April 3, 2016

Oh no. Do we really need another sort of anime whereby gamers find themselves stuck in the gaming world and can’t get out? After the great first seasons of Sword Art Online and Log Horizon but the very disappointing second season, it is that hesitant feeling inside me that put a lot of caution on Overlord. But this anime despite having this similar setting is different on a major level. Another online DMMORPG game is set to shut down and a certain nostalgic player decides to stay behind till its last moments. That is, till he finds himself still in the game world even after the shut down time has passed. Noticing that other NPCs taking a life of his own, his new goal is to take over this world while finding out what the hell happened to other players and his friends. I guess when you are some sort of powerful almighty wizard of your own game, what better way than to expand your world via domination?

Episode 1
Yggdrassil has been a popular DMMORPG for 12 years. Therefore it is with a heavy heart that Momonga, the big boss of his Tomb of Nazarick base and one of the creators of the game is sad that its servers will be shut down. He reminisces the days he has fought with his comrades and the time they took to build things up. Of course real life soon came knocking on their door and one by one they had to quit. He takes a last tour around Nazarick, meets the head butler, Sebas Tian and the team of combat maids, Pleiades. Albedo is one of the floors’ bosses and created by one of his friends. Seeing this is his last time around, he fools around with the command to make her from a b*tch personality to his lover. Momonga sits back on his throne, counting down the last few seconds of the servers shutting down. But something feels strange. He is still in the game and not logged out. Did they delay the shutting down? Even stranger, all the NPCs are coming alive and interacting with him. Momonga cannot contact the administrators of the game or his other guild members and the game continues to function as it is. To test things out, he gives orders to his subordinates in which they faithfully obey. He also finds his senses are real in this world. He tests it out by groping Albedo’s boobs! Yup, they’re real. Albedo would love to get down and dirty with him but Momonga has other concerns to attend to. He wants her to gather the other floor guardians to meet him. The first to arrive are the cross-dressing twins of Aura and Mare. He has them help him test out their magic abilities and fighting abilities. Momonga praises the twins and they feel happy over it. Their perception of him changes since they always thought he was a scary master. Sebas who has been ordered to monitor the situation outside Nazarick seems to have stumbled upon something unusual. Momonga orders him to return for his report. The rest of the floor guardians arrive. They are Shalltear Bloodfallen, Cocytus and Demiurge. Only Gargantua and Victim are absent as they were instructed to remain at their respective floors. All bow before the mighty Momonga and await his further orders.

Episode 2
Shalltear and Aura have bad blood between them, Momonga puts his foot down. Sebas reports that Nazarick’s surroundings are just plains. There are no familiar buildings within one kilometre radius. Momonga suggests concealing Nazarick via making dummy hills to blend with the surrounding and cover other open areas with illusion. Then he asks everyone’s opinion of what they think of him. Of course, only great words and admiration. Momonga praises them to continue working for him and then retires to his room. Albedo and Shalltear are going to kill each other over Momonga’s love. Demiurge suggests the ladies settle the issues themselves while the men discuss about Momonga’s heir whom they shall continue to pledge their loyalty. Albedo and Shalltear agree to set aside their difference for now and carry out Momonga’s orders. Momonga notices some of the senses he is lacking and doesn’t need like hunger or sleep. He dresses up in his armour to go out for a walk. But since Demiurge can’t allow him to be alone, Momonga agrees for just him to accompany him. Momonga flies up to the skies to take a good look at the world below. Feels like a real world. Although he has come to this world to obtain treasures, it is something he cannot hoard for himself. He might want to share it with his guild friends, Ains Ooal Gown. At this point they might not know what exists out there so he thinks conquering the world may be something interesting for now. Momonga watches Mare create barriers for Nazarick. To show his satisfaction, he gives him a ring of Ains Ooal Gown that allows him to move freely between floors. Momonga also gives a similar ring to Albedo since she is the administrator of all the guardians.

Episode 3
A group of knights are investigating a village decimated by knights of another nation. Momonga tests out his mirror for remote viewing. He sees a village under attack by knights and thinks of taking no action since it doesn’t profit them. However he remembers something similar to him. When he was about to be killed by some party, some guy named Touch saved him because it is common sense to help those in need. To repay those debts, Momonga changes his mind and will take action on that village. After all, sooner or later he will need to test his strength. He wants Albedo to join in fully armed. Momonga easily kills a couple of knights with his low tier magic before they kill the poor sisters. He turns one of the knights into an undead and orders it to kill the enemies. As the sisters are suspicious about Momonga, he gives them a potion to heal their wounds and sets up a barrier to protect them as well as horns that can call forth goblins. The knights one by one fall to the undead monster. Nothing they do could even scratch it. Even the knight chief got killed. Think he can offer that monster money? Momonga decides to let some live so that they can warn their superiors never to do this again or he shall bring death upon them. Momonga wears a funny mask and identifies himself as Ains Ooal Gown, a mage who secluded himself for research to quell suspicions. To make it sound that he isn’t doing this for free will also help reduce that. In actual fact, he doesn’t need money and wants information so he sees the village chief about the kingdoms in the area. This village, Carne and Nazarick are part of the Re-Estize Kingdom. Neighbouring it is Baharuth Empire and looks like both countries are on bad terms and often fight each other at the border near the capital city of E-Rantel. Another country to the south, Slane Theocracy, based on their crest, those rogue knights seem to come from there but the villagers believed it to be an attack from Baharuth. Could this all be staged by Slane? Momonga has the magic to revive the dead but that would only make the survivors wary so he will have to be satisfied of saving the village. This way, his legacy would spread. Although Albedo hates humans, Momonga wants her to continue putting up their kindness act. Strangely, Momonga had no remorse when he killed those knights. When the village chief informs of several knights coming, Momonga goes to see him. Gazef Stronoff is the head of the Re-Estize royal knights here to stop those rogue knights. He is grateful Momonga’s actions. Reports come in that unknown figures have surrounded the village.

Episode 4
Nigun Grid Lewin, one of the 6 scriptures has been given the task to eliminate Gazef. Gazef and Momonga notice the magic casters surrounding the village are from Slane and those earlier knights too. The only reason why they attack this village is because they are after Gazef. He would like Momonga’s help but he refuses. Nevertheless he is happy Momonga will continue to protect the village. The plan is for Gazef to distract the enemy and buy enough time for the villagers to escape. Gazef deals with the mechanical angels alone but his loyal men return to fight and die for him. Nigun and his magic casters continue to beat up Gazef but the strong man will fight till his very last strength. Just when Gazef is about to be killed, Momonga switches places with him via a magic item he gave to him earlier. Momonga tells them to quietly surrender their lives to him or face a painful death full of despair. Obviously Nigun doesn’t believe this crap and sends his angels to attack. But each attack Momonga easily defeats them all. You surprise, bro? He then decides to use his ultimate trump card and summon some super high level angel. Momonga can’t help feel disappointed that he got defensive over something this weak. The angel’s blast feels like ant bite. What a waste. Effortlessly, he uses some black hole to swallow it. That’s it. Holy sh*t! They must be wondering who this guy is. He mustn’t be human. Momonga also destroys some magic that Nigun’s higher ups were watching from afar. The only things that baffle Momonga are the items and spells they are using as they are from Yggdrassil. Now that Nigun is scared sh*t and begging for his life. Remember what Momonga said about that painful death with despair? Coming right up! Albedo wonders why he saved Gazef and that she could have gone in his place to dispose the weaklings. Although he trusts her, as long as they are unfamiliar of this world, they must move forward believing the enemy is stronger. When he returns, he announces that he has changed his name and will be known from now on as Ains Ooal Gown. Everyone hails their ruler and will spread his name throughout the land. His goal is so that his friends will recognize him if they ever come to this world.

Episode 5
Albedo reports there are still no contact of other players around Yggdrassil. There is also discussion about Slane whose ideal is that humans are to unite against other races. It is too dangerous to contact them now. Ains goes on an adventure with one of Pleiades, Narberal Gamma. Posing as low ranked adventures, their mission is to seek more information about this world while they move up the ranks and gain experience from quests. As the new kid in town, others try to bully them but Ains shows his might. Accidentally the fight causes the hard earned potion of Brita to be destroyed. As compensation, he gives her one of his potion. Brita then takes the potion to the best pharmacists in town to be appraised, Nphirea Balear and his grandma Lizzy. Because all potions turn blue after the manufacturing process, as this one is red means it holds very high healing properties. An item this rare could fetch a very high price and this means there are others who will kill her for it. How about selling it to them? Better, Lizzy has another plan. As Ains cannot read the local language, he simply picks a quest. Because this one can only be done by a high ranking adventurer, the clerk refuses him according to the rules. It is Ains’ ploy to get the best suited quest for his copper level. That is when a group of adventurers decides to let him join in their quest. Swords of Darkness (SoD) consists of leader Peter Mauk, ranger Lukrut Volve, druid Dyne Woodwonder and spell caster Ninya Beiron. Ninya is the few who is a talent holder. The more famous one around is Nphirea as his talent allows him to use all magic items. The group’s quest is to hunt monsters, which isn’t particularly a quest but it is a way of living to earn money. But somebody calls Ains for a personal mission. Speaking of the devil, it is Nphirea. Ains turns him down as he already has joined up with Peter but since a personal request is hard to turn down, Ains will decide after listening to him. Nphirea wants to head to Carne to collect herbs and needs bodyguards. Ains deduces the journey needs to help of the other group members so they agree to join in. Ains asks why he is requested since he only arrived here yesterday. Nphirea’s usual bodyguard has moved to another city. He heard his name from a bar brawl and besides, it’s cheaper to hire a cooper level. Meanwhile Clementine brings a Crown of Wisdom she stole from some Slane priestess to Khajit “Khaj” Dale Badantel. She wants him to make her compatible with it. She needs to kidnap a talent holder for this and wants Khaj to create chaos while she escapes. She will help him out with his ritual in exchange. Agreed.

Episode 6
The group now ventures into the territory of the Wise King of the Forest. It is believed a magical creature has been dwelling here for hundreds of years. Lukrut can’t stop flirting and teasing Narberal so she accidentally reveals that Ains already has Albedo. Goblins and ogres are in sight so the party get ready to engage them. While SoD has great team cooperation, Ains notes his team is still much better. Then Ains shows how powerful he is that he easily slays the monsters without exerting much strength. So much so, the remaining ones get scared and flee! As they camp for the night, Ains ask SoD how they came up with their name. It is based from the sword on one of the 13 heroes. That sword is one of the 4 swords owned by one called Black Knight. Their goal is to find that sword and till they get them, it will be their symbol. They ask a bit of Ains’ past so he tells them about being saved by friends who eventually became his best comrades. Ninya makes a careless statement that he will surely meet with them one day. Ains scoffs him off saying that day will never come. He goes to eat dinner elsewhere. The group feels guilty for saying something they shouldn’t and deduces he must have lost all of them. Nphirea changes the subject by talking about Ains’ awesome strength. He is interested to find out more details about who Ains is so when the rest wonder why, Nphirea indicates there is a person in this village whom he doesn’t want her falling in love with Ains! (Because they note he is such a strong guy, the women will easily flock to his side). So they all start bugging him for details on his love. Meanwhile Clementine starts killing people to get more information. And also she simply loves to kill. And torture. Khaj is turning the dead into zombie. It is his goal to turn E-Rantel into an undead city so he can become immortal. That is why he doesn’t want Clementine to cause him more problems or he will kill her. She assures him she won’t kidnap people anymore.

Episode 7
As they approach Carne, several goblins surround them but they don’t want to fight if they can avoid it. Seems the goblins are under the rule of Enri, the elder sister whom Ains saved on his debut on this village. Seems she has used to horn to summon them this way. And what do you know, Enri is Nphirea’s crush. The duo catch up on stuffs. He is nervous trying to ask her to marry him. When she explains about Ains’ heroic deeds that saved Carne, Nphirea then connect the dots Ains is the same person. So he confronts Ains to tell him he knows about his identity. But he also admits he has been hiding something from him. The potion he gave is made of very rare materials and he is very interested to make it. That is why he requested him and wants to know more about this person who has this potion. Either way, he is grateful Ains saved Carne. Narberal wishes to take her own life for the mistake that led Nphirea to connect Ains as the same person but he forgives her blunders as everyone makes mistakes. Before they enter the forest, Nphirea hopes Ains would just scare away the Wise King if he stumbles into it because he feels the Wise King has been protecting Carne from other monsters. On pretence to survey the area, Ains meets up with Aura. Part of the plan to spread his great name, Aura is to find and lure the Wise King out so Ains can defeat it. So once Aura provokes the Wise King out of its hiding, Ains tells SoD to leave while he takes care of it. With no witness, how is his legend going to spread? Maybe cutting off a leg will do. Ains is able to block the Wise King’s sneak attack. And when the Wise King shows itself… OMG… It’s a giant hamster!!! Yeah, can’t blame you if you were expecting some great dragon. Big hamster is even quite the friendly chap. I can’t believe this. Not even Ains. He is so disappointed that he lost his will to fight and puts a very low level despair spell on it to make it surrender. Ains shows SoD this hamster and even more surprise for him as they praise Ains for his strength and wisdom. Against this hamster? As the hamster will now follow Ains around, Nphirea fears Carne would be vulnerable and wants to join Ains to become a great magic caster. However he rejects him but will lend his help to protect Carne. Isn’t riding a hamster around feel embarrassing? As Nphirea has SoD store their stuffs in his home, Clementine is seen waiting.

Episode 8
Clementine is here to kidnap Nphirea so she can summon an army of undead. SoD comes to his aid but Clementine prepares to have fun. Wise King is now officially known as Hamusuke and after Ains registers him, he is met with Lizzy. They return to her store but find nobody around. Ains feels something strange and heads to the basement only to see all SoD guys dead. They even turn into zombies and attack but Ains slices off their head. Nphirea is missing and Ains believes he must be the enemy’s target. He also feels the enemies must be very confident in getting away since they didn’t even bother hiding the corpses. He wants Lizzy to make a request to save her grandson. The price to pay is everything she has. Very well. She’ll give him everything. Discussing with Narberal, because SoD’s valuables were not taken and only their plates, this means the enemy is a trophy hunter. He has her use some magic to detect their location via their plates. It seems to be at the cemetery and an undead army is already taking shape. Before they head there, Ains tells Lizzy to warn to town about the undead army. The guards are having a hard time trying to fend them off at the gates. As they retreat, Ains comes in. Don’t believe he can do it? Well, you are about to witness the greatest legend ever. He fights off all the hordes while Narberal is reduced to flying and keeping Hamusuke off the ground since the undead are sensitive to life. Ains finally reach Khaj and his priests in the middle of a ritual. Clementine then shows herself because Ains already deduced Khaj has an accomplice the way SoD guys were killed. Clementine shows off her armour filled with plates of those she killed. Ains wants to fight a death duel with her and has Narberal take care of Khaj. Clementine is mocking SoD but finds it boring when Ains didn’t have the reaction she wanted. He says he would probably do the same in such situation and chiding her would make him a hypocrite. But those people were tools to raise his name and for interrupting his plan, he cannot forgive her. Clementine boasts she is an undefeatable hero and names the few that could probably fight on par with her (include Gazef). That is why he is going to give her a handicap and won’t fight her seriously.

Episode 9
Khaj summons a skeletal dragon that is immune to magic attacks. No problem. Narberal will just beat it to death! Khaj will always be surprised what Narberal can pull off. He even uses all his energy to summon a second skeletal dragon but this isn’t going to put her off. Clementine continues to toy around with Ains. Then she uses her fast speed to pierce him but thanks to his very hard armour, he takes little damage. But Ains is observing Clementine’s move as he learns much of it. Seeing it is time to end this, Ains tells Narberal to show them her true power of Nazarick. Back in her maid outfit (that’s more like it), she uses her teleportation and flying skills and even stabs Khaj in the back of his shoulder just to tell him he can be easily killed. Remember about the skeletal dragons being immune to magic? Well, that is for sixth tier magic and below. No humans have wielded seventh tier magic and higher, you say? Whoever said Narberal is human? Her mighty chain lightning roasts the dragons and turns Khaj into ashes. Back to Ains’ battle, Clementine uses her speed again to stab her piercings into his face. She even uses her special flame attack. But nothing happens to Ains. She is shocked when he reveals his identity as an undead. Time to end this game. Had she been weaker, he would have killed her off with this sword. Instead, he will crush her bones. Clementine frantically tries to free herself but all that banging didn’t do any good. Just like how she kills her victims slowly, he will crush her bones slowly till she dies. After it is over, Ains has Narberal take all the equipment before the other adventurers and soldiers arrive. Ains goes inside the tomb to retrieve Nphirea. He is under some mind control and blinded. He could heal that and even wants to take him back to Nazarick but doing so would mean failing the job and sullying his team’s name. Although Ains’ rank is only raised to mythril, he is more than satisfied the soldiers are talking about his name and valour. As for Lizzy, he wants her to take Nphirea back to Carne where he will have her make potions for Nazarick. When he contacts Albedo, there is a message that Shalltear has revolted.

Episode 10
Sebas and Solution Epsilon of Pleiades are disguising themselves as butler and mistress in E-Rantel to gather more information. They report back to Shalltear and part of the plan was to have a human sucker as bait to bring a group of mercenaries to attack their carriage. Shalltear slaughters them all in hopes in finding at least one with martial arts capability. Information has it that the head of the mercenaries is Brain Unglaus who is on par with Gazef. After Sebas and Solution return to the capital to continue their information gathering, Shalltear heads to the cave hideout to face Brain. He is confident he can take her down with his skills but apparently Shalltear is able to stop his attack with just her fingers. She’s getting bored. He’s getting scared and tired. Because Shalltear mocks his skill, that guy starts crying and runs away!!! WTF?! So when his comrades see him in tears and running past them, something is definitely wrong. Yes. Something is f*cking wrong! Shalltear in her true hideous form kills all of them! Although Brain escapes, outside is a group of adventurers hunting down rogue mercenaries. Shalltear also kills them all. Brita is part of the party and the last one left standing. In her desperate attempt to flee, she throws the red potion at Shalltear. She becomes curious how she got this potion and captures her alive to interrogate her. When Shalltear learns that her party split into 2, Shalltear fears she will fail her mission if she lets those humans live. She sends her underlings to kill everyone in the forest but they were defeated. Shalltear rushes to kill them all herself but gets owned. So when Albedo told Ains about Shalltear’s revolt, it is actually her being mind controlled by others. Ains is baffled because Shalltear has a skill to nullify mind control. Albedo suggests sending a hunting party to get her but Ains wants to know the reason she revolted. He fears if this can happen to other NPCs, Nazarick will be finished. He must find a way to counter this first. Anyhow, they need to retrieve Shalltear.

Episode 11
Ains gets a message from Narberal that the head of E-Rantel’s adventurers’ guild, Ainzach has called upon him to discuss a vampire that has appeared near E-Rantel. Based on Ainzach and the other adventurers’ deduction, Ains can tell the vampire is Shalltear but they think she must be a product of Zuranon, a secret society using undead and this must be the aftermath of that cemetery battle. However Ains disagrees and says that vampire’s name is Honyopnyoko. Honyo what? He just made that up, didn’t he? Claiming he has been hunting her for a while, he has the necessary stuffs to defeat her. He wants to take this job alone with his team and the reward is to be at least orichalum rank. Some adventurers think he is bluffing but Ains doesn’t want anybody to drag him down. They can come but they’ll definitely die. So one stubborn adventurer did come and he is tied to a tree and Mare ordered by Ains to kill him! Don’t say he didn’t warn you. He then has Narberal take those corpses back to experiment and see if they can become a high level undead. Ains and Albedo then head to where Shalltear is. She is just standing there unresponsive. He will use a super tier magic ring that will nullify her mind control. Although it doesn’t exert any magic points, there are very high limitations like cooling periods. But upon using the ring, nothing happens. Quickly he calls Albedo for a retreat. Then he takes out his frustrating by stomping the ground! For a super tier magic item to not have affect could only mean one thing: A world item is the only class of items that it cannot defeat. He orders Nazarick to be under maximum security and recall all guardians back to it. Ains with Albedo and Yuri Alpha of Pleiades venture into the treasury room to get some world items. This room is guarded by Pandora’s Actor. At first the ladies couldn’t identify this strange creature but it turns out to be Pandora shape shifting. Because of his very embarrassing dramatise acting, it even makes Ains embarrassed! Say, wasn’t Ains the one who created him? Not looking cool now, eh? Because he continues to be super lame with the ladies, Ains has to personally warn him to drop the act! Yeah, this is more embarrassing then riding the hamster.

Ains then brings Albedo to the mausoleum where he created golem statues in honour of his old comrades. He is unsure of their fate and they could have perished. He remembers some of them retired and hand over their special items to him for him to sell but of course he couldn’t do that. When Ains plans to put a statue of himself here, Albedo gets emotional disagreeing to this. It is as though he is going to leave them. She wants him to stay here and rule over them forever. However he cannot promise her that. Albedo thinks if it is her incompetency, she will kill herself. Ains has to explain about the world items that are needed to defend themselves in this world. There is also a way to save Shalltear. As there are 20 world items, its destructive is so large that you will lose it after using once. Now that the enemy is in possession of one, he is hesitant to use it. To put it in short, he will fight Shalltear himself. Because of that, he doesn’t know if he will come back alive. Albedo offers their numbers to crush her but he gives her 3 reasons: 1) After not realizing world items exist in this world after assuming a chance of other Yggdrassil players here, he is doubting himself as an adequate ruler; 2) This might be a trap to lure him out and if the enemy sees him coming alone, they might be a little wary to attack all out; 3) He will kill Shalltear himself. Why not others? Do they have a winning chance? Based on skill alone, only Ains can beat her one on one. Ains understands Albedo’s thinking for the guardians act as far as the programming they were inputted. Therefore he will show them why he is their overlord and not lose to someone who just depends on ability alone. He promises her he will defeat Shalltear and come back to Nazarick.

Episode 12
After Mare and Aura teleport Ains to the battlefield, he wants them to scout the area for enemies and if they are too great, retreat back to Nazarick. He reminds them that some of the world items he has is worth far greater than their lives and to take extra care not to lose it. Demiurge is summoned by Albedo. He is not happy she let Ains go alone despite she was the one who vehemently protested when Ains wanted to go to E-Rantel alone. He is not satisfied with her answer that she saw his true determination and promise to come back because Ains is the only supreme being left and if he dies, who shall rule over them? He will have her take responsibility by stepping down her position if Ains dies. Ains reaches Shalltear. He detects her master not anywhere in the area. As she is still stationary, he realizes she will only move when attacked. He boosts himself by reciting all the magic stuffs. Man, I thought he recited the entire encyclopaedia of magic! Once he rains down all that powerful stuff on her, Shalltear activates and ‘thanks’ him for that ‘painful’ present. When he asks the master she is serving now, this confuses her. She doesn’t understand why she is fighting him but according to her instincts, she must fight back after being attacked. So we have both sides throw magic spells at each other, attacking and counterattacking. Shalltear knows Ains’ base as a magic caster and will try to reduce his MP as much as possible. Because Ains bolstered his defence against Shalltear’s fire magic, this leaves him vulnerable against her holy element attacks. More magic attacks until Shalltear unleashes her trump card, Einherjar. Looks like a white clone of her. Shalltear also summons her familiar subjects but kills them off to heal herself (her lance has the ability to heal herself equal to the damage she inflicts on her enemy, the reason why Ains cannot summon familiars to help out). Ains then uses some ultimate magic to end it all. Although the battlefield turns into a desert, Shalltear revives because of a resurrection item given by her supreme creator. She still has full HP while Ains has close to no MP left. But Ains is thankful she fought him seriously because had she hold back, he wouldn’t have been able to execute everything this well.

Episode 13
Ains explains about deception of info when battling with others. Therefore when Shalltear attacked him with various full force and Ains took it all in, he pretended it didn’t hurt him one bit. As a supreme being, he has memorized all the characteristics of his guardians so there is no way there is a skill that they have that is unknown to him. Ains then uses various weapons and shields from his comrades in his final fight with Shalltear. She is pushed back so much that she is forced to go on the offensive and abandon all defensive strategies. It finally ends when Ains has reduced Shalltear’s HP to a level enough to use a super tier magic on her and finish her once and for all. Back at Nazarick, Ains begins his ritual to resurrect Shalltear, though it will cost him a big chunk of his gold. He wants Albedo to keep an eye if the resurrected Shalltear will still be under mind control. Albedo and the guardians want Ains to step back and let them fight Shalltear if she remains under enemy control. For they fear if he pulls off anything reckless again, there will be no one to rule over them. Ains understands about their loneliness and agrees so. After Shalltear is resurrected, it seems she has no recollection of memories of what happened. The last she remembered was leaving Nazarick on her mission. The perpetrator who used mind control on her still remains a mystery. Shalltear realizes something is wrong with her: Her breasts are smaller! Ah, she’s back alright. Then all the guardians start to lecture her over the trouble she has brought. Ains is also told to admonish her but instead he tells her she is not guilty of what has happened. Demiurge believes Sebas has not returned from his mission yet so Ains reveals he is the bait because the enemy would most likely target him after Shalltear. Of course he has no plans to let that happen and will assemble a group to scout the area near Sebas. Ains now wants to strengthen Nazarick since it is definite an unknown enemy can harm the tomb. Albedo suggests using a village of lizardmen for his undead army. It is revealed the one who controlled Shalltear is from Slane. He is reporting the casualties from his side that caused the failure in the mission. With the lack of forces, they can only do basic surveillance for now. Ains and Narberal continue their adventure mission. Ains is so big now that he doesn’t have a mission big enough for him! He receives an important mission and will have all his guardians assemble soon.

Pure Pure Pleiades

Short specials lasting about 3 minutes of the characters in chibi form. Time for the maids to shine!

Special 1
Ains worries it could be a certain item he dropped that only works on the undead that he may have accidentally used it on himself, the reason why he is still ‘alive’ and have feelings. He is worrying so much but can’t show it to his servants. So when Albedo is worried something is happening to him, Ains has to bluff his way by changing the topic. Now that he has taken a good look at her, he finds her quite beautiful. Oops. He said that out loud and now she is squealing about it. He needs to do something to make her forget but he can’t come up with anything. Albedo continues her delusions about their wedding…

Special 2
Ains seeks an audience with Pleiades but he feels nervous about it. As the vice captain of Pleiades, Yuri greets him, Ains has a suggestion. Thinking that it is impossible for all of them to be by his side all of the time, his plan might be ruined if they continue to speak to him like their master. He wants them all to try speaking to him freely as they are. Speak in a way that they are comfortable with. So we have all the Pleiades members greeting him in their very own personality and style. Some strict, some cheeky, some shy and one is even too sleepy to put in the effort! Albedo feels she can’t lose out but Ains tells her to be quiet! That shut her up.

Special 3
Ains praises Narberal for her magic. Since he is being modest of his own, she wants him to recognize their vast difference in strength. But she continues to believe the things he does, it must be in line with whatever his plans are. I think he’ll just go with that and wants her to share this with the rest of Pleiades. Happy of this thought of convincing Pleiades, Narberal wonders what kind of gesture he is doing. He lies about being a recently developed secret magical pose to decrease magic casting time. She becomes interested and wants to try. Uhm… Okay. Then the rest of Pleiades are also interested in this and start practising this weird gesture. Since it has come to this, Ains is afraid he has no choice but to continue lying.

Special 4
Ains is praising this game’s unique and pretty maids (I agree!) and Yuri misinterprets if there is somebody stronger. He clarifies it is himself. He continues thinking the greatness of such games that you can customize your character as the girl of your dreams. Like Solution. Erm… Why is she fat?! Seems she is eating a human to hear screams. It’s her hobby. The thought of dissolving human scares Ains so he tells Solution to go back to her pretty self. After spitting out that half dissolved human, she’s back to her bishoujo form. Yeah, that’s more like it. Now, what to do with this human? Entoma eats it! That’s even scarier!

Special 5
Ains is narrating his maids’ type and function. But for Entoma Vasilissa Zeta who is an arachnid insect-mancer, due to the recent events, he needs to be extra careful around her as he would be weak against her mental type magic. He thinks he is the one most susceptible falling into panic. He notes Pleiades do not show much expression so Yuri explains they want to be calm like him. Then the rest start teasing and making her angry. Ains notes Entoma’s poker face but is explained she is just mimicking. This means she has a different real face. Ains might regret asking her to show her other faces. Yeah, she just took off her face! That’s not all, she shows him her other real body parts! Will he have nightmares?

Special 6
Lupusregina Beta has been sent on a mission to spy on Carne and maintain friendly terms with the villagers. Yuri feels she doesn’t understand the importance of this mission, Lupusregina disagrees and mentions all what she needs to do. Erm… Spying on night time activities? Ains hears Albedo’s opinion on Lupusregina. An honest child. But the other maids start giving sarcastic remarks about her being honest. Ains will trust Albedo’s judgment and hopes she will work hard. She then says something funny which makes him smile. This makes Albedo jealous and the duo end up in some useless petty argument-cum-competition. The topic went so far off tracked that Ains has no choice but to not bother or interrupt and deal with it calmly.

Special 7
Ains narrates about CZ2128 Delta who specializes in all the traps in Nazarick. However he can’t read her mind since she has this emotionless look. Thinking of knowing her more and going to talk to her, he is shocked to see she has partly turned into a robot thanks to Solution and Entoma. And CZ did not object to this. So this modification is to strengthen Nazarick? But why do the modifications feel like jokes? He thought the other maids could put them in their place but they are also awed and Yuri despite telling them it is an insult to desecrate their original form, please put everything back after playing. They look at the plan of the next modification that separates her body parts (supposedly the dream of all young girls?). Yuri objects to this because head removal is her special feature. Speechless…

Special 8
Ains feels the effect wearing off. He needs to ascertain it and just in luck, Albedo wants him to grope her boobs but he tells her off. Since he didn’t panic, I guess the effect is already worn off. Then he tells everyone to return acting like they used to on excuse that they are not used to the order he had given them. Ains then checks out the item again and since there are quite a few of them, he is going to read the instructions carefully. He is interrupted when Pleiades wants an audience with him. Unfortunately for him, the items activate thanks to the special circumstances fulfilled. That is, when different types of monsters that Ains and Pleiades happen to be are altogether in one place, the items cause everyone to go crazy. It’s getting quite chaotic with Narberal doing a silly dance, Entoma flying, Lupusregina being very nice and Yuri using her head as bowling! Total disaster! Oh, the effects wear off in an hour.

Master Of The Universe
As much as I hate how a great season ends with a cliff-hanger and leaving all that possibility for another season, I guess like as always I have to accept that it is indeed the end of the series for now. Even if I knew halfway through the series that there was going to be lots of unanswered stuffs and lots of other great developments to be unfold, a single cour seems impossible to cover most of it. Despite the theme of gamers stuck in the game world, this series still manages to be interesting in its own right and does not overlap much with the aforementioned anime series. Like me when you’re quite absorbed in watching the series, you’ll stop thinking about comparing this series with the rest and instead be more concerned on what is going on inside the series’ plot and story.

I guess one of the reasons why this series is interesting in terms of the plot and setting is because we don’t hear the main character b*tching about trying to return to his world. There is also no mention about Ains’ real life persona or anything that is related to reality. So there is no relation and we are not preoccupied about thinking if this is a glitch in the game or he has been transported to a parallel world that is similar to Yggdrassil. Even if he is talking about his ex-comrades, they are solely in reference to their avatars in the game. Yeah, I noticed their very long and ‘silly’ avatar names. So instead of trying to find a way home, Ains has already established himself to stay as the ruler of Nazarick for a long time to come. And this means establishing himself as the new ruler over this new world. It makes you forget that this was a game in the first place and everything fantasy you see here is treated and taken in as real.

As interesting this series may be and as much as I want another season for it to be made, but with the fear of the trend of the sequel failing to live up to its predecessor like some of those in the similar genre, I am quite cautious in wishing for one to happen. With lots of potential and mysteries to unlock and discover, it is natural that I would want another season to be made but like I have said, the dread that it might not be as good due to the much higher expectations and falling into disappointment has become a thorn in my side. For too long and too much animes I have seen that has fallen into this trap pattern and naturally the less I experience such letdown, the better off I am. Therefore I am in a little dilemma as to whether take a gamble to pray hard for another season while hoping the sequel doesn’t suck or leave my impressed impressions of this series as it is despite the feeling of being incomplete. That is, if they actually ever make another season of it. My little hope that the sequel might not suck is because unlike Sword Art Online and Log Horizon, this series started out only with 1 cour instead of 2 cours. Yeah, that might be the difference… Just saying…

The only downside to this series is the lack of character development for some of Ains’ Nazarick guardians and other supporting characters. The most disappointing ones that suffered from this are the Pleiades maids. I was really hoping to see them in action but alas it was not meant to be. Narberal had the most screen time while the rest just made short cameos. And I thought the short animated specials would help do them some justice but unfortunately despite each maid having their pretty decent time in the specials (to serve as introduction, I guess), it is still a far cry from what I expected. Unless you are like Ains himself, you can’t have everything.

I mean, when you have a bunch of cool and powerful guardians under your command, it is also great to see them in some sort of action or even a slight background story just to get to know more about them. At least by doing so, personally I feel it would have increased the awesomeness of these guardians. Unfortunately even if some like Albedo and Narberal did tag along with Ains for certain missions, it feels like they are being reduced to just mere accompaniment. Because Ains is such a superb magic caster himself and the problem is if he doesn’t show us his super magic casting, it won’t make us feel how great he is if he sends his guardians to do the job. Now that he is seen casting awesome magic power, his guardians are ‘sacrificed’ to just mere watching. Although Narberal did have her fair share of fighting, but that pales in comparison in what Ains have done and it was so short that it felt like you’ll miss it if you blink. I mean, come on. Narberal up against an old fart is such a mismatch. There was no fight in the first place even if she did show us what she could do.

What about the whereabouts of other characters? Gazef? Brain? Brita? Well, a short snippet at the end shows Gazef bumping into a very freaking depressed Brain in the alley. I understand how that guy feels after almost losing his life to a vampire and the only way to survive was to run away like a baby while screaming like a little girl. I know it kills his ego but at least he still has his life. Besides, everyone else is dead so nobody else knows about him being a wuss, right? There is also some potential in Gazef but the way the mini story arcs are being played out, such characters aren’t getting the deserved attention they need. At least for this season. Although Slane is building themselves to be Ains’ greatest enemy, somehow I felt that Clementine and Khaj’s characters were outplayed and killed off fast enough. I mean, here I was thinking they were going to be the antagonist at least for this season, and then here comes Ains easily killing them off like that. I know, it’s to show how great this guy is.  I believe a couple of Nazarick guardians didn’t even pop up, namely Gargantua and Victim. I wonder why Ains left them out. Are they that important being stuck guarding their floors in Nazarick? They were only mentioned in the very final scene of the last episode as what I feel is a ploy to remind us there were actually a couple of more guardians in Nazarick.

So all the glory and awesomeness is focused on Ains. Although he is not perfect and still learning and discovering new stuffs every day as he treks through the long journey to find his ex-comrades, unlike many series where the protagonists start out as weak and works his way up to become powerful, Ains is already a powerful being to begin with. Therefore it feels like a little fresh air to see a main character instead of going through all that tough sh*t training to become powerful, it was awesome as it was fun to see Ains easily defeats his enemy without breaking any sweat. You can’t help feel but cheer for him to rain down his magic spells on the enemy and then laugh on his behalf when ultimate victory is achieved. Perhaps the fact is that he has not truly explored the entire world yet and his great power is only because nobody else is near as powerful as him in this region. I guess that is why you have that Shalltear revolting as the final arc to shake things up and to make us and Ains himself rethink if he is indeed the supreme creator that he is supposed to be. But I think he is doing a good job trying to balance out his mission to find his ex-comrades, getting more information and managing his guardians. Especially when lustful Albedo can be sometimes pretty annoying.

The fight and action scenes are rather okay and it depends if you are the kind who like your action sequences in the form of casting magic. So if you are the kind who prefers sword fights, guns or even martial arts, then don’t expect to find any of them here. Because like I said, Ains as the main character is the one who is doing most of the fighting and with his wizard background, the various spells are the only way to go. As I am not very familiar with magic spells in games especially of the RPG genre, sometimes when I hear Ains start spouting the magic spells (which are all said in English), it feels like as though he pulls it out from thin air. Especially that penultimate episode when he starts spamming all the spells as he recites them. I guess he is not called an overlord for nothing. What is a great overlord if he only knows a handful of spells? Therefore it is great to see him know a wide variety of spells although many will be only used once this season but at the same time it is like he came up with those spell names on the spot. Though, sometimes it can get a bit confusing for me to understand some of the basic RPG elements since I don’t really favour playing such genres.

As a fantasy-cum-medieval setting, I guess many of the character designs are rather okay. Nothing too shabby but nothing that makes it a masterpiece. Of course, with my bias towards maids, I really love their outfit designs from those leaning towards the more traditional design like Yuri and Narberal and those that are a bit unique like Entoma and CZ. Though, it is a pity they didn’t really get more screen time. Oddly with Ains whose undead body is just made up of skeletal bones, his usual garb in robes makes him look big and grand like a big overlord. It just makes me wonder if there are many layers of clothing underneath it to make up for the hollowness of the bones. Speaking of skeletons, I don’t think I am the first to notice but I think a couple of characters remind me of that old western cartoon, He-man. Remember Skeletor? Was Ains designed with this baddie in mind despite their significant physical appearance? But ultimately what made me think of He-man was the very uncanny resemblance of Clementine! If not for that twisted crazy face she has, I think I would have easily recognized her as a rip-off as He-man! Gosh! Don’t you think the hairstyle is so freaking similar? Hello, Clementine. He-man called. He wants his hair back! Haha! Oh sh*t! I don’t know if He-man’s hair fashion is gaining back popularity in cartoons because Shingeki No Kyojin’s Armin also had this spookily similar design. Yikes. And with Ains riding Hamasuke, could it be something similar to He-man riding his Battle Cat? Only more embarrassing riding a cute hamster :-).

The most surprising and delightful of all the voice acting goes to Aoi Yuuki as Clementine. At first I thought it was Miyuki Sawashiro behind the character but soon realized it wasn’t her. Now, I have heard Aoi Yuuki in many roles especially her trademark cutie voice that is featured in many animes that I have seen. Nothing would prepare me to hear her as this crazy killer. She was just really crazy and devilishly delightful and she really brings the crazy life to her character. One minute she can sound wild and fanatical and the next she can drop to sound like a person with a croaky voice. She is particularly very impressive and kudos for a very good job well done.

With a series boasting a big number of casts, some of them are recognizable like Satoshi Hino as Ains (whose monologue narration sounded quite like his Takagi from Bakuman), Takehito Koyasu as Nigun, Koji Yusa as Brain and Mamoru Miyano as Pandora (still having that playful boyish voice like Ouran High School Host Club’s Tamaki). Some were unrecognizable like Shigeru Chiba as Sebas (no typical old fart screaming, no recognize) and Satsuki Yukino as Brita (I guess I wasn’t paying attention to her). Some I guess I was mixed up like I thought it was Ayane Sakura as Lupusregina and Mikako Komatsu as Solution but it was the other way round instead. The rest of the casts include Yumi Hara as Albedo (Marielle in Log Horizon), Sumire Uesaka as Shalltear (Sanae in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai), Yumi Uchida as Mare (Momiji in Binbougami Ga), Emiri Katou as Aura (Kagami in Lucky Star), Manami Numakura as Narberal (Riko in Love Lab), Hiromi Igarashi as Yuri (Orion in Amnesia), Masayuki Katou as Demiurge (Crow in Deadman Wonderland), Kenta Miyake as Cocytus (Sydonay in Shakugan No Shana), Akeno Watanabe as Hamusuke (Rito in To Love-Ru), Hiroshi Shirokuma as Gazef (Woodstock in Log Horizon), Ayumu Murase as Nphirea (Haruka in Joukamachi No Dandelion), Mao as Enri (Suseri in Isuca) and Minoru Inaba as Khaj (Philionel in Slayers Revolution).

Calattanoia by OxT as the opening theme is quite a delight to hear although being a heavy rock based. There is quite a catchy tune to the grandiose of the piece especially the chorus that makes you want to sing along with it although technically I was just humming along as I don’t know the lyrics. And sometimes I caught myself shaking my head like a rock star on stage playing my air guitar too. Really. The ending theme is another pleasant surprise to hear. L.L.L. by MYTH&ROID has the sexy hip hop feel to it despite also mainly of the rock beat. Another piece that would make me get up and do a little jiggle. No hard hitting moves from me since I can’t really dance and I don’t want to injure myself.

Overall, this is quite a good anime with good and powerful main characters that you will want to route for. Although the plot is far from complete, it is still interesting enough at least for one season where it is concerned. Nice magic battles are also a plus point if you really love to see magic in your shows. It is no surprise despite this is the latest series of the stuck-in-the-gaming-world genre I have seen, it feels a lot better than Sword Art Online and Log Horizon because you already start out as great and powerful (and yes, the horrendous second season of those series that need not be mentioned any further). So if I am ever going to be stuck in a game for who knows when, I want to be stuck in this one and be the supreme overlord that rules over all my maid servants, maid guardians and maid fighters. Oh heck. Why didn’t I wish for to be stuck in an ecchi maid harem game in the first place?

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