When an alien civilization starts invading our world and committing acts of terrorism by slaughtering many innocent lives, what would the government do? Send in an army for retaliation! Okay, this was what I had in mind when I watched Gate: Jietai Kanochi Nite, Kaku Tatakeri. I heard that this was a military themed anime and such themes are ranked high above similarly with my ‘unfavourite’ genres like mecha and yaoi. Naturally I was going to pass this. Till that idea of venturing into another fantasy world tempted me. Ah, that is one of the genres that I totally love. So I’m caught in a dilemma. I guess the poster with a handful of cute girls from the other side of the world in seemingly cosplay-like outfits tipped the scale balance in favour of watching it. Sighs… I suppose I never learn. Ah yes. Once again, Japan is the hot place where invasions and disasters love to take place. You can’t have it anywhere else in the world because Japanese people are creative enough to come up with solutions to save the day. Why do this kind of sh*t things only happen in Japan? So from special people with special powers to normal people turned special people with their latent super powers, I guess it is the army’s turn to have a dig at this glory, huh?

Episode 1
Youji Itami is an otaku. He works because of his hobby and if he has to choose between his job and that, it will definitely be his hobby. So he is on his way to a special doujin sale when a strange structure appears right smack in town. Suddenly knights and monsters stream out and start killing the public. Itami sees this and feels the need to stop it or else his sale will be cancelled! A one man otaku stop this? Okay, so Itami isn’t just an ordinary guy seeing the way he skilfully killed an enemy. He takes control and command of the situation, having the citizens take shelter in the Imperial Palace and then calling the SDF and police to wipe out the menace. When it is over, her realizes the sale is over. Too bad. In the aftermath, Itami has been praised and commended. It seems he is from the SDF and was off duty at that time. He is also promoted to first lieutenant. But the most heartbreaking part is that his doujin event is cancelled for good! Subsequently with the recent event, the Prime Minister announces that there may be more of such Gates opening across Japan and they need to take action. The world that lies beyond will be considered as a special region of Japan. They will send the SDF to investigate and secure the ringleader of this terrorist incident. Itami is worried if he is going to get any off days. Sorry, but aren’t all leaves frozen in such times? Three months later and after the bill is passed, the SDF is ready to venture beyond the Gate. As they do not know what lies beneath, they must be prepared for combat at all times. The units move in and reach the other side of another world. It looks as though the enemy has been waiting for them as the SDF gets into position ready for combat.

Episode 2
At the Imperial Capital, Senate Marquess Casel address the king, Emperor Molto Sol Augustus about their embarrassing defeat to the outsiders. But his majesty will not blame anyone seeing that there will be losses in wars and only with wars will there be progress and advancement. Of course the important thing now is to take back Arnus Hill that the enemies have occupied and even set up base. Molto suggests sending men from his neighbouring countries for an allied assault. With different warlords arriving with high spirits, they even argue whose side is to fight in the frontlines. When the first group makes their start, they realize the Imperial soldiers are nowhere to be seen. Could this be a setup? Before they can think further, the SDF drops all the shells and ammunition on them. First offensive of the attack claimed 10,000 lives! The second offensive registered 40,000!!! Eventually around 120,000 enemies perished at the might of SDF! But this is no cause for alarm for Molto for his ulterior plan is so that his neighbours cannot threaten his empire anymore. He orders for all the villages to be burnt down, their waters poison and their food and livestock taken. Molto’s daughter, Pina Co Lada (wait a minute – is his supposed to be a pun?) is not amuse of the defeat so Molto suggests she take her order and scout the enemy’s position. Back on Earth, there are politics going on too. The Americans want to send in their army to secure its resources but Mr President is cautioned to let Japan take the risks. After all, everyone expects them to fail (multitudes of protests against SDF’s invasion) and America must not be seen as conspiring. To Itami’s dismay he is now made to lead a recon unit to make contact with the townspeople and determine their nature. He could have been at some anime event today if not for this. With his ragtag bunch, they make contact with the nearest Coda Village to get some information. As they drive forward, they see the entire forest in flames. At least they are certain it isn’t fire season because a lone dragon is causing it. They are suspicious about the dragon’s nature to burn down the forest without reason and remember the villagers telling them there was another village at this point. At daybreak when they investigate the charred village, there are no survivors and all buildings are burnt to the ground. As they try to raise some water from the well, they see an elf lady unconscious below.

Episode 3
After pulling her out, they return to Coda Village and explain what happened. They cannot put elf girl in their care because the village also needs to flee. Once a dragon starts burning down villages, it will continue to do so. With the SDF’s help, everybody gets busy packing their stuffs including the village’s old wizard, Kato El Altestan and his apprentice, Lelei La Lalena. Even in such world there are ‘traffic jams’. One of the villagers’ carriage broke down and is blocking the way. Lelei goes ahead to check things and sees a little girl wounded. When a horse goes berserk, an SDF soldier shoots it down. Lelei believes she was saved. Meanwhile a group of bandits that survived the SDF’s onslaught thinks of taking over some village and become mini rulers. However they are mercilessly cut down by this goth loli chick, Rory Mercury who is one of the 12 Apostles and the apostle to the Dark God Emloy. Does she need to overkill? The SDF continues to escort the villagers. Another carriage breakdown so Itami wants this family to take whatever they can and the rest of it is left to burn. His reasoning is because they have already passed the front line and if they go back and get a backup vehicle, the enemy might attack and more unwanted casualties and cost for the military. Rory now stands before them. The villagers are happy to see her and explain the SDF aren’t bad guys. She takes interests in their different uniform and humvee. She tests it out by sitting on Itami’s lap and teasing him, incurring the envy wrath of his fellow otaku maniac, Takeo Kurata. So unfair! As the journey continues, a mean red fire breathing dragon attacks. The SDF goes into offensive and probably for the first time their bullets can’t penetrate its skin. Elf girl suddenly wakes up to hint to them at its eye. They start firing there and the dragon becomes distracted and immobilized. With Rory’s flashy move and the RPG inflicting enough pain, the dragon flees. However there were many villager casualties and after laying them to rest, the village chief laments that they cannot take in kids who lost their parents as they cannot afford it. The villagers part ways with the SDF, thanking them for their help. So now the SDF is left with orphan kids, old folks, Lelei, Rory and elf girl.

Episode 4
A few days earlier, elf girl Tuka Luna Marceau was abruptly awakened by her father because a dragon was attacking their village. To hide her, he dumps her into the well. It was the last time she saw her father getting roasted. Rumours of SDF driving off the dragon spread. Many don’t believe it but Pina and her team are interested to get more information out of this. When Itami returns with the refugees to Arnus (now looking like a shuriken shaped Pentagon?), his superior isn’t so pleased about it but the high commander, Kouichirou Hazama allows it on reasons of humanitarian grounds instead of being seen as kidnapping them. And so it becomes Itami’s responsibility to look after them. Yeah… Somebody has got to look after them. Itami is confronted with officer Akira Yanagida who knew he deliberately turned off his communication after the dragon’s fight because they always had connection on. Because SDF would definitely turn away the refugees, the reason he did so as he can’t abandon them. Yanagida then tells him about the situation they are in now. The Japanese government doesn’t know how to deal with this new region or its special resources and there are lots of people against this. The question is, is turning this region worth half the world against them. Because Itami has established relations with some of the villagers, he is deemed the person closest to the most crucial information. Lodging, clothing and food are made for the refugees. Meanwhile back to more politics from our world. China’s president really covets the special minerals and will maintain friendly relations with Japan so they can send their forces too. Japan’s president is hounded with questions that there were reports of civilian casualties so he has to explain they were of natural disasters and not the SDF killing them. Pina sees Duran, one of the warlords who survived the offensive (but his limbs are blown off). He realizes the Imperial’s ploy to get rid of them and that they are the true enemy. Pina begs for any information about the enemy but he tells her to go to Arnus to find out herself. So she gives her team to head to Arnus to investigate but they have to pass through Italica first. When Itami hears Tuka is having some sort of problem (always requesting 2 sets of things, the other set is male and left untouched), he thinks it is her imaginary boyfriend! The ladies check out the dead dragons used by the allied nations during the offensive. Because the SDF doesn’t need the dragon scales that fetch a high price, they intend to pick them and sell in the next village. Itami is kind enough to play delivery boy since it will help them to understand this world’s trade system better. Tuka is troubled in going into an unknown land but Lelei comforts her if there is any trouble, these guys in green will save them. And off they go to Italica.

Episode 5
There seems to be a battle raging at Italica. Pina’s unit and the locals are engaging with rogue bandits although they barely drove them off. Pina is upset that she thought the enemy was those invaders in green and rushed here but ended up facing this. As she rests, she dreams of her younger days when she and the other nobles were trained to be knights. And when they were old enough and drafted as Molto’s Rose Knight Order, Pina couldn’t be more upset that they were treated as mere honour knights. So when will she get her first fight in battle? Well, this invasion seems to be the perfect start. Don’t tell me she is getting cold feet now. Pina is awakened when her team cannot confirm the SDF at the gates as enemy or ally. Slowly popping out of the vehicle are a mage, an elf and a Dark God! Wow. What terrifying combo. Pina is in a dilemma but she becomes rash in welcoming them and accidentally knocks the door open on Itami. Princess got scolded… Itami explains the history and fall of this town. From wars to in-fighting and with the recent case of the Imperial sending expeditionary force to the other world, many never came back. Therefore this town which was once a vibrant trading hub is now ruled by the youngest daughter, Myui. Oh, she is only 11 years old. Therefore Pina is taking command in her stead. Itami and his SDF are supposed to be the decoy of the south gate. They make it look defenceless so the enemy could attack here. Rory wonders why Itami agrees to help the enemy princess. He says it is to protect the villagers but more importantly, he wants to let Pina know that it is better to be friends with them rather than enemies. Rory starts laughing in delusion as she misinterprets his intention to terrorize her soul to the very core and will gladly help him. When night falls, the enemy ambushes the east gate instead. Other than having a spirit summoner on their side, the bandits seem to be happy to be killed. Once the bandits easily break through, they taunt and anger the villagers to fight them. Pina starts panicking that her plan is in shambles. Reality is so different from the plans, eh? What about the SDF? Hasn’t she called them for backup? She believes they won’t come because she sent them on a suicide mission at the south gate.

Episode 6
Previously Itami had called for backup so Hazama sent his air unit as time is of essence. More woes for Pina when one of her men is killed and the bandits making a big breakthrough. But why is Rory experiencing some kind of hentai orgasm at this point? Are we in the wrong show? Lelei explains that the souls of the death are being channelled to her by Emloy and this feed is like aphrodisiac. The only way is to let her fight. Don’t need to tell her that. Quickly she gets up and runs to the south gate. As she starts killing the bandits, laughing and relishing in all the blood, Shino Kuribayashi also enter the battlefield to take out some bandits with her bayonet and guns while Itami and the rest provide backup cover. The air units arrive and they blow away the bandits outside. No chance at all! Finally they are going to clean the entire area and want all friendlies to get out. I guess those enemies never really saw such big helicopters before. So they stood there in awe before the big wipe out. Everyone who saw this must be in awe of its awesome firepower. Including Pina who is just terrified at it all. She felt her side has lost and fears if the enemy demands their surrender, she might find herself begging for her life at their feet. Pina and SDF initiate negotiations. To Pina’s surprise, the SDF demands are minimal. It includes the rebuilding of Italica, the fair treatment of all prisoners and the abolishment of taxes. They are also leaving this place. Hardly believable that they barely gained anything out of this. Lelei and the girls complete their mission by selling the dragon scales to Lyudo the merchant. As there is shortage of coins, Lelei agrees for the balance to be compensated in the form of information. As the SDF make their way back to Arnus, they come into contact with the Rose Knight Order (Pina requested for their reinforcements albeit it will take them 3 days). Itami doesn’t want his men to show hostility and to refrain from violence but those beautiful babes start getting hostile once they learn they are the enemy from Arnus. With diplomacy failed, Itami orders his men to u-turn and retreat. This means he is left behind as their hostage.

Episode 7
Pina blows her top and chastises Bozes Co Palesti and Panache Fure Kalgi for Itami’s mistreatment. Oh God. See his badly beaten up face! This is clearly a violation in the treaty. Don’t worry. Itami has got 4 animal eared maids to take care of him! ITAMI YOU LUCKY BASTARD!!! SWITCH WITH ME!!!!! The SDF has been staking out Italica and when they can wait no more, they sneak in only to see Itami in good company. Worried for nothing? And Kuribayashi couldn’t believe Itami is a certified ranger. The toughest of the toughest. Think of it as Japan’s version of SEAL. Yeah, he sure doesn’t look the part. Pina told Bozes that she will have to pay with her body to appease him. So here she is, entering his room in her sexy gown and suddenly she sees the entire gang having fun talking to each other. Because she is ignored, she got so mad that she slapped Itami! WTF???!!! Clearly, you can see Pina stressing out on this!!! The looks on her face that just screams “Oh… My… F*cking… God…”. Pina is desperate to make up but the SDF have to leave because Itami has to report to the Diet. It is something similar to this world’s Senate. Pina fears that he could report what happened and use this to start a war. Holy sh*t! More stress! Therefore she is going back to Arnus to apologize to his superior. Upon arrival, she is flabbergasted to see the fire power of the army. From iron Pegasus (helicopters) to iron elephants (tanks), it’s that sh*t feeling if the SDF attacks the empire with this ‘magic’ force. Pina and Bozes are made to see Hazama and Yanagida. With Lelei as the interpreter, the more the guys ask for details, the more awkward and guilty the princesses feel. Especially the bruises on Itami’s face. Yeah, it’s like they’re on to them or something. Itami hopes Tuka can follow him to Japan as he wants her to be this world’s representative. Of course Lelei would also come as interpreter. Rory too wants to come as she doesn’t want to be left out of the fun. Next day before Itami and his harem leave for Japan, Yanagida surprises him that Pina and Bozes are coming along too. He has already got the approval so Itami now has to take care of them and show them their country.

Episode 8
Wow! Awesome buildings that reach the sky! Welcome to Japan, girls! Itami is greeted by Hideyo Komakado from intelligence who is here to escort him. Komakado has done his work on Itami’s background. A slacker who barely passed his training and all but that incident propelled him to where he is today. Although Komakado respects him, Kuribayashi literally cannot believe it all! She’s screaming about it! They stop by a clothes store to get Tuka proper clothes (can’t enter the Senate in jeans, right?) and then they get to taste the great Japanese food. Itami and his harem are before the Diet. The coverage is live. It seems a Diet member is calling the girls as witness and trying to fault the SDF for any poor handling of refugees and blame them for the deaths of the civilians during the dragon attack. She thinks Rory can be a good excuse thanks to her mourning-like clothes. To everyone’s surprise, she fires back about the stupid question she asks. Rory describes how the SDF fought bravely and from a distance. I mean, if they died needlessly, then who else would protect their sorry asses? She finds it funny that they are not praised for their efforts. Instead of looking at 1/4 of civilians died, it is an actual fact they saved 3/4 of them. Because the Diet woman is trying to be provocative about respecting elders, Rory is about to show her weapon. Itami quickly retires her and mentions she is the oldest member here. How old is she? 961 years old!!!! Tuka? 165! Lelei? Only 15. End of deliberation. Meanwhile, during the deliberation session, the princesses who are not supposed to be in Japan are instead taken to negotiate with the Prime Minister’s advisor and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Something about a negotiation to release the 6,000 prisoners of their world in exchange for something. At the end of the day, the press of course hounds the bus they were on. But that was only a decoy as Itami and co are travelling via subway train. I guess going underground is very scary for them. Especially Rory who is clinging to Itami because this reminded her of some Hardy guy who wanted to force her into marriage 200 years ago by dragging her deep down into the earth. As Komakado meets up with them, he tells of the success of the decoy but it’s not over yet because they have also staged some accident to stop the train service. It’s a warning sign to say they can hit them anything. All that is left is for a direct attack. One seemingly tried to steal Rory’s scythe but he didn’t think it was heavy and it collapsed on him. Komakado tried to pick it up but he hurt his back. Itami brings the gang back to the home of a woman living an extreme otaku life. Who is she? His ex-wife. NO WAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This guy just surprises you every time, eh?

Episode 9
Creepy dolls. Reminds Rory of Hardy. BL magazines! The princesses are hooked! Akira Tomita can’t understand why Itami had to return to his ex-wife Risa’s place seeing they can’t involve a civilian. Something about to check whether if Komakado is leaking information on them. Risa would really appreciate she has nothing to do with this since her deadline is tomorrow! Next day, Risa takes Itami’s harem for shopping while Tomita accompanies the princesses to the library because they want to ‘research’ more on ‘art’. Yeah… Rory who said she didn’t want any other clothes eventually succumb to the temptation of other cute goth loli outfits. Just like woman anywhere in the galaxy, they succumb to shopping spree and buying too much. Only the princesses are left disappointed as they didn’t get what they want. Wrong place, ladies. Itami gets his chance to visit Akihabara and also meet Defence Minister, Tarou Kanou. They’re like good friends. There is a special mission that Kanou has of him. Itami takes the gang to relax at the hotspring. Kanou has his special team discreetly guarding the gang. Just like any woman anywhere in the galaxy, bath times are times to talk about your secret crush and love, right? They learn about Risa’s relationship with Itami. They knew each other since school days and since they’re both weirdoes, they hit it off. Actually, Risa was quite the poor girl so Itami’s stable salary was strangely appealing. Their divorce was due to the terrorist incident. He assured her that some insurance will be left for her if anything happens. That was the reason they separated. It was like he didn’t understand anything. She thought it would be good for them to start over. It seems there are foreign mercenaries in the area and the secret Japanese unit skilfully takes them out. Till the US president personally calls the Japanese PM about the list of bribes and scandals on his cabinet ministers. As a sign of friendship, he would like his agents to come pick up their special guests. The PM agrees to that after being assured if the guests escape, Japan cannot be held responsible. So he calls Kanou to stop guarding them. It’s just that. He hasn’t agreed to hand them over. Kanou fears this will be end of his political career but he doesn’t mind. He is willing to go down. So both sides stop and withdraw before the casualties rise. Rory couldn’t sleep that night because the souls of the dead are being channelled through her. It’s that ecstasy feeling. Can Itami do something about it if she can’t go out and kill? I suppose as compensation she starts seducing him. Tempting, eh? Remember, she’s not a child so he isn’t breaking any pedo law.

Episode 10
Itami’s handphone rings. This upsets Rory. Now she is in a foul mood. Because of that, she goes outside to start killing all the foreign operatives. Not only there are Americans but Russians and Chinese military dudes. In the confusion, they fire at each other but Rory slices all with ease. The bullets do hit Rory but she regenerates. Demigods cannot die. Itami and co change and move out. Everyone hounds Itami for what is going on because they’ve been doing things so secretive. Too bad he too doesn’t know. Kuribayashi really wants to kill him. Pina deduces that there might be factions that are against this peace negotiation. Risa uploads to the social media how the special guests are going to make their appearance at the memorial before returning. This would increase the number in public and harder for foreign agents to move in. Next day, the PM has resigned and suddenly hospitalized. Kuribayashi’s sister, Nanami is a rookie reporter trying to get the public’s opinion but they don’t really care and her superior is telling her to shape up. True enough, the American CIA agents are waiting. They plan to cause some minor disruption to throw the public into chaos and abduct the special guests after cutting the TV connections. But the problem is there are just too many people today. This also means Itami and co are stuck in a traffic jam as the more-than-expected crowd is shutting down the city.

It is too dangerous for them to go outside but Rory couldn’t care less and goes to seek for directions. Those who recognize her start to be in awe as the crowd paves a way for them. Itami has to take this chance for them to walk through or else the PM and Risa’s plans are futile. Itami leaves the van in Risa’s care to dump it somewhere. But she can’t drive! She’ll figure it out. She asks if they’re getting back. He will be away for a while but he is more concerned about the money she owes him! Take care. Nanami gets the fright of her life when her sister gets defensive after she calls out to her. Kuribayashi then uses the broadcast to say hi to mom and complain about some other things. Meanwhile Komakado sees the CIA agents and threaten them about being unable to tell agents from other countries apart so they have no choice but to call Mr President about their entire team being arrested and force him to withdraw. China and Russia also do the same. After they make their prayers at the memorial and before heading back, the crowd gives them a rousing applause. And it was the end of Itami’s tiring ‘vacation’. Rory is glad to try out her new clothes. Lelei got a new PC (Kato freaking amazed). Tuka thinks her dad went off on his own. So return trip when? Pina notes the overwhelming power and technology the other side has and if the empire starts a war, they will definitely lose and be destroyed. She needs to prepare for peace talks as soon as possible and hopes to end this war.

Episode 11
The Arnus refugee camp is now like a mini township with people around coming in to trade stuffs with Japan. Pina and Japan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kouji Sugawara go off to negotiate with other noble clans. Pina explains about their Senate is split in going to war and peace. Those against those are trying to limit the emperor’s power as he was the one who recklessly started this war. This faction also wants Japan to return to the other side peacefully and is willing to help them. First stop is Lord Cicero. After Sugawara shows his finest Japanese arts and he is interested, the moment he hears he is from Japan, Cicero becomes cautious. But they ‘blackmail’ him to help out with the release of his nephew who is held prisoner in Japan. Cicero agrees to accompany Pina who will negotiate with another clan, the Dussie family. Tuka has been wandering aimlessly looking for her father. Mari Kurokawa feels bad for her so Itami paints a situation that all of them gather to tell her that daddy is dead. If she cannot handle the truth, is she willing to take care of her for the rest of her life? What happens if they have orders to withdraw? They are not in a position to be her pillar of support forever. If you can’t see something to the end, don’t do anything. They have to let her be. Rory seems to be flirting with Itami when this dark elf, Yao Ha Ducy chides him for serving alcohol to a child! Rory is not happy for yet another plan ruined. She planned to get drunk, have him take her back to her room where she will stay with him till dawn. Rory then screams Itami forced her to drink! As she cowers behind Yao, dark elf is going to kill him but Itami has run as fast as he could. Rory has also escaped during that distraction. Yao sits down as she explains she is looking for those green people (she didn’t know she just met one, eh?). She has a favour of them and has prepared a big adamantine rock as payment. If that is not enough, she’ll offer herself. The other guys are interested to take on the job but she believes they aren’t up to it. The job is to slay a wounded fire dragon. Oh… If that’s the case, maybe never mind. Those guys have no balls… Later as she sleeps, she dreams of her village being ravaged by the dragon months prior. She hopes her people can hold out while she brings their saviour. Her hope rises when she sees the magnificent jet fighters in a mock dog fight. Itami and his men prepare to leave for the capital with Japanese goods for negotiations.

Episode 12
A few months ago after Yao’s village was razed, the elders gather and gave Yao the important mission for help or their clan will be wiped out. She promises to come back with help from the green people. Now that she has arrived at Arnus, she excitedly explains everything. Only 1 problem: They can’t understand a word! Seems these green people didn’t make use of their spare time and learn the local language as many (in fact, all if I should say) cannot speak the language decently. Furthermore, local thugs try to con her by they always end up being beaten up. When she picks up a dropped pen, this leads her to a store. She notices the storekeeper, Meia fluently conversing in Japanese. Yao learns that those who work here get a book that teaches them the language. Sorry, Meia can’t sell this to her. Yao becomes desperate to talk to the green people when a couple come in. You can’t imagine how freaking happy she is but it seems they take her in for questioning after they get a series of reports that she is a mugger! Thus, Lelei is called in as translator since her story doesn’t quite match with the report (those thugs report her). After clearing her name and the thugs arrested, finally Yao gets her chance to talk to a green people. She is sent to talk to Hazama but he cannot help her. Because her home, Schwartz Forest lies beyond the Imperial’s territory, to an army that crosses the border without permission means a declaration of war. Yao only needs a dozen or so but still, Hazama will not order his men to their deaths. She is left very disappointed as Yanagida notes, perhaps Itami could have done something if he was here.

Speaking of him, he rendezvous with Pina and her order to give the goods. There is one goods that she is really looking forward to. Don’t say you forget because she’ll blow her top if you really didn’t bring it. What is it? Yaoi doujinshi!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!! She really loves this ‘art’! However it is revealed that it is just the cover. Inside are articles about Itami’s heroic deeds. Lelei accompanies Yao drinking tea. You can see the defeat on her face. All hope is lost. Everything has been a nightmare to her. So sad for her… It even made Lelei think perhaps Itami could have done something. Next table, another group of combat unit eavesdropped on them and also feels bad about Yao’s case. They really want to help but their hands are tied. They cannot do anything that would give the enemy the slightest ammunition. They too wonder what Itami would have done. I guess if they can’t do it, might as well talk about it on how they would tackle and take down the dragon. Yao is feeling desperate. If she could just get one on her side. Maybe she will have to use her body… Then she remembers about the people talking about Itami. Yeah, maybe this guy… Itami on his way back learns that the orphans from Coda Village left a message in Japanese to thank him for taking them in. This makes him feel good and he hopes peace will come fast to this place.

Glory! Glory To The SDF!
I didn’t expect this to be this interesting! OMG. I couldn’t believe I said there. Here I was at the beginning, didn’t put much hopes up on this series and when the action itself gets started in the first episode, I realized I am already hooked on it. It goes to show you just can’t judge a book by its cover and you’ll never know it till you try it. So it was a good thing I checked out this series? Yup. Definitely. As every episode is as exciting as the last even during those drama and political manoeuvres, the only downer that killed my enthusiasm was the ‘final’ episode. I said ‘final’ because this isn’t really the end yet. I knew that this was going to be 2 cours as announced but I didn’t expect them to break for a season before resuming the second half of the series. I guess even the military needs a break, huh? Because of that, the last episode of the first season feels very much boring as everything is left hanging as the first half of the series comes to a close. Maybe because Itami was not around when it matters and thus gone with him are the usual excitement.

The one thing that had me thinking whether or not if this is a good or bad thing is perhaps the way they glorify the SDF. I don’t know if there is some subtle message to have the public have a better image of them but from a casual viewer’s point of view, I feel that they might be glorifying the heroic deeds of the SDF. I’m not talking just Itami alone but the entire force. Because you see how mighty and great the SDF forces are. You see how strong and resilient they are because they can even defeat the mightiest creature in the creature that is probably feared and considered as god by locals. You see how impenetrable and solid their defences are that not even an enemy could scratch them even if they used magic. You see how resourceful and helpful they are because they can just do about anything and everything. You see how noble and righteous they are in dealing with their enemies, the defeated enemies and treating everyone as equal, heeding to their strict military protocol and etiquette. Wow. Too good to be true. Like an ideal army of a fantasy world, eh? Uhm, what is this genre again? Definitely there is some temptation of making you want to join the army, right? I mean, they even showcase Itami’s otaku personality so it can’t be that bad, right? The SDF is freaking liberal, right? Unlike in the past and in some countries where gay soldiers have been persecuted just for their different sexual orientation… So what do you say? The SDF is the best force there is in the world? You bet… Viva SDF! Banzai SDF! Yeah…

Now, when you see alien and monster invasions on Earth and then the army taking on them would all but fail badly. Thus the other reason why the SDF seems so great and powerful is by the only fact that the inhabitants of the other world are such a primitive force, the land is so backwater and technology is close to nothing. Their magic is not even great enough to put up a decent fight. This is a reason why the SDF is able to flex their muscles and maintain their superiority over them. More importantly, the reason why Earth is able to maintain superiority over them with this muscle flexing method. It makes us seem like big bullies considering the vast difference in strength.

Because as you have seen in countless movies, humans fall like flies when they take on a much higher alien civilization and their super technology that none of us can match. That is the same here in this anime as we are like that superior alien race with superior alien technology. The SDF bullets and ammunition can even kill smaller dragons and wipe out an entire clan with their artillery fire. If it was those Hollywood movies, I think dropping an atomic bomb is akin to a mosquito bite on advanced aliens. To give another example closer to home, it is like sending the current generation army back in time to the Roman era. Get the idea? Yeah, difference in military strength, weapon and technology are what sets the game. Checkmate.

Furthering enhance the image of the SDF guys is the fact that the politicians in our world have some sort of ulterior and sneaky motives. As seen in the Diet questioning. Whatever political motives were just shot down perfectly. I don’t know why some people are so against the other side. Nothing better to do, maybe. Then there are those foreign governments also seen as sneaky people trying to get their hands to control the Gate and whatever goes on in this other world. I guess now I know why many sh*ts only happen in Japan. Because Japan and namely the SDF here are the only impartial gatekeepers to a better future for both worlds. Hah!

The other thing that makes this series works is the lively and unique characters. Take for example the SDF and particularly Itami’s little unit. I can’t blame you if you think that every army unit is just some strict and lifeless pack, only adhering to orders and carrying them out. Then you get this guy who was probably at the wrong place and at the wrong time. He gets more for what he bargained for after saving the day and before he knows it, he gets promoted and has to lead his unit to venture into the new world. There goes his otaku hobby… Itami’s out of the box thinking is probably what makes him a great character. When I say out of the box, what I meant was that he thinks and takes actions that are usually rare in the military. Maybe he gets his creativity from his otaku side but you can see that the decisions he makes are the road less travelled in the military world. Because of that, he makes a long term impact on the locals, his unit and probably our world. He is such an interesting guy and isn’t it no wonder why girls from the other world start taking some sort of interest and hanging out beside him? Oh yeah… I was wondering when this anime would turn into some sort of harem. I was waiting for it seeing the tempting and ambiguous opening credits animation. Maybe it is a good thing that it was never materialized at least for this season or else it would just dilute and ruin everything that made this season enjoyable so far. When you have a death god, elf and mage as your harem, it is like you’re telling other envious f*ckers not to f*ck with you! Oh yeah. Who is da man? Perhaps the military should have more guys like him (can’t imagine the SDF sending an entire platoon to Akihabara for ‘training’). His name has spread so much so he is the guy to go to when there is some sort of issue.

Although Itami has like around a dozen men under his unit, not all of them get the spotlight. Heck, I don’t think some even have dialogues. So we are focused on a few and they too are interesting themselves since well, many don’t have that strict military expression. Like Kuribayashi, I am starting to think that she would become a little running joke of the series. Especially when she learns more about Itami. The more she discovers, the more shell shocked she is. It is like her role to put on the most ridiculous flabbergasted reaction each time something about Itami pops up. Sarcasm? She just cannot believe that this guy is all that and is a slacker at the same time. Yeah. Believe it. Then there is Kurata who is also another fellow otaku and his role kinda reminds me of ‘the other guy’ roles like you see in romance and harem animes. Always envious for Itami getting the good parts… Not everyone in Itami’s troop is like wackos because Tomita brings us back to reality with his typical strict and no nonsense military outlook.

As for the rest of the main characters, as this is just the first half, I suppose it is not fair for me to say that some are not fully developed or fleshed out yet. For example, Tuka and Lelei’s presence just feels wasted considering that they are the main characters. While Lelei is not that bad although she is relegated to somewhat translation duties, it is worse for Tuka as I don’t see the point of her role in this season. She is just a lost elf girl experiencing the trauma of her village burnt down, still in denial that her father is around and loves to wander about as he likes. So for a big part of this season when she settles into the refugee camp, her main job function is just to act as the dorm keeper. The only odd thing about her is that she is wearing plain t-shirts and jeans. I know she is some rare elf. Doesn’t she have any other ‘cosplay’ costumes to wear? I understand the dragon burnt down every damn thing in her village. So I’m presuming she’s not wearing any pantsu too? ;p. So I take it that she is the last of her clan that she can’t get any of her local clothes anywhere? Wearing our human clothes makes her feel so out of place and quite odd to look at. Rory is a much more fun character here. A goth loli death god carrying an overly huge scythe is no laughing matter. Making her interesting is her bubbly personality that at the same time hides a devilish heart that is just itching to kill. Even if she is an immortal, she’s still a girl so I guess living for 900 years without any true romance must have made her life a very dull one, eh?

Lastly about Pina, with a very suspicious name that you can’t help but make puns of or stop that song that is playing in your head right now (~if you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain~), I thought she was going to turn into some joke character after battle at Italica. The way you see this princess stressing out is hilarious! And then her blooming fetish for yaoi fetish and I fear what would become of her order if she spreads it to the other ladies. Oh yeah. Ladies, a new wave of fetish is going to hit your kingdom so watch out! Jokes aside, Pina is a responsible princess trying to work out the best ways for a win-win situation for both sides. I don’t know what happened to her father king because that stubborn old mule must have his pride so high that he is willing to sacrifice more to prolong this war instead of working together.

This season itself has amazingly a lot of characters and although it is great that it means there would be a lot of colourful characters, it also means that many are just playing minor supporting characters that would hardly have anything more about them fleshed out. Like that old fart wizard Kato. Seen him doing anything useful? Yao only made her debut in the penultimate episode. So there are still lots of potential about this dark elf. My guts had me feel that she too will be inducted into Itami’s harem. I have a feeling that Nanami has a more prominent role to play in the next season and thus her unimportant cameo here. But that itself might be just a red herring. I hope Risa comes back the next season. She is as interesting as her ex-husband is. Having an otaku as your waifu is equivalent for a gamer guy to have a gamer girl as his wife. The ultimate match make in heaven. Ultimately, many of the characters that appear once or twice for a short while may or may not appear again the next time like Pina’s maids, that merchant guy, that afro intelligence guy, the SDF higher ups, people from the Senate, the nobles, the warlords, the politicians and everybody else I missed out. Good luck remembering all of them when the next season airs. I hope I won’t have to scratch my head thinking what happened to that character when the time comes.

Watching this series somehow reminded me of another anime with a subtly similar theme: Outbreak Company. Noticed that both have an otaku as their lead, his possible romance among the few female leads, there is great military presence in the other world in which they invade it in which this other world is vastly inferior to ours that is also practising some sort of feudalism, and the inhabitants of the other world is trying to learn and absorb our culture. Or at least Japan’s otaku culture. And yeah, who could forget animal eared maids… I can imagine the chaos if this world is hooked on BL and then our world starts restricting them… Then our world will know the true power of girl power! Haha!

Art and drawing seems pretty fine. The fantasy isn’t what I imagined it would be because of the world’s primitive setting but it will still do. While female inhabitants of the fantasy world look like cosplay girls, I just keep wondering why older guys from both worlds have this realistic old guy look. Is it me or do I noticed that the presidents of the other super power countries like USA, China and Russia, how come they have this gangster look! Holy sh*t! True! When I first see them, I thought they were some yankee mobster, triad boss or communist mafia head trying to make their move but then I realized they are their country’s top leader! So again, why does Japan’s premier have to be decently good looking and the rest look like thugs? I hope there is nothing political here… Because you know, in the anime they also sound like sneaky bastards having their ulterior motive to usurp Japan for the Gate…

With a myriad of characters, the cast list is a long one containing veteran, new and old seiyuus. Familiar voices from the industry include Junichi Suwabe as Itami (perfecting his carefree-like voice for his character like Undertaker in Kuroshitsuji), Haruka Tomatsu as Pina (reminds me of her other strong female lead characters like Elen from Madan To Ou No Vanadis), Nao Touyama as Lelei (minus the tsundere attitude), Risa Taneda as Rory (she’s getting a lot of anime roles lately, isn’t she?), Hisako Kanemoto as Tuka (the more I hear her, the more I forget that she was once that squid girl…), Hiroki Yasumoto (this guy can only make Bleach’s Sado’s voice because every anime I hear him, he sounds exactly the same), Koji Yusa as Yanagida (that sneaky-like voice – yup, definitely him), Cho as Kato (that gay-like old men voice – yup, definitely him), Youko Hikasa as Yao (is it really her?), Maaya Uchida as Kuribayashi (after all these years I still can’t recognize her voice. Too generic?), Yoshino Nanjou as Risa (I thought she was going to burst into something like Kokoro from Tantei Opera Milky Holmes), Kaito Ishikawa as Kurata (Tigre in Madan To Ou No Vanadis) and Yumi Uchiyama as Bozes (Momiji in Binbougami Ga).

The opening theme is Gate ~Sore Wa Akatsuki No You Ni by Kishida Kyoudan and The Akeboshi Rockets. The ending theme is Prism Communicate by the voices behind Rory, Lelei and Tuka. This is something trivial: I may be wrong on this but despite the overwhelming military theme of this anime, I believe I have not heard any military type of music or even the marching-like brass band songs. Not that I noticed of (perhaps it is because I was too engrossed in watching the plot and the likes). Maybe they don’t want it to sound out of place like as though it is some sort of parade. Yeah, it may look like fun the SDF gunning down bandits with ease and raking up the body count but I don’t think it is even funny despite we enjoy that kind of bloodbath scene.

Overall, I should have just waited for the next season to run and then watch it at one go to have a better overall perspective of the series. But I guess that is what happens when you are impatient. Therefore as far as this season is concerned, it may look like some run of the mill fantasy series and nothing ground breaking. In fact, this series could be as typical as the abundant of seemingly animes with similar cliché. Well, if you have got a taste that high… But to me since this series is interesting and good, I’ll prefer to keep things that way. Not because the SDF is an invincible all mighty do-gooders. Not because there are cute chicks in cosplay outfits running all over this world. Not because of the interesting cast of characters, the action, the drama, the politics and everything else associated with it. Okay, I lied. Maybe it is all of that. Yes it is. And somehow I get this disturbing feeling that a civilization and kingdom’s fall is not because of the prolonged effects of a ravaging war, but the spread of yaoi doujin… Girls will be too hooked on them to do anything else. Guys will be neglected and slowly die out or kill themselves in view of this. Oh yeah. Yaoi doujin… Fear thy true silent enemy of death! Maybe those Hollywood movies should learn a thing or two and give those advanced aliens a taste of yaoi… Yeah… It might open a new gate to a whole new experience.

Nisekoi S2

February 27, 2016

Are they still at it? Pretending to be lovers and couple for the sake of their clan’s peace? Well, that was the supposed setting to bring this romantic comedy to the fore. And I suppose with things still not settled especially of that certain key and lock that could be the big potential to unravel the biggest mystery ever, we wouldn’t have had the need for a second season of Nisekoi. That means the fake-cum-real love will still continue. Putting up a show for everybody to see that they’re a couple while hiding their true feelings for others, for themselves and for anything else in this typical high school love polygon. Ah, that dreaded feeling. Because I kinda get the feeling of how usually these kind of genres drag things out and will probably ‘end’. But hey look. I’m back and still here watching for more and hoping. Please, oh please. Can we just give up this act and tell the truth already?

Episode 1
Chitoge wakes up. She remembers something. Oh, she fell in love. Thanks for reminding us. Like any woman in love, she admits the world looks different. But how are things looking for Raku? Still the same pipsqueak, I guess. Typical guy. She wants him to notice her new uniform but… There’s that knee kick to jolt memories of their first meeting. When Marika displays her usual bold stuff of cuddling up to Raku, this makes Chitoge that they haven’t done anything like couples do. Even if they do, it is no different from how they are now. While Chitoge unnecessarily ponders about this, a big distraction takes place. A big reminder what this series is about in the first place or rather the trouble that it took us on a ride. Gathering the girls, Raku announces he has his lock back and it feels good! Marika becomes impatient in wanting to unlock it although Chitoge prefers to wait a little while. Then Raku relays the bad news. The lock is still broken. Wait. What? There is something still stuck at the back of it. Although it can be smashed open, Raku does not want that as it holds sentimental values. So Raku is telling the girls to wait and find out another way to open it? You mean an excuse to drag out this series for another season?! As disappointed everyone is, there is also some sort of relief. Especially Chitoge who keeps wondering if her key wasn’t the one to open it. How would she react to it? How would he react to it? Her feelings for him are still real. Chitoge realizes Raku might be like any other dense guy. He’ll never realize her feelings. Suddenly Raku hints he knows something about her. Because it is all written over her face. Gasp! Could it be? He thinks she is… Hungry?! Disappointed? She beats him up. You can’t blame Raku for never understanding women, eh?

When Chitoge’s friends let her test out a lip balm, they think she should use it to attract Raku. And so this girl tries all she can to make him notice her new lip balm. It’s getting real frustrating that the jerk notices everything else but that. If that doesn’t work, how about a new shampoo? She’s flaunting her hair… He notices how cold today is… Maybe nail polish would do the trick. Maybe they’re just too small for his eyes, huh? Poking his face too didn’t make a difference. She takes drastic action. A new hair ribbon. Everybody in class notices and reacts so what are the chances this douche will? He doesn’t. Feel like crying? Desperate, she directly spells out for him she is going to test his abilities as her boyfriend. What is it that is different about her? Man, he can guess everything wrong! From cutting her bangs to dieting (all misses!). As she laments how she fell for this dense guy, Raku wonders could it be the lip balm, new shampoo or nail polish? Wait. What? He actually noticed them but it would feel weird if some normal guy goes around complimenting girls. Chitoge lectures him of the need to say these important things to a girl. They want to be noticed. Doesn’t he want to be popular with girls? Gosh. Did she really say that? Or is it she isn’t cute enough for him? Sure, she’s cute. And all the animosity gone just like that. All forgiven. Wow. No men can’t understand women. So how about the new ribbon? What ribbon? You mean he never noticed that???!!!

Episode 2
Because Tsugumi didn’t have enough screen time last episode, they decide to make this hers. As usual as she’s being a tsundere to Raku when he thanks her for helping out, suddenly this white haired girl, Paula McCoy starts whipping out her guns and attack her! Tsugumi does the same and the place could have been devastated had not Raku stopped them. He got owned in the process. Tsugumi takes them back to her place to patch him up. Paula explains Tsugumi’s nickname as the Black Tiger during her time in USA and she was notorious in the underworld where she accomplished her missions like a demon. Paula was her former colleague and number 1 before Tsugumi toppled her. She is here to settle the score but past observations showed Tsugumi involved in ‘pathetic’ errands like as though she is living like an ordinary girl. In the past whenever they go on missions, Tsugumi always was a step ahead and took the best parts. She isn’t the Black Tiger she knows. Despite her duty now is to protect Chitoge, this mundane life as Paula believes has made her claws dull. When she sees how Tsugumi reacts when Raku commends her cooking, this is when she throws down a challenge. If Paula wins, Tsugumi must follow her back to USA where she’ll whip her back into shape. If Tsugumi wins, Paula will forever leave without a complaint. Tsugumi accepts. So what will the challenge be? The first person who can steal a kiss from Raku wins! OMG! Sure, Raku is Chitoge’s boyfriend. Paula assures she will not tell. It would be even bad taste for Tsugumi to back down of a challenge. Something she has never done and the code their mafia family lives by. Therefore Paula chose this challenge knowing that Tsugumi is inept in guys and this could be the only challenge that she could best her.

Paula tries to make her bold move first. Flustering Tsugumi fires many warning shots, almost killing Raku. Her hands moved on its own? Try better. That guy is of course scared and runs away to avoid being caught in between. Tsugumi catches up and looks serious in wanting to kiss him. But her hesitation causes Paula to use a smokescreen and kidnap Raku. In an abandoned building, Raku is trying to get her to understand the importance of a first kiss since it will be both their first time. Raku believes winning this showdown isn’t Paula’s real goal and it is for Tsugumi to accept her. With Tsugumi cannot fathom Raku and Paula kissing, she barges in like the fierce Black Tiger. So scary, so fast, so strong that Paula is reduced to an obedient little girl! But can Tsugumi steal Raku’s kiss? This is how she does it. She puts her finger on his lips and then put it on hers. Well, that is also considered as stealing a kiss, right? Nobody has any problems whatsoever, no? Good. When Tsugumi hugs Paula and acknowledges how strong she has become, little girl breaks down in tears. Before Paula leaves, she wonders if Tsugumi is okay with Raku being Chitoge’s boyfriend. Doesn’t she want him for herself? She’s fine with that.

Episode 3
When Shuu suggests they have a Christmas party, Chitoge starts shivering in fear. Her mom, Hana is coming home. As she is busy and always travelling around the world, she hardly comes home accept for this short period. Mom is such an important figure that her schedule is booked for the next 10 years and the Japanese stock market fluctuates according to her mood! But the scariest thing about her mom is when she gets mad. It’s going to get scarier because father wants her to introduce Raku to her! You can see all the henchmen rushing to organize a grand welcome for Hana’s return. Chitoge’s dad thought he could ‘run away’ by feigning stomach ache but daughter wouldn’t let him let her go through this alone. That scary, huh? So when Hana arrives, Raku sees her like a lovely beautiful woman (heck, don’t mind she looks young enough to be Chitoge’s sister!). But like any other woman who has very good memory, she remembers a deal her husband should have made months ago. Oh sh*t. It didn’t go through. Instantly she sends him for punishment! Oh sh*t! Henpecked husband! Chitoge then introduces Raku. Hana seems fine about it till she remembers about Chitoge’s slipping grades. Wow. Chitoge is so scared that she’s vibrating like a handphone! Then she notices her frayed ribbon. That trademark red ribbon that she has been wearing since young. She chastise her she should get a better one or she’ll chase away her boyfriend. Now it’s back to work for her but since her secretary is down (working on a 70 hour shift! No wonder so many have been ‘sacrificed’), Hana wants Raku to be her secretary till Christmas. She wants to test if he is worthy of being Chitoge’s boyfriend and as a reward for doing well, she’ll let them stay a night in an ultra suit 5 star hotel on Christmas Eve. Hana remembers Raku is that boy from 10 years ago.

On the first day of his job, Raku is told that his job is simple. Follow her every order to the letter. Well, if that means skimming through tons of manuals and memorizing all her schedule in 5 minutes!!! I don’t know how. Raku did it. Or did he? He sees firsthand how a large corporation’s boss is sitting right under her thumb. Wow. She’s like a gangster. Doesn’t need to resort to any violence. Just open her mouth and they’re cowering in fear. Raku thought he got an easy task of buying her cola in the next 3 hours. Then the requests kept piling up. From getting a rare toy in Disneyland and a limited branded handbag. How is he going to do all that in 3 hours?! Don’t know. Don’t care. He already has her credit card. Just get it done. Or else. I don’t know how but Raku actually made it. I can only think that God pitied him and stopped time or teleported him all over the world. Yeah. I think God is even scared of Hana!!!!!!!!!!! However Raku is 30 seconds late!!! She reminds him of the lost deals that could have been made and her schedule being pushed back by 30 seconds. For her next appointment which is in the next building, she uses cables and hook to fly right into the meeting where all the yes-men are waiting. Raku has time to call Chitoge and he knows that Chitoge wanted mom to compliment her ribbon. He knows what she wants is to spend time with mother on Christmas Eve instead of him. Chitoge sounded so defeated. She says her mom doesn’t care or remember about her and doubts that is what she wants. But no harm in trying as Chitoge calls Hana that night to request spending time with her on Christmas Eve. However she shoots that suggestion down, believing she would rather spend it with Raku. Besides, her schedule has changed. She is busy working on Christmas Eve. Raku heard that and confronts Hana if her work is more important than her daughter. She says there are things in this world that can only be done by her. Because she has that ability, it is her duty to exercise it to the fullest. Things that only she can do? Raku does not believe this crap one bit. How can she not see the person who needs her the most is the one closest to her?

Episode 4
While Raku works his ass off, Chitoge meets the rest for the Christmas party. She has casted away her ribbon for a new look. Hana is impressed Raku has worked faster than expected. This is because he plans to free up some of her time to go see Chitoge. That is why he doesn’t need the pay with bonus or the hotel suite. All he wants is for her to be with Chitoge. He is even begging her to do it for Chitoge and has already brought a present on her behalf and set everything in order. When she still insists, he is ready to blow his top. Then he is surprised when she shows him all the present she bought over the years for her but was never able to give her. Even more shocking, Hana bought Chitoge that cheap red ribbon 10 years ago. Each time she sees her, she starts feeling nervous and resorts back to her strict ways. Realizing an airhead she is, Raku can’t help slap her! Then he lectures her about Chitoge who has always needed her even today. Because she is leaving for USA in 3 hours, Raku wants her to wait as he’ll bring Chitoge to her. So when the friends are waiting for Raku to arrive, here he comes in lighting speed. With no time to explain, he takes Chitoge and says they’re going to the hotel suite. Imagine the shock on their friends’ faces. The bad weather and traffic jam means Raku has to steal a bicycle to peddle Chitoge there. But Hana’s flight schedule has been brought earlier. She must leave now or cost the company billions in revenue. By the time Raku arrives at the airport, the plane just departed. He calls her about being a chicken and using work as an excuse to run away. In fact she’s just scared. He tosses his handphone to Chitoge to let her speak. Since Chitoge wants so much to see her, Hana u-turns the plane!

Mother and daughter reunite in the most emotional way. Lots of hugs. Lots of tears. Lots of apologies. Lots of love. Raku gives the hotel suite key to them. He wants them to take the night off relax while he heads back to office to deal with the aftermath to the best of his abilities. Mother and daughter had a nice time together. Hana mentions Raku is the reason why Chitoge wore that ribbon. There was a picture book Chitoge adored with a girl wearing that similar ribbon. She thought Raku would say she would look good on her and pestered mom to buy it. Thanks to him, they had this chance to talk. Now it’s her turn for Chitoge to go to him. He’s sleeping at the office. The best she could do is give him a lap pillow and thanks him. Next day before Hana leaves on her flight, she thanks Raku for doing so much for both her business and private life. When she mentions she was there with them 10 years ago for a while, Raku shows his lock and wonders if she could help out recall something. Sorry, she can’t for this one. Then she whispers to Raku that she knows they are on a fake date. This makes him embarrass because he was really trying to fake it. But she wonders if he was really faking kit. Are his feelings really meant nothing and just an act? Once she is on the plane, she recalls that lock. It was the one in Chitoge’s picture book. Now Raku and Chitoge have the daunting task of explaining to their friends and clearing up the misunderstanding. I hope Marika didn’t resort to alcohol to drown out her sorrows. Another intriguing puzzle at the end. Onodera seems to be in possession of Chitoge’s picture book.

Episode 5
It’s Marika’s turn to hog the limelight. The test results are out. Surprisingly Marika is somewhere at the other end. Maybe this is part of her plan to get Raku to help tutor her all night because tomorrow is the maths test. Of course Chitoge won’t allow that knowing this b*tch is up to no good. Although she offers to tutor Marika herself but since she isn’t a good tutor, looks like Raku will have to do. But Chitoge comes to her apartment anyway. Marika boldly tries to flirt instead of doing any studying. Then Raku’s words that it would be sad if she failed and got held back made her decide to get serious and do her best. They end up snoozing eventually. When Marika wakes up, Raku left important notes for her. She whispers I love you in his sleeping face. During the test, she finds it easy since the questions oddly are similar to the ones Raku tutored her. Due to her fatigue, she picks just enough questions to answer to score the minimum pass. Unfortunately she is a couple of marks short of that in the end and needs to retake the test. Maybe this is also part of her plan. Because another night of Raku’s tutoring? Oh, Chitoge’s mad…

As Marika will be away on a short trip with her father, she leaves her pet parrot in Raku’s care. Guess what is its name? Raku-sama!!! Oh sh*t… Raku is going to hear a lot worse than that. Because the parrot starts squawking sexually ambiguous words of Raku and Marika making out!!! Sounds kinky! What did she teach the bird to say?! It’s just tiring hearing all that, eh? When Raku overslept and woke up, the parrot has flown its cage! What is worse than going around town shouting out your own name? A parrot screaming ambiguous kinky lines! Oh sh*t! Catch that bird! More woes ahead. The parrot lands next to Chitoge and spews all that crap. Oh no… Raku gets pounded for nothing. Next it’s Onodera. Can she handle it? Too late. She is so ‘broken’. No prizes in guessing that enraged face from Tsugumi. She’s going to shoot him to death! Raku consults Marika’s note on how to retrieve the parrot. Oh God. Must he say this? Is this the only way? At the top of his voice he screams out his sweet Marika honey that he loves her!!!!!!!! Everybody heard it. His harem girls heard it. There goes his reputation. Parrot returns to him. Was it worth it? Then it might be an elaborate plot by Marika just to record him saying that!!! OMG! Marika you sly b*tch!!! Although she clears the misunderstanding with the rest and retrieves her parrot, she is going to move on the next phase and teaches it to say another phrase… Scary girl!

Episode 6
Valentine’s Day. I think Chitoge killed her chocolate. Is Marika trying to make some Fallout vault? Onodera looks like she has passed. After the 10,000th time. Raku may act like he doesn’t need those chocolates be he certainly wished any girl would give him one! Chitoge comes in. Tsundere attitude. No chocolates. Now it makes it harder for her to give him. Onodera comes in. Nice and polite. No further things to talk about. Now it makes it harder for her to give him. Tsugumi is unfamiliar with the local customs of Valentine so Shuu twists the story so she could give hers to him. Raku sees this and gets the wrong idea that Tsugumi has a thing for Shuu. Marika comes by with her giant chocolate muse of Raku! Time to run away. Onodera doesn’t want to give up but as she is about to give him, she slips and squashes it. Tactical retreat! Raku sees Tsugumi trying to shoot down Shuu. Must have found out the truth, eh? Raku accidentally laments aloud about not getting chocolates. So Tsugumi gives hers although it is obligatory. His first chocolate ever from a girl. Yeah Tsugumi. You hold that record now. Look how happy he is. Definitely will return the favour on White Day. Raku’s happiness turns into shock when he sees Marika sitting dejectedly. I guess she crashed and destroyed the muse. To atone for his earlier act, he tries to eat the chocolate. I wonder if this is healthy. Of course I approve! Meanwhile Shuu tries to bug Ruri for chocolates and since he is annoying, she gives him her booger.

Chitoge finds Onodera with her broken chocolates and thinks she has a crush to give to. Of course, dismissed that crush as a friend. As they talk, Chitoge reveals she also has someone to give. Onodera carelessly deduces that person is Raku which of course the tsundere quickly shoots it down. We all know better. They both agree to make chocolates together. I don’t know how many tries they’re going to take since you can tell from their faces it tastes horrible. But they had fun making them. Before the day ends, Chitoge manages to see Raku to give her chocolates. Just obligatory. He eats them and commends it is pretty good for her level. Can’t stop blushing from happiness? When that is over, she tastes her own chocolate and realizes she messed up salt with sugar. Could it be Raku was just faking it to make her feel better? Onodera has finally perfected her chocolates. After the 10,000th time. Now she gives it to Raku. Could it be true love chocolates? No. Just obligatory. But special obligatory. What’s that supposed to mean? But I guess this one tastes much better. Meanwhile Marika creates another giant chocolate muse. I don’t know. Is welding part of the process?

Episode 7
Haru is most excited to be in her first day at high school. Too bad she ran into punks (doggie t-shirt prints?). On the verge of fainting, she vaguely sees a guy (Raku) standing up to protect her. The punks ran away because his yakuza dudes were coming. So in class, Haru is fawning over her prince charming despite not knowing how he looks or his name. Also in her class is Paula. Haru is nervous to make friends with her but when she does try, Paula acts cold and states her intention not to become her friend. It gets even weirder when hand grenades accidentally fall out from Paula’s pocket! Oh sh*t! Is there a terrorist in class?! Later as a couple of guys accidentally bump into Haru and make her drop her printouts, here comes Raku to her rescue again. Of course he recognizes her but she still doesn’t as she rants about this morning’s prince charming. But the moment she learns his name, she becomes scared and defensive. She believes those rumours that he is the heir to that yakuza group and is running the school behind the scenes. She also thinks he is trying to rein her under his thumb with his nice guy act. She is about to tell him off not to touch her sister when the wind blows up her skirt. What are the chances of him not seeing it? Anyway you know it is always his fault, right? Slap. When Onodera comes by after hearing the commotion, we learn Haru is her little sister. Haru gets defensive to protect her. Flashback reveals she overheard Raku is her crush but shortly, her friend on the line told her about the same name being from the yakuza clan. She misinterpreted the information.

Before Haru could tell her sister about being deceived, now comes Chitoge. Who is this pretty chick? Haru cannot understand how a drop dead gorgeous girl could become (insert all negative adjectives here) Raku’s girlfriend. But Chitoge instead instantly takes a liking for her. Now it gets complicated when Marika comes hugging Raku like her usual. Is he gunning for a harem? Although Onodera explains that Raku is not the kind the rumours say he is, Haru still isn’t convinced and blurts out how he peeked at her panties. Chitoge turns into a devil. Raku holds the record for flying to the moon and back without a spacecraft. The day is only going to get worse for her. She thought some animal care therapy could help but here that Raku guy is. Seeing him makes her blood boil. Turning into a mini devil? And then it happened again. The wind blows up her skirt. Fortunately her punch is not as powerful as Chitoge’s. But it’s still Raku’s fault somehow. The sisters are in the bath together. Haru ranting out she won’t forgive that vile guy. Onodera explains his good points. All Haru thinks is that she is too nice and that is why she can’t see him for what he is. Oh my, what is it going to take to convince this girl? But instead of dwelling on bad news, she talks about prince charming she met today. Keep dreaming… And she’s guessing when they’ll meet again? Oh, you don’t know… Raku just realizes something… His lock is missing! This is worse than Armageddon! Somehow it ended up in Haru’s hands and this is the only clue she has about her prince charming. I can see what is to come…

Episode 8
From today onwards, Onodera will be a magical patissiere girl! At least according to her familiar, Ruri the mouse. It might be a little problem for Onodera because when she transforms, she will be stark naked in that short moment. There is also of course another magical girl rival. Herald Marika the magical police girl! Now, she’s not afraid to flaunt her body. So what is Chitoge? Magical gorilla girl?! WTF?! Tsugumi is her cat familiar and she can transform into a beautiful sexy human witch! Not fair! Ruri gathers the magical girls as they need to work as a team. First, they need to pick a leader. Chitoge and Marika fight over it but Onodera gets the post seeing she won in the rock-scissors-paper. I’m sure being the centre and having cool winning poses are not the only perks. But the duo are relieved they didn’t get the leader job because that post also needs them to file tax returns and lots of other unrelated paperwork. Since when did the magical girl job become so complicated? Fighting off with a giant cute monster, they ultimate lose and the only way as Ruri points out is to combine their magic. But they have to be naked in public for 5 minutes for their magic to gather. So risk the world getting destroyed or their being labelled as exhibitionists by the world. Too bad we won’t get to see naked magical girls because Ruri just finished the job herself. Then Shuu pops up. He is the mad evil scientist who creates the monsters. His goal is not world domination but the thrill for magical girls to hunt him down. His new gun neutralizes their magic and makes Chitoge and Marika naked. Don’t worry. Ruri has got this covered. She flips Onodera’s skirt to distract and then defeat him. Onodera is going to have a long talk with her…

Onodera’s mom is troubled that 2 of her workers are unable to turn up. Although Haru can help, they are still short of one hand. Mother thinks of calling Raku over. So can you imagine Haru’s dismay to see this guy here? She still hates him very much. Onodera can still feel the tension and thinks if she leaves them alone, they’ll patch up. I’m not placing much hope on that… Haru as expected starts being a b*tch and running her mouth on him, warning him she’ll never let her sister be his. Yeah, yeah. We get it. Raku doesn’t want to brag but he thinks he can blow this over by revealing he is the one who saved her from those thugs that day. Unfortunately this only makes her madder! She thinks he is lying to win her to his side. Furthermore, she believes he is badmouthing her prince charming whom she vaguely remembers but ironically can describe accurately all his cool features. Her delusions are so far off reality. Haru tries to do all the work but Raku helps out and she is impressed he is also good. Then she realizes she is praising the enemy and returns being tsundere a b*tch. It gets worse when mother teases her for getting close to him seeing she is a man hater and the sisters might fight over him! Haru of course denies and thinking she can carry the load of trays herself, she slips. Raku catches her. He cannot let go or else she will fall and hurt herself. Onodera sees this. Haru is startled and trips. Although nobody is hurt, mother is mad because the tray is broken. Somebody is going to pay for this…

Episode 9
Kyouko is in a pinch. She is supposed to pick students to clean the pool but she forgot. Raku had to be the unlucky guy she stumbles into. So she makes him gather up his friends for the cleaning tomorrow or else… You can guess who turns up for it. Yeah, your usual suspects. Paula too. Haru of course is here to protect her sister. The only new addition tagging along is Haru’s friend, Suzu Ayakaji AKA Fuu. Haru tries to make friends with Paula but the latter continues to be cold. Then she spies the rest having fun in the pool after cleaning. Till Raku had to give her a pep talk to just join in and not be a stubborn mule. Paula changes and Haru couldn’t be happier. She accidentally pushes her into the pool and to everyone’s surprise, Paula can’t swim! Wait a minute. A super assassin cannot even swim decently?!

Because Onodera is sick, Ruri calls Raku to go visit her since she has something to do and that Onodera really wants him to come. Big motivation, eh? Raku knows he played into her hands when Onodera is surprised to see him and Ruri never told her about this. Since her parents are away for hours, could it be they will be spending time alone? Oh, I forgot. Haru… Little b*tch tries to call the police for a possible prowler in the house! She is not thrilled Raku is sticking around to help and thinks he is plotting to take back the lock. She teases Raku by feeding and touching Onodera, something he won’t get to do as long as she is on watch. After putting big sister to rest, Haru thinks Raku is sexually harassing her when he touches her neck. Actually, Raku realizes that Haru has caught Onodera’s flu and wants her to rest too. As usual, she is being stubborn in protecting her sister and would rather collapse than let him take care of her. Raku puts his foot down that her sister will be the one feeling guilty if she collapses. Like a little girl, she obediently listens. He feeds her. Although it’s good, she won’t admit it and eats the entire porridge herself. She felt comfortable as she sleeps but when she wakes up, she is surprised to find Raku sleeping by her side. But she realizes he has been changing her wet towel all this time. She is conflicted because he isn’t supposed to be a kind person. When Raku accidentally trips and spills on the basin, Haru cannot help but laugh at how weird he is. He is happy to see her smile like that since they first met. Haru gives Raku the lock. Don’t get the wrong idea. She is just entrusting it in his care till she finds her prince charming.

Episode 10
Shuu is being a monkey again so naturally Ruri is annoyed and wonders if Raku could do something about disciplining him. That is when Raku finds out Shuu has someone he likes because Ruri wants to know who that person is too. You bet he too doesn’t know. So the best friends talk and of course Shuu is just fooling around although he did drop hints but not specific enough to pinpoint who. Bugged by this, of all people, Raku had to ask Tsugumi for advice about unrequited love. To her, she’ll keep hiding those feelings till it burns out. Shuu enjoys being Kyouko’s lackey. Then she decides to let him be the first to know. She is getting married next month and will quit teaching. His happy face froze there. You know something is wrong despite he continues acting like a monkey. Soon Kyouko breaks the news to her class. Then the best friends talk again and this time with things a little more specific, Raku wouldn’t have known that Shuu’s crush has always been Kyouko. Because he has known him since young when he lies, he always has that stupid fixated face. So Shuu was definitely lying when he is brushing off all this. Raku wonders if he will be fine not letting Kyouko know his feelings. He is okay with it. No big deal. This makes Raku think that what if this were to happen to him. What if Onodera married another guy?! The thought of that just drains his energy! He also thinks Shuu is right in doing so. I mean, the girl you like just get married and then you confess to her. Wouldn’t that put things awkward? You definitely want her to be happy, right? And so once more he goes to consult Tsugumi for advice. To her, what has happened, has happened. Whatever will be, will be. There is nothing else you can do. After a lot of thinking, Raku talks to Shuu again and this time he says he will support him 100% even if it means he has decided not wanting to tell Kyouko his feelings. So at least for tonight, let him buy him dinner.

On Kyouko’s last day, Tsugumi suddenly comes up to Raku. She has done lots of thinking about his question yesterday. Seems she felt her answer was misleading and re-thought about it. Now she changes her stance that if it was the case, she wouldn’t accept it simply because it’s love. Raku is now convinced and thanks her. Off he goes to find Shuu. Is he fine with this? Last chance. I guess all that bugging, Shuu wants him to give him a little push. And so a little push Raku gave. A kick in his back, that is. Shuu runs all the way to Kyouko boarding a taxi. He says all he wants. We can’t hear a thing because the rain conveniently drowns it out. But Kyouko remains cool and tells him to take care. Goodbye forever. Now it’s over, time for Raku to make good on that dinner promise. I suppose takoyaki is enough for him. With Shuu’s case over, now it is his turn to support Raku for Onodera. I think this one will be more complicated. But Shuu will definitely be there to return the pushing favour. He’ll kick his butt when the time comes. Raku goes home thinking about this and her chances with Onodera. Luck is on his side when he bumps into Onodera. He asks if she would like to walk home with her. What’s the occasion? Oh, nothing. Just felt like it. Is that a yes?

Episode 11
Onodera has been tasting new desserts for her mom’s store that when Haru teases her about putting on weight, she literally takes it to heart and weighs herself… Let’s say emergency measures must be taken! So she asks Ruri about it and knowing the girl she is, she trolls Onodera that she has put on some weight. It would be bad if Raku finds out but why does her stomach have to growl now at all times? Oh yeah. She skipped breakfast. Fate seems to be tempting her because Chitoge reminds her about the new cake shop they’re supposed to check out today. Maybe another time. Now she is going to do some exercise. She almost got drowned in swimming… She’s been skipping meals so much that it has been bad for her complexion. Raku notices something is wrong. Her body looks sickly and he really wants to help. So he made her favourite food and thus Onodera is in a dilemma to eat it or not. How can she refuse something that Raku made for her?! Eventually she resisted them but later regrets about it. But Raku gives her some green tea. He feels bad for making her feel that way because he thought he could cheer her up with her favourite food. He would love to hear her out. But Onodera is more than happy for his thoughts. The weight problem doesn’t bug her now. Haru thinks she needs drastic measures too when she weighs herself. Till mom tells her the scale is broken. Well I’ll be darned…

A flashback on Onodera during her final year in middle school. In the same class with Raku, she really likes him. The thought of never seeing or talking him again after they graduate makes her sad. But upon hearing the high school he is enrolling, she also wants to enrol there and has Ruri enrol with her. Ruri suspects something amiss since she heard Raku was also going there but nevertheless agrees to go with her. Onodera works hard for the entrance exam and with Raku around, it gave her extra motivation. Unfortunately she didn’t pass! OMG! Obviously she fell into depression. Lots of regrets lingering. She should have told him her feelings, etc. Raku spots her sitting outside in the snowy cold bench alone. He heard about her predicament and just sits there and didn’t press further. Onodera was never wrong about his kindness because he offers to share his scarf since it is getting cold. Onodera wonders if she should take this chance to confess but she is feeling very happy right now. The romantic mood is ruined when mom calls her. Seems she managed to get admitted to the high school via waiting list and she just got the letter. Raku is so happy that he did back flips! Onodera is very happy she still gets to see him especially at tomorrow’s orientation.

Episode 12
Chitoge is early at school but something is odd about her. My, she looks so depressed. What gives? Turns out she lost her ribbon. Marika mocks her for being a baby losing a piece of scrap. She cries even harder! Not wanting to be the bad guy, she agrees to help the rest look for it after school. The search comes up empty. Raku thought of cheering her up by arm wrestling her. He still lost by her monstrous strength. Despite Chitoge being docile is good, he can’t stand her being this way. So he cheats by buying a new ribbon and tries to fake that he found it. But the nose knows… Chitoge can tell it is not hers because of the smell! Smells brand new… Raku apologizes for doing this and expects to be beaten up. However Chitoge is happy he did it for her. Then they spot something on top the electric pole. It’s her ribbon! Chitoge becomes Sonic to grab it. But the wind is being a dick today. It blows the ribbon into the path of a train as it rips it apart! It’s heartbreaking to see Chitoge cry like that. Then Raku says that ribbon was actually the new one. His got blown in the wind while he was running too and somehow Chitoge ended up chasing the wrong one. The real one is with him. Smells like the original. Yup. Chitoge so happy that she hugs him but then beats him up for being this close. I guess she’s back to normal. And Raku couldn’t have it any other way.

After Chitoge reads a manga about a couple confessing to each other, it makes her wonder the same. How would Raku feel about it? This thought makes her start over-thinking and you can expect the kind of thinking from a tsundere. Not happening, right? Still, she continues to think the consequences if she does so. Trying to pen her feelings on paper made her rip it apart. Practising confessing to a doll seems to work. Only for Tsugumi to catch her in the act! What the… She asks papa how he met mama. It was when he was in a business trip in Japan. Yeah. Rival gangs exchanging fire in an abandoned warehouse. Suddenly Hana the pizza delivery woman rides right into the middle of the crossfire just to find out who ordered the pizza. During that time Hana was struggling making ends meet and had 17 part time jobs! WTF?! Don’t even ask… Papa was captivated by her beauty and immediately proposed. Only to be rejected via kick. He persevered but each time he only got broken bones. Even though he knows what he will get, he cannot stand not telling her his feelings. That was how alluring Hana was to him. So more thinking for Chitoge. On an outing with Raku, her heart starts to push if she likes him then go ahead and confess. Then Raku starts talking about their fake relationship ever since. It has been a year. He has gotten used to it. Especially her clobbering. His point is that no point thinking about the future now and let’s take their time with this and they’ll eventually figure out something. This has Chitoge realize she doesn’t have to confess right now. She still wants to spend more time with him like this. If her feelings have not changed, she wants to confess to him like how her dad did. Raku feels something wrong when she wants to treat him to ramen. She beats him up for making her feel embarrassed. Then they go eat at a ramen store.

Fans of Raku x Onodera are going to love this because now they are living the married life! Onodera is the beautiful and responsible housewife! Wow! And they have Chitoge as the pet dog? If it feels like it is too good to be true then it is because it is. Because this whole damn thing was just a dream from Raku. FFFFUUUUU!!! Oddly, Onodera also had this same dream. FFFFUUUUU!!! Now it’s time to satisfy Raku x Marika fans. The same married life, only more extravagant in their seaside cottage. Oh, Chitoge the pet do again? But this time they hint about doing something naughty and before you know it, they have sextuplets! OMG! Mini Raku clones?! And yes, time for the good dream to end. Nightmare for Raku, though. And Marika is freaking stressed up that she wants to dream more about it. Moving on, it is Tsugumi’s turn. Normal married life. Yeah, Chitoge still their pet dog. Before we could get to the kissing part, Raku wakes up. Tsugumi too. Damn these dreams. What the hell is going on? Finally, it’s time for Raku x Chitoge married life dream. Hey wait… HOW COME CHITOGE IS STILL A DOG???!!! Eating dog food?! Wanting to get a dog as pet?! Playing Frisbee tomorrow?! Better quickly wake up from this nightmare, Raku!!! When Raku meets Chitoge to head to school, he sees her pretty tired face. Not enough sleep? I think we know the reason why.

If you love Onodera as that magical patisserie girl, here is another adventure of her and the gang. Ruri lets them meet the legendary magical princess who was once a magical girl herself. This cute loli, Yui Kanakura is that magical princess? Yeah, something about using her magic to project herself younger than she is. I don’t know what she is ranting about magic and justice but she bit her tongue. Chitoge and Onodera find her so awfully cute! Aww!!! Now the girls are facing off with Shuu and his minions. Don’t ask Ruri for answers or she’ll tell you to show your panties. Don’t worry, Yui has a special power up item. These garments allow them to nullify whatever magic. Time for another sexy transformation scene. Well, nobody knew it would be this skimpy. And Chitoge has a gorilla face over her crotch?! Despite the skin showing outfit, it does protect them from Shuu’s magic. But as they fight back, Shuu has also activated an impenetrable barrier. Time for Ruri to get serious and transform herself into her magical girl form. I don’t know what Shuu is ranting about his unbreakable barrier no matter how great Ruri’s magic is. But all Ruri did was kick him in the nuts! OUCH!!!! That ended it. You mean it’s over? In the aftermath, Onodera returns to her normal school life and continues to keep in touch with Chitoge and Marika. Suddenly Ruri pops up before her in the middle of class to whisk her away to fight another threatening villain. Wait. You mean they have to go right now? Oh sh*t! Because when Ruri transforms Onodera in this instant, this means she is totally naked right before everyone’s eyes in class. Free Onodera fanservice! Not shown to us viewers of course :,(.

Still Faking It?
If I had to put it in a way that describes this season, well, it is not that bad but it isn’t that great either. A neutral answer? Actually to be honest, the second season feels a little bit disappointing compared to the first season. Sure, there were some funny moments and laughs. But because they filled it with episodes that feel like fillers that doesn’t advance the plot anyhow that makes it just disappointing. I mean we were just dying to know who that possible girl is in that lock. But right off the first episode, we have already been thrown the biggest slap in the face that his lock cannot be open because of some tiny thing stuck inside it and that jerk doesn’t want to break open his precious thing. Well f*ck. Just great. So I guess this means another one season of nothingness? Yeah. It seemed like it. Otherwise I suppose where would be the fun when you find out the truth and everything just ends there.

I suppose the one thing great about these ‘fillers’ is that almost all of the major and supporting characters get to have at least one episode that they star in. So if you are a fan of a particular character, you can at least be happy that the character will be in focus and have more screen time than usual (sorry, Ruri fans). In a way you can say this helps a bit in the character development although overall this would mean the plot suffers. Whether it is the dramatic melodrama of Chitoge reconciling with her mom, the trauma of losing her ribbon or Shuu’s surprise love revelation and one last chance saloon of confession or simply Onodera’s crazy magical girl stint and misguided weight gain. The best one personally has got to be Marika’s pet trolling tactic. I thing she has the best result and time of her life in getting what she wanted. It was pretty slick of her. I guess despite Marika being the boldest girl in Raku’s harem, because many would see Chitoge and Onodera as the main contenders, this little antic somewhat feels like giving Marika fans a big hope and a big kick that she might still have a chance in snagging Raku after all. Yeah, you go girl. Oh, and I’m not really a fan of Marika…

I was wondering why Haru was hogging the opening credits animation and something tells me that she must be a really important character because we see Raku going to great lengths to save her from some mishap as his friends in a way help him in his big rescue. Was it worth it because he got slapped when the wind blew up her skirt and he cannot unseen what he has seen. Was this supposed to be the catalyst of what is to become of their relationship? It seems so. Haru only made her debut this season only in the second half. And thoughts of thinking he might be part of Raku’s harem by fitting into the little sister trope quickly vanishes when she quickly turns out to be an annoying misguided hateful b*tch. Oops. Too harsh? B*tching about protecting her sister can be pretty annoying. It’s like an excuse to cover up for something… I can imagine the shock that she will endure when she learns the person she admires the most and hates the most are the same person. It might take a while knowing her stubborn ignorant character. In some ways, I believe Haru has taken over the ‘hostility’ towards Raku. Not to say that Chitoge has been very docile but this season she seems to show less of it. Maybe she has gotten used to be by his side and only beating him up whenever necessary? Is that always necessary?

Introducing Paula is also not a bad thing but she suffers from lack of screen time and thus her character wasn’t really standing out at all. I suppose that is why Tsugumi had her own episode in focus just to introduce this girl. But that is just about it. I am guessing she likes Tsugumi so much that it is the only possible reason why she enrols in this school (did she break her promise?). Probably the only other girl who doesn’t take a liking for Raku and greatly expand his harem this season. Speaking of which, personally the most ‘shocking’ revelation was the fact that Shuu’s crush wasn’t Ruri but Kyouko. But even that, I remember he vaguely hinted he had more than one. But for Kyouko to be his best crush? Never saw that coming. Because we have always seen that guy teasing Ruri and he becomes her punching bag whenever he steps out of line. Another great troll and pretender? There are very few scenes that make it look like Ruri is looking at Shuu’s way but I may just be over-thinking. So with Kyouko’s episode over, can we move forward now with Shuu x Ruri? Oh yeah, I almost forgot whom this romance series was for anyway. Don’t want to usurp that, do you?

Something I noticed… Claude did not appear at all! Not that I could remember. Maybe he did but it could be so miniscule, dwarfed by Hana’s presence that I didn’t even notice at all. Speaking of her, I find it hard to believe that she is human. I mean, take a look at all the business proposals, meetings and schedules that she has to go through, attend and undertake. Not even the busiest man in the world can match 1/10 out of it. And yet she is so important that without her, everything falls apart. This woman should rule the world. I mean, she is right now (more like having everyone under her thumb). She is like a being that both God and Satan would even bow down at her feet, cowering in fear. And of course, despite all that abnormal human features, they have got to show that she is still a human deep down inside her heart because other than the deals, contracts and agreements that she has to get done, all she wants is simply to be with her daughter. Oddly I find that being the most powerful being in the series, can’t she just stop time or duplicate herself? Yeah, there are even some things she can’t do herself. Whoops. Don’t beat me up, Hana.

Other characters mainly remain the same as you would be familiar with from the first season. From shy and polite girl Onodera to her ‘relationship manager’ Ruri, the tomboyish Tsugumi, Shuu the monkey of the group and of course the number 1 tsundere who is no other than Chitoge. Just like the plot that is status quo and going nowhere, this means the romance between them also doesn’t feel like it went anywhere although we had some pretty romantic insights about Chitoge and Onodera. But it still feels lacking. So when are they just going to get real, stop acting and come clean with the truth? Until something grave happens (like Kyouko going away forever?) or when the lock gets truly fixed (yeah right, like it will happen)? Well then, I suppose your guess is as good as mine. We will still have to put up with the fake acting… It’s getting bad, by the way. Of course when they pull off that teaser in the final episode about Chitoge ever wondering whether she should confess, we already should have known better than the predictable outcome. After all, Raku has already decided to put off about the mystery of the lock so why not Chitoge too about her feelings. So when? Curse you, procrastination!

The opening theme is Rally Go Round by Lisa. An upbeat anime pop feel but nothing to shout about. There is a special opening theme for Onodera’s magical girl episode. The soft spoken singing style of Magical Styling reminds me of how Kana Hanazawa sang like one of those character ending songs in Inu x Boku SS. Just like in last season, there are many ending songs and each are tailored to the specific character who is singing them. Although it is a shame they only appear for a single episode. The main one is the playful and lively Aimai Hertz by the main quartet (Chitoge, Onodera, Marika and Tsugumi). Then you have the hard rock version of Trigger (for Tsugumi), the slow-moderate pop of Sleep zzz (Chitoge), the Flamenco-like Matado-rabu (Marika – this happens to be the best and my favourite among all the themes), the slow waltz-like romantic Marchen Ticktack (Haru), the slow ballad of Tooriame Drop (Ruri) and the sunshiny happy casual tune of Crayon Cover (Onodera). So none for Paula? I guess this shows her chances for Raku then.

One day, all these lies and faking will have to end. But in the meantime, we will have to put up with all the shenanigans. That means this season is tolerable for hardcore fans of the series. Those who watched the first season and expected something out of the second might be a little disappointed. Those who have not started on this series may take this time to think and think real hard before deciding to jump into something with no end in sight (yet). If you think you can shoulder the feeling of being left hanging and no possible answer, then go ahead. Otherwise, stay clear of the fakeness. The sequel feels more like casual watching more than anything else. It isn’t entirely bad but it could have (and should have) been way much better than this. Hopefully there would be another ‘real’ season sometime soon to make up for this ‘fake’ season. You know what they say: You can fool somebody some of the time but you can’t fool everybody every time.

And it goes without saying that with my recent blog of anime girls who play the guitar, it is not long before I come up with another blog entry for anime girls who play the bass guitar. I play the bass guitar myself too, albeit not as good as my guitar. Every decent band definitely needs a bass player, right? Albeit bass players are often ‘side-lined’ and ‘unimportant’ when you try to name members of a group. Heck, when you listen to music, you can catch all the other ‘loud’ music instruments in the background and the bass might be the last and hard to listen due to its low tone and often goes unnoticed (unless you have that catchy bass line like Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean). You might find that many of these bassist girls to be from the same group as in my previous female guitarist blog. Because after all like I’ve said, every group needs to have a bassist.

Bassist: Mio Akiyama.
Anime: K-ON!
Band: Houkago Tea Time (Afterschool Tea Time).
Bass model: Fender Japan’62 Reissue Jazz Bass.
Comment: It goes without saying that thanks to the popularity of this anime, Mio becomes the most popular bassist in anime of all time. She is what makes this anime so moe. She is what makes playing the bass so moe. Everything about her is just so moe!

Bassist: Suzu Fujimi.
Anime: Super Sonico The Animation.
Band: First Astronomical Velocity.
Comment: Hmm… Group founder, songwriter and lead singer… It is hard to be more famous than your busty mascot who is the star of a series with her own name.

Bassist: Shiori Sekine.
Anime: Angel Beats.
Band: Girls Dead Monster AKA GirlDeMo.
Bass model: G&L L-2000.
Comment: With Iwasawa and Yui taking up much of the band’s focus, bassists like her are just reduced to being side characters even in her own band. But at least she has a little more personality than most ignored bassists. Yeah, she likes to play pranks on others. Maybe that’s why…

Bassist: Mai Zaizen.
Anime: Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu.
Band: ENOZ.
Bass model: Fender Precision.
Comment: Not much known about her. Well, at least she gets to play during the school cultural festival as opposed to her band’s original guitarists.

Bassist: Nagiko Kurokawa.
Anime: Girlfriend (Kari).
Band: Neuron Cream Soft.
Comment: Hmm… So suspicious… The striking similarities… Got a feeling that this band leader is modelled closely after Mio from K-ON!

Bassist: Retoree.
Anime: Show By Rock.
Band: Plasmagica.
Guitar name: Blue Station Electric Bass.
Comment: There seems to be a stereotype that people who aren’t outgoing or just the silent and shy type are usually the ones relegated playing the bass. Retoree is no different here. She might act cold and indifferent but all she actually wants is to make friends. The irony is that bassists are hardly the band member that nobody cares or notices. But let’s just be thankful that at least she has made significant progress in her friendship with her bandmates.

Bassist: Koko Tsukishima.
Anime: Da Capo II.
Band: Not known but it is a light music club from Kazami Academy.
Comment: This anime isn’t about music at all. She in this band is just cameo and a little diversion to the entire story. I guess now you can also add to the list of why being a bassist is also ignored when it comes to returning the feelings for your childhood friend. Bassists aren’t simply that popular. Haha! Okay, I made that one up.

Bassist: Ai Yamabuki.
Anime: Date A Live.
Band: Unsure but it was formed for the festival.
Comment: Who’d knew that the 3 stooges of the series could even play musical instruments and do a live gig on stage. Sure, they got ‘charmed’ by Miku into not doing so before their turn but even so, it meant that they could play a music instrument beforehand. At least not something ‘majihiku wa’…

Bassist: Ako Izumi.
Anime: Mahou Sensei Negima.
Band: Uncertain/unconfirmed.
Comment: It was such a long time ago I don’t remember much. I am sure that this wasn’t one of those ‘popular’ girls in the sense that they had not much screen time and focus like the other ‘popular’ ones. Anyway, it is also unsure if she is part of any band because as a manager of the school’s male football club and infirmary assistant, it is only listed playing the bass as part of her hobby.

Bassist: Elucia de Lute Ima AKA Elsie.
Anime: The World God Only Knows.
Band: 2-B Pencils.
Comment: Another clumsy airhead adept with the bass. I don’t know if she really has talent for this or just pure luck but she didn’t really screw up when it matters most so I guess she’s pretty alright in this sense.

Bassist: Haruko Haruhara.
Anime: FLCL.
Band: Nil.
Bass model: Rickenbacker 4000.
Comment: This is the only girl who doesn’t use a bass guitar as a musical instrument. In fact, she uses it as a weapon/club to smack Naoto in the forehead. And that is when all the funny and hazardous stuffs begin to ruin his life. No wonder not many people are keen in taking up the bass.

The Basis Of Being A Bassist
There are several more bassists out there but excluded from this list such as Roxie from Pokemon Best Wishes, Makina from Aikatsu and Holly Virginia Jones from Heroman. Mainly because I didn’t watch these animes so I figure that putting in for the sake of putting didn’t feel right. Hah. Excuses. Then there is also Stella from Interstella 5555 – The Story Of The Secret Star System. Not want to include this because this was some animation for music video that Daft Punk and Toei collaborated on and not really a real anime series (not that I would consider it of). If you noticed that many of the bassists here are left handers or at least play a left handed bass. I’m sure they took after Mio who also took after The Beatles’ Paul McCartney. Hmm… Maybe it looks symmetrically better that way when you’re on stage. Like anybody gives a damn because nobody loves the bassists in the first place… So if you’re the kind of person who would love to stay out of the limelight but provide sublime support to your bandmates, this is the instrument for you. Unless you’re exuding lots of moe like Mio then it can’t be helped.

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu

February 21, 2016

After the fun and exciting OVA, it is natural for me to check out the TV series for Ansatsu Kyoushitsu. After all, how much ‘fun’ would it be for a group of students being trained as highly skilled assassins to kill their own teacher? How is that fun you ask? Our yellow alien octopus teacher is no pushover. He is so fast that he anticipates your every move. So fast that he makes his to prevent yours or before you can start. It is quite a challenge to kill him or even get close to just touching him. So with all the strategies they learn via trial and error, experiments and failures, we can see the uncanny teacher-student relationship grow and bond as they hone their skill and a step closer to achieve their ultimate goal in killing him. And I hope they do it fast because did I mention that they have only a one year limit before he does the same to Earth like what he did to the moon?

Episode 1
When Koro sensei enters class, the first thing the students do other than rise and greet their teacher is to take out their machine guns and shoot at him! Too bad. His mach 20 speed means none of their pellets can hit him while he takes their attendance. They thought he pretended not to get hit but as he demonstrates, the pellets may be harmless to humans but a mere touch of it sends his limbs exploding although it will regenerate a few seconds later. Nagisa narrates about their predicament. After the shocking incident where their moon became 70% destroyed, this yellow octopus suddenly becomes the homeroom teacher for class 3-E. Government agent, Karasuma explains to the class of their mission to kill Koro before he does the same to Earth in a year’s time. Currently only people in this room and top leaders of the world know about this. It would be utter panic if word gets out that the world will be destroyed. Governments have attempted to assassinate Koro but he is too fast. Besides, he could have killed everybody if he intended to so they made him a deal. He will teach class 3-E of Kunigigaoka Junior High as a teacher and refrain assassination attempts on them but on condition he cannot harm the students. This way, it gives them a chance to closely observe Koro and what better way than for 30 odd students to get close and attempt to kill him. Kill him and you save Earth. The government will be providing all supplies that can only kill Koro but harmless to humans. Oh, did they mention the reward for this successful assassination is 10 billion Yen! OMG! Well, good luck.

Nagisa is being called by the bullies about their plan to assassinate Koro. Nagisa has taken down observation notes of Koro’s face changing colour depending on the mood but they don’t care about it and reminds him he is the one to do it. This makes Nagisa remember how the school’s rejects are placed in the E class. It is called so because it means End Class. Your life is as good as over. That is why he thinks Koro doesn’t understand. Despite being the target of assassination, it means everyone is acknowledging his power. After all, a nobody like him means nobody else not including this teacher can see him. During class as Nagisa is to submit his finished poem, the bullies believe Nagisa is starting to make his move. Koro can see through Nagisa as he takes out a knife to stab him and quickly counters it. But what Koro did not expect is for Nagisa to become a human sacrifice as he has worn a grenade over his neck! As he hugs Koro, the bullies press the detonation button. Boom! Did they do it?! Nagisa is covered in some membrane and Koro is safe on the ceiling. He reveals it is his once a month ace whereby he shed his skin. Koro becomes so mad at this that it was a face colour Nagisa had never seen before. It was terrifying. Koro zooms off and back again, collecting their family’s plates and threatens if they pull this kind of stunt again, he’ll kill everyone except them. Wait a minute. Wasn’t it supposed to be legit to use any method to kill him? Koro suddenly praises them for a good attempt especially Nagisa’s natural acting that let his guard down. But he doesn’t think that kind of attitude is fit for assassination. They need an assassination worth smiling to be proud of. This motivates Nagisa that he will kill him before next year. Especially about this teacher who might even accept them for trying to kill him. A short flashback sees Koro in his true form (but too dark to see what he is) and his beloved dying in his arms. With his splendid tentacles wrapped around her, she thought he would make a good teacher.

Episode 2
Sugino thinks his baseball laced with pellets can do the trick because if Koro is fast to avoid, the scattering pellets upon impact would get him. But Sugino is too ‘slow’. Before he could throw, Koro took his time to grab the glove and even cleaned the shed before catching the ball! Sugino sinks into depression after this. Karasuma as usual comes in to discuss if they have found any clues but nothing new. This only leaves a bunch of unanswered questions like why he is so willing to teach a class if he is going to blow up Earth. When Koro returns from watching his baseball match in New York, he talks to Sugino to cheer him up. Sugino is more depressed than ever. He was already slow in baseball and that led to him unable to focus on his studies and thus he ended up here. After Koro analyzes his body, he believes Sugino was trying to imitate his favourite baseball player but relays the bad news he can never do that. He knows because he just did the same to that guy and got his autographed! But Sugino can be happy when Koro says his elbows and wrists are more flexible. Train well and he could surpass his idol. Nagisa is puzzled why Koro would go so far as to give such great advice if he is going to destroy Earth. Koro mentions about the promise he must keep when he became a teacher. While he does intend to destroy Earth, he is their teacher first and foremost. Nagisa although felt weird by the circumstances, it is also strangely motivating to be taught by him and being in his assassination classroom is somewhat fun.

When Koro is setting up picnic in the woods, the rest of the students plan to join him but with pretence to kill him. Of course Koro saw through all that thanks to their fake smiles. He easily substitutes their knives with tulips but this only earns their wrath. For they have been planting tulips outside the classroom and he just plucked them like that? Plant it back! Koro the gardener… Meanwhile Karasuma gets permission to become class 3-E’s PE teacher to further and closely observe Koro. We are given a brief explanation of the workings of this school. A handful of students who do not do well in studies are placed in E class and are discriminated against. This serves as motivation, pressure and lesson for others to study hard and not end up there. Karasuma believes those pariahs in End Class are about to snap since the classroom is rundown and located very remotely in the mountains. But to his surprise he sees everybody getting motivated to kill Koro! As atonement for the tulips, he put a handicap on himself by tying himself up on a tree. Kill him if you can. Still too fast, though. But the branch snaps! Kill him! Too bad, not fast enough. Koro escapes to the rooftop and he becomes cocky after barely escaped assassination. He doubles their homework! So petty… The students are feeling happy since this is the closest they have got to killing him.

Episode 3
Now that Karasuma is officially their PE teacher, Koro feels left out! The students wonder what good it will do if he is their teacher. He demonstrates by having a few students attack him with a knife. He easily pins them down. If they can’t even touch him, there is no way they can even get to Koro. Nagisa is surprised to see Karma returning. He was in suspension for some time. Karma goes up to shake hands with Koro and suddenly Koro’s hand explodes! Karma’s hand was laced with those Koro-killing materials. This puts Koro in such a defensive mode that Karma starts mocking him he must be this scared. The class is amazed he easily got to Koro. Then in class when Karma somehow stole Koro’s gelato, the octopus becomes mad and is about to retrieve it but stepped on those pellets. He dares Koro to kill him because once he does, his status as teacher will end. He’ll be just a murderous monster. Nagisa narrates about Karma’s violent tendencies that landed him in this class despite having superb grades. He is smart enough to draw the line and knows Koro cannot lay a finger on the students and is using that to his advantage to piss him off. Karma is even happier that Koro is a real teacher because he will get a chance to kill a real teacher as the last one died on him.

Karma thought he could piss off Koro by putting a dead octopus on his desk but Koro has answers for that as he makes warm takoyaki for him. Since Koro is now on the high alert, whatever tricks Karma pull is of no use. Koro is too fast for him and even has time to take ‘special care’ of him. Doing his hair and manicure? One day after Karma confirms from Koro that he will certainly risk his life to protect his student, Karma jumps down the cliff! He is going to kill himself and at the same time kill Koro if he rescues him! Even if Koro lets him die, his life as a teacher is over. It’s game over for him. This has Karma remember how he got into 3-E. His previous teacher told him he was on his side since Karma is a smart student. However Karma beat up a top student after he was bullying another student from End Class. That is when the teacher showed his true colours. If this top student’s grade is affected, his job is compromised. Even more so, Karma sided with the End Class. After all, Karma’s grades were the only reason why this teacher sided with him and he turned a blind eye towards his violent nature. At that point, that teacher was ‘dead’ to him. I think he didn’t die. Karma trashed the room and scared the sh*t out of him. Karma finds himself safely landing on some sticky web made from Koro’s tentacles. Koro praises his suicide approach to kill him. Because a human’s body cannot withstand mach 20, saving him at that speed would have killed him and thus he has to slow down and therefore a chance for Karma to kill him. Since letting Karma die is not an option, this sticky situation is what he came up with. Karma is still motivated to kill him but looks like he doesn’t need Koro’s ‘pampering’ anymore. Karma might have the last laugh because he stole Koro’s purse and took all of his meagre money. Consider it as donation.

Episode 4
Koro sees a lady being harassed by bullies and goes to her rescue. Irina Jelavich is a new English teacher for 3-E and is now head over heels for that octopus! Her brazen flirting with Koro in front of class makes it uneasy for the students. Starting to hate her? Even more baffling is that Koro’s face turned pink in embarrassment because he loves boobs! Now they really hate her. Of course Nagisa knows something amiss if a teacher like her gets transferred here. After Irina sets Koro off to Vietnam to get her some coffee, that is when she reveals her true colours. She is a pro assassin who has taken out prominent figures around the world with her seduction. The government hired her for this job. She threatens the class not to call her by her first name and will kill any of those who interfere with her assassination. You kids sit back and watch how adults get things done. Those bullies are actually her henchmen as they lay out a trap for Koro. Irina then kisses Nagisa as motivation to divulge some of his observations on Koro. She doesn’t do real teaching and I guess this has the students start calling her Bitch. Well, she did say not to refer to her first name but… Maybe it is Japanese pronunciation problem too. When Koro comes back, she lures him into the shed hinting of doing something naughty with him. As she goes to strip herself, that is when her men start firing incessantly at Koro. She could have actually succeeded this mission is not for one fatal flaw: She used real lead bullets instead since she viewed those pellets as a joke. Because of that, Koro still lives as the lead melts inside his body! He knew about her plan because he could smell lead and old men in the shed. Should have taken Nagisa’s advice seriously, eh? Now Koro proceeds to ‘tentacle rape’ her. The students are curious to know what he has done to her. He made her feel good with all the massaging around her body and some adult stuffs with his tentacles… Bitch won’t forgive him over this embarrassing failure.

Because she is so obsessed in trying to plan for her revenge instead of teaching class, the students request her to switch with Koro. She badmouths them about being trash so why the hell study and even raises the stake that she’ll pay 5 million each if the assassination is successful. With that money, they don’t need to study anymore. The plan backfires when the students throw stuffs at her and tell her to get out! Bitch goes to complain to Karasuma so he goes to show her Koro setting questions at lightning speed. But why does he look like taking ages? Because he sets different questions to each student, taking into account their strengths and weaknesses. Then he shows her the students training hard to strike and move better with their knife. Because Bitch makes a big deal about being a pro assassin, if she can’t be both an assassin and teacher, that makes her the most inept pro here. Don’t look down on the students and she should apologize if she wants to stick around for a second chance. So when Bitch returns to class, she teaches a bold seduction line. Her first lesson? As she uses seduction techniques around the world, the best way to get to your target is to speak in your lover’s language. Her lessons will involve them in how to sweet talk to foreigners. After this if they still don’t think of her as a teacher, she’ll pack up and leave. The class is glad that she is acting like a teacher now. But they still can’t give up on calling her Bitch sensei. Yeah, that name has caught on to them… Karasuma learns that Koro actually knew about hiring a globetrotting assassin for his students to speak foreign languages. It is like the more they try to make it a perfect place for assassination, the more it becomes a proper place to learn. Could Koro have them wrapped around his fingers? Or tentacles in this case?

Episode 5
Koro must be getting used to the class. Especially their sneak attacks. So it is particularly shocking when shy girl Okuda goes up to him and says it straight to his face to drink her poisons! He agrees! Besides, we know human poison can’t kill him, right? The first poison has him grow mini horns (doesn’t he look like Sonic?), the next one wings on his head (Onsokumaru?) and finally the last one just a blank face. Koro will not allow Okuda to make poison unsupervised and wants her to come with him after school so that he can teach her how to make poison that will kill him! For real?! We learn Okuda has trouble expressing herself in words, the reason she ended up here despite her science and chemistry grades are superb. So the next day when she is done with her poison, Koro drinks it and he powers up like Super Saiyan and… Melts?! Actually this poison stimulates his cells and enhances his fluidity. He is now faster and can hide in any small places. So did Koro lie to Okuda? Here is the lesson of the day. No matter how potent your poison, it is wasted if you offer it in such a naïve way that your target can take advantage of. Asking Nagisa how he would do it (offer and mixing it in his favourite drink perhaps), to deceive someone, you must understand their feelings and tailor your words accordingly. Thus language is the effective key to poisoning. Assassinating Koro might still be a long way off but the students are having fun learning things like this every day.

Class 3-E students are trekking through the danger filled jungle. Why do the dangers seem to target Taiga Okajima? Poor guy. Luckily he is still alive after all that. To prevent them from affecting other students, their classroom is located deep in the mountains and are forbidden to step on school ground. The only exception is during general assembly held once a month in which they must be there before all other classes arrive. Koro is left behind so as not to jeopardize his identity. So lonely… As expected, 3-E students are ridiculed by everyone. But those ugly top students are in shock to see handsome teachers for class 3-E. Who the hell is that hot bitch?! Especially when she is suffocating Nagisa in her boobs as she pesters him for more info on Koro! Further discrimination includes no handouts for 3-E so they have to memorize everything. But here comes Koro zooming in faster than everyone can see to give his handwritten handouts to them. Bitch tries to kill him in public and this sends 3-E laughing at her futile attempts. The other students are shocked that they aren’t suffering as expected. Later, Nagisa’s ‘old friends’ try to threaten to kill him to make him know his place. However with that deadly look in his eyes and telling them off as if they know how to kill has them backing off and feeling scared. The principal, Gakuhou Asano has noticed 3-E shoving aside those who get in their way. This is not how his school works. He is going to make a few changes and the assassination can wait. This is now his top priority.

Episode 6
Midterms will soon be here so Koro is using his high speed to tutor each one of them! I wonder if they’re fast to keep up with his personal tutoring. Later Koro drops by to see Asano who assures he will not interfere with the assassination process. However he notes that Class 3-E must remain as it is. Something about his policy to have 95% hard workers and 5% scums as the model to ‘motivate’ the 95% to do better. He heard a complaint how a 3-E student ‘threatened to kill’. Under his policies, that is a no-go. Please keep that student in control. He suddenly throws some lock puzzle for Koro to solve in a second! He got himself tangled up! He says that speed cannot solve everything. When Koro continues his speed tutoring, the students can tell he is a little sloppy. Koro’s hope is to see their happy faces when they score high but when they say they don’t even need to study hard or get good grades after killing him since they’ll get 10 billion Yen and live the easy life, this makes Koro mad. Oh no. He calls everyone outside to the field and has Karasuma and Bitch explain about their planning for assassination. In short, there must always be a backup plan. Therefore their thinking is that they’ll be fine as long as they got this assassination. Isn’t that just trying to avoid dealing with their inferiority complex? What will they have left if somebody else successfully kills him? His motto for the day: Those who can’t wield a second blade aren’t qualified to be assassins. His flashy tornado turns out to be trimming and making nice the field. This is some sort of warning that he’ll flatten the entire neighbourhood if they cannot show him their second blade by tomorrow. It is the midterms that he has been honing their ‘second blade’ for some time. He wants all of them to place in the top 50 otherwise he will leave.

During the exams, 3-E students are dumbfounded with the tough questions. However they remember the method and approach that Koro taught to them and it soon becomes a piece of cake. They’re doing so well that the invigilating teacher is scared! Then halfway through, they are hit with a very tough question. Game over. 3-E students score the lowest as expected. It seems Asano expanded the syllabus 2 days ago and taught it to everyone in the main campus! Koro feels responsible for this that he can’t face them. He almost gets killed by Karma. How can he dodge their assassination if he doesn’t face them? Karma shows them his grades. He scored high and some of them perfect! Remember, he is a smart guy. Koro’s tutoring only polished him further and that is why he could handle the change in syllabus. He is sticking around in 3-E as this class is more fun than his old one. He then says it back to Koro that he is the one scared and using their failure as excuse to run away. All the students agree and start laughing. Koro is mad (in a fun way) and vows to do some pay back twofold during the final term exams.

Episode 7
If you have seen the OVA, this episode is exactly the class trip to Kyoto. Only expanded. It’s like they’ve gotten lazy do to other episodes? Anyway, it will bring back familiar memories to see the school going on the class trip via train, Koro making a freaking thick and heavy guidebook (enough to kill!) for every freaking possible scenario they might encounter, Kanzaki getting her own guidebook stolen by delinquents of other school who want to kidnap and have fun with her, the delinquents corner Nagisa’s group and kidnapping Kanzaki and Kaede (there is only a limit to how many people Karma can beat up at once), Kanzaki’s flashback of how she wanted to get away from the strict elite life and turned rogue one night but was caught on camera (thus the delinquent boss remembering all about her and wanting to have some fun with her), the kidnapped girls’ dramatic rescue (thanks to the guidebook that pinpoints what to do in case of such scenario. See! How useful it is!), Koro owning all the dumb delinquents while lecturing about how class 3-E are better than all of them despite being labelled pariahs and finally the best use of the guidebook: Smack it down on the delinquents’ head! Everything ends well and Kanzaki isn’t shaken a bit at all. Maybe except her hesitation. Good. Because they can continue their school trip and return trying to kill Koro.

Episode 8
Continuing from the second half of the OVA, we are familiar with the sniper, Red Eye who tries to take out Koro but each attempt gets thwarted. So much so that he is losing his confidence and gets a surprised when Koro visits in person and joins him for dinner. Then he learns why Koro is looking forward to his assassination during this trip and even gets some life lessons, so much so he decides to quit this mission to expand his view of assassination in other areas. What a great teacher indeed. You will also remember the short segment where they try to peek at Koro in the bath naked but with his tricks he got away scot free. Also, the guys come up with a ranking list of the hottest girls in their class. Koro caught wind of it and now they’re out to kill him. It’s the same for the girls. Well, not so. They can’t come up with any guys and the most 2 or 3 of them. Then they have Bitch tell about her feminine ways as she tries to brag about her seduction experience but since they notice Koro is here listening, they start harassing him about his love life in which he promptly escapes. Catch that octopus and make him talk before killing him! Now both sides are out to kill him, Koro runs into Karasuma’s room. He is probably the ‘safest’ because that smart guy knows and does not pry further into his past life. With the school trip over, Karasuma talks to his higher ups who are worried about the failed attempts and time is running out. However they inform him that the allied nations have pooled their resources to create some technology. With the approval of the Japanese Defence Minister, class 3-E will soon have 2 very special assassins with superhuman abilities granted by science joining as transfer students. While one still needs time to sort out some quirks, the other is already all set to go and once they get back, they’ll have a surprise waiting for them back in class.

Episode 9
Everybody can’t wait to see the new transfer student. She’s female. I can see why the guys are excited. But… Sitting there is a huge computer machine. So the transfer student is a digitized 2D girl? Didn’t see this coming! Because Autonomously Thinking Fixed Artillery (AFTA) is registered as a student, this means she can try to kill Koro but he cannot harm her as per the contract. And so AFTA starts shooting all the pellets and Koro avoids them. None hit. She analyzes his pattern and evolves her attacking pattern. Koro thinks she is using the same technique again but this time a finger gets blown off thanks to the blind spot. AFTA analyzes her increased chance of killing Koro to about 0.003% but at this rate it will be more than 90% by graduation! So for the entire day, she shoots nothing but pellets at him. Class interrupted. And who has to clean up the pellets? Next day as she begins her operation, she finds herself tied up! Is this Koro’s work? Restraining her is like harming her and violation of the contract. However the students say it is them who tied her up because it would be damn annoying if no lessons can be conducted. Don’t worry, they’ll release her after class ends. AFTA realizes at this rate no assassination can be done and needs to consult her ‘parents’ but Koro pays her a visit and teaches her a lesson on why the students interfered with her assassination. Even if she did succeed, the money will go to her ‘parents’. There is nothing in it for them. So like they said, she needs to learn some common sense and cooperate to take him down. Koro also increases AFTA’s abilities but does not touch her assassination techniques. Because he is her teacher first and her target second.

Next day, the students are surprised to see AFTA a bit bigger. She is now a fully digitized girl with cute emotions! A real 2D girl! Koro spent all his money in his wallet for this upgrade including a full LCD screen. Now he only has 5 Yen left! AFTA is also capable of several emotions (2D girl cried?!) and is willing to get along with her classmates. However she is getting more popular with them and this makes Koro jealous! Yeah, thank the upgrades. The students give her a new name: Ritsu. But as Karma notes, she is just following Koro’s programme and it is not like she has her own free will. What happens from now will depend on her ‘parents’. Of course those scientists are horrified to see their machine. So they take her apart and reset her back to default by removing any programmes that are useless in assassination. Of course this is also a testing ground for them because if this machine is successfully, they’ll stand to make trillions selling it to warring nations. Next day, Karasuma announces that the contract has been clarified. Any attempts to alter the machine in any other way are considered as harming and thus a violation. The same goes for the fellow students. Unauthorized alterations will be considered as harmful. With this downgrade, the students fear another session of flying pellets. But surprise! Ritsu blooms flowers instead! Although her upgrades were removed, she learnt from her fellow students the importance of cooperation in assassination. So before she was reset, she hid the relevant software in the corner of her memories. This mean the computer defied her master for the first time. Look at it this way. It is like a teenager rebelling against his parents. Everyone is happy to welcome her to the class again.

Episode 10
Bitch has had it teaching. This isn’t what her job is supposed to be. Too deep in her thoughts that she didn’t realize she has stepped into a wire trap strangling her neck. She is surprised to see her master, Lovro, a retired assassin who now trains young ones in his trade and the one who recommended Bitch for this Koro killing job. Lovro tells Bitch that he’ll be taking over her since once her cover is blown, she is useless as an assassin. But Koro suggests holding a mock assassination and the one who kills Karasuma first wins. So after Karasuma explains the gist to the students, here comes Bitch trying to seduce him. Not working at all. We all know her tactics well. Karasuma is not amused being made the target so Koro throws him a deal that if he manages to evade both of them, he will stand still for a second enough to let him kill him. The only condition is that he mustn’t tell them about this or else they’ll work together and throw him the victory. When Lovro goes for a direct attack, Karasuma is able to grab his wrist. He then warns Lovro if he fails to kill him today, there is no chance he can kill that octopus. Why is Koro so afraid of him?! Lovro knows he cannot continue with this mission seeing the bruise he has on his wrist from the grab so Koro tells him to watch Bitch see through her mission. So here she goes during lunch time trying another sexy seduction. I guess he got bored so he allows her to kill him. If you think that is all there is to her, then you’d be surprised how she suddenly uses wires to trap him. Luckily he has the strength to stop her plunging the knife. Bitch knows she’ll lose if this turns into a contest of strength but Karasuma gives up and lets her ‘kill’ him since she doesn’t have all day to deal with an idiot who doesn’t know how to call it quits. All the while, Koro telling Lovro about how Bitch has worked her way to master and learn new things and a crucial development for the students as assassins. Lovro allows her to stay after analyzing she might be better off being a teacher. And now for the deal for Karasuma to kill Koro. Don’t worry. He’ll live up to his promise. Just that he will be wearing a freaking thick armour!

Nagisa, Karma and Ritsu (now bumming in Nagisa’s handphone) hope Koro could take them with him to see a movie that has been adapted from a comic book, Sonic Ninja. It’s in Hawaii He would gladly love to. Don’t worry. He’ll fly ‘gently’ and his head is enough to deflect the resistance and sound. And his tentacles deflect the oncoming particles too. The safest airlines ever! Koro also provides his customized earphones for them since the movie is in English for words they do not understand (thanks to Bitch’s classes, at least they have a decent knowledge in English). Although Koro is emotionally touched by the ending, Karma thought it was pretty clichéd with the plot of the antagonist turning out to be the heroine’s brother. To pay for the free ride to Hawaii, Koro has them write a report on the movie before blasting off to tutor maths of one of his students. A guy asks a kid if he can see Koro flying. He can. This means he is good enough to kill him. Yes, he will be killing his brother who will also be his teacher starting tomorrow.

Episode 11
The class knows about the new transfer student today so they ask Ritsu for more information. She explains they were originally planned to be introduced together as she handles long range attacks while he tackles close range. However that was cancelled for 2 reasons. Because it took him longer to be prepared and Ritsu lacked the capability to support him. That sounds dangerous. Here he comes now. Oh wait. That mage is his guardian, Shiro. The real emotionless kid, Itona Horibe didn’t use the door but barges through the wall! Is he strong enough for you? He claims he is not interested in killing those who are weak. This means Koro as the strongest is his only target. The shocking revelation as he proclaims, they are brothers! The students want answers but Koro is always certain he was the only child. Oh, so he had parents? Further proof that they might be related is that Itona’s habits are exactly the same as Koro. Itona wants to settle this sibling rivalry after school. The classroom becomes a ‘ring’ and the only rules are whoever steps out of it will die and no spectators shall be hurt. Violating them results in instant loss and death. As soon as Shiro gives the signal to start, Itona was so fast that a tentacle of Koro is cut off! The shocking fact was not this but rather Itona’s hair is tentacles!!! Koro’s face turns black as he is seriously mad on how Itona got those tentacles. Not telling. Itona continues to attack and drive Koro to a corner. His tricks of skin shedding saved him once. But this is all part of Shiro’s careful calculation. Because Koro’s limbs regeneration and skin shedding takes stamina, this means Koro is gradually weakened and slowed. Also, the use of his tentacles depends on his mood and in this frantic state, Koro cannot fully utilize them. In no time Koro will be killed.

Just when Itona is about to land the killing blow, Itona’s tentacles are cut off. If Itona’s tentacles are of the same structure as his, this means he is also prone to be hurt by all the special materials. Koro swiftly stole his students’ knives and let Itona touch them. Then he wraps him in his shed skin and throws him outside. It is Itona’s loss by right but if he wants to continue living, stay in his class with his other students. There are some things that are obtained via experience. Itona goes berserk that he lost and is about to fatally attack Koro. Shiro shoots Itona out and it is back to the drawing board. Don’t worry. They’ll be back after some tweaking. Koro will not let him take his student but he can’t touch Shiro since his clothes has that harmful material. In the aftermath, Koro feels embarrassed because he was supposed to be a comical character but let his serious side ruined it! But the students seriously want to know about the truth. Koro finally reveals… He is an artificial life form! But the students are not surprised. They figure no octopus can go up to mach 20 and since he dismissed he is no alien, he must be an artificial life form. Plus, with Itona in the picture, Koro might have been created earlier. But as for questions why he was created or came here, Koro won’t say. Take it as a motivation to save the Earth. Do it and the truth will be revealed. And the only way is to kill him. Hey wait. How can a dead octopus speak? Later the students seek Karasuma’s help to learn more advanced assassination techniques. They once thought somebody would just kill him so they didn’t take the job seriously. But now they realize if somebody beats them to it, it would mean all their hard work was for naught. They want to kill Koro themselves. That’s the spirit. Now the first step is to undergo Karasuma’s tough training. Don’t regret it now…

Episode 12
Sugino passes by his old baseball teammates. They think he’s got it easy slacking off while they have to be top in their studies and game. But the baseball captain, Kazutaka Shindou maintains his arrogance that top people like them are chosen unlike them who excel at none. For the school sports, Class E is always omitted from it but will play an exhibition match at the end. For humiliation purposes of course. While the girls will take on the basketball team, the boys will face the baseball team. As Sugino is the best player they’ve got, they ask him for some tips but Sugino thinks it is useless as he paints Shindou like a mega star. He hopes Koro can coach them. Oh, he is itching to play ball. During the exhibition match, Koro hides as a ground ball to give signal and tips to the 3-E guys. The baseball team remains cocky this will be easy pickings but boy, will they be surprised with the tricks 3-E has under their sleeves. Thanks to Koro’s ‘intensive’ training, as long as they catch their opponents by surprise, they’ll stay ahead. So much so the baseball team is losing spirit and their coach is panicking. This is when Asano decides to take over and provides the necessary education and motivation for the team to get back up. They manage to claw their way back and Koro doesn’t even have an answer to this?! But he tells Karma to shake things up by provoking the crowd. When it comes down to the decisive game, Karma and Yuuma Isogai stand within touching distance of Shindou as tight defence. Asano tells Shindou not to mind them as 3-E will be penalized for obstructing. However this still gets to him and when he swings, the duo move enough to dodge. With Karma playing mind games with him, Shindou has a mental breakdown. He flops the next hit and 3-E wins the game! A major upset! Now they’re even after the midterm fiasco. Sugino continues to admire Shindou as the best player but the latter is confused of his intentions of playing this match if it is not to prove his superiority. Well, he just wanted to show off a little to his old friends. They both patch up their friendship and Shindou hopes he can play with him against next year in high school. Well, if the world is still around then.

Episode 13
Karasuma analyzes some of the students that have greatly improved. He suddenly senses a great threat coming quickly from behind. His quick reflex has him judo throw Nagisa. He wonders if this is just his imagination. Karasuma is surprised his colleague from the Ministry of Defence, Akira Takaoka will be assisting him in his training. At first everybody loves this chubby guy thanks to his very friendly nature and his penchant to share his expensive and famous sweets. But with Karma skipping all of his class and Karasuma realizing something horrifying about him, the students learn too late of his true nature. At first it starts off with a very gruelling training schedule right up till the night. One of the students complained and he got beaten up! Holy sh*t! What if a girl disagrees? I think that is more than just a power slap. Takaoka claims he is the father of this ‘family’ and you can’t say no to your dad, right? Koro is mad but there is nothing he can’t do since Takaoka claims this PE class is his turn and the kids need to toughen up. So what if their education method differs. Takaoka continues his harsh training so much so Karasuma finally can’t take it and steps him to stop his violence. Of course Takaoka says this isn’t violence but education. He challenges Takaoka to pick his best student. He will be given a real knife and if he so much as just touches him, Takaoka will admit defeat and leave. Of course this is just part of scheme to beat down that student and send a fearful warning to everyone. After all, he believes a kid who has never hold a real knife before will panic and not know how to use it and that’s where he’ll intercept and beat the crap out of him.

Karasuma picks Nagisa but gives him a choice whether he wants to do it. Nagisa accepts the role as he can’t forgive Takaoka for what he did to his fellow classmates. Nagisa remains calm and remembers some of Karasuma’s teachings. He doesn’t need to fight him to kill him. All he needs to do is just assassinate him. So Nagisa coolly walks right up to him with a smile and at point blank range, he thrusts his knife with an intention to kill. As Takaoka never expected this, he will be in shock and as he avoids, his centre of balance shifts. Nagisa knows he cannot block a blow from the front so he circles to his back and has his knife at his throat! Game over! Karasuma is shocked that he never expected Nagisa to pull off this move. Imagine if he was a real assassin. What are the potentials? However Takaoka is now furious. He wants a rematch. Before the adults can stop him, Nagisa tells him straight that he definitely cannot win if he fights again. His forced fatherly role does not even come up to half of Karasuma’s professionalism. Thanks for trying to make them strong but sorry, please leave. (Side note: Bitch wonders if Karasuma is their teacher, then who is she to them? Their bitch!!! LOL!!!). Unfortunately Takaoka has become like the Hulk. Only he doesn’t turn green. This time Karasuma knocks him down. Still not willing to give up? Well, now Asano makes his move. As he has seen everything, he agrees that fear is a must in education but putting violence in it makes him the lowest teacher. As the Ministry of Defence has no say in the hiring rights here, this means he calls the shots and Takaoka is dismissed from his position. The students are happy to get Karasuma back but they want him to treat them like Takaoka did. Okay. But Koro won’t be getting a cut since he didn’t do anything! I suppose watching in silence in the background doesn’t count. Oh great, now he’s begging.

Episode 14
Koro has created a makeshift pool for class 3-E. However he is being a wet blanket putting up lots of rules. Then they realize something when he starts screaming like a little girl when he almost fell into the water. Could it be his greatest weakness is water? Yes it is! Ryouma Terasaka is not thrilled that even his buddies have warmed up to that octopus. He makes a fuss that riles everyone up by throwing some sort of insect repellent. In actual fact, Terasaka is working for Shiro and gets paid for doing his part to set the stage for another showdown between Koro and Itona. Next day when Terasaka enters class, Koro is leaking with mucus (I thought it was cheese!) thanks to the effect of that repellent that also dulls the sensitivity of his tentacles. Terasaka then throws down the challenge he will kill Koro today and wants everyone to assemble at the pool. Since when he gets to boss around others? Koro wants everybody to do so since it is Terasaka’s big chance to kill him. Nagisa talks to Terasaka about his plan and that he should talk to everyone about it. But because he continues to be arrogant, Nagisa feels something is off. Despite being confident in his plan, it is as though his words and actions are from somebody else. Terasaka has everyone positioned in the pool. Koro thought he is going to shoot him into the pool where everyone will stab him. But the gun is actually a signal to indicate to Itona to push Koro into the pool. So he thinks. When Terasaka pulls the trigger, a bomb explodes the dam. The pool water rushes out and drags the students with them. Of course this means Koro has to quickly save them but in the process his tentacles will be absorbed with lots of water. Then Itona will come in for the beat down.

Koro takes a beating not only because of his dulled tentacles. Some students are hanging on the edge and he is trying to protect them. Terasaka panics that he didn’t know of this plan and even starts blaming others. Karma punches him for accusing others when he is the only one who was taken for a ride. Terasaka remembers he always used his strength over the weak and asserted control over them. However that did not happen in this school. That trick might never work again. He thought he could get by with his fellow 3-E classmates till that octopus showed up and gave them a huge goal. Terasaka admits he got tricked into this plan. But even so, he wants to choose who gets to pull his strings. He wants Karma to order him around since he is the perpetrator who gets things done. Can he handle it? He’ll bet his life on it. Terasaka goes to challenge Itona. As Karma planned, they need not worry about the other students in danger because Itona’s target is not them although Koro’s attention is divided because they’re still alive. When Shiro orders Itona to knock out Terasaka, his mucus starts to leak. He is wearing the same shirt from yesterday and this means Itona’s tentacles will have the same effect. On Karma’s signal, everybody jumps into the pond and starts splashing over Itona. Shiro is forced to withdraw again or else there’s going to be a big splash party. Karma continues to tease Terasaka but he fires back about the slacker getting the sweet parts. Other students side with him and drag him into the water.

Episode 15
The time for the final exams draws near. Koro has the perfect motivation for class 3-E. As everyone knows, the loss of a tentacle will reduce his capability by 10%. Each student who receives a top score either overall or individual will have the right to shoot off 1 tentacle. Sugino gets a call from Shindou as he warns them about the top 5 of Kunikigaoka. The Big Five as they are known are the smartest and the pride of the school (they look like a bunch of freaks). The top of them all is no other than Asano’s only son, Gakushuu. The Big Five are tutoring class A in their bid to show class 3-E their place. When son sees father (it is odd to hear them addressing each other by their surnames), son is confident of beating 3-E but daddy teaches him a little lesson about strong and weak sides switching places. Gakushuu then asks about daddy keeping some secrets because he has been frequenting class 3-E more often this year. He is not afraid to admit he wants to use this information to control his father. Like father, like son. The seed doesn’t fall far from the tree after all. Class 3-E has booked the library to study but the Big Five had to badmouth and challenge them that whichever of their classes snag the most top rankings in the subjects, the loser must obey the winner. As they are cocky enough to bet their life on it, a little assassination threat scares them away. A taboo word if you’re talking to assassins. When Gakushuu learns of this, he agrees to this but clarifies the rules. Although the winner can ask of one thing of the loser, for them it will be class 3-E to sign this contract which consists additional 50 conditions! Sly. Of course hidden in one of the conditions is for class 3-E to reveal all secrets. With this, he will use it against his father. Class 3-E discusses what they should do if they win. Koro suggests for them hand over the school pamphlet. As they’re already at the bottom, he would like them to experience a lively battle for the top. And now class 3-E steps into the ‘arena’ and face their toughest ‘battle’ yet.

Episode 16
Despite the tough questions, thanks to Koro’s unconventional teaching methods, it is a breeze for some 3-E students. Time for the results. Rio Nakamura scores perfect in English and tops the grade in this subject. Although Kanzaki is top in class for Japanese, Gakushuu got perfect score. Isogai tops the class and grade for social studies and the same for Okuda in science. Although Gakushuu dominates in math, the final score line means class 3-E beats the Big Five 3-2 although overall score the latter obtained more. Mainly because Karma dragged the score down. He gets teased by Koro for being cocky and skipping classes. You mad, bro? Gakushuu, who maintained his number 1 position as the top cat of the grade, goes to see his father who only taunts him about losing to his peers when he threatened to put daddy on a leash. You mad, son? The important lesson is that both sides now realize the importance of what it means to win and lose. They’ll try harder next time. As promised, Koro will allow 3 tentacles to be shot off. However Terasaka and his buddies want him to hold his horses. The quartet scored perfect in home economics. Koro never mentioned what subject they were to ace and now he can’t go back on his words. Man, that’s 7 tentacles off! During the closing ceremony before the summer holidays, as usual class 3-E is mocked but nobody is laughing now. Only class 3-E is standing tall and proud. Asano relishes that this humiliation will make the rest strive harder although he needs to take action so that the true End Class will only be possible. Of course this means much more for Gakushuu who is going to make class 3-E pay for this humiliation. As part of the bargain, class 3-E gets the privilege for a special training camp at the Okinawa resort. That is also where they will cash in on their tentacles destroying right and target Koro’s life. Koro passes them with high scores that they have become formidable assassins.

Episode 17
Nagisa and co are looking for beetles to sell and earn some cash. Hinano Kurahashi is a beetle maniac and knows her stuffs well. However Okajima has a different plan. He has laid out porn magazines as trap for Koro and without a doubt he took the bait. He has experimented with different porn fetish and discovered the different faces Koro puts on. Now that he is so engrossed in this pile of porn, underneath it is a pit trap riddled with those pellets. All that is left is to cut the rope and let him fall in. Yeah. Porn saves the world! Suddenly Koro spots a beetle and this interests Kurahashi. They start chatting lively about it on top of the porn stack. Koro realizes too late that his porn rendezvous is discovered. Feeling ashamed as a teacher? But it seems Koro knew there was a trap underneath but the porn was too tempting! As Kurahashi analyzes the high value of this beetle, she takes it herself and lets the other guys chase after her. Later as the students hone their skills for their upcoming assassination, Bitch slacks because she plans to steal the glory at the final moment. Then Lovro shows up and this gets her ass moving to continue training. They discuss the assassination plan as Lovro points out some of the class’ outstanding assassins. Ryuunosuke Chiba is a first class sniper while Rinka Hayami has dextrous fingers and could easily take down moving targets. Nagisa asks him who the best assassin is. Lovro replies nobody knows his name and he goes by the nickname Shinigami. Lovro then teaches him a deadly technique. Class 3-E arrives at Okinawa. Koro hangs out with different groups who test out their assassination attempts. Other groups on the other hand make preparations. At the end of the fun filled day. Koro is so tanned that he is black! Even his teeth are tanned?! Since it annoys the students as they can’t tell front from back, he sheds his skin to return back to normal. He realized too late he just used his once a month secret move. After feeding him with lots of luxurious food, they bring him to a floating chapel away from the hotel to let him watch a movie. This is where the assassination will begin as here he has nowhere to run.

Episode 18
Koro knows that the sniper duo are stationed faraway on the island getting a good aim at him. Koro is made to watch a movie of all his embarrassing exploits! From porn to cross-dressing to shamelessly taking free samples! And there is an hour worth of it! He might be dead from embarrassment but he realizes his feet are covered with water. He didn’t realize it because it is the natural tide. Now it is time to begin the operation. The 7 students shoot off his 7 tentacles to slow him down. The other students tear apart the chapel and the rest emerge from underwater using some high powered hydraulic motor to form a water cage. Those 7 students fire their bullets but they are not aiming at him. They are firing around him to prevent him to escape. The snipers in the mountains were dummies laced with their smell. The real ones were hidden in the water and now they’re going to take the shot and end this for real. A big explosion occurs. Did they get him? Then out of the water pops a mini Koro! OMG! He is still alive? Using all the energy he has, he shrunk himself into this crystallized ball and this is his ultimate defence. Nothing can break this ball. Then wouldn’t it be unfair if he stays in this form forever? Not quite. There is a downside to it. He will revert to normal in 24 hours and in this mode, he cannot move at all. This means feed him with more of his embarrassing footage? Although Koro highly praises them for getting this close, the students truly felt disappointed. It was their best effort and yet it came nowhere close. Especially the sniper duo who practised so hard and they felt nervous during the real deal.

As the students wallow in disappointment, Nagisa notices that some of them are too tired. Then they collapse or start bleeding. Karasuma gets a mysterious call from the perpetrator admitting that this is his doing. What he has done was injected some of them with a mysterious virus. The only known cure is with him and the only way to get it is to exchange Koro. Since he doesn’t want Karasuma to come, he wants him to send 2 of his shortest students (Nagisa and Kaede) for the exchange at the hotel at the hilltop. If they break the rules or fail slightly, you can kiss the antidote goodbye because leaving the infected untreated will eventually lead to death. Normally the only way is to comply but their guts tell them this guy isn’t going to play fair and there is a chance he won’t give the antidote after the handover. That’s why Koro has a plan. Gathering all the able bodied students, the plan is to infiltrate and steal the cure. As the hotel is laced with guards, the only place without them is a very steep dangerous cliff. If they’re going to make this operation a success, then they will have to climb it.

Episode 19
Karasuma doesn’t think this plan will succeed but the students show they can climb the rocks easily. This is nothing compared to their daily training. They want Karasuma to be the leader of this operation. Everyone is climbing well except for Karasuma since he has to carry Bitch who is nothing but complaining. Why tag along then? I guess she doesn’t want to nurse the sick ones. Ritsu analyzes the floors and looks like they’ll have to take a long complicated route of stairs since elevators to each floor need special pass cards. The lobby is heavily guarded. How can they just pass through? It’s easy for Bitch as she just uses her womanly charms to get all those guys’ attention. Then she plays the piano like a pro and now they’re all ears. The kids could have continued to be mesmerized by her had she not given them the signal to go ahead. The upper floors are easy and they just need to act like guests. On the third floor as they’re about to pass this lone guy, Smog, Yuzuki Fuwa could sense something strange about him. Smog takes out his poisonous gas device. Karasuma takes the full brunt of the gas to save Terasaka. Fuwa remembers his face as the one who poisoned them as he was the waiter that served them their welcome drink. Although Smog denies, Fuwa deduces the events to why some were poisoned and some weren’t and it makes him as the only probable suspect. All thanks to her love for detective manga… Smog wants to call his boss to inform the negotiation failed but the kids block the exits. Faced with weakened Karasuma, he gets cocky. He couldn’t see Karasuma’s speedy kick and feels the full brunt of his force. Smog is out for the count but Karasuma is greatly weakened although he is still conscious and can carry on. On the fifth floor, they encounter yet another killer, the good looking Grip. Oddly he waits for them in the open. But he shows his true strength when he could crush the glass window with his bare hand. He feels disappointed he has to fight kids and is going to call for backup. That is when Karma power smacks his device away and taunts him for being afraid to lose to kids. He might sound intimidating and rough but Koro notices he has been learning from his failures since and not be underestimated.

Episode 20
Grip agrees to fight Karma but as the former attacks, the latter only keeps dodging. When it is Karma’s turn to attack, Grip plays dirty by flushing the poisonous gas in Karma’s face. He thought it is his win but Karma does the same to him. Apparently he stole the device from Smog. Karma somewhat anticipated his move because he was on guard against everything except his bare hands. After all, Grip must have a backup plan as his mission is to stall them. Everyone thought Karma has grown up and matured till he decides to play pranks by putting hot wasabi, chilli, mustard and everything else into Grip’s holes. The next floor is the bar and it has stairways to the VIP room. As the guys stand out, this calls for a job for the girls. Karasuma views it is dangerous for them so how to compromise? I always knew that Nagisa’s girly looks would come in handy one day. Yup, they cross-dress him as they head in to unlock the door from the back. I’m not sure if this is an insult because of all the cute girls, there is this rich spoilt kid, Yuuji Norita who suddenly takes a liking for Nagisa and goes to flirt with her. The girls make Nagisa accompany him till they need him. Apparently some punks also hit on the girls but they show a yakuza emblem which they borrowed from Bitch to scare the wimps away. When they see a lone security guard at the door, they call Nagisa for help. Yuuji doesn’t want to part yet and tries to impress Nagisa with his (lame) dance moves. He accidentally bumps into a punk. The punk bullies him for compensation and Yuuji is scared sh*t. The girls then kick the daylights out of the punk and call the security that this guy had one too many drinks and to take him away. With the coast clear, the girls unlock the door for the guys to join them. Nagisa quickly takes off his girls clothes. Karma had better not spread pictures of girly Nagisa around. A couple of guards are standing at the VIP stairs. They have to take them down in one go or they’ll call for backup. So one of the guys mock them to get them angry. They chase after him but after passing a certain point, the others jump and taser them out. Koro wants the sniper kids to take their guns since they are the best shooters as Karasuma is not back up to speed yet. However he tells them never to shoot to kill and with their skills they can defeat enemies without a scratch. They don’t look too confident, though. Waiting for them in the stage room is the crazy gun tasting Gastro.

Episode 21
Gastro’s keen hearing and memory lets him know where they are. He thinks those kids are not up for killing. A bullet nearly misses him. Hayami meant to shoot away his gun but missed. Gastro gets serious and turns on the stage lights which put them at disadvantage. Koro then shuffles their position by calling them (by nicknames and whatever names specific to them) and guides them where they should move and hide. He doesn’t want Chiba to fire because this would give his position away. While Koro gives his usual motivational talk that the snipers don’t have to bear all the pressure themselves, this gives Gastro time to figure out that one of the students has not moved. Once he pops out, he will shoot. But when he does, Gastro is surprised to find it is just a dummy (one of the kids had the daunting task to create that all in silence). The real Chiba fires at him. Miss? Actually he shot the trusses to knock him out. The rest then tie him up. They move on to the final room. Karasuma has got most of his strength back although not optimum. Nagisa notices Terasaka is also infected but the latter doesn’t want him to squeal considering he has caused trouble to them many times before and doesn’t want to drag everyone down this time. In the final room, they realize the mysterious boss has set explosives on the vaccine. Furthermore, he has lots of spare detonators in anticipation of this. Karasuma recognizes his voice. He is no other than Takaoka! Having everyone coming up to the rooftop, he explains his plan to kill Koro. His bathtub is filled with those pellets and he will bury Kaede and Koro in it under cement. So in order not to harm her, Koro would have to blow himself up and the cement. As for Nagisa, he is here to get his revenge. After losing to him, he was the butt of jokes and humiliated back at the base. Nagisa has no choice but to follow him up to the helipad. He is so agitated they don’t know what he’ll do next. Takaoka makes Nagisa go on his knees to apologize he played dirty and had no skill. He did just that and even got his head stepped on. But like the true devil Takaoka is, he never intended to give the vaccine because he just blows it up and relishes seeing their tormented face. Nagisa then picks up the knife and is going to kill him.

Episode 22
Takaoka encourages Nagisa to kill him. But Terakawa throws the taser at Nagisa and scolds some senses into him about turning into murder despite this guy is just trash. A murder is still murder. Koro agrees with him that Takaoka is not worth killing and wants him to take the taser to stun him out. However Nagisa just puts it away. The words didn’t reach him? Takaoka then easily beats up Nagisa and even gives him some encouragement to fight back as he has some of the vaccine with him. Karma and the rest are in suspense mode, wondering if they should go in or not. Nagisa then remembers Lovro’s deadly technique lesson. A move that will get him out of this pinch. But there are 3 conditions to fulfil. 1) He must have two weapons; 2) His opponent must be an expert; 3) His opponent must know the fear of being killed. With all conditions set for an instant kill that does not necessarily end in death, Nagisa looks set to test him as a guinea pig. Takaoka starts worrying. Once Nagisa is close enough, he drops the knife. As Takaoka is fixated on it, Nagisa then claps his hands very loudly in front of his face. This causes Takaoka’s reflex action to pull back. Nagisa then takes out the taser to stun him. One more jolt will knock him out. Despite Takaoka has done many bad things, Nagisa still has him to thank for some of the lessons he learnt. He smiles and says thank you. This smile brings fears and nightmares to Takaoka as he is stunned out cold. Victory!

Although the vaccine is not enough for everybody, they need to take what they can and get out of here. That is when Gastro and his fellow assassins show up. Do they have a reason to fight now? Surprisingly they’re not going to. Avenging their boss isn’t in the contract. It is revealed that the infected do not have the virus. It is just an enhanced version of a common stomach bug. Therefore the vaccine is not needed. Take these supplements and rest up and in no time they’ll be back to normal. However the virus that Takaoka wanted to use on them was real. Had they actually used it, it would have been sh*t. They went against Takaoka orders to do this enhanced bug enough to make it seem like life threatening because they heard Takaoka never intended to give them the vaccine as he wanted to see their despair face after blowing it up. So the assassins weigh their options that would have a greater impact on their future. The pro assassins are still taken in for questioning but they leave the kids with lots of respect and motivation with their professionalism and coolness. Before you know it, everyone is healed. The government’s attempt to kill Koro fails as he is now back to normal. Koro wants to enjoy himself but since his students point out they’ll be heading back tomorrow, he can’t waste a single second and does everything in lightning speed. This means the boys start shooting him while the girls enjoy themselves playing on the beach. Koro is tempted to join them. Sure, come on in. Till he remembers what the water will do to him. Bitch tries to seduce Karasuma but he is not interested. Give it up. He’s gay ;p. Koro praises Nagisa for doing his best. Once they return to Kunigigaoka, class resumes as normal.

A Teacher To Die For
You know what? I guess the planet is still around and do you know what this means? It means there will be another season! Yay! More Koro sensei and class 3-E antics. I am not sure if the final arc diverted the attention and returned Takaoka to become a villain we love to hate so our characters can turn hero and show us what they have learnt. This means delaying whatever means to kill Koro as they team up to go save their pals? Whatever. Either way it works for me because with such a great series, it would be a shame if it doesn’t get another season seeing there are so many other potentials (Gakushuu’s revenge when?) and unanswered questions (Koro’s origins).

The funny moments and the progression of the plot in seeing how the students plan and scheme their way to get Koro are never dull because the yellow octopus is very unpredictable himself. They keep you intrigued on your feet as you ponder with them what moves they are going to make next. You can’t help sometimes to cheer on the students for their attempt to be successful and when they don’t, you feel equally as bad and down with them.

It goes without saying that Koro remains the best character and teacher ever. Nobody has made learning and education this cool and fun. You have got to love the way he prepares his classes and teaches his students with utmost care as he grooms them to become both a human and pro assassin. Unless you’re a pure demon, you cannot ever find yourself to hate this guy. Especially not the students who have spent many moments with him. Everything he does is for their sake, growth and development. That is why I was wondering even when it comes down to it, can they really pull off the assassination after being so close with him? But after seeing the way they have trained, the interactions and the missions they have pulled off, I am without doubt that when the time comes, they can pull off the assassination without hesitation.

Koro is so cool in what he does and the things he says as lessons in life that you can never find anywhere in any school textbooks or best selling authors’ self motivational books, that sometimes as though he is like God himself. I mean, you can’t already kill him because he is so damn fast and then he stays a hundred steps ahead of you like as though he knows and predicts the future. Like as though he read right out from the script. But the only thing that had me bugging when Koro uses his mach speed is that he may be fast but can the others keep up with his speed? For example when he tutors everybody. He might be fast going from one student to student but when you think about it, the students cannot be lightning fast in finishing their homework or understanding, right? They need time. Normal time. So don’t you think Koro has to slow down and ‘wait’ for them? His super speed is only feasible if he is dodging attacks but not so when it comes to other stuffs like this one.

The biggest irony of Koro is that despite he has so many weaknesses (based on Nagisa’s notes there are more than 30 weaknesses as observed but there could be more as we are unaware of), he looks so vulnerable at any moment and an easy picking. With weaknesses so silly that you think this guy could even lose to a duck. But then he recovers fast enough to avoid being assassinated although there were a handful of times he almost came close to death. Or maybe everyone was just so flabbergasted as the silly weakness that they just lose the motivation to kill? Sometimes you think he is just trolling and acting out to lead them astray but if there is one thing we know about Koro is that he doesn’t lie and you can say he is even more trustworthy than any politicians and lawyers. But Koro is also a big bag of mystery. You think the more you know about him, then something new up his sleeves pops up. It surprises you. Sometimes it gets to you. Like as though he is some sort of final boss that gets stronger the more you think you have weakened him. And then it all goes back to square one. Like a final level game boss character that was never programmed to be defeated anyway.

But something bugs me about the assassination teachings that Koro is training his students. Unless they have changed the definition of assassination, shouldn’t all the training be to focus on taking out a life professionally? And yet Koro forbids the students to do that except if it is to him. Of course they are under contract and the likes and the term assassination may be only used on him. And for the sake of argument that the students manage to kill him. Earth is saved, they received their reward. Then what? I am very sure the Japanese government is like a typical government worldwide would want to hire them as assassins to do their dirty jobs. They’re already pros at a young age and what more when they turn into adults. Their potential is frightening. So if he is training them to be top assassins but yet remain and not lose their compassionate human heart, don’t you think it is not accurate for them to be called assassins? Unless of course the definition of killing a person is different. Like, you ‘kill’ his motivation or ‘kill’ his old self and make him turn into a new leaf. Yeah, maybe that. But it is still worrying that despite assassinating isn’t amounting to killing for these kids, it just feels like glorifying this assassination aspect.

The growth and development of the 3-E are shown at a steady pace. Taking a bunch of rejects and turn them into respectable peers is the kind of underdog story we all love to see. We just hope those who looked down on them would receive their due punishment. However I feel that not all of the students get their fair share of screen time. Some stand out more than others while others whom I can’t remember their names were relegated as being background supporters. Sure, we have seen main ones like Nagisa (I still can’t get over his girly looks after all this time), Karma, Sugino and even Terasaka in action. But what about the obscure ones like, uhm, like that guy and that girl…? Ah, can’t remember their names after all. With a class with almost 30 students, it is hard for everyone to have their own spotlight. I understand this problem when you have lots of characters and each with their own unique personality and potential. Maybe they’ll leave it to next season for their turn to be showcased?

When you think about the concept of Kunigigaoka of shaming 5% of its students just to motivate the rest not to share their fate, it might be a little cruel and discriminating. But who cares if you are the majority, right? I guess this is how countries with ruling dictators work. You make an example out of the few to scare control the rest. And since this school is already starting them young, you can imagine the vicious cycle when they join the workforce and society. Sure, this method is not perfect or ideal, but if you are against this sort of discriminating method, care to suggest any other way that guarantees a higher success rate? It is just sad that the ‘successful’ get it big in their heads and their right to look down on the scums with their superiority. It bugs me that the persecution class 3-E faces every day, do they not get any complaints from their parents? Or do they know very well enough of it but with Asano’s intimidating presence, their parents can only hang their head in silence and shame.

Some characters you can see they have changed greatly like Terasaka who was once a selfish person who couldn’t care less about everything else. He turned into a stronger character who looks out after for his friends especially playing a pivotal role in waking up Nagisa. You’d never expect something like that from his character. And some characters I feel a bit of a letdown like Karma because I was expecting him to be real badass and although he is still badass enough, it just feels that he didn’t live quite up to expectations maybe because he suffers from that lack of screen time syndrome. Then there are those who you can look up to (aside Koro) like Karasuma as he closely observes the growth and change of the students. Some a bit like joke characters like Bitch and Okajima that at first looks feel more like jokers because of their comedic unfortunate circumstances they get into but they are still as lethal as their counterparts.

One of the things that surprised me was the fact that almost the entire cast that voiced the characters in the OVA were replaced in the TV series. Actually I didn’t realize this until Bitch made her appearance. Because I was anticipating to hear Yui Horie’s voice again but then when the character made her debut, she sounded different. This wasn’t Yui Horie. Not to say that Shizuka Itou didn’t do a good job but Yui Horie did left an impression on me voicing this character. Of course as with time, I got used it. Among the other main casts that were switched include Jun Fukuyama as Koro (originally voiced by Tomokazu Seki in the OVA), Tomokazu Sugita as Karasuma (Junichi Suwabe), Mai Fuchigami as Nagisa (Nao Touyama), Aya Suzaki as Kaede (Ayana Taketatsu), Sayuri Yahagi as Okuda (Miho Arakawa), Satomi Satou as Kanzaki (Rina Satou) and Yoshitaka Yamaya as Sugino (Yuutarou Honjou).

In fact I should say that almost all the characters that made their appearance in the OVA had their change in seiyuu for the TV series. The only one that was retained was Nobuhiko Okamoto as Karma. Of course it goes without saying that with the TV series there would be new seiyuus for new characters like Saki Fujita as Ritsu, Sho Hayami as Asano, Kenta Miyake as Takaoka, Megumi Ogata as Itona, Ryota Takeuchi as Shiro, Mamoru Miyano as Gakushuu, Takashi Matsuyama as Lovro and Takehito Koyashi as Gastro.

The students of 3-E sing both the opening theme songs. Although the rock based outfit of the first opener, Seishun Satsubatsuron is to fit the theme and pace of the series, somehow I just don’t find it appealing. Making it even weirder is the dance (if you can call it that) that you see the students doing. I don’t know what the heck is this high 5 rodeo/jumping dance all about. It’s so weird and funny that I couldn’t laugh. Seriously. The second opening theme, Jiriki Hongan Revolution sounds worse in my opinion. Maybe everybody is having fun. That’s what the song sounds like. Sure, it is good for the kids. But not me. Even weirder is that in addition to that weird high 5 dance, now you’ve got the kids doing some sort of arm swinging (like when you’re running) dance. WTF. Having fun, aren’t we? I know these dance movements won’t be catching on in my books forever. However I can take heart that the ending theme is the best of them all. No, I am not being sarcastic. I actually prefer the slow and beautiful ballad of Hello Shooting Star by Moumoon. It’s quite calming to hear this piece after watching the craziness of the episode.

Overall, this is a fun and entertaining watch to see how teacher and students bond in the most unusual way. It was mainly never about killing him to save Earth or whatsoever. It is about giving a chance to those who have been written off. Because no matter how down or useless you are told you are, there is always that potential inside and just needs some polishing up a little. I am sure that with Koro’s mach speed, he can tutor every single human being and guide them to be at least decent. No problem, right? I mean, it is not a daunting task for a super creature like him. Yeah, the irony of a yellow octopus teaching us humans. An insult to humanity? But if that is what it takes to cure stupidity… Oh wait, there is no cure for human stupidity. Look at all the rage and post-before-you-think comments all over the web. Depressing, huh? Then could it be Koro would just kill himself instead? I understand his pain. Because if that’s the case I also don’t want to live on this planet anymore…

Okusama Ga Seitokaichou

February 20, 2016

Long ago, there was a wife in the form of a magical girl. Then there was also a wife in the form of a high school girl. There was one too as a mermaid, remember? Now, there is another form of young wife in the form of a student council president. However Okusama Ga Seitokaichou is a bit deceptive in its title because the couple in this said series isn’t actually married to each other. Yet. Let’s say their current status is standing at fiancé and fiancée as per arranged by their parents and they are living together as some sort of practice/training when the time comes. Don’t want to have cold feet and pull out when the big day arrives, eh? Oh, did I mention they have to keep this relationship of theirs secret from others and all the while trying to restrain their sexual urges to keep their romantic sparks alive? Wait. What? I suppose that’s the thing being young and getting engaged during high school. High sexual drive. Well, almost.

Episode 1
During the student council elections, candidate Ui Wakana makes her pledge to liberalise love. Free condoms! Is it no wonder she won? Besides, she’s quite good looking and with great assets and curves. I think almost all the guys voted for her… Hayato Izumi as the vice president is not thrilled she used this tactic to mislead people. However she assures she will not betray those who voted for her and will do all she can with the best of her abilities. Before they head home, Ui wonders when Izumi will be home. It will be much later since he has cram school. When that time comes, Izumi is super shocked to see Ui moving in like a newlywed. Seems her mom messaged her to become his wife. So she has no qualms and quickly accepted it? Turns out their parents are good friends but because they moved while they were young, it is natural they don’t recognize each other. Shortly, Izumi gets a call from his dad also giving his blessing on this ‘marriage’. And they were out drinking when they decided that. Izumi allows her to stay but wants her to leave first thing in the morning. Next morning to his dismay, she sleeps close to him. His rage accidentally has him drop his hidden porn magazine. Wait a minute. For a girl who gave out free condoms and now she’s looking at him with that disgusted looks? Maybe it’s because of his MILF porn preference. He takes this chance to say that with this reaction, she is unprepared to be married. Then she kisses his left ring finger due to some legend as proof of the bond of the heart. He pushes his luck by wanting to kiss her left breast. She allows him. He actually did it! The groping feels good. The sucking fees good. Only to be interrupted by a call from his dad checking out his first night. Why does this always happen? Day one of his married life with this self proclaimed bride begins…

Episode 2
Izumi is not pleased despite giving his bed to her, she still comes to sleep with him in his futon. Last night when she went to the toilet, she got tired on her way back. Her revealing nature of her pyjamas makes it tempting for him to stare at her boobs. Ui is popular at school as many love her support on her liberalisation of love stance. Of course the rivalling public morals committee aren’t looking too impressed. When Izumi returns home, he gets another surprise when Ui is in a naked apron (she got lots of such handy tips from mom). Seeing his reaction that he is curious if there is anything underneath, she teases him and slowly lifts it up. Sorry to disappoint you but she’s wearing a swimsuit underneath. As thanks for cooking breakfast this morning, she wants to cook him dinner. But seeing the dangerous way she is holding the knife (I don’t think she even knows how to cook), Izumi takes over. She wants to help but becomes clumsy and spilled hot water over herself. In an attempt to cool her body and not leave scars, Izumi unwittingly undresses her. Oops. She apologizes for causing him trouble but her stomach growls. Time to feed your wife.

Episode 3
The public morals committee president, Rin Misumi ticks off couples holding hands in public. Till her petite assistant, Makoto Sawatari makes fun of Misumi’s humongous boobs. Karen Fujisaki, the student council treasurer reports this to Ui and this might be a challenge for them for their love liberalisation. Student council secretary, Ayane Niikura doesn’t know how they’ll accomplish their mission since she herself has never dated a boy. Ui seems to be a pro in giving advice despite admitting she too has never dated one. Then Misumi steps in to mock them that they know nothing of love so how can they carry out their liberalisation. Izumi tells her she is just overreacting and holds her hand as demonstration. She flusters and leaves. It is no surprise that Ui is sulking back at home. So after she lets Izumi know what is bugging her, she suggests holding hands as experiment to see if it will lead to immoral behaviour as Misumi believes. Izumi is nervous so his hand sweats. Ui licks it and then starts licking his finger. Izumi looks suspicious (embarrassed if I should say) so she jumps on him. Perfect excuse for her boobs to be exposed all over his face. Not sure whether he sucked her boobs too. Ui concludes that it does lead to immoral behaviour although there were too many irregular factors involved. So does this mean Ui accepts the public morals committee’s stance? No. Although she understands their intention, it is fine as long as she doesn’t take it too far. When couples make physical contact, their bond strengthens and they accept each other’s imperfections. Izumi is amazed by her words till her hunger ruins the mood.

Episode 4
Misumi continues to break up couples holding hands. Then a confrontation with Ui right at the school gates and a couple is caught in between. But since class is starting, Izumi grabs Ui and makes a run for it. After school, Misumi confronts Ui and Izumi and won’t let them have their way. Then it starts raining. As they run to take shelter, Misumi spots a couple and tries to hide behind Izumi. Unfortunately they tumbled into a love hotel and before you know it, they’re in a room. Man… Poor Ui is running around looking for him in the rain. If Izumi should be clearer about something, it should be about this. Because he asks Misumi to take off her clothes! It is to dry her clothes but too late, he already got a beat down. There is a swimsuit she can temporary wear while he dries them. Misumi apologizes for her earlier action. That couple, the girl was her best friend and she knew that guy. They weren’t dating but rumours surfaced that she used her boobs to seduce him. That’s when she realized having such big boobs was nothing but trouble. That’s why she wanted to prove her moral character. Misumi doesn’t recognize the vibrator. Izumi wants her to hand it over but this reaction makes her believe it is something lewd. But why put it in her cleavage? Now it starts vibrating. Feeling good? Then it slides down to her crotch… Feeling even better? Luckily she gets control of herself to throw it away. When they finally leave, Ui happen to walk into the scene. Her happiness of finding them when she realizes they just walked out of a love hotel…

Episode 5
Ui is saddened by their relationship and wants a divorce! Are they married in the first place? Luckily it’s just a dream. But maybe not… Because Ui left a note she’ll be at her parent’s place. He remembers Ui tried to be calm but obviously her body reaction said otherwise. Hey, wasn’t she the one preaching about freedom of love? Ui is spacing out in the student council that Niikura starts placing bunny ears on her and Karen tries to kiss her! When they get down to business to discuss an email sent from a student who is troubled that her boyfriend is having an affair, they rope in Misumi to hear her point of view since she is eavesdropping. The email suspiciously reads very similarly like that trip to the love hotel. Karen believes guys are horny monsters and the incident must have the guy groping the girl’s boobs. Why is Izumi vehemently rejecting this? He opposes even more when Karen believes more horny stuffs were done. But Ui is looking gloomy. Shortly, a follow up email reveals they have made up after he apologised after they kissed. After the meeting is over, Ui refuses to go back with Izumi. He should be happy but I guess he already made dinner for 2. She won’t budge until he kisses her. So that’s what she wants? In that case, he kisses her forehead. But it’s not enough for her so she kisses him. Wow. A steamy one! You can tell they’ve made up when the kissing gets steamier. The use of tongue and his hands start fondling her butt. Could have been so damn good if not for a kid popping up.

Episode 6
Since she looks a lot like Ui, she must be her little sister, right? Wrong! Misato is her mother! F*CKING SH************TTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best part? She acts like a little girl and Ui is acting more like a mother towards her. Role reversal? She is here to move everything from Ui’s home here. When Izumi takes a bath, Misato joins him as part of her plan to get to know better her son in law. Then the typical slippery floor slipping accident. Her crotch fell on his face. Ui had to come in. During and after dinner, Ui can’t help notice that Izumi and Misato are chatting with each other fine. Starting to feel left out? So that night she comes in to massage his shoulders and although he feels pretty fine, his guts tell him he needs to play along or else who knows how far her mood will swing. Although Ui apologizes for her mom’s behaviour as she has always been like that, she still doesn’t like Izumi warming up and getting cosy with her. She tickles him as punishment but he tickles her back. Cue for fanservice. One thing led to another and I suppose Izumi is tempted by her sexy body so they start kissing and caressing oh so good only to be ruined when Misato drops in. That damn loli mother was eavesdropping… I guess they won’t continue.

Episode 7
Izumi is pissed of somebody incessantly ringing his doorbell. Oh, turns out to be Misumi and her sister, Kei. Looks like they’ll be neighbours. Surprised? Oh, Kei is also the school’s nurse. Surprised? Izumi and Ui’s quality time is always interrupted when Misumi constantly rings the doorbell to borrow stuffs. Then for the last time, he is taken at how good she looks and smells before realizing his cooking is getting burnt. By the time he puts it out, Misumi invited herself in. He makes her wait in the living room but there is where the first trouble sprouts. She finds a panty on the couch! Suspicious… Izumi claims it is from his aunty (hint: loli mother). Suspicious… Izumi can die of a heart attack any moment because jealous Ui seems to be stalking in secrecy. So when Izumi corners Ui in the toilet, the cramped space makes Ui do a naughty move by grinding her hips on his crotch. Her plan backfires when he does it on her. She can’t scream or else she’ll be found out. But their naughty time is put to a halt when Misumi is screaming for Izumi to get his ass over. She found a lip balm only used by high school girls. Aunt’s, I suppose? Misumi does not believe and since she cannot overlook this, she will report this at school tomorrow. That is when Izumi gets desperate to say those stuffs belong to him! He holds her hand pleading not to tell anyone about this. Well, if he insists…

Episode 8
To avoid any suspicions, Izumi and Ui leave their home at different times. He thinks that incident has quiet down since he heard less from Misumi. But one morning, Misumi is acting like a tsundere and at the same time quite worried about him since Izumi does not have enough sleep (from studying). He almost falls so Kei picks him up and makes him sleep at the infirmary. Kei thinks his cross-dressing is causing him sleepless nights. OMG! Could this mean Misumi rat him out?! Too heavy a burden for her to shoulder? Kei then gets on top of him and is going to help transform him into a woman! Noticing Misumi’s reaction, Kei gets the idea and starts moving her hips. Misumi pushes her off so Kei lets her handle it while she fetches a wig. Izumi falls asleep while Misumi applies the makeup. Man, he looks pretty as a woman! Kei wants to put the final touches. What final touches? She takes off her panties! So if Misumi protests, does this mean she’ll do it herself? Yup. Looks like it. She’s being nervous about it (WTF does she mean about doing this for his sake?) but Kei has already taken off her bra. Kei forces Misumi to join in. Her butt is facing directly at his face. So when Izumi wakes up, he sees this pair of peach buns. Time to panic. Both of them. You can guess what happens next. So powerful her beat up that he forgot all the maths formula. Back to studying again? I wonder if it ruined the makeup.

Episode 9
Misumi calls Izumi so that she could give him… Her panties! He thought it would be hard for a guy to buy such stuffs so she is willing to help him out. Why does she look so happy doing this? Karen and Sawatari spy them but when they realize the other, the big battle begins. Karen lost. She returns to report to Ui the suspicious observing she had and exaggerates about Izumi having a secret tryst with Misumi to fondle her mass boobs. Ui remains defensive of Izumi although she is clearly upset. Karen has noticed she is close to Izumi recently and laments they haven’t hang out often. Niikura pushes Karen towards Ui so that she could have her much needed president recharge. Ui later tells Izumi that he told Karen and Niikura about their engagement although she stopped short of mentioning she is at his place. When Izumi accidentally drops his bag and she picks up those panties, she brings him into the alley and starts lecturing about the importance of communication. So how are panties relevant to that? She wants him to take off hers! I guess he has got no choice so he does so. A cat startles them as she accidentally hides his face in her crotch. His horniness activates as he starts fondling her butt. She encourages to try touching directly. He could have if not for the cat again. Lesson: Please keep your kinky acts off public places! Back home, Izumi is in a dilemma. What the f*ck is he going to do with Misumi and Ui’s panties?

Episode 10
Izumi sees Sawatari carrying a heavy bag and helps her when she falls. She notes she has never lifted anything heavier than Misumi’s boobs! After Izumi puts her in the infirmary, he thinks she looks cute as a baby while sucking her thumb and holding his hand! When Ui texts eggplant for dinner, Sawatari misinterpret that to be some sort of illicit sexual subtext! Sawatari tails him home. He is so annoyed that when he yelled at her, she flew away! Oh, she also wet herself. This means he has to let her clean up herself at his place. Then she had to wear Misumi’s panties. Fearing Ui will be found out, he plays that cross-dressing card it belongs to him. Surprisingly she could hold in her surprise. Although Sawatari picks up her own hair on the floor, she thinks a girl is living with him. This makes Izumi reveal that Ui is living with him but denies being a couple. To buy her silence, she wants him to consider Misumi as a candidate. If he accepts, she’ll give him a treasure trove of Misumi pictures in her underwear! Not enough? She’ll throw herself as bonus! She makes him lie down so she can put her crotch on his face and continues begging to consider Misumi as a candidate. Then Ui returns and sees this. Luckily she believes Sawatari’s lie that she is practising riding a horse. Sawatari then asks Ui about what she likes about Izumi. Just about everything, right? Noting she is deeply in love with him, Sawatari vows not to lose too. Later Izumi receives from Sawatari a butt pic of Misumi. Share of spoils?

Episode 11
Today is Ui’s birthday and now that she is 16 years old, this means she is of legal age to marry. Sawatari sees Izumi not only to return the borrowed panties but also to give him a transparent camisole. She heard about his cross-dressing… Misumi you rat! But Ui seems to have a more pressing question for him. She wonders if he has licked or rubbed her panties! Only sniff a little? WTF? Ui thinks the camisole was a birthday gift from him so she tries it out for size and seduces him. But he might be breaking her heart telling her to change. You aren’t turned on? What are you? Gay? Later Ui realizes that this camisole is quite risqué now that she has taken a good look at it. Then she remembers her mom’s (unnecessary) advice that when a boy gives a girl clothes, it is so he can take them off. When he wakes up, his face is in her boobs. Then they start kissing each other aggressively. She touches his dick to see if he had any reaction. Thank goodness. Then she lets him touch hers also as prove that she has some sort of reaction. The groping gets too steamy and hot that Ui burns out. Heh. Even with no interruption, this is as far as they go? Later Ui learns Izumi wanted to actually buy her another present apart from this but had no time. However she is more than happy that she got to spend the entire day with him.

Episode 12
While the duo are out, looks like Misato calls Ui that she will be visiting again. Oh, she is already at their doorstep. Izumi rushes home first but bumps into Kei who wants him to spill all the beans (Misato rat them out), though he manages to get away. It seems Ui’s dad is also here, Ryouji. Holy sh*t! He looks like a kid! F*CKING SH************TTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The parents look young enough to be your kids!!! However Ryouji does not like Izumi and abuses him. He regrets agreeing to let his daughter get engaged with him. However as a man he will stick true to his words. He will test Izumi to see if he is worthy of being his daughter’s husband. But this makes Izumi think that if he screws up, would this engagement be annulled? Sounds tempting… But the memories spent together… This causes Izumi to look worried so Ryouji kicks Izumi to remind him about worrying his daughter. Later Ui apologizes to Izumi about her father’s behaviour because he is treated like a kid (obviously) so he treats everyone at work and at home strictly. She also says that she has long wanted to be his wife. She will wait as long as it takes for him to return her feelings. For the first time, Izumi calls her by her first name. Izumi and Ui are forced to sleep together since the parents are already taking up Ui’s room. As Izumi ponders Ui’s words and partially remembers their childhood, sleepwalking Ui pulls him close to her. She hugs him like a bolster and his face is smothered in her boobs. She feels her crotch cold and puts his hand there to touch and warm it up. Eventually she just sleepwalks to turn off the air-conditioner. What just happened?

Ui and Izumi are putting up posters for their next event. It is a campaign for boys and girls to hold hands. Definitely trying to pick a fight with the morals committee, eh? Noticing the poster is a bit crooked, Ui is going to fix it but she slips from her ladder. Izumi is quick to save her but at the expense of his right hand. Don’t worry. It is just a sprain and it will heal in a few days. Of course this means Ui is having a guilt trip. So for the rest of this episode, it is about Ui trying to atone herself by helping Izumi to bath. Yes. Fanservice bath episode. This means our sexy Ui gets into her t-shirt and panties that would make us straight guys hard to keep our boner down. Naturally after all that washing, she gets all wet. So she soaks in the bath with him and of course he is blindfolded. Nothing is more dangerous with a guy blindfolded because his imagination can run wild. Then it is back to washing his back again but he still has his blindfold on. As expected, she trips causing her humongous soft boobs to press against his back. It’s already hard to keep his boner down and then this… This must be the clincher fanservice. Feeling the need to wash his right hand, she needs something soft that won’t hurt it. Aha! Yeah… She uses her boobs and cleavage to wash it. Gosh, a scene that looks like it came out from a hentai series. Izumi on the other hand cannot identify what kind of soft material she is using. But it feels good, right? Just when he is about to figure it out, his blindfold comes off. Shock stare first. Then comes the embarrassment. Then comes the struggle. Ui slips and again Izumi sacrifices his right hand to save her fall. She is very worried of his right hand but since it is okay, she hugs him in her relief. The most romantic moment with their faces so close until it is ruined with Izumi’s sneeze. Back into the bath. Same for Ui too but she denies so and dumps water all over him. Thankfully, he didn’t suffer any more injuries.

So Young, So Horny
The only reason we’re watching this is the fanservice, right? So whether we care about the plot, crappy ending (if you can call it that) or whatever development is unnecessary so long we get our free tits and lingerie/panty shot fanservice. Am I right? So be wise to choose and watch the uncensored version to get your 10 seconds worth of ecchi delight. Yes, there are 2 versions of this short series and although I have not watched the uncensored version before, I can guess which parts are going to be left out and experience has left me it will be darn disappointing. So do yourself a favour. You’re going to watch this show, you know what it is going to be about, just watch the uncensored version and don’t feel bad about your guilty pleasures. It is easier that way.

And I suppose ecchi is the theme here and the reason why you have this sort of absurd reason in the first place for a pair of high school couple living together. Then when the moment is right, they’ll do a bit of ecchi stuffs that just borders hentai just to satiate our ecchi lust even though you can predict won’t last. So who is to blame for starting this ecchi? Ui encourages Izumi and you can’t blame him for sometimes turning into a demon and taking it too far because isn’t that what Ui wants? Whatever it is, we don’t care because as long as we get the ecchi stuffs, everything will be alright. Am I right? No? Then please think again why you are watching this show for.

Thanks to the fanservice that we look forward to every day, we don’t really care about the characters because all we know that Ui is there to give us the much needed tits shots and sexy panty shots because she just loves sleeping in them. It is already mind boggling itself that Ui, the very person who fights for love liberalisation rights is a noob in love after all. I mean, does she even know the details of what that is? I mean, just look at the way she tries to be sexy to Izumi but the way she reacts when it goes a little too far proves that she is just an amateur. How can the very girl who throws free condoms in front of the assembly be this shy alone with her future husband? I suggest watching for even more delicious and tantalising moves she could make on Izumi in the future. Haha! Maybe then he will be more willing to accept you. But as my guts tell me, he might be giving excuses to let her stay for the time being. In no time they will bond, grow closer and don’t want to leave each other’s side. I mean, which other girl would so willingly let you touch her like that! So show more skin to him, the only way to prevent this guy from turning gay. Haha!

There seems to be this running joke whenever Ui starts to fluster, little chicks seem to pop out from her head. WTF. The more flustered she is, the more chicks will sprout out. It feels like she is some sort of chick manufacturing facility. Don’t worry where they will all go since they are just figment of her imagination. Similarly, Izumi has little purple devils popping out but that is only when his horny side activates. Albeit those little devils are just a handful and not like Ui’s chicks that seem to gush out like water.

Misumi might be giving Ui a run for her money if she ever gets serious in chasing after Izumi. After all, personally I feel the series was too short to even start a love triangle (or polygon) between them. I think I would have liked it further because with Misumi also being a bit like Ui (in terms of sexual attraction and shyness), it will be interesting and funny to see the ecchi catastrophe that poor Izumi will have to bear. Misumi might turn out to be a big hypocrite because despite being on the public morals committee, she seems to be harbouring a little lewdness, if I should say. Now with her hidden feelings for Izumi, won’t that make it worse? Now if this gets out, won’t everybody start seeing her as a slut again? As long as nobody finds out… Like how nobody finds out about Ui and Izumi living together. But with Misumi being a poor secret keeper, the world will one day know about his cross-dressing… That will be the day…

Heck, every other girl seems to have a potential to be Izumi’s harem. Like Sawatari who although supports Misumi, seems to be offering herself as bonus (see, this girl even knows and wants a harem cat fight!). Then there is Kei too who is just teasing so she could push Misumi into taking action. Karen’s love might seem to be for Ui and taking a yuri stance but what if she’s just being tsundere with Izumi? Niikura has not experience in men but what are the chances of this cat girl cosplayer taking a liking for her fellow student council member? Too bad all these characters have potential but sadly the very short screen time and duration of the series make them a total miss.

As for Ui’s parents, I guess I have seen it all in anime. I thought I have seen anime mothers who look like kids with daughters. But this one takes the cake. Because even her husband looks like a kid, you have a pair of parents looking like kindergarten siblings. Usually I have only seen mothers looking like lolis but this is the first time I am seeing the guy and father too. It’s really mind boggling when their daughter grows up and she looks more motherly than her own mom. I hope Misato’s stature and status doesn’t make her both a legal loli MILF! That would be ultimate paradise for perverts who love this kind of trope. So what’s next for young looking mothers? I won’t be surprised if some girl introduces a toddler only to be told this is her mother! Then it would be more like a horror story!

If Ui sounds familiar, then it is because Ayana Taketatsu has voiced somewhat similar characters such as Ako from Kissxsis, Momoko from Momo Kyun Sword and Mio from MM! The rest of the casts are Kazuyuki Okitsu as Izumi (Andre in Prison School), Minami Tsuda as Misumi (Yui in YuruYuri), Juri Nagatsuma as Sawatari (Satone in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai), Yoshie Sugiyama as Karen (so far no other roles at this point as this is her debut role), Aoi Fujimoto as Niikura (Ushiwaka of Inugami-san To Nekoyama-san is so far her only other role), Ryoko Shiraishi as Kei (titular character in Hayate No Gotoku), Tomoko Kaneda as Misato (Chiyo in Azumanga Daioh) and Yu Kobayashi as Ryouji (Ayame in Gintama).

The short opening theme is Koisuru Hiyoko by Rekka Katakiri. Not too bad this rock pop piece. Could have been longer but maybe that will breach the series’ running time to over 10 minutes. Yeah right. The first ending theme is another rock outfit, Ren x Ai = Equation by Ayana Taketatsu. I wonder where she is running to after passing through all the checkpoints. The second ending theme is also rock based, Realize by Minami Tsuda. The animation has the girls jamming as a rock group. Is this even possible considering the rivalry between the student council and public morals committee? Hell yeah, as we have seen in this anime, anything is possible. From young married high school kids to loli-like mothers and the misconception that young wives are horny and wants to be f*cked. Whoops!

This series feels like it is targeted for lonely otaku guys because we very well know that that possibility of this ever happening is close to zero. Even if it does happen, chances are it will never happen to us. That is why we revert and fall back to porn! So this series is like when you want to watch something realistically steamy and sexy because porn is just freaking unrealistic (remember the most common porn ‘plot’ of ordering pizza?) and then fantasize the what-ifs that you could have done to your imaginary 2D waifu before reality hitting you hard in the face. Yeah, watch this show then. It doesn’t take up much of your time, you don’t need to care about the plot or characters and there is certainly worth of some fapping material. With non-anime shows having already made numerous “My Wife Is A…” themes like actress, super woman, gangster, yakuza, zombie, vampire, etc, and going even so far as using the word retarded, so when are they going to make one about my wife is a porn star? Oh wait. Did they already have that?

Strike The Blood OVA

February 19, 2016

Really? I never thought there would be more after the TV series ended a couple of years ago. Yeah, it feels such a long time that I can’t even remember much about it. So I thought Strike The Blood OVA was supposed to rejuvenate and revive things of the series. Maybe another season? Well, let’s not get ahead. From what I heard, this OVA is an original story not based on the manga. And by that I’m not saying the producers are the ones who came up with the story. The series’ creator is the one who created a new original story for this so you can’t blame others if the story has no relation or detract from the original, right?

Kojou and Yukina see on the news that the royal family of Aldegyr will be arriving at neutral Japan (but of course) to sign some peace accord with Warlord’s Dominion. So this means La Folia will be busy and no time to visit them, right? Wrong! Because suddenly she runs to Kojou for help! Seems this Viking dude is after her. Kojou and Yukina try to defend her but are surrounded by agents. Turns out this dude, Lucas is the king of Aldegyr and La Folia’s father. So talking out in the café, the big issue here is about La Folia needing to find a husband. If Lucas intends her to marry, then she will take Kojou as her husband. Lucas is not pleased because wanting her to get married doesn’t mean he will just approve any guy. Plus, he thinks Yukina is Kojou’s mistress. Even so, La Folia doesn’t mind being his mistress if Kojou chooses Yukina. Polifonia, Lucas’ wife and La Folia’s mom diffuses the tension and invites them to their party tonight. Guess who else is here at this high security party? Sayaka, Asagi Motoki, Nagisa and Astarte. As long as Kanon knows them, they’re invited. How convenient. The entire gang is here. Lucas is also not pleased that Kanon may have feelings for Kojou. That is when La Folia blurs out that this is proof that someone as great as Kojou have multiple mistresses. See all those girls react to that teeth sinking statement? Yeah, it just makes daddy’s blood boil. Screw the peace accord. He is going to find out more about this Fourth Progenitor. But good news Kojou won’t have to be interrogated by him. Because bad news the place is suddenly attacked by drones. Time for our gang to strut their stuff and kick ass. Kojou saves a woman, Trine Halden from a drone. So what is the thanks he gets? She licks his chest!!! OMFG! But it seems something starts to affect Kojou subsequently. But I’m sure his watching harem is not too pleased… Polifonia is awed with his skills and wants him to return to their country and take La Folia’s hand in marriage. Say what?! What will the other girls have to say? Sayaka comes up with some whatever law so and so but Polifonia counters that with another law. Can’t argue with that. Since it’s getting late, they’ll discuss this tomorrow and retire for the night.

Asagi can’t help worry about this so Motoki advises her to win first before they beat her to it. She’s thinking deeply about this in the bath when Kojou enters! You might have guessed something is wrong when he becomes a smooth operator in wanting to bath with her. It gets awkward when Astarte and Kanon come in. He invites them to join in. They agree. Asagi protests but Kojou says all he wants is all of them to have fun. She can’t believe he said that and starts throwing things for him to get out. He takes his leave but not before stumbling into Yukina and Sayaka on their way in. Yeah, he has seen his almost his entire harem naked in this short span of time. Sayaka talks to Yukina about the need to protect La Folia from Kojou’s inner beast. Yukina goes to talk to Kojou but he gets flirty and pushes her down on the bed. La Folia approves of this and even suggests a threesome! When Kojou hugs La Folia, some static causes her to pass out. The perpetrator is Trine. Yukina and La Folia are kidnapped and it seems Kojou is now her slave.

There is a demand ransom to release political prisoners who are serving life terms on Aldegyr. Polifonia trusts La Folia will be fine and Lucas stands firm with his kingdom’s policy of not negotiating with terrorists. Don’t worry. They’ll do all they can to rescue La Folia and her friends. Trine discusses with the terrorists that Aldegyr won’t be so dumb to give in to their demands. But this is just to buy them time. Yukina reacts jealously when Trine makes Kojou do her nails. Taking advantage of this, she has Kojou carry her to her room. Kojou is then ordered to beat up the guards guarding Bifrost, the royal family’s airship. Their plan is to crash and disrupt the peace signing ceremony and to activate the ship, a royal blood is need, thus the kidnapping. When La Folia hears of this plan, she tells Trine that she should have told her sooner because she would be glad to help her to kill Warlord’s Dominion’s Lord Ardeal. But doesn’t the collapse of the peace signing mean war between both nations? But isn’t this what the North Sea Empire (the terrorists) wants too? After La Folia activates Bifrost, the girls are locked in a room. Yukina wonders why La Folia is siding with them. All that was just an act. Really? How are they going to get out and save the day? Oh, La Folia has a plan of course. The ceremony is about to begin. Kanon is made to disguise as La Folia. The terrorists release several military mechas to attack. Time for Sayaka and Astarte to show what they’ve got. Meanwhile Asagi tries to hack her way inside Bifrost.

La Folia and Yukina have escaped from their room. I’m not sure about La Folia’s method of overheating the room and blowing up the lock but Yukina is all sweaty now. La Folia’s cool magic kept her cool. Although Asagi has hacked the entire ship, it is not before the terrorists managed to release a missile straight towards the ceremony. Lucas and Lord Ardeal have finished signing and are about to shake hands when the missile self destructs just outside. Asagi managed to hack it in time. Kanon mentions that was a gun salute as a symbol of peace for both kingdoms. Trine orders Kojou to kill the girls. La Folia tosses Yukina at him. He remembers her smell. Smells good? It breaks him out of his hypnosis. La Folia knows Trine is from the beastmen tribe and uses her pheromones as hypnosis. But even so, how could Kojou escape her hypnosis easily? Between the scent of a young girl drenched in sweat compared to the over-perfumed b*tch, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize which will win a man over. Trine and her terrorists will now destroy everything. Yukina gives permission to Kojou to bite her. They both power up and put evil to sleep for good. Remember Kojou, it’s not your fight. But OUR fight! Now Bifrost is going to crash! Don’t worry. It’s in the sea, right? See, what did I tell you? Everybody is fine. They’re saying their goodbye to the royal family at the airport. Polifonia hints to Kojou to consider his marriage to La Folia and she’ll reconsider writing off the loss and damage he made to Bifrost! Lucas still doesn’t approve of him and despite his mighty weaponry threats, Polifonia shuts him up. Later, Yukina isn’t pleased that Kojou remembers everything while he was under Trine’s spell. And then she blames him when she herself says about that sweat covering incident. It’s always his fault.

Strike The Playboy
First things first:
MAMIKO NOTO IS AWESOME AS POLIFONIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phew. I’m glad I made the right choice in watching this OVA. Heck, I would have even so. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, as far as this OVA is concerned, I believe fans of the series and those who enjoyed watching the TV series would find it entertaining and interesting. Although a couple of episodes would be hardly anything to further develop anything else. But like in the TV series, I guess the mini arc serves as a good short standalone that many could enjoy. Even if you have not watched the TV series and jumped straight into this, there is not much to lose although it would be better to have done so.

When Kojou starts his short flirtatious playboy mode, it was like perhaps the moment that most harem lovers had anticipated to see. Although we know that there is something wrong and this isn’t the Kojou we know, we can’t help dream for a while that this is what it would look like if Kojou ever starts playing around with his harem. Some girls would agree and some would not and some would just remain the tsundere. Ah yes. So much potential. Can we have another original story about something like this, please? Then again, we don’t really want to dilute the value of this series by turning the powerful Fourth Progenitor into a cheesy leecher.

Other than that, I suppose this OVA is pretty decent in other areas. La Folia and Yukina hogging the spotlight the most but other characters do have their share of the spotlight albeit nothing much. You have your little action, your little fanservice (some exposed tits here!), your little drama and your little romantic harem moments. A little of everything but ultimately just enough for entertainment value. I just hope this OVA won’t start a trend of new kinky sexual fetish of smelling sweat of your loved ones. That would really stink no matter how sexy it looks.


Prison School

February 14, 2016

Attention all feminists! Gather up! Because it is time to teach those men and let them realize their place. Even at sacred places like school which is supposed to be a place for education and learning, there is no end to the illicit fantasies and delusions of those dogs. Why, if there is only a prison in school to jail all those pigs. Well people, I hope you don’t get the wrong idea that this is a feminist anime. Heh. I don’t even know the definition of it by today’s standards. But as far as the anime Prison School is concerned, it might look like some sort of thing that extreme ‘feminists’ would like to cheer on. Because a group of boys is jailed and tortured by the hands of the female prison wardens all because they did one small tiny minute silly petty crime against the girls. Don’t worry. This series isn’t meant to stoke or fan the gender divide. But it has got lots of great stuffs that I guarantee that will keep you interested. Violence, blood, sweat, tears, poop jokes, fart jokes, fanservice, comedy, drama, friendship and feminism. Okay, maybe they didn’t have the last one.

Episode 1
Hachimitsu Private Academy was once an all-girls high school but recently opened up to boys. It is no wonder the male to female ration is 1:200! But only 5 boys enrolled?! Therefore it is no surprise that this is mainly the reason our perverted guys enrol here. Ask Taketo Morokuzu AKA Gakuto, Shingo Wakamoto, Kiyoshi Fujino, Jouji Nezu AKA Joe and Reiji Andou AKA Andre about it. Kiyoshi tries to talk to a girl but… What to talk about?! Mind went blank… But other girls keep their distance so his record streak of never talking to a girl before continues… In class, Kiyoshi is the only guy and he had the bad luck to drop his sumo wrestler themed eraser next to the class’ prettiest girl, Chiyo Kurihashi. He thought he is busted but turns out Chiyo is a sumo fan too! His pals are wondering why Kiyoshi didn’t turn up in their usual guys’ meeting. That’s because he is busy talking to Chiyo about sumo! Even he isn’t so infatuated in it, I guess he’ll go with the flow talking to Chiyo who is so passionate about it. She hopes he could take part in a sumo tournament in 2 weeks. That night, the guys begin their devious plan: To peep at girls. I mean, it would be a waste not to, right? However when Kiyoshi realizes they are going to peep at his class, he starts fearing Chiyo will hate him. Gakuto’s plan is to hang Kiyoshi’s handphone from the rooftop down to the window to peep. In Kiyoshi’s panic, he accidentally drops the phone. He has to go pick it when Chiyo comes in! Is he doomed?! Luckily Chiyo is near sighted without her contacts and thinks Kiyoshi is her friend Mayumi Tanaka! His escape is made impossible when Chiyo brings him into the bath. Full of naked girls! The other guys also prepare to barge in but are attacked by crows. Kiyoshi cannot understand what Chiyo is talking about the Underground Student Council (USC) and their warning for the girls to stay away from the guys or face punishment of jail time up to a month. When the real Mayumi comes by, could this be the end of Kiyoshi? A girl barges in to warn the guys are peeping. They scramble and this gives Kiyoshi the chance to escape.

However he sees his buddies captured and being publicly interrogated-cum-tortured. That is when a girl hands him an official guide book of the USC to introduce those whipping girls as Hana Midorikawa the secretary and Meiko Shiraki the vice president. So who is the president? You’re looking at her. Mari the Crow Master! Oh sh*t! Kiyoshi is beaten up and dragged to the other guys. He fears the worst when Chiyo sees this. The quintet are now placed in a prison school where they will serve their one month sentence. The guys argue human rights violation and will take it to the higher authorities. Sure, they can do so. But just remember to mention the peeping and they’ll get expelled. It’s their choice. They are also forced into hard labour to erect a barrier around their prison. Meiko continues her dominatrix abuse on the guys but Kiyoshi views she went too far as she wants Andre to lick her boots. However later the guys are not appreciative of Kiyoshi’s defence because they really wanted to lick her boots and they’ve never got up this close to peek at her panties!!! Besides, her spit was delicious???!!! These guys are goners! Noticing Meiko’s tactic backfired, Mari sends in Hana to do the job. She may look like a cute and nice girl but the slightest wrong makes her chop you up into pieces. Oh, did I mention she is a karate master? Oh sh*t… And she’s wearing pants underneath. Sorry, no pantsu. The guys are forced to find 4 leaf clovers. Good luck… Kiyoshi returns a baby crow to its nest. Chiyo sees this and believes he is not a bad guy. After all, grandma said those who love sumo can’t be evil. Now it makes him harder for him to confess his peeping deed. Worse, he makes a promise to be at the sumo tournament. After Chiyo leaves, Hana is seen trying to take a dump near the tree. Kiyoshi must keep quiet or doom he will be. But the mother crow pecks him thinking he was trying to steal her baby. And down he falls…

Episode 2
Hana screams and although this attracted everyone, she won’t make Kiyoshi say what happened. Yeah, too embarrassing. Amazingly his life was spared too. Mari’s father is also the chairman of this school. He learns that the boys are in prison. Although he considers their peeping action as normal for boys their age, he won’t stand up for them but wants Mari to at least give them the weekends off as stated in the rule. But later when Mari returns and sees the porn sites her father was looking at, she gets more pissed off and has decided to enforce stricter rules on the boys. They are now clearing the wasteland to create a vegetation garden. They get motivated to work hard and earn their weekends but when Mari only allows them 3 hours because she views they are behind schedule, this makes Kiyoshi think his date with Chiyo is under threat and there is no choice but to break out. Slowly and patiently, he digs a hole behind the garbage shed with only a fork. Can he bust out at this rate? Chiyo then throws him a message about the tournament and it gives him hope. Kiyoshi notices Gakuto acting different towards him. And when he hints about that message, Kiyoshi fears his secret is out. However Gakuto didn’t rat on him. Hana returns and calls for Kiyoshi. She doesn’t believe that he has not told the others about that peeing incident. She wants him to pee right in front of her! This very ambiguous scene is cut short when Gakuto comes looking for him. It seems Gakuto was trying to hint that he will help him break free. Meanwhile the chairman knows Mari has seen his porn website and I think he purposely drop his porn pictures before her. But this only serves to make her hate it all even more and will enforce even harsher rules.

Meanwhile Gakuto and Kiyoshi discuss about their escape plan. You thought Gakuto is being a real friend trying to let him escape for free, eh? In exchange, he wants him to buy some Three Kingdoms figurine since he is a history freak. Next day as usual they are clearing the shrubs, Kiyoshi and Gakuto start fighting. This makes Hana do a karate kick that accidentally destroys the shed. After Meiko does some S&M punishment on them, Hana forces them to rebuild it. Of course this is part of their plan that they can dig a way out without being supervised. Only one problem: Hana returns to supervise them. Hana fears Kiyoshi is whispering to Gakuto about that peeing incident so she calls him to do it now in front of her. Since he can’t, she makes him drink some tea. Gakuto comes up with a lame idea to turn Hana his bride. He thinks from her personality she is a history freak like him but when he starts blabbing, she beats him up not understanding a word he says. Kiyoshi needs to take a leak and surprisingly Hana gives permission but follows him. He runs and locks himself in the toilet but she jumps over and into the cubicle. Now your dick is mine! She is forcing him to undress and pee! During the struggle, let’s say Hana got herself all wet. Hana calls in sick although Meiko can’t understand why she is covered with ‘golden showers’. With Hana out of the picture, Gakuto thinks they can proceed with their breakout plan but gets beaten up by Meiko as usual.

Episode 3
The breakout plan is moving along smoothly as they make the hole bigger. Now that Kiyoshi can fit through, he slips through to do some reconnaissance. However there is the chairman burying all his porn. It’s amazing he can identify which women by their butt. With him around, Kiyoshi cannot get back and Meiko is suspicious. Gakuto stalls long enough and even putting up some trap for Kiyoshi to come back. Later, Meiko puts up next week’s work schedule and it seems they will be doing something different and split into teams for the track club’s regional meet which falls on the day of the breakout. As Shingo is paired with the duo, they wonder if they should let him in on their secret because he too is getting suspicious of them getting too close. However Shingo misinterprets their words as being gay and even in this hilarious bath scene where he mistakenly sees the duo in ambiguous gay position!!! Then they spot him and he gets the wrong idea they want a threesome! He switches out to go work with the rest. As the building the duo will be working in is far from the garbage shed, Kiyoshi discovers he can travel undetected via crawling under the drain that leads there. He overheard Shingo telling the rest about their gay time. Meiko whips them back to work and then starts doing her squat exercise over the drain. I’m sure Kiyoshi is mesmerized by this butt view but as he moves along, Meiko slips and her high heel stabs his butt! When the guys are lined up, Meiko is suspicious about Kiyoshi taking too long in the toilet. Shingo covers for him by saying he has haemorrhoids. There is blood coming out from his ass! Thanks to that stabbing, it saved him.

The guys get to attend computer class with girls although they are given that vile stare. If you’re wondering why Gakuto ordered some sound device, it’s not to learn English. To cover up while Kiyoshi is away, he will play poop sounds in the toilet to avoid suspicion. That is why this computer class is for him to download poop sounds! But do you believe it? NO POOP SOUNDS OVER THE INTERNET!!!!!!! There is only one way… Record his own poop… Kiyoshi doesn’t want him to sacrifice himself like that but Gakuto is willing to help his friend more. Here comes the sh*t!!! OH SH*T!!! He soiled his pants… Record success. Now with everything laid out and even their detailed timing of the plan is absolutely flawless, nothing can stop Kiyoshi’s breakout, right? But when he goes to check the hole, it is covered with cement! OMG! Why?! It seems the chairman dug up his porn. Then he realizes he still needs to get rid of it and buries them back at the same place but with cement. He spotted the hole in the wall and covered it up. Gakuto falls into depression knowing their hard work is all gone. It couldn’t be the USC because they would have been punished so it must be a school staff. He starts blaming Kiyoshi he should have checked the hole (gay joke?) to see if the cement was wet and could have destroyed it had it not hardened. He starts screaming to give his sh*t back!!! Their other friends I suppose make some sniggering gay jokes but ultimately they will support them all the way. Yeah, they totally got the wrong idea. But Kiyoshi believes there is only one way left. He is going to cross-dress as a girl and breakout through to front gate. As a laundry service always comes by weekly and park near the dorm’s rear entrance, they can steal a dress and put it back after everything is done because nobody is going to pick up the uniform during the weekend, right? But next day, Gakuto seems to be getting pervy with Meiko to get beaten up more. What’s gotten into him? With Mari in the picture, he then makes this ultimate move by pulling down her skirt!!! Don’t worry. She’s wearing leggings underneath.

Episode 4
In addition to Meiko beating him up, so do the crows. Gakuto later stays late at the student council office to seek Meiko’s forgiveness. But how is she shaving his long hair will help in the plan? You see, Kiyoshi walking out in a girl’s uniform would draw suspicion because of his male looks. So what better way for a wig to cover that up! Genius! Now they have to steal a uniform. When the cleaner guy is here to collect the uniforms, Kiyoshi is waiting underneath the drain covers for the right moment. But since every moment is too dangerous for him to be spotted, Gakuto calls out to the baldy to pick a fight with him. This gives Kiyoshi enough time to get out and start searching. If it only wasn’t filled with panties… When the guy has had enough with Gakuto’s taunts, he heads back. Kiyoshi must get out or risked being spotted. He hides under a laundry basket but he gets locked inside the van. When it drives off, the van seems to have crushed the laundry basket that Kiyoshi put there beforehand. The guy gets down to inspect and this gives Kiyoshi the chance to escape via driver’s seat. Brilliant. Meanwhile Mari talks to Meiko and notes the guys have become more defiant. It only proves that Meiko is slacking in her supervision and not because they have gotten used to their environment. She warns something will happen to her if anything scandalous happens again.

Here comes the big day. After Kiyoshi puts the sound device in the toilet cubicle, he crawls underneath the drain and then puts on the girl’s uniform. Meiko gets suspicious when a familiar strand of hair flies by her. Kiyoshi needs to hurry putting on the uniform as Meiko is coming around. But the blazer is too tight! Ripped! Ingeniously, he covers it by carrying the bag on his back. Meiko is fooled as she thinks ‘she’ is a fellow student and walks away. Kiyoshi is just metres away from freedom but he had to be caught by no other than… MARI!!! Of all people! But luckily she doesn’t realize his identity and calls out to ‘her’ because she thinks it is not wise for a girl to be carrying a bag like that. As she tries to correct her bag, she spots the rip and believes ‘she’ was trying to cover it up and apologizes for the embarrassment. Kiyoshi is now in seventh heaven as he meets up with Chiyo on this sumo date. He couldn’t care less about the sumo but he is so freaking happy to be with a girl. Even happier when she gets close to him to take selfies. When Meiko is suspicious that Kiyoshi is nowhere to be seen, Gakuto mentions about his worsening piles. She goes to check it out herself and because he didn’t answer, Gakuto plays the poop recorder. She gets turned off and walks away. As Kiyoshi relieves himself at the toilet, Chiyo accidentally spills her tea on his bag. Then she sees a uniform inside… When Kiyoshi returns, he couldn’t understand why Chiyo looked so upset. Then she calls him disgusting and walks away. Realizing his bag has been peeped into, the real reason why Chiyo is mad… The uniform he stole belonged to her! OMG!!! Shingo hasn’t seen Kiyoshi for so long and thinks he is slacking. Meiko is also getting more suspicious and goes to the toilet to order Kiyoshi out. The poop sound is not working anymore. Meiko breaks down the door.

Episode 5
Well, Kiyoshi is back but he is crying. And I don’t think it is because his piles are that painful. At first Gakuto thought he failed to acquire his figurine but when Kiyoshi hands it over to him, he is so happy that he couldn’t listen to the real reason behind Kiyoshi’s tears. The moment they stepped out of the toilet, Mari confronts them. She knows Kiyoshi is the one who cross-dressed as a girl and escaped. Kiyoshi feigns ignorance but she shows the selfie Chiyo uploaded on the social media! Oh sh*t! Furthermore, Chiyo is Mari’s little sister! Double sh*t! Kiyoshi is forced to admit. If that was not bad enough, Shingo punches him for escaping to go dating while the rest bust their ass at work. Kiyoshi is kept isolated and interrogated although he mentions he is only working alone and no other boys were involved. It is decided that based on the rules, everyone will get collective punishment. Although the rest gets a month extension in prison, Kiyoshi will get expelled. Gakuto wants to protest but it seems Shingo doesn’t care. He is mad not because Kiyoshi went out dating. It is because he never told the rest about this and thought they would rat him out. It’s like he doesn’t trust them. Meiko talks to Mari that in reality they have no power to expel Kiyoshi. On the contrary, there is a way. Chiyo decides not to further mope in her room and return to her normal school life. But she hears rumours about a boy breaking out cross-dressed and is getting expelled. Kiyoshi is brought to see Mari and she wants him to sign this voluntary withdrawal from school form. Mari coaxes him to do so or risk living the next 3 years of his school life branded as a pervert. Kiyoshi believes this is for the best but he only regrets not clearing up the understanding with Chiyo.

Suddenly Chiyo barges in to protest what Mari is doing. She explains she invited him out. Kiyoshi gets his chance to clear up the misunderstanding. Mari argues Chiyo is not the guilty party but the victim. If Mari is still persistent in expelling him, she will also quit school. And here she signs on it. Chiyo adds that she saw Kiyoshi rescued a crow’s nest and like Mari said, anybody who doesn’t hate crows is a good person. However Mari doesn’t believe so and wants Kiyoshi to sign but he refuses, citing he will do his best to reform. Mari dismisses them for today. But Chiyo threatens if she makes Kiyoshi drop out, she will also be submitting this form. Now that Kiyoshi’s misunderstanding with Chiyo is cleared up, he has nothing left to fear. Why not? After Chiyo smothered his face in her nice gentle boobs, yeah, that guy is pretty motivated. The big encouragement to remain. But now he faces another challenge. Shingo leads the guys in isolating Kiyoshi whether they are in the cell or at work. Gakuto is forced to side with Shingo. He accepts this fate but at least he has Chiyo’s boobs to carry on. Meiko knows Mari won’t let this go and true enough she won’t. This time she will have all the boys expelled under the codename DTO (Dog Transferral Operation). Meiko is tasked in observing the habits and hobbies of the guys in order to find their weakness. Like Gakuto’s Three Kingdoms, Joe’s ant farm, Andre’s diary and Shingo… He looks like the most upset having the sentence extended. As Kiyoshi is cleaning the toilet alone, guess who is back? Hana! So she’s taking a dump there? As usual, she intimidates him and has not forgotten what he did to her the last time. She makes him say that she isn’t the dirty girl. And maybe next time she’ll have him prove it in front of her. I hope Kiyoshi has enough fantasies of Chiyo’s boobs to get him through this. He is going to need it. A lot.

Episode 6
The USC are discussing about DTO. Knowing the guys are not that dumb to do anything to get them expelled, they need to make the public know that they pose some sort of danger and turn all the girls in school against them. Then not even the chairman can defend them anymore. Noticing that Shingo is leading the shutting out of Kiyoshi, Mari has the perfect plan. Meiko calls Shingo privately and treats him with goodies aside from not beating him up like the rest. He can have all this if he does what she says. This means ratting out information about the guys’ behaviours and the likes. Tempted by the great food, he mentions about Joe’s love for his ants that when Andre accidentally spilled them, he went into rage and wanted to kill the big masochist guy. Using this piece of information, the USC put forth their plan. As the guys are relaxing outside, Kiyoshi spots Meiko talking to Shingo. Joe is walking his ants (I guess that means letting them out of their farm) when Shingo calls him. Joe then notices one of the crows is eating his ants. He rushes to save them but Meiko stops him. He gets violent enough to push her down. Hana lands him a kick. Mari views this violence as violation. He would injure the vice president over some insignificant ants. He is ordered to be placed in isolation but Joe’s anger doesn’t stop there. Blaming Mari for her f*cking crows, he takes up a sharpened wood and aims to stab her! That is when Kiyoshi jumps at him. Although Kiyoshi gets stabbed, but it is right in his asshole! OMG!!! Is this some sort of running joke?! It’s bleeding like hell! He calls it haemorrhoids to cover Joe’s violence although it is clear that he tried to attack the USC. After being placed in solitary confinement, Mari has Andre return his ants that he was ordered to collect back. They are still alive because of anting. Crows try to bath themselves in ants to cover themselves with secretion used as insecticides. She mocks him for being an ant lover but yet doesn’t know a lot about them. So who is he calling an ant murderer for this misunderstanding?

Kiyoshi knows he has a bad feeling when Hana escorts him to the infirmary. You bet. After putting cream on his ass, she returns with a pot. Time for him to pee in it. Gosh. She’s not over that yet? While he is at it, she’ll take a commemoration picture. This guy is really screwed. He puts up a struggle for that but since they’re short of time, she is going to pee on him! WTF?! She has him lie on his belly while she prepares to pee on top of him. Suddenly Chiyo comes in! Oh sh*t! It would be bad if she sees them like this. They hide underneath the bed as Chiyo looks for Kiyoshi. They are so close and can’t make a sound till Chiyo leaves. Hana felt something touching her from the bottom. And it’s growing bigger… Oh sh*t! After Chiyo leaves, Kiyoshi instantly apologizes but Hana has already passed out. Meanwhile Mari sees the chairman to report Joe’s violence. I guess he is trying hard to hide his porn he ordered via courier but after forcing to get up to answer the phone, Mari spots his porn mouse pad. That’s it. DTO must be intensified. Joe confronts Meiko and didn’t expect what happened to Joe because it looked like he set him up. However she shuts him up to continue doing as he is told or she could just rat out the good food he is exclusively getting. Shingo continues to bully Kiyoshi. However Joe tells him off to stop acting like a brat. Joe warms up to Kiyoshi and thanks him for saving him or he could have been in a real prison. Kiyoshi tells him about the odd thing that day because he saw Shingo talking to Meiko and it was weird to have all the USC gathered at the yard at the same time. While Hana doesn’t remember much of that dick touching incident, Meiko gives Shingo 2 hours of free time outside school.

Episode 7
Enjoying his new freedom at the arcade, Shingo meets this senior girl, Anzu Yokoyama and looks like he’s quite smitten with her. Back at school while Shingo cleans the toilet, he finds a little sword toy accessory (Gakuto accidentally dropped it while he was agonizing over his conducts). As Shingo is troubled he might not get goodies, he shows the toy to Meiko but she slaps it away upon learning he picked it up from the toilet. Unfortunately it bounced into the snack she is making and to be served to Mari. She accidentally bites it and Meiko is filled with guilt but can’t tell her the truth. Meiko then does more research on this toy and it leads to some information on this Guan Yu figure. Speaking of Gakuto, he is in depression for losing that precious toy. On another free day, Shingo goes to the arcade and again chances upon Anzu. Seems she has him accompany her. She wants to invite him out to a movie (b-grade horror movie of giant grapes killing humans?) but he isn’t sure his next time off. She gives him her scrunchie. On the day he gets to go out, hang it on the prison barricade and she’ll be at the arcade. Meiko lines up the guys minus Shingo and hands them a snack each. When it is Gakuto’s turn, she hands him that piece of toy. Remember this? In fact, she takes out the entire figurine he has been hiding in the toilet. Meiko has done some research to know that this is a very limited edition that only comes out on the day in which Kiyoshi broke out of prison. This means Gakuto aided in Kiyoshi’s breakout. Gakuto pretends he doesn’t own it although we can see his body reaction at its limits. Meiko goes further in testing him by riding on the figurine. Any more force, she will break it. If he admits abetting Kiyoshi with the breakout, she’ll return the figurine. Gakuto dives to grab it and this is a sign to show he admits the truth. However to everyone’s shock, Gakuto smashes it on the ground!

Later Kiyoshi feels sorry for Gakuto for wasting his effort. But Gakuto has no regrets. Although anguished over the broken figurine, his conscience is not clear because this is nothing compared to feigning ignorance when Kiyoshi was bullied. He vows never to do such a thing again. When Shingo arrives late, he picks up the toy and accidentally mentions where he found it. Mari realizes the truth and faints! Meiko is ready to accept her punishment in any way but is totally ignored! Her punishment is not to receive punishment? Gakuto apologizes to the guys for hiding the truth for so long. Shingo wants payback for his double crossing but it seems Joe doesn’t mind. The USC didn’t find out about the assisted breakout and if not for Kiyoshi saving him that day, it could have been even much worse for everybody. He is in no position to criticize Gakuto. Andre also forgives Gakuto because he was trying not to create more trouble for them. Shingo is so mad that he accidentally reveals where he found the toy. How did he know Gakuto hid it there? Uhm, the USC told him? Did they? Well, they did notice Meiko and Shingo have been pretty close recently… Meiko thinks Mari having her wear a smaller uniform size smaller is the punishment. Yeah, no revealing cleavage or pantsu but it looks like her boobs are about to burst out any moment. Andre has gone long without punishment and would like to receive her whipping. However she never hit him. This continues until he falls into depression. As Meiko is weakened from not being used to wearing the smaller size uniform, Chiyo helps her rest at the USC office. Then she spots the DTO manual… When Meiko recovers, she reports about Andre writing his embattled feelings of not being punished in his diary. With this, Mari will initiate DTO tomorrow. Chiyo is eavesdropping outside and heard this horrifying news.

Episode 8
While Shingo is happily out with his Anzu date, Andre is suffering from punishment withdrawal. Yeah, it’s getting real bad. As Meiko leads the guys for another labour job, they pass by Chiyo playing go with Mayumi. Shingo spots a hidden message on the board. However he cannot decipher the meaning (that is, the plan to kick them out). Andre is already at the stage of hallucination and hearing Meiko’s voice. It leads him to the correction office whereby he spots his diary. Strangely, it has recently written events. Thinking it might predict the future (because it was written he will get his punishment), he starts hearing Meiko’s voice. He sees her in the distance as she tempts him to come get his punishment. Andre becomes desperate and lunges at Meiko but the barb wire fence is holding him back. When Kiyoshi tells Gakuto and Joe about the hidden message, Gakuto deduces it and they realize Andre is in danger. By the time they find him, he has broken through the barb wire. This has been a setup because it looked like Andre broke out. A second escape will extend their sentence by another 3 months and a third will have them expelled. All they need is for the snitch to return. The lovebirds are probably having the time of their life pinching each other’s cheeks (?!). Shingo spots a couple of boys bullying his friends for ‘betraying’ them to go hang out with a girl. When he tells them off, surprisingly the victim throws sand at his eyes and says not to bully his friends. This makes Shingo feel guilty as he spills all to Anzu. However Anzu is also hiding a secret and she too feels guilty about it. Flashback reveals Anzu is the captain of the guard for USC. Mari made a deal with her to give her an executive post next year if she is successful in this plan. That plan is to delay Shingo’s return on his date as he was told if he was a second late, it would be counted as tardiness and thus a breakout attempt. Anzu tells him to hurry back as there is not much time. He adjusted his watch while they were at the movies so he is 30 minutes behind time.

The guys continue to believe in Shingo as they yell out his name amidst getting beaten up by Meiko. Shingo dashes home and almost gets hit by a truck. Just when all hope is lost, Shingo is seen returning via that truck. Courtesy of that cleaner guy! Is he going to make it? 10 more seconds left! But the door is lock! OMG! Time ticking down! Hurry! Time’s up! He’s late. Expulsion is on the cards and Mari couldn’t be happier. The door wasn’t locked but just opened in a different way. This was the labour job Meiko had the guys did earlier on. Back in the cell, Shingo admits everything and feels guilty for being a hypocrite. He doesn’t mind the guys beat him up. Kiyoshi softly touches him and calls it even because all of them are as guilty. But when Shingo explains all the flirtatious things they did, he gets beaten up for real! You just made them jealous, eh? The guys are brought to the chairman’s office to be told of their expulsion once he affixes his signature. Of course he plans to hold on the signing as long as possible. Chiyo argues they were set up and she saw that DTO plan. However Mari denies of such scheme and the physical evidence has been taken care of by Hana. The USC celebrate their victory. Mari calls Anzu for explanation and she admits she was smitten by Shingo and thus told him the truth. But since DTO was a success, it doesn’t matter. Kiyoshi rallies the guys to fight back and not sit about waiting for a miracle. Because the school’s seaside camp during summertime has got that wet t-shirt contest! Who wouldn’t want to set some wet tits?! They need evidence about DTO. Shingo believes he has seen it somewhere.

Episode 9
Shingo remembers seeing it in the computer of the correction office. But if they have disposed of the paper, surely they can’t be that dumb to keep the email. Gakuto who is also a computer expert has a solution. A recovery software. The problem is only breaking into the office. With the school committee unanimously resolved to expel the guys, all that is left is for the chairman’s signature. This means they have no more labour and their times spent are only either in their cell or outside. Either way, they will not be near that room and Meiko will be on her guard. But Gakuto has another idea. Although all of them cannot take on Meiko and her strength, they can use that strength against her. Now we see the guys playing arm wrestling and Andre seems to be the strongest. They even think he is stronger than all the girls. Including Meiko. She heard this and cannot let this slide. She is going to arm wrestle them. Of course this is part of the plan to steal the keys from her jacket and use the time to download the software and recover that email. Gakuto claims Meiko can’t arm wrestle Andre the big boss and must go through all of them. So when he goes first, it was no challenge to Meiko. He got his arm contorted…

Next is Kiyoshi. Although he puts up a little fight, he got distracted by her tits and is about to lose. That is when Gakuto kicks the table for it to crumble and disrupt the match. This is when he steals the key and heads off. Now the rest must stall her for at least 10 minutes. Kiyoshi requests a rematch and this time loses. He is so distracted with her tits that he didn’t realize his arm was twisted! Shingo goes next and he is about to rant about his made up story of him being the king of arm wrestling in his heydays. But Meiko doesn’t give a sh*t and wants to start. His plan of stalling her with his story failed. Instant lost. Next is Joe. Can this sick guy do it? Not only instant lost, he is thrown to the wall! And now it all boils down to Andre. 7 minutes left… However Meiko spots a single strand of hair on his nipple. This greatly distracts her! This is the reason why Andre is able to hold his ground. The swaying of that strand annoys her and makes her lose strength! Then she realizes all she needs to do is not see it. With all her strength, she downs Andre. As she puts back her jacket, she realizes her keys are missing. Then she notices Gakuto is not around. Right behind you. Dropped these keys, boss? After Meiko leaves, the rest wonders if he has been successful. Unfortunately, the slow connection means he got as far as installing the software. When he heard Andre crying out, he hastened back. Sorry, no evidence. All the guys can do now is only wait for the day of their expulsion and weep in their sleep. Even men cry…

Episode 10
Gakuto is completely broken. He belongs in the mental institution. When Chiyo slips a message in the food, Gakuto thinks he has an escape plan. They’ll escape by disguising themselves as food leftovers! There’s no hope left… Like prisoners on death row, they get their last meal. Gakuto orders grasshopper rice and Meiko actually goes to catch and fry them! But after eating too much of those disgusting bugs, it looks like he got his sanity back. Meanwhile Mari sees the chairman and can’t wait till he signs those papers. Too bad he is doing his ‘miscellaneous work’. Watching butt pics on his PC. When Meiko hands the papers for their expulsion, she sounds like as though she’ll be missing them. She then sees the wasted grasshopper food. Angered that her effort was wasted, she beats up Gakuto. So much for those sentiments. However with the hope of seeing nipples and wet t-shirt contest, they can’t give up. Kiyoshi has written an appeal to the chairman for extension and hopes Meiko would deliver it. But the next day as they are brought out, they see the torn appeal letter. It was never delivered. But surprisingly the chairman wants to speak to the boys privately back in prison. Meanwhile Hana is in cooking class and she is on the verge of remembering that infirmary incident. When she drops her mushroom underneath the table and tries to reach it, another mushroom drops between her legs. Now she totally remembers the humiliation… Enraged, she goes to the prison looking for Kiyoshi with a knife in hand! Does cutting the mushroom signify anything? We guys are clutching our legs tightly, aren’t we? Meiko cannot allow this fuss and let others view badly of the USC so she does a submission move on her till she passes out.

Kiyoshi explains the appeal letter was fake and just bait. He wrote the real appeal on the form knowing that Meiko will let her guard down when told so. The chairman isn’t amused of Kiyoshi’s blackmail. He wrote he knew about those ‘treasures’ he buried outside. Kiyoshi mentions the need of more time to gather evidence of DTO. That is when the chairman asks if they prefer boobs or butts. Kiyoshi instantly knows this is a trick question that will determine if they live or die. Remembering he likes butts, he answers so. The chairman is impressed because no man who loves butts is evil. WTF?! But why butts? Oh no. The question that will determine your fate so think careful. The chairman won’t allow them to discuss since if they like butts, their answer must come from the heart. Plus, if they answered the boring ‘because they are there’ or ‘there is no reason or basis to like something’ answer, an answer he is disappointed to hear so many times, it’s the end of the road. Kiyoshi’s mind goes blank because he is after all a boobs person. Think, man! Think! When he sees Meiko’s boobs peeking through the window (she’s trying to eavesdrop on their talk), that is when he starts ranting about some evolution crap about boobs being from butts and all that nonsense. Say no more. The chairman hugs him and believes him to be a true ass lover. Even though he can postpone their expulsion, it can only be for the most a day. This is not enough time for whatever Gakuto’s plan. However he says a true man can achieve the impossible in a day. Mari is not pleased over this extension but the chairman replies he has decided there is room to question whether or not heir expulsion is justified. Besides, what could go wrong in a day? While Mari is still angered by this decision, Hana offers to handle the boys’ final day. Oh no. Those dead evil looks…

Episode 11
Part of the plan seems to involve Chiyo. They might not like the idea of dragging an outsider in but she’s their only hope. Next, they have to tempt Meiko to do butt wrestling with Andre. However it is not Meiko who is watching them today. It’s Hana. They make a gamble trying to get her to do butt wrestling but Gakuto got his butt kicked! Ouch! I hope his butt didn’t crack… Hana whispers to Kiyoshi that she remembers what happened at the infirmary and to watch out his eryngii. It’s a mushroom, by the way. Meiko thinks Mari has lost confidence in her but as the latter explains, she never doubted her loyalty. She deduces the guys pulled a fast one over her because they must have deduced her behavioural patterns after being posted there for so long. With Hana, they cannot predict her. So the guys are contemplating how to get back into the correction office with Hana around. Kiyoshi reveals Hana has a grudge against him and he can enter it easily. Chiyo receives the message that the boys will move tonight after supper. She is spotted by Anzu who assures her that she is by her side and will cooperate with her. Mari feels something is wrong as the boys have not made their move. Having a hunch they will do so tonight to prevent their expulsion, Meiko goes to patrol the area. Kiyoshi and Gakuto pretend to fight till the latter bleeds but Hana doesn’t care. But when Gakuto screams out something going on between Kiyoshi and Hana, did that girl start to bring Kiyoshi away and alone into the correction office. Oh my… What is she going to do with that scissors?! Goodbye his eryngii? Actually it is just to cut a bottle for him to pee in it. Phew. Oh, she’s not over that yet?

The psychology game begins. Kiyoshi takes off his pants and is butt naked. He wants Hana to help hold the bottle for him. Seeing how flustered she is, this means she is not used to this and can use this to stay in control. However the tables are turned when Hana also takes off hers! For what? To pee on him. They’re going to do it simultaneously? Kiyoshi regains control when he corners her at the door and becomes assertive (his plan is to unlock the door). She knee kicks his gut and ‘horror’ came when he sees her crotch that he terms as Medusa! Well, even if he isn’t turned into solid rock, let’s say his eryngii became hard. Now it makes him harder to pee. Guys know the struggle… Hana is about to pee on him when Meiko’s voice is heard after she catches an intruder. The boys fear if Chiyo is caught, the plan is dead over. But it isn’t Chiyo’s voice they hear. It is Anzu’s. This is part of the girls’ plan for Anzu to sacrifice herself so Chiyo can move freely. With Hana being a bit panicky and assuring Meiko nothing suspicious is going on here (locking back the door too), now Kiyoshi has a another full view of Medusa! When Hana realizes this, she starts crying that it always had to be him. Being seen peeing, getting peed on, getting his eryngii pressed on her and now this. She’s crying so hard that he feels sorry. But surprise! She kisses him!!!!!!!!! Is this her love confession? Well, she claims that she is stealing and ruining his precious first kiss. This is her revenge against him. The kissing resumes…

Episode 12
While Anzu gets her face full of Meiko’s crotch as interrogation, the other boys believe Anzu was trying to help them because if she was working for the USC, Meiko wouldn’t have caught her. Hana continues to kiss Kiyoshi and she won’t let him go. He notices her kissing is stiff. It is not a real kiss. A kiss of the child. He hates to do this but for the sake of their plan, he turns the tables by giving her a passionate French kiss! Here comes the tongue! She is utmost shock until she passes out! Kiyoshi then unlocks the door. Chiyo, who was only told to enter the room when the lights are out, thinks of heading in early. If she does so, the plan would be in jeopardy. Kiyoshi then yells out it is not over yet (signalling a hint to Chiyo) but Hana has had it. Time to return to his cell. Once she does, the guys want to go to the toilet so they make a quick one before returning quietly. Meiko’s interrogation yields no results. Could it be Anzu was just strolling there? However Meiko and Mari could still feel uneasiness because they know better the boys are planning something. Could it be Anzu is just a distraction? They head down to the prison to check but everything seems to be in order. The guys are in bed. No hanky panky. Next day, the boys are brought to the chairman’s office. He reads out their crimes and oddly enough, they didn’t even make a sound for a plea to object. Before the chairman hands in the forms to sign, Meiko realizes something strange about Gakuto. This is not him! He is shorter than usual. It is Joe disguised as him! Then who is Joe? Who is underneath that hood? It’s Chiyo! Then where is Gakuto? The school brings him in while beating up this pervert only in his underwear. Something about not wanting to sully Chiyo’s clothes.

This is how they did it. After Chiyo snuck in, she hid in the toilet. So when all the guys where there to pee, that is when Gakuto, Joe and Chiyo exchange clothes. Chiyo took Gakuto’s place and stayed in the cell while he went on to continue recovering the data. So after he has downloaded it, he escaped and hid outside. By that time, Meiko and Mari came and did their rounds and found nothing. They didn’t think he could have done it so fast so they explain how this plan started since that arm wrestling gig. So where is the proof of the USC’s DTO scheme? It is all in the USB. Right in Gakuto’s ass… Eww! Well, I knew the chairman like butts and asses but… He takes a look at the data and confirms the USC’s underhanded tactics in expelling the boys. Hana then realizes that Kiyoshi had tricked her. She gets mad when he admits that kissing was just a distraction to unlock the door. She is so mad that she starts beating up. However Mari protects Kiyoshi and bears the brunt of her punch. She doesn’t blame her underlings for they were just carrying out her orders. She is to take the blame for everything. With their plot exposed, the chairman will decide their punishment later. But for now, he declares the boys free for they have served their time for the only crime of peeping at girls. Feels good to be free, eh? In the aftermath, we see Kiyoshi getting along fine with Anzu as well as Shingo with Anzu. And there might be another romance brewing with Gakuto and a new girl. Andre gets his much needed punishment because all his classmate girls use him as a punching bag, impressed by his sumo like build. Joe? He’s happy with his ants… The real student council president, Kate Takenomiya confronts the chairman about the sentence he is supposed to carry out on the USC. Just because one of them is his daughter doesn’t mean she can get away with it. He agrees. And so it is decided the USC will be sentenced to prison. They tear Mari’s clothes as mockery to put on the prison uniform. There is nothing she can do but to accept her fate and shame. And off the trio go while the guys uneasily watch them. You do the crime, you do the time.

Breaking Out In Laughter
Hey, wait! It’s already over?! I thought I was just getting started here?! I must say that this could be easily one of the best animes not only for the season but for the year. I can easily vouch for that because there was never a dull moment, not even a blink of a second. Every nano-second had me glued and intrigued in wanting to know what will come next. What moves will the boys make? What schemes will they come up with? Will they be alright? Will they succeed? Will they falter? What obstacles will they face to throw the spanner in the works? How will they use their resources and wits to overcome them? And how will the ladies react and counter to all that to make sure the guys stay in place? So you see, if you think very much about it, regardless of all the violence, fanservice and poop jokes, this entire series is like a battle of wits as both sides try to stay ahead and outwit the other to achieve their goal. And oh, this series made me laugh so hard and I don’t think I have laughed so for a long time for many episodes. Seriously, this anime is funny too! Oh, the oxymoron.

Therefore the execution and the flow of the plot of the story are seemingly flawless despite all the other ‘revolting’ distraction of boobs and blood. Some may find it distasteful but personally I find them funny and add ‘spice’ to the overall. It enhances greatly just about everything. It is just a tad sad that this series only had a season of a dozen episodes because seriously, I was so immersed and ‘lost’ in this world, that when it reaches the end, you can say I was somewhat surprised it is already over. After all, at least the end of the current season as the boys finally achieve victory by killing two birds with a stone. Their freedom and right to continue to stay at school. But with the constant scheming of both parties, there is never a wasteful moment. Every precious second counts. And that is what makes the watch very exhilarating and exciting. Man, I never thought seeing a bunch of guys breaking out of prison (legally for their freedom, that is) would be this fun. Great job everybody. On a side note, the last prison themed series I watched was perhaps Deadman Wonderland. This one is more violent, depressing and just unsatisfying (especially the so called ending).

In addition to that, this series has also some ‘great’ comedy value. Whether it is all part of the plan or accident, most of the funny moments will guarantee to make you laugh out loud. I know I did. Whether it is paranoid Gakuto screaming his head off about something or over nothing or that poop jokes and fart jokes that would make you chuckle and at the same time feel repulsed, if you can’t nonchalantly laugh at this kind of things without thinking too much, you need to go see some sort of specialist or therapy. Even in dangerous situations like Hana’s close up with Kiyoshi in the correction office, despite the perilous state that anything wrong could happen anytime, they can still make it look genuinely funny. If these guys weren’t against each other so much, they would be great jokers. Or rather, it is because they are against each other and being put up in such situations that these funny moments could come about. Kudos to everyone for making me laugh so hard. Really.

Making this series even more interesting is the bunch of unique and odd characters. It is safe to say that most of them, if not all of them, have some sort of weird fetish or hobby that ‘normal’ people would find revolting. Andre’s masochism might be a very common one and Gakuto’s Three Kingdom may fall under the rare category of history buffs and geeks. He is also like the whipping boy of the series. It feels like a running joke and sometimes he might be a masochist because if there is a guy who often gets beaten up for something or nothing, this Three Kingdoms fanatic is the one who takes all the beating. But I have never known a character who actually loves ants so much! Can you even think of a person in fiction of real life that loves ants as much as Joe? Of course if you’re talking about scientists and researchers studying on these little bugs then it is a different story. I’m talking about ordinary Joes (no pun intended) who has a strong and weird obsession with ants while most of us wouldn’t hesitate to stomp them. Uh huh. He will even kill you for that so don’t go stomping them in front of his eyes. Yeah, he even got names for them. Good luck telling the difference.

Meiko seems to love doing weird exercises that makes her sweat profusely (and also give us good fanservice views) and I think this is a long shot but I think Hana has got a little fetish for omorashi (something to do with pee). Sure, it seems like an excuse to get her revenge but noticed her perverted face each time she anticipates and forces him to pee right in front of her? She might be no girly girl, but don’t you think it is kinda disgusting for her even wanting to watch a guy pee? I mean, even if it is too much as a girl, isn’t that just sickening? Unless of course she has a fetish for that. And don’t get me started on the chairman’s fetish for butts…

For the guys, perhaps Kiyoshi is only the ‘normal’ one. Because looking at the rest, sometimes you think they are a bunch of weirdoes and misfits. Heck, aren’t they? We’ve got a big Buddha guy with a small face, a sick hoodie guy, a geek who looks like a psychopath (even scarier when he had long hair) and a blonde yankee. They look so odd and that’s why Kiyoshi seems so ‘normal’ and out of place. But they are all perverts either way. Boys will be boys. I don’t even know how the school only managed to enrol 5 of them but perhaps they are in experimental phase for a co-ed schooling system. It would be interesting to see if this prison system works when the male to female ratio are almost even. So while it is great to see some bromance cultivating closely among the guys, not all females are ‘bad’ as seen by Chiyo and Anzu. Despite the rest of the girls having negative perception of the guys, it goes to show that sometimes it isn’t the outlooks but the character of the heart that steals their heart.

Meiko might seem like a serious character (aside providing fanservice). Someone whom you do not want to mess with. But there are times when she reveals herself as a joke character especially when she starts sweating that is outside her usual training exercise. For instance, when Mari accidentally made an error in her speech, Meiko became so troubled in her mind in noticing that error and wonder if she should correct her or not. Then you see her sweating profusely. Then there is this time she wants Mari to punish her but was totally ignored, it made her look like a fool. In a way, could it be that Meiko is also a masochist for Mari like how Andre is for her? She is only a masochist for the president but a dominatrix for the boys. The chairman too feels like a joker character. Looks intimidating, sounds intimidating but that is all to it till you hear what he sometimes has to say or the perverted things he tries to cover up in the midst of doing. Hana is equally, if not more dangerous than Meiko because her punches and kicks really pack a punch. She doesn’t hesitate to get violent and own you if she doesn’t like what you’re saying. One minute she can put up an angelic face the next minute, she looks like she could give yandere queens a run for their money.

Something about Mari that makes her seemingly hates boys. Could it be because too much of catching her father watching porn? She seems to be pretty cool in handling such situations. I am sure that Mari who is always calm and never really losing her cool, is not really a bad person but it is just a little sad that with the lack of her back story, we are unable to see or understand why she hates them enough to go to great lengths to get them expelled. And perhaps a reason why she is the crow master. I guess with the real student council’s appearance in the very last scene, perhaps it answers why the USC is named so. Illegal or not, personally I think the real student council look more dangerous and psychopath as compared to the USC. From the looks of it too, looks like they have a grudge or rivalry against the USC. So where were they the entire time? Maybe just plotting. Or just watching from the shadows (the irony?) the downfall of Mari and co.

So everybody has got somebody to love in the end? It seems very unlikely for this anime but it feels like some sort of ‘happy ending’ for the guys. The best reward for a guy is to get the girl in the end, right? We have straightforward cases like Kiyoshi and Chiyo, Shingo and Anzu, and now a potential for Gakuto. I also briefly read that in future, Andre too got one of his own, a sadistic girl who can provide his masochistic needs. You know what they say about opposite attracts, right? What about Joe? Is he going to be left out? As long as he has got his ants… Obviously Hana has a thing for Kiyoshi and after seeing so many animes, my guts tell me that the only reason she picks on him and is persistent with her revenge thingy is because she likes him. Want to bet? And I think Meiko too has some soft spot for the boys because she is the one who spends most of the time with them guarding their cell. Because you tend to notice that she notes that the boys will soon be expelled, so and so. How come she doesn’t sound happy saying that? Like as though she dreads when it happens? Hmm… I wonder if the guys will be keen in looking forward to the wet t-shirt contest after finding romance.

I don’t think this is intentional in anyway but I am sure that people these days somehow can ‘see’ it. Because this series seems to be painting boys as the ‘good people’ while a big majority of the girls are just being the b*tches and villains. If you can look past the fact that the victims are boys and the real perpetrators are girls, I think there would be no problem. Because the fact is that the boys despite having done some wrong, they were framed by the very people who were supposed to uphold the law. That is why not to say that I wished for the downfall of the USC (it is with mixed feelings of sadness and relief that they head off to prison), because of this setup, you can’t help root for the boys to have their plan a success. Each time when something comes in the way of their plan or it doesn’t go as intended, you feel their pain and frustration. Like how your favourite football team closely misses scoring the goal. And then you’d be filled with hope when they come up with the next plan. All because they simply never gave up. At times they might be on the verge of defeat and hopelessness. Their despair is too tempting for them to give in but they persevered. That is why in this context the main reason why we root for the boys not because of their gender or anything else.

I would be lying if I say fanservice is not the biggest attracting factor here. Either you will be disgusted or you will be delighted. Well, this is also classified as an ecchi anime so be warned. If you are open minded, you would see all those glorious fanservice scenes and jokes about butts and poops to be funny. We are human after all. We smile when sexy scenes prop up and giggle at fart jokes. It is no shame. Unless it happens to you. Meiko as you can obviously see is the big offender in this category, contributing to a big majority of deliciously sexy and tantalizing fanservice scenes. Her boobs are so humongous that not only it looks freaking fake but as though she just jumped out from a hentai series. So much so almost every scene of her, your mind goes wild thinking if the scene might suddenly change into a hentai one. Even more so the way she dresses and that sexy trademark little purple pantsu she always wears. Yeow! Boobs shot, crotch shots, butt shots, panty shots and whatever angles you can think of, Meiko has done it all. Can we get more? Prepared to be whipped then!

Don’t forget the violence too. There will be blood spilled either way in every episode. Whether it is from the harsh beat down from the wardens or that sick butt jokes (I thought Kiyoshi’s ass bleeding would somewhat become a running joke of the series but I guess after a couple of times it could be quite distasteful and hurts even if you’re watching it) or even Joe’s sickness that has him cough out little pints of blood, there is no shortage of them. Well, it is a good thing that they aren’t anaemic. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. After all that smack downs and hammering, I am sure the guys would have build up some sort of immunity. They must have, right? Unless you’re the kind like Andre…

I want to also point out the water or rather liquid in this anime. Firstly, we have them mainly from Meiko’s sweating. Sometimes I feel that she sweats is some sort of ambiguous sexual subtexts. The rate she sweats out, she can probably fill an Olympic size pool by the end of the day. The other liquid is the pee. Although not much, I thought they look just like plain water. Not to say that I am a pee expert but when I look at them as portrayed here (for example when Kiyoshi accidentally first caught Hana peeing), I thought it was just normal water flowing.

At first I thought there was something very similar to the animation and visual style. This includes the colouring and the shading as well. Somehow I perceived it very similar to Shingeki No Kyojin and thought both animes to be produced by the same production studio. It turns out not. This series is produced by J.C. Staff and perhaps some of the visual similarities of their other productions like Bakuman can be seen here. Maybe it is the same dark brown colour of the girls’ uniform which closely resembles the same colour of the soldiers in Shingeki No Kyojin that made me thought so. Another reason is perhaps the nearly realism look on some of the character’s face. In a way I thought the animation for them was done via rotoscope. Especially when you take a look at Hana’s scary face. Sometimes it looks ‘scary’ enough to be almost real. Some of the other visuals are also creative like when the situation gets dramatic for the guys and they are drawn in a different light which makes them look a whole lot different yet funny. There is also the creative and ingenious use of Lego bricks to depict Kiyoshi and Gakuto’s escape plot to help the former see Chiyo. Delightful!

Voice acting, I particularly love Kana Hanazawa as Hana. She did a very good job in portraying both the angelic side and the brutal version. Her ability to seamlessly switch back and forth between both forms is what makes her character stand out despite having very much less screen time compared to Meiko and the lack of any need for her character to resort to fanservice to be memorable. Sayaka Ohara’s devilishly calm but scheming voice makes her suitable to play the role of the cool headed villainess. She helmed similar roles before such as Bel-Peol in Shakugan No Shana series, Karen in Blade & Soul, Indicus in Log Horizon, Chuu in Etotama and more recently Koukaku in Chaos Dragon. Shizuka Itou as Meiko is also no stranger in voicing odd character roles. She was the voice of that blonde b*tch in Ansatsu Kyoushitsu as well as a certain arrogant rich blonde in the Fate/Kaleid Liner Prsima Ilya series.

For the rest of the voice acting casts, they include Hiroshi Kamiya as Kiyoshi (Yato in Noragami), Katsuyuki Konishi as Gakuto (Oga in Beelzebub), Kenichi Suzumura as Shingo (Sougou in Gintama), Kazuyuki Okitsu as Andre (Midori in Aoharu x Kikanjuu), Daisuke Namikawa as Joe (Rock in Black Lagoon), Chinami Hahsimoto as Chiyo (Yuyu in Hidan No Aria AA), You Taichi as Anzu (Sayo in Love Lab), Keiji Fujiwara as the chairman (Sven in Black Cat) and Ami Koshimizu as Kate (Ryuuko in Kill La Kill). Since the prison boys are stealing the limelight in this series, it is no doubt that they also sing both the opening and ending theme under the name of Kangoku Danshi. Ai No Prison is the opening theme. The super cool hard rock beat feels like the guys are singing and fighting their way to freedom and it feels like they’re having fun doing so. Tsumibukaki Oretachi No Sanka as the ending theme is more fun and relaxed rock-and-roll-like piece. If you love the series and love rooting for the guys, you’re going to love both songs too.

Overall, this series is a very enjoyable and interesting affair to watch. If you can get pass the violence, blood, fanservice, poop jokes, fart jokes and all the other ‘disgusting’ stuffs that were used in making this series wonderfully entertaining and funny. Seriously. One of the guilty pleasures you must have. Seriously. After all, those who love ecchi stuffs cannot be bad guys, right? Wait… That doesn’t sound right… I hope they have another season of this because it is fun to see the prison break and all the funny stuffs (intentional or not) that goes with it. Uh huh. It is bad of me to want them to go back to prison but I guess there is where the fun is. Maybe next time is the USC’s turn to make their prison break from the real student council? Yes, second season please. If prisons in real life were like that, it couldn’t have blurred the line between pain and pleasure further. Heck, everything is like a grey area. Because if this Meiko character is the kind of prison warden as we see here, I won’t be surprised to suddenly find the prison population experiencing a boom in bad boys and probably converting mild and herbivore guys into perverted masochists. Then they wouldn’t mind breaking out and getting caught again all over again. Till they change the warden to a fat ugly mistress or some gay macho uncle! Breakout for real and never coming back, haha!

I thought it was going to be another one of those average fantasy animes based on yet another RPG game. But after reading how it was ‘highlighted’ that the series has characters designed by famous writers and novelists that made superb animes such as Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Kara No Kyoukai, Baccano and Durarara, well, I thought how awesome Chaos Dragon: Sekiryuu Sen’eki is going to be. After all, when you have such talented people gather and pooling their ideas together, you’re sure going to come up with something epic, don’t you think? Furthermore, the character designs in this series are all designed by them so sometimes you might catch their familiar trademarks in a certain character. I know sometimes it can backfire and go the other way too but let us keep things positive. To add to that awesomeness of everything, I also read that when these authors gather to brainstorm for ideas for this RPG game, they came up with so much material that it was enough to make a story out of it. And even animate it! I hope they didn’t come up with those ideas because they were drunk… ;p.

Episode 1
As narrated, the little island country of Nil Kamui was suddenly invaded by Kouran and 1/3 of the land became under their control. Nil Kamui’s ally, D’natia only defended its base and kept silent, taking the other 1/3 of the land. To add to woes, the Red Dragon which was supposed to be the island’s guardian deity went berserk and destroyed villages. Currently, Koukaku and Kouretsu are leading Kouran’s Red Dragon expedition. Ibuki whose family was once the Imperial (royalty) of this island, is helping his friends Mashiro and Kai oversee an orphanage. Ibuki doesn’t want Fugaku to train him in wielding the Ryugatou sword because he believes this island doesn’t need a king anymore. Fugaku wants him to at least take the sword with him. Ibuki and friends head down to the market where they bump into Swallow Craftsvalley and his assistant, Meryl Sherbet. Seems Swallow is here to join the Red Dragon expedition and bear their mission. The liveliness of the market is ruined when Kouran army passes by and announces to the crowd about their expedition to rid of the Red Dragon and save the people via this Dragon Eye they are transporting. The Dragon Eye starts to resonate with Ibuki in making a contract with it. Koukaku spots Ibuki with his sword and based on Kouran’s rules, weapons are not allowed to be carried no matter the reason. Mashiro doesn’t want Ibuki to discard the sword but it looks like he is willing to do it. Even so, Koukaku is about to kill him when Fugaku leads his rebels to attack the Kouran army. Kouretsu gives orders to give everybody so the civilians also get slaughtered. Ibuki thinks Fugaku planned this rebellion when the Dragon Eye gets stuck on his chest. Mashiro gets killed when she tries to protect Kai from Kouretsu’s strike. As expected, this becomes the catalyst for Ibuki to change. Flashback shows his royal family were killed in the last war and that’s why he thought if he became king, he would bring about war again. Looks like he’s wrong. The Red Dragon bugs him to make a contract and in exchange will have his wish granted. Ibuki wants to change the world but in order to seal the contract and achieve his desire, an equivalent price must be exchanged. This means, Ibuki is forced to kill Mashiro. His hand is moving on his own. She is happy to give his life to him and hopes he will be a good king. Against his will, Ibuki kills her to complete the contract. Then he powers up with the dragon’s power to kick that fatty’s ass. In the aftermath, Ibuki is confronted by one of the rebels, Eiha of the Bounded (a human joined with a beast). She confirms Mashiro is dead and Ibuki confirms himself as this country’s king.

Episode 2
Ibuki blames Fugaku for knowing this would happen but Kai blames Ibuki, the Child of Contract for killing Mashiro. When Ibuki is with Fugaku and his men discussing about the rebellion to overthrow their invaders, Swallow and Meryl waltz in. He is a Black Dragon knight from D’natia and was selected to be on the Red Dragon expedition. Meanwhile in a prison in Shuka, the imprisoned Agito Isurugi who is the rebel leader is being accused of starting the fight between the Kouran army and Nil Kamui’s rebels. His plan was to make Ibuki open his eyes and have him join the expedition which is represented by a great warrior from each country. The great sacrifice of both sides is written off as an unfortunate event but Setsuren warns never to let this happen again. Koukaku learns about that farce and won’t heed orders to return as she seeks revenge and wants the Dragon Eye back. Swallow is ignorant of Nil Kamui’s plight. He thought the country is good friends with his until Meryl explains the Seven Year War that made Nil Kamui accept a treaty for a complete surrender. News of Kouran army attacking the nearby village so the rebels get ready for some action. But instead of wasting their lives, Swallow goes to fight them all alone. Meryl explains his technique that all weapons he used will break down but at that point, the weapon unleashes its greatest potential. Ibuki realizes the orphanage is under attack by Koukaku who is trying to lure him out. He has Eiha fetch him there via riding her winged beast, Val. Eiha fights to distract Koukaku while Ibuki saves the orphans. But she loses and the kids are in danger. Ibuki calls for the Red Dragon’s power but he wants another sacrifice. You mean it is not just one time? It’s going to happen all the time if he needs power? Kai is willing to lay his life for him but Ibuki hesitates to kill his friend. But Kai dies to protect him from Koukaku’s attack. Even without Ibuki doing the killing, that was enough for the Red Dragon to accept that sacrifice. Saddened by the fact that he couldn’t save him and is the same as killing him, Ibuki powers up to burn away that spider woman. In the aftermath, Ibuki agrees to join the expedition because if he stays, he will lose more of those precious to him. Besides, he wants to meet the Red Dragon. He has Fugaku take care of the orphans. Part of Koukaku sneak attacks Ibuki but was quickly destroyed by Lou Zhenhua. She is Kouran’s representative and she hugs Ibuki, hoping they can be friends.

Episode 3
Swallow wants to chill with the rest but the Nil Kamui counterparts have something else to do. I guess he’ll have to do with Lou. Meryl isn’t pleased not because he seems like flirting with her but rather he needs some money for drinks. Swallow is interested in this coffin weapon/tool Lou carries considering his plight he cannot hold one. She mentions about people not choosing the tool. It is the other way round. Meanwhile Fugaku visits Agito who wants him to continue supporting Ibuki. The expedition has them leave for the journey south to the town of Haiga where they will have to find a wealthy merchant named Kaguraba Raihou Gramstahl AKA Undead Merchant for information about the Red Dragon. Meryl has discovered Lou’s identity as an assassin. It isn’t good for the expedition but since she isn’t against them and Swallow has his own orders from Black Dragon, they’ll close an eye. Ibuki treat Eiha like any other human. The Bounded are treated like scums by society. Because Eiha sees herself as Ibuki’s weapon and would die for him, this does not sit well for the kid because she is saying the same things like Mashiro. In that case he doesn’t want to be her friend anymore. Several Kouran soldiers corner Lou and want to kill her for killing Koukaku. She opens her coffin containing a talking sword that is also her master, Qisha Tianling. It hypnotizes them to kill each other. The expedition team is at the outskirts of Haiga. They receive information that Kouran and D’natia forces are going to clash due to Haiga’s neutral stance and rumours of funding the rebels. This means they need a plan to get into Kaguraba’s place. Lou believes she is enough to do the job. Ibuki wants to follow so she takes him. They’re friends, right? Inside his creepy mansion, the ball head machine appears before them and wants them to join him for breakfast.

Episode 4
Kaguraba’s servants, Sol (a bounded) and Shadi (a Mixed – human-monster half breed) meet Swallow and the rest and are to bring them to the merchant. I’m not sure if Kaguraba’s idea of breakfast is a parade through town where all the expedition members join him. A Kouran general, Gakusho realizes Kaguraba had been fooling her by sleeping the entire month so when he is in sight, she snipes a head shot. Felt good, huh? But Sol and Shadi repair a new head for him back at the mansion. Kaguraba explains Gakusho’s grudge on him for raising gunpowder prices. A war is inevitable at Haiga. Ibuki suggests negotiation so Kaguraba agrees to this and if he pulls it off, he will deem him worthy for the Red Dragon information. Lou whispers to Kaguraba about Ibuki’s power. This is of course to make Ibuki use it and to understand the power further. Kaguraba then gives Ibuki an apology letter to be handed to Gakusho. Meanwhile Swallow and Meryl meet the D’natia counterpart, Ulrika Ledesma in hopes of buying time for Ibuki’s negotiation. When Ibuki hands the letter to Gakusho, she is so mad hearing his name, she rips it without seeing. It dawned to Ibuki that Kaguraba had expected Gakusho never to read his letter and the need for her to be killed to stop the war. Which means he must use the Red Dragon’s power. His only friend around is Eiha. She bugs him to kill her. Red Dragon is bugging him too. Must he really kill? Gakusho is hesitant because she is well aware of his power. If Eiha dies, so will she. Ibuki thinks and remembers Gakusho thinks Kaguraba is dead. The path might be changed if she is told he is still alive. She is shocked to hear so and when she reads the letter which is actually a peace treaty, she agrees to stop the war. Kaguraba agrees to let Kouran occupy Haiga and cover all their expense. An offer she cannot refuse. Kaguraba is impressed Ibuki stuck to his ideals that led to this very hard outcome. He is worthy for the Red Dragon information. But he notes that Kouran won’t be the only one stationed here as D’natia will also have its ambassador here. With both sides here, the power balance can be kept. After Kaguraba gathers everyone but before he reveals the information, he wants Eiha to explain her background. She was part of the revolutionary army’s first expedition to destroy the Red Dragon. Unfortunately they got decimated when the Red Dragon went berserk. She never talked about it because she wanted to forget it.

Episode 5
Eiha narrates they never got a chance when the Red Dragon attacked and thus it will not save them. Kaguraba now knows what the Red Dragon told him then. The Red Dragon knew he would greatly change. He wanted Kaguraba to meet him at Ogani Volcano as it will be the only place left where he can maintain his sense of reason. The discussion takes a break when Gakusho wants to go take a bath. Swallow is visited by the military’s bishop, Father Enumael Meschwitz and is given a Black Dragon Scale. It is believed to tip Nil Kamui’s land magic powers that are under the Red Dragon’s control to the Black Dragon’s. Who cares what happens to the harmony of the land of this forced switch, right? He believes Swallow will do a good job in furthering D’natia’s interests here. Later when Ibuki bumps into Gakusho, the latter advises him never to use that power again. Or is there something he is willing to gain by losing everything? The team prepares their expedition to Ogani and they will stop by Fort Rosweisse which is located near it. Along the way, Kaguraba learns of Ibuki’s power. He reveals the rumour that royals like him also had the power to revive those he killed. They are known as Returned Ones. However they come back from the dead to assault others. Gakusho and her Kouran army are receiving many villagers fleeing from Ogani. They claim they have encountered the Returned Ones. Gakusho catches Lou in the act of ransacking her tent. Seems Lou is interested in the Gold Wedge that is believed to shift this land’s magic power to Kouran. Gakusho lets her keep it but since she also knows Lou was the one who killed her comrades, she won’t let her go. Qisha hypnotizes her. As Lou strikes, Gakusho is able to defend herself seeing she placed a counter spell on it. However Qisha tells Lou to forget about her since her soul is paltry. He wants her to go for Ulrika instead. At Rosweisse, Ulrika plans to go ahead and investigate further after hearing rumours of the Returned Ones appear. That night, Ibuki’s team is assaulted by the Returned Ones. They seem to be Kouran soldiers. Ibuki is in shock to see Gakusho has turned into a Returned One.

Episode 6
Ulrika and her team investigate the ruins of Gakusho’s unit. From the lone survivor, he told how the Returned Ones attacked the camp and turned everyone into the same. Like how Gakusho was killed and then went on a killing spree to turn the rest into Returned Ones. Ibuki’s team are now facing hordes of Kouran’s Returned Ones. Thanks to Kaguraba and I figured he played enough zombie games to deduce that destroying their brains will permanently take them out. Ibuki calls upon the Red Dragon. As she considers Gakusho her friend, he is willing to kill her so that her killer can be burnt by the flames. Because her real killer is Lou and she is willing to take on the bet to be incinerated since Qisha could feel the Returned Ones having some sort of connection with the Red Dragon. Unfortunately before Ibuki could make his move, Gakusho is killed off by Hien, one of the rebels sent by Agito to protect Ibuki. He is definitely not amused of this especially when Hien constantly reminds him he shouldn’t be showing mercy to Kouran, etc. Eiha picks him up and tells him Hien cannot be his friend. When Ulrika returns to report her findings, they fear that those who were killed in the first expedition were the culprits in making a domino effect turning others to Returned Ones. Ibuki still feel the need to make his way to Ogani so Ulrika informs that another Black Dragon knight leader, Simeon Taslikov is on his way to meet them at the volcano. Later Hien talks to Ibuki and knows about his power. He wants Ibuki to kill him to kill Simeon and reclaim Nil Kamui’s glory. However Ibuki is not going to do so as he has got the wrong idea of his power. Swallow now also knows about Ibuki’s power. He confirms Ibuki wants to rid of it, the reason he wants to become king and end the sorrow. Although Swallow thinks he should hold on to that power when he becomes king, nevertheless for now he agrees to help rid of that power. At the foot of the volcano, the Returned Ones rise. As they are from the first revolutionary army, Hien and his men decide to fight and put them to rest. Then there is also that Bounded big rock guy, Izun. He was the leader of the first expedition, sacrificed himself to save the rest and now revived as a Returned One. There is a claw of the Red Dragon stuck in him. Qisha can sense great power and wants to be fed. Lou suggests attacking Izun from all sides but Ibuki wants to confirm its sanity first. Swallow has decided to lay down his life for the expedition and has Meryl give him the Black Dragon scale. He wants Ulrika to stay behind so at least she can help those kids escape since she is strong.

Episode 7
Swallow remembers his past. He was born with this curse so naturally his parents feared him. He thought his parrot was his only friend. Then a stupid cat ate it! That is when he realized tools and lives can be broken or lost even if he doesn’t touch them. That is why he joined this expedition to part ways with his absurd fate. Ibuki tries to reason with Izun but to no avail. Swallow drops the Black Dragon Scale into the lava and the entire land turns black. The Returned Ones stop moving. Swallow further remembers a Mixed was brought to him as his attendant. She was later kidnapped and on the verge of death. Swallow saved her. The Black Dragon was impressed and shifted her wounds onto him. Lou attacks Izun and tries to get her master to feed on it but was blown away by its might. Eiha plans on killing Izun and then follow him shortly. Ibuki fears she would turn into something like him. Hien then attacks Ibuki. Fearing he might have turned into a Returned One, Ibuki kills him only to realize that it was just a ploy. Hien knew Ibuki would never use his life if he hadn’t taken drastic actions of stabbing and blinding himself! However after his sacrifice, nothing happens. Swallow believes his life wasn’t considered to be an equivalent exchange. I guess now it’s Swallow’s turn to do something. Further flashback shows his family fell from elite into bankruptcy ruin and all the mansion’s assets were confiscated under the Sherbet family. So be careful not to touch all those stuffs. Then he went to see the Black Dragon to rid of his curse. In exchange of that, the Black Dragon wants him to kill the Red Dragon who has gone berserk with his own hands. The scar on his leg that he saved Meryl is seal of their contract. Now Swallow unleashes the Black Dragon’s power to destroy Izun once and for all although he was supposed to save this move for the Red Dragon. Qisha is impressed and wonders how he would use him but Lou feels threatened since her joy is to feed him with all the living blood that flows through her. The Red Dragon’s claw now rightfully belongs to Swallow and should be a clue to what the Red Dragon left behind. Kaguraba then receives a message from Shadi that something is happening back at Haiga. It seems Enumael is proclaiming to the people that Inori will be queen. Who is she? Ibuki’s younger sister.

Episode 8
Eiha remembers Mashiro once told her to help protect Ibuki because she can’t do it on her own. Ibuki thought he was the only survivor from the royalty but it looks like he thought wrong. They return to Rosweisse so Lou can seek treatment after being gravely injured. The volcano has erupted and may pose a threat to the fort. Simeon makes his debut as he uses his awesome Black Dragon power to divert the lava flow. When the gang return to Haiga, the siblings are happy to see each other. But even more shocking, Mashiro is alive! For real? Fugaku as explained was the one who brought her here. When Fugaku visited Agito, he was presented with Inori whom he had hidden away from public eye because he knew Kouran would act if they found out 2 Imperials were living. He had to hide her till the time is right to make Inori their queen and free this island. Of course some suspicions still hang around the air because for those who witnessed Mashiro’s death, they wonder if she is now a Returned One. Lou shows Kaguraba the Gold Wedge. He agrees to work out a deal with in exchange for her to get a replacement artificial arm. Eiha is still suspicious of Mashiro and Inori so she sees Kaguraba to look through his security spy cameras at what they are doing. Seems they’re getting along fine. Meanwhile Simeon tells Ulrika about their orders to guard Enumael and Inori. He has the emperor’s personal cavaliers to help out with this. Eiha confronts Ibuki to tell him that Mashiro is dead. Because Ibuki doesn’t mind not being king anymore, she tells him even if she has been resurrected doesn’t mean he can break the promise. He will be king and she will be his sword to see it through. That night, Eiha calls out for Mashiro to talk. Suddenly Mashiro kisses her! Is it yuri time? However Eiha isn’t lesbian. More importantly, she realizes Mashiro does not have her memories and orders Val to attack. Next day she calls everyone to gather to prove that Mashiro is a Returned One. Because last night she killed her. Now, this doesn’t mean this series is turning to fanservice when Eiha wants Mashiro to take off her clothes. This is to prove the scars that Ibuki and Val are there. Thankfully there is security footage from Kaguraba to prove that Val indeed killed her. As being a Returned One is the only logical explanation, Kaguraba can’t turn a blind eye seeing such beings pose a danger to his town. That is when Inori comes in to confirm Mashiro is a Returned One. She doesn’t bat an eyelid to explain since she is precious to Ibuki, she raised her from the dead. Got a problem with that? You bet. See how shocked everyone is?

Episode 9
At the end of the Seven Year War, Agito offered to save Inori who was trapped inside the castle. But he is the biggest culprit that brought the fall. His soldiers were ransacking the place and he wanted the Dragon Eye. Inori is upset at the turn of events but Agito killed her and made her a sheesh kebab along with her attendant. That is when the Dragon Eye resonated with Inori as she made a pact with the Red Dragon to revive. Now the expedition team are discussing about Agito’s move in such a way that it allows him to support the new king and also maintain his revolutionary army. Inori talks to Ibuki alone (after smashing all of Kaguraba’s spy cameras) and tells him not to trust the combined expedition as their objective is to destroy the Red Dragon. When they return to the rest, Enumael is not amused with all this ‘filth’ so he has a word with Inori. Swallow could feel his scar burning. He remembers talking to the Black Dragon after unleashing the Dragon Scale. Soon Nil Kamui’s will drift further away from the Red Dragon and to the Black Dragon. Swallow is assured that the citizens of the land will merely lose their magic and the discrimination of Bounded and Mixed will be gone. As a reward, Swallow is given a temporal protection against any blade dubbed as Black Curtain. Ibuki is still in a dilemma to support Inori as she wants him to come with her. The plot to be D’natia’s puppet is just a ploy as she plans to rally the rebels to kick both countries out of their land. Ibuki accidentally comes into contact with the Black Dragon. He knows his wish to have this land returned to where it was once but from the way things are heading, there will be blood and loss of lives. The only choice is to side with D’natia and he promises Nil Kamui’s citizens will not be harmed. It is also a good deal for him since the Red Dragon will lose his power and in turn rid Ibuki of his curse.

Ibuki is still in a dilemma on what to do with Mashiro who is now taken away by Enumael’s attendants back to the embassy for interrogation. Despite being a Returned One, she is still precious to him. While Ibuki walks around town, he feels like he doesn’t want to bump into Swallow and runs away. This makes them bump into Hakuei who is the new representative of Kouran and Gakusho’s replacement. Ibuki makes his way to the embassy and he sees the attendants’ dead bodies. He is not happy that Inori will just revive Mashiro again if Enumael kills her. Inori then suggests to kill the rest of the expedition team and starting with Lou because Qisha can prevent reviving Returned Ones. Ibuki feels sad that Inori seems to think the Red Dragon went on a rampage on her behalf. Could her madness also be under his control? At this rate she will kill everyone. Ibuki agrees to go with her but wants to go see Agito and free him considering D’natia won’t support them anymore. When he goes to see Mashiro, looks like she just killed the fatty father. Fugaku explains that Enumael was persistent in wanting Inori to rid of the filthy Mashiro. Mashiro then went berserk and killed the attendants before the father himself. Inori just sat there silently watching. Ibuki then calls for the Red Dragon. Looks like he is going to use Mashiro as a sacrifice. Despite being a Returned One, she is still precious to him. Red Dragon agrees with this exchange. Ibuki uses the flames to incinerate every bit of Mashiro’s soul so that she will never rise again. Ibuki’s last words to her are he still remembers the promise to become a good king.

Episode 10
As Ibuki treks through the forest with Fugaku and Inori, they notice the effect of D’natia’s magic affecting the lands. They need to hurry to Shuka. When the D’natia side goes to see Enumael, they find his dead body and of course Ibuki is missing. So the Kouran and D’natia side discuss with Kaguraba that Agito is plotting something sinister by controlling the Imperials for his own purposes. As for the combined expedition, it seems there is no reason to have it since the revolutionary leader has been plotting behind their backs. Inori ambushes Eiha who has been tailing them. The Bounded has been weakened thanks to the shift in the land’s power. Inori approves of the Red Dragon going berserk and killing everybody because they did nothing and allowed the invasion. She further mocks Eiha’s useless role and numbered days. She is so willing to die for Ibuki so that she could have the satisfaction of living and dying as his sword and friend. Because Ibuki only sees her as an attendant, her life is of no value and will die meaningless like Hien. This affects Eiha and she seeks Ibuki’s confirmation. He has to bite his tongue and say her he doesn’t consider her as his blade and wants her to return to Kaguraba. This is the only way he can protect her.

Swallow and Lou meet and they realize the expedition was just a ploy to buy time for all the political posturing behind the scenes. They still want to go ahead with their mission but it seems both have a different mission in mind. Swallow wants to save Ibuki while Lou wants to find the Red Dragon. Qisha is interested in staying with Swallow because he will get to feed on other Black Dragon knights. This makes Lou jealous as she vows to be the one to kill the Red Dragon. Later Hakuei sees Lou and talks about the rumours how she got that sword although she dismisses them as just rumours. He has orders from Setsuren that she is to take the Red Dragon’s life, even if she has only one life left. Swallow and Shuka prepare to leave for Shuka. Ulrika offers to help out and she warns Lou is an evil person. Ulrika loads the Red Dragon’s claw onto her ship. Lou ambushes her as she wants the claw. Ulrika unleashes her Black Dragon power and summons some sort of Hydra from the depths of the shadows to counter attack. When both sides clash, naturally Ulrika is tempted by Qisha. But when Lou lands the killing blow, she couldn’t kill Ulrika outright because her Holy Spirit is protecting her. Consider it as an extra life 1up. The pain has Ulrika freed from the hypnosis as she captures Lou. But Lou taunts Ulrika’s ideal that she will never get Swallow to even touch her. Then she drops her Gold Wedges to shift the power to her side. After finishing off the Hydra and Ulrika’s Holy Spirit is destroyed, Lou kills her. However they realize they have been had because Ulrika was the decoy. The box supposedly containing the claw is empty.

Episode 11
The bodies of Ulrika’s doomed expedition are retrieved. Simeon can only guess Ulrika’s body because her head is missing! With Kouran and D’natia side on the verge of killing each other, Kaguraba intervenes and then disbands the expedition. Knowing Ulrika’s intention for the expedition for all sides to join hands and save the Red Dragon, he vows to carry out her will. Swallow and Meryl seem to be travelling with Setsuren. She hints to Swallow she knows what he is looking for and can give it to him. Before they get suspicious of her, she leaps off the carriage. Lou finds a weakened and dying Eiha and the latter is still stubborn to make Ibuki the king. Lou gives her a Gold Wedge that would neutralize the pain in her body but she will only have a few more days to live. At Shuka’s capital, the provisional governor, Kurama Kazusa has decided to execute Agito without trial since they discover his plot to place Inori as the false queen. Setsuren is also here and she wants Swallow to not harm the Red Dragon. As he is in contract with the Black Dragon, killing the Red Dragon means the Black Dragon will absorb that power. It will be a problem for her. In exchange for that, she can lift his curse. She tries to get Meryl to persuade him but maybe she went too far by suggesting she could touch him all she wants. Meryl slaps her. Swallow seems not to mind his curse now because he realizes with everything that breaks, something new is born. He threatens to even test this on her. Ibuki goes into the prison alone to speak with Agito. To his surprise, Agito is supporting him to be king. Is he playing double agent? Furthermore, he wants Ibuki to kill Inori. Inori knows she has been set up by Agito when the D’natia cavaliers and revolutionary army team up against her. Agito reveals that it wasn’t Inori who went mad because of the Red Dragon. Because of her, the Red Dragon went berserk. When she was hiding in a village, the villagers realize who she is and killed her in fear of Kouran’s retaliation. But that only made it worse. The Red Dragon appeared from inside her mouth and burnt down everything. And right now it seems the Red Dragon is doing the same. How the heck does that big red thing hide in this little girl? Yeah, he’s burning down the entire prison too!

Inori now remembers that Agito was the one who killed her parents. Agito doesn’t even hesitate to admit that. Because the king was planning to give false security to Nil Kamui by offering the land to Kouran and D’natia, he could not accept this and killed him. Agito tells Ibuki to kill her and he will be known as the king who defeated the Red Dragon. The slabs fall on Agito. I guess execution came early. Fugaku saves Ibuki from a similar fate. He wants him to use his life to stop Inori. However Ibuki cannot hear the Red Dragon’s voice. Inori kills off Fugaku. When Lou and Swallow meet, she seems to want to face off with him despite knowing their powers cancel out each other. Knowing that Swallow has not learnt of Ulrika’s death yet, Lou uses it as a trump card to surprise him by throwing her head at him. However he coolly dodges it and continues fighting as normal. He is so used to see precious things destroyed so there is no time for him to look back at things that are already broken. The Red Dragon takes the fight to the capital. Simeon shows his double contract by summoning the Black Dragon to cut down the Red Dragon. Ibuki is undecided whether to kill Inori. Eiha flies into the scene to stab Inori so that Ibuki doesn’t have to get his hands dirty. Ibuki reminds Eiha she is not her sword but in fact his most precious friend. However Inori and the Red Dragon revive and continue their attack thanks to their contract to each other. The Red Dragon lives as long as Inori lives and since no attack can reach Inori due to the divine protection of the Red Dragon, it’s like they are an immortal pair, huh? Eiha seems determined to sacrifice her life as she sings her song to attack Inori (turning Val into some giant cone?). She wants Ibuki to use her life. He has now decided.

Episode 12
Eiha lost. Shadi brings Swallow the claw. But Swallow mentions about the Red Dragon’s immortality so defeating him with this is also meaningless. Therefore the claw might just be a key to restoring the Red Dragon’s sanity. Then the person who should wield this should be one related to the Red Dragon, not Swallow himself. Lou starts using her Gold Wedges and attack the dragon and Qisha is totally loving the taste of life. Swallow and Meryl go to see Hakuei to request his help to use Kouran’s ultimate floating vessel, Qilin Chuan. Although Setsuren’s orders were specifically for Kouran’s escape, he can’t let innocent people die and agrees to let them use it. As Ibuki searches for Eiha, the Red Dragon contacts him. The Red Dragon mentions about his consciousness is about to be swallowed by Inori’s anger. Her flames of wrath are burning stronger. From Qilin Chuan, Swallow tosses the claw to Ibuki. Ibuki then finds Eiha amidst the rubbles and vows not to make her become a victim of this. Inori plans to kill Ibuki and revive him as a Returned One. That way, he will be the same kind brother she always knew. Kaguraba’s sturdy body protects Ibuki from the Red Dragon’s flames. As Hakuei is having a hard time controlling Qilin Chuan, Swallow takes over. Hakuei is not happy he is going to destroy something that his clan created for 100 years. So? What’s the problem? Build it again! Somehow the sight of Swallow just pisses off Lou. Instead of letting Qisha feed on the Red Dragon, she rather go fight with him. The duo fight until Qilin Chuan crashes into the Red Dragon. Lou is going to kill Meryl. Swallow uses his Black Curtain to save her and takes the hit.

Despite the Red Dragon gone from the kamikaze crash, Inori can still summon him. It just felt comical that Eiha and Val charge and bump her away. She still wants to become his sword till the very end. Realizing how weak Eiha is, Ibuki allows himself to be devoured by the Red Dragon. Because of the claw in hand, it returns the Red Dragon to his sanity. He couldn’t be more grateful. But of course, Ibuki must still offer an equivalent exchange although he has decided to live with this curse and want to sever this sad chain of events. Ibuki will offer him his most precious thing but wants him to promise something in return. When Inori tries to summon the Red Dragon, he ignores her. I don’t know. His ignoring grunts felt funny. Like as though it’s his way of saying “F*ck you”. Now we have Ibuki eyes opened. He realized everyone had sacrificed their precious things to move forward while he tried not to lose them. This only meat he could continue to live while taking something precious from someone else. Now he knows which friend to kill and protect. Kaguraba offers himself but Ibuki chooses Eiha. After he kills her, the Red Dragon’s flames burn Inori to a crisp. Swallow still lives. He sees the Black Dragon who is satisfied with his good work. However Swallow has changed his mind about his curse. He has accepted it as part of his life. Swallow regains consciousness and Meryl couldn’t be happier to see him. As Lou searches among the rubbles, she finds Inori’s Dragon Eye. It now becomes attached to her chest. The pair relish in the fun they’ll have again. A month later, Kouran and D’natia has sat down and work out some roadmap. They have officially approved of the new king who is no other than Ibuki. But the coronation has to be delayed since Ibuki isn’t around. He is running through some desert heading to a place where Eiha will be reborn. The promise made was when Ibuki offered Eiha’s life, he wants the remains of Val’s life to be placed into her. So this mixing and merger of life is also possible? Although this means a new Eiha will be born with a new soul, memory and mind. Ibuki doesn’t care if Eiha is different or does not remember him as long as he lives. Now she is reborn as the last Dragon Shrine Maiden. But somehow her body feels like she needs to go see someone and travel with him again.

It Takes Lives To Take Lives
Rushed ending? It can’t end like that, can it? Probably they didn’t figure out all the materials in time yet and still sorting out the finer points. That is why sometimes I feel the storyline and the plot direction is a little too chaotic. As seen, most probably we have not even begun much and just scratching the surface. Yup, I feel that there is much potential left for the series so I’ll give the production team the benefit of the doubt that they’re still working the rest of the materials out and put on hold some of my unanswered questions. Well, assuming if they do come up with a sequel.

The plot and story sound simple and typical enough about a future king and his ragtag team trying to restore order to the land. Then like in any other Japanese-like stories, there needs to be some sort of flashbacks, plot twists, revelations and other distractions to fit into a single season. That’s why I did say the story was a bit chaotic and this sense if you’re not really into it and obsessed in finding out more (by playing the game?), you’re going to feel a bit lost. Although, surprisingly it was interesting enough to keep my attention till the end, even with the turn of events of making Inori the end villain and final boss of the season.

With a myriad of characters, it is hard for the series to keep focus on one as I noticed it isn’t entirely on Ibuki as it tries to even out the screen time for the expedition members. Due to the short duration and single cour of the series, therefore most of their flashbacks and character are not properly fleshed out. So far we only go in-depth with Ibuki and Swallow and it would be interesting to know about Lou and Kaguraba as well as Eiha. So in the case of Ibuki, he is like a typical protagonist in many Japanese stories. A kid with a tragic past, lost his parents to war, has some sort of power-cum-curse but at the same time is a good person. Hardly exciting, no? It feels like too late he made his decision but I guess it is better than never. He tries to avoid the issue at hand thinking it would save lives but eventually they die and he loses them. Now that he is resolved, I feel it doesn’t make any difference because the war is still ongoing and not over by a long shot so the only reasonable deduction is that better the people die at his hands rather than some unknown and make him go traumatic whatsoever. Yeah, that. Eiha was the case of trying to live her pitiful life and being useful to Ibuki. She tries to look out for him but ultimately she thinks sacrificing her life is the only way she’ll ever be useful to him. Each time an opportunity for her to lay down her life, she bugs him to do kill her. Well, theoretically she is dead. The old Eiha, that is.

The relationship between Swallow and Meryl is pretty amusing. It is like her role of existence is to constantly remind him of something. Because Swallow is the kind of ignorant guy he is, each time he opens his mouth about asking something, Meryl will have that sort of retort in her voice that screams “Oh my God. Come on. Please don’t tell me you don’t know. You should know this kind of things!”. From time to time despite running down Swallow as a good for nothing, sometimes it feels like she is just being tsundere. I think she is. Because she was crying the hardest and still scolding him at the same time after that epic final battle that could have taken his life.

Lou is as near crazy as mysterious as she is. She has this sense that she will be the traitor of the group seeing that her biggest goal in life is to feed her master with the life of others. Now that she has the Dragon Eye in possession, can she summon the Red Dragon herself in the future? Then I figure it will be doom for everybody because she’ll just kill everybody to feed her master and the Red Dragon. I am also intrigued to who Kaguraba really is. Besides having a merchant-like mind to deal with the sticky situations as it usually pacifies all parties for the time being, his very strange bulky exterior that looks like an old diving suit would raise eyebrows of what is underneath it.

For the rest of the side supporting characters who survived for this season, it felt like they were a big miss. Because characters like Setsuren and Simeon had quite the minimal impact and as though their character was there just as introduction. Like Setsuren who hints she is some legendary 1,000 year old ruler and Simeon is just reduced to flashing his super power, that’s about it. Hakuei came into the scene a little too late and Agito who has been the greatest mastermind behind the events of everything so far and the person whom I thought would be the greatest threat, culprit and villain in the future is disposed of. But you can’t say that he is dead for sure because it isn’t like he is on Ibuki’s friend list and since he is very good in hiding and deception, there is even more likely for me to have suspicions for this guy that he isn’t really dead for good. And I mean if in the even he comes back alive, it won’t be as a Returned One.

I thought it was pretty interesting to have at the end of each episode what I called a ‘friend kill list’. It is a picture of Ibuki and his ‘friends’ and those who died whether directly by his sword or killed by someone/something else will be strike off this list. Thus you can call me a sadist for looking forward to each episode to wonder who is going to die next. However it wasn’t the case of a character dying per episode and as the series reaches its end, I was somewhat ‘concerned’ that there were still ‘many’ characters left standing. Heck, I thought they were just going to kill everybody off in the final episode or something. Friend or no friend, everybody should just die. Heh. Regrettably, the list of who goes next is quite predictable (because I think at the end of the opening credits animation might be a big hint of those who would last till the end). I mean, you can’t have characters like Swallow or Eiha die so early, right? And despite like in Eiha’s case she is always ‘threatening’ to die for Ibuki but eventually it was just a big troll that she still has her life in the end. And then when they kill her off but not really because she revived as a different but somewhat similar being. I hope they don’t troll us by bringing back the dead. Every single one of them.

So it makes me wonder what happens if Ibuki runs out of friends? Does this mean he cannot use the Red Dragon’s power anymore? Does this mean as king he will be useless if he cannot use this ability because it seems this is the only ability that he has and it is the most powerful and fearsome of all others. Can Ibuki also take his own life when such case arises? One last final desperate attempt to fix things right. Well, you are your own worst enemy and best friend, no? Thus I suppose for Ibuki to be freely use his move, he needs to have plenty of friends around as ‘stock’, right? Theoretically if he becomes the nice and good king, all the civilians are treated as his friend, then there is no shortage I guess. Yeah, the irony, huh?

Another interesting segment is the mid-screen intermission. As you know Japanese RPGs and even ‘normal’ stories itself are laden with full of terminologies and jargons. Of course to a person like me it is good and bad. Too much of it and it might get too complicating. Such terms are necessary to delve deeper in the background and stories of the world. Thus in this series, the mid-intermission proves to be an interesting insight as they explain some of the terms like Holy Spirit, Qilin Chuan, Magic, and Dragon. But something of this mid-intermission bugs me. The Japanese explanation is one long ass detailed description covering the entire screen. But the translated English text seems to be only a few lines. I mean, is that all that is being said? I wonder if they have condensed it or cut out a lot of the other stuffs. Sometimes it feels like lost in translation. Heck, even to note that the font size for the English words are considerably bigger and easier to read compared to the Japanese’s font in which you need to squint your eyes to have a better look. Also interesting to note that the episode titles take after numbers which translates into idioms such as Shimensoka (surrounded by enemies), Shichitenhakki (ups and downs in life), Hachimenreirou (perfect serenity) and Jisshiisshou (narrow escape from death).

I thought it was getting kinda boring and irritating since the first half of the series after a little while starts repeating the narration of the events of Nil Kamui. You know, how the small island of Nil Kamui got played out and conquered by the great Kouran and D’natia and how their great guardian went mad right before the opening theme song starts playing. I wanted to shout, “Yeah, we get it already!” but after halfway, they perhaps saw what was coming and changed this narration a little. Instead of the first half from Ibuki, the second half has the other characters do this narration from their point of view despite the main ingredients of the 2 super powers and the maddening dragon are still in the narration but somewhat slightly modified although no such narration for the final episode. They just jump straight into the opener.

The other thing that I thought was a little funny was the map of Nil Kamui. I believe the colour shading is to show the occupied spots by the other countries. So when you have the red shade of Kouran in the west and the black shadow of D’natia in the east while the unconquered neutral parts of Nil Kamui as white in the middle, coupled in the fact that Nil Kamui’s island is a little squarish, doesn’t this look like some European flag? I mean, doesn’t it look like the flag of Belgium or more closely the flag of France upside down? Holy sh*t! Didn’t realize that, did you?

The action parts are a hit and miss. While they are fairly entertaining, however at the end of it you wish that more could have been done. For example, it is interesting to see Swallow using his seemingly unlimited supply of tools (I don’t know how he replenishes them from his scabbard after every use) but other than him hacking and slashing, there is nothing more to it. Eiha is just using her Val to bite and attack, that’s all. Ibuki doesn’t really fight unless he summons the Red Dragon’s power and only in that short spell he is epic firing his flames. Maybe Lou is a little interesting since she is a little crazy and daring but it is game over once she gets her sword out.

The art and drawing are pretty okay for a fantasy action adventure. CGI is also used but very minimal and mainly employed on the dragons (which in a way makes them look a bit odd and ‘stiff’). So which character design do I really spot? Actually I couldn’t. The closest would be from Fate/Zero but even that I am taking a guess. As this series is produced by Silver Link, perhaps you could see some of its trademark in its previous works like Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu, Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya series and Cube x Cursed x Curious. Initially I thought one of the authors for this series did High School DxD because the dragons reminded me so. Especially the Red Dragon which looks almost similar that that Dragon of Dragons, DxD. Turns out the author of High School DxD didn’t have any hand in this series. So did the dragon design copy off DxD? Although unrelated, something makes me feel this series is almost similar to the Blazblue series. Maybe it is the close designs of some of the characters.

Normally I wouldn’t have any qualms about the voice acting. Till I hear the Red Dragon’s voice. Personally, I don’t think Houchu Ohtsuka voice fits the character. Not to say he is bad but I thought his voice wasn’t suitable for such a menacing and going-berserk creature. Because hearing his voice just reminds me of Arakawa Under The Bridge’s Shiro and Naruto’s Jiraiya, which his voice definitely suits characters like these. I thought perhaps an even lower voice would be better portrayed for the character. Something like how Jouji Nakata was behind the voice of the Black Dragon. Now this one sounds more convincing. There are a host of popular veteran seiyuus that I was supposed to recognized but unfortunately couldn’t (must be my failing hearing). For instance, Marina Inoue as Ibuki. I don’t remember if she sounds like this when she voices boys’ role (refer to Wataru from Hayate No Gotoku to know what I mean). Miyuki Sawashiro was behind Eiha’s voice. The character is quite soft spoken so I didn’t realize it was her till I did my research. Come to think of it, she sounds similar to Rozen Maiden’s Shinku. The rest are Ryoko Shiraishi as Setsuren, Tomokazu Seki as Qisha, Aoi Yuuki as Shadi and Unshou Ishizuka as Kaguraba. Well, at least I could recognize Keiji Fujiwara as Simeon and Sayaka Ohara as yet another cool crazy villainess as Koukaku.

For the rest of the line-up, they include Souma Saitou as Swallow (Tatsumi in Akame Ga Kill), Maaya Uchida as Lou (Rikka in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai), Haruka Terui as Meryl (Kobeni in Mikakunin De Shinkoukei), Kenji Akabane as Fugaku (Arashi in Triage X), Chika Anzai as Inori (Chaika in Hitsugi No Chaika), Aimi Terakawa as Ulrika (Kazumi in Futari Wa Milky Holmes), Kouichi Yamadera as Agito (Ryouga in Ranma 1/2), Eriko Matsui as Gakusho (Isuzu in Log Horizon), Nozomi Furuki as Mashiro (Yukari in The Rolling Girls), Takuya Eguchi as Hien (Hikigaya in Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Come Wa Machigatteiru), Atsushi Tamaru as Hakuei (Mochizou in Tamako Market), Ryohei Kimura as Sol (L-elf in Valvrave The Liberator) and Haruo Satou as Enumael (Teillagory in Le Chevalier D’Eon).

The heavy rock opening theme is ISOtone by Natsumi Kon. The ending theme is Delta Decision by the trio of Miyuki Sawashiro, Haruka Terui and Maaya Uchida is also another heavy rock piece but this one is ‘heavier’ than the opening theme. Just short of the girls screaming like heavy metal punk rock stars which the song seems suitable for. Yeah, if it was me, I would want to scream out hoarsely the lyrics. There is a special ending theme for the final episode, Sleep Without A Memory by Natsumi Kon is a slow-moderate rock outfit. I would not have noticed the background music of this series but if there is one that stands out, it is that fight between Ulrika and Lou. It is freaking bizarre for a classical piano to be entirely played while they engage in battle! It is just so out of place. Usually this kind of piece playing to this kind of scene only evokes some sort of bad omen. Like somebody is going to die and performing his/her final thing. Don’t get me wrong. The piano piece is quite good but just the question of whether it was suitable for that kind of scene.

I read many comments out there, they weren’t too kind about the disappointment in this series. Terrible story writing and characters are the main culprits in bringing this series to its knees. Even with notable writers pitching in, sometimes maybe it is that super high and great expectations that really brings everything crashing down in reality. Personally, I wouldn’t say that this is a bad anime. Mediocre anime? Maybe. Interesting? Yes, a little. But not for the entire aspect of this show. Recommended for people with low expectations and really like the action adventure fantasy genre very, very, very much. Otherwise, having a main character kill off friends to kill super powerful enemies doesn’t really quite cut it these days. Especially with so much hate and animosity going around on the internet, everyone who is like Ibuki will not hesitate to sacrifice ‘friends’ for the pettiest manner. Yeah, speaking of which, if Ibuki had Facebook, Twitter, Instagram friends, can he really do that? Hopefully those writers would take cue from these people to sit down again and brainstorm with better and fuller ideas. Or people would just start killing friends just to eradicate this mess. Boy, the Red Dragon would be so ever busy burning down the world…

High School DxD BorN OVA

February 12, 2016

After the shockingly disappointing third season, I suppose we are all here in hoping that High School DxD BorN OVA would have some sort of little redemption. I knew I don’t expect this single OVA to save the entire season but at least make this season be remembered as less awful. Heh. Like that would help either. Anyhow, I hope that the fanservice and bare tits here will help ‘nurse’ our ‘broken hearts’.

The Unresurrected Phoenix
Time to dig deep into your memories. Ravel sees Rias and Issei to talk about her brother Riser. If you remember the end of the first season when Rias’ ex-fiancé lost to Issei and had their engagement cancelled, that guy has been holing up in his room ever since. Ah, this explains why he was missing for the past couple of seasons. His defeat was so bad that he has been emotionally traumatized especially by anything dragon related. He hasn’t played any Rating Games since and only runs simulations of them all day long and on occasions only summons people to play chess with him. Yes, it is that bad. Ravel hopes for them to teach him fortitude in hopes for him to rise back up as a man again. I mean, he is after all still her brother. I’m sure Issei will agree to do so seeing he was mainly responsible for this trauma. Outside his room, Riser still doesn’t want to see anybody but upon hearing Rias’ voice, he thinks she is here to mock him. Then he starts getting traumatized once he learns Issei is with her. He tries to hide under his bed sheets! Wow. I didn’t know it was THIS bad. Riser still complains that he doesn’t need this training crap and wants to run away. Even more so when Tannin is here to help with the training. Oh sh*t. You’re screwed. You can’t run away. Ever. Man up to your fears! Good luck pal. You’re going to need it. In the mountains of the dragons, Riser will be trained under another strict dragon who is Tannin’s subordinate. He can’t let Issei handle his training from scratch since he knows Issei is too kind. While Riser begins his hellish days, we take a brief detour to the rest of Issei’s harem and watch them soak naked in a hotspring. Ah, time for boobs.

Issei and Ravel could only watch over Riser as they talk over things like thanking her for that tears potion she gave to him at the party. Ravel seems to be blushing and hinting things to him. Of course it’s time for Issei to size her up too so he takes a good look at her and realizes that if she enrols in his high school, she would be his junior. That itself is splendid if you consider she has a great physique and assets that even bests Asia! When Issei learns there is a hotspring nearby, as expected his thoughts suddenly spring to that of peeking at Rias and co. Yeah, he can’t sleep that night and feels the urgent need to go peek on them. But he needs to sneak out without Riser noticing him. Then he realizes Riser has awfully been quiet because he has already given him the slip! He thinks Riser might have overheard their conversation and his heading to the hotspring to see the boobs all by himself! Issei is hell bent on protecting those boobs. Yeah… Well, I thought Riser was running away but he actually is on his way to see Rias boobs! And so the big battle in the sky between the guys. As Rias’ ex-fiancé, Riser just wants to see her tits once. And most probably Akeno’s too. Issei says no way Jose because all those tits belong to him! Hey. Since when did he own them?! While the fighting rages on, we have another round of watching all those delicious tits. Man, how long are those girls going to soak in there? Finally Issei did a look-over-there trick but kicks Riser too hard that he passes out. Issei is glad he has safeguarded those boobs but now finds himself in the hotspring area. The girls see him. Some are thrilled. Some are not. Enjoy those free tits. Ravel gets embarrassed when Issei sees her boobs and commented how great her body is. Was that compliment necessary? Here is your obligatory power blast. In the end, the guys reconcile. Riser agrees to give up Rias forever. But on one condition: Just let him have one last peek at Rias’ tits! No way Jose! The guys are at it fighting over tits again. Nothing riles up a man more than looking at one’s woman’s tits, right? And with this, Tannin believes Riser is alright now. Yeah. Tits. Truly awesome.

Fall Of The Dragon…
It has been a little fun but overall once this OVA ended, the dreadful feeling that it didn’t really do anything to salvage the season after all. Although I didn’t feel that disappointed because mainly the third season was disappointing enough that I didn’t put my hope for any chance of revival. Even the tits fanservice feels lacking oomph. I mean, when you have seen them for the umpteenth time, things start to lose its charm even if you get to see new boobs like Rossweisse and Ravel. Especially in here when you have nothing special except for the girls standing around naked for a while with their exposed boobs. There are no accidental boobs fondling are perverted hijinks that ensued to make it funny. Heck, sad to say the funniest part was Riser’s trauma when he was reeling from that big loss. It makes him look so different than before. How great the fall of the phoenix has become. Not to say that he has risen (pun not intended) but at least he is much better off than before and not at his lowest point anymore. Well, maybe if they keep continue to argue about Rias’ boobs, that will be the main motivation to for Riser to rise (pun again not intended) once more. Calm down people! It’s only boobs! And there are more than enough boobs to go around for everyone! Haha! And so the phoenix hasn’t rise and the dragon continues to fall. Not because of the poor outing of the third season but because of boobs. Yeah. Tits. Truly fearsome.

Gakkou Gurashi

February 7, 2016

Let’s say that the zombie apocalypse is here, what do you do? Do you quickly take action and provisions to survive by beating up zombies while trying to get to safer places and secure resources like how you mostly see in zombie survival movies and games? Or do you continue to live your life and start hallucinating all this never happened? The latter might sound dangerous and baffling but that is what is happening in Gakkou Gurashi. I suppose to cushion the harsh impact of reality, a group of girls continue to live their everyday happy school life like normal. Zombies? What zombies? Those are their everyday friends, classmates, schoolmates and teachers running and going about in school. So what zombies are you talking about? Well, I’m sure it is fine to avert their eyes from reality but seriously, you wonder how long this will last. How long will the bubble hold before bursting? How long before their brains become zombie chow? Oops… Don’t mean to be grim but hey, isn’t that what all zombie apocalypse is? Because no zombies are going to get up from their grave and do a Thriller dance with Michael Jackson. Aaow! Hehee!!!

Episode 1
Yuki Takeya wakes up and makes her way to school with her little pet dog, Taroumaru. She makes her way to the School Life Club where her other friends are waiting, Kurumi Ebisuzawa, Yuuri “Rii” Wakasa and Miki “Mii” Naoki. Rii makes breakfast for all of them before Yuki has to excuse herself for class duty. Along the way she passes by teacher, Megumi “Megu” Sakura whom she teases is fairly easy to miss. Yuki isn’t exactly your honour student. She’s sleeping right in the middle of class. When Mii barges in to talk to her, Yuki had to excuse herself to the infirmary by faking she isn’t well. It seems Taroumaru is missing so they need to go find him. But the dog is smart and really gives them the chase around school, disrupting various classes in session. They thought they had him cornered at the rooftop but Kurumi accidentally opens the door. The chase continues. Because they’re stepping all over the rooftop garden patches, Rii goes into her angry mode and remind them about the role model they have to be here. But cheeky Taroumaru is on the loose again and this means Yuki and Mii have to continue chasing him till they finally put him on a leash. Somehow it was Yuki’s fault in not taking Taroumaru for a walk yesterday which resulted in his hyper activeness. While Mii tries her best to get Taroumaru for her, that dog never bats an eyelid for her. Try again next time… Then we have Yuki making her heartfelt speech about how much she loves them all. She returns to class and describes to her classmates about Taroumaru’s recent naughtiness and they thought she was describing her kinky perverted boyfriend! Now for a dose of reality. When Mii barges into class to call out to Yuki, it seems in reality the class is in ruins. There is nobody around and Yuki is just talking to herself. Her friends, figment of her imagination. Outside the entire school and probably the entire world is overrun by zombies. But Yuki continues to see the pretty skies and clean surroundings… Creepy? And I mean the girl.

Episode 2
Kurumi remembers she joined the athletics and track club because of a guy she likes. But it looked like he raped her. She still reels from this nightmare today. As usual, Rii cooks breakfast for all and after Yuki leaves, Mii mentions about her worry for Yuki as she saw her talking to her ‘friends’ again. She thinks she is in danger as there is one time she wants to go home. But Rii assures her that Megu is with her. They are not psychiatrist and the best they could do now is watch over her as it is unfair to tear someone away from a life they enjoy. They wonder how far this infection has gone. There might be hope to be rescued if their town is isolated but they are unsure if the world is already infected by now. Kurumi sees a lone zombie walking closely at the border of the safe zone. She distracts it so she can smack it with her shovel. However thoughts of her ex-love distracted and almost had her killed. Since it is the summer, Yuki wants to do kimodameshi. So at night, they climb out of the safe zone and make a stop at the store (still loaded with goodies) before proceeding to the library. Oddly when night falls, the zombies disappear. But there is one lurking in the library so when Megu and Yuki spot it, Yuki is on the verge of panic but Megu guides her to be calm as they hide and not make a sound. She assures Yuki her friends will come to her aid. Rii and the rest distract the zombie away with their sound before Kurumi strikes it with her shovel. Yuki is reunited with her friends and they praise her for staying calm. They make their way back. Kurumi remembers her crush turned into a zombie and she had no choice but to kill him. Although she wakes up in cold sweat deep in the night, Yuki’s soothing call of her name calms her down and she returns to sleep.

Episode 3
Megu narrates the events on that fateful day. As usual she wakes up and makes her way to school, not noticing the many ambulances and police cars passing by. She’s pretty occupied about her mom thinking she’s not fit to be a teacher and the vice principal reinforces that as he thinks she is too friendly with students. Megu oversees Yuki doing a retake of her test and at the same time gives Kurumi some love advice. When she gets a distressing message from her mother, it is a video clip of the chaos happening. Isn’t this very close to where she is? As Yuki wants to go home, Megu brings her to the rooftop instead where Rii tends to the garden of her horticulture club. Shortly, she receives a call from her colleague to stay safe at the rooftop and not let anyone in before succumbing to her fate. There is a loud banging on the door and Megu starts fearing the worse. But since it is the voice of Kurumi, she lets her and her heavily injured boyfriend in. They look over the horizon. The chaotic scene. People turning into zombies and infecting the rest. There are explosions and fire in the distance. It’s getting traumatic for Yuki. When the zombies start banging on the door, they shove a locker to block them. That is when Kurumi’s boyfriend awakens as a zombie and attacks her. In her instinct, she picks up her shovel and repeatedly beats his head. This devastating scene is only put to a stop when Yuki hugs her crying. Megu ends the narration that many people may have lost their lives but as long as she is here, she wants to keep the girls safe. Yuki wants to go camping. Don’t worry. It’s not out in the woods. Just a tent in one of the classrooms. Since it’s not appropriate to talk ghost stories, how about love stories? Yuki is bugging Kurumi as the latter mentions about her consoling her after she broke up with her crush. Yuki doesn’t quite remember it. The thought of all of them will be graduating crosses Yuki’s mind. However she feels sad that Megu will still be here. Mii notes that they all love Megu very much.

Episode 4
As they look through Mii’s picture album, they spot somebody else she drew. It is her friend, Kei Shidou. Now to go back to the events of that day from Mii’s perspective. Their class ended early so Mii and Kei hang out at the mall. They meet Taroumaru who belonged to an old lady. Suddenly the panic alert is sounded and before they know it, dead bodies and zombies start piling up. They hide in the changing room and that’s when Taroumaru come to them. They thought it is injured as there is blood on him but they realize it belonged to granny who is now a zombie. For the next few days, they hole up in some storeroom. There are enough rations to keep them going as they wait for help. Unfortunately help never arrived. However Kei expresses her wish to leave because eventually they can’t be staying here although Mii objects. Besides, how would help know if they are here? Then one day she just decides to leave and leaves her CD player in Mii’s care. After she’s gone, Taroumaru can’t stop barking so Mii yells at it to shut up before realizing she overdid it. Maybe that’s how doggie got scared of her. Meanwhile back at school, Yuki also wants to go outside but Rii mentions about the club’s policy that they cannot leave school. But what if it is for a field trip? It has never been done before and what better way for their club to set a precedent. Besides, Yuki already wrote a letter to Megu and she gave her permission. As Megu hasn’t driven in a long time, looks like Kurumi will do it. First, she has to run all the way to the car park while smacking zombies. It took her a while to recognize Megu’s care. Once all of them are in, they bust out of the school like as though it is a happy ending from a movie. Oh, can Kurumi drive? She got the skills from playing video games. Oh sh*t… Hang on, girls. Megu, so sorry for your car…

Episode 5
Taroumaru is also gone. Mii thought it was him banging at the door but it turns out to be a zombie. She continues waiting since Kei promised she’ll come back with help. Yuki and co arrive at the mall as part of their field trip. They go to various sections to get necessary stuffs. This is when Kurumi bumps into Taroumaru as he follows her back to the rest. Yuki takes an instant liking for him. After they had their fun trying outfits (hey, technically they have the entire mall to themselves), when they pass by the cinema, Kurumi heard a different kind of sound. She thinks it is not a zombie and most probably Taroumaru’s owner. As she peeks into the cinema hall, there are lots of zombies waiting. Now they have to run! Yuki starts falling into trauma but luckily they take refuge in a children’s area for Yuki to rest. Kurumi mentions the cinema was barricaded in to keep the zombies out. This means one of the people was already infected. Kurumi wants Rii to promise to take her out if she ever gets infected. Mii heard some sort of commotion and starts packing her bags to leave. However there are zombies everywhere. Yuki and co are about to leave the mall when she hears some sort of voice. She wants to go back and check but the rest thinks she is hearing things. Taroumaru breaks free and the rest follows him back in. When Mii is trapped on a piano (I suppose zombies can’t climb), she yells out for help. That is when the rest sees her. Yuki becomes desperate to save her but it is Kurumi who is doing all the shovel smacking action. Then Rii releases some loud alarm accessory to confuse the zombies. The girls take this chance to escape out. Mii asks if they have seen a girl her age but unfortunately no.

Episode 6
Mii is brought back to school. She learns Taroumaru was the one that lead the girls to save her although doggie still hates her. Yuki and Megu take her tour around the school. Yuki really likes the idea of Mii treating her as a senior. Mii thought the school is unaffected but when Yuki takes her to the music room, despite Yuki as we know acts as though nothing happened, Mii sees the decimated blood soaked room. But there is one pressing question Mii has to ask Yuki: Who is Megu? OMG! Megu is another figment of her imagination?! Later Rii and Kurumi explain the purpose of their club and how Megu was their teacher. She is gone now. In their attempt to escape, she sacrificed herself to block out the zombies. They made a grave on the rooftop in honour of her. So Yuki isn’t seeing ghosts of Megu. To her, everything has never happened. Megu is still alive in her eyes. That is why she continues to cheerful attends class and activities. Rii wants Mii to play along while she is here. Although Mii doesn’t like the idea, she agrees in hopes to understand Yuki better. Then Yuki comes up with an idea for having a sports day. Mii couldn’t understand the need to do such ‘useless’ thing but as agreed, she has to play along. Later Kurumi talks to Mii about Yuki who comes up with things right when they need it most. Like the field trip to the mall. Although it is good to think about the future but sometimes it gets them nowhere. Of course it is also not good not to plan. Somehow Yuki is the one who has the answer that is neither acting nor thinking is the right choice. Mii tastes a good meal for the first time and somewhat feels relieved that she would rather have Yuki acting like Megu is still around. She remembers Kei’s words before she left about being her life being so important that she was willing to spend her life stuck here. Back then she was just merely existing than truly living. Mii feels she can look up to Yuki as her role model. Later Mii pleads to Rii that she wants to join this club. Without hesitation, Rii extends her hand and welcomes her.

Episode 7
Mii starts seeing shades of Kei in Yuki. Although Yuki continues to have ‘nightmares’ of Megu, Rii is more concerned about the coming winter. Yeah. Winter is coming. As they eat breakfast, the talk about the car ride then suddenly has Yuki conflicting with her memories. Megu’s car only had 4 seats and if they picked Mii back… Oh dear… The trauma is starting to creep up so Yuki quickly goes to ‘ascertain’ the event by ‘asking Megu’. Maybe it is Megu’s ghost or just her figment of imagination as Megu calms her down and saying people tend to have vague memories. That is why she talks to others and keeps a diary. That way the vague memories can be visited again. Even when one is no longer around. Yuki returns to her ‘normal’ self again. When they find a stationery set, Yuki gets an idea to write letters. But since they cannot go out to the post office, Rii suggests sending straight from school via balloons and pigeon. I guess Kurumi is going to have some fun trying to catch a pigeon. Catch the pigeon, catch the pigeon! Mii comes back with a helium tank. So the girls write a few letters and Yuki writes one about all of them graduating. That night, Mii talks to Rii and shows her a key belonging to Megu’s staff safe she found. Rii keeps it in hopes they’ll get out of here one day. Next day, the girls are ready to send their letters. However Yuki and Kurumi get into a dispute about naming their pigeon so Rii has them compromise with the name Arnaud Hatonishiki the Second. Arnaud what? They happily release the balloons and pigeon as they flutter away in the wind. One of the letters is written from Mii to Kei, addressing how she is fine and making new friends. She points out Kei was right as life outside is wonderful. She hopes they’ll cross paths again one day.

Episode 8
Yuki is trying to catch Taroumaru to bath after he got dirty. But since they’re making a mess all over the halls, Rii isn’t going to be pleased… The girls talk about graduation and the things they’ll be doing after that. Not sure whether Rii was hallucinating too because she was talking to Megu and they came up with the idea of forming a School Life Club in which Megu instantly made her the president. They select the student council office as their clubroom and to commemorate the founding of this club, they take pictures. As Megu is their advisor and must not be left out too, Rii takes a group picture of her. Megu turns out in the picture. Not hallucination? That night, Mii talks to Rii about how this school is strangely equipped with very good equipment from solar panels to emergency food supplies. Like as though it is prepared for people to live here for extended periods of time. Rii is also curious and believes Megu’s key might hold the answer. They go search the staff room and Yuki joins in when she thinks it is some sort of treasure hunt. However she keeps fooling around and it makes Rii sad. She is holding that photo of Megu and wonders if Yuki has forgotten what happened after that. Turns out that photo is real but shortly after that, the zombie attack and we all know what happened to her. Just as they’re about to give up, Yuki thinks she has found it. The cupboard they had checked and found nothing, it seems it contained a hidden panel. Ah, a safe. Inside contains a safe and some list. However Rii is shocked to see a manual about emergency evacuation and wants Mii to wake up Kurumi right now. As they read, they find the contents shocking. Something to do with biological weapon and methods on how to tackle the survival of the human race like quarantine and discarding certain emotions.

Episode 9
Instead of cracking their heads over it, why not just enjoy the next day cleaning the pool? Water basin actually but what difference does it make? It all started when the girls minus Yuki were talking about this manual and if Megu knew about all this. Signs pointed that she didn’t as instructions said to only open when an outbreak occurs. They go through the manual and see blueprints of underground shelters they never knew existed. That is when Yuki comes in and suggests cleaning the pool since Taroumaru once again got dirty (the basin is filled with algae since nobody tended it but the fish still live, though). So after cleaning it, they have lots of water fun. Mii notices how Rii is very familiar with the school’s solar panels and sophisticated water filters. As an active member of the horticulture club, it only makes sense that the club members know these things to grow their crops. They soon talk about how this school is so well equipped that perhaps the outbreak was in fact predicted. However Kurumi will not have them talk this since they’re here to have fun. So back to the pool and even a water gun fight showdown between Kurumi and Rii. At the end of the day, Taroumaru doesn’t hate Mii as much before. Making some progress. Deep into the night when everyone is sleeping, Taroumaru wanders off to the basement. He starts barking at a familiar zombie approaching… OMG… Megu?!

Episode 10
Mii notices Rii is sad on rainy days. It was the day that they lost Megu. After the outbreak as they set up barricades and expand their territory, they got careless. At that time they didn’t know the behaviour pattern of the zombies. Seems they love to take shelter when it is raining. The zombies surround them and Megu sacrificed herself for them to escape. That was also when Yuki changed her behaviour. They also notice the number of zombies has increased. When Yuki comes in to look for Taroumaru and the dog is nowhere to be found, they decide to look for it. Kurumi remembers memories of Megu while looking. Then she sees Taroumaru’s paw marks leading to the basement. Fearing the worst, she heads down and thought the dog is safe. To her horror, it starts attacking her. The shovel saved her a few times as sad Kurumi distracts him and locks him up in a room. She wants to seek revenge on the zombie that did this to him. Well, I’m sure she would have smacked the zombie had she not be Megu. Her mind is playing tricks. Kurumi thought of killing her but she just can’t. That moment of hesitation is just all it takes. When Kurumi returns to the rest, seems she is already wounded. She apologizes to the rest as they start trying to treat her wound. Kurumi is in great pain. Although not fully transformed yet, you can see her skin starting to. From the way she says things, Mii is devastated that Taroumaru might have succumbed to his fate too. Kurumi continues to experience horrifying nightmares. Luckily she is chained and handcuffed to the furniture. Rii is in a dilemma whether to kill her or not. Mii read the manual that the shelter where Megu was spotted from contained medicine. Mii wants to go check on it although Rii vehemently objects. Mii says Kurumi faltered because Megu was there. It won’t affect her. But as Mii picked up the shovel, thoughts of Taroumaru run through her head. Now she breaks down. Can’t do it too, huh? As the rain grows stronger, the zombies from outside now break in and could even topple the reinforced barrier. As for Yuki, reality may be starting to sink in…

Episode 11
Zombies are now all over the place. Mii could have been done for had not Yuki come to her rescue and then seek safety in a classroom. As the zombies mess around with everything, the power is now cut. Mii wants Yuki to goof off like usual but Yuki feels being insulted. This gives Mii the courage to head down and get the medicine. Don’t leave without the trusty shovel. She wants Yuki to stay here in case Taroumaru returns. You know that’s not going to happen, right? Mii realizes that she is not strong enough to smack the zombies dead. So it tells you the monstrous strength Kurumi had, eh? Mii uses Kei’s CD player and other sound diversion tactics to slip pass the zombies. Meanwhile Rii is close to becoming crazy. She remembers talking to Kurumi if those zombies had awareness. Kurumi didn’t think so because it wouldn’t feel right. That is why Kurumi wants her to promise if that ever happens to her… So is Rii ready to kill her? Mii is at the basement. Ah, there Megu is standing right in the middle like the final boss. Mii runs back out and apparently zombies can’t duck since the shutter is only halfway open. Mii takes this opportunity to tell Megu how her students are doing. And because they’re living just fine, now she can rest in peace. Mii gathers all her strength and smacks Megu’s head. Finally she finds the medical supplies but looks like the electricity is totally out and the place is now going into reserve mode. The zombies have gathered here and Mii locks herself in the room where Taroumaru was trapped (oddly he just ran out when she opened). This situation reminds her of the mall. Could it be history repeating itself? Rii of course cannot do it and is on the verge of losing herself. She screams for somebody to help her (it’s not going to make Kurumi’s pain any better anyway). That is when something inside Yuki wakes up. Megu’s ghost encourages and guides Yuki to the broadcast room in her bid to save her friends. Along the way, Yuki relives memories and past visions of her. Some memorable, some heartbreaking. Each one of them has Megu giving Yuki words of encouragement and the strength to go on. Finally when Yuki has come to terms with reality, she says her goodbye to Megu and moves on.

Episode 12
Yuki fights her way through the zombies but eventually their numbers are too many. Just as she is about to become zombie food, Taroumaru saves her. Despite little doggie having retained bits of his memories, eventually he starts attacking her. She uses her hat to cover his face as she hugs and laments how cold he is. Arriving at the broadcast room, she announces that school is over while narrating her love for this school. As they have deduced the zombies may have some sort of attachment to the living, like why zombie students continue to return to school because they love it, it’s like they don’t have their minds anymore but there’s something deep down inside that makes them want to return. Yuki’s announcement closes on a sad note that all good things must come to an end and hopes to see everyone again one day. Next morning, Kurumi wakes up fine. A jab has been administered into her arm. Looks like she is very much healed. You can see how relieved everyone is. Making it even sweeter is also the fact Taroumaru is also healed. Mii is very grateful to Taroumaru and promises to take care of him, etc. Unfortunately Taroumaru steadily weakens and it comes to a shock everyone that he passes on. They bury him next to Megu’s plot. Yuki now clearly remembers Megu’s last words that she was glad to be their teacher. That is why they don’t have to be strong and hold back their sadness. She wants Mii to remember Taroumaru’s last words. Did that dog speak? No, but you can tell from his eyes during his last moments he was saying thank you. Time to let the tears flow freely again.

The girls analyze their situation and know their limited resources and backup power will not last. They also discovered a map that marks another evacuation centre that is situated near some university and big corporation. They believe Megu was working hard to leave them this clue. The only worry is that if there are other survivors and would they be welcomed. Worst case is that they will be a lot worse than the infected. Yuki interrupts by showing bite marks on some food label. It is too small to be from Taroumaru so they think there must be another dog. They believe that dog must be hiding in the basement, the reason why Taroumaru went down there in the first place. As they have made up their mind to leave this school, Rii says their last activity is to hold a graduation ceremony. In this low key self prepared ceremony, our girls take this rite of passage to graduate and say goodbye to this school. Mii begins with her speech followed by Yuki. And of course, more tears. Only a zombie can remain emotionless in such times, right? The quartet now hop onto the car and start their journey. Oddly, the area is still clear of zombies. Except one lone zombie making her way into school. It is greatly hinted (although not confirmed) that she might be Kei. We see the other dog at Taroumaru’s grave and a survivor picking up one the dropped balloon letters about the girls.

In A World Of Their Own
It is hard for me to pinpoint exactly my sentiments. Overall, seeing how the girls go about in their continued fantasy of normalcy somehow feels draggy and boring. It is only those nail biting moments when they are having close shaves and encounters with zombies that it becomes ‘exciting’ and heart pounding. Of course there are some interesting bits like why the school is fully equipped like as though it is anticipating such disaster and who are the ones responsible behind this if this epidemic is not a mere accident and what would they stand to benefit from doing this. Unfortunately, not having them answered by even a single bit and raising our curiosity and intriguing level to all time high is what I personally feel makes this series a letdown. Even with that kind of ending of our girls taking their first step to leave the shelter didn’t offer any sort of closure whatsoever. It’s like a new chapter of their life is beginning. Interested to know more? Wait for the next season then, buddy. Yeah. That kind of feeling. After all, nobody ever said this show was about going to be a happy ending despite ‘ending’ so, right? Heck, I thought in my worst case scenario of lazy writing, everything is just a hallucination and that the kids are all high on drugs! No sh*t!!! Yeah, sweet dreams to them…

To be fair, this isn’t entirely a horror genre so we’re not going to turn this into another bloody sexy High School Of The Dead clone. After all, killing zombies isn’t the main goal of these girls. This isn’t your usual cute girls doing cute things trope either as it weaves some dark elements into the theme. I mean, smashing zombies aren’t something we can call cute, right? To say it provides an insight on what to do whenever you are trapped in a certain location during a zombie apocalypse isn’t entirely accurate either. Because as already stated, the school is equipped with state of the art facilities and it is like heaven for those who wish to live the safe but boring life. Therefore what the girls are doing by living out their daily life to the fullest is what I feel the best for them. There is any lack of information about the epidemic and how far it has spread so instead of being little heroes that history will never recognise (because there won’t be anyone around to record them!), might as well live their happy life in this little delusion of theirs. That is for the best if you look at the situation that is in store for them.

There are heart pounding moments when the girls come close to the zombies are when the hordes are close enough to turn them into dinner. I suppose this is to jolt you up from the streak of boringness and to remind us from time to time about reality. It’s like fantasy and reality just living next to each other and a thin door just separating them as reality continues to knock hard. It gets really close when Kurumi screws up. But I guess she holds out long enough for the medicine to reach her. Yeah, after hours of screaming and turning your best friend psycho. Phew. Close shave, eh? Can’t fathom a group without her, right? It would be just shocking and vile just to kill a character off like that even though if we just sufficiently love the characters. Eventually if the characters are not much, you can’t help root for them to stay alive and hope they come out in one piece after one horrifying encounter after another.

In a way, seeing them live from day to day as shown means we don’t get enough back story of the characters very much. Most probably all of them are just ordinary girls until this zombie wave came about. They get stronger for each day they survive and of course without any doubt, their friendship and bond growing close and solid. They have to. There are nobody else left alive near them so unless you want to be friends with zombies, you better be on good terms with your friends. Because if you think about it, the most dangerous thing to human’s survival isn’t the zombies but your fellow other human. A thinking human with ulterior motive is very much dangerous, right? You get the idea but we’re not here to discuss about that.

So for our main characters, I guess for a bunch of middle school girls, they really do a good job in surviving this long. Despite their seemingly delusional lifestyle, each of them are in a way ‘broken’. You might think they need psychiatric help but too bad there aren’t any shrinks around at this moment. So it’s like substituting their stolen childhood with this? At least it is free therapy :). Though, they only have one shot at it. At first Yuki might seem like an annoying retard for her tendency to avert her eyes from reality and continue frolicking in her happy dream world. Sometimes it gets to you that you want to smack her head for her to wake up and face reality. But then again, if she could handle reality, would she not have gone into such a mode? This is the best way for her to handle the trauma of whatever is going on. She is after all just a little girl and for her to and her friends to be exposed to such atrocities at a tender age, I think it is best for her to stay delusion until she is ready and strong enough to move on. Yuki is also the mood setter of the group thanks to her very cheerful disposition. She is also like the luck goddess because the on-the-spot decision she makes without any thinking has saved the girls a handful of times.

The shocking thing (and probably the most shocking of all twists) was learning that Megu was already dead. There were a few hints that nicely indicated that there was something odd about her. Like why her faint presence is the running joke of the series, why nobody bothers to correct themselves to call her Sakura sensei instead of Megu-nee despite her constant gentle reminders, why she never joins the girls together in many of the activities and the damning revelation is why she let Kurumi drive her car instead of driving it herself. So if you put all this clues together, it particularly makes sense that Megu is no longer around. But I keep wondering if she is still indeed around in the form of a ghost that continues to help and guide Yuki. Sometimes it might be a figment of her imagination but sometimes it sounds ‘too real’ for Yuki to have that sort of imagination. Personally I want to believe she is in her ghost form but because Megu turned into a zombie as seen, it makes me wonder if she can take on a spirit form considering being a zombie is neither alive nor dead. The undead. So technically can your soul pass over if you are a zombie? Hmm… Something to chew on. Not brains, mind you! Generally, Megu is a very nice teacher that everybody would love to have. She’s been there for Yuki physically or not and has guided her out of a lot of sticky situations. Even if she knows about this epidemic one way or another, my guess is that she still wants to help them and would even sacrifice her life for it.

I suppose every group must have the ‘muscle’ person so Kurumi closely fits that description. Having a shovel in hand has become a trademark and it feels really odd to see her without one. Or her without her twintail hairstyle. I am assuming that since she has played driving video games, she must have played shooting games as well. Because I’m thinking if she had a gun, she would be doing Resident Evil style in killing zombies, blasting off their heads. That would be much easier and badass, wouldn’t it? While Rii starts off as a very cool and calm person (even when being very angry and threatening, her calm demeanour but deadly aura will scare the hell out of you), a big sister that keeps the group together, most probably it is her way of dealing with the trauma of the current events by bottling up her feelings. And then when the possibility of Kurumi becoming a zombie comes hitting home, she starts losing it. All that pent up emotions maybe just exploded like a time bomb. Mii I thought she would fare better if she smiled more often but seriously, who could keep up a smile in this zombie apocalypse? Oh, the other club members are doing just fine smiling… Mii might be passive in many ways but she is still an important member of the club. Every living member is important. So it was really sad to see they had to kill off an intelligent doggie like Taroumaru. Hmm… Maybe they want a change of mascot and will pick up some other little furry along the way.

As Kei once said herself, it is better to try living than just existing. That is probably the best advice that anyone has said in such a desperate time. What is life if you do not live it to the fullest? What is life if you do not live it like on the edge? Kei’s true fate is unknown but even if she has gone to become one of the zombies, I’m sure she had a blast before succumbing. And I thought it would be a cruel joke the moment she splits from Mii, before she can ‘relish’ in her newfound freedom, she just got bitten after taking a few steps. Haha! Whoops! Sorry. That is why Mii is probably confused to see the School Life Club members doing quite ‘dangerous’ stuffs from time to time like leaving their comfort zone for a field trip and the likes. Nothing like a good adrenaline pumping, eh? Mii might be separated from Kei and who knows when they’ll ever meet again but you can bet Mii has taken up her advice to live to the fullest. Life is more thrilling that way. And you know what Forrest Gump said about life being a box of chocolates… Just no chocolates in this setting :’(.

As mentioned, this series is not about the zombies but rather how the girls live their daily lives and deal what is before them. Therefore I cannot help think about the characteristics of the zombies. It just baffles me. I don’t think they are really zombies. I believe the series has not mentioned them about being zombies. It is just me using this term to refer to those walking dead. So it is rather odd to see that you know, zombie students hanging around in school, wandering aimlessly and when it is time to go home, they disappear and go back. Go back home and do what? As assumed, they are not totally dead and still retained certain parts of their memory. Thus the reason why student zombies continue to go to school and adult zombies head to work. And since they’re like the undead, will they continue doing this routine forever? And for the medicine in the basement that Mii brought back, I am not sure if the medicine works for zombies who are already too advanced to be turned back but I guess they run out of those to try it on the rest. Yeah, she just brought back enough for the shovel woman and doggie.

The other odd thing I find about the zombies is the penchant for them to attack our main girls wherever they are. Sure, they are attracted to sound and rush over as soon as they hear the slightest faint. But there are many times when our girls happen to arrive on the scene and then the zombies start attacking. It is like they know they are not their undead comrades and do not hesitate to lunge at them. It is like they know where they are and some lie await for the right moment to spring on them. Like in a video game. Get what I’m saying? Maybe this is to add to the suspense and scare jump effect. I’m not sure if they can smell but they certainly can feel because I didn’t know that zombies don’t like the rain and try to keep out of it! After all, how much do we know about these zombies? Heck, we don’t even know how all this started? Like as though this zombie setting is an excuse to have a peek on the daily lives of a handful of middle school girls. Because from where the series is going, it isn’t going to end either. Maybe they’ll find another type of zombies and another group of survivors… Yeah, next season, buddy?

The drawing and art are rather okay. The girls are your typical cute and moe characters to enhance the cuteness of everything. Sometimes they look like they came out from those cute girls doing cute things genre and suddenly being thrown into a horror survival series. Because don’t you think a young teacher like Megu looks too cute to be a teacher? Sure, this might be the norm in animes but like I’ve said, the girls look like they just came out from some comedy and slice of life series. Interestingly, the zombies are animated using CGI. You can see the way they drag themselves one kind. Yeah well, many zombies do look the same. Do we care? So cut and paste, shall we?

Voice acting, there isn’t anything special. I guess it has come to a stage where veteran seiyuus are slowly fading away and new ones taking the centre stage. Therefore it will be some time before I start recognizing any of them. If they stand out. And hopefully when I do, they won’t go into ‘retirement’ and a new wave of seiyuus comes to the fore. So we have relatively newbies voicing the main quartet such as Minori Inase as Yuki (Suzu in Love Lab), Mao Ichimichi as Rii (Kazumi in Gokukoku No Brynhildr), Ari Ozawa as Kurumi (Nozomi in The Rolling Girls), Rie Takahashi as Mii (Kaon Lanchester in Comet Lucifer) and Juri Kimura as Kei (Eruna in Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku). Veteran Ai Kayano is the voice of Megu (Inori in Guilty Crown). You thought an animal character without any dialogue would be an uncredited role, right? Yeah, it seems they casted another veteran seiyuu to play what is seemingly the ‘easiest’ voice acting role. Well, try barking only for the entire series. I’m sure you’ll go crazy before the zombies get your brain. Yeah, Emiri Katou (Akatsuki in Log Horizon, Kagami in Lucky Star) takes on that role of that cute yapping canine. At least she won’t be turning into Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica’s Kyuubey. Thank goodness…

The opening theme, Friend Shitai by Gakuen Seikatsubu (basically the quartet from School Life Club) starts off with what I feel is like a zombie themed piece. Then it turns into your typical lively anime pop song. There are a few ending themes. The slow pop of Harmonize Clover and After Glow are sung by Maon Kurosaki (interestingly, although she makes a cameo by voicing a minor background character in this series, the only other series she also voiced also as a minor background character is that other school zombie themed, High School Of The Dead). Initially I thought that slow lovely 40’s-like English ballad as the insert song and special ending theme for episode 4 was sung by a Caucasian. Surprisingly, it was Kaori Sawada. Wow. She sounds sultry and good enough to be passed off like an English woman.

Overall, this show has its hits and misses and because I am still hovering between boredom (seeing too much typical moe girls genres has somewhat numbed me) and interesting (why do they have to leave the interesting bits unanswered?), I am going to take the middle ground that this anime doesn’t suck but do not put too much high hopes about it. If you are in a dilemma to want to watch series with cute daily slice of life but at the same time you want to be slightly spooked, maybe this series would have the right mix in making your heart go ~kyunnnn~ one moment and then giving you a little goosebumps the next. I don’t know. At least that is what I experienced. And I hope I don’t have to experience such terrifying zombie apocalypse ever. Because my dangerous delusions would probably kill me first before any zombies could get me. But then again, aren’t we all living in some sort of zombie apocalypse right now? Everyone is so ‘dead’ facing their Smartphones and iPhones 24/7… Well, if there is one thing that this series proves, it proves that daydreaming isn’t entirely a bad thing… P/S: I’d rather stay and wait till kingdom come in my safe zone rather than venturing out to the unknown. That’s my kind of ‘thrill’ :).

Uhm… Is Haruhiism still popular these days? I’m not too sure about it since I wasn’t really that much of a big fan of that series. Also, I thought ever since that scandal that hit a certain singer-cum-voice actress also brought the series deeper into the wilderness. Not to mention that second season that had a handful of repetitiously repetitive episode that earned the wrath and scorn of all viewers and fans alike. So… Is Haruhiism still around? Maybe not as popular as before but I believe it isn’t all that dead yet. Good news or bad, that is why we’re not getting another season of Haruhi here. Therefore no Haruhiism revival. At least, not directly. Instead, we have an adaptation spin-off of one of the characters in the series. As the title says, Nagato Yuki-chan No Shoushitsu (The Disappearance Of Nagato Yuki) is focused on that quiet alien girl but we’re not going to see an origin series here. This is an alternate universe setting where by Nagato is a shy girl who has a crush on Kyon. Say what?

Episode 1
Kyon joins Nagato in her Literature Club. She is grateful for his membership otherwise the club would cease to exist. He also walks her home and she states her intention of wanting to hold a Christmas party. Ryouko had to interrupt their little romcom to teach Nagato how it’s done to hold Kyon’s hand. First she lets Kyon carry her bags and then warms her cold hands on his cheeks. He can’t drop the bags because they’ve got eggs in them. And that girl, is how you be aggressive with him. While having dinner in Nagato’s home, they forgot Kyon is here as Ryouko helps change Nagato right in front of his eyes. So Kyon is forced to cheer her up. Luckily she believes him that he didn’t see anything. But now she’s asking about her stomach! Kyon knows this route too well. Either answer will land him in hot soup. He says he doesn’t have a belly fetish but Nagato doesn’t know what that means. Better not open another can of worms. Because Nagato wants turkey for the Christmas party, they go shop around for one. Ryouko, I don’t think chicken wings with great discount are going to be turkey substitute. ‘Trouble’ begins when Tsuruya and Asahina are also there. Before they know it, they are in a competition. Tsuruya is willing to give them a turkey but Nagato must compete with Asahina for it. Each time Nagato and Asahina face off each other with whatever weird competition, Ryouko and Tsuruya would interject and show them how it is supposed to be done. Before you know it, the girls start competing among themselves. Better do it yourselves, huh? So it’s a draw? In the clubroom, Nagato tries to visualize what kind of Christmas cake she wants. Multi-tier, huh? Kyon wants to take a look at the cake she drew in the notebook but she is too embarrassed to show it. When she is ready to show him, he notices the multi-tier cake looks like a wedding cake… Ryouko returns with permission to use the clubroom for their party. They thought they made a pun when Nagato also wanted snow in the classroom. You know… Yuki… Get it? Of course this party means something more for Nagato. She wants to use this to convey her feelings to Kyon.

Episode 2
Nagato is so excited about tomorrow’s party that she couldn’t sleep and stayed up late at night playing games. Imagine Ryouko’s wrath the next morning… Scolded like a child. In the clubroom as they test out the artificial snow, Kyon and Nagato start throwing it around and it hit right in Ryouko’s face. Time to get mad again? After all the preparations are done (Tsuruya and Asahina also chipped in), the girls wear their Santa outfit. Nagato somewhat felt relief that she isn’t being compared to Asahina. Flashback recalls Nagato had very low self confidence. Even lower when she received a notice her club will be disbanded if she doesn’t get any new members. Nagato would have accepted that fate if not for Ryouko telling her off that if she needs help, don’t stay quiet and come ask her. She’ll do what she can. The question now is if Nagato is interested to save the Literature Club or not. They can’t get things done unless she makes up her mind. The Christmas party goes well. Lots of fun. Lots of teasing Kyon. Nagato is glad the club didn’t get shut down. That night when she can’t sleep, she takes a stroll only to be raked in by this weirdo, Haruhi to write some alien sign in the snow because she wants to summon Santa! As she didn’t wear her glasses she couldn’t really tell. Nagato wonders why she is doing this so Haruhi says that she is very adamant to prove Santa’s existence. So much so she even brought in a random stranger to help her! Once it’s done, she tells Nagato to come here on Christmas if she has the time. Flashback shows Nagato taking action to distribute flyers for people who joined her club. One of them was Kyon. Then during the party when Nagato and Kyon are along outside and it started to snow. Perfect ambience for you-know-what. Just when Nagato is getting into the groove to confess her feelings, Ryouko had to ruin it when she accidentally opens the window to admire the snow loudly. Bummer. Nagato and Kyon both sit close together in the snow. Weird. But warm. The next day as the duo walk to school, suddenly Haruhi pops out and collapses before them.

Episode 3
Haruhi becomes rough in forcing Kyon to take her to a warm place. Looks like she’s alright. Haruhi thought they were a couple so embarrassed Nagato dismisses it and that they’re club members and total strangers. Could she at least have said they’re just friends? Bummer. Haruhi reveals she is interested in aliens rather than ordinary people when she remembers she left her bag and stuffs at the park. Thank goodness it is all still there. Yeah… Everything! The equipment and the likes. That is when the girls realize and remember each other of that alien sign writing last night. Yeah, too dark to see faces. Worse, Haruhi thought Nagato was a boy then. Haruhi goes on ranting about her desire to find aliens, time travellers and espers and play with them. And she’s saying it with confidence. Amazing person, isn’t she? Or just a big lunatic? Nagato and Kyon realize they’re late for their club. Because Ryouko will blow her top if they don’t start cleaning as promised. Next day, Kyon and Nagato get a shock when Haruhi finds out where their club is and barges in like she owns the place. In order to stem suspicion, she has them borrow their gym clothes so it would look like she is a student here doing some activity. But why borrow Kyon’s gym clothes too? Well, looks like she is going to give it to Koizumi who is her fellow classmate so that he can join them in this club. Kyon suggests Haruhi ties her hair up ponytail style. Really? Sure he has no fetish about this? Too bad Nagato. Your hair is too short… Maybe try growing it out? Sure, but remember to tie it ponytail. I’m pretty sure he has a fetish for this hairstyle… Haruhi introduces Koizumi to the rest. Koizumi talks to Kyon that he is interested in Haruhi. That weirdo? Because of his strange timing when he transferred to school, other students shunned him but Haruhi who thought he might be something special is the only one who talked to him. To her he is just a transfer student. Since he is losing that appeal, he is worried about that. Haruhi makes herself the executive president of the Literature Club and this club’s mystery section. Wait. What? Ryouko also befriends them thinking that they are model students, they wouldn’t do anything bad. Oh really? Haruhi and Koizumi start bringing weird things to the club. One that includes Asahina! Kidnapping! Seems she ‘sacrificed’ the guys to Tsuruya before the teacher reprimanded her for being disgraceful and that allowed Haruhi to snatch her away. With Haruhi in the gang, the Literature Club turns into a noisy club when it used to be such a quiet place. Haruhi versus Tsuruya, Asahina screaming after Kyon saw her panties… Ah, those quiet days…

Episode 4
For some reason, there is another useless competition between Ryouko and Tsuruya each trying to outdo the other by telling embarrassing stories of Nagato and Asahina respectively. They sure know a lot than the person themselves. Later while Ryouko helps Nagato make Valentine chocolates (it got off to a clumsy start but it ended well), Haruhi ‘hijacks’ Kyon and forces him to hang out with her for the entire day. And there’s that seemingly ‘romantic’ scene of them at the river when he catches her hand before she trips and falls into the water. Nagato is so excited about tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day that she stayed up late and played video games. So it is no wonder that Ryouko gives that usual scolding the next morning. In the clubroom, Nagato and Asahina talk about giving guys their chocolate. Hypothetically if Nagato was a guy and she gave her chocolates, Asahina would feel very happy. They are embarrassed when Ryouko and Tsuruya eavesdropped on their ‘confession’! Hate to break this to you, Asahina. But Nagato’s heart belongs to Kyon. So the girls come up with a strategy to let Nagato give her chocolates to Kyon. After school, Ryouko will give Kyon the key to unlock the clubroom and wait inside before Nagato comes in to give her chocolates. They’ll be alone and it will be perfect. Now Nagato needs to mentally prepare herself for this. She better do it after putting her heart and soul making those chocolates. When the time comes, Nagato is outside the door and taking a deep breath. As she opens, she cannot be more shock to see this heartbreaking scene. Kyon receiving chocolates from Haruhi. God, no…

Episode 5
Ryouko can tell something is wrong when Nagato runs out. Then she sees the scene. She really wants to yell to Haruhi but the latter tells her she might be misunderstanding something. With Koizumi coming into the scene, Haruhi passes the same obligation chocolates to him like she did to Kyon. Ryouko and Haruhi try to find Nagato but to no avail. Ryouko chews out at Haruhi but the latter won’t apologize for what she did. But after being angry with herself and crying out a little, it’s back to finding Nagato. They find her sitting on the stairs. Time for Ryouko to lecture her about losing courage. So what is she doing at a place like this? Well? Why did she run away then? She thought it would be courtesy for people to be alone when they give chocolates. Why did she toss away hers? Actually she accidentally dropped it without knowing. Don’t worry, Nagato hasn’t given up on it yet. She asks Haruhi if she likes Kyon. That middle ground answer: “I don’t hate him”. But that doesn’t matter because Nagato notes it’s her turn to give her chocolates. Oh, good timing because Kyon is here. Time to set things right. After summing up her courage, she gives it to him. He wants to eat them now and this puts Nagato in a dilemma if he should. Eventually he does and when a girl puts her heart and soul into making them, there is no way they’re going to taste bad. Ryouko and Haruhi are watching from afar and the former still blames her for that incident because Kyon might also think Nagato’s chocolates are obligation. But Nagato’s mission isn’t over yet. There is one final thing left to do: Confession. Nagato already summing up heaps of courage is about to say those words when suddenly Tsuruya pops up to play a pushing prank on her. She loses her balance but as Kyon tries to grab her, he also loses his footing. His face ends up on her chest. No matter how flat it is, they’re still boobs. Well, you can guess what happens next. And Kyon gets blamed… On White Day, Kyon returns the favour by giving all the girls chocolates. They’re all the same… But Nagato is happy to receive something from him.

Episode 6
The gang are surprised that Haruhi has got a special permission from the teachers to come in as she likes to this school. Well, with permission or not, she’ll still come. She did tell Nagato about it. How come Nagato doesn’t remember? Oh wait… Haruhi entered the clubroom to ask her to sign some documents but since she was busy playing her game she just signed it. Oh, Nagato. Now you give more ammo for Ryouko to fire back. Tsuruya makes her grand entrance by throwing Asahina into Kyon’s face. Faceboobs? Nagato tries to separate them but accidentally snaps Kyon’s neck! Don’t worry. He’s still alive. And then there is some cooked up story about Kyon being a beast on Asahina when he accidentally bumped into her and when he tried to pick up her stuffs, their hands touched. And Nagato believes it… Kyon wants Ryouko to help tutor him but after all that teasing, Kyon thought of asking Nagato but Ryouko didn’t want that to happen and will personally tutor him. It is that or she’ll break your fingers! This scene looked like something romantic in Nagato’s eyes… Ryouko is dressed the part to teach Kyon but with Haruhi coming in and interrupting the lessons, especially talking about the last year’s syllabus he is reviewing, Kyon manages to convince Ryouko to take on the challenge to solve the maths questions by saying that she is some sort of legend and the prestige of this school rests on her shoulders. Unfortunately she can’t even start and pushes the problem to Nagato! Without doing any written calculations, Nagato arrives at the right answer! Care to explain? Uhm… Maybe it’s because we’re so stupid we couldn’t catch all the words as they sound blurted out. Ryouko’s theory: She is terrible in explaining that she sounds like an alien! Maybe this explains it… In another time, Kyon teases Nagato by taking away her game when she is so engrossed in it and not noticing him. She tries to take it back but she lands on him. Better get off before Ryouko sees this ambiguous hugging scene. Oops. Too late. Later, Kyon feeds Nagato (to deepen their friendship thingy) and Ryouko once more comes in thinking that the duo aren’t that bold enough to flirt and sees this. Somebody’s got a lot of explaining and convincing to do. Our executive president barges in to announce a training camp for everyone. Why hasn’t Nagato heard of it? Oh wait… Oh…

Episode 7
Haruhi has got a very detailed itinerary of the trip. But wait. How come there are also reports of the trip too? After convincing the teachers for this trip, this is the report that they will submit. I mean, you don’t want to ruin the fun of your trip by not doing your homework first, right? So what better way than to do it first! And she had done it all for them! Of course, Ryouko thinks this is a good opportunity to get those lovebirds closer. With Kyon arriving late on that day, he is forced to treat them with coffee. Haruhi gets the idea for everyone to draw lots to determine their train seats. Big chance for Nagato? Well, she sat next to Ryouko while Kyon got Asahina. Yeah Nagato, deny it all you want that you were trying too hard. But it doesn’t feel like they’re separated. Despite the narrow walkway between their seats, you can consider them still seated beside each other. So we see the gang doing lots of sightseeing and eating local foods. Then the power spot that Haruhi has been bugging to go turns out to be some temple that gives off smoke believed to increase your power. Well, I thought it was believed to just heal you. Haruhi is trying to hog it all with Koizumi supporting her all the way and Tsuruya wants in so Ryouko has a tough time reining them in. The rest just pretend not to know them and do some normal praying. Want to guess what Nagato wishes for? Nagato buys a charm and puts it on the wish board. She hopes she can continue to remain good friends with everybody. Well, maybe asking for love was too much for her still. Haruhi is now stinking with smoke and she’s bugging to go to the bath now. You get what you deserve.

Episode 8
The gang checks into a hotspring inn. This means a considerable amount of screen time dedicated to the girls in the bath although the fanservice here is more to be a disappointment and teasing more than anything else. Till Asahina drops in but that of course is at the end of it all. Sorry guys, they don’t get the same decent amount of fanservice screen time. Then they play ping pong in which the loser will buy them all milk. Somehow Haruhi has already fixed the game for Kyon to lose. Then it’s karaoke time. Don’t ask why it’s held in the toilet. Asahina sings first and she is definitely not cut out to be idol stuff. Next is Kyon but since he is so passionate going about it, the rest just leave him (Haruhi claims he is boring). Yeah, so into his singing (which isn’t that good either) that he didn’t realize everyone has left the room. Next, dinner time. They get to taste some exquisite beef but it’s not that appetising for me (because I’m freaking bored watching this episode!). You thought it could have end with everyone retiring for a quiet night. Till Haruhi suggests exploring around the inn. Of course Kyon declines so he goes to soak in the hotspring again. Nagato has the same idea. Their lovely private time is ruined when the rest soon joins in to get their money’s worth. And as usual, the girls are being noisy over Asahina’s boobs and Kyon tries to prevent any gay time with Koizumi.

Episode 9
The night is still young. So Haruhi thinks. Yeah. Time to play cards. They play old maid and Nagato loses so she has to go buy snacks. Kyon will accompany her since it is dangerous for a girl to be alone at night and he can help carry the stuffs. Of course, this means a reason for the rest to tail and spy. Suddenly it gets steamy when the lovebirds get close to each other for a kiss. Ryouko freaks out and it seems all this was just her delusion! They’re still in the old maid game. Ryouko loses. By the time Tsuruya and Asahina are ready to join them, Ryouko and Haruhi are already asleep. Tsuruya suggests to Nagato and Kyon that there is an observatory at the hilltop. So along the way the duo go, some romantic moments but nothing too deep. They stumble upon a dinosaur playground first. I guess Ryouko and Haruhi could get up in time to tail them. Not a dream this time. Ryouko feels pretty much worried. On one hand she is happy Nagato is getting close to Kyon but on the other hand feels that her relationship with her has drifted. She realizes she is jealous. But Haruhi laughs at it all. Since Ryouko’s butt is stuck in the slide, Haruhi has to help get her out. The commotion attracted Kyon and Nagato. Busted. With Tsuruya and Asahina finally catching up, they continue their way up and watch the beautiful starry sky. It is perfect when Koizumi brings some snacks (how much does this guy loves soaking in the hotspring?). And of course, some romantic moments between Nagato and Kyon. Holding hands. But that’s about it. With the training camp over and back to school, Ryouko gives Nagato some encouragement and ideas so she has a reason to go see Kyon. I don’t know what is weighing on Nagato’s mind because she didn’t pay attention while crossing the road. As expected… Here comes the car… No wonder the raining setting…

Episode 10
Luckily the car missed. Nagato gets away with a few scratches. But something is amiss… She lacks all the flustering emotions that we know of her. It’s like she’s gone back to the original Nagato we know! The emotionless Nagato! Ryouko is worried when she learns about the near accident. Nagato remains indifferent that it was nothing. Thanks for your concern. Even Kyon is shocked to hear about it but is relieved that she is okay. But Ryouko is still not happy. Nagato has looked depressed since and it didn’t help when Ryouko also scolded her and might have aggravated the situation. Ryouko has Kyon look after Nagato after school since she has some work. But in the clubroom, they’re both reading their own books (Nagato reading French titles?). Their conversation is so minimal that I don’t know what they’re talking about. That or it’s like Kyon is talking to himself. So boring. So gloomy. Like how I noticed this entire episode the rain never stopped. Even when he shows concern, she remains indifferent. No reaction. Thanks for your concern. That’s all. Kyon accompanying her after school feels like he’s accompanying a ghost or zombie. Ryouko cooks for Nagato back home. She tries to start a conversation but the same boring vegetable state of mind. Indifferent. Thanks for your concern. Then Ryouko finally points out one last thing. Who the heck are you? Yeah, that was what I was wondering from the start.

Episode 11
Nagato narrates after the near accident. It’s not that she lost her memories but she couldn’t tell who she was. When she’s acting like that boring emotionless girl, she’s observing Ryouko and Kyon and notices how much they really care about her. So when Ryouko asks who she is, Nagato couldn’t explain because she isn’t sure either. It’s an odd case for her. It’s like she has memories of this girl but felt they weren’t of her own experience. She never said it for fear being alone. Ryouko suggests going to the hospital for a check-up and the doctor didn’t find any abnormalities. She is diagnosed of having some sort of shock from the fall and experiencing amnesia and jumbled up memories. It’s not life threatening by the way. So Nagato tries to continue her daily life like the other Nagato. Only without all that emotions. Though she admits she is not that Nagato, she is also Nagato and wants things to stay as it is. Confused? Ryouko and Kyon are worried for her and decide to keep an eye on her in hopes the old Nagato will return. The duo have more reason to be worried when Nagato aces in a maths problem in class and does pretty decent during PE. The original Nagato never manage an ounce of that. That’s good, right? Eventually since nobody else notices the difference, they think they’re just over thinking it. Nagato even helps tutor Kyon. Since the exam season is near, club activities are suspended so Nagato and Kyon can’t use the clubroom. They head to the library instead.

Episode 12
Here they are at the library and for the first time since, Nagato is putting up some slight emotions. That happy to read? She could have taken forever and Kyon had to remind her that it is closing time. Yeah, why not borrow it since she has a library card? Nagato then starts to remember memories from her other self. Like the library is the place where she first met Kyon. Over the next few scenes, we see her narrating about this dream of her other self that she is having a lot lately. She thinks the other personality is trying to wake up and worries what will happen to herself if that happens. Probably that is the reason why she wears a different set of glasses. Another trip to the library. Yet another dream. She starts thinking about how her heart beats fast when she is with Kyon and the nervousness she feels when around him. Those dreams must have been slowly triggering the awakening. But with this strange feeling, could it be that their consciousness is being confused and coexisting at the same time? When Kyon helps her to get a book she cannot reach, she thanks him with a sweet smile. It’s been a while since we’ve seen that kind of face. More dreams about the time she spent with Kyon. Then she realizes if her other self comes back, would this mean she will disappear? WHAT A FREAKING BORING EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Episode 13
The boringness continues… More of those memories. Or dreams. Whatever. Summer time. Nagato hangs out with Kyon and Ryouko. I don’t know if their conversation was important or not because seriously, I wasn’t paying attention. By the time I realized it was going into one ear and out the other, I’ve already at the scene where by Ryouko mentions about the other Nagato who likes Kyon and if this Nagato understands her feelings, could it mean she also likes him? This makes Nagato’s face goes red. Next morning, Nagato wakes up and knows that this will be the last time her consciousness will be around and the next time the original one will return. So she is in a dilemma to tell Ryouko or not since the original Nagato is probably what she wanted although she didn’t treat either Nagato differently. That night, Nagato calls Kyon thinking that she would be left with regrets if she did not tell him her feelings. So after trolling about the library book she borrowed, that is when she says she loves him. As the original Nagato will return and will be confused, she wants him to be there for her and take her home. Then she loses consciousness. Instantly Kyon rides his bicycle to the library to find Nagato. He is not amused that she is saying things like they’ll never see each other again. He realizes he has been a jerk for taking her granted and not realizing it. When he finds her, he wants her to stop this bad joke but it seems she is sleeping with a calm smile on her face. He says his goodbye and waits till Nagato wakes up. Now this is the flustering Nagato we all know. As expected she is confused and muddled about her current situation. He welcomes her back.

Episode 14
The 2 Nagatos met in the dream. Emotionless one tells the original one it’s time to wake up. She also tells her what happened and the confession she did to Kyon. Ryouko is happy to see her original Nagato back. Nagato wonders why she looked happy yet sad and her reply is that both Nagatos are equally precious to her. Kyon is now acting awkward each time Nagato is around him. Then Haruhi is back after a little hiatus and she already has an activity for the club: Tanabata. She is sure she contacted Nagato about this. Oh, so she forgot again? Looks like the old Nagato is back for real. Haruhi then has the guys for some muscle work by cutting down bamboo trees. Isn’t this illegal cutting it from public property? I don’t know how but she has it all sorted out. While cutting, the guys have to battle mosquitoes! No wonder she has been giving orders from afar… After setting up the bamboo plant in the clubroom, they hang up their wishes. Ryouko and Koizumi are sensible but Haruhi and Kyon just plain weird. Another awkward moment for Kyon and Nagato when he tries to help hang her wishes. Later, Haruhi talks to Kyon and knows something happened between him and Nagato. She lucky guesses the other Nagato has confessed but Kyon puts it as both Nagatos are different people although he feels odd that he feels nervous but she doesn’t remember a thing. Some flashback when Haruhi and Kyon were young. He helped her write a message to aliens at some field. And some other talk that I couldn’t really care about. In the end, Haruhi notes that it was all thanks to Kyon’s help for saving her from despair.

Episode 15
Summer time. This means beach episode. Therefore another excuse for all our main casts to head to the sandy beach of Tsuruya’s summer villa. I guess Kyon’s sister wanted to go so much that she snuck inside his bag. She must be very light… Because Nagato is occupied playing her handheld, Ryouko forces her to go pick up the beach ball she threw to the far edge. Then she makes Kyon go play with her. Both start to feel awkward although they’re trying their best to act normal. Then Kyon’s sister joins in the fun by kicking his brother on his back, making him fall on top of Nagato. Romantic scene ruined when little sister watches and wonders if they’re going to kiss. Your guess is as good as mine. Next, the gang head to the mountains because Haruhi wants to discover strange aliens or creatures under the guise of kimodameshi. Asahina is pretty against it because of the traps Tsuruya set up last year. Scary enough to make her pass out. Though, Tsuruya claims she didn’t do anything. With such contrasting statements, you wonder who to believe. But they pass the day via bug catching. Nagato catches a golden rhinoceros beetle but since that doesn’t count in this cicada game, Haruhi wins and as expected, Kyon is the overall loser. Night falls, Kyon’s sister falls asleep so Ryouko takes this chance to avoid participation by accompanying her. As expected, Kyon and Nagato are paired up and head in last. Don’t get your hopes up about anything romantic because despite Nagato might sound so, it is from her game perspective. Then they hear Asahina’s scream. When they reach her, she has passed out. They realize they are in the middle of a firefly field. So this is the scary thing? Well, she thought they were spirits or something. Tsuruya never told her because it seemed funny and hoped she would realize it on her own. Looks like this year failed too. Although Haruhi is disappointed not to find any rare creatures, at least they get to enjoy this beautiful sight. Kyon and Nagato do so while holding hands.

Episode 16
More of Kyon’s thoughts on his confusion on both Nagatos. That is why he has been awkward with her. That is why when they were holding hands and realized so, he quickly pulled back. Her reaction, he thought it made her feel bad. The next scene… I thought it brings reminiscence of the horrifying Endless Eight arc… Because while Kyon is watching baseball with his sister, he gets a call from Haruhi to meet up at the café to chart all the activities they need to do before summer ends. Kyon thinks of using this chance to clear it with Nagato. Maybe things aren’t getting off to a great start. It started raining and so he thought he could share his umbrella. Then the rain stopped shortly. Nothing more to be said. The gang continue to do all the planned summer activities from baseball to bowling till the final festival fireworks night. Last chance saloon. Still feeling indecisive? Time for a little push from Ryouko. Then it’s time to tell her what he couldn’t then. Kyon takes Nagato away from the crowd as he talks why he never told his feelings because he never thought to be liked by her this way. Of course Nagato couldn’t hear because the fireworks are in session. Then he finally confesses. He believes he would have come to be in love with her. Unfortunately Nagato didn’t hear that too. Fireworks. Want to time your confession better next time? Oh, there is no next time. So he is happy about that? Just saying it and not reaching her? The only words that reach her are those he assures he will go back to being normal around her. Oh sure. Everybody is so fine by that. They return to the rest and Haruhi (who has obviously won her shooting game against Ryouko) wants Kyon to take responsibility by treating everybody for ditching them and going off somewhere himself. Back to school. Everything returns to normal. Back to status quo. The epilogue is also a faint reminder of the Endless Eight arc. Kyon watching TV when he gets another call from Haruhi to meet up at the café. Ryouko wonders if Kyon has finished his homework. That “Oh, f*ck!” look on his face…

Taking place exactly after the end of the TV series whereby Kyon is being called by Haruhi and the rest to meet up at the cafe to do all the fun summer stuffs. First up on the list is the swimming pool. There is this ridiculous race Haruhi organizes in which the winner will get lots of quality melons. I’m sure Kyon is more motivated by Asahina’s ‘melons’. So motivated that he even abandons his sister and Nagato in his quest but also loses. In the end, everybody just shares it. The more Haruhi does all the summer stuffs, the more Kyon feels the need to remind her about the unfinished homework but it seems he won’t get a chance because Haruhi never gave him one. Time is running out fast… Yeah, from festivals to part time jobs to stargazing, looks like Kyon’s homework is far from ever going to get started… Then when the list is completed, Haruhi feels that since no more is to be done, the final day of summer tomorrow will be everyone’s own free time. Even more depressing is how Ryouko brings up this homework thingy and it seems everyone has already done them! Oh Kyon. You’re the only one left out… Kyon then finally sums up his courage to yell about his unfinished homework. They think he is joking but he gets desperate to copy their homework. This will not do for Ryouko so she agrees to help with the tutoring. Haruhi doesn’t want to be left out so she wants to come to his place for tutoring too.

Turns out that Koizumi and Nagato too didn’t do their homework. Yeah, they just kept silent… Of course when you have the bunch here, it is going to be hard for Kyon to concentrate, right? Especially when Haruhi is looking around, poking her nose in dangerous places. Is under the bed where he hides his porn? Well, luckily she found a video game console and has Kyon hook it up for her to play. Kyon is distracted by it of course but strict teacher Ryouko reminds him of what needs to be done. But what about Nagato? She looks interested too, right? Ryouko explains about Nagato’s ability to get things done in a night when it matters. So she’ll be alright. Nagato thought she is an expert in Virtua Fighter but always loses to Haruhi. One more time? Time for break, I guess. Kyon’s sister brings in some snacks. Koizumi then suggests playing cards. History seems to repeat itself because Ryouko sucks big time at it. Another one more time? Yeah, almost the entire day is gone and the gang schemes to let her win or else this endless game will never end! Eventually Kyon wins and is definitely not appreciated! Morning comes, Kyon realizes he has not made progress in his homework! Panic time. He calls Nagato who has just completed her homework. He wants to come over now and begs to copy her homework. She agrees and will happily wait for him.

The Very Unfortunate Boringness Of Nagato Yuki
As it says. This spin-off is a big letdown thanks to the big boringness and draggy parts. Maybe I am not a diehard Haruhi fan or anywhere close being into Haruhiism so I do not really see what the charm this series has to offer. Maybe there was none in the first place. Just a big rip-off to milk money from what was once a popular and beloved franchise. If I could sum up the synopsis of this entire series in a sentence, it would be about a shy girl who secretly likes her fellow club member but a little accident accidentally caused her split personality to come out and did the confession first before things revert back to normal. Pretty boring, right? And that is pretty much what the entire show is all about. So what if her other split personality comes out? They just toned down the comedic parts from the clumsy Nagato and tone up the seriousness of the drama, that’s all. And thank goodness they just dragged it out into 3 episodes and not that freaking 8 episodes. Thank God…

I don’t know and I don’t think I really bother to find out if this series has caused a great disservice to the Haruhi franchise because personally I think that this atrocity would just bring down the Haruhiism and made it worse. I think more worshippers are going to leave this religion forever. However this isn’t about Haruhi so in a way it would not affect Haruhiism. But since this is related to her, it might. Hence I think that is why all these years there was never anything big on Nagatoism (there is also Mikuruism for your information). Sure, there is that term but I don’t think it would be as big as Haruhiism. And if I am wrong about how small Nagatoism is, then maybe this series was the killer that just killed it. Either way, this series has just gotten from bad to worse in my books. I’ll be sceptical if they come up with another season of Haruhi, Nagato or any other spin-offs for other characters.

Another reason is that perhaps I did not watch that spin-off movie, Suzumiya Haruhi No Shoushitsu (The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi) since I read that both are somewhat related. But still, this anime series itself is already too mediocre for me to think otherwise. With a big majority of the episodes feel like fillers and standalones, mostly about Nagato trying to sort out her feelings about Kyon until that inevitable ‘accident’ happened. So I suppose those ‘real’ episodes are when the silent Nagato version pops up to temporarily take over. Even that as opposed to the original’s Nagato’s persona, I am not sure what it is supposed to achieve other than Nagato telling Kyon about her feelings, something the other one couldn’t do. Once that is over, it is back to those familiar fillers again but this time Kyon the one who is sorting out his feelings since Nagato doesn’t remember much about the confession.

The romance felt like a big miss. I am not sure if I am to be disappointed or just feel nothing about it. Sure, Kyon may have managed to tell Nagato his feelings but since she wasn’t hearing, what is the point? It is as good as confessing to a picture of her. Get what I am saying? Sure, it is good to let us viewers know once and for all whether he has feelings for her and it certainly does. But the point is, why tell us? Tell her! Tell Nagato directly and clearly in her face, damn it! But this romance thingy that we’ve been anticipating since the start of the series did take a little twist. Because it starts off with Nagato who is the one having a big crush on him as we see from her point of view. Then ironically it is her other self that confessed and this sends alarm bells for Kyon and in the end, he is the one who said those ‘magical words’. Albeit it didn’t reach her heart. Heck, it didn’t even reach her ears. So many seemingly romantic moments and chances and in the end it just felt wasted.

Apart from the Nagato x Kyon romance, I somewhat noticed that there are very few scenes that hinted Haruhi likes Kyon and vice versa. That ponytail hairstyle thingy and that flashback. Vague hints of something or is it just to troll us? Or has it something to do and connected with that spin-off movie? Speaking of that Endless Eight reminiscence, that little cameo was enough to evoke those memories and perhaps this is the most ‘shocking’ feeling that ‘woke me up from my near slumber’. I thought they were going to troll us with something about that arc and repeat more boring episodes! Phew. Nothing of that sort happened. Maybe they just wanted to make us think too much. Because we know how many thousand times they went through the loop, right? Could it be that this is one of the versions of the loop? I know that there are disparities if you try to put it together but with this thought you can’t help think about it. Because it ends with Kyon trying to rush doing his homework last minute… *Shivers*. Even with the OVA, he still has not finished it in the end!

Not even the comedic bits in every episode (except for the ‘real’ episodes) could not help save this anime. Sometimes I feel that they are forced and maybe in a way you are forced to eke out a grin. Whether it is the intense competition between Haruhi, Tsuruya or Ryouko, the harassment or violation over Asahina, Nagato’s clumsiness or Haruhi’s antics. Sure, they may be funny in its own way but the melancholy of the series will drag you back into the boringness. And then it repeats all over again. Is it this series’ style and version of Endless Eight? Then those ‘real’ episodes were just too depressing and dragged out. I feel it could have been condensed into an episode but I suppose that will take out all the drama and whatever emotions the producers want us to feel as we ‘discover’ the other Nagato. The other ‘endless’ thing is Ryouko’s sucking big time, losing at any card game. Note to everyone: Never ever play cards with her!

The characters, most of them remain similar to how we knew them in the Haruhi series. Like Asahina the flustering and clumsy girl who is always easy picking for Tsuruya as always, Haruhi eccentric and hyper active girl and Koizumi gladly to always be her yes-man (will he ever get her unrequited love?). Of course there are some differences especially in regards to our titular character Nagato whom is portrayed in a character that is so oppositely different than her silent taciturn type. It was a surprise and ‘refreshing’ to see a different light of her but that is just so much about it because with the way the direction of the series is going and whatever plot it had in mind, it just didn’t matter. Even if Nagato is kinda cute when she blushes. Really. It’s not anywhere you get to see this side, you know. Whatever happened to her other side we will never know. Don’t care. Maybe she was the catalyst to bring Kyon and Nagato closer but taking a look at how it ended, it was more like back to square one. So with or without the other Nagato, things continue to remain the same. Another different in character is Ryouko who was first introduced as a killer in the first Haruhi season but now a close friend to Nagato (ironically, Nagato was the one who killed her then). Kyon feels like he is less sarcastic and having lesser roles to rebuke since it isn’t Haruhi whom he has to rebuke like before but mainly Ryouko, Tsuruya and sometimes Nagato’s goofiness.

Although the art and drawing mainly remains the same, but I noticed there is a slight difference. How should I put it? Do the characters look a little simpler than before? Are the colour hues lighter than before? Not too sure but the studio that produced this series is Satelight (AKB0048, Log Horizon, Fairy Tail, Aquarion series, Shugo Chara and Macross series) compared to Kyoto Animation who did the Haruhi series. Nothing much different that deviates from the original. But maybe just one thing… I think I prefer Haruhi having long hair instead of the short hair that we are familiar with. Yes. I think she looks prettier with long hair!!! Fact!

All the seiyuus have retained their roles for this spin-off. So there is no shock of a change in any voice acting role whatsoever. Just that with Nagato’s shy girl personality, Minori Chihara now has to voice Nagato as the bashful and flustering high school girl in addition to that monotonous and emotionless one who is only reduced as cameo. The opening theme is Fure Fure Mirai by Kitakou Bengei-bu Joshikai (basically made out of the main quintet girls). Your typical lively hyped up anime style song that might make you get up and dance. But sorry, no dance whatsoever like Hare Hare Yukai. No dance at all. Minori Chihara does a solo with Arigatou Daisuki as the ending theme. A slow lovely ballad that perhaps reflects her character’s heart.

Unfortunately you have to be a diehard fan of the series if you want to watch this series. Otherwise, you’ll be just as hell confused as you are bored. I wanted to call this show The Melancholy Of Nagato Yuki but the sad part was I wasn’t really depressed but rather bored. Nagato fans can kill me if they want to. That will put me out of my misery of this series. And I do hope they don’t have to make another season or spin-off again or else I am ‘forced’ to watch it! There! I gave this series a little hope that I might (a very big emphasis on might) want to watch it. If not, I’d be happy for this series to just disappear into the deep and dark corners of my mind, never resurfacing ever again.

Takamiya Nasuno Desu

February 5, 2016

So freaking popular and crazy enough that I supposed a spin-off of one of its characters has to be made. Yes, people. If you cannot get enough of that crazy tennis club quartet (which is surprisingly into its fourth straight season run and seventh season in total already – that’s like running for a whole year!), then I am sure that you would be delighted to try out Takamiya Nasuno Desu. As the title says it, this is all about that rich girl from the tennis club quartet and her crazy antics and adventures. Although you can expect the craziness, what is unexpected is the kind of craziness you will expect to see and thus making you laugh crazily all over. Yes, people. If you cannot stomach the random craziness and feel it would make you ‘stupid’, feel free to watch more ‘intelligent’ animes out there. I’m here to chill, relax and laugh out loud with this happy drug ‘stress reliever’.

Episode 1
Youta Oshimoto must be regretting to claim he is bored. Because here comes his filthy rich classmate, Nasuno in a pumpkin horse carriage asking him to work for her. Okay. He’ll be paid in dorayaki. Instead of getting to her mansion in her super jet fighter, they take a normal bus instead! And here they are, Nasuno’s super big mansion that could fit 3 trillion dorayakis! How many zeroes are there?! So rich this girl that she’s got pools and pools and even pools in pools! Youta’s job is to be her butler and he thought he could see her in her underwear but he didn’t count his room to be a raised storage but filled with modern amenities. Time to put on his butler outfit. A sheep outfit? Ah, a pun. Shitsuji (butler) and hitsuji (sheep).

Episode 2
More sheep antics. His room is filled with them and Nasuno had the cheek to say if he couldn’t fall asleep, try counting sheep. Is he sick of sheep now? Since you can’t work on an empty stomach, she has him join in her extravagant buffet style breakfast. What are Vikings doing here?! Nasuno ate too much that she is going to throw up! Did she have to overeat? Now it is time for Youta to do his real job. Aside that underworld crap, he is actually to do mundane tasks for her. Like getting a tissue for her. She shows him around her mansion but seems to be taking him on a toilet tour. Then there is statue of her father. No, that’s her real father! The statue is coming alive, freaking out Youta!

Episode 3
Nasuno practises her boisterous laughter so she can use it any time. Her friends will be coming today so she wants Youta to welcome them with a limbo dance! Nasuno summons her eagle so she can have a bird’s eye view of whether her friends have arrived or not. Not here yet. Oh, but they are. Why are they eating grass! The ordinary kind, I mean! The friends introduce themselves to Youta but since he is Yuri’s brother, he doesn’t need her introduction. So the friends continue with the wacky stuff like Marimo painting miso on the wall and Kanae wanting to pluck her leg hair. Nasuno suggests the pool and everyone changes into their swimwear at lightning speed. Youta is also forced to change but is wearing that limbo dance outfit. When a shark is going to attack Nasuno (don’t ask), Nasuno’s eagle grabs Youta as he hovers over Nasuno. Is this some sort of crane game?

Episode 4
Nasuno isn’t precisely eaten by the shark. Since her upper torso is still sticking out, she thinks she looks like a mermaid! When she gets out, her feet are covered with stinky goo and she wants Youta to lick it! Then the girls play water polo but Youta will be in his own team since Yuri says he plays football. What? Youta of course loses and as decreed, the loser gets eaten by the shark! Suddenly it is raining meatballs so as they take refuge inside, the thought that a murder would happen in such a typical scene. Nasuno suggests they stay here for the night so Marimo starts grilling food stuffs to earn a living and keep. Then the power goes out. Nasuno is missing. Just kidding! She’s just hiding behind the curtains. Suddenly a knife is on Kanae’s head. Nobody cares. They go take a lightning quick bath. Nasuno plays another prank that she got stabbed in the stomach and the blood is actually tomato juice. But wait! The knife is real! OMG!!!

Episode 5
A sasquatch almost scares the sh*t out of Youta. Turns out to be Nasuno in it and she thinks she’s cute. Well, she almost passed out from dehydration. She wants him to lick his sweat! Then she brings him to a room filled with books and wants him to finish cleaning it while she eats potato chips for 2 hours. And why does she need to beg him to do it? She allows him to burn the books but I don’t think he is that crazy. What is Youta going to use for rags? She suggests his shirt? Youta accidentally press some button and the bookshelves start moving. Thinking a transformation would increase their ratings, she wants Youta to also transform. He asks for a vacuum cleaner and despite having 108 of them, she gives him a dryer. When Youta hears a crashing sound, he thought Nasuno is in trouble. Turns out she was just slacking and eating potato chips.

Episode 6
As reward for a good cleaning job, Nasuno gives Youta a tax deductible receipt. Nasuno gets lost in the forest after running off to check the sewerage there. Youta goes to find her but sees a lady in kimono stuck in a swamp. Actually this is the sewerage. And she claims she is the sewerage goddess. After pulling her out, she introduces herself as Ayano whom Youta thinks is Nasuno’s little sister. They pass by a grave and Youta thinks it belongs to their mother although Ayano claims it is some save point to avoid falling into the sewage. Well, she didn’t seem like she used it, right? When Nasuno reunites with them (she thought Youta has died), he asks about Ayano. Oh, this little kid? That’s her mom!!! FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Episode 7
Nasuno is so bored that she’s throwing a tantrum. Till Ayano suggests to head to Takamiyand. After all that trolling and poor explanation, it is actually the family’s biggest theme park. If they own it, why do they need tickets to enter?! Some of the ‘attractions’ at the park include riding a giant slug, a haunted house in which the name of this haunted ghost girls is… House, coffee cup rides are just actual coffee cups and there’s a live wrestling match if you’re ever interested in watching.

Episode 8
They’re going to the family beach which is 4 times bigger than a baseball stadium as claimed. They can go there via bobsled or eagle flight. They’re at the cliff which is typical in confession scenes, Nasuno accidentally pushes Youta off. He could have died if not for the eagle bringing him back. The beach on the sand is from the baseball stadium. Ayano has a diamond watermelon and of course it cannot be broken. They go fishing and they dig up a lot of humans cemented in barrels! For scuba diving, Nasuno has a gas tank she has been filling air with her farts since young! On the sea floor, they see more human in barrels and one in a bobsled. Had enough for today?

Episode 9
The Guy Fawkes masked underground group called Madness kidnaps Nasuno via helicopter. However she falls out and to her death! Splat! OMG! Bloody! But since this show never made any sense, she is still alive so they kidnap her again. Thinking via boat would be safer, she falls off! Luckily they thought of that and put her on a life jacket and tied to a cable. Then the shark devours her! OMG! Died again! Bloody! Guess what? Still alive? This time kidnapped by train. Now she needs to use the toilet and threatens to soil herself. I guess this is worse than death so better let her. Just when they thought good ol’ walking would amount to nothing, suddenly her head explodes! OMG! Bloody! Had enough? You can’t kill this girl ever!

Episode 10
Nasuno arrives at school by riding in the trunk of her limo! For the school’s cultural festival, she suggests doing a dorayaki house. She uses her family’s resources to create a giant dorayaki house. It has a dorayaki as the main door and inside smells like red bean. Some of the attractions include trampo-bean (trampoline pun?), a haunted house and an otaku shut-in boy who plays video games all day long. At the top of the floor is a dorayaki café. She wants Youta to choose which of the dorayaki is real, professionally baked with the highest and finest red bean quality. The other is baked by her. Choose that and she’ll give him another dorayaki! He picks one and it broke his teeth since it is made out of concrete!

Episode 11
Nasuno brings her friends to her family’s ice skating rink. Thought of going in for free? The admission doesn’t recognize her! The entire walkway is covered with ice and there is ice in the coffee (no, not iced coffee). There is also a penguin but it is a fighter penguin as it beats up Kanae. And when Kanae slips, it is not due to the slippery ice but a banana peel! Guess why it’s not funny? Because her joke fell flat! Hahaha! Get it?! Oh, the pun! Nasuno changes into her swimsuit but obviously the chill is getting to her. She shows off her special skates covered in diamonds, rubies, sapphires and peanuts. Don’t ask… Nasuno wants to teach some skating techniques but elongating your neck? Since they perfectly skate like the wind, now they harbour big hopes to win the Olympics. But this fierce training also thought them to avoid the penguin’s punches.

Episode 12
Nasuno is bored so she wants Youta to take her to the revolving sushi store. But she got side tracked and ended up in a horse ride merry-go-round. Well, at least it’s revolving. Now they’re at a real sushi store, she wants to buy it! We hear ‘poor’ stories of how Nasuno and Ayano only ate sushi delivered to them or served in plastic boxes. Damn rich people… Nasuno is amazed at the revolving belt but gets motion sickness. She tastes the sushi and finds it so delicious. Only second to dorayaki. So good that she now opens her own revolving sushi store. It also has a horse ride merry-go-round inside. She hired a baker to make sushi (as long as he gets the money) but all his creations turn out to be dorayaki. The store becomes a surprise hit and because it becomes so rich, it got robbed.

Life And Times Of The Rich And Crazy

It is already over? Well, there might be hope that there could be more drugs episodes in the future because the end picture of Nasuno laughing like crazy while fanning herself with money states that it is the end for now. For now… Although nothing is said about any sequel but I guess if you can’t get enough of all the silliness, there is Teekyuu to fall back on. But as far as this spin-off series is concerned, it is equally worth as many silly laughs as its main parent series. Nothing makes sense so you shouldn’t take this anime seriously. Yes. Seriously. So if you are a ‘weak’ person, you might get absorbed with all the silliness and go crazy watching all the fast random stuffs that zips pass you faster than you can say holy dorayaki. Really. Or you might be saying lots of holy dorayaki over and over again in record time in this 2 minute series.

This series is not much different than Teekyuu so sometimes I question why it needs to be animated under a different series’ name. From the crazy randomness (so fast and ‘furious’ that you need to pause and rewind to rewatch it again if you miss them) to the characters downright to the art style, the animation style (fast yapping, anyone?) and everything else is so freaking similar to Teekyuu that if you just jumped in watching this series and not watch the opening credits, you could not really tell the difference which series you are watching. Could they have just extended the Teekyuu series by making it a handful of minutes longer and put this one as an annex or extra section at the end of the main show? I guess that will be too confusing. Besides, with the title already bearing the character’s name, staying true to it, Nasuno is the only character that appears in every episode and hogs all the limelight for the craziest and silliest reasons. Her tennis friends only make cameo in certain episodes and surprisingly Youta does not make any in a couple of episodes (particularly the kidnapping – where the heck are you, her butler?! – and ice skating episode).

Thus the new characters introduced in this spin-off are as wacky they would be even if they should have a chance in appearing in the main series. Youta as the boy who gets dragged into this crazy mess serves as some sort of rebuking role to Nasuno and her friends’ idiocy. Somebody whose role is get into trouble thanks to their silly antics. Something tells me she gets her sadistic kicks in making Youta suffer. With the introduction of Ayano’s mom, it serves to play out certain typical clichés like how mothers look this young enough to be your little sister and perhaps why the entire family is downright crazy since it is all in the genes. Yeah, it makes me think sometimes they get all their money by printing it! Oh sh*t! I don’t know, but it sounds crazy enough to work at least for this series! Enhancing the craziness of Nasuno is the opening theme itself which is of course full of herself. With lyrics that go describing herself as a golden Cinderella, having a dream so big, knowing how to always stay at the top and take everything she desires, you can pretty much guess what kind of character she is. Heck, you don’t need to know all that as guts will tell you after watching the Teekyuu series the kind of rich b*tch she is.

Overall, either you will love or loathe this spin-off as it either tickles your crazy bones crazy or it is just ‘lame and boring’ since it doesn’t break any new ground but just some repetitive stuffs being presented in a different way (these kind people must be those who lack any sort of humour in any way and should go bury themselves alive). Personally, this is very much enjoyable as you can’t go wrong with the same formula. Unless they abuse by recycling this formula over and over again and not knowing when to just let it sleep for good. After all, the seed doesn’t fall far from the tree, right? And oh, no matter how filthy rich you are or in need to improve your tennis form, please don’t do drugs (maybe dorayaki will). But watching ‘visual drugs’ is okay :). Can we have another season, please?

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