Infinite Stratos VS Seirei Tsukai No Blade Dance

March 4, 2016

So many harem animes around. Is it just me or we just keep loving them despite the fact we always know that either the sole main guy of the series is a douchebag for not even noticing a shred of the girls’ feelings for him or the girls themselves have such a bad taste in falling for such guys. Oh what the heck, I guess it is always easier to criticize others than looking at ourselves. That is why such animes exist. Therefore I have picked Infinite Stratos and Seirei Tsukai No Blade Dance as today’s versus blog. And it also gives me a reason to criticize… Hahaha…

Main genre:
And also the only thing that females can control.
Infinite Stratos: Exo-skeleton mecha called IS.
Blade Dance: Elemental magic.

Sole main guy:
The douchebag… And the first guy that broke the rule that only females can control.
Infinite Stratos: Ichika Orimura.
Blade Dance: Kamito Kazehaya.

The harem girls:
What do they see in this guy anyway?
Infinite Stratos: Houki Shinonono, Cecilia Alcott, Charlotte Dunois, Fan Rinrin AKA Rin, Laura Bodewig, Tatenashi Sarashiki, Kanzashi Sarashiki and Ran Gotanda.
Blade Dance: Claire Rouge, Ellis Fahrengart, Rinslet Lauranfrost, Fianna Ray Ordesia and Est Terminus.

Harem category:
The ‘composition’ of those girls…
Infinite Stratos: By nation.
Blade Dance: By element power.

The tournament:
Infinite Stratos: Mondo Grosso is an international fighting tournament held every 3 years as each nation sends a representative into a one-on-one IS match. The overall winner gets the title of Brunhilde.
Blade Dance: The Grand Battle Tournament AKA Blade Dance is held with each country sending representatives in a team battle. The overall winning team gets protection from the spirits and the winner a wish granted. Unfortunately for both, you don’t see them participating in the real tournament as far as the season is concerned.

Infinite Stratos: IS Academy.
Blade Dance: Areishia Spirit Academy.

The class:
Noticed the guy and his harem girls must be placed in the same class?
Infinite Stratos: Class 1-1.
Blade Dance: Raven Class – A class for troubled and gifted students.

Teaching staff:
Infinite Stratos: Chifuyu Orimura and Maya Yamada.
Blade Dance: Greyworth Ciel Mais and Freya Grandol.

Untouchable girl:
Probably the best girl of the series that is hard to get.
Infinite Stratos: Chifuyu and Tatenashi.
Blade Dance: Restia Ashdoll.

Tsundere girl:
I know most of the girls are but this one is probably the most obvious one and the one our leading male is favourites to end up with.
Infinite Stratos: Houki.
Blade Dance: Claire.

Strict discipline girl:
Infinite Stratos: Houki.
Blade Dance: Ellis.

Prideful snob girl:
Infinite Stratos: Cecilia.
Blade Dance: Rinslet.

Boldest flirter:
Infinite Stratos: Tatenashi.
Blade Dance: Fianna.

Soft spoken girl:
Infinite Stratos: Charlotte at first before Kanzashi debuts.
Blade Dance: Est.

The trusted aide:
Someone who can give you great advice when you’re lost or relay something to somebody when you yourself don’t have the guts to.
Infinite Stratos: Clarisa Harfouch, the vice president of Schwarzer Hare who gives Laura advice with full confidence thanks to her ‘extensive knowledge on Japanese culture’.
Blade Dance: Rinselt’s maid, Carol Nastassja who may be clumsy but often relays her master’s true when she is not being honest with her feelings.

Bad cook:
Infinite Stratos: Cecilia.
Blade Dance: Claire and Fianna.

They don’t mind getting naked and flaunting it before his eyes.
Infinite Stratos: Laura. Only wearing her eye-patch.
Blade Dance: Est. Only wearing her knee socks.

Elderly lady:
Look so aunty…
Infinite Stratos: Squall.
Blade Dance: Greyworth.

The other guy:
No one cares about him. Do you?
Infinite Stratos: Dan Gotanda – Ichika’s close friend in middle school.
Blade Dance: Jio Inzagi – Supposedly the other male who can use magic.

The cross-dresser:
Infinite Stratos: Charlotte first appeared dressed as a boy under the name of Charles. Everybody knows about in the end.
Blade Dance: Kamito cross-dressed as Ren Ashbell in a previous Blade Dance tournament. A tightly secret that not many knows.

The maid:
Infinite Stratos: No resident maid but we have seen some girls like Charlotte, Laura and even Chifuyu donning a maid outfit.
Blade Dance: Carol the maid of Rinslet. And at one point, Ellis…

The eccentric older sister:
Infinite Stratos: Tabane the child-like elder sister of Houki who is also the creator of IS. Laura also has an older sister, Chloe but her moment was recent and brief so I’m not pretty sure.
Blade Dance: Rubia Elstein the fallen noble elder sister of Claire who brought an unparalleled disaster and downfall to the Ordesia Empire. She has been labelled the Calamity Queen.

Super strict big sister:
Infinite Stratos: It goes without saying about Ichika’s sister, Chifuyu.
Blade Dance: Velsaria is Ellis’ big sister although not related by blood.

Childhood friends:
Infinite Stratos: Ichika with Houki and Rin.
Blade Dance: Claire and Rinslet. I don’t consider Kamito and Fianna to be this since their chance meeting was just a short one.

The first real kiss:
Dismiss all those nearly-nearly moments and indirect kisses that don’t count.
Infinite Stratos: Laura kissed Ichika when she protects him from Rin’s rage. It also marks officially that Ichika is her husband (at least in her mind).
Blade Dance: During a mayhem, Claire kisses Kamito to make him as her contracted spirit and quell the chaos.

Female antagonist:
Infinite Stratos: Phantom Task led by Squall and her underlings, Madoka and Autumn.
Blade Dance: Vivian Melosa.

The cat:
Infinite Stratos: Well, in a scene, Charlotte and Laura dressed up in cat pyjamas.
Blade Dance: Scarlet is Claire’s fire feline elemental spirit.

You’re beautiful, it’s true:
When he casually commends her without realizing the implication.
Infinite Stratos: Ichika compliments Laura’s beautiful gemstone-like eye underneath her eye-patch. Also, he did flatter Cecilia’s body just to pacify her before she goes into ranting rage about taking responsibility, blah, blah blah.
Blade Dance: Kamito wasn’t complimenting on how beautiful Ellis’ spear is during their bout. It is you yourself, baby! You’re beautiful, girl!

Badass sword:
The male protagonist shows that he is not only a chick magnet.
Infinite Stratos: Byakushiki’s only weapon is a powerful sword that can defeat you in a single blow!
Blade Dance: Est as his contracted spirit, her true form is a legendary holy sword and the only one that slew the demon lord, Sulaiman.

Intrusion and the steal:
Infinite Stratos: Intruders especially those believed from Phantom Task invaded the base to steal top secret IS documents.
Blade Dance: Jio infiltrated the academy’s library to steal sealed documents to unleash a sealed spirit Jormungandr to prove he is the demon lord’s successor.

Out of control:
Infinite Stratos: An unmanned IS named Silvario Gospel threatens to remind Japan what it’s like when the atomic bomb fell on Hiroshima.
Blade Dance: Restia caused all low ranking spirits to go berserk during a contracting ceremony, something Kamito believed her doing was because she was trying to grant his wish back then. Also, Velsaria during her battle with Team Scarlet, she went crazy and unsealed some dangerous spirit so as not to lose.

Infinite Stratos: Madoka’s terrorist attack by putting a bomb on a train holding students on a field trip just to kill Chifuyu. Thankfully the shield barrier was able to contain it.
Blade Dance: Velsaria alone (when it’s supposed to be a team match) running rampage and going all out with her Gundam-like spirit during her match with Team Scarlet, paying no regards about her destruction of her surroundings.

Birthday celebration:
Infinite Stratos: It is Ichika’s birthday and how do you celebrate it? Have everyone dress up in seductive outfits and put on a seductive performance to see which he likes best. He had to choose big sister’s…
Blade Dance: It is Claire’s birthday and how do you save up and buy her a present? For Kamito, he took up a part time job by temporarily joining Sylphid Knights.

Dipping in:
Infinite Stratos: Final episode of second season whereby Ichika entered the wrong section of the hotspring. Then all his harem girls start streaming in…
Blade Dance: Elementalists need to be pure and clean so they dip into some river or lake to purify and clean themselves. You don’t bath with your clothes on, right?

Studio production:
Infinite Stratos: 8-bit.
Blade Dance: TNK.

Number of episodes:
Infinite Stratos: 2 seasons of 12 episodes + 1 OVA each bringing a total of 26 episodes so far.
Blade Dance: Only 1 season consisting of 12 episodes although there are 6 specials.

Personally, I prefer the girls from Infinite Stratos because they all look much cuter and prettier. The ones in Blade Dance just looks a bit one kind. Seriously. However the guy in Blade Dance is a much better person than the faggot in Infinite Stratos although we know they both have this caring side, hidden and talented power. But Kamito isn’t as annoyingly oblivious as Ichika since the former has his badass side. Maybe they should do a crossover and let more hilarious and chaotic cat fights ensue. Basically all the harem genres in a nutshell follow the same formula of a varied harem trying to vie for the guy’s attention. What’s so hard in doing just that? If they’d only be more honest with themselves. Ah, not to mention other rivals too. So now you see why having a harem isn’t as easy as you think? Nothing is ever simple when you have a harem. It’s complicated.

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