

Episode 1
Right at the start, TWHE are seen entering a town, strip all the elf women and leave like the wind. And sure, stripping elves now may be legal since they want to end this farce to avoid the merger of worlds but their stripping technique never changed. Celcia dreams a strange dream whereby mermaid elves call for her help. At this beach area, because of the strict fishing only and no diving rules or you’ll be heftily fined, Airi circumvents that rule by using Junpei as live bait to fool the observers with her first class Oscar winning acting. Noticing the items following a certain current will go missing, TWHE dive down to the location of the underwater shrine. They are almost being attacked by a shark. Once safe, they meet Rosa the mermaid elves’ leader. She claims the shark has been terrorizing their place and hopes they could help get rid of it. Junpei gladly becomes the bait since master of manipulation Airi begs him to do it. His karate doesn’t work underwater so he is having a hard time fighting and riding it. Once he manages to hook the line in its mouth, Ritsuko fires the signal so the Mike can pull it out of the water (the end of the line is attached to Mike). With the mission solved, it is time for the mermaids to live up to their end of the bargain and strip. But this shocking scene… The mermaids take off their fish fins and tails like as though they are just outfits! It is indeed outfits! Your belief in mermaids… Smashed! One of them has a mark on her thigh. Celcia does the ritual to retrieve it. Well, the first of many to come. When Celcia returns to land, she sees Mike fighting with the shark and causing havoc to the surrounding beach. This gives her nightmares for 4 weeks straight! I suppose she knows the people are going to blame her for the destruction.

Episode 2
TWHE heard there is some sort of treasure on God Mountain. Lana the elf thief plans to follow and trail them to the treasure. But there is a serious problem for Junpei. He needs to go to toilet and they have run out of toilet paper! TWHE can easily get into the next town thanks to the proper documents from the judge. Junpei runs off to the bar to find a toilet but is told that it has none. But why the heck does a men’s bar have a woman changing room and bath?! There’s an underground vault that contains… Cute little white bears?! Junpei is so confused that the just gave up. After he leaves, the bar master enters a secret room behind his bar. It is a toilet and he is using toilet paper to his utmost satisfaction! Biggest troll ever? So now Junpei is running wild in the forest. Any soft plant will do. But why are they all thorny plants?! He then stumbles upon… A cute little white bear?! Feels fluffy and white enough to be toilet paper and he is going to use it! Unfortunately it runs away. Fast! Meanwhile the ladies also stumble upon this little white bear. Celcia believes it is Pichikart, a rare and mysterious creature. Ritsuko likes its cuteness and keeps it as a pet named Pichi. Junpei is at his limits but he stumbles upon a garden filled with Pichi! Heaven? Suddenly all the Pichi jump on him… He realizes they are wiping their ass on him! You mad, bro? Now he can’t hold it any longer and prays to all the religions’ gods. Then before him: A mountain filled with toilet papers! The ladies also reach here and they realize it isn’t God Mountain but Paper Mountain (paper and god sound the same in Japanese: kami). Lana thought she has found her treasure (toilet papers are only used by royalties and considered luxuries in this world) and tries to kick Junpei away. However she slips and this causes an avalanche of toilet paper! The nearby town is destroyed! Ultimately flattened by a giant one! Junpei is so relieved. Then everyone witnesses this shocking event: Pichi poops out toilet paper! OMG! Does this mean Junpei was cleaning his ass with animal crap?! He takes out his frustration by stripping Lana!!! As TWHE leaves, they deduce Pichi is vegetarian and eats leaves, thus the stomach processes those raw materials into toilet paper. But they wonder who made the big one. There’s a big one behind the mountain…

Episode 3
Celcia saves a town from a giant wild panda. Everybody sings praises for her! Except for Junpei who isn’t happy she isn’t a joke character anymore! Now the town wants her to help find a cure for those who are cursed and turned into animals. They find a water source that is believed to be the culprit. As Celcia is about to take a sample, clumsy Annette pushes her in. Because Celcia drank some of it, the effect is starting to take place. Celcia wants a swift death if she turns into a mindless wild beast. Junpei is getting ready Mike to fire at her?! Celcia then turns into… A panda???!!! A talking panda!!! TWHE can’t hold in their laughter so sad Celcia runs back to town. Unfortunately the townspeople think the panda is attacking them again so they capture her and do not believe she is Celcia. As they throw her into the river, Celcia reverts back. Seems she only transforms into a panda when the night has a full moon. Of course this doesn’t sit well with her but luckily Airi points out there is a specialist who can treat her condition. Oh, she’s an elf too. Outside the house, there is a barrier that prevents them from entering. Junpei is going to karate it till it breaks but his stomach growls and so he stops. Not even Airi’s Hollywood acting could open it up. I guess the elf didn’t see her movies, eh? However they notice pandas being able to enter. See where this is going? So they wait till night time for Celcia to turn into a panda and sneak in. Once inside, Celcia is shocked that Nancy knows her and will treat her condition in exchange for taking off the spell fragments. Seems Nancy got the marks on her face exactly like how Celcia got them when she was a dog. But this makes her look like a panda! Celcia can’t help laugh. But thinking about it, if she retrieves the spells, wouldn’t this mean the marks will now be on her face and making her look funnier than ever? Celcia then acts like a real panda to ignore Nancy! She’s not going to save her! Suddenly Junpei grabs Celcia and tells her to do it! How did he get in? He dug under the house… Oh… And so Celcia’s hell begins. Although Nancy is cured, Celcia’s fear materializes. She is stuck as a panda even in daylight. Remember how she was stuck in that doggie mode in the previous season? Yup. Exactly. She wants Mike to shoot her when Annette and the bishops come by with some panda stuffs (this is all she could summon after summoning tons of unrelated objects?). A big insult to Celcia as she orders Mike to shoot them!

Episode 4
What is Junpei and Celcia arguing this time? Oh. Heliocentric theory. Although it is common knowledge in this world that the sun revolves around the planet, Junpei will not accept this crap! He can accept fairies and dragons but not geocentric theory? He relates how a TV show he watched when he was 10 years old moved him to tears. This guy cried? It was about a European monk named Bruno who tried to spread heliocentric theory but was being branded a heretic and burnt at the stake. Junpei was moved by his heroism and became a firm believer in this theory. Yeah, he tried to spread the theory to everyone the next day. So it is no different now that he is trying to preach to the denizens about heliocentric. But there is a commotion in town. The guards with orders from the astrology society want this woman named Bruno to be banished from town because of her belief in heliocentric. Junpei is freaking mad alright. So he goes to see her in her observatory and vows to help her out. How? Has he even thought about the proof to prove to everybody? Meanwhile the astrologers are going to make their move to rid Bruno. They hire the summoning sorcerer, Kerames to do the job. That night, Celcia talks to Bruno for being stubborn about her theory. She explains her dad discovered heliocentric but nobody believed in. He passed away right after she graduated from astrology studies. It has become her life goal to prove heliocentric. Bruno knows that Celcia is here because she knows she is an elf with a fragment (although Celcia puts up an unconvincing deny she is here to see Junpei fail). Bruno agrees to strip after proving right her theory. When Kerames is going to summon an asteroid to wipe them out, Bruno won’t run. She is going to use this to prove heliocentric. As the Earth moves, by the time the asteroid reaches, it would have missed. Celcia wants to run and tells her to quit being stubborn but because TWHE side Bruno, Celcia makes a barrier just in case. When the asteroid hits, it seems a giant tortoise with elephants on its back starts moving to get out of the way. Kerames is thrown away into the sky. A few days later, the astrologers concede to heliocentric. Although TWHE got another fragment, Junpei is left disillusioned because this crap is what heliocentric is really about.

Episode 5
Thanks to the high tide, TWHE are trapped on an island. So what better way than to use that time to visit the botanic garden. They are in luck to witness the botany guys use some special liquid to grow a beanstalk that reaches 10,000 metres into the sky. Everyone marvels at the accelerating growth but Airi poses a question: What happens if those beans start falling down? Never thought about that, did they? And true enough, the beans crash down like projectiles, causing havoc throughout the island. If that is not bad enough, the liquid leaks and turns all the plants giant. Worse timing ever, Ritsuko realizes Pichi is missing and when she spots him on the beanstalk, she gears up to go rescue the pet. Although she manages to secure it, now she’s stuck. The rest of TWHE help to evacuate the people to the port but the falling seeds have destroyed the ships. Trapped. Airi suggests they head to the other half of the island where it is a barren land and nothing grows. But the nightmare isn’t over. Because with the beanstalk growing so big, it will soon crumble by its own weight. Which is happening right now! Even at this point, Junpei and Celcia can argue and fight among each other. Till Airi just shake her head to signal to that muscle head to just stop it. Is this the end for everybody? Is doom only awaits them? The beanstalk crushes and sinks the island but we see everybody holding on to the giant dandelion seeds as they fly away. Don’t worry. Ritsuko manages to hang onto one too.

Episode 6
What’s this? TWHE are now elves?! In a high school for elf girls?! It all began when Judge told them based on their investigations, one of the students there has a fragment. He said the committee will take it from here as they don’t want to receive any more complaints. Because they are persistent, he agrees to let them do it but on condition they have a month to do so. Otherwise they will be placed under house arrest. Airi agrees to the terms as Judge takes Pichi as collateral. Later they are left to rue that they might have been played into Judge’s hands. So we have Airi the teacher, Junpei the janitor, Ritsuko the student and Celcia as the pet panda being chased by a chicken! Searching for the fragment isn’t easy. Junpei disguising himself as a statue while the girls have physical examination only made him bust his cover and the girls screaming pervert. Ritsuko tries talking to them but cannot understand the in-thing they’re talking about. One more day left to the deadline and Airi spots a notebook being sent to the incinerator. She confronts Judge. Seems all this is just a setup. The school and students are just a stage and actors and this is a play written by him. On the final day, the school is assembled whereby Airi announces she will be leaving. She then puts on a heart wrenching performance revealing her identity and all. Once the curtain closes, Judge is going to arrest them. A deal is a deal. They failed to find a fragment. Suddenly a group of girls return because they are touched by Airi’s words. One of them starts crying and reveals a fragment on her face. Celcia realizes this fragment is only visible when certain emotions are put forth. Judge admits defeat and that Airi’s acting got the better of them. As agreed, he will not interfere with their search anymore. But he has heard from the committee the number of fragments remaining: About 1000!!! OMFG!!! Well, good luck. You’re on your own! But TWHE might have the last laugh because Judge is given the bill for the stage build-up, actors, food and other expenses. This expensive?! Yeah, Airi said Judge would foot the bill. Can’t help him now. They’re off to find the fragments.

Episode 7
A smart cunning wolf is stealing livestock of a village. The lord has finally hired hunters to take care of it. Could it be TWHE? As the wolf is predicting that Red Riding Hood scenario as he knocks on a grandma’s house, he didn’t expect to see Junpei! My, what big fists you have? All the better to punch you away! The wolf returns with tricks like Trojan horse and Halloween trick or treat but each time he gets pummelled by Junpei. Trying to put up a newspaper bill collector act, he gets conned by Airi’s domestic violence performance. And when he tries to dig under, Ritsuko’s mines did the job. Grandma is amazed at the hunters’ skills but Junpei says they are not hunters. Eh? So… Are those scary armoured knights the hunters they’re talking about? The wolf also ponders why they won’t finish him off despite the numerous chances. Are they mocking him? Flashback reveals he hates humans because they killed his parents. He will take everything from them. He is going to use some animal formation for his next plan. All he needs is a cat. Oh no… The tank rolls over him when he uses cat food as bait! When he wakes up, TWHE apologizes for Mike’s actions. They treat him and left food for him. The wolf is baffled over their actions. When the real hunters come, they tell the villagers the cruel and slow painful death they’ll give the wolf. The wolf realizes these are the real hunters because they start chasing and shooting him with tranquilizers. TWHE heard the gunshots and rush to the scene. The wolf is tranquilized and beaten up. Before his stomach can be cut opened so rocks could be filled in and then thrown into the river, Junpei gives a great karate kick that shatters one of their armour. The wolf realizes they are TWHE. Because the hunters are elves, could this mean they have been using him as bait to get the hunters? Junpei is so strong that he rips the armours and turns those hunters into girly naked elves in no time. The wolf is still not happy about this and challenges Junpei to a fight. But they leave him with more food as they explain they know how it feels. Besides, wolves are extinct in Japan. The wolf has no choice but to accept their hospitality and eat the food. Tastes horrible but he still eats like he hasn’t eaten in days.

Episode 8
Yet another elf stripping victim. This time she is chastising them so much it is as good as like Junpei had raped her! With that kind of scolding, naturally it gets to Junpei. He might be a muscle head but he is still human. Then they see a human girl, Pulana being chased by perverts who want to strip her! Junpei to the rescue! She explains she is wearing a Blessed Dressed that could lift any curse for those wearing it. It can only be taken off when the spell fragments wear off. In her case, that would be in half a day. The group of clothes strippers, Friskers is trying to get her Blessed Dressed. Junpei will be her bodyguard for the rest of the day. Gee, how noble coming from a serial stripper… Friskers’ boss learns about this and he believes this would only mean their stripping would be more satisfying. They have a history of stripping clothes that are believed to be hard to strip and this Blessed Dressed will be great to their collection. The boss sends a variety of weird agents (with equally weird nicknames) but they all got owned by Junpei and Ritsuko. Not so easy, huh? The boss believes there is a group that can handle them: TWHE! Meanwhile Pulana learns that Junpei and Ritsuko are part of TWHE. She starts feeling scared because she is actually an elf but the curse made her human. Once it wears off… Oh dear… She can’t escape since the duo are keeping a tight watch on her. Friskers find Airi (whose first class acting has the elves strip down themselves) and Celcia (who is infatuated in finding the Blessed Dress to lift her panda curse) as they recruit them for their goal. While Junpei and Ritsuko fend off the Friskers weirdoes, Pulana takes this chance to escape and almost would have gotten caught had not Junpei come to her rescue. This makes her question their malicious intentions. When TWHE reunite, they realize what this entire fiasco is about. Friskers are smart enough to also understand they are in sh*t so they run. But how far can they run from Mike’s rounds? Owned. Once the curse is lifted, Pulana returns being an elf and she prepares herself to be stripped. However Junpei won’t do it since his role as bodyguard is over. Impressed by his ‘chivalry’, she wants to hire him for a little longer but undresses herself to change clothes. No fragment but at least that ended well. Celcia can’t wait to lift her curse but the moment she puts Blessed Dressed on, she turns into a human panda! Then the dress rips. Back to being a panda again. So sad…

Episode 9
Ritsuko once believed in Santa but those bullies had to ruin it by saying it was actually her father behind that red dress. Ritsuko was sad but she continued to believe since she touched his beard. Till one day that childhood ended when she wanted some military compass and left a note under a pillow for Santa but dad misinterpreted it and gave her maths compass instead. Don’t worry. In this world, Christmas is also celebrated and Santa is very real! There are lots of Santarinas in their reindeer sleigh handing out presents to spread the cheer. Celcia summons one so TWHE can get their presents. But wishing for Japan or spell fragments? Are those items are on the list? Even some simple curry or tea isn’t on the gift list that they can provide. TWHE gets a surprise when they see Annette doing this job. She can’t stay and chat as she needs to deliver the presents before the deadline or else she’ll incur some penalty! As suggested, TWHE head over to Santa’s main office for assistance. They are ushered into a room whereby they are greeted by… Satan Santa???!!! WTF is this joke?! Got owned by Junpei! The subsequent Santas include a Japanese salesman, a Japanese manzai comedy duo and a dog. WTF… As they take their complaint to the receptionist, they are being told that they realize TWHE are from another world and they only can serve those who are from this world. What kind of technicality is that?! Junpei gets hot headed but Ritsuko doesn’t want him to fight especially on Christmas Day. Besides, they’re not kids anymore. Airi could see the disappointment in her face. Late that night, as Ritsuko ponders if the Santa she believed was just a dream, the real Santa visits! He heard from the receptionist and came right away. Ritsuko wishes to touch his beard and he starts laughing. Ho! Ho! Ho! Is her request that funny? No, those were the same words she said to him 14 years ago! Don’t get the wrong idea… Santa is NOT her father! Ritsuko jumps into his arms as he takes her on a night flight in his sleigh. Next morning, Santa has left presents for everyone (including Mike) and hopes he got Ritsuko’s wish correct this time.

Episode 10
Elf priestess Regina detects the legendary evil will be awakened. Treetown is a city that was built as a seal to seal it. The only way to seal it back is to present a sacrifice. And she knows the perfect people for it. Annette heard rumours there is an elf who possesses a thousand spells so this has TWHE getting their ass to Treetown. After they pass through a weird post, the city warmly welcomes them and the mayor treats them like heroes. He tells of a bandit and sorceress named Regina who has been terrorizing their town and would like their help to strip her. TWHE, each of them suddenly gets passionately motivated to take down Regina after hearing she has the fragments. They catch her in the act of destruction and try to outdo each other to capture her but she escapes. Celcia is being treated differently and given first class treatment. This has her to boast that she is the most powerful and the leader of TWHE. This doesn’t sit well with the others so Celcia proposes whoever catches Regina first will become the leader. Of course they end up taking out each other more than capturing Regina who is making a fool out of them. Airi who is practising her lines in her room is knocked out by Regina. When they wake up, they are in a cave and realize all this was a setup. When they entered town, they were casted some magic to fight each other. They are being told of the great evil. Regina spread lies about her thousand fragments to lure them here. Although her body has them, they are impression seals to seal the evil. TWHE is supposed to be human sacrifice and Regina well knows they won’t agree to it and thus this elaborated plan to make them fight and exhaust each other. But doesn’t the sacrifice ritual look like frying a giant tempura? Junpei and Celcia are in risked of being turned into crispy brown when Ritsuko manages to take out her laser knife and signal it to Mike to shoot at their location. The utter destruction saves a certain karate guy and circus panda from being fried food. Junpei is going to get back at Regina real good so she doesn’t resist and let him strip her as she wishes! Of course no spells that they are looking for and this only leaves a bad aftertaste in their mouth as they leave Treetown.

Episode 11
Junpei and Ritsuko are down. Ever since the events of the last episode, the feeling of being unwelcomed still gets to them. But Junpei is still ‘in the mood’ to pick a fight with Celcia despite she is kind enough to make breakfast for them. Celcia tries to hold in her anger but there’s a limit to it. As sulking Junpei isn’t interested in finding the next elf, Celcia goes off on her own to the mountains. She enters a cave that leads her to an ancient city of Rem. There, she sees Bizarre the treasure hunter elf and her men trying to blast their way into the building. Meanwhile, TWHE find treasure chests containing pillows floating down from the river. It is so comfortable that they fall asleep right away. Airi notices something odd. Stuffs that cats love start materializing and Mike is enjoying them. When Bizarre has finally entered the structure, she is dismayed to see the treasure gone. I guess all that blasting has the ground give way. Seems she is after the Dream Pillows that materializes what you are dreaming. When Celcia confronts her, Bizarre mentions about her dreams of using the pillow for world domination. Back at TWHE, they wake up after experiencing very nice dreams. They see the breakfast Celcia left for them and feel bad. Airi explains that Celcia is the only one who understands their circumstances in this world and is trying her best. Junpei eats the breakfast and it tastes horrible. He is going to bring her back to lecture her. Is that his way of saying thanks to her? Bizarre easily lost to Celcia. Don’t forget who the greatest sorcerer is. Celcia couldn’t sense any fragments on her when Mike crashes in. A lobster from Ritsuko’s dream materializes. Havoc time. Adding to it is some Indian chicken from Junpei’s dream. As deduced, when the pillow disappears, the dream you dreamt materializes. Celcia should have known better that Junpei isn’t going to save her but the chicken because it made good curry in his dream! Celcia is about to be split apart by the lobster but thanks to Mike firing at it to save her. Celcia thought Junpei is in trouble with the chicken and blasts it into fried chicken right before Junpei could get his curry dish. Panda beat down… This is the thanks she gets for saving him? Bizarre and her men were washed down the stream. She is delighted to see a Dream Pillow. Not sure if she screwed up because lots of cute Pichikart materializes and she’s in love hugging them. Say goodbye to world domination. TWHE make their way when they see something big happening to Treetown. The seal is acting up.

Episode 12
Regina’s chanting is futile. The awakening is too powerful and the legendary evil that pops up is… A giant monk kid? Since it’s still dark, he decides to return to sleep. Regina has no choice but to enlist TWHE for help. She assures them they won’t be human sacrifices again. All they need to do is drive this sealing wedge into his forehead. Then the rest will combine and chant their powers to seal it. Can’t do it while he is sleeping? It only works during daylight hours. But of course… Junpei will do this not because he cares about them but if this world is destroyed, how will they go back to Japan. Yeah, don’t get the wrong idea. It is all for their return. And what’s this? Celcia is feeling sorry for TWHE for being mistreated in this world and yet they come ask for help? Next morning when the giant is awake and getting ready to unleash his brand of playful mischief, they pretend to play with him by making him materialize stuffs. This is part of the plan to trick him into gathering all the fragments for them. He takes up the challenge to do so. He manages to summon all the fragments onto his body, returning Celcia to her elf form. Why is Junpei so disappointed? However he gets bored and dispels all of them, turning Celcia back into a panda. This makes her mad so he starts crying. His tantrum is going to tear the land apart! Junpei has no choice but to stick the wedge now. After climbing up and then using his karate kick to drive it into his forehead, Regina and the priests start their chant. Unfortunately it did not work as the kid now turns into its true form: A demonic tree. There is still a way, though. Celcia will use her energy stone. Although it will vaporize the demon, but at the price of her life! Look at Celcia’s face. She has no regrets. She’s cool. Like as though she knew this was coming. She already had a talk with Regina to take over seeing it through with TWHE if something happens to her. For once Junpei is concerned about her! No, Celcia! Don’t do it! Thankfully she won’t be the sacrificed heroine because here comes Pichi with a Dream Pillow. Pichi turns super giant size and eats the tree! OMG! So this is Pichi’s dream?! Must taste good, huh? And what goes in must comes out… Let’s say Treetown will never have to worry about toilet paper for generations to come. But now it is the daunting task to find the fragments again. Although the authority has given them the permission to strip, they still don’t like the way they do it. This time Celcia puts her foot down and uses her position as the top priestess for all of them to strip for TWHE! She doesn’t care about the implications on her and is glad to get that off her chest. So let the long journey of stripping begin! Come off now, all the clothes!

And so yet another mindless fun anime ends. Whether it is a good way to end things like that depends on how much you love or hate the series. Because the way everything ends somehow feels rushed, like as though the producers ran out of ideas and gave into lazy writing just to end the series. I mean, look at the episodic format of the series. They’re going around having some sort of random adventures although they’ll be stripping elves at the end of the day. Most of the episodes are a miss on whether the elf has a fragment or not. In the first season itself you see how the remaining elves with fragments conveniently pop up for the direction of the end season story. By the second season, the fragments have scattered over a thousand pieces and you wonder how they are going to fit all that into just a dozen episodes. And heck, they didn’t even find a single one except for the ones shown! And thus you get this lazy writing story of either they find it all at one go or none at all. And of course a way that doesn’t really end it all entirely in case they needed another season of stripping. Which in this case doesn’t look like it will happen as a decade has already passed. No more fun and profit in stripping elves?

The stripping of female elves seem to be the staple and ‘reward’ for us sitting through each episode, a reason to satisfy our deep inner perversion to see naked female elves (which of course we won’t get to see any full frontal nude otherwise this series would have been relegated and being labelled as hentai). The way Junpei strips them using his rough karate and makes it look like some sort of pre-rape scene feels funny. Unless you can’t stand this kind of jokes (if you’re one of those feminists… Geez…). Even after the first few episodes, I am sure you will be asking yourself, isn’t there any other way to strip them besides ripping their clothes? I know it is the fastest way but don’t they ever think about the embarrassment of being left in public with no clothes? Elves are humans too! And they come in all shapes and sizes. Though, many of them do look good enough for stripping :p. Good elves, bad elves, elves that can be stripped, elves who cannot be stripped and elves who voluntarily strip.

That is why I started pondering why they didn’t use this ‘fool proof’ method: Just get Airi to put up her superb Hollywood acting and convince the elves to strip themselves. No force used! Guaranteed to leave both sides happy or at least it won’t scar the victim. I know the reason why they didn’t resort to this and just get rough ol’ Junpei to do the job is for comedic purpose. But having not doing so means and indicates that Airi and Ritsuko are sadists too! Don’t you agree?! Don’t you see? They just stand there and watch Junpei strip the poor elf and they don’t say or do anything after that. I know it is the fragments they want but then again, if they’re not being truly bad guys, they are certainly not truly good guys either. By doing this, I think they’re literally taking the term of stripping down to the naked truth to new heights. So what Celcia as the highest order of the priestess over the common elves gives her seal of approval to be stripped. It still doesn’t change the sentiments for the victims. It is like your king gives permission to outsiders to rape you! What the hell is wrong?!

Besides that, many of the funny moments are in the form of Celcia and Junpei’s squabbles. It is like every episode you can at least hope to see this spat at least once. No matter how petty and silly their argument, it is like as though it has become a staple and running joke of the series. Despite so, it doesn’t become tiring and it remains amusing till the very end to see all kinds of things that they can just pick a fight on. I have a feeling that Junpei loves to pick a bone with Celcia and would purposely call her names and insult anything that has to do with her and like your typical character who won’t let this slide, she reacts and has a thing or two to say back. Something I believe the kind of reaction that Junpei is hoping for and thus alleviating the ‘boredom’ and that muscle head getting a kick out of bullying the greatest elf priestess. You can say he really has a knack in pressing the right (or wrong, in this case) buttons just to piss her off. It is like he is waiting for this moment to insult the stupid mutt/circus panda. And thanks to Celcia reacting, it’s like she’s taken the bait for it and her anger in retaliating makes her even more comical.

And I suppose to make things funnier, all the reason why Celcia has been portrayed stuck in her animal form for a big majority of the series. Because it would be just heart breaking to see a beautiful and intelligent elf priestess to become to butt of jokes and insults. Because it would make her look ‘ugly’ just to see her angry wrinkle lines. Because it would by uncouth to see a beautiful woman getting mad and arguing back with harsh words. That is why they turn her into a very comical and cartoonish dog in the first season, and then an equally cartoonish although cuter looking panda in the sequel. That way, you won’t feed ‘bad’ to see pretty woman squabbling with muscle head dude but instead laugh your head off to see funny doggie/panda bicker with the curry lover. From time to time, the series do break the fourth wall and the one that is constantly being used especially by Junpei is how he hates this fantasy genre since everything goes. Your Earth logic does not apply here!

Thus I suppose after a couple of dozen episodes of stripping elves in trying to find a way back home, sometimes it feels repetitive but overall it doesn’t since we don’t get tired of seeing elves being stripped. Do we? Thanks to the episodic nature, many episodes feel like standalones so you don’t have to crack your head thinking about if there is any convoluted plot and hidden agenda behind it all. You just need to crack into a smile and start ROFL, that’s all. While the first season feels like almost episode is about getting to strip the elf at the end, the second season feels it has lesser of that folly since we see TWHE getting in some random adventures instead with some that doesn’t even involves stripping any elf (that giant botanical island one).

Therefore with us laughing at the comical and sadistic nature of elves getting stripped, we don’t actually bother about the character development for the main characters even if they are somewhat like stereotypes. We can tell Junpei is the idiotic loudmouth guy who lets his fists do the talking and rarely uses his grey matter. Rough, tough and loves curry. Not the brightest and sharpest tool in the shed but certainly the strongest and you don’t want to pick a fight with this dude. After stripping elves after elves, episodes after episodes, you thought he had refined the art of stripping. Guess not. Then there is the military otaku Ritsuko and Airi who is the brains and most observant of the pack. She is the only person Junpei listens to (because he is such a big fan) and the calm and rational one. It is good having her around otherwise who knows what would have happened to them TWHE since Junpei has a tendency to rush into things that would make it much worse than before. We have a handful of episodes trying to give us a glimpse of the past of some of TWHE like Ritsuko and her Santa and Airi with her dance ball training. But that is just as far as we will know about them.

As we know of Celcia’s case, if you can cast aside her comical role as a manzai comedy duo with Junpei, her predicament is sad and pitiful. It is like she is caught between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, she is trying hard to rectify her errors by helping out TWHE to get back the fragments so she can send them back and end the nightmare that has besieged this world. On the other hand, she becomes the enemy of the people as they see her as a traitor and being part of TWHE and helping them strip their fellow kind. Sometimes you can’t blame her when she goes crazy with all that stress (Junpei is the biggest offender and contributor, of course) and maybe she should just stay as a doggie or panda happily eating her bone or bamboo shoots. Whoops! Sorry…

Sometimes I feel they are trying to hint some sort of romance between Celcia and Junpei. Yikes! Romance between them?! There are very few instances and subtle hints that might indicate this but it might as well be the spur of the moment thingy. For example, the time when she gets really concerned when he becomes injured or the end of the first season sees Celcia sad to see Junpei leave. It could be just me thinking too much because even if this is fantasy, I don’t think it would really happen. Celcia x Junpei. They, an item?! Don’t make me laugh and vomit at the same time! She should have known better this guy would care about her. She would be last on the things he cares about. Worse, not on the list! But think about this. Sometimes don’t you think that Junpei’s treatment over Celcia is like being… Tsundere???!!! Another reason for Junpei to be tsundere is that despite he tells others that he is doing what he does for the sake of returning to Japan and doesn’t give a hoot about what happens to them, isn’t it in a way helping them out no matter how you look at it? So doesn’t this mean Junpei is a big tsundere?

Somehow I think Celcia in her animal form is the animal mascot of the series. But since she is not truly an animal, I guess that is why we have Mike possessing the tank. Although a hard metal on the outside, a soft feline on the inside. An excuse to not be just an idle tank so that it could fire at will for some awesome firepower without having Ritsuko to sit inside and control it Then I figure they really wanted a true animal mascot and thus that is why they get Pichi into the group. Personally, I find this Pichi character to be quite redundant. It does really nothing useful except to provide some cuteness eating its leaf while hanging out with TWHE. In every subsequent episode after that toilet paper story, I don’t see how Pichi could contribute to the plot or story in any way. I don’t see how providing tissues to take a dump provides anything useful… I know, that final episode easily devouring the legendary evil that everybody had a hard time dealing with made it looked like so forced. Like as though they needed to make Pichi do something ‘amazing’ before we start thinking what the hell is this cute useless mascot creature is for in the series anyway.

Art and drawing are retro style anime. It came out in 1996 and the sequel a year later. What do you expect the quality from that era? Well, at least some of the elves do look pretty and sexy (from that era sense) or else how could they ever be good stripping quality and make us long to see their clothes being ripped? I don’t know, is it me or does Junpei look like an idiotic buffed up version of Street Fighter’s Ryu?! Say it isn’t so… Music wise (all sung by Naoko Hamasaki), the opening theme feels like some sort of energetic dance song. Angel Blue is for the first season and has some synthesizer effects to it while the second season, Round 11 demonstrates her powerful vocals amidst the rock electric guitar riffs. Not bad actually. The energetic dance burst of this one reminds me of The Snap’s The Power (“I’ve got the power!”). The ending themes aren’t that appealing although they are not generally bad. Tensai Wa Saigo Ni Yattekuru for the first season sounds like a moderate pop while Kiseki No Mukou Sobe E for the second season feels like pop country rock.

Overall, this series is for those who needed some retro style humour and will not be easily offended by the stripping of females. Yes, this is fantasy and so stripping is rampant ever since TWHE set foot. You are supposed to laugh out loud at all the cheap silly antics, great destruction and logic of this parallel that makes no sense (fishman that can’t swim?). This way, it makes viewing fun and entertaining. Yeah, you could say that this is what the anime is worth if you strip it down to its bare minimum. Good or bad thing there isn’t a third season because I thought it was a hint when the next episode preview in the second season always ends with the characters asking for seconds. Yeah, second helpings of stripping? And if you get any ideas that stripping sounds a lot fun and funny, please let that only stay in your head and remain as fantasy. I assure you that in the real world, stripping is not as fun as it looks when resisted (lawsuits -> you being stripped of your money) and not fun at all when they willingly let you. And if you really want some stripping, have a bacon strip, read some comic strip, go watch planes land on the airstrip or visit the Gaza Strip. Forgive the stripping puns!

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