Hibike! Euphonium OVA

March 11, 2016

Well, well. What do you know? Hibike! Euphonium is indeed getting a second season! Hooray! And what better way than to celebrate this by releasing a movie (which is just a condensed summary of the TV series) and another extra special episode that comes with the DVD. Hibike! Euphonium OVA focuses on the members who did not make the cut for the competition and especially giving Hazuki more screen time compared to your Kumiko x Reina yuri. Really…

Dash Monaka
After the unselected are given an encouraging speech by Taki not to lose heart, they are given a set of scores for them to practice. First, they need to decide a name for their little band. Taking the syllables of their first name seems to long and funny. But if they cut it down to just the seniors, Team Monaka just sounds right. As Hazuki carries her tuba downstairs, she bumps into Shuuichi. You know the awkwardness between them after that confession and rejection. Nevertheless, he still helps her as she talks how she was ‘conned’ by Asuka into joining the bass section. We feel it isn’t going to be alright but Hazuki tells Shuuichi she is going to be alright so don’t worry. When Hazuki talks to Midori about how Kumiko and Shuuichi sit together in the ensemble, Midori gets the wrong idea that Hazuki wants to steal Shuuichi away and will support her. What Hazuki is trying to say is that she doesn’t want their relationship to be awkward just because of her. On the other hand, if she becomes too nosy, she might aggravate matters. She just feels clueless in love. Ironically, it is Midori who gets emotional about this hopeless case. The only thing she can do is to treat her. Then Hazuki talks to Natsuki for advice in love. I guess she doesn’t know the answer and just suddenly hugs her. The only thing she can say is not to regret it.

On the day of the competition, Hazuki talks to Kumiko for a while and will support her (I believe it is both her music and a certain guy). After loading up the equipment and giving everyone their personal charms, they head to clean up the music room before making their way to the concert hall. But suddenly one of the members remembers he forgot to take the mallets that were left in the clubroom. What can they do? Team Monaka is already at the train station. Don’t worry. Hazuki volunteers to run back and get the mallets. As she runs back, she remembers her conversation with Natsuki on why she joined the brass band. It made Hazuki think that if she had to start all over again, she will still join the brass band. Hazuki grabs the mallets and runs the entire way there! OMG! For real?! Sure, tuba players have very great lung capacity. But I’m not sure about her stamina. Well, since she did make it in time, it just proves it. Hazuki sees Shuuichi doing a fist bump with Kumiko as Midori praises her for a job well done. It is now Kitauji’s turn to begin their performance.

Didn’t Hit A High Note…
I didn’t have any high expectations for this OVA and perhaps I am looking forward to the next season, this is one reason why I didn’t find this OVA a bore. If you take a closer look, this OVA is not anything much. It is boring and doesn’t go anywhere. You thought it is about Hazuki trying to sort out her feelings before the big competition but from the looks of it, it is far from over and although that loving feeling still lingers about, it is not going to be a major drive that will wreck their friendship or jeopardize the entire brass band. This OVA feels more like a dessert to complete the first season and an appetizer before the next main course in the form of the second season comes around. Only fans of the series will appreciate this little extra episode. In the mean time, let me go back and practice my brass instruments before it gets rusty. Oh wait. I don’t play any brass at all…

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