Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-Bu VS Sabagebu!

April 1, 2016

Bang! Bang! Bang! Girls with guns. Lots of animes with that theme these days. But we are here to discuss about girls with guns in an airsoft of survival game club. Aha. If you watched them ‘recently’, you would have guessed that the most prominent ones under this category would be Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-Bu and Sabagebu! That is the only main similarity they have. Otherwise they differ from each other like day and night. It is obvious. One is already a hands down winner even before I started typing this blog. But let’s take the journey anyway, shall we?

New girl in town:
Stella Jogakuin: Yura Yamamoto.
Sabagebu: Momoka Sonokawa.

How she joined the airsoft club:
Stella Jogakuin: Feeling lonely and desperate for failing to make new friends, she decided to give this club a try.
Sabagebu: Curiosity killed the cat. The weirdo she bumped in the train happened to go to the same school. She followed, got knocked out, then forced, coerced and tricked into signing up.

Her gun model:
Stella Jogakuin: Skorpion vz 61.
Sabagebu: Beretta M92F.

Her ruthlessness:
Stella Jogakuin: Yura started out as a shy girl but as the series progresses, her obsession of becoming stronger turned her into a ruthless girl who would even sacrifice her friends just to achieve that.
Sabagebu: Momoka is already a ruthless, backstabbing and selfish person right from the start. She doesn’t hesitate to think twice about shooting allies just for her own gain. Conscience does not exist in this girl.

Survival game club president:
Noticed how they both wield Desert Eagles?
Stella Jogakuin: Sonora Kashima.
Sabagebu: Miou Ootori.

Other club members:
Stella Jogakuin: Rento Kirishima, Karila Hatsuse, Honoka Mutsu and Yachiyo Hinata.
Sabagebu: Urara Kasugano, Maya Kyoudou and Kayo Gotoukuji.

Club advisor:
Stella Jogakuin: Nil. Not known.
Sabagebu: Ena Sakura.

Animal mascot:
Stella Jogakuin: A white fox at a shrine that Yura could only see, which turns out to be a masked warrior.
Sabagebu: Kamo – A platypus. Later on, a crab.

Other survival game rivals:
Stella Jogakuin: Rin Haruna from Meisei Girls’ Academy, Aoi Seto of the Seto family and the airsoft club from Sendou Academy that has Karila’s twin brother, Aira.
Sabagebu: Rosalia Haguro, those old folks from Australia, those airsoft crazy cat aliens and those national survival game club members led by Taichou.

The biggest fan:
Stella Jogakuin: Miyagi Mochizuki who is a big fan of Sonora.
Sabagebu: A group of aristocrat airsoft girls who are freaking obsessed over Maya! Of course, not forgetting Urara for Momoka.

Well-endowed girl:
Also cue for providing the fanservice of the series.
Stella Jogakuin: Honoka.
Sabagebu: Maya.

Petite girl:
Stella Jogakuin: Yachiyo.
Sabagebu: Kayo.

Bespectacled character:
Stella Jogakuin: Honoka.
Sabagebu: Fried Chicken With Lemon.

Airhead character:
Stella Jogakuin: Rento.
Sabagebu: Maya.

The blonde:
Stella Jogakuin: Karila.
Sabagebu: Maya – At least in terms of dumb blonde…

Vivid imagination:
Stella Jogakuin: It is believed that Yura has such an active imagination that it may turn real. This often helps her out in giving her confidence in survival games and honing her gun skills.
Sabagebu: You see all the blood, gore and deaths of people being shot in the series? They are all in your imagination!

Hair cut:
Stella Jogakuin: After Yura’s first major airsoft tournament in which she ended up scared and surrendered, she deeply regretted her actions and vowed to change. Cutting her hair short is to show that new resolve she made.
Sabagebu: A mysterious person seems to be targeting the club members and Urara’s bangs got cut. Turns out to be Momoka’s mom who was just ‘looking out and being thoughtful’ for her friends.

Bully victim:
Stella Jogakuin: Yura, when she was in her old school. She was reminded of it when those old friends visited during the cultural festival.
Sabagebu: A couple of girls who are ardent fans of Miou start to pick on Momoka, thinking she is being close to her. From spreading lies and throwing her bag out of the window, the harassments stops when Miou tells those b*tches off. And then Momoka becomes the bully for some payback…

Stella Jogakuin: After Yura’s reckless attempt to catch a sniper sniping at them got Sonora injured (she had to dive and save Yura from an incoming car). She is hospitalized although she only suffered a sprained ankle and mild concussion.
Sabagebu: The student council president, Yayoi Isurugi is so stressed up by one of her backfired attempts to take down the club members, she got hospitalized! And there is another time when she accidentally got caught in a grenade explosion when the club is celebrating their grenade mascot…

Stella Jogakuin: Sonora’s American master was a soldier who was killed in action. It made Sonora stopped playing airsoft for a while and Rin changed into a whole new character, blaming her weakness for his death.
Sabagebu: This is the running joke of the series – Maya is always (at least most of the time) the first one in the team to die!!! Death always come looking for pretty models first, eh?

The allure of snacks:
Stella Jogakuin: The girls try to tempt Yura in joining by giving her snacks and cakes. Prior to joining, Yura on the other hand thought this was a snacks club where you laze around do nothing but eat snacks.
Sabagebu: Momoka turned into a fatso after eating too many bread with high calories. It doesn’t help with mama’s ‘diet’ as she continues to make more snacks and feed it to Momoka to keep her chubby.

Need the money:
Stella Jogakuin: To fund for their participation for the next airsoft tournament, the girls use whatever little funds they have left to buy stuffs for the cultural festival and make a killing there from its proceeds.
Sabagebu: Momoka is feeling tight in the purse this month and searches every inch of her house for every available fund. She remembers a treasure map she did when she was young but seems what she buried was a poem to remind her future self that the smiles of friends are the real treasures. Do you know how much a platypus is worth?

Stella Jogakuin: Sonora suggests a cosplay shooting café for their school’s cultural festival.
Sabagebu: Kayo is a cosplay fanatic, the reason why she joined the club.

Stella Jogakuin: Aira can cosplay perfectly to imitate his twin.
Sabagebu: Momoka cross-dresses as a guy and thought she has found new popularity. But she finds out the hard way the wrath of a woman’s jealousy rage!

Being tsundere:
Stella Jogakuin: Tomboyish Karila turns into one when she realizes her clothes are torn during the school’s airsoft-cum-beauty contest. And that is how she won the votes for this match of hers.
Sabagebu: Yayoi is mistaken to be one by everybody after constant and accidental backfired attempts to take down Miou. Asserting out loud she hates her only made it worse.

Bathing scenes:
Stella Jogakuin: There is only a scene where the club girls soak in the hotspring and another barrel soaking bath scene during their survival game stint on an island.
Sabagebu: It is the staple of the series. A bathing scene always happens somewhere in the episode.

Strayed then returned:
Stella Jogakuin: In her quest to become stronger and be acknowledged, Yura quit her club to join Rin’s team. But her selfishness only caused her to be kicked out of the team. Who else but her old club members could welcome her back?
Sabagebu: Miou disbands her club after she has found Zen enlightenment via some monk after being told she would look smart. However it is back to the usual life of violence once this monk is exposed to be a fake and on a con job.

Pop culture references:
Stella Jogakuin: Not many with only Rambo being the obvious one.
Sabagebu: Tons of it! From Aliens to Predators to Resident Evil and even Michael Jackson!!!

Number of episodes:
Stella Jogakuin: 13 episodes.
Sabagebu: 12 episodes + 6 specials.

Episode format:
Stella Jogakuin: Each episode is played out like a typical chronological story.
Sabagebu: Each episode is episodic and divided further into an average of 3 random skits per episode.

Studio production:
Stella Jogakuin: Gainax.
Sabagebu: Pierrot+.

It is without a doubt that Sabagebu beats Stella Jogakuin thanks to the nonsensical slapstick humour to that latter’s boring I-don’t-know-where-this-is-going plot. Thanks to the nature of the former, any casual viewer can just jump in and watch and expect to laugh out loud without hurting your head. The only thing you’ll hurt is your stomach from laughing too much. With everything no-holds-barred in Sabagebu, everything comes and goes as crazy as it is so you are guaranteed to have a wild and enjoyable ride. Whereas in Stella Jogakuin, although there are more focus and airsoft matches, they do not feel exciting as it should. Then there is that supernatural crap that Yura has I believe I myself don’t even understand and lots of character drama thanks to Yura getting lost in her direction. Stella Jogakuin just doesn’t cut it if you’re looking for some mindless fun and entertainment. Too much drama that hindered to enjoyment. Therefore if you ask me which survival game club I should join, I am going with Sabagebu anytime despite I am fully aware I will be backstabbed always by Momoka. Besides, at least I know that I am the first not to die if ever some sort of ‘massacre’ is going to happen ;p.

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