Working!!! S3

May 21, 2016

I didn’t really expect the Working! series to have another season so I was surprised when the third season, Working!!! S3 aired back in 2015. It has been around 4 years since the second season ended and just like many animes with such a long period of nothingness in between, it is not expected to have any follow up at all. And then surprise! Here it is. It came and went like the wind. Of course this also means that my memories of the show are somewhat fuzzy although I can still remember the general stuffs. I hope. After all, I also remember that there were some unresolved potentials after 2 seasons of it. Hopefully it will be answered or at least have some sort of development in the third season. You know what they say, third time is the charm. Hopefully. Time to ramp up the nostalgia factor and watch this show with the usual gang at Wagnaria and their usual brand of antics.

Episode 1
* The usual gang has never changed since. Yamada continues to be clumsy and not repent over her actions, Satou messing with Taneshima’s hairstyle, Souma continues to bug Satou to be a man and ask Yachiyo out and yes, Takanashi still loves cute little things. So when he brings a lost little girl into the staff room, they think he has gone overboard. Isn’t she so adorable? So as not to leave her alone, he has her cling on to his back for his entire shift. Is this koala time? Creepy. Now that Takanashi has somebody to care, Taneshima feels a bit left out. She is worried their bond will fade. When she tries to believe in him, then she hears him say how nice it is to have a real child with him. Heart break. So when she confronts him about it, he assures her she will always be her little senior. That is sure assuring till she tries to assure even further that their bond will still remain if she grows up taller. His petting seems to be a little harder and uncomfortable…
* Inami is unlucky to bump into Kirio on her way to work. This guy who believes he is now friends with Takanashi wants her help to look for his sister. But looking in the bushes? It isn’t Yamada they find but isn’t that Haruna? Oddly enough, Yamada for the first time bumps into Haruna. She thinks she is a good candidate to be her mom. She brings her back to the staff room to wait while she gets her ‘dad’. Of course the other staffs are shocked to see Haruna. They try to seal every hole in the room to prevent her from going missing. By the time Yamada brings Otoo and the rest open up the, she’s gone! OMG! How did she do it?! Even Houdini can’t pull this off!
* Inami and Kirio finally arrive at Wagnaria empty handed. Takanashi scoffs off Kirio’s statement they are best friends and reminds him about his reminder to stay away from Inami. Did he forget? Absolutely not. He decided to bother her!

Episode 2
* When Takanashi pick up the phone, he feigns his family doesn’t live here and puts it down. The phone rings again and knowing this guy loves being ignored, he is forced to pick up. Who could it be? Toru Minegishi is Kazue’s ex-husband and the mention of his name just makes big sister go into depression. As Minegishi is working under their mom, mom requested that he goes to check on how the family is doing. Although Nazuna volunteers to go meet him, Takanashi can’t allow this and goes to meet his ex-brother-in-law himself.
* Takanashi meets him at a diner and this Minegishi dude is also some sick masochist. Purposely being late so he can be punched? It is already embarrassing enough he is trying to rant about his masochism in public. Since Takanashi won’t oblige his masochism, he purposely calls Kazue for some much needed verbal abuse. Feeling better?
* As Izumi forgot to tell Takanashi she needed to buy some stuffs, Nazuna agrees to accompany her. Izumi going out? After a short distance, she gets tired. Nazuna returns with a trolley to wheel her. Even so, she starts getting nausea because of the trolley’s vibration!
* When Taneshima accidentally bumps into Takanashi and his glasses didn’t break, Yamada comments how tough it is after surviving all of Inami’s punches. And when she uses her teddy bear to softly punch his glasses, it breaks! So does the teddy have destructive power? Without his glasses, Takanashi is blind as a bat. He misses petting Taneshima and pets Yamada instead! Absolute bliss! He cannot identify Inami and when he puts his face close, this makes her go red in embarrassment. Thankfully, Nazuna brings him replacement glasses (and also bring back Kozue who has been drunk the entire time in Wagnaria).
* Souma once again prays hard that Satou would ask Yachiyo out for a drink. And then he does! When? Someday. Please set a date and time for Chris’ sakes. And again he confronts Satou to bug him about his wuss but of course Satou doesn’t give a damn. Souma is willing to accompany him but Satou doesn’t want him to interfere. And he doesn’t want to drink with him too. Ouch.

Episode 3
* It seems Satou and Yachiyo have the same off days. Is fate in the works? Will he use this chance to confess to her? Oh, it’s just Souma’s adlib narration. And he admits he won’t stop harassing Satou till he stops being a wuss!
* Now Kozue is getting drunk in the staff’s room. Heck, she even dragged Youhei here. She heard about Satou having a crush on Yachiyo so she’s going to give her opinion on how to tackle her. Aggressively. Warning: Don’t take advices from a drunkard. So when Satou finally asks Yachiyo out for a drink, I’m not sure if Souma is rubbing it into his face because he just dances right before their eyes.
* As Kyouko has no experience in drinking, she decides to ask others. As the rest are all minors, looks like the only ‘qualified’ one is Kozue. Oh dear. From buying new underwear and acting like drunk after a few rounds, I think somebody needs to tell her to take it with a pinch of salt or just ignore the hell out of her. Yachiyo then needs to talk to somebody for advice about underwear. Kyouko? Too embarrassing. Thinking girls her age would do, she talks to Taneshima and Inami. They look over the catalogues and Inami cannot help feel disappointed that all those sexy underwear do not have her size. Maya has to butt in to claim choosing the normal one is the best.
* Yamada after experiencing Takanashi’s petting, is now addicted and needs to get more of it. She seeks Satou and Souma’s advice on what to do but I don’t think she is quite keen on working hard. So she tries to put cute little things on her head for him to pet and even the desperate move of working hard and not breaking anything! Amazing! Her reward? Takanashi touches her forehead to wonder if she is sick! So when Inami explains the reason, Takanashi pets Yamada one more time but it just doesn’t feel as good as before. He only uses his full petting ability on truly cute things. Yamada complains all her effort was for nothing. Now she gets her usual chop in the head. Ouch.
* Yachiyo and Satou finally go out drinking. Souma is so sad because he would love to tail them but if Satou is on leave, this means he has to handle the kitchen duties. Yachiyo cannot stop ranting about Kyouko. Kyouko this, Kyouko that. So changing the subject, she talks about the new underwear she bought and Satou almost chokes on his drink. She tries that drunk move suggested by Kozue. Nothing happened. Satou is gay… At the end of the session, she thanks him for inviting her out. Suddenly he hugs her and wishes to stay by her side forever. He pulls back upon realizing he went too far. Yachiyo is left speechless and in shock but after he calls a taxi for her, she realizes he is the same Satou as always. And Souma is so disappointed his sixth sense could feel something has happened and is dying to know what it is.

Episode 4
* Souma thinks nothing happened due to Satou’s no reaction but after seeing Yachiyo acting nervous around him, he bugs Satou for answers. Yachiyo asks Satou about the meaning of yesterday. He tells her to go figure it out herself. Unfortunately she talks to Kyouko and she gets the wrong idea due to her ambiguous words. Kyouko thinks it means friendship. But upon realizing this is about Satou, she tells her to talk to him directly. So she does that and as she tries to hint she would love to be more than just friends, all of Yachiyo’s hard effort feels wasted because that guy decides to go home with stomach pain excuse.
* Mitsuki does not approve of Satou being an item with Yachiyo. The only way if he wants to get closer to Yachiyo is to know more about her. So, it’s quiz time? However Satou does not know a single thing about Yachiyo! Even more baffling he can answer every question that is about Kyouko! So is he in love with Kyouko instead? Actually he always hears Yachiyo ranting about Kyouko so he remembered some of the trivia. When Mitsuki spots Kyouko staring at her, time to call it quits.
* Taneshima and the rest can sense something is wrong with Yachiyo ever since. She thinks of picking up her slack in her place but at the end of the day, she didn’t get it done herself as others did it for her.
* Kyouko is holding a bat with nails? Does she think Satou is stalking Yachiyo and thus making her feel this way? Kyouko explains she can’t speak to him normally ever since so Kyouko arranges them to count the stock in the storeroom together. Since it is work related, they could converse normally and before you know it, Yachiyo is back to normal.
* When Takanashi realizes Inami has not been punching him, he thinks she is quite cute. He starts agonizing over that thought and starts spacing out. He gets even more irritated when Kirio patrons the place and even tells him he is in love with Inami! Yamada also thinks Takanashi has Inami on her mind and would gladly become Inami’s advisor to snag his heart. But each advice only makes Takanashi feel more irritated. And then he crosses the line when he tells her if she would get over her fear of men and find a guy she likes, it would really take the load of his shoulders. This hurt Inami’s heart as she starts crying. She did punch him although a very soft one in his chest. And now we have Inami and Yamada depressed together.

Episode 5
* Takanashi is so bothered at what he said to Inami that he starts cleaning the house! It’s so shiny that it’s making Kazue uncomfortable! Nazuna gets the wrong idea that he has broken up with his girlfriend.
* Izumi is being yelled by her editor over her very late manuscript submission. Izumi discloses her personal problem that her brother has a girlfriend and thus no time to look after her. So? All she needs is someone to marry and take care of her. Will the editor do? Her editor is a woman!!! After hearing from Nazuna that Takanashi has broken up, she feels happy?!
* Drastic times need drastic actions. Izumi goes to see Inami and talks to her about her brother recently breaking up with his girlfriend and needs her to date him to console him. She forces her to meet him at a certain time and place or else all her hard work and training in coming out to the open will end up in her dying! Similarly, Izumi talks to Takanashi that she has found a suitable girl for him. No, not a loli! At first he won’t go meet her but after hearing all the ‘painful’ effort she put in, I guess he has to go.
* Yamada has been liking natto till she spills it over her apron. Then she bugs Souma to become her big brother to find another soul food. I don’t know how she relates taiyaki as part of the natto family. This leads her talking to the other girls and since their favourite food is bean related, she realizes they are natto related and has always loved it. It’s back to loving natto again.
* Takanashi waits at the park. Inami comes wearing a paper bag and boxing gloves. How the heck can she see where she is going without holes? They both relate what Izumi said. Inami went too far revealing that she has someone she likes but that person doesn’t like her back. Takanashi feels her voice sounds familiar and unmasks her. Oh no. As they sit together (with a considerable distance from each other), Takanashi starts thinking about everything. When he puts everything together, he thinks Inami’s crush could be him. On the other hand, Inami wonders if she has revealed too much and hopes his density would work this time. Takanashi then gets up and leaves. Izumi wonders if it has gone well and from that tone of his voice that she isn’t a nice girl, looks like it’s a no.

Episode 6
* Takanashi cannot get Inami out of his mind that he accidentally dries the towel over Taneshima’s head! He gives Inami hairpins as apology for Izumi’s careless words. Since she likes it very much, he believes it is the hairpins she loves! Souma then tries to pressure Takanashi to just admit they like each other.
* Yamada bugs Takanashi by asking if something happened between him and Inami. Head chop! Then she bugs Yachiyo if something has happened between her and Satou. Yachiyo is about to give in to pressure when Satou steps in. Souma also gets beaten due to ‘lack of supervision’. Yamada then tells why she is doing this. She wants attention from Souma and hoped to do so by getting juicy info. She wants to be his partner in crime. He accepts her. Oh no. Double trouble now!
* Taneshima is pouting and in a bad mood. Not even Takanashi can pacify her. Yamada says because everybody has been slacking, causing her to work harder and make up for their mistakes. Is she the one to say? Then Kyouko pokes her cheeks. It causes great pain. Turns out she has an ulcer.
* With Taneshima on leave, Nazuna temporarily replaces her. Yamada creates a magic circle to summon Otoo. Oh, he is already here. It worked! Or was it just coincidence? Otoo meets Nazuna for the first time and gets the wrong idea she is Takanashi’s older sister! He worries upon learning that she is still in elementary school. Is this legal? Kyouko says it is. Why? She’s not paying her! That’s even more worrying! But Kyouko is more worried about Yamada. She doesn’t want to lose out to Nazuna and goes into overdrive, making things even worse.
* Taneshima has a weird dream. A tiny Satou pops up to tell her she is some magical girl. Uh huh. He gives her a magic wand that is just an ordinary stick to fight the big demon king, Takanashi who is going to shrink the entire world. Each time she fires wand’s beam at him, it decreases her size till she is smaller than Satou. WTF…
* Kirio is here as usual to cause his own brand of stupidity and problems. Then there’s that argument about meeting the fake and real Yamada as well as Kotori (cross-dressing Takanashi) whom Kirio really wants to see. When Takanashi bugs Souma to bring Yamada, he threatens her to leave it for today or he will expose pictures of Kotori!
* For the first time, Yamada and Kirio meet! Shock!!! Yeah, everybody is. Now, nobody ever noticed their similarity and even in their names because they thought it was a fake alias. Kirio believes this Yamada is his real sister but she continues to deny. She even tries to put on Kotori’s wig and pretend she is a different person! Not working. Kirio wants her to come back as mom is worried. Nobody sides with her as they tell her to go home. Eventually Souma manages to convince him to leave for today because he will put this wig on someone.
* Souma then reports this to the rest. Kyouko agrees to keep her here safe rather than send her home unwillingly. However she will have Otoo take responsibility.

Episode 7
* So Yamada is now staying at Takanashi’s place. She seems to like being the family’s pet. Suddenly the drama gets heavy when Yamada explains in third person perspective about a girl who had a wonderful family till her dad died. Mom then changed and became very strict, forcing her to study till she hates and fears it. The last straw came when her dumb brother ate her natto and she ran away from home. WTF… I don’t know the rest are feeling sad or pity of this ‘tragic’ story.
* Takanashi tells this to the rest of his colleagues so they try to help convince Yamada to go home on her own. Like how trying to convince her to miss her big brother. However remember, Souma is her ‘big brother’ and not that Kirio creep! Even Kyouko tells her straight to go home and Yamada feels insulted that everyone is trying to kick her out. So when she bumps into Otoo and he calms her down by saying he is staying a while because he is worried over her, she misinterpret that she is everyone’s idol. So Yamada apologizes to everyone and realizes they are doing this because they love her. Therefore she is never going home! Back at square one…
* When Taneshima sees Kirio hanging outside, she talks to him about that natto incident but clearly he doesn’t remember. When he told mom about Yamada, she just said to let her be. Taneshima finds that cold. She’s emotionless like as though she’s a robot. Well, Kirio took out a manual about mom that dad left behind!
* Yamada’s mom suddenly pops up at Wagnaria! The drama intensifies. Yamada chickens out and swaps with Takanashi to deal with her. The shocking thing they learn is that Yamada’s mom is Minegishi’s colleague and works under Takanashi’s mom! Takanashi starts a conversation but she just stood there saying nothing. Is she really a robot? So Kirio translates on her behalf since she has problem talking due to some stress. She is thanking them for taking care of her daughter. Can he translate all that from just looking into her eyes? When it is known that mother was concerned for Yamada’s poor grades and thus all those thick books were just study aids, Yamada was also supposed to have a manual on mom but she thought it was another of those books and didn’t read it. Yamada thought Souma is being mean for telling her to go home. But she takes up his challenge that she can tell her mom she doesn’t need a manual whatsoever. However Yamada couldn’t bring herself to finish the sentence and runs away.
* Yamada gets lost in the park and bumps into Haruna. Yamada talks to her about her mom and has misunderstood about her. Because Haruna notes she can become friendly with a stranger, Yamada thinks she can also get friendly with mom. Haruna will accompany her back to Wagnaria to apologize. But mom is here. Mother and daughter reunite. Yamada apologizes for making her worry. When they return to Wagnaria, it is double happy ending because for the first time, Otoo is reunited with Haruna and Yamada has gladly decided to go home.

Episode 8
* You thought Yamada would have changed after that. But 2 weeks later… She’s back to that lazy bum we know. Although mom wants her to stop working, she gets permission to help out and stay sometimes whenever her mom works late.
* When Satou asks Yachiyo when her birthday is, it’s tomorrow! Mitsuki wants to help him as repentance but he doesn’t plan to buy her a present. But tomorrow after Mitsuki hands her present, she is surprised Satou hands Yachiyo not 1 or 2 but 4 presents! How did he have time to buy all of them when he is busy with his shifts? As explained by Souma, it has been 4 years since he had a crush on her. This means 4 years of buying presents but never giving it to her!
* Takanashi is annoyed seeing Kirio getting along well with Inami. So he goes to warn her so he has him relay to her his message. It sounded like Takanashi complimenting her cuteness. It makes her embarrassed. With Kirio and Souma teasing him to just admit it, it’s time to take out the trash.
* When Yamada bugs her mom to get her a handphone, it took her 6 weeks. When she asked for her number, it took 2 weeks. So how long is she going to take to reply a mail? Yeah, you keep waiting… 30 minutes later… A blank mail! What is the meaning of this? Panicked Yamada seeks Souma’s help so they go see the ‘expert’. Kirio can decipher all that blankness as mother’s dilemma on why Yamada is doing this and what she should do and because of that she spent all that time writing this long ass reply but decided to leave it blank eventually. Woah…
* When Taneshima is enjoying Takanashi’s petting, he realizes something amiss. It could be just his imagination but did she shrink? Horror! Then depression. Even Souma ‘confirms’ the height difference is by 2 cm! When she measures herself, she is relieved to find she has actually grown 1 cm. So? Takanashi is extremely happy to learn he himself has grown 2 cm. Ah… Depression again…
* Because Yamada still doesn’t consider Kirio to be her brother, he decides to become Souma’s little brother to indirectly make Yamada acknowledge him. So he asks Satou for advice and he agrees to play along to get back at Souma. Kirio becomes the active little brother and he even to dispose of Yamada if he gets in the way of his plan! Wait. What?! WTF?! A punch in the gut is all it takes for Kirio to realize this mission is a failure. Souma knows Satou is behind this and warns him that only annoyance awaits him. Not pain? Later Kirio laments his failure to Satou and thinking his foundation isn’t good, he thinks of practising with Satou so he could get close to Souma. Ah, there’s your annoyance. I didn’t know Satou was a fast runner.

Episode 9
* Kyouko is worried that with Otoo reuniting with Haruna, this means he won’t go overseas to look for her and this means no more snacks! Don’t ask Souma. He doesn’t know a thing. Really? To their surprise, Haruna is in the staff room. All chained up! Can’t take the risk? Kyouko is happy to have her bento instead. She tells Takanashi and Souma about one of her lost adventures. A town with people wearing pails on their head and tentacles on their back? Is she on Earth? They look away when they hear a plate drop. When they turn back, Haruna is missing! How did she even get out from it? Oddly, Yamada easily finds her.
* From the way Taneshima acts, Inami is convinced she is the only one that Satou has a crush on Yachiyo. Although lately she has observed a slight change in their relationship, she thinks it is because Satou might have grown taller. When she eventually gets it, she thinks it is Yachiyo who has a crush on Satou.
* Yamada is disappointed at Wagnaria because with all the flirting, nobody is hooking up. But isn’t love affair forbidden at the workplace? They are surprised Haruna has been eavesdropping. In fact she has been on almost at every scene but nobody seems to notice her. Yamada is advised to talk to Otoo about it and maybe he would change his mind. Yamada dramatically pleads to Otoo about this and it seems he also knows about those relationships. Apparently he too was there on the scenes but his faint existence means nobody noticed him. I guess that’s why the husband-wife always lost each other, eh? Otoo says that if romantic entanglements happen, he might have to ask them to resign. Or what if all quit simultaneously? That won’t be okay, right? Now talking about their faint existence, although Haruna had this when she was young, Otoo did not. Only when he married her he developed this. Moral of the story: Stay too long with them and you’ll lose your existence too!
* Takanashi is not pleased Minegishi visits Wagnaria even when told not to. I guess he loves the verbal abuse. He is here to give his thanks now that his colleague Kikuno (Yamada’s mom) is back on track working. Also, there were orders from mom to investigate Wagnaria but was reluctant after receiving a mysterious letter. Takanashi could guess that person is Souma and he fears he might find out about Inami’s androphobia and would want her to hit him. Minegishi tells him to stop using his sisters as excuse to run away from love.
* After Minegishi leaves but decides to return, he sees Inami and wants to talk to her. She becomes afraid and tries to run but he grabs her hand. Her reflex is to punch him in the face! He gets up and runs away! Inami feels guilty she has done something wrong and Takanashi heard the story from her and knows it’s that masochist. Inami thinks she has not improved and the only reason she hasn’t been hitting others is because she has been avoiding men. He holds her hand and asks if she wants to punch him. No? See, she has improved. She is a normal girl.
* Minegishi runs back to Kazue’s office just to tell her he got punched. So? He realizes that nobody punches him better than her and wants them to get back together! OMG! He proposes to her! Right in front of everybody… He won’t budge till she says yes… OMG… Everybody looking…
* When Minegishi returns to Wagnaria, Inami profusely apologizes. But she doesn’t remember beating him up that bad. Actually after Kazue was forced to accept his proposal, she beat him up real good later. Therefore he is here not to scold her but thank her that because of that punch, he was able to get back with his ex-wife. Oh, he is also here to tell him that mom is coming back.
* That dreaded look on Takanashi’s face that mom is coming back. You mean he is not happy? He doesn’t want her home?! And this is her first time back in years?! The girls wonder what kind of mom he has. Here’s why: She’s a politician. Oh…

Episode 10
* Takanashi dreams of how mom loves to dress him up as a girl. He told her to stop because he was always being bullied. Guess what? She’ll buy him a tank to blast away those bullies! Apparently he isn’t the only one having this nightmare. Kozue too. Mom can never remember her name. An excuse to go on a drinking spree? Well, she got Youhei and Mitsuki to accompany her and assure they’ll go out with her. Only for drinking.
* Yachiyo is down and out after an embarrassing slip-up while talking to Satou. Now Kyouko is worried who will make her parfaits. Thus with an excuse to access everyone’s qualifications, she has them make parfaits for her. It’s hard to think she is serious when she is drooling…
* Nazuna seems to be the only one chirpy enough to expect mom back because the rest are like so gloomy and wearing dark clothes fit for a funeral! But as they wait the entire day, she never shows up. Just when Takanashi goes to sleep, here comes Shizuka through the window! She looks like Medusa coming to scare the hell out of you. I guess Takanashi must be so used to this that he isn’t scared a bit.
* Shizuka meets her children. Apparently there is a live interview of her on TV so how can she be here? It is Kikuno disguised as her on TV. Kazue doesn’t like mom coming back unannounced and disrupt their lives so Shizuka becomes the devil woman to tease her on and off relationship with Minegishi. She laughs when they got married, she laughs when they divorced and now she is laughing her ass off that they got back together! This mom… Then she forces Izumi to make something for her to eat. While Shizuka favours Nazuna, Kozue continues to be ignored…
* Takanashi wonders why she is home. Because she smelled someone is in love. Gulp. Takanashi tries to deny it so she rephrases it that a girl likes him… Time to size this girl up. Oh no…
* Inami is pretty excited thinking Takanashi held her hand. She thinks he would think the same but sees his gloomy face. Does he hate her? Don’t worry. It’s something to do with mom. You can bet he is worried if mom is going to zero in on Inami. Because being pathetic won’t do, he’ll need to clean up his act from now on. So he doesn’t use the gadget to hold her hand while walking home. They really hold each other’s hand. While Inami thinks it’s to help cure her androphobia, Takanashi realizes he is in love with Inami. Hasn’t he? He knows he needs to shape up and stop making excuses and face her so he could protect her from mom.
* Eventually Kyouko believes Yachiyo’s parfait is the best but something feels different about it. A taste of a happy golden future. She believes things cannot go on like this anymore.

Episode 11
* Yachiyo messes up talking to Satou again. But she is glad that he is always willing to hear her stories of Kyouko. Afterwards, Kyouko talks to Satou what he intends to do with Yachiyo. Because at this rate, falling in with him won’t change her. Thus she won’t hand over someone who isn’t going to help her change.
* Souma is impressed Satou stood his ground against Kyouko although clearly he is shivering on the inside. But Satou has decided. He is going to confess to her but if she rejects him, he’ll resign. Sorry to leave all the kitchen job to you Souma. Yachiyo overheard this and tells Taneshima about it.
* Taneshima sets the duo up to talk. Satou did confess to her but the pause between the sentences was so long that Yachiyo forgot the first half! This makes her feel embarrassed about being a stumbling block whenever she talks to him. She runs away and eve leaves a note about it.
* Everybody looks for her but to no avail. Till Satou finds her hiding in the storeroom. She claims she slipped and her sword got stuck and was too embarrassed to call for help. Satou again confesses to her. No, not the ghost behind her. What ghost?! So to make it clearer, he hugs her and whispers directly into her ear that he loves her. The other staffs heard this and couldn’t be happier.
* Yachiyo is on cloud nine that her roses might be suffocating Taneshima. But Kyouko doesn’t look impressed. Could she be taking out her disapproval when she doesn’t want Yachiyo to make her any parfait or food? So Yachiyo talks to her about being considerate to spend her time with him. Kyouko says she couldn’t care less about Satou but if she continues to stay under her, she’ll never experience the world. So it is not Kyouko who doesn’t needs Yachiyo but the other way round. Satou interjects that the Yachiyo he fell in love is the one who loves Kyouko a lot. She is happy and smiles a lot with her around. Although he hates the fact Kyouko is part of this, without her, Yachiyo wouldn’t be that person he love. Therefore Kyouko did a fine job in raising her. I guess it took Satou a lot of guts and courage that he is now experiencing stomach pains so he is out for a week!
* With Satou and Yachiyo dating, Kyouko says she is lifting the ban on relationships at the workplace. This means she is telling Takanashi to just confess to whoever he wants. Why is he starting to sweat? Now Souma is bugging him to get on with it. Advice not appreciated.
* But Takanashi really does need to think this through. So what does he do? He starts working cross-dressed as Kotori! He believes it was around this time that those complications with Inami started so he’ll be dressed as this till he could sort things out.
* It has been 2 weeks since Satou is out. Yachiyo finally manages to visit his home after getting lost several times. We hear Yachiyo thanking Satou as the kind person he is for listening to her Kyouko stories and yet still pays attention to her. She also admits she is slow when it comes to relationships but when he hugged her and told her everything, it felt that everything melted only leaving the truth. She loves him and hopes to be his girlfriend. Since it is late and she missed the last train, she stays at his place. Nothing fishy happened. You think Satou is ready to get back to work but he looks much worse than before. Does it have to do with Yachiyo spending the entire night with him?

Episode 12
* Takanashi thinks he is fine continuing to cross-dress. Those annoyed faces from the girls? I don’t think it is a sign they are welcoming it. Worst moment comes when Kirio comes in and sees him. In order not to bust his identity, Takanashi continues to play Kotori. Kirio even has Inami snap a memorial shot of them! But her hands were shaky so the picture turns out blur. When Kirio asks if Kotori likes anyone, Takanashi knows if he doesn’t have it means Kirio will confess. So he describes Inami’s traits but Kirio is able to pick it up! Surprisingly, Kirio will support Kotori. But Kirio’s cover is blown when he accidentally calls Takanashi by his name. It seems Kirio had knew it all along. Because he looked so into it, he decided to play along. Besides, it felt like the first time he fell in love with Kotori. It was back when Takanashi was dressed as a girl by mom and visited Yamada’s home. Only subsequently Kirio found out the fourth child is a boy and not a girl.
* Satou and Takanashi notice that Souma has not been bugging them since. Usually he will be quite annoying but lately he is so quiet that they forgot he existed. Even odder is that he treats the other girls well. Definitely something is fishy. You cannot not suspect this guy is up to something. True enough, they stumble upon his box of photo albums containing pictures of Wagnaria’s staff. He has bought a camera and took long distance photos for his albums. They confiscate his albums but could it be those albums happen to have pictures of their loved ones?
* Taneshima thinks she is in trouble when Yachiyo calls to see her after her shift and Kyouko is waiting. Actually, Yachiyo is thinking of quitting. This shocks Taneshima and she wonders why she would leave such a happy place. Yachiyo feels blessed and happy working with everyone here. She has learnt a lot that is non work related too. She wants to apply that in real life. Therefore Kyouko thinks of making Taneshima as the next chief after she leaves. Although Kyouko won’t be leaving so soon and it is just heads up, Taneshima cannot help feel down and keep thinking if she would be up to the task.
* Because Takanashi continues to cross-dress and his talking has become so much more feminine, Taneshima confronts him when he is going to stop. He gives excuses this is to gauge his feelings for Inami but Taneshima doesn’t see it is related. There is something about his mom hasn’t made a move yet too… But if he is going to continue cross-dressing, Taneshima threatens to absorb his Kotori aura and grow big!
* Takanashi reflects on his actions so he asks Inami if she would prefer the boy or girl version of him. She says the former. This gives Takanashi hope and he is ready to move forward and cast away his wig. He will return as a man tomorrow and apologize to everyone for making them worry. Suddenly he feels a cold chill. It’s Shizuka!!! Has she been waiting for this moment to move?! OH SH*T!!!

Episode 13
* Takanashi is back as a guy. It took a while for the girls to recognize him. With him back, I guess this means Yamada is expected to get more of her usual scolding from him. Yup, things never changed. Yamada is given a task by Yachiyo to take pictures of Souma because he is the only one missing from the albums. Unfortunately he doesn’t give her a chance citing he is embarrassed.
* It is happening. Inami is going out on a date with Takanashi. No, this is not a dream. She is a little nervous that she could break things. Does she have to go as far as putting the bag over her head? It could have been a smooth sailing from now on if not for Inami’s dad who is here to give her wallet that she had forgotten. Dad must be horrified to see her dating but not as horrified when she doesn’t recognize him at first! Dad thinks Inami lied about telling mom of going out with Takanashi so Takanashi admits that he was cross-dressed then. Still, it is not a good reason for a father who believes it was an excuse to deceive his daughter. Inami explains she was the one who requested Takanashi to cross-dress and subsequently fell in love with him. Takanashi is going to accept his fate of being punched by him but surprisingly Inami punches her own father! This would be her last punch against androphobia. However father could feel the warmth in her punch. He accepts Takanashi and hopes he will take care of Inami. Unknown to them, Shizuka has been watching…
* Now that Inami is cured, Taneshima and Yamada are going to let Souma be the test subject to touch her by shaking her hands. However he acts cool by saying those hands are for Takanashi to touch. He only pats her shoulder. All the while, his legs were shaking…
* Yachiyo tells everyone about her intention to quit. Though sad, they support her. Yamada suggests taking a group photo and as usual, Souma is reluctant. So as not to make him feel left out, Yamada imitates photos from the album that happen to be embarrassing scenes of Wagnaria’s new couples. But seriously, what has it got to do with Souma? With everybody bugging him, he finally relents.
* Takanashi could tell Taneshima would be the next chief from her nervous reaction. She still thinks she isn’t up to task but surprisingly he says she is not small (but short). He thinks she will be fine and continue the way she is now so it will be okay. This gives her lots of encouragement to do her best.
* When Takanashi waits for Inami after Wagnaria closes, suddenly he felt this eerie presence. Oh God… It’s Shizuka! Run boy, run! When Inami is ready, Takanashi is nowhere to be seen but a note left behind saying something urgent came up and had to leave.

Episode 14 (Special)
* Dubbed The Lord Of The Takanashi as this one hour special is supposedly the true ending for this series.
* Takanashi hasn’t been to work since and the rest think he might be taking some time off his shift. Luckily they have Nazuna to replace him and she is quite effective in making Yamada work (so she can look up to her) and gets everyone together. She claims she needs to work hard because she doesn’t want to see her siblings suffer due to her mom and that is why she is going to surpass her.
* Otoo continues to lose his wife whether he is in his sights or not. But thankfully it is Yamada who always finds her. Maybe it is Otoo who is the one getting lost? Along the way, he thinks he sees Takanashi cross-dressed as Kotori! That guy sneaks into Wagnaria to get something but Kyouko spots him.
* For a person who doesn’t care about anything, it is ironic Kyouko gathers everyone because she is worried about Takanashi. She has everyone pitch in ideas what is wrong with him. Inami thinks it might be her fault. But since it is a pain to think further, she just calls him directly. What the heck was the meeting for? From what she hears, it seems Shizuka has a screw loose. She can’t do much if it is his family problem but she wants him to know that everyone at work is worried about him.
* Kozue bugs the Mashiba siblings again since Shizuka continues to forget her name. So Mitsuki confronts Shizuka to at least remember her daughter’s name. Shizuka is impressed with her fervour and will remember Mitsuki’s name instead! When Kozue comes back drunk, it seems Shizuka acknowledges her by name but I guess she is too drunk to even notice it.
* Kikuno is yet again on TV disguised as Shizuka. This has Yamada once again try to reign in Souma as her brother. That guy is quick to run. Satou even gets back at him by adlibbing that he should become her brother as she is setting a lame food trap. She fell for her own trap but this brings him out of his hiding. Kikuno happened to be here so Yamada introduces Souma. Naturally she is worried he is the son she never knew she had. Rest assured, she says they are siblings not related by blood. Mom then reminds her Yamada is not even their family name… For once, Yamada tries to acknowledge Kirio as her big brother but since he is being an idiot as usual, they argue. Mom couldn’t be happier.
* Now Takanashi is back at Wagnaria, Inami can’t help if she is the source of the problem because it seems their shifts are separate, making it harder for them to be together during work. So she confronts Kyouko about it and she agrees to put it back to where it was because it was a pain just trying to change their shifts and keep them separate.
* As Takanashi is about to go home, Inami stops him. He starts talking about not being man enough, etc. He needs to do better to be true to his feelings. Unfortunately, Shizuka was listening as she knocks him out! She hates liars and can’t let his son date anyone.
* Next day, Minegishi is sent to relay a message that Takanashi will be quitting Wagnaria. Mom’s orders? They can’t verbally abuse him because he likes it. The problem stems from Takanashi not being true to himself. All those ‘lies’ he said about his love for Inami was more of out of embarrassment. But it is still a lie to Shizuka so she is going to lock him up and keep him cross-dressed until he stops being a liar.
* So we’ve got a flashback how Shizuka’s late husband was like that. He said he like tall and mature girls. Shizuka was the opposite so she went and become that till she found out it was a lie. Then he died when he promised he said he wouldn’t. That is why she doesn’t believe men who lie deserve to have a family or girlfriend.
* Inami still believes she is the source of this problem and will go talk to Shizuka directly. The rest know there will be dangers ahead so they dress her in Takanashi’s uniform?
* Along the way, she meets Kazue. It seems Shizuka has ordered the 4 sisters to defeat them if she is to see Takanashi. Kazue is dying of this embarrassment. When Inami congratulates on her remarriage, that embarrassment made her give up and let her pass.
* Next is Izumi but she looks so defeated before it starts. She even faints before Inami could do anything. Thankfully Kirio is here so he can look after her while Inami moves ahead.
* Next is Kozue. Although they trade soft punches, Inami couldn’t get the better of her. Till Mitsuki reminds her it is her turn to cook so she forfeits the match and goes with them.
* Last is Nazuna. She looks genuinely mad. She thought Inami had been hitting her brother to satisfy his masochism. But when she learnt she was doing so without a reason, it made her mad. So are they really going to fight? Inami argues that Takanashi did what he could to save her. This was just a test from Nazuna to see if she is a nice person. It is probably why Takanashi put up with her punches. She lets her pass and at the same time Inami gives her a document that Souma told to pass to her.
* When Inami meets Shizuka and Takanashi, she praises Takanashi to be a great person. Shizuka is still not convinced so Nazuna shows a photo from that document. A young picture of Shizuka. There is more from where that came from. However threats won’t work on her. Taneshima comes by to return Inami’s clothes. Shizuka sees her small stature and is surprised her son passed this girl for Inami. The matter seems resolved as everyone prays at the altar. But why is Taneshima offered as offering?! Shizuka leaves for work. For many reasons, she is backing off now. She has faith in him to do what is necessary.
* Takanashi walks Inami home. They stop by the park and talk things out. She thought he is rejecting her indirectly. But since his strong point is to say the things he loves, he confesses he loves her. She is frozen for a while but does she need a reason why? It may have something to do with overlapping with small things but don’t get the wrong idea it is her small boobs! Kirio has been listening and couldn’t help praise this touching scene. Surprisingly, Takanashi didn’t punch him but thank him for his role in bringing them together. Then he punches him.
* With Takanashi back at Wagnaria, the rest notice Yachiyo for the first time without her sword. She explains Satou will be there to protect her and thus she doesn’t need it anymore. While everyone gives that looks at Satou, Kyouko breaks the news that Yachiyo has found a new place to work temporarily to cover her friend who is pregnant. Taneshima then breaks to the rest she is the next chief. She thinks Satou is going to tease her but surprisingly he says she has grown in character. This made her cry in Yachiyo’s arms.
* Minegishi brings Takanashi’s sisters to patron Wagnaria as Shizuka’s apology for dragging everyone into this mess. Taneshima gets motivated to do her best as the chief although she doesn’t like Takanashi calling her the tiny chief.

All In A Day’s Work
I’m not too sure if it is really the end of it but as far as this third season is concerned, it still lives up to its expectations at least where nostalgia is mainly concerned. The jokes and funny moments are still in line with how you expect them to be but some may find it repetitive and boring. But I don’t see any problem with it and since it still made me chuckle, it still isn’t that all bad. So whether or not this is the final season remains yet to be seen but we all know that there are going to be some changes around if another season is given the green light. Because as the staffs at Wagnaria are just part timers, one day they will have to quit and move on, right?

One thing good about this season is that despite there are developments and perhaps you could say closure to certain issues for certain characters, all the characters continue to stay the same as how we know them from the start. Like Yamada is still the clumsy and irresponsible floor crew even after her family’s case is resolved. I guess she feels more at home by dropping plates and dishes and then getting an earful from Takanashi. I don’t know, something tells me that she might be a masochist in that sense. After all, Yamada has only 2 good abilities. One of them being screwing up and messing up things and the other being finding Haruna. It seems she is the only person who can easily do this. As useless might it seems but it is indeed useful to Haruna who could pull off the greatest disappearing act right under our noses.

Then there is Taneshima who is still short in stature but big in heart (although the occasional nervousness) and still can’t properly pronounce Katanashi Takanashi’s name, Inami isn’t 100% cured of her androphobia yet although she is making big significant steps, Satou the deadpan sarcastic chef, Yachiyo the big sister who seems to be a worry wart at other times, Kyouko the irresponsible glutton manager and Souma who is still the prankster as well as information specialist. Anybody with any dark secrets, this guy will be a force to fear. Surprisingly, Maya makes slightly more appearances this season instead of appearing just in the final episode. Maybe this is one of this season’s surprises. Though, I wished that she would have more screen time and bug us about her normalcy than continue to be relegated as a minor side character. Outside Wagnaria, Kirio remains an idiot, Kazue the bossy but friendly big sister, Izumi the shut-in weakling, Kozue the eternal drunkard master and Nazuna who might look and act all cute and innocent but you wonder if she is the most dangerous person (aside Shizuka) because she can still talk about her ambition of world conquest with a smile. A joke? Let’s hope it is.

So it is great to see Yamada reconciling with her mom (although not with her brother who remains a big idiot in her eyes and reality), Otoo finally reuniting with Haruna after 2 seasons being lost (eventually he lost her again so to speak), Satou and Yachiyo finally dating each other as well as Takanashi and Inami instead of using cowardly excuses which could have saved them lots of trouble had they be more honest with their feelings (I hope it will be smooth flowing from now seeing both their parents gave their blessings). Who would have thought divorcee Kazue would get back together again with Minegishi. Anybody would after that dramatic episode. Can I say something like birds of the same flock? Of course new developments include the possibility of Yachiyo quitting Wagnaria in the future and despite it is a good change for everybody, it still feels sad to think that one of the main characters would be leaving. We have grown so accustomed to see everyone together at Wagnaria that it is unthinkable just to imagine that one of them would no longer be around. Well, nothing lasts forever and certainly changes will come. You don’t expect these kids to be working here forever, did you? Maybe for Kyouko…

I’m not sure but it could be my faulty memory but doesn’t this season feel that it has less focus on Takanashi’s sisters as well as the Mashiba siblings (not considering the final special episode)? It is good that most of the focus is on the Wagnaria employees and despite these other characters intertwine with them, not to say that it affects deeply or a lot but I just feel that they made less of an impact this season. A few new odd characters like Minegishi and Kikuno to add to the mix and making their debut here but nothing much that would change anything big.

Throwing spanner into the works is Shizuka. Her character feels like it doesn’t belong into the harmonic equation and relationship to all the characters (despite all their flaws) especially the Takanashi household. She really lives up to her dreaded reputation and what’s more a politician. Yeah, the job that everybody hates this days. But with Shizuka around, she’ll really make you fear her. Even more mysterious and deadlier than Souma, you’ll never know when she will strike terror in our hearts. You’d wish she would just be a non-recurring character but alas looks like she will be here to stay despite her very limited appearance. Expect the unexpected from her. But ultimately as a mother, I believe her actions are because she loves her children and especially for Takanashi, she doesn’t want him to grow up to be a serial liar even if those are just white lies. Maybe her actions are questionable but at the end of the day, all she wants is the best for her son and that is to be honest.

The opening theme for this season maintains its liveliness and fanfare like in its previous seasons. Sung by the same bunch of girls then, if the previous seasons’ opening themes had catchy repetitive words, then for Now!!! Gamble will also have the same. This time it would be “Now, now, now…” and “Check, check, check…”. I just feel weird when they say “Spark me up” and “Start you up”. I wonder if that is the case of bad English. In line with previous seasons too, the ending theme is sung by the guys (although I feel Hiroshi Kamiya stood out more just like last time too). If Matsuge Ni Lock sounds pretty familiar, that is because the 70’s disco feel of this piece rings similar bells to the second season’s ending theme which also follows the disco beat.

Overall, this has been quite a good season. It has all the comedic properties that you would have expected from this series and even a bonus nostalgia factor to go with it. Maybe the years it was absent was worth it. Despite the jokes and the characters feel somewhat overall the same, but the formula works well so if it is not broken, do not fix it. It is a good reason why this third season has its charm and one of the rare animes with sequels to live up to its expectations of its predecessors. In an age where there are too many animes and disappointing ones, this series has been a much welcomed relief to all that. Thank goodness for Wagnaria for all the sweet treats and desserts in taking away all my frustrations and stress from all the disappointing series throughout the season. Can I have seconds then? I hope I don’t have to wait another 4 years for it.

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