Mujaki No Rakuen OVA 2

December 4, 2015

There’s still more? I wouldn’t have guessed it since they released the second OVA a year later after the first. I suppose with lots of potential from the first OVA, it was tempting and thus the need for the second. If you remember Mujaki No Rakuen, it is about a loser guy who attended his class reunion. All his girl classmates are beautiful, sexy and successful. Then he slips into a pool and time travels back to his elementary days where he gets to relive and redo his life all over again. No stress of work and certainly lots of ecchi encounters with his female classmates. No wonder he is all pumped up to relive his childhood days again. Better watch out and not get distracted by their pantsu… Or into the river you go…

Splitting Pain And Pleasure
Shouta sees Konomi in her ballet class. Looking very pretty, eh? The girls spot him and think he is peeping on them, causing him to slip down the stairs. Luckily he didn’t break his neck. On the way home as they talk, Konomi thanks him for always praising her. She also asks a favour of him: She wants him to help her with her splits. It is Shouta’s first time in her bedroom and he is already having unholy thoughts of making out with her. So is that why he is apologizing profusely when Konomi comes in bringing drinks? Konomi splits her legs 180 degrees. Shouta is supposed to put his hands on her marshmallow ass and push it down to fill the gap between her hip and floor. Yeah, he is already seeing another kind of ‘gap’ there. He pushes harder. The humping. Konomi’s noting of how good it is. Yeah, everything just seems so kinky from this point of view. Once that is done, that is just the warm up. Now it is the real deal. She needs to split her legs 200 degrees. Splitting her legs on the chairs, Shouta will have to push her down till her bottom touches the bottle (why the heck does it look like a mushroom?!). She wants him to continue pushing her even if she screams out in pain. He does so while she grabs on to him. With her screaming in pain all the while spewing ambiguous lines like thrust harder, you can somewhat feel the pain and it feels equally hard to maintain an erection! Konomi’s bottom did touch the bottle but Shouta’s own ‘mushroom’ is also touching hers! In the end, Konomi is pretty satisfied with it although the same cannot be said for Shouta. Not too sure if he is tired or something to do with his erection…

Manatsu Kamiya and Nako Sasaki are arguing who among them is the better sportswoman. The only way to settle this is a challenge. And poor Shouta has to become their judge and come up with challenges and its rules. Let the games begin. Best 2 of 3. First up is pole climbing. The first to reach the top wins. Sounds fairly easy. As both race up, it is a hard call to see who reached first. It is then they decide to turn this into an endurance match to see who can hold out the longest. However Nako soon realizes the dizzying heights. Shouta also remembers she has acrophobia. Because of that, her sweat is loosening her grip till she falls onto Shouta. Yeah, that guy was underneath watching her ass. Manatsu leads. Next is handstand endurance. Both try to bump each other down. Little do they realize that gravity is pulling down their shirts and revealing their mini ‘strawberries’. Manatsu got too passionate and she loses balance. The tie is now even. The final match will be socks pulling. WTF?! However it can hardly be fair because Nako is wearing thigh high socks compared to Manatsu’s ankle length. They suggest pulling off their bloomers instead. Can you not agree more to this? Both make an aggressive start as they already have each other in the other’s hold. Yeah, they’re pulling down not only the bloomers but the panties as well! Seeing butt cracks! I suppose Shouta had to be close to their asses to judge if their bloomer is fully pulled down and somehow Nako’s butt lands on his face, pinning him to the floor. From his point of view, he could almost see Manatsu’s slit… Yeah, their position looks like a very ambiguous orgy… In the end, it is a draw and both girls commend each other. They look forward to next time and hope Shouta will be their judge. I don’t think he is too enthusiastic about it.

Lost Innocence?
Mmm… Had fun? Well, okay. If they’re going to wait for another year to make another OVA, I would suggest they would be better off just turning it into a TV series instead of making our libido wait for another year. Haha. Because I feel that there are lots more of such ‘innocent’ ecchi stuffs that Shouta has done considering the opener of this second OVA is a mix of both scenes of the first one and scenes that we have never seen before (naked rock climbing while hanging on to a rope only made out of all their clothes?!). And Shouta you lucky dog bastard! There is an opening scene whereby all the young girls willingly showing their slips to him! Yeah, I think they better make more of this :). Thus this second OVA is a great addition to the first one (for those who really love it anyway). It shows a little more (accidental) ecchi exploits from Shouta as well as placing a couple of new girls to the spotlight. But that is so much about it.

Sometimes the big dilemma in watching elementary kids in such ambiguous situation would amount to being paedophile. It isn’t exactly child porn here but with the ambiguous ecchi scenes even though they seem harmless may prove to be a lot to some. But if there is one positive note for the ecchi scenes here, it is the fact that because they are still kids, the fact that boobs and panty slips do not get to them. Yet. They are still not self conscious about all those stuffs and thus perhaps why they don’t make a fuss about all those stuffs that teens and young adults start to find. There is this innocence you see in the things that they do and it is just us perverted adults that have dirty thoughts into thinking how perverted their actions really are. All the while it could have been nothing.

One thing different I noticed is the art and drawing. The very obvious one is how Shouta’s design has changed. In the first OVA, his hair was of a darker colour but in here it is changed to dark brown. I’m not sure but the face of Shouta here looks a bit chubbier. It makes me think he looks a little bit like a bully. I also feel that the quality has dip a little although you’ll be more distracted with the ‘innocent’ sexy stuffs that you’ll be laughing at. Innocent because your dirty mind goes too far thinking too much. And to reconcile those dirty thoughts with little elementary kids here, that is why you giggle in thinking this is just innocent fun. Unless…

I don’t want to sound like a pervert (heck, everybody who watches ecchi are considered so already), but I hope they do make more of this. Maybe like how they turned Kyo No Go No Ni many years back. After all, many of us who are full grown adults can’t really go back in time to redo the stuffs so that in the future we can get laid for free by the girls we fantasize. Am I right? So why not watch some of these innocent ecchi stuffs just for nostalgia sakes? Pfft. Nostalgia for ecchi? Maybe it will be better if we go for full blown porn instead.

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