Strike The Blood OVA

February 19, 2016

Really? I never thought there would be more after the TV series ended a couple of years ago. Yeah, it feels such a long time that I can’t even remember much about it. So I thought Strike The Blood OVA was supposed to rejuvenate and revive things of the series. Maybe another season? Well, let’s not get ahead. From what I heard, this OVA is an original story not based on the manga. And by that I’m not saying the producers are the ones who came up with the story. The series’ creator is the one who created a new original story for this so you can’t blame others if the story has no relation or detract from the original, right?

Kojou and Yukina see on the news that the royal family of Aldegyr will be arriving at neutral Japan (but of course) to sign some peace accord with Warlord’s Dominion. So this means La Folia will be busy and no time to visit them, right? Wrong! Because suddenly she runs to Kojou for help! Seems this Viking dude is after her. Kojou and Yukina try to defend her but are surrounded by agents. Turns out this dude, Lucas is the king of Aldegyr and La Folia’s father. So talking out in the café, the big issue here is about La Folia needing to find a husband. If Lucas intends her to marry, then she will take Kojou as her husband. Lucas is not pleased because wanting her to get married doesn’t mean he will just approve any guy. Plus, he thinks Yukina is Kojou’s mistress. Even so, La Folia doesn’t mind being his mistress if Kojou chooses Yukina. Polifonia, Lucas’ wife and La Folia’s mom diffuses the tension and invites them to their party tonight. Guess who else is here at this high security party? Sayaka, Asagi Motoki, Nagisa and Astarte. As long as Kanon knows them, they’re invited. How convenient. The entire gang is here. Lucas is also not pleased that Kanon may have feelings for Kojou. That is when La Folia blurs out that this is proof that someone as great as Kojou have multiple mistresses. See all those girls react to that teeth sinking statement? Yeah, it just makes daddy’s blood boil. Screw the peace accord. He is going to find out more about this Fourth Progenitor. But good news Kojou won’t have to be interrogated by him. Because bad news the place is suddenly attacked by drones. Time for our gang to strut their stuff and kick ass. Kojou saves a woman, Trine Halden from a drone. So what is the thanks he gets? She licks his chest!!! OMFG! But it seems something starts to affect Kojou subsequently. But I’m sure his watching harem is not too pleased… Polifonia is awed with his skills and wants him to return to their country and take La Folia’s hand in marriage. Say what?! What will the other girls have to say? Sayaka comes up with some whatever law so and so but Polifonia counters that with another law. Can’t argue with that. Since it’s getting late, they’ll discuss this tomorrow and retire for the night.

Asagi can’t help worry about this so Motoki advises her to win first before they beat her to it. She’s thinking deeply about this in the bath when Kojou enters! You might have guessed something is wrong when he becomes a smooth operator in wanting to bath with her. It gets awkward when Astarte and Kanon come in. He invites them to join in. They agree. Asagi protests but Kojou says all he wants is all of them to have fun. She can’t believe he said that and starts throwing things for him to get out. He takes his leave but not before stumbling into Yukina and Sayaka on their way in. Yeah, he has seen his almost his entire harem naked in this short span of time. Sayaka talks to Yukina about the need to protect La Folia from Kojou’s inner beast. Yukina goes to talk to Kojou but he gets flirty and pushes her down on the bed. La Folia approves of this and even suggests a threesome! When Kojou hugs La Folia, some static causes her to pass out. The perpetrator is Trine. Yukina and La Folia are kidnapped and it seems Kojou is now her slave.

There is a demand ransom to release political prisoners who are serving life terms on Aldegyr. Polifonia trusts La Folia will be fine and Lucas stands firm with his kingdom’s policy of not negotiating with terrorists. Don’t worry. They’ll do all they can to rescue La Folia and her friends. Trine discusses with the terrorists that Aldegyr won’t be so dumb to give in to their demands. But this is just to buy them time. Yukina reacts jealously when Trine makes Kojou do her nails. Taking advantage of this, she has Kojou carry her to her room. Kojou is then ordered to beat up the guards guarding Bifrost, the royal family’s airship. Their plan is to crash and disrupt the peace signing ceremony and to activate the ship, a royal blood is need, thus the kidnapping. When La Folia hears of this plan, she tells Trine that she should have told her sooner because she would be glad to help her to kill Warlord’s Dominion’s Lord Ardeal. But doesn’t the collapse of the peace signing mean war between both nations? But isn’t this what the North Sea Empire (the terrorists) wants too? After La Folia activates Bifrost, the girls are locked in a room. Yukina wonders why La Folia is siding with them. All that was just an act. Really? How are they going to get out and save the day? Oh, La Folia has a plan of course. The ceremony is about to begin. Kanon is made to disguise as La Folia. The terrorists release several military mechas to attack. Time for Sayaka and Astarte to show what they’ve got. Meanwhile Asagi tries to hack her way inside Bifrost.

La Folia and Yukina have escaped from their room. I’m not sure about La Folia’s method of overheating the room and blowing up the lock but Yukina is all sweaty now. La Folia’s cool magic kept her cool. Although Asagi has hacked the entire ship, it is not before the terrorists managed to release a missile straight towards the ceremony. Lucas and Lord Ardeal have finished signing and are about to shake hands when the missile self destructs just outside. Asagi managed to hack it in time. Kanon mentions that was a gun salute as a symbol of peace for both kingdoms. Trine orders Kojou to kill the girls. La Folia tosses Yukina at him. He remembers her smell. Smells good? It breaks him out of his hypnosis. La Folia knows Trine is from the beastmen tribe and uses her pheromones as hypnosis. But even so, how could Kojou escape her hypnosis easily? Between the scent of a young girl drenched in sweat compared to the over-perfumed b*tch, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize which will win a man over. Trine and her terrorists will now destroy everything. Yukina gives permission to Kojou to bite her. They both power up and put evil to sleep for good. Remember Kojou, it’s not your fight. But OUR fight! Now Bifrost is going to crash! Don’t worry. It’s in the sea, right? See, what did I tell you? Everybody is fine. They’re saying their goodbye to the royal family at the airport. Polifonia hints to Kojou to consider his marriage to La Folia and she’ll reconsider writing off the loss and damage he made to Bifrost! Lucas still doesn’t approve of him and despite his mighty weaponry threats, Polifonia shuts him up. Later, Yukina isn’t pleased that Kojou remembers everything while he was under Trine’s spell. And then she blames him when she herself says about that sweat covering incident. It’s always his fault.

Strike The Playboy
First things first:
MAMIKO NOTO IS AWESOME AS POLIFONIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phew. I’m glad I made the right choice in watching this OVA. Heck, I would have even so. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, as far as this OVA is concerned, I believe fans of the series and those who enjoyed watching the TV series would find it entertaining and interesting. Although a couple of episodes would be hardly anything to further develop anything else. But like in the TV series, I guess the mini arc serves as a good short standalone that many could enjoy. Even if you have not watched the TV series and jumped straight into this, there is not much to lose although it would be better to have done so.

When Kojou starts his short flirtatious playboy mode, it was like perhaps the moment that most harem lovers had anticipated to see. Although we know that there is something wrong and this isn’t the Kojou we know, we can’t help dream for a while that this is what it would look like if Kojou ever starts playing around with his harem. Some girls would agree and some would not and some would just remain the tsundere. Ah yes. So much potential. Can we have another original story about something like this, please? Then again, we don’t really want to dilute the value of this series by turning the powerful Fourth Progenitor into a cheesy leecher.

Other than that, I suppose this OVA is pretty decent in other areas. La Folia and Yukina hogging the spotlight the most but other characters do have their share of the spotlight albeit nothing much. You have your little action, your little fanservice (some exposed tits here!), your little drama and your little romantic harem moments. A little of everything but ultimately just enough for entertainment value. I just hope this OVA won’t start a trend of new kinky sexual fetish of smelling sweat of your loved ones. That would really stink no matter how sexy it looks.


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