Ushinawareta Mirai Wo Motomete OVA

January 8, 2016

Ah… I guess after that mediocre ending and the confusing sci-fi elements of time travelling to change the future by altering the past, perhaps everybody didn’t really look forward to the OVA and it was left forgotten. Until some kind soul did us a favour by subbing Ushinawareta Mirai Wo Motomete OVA that only people like me started to remember that there was indeed an OVA for this show. And I am guessing that this OVA has nothing to do with the original plot (at least in interfering with it) and must be one of the timelines. Well, you know what OVAs these days are for, right?

In Search Of The Right Summer Vacation
Fanservice time. Girls changing. Can we ask for more? It seems the astronomy club members are at Nagisa’s luxurious villa that once belonged to her great grandma for their summer vacation and training camp. Because Yui is feeling worried and all (about her mission), the rest reassure her to relax and experience this as much as possible. She takes up their advice. I mean, instead of getting worried why she is sent back to a deviated timeline, might as well enjoy herself. Yeah. Why not? Enjoy the hotspring fanservice. Later Kaori asks there seemed to be an abandoned plant along the way to the villa so Nagisa explains she heard it was once great grandma’s research facility. Oh, there were lots of ghost sightings too. Gulp. A beautiful next day, a great time at the beach. It could have been extended if not for the rain. As it is getting heavier, Nagisa calls her butler to pick her up but he is busy cooking in the kitchen. Wearing earphones. Darn it. No choice, they take refuge in an abandoned building nearby. This place is creepy enough to warrant… An exploration! Hey. Where’s my fanservice?! I didn’t sign up for a horror ride! Then they find a secret underground passageway and are really excited to explore further. Except maybe for Kaori. She’s scared. And her please to go back are ignored! This is why people die in horror films! Things start to get creepy when the lights flicker. I know the electricity supply is unstable. But this place still has power? Don’t worry. Handphone power and light save the day. When Sou is resting, he thought he heard something under the bed and when he takes a peek… OMFG!!!! HE SEES A GHOST!!!!!! His scream attracted Kaori and Yui who were examining some research books in a foreign language. They pick him up from under the bed and wonder if he is tired since he looks like sleeping. When Kaori takes a look under the bed… OMFG!!! THE GHOST PEEPING BACK AT HER!!!!! FFFFFUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!

Similarly, Airi thought she saw a ghost peeping through the door and this scares the sh*t out of her. Kenny goes to chase after it but when he opens the door, he accidentally slams it into Kaori who was running all the way back here. At first they thought it was just her but when Kaori starts shivering about the ghost she saw, OMG… It could be real… Everyone regroups and I suppose it is the best time for them to leave but since Sou is out so cold, who else can carry him? Then they realize Yui is missing. Airi and Kaori go look for her. And then Airi needs to use the toilet. Not sure if Airi is being heartless to tell her to go and finish her business by herself. I’m amazed that Kaori who has been so scared managed to not soil herself. When Kaori opens the cubicle… OMG! THE GHOST IS DOING HER BUSINESS!!! This time she really faints. Airi gets the fright of her life when the ghost runs out before her! Yui then confronts the ghost and when she touches the black cube, the power comes back on. Or rather she is transported to the past because the ghost turns out to be Nagisa’s great grandma during her scientist days. Of course from her view, she thought the kids are the ghosts. They talk about things as Yui explains what this black cube is and grandma thought it was just some paper weight. Grandma asks about Japan’s fate during the war but Yui can’t say. If it ends, grandma is considering becoming a school teacher. Airi comes by carrying fainted Kaori. She thinks Yui is just talking to Nagisa and that she is the one behind this ‘ghost prank’. Yui tells them to go back first. When they do, Airi is shocked to see Nagisa again. How did she get here so fast? What do you mean? She was here all the time! OMG… Airi now cannot take it and faints.

In the aftermath, everyone manages to return back to the villa because Yui got directions from grandma the route that had them end up in the villa’s wine cellar. I’m glad the butler didn’t die of heart attack when he saw the kids emerging from the ground. As they play fireworks, perhaps the best one from all the experience is Sou because he was just freaking out cold the entire time! Best part is he can’t remember what happened. Kaori’s look of annoyance… Nagisa shows her butler an old photo she found. It is a group of scientists and her great grandma is part of it. Yeah, a splitting mirror image if I should say. It is as though if Nagisa travelled back in time and back. This brings back memories for the butler as he remembers she once told him after meeting a young girl one fateful day, it changed her life drastically and from that day forth she kept on looking towards the future. Yui can’t help but smile. Meanwhile in the future lab, Sou and Airi see Yui’s smile and wonder if she is having a pleasant dream.

In Search Of The Right Horror Flick
At first, here I am resigned to the fact that they are going to spam almost 30 minutes of this OVA with some fanservice. The opening scene and the beach scene were enough to make me think that maybe this is how they’ll spread the fanservice. Slow and gradual. What I did not expect is that it partially turns into a little scare fest! Yikes! Perhaps the little scares here aren’t enough to satiate true horror fans and can be considered mild. But you know me. I’m the kind of guy who would love to keep away from anything of the such (ironically, I went to watch the series Re-Kan some time ago although that show itself was more disappointing than scary). Although I knew there would be a twist somewhere because the ghost looked familiar, the short scenes of the ghost really did frighten me. Yup. The boner became balls shrink. Haha! Speaking of the fanservice. It is just freaking paltry. Almost no real bare tits whatsoever. Like as though this OVA is safe to be shown on TV anyway.

And of course, this OVA gives an insight of how the academy was given birth and again that interesting but yet confusing theory of the chicken an egg theory because had not been for Yui, Nagisa’s great grandma would not have been inspired to build the school and thus our astronomy club friends would never have met each other and not even this Yui encounter would happen. This means the events that followed would not have happened and Yui would not have been sent back to multiple timelines in order to change it. Confused? Yeah. So am I. Maybe I’ll just rewind and watch a repeat of those cheap fanservice to calm down my frightened heart. Yeah. A great excuse to go watch more ecchi anime to forget this scare. In my case it will be in search of the right fanservice… :-).

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