Nisekoi S2

February 27, 2016

Are they still at it? Pretending to be lovers and couple for the sake of their clan’s peace? Well, that was the supposed setting to bring this romantic comedy to the fore. And I suppose with things still not settled especially of that certain key and lock that could be the big potential to unravel the biggest mystery ever, we wouldn’t have had the need for a second season of Nisekoi. That means the fake-cum-real love will still continue. Putting up a show for everybody to see that they’re a couple while hiding their true feelings for others, for themselves and for anything else in this typical high school love polygon. Ah, that dreaded feeling. Because I kinda get the feeling of how usually these kind of genres drag things out and will probably ‘end’. But hey look. I’m back and still here watching for more and hoping. Please, oh please. Can we just give up this act and tell the truth already?

Episode 1
Chitoge wakes up. She remembers something. Oh, she fell in love. Thanks for reminding us. Like any woman in love, she admits the world looks different. But how are things looking for Raku? Still the same pipsqueak, I guess. Typical guy. She wants him to notice her new uniform but… There’s that knee kick to jolt memories of their first meeting. When Marika displays her usual bold stuff of cuddling up to Raku, this makes Chitoge that they haven’t done anything like couples do. Even if they do, it is no different from how they are now. While Chitoge unnecessarily ponders about this, a big distraction takes place. A big reminder what this series is about in the first place or rather the trouble that it took us on a ride. Gathering the girls, Raku announces he has his lock back and it feels good! Marika becomes impatient in wanting to unlock it although Chitoge prefers to wait a little while. Then Raku relays the bad news. The lock is still broken. Wait. What? There is something still stuck at the back of it. Although it can be smashed open, Raku does not want that as it holds sentimental values. So Raku is telling the girls to wait and find out another way to open it? You mean an excuse to drag out this series for another season?! As disappointed everyone is, there is also some sort of relief. Especially Chitoge who keeps wondering if her key wasn’t the one to open it. How would she react to it? How would he react to it? Her feelings for him are still real. Chitoge realizes Raku might be like any other dense guy. He’ll never realize her feelings. Suddenly Raku hints he knows something about her. Because it is all written over her face. Gasp! Could it be? He thinks she is… Hungry?! Disappointed? She beats him up. You can’t blame Raku for never understanding women, eh?

When Chitoge’s friends let her test out a lip balm, they think she should use it to attract Raku. And so this girl tries all she can to make him notice her new lip balm. It’s getting real frustrating that the jerk notices everything else but that. If that doesn’t work, how about a new shampoo? She’s flaunting her hair… He notices how cold today is… Maybe nail polish would do the trick. Maybe they’re just too small for his eyes, huh? Poking his face too didn’t make a difference. She takes drastic action. A new hair ribbon. Everybody in class notices and reacts so what are the chances this douche will? He doesn’t. Feel like crying? Desperate, she directly spells out for him she is going to test his abilities as her boyfriend. What is it that is different about her? Man, he can guess everything wrong! From cutting her bangs to dieting (all misses!). As she laments how she fell for this dense guy, Raku wonders could it be the lip balm, new shampoo or nail polish? Wait. What? He actually noticed them but it would feel weird if some normal guy goes around complimenting girls. Chitoge lectures him of the need to say these important things to a girl. They want to be noticed. Doesn’t he want to be popular with girls? Gosh. Did she really say that? Or is it she isn’t cute enough for him? Sure, she’s cute. And all the animosity gone just like that. All forgiven. Wow. No men can’t understand women. So how about the new ribbon? What ribbon? You mean he never noticed that???!!!

Episode 2
Because Tsugumi didn’t have enough screen time last episode, they decide to make this hers. As usual as she’s being a tsundere to Raku when he thanks her for helping out, suddenly this white haired girl, Paula McCoy starts whipping out her guns and attack her! Tsugumi does the same and the place could have been devastated had not Raku stopped them. He got owned in the process. Tsugumi takes them back to her place to patch him up. Paula explains Tsugumi’s nickname as the Black Tiger during her time in USA and she was notorious in the underworld where she accomplished her missions like a demon. Paula was her former colleague and number 1 before Tsugumi toppled her. She is here to settle the score but past observations showed Tsugumi involved in ‘pathetic’ errands like as though she is living like an ordinary girl. In the past whenever they go on missions, Tsugumi always was a step ahead and took the best parts. She isn’t the Black Tiger she knows. Despite her duty now is to protect Chitoge, this mundane life as Paula believes has made her claws dull. When she sees how Tsugumi reacts when Raku commends her cooking, this is when she throws down a challenge. If Paula wins, Tsugumi must follow her back to USA where she’ll whip her back into shape. If Tsugumi wins, Paula will forever leave without a complaint. Tsugumi accepts. So what will the challenge be? The first person who can steal a kiss from Raku wins! OMG! Sure, Raku is Chitoge’s boyfriend. Paula assures she will not tell. It would be even bad taste for Tsugumi to back down of a challenge. Something she has never done and the code their mafia family lives by. Therefore Paula chose this challenge knowing that Tsugumi is inept in guys and this could be the only challenge that she could best her.

Paula tries to make her bold move first. Flustering Tsugumi fires many warning shots, almost killing Raku. Her hands moved on its own? Try better. That guy is of course scared and runs away to avoid being caught in between. Tsugumi catches up and looks serious in wanting to kiss him. But her hesitation causes Paula to use a smokescreen and kidnap Raku. In an abandoned building, Raku is trying to get her to understand the importance of a first kiss since it will be both their first time. Raku believes winning this showdown isn’t Paula’s real goal and it is for Tsugumi to accept her. With Tsugumi cannot fathom Raku and Paula kissing, she barges in like the fierce Black Tiger. So scary, so fast, so strong that Paula is reduced to an obedient little girl! But can Tsugumi steal Raku’s kiss? This is how she does it. She puts her finger on his lips and then put it on hers. Well, that is also considered as stealing a kiss, right? Nobody has any problems whatsoever, no? Good. When Tsugumi hugs Paula and acknowledges how strong she has become, little girl breaks down in tears. Before Paula leaves, she wonders if Tsugumi is okay with Raku being Chitoge’s boyfriend. Doesn’t she want him for herself? She’s fine with that.

Episode 3
When Shuu suggests they have a Christmas party, Chitoge starts shivering in fear. Her mom, Hana is coming home. As she is busy and always travelling around the world, she hardly comes home accept for this short period. Mom is such an important figure that her schedule is booked for the next 10 years and the Japanese stock market fluctuates according to her mood! But the scariest thing about her mom is when she gets mad. It’s going to get scarier because father wants her to introduce Raku to her! You can see all the henchmen rushing to organize a grand welcome for Hana’s return. Chitoge’s dad thought he could ‘run away’ by feigning stomach ache but daughter wouldn’t let him let her go through this alone. That scary, huh? So when Hana arrives, Raku sees her like a lovely beautiful woman (heck, don’t mind she looks young enough to be Chitoge’s sister!). But like any other woman who has very good memory, she remembers a deal her husband should have made months ago. Oh sh*t. It didn’t go through. Instantly she sends him for punishment! Oh sh*t! Henpecked husband! Chitoge then introduces Raku. Hana seems fine about it till she remembers about Chitoge’s slipping grades. Wow. Chitoge is so scared that she’s vibrating like a handphone! Then she notices her frayed ribbon. That trademark red ribbon that she has been wearing since young. She chastise her she should get a better one or she’ll chase away her boyfriend. Now it’s back to work for her but since her secretary is down (working on a 70 hour shift! No wonder so many have been ‘sacrificed’), Hana wants Raku to be her secretary till Christmas. She wants to test if he is worthy of being Chitoge’s boyfriend and as a reward for doing well, she’ll let them stay a night in an ultra suit 5 star hotel on Christmas Eve. Hana remembers Raku is that boy from 10 years ago.

On the first day of his job, Raku is told that his job is simple. Follow her every order to the letter. Well, if that means skimming through tons of manuals and memorizing all her schedule in 5 minutes!!! I don’t know how. Raku did it. Or did he? He sees firsthand how a large corporation’s boss is sitting right under her thumb. Wow. She’s like a gangster. Doesn’t need to resort to any violence. Just open her mouth and they’re cowering in fear. Raku thought he got an easy task of buying her cola in the next 3 hours. Then the requests kept piling up. From getting a rare toy in Disneyland and a limited branded handbag. How is he going to do all that in 3 hours?! Don’t know. Don’t care. He already has her credit card. Just get it done. Or else. I don’t know how but Raku actually made it. I can only think that God pitied him and stopped time or teleported him all over the world. Yeah. I think God is even scared of Hana!!!!!!!!!!! However Raku is 30 seconds late!!! She reminds him of the lost deals that could have been made and her schedule being pushed back by 30 seconds. For her next appointment which is in the next building, she uses cables and hook to fly right into the meeting where all the yes-men are waiting. Raku has time to call Chitoge and he knows that Chitoge wanted mom to compliment her ribbon. He knows what she wants is to spend time with mother on Christmas Eve instead of him. Chitoge sounded so defeated. She says her mom doesn’t care or remember about her and doubts that is what she wants. But no harm in trying as Chitoge calls Hana that night to request spending time with her on Christmas Eve. However she shoots that suggestion down, believing she would rather spend it with Raku. Besides, her schedule has changed. She is busy working on Christmas Eve. Raku heard that and confronts Hana if her work is more important than her daughter. She says there are things in this world that can only be done by her. Because she has that ability, it is her duty to exercise it to the fullest. Things that only she can do? Raku does not believe this crap one bit. How can she not see the person who needs her the most is the one closest to her?

Episode 4
While Raku works his ass off, Chitoge meets the rest for the Christmas party. She has casted away her ribbon for a new look. Hana is impressed Raku has worked faster than expected. This is because he plans to free up some of her time to go see Chitoge. That is why he doesn’t need the pay with bonus or the hotel suite. All he wants is for her to be with Chitoge. He is even begging her to do it for Chitoge and has already brought a present on her behalf and set everything in order. When she still insists, he is ready to blow his top. Then he is surprised when she shows him all the present she bought over the years for her but was never able to give her. Even more shocking, Hana bought Chitoge that cheap red ribbon 10 years ago. Each time she sees her, she starts feeling nervous and resorts back to her strict ways. Realizing an airhead she is, Raku can’t help slap her! Then he lectures her about Chitoge who has always needed her even today. Because she is leaving for USA in 3 hours, Raku wants her to wait as he’ll bring Chitoge to her. So when the friends are waiting for Raku to arrive, here he comes in lighting speed. With no time to explain, he takes Chitoge and says they’re going to the hotel suite. Imagine the shock on their friends’ faces. The bad weather and traffic jam means Raku has to steal a bicycle to peddle Chitoge there. But Hana’s flight schedule has been brought earlier. She must leave now or cost the company billions in revenue. By the time Raku arrives at the airport, the plane just departed. He calls her about being a chicken and using work as an excuse to run away. In fact she’s just scared. He tosses his handphone to Chitoge to let her speak. Since Chitoge wants so much to see her, Hana u-turns the plane!

Mother and daughter reunite in the most emotional way. Lots of hugs. Lots of tears. Lots of apologies. Lots of love. Raku gives the hotel suite key to them. He wants them to take the night off relax while he heads back to office to deal with the aftermath to the best of his abilities. Mother and daughter had a nice time together. Hana mentions Raku is the reason why Chitoge wore that ribbon. There was a picture book Chitoge adored with a girl wearing that similar ribbon. She thought Raku would say she would look good on her and pestered mom to buy it. Thanks to him, they had this chance to talk. Now it’s her turn for Chitoge to go to him. He’s sleeping at the office. The best she could do is give him a lap pillow and thanks him. Next day before Hana leaves on her flight, she thanks Raku for doing so much for both her business and private life. When she mentions she was there with them 10 years ago for a while, Raku shows his lock and wonders if she could help out recall something. Sorry, she can’t for this one. Then she whispers to Raku that she knows they are on a fake date. This makes him embarrass because he was really trying to fake it. But she wonders if he was really faking kit. Are his feelings really meant nothing and just an act? Once she is on the plane, she recalls that lock. It was the one in Chitoge’s picture book. Now Raku and Chitoge have the daunting task of explaining to their friends and clearing up the misunderstanding. I hope Marika didn’t resort to alcohol to drown out her sorrows. Another intriguing puzzle at the end. Onodera seems to be in possession of Chitoge’s picture book.

Episode 5
It’s Marika’s turn to hog the limelight. The test results are out. Surprisingly Marika is somewhere at the other end. Maybe this is part of her plan to get Raku to help tutor her all night because tomorrow is the maths test. Of course Chitoge won’t allow that knowing this b*tch is up to no good. Although she offers to tutor Marika herself but since she isn’t a good tutor, looks like Raku will have to do. But Chitoge comes to her apartment anyway. Marika boldly tries to flirt instead of doing any studying. Then Raku’s words that it would be sad if she failed and got held back made her decide to get serious and do her best. They end up snoozing eventually. When Marika wakes up, Raku left important notes for her. She whispers I love you in his sleeping face. During the test, she finds it easy since the questions oddly are similar to the ones Raku tutored her. Due to her fatigue, she picks just enough questions to answer to score the minimum pass. Unfortunately she is a couple of marks short of that in the end and needs to retake the test. Maybe this is also part of her plan. Because another night of Raku’s tutoring? Oh, Chitoge’s mad…

As Marika will be away on a short trip with her father, she leaves her pet parrot in Raku’s care. Guess what is its name? Raku-sama!!! Oh sh*t… Raku is going to hear a lot worse than that. Because the parrot starts squawking sexually ambiguous words of Raku and Marika making out!!! Sounds kinky! What did she teach the bird to say?! It’s just tiring hearing all that, eh? When Raku overslept and woke up, the parrot has flown its cage! What is worse than going around town shouting out your own name? A parrot screaming ambiguous kinky lines! Oh sh*t! Catch that bird! More woes ahead. The parrot lands next to Chitoge and spews all that crap. Oh no… Raku gets pounded for nothing. Next it’s Onodera. Can she handle it? Too late. She is so ‘broken’. No prizes in guessing that enraged face from Tsugumi. She’s going to shoot him to death! Raku consults Marika’s note on how to retrieve the parrot. Oh God. Must he say this? Is this the only way? At the top of his voice he screams out his sweet Marika honey that he loves her!!!!!!!! Everybody heard it. His harem girls heard it. There goes his reputation. Parrot returns to him. Was it worth it? Then it might be an elaborate plot by Marika just to record him saying that!!! OMG! Marika you sly b*tch!!! Although she clears the misunderstanding with the rest and retrieves her parrot, she is going to move on the next phase and teaches it to say another phrase… Scary girl!

Episode 6
Valentine’s Day. I think Chitoge killed her chocolate. Is Marika trying to make some Fallout vault? Onodera looks like she has passed. After the 10,000th time. Raku may act like he doesn’t need those chocolates be he certainly wished any girl would give him one! Chitoge comes in. Tsundere attitude. No chocolates. Now it makes it harder for her to give him. Onodera comes in. Nice and polite. No further things to talk about. Now it makes it harder for her to give him. Tsugumi is unfamiliar with the local customs of Valentine so Shuu twists the story so she could give hers to him. Raku sees this and gets the wrong idea that Tsugumi has a thing for Shuu. Marika comes by with her giant chocolate muse of Raku! Time to run away. Onodera doesn’t want to give up but as she is about to give him, she slips and squashes it. Tactical retreat! Raku sees Tsugumi trying to shoot down Shuu. Must have found out the truth, eh? Raku accidentally laments aloud about not getting chocolates. So Tsugumi gives hers although it is obligatory. His first chocolate ever from a girl. Yeah Tsugumi. You hold that record now. Look how happy he is. Definitely will return the favour on White Day. Raku’s happiness turns into shock when he sees Marika sitting dejectedly. I guess she crashed and destroyed the muse. To atone for his earlier act, he tries to eat the chocolate. I wonder if this is healthy. Of course I approve! Meanwhile Shuu tries to bug Ruri for chocolates and since he is annoying, she gives him her booger.

Chitoge finds Onodera with her broken chocolates and thinks she has a crush to give to. Of course, dismissed that crush as a friend. As they talk, Chitoge reveals she also has someone to give. Onodera carelessly deduces that person is Raku which of course the tsundere quickly shoots it down. We all know better. They both agree to make chocolates together. I don’t know how many tries they’re going to take since you can tell from their faces it tastes horrible. But they had fun making them. Before the day ends, Chitoge manages to see Raku to give her chocolates. Just obligatory. He eats them and commends it is pretty good for her level. Can’t stop blushing from happiness? When that is over, she tastes her own chocolate and realizes she messed up salt with sugar. Could it be Raku was just faking it to make her feel better? Onodera has finally perfected her chocolates. After the 10,000th time. Now she gives it to Raku. Could it be true love chocolates? No. Just obligatory. But special obligatory. What’s that supposed to mean? But I guess this one tastes much better. Meanwhile Marika creates another giant chocolate muse. I don’t know. Is welding part of the process?

Episode 7
Haru is most excited to be in her first day at high school. Too bad she ran into punks (doggie t-shirt prints?). On the verge of fainting, she vaguely sees a guy (Raku) standing up to protect her. The punks ran away because his yakuza dudes were coming. So in class, Haru is fawning over her prince charming despite not knowing how he looks or his name. Also in her class is Paula. Haru is nervous to make friends with her but when she does try, Paula acts cold and states her intention not to become her friend. It gets even weirder when hand grenades accidentally fall out from Paula’s pocket! Oh sh*t! Is there a terrorist in class?! Later as a couple of guys accidentally bump into Haru and make her drop her printouts, here comes Raku to her rescue again. Of course he recognizes her but she still doesn’t as she rants about this morning’s prince charming. But the moment she learns his name, she becomes scared and defensive. She believes those rumours that he is the heir to that yakuza group and is running the school behind the scenes. She also thinks he is trying to rein her under his thumb with his nice guy act. She is about to tell him off not to touch her sister when the wind blows up her skirt. What are the chances of him not seeing it? Anyway you know it is always his fault, right? Slap. When Onodera comes by after hearing the commotion, we learn Haru is her little sister. Haru gets defensive to protect her. Flashback reveals she overheard Raku is her crush but shortly, her friend on the line told her about the same name being from the yakuza clan. She misinterpreted the information.

Before Haru could tell her sister about being deceived, now comes Chitoge. Who is this pretty chick? Haru cannot understand how a drop dead gorgeous girl could become (insert all negative adjectives here) Raku’s girlfriend. But Chitoge instead instantly takes a liking for her. Now it gets complicated when Marika comes hugging Raku like her usual. Is he gunning for a harem? Although Onodera explains that Raku is not the kind the rumours say he is, Haru still isn’t convinced and blurts out how he peeked at her panties. Chitoge turns into a devil. Raku holds the record for flying to the moon and back without a spacecraft. The day is only going to get worse for her. She thought some animal care therapy could help but here that Raku guy is. Seeing him makes her blood boil. Turning into a mini devil? And then it happened again. The wind blows up her skirt. Fortunately her punch is not as powerful as Chitoge’s. But it’s still Raku’s fault somehow. The sisters are in the bath together. Haru ranting out she won’t forgive that vile guy. Onodera explains his good points. All Haru thinks is that she is too nice and that is why she can’t see him for what he is. Oh my, what is it going to take to convince this girl? But instead of dwelling on bad news, she talks about prince charming she met today. Keep dreaming… And she’s guessing when they’ll meet again? Oh, you don’t know… Raku just realizes something… His lock is missing! This is worse than Armageddon! Somehow it ended up in Haru’s hands and this is the only clue she has about her prince charming. I can see what is to come…

Episode 8
From today onwards, Onodera will be a magical patissiere girl! At least according to her familiar, Ruri the mouse. It might be a little problem for Onodera because when she transforms, she will be stark naked in that short moment. There is also of course another magical girl rival. Herald Marika the magical police girl! Now, she’s not afraid to flaunt her body. So what is Chitoge? Magical gorilla girl?! WTF?! Tsugumi is her cat familiar and she can transform into a beautiful sexy human witch! Not fair! Ruri gathers the magical girls as they need to work as a team. First, they need to pick a leader. Chitoge and Marika fight over it but Onodera gets the post seeing she won in the rock-scissors-paper. I’m sure being the centre and having cool winning poses are not the only perks. But the duo are relieved they didn’t get the leader job because that post also needs them to file tax returns and lots of other unrelated paperwork. Since when did the magical girl job become so complicated? Fighting off with a giant cute monster, they ultimate lose and the only way as Ruri points out is to combine their magic. But they have to be naked in public for 5 minutes for their magic to gather. So risk the world getting destroyed or their being labelled as exhibitionists by the world. Too bad we won’t get to see naked magical girls because Ruri just finished the job herself. Then Shuu pops up. He is the mad evil scientist who creates the monsters. His goal is not world domination but the thrill for magical girls to hunt him down. His new gun neutralizes their magic and makes Chitoge and Marika naked. Don’t worry. Ruri has got this covered. She flips Onodera’s skirt to distract and then defeat him. Onodera is going to have a long talk with her…

Onodera’s mom is troubled that 2 of her workers are unable to turn up. Although Haru can help, they are still short of one hand. Mother thinks of calling Raku over. So can you imagine Haru’s dismay to see this guy here? She still hates him very much. Onodera can still feel the tension and thinks if she leaves them alone, they’ll patch up. I’m not placing much hope on that… Haru as expected starts being a b*tch and running her mouth on him, warning him she’ll never let her sister be his. Yeah, yeah. We get it. Raku doesn’t want to brag but he thinks he can blow this over by revealing he is the one who saved her from those thugs that day. Unfortunately this only makes her madder! She thinks he is lying to win her to his side. Furthermore, she believes he is badmouthing her prince charming whom she vaguely remembers but ironically can describe accurately all his cool features. Her delusions are so far off reality. Haru tries to do all the work but Raku helps out and she is impressed he is also good. Then she realizes she is praising the enemy and returns being tsundere a b*tch. It gets worse when mother teases her for getting close to him seeing she is a man hater and the sisters might fight over him! Haru of course denies and thinking she can carry the load of trays herself, she slips. Raku catches her. He cannot let go or else she will fall and hurt herself. Onodera sees this. Haru is startled and trips. Although nobody is hurt, mother is mad because the tray is broken. Somebody is going to pay for this…

Episode 9
Kyouko is in a pinch. She is supposed to pick students to clean the pool but she forgot. Raku had to be the unlucky guy she stumbles into. So she makes him gather up his friends for the cleaning tomorrow or else… You can guess who turns up for it. Yeah, your usual suspects. Paula too. Haru of course is here to protect her sister. The only new addition tagging along is Haru’s friend, Suzu Ayakaji AKA Fuu. Haru tries to make friends with Paula but the latter continues to be cold. Then she spies the rest having fun in the pool after cleaning. Till Raku had to give her a pep talk to just join in and not be a stubborn mule. Paula changes and Haru couldn’t be happier. She accidentally pushes her into the pool and to everyone’s surprise, Paula can’t swim! Wait a minute. A super assassin cannot even swim decently?!

Because Onodera is sick, Ruri calls Raku to go visit her since she has something to do and that Onodera really wants him to come. Big motivation, eh? Raku knows he played into her hands when Onodera is surprised to see him and Ruri never told her about this. Since her parents are away for hours, could it be they will be spending time alone? Oh, I forgot. Haru… Little b*tch tries to call the police for a possible prowler in the house! She is not thrilled Raku is sticking around to help and thinks he is plotting to take back the lock. She teases Raku by feeding and touching Onodera, something he won’t get to do as long as she is on watch. After putting big sister to rest, Haru thinks Raku is sexually harassing her when he touches her neck. Actually, Raku realizes that Haru has caught Onodera’s flu and wants her to rest too. As usual, she is being stubborn in protecting her sister and would rather collapse than let him take care of her. Raku puts his foot down that her sister will be the one feeling guilty if she collapses. Like a little girl, she obediently listens. He feeds her. Although it’s good, she won’t admit it and eats the entire porridge herself. She felt comfortable as she sleeps but when she wakes up, she is surprised to find Raku sleeping by her side. But she realizes he has been changing her wet towel all this time. She is conflicted because he isn’t supposed to be a kind person. When Raku accidentally trips and spills on the basin, Haru cannot help but laugh at how weird he is. He is happy to see her smile like that since they first met. Haru gives Raku the lock. Don’t get the wrong idea. She is just entrusting it in his care till she finds her prince charming.

Episode 10
Shuu is being a monkey again so naturally Ruri is annoyed and wonders if Raku could do something about disciplining him. That is when Raku finds out Shuu has someone he likes because Ruri wants to know who that person is too. You bet he too doesn’t know. So the best friends talk and of course Shuu is just fooling around although he did drop hints but not specific enough to pinpoint who. Bugged by this, of all people, Raku had to ask Tsugumi for advice about unrequited love. To her, she’ll keep hiding those feelings till it burns out. Shuu enjoys being Kyouko’s lackey. Then she decides to let him be the first to know. She is getting married next month and will quit teaching. His happy face froze there. You know something is wrong despite he continues acting like a monkey. Soon Kyouko breaks the news to her class. Then the best friends talk again and this time with things a little more specific, Raku wouldn’t have known that Shuu’s crush has always been Kyouko. Because he has known him since young when he lies, he always has that stupid fixated face. So Shuu was definitely lying when he is brushing off all this. Raku wonders if he will be fine not letting Kyouko know his feelings. He is okay with it. No big deal. This makes Raku think that what if this were to happen to him. What if Onodera married another guy?! The thought of that just drains his energy! He also thinks Shuu is right in doing so. I mean, the girl you like just get married and then you confess to her. Wouldn’t that put things awkward? You definitely want her to be happy, right? And so once more he goes to consult Tsugumi for advice. To her, what has happened, has happened. Whatever will be, will be. There is nothing else you can do. After a lot of thinking, Raku talks to Shuu again and this time he says he will support him 100% even if it means he has decided not wanting to tell Kyouko his feelings. So at least for tonight, let him buy him dinner.

On Kyouko’s last day, Tsugumi suddenly comes up to Raku. She has done lots of thinking about his question yesterday. Seems she felt her answer was misleading and re-thought about it. Now she changes her stance that if it was the case, she wouldn’t accept it simply because it’s love. Raku is now convinced and thanks her. Off he goes to find Shuu. Is he fine with this? Last chance. I guess all that bugging, Shuu wants him to give him a little push. And so a little push Raku gave. A kick in his back, that is. Shuu runs all the way to Kyouko boarding a taxi. He says all he wants. We can’t hear a thing because the rain conveniently drowns it out. But Kyouko remains cool and tells him to take care. Goodbye forever. Now it’s over, time for Raku to make good on that dinner promise. I suppose takoyaki is enough for him. With Shuu’s case over, now it is his turn to support Raku for Onodera. I think this one will be more complicated. But Shuu will definitely be there to return the pushing favour. He’ll kick his butt when the time comes. Raku goes home thinking about this and her chances with Onodera. Luck is on his side when he bumps into Onodera. He asks if she would like to walk home with her. What’s the occasion? Oh, nothing. Just felt like it. Is that a yes?

Episode 11
Onodera has been tasting new desserts for her mom’s store that when Haru teases her about putting on weight, she literally takes it to heart and weighs herself… Let’s say emergency measures must be taken! So she asks Ruri about it and knowing the girl she is, she trolls Onodera that she has put on some weight. It would be bad if Raku finds out but why does her stomach have to growl now at all times? Oh yeah. She skipped breakfast. Fate seems to be tempting her because Chitoge reminds her about the new cake shop they’re supposed to check out today. Maybe another time. Now she is going to do some exercise. She almost got drowned in swimming… She’s been skipping meals so much that it has been bad for her complexion. Raku notices something is wrong. Her body looks sickly and he really wants to help. So he made her favourite food and thus Onodera is in a dilemma to eat it or not. How can she refuse something that Raku made for her?! Eventually she resisted them but later regrets about it. But Raku gives her some green tea. He feels bad for making her feel that way because he thought he could cheer her up with her favourite food. He would love to hear her out. But Onodera is more than happy for his thoughts. The weight problem doesn’t bug her now. Haru thinks she needs drastic measures too when she weighs herself. Till mom tells her the scale is broken. Well I’ll be darned…

A flashback on Onodera during her final year in middle school. In the same class with Raku, she really likes him. The thought of never seeing or talking him again after they graduate makes her sad. But upon hearing the high school he is enrolling, she also wants to enrol there and has Ruri enrol with her. Ruri suspects something amiss since she heard Raku was also going there but nevertheless agrees to go with her. Onodera works hard for the entrance exam and with Raku around, it gave her extra motivation. Unfortunately she didn’t pass! OMG! Obviously she fell into depression. Lots of regrets lingering. She should have told him her feelings, etc. Raku spots her sitting outside in the snowy cold bench alone. He heard about her predicament and just sits there and didn’t press further. Onodera was never wrong about his kindness because he offers to share his scarf since it is getting cold. Onodera wonders if she should take this chance to confess but she is feeling very happy right now. The romantic mood is ruined when mom calls her. Seems she managed to get admitted to the high school via waiting list and she just got the letter. Raku is so happy that he did back flips! Onodera is very happy she still gets to see him especially at tomorrow’s orientation.

Episode 12
Chitoge is early at school but something is odd about her. My, she looks so depressed. What gives? Turns out she lost her ribbon. Marika mocks her for being a baby losing a piece of scrap. She cries even harder! Not wanting to be the bad guy, she agrees to help the rest look for it after school. The search comes up empty. Raku thought of cheering her up by arm wrestling her. He still lost by her monstrous strength. Despite Chitoge being docile is good, he can’t stand her being this way. So he cheats by buying a new ribbon and tries to fake that he found it. But the nose knows… Chitoge can tell it is not hers because of the smell! Smells brand new… Raku apologizes for doing this and expects to be beaten up. However Chitoge is happy he did it for her. Then they spot something on top the electric pole. It’s her ribbon! Chitoge becomes Sonic to grab it. But the wind is being a dick today. It blows the ribbon into the path of a train as it rips it apart! It’s heartbreaking to see Chitoge cry like that. Then Raku says that ribbon was actually the new one. His got blown in the wind while he was running too and somehow Chitoge ended up chasing the wrong one. The real one is with him. Smells like the original. Yup. Chitoge so happy that she hugs him but then beats him up for being this close. I guess she’s back to normal. And Raku couldn’t have it any other way.

After Chitoge reads a manga about a couple confessing to each other, it makes her wonder the same. How would Raku feel about it? This thought makes her start over-thinking and you can expect the kind of thinking from a tsundere. Not happening, right? Still, she continues to think the consequences if she does so. Trying to pen her feelings on paper made her rip it apart. Practising confessing to a doll seems to work. Only for Tsugumi to catch her in the act! What the… She asks papa how he met mama. It was when he was in a business trip in Japan. Yeah. Rival gangs exchanging fire in an abandoned warehouse. Suddenly Hana the pizza delivery woman rides right into the middle of the crossfire just to find out who ordered the pizza. During that time Hana was struggling making ends meet and had 17 part time jobs! WTF?! Don’t even ask… Papa was captivated by her beauty and immediately proposed. Only to be rejected via kick. He persevered but each time he only got broken bones. Even though he knows what he will get, he cannot stand not telling her his feelings. That was how alluring Hana was to him. So more thinking for Chitoge. On an outing with Raku, her heart starts to push if she likes him then go ahead and confess. Then Raku starts talking about their fake relationship ever since. It has been a year. He has gotten used to it. Especially her clobbering. His point is that no point thinking about the future now and let’s take their time with this and they’ll eventually figure out something. This has Chitoge realize she doesn’t have to confess right now. She still wants to spend more time with him like this. If her feelings have not changed, she wants to confess to him like how her dad did. Raku feels something wrong when she wants to treat him to ramen. She beats him up for making her feel embarrassed. Then they go eat at a ramen store.

Fans of Raku x Onodera are going to love this because now they are living the married life! Onodera is the beautiful and responsible housewife! Wow! And they have Chitoge as the pet dog? If it feels like it is too good to be true then it is because it is. Because this whole damn thing was just a dream from Raku. FFFFUUUUU!!! Oddly, Onodera also had this same dream. FFFFUUUUU!!! Now it’s time to satisfy Raku x Marika fans. The same married life, only more extravagant in their seaside cottage. Oh, Chitoge the pet do again? But this time they hint about doing something naughty and before you know it, they have sextuplets! OMG! Mini Raku clones?! And yes, time for the good dream to end. Nightmare for Raku, though. And Marika is freaking stressed up that she wants to dream more about it. Moving on, it is Tsugumi’s turn. Normal married life. Yeah, Chitoge still their pet dog. Before we could get to the kissing part, Raku wakes up. Tsugumi too. Damn these dreams. What the hell is going on? Finally, it’s time for Raku x Chitoge married life dream. Hey wait… HOW COME CHITOGE IS STILL A DOG???!!! Eating dog food?! Wanting to get a dog as pet?! Playing Frisbee tomorrow?! Better quickly wake up from this nightmare, Raku!!! When Raku meets Chitoge to head to school, he sees her pretty tired face. Not enough sleep? I think we know the reason why.

If you love Onodera as that magical patisserie girl, here is another adventure of her and the gang. Ruri lets them meet the legendary magical princess who was once a magical girl herself. This cute loli, Yui Kanakura is that magical princess? Yeah, something about using her magic to project herself younger than she is. I don’t know what she is ranting about magic and justice but she bit her tongue. Chitoge and Onodera find her so awfully cute! Aww!!! Now the girls are facing off with Shuu and his minions. Don’t ask Ruri for answers or she’ll tell you to show your panties. Don’t worry, Yui has a special power up item. These garments allow them to nullify whatever magic. Time for another sexy transformation scene. Well, nobody knew it would be this skimpy. And Chitoge has a gorilla face over her crotch?! Despite the skin showing outfit, it does protect them from Shuu’s magic. But as they fight back, Shuu has also activated an impenetrable barrier. Time for Ruri to get serious and transform herself into her magical girl form. I don’t know what Shuu is ranting about his unbreakable barrier no matter how great Ruri’s magic is. But all Ruri did was kick him in the nuts! OUCH!!!! That ended it. You mean it’s over? In the aftermath, Onodera returns to her normal school life and continues to keep in touch with Chitoge and Marika. Suddenly Ruri pops up before her in the middle of class to whisk her away to fight another threatening villain. Wait. You mean they have to go right now? Oh sh*t! Because when Ruri transforms Onodera in this instant, this means she is totally naked right before everyone’s eyes in class. Free Onodera fanservice! Not shown to us viewers of course :,(.

Still Faking It?
If I had to put it in a way that describes this season, well, it is not that bad but it isn’t that great either. A neutral answer? Actually to be honest, the second season feels a little bit disappointing compared to the first season. Sure, there were some funny moments and laughs. But because they filled it with episodes that feel like fillers that doesn’t advance the plot anyhow that makes it just disappointing. I mean we were just dying to know who that possible girl is in that lock. But right off the first episode, we have already been thrown the biggest slap in the face that his lock cannot be open because of some tiny thing stuck inside it and that jerk doesn’t want to break open his precious thing. Well f*ck. Just great. So I guess this means another one season of nothingness? Yeah. It seemed like it. Otherwise I suppose where would be the fun when you find out the truth and everything just ends there.

I suppose the one thing great about these ‘fillers’ is that almost all of the major and supporting characters get to have at least one episode that they star in. So if you are a fan of a particular character, you can at least be happy that the character will be in focus and have more screen time than usual (sorry, Ruri fans). In a way you can say this helps a bit in the character development although overall this would mean the plot suffers. Whether it is the dramatic melodrama of Chitoge reconciling with her mom, the trauma of losing her ribbon or Shuu’s surprise love revelation and one last chance saloon of confession or simply Onodera’s crazy magical girl stint and misguided weight gain. The best one personally has got to be Marika’s pet trolling tactic. I thing she has the best result and time of her life in getting what she wanted. It was pretty slick of her. I guess despite Marika being the boldest girl in Raku’s harem, because many would see Chitoge and Onodera as the main contenders, this little antic somewhat feels like giving Marika fans a big hope and a big kick that she might still have a chance in snagging Raku after all. Yeah, you go girl. Oh, and I’m not really a fan of Marika…

I was wondering why Haru was hogging the opening credits animation and something tells me that she must be a really important character because we see Raku going to great lengths to save her from some mishap as his friends in a way help him in his big rescue. Was it worth it because he got slapped when the wind blew up her skirt and he cannot unseen what he has seen. Was this supposed to be the catalyst of what is to become of their relationship? It seems so. Haru only made her debut this season only in the second half. And thoughts of thinking he might be part of Raku’s harem by fitting into the little sister trope quickly vanishes when she quickly turns out to be an annoying misguided hateful b*tch. Oops. Too harsh? B*tching about protecting her sister can be pretty annoying. It’s like an excuse to cover up for something… I can imagine the shock that she will endure when she learns the person she admires the most and hates the most are the same person. It might take a while knowing her stubborn ignorant character. In some ways, I believe Haru has taken over the ‘hostility’ towards Raku. Not to say that Chitoge has been very docile but this season she seems to show less of it. Maybe she has gotten used to be by his side and only beating him up whenever necessary? Is that always necessary?

Introducing Paula is also not a bad thing but she suffers from lack of screen time and thus her character wasn’t really standing out at all. I suppose that is why Tsugumi had her own episode in focus just to introduce this girl. But that is just about it. I am guessing she likes Tsugumi so much that it is the only possible reason why she enrols in this school (did she break her promise?). Probably the only other girl who doesn’t take a liking for Raku and greatly expand his harem this season. Speaking of which, personally the most ‘shocking’ revelation was the fact that Shuu’s crush wasn’t Ruri but Kyouko. But even that, I remember he vaguely hinted he had more than one. But for Kyouko to be his best crush? Never saw that coming. Because we have always seen that guy teasing Ruri and he becomes her punching bag whenever he steps out of line. Another great troll and pretender? There are very few scenes that make it look like Ruri is looking at Shuu’s way but I may just be over-thinking. So with Kyouko’s episode over, can we move forward now with Shuu x Ruri? Oh yeah, I almost forgot whom this romance series was for anyway. Don’t want to usurp that, do you?

Something I noticed… Claude did not appear at all! Not that I could remember. Maybe he did but it could be so miniscule, dwarfed by Hana’s presence that I didn’t even notice at all. Speaking of her, I find it hard to believe that she is human. I mean, take a look at all the business proposals, meetings and schedules that she has to go through, attend and undertake. Not even the busiest man in the world can match 1/10 out of it. And yet she is so important that without her, everything falls apart. This woman should rule the world. I mean, she is right now (more like having everyone under her thumb). She is like a being that both God and Satan would even bow down at her feet, cowering in fear. And of course, despite all that abnormal human features, they have got to show that she is still a human deep down inside her heart because other than the deals, contracts and agreements that she has to get done, all she wants is simply to be with her daughter. Oddly I find that being the most powerful being in the series, can’t she just stop time or duplicate herself? Yeah, there are even some things she can’t do herself. Whoops. Don’t beat me up, Hana.

Other characters mainly remain the same as you would be familiar with from the first season. From shy and polite girl Onodera to her ‘relationship manager’ Ruri, the tomboyish Tsugumi, Shuu the monkey of the group and of course the number 1 tsundere who is no other than Chitoge. Just like the plot that is status quo and going nowhere, this means the romance between them also doesn’t feel like it went anywhere although we had some pretty romantic insights about Chitoge and Onodera. But it still feels lacking. So when are they just going to get real, stop acting and come clean with the truth? Until something grave happens (like Kyouko going away forever?) or when the lock gets truly fixed (yeah right, like it will happen)? Well then, I suppose your guess is as good as mine. We will still have to put up with the fake acting… It’s getting bad, by the way. Of course when they pull off that teaser in the final episode about Chitoge ever wondering whether she should confess, we already should have known better than the predictable outcome. After all, Raku has already decided to put off about the mystery of the lock so why not Chitoge too about her feelings. So when? Curse you, procrastination!

The opening theme is Rally Go Round by Lisa. An upbeat anime pop feel but nothing to shout about. There is a special opening theme for Onodera’s magical girl episode. The soft spoken singing style of Magical Styling reminds me of how Kana Hanazawa sang like one of those character ending songs in Inu x Boku SS. Just like in last season, there are many ending songs and each are tailored to the specific character who is singing them. Although it is a shame they only appear for a single episode. The main one is the playful and lively Aimai Hertz by the main quartet (Chitoge, Onodera, Marika and Tsugumi). Then you have the hard rock version of Trigger (for Tsugumi), the slow-moderate pop of Sleep zzz (Chitoge), the Flamenco-like Matado-rabu (Marika – this happens to be the best and my favourite among all the themes), the slow waltz-like romantic Marchen Ticktack (Haru), the slow ballad of Tooriame Drop (Ruri) and the sunshiny happy casual tune of Crayon Cover (Onodera). So none for Paula? I guess this shows her chances for Raku then.

One day, all these lies and faking will have to end. But in the meantime, we will have to put up with all the shenanigans. That means this season is tolerable for hardcore fans of the series. Those who watched the first season and expected something out of the second might be a little disappointed. Those who have not started on this series may take this time to think and think real hard before deciding to jump into something with no end in sight (yet). If you think you can shoulder the feeling of being left hanging and no possible answer, then go ahead. Otherwise, stay clear of the fakeness. The sequel feels more like casual watching more than anything else. It isn’t entirely bad but it could have (and should have) been way much better than this. Hopefully there would be another ‘real’ season sometime soon to make up for this ‘fake’ season. You know what they say: You can fool somebody some of the time but you can’t fool everybody every time.

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