High School DxD BorN OVA

February 12, 2016

After the shockingly disappointing third season, I suppose we are all here in hoping that High School DxD BorN OVA would have some sort of little redemption. I knew I don’t expect this single OVA to save the entire season but at least make this season be remembered as less awful. Heh. Like that would help either. Anyhow, I hope that the fanservice and bare tits here will help ‘nurse’ our ‘broken hearts’.

The Unresurrected Phoenix
Time to dig deep into your memories. Ravel sees Rias and Issei to talk about her brother Riser. If you remember the end of the first season when Rias’ ex-fiancé lost to Issei and had their engagement cancelled, that guy has been holing up in his room ever since. Ah, this explains why he was missing for the past couple of seasons. His defeat was so bad that he has been emotionally traumatized especially by anything dragon related. He hasn’t played any Rating Games since and only runs simulations of them all day long and on occasions only summons people to play chess with him. Yes, it is that bad. Ravel hopes for them to teach him fortitude in hopes for him to rise back up as a man again. I mean, he is after all still her brother. I’m sure Issei will agree to do so seeing he was mainly responsible for this trauma. Outside his room, Riser still doesn’t want to see anybody but upon hearing Rias’ voice, he thinks she is here to mock him. Then he starts getting traumatized once he learns Issei is with her. He tries to hide under his bed sheets! Wow. I didn’t know it was THIS bad. Riser still complains that he doesn’t need this training crap and wants to run away. Even more so when Tannin is here to help with the training. Oh sh*t. You’re screwed. You can’t run away. Ever. Man up to your fears! Good luck pal. You’re going to need it. In the mountains of the dragons, Riser will be trained under another strict dragon who is Tannin’s subordinate. He can’t let Issei handle his training from scratch since he knows Issei is too kind. While Riser begins his hellish days, we take a brief detour to the rest of Issei’s harem and watch them soak naked in a hotspring. Ah, time for boobs.

Issei and Ravel could only watch over Riser as they talk over things like thanking her for that tears potion she gave to him at the party. Ravel seems to be blushing and hinting things to him. Of course it’s time for Issei to size her up too so he takes a good look at her and realizes that if she enrols in his high school, she would be his junior. That itself is splendid if you consider she has a great physique and assets that even bests Asia! When Issei learns there is a hotspring nearby, as expected his thoughts suddenly spring to that of peeking at Rias and co. Yeah, he can’t sleep that night and feels the urgent need to go peek on them. But he needs to sneak out without Riser noticing him. Then he realizes Riser has awfully been quiet because he has already given him the slip! He thinks Riser might have overheard their conversation and his heading to the hotspring to see the boobs all by himself! Issei is hell bent on protecting those boobs. Yeah… Well, I thought Riser was running away but he actually is on his way to see Rias boobs! And so the big battle in the sky between the guys. As Rias’ ex-fiancé, Riser just wants to see her tits once. And most probably Akeno’s too. Issei says no way Jose because all those tits belong to him! Hey. Since when did he own them?! While the fighting rages on, we have another round of watching all those delicious tits. Man, how long are those girls going to soak in there? Finally Issei did a look-over-there trick but kicks Riser too hard that he passes out. Issei is glad he has safeguarded those boobs but now finds himself in the hotspring area. The girls see him. Some are thrilled. Some are not. Enjoy those free tits. Ravel gets embarrassed when Issei sees her boobs and commented how great her body is. Was that compliment necessary? Here is your obligatory power blast. In the end, the guys reconcile. Riser agrees to give up Rias forever. But on one condition: Just let him have one last peek at Rias’ tits! No way Jose! The guys are at it fighting over tits again. Nothing riles up a man more than looking at one’s woman’s tits, right? And with this, Tannin believes Riser is alright now. Yeah. Tits. Truly awesome.

Fall Of The Dragon…
It has been a little fun but overall once this OVA ended, the dreadful feeling that it didn’t really do anything to salvage the season after all. Although I didn’t feel that disappointed because mainly the third season was disappointing enough that I didn’t put my hope for any chance of revival. Even the tits fanservice feels lacking oomph. I mean, when you have seen them for the umpteenth time, things start to lose its charm even if you get to see new boobs like Rossweisse and Ravel. Especially in here when you have nothing special except for the girls standing around naked for a while with their exposed boobs. There are no accidental boobs fondling are perverted hijinks that ensued to make it funny. Heck, sad to say the funniest part was Riser’s trauma when he was reeling from that big loss. It makes him look so different than before. How great the fall of the phoenix has become. Not to say that he has risen (pun not intended) but at least he is much better off than before and not at his lowest point anymore. Well, maybe if they keep continue to argue about Rias’ boobs, that will be the main motivation to for Riser to rise (pun again not intended) once more. Calm down people! It’s only boobs! And there are more than enough boobs to go around for everyone! Haha! And so the phoenix hasn’t rise and the dragon continues to fall. Not because of the poor outing of the third season but because of boobs. Yeah. Tits. Truly fearsome.

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