Okusama Ga Seitokaichou

February 20, 2016

Long ago, there was a wife in the form of a magical girl. Then there was also a wife in the form of a high school girl. There was one too as a mermaid, remember? Now, there is another form of young wife in the form of a student council president. However Okusama Ga Seitokaichou is a bit deceptive in its title because the couple in this said series isn’t actually married to each other. Yet. Let’s say their current status is standing at fiancé and fiancée as per arranged by their parents and they are living together as some sort of practice/training when the time comes. Don’t want to have cold feet and pull out when the big day arrives, eh? Oh, did I mention they have to keep this relationship of theirs secret from others and all the while trying to restrain their sexual urges to keep their romantic sparks alive? Wait. What? I suppose that’s the thing being young and getting engaged during high school. High sexual drive. Well, almost.

Episode 1
During the student council elections, candidate Ui Wakana makes her pledge to liberalise love. Free condoms! Is it no wonder she won? Besides, she’s quite good looking and with great assets and curves. I think almost all the guys voted for her… Hayato Izumi as the vice president is not thrilled she used this tactic to mislead people. However she assures she will not betray those who voted for her and will do all she can with the best of her abilities. Before they head home, Ui wonders when Izumi will be home. It will be much later since he has cram school. When that time comes, Izumi is super shocked to see Ui moving in like a newlywed. Seems her mom messaged her to become his wife. So she has no qualms and quickly accepted it? Turns out their parents are good friends but because they moved while they were young, it is natural they don’t recognize each other. Shortly, Izumi gets a call from his dad also giving his blessing on this ‘marriage’. And they were out drinking when they decided that. Izumi allows her to stay but wants her to leave first thing in the morning. Next morning to his dismay, she sleeps close to him. His rage accidentally has him drop his hidden porn magazine. Wait a minute. For a girl who gave out free condoms and now she’s looking at him with that disgusted looks? Maybe it’s because of his MILF porn preference. He takes this chance to say that with this reaction, she is unprepared to be married. Then she kisses his left ring finger due to some legend as proof of the bond of the heart. He pushes his luck by wanting to kiss her left breast. She allows him. He actually did it! The groping feels good. The sucking fees good. Only to be interrupted by a call from his dad checking out his first night. Why does this always happen? Day one of his married life with this self proclaimed bride begins…

Episode 2
Izumi is not pleased despite giving his bed to her, she still comes to sleep with him in his futon. Last night when she went to the toilet, she got tired on her way back. Her revealing nature of her pyjamas makes it tempting for him to stare at her boobs. Ui is popular at school as many love her support on her liberalisation of love stance. Of course the rivalling public morals committee aren’t looking too impressed. When Izumi returns home, he gets another surprise when Ui is in a naked apron (she got lots of such handy tips from mom). Seeing his reaction that he is curious if there is anything underneath, she teases him and slowly lifts it up. Sorry to disappoint you but she’s wearing a swimsuit underneath. As thanks for cooking breakfast this morning, she wants to cook him dinner. But seeing the dangerous way she is holding the knife (I don’t think she even knows how to cook), Izumi takes over. She wants to help but becomes clumsy and spilled hot water over herself. In an attempt to cool her body and not leave scars, Izumi unwittingly undresses her. Oops. She apologizes for causing him trouble but her stomach growls. Time to feed your wife.

Episode 3
The public morals committee president, Rin Misumi ticks off couples holding hands in public. Till her petite assistant, Makoto Sawatari makes fun of Misumi’s humongous boobs. Karen Fujisaki, the student council treasurer reports this to Ui and this might be a challenge for them for their love liberalisation. Student council secretary, Ayane Niikura doesn’t know how they’ll accomplish their mission since she herself has never dated a boy. Ui seems to be a pro in giving advice despite admitting she too has never dated one. Then Misumi steps in to mock them that they know nothing of love so how can they carry out their liberalisation. Izumi tells her she is just overreacting and holds her hand as demonstration. She flusters and leaves. It is no surprise that Ui is sulking back at home. So after she lets Izumi know what is bugging her, she suggests holding hands as experiment to see if it will lead to immoral behaviour as Misumi believes. Izumi is nervous so his hand sweats. Ui licks it and then starts licking his finger. Izumi looks suspicious (embarrassed if I should say) so she jumps on him. Perfect excuse for her boobs to be exposed all over his face. Not sure whether he sucked her boobs too. Ui concludes that it does lead to immoral behaviour although there were too many irregular factors involved. So does this mean Ui accepts the public morals committee’s stance? No. Although she understands their intention, it is fine as long as she doesn’t take it too far. When couples make physical contact, their bond strengthens and they accept each other’s imperfections. Izumi is amazed by her words till her hunger ruins the mood.

Episode 4
Misumi continues to break up couples holding hands. Then a confrontation with Ui right at the school gates and a couple is caught in between. But since class is starting, Izumi grabs Ui and makes a run for it. After school, Misumi confronts Ui and Izumi and won’t let them have their way. Then it starts raining. As they run to take shelter, Misumi spots a couple and tries to hide behind Izumi. Unfortunately they tumbled into a love hotel and before you know it, they’re in a room. Man… Poor Ui is running around looking for him in the rain. If Izumi should be clearer about something, it should be about this. Because he asks Misumi to take off her clothes! It is to dry her clothes but too late, he already got a beat down. There is a swimsuit she can temporary wear while he dries them. Misumi apologizes for her earlier action. That couple, the girl was her best friend and she knew that guy. They weren’t dating but rumours surfaced that she used her boobs to seduce him. That’s when she realized having such big boobs was nothing but trouble. That’s why she wanted to prove her moral character. Misumi doesn’t recognize the vibrator. Izumi wants her to hand it over but this reaction makes her believe it is something lewd. But why put it in her cleavage? Now it starts vibrating. Feeling good? Then it slides down to her crotch… Feeling even better? Luckily she gets control of herself to throw it away. When they finally leave, Ui happen to walk into the scene. Her happiness of finding them when she realizes they just walked out of a love hotel…

Episode 5
Ui is saddened by their relationship and wants a divorce! Are they married in the first place? Luckily it’s just a dream. But maybe not… Because Ui left a note she’ll be at her parent’s place. He remembers Ui tried to be calm but obviously her body reaction said otherwise. Hey, wasn’t she the one preaching about freedom of love? Ui is spacing out in the student council that Niikura starts placing bunny ears on her and Karen tries to kiss her! When they get down to business to discuss an email sent from a student who is troubled that her boyfriend is having an affair, they rope in Misumi to hear her point of view since she is eavesdropping. The email suspiciously reads very similarly like that trip to the love hotel. Karen believes guys are horny monsters and the incident must have the guy groping the girl’s boobs. Why is Izumi vehemently rejecting this? He opposes even more when Karen believes more horny stuffs were done. But Ui is looking gloomy. Shortly, a follow up email reveals they have made up after he apologised after they kissed. After the meeting is over, Ui refuses to go back with Izumi. He should be happy but I guess he already made dinner for 2. She won’t budge until he kisses her. So that’s what she wants? In that case, he kisses her forehead. But it’s not enough for her so she kisses him. Wow. A steamy one! You can tell they’ve made up when the kissing gets steamier. The use of tongue and his hands start fondling her butt. Could have been so damn good if not for a kid popping up.

Episode 6
Since she looks a lot like Ui, she must be her little sister, right? Wrong! Misato is her mother! F*CKING SH************TTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best part? She acts like a little girl and Ui is acting more like a mother towards her. Role reversal? She is here to move everything from Ui’s home here. When Izumi takes a bath, Misato joins him as part of her plan to get to know better her son in law. Then the typical slippery floor slipping accident. Her crotch fell on his face. Ui had to come in. During and after dinner, Ui can’t help notice that Izumi and Misato are chatting with each other fine. Starting to feel left out? So that night she comes in to massage his shoulders and although he feels pretty fine, his guts tell him he needs to play along or else who knows how far her mood will swing. Although Ui apologizes for her mom’s behaviour as she has always been like that, she still doesn’t like Izumi warming up and getting cosy with her. She tickles him as punishment but he tickles her back. Cue for fanservice. One thing led to another and I suppose Izumi is tempted by her sexy body so they start kissing and caressing oh so good only to be ruined when Misato drops in. That damn loli mother was eavesdropping… I guess they won’t continue.

Episode 7
Izumi is pissed of somebody incessantly ringing his doorbell. Oh, turns out to be Misumi and her sister, Kei. Looks like they’ll be neighbours. Surprised? Oh, Kei is also the school’s nurse. Surprised? Izumi and Ui’s quality time is always interrupted when Misumi constantly rings the doorbell to borrow stuffs. Then for the last time, he is taken at how good she looks and smells before realizing his cooking is getting burnt. By the time he puts it out, Misumi invited herself in. He makes her wait in the living room but there is where the first trouble sprouts. She finds a panty on the couch! Suspicious… Izumi claims it is from his aunty (hint: loli mother). Suspicious… Izumi can die of a heart attack any moment because jealous Ui seems to be stalking in secrecy. So when Izumi corners Ui in the toilet, the cramped space makes Ui do a naughty move by grinding her hips on his crotch. Her plan backfires when he does it on her. She can’t scream or else she’ll be found out. But their naughty time is put to a halt when Misumi is screaming for Izumi to get his ass over. She found a lip balm only used by high school girls. Aunt’s, I suppose? Misumi does not believe and since she cannot overlook this, she will report this at school tomorrow. That is when Izumi gets desperate to say those stuffs belong to him! He holds her hand pleading not to tell anyone about this. Well, if he insists…

Episode 8
To avoid any suspicions, Izumi and Ui leave their home at different times. He thinks that incident has quiet down since he heard less from Misumi. But one morning, Misumi is acting like a tsundere and at the same time quite worried about him since Izumi does not have enough sleep (from studying). He almost falls so Kei picks him up and makes him sleep at the infirmary. Kei thinks his cross-dressing is causing him sleepless nights. OMG! Could this mean Misumi rat him out?! Too heavy a burden for her to shoulder? Kei then gets on top of him and is going to help transform him into a woman! Noticing Misumi’s reaction, Kei gets the idea and starts moving her hips. Misumi pushes her off so Kei lets her handle it while she fetches a wig. Izumi falls asleep while Misumi applies the makeup. Man, he looks pretty as a woman! Kei wants to put the final touches. What final touches? She takes off her panties! So if Misumi protests, does this mean she’ll do it herself? Yup. Looks like it. She’s being nervous about it (WTF does she mean about doing this for his sake?) but Kei has already taken off her bra. Kei forces Misumi to join in. Her butt is facing directly at his face. So when Izumi wakes up, he sees this pair of peach buns. Time to panic. Both of them. You can guess what happens next. So powerful her beat up that he forgot all the maths formula. Back to studying again? I wonder if it ruined the makeup.

Episode 9
Misumi calls Izumi so that she could give him… Her panties! He thought it would be hard for a guy to buy such stuffs so she is willing to help him out. Why does she look so happy doing this? Karen and Sawatari spy them but when they realize the other, the big battle begins. Karen lost. She returns to report to Ui the suspicious observing she had and exaggerates about Izumi having a secret tryst with Misumi to fondle her mass boobs. Ui remains defensive of Izumi although she is clearly upset. Karen has noticed she is close to Izumi recently and laments they haven’t hang out often. Niikura pushes Karen towards Ui so that she could have her much needed president recharge. Ui later tells Izumi that he told Karen and Niikura about their engagement although she stopped short of mentioning she is at his place. When Izumi accidentally drops his bag and she picks up those panties, she brings him into the alley and starts lecturing about the importance of communication. So how are panties relevant to that? She wants him to take off hers! I guess he has got no choice so he does so. A cat startles them as she accidentally hides his face in her crotch. His horniness activates as he starts fondling her butt. She encourages to try touching directly. He could have if not for the cat again. Lesson: Please keep your kinky acts off public places! Back home, Izumi is in a dilemma. What the f*ck is he going to do with Misumi and Ui’s panties?

Episode 10
Izumi sees Sawatari carrying a heavy bag and helps her when she falls. She notes she has never lifted anything heavier than Misumi’s boobs! After Izumi puts her in the infirmary, he thinks she looks cute as a baby while sucking her thumb and holding his hand! When Ui texts eggplant for dinner, Sawatari misinterpret that to be some sort of illicit sexual subtext! Sawatari tails him home. He is so annoyed that when he yelled at her, she flew away! Oh, she also wet herself. This means he has to let her clean up herself at his place. Then she had to wear Misumi’s panties. Fearing Ui will be found out, he plays that cross-dressing card it belongs to him. Surprisingly she could hold in her surprise. Although Sawatari picks up her own hair on the floor, she thinks a girl is living with him. This makes Izumi reveal that Ui is living with him but denies being a couple. To buy her silence, she wants him to consider Misumi as a candidate. If he accepts, she’ll give him a treasure trove of Misumi pictures in her underwear! Not enough? She’ll throw herself as bonus! She makes him lie down so she can put her crotch on his face and continues begging to consider Misumi as a candidate. Then Ui returns and sees this. Luckily she believes Sawatari’s lie that she is practising riding a horse. Sawatari then asks Ui about what she likes about Izumi. Just about everything, right? Noting she is deeply in love with him, Sawatari vows not to lose too. Later Izumi receives from Sawatari a butt pic of Misumi. Share of spoils?

Episode 11
Today is Ui’s birthday and now that she is 16 years old, this means she is of legal age to marry. Sawatari sees Izumi not only to return the borrowed panties but also to give him a transparent camisole. She heard about his cross-dressing… Misumi you rat! But Ui seems to have a more pressing question for him. She wonders if he has licked or rubbed her panties! Only sniff a little? WTF? Ui thinks the camisole was a birthday gift from him so she tries it out for size and seduces him. But he might be breaking her heart telling her to change. You aren’t turned on? What are you? Gay? Later Ui realizes that this camisole is quite risqué now that she has taken a good look at it. Then she remembers her mom’s (unnecessary) advice that when a boy gives a girl clothes, it is so he can take them off. When he wakes up, his face is in her boobs. Then they start kissing each other aggressively. She touches his dick to see if he had any reaction. Thank goodness. Then she lets him touch hers also as prove that she has some sort of reaction. The groping gets too steamy and hot that Ui burns out. Heh. Even with no interruption, this is as far as they go? Later Ui learns Izumi wanted to actually buy her another present apart from this but had no time. However she is more than happy that she got to spend the entire day with him.

Episode 12
While the duo are out, looks like Misato calls Ui that she will be visiting again. Oh, she is already at their doorstep. Izumi rushes home first but bumps into Kei who wants him to spill all the beans (Misato rat them out), though he manages to get away. It seems Ui’s dad is also here, Ryouji. Holy sh*t! He looks like a kid! F*CKING SH************TTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The parents look young enough to be your kids!!! However Ryouji does not like Izumi and abuses him. He regrets agreeing to let his daughter get engaged with him. However as a man he will stick true to his words. He will test Izumi to see if he is worthy of being his daughter’s husband. But this makes Izumi think that if he screws up, would this engagement be annulled? Sounds tempting… But the memories spent together… This causes Izumi to look worried so Ryouji kicks Izumi to remind him about worrying his daughter. Later Ui apologizes to Izumi about her father’s behaviour because he is treated like a kid (obviously) so he treats everyone at work and at home strictly. She also says that she has long wanted to be his wife. She will wait as long as it takes for him to return her feelings. For the first time, Izumi calls her by her first name. Izumi and Ui are forced to sleep together since the parents are already taking up Ui’s room. As Izumi ponders Ui’s words and partially remembers their childhood, sleepwalking Ui pulls him close to her. She hugs him like a bolster and his face is smothered in her boobs. She feels her crotch cold and puts his hand there to touch and warm it up. Eventually she just sleepwalks to turn off the air-conditioner. What just happened?

Ui and Izumi are putting up posters for their next event. It is a campaign for boys and girls to hold hands. Definitely trying to pick a fight with the morals committee, eh? Noticing the poster is a bit crooked, Ui is going to fix it but she slips from her ladder. Izumi is quick to save her but at the expense of his right hand. Don’t worry. It is just a sprain and it will heal in a few days. Of course this means Ui is having a guilt trip. So for the rest of this episode, it is about Ui trying to atone herself by helping Izumi to bath. Yes. Fanservice bath episode. This means our sexy Ui gets into her t-shirt and panties that would make us straight guys hard to keep our boner down. Naturally after all that washing, she gets all wet. So she soaks in the bath with him and of course he is blindfolded. Nothing is more dangerous with a guy blindfolded because his imagination can run wild. Then it is back to washing his back again but he still has his blindfold on. As expected, she trips causing her humongous soft boobs to press against his back. It’s already hard to keep his boner down and then this… This must be the clincher fanservice. Feeling the need to wash his right hand, she needs something soft that won’t hurt it. Aha! Yeah… She uses her boobs and cleavage to wash it. Gosh, a scene that looks like it came out from a hentai series. Izumi on the other hand cannot identify what kind of soft material she is using. But it feels good, right? Just when he is about to figure it out, his blindfold comes off. Shock stare first. Then comes the embarrassment. Then comes the struggle. Ui slips and again Izumi sacrifices his right hand to save her fall. She is very worried of his right hand but since it is okay, she hugs him in her relief. The most romantic moment with their faces so close until it is ruined with Izumi’s sneeze. Back into the bath. Same for Ui too but she denies so and dumps water all over him. Thankfully, he didn’t suffer any more injuries.

So Young, So Horny
The only reason we’re watching this is the fanservice, right? So whether we care about the plot, crappy ending (if you can call it that) or whatever development is unnecessary so long we get our free tits and lingerie/panty shot fanservice. Am I right? So be wise to choose and watch the uncensored version to get your 10 seconds worth of ecchi delight. Yes, there are 2 versions of this short series and although I have not watched the uncensored version before, I can guess which parts are going to be left out and experience has left me it will be darn disappointing. So do yourself a favour. You’re going to watch this show, you know what it is going to be about, just watch the uncensored version and don’t feel bad about your guilty pleasures. It is easier that way.

And I suppose ecchi is the theme here and the reason why you have this sort of absurd reason in the first place for a pair of high school couple living together. Then when the moment is right, they’ll do a bit of ecchi stuffs that just borders hentai just to satiate our ecchi lust even though you can predict won’t last. So who is to blame for starting this ecchi? Ui encourages Izumi and you can’t blame him for sometimes turning into a demon and taking it too far because isn’t that what Ui wants? Whatever it is, we don’t care because as long as we get the ecchi stuffs, everything will be alright. Am I right? No? Then please think again why you are watching this show for.

Thanks to the fanservice that we look forward to every day, we don’t really care about the characters because all we know that Ui is there to give us the much needed tits shots and sexy panty shots because she just loves sleeping in them. It is already mind boggling itself that Ui, the very person who fights for love liberalisation rights is a noob in love after all. I mean, does she even know the details of what that is? I mean, just look at the way she tries to be sexy to Izumi but the way she reacts when it goes a little too far proves that she is just an amateur. How can the very girl who throws free condoms in front of the assembly be this shy alone with her future husband? I suggest watching for even more delicious and tantalising moves she could make on Izumi in the future. Haha! Maybe then he will be more willing to accept you. But as my guts tell me, he might be giving excuses to let her stay for the time being. In no time they will bond, grow closer and don’t want to leave each other’s side. I mean, which other girl would so willingly let you touch her like that! So show more skin to him, the only way to prevent this guy from turning gay. Haha!

There seems to be this running joke whenever Ui starts to fluster, little chicks seem to pop out from her head. WTF. The more flustered she is, the more chicks will sprout out. It feels like she is some sort of chick manufacturing facility. Don’t worry where they will all go since they are just figment of her imagination. Similarly, Izumi has little purple devils popping out but that is only when his horny side activates. Albeit those little devils are just a handful and not like Ui’s chicks that seem to gush out like water.

Misumi might be giving Ui a run for her money if she ever gets serious in chasing after Izumi. After all, personally I feel the series was too short to even start a love triangle (or polygon) between them. I think I would have liked it further because with Misumi also being a bit like Ui (in terms of sexual attraction and shyness), it will be interesting and funny to see the ecchi catastrophe that poor Izumi will have to bear. Misumi might turn out to be a big hypocrite because despite being on the public morals committee, she seems to be harbouring a little lewdness, if I should say. Now with her hidden feelings for Izumi, won’t that make it worse? Now if this gets out, won’t everybody start seeing her as a slut again? As long as nobody finds out… Like how nobody finds out about Ui and Izumi living together. But with Misumi being a poor secret keeper, the world will one day know about his cross-dressing… That will be the day…

Heck, every other girl seems to have a potential to be Izumi’s harem. Like Sawatari who although supports Misumi, seems to be offering herself as bonus (see, this girl even knows and wants a harem cat fight!). Then there is Kei too who is just teasing so she could push Misumi into taking action. Karen’s love might seem to be for Ui and taking a yuri stance but what if she’s just being tsundere with Izumi? Niikura has not experience in men but what are the chances of this cat girl cosplayer taking a liking for her fellow student council member? Too bad all these characters have potential but sadly the very short screen time and duration of the series make them a total miss.

As for Ui’s parents, I guess I have seen it all in anime. I thought I have seen anime mothers who look like kids with daughters. But this one takes the cake. Because even her husband looks like a kid, you have a pair of parents looking like kindergarten siblings. Usually I have only seen mothers looking like lolis but this is the first time I am seeing the guy and father too. It’s really mind boggling when their daughter grows up and she looks more motherly than her own mom. I hope Misato’s stature and status doesn’t make her both a legal loli MILF! That would be ultimate paradise for perverts who love this kind of trope. So what’s next for young looking mothers? I won’t be surprised if some girl introduces a toddler only to be told this is her mother! Then it would be more like a horror story!

If Ui sounds familiar, then it is because Ayana Taketatsu has voiced somewhat similar characters such as Ako from Kissxsis, Momoko from Momo Kyun Sword and Mio from MM! The rest of the casts are Kazuyuki Okitsu as Izumi (Andre in Prison School), Minami Tsuda as Misumi (Yui in YuruYuri), Juri Nagatsuma as Sawatari (Satone in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai), Yoshie Sugiyama as Karen (so far no other roles at this point as this is her debut role), Aoi Fujimoto as Niikura (Ushiwaka of Inugami-san To Nekoyama-san is so far her only other role), Ryoko Shiraishi as Kei (titular character in Hayate No Gotoku), Tomoko Kaneda as Misato (Chiyo in Azumanga Daioh) and Yu Kobayashi as Ryouji (Ayame in Gintama).

The short opening theme is Koisuru Hiyoko by Rekka Katakiri. Not too bad this rock pop piece. Could have been longer but maybe that will breach the series’ running time to over 10 minutes. Yeah right. The first ending theme is another rock outfit, Ren x Ai = Equation by Ayana Taketatsu. I wonder where she is running to after passing through all the checkpoints. The second ending theme is also rock based, Realize by Minami Tsuda. The animation has the girls jamming as a rock group. Is this even possible considering the rivalry between the student council and public morals committee? Hell yeah, as we have seen in this anime, anything is possible. From young married high school kids to loli-like mothers and the misconception that young wives are horny and wants to be f*cked. Whoops!

This series feels like it is targeted for lonely otaku guys because we very well know that that possibility of this ever happening is close to zero. Even if it does happen, chances are it will never happen to us. That is why we revert and fall back to porn! So this series is like when you want to watch something realistically steamy and sexy because porn is just freaking unrealistic (remember the most common porn ‘plot’ of ordering pizza?) and then fantasize the what-ifs that you could have done to your imaginary 2D waifu before reality hitting you hard in the face. Yeah, watch this show then. It doesn’t take up much of your time, you don’t need to care about the plot or characters and there is certainly worth of some fapping material. With non-anime shows having already made numerous “My Wife Is A…” themes like actress, super woman, gangster, yakuza, zombie, vampire, etc, and going even so far as using the word retarded, so when are they going to make one about my wife is a porn star? Oh wait. Did they already have that?

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