To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd

March 5, 2016

The following of this series must still be going strong. Otherwise, why come up with another season a few years later, To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd? Or maybe it is because since the last time when it aired, it ended in an unsatisfying fashion and now that we have some materials to cover and animate, the time is right. Well, forgive me. I’m not really a fan of the series so I might be just speculation a lot. Seriously as over the years my interests over it seem to have gradually waned, I suppose the reason why I am picking this up is because of the nostalgia factor. You don’t believe me, right? After all, for those who watch this popular series in the first place has to be in it for the fanservice. It is a paradise and must-have for ecchi lovers. Yeah well… I’m not saying I started disliking the series but I don’t feel the enthusiast in it when I decided to pick this one up. Heck I didn’t even go back and re-read my previous blog on the season to refresh my mind. I have a very faint gist of what happened but other than that, I can’t be bothered to even wanting to remember the previous season. And yeah, I can’t even be bothered to wait for the uncensored version…

Episode 1
Fanservice from the start. Rito sexily licking Momo’s tail in his sleep. Who is to blame? Because Momo crept into his bed again. More trouble fanservice when he slips onto Lala when she just got out of the bath and has his hands at her sensitive areas. Rito you monster! At school when Mea learns of Rito’s horny perversion, it really gets her hopes up. Momo reminds Rito that Mea is still a trans weapon although for now she is harmless. Rito gets into more trouble when he bumps into Yami. I don’t know how he got his hands under her clothes. As expected, she beats him up till he has butt face. Only Lala’s mercy has Yami drop her killing intention. Hey, wasn’t she supposed to kill him? Momo reminds Rito about the harem plan and will help him as much as possible. Lala asks Haruna if she would tell Rito her feelings today. Momo then talks to Haruna about becoming Rito’s harem. Haruna feels uneasy because despite so, in the end it will turn into a competition. Momo mentions about polygamy is common in space. If Rito marries Lala and Haruna, both will live happily together. Besides, Rito is no ordinary human and will be Deviluke’s next ruler. This has Haruna in a dilemma because if that happens, then it won’t be a competition anymore. She wonders if she is being selfish thinking about her own happiness. Haruna suddenly becomes drunk since she was drinking an energy drink laced with some Deviluke herbs. Since Rito is passing, she becomes clingy to him and he has no choice but to take her home. Everyone is staring at them and bad enough, the principal sees them. Before he gets suspicious, Rito lies about Yami nearby so the pervert instantly strips and runs that direction. Back in Haruna’s room, she strips herself to her undies. This ‘shock’ has Rito spill water on her. That made it worse. Then she hugs him and they end up in a very steamy and sexy ambiguous position. She asks him about the harem thingy. Because she could confess her feelings, she sobers up and becomes embarrassed realizing her disposition. It gets even more awkward when Akiho returns, thinking they’re doing it this early. Rito leaves and Akiho feels bad for interrupting them. Momo apologizes to Rito she should have stopped Akiho earlier. Yeah, she was watching the entire thing. To steamy to pay notice to anything else? Rito thinks the harem plan is impossible because he can’t understand about Haruna wanting to make her love as her own. Momo hints a girl’s heart is complicating. Of course Rito doesn’t understand. He’s a guy!

Episode 2
This time Momo is sleeping with her boobs and crotch exposed next to Rito! You wonder how he lives every day. She reminds him to be cautious about Mea and try not to be alone with her. On the other hand, Mea wonders something is wrong because her Master Nemesis has not contacted her for a long time. At school, Tearju talks to Rito if he has noticed anything changed about Mea. She is also worried about Yami who still maintains her distance from her. She would like to get to know Mikan because she is best friends with Yami. When Lala zooms past Rito, she accidentally drops one of her quirky inventions. He picks it up and like always, it malfunctions and turns him into a little rat. Now he can see those glorious pantsu! Oh wait. Better run to avoid getting stepped on. He runs to Momo but those VMC guys didn’t like the rodent touching their princess. He hides in the girls’ changing room. Yeah. Tits galore. Saki and co kick him out. Rito’s fanservice trouble run continues. He somehow ends up squished between Haruna and Yui’s camel toe. He thought Nana could help since she can communicate with animals but the stupid principal bumped him away, excited he could read his porn. Rito flies into Yami’s tight outfit and scurries his way down her body. By the time he encounters Mea, he is tired. She takes care of him until he wakes up. That is when the curse is lifted. Big naked boy in front of her. Because Yami’s panties were stuck on his head, Yami knew he was the culprit and proceeds to beat him up, short of killing him. Mea asks Yami if she becomes uneasy sometimes. Yes she does. Nemesis never thought her about this so Yami tells her to think about it herself.

Mea is looking depressed and Nana can tell. She talks to her to cheer her up that with the support of her friends, things aren’t so bad as they used to be. Rito thought Mea is going to do something dangerous when he spots her in her assassin clothes. He questions if whatever Nemesis tells her to do is right. Mea finds this offensive and insulting and quickly takes control of Rito’s body to force him to do embarrassing pervy acts on her. I think she likes it. She thinks their emotions are in sync but he mentions about her uneasiness and loneliness like as though she is a lost child. She isn’t amused by his words. She still thinks what she does is based on Nemesis’s orders. Rito asks back if it was Nemesis’s orders when she tried to save Nana from that truck. Can’t answer. Rito knows that Nana was grateful from the bottom of her heart when Mea saved her. Suddenly several aliens start attacking Mea. They have a grudge against her for destroying whatever they had. Apparently Mea did lots of things to earn money so she can collect information on Yami. She wonders how they found out about her location. To her shock, it was Nemesis who told them. That is when Mea goes on the offensive and beats the crap out of them with her strength. She likes this feeling. Then she realizes why Nemesis did this. It is to make her remember that she is a weapon. Now the aliens are fleeing when Mea is just starting to have fun. The fight spills before Nana’s eyes. Mea sees Nana’s disappointed face.

Episode 3
Mea is absent from school. Nana tries to act find but that disturbed look on her face is hard to ignore. Based on last night’s events, Mea told her this is her true form. Even heartbreaking is how Mea is done pretending to be friends with her. Obviously Nana sinks into depression. Momo also feels bad. She thought Nana being friends with her would turn out something like Mikan and Yami but if this was going to happen in the first place, she should have separated them. Rito decides to go talk to Nana. In her digital safari, Nana pours her heart out about being foolish and naive in hoping Mea would open up her heart to her. It was sad she was earnest wanting to be friends but there was not a shred of it in Mea. Rito wants her to talk to Mea again and hugs her to calm her down. He asks if she would like to be friends with her again. Of course. Without a doubt. Nana doesn’t think Mea understand those feelings but Rito recalls when his feelings synced with his. He felt the uneasiness and loneliness. Like she was lost between a person and a weapon. She was pretending to be friends because she was hiding her true self. But now she knows, they can start over again for real. This gives Nana to go talk to Mea again. At the river bed, Mea threatens Nana not to come close but Nana inches closer. Mea strikes her blades but they all seem to unconsciously miss her. Suddenly Nana finds herself being groped by Rito! Or something that looks like him. Mea used her ability to create a strong image from her heart. More crap from Mea why she should stay away from her. I’m a weapon, you’re a human, blah, blah, blah. Nana breaks free and hugs her. She doesn’t care for all that crap. The most important thing is their feelings. She pleads to be real friends this time. I guess that heart tugging speech makes it hard for Mea to reject. Okay. Let’s be friends. Yami just beat up those aliens planning to blow up the vicinity just to get even. Yami and Mea reconcile. Mea now understands what Yami meant. Back home, Nemesis finally contacts Mea. But she is not mad and allows her to stay as long as she wishes. Thanks to recent events, Nemesis now understands better what is leading her astray. Nana can’t sleep and visits Rito’s room. She thinks of sneaking in and sleeping with him but naked Momo is already there. This must have become a nightly affair, eh? You mad? So why beat the hell out of Rito who is sleeping so soundly?

Episode 4
The festival begins. Momo had the bad luck of meeting those VMC guys there. But the moment they see Rito with her, they start warning her about the lewd beast he would become (horny fanservice delusion cue). Yeah, I think they are the ones in danger of become the lewd beasts. Thanks to that delusion, Momo manages to escape them. Rito asks Momo about her mom. She describes her as a great lady whom everyone respects. He wonders if she ever gets lonely to see her. Because of him and the rest of her friends around, she never feels lonely. Rito also asks about the harem plan. More importantly, why she is eagerly doing this for him. That’s because she loves him. She doesn’t mind being his second or third choice but as long as she wants to be loved by him. That would have been great if she said that out loud instead of in her mind. Instead, she gives the excuse that she wants everyone to be happy. Momo notes that because of this deception, Rito is playing along. The plan will succeed even before he realizes it. The only problem is Yami. Based on her recent reconciliation with Mea, seems that she still views herself as an assassin and weapon. When Mikan comes looking for them because Tearju is in trouble, they make haste but Rito bumps into Yami around the corner. He is a master in somehow getting his face in her crotch, isn’t he? Yami teaches him a lesson and reminds him that she is still after his life. Then Mikan starts to act strange. She is telling Yami just to kill Rito in that case. Mikan then transforms into Nemesis. This little girl is her true form. Rito still manages to slip and gives Nemesis her first taste of fanservice. She likes it and continues flirting with him. She mentions about the 2 types of destruction: Physical and psychological. She prefers the latter. Nemesis then proceeds to humiliate Momo by molesting her tail, only to be stopped by Yami. She backs off since her goal is to make friends and not start a fight. Hard to believe that. Nemesis has observed Yami via Mea and her surroundings and realized her true feelings. Something about Yami knows she does not belong here and she will eventually have to leave. Unconsciously she realizes it in her heart that her true nature is a weapon which can never love a person. That is called Darkness. She believes Yami will eventually awaken to it without her guidance. She’ll patiently wait till that time comes and in the meantime will just hang around and play with them. Momo asks Tearju about Darkness. But she mentions it is nothing to worry about. Even so, it will be okay as long as everyone who thinks of her is here.

Episode 5
Celine is messing with one of Lala’s inventions. What does it do this time? It is supposed to summon a friend here. And it had to summon Yui when she is in the middle of her bath right onto Rito. Oh no… Hey, at least it works! Mea meets Nemesis in person for the first time. She wonders what is Darkness but Nemesis will let her see it for herself when the time comes. When Rito is done with his errand, he is surprised to see Yui taking the same train home. Yeah, that incident still fresh in your mind? Then she brings him away to a corner. No, it’s not she allows him to get horny on her but she doesn’t want him to take out his lust on the other girls. How kind of her. At the next stop, the crowd comes in and packs the train like sardine. If Rito is wondering why Yui is glaring at him, he realized too late that his hand is groping her butt! He tries to break free but unconsciously his arm touches her breasts. Then the cat paw toy he bought for Celine activates and starts fondling her crotch. Wow. Just super. I wonder how long she can hold it in. I don’t think she can… When they’re out at the next station, Rito can’t understand why she screams at him for being shameless. Mikan spots Mea at the supermarket and invites her home for dinner. Although she doesn’t feel close to her, after learning she is Yami’s sister, she thought of putting in some effort to understand her. She lets Mea help out cutting the cabbage. She seems to like it and it flipped her chopping switch. Because Mikan knows her identity, she doesn’t hesitate to transform her blades and start her chopping fury. It’s like she is getting orgasmic doing this. So much so she accidentally cuts everyone’s clothes and Mikan had the unfortunate view of having Rito’s dick in her face! Luckily she stops (perhaps nothing left to cut) right before Lala comes in (she was ‘stalled’ in the bath when Celine was sucking her tits). The friends had a wonderful feeling especially Mea starting to feel this fuzzy feeling of closeness in her heart. Mikan sees the similarity of Mea and Yami. She is still just like how Yami used to be. Mikan feels although she won’t get along with Mea as well as she does with Yami, it is okay once in a while to invite her to dinner again.

Episode 6
After helping father at his manga workplace, Momo wants to show Rito an eroge and perhaps this will lead to something steamy and ‘unleashing of the beast’. Double click! However they bump into Nemesis who is still bent on making Rito her manservant. Momo is wary of her but Rito agrees to accompany Nemesis in hopes of learning something about her. There goes Momo’s quality time with him. Nemesis has lots of fun with her time with him but Momo isn’t looking thrilled. Since he is so good to her, Nemesis explains what Darkness is. Some sort of release of a dark power, the ultimate transformation that will bring chaos to the galaxy. Momo is not amused with that generic answer so Nemesis tries to convince Rito that Momo is a dangerous woman that is not to be trusted. However Rito doesn’t think so as she was just getting angry on his behalf. Unfortunately this pisses off Nemesis. She does not like his attitude of trusting others so easily. Fun is over. She claims it is Momo’s victory this time. Back home when Momo thinks she can seduce Rito in the bath, it seems he is tied up and being seduced by Nemesis instead! Damn this girl beat her to it. Momo tells her off that Yami is her target and Rito has nothing to do with this. On the contrary he has very much to do with everything. Yami and Mea became interested after coming into contact with him. He is the catalyst why Yami has become more human-like. Nemesis reminds her it is her goal to take the desires of others. This means Momo’s harem plans she can forget about it because Rito is hers. Nemesis imitates Rito’s voice to scream for help. Mikan rushes in to see Rito passed out in Momo’s arms. She misinterprets the situation and gives Momo an earful. Nemesis finds it fun to tease Momo but for the latter, she is definitely her, well, nemesis. Next day, to avoid what happened, this time Mikan goes to bathe with Rito. Hey, they’re siblings and once bathed together, right? Besides if there are already people in the bath, this means no more can come in, right? So be grateful for that. She sits with him in the tub (it’s gotten smaller since they’ve grown bigger) and they talk about things. She accidentally mentions some harem thingy and this gets him startled and as he runs out. Momo is seen happily peeping on them outside. Mikan is not too happy when she learns it was Momo’s plan to have them bathe together. Just as planned…

Episode 7
Tearju is now a full homeroom teacher of Momo’s class. There is concern because Mea hates her and Yami still won’t reconcile. When Tearju makes her first homeroom debut, Yami is as usual absent. Attempts by Momo to convince her to attend class only fell on deaf ears. Rito is looking for Yami after school but Mea finds him and dives into his mind. I suppose this is cue for fanservice because Mea is giving some naked bathroom fanservice to him (and us). Mea is conflicted that Nemesis takes a liking for him and if it stays this way, it will be hard for her to play with him if he belongs to her. Fun is over the moment he mentions Yami’s name. Rito believes it will be good if Yami and Tearju made up but Mea is clearly uninterested. So Rito sees Yami at the library. Yami knows that if he is here, it means Mikan must have already told him about it. So he tries convincing her but looks like she is still stubborn. There is something about her reputation that makes it harder for Yami to reconcile despite viewing Tearju as family. Mea interjects. She mentions that she has always lived according to Nemesis’ wishes but now that she has tasted living by her own will, it isn’t all that bad. Surprisingly Mea gives her the best advice. From her experience with Nana, she knows she is afraid of moving forward but if they don’t face each other, they will never make amends. Oshizu and Momo have been spying on them. Oshizu realizes too late a dog is licking on her leg. This causes her telekinesis power to go berserk, controlling Momo to ram into Rito and co. The point of it all is so we can have Rito in yet in another ambiguous threesome fanservice scene. It is such a mind boggling thing to even wonder how he can even end up in such position. Yami follows Rito back home, much to Mikan’s delight. Next day in class, Tearju thought Yami is playing truant again. Surprise! She turns up late and in her school uniform. A moment of happiness for Tearju. Yami has Mea to thank for. Since her little sister is moving forward, she can’t lose and lag behind.

Episode 8
Zastin is warning about some cursed sword when Mikan gets a call from Rin. So why is Rito the one who turned up in Saki’s mansion instead? Mikan had something to do and sent her brother instead. Seems last night when Saki hosted an appreciation dinner for her butler and maids, I guess they got food poisoning and none are able to work together. Her loyal subordinates are here to help but I guess Saki needed the extra hand. Don’t worry. Because Momo, Nana, Mea and Yami are here to help too. Even sweeter, they’re going to be in their maid outfits! WOHOO!!! Momo thinks it will be tough for Saki to be part of the harem plan since she is smitten with Zastin. But there may be a chance for Rin. Speaking of which, yet another freaking ambiguous fanservice position for Rito on her. Mea thought she saw Nemesis in the compound for a while. When Momo teases Rito about helping to get Rin’s heart, suddenly Rin comes attacking them with her sword. Momo is quick to save Rito. Yami enters to scene to fight her. She thinks Rito’s perversion made her mad until she realizes she is being possessed. Heck, even Nana thinks Rito’s perversion is the cause of this. Yeah, always blame him. Rin continues slashing, a reason for clothes to be ripped at lightning pace. As the Trans sisters explain, it is that blade, Bladix that is possessing her. But it is not a cursed sword but a parasitic life form. As it is on the same wavelength with Rin, killing it would mean killing Rin too. So how? Rito has an idea. He wants Mea to use her ability so that he can dive into her mind and separate her. He is willing to risk his life for her because Rin once saved Mikan before. Don’t worry. He believes things will turn out fine. It’s that baseless confidence we’re worry about. After all, it won’t be fun if Rin isn’t part of his harem, right? Rito enters her mind and tries to break free of her tentacle rape but he also gets caught in it. Bladix doesn’t like another to gain control of this body and that Rin’s body is hers. But Rito rebukes him about all the kind people around Rin. It gives him the strength to rip her out before Mea drops in. Bladix thought he could possess her but he is left running for his life. He is crushed by Yami. Zastin has been watching the entire episode and he wonders who Mea is because she possesses the same abilities as Yami. When Saki calls out to him, Nana chides him for hiding and not doing anything to help. Was his help ever needed?

Episode 9
Rin properly thanks Rito for saving her. Although Rito claims it was Yami but she was very sure he was the one who pulled her out of the darkness. Saki teases Rin that she is falling in love with Rito. Because Yami sees Rito getting into another ambiguous fanservice scene this time with Tearju, I don’t think she can spare his life now. Only by Lala’s mercy yet again that his life is spared. Momo seems to be irked that even Nana is showing more interest in Rito (although the tsundere disagrees) despite this is all part of her harem plan. Momo then talks to Lala who in turn is worried if there is any progress with her relationship with him. Because Peke has been bugging her that she is too kind in wanting Haruna to close the gap with Rito. Observing that Lala is still only making pure innocent love moves to Rito, Momo calls Lala to her room to teach her… Eroge! However after teaching her about the kiss, Momo cannot go further as she cannot bear corrupt her sister’s innocent heart. And so Lala joins Rito in his bath and wants to kiss. She knows he loves Haruna more but wonders if his love for her has changed. If he still loves her, please kiss her. Of course with all that nervousness, he slips and ends up in the 69 position. Lala then tells him it’s his lips that she wants to kiss! Too bad he is knocked out. Call it a night. I guess that bump on the head means Rito has this strange steamy dream about naked Haruna steamily kissing him followed by Lala. Next day, he confronts Lala to tell her he can’t kiss her. It is because they are not lovers yet. True, he still loves her but his feelings for Haruna has not changed. He can’t accept the idea of marrying both of them now so accepting the kiss with this half hearted feeling will make him feel useless. Lala is glad. Last night she talked to Nana about it and even revealing Rito’s feelings for both Lala and Haruna. Nana said that she can tell Rito didn’t want to do the kiss because if it was her, she wouldn’t too. Lala apologizes for not thinking about his feelings then. For now, she pecks him on his cheek and will wait for the day to get his special kiss. Then she hopes he will answer her feelings. Eavesdropping Momo admires her sister and perhaps why she can’t best her. That is why she is going to tell Nana about her plan.

Episode 10
Mea is calling Yui the Shameless Woman because this is her favourite line when she chastises Rito. Could it be she wants to experience the shameless thing too? Somebody stop Yui before she turns into a killing machine. Nana talks to Mea about Momo’s harem plan. Seems she knows about it because she dived into Rito’s mind. Nana seems to be against the plan but Mea mentions about its good points. She gets to have fun with Rito every day. She stimulates a fantasy whereby Nana gets licked by him. Nana is not appreciative of this and denies having feelings for him. Oshizu tries to follow Mea and sees what she is up to. But she was scared the sh*t out when Mea plays a prank. Oshizu continues to hate her but Mea doesn’t. Because she is easy to tease! Oshizu wonders why Mea doesn’t just reveal true self seeing she talks freely with her friends. Although her initial mission was to observe Yami and there is no reason to continue pretending to be an Earthling, she feels she just cannot abandon this personality. Oshizu’s scare just caused one of Lala’s inventions to malfunction. It is sucking all the lingerie of any woman it can find. Yeah, fanservice time. Oshizu feels responsible (but partly it is Mea’s fault too) and wants to stop this but Mea doesn’t feel interested in doing so. She thinks it is interesting sometimes to have such chaos. Rito tries to stop the machine but it seems it has to take him to places where girls are changing. Not only he failed to stop the machine, he gets beaten up for all the eye candy. Was it worth it? The ultimate one is where the machine sucked all the girls’ clothes at the changing room and then somehow manages to pin those naked bodies all on Rito like some Katamari Damacy ball. Rito you lucky bastard!!!!! Finally when Nana destroys it, the mini black hole which is the source of its suction goes berserk. Now it is going to suck the entire school. Who is going to save the day? Rito is a wuss. Yami doesn’t look interested. I guess Oshizu will have to use her telekinesis to suppress it. There is a danger she’ll use up too much energy and disappear but she can’t bear to have the school gone. That is when Mea reveals her true form to help out. Though the black hole is gone, everybody has seen Mea’s true form. Before they can jump to conclusions, Yami introduces her as her long lost sister. Not blood related. Everybody now loves her and applause for them. Since Tearju is part of the crowd and emotionally applauding, Yami feels embarrassed and leaves. Mea makes up with Oshizu and becomes friends. But this is just another prank to scare her. This time her disturbance causes Nana’s butt to be shoved into Rito’s face. Rito you lucky bastard!!!!!!!!!

Episode 11
Rito is like a monster ravaging Momo’s tail in his sleep. Though Rito has not accepted her harem plan, she believes he has what it takes to become harem king. Besides, the greatest hindrance to the plan who is no other than Yami is no longer a threat. With just a little push, she might even fall for him. Rito talks to Yami about her relationship with Tearju but she won’t talk more than it’s needed. Another slip up for an ambiguous position has Yami wanting to kill him again. So Momo, think she still won’t kill Rito? This time Haruna’s plea has Yami give up. During pool lessons, Mea talks to Yami. The latter feels that she is has accepted to being part of here. Suddenly something inside her activates. Yami turns Super Saiyan? Her own hair goes berserk and does perversion on herself? Seems this is all part of Nemesis’ plan. The condition to wake up Darkness has been fulfilled. Slowly, Nemesis takes over Mea’s body as she explains that the condition for Darkness is to have a peaceful heart that a weapon should not possess. This is also some sort of limiter release as Darkness contains unlimited Trans power that will become an anti-planetary weapon. When Tearju tried to suppress Yami’s awakening but treating her good, her fellow scientist did not appreciate it. So after Tearju was exiled, they planted this Darkness system into Yami’s mind. Nemesis thought it was making Yami a killer as the shortcut to awakening Darkness but after observing Mea changed, she realizes peace is the key. Nemesis appears for the first time before Nana and Tearju. If she is here, where is Mea? Nemesis says Mea never existed in the first place. She was just a quasi personality she created. After all, how can the warmth of a person’s heart reach a little sister when she does not exist in the first place? Yami falls into despair while Nana still refuses to believe Mea is non-existent. Yami’s blades start stabbing herself. The thought that peace is impossible and Mea is just an illusion puts a great strain on her heart. Yami turns into a flash of light before transforming into her true Darkness form. Uhm… Is this some sort of sexy swimsuit? Nemesis is glad to meet Darkness and asks her how she feels. She is feeling perverted. I can see why she is in that skimpy dress now.

Episode 12
Darkness wants to see that perverted guy. No, she isn’t referring to you, my perverted principal. That guy she meant is Rito and she pulls him out from his class via her portal. She lets him do all the perverted stuffs to her. And then she summons the water tentacles to tentacle rape all the other girls. Since she is going to kill him, what a better way for him to die surrounded by ultimate pleasure of boobs and butts! Nana and Momo also got tentacle raped but by Rito clones. After they break free, Nana summons all the cats to whisk Rito away. Darkness remembers she once awakened like this before. It was after she lost Tearju and became an assassin, at some dump planet, Darkness awakened and split the planet into half! However that transformation was only brief. She reverted to Yami and had no memories. Now that she has returned, the only difference is now she has this perverted feeling. All thanks to Rito and his accidental perversion over the seasons. That is why she needs to hurry up and kill him. Nana and Momo won’t allow that but they are teleported to Mea’s home. Seeing that the recent stuff Mea did, Nana refuses to believe Mea never existed and vows to bring her back. Similarly, Mea knows Nemesis lied to everyone that she never existed. Nemesis won’t be swayed in letting her go. She can’t. They are after all one mind and one body. Looks like the cats bump Rito into Haruna and Yui looking for him. Darkness finds them and Yui of course did not hesitate to reprimand her of her risqué attire. Darkness then uses her portals to fondle Haruna’s boobs and let Rito tastes Yui’s butt. But she realizes she needs to kill him and before she can split him in half, here comes Lala to the rescue. Darkness summons a giant golem in Rito’s image. Nemesis still thinks Mea is trying to struggle to break free and persuading her that she wanted Rito as her manservant. Mea is actually grateful for her that she was able to continue living. Although she can’t do anything with her own power, the difference now is that she has friends. And that friend to her rescue is Oshizu. She uses her telekinesis to separate them. Mea thanks Nemesis for everything but will choose her own path from now on.

Episode 13
With Mea getting her own body back now, first sign of gratitude for Oshizu is to scare her! Nana is glad Mea is back although Nemesis can still materialize in a separate body. They have lots of things to ask her but right now the big priority is returning Yami back to normal. Lala easily defeats the golem because she knows it is not the real Rito. Darkness plays cheat by using her portal to make Rito’s face contact with Lala’s butt. Luckily she uses some slippery measure to break free and free Rito from Darkness’ grasp. When Darkness uses some high energy output to slice her, I wonder if Lala’s tail laser beam can hold it despite it is her plan to wear her out. Somehow she manages to counter attack although Lala is now out of power and her body has shrunk to loli size. Darkness is also out of power but she can recharge. Darkness can still use her Trans weapons and before she can kill her, Zastin and his guys are here to help out. But before they too can charge, they are held back by Nana’s animals. They explain they are not here to fight Darkness but to return her back as Yami. When Mea’s persuasion to Darkness fails, Darkness becomes mad and considers her as a pest like the rest. Mea has no choice but to use her blaster on her and then they take it to the skies to fight. Eh? But I thought they weren’t going to fight? This is all part of a bigger plan. Mea has noticed that from Nemesis’ observations, Darkness’ transformation is incomplete thanks to her fixation on perversion and Rito when she should actually become a weapon. That means Rito himself is the cause of the bug and thus there is still hope for Yami to come back. Momo tell Rito this plan of theirs and it seems he has to do something unholy. Even though this is all based on speculation, they are willing to take the gamble on Yami’s heart and bet on Rito. He agrees to do it even if this is just a slight possibility for Yami to return. Darkness has caught Mea and lets her Rito clones lick her into ecstasy. Before she can die climaxing via licking, a beanstalk interrupts them. The gang is here. Rito wants to do all the wild perverted stuffs on her! Come on baby! Let’s get down and dirty!

Episode 14
Because Rito’s act of perversion has always been acts of God, for him to do it naturally is suspicious. That is what makes it irresistible for Darkness too. The problem is whether Rito can pull it off. He rushes towards her put slips and falls short. But when memories of Yami flash through his mind, he gets back up. He shows how serious he is by taking off his clothes and starts his extreme molestation! OMG! He’s a monster! This scene reminds us of the principal because he has always been trying to harass Yami like this. I guess those nightly monster acts with Momo also paid off too. Darkness tries to run away but Rito clings on tightly and continues his molestation. With memories of Rito flashing in her head, she gradually returns to Yami. Conveniently they crash in Rito’s backyard and Yami has to slap him to stop his molesting. Too good to stop? Mikan just came home and sees them in this perverted shape. Lots of explaining to do. Life returns to normal. Yami is seen profusely apologizing to everyone at school for yesterday’s trouble. She also has supplied Lala with lots of milk for her growth. As for Rito… She ignores him. Well, better than beating him up. Tearju is overcome with emotion that Yami is back and cries all over her face! Yami and Mikan still get to eat taiyaki together. A good sign, right? And of course, Yami can’t ignore Rito forever. She tries to say thank you but that word is so hard to come out. I guess she is not used to it. But it is Rito who apologizes first. I guess he is so used to this. Making it even more embarrassing is how he describes in detail about the perversion. Those old ladies in public are going to have the wrong idea. Yami tries to shut him up but this lands them in another ambiguous fanservice position. Quickly she tells him Darkness’ perversion wasn’t the real her and that she isn’t a perverted person. She doesn’t think anything of him. Oh really? Nemesis appears before Mea and laments Darkness’ failed activation means no new galactic war could start and made those weapons feel at home. Mea believes it is alright. She now understands and can get use to this. Will Nemesis leave this place? Don’t worry. She will always keep an eye on them from the shadows. It’s her way to kill time. Lastly, for those who are wondering where the principal has gone. He is frozen somewhere in South Pole and researchers think he might be a yeti! But who cares, right?

Rito is about to go to sleep when Nemesis pays him a night visit! Hey, at least it’s not Momo. She is interested in ghost stories after stumbling upon them at the book store and wants him to tell her one. Momo objects as she comes out from the closet. So that’s where she is hiding? She will do the ghost story instead. So she begins about a space traveller stranded on an uninhabited planet. After getting lost in the jungles for hours, he stumbled upon a mansion in which an old lady takes him in. In the middle of the night, he gets up thinking somebody is watching him and it turns out the old lady is staring at him. Nemesis interjects thinking it should be a young woman instead. Then she proceeds to re-enact everything again but this time taking out her flirting on Rito. Momo stops her when Nemesis is just dripping candle wax on him. Now it’s Momo’s turn to show how it’s done. Her flirting includes using a plant that squirts out suspicious sticky milky liquid. With those ambiguous hand movements to let it squirt all over her body, she proceeds to rub it all over Rito’s body with hers, claiming it is supposed to recharge your weariness. I think Rito is only getting more stressed up. Nemesis joins in for double seduction. Wasn’t this supposed to be a ghost story? Mikan is awakened by the commotion. You can imagine her shock and surprise to see Momo on top of Rito and weird liquid all over. Momo tries to blame Nemesis but she is nowhere to be seen. Curses. She has fast escaped again. Mikan reprimands the duo while Nemesis feels refreshed with that liquid.

Yami visits Mikan and the latter thinks she wants to apologize to Tearju. We think and know it is Rito since they act strangely when they see each other. Momo picks up a call from Mikado saying she needs their help at her clinic as it is overwhelmed with patients. Since Tearju lives with Mikado, Mikan gets an idea to bring Yami along to help. So we’ve got everybody in nurse outfits and even Rito is temporarily transformed into a girl just for it. Mikado can’t help fantasize all the naughty checkups she’ll do to examine his body afterwards. The gang works hard to serve the many different alien races. Even Rito gets sexually harassed but saved by Yami. When the crowd simmers down, Yami takes Rito to talk to him at the basement with pretence to go find Tearju since she has been there for quite a while. Yami is eking out her courage to thank him when they see Tearju in trouble. She is being raped by a robot! Actually, Mikado’s old mechanical assistant. She put it away as it was so much trouble. Now you know why, eh? I guess Yami and Rito are too sexy for the pervy robot to resist so it also rips their clothes and throws lots of bandages for BDSM play. It is role reversal when Yami has her hands on Rito’s boobs and he screams calling her a pervert! Tearju has not escaped since she doesn’t want to run away and leave Yami alone again. This has Yami revive and slice the robot in half. It was that easy? Rape play ends. At that time, Rito has turned back into a boy and Yami sees a full view of his ‘little buddy’. After putting clothes back on them (they don’t have any recollections what happened), she leaves very embarrassed.

The Darkness Of The Ecchi Heart
Well folks, whether or not this is really the end or not, at least it ties up the loose ends and had a closure in Yami and Mea’s case. For now. In a way, it gives a better and satisfying end compared to the previous season. Reading back my previous blog, I have to say that my findings for the plot, the characters, the fanservice and overall sentiments of the show stayed somewhat almost the same. Forgive me if I am going to repeat them here again. I know I did say in my opening paragraph that I did not go back and re-read the previous season but that was for the summary of the episodes. I did after all go back to read my opinions on it just for comparison. At least this season round, it has a bit more plot than the episodic ones in the last.

For instance, the fanservice level of this series is done in such a way that you would expect it to be spammed at least once in every 5 minutes. That is the nature of this series and probably why the fans keep coming back. As I have said, I did not bother to wait for the DVDs to come out so that I could watch some clean and uncensored boobs just like last season. I did watch a few initial episodes uncensored but after that, by then it was more or less the same. It seems that this time around I could put up with the atrocious white light and steam censors that are abound in the censored aired versions. Maybe a few years ago I would have been annoyed but is it because of my failing libido? Nah!!! I mean, I wasn’t that desperate since I could just ‘imagine’ what kind of perversion would be going on behind those censors. I guess it is more ‘fun’ trying to imagine those boobs and fanservice scenes yourself. For a series that has ran several seasons of fanservice, it isn’t hard for me to imagine the characters and perhaps their prized assets ;p. No, I’m not saying I am a closet fan of this series, but I can vividly imagine Lala and Haruna with my eyes closed. Heh. Does that make me sound like a master pervert? But not every entire scene is censored although a minimal panty shot scenes are left spared from the censoring. It feels like a little teaser and the extra motivation for horny guys to go buy the DVDs if you want to see the other more risqué scenes.

Another mind boggling thing is Rito’s ‘ability’ to get into steamy ambiguous fanservice positions with the usual girls. Every season he seems to be flawlessly doing it. I know we can blame God and this is His act, so does this mean the God of this series is a pervert? It is like He is channelling his perversion through this poor kid. Because from the way he trips, how can he actually end up in such a position that is worthy to be placed in the Kama Sutra? Near impossible sexual positions that would break your bones and muscles before you could reach climax. So that is why it has got to be acts of God, right? This series is also so good in bringing fanservice to viewers, that by this time you realize that they can make a fanservice scene out from nothing. One moment everything seems to be pretty normal and the next suddenly this Rito’s molestation and groping scene. Even during battle scenes they can even slip in some fanservice to satisfy all your ecchi perversion. And make us wish we guys are in Rito’s position. But can you withstand all the pounding and berating over the years? Rito would have been immune to such situations and it seems so because you don’t usually see him nose bleed every time. Otherwise he would have bled to death. And so it can be concluded that every girl in this series has been molested by Rito one way or another, directly or indirectly. Including Mikan too. In short, many of the girls love him. Whether it is Momo who thinks she is fine being second or third, or Yami who is obviously being tsundere, or Mea who just likes the idea of Rito licking her. Rito, you da harem king! Come to think of it, after all the fanservice troubles and accidents he got into, it seems to have prepared him for this day to take it all out on Darkness/Yami. You could say that his perversion actually saved the world! And thanks to that, we can all live another day and continue our perversion. Thanks Rito! You da man!

Obviously it was Yami, Mea and the Deviluke princess twins (and Rito of course) being the stars of this Darkness arc. We find out a little more about them, see them trying to reconcile, butt heads and then life goes back to being normal like how it used to be. Therefore many of the other characters from the series didn’t really play much of a role or impact again. Some like Lala, Haruna and Yui may have slightly more screen time and even at least half and episode focusing on them with Rito. But for others like Run and Ren (I guess there is nothing much to tell about them since they got separated with individual bodies in last season) and even the perverts Risa and Mio (as side characters, even relegating them to mere background characters although they still have a few but limited dialogues). Mikan is still there but nothing much and same with Saki and her underlings. The same can be said for Mikado and Tearju. Sometimes I feel that if they don’t appear, it won’t have a big impact on the overall series itself. But ultimately you can’t because these characters are related and it would be just odd to have them totally cut out and missing. Maybe the only exception was that Kyouko character… Still remember her? Not in this season too. What is Celine’s role here again? Having more screen time than last season is Oshizu so we could see how she becomes Mea’s friend aside Nana (another reason for me to enjoy this series since I get to hear Mamiko Noto say more lines than usual). Zastin also feels he has more screen time but he is still not being useful when it matters since he is spending an awful lot time helping Rito’s dad as a mangaka assistant.

Nemesis finally shows her face this season whereas in the last season she was just a mysterious being only known as a voice. At first I was convinced that Mea was just a figment of imagination and part of Nemesis’ personality. All because I noticed that Mea and Nemesis are never seen together in the eyes of others. It is only either one when interacting with other characters other than themselves. Even more so when they both are seemingly at the same scene, for example when Mea spots her Master and her friend starts looking where, Nemesis is no longer at that spot. It could be a big indication that Mea actually never existed in the first place and she had been Nemesis in disguise or her split personality all along. And then of course that separation happened. It disproves this theory I had. But even so, it made me wonder if the personalities were extracted out then as they were never separate entities prior to Oshizu’s action. Now that Nemesis’ plan has failed, I doubt she won’t be dumb enough to try and reactivate Darkness again. Her real form is still a mystery and I wonder if she will go somewhere else to start the galactic war she wanted. But if she is sticking around to watch the Trans sisters just to kill time, does she mean she is going to have a lot of time on her hands and doing nothing? I think Rito too might have influenced her in staying on this planet.

This season’s opening theme is Secret Arms by Ray, a bit of techno in what would have been another usual anime pop. The ending theme is Gardens by Mami Kawada. If you have heard her singing styles and also from her group, I’ve Sound or her co-member, Kotoko, you can tell that this one also sounds the same with the rest. Well, not to say that I am a big fan of her nor have I listened to many of her songs but hearing this one reminded me of such similar style like I hear from animes in the past like Onegai Twins, Onegai Teacher and Hayate No Gotoku. Side note: VMC sucks in singing at all levels!

Overall, this season is still okay and if you are a big fan of the To Love-Ru series or even an ecchi lover, this series is rightly tailored to your needs. No doubt I still had some fun and laughs watching this season but I can also feel the enthusiasm isn’t there. Even more so when I realized that over the years that the Darkness arc has been releasing quite a few OVAs over the few years between the TV seasons but I only saw half of them and was never interested to watch the rest when it came out. Still not planning to watch them. Sighs… Well, maybe if they make another season, I will still go watch it but only for nostalgia reasons. You don’t believe me, do you?

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