Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka S2

May 28, 2016

Phew… Panting… Panting… If you think you have survived the merciless onslaught of the moe and kawaii factor, be warned and do not even rest yet. For it is not over. Because there is more I tell you. You will be left to fear for your lives again. That is right. There is a second season of it. Horror! So if you have survived the extreme asphyxiation and heart tightening condition as well as managed to overcome all other similar syndromes and side effects, it is time for a second round of it. Still not dead? Still able to breathe? Good. Now proceed to watch the next season of Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka S2. Are you sure you can handle it? I can see you in cold sweat. I can feel that shiver down your spine. I can sense that you are thinking if your life is worth risking to watch another dozen episodes of it. I know that once bitten twice shy, never scared of the dark till you have seen a ghost. Think hard. Think carefully. Make a wise choice. If you can’t go through another punishing phase of moe and kawaii lolis doing nothing except whatever they do make everything look extremely cute, then this is your chance of turning back and get out of this moe hell. This is your final warning. Quit while you still can. No? You say you are up to it after all that toughening and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? Hehehe… Then get ready then for another season of cute girls doing cute things. You are crossing the line of no return…

Episode 1
Cocoa is bugging to take pictures of Chino and Rize so she could send them home to her mom. However Chino is being very shy and always gives her the slip. In actual fact, she does not have the confidence to smile like Cocoa. Cocoa now takes Chiya and she is very eager and posing in every way. Then there is Sharo too. She got duped into being taken a few shots during work. Cocoa then goes back to plead for a nice shot of Chino. Rize suggests they take a shot together. But both their faces turn out gloomy! It looks funny enough for Chino to smile. But Cocoa has left the building and missed this opportunity. She brings back Chiya for support. Chiya’s posing has Cocoa laughing so Cocoa definitely didn’t miss this shutter chance. But her smile turns out more of a mock smirk. The girls go through the magazine that reviews eateries. It seems that every other eatery in town has an article except for Rabbit House. Chiya is shocked that Fleur du Lapin has a bigger article than Amausa despite saying she doesn’t mind starting small. Then they realize maybe a reason why Rabbit House doesn’t have an article… No customers! Thank goodness here comes Aoyama as their saviour. They further look through the magazine and even spot an article on Cocoa’s family bakery in the outskirts. Yeah, definitely a conspiracy to leave out Rabbit House. When Aoyama takes a seat, the chair breaks apart! Could it be this place is so old that journalists even avoid it? Sharo tries to comfort Chino that all the marks and scratches tell a story till she hears they are clumsy scrapes and abrasions by Cocoa! Rize thought the phone call means another customer. But it turns out to be her dad who is willing to send his guys over as customers if they have no business! Chino is still having trouble smiling so Cocoa cheers her up with some good news she heard from Chino’s dad. In the next magazine, Rabbit House is featured. This makes Chino smile and Cocoa snaps it right.

Episode 2
Late into the night, a pale Sharo seeks shelter at Rabbit House. Seems her place is haunted! She heard movements in the attic and sometimes when she gets back, there is a pile of leaves! I don’t think the duo are making her feel any better speculating what kind of ghost it is. A rabbit ghost? That’s scarier at least for Sharo. Rize is ready to help exorcise the ghost. Chiya is upset Sharo didn’t seek her help. Well, she did. Notice the miscalls? Heavy sleeper… The ghost turns out to be a stray rabbit living in her attic. So are those leaves supposed to be rental payment? Hey wait. Aren’t those the herbs Sharo is growing? Chino thought of going to the exorcism as it would help her get better at talking to people. Cocoa supports her and will man the cafe alone. But what scares Chino the most isn’t the ghost but leaving the cafe all to Cocoa. Since they feel bad letting the stray rabbit go, it is decided Sharo keeps it and to help overcome her rabbit phobia. After suggesting a few names, they call it Wild Geese. Chino comes in full exorcism gear. Too late. The matter is resolved. Wild Geese is a bad delinquent because it spits on Tippy! Sharo makes a cardboard house for it but since she is too shy to admit, she says it is her own house. Chino and Cocoa pay Rize a visit since she sprained her ankle. They thought they would be greeted by maids but see MIB agents! Fortunately they are pretty nice people with perfect manners. Chiya and Sharo are working temporarily here as maids because Sharo felt bad when Wild Geese jumped on Rize and caused her sprain ankle. Cocoa accidentally breaks an old telescope. She will use Rabbit House as collateral?! I guess to clear her conscience, Rize has her work here as maid to ‘clear her debt’. Rize feeling bored, decides to show her room with gun collections. They thought an enemy has entered but it is Sharo serving tea. But the jump scare has her spilling it all over Rize. An excuse for her to dress up as a maid and play along with the rest. They take turns playing lord of the house and the others serve her. Rize is embarrassed when she realizes her father has been watching her.

Episode 3
Cocoa and Chiya see Chino and her friends looking around town for things to sketch for their drawing competition. Since cafe is suggested, they head to Fleur du Lapin to sketch the building. I’m sure they know pretty much about nothing about sketching as they don’t know what those big art terms mean and they’re just posing for the sake of looking like pro sketchers. Sharo must be wondering what the heck these girls are doing. Back at Rabbit House, they seek Rize’s advice. She draws a surreal picture of Tippy and this makes Cocoa jealous since she is supposed to be their ‘teacher’. So they sketch some other stuffs which later become pictures hung up on Rabbit House’s walls. The most eerie ones are those sketches of Sharo since her cafe was too hard to draw… I think somebody is a Picasso prodigy… Chino and friends are also practising for an interpretive dance contest but they haven’t come up with a song or choreography. I don’t think Moonwalking is any original. Chino then plays a tape that belongs to her father. This calm song motivates their body to move on their own. Thinking how magical this ballet song is, this is what they’ll do and since Megu’s mom is a ballet teacher, they’ll seek lessons from her. Of course it is going to take lots of discipline and stamina for them to learn the basics but they’re getting the hang of it. Chino even practises walking tiptoe at Rabbit House and this causes Cocoa to panic thinking she has grown taller. Chino is surprised Cocoa is making herself at home while watching them at practice. Actually she is here to bring them lunch and she got curious in trying out a move and crammed her legs. With the good food, it hit them their dance theme should be cafe. Cocoa sees it as some sacrificial ritual. When Rize visits, she sees Cocoa taking ballet lessons! When Sharo and Chiya visit, they see Rize taking ballet lessons too! I guess you know what’s coming. Surprisingly, these girls fare better than Chino and friends. Megu’s mom would love for them to join as they have potential but they site they are busy with a part time job or no money (Sharo). Maya notices Megu enjoying herself a lot in practice. Usually she gets embarrassed of dancing in front of people and quit. She can see how she sparkles in ballet. Although still needing more practice, Chino is graceful and elegant in her feet work back at Rabbit House. Practice makes perfect. Or at least almost.

Episode 4
Everyone heads to the cafe for an afternoon tea. Chino and her friends try to observe the rest so they could imitate and become a proper lady. Even when it comes to eating their cakes, they continue to observe. But no hot dogs like Sharo is eating, so how? Cocoa and Chiya sense they are being observed so they simply talk about scientific stuffs just to look intelligent. When Aoyama stops by, they ask her opinion so she suggests eating like normal. They think what constitutes normal is different between them so Aoyama thinks she might be abnormal. Then Aoyama heads over to Cocoa’s table and blurts out she is observing them on the little one’s behalf. Trying to sound smart again, eh? The little ones even get up and follow Rize to the toilet and that is when she discovers their intention. She tells them the important thing is to enjoy the meal because manners only exist so everyone can have a good time. Cocoa tries her best to become a better big sister to Chino but the latter is being modest about it. Next morning, Chino is shocked that Cocoa is acting strangely and different. Well, she tried to make toast for her but it’s still burnt. Cocoa is even hardworking and ushering customers in elegantly. Could she be an imposter? Chino tries to act all cute so she couldn’t resist hugging her but it didn’t work. It makes Chino feel insulted too. When Rize’s worst fear of Cocoa collapsing due to working comes true, they learn she is doing so because her elder sister is coming to visit. She wants to put up a good impression. So everyone tries to help train her and this includes acting like dumb employees (which is so painful to watch) and acting like her little sister (which is pointless no matter how you see it). They noticed Cocoa’s cafe latte art has improved gradually and when she is going to show off her 3D latte art, it turns out to be Tippy in a cup. On the day Cocoa’s sister, Mocha is supposed to arrive, Cocoa is frozen with anxiety. Hello, Earth to Cocoa…

Episode 5
The anxiety is going to kill Cocoa since Mocha is supposed to be here hours ago. So she rushes out to find her but got a little distracted in taking snapshots of a bunny. She bumps into Sharo and Chiya and enlists their help. As for how to describe her, she has got to be more specific than saying her sister is female… She tries an impersonation but isn’t that just herself? Mocha is already in town. Just that she got distracted chasing a stray rabbit. She ends up talking to Aoyama about visiting her little sister who rarely comes home. It has been a year since she last saw her. Mocha enters Rabbit House wearing a disguise in hopes of surprising Cocoa. But she is nowhere to be seen and her suspicious actions of looking around has Rize wonder if she is a spy or smuggler. She stands up in disapproval when the toast she ordered is not to her standards. She takes out a bag of flour to show how it is done but Rize thinks it is drugs and that she is really a smuggler. She is ready to jump into action but all that simmer down when Mocha reveals herself. She knows about them because Cocoa often sends photo back to her. All goofy ones… Rize is embarrassed with Mocha’s smothering but Chino accepts it like as though it’s the comfort of her mom. Mocha offers to help out working here and the duo are blown away by her reliable aura unlike a certain unreliable sister… Mocha teaches the duo to bake bread and they get along very well. Cocoa and the rest watch outside and they can’t help notice how sisterly the trio look. It brings Cocoa to tears because it’s like as though Mocha is stealing away her big sister position! When Cocoa enters disguised to surprise her, it seems everyone can tell who she is. Cocoa revels in seeing her sister again but realizing her friends are watching and this makes her emotional reunion embarrassing, she puts up a tough act acting like the big sister around. Mocha relays the good news she will be staying at Rabbit House for a few days. She is impressed with Cocoa’s improvement in latte’s art. Till Rize reveals she slacks in all other areas. As the sisters retire to their room, Chino brings coffee but sees them sleep leaning on each other. They look so sisterly so it tempts her to try out and sleep with them.

Episode 6
Flashback shows Cocoa used to imitate everything from Mocha. Now, she thinks of surprising her by waking up early and making her breakfast. Looks like she is beaten. Then it turns into a cooking competition to see who can win Chino over. Mocha hangs out with Cocoa and her friends. Cocoa is scared that Mocha’s hugging spree means she is trying to turn her friends into her little sisters! After picnic, they go for a boat ride-cum-race. Rize can tell Chiya is bothered. Seems she is the only one who didn’t get Mocha’s hug. When Cocoa is down that she has never beaten her sister before, Sharo slaps her for being a coward and if this is the version she wants Chino to see. Cocoa’s eyes are opened as she gets enough power to paddle. She did zoom past Mocha but Chiya’s extreme last minute strength beat her to the finish line. So what is Chiya’s wish? A hug from Mocha! Cocoa starts giving big sister the cold shoulder thinking if she continues to be spoilt by her, Chino would not look up to her. Poor Mocha has to drink out her sorrows. Don’t worry. It’s just milk. Rize brings depressed Mocha out to town. Rize fears Mocha’s hugging and hides behind Sharo. When Chiya serves her an ice cold cocoa drink, it just brings back depressing reminder how her little sister is treating her… On the day Mocha is to leave, Cocoa dressed in a strange rabbit mask kidnaps and ushers her into the room where they hold a farewell party for her. Mocha hugs her so hard I think she could crush her. When Mocha is being friendly with Maya and Megu too, Cocoa voices her displeasure. Chino is worried they are fighting but the rest assure that is how the sisters communicate. Cocoa has also brought Aoyama to the party. Mocha becomes nervous and seeks her autograph on her rolling pin? I don’t know how she could blunder and run out of space to sign. In the evening, Cocoa sees off Mocha at the train station. Mocha hopes she comes home once in a while but Cocoa worries Chino will be all alone. Or rather, Cocoa doesn’t want to be alone and away from Chino. Mocha observes them and realizes Cocoa isn’t imitating her anymore. She is really like a big sister now. She is glad Cocoa came to this town because the family once came here before for vacation and Cocoa fell in love with the place. When they go back to Rabbit House, it seems Mocha has left a better latte art for them. So impressive that Chino and Tippy would really miss her reliance. Another cause for Cocoa to be upset that Mocha didn’t just leave but also leave with the hearts of her friends!

Episode 7
Cocoa’s uniform is stained. But the washing is broken. Don’t worry. She’ll wash by hand! She’ll gladly wash all their uniforms as well. Sharo can’t stand the way she washes and interjects. With everybody helping out, it becomes a big bubble making activity instead. Chino thought she is being attacked by a ghost but it turns out to be Cocoa underneath the sheet. She gets an idea to wash the curtains too. So everyone pitches in and starts stepping. I don’t know. Don’t they look like squashing grapes instead of washing with their feet? But an hour later, no progress is made and they’re tiring out. They rest and they have Chiya’s special green tea. One of them is spiked. Chiya gets spiked. You reap what you sew. When the washing is done, all the buttons come off! Washed too hard? Even the buttons from the stuffed animals came undone. This makes Chino wonder if they should redesign their uniform. So with a few suggestions and later that day, the uniform turns out to be quite frilly and with miniskirts. Maybe some more adjustments are needed. While shopping for dinner ingredients, Cocoa doesn’t want Chino to be so formal with her. She tries to speak casually but ends up stuttering. Sharo even teaches her how to do a perfect fake smile. But when Sharo calls Rize to invite her to her curry dinner, she becomes stiff and crude. Before dinner, Rize has her friends eat chocolates that were given by one of her dad’s men. Chino is certainly drunk after eating one with liquor. Cocoa too but she acts like an oujo-sama after eating a high class chocolate. Chino is still drunk and acting like a good little sister. The moment Cocoa has been waiting for? Unfortunately Chino goes to hug Chiya as her big sister and then turn to Rize. Jealous Cocoa challenges Rize for the big sister title and while they are at it, Chino sleeps on Sharo’s lap. Finally when Chino hugs Cocoa, Sharo throws Wild Geese accidentally hitting Chino’s head, bringing her back to her senses. She is very embarrassed on what she has done and claims she has been acting all the while. After their curry dinner, Sharo has packed lots of curry leftovers for Rize. Since Sharo ate most of the chocolates that contained caffeine, it is her turn to become drunk. And she’s going wild! This party is just getting started!

Episode 8
The first biggest problem ever?! Because Chiya is crying that she had a fight with Cocoa! This is serious! Confiding with Sharo, it seems it stems from their talk of how their class reshuffles the students each year. There is a chance they might end up in different classes and Cocoa hinted she didn’t mind. How vague… Sharo talks this to Rize and Chino. Although they feel it is nothing to worry about but just for collateral, they go to buy stationery as charm for the new semester. On the way back, they see Chiya looking very dreadful. She has been given the ultimatum by Cocoa to meet at the park! The girls hide behind the bushes as they hear Chiya explain to Cocoa. Cocoa is freaking surprised to learn about the class reassignment. She thought Chiya was worried about being a big sister! Then they drink coffee so that Tippy could read their future. They’ll receive their just desserts tomorrow. I think they took it literally and ate some snacks but got stomach discomfort. So the rest now has to intervene that even if they are put in different classes, it is not the end of the world. They can still chat with each other during break. With that, they become positive and look forward to just about anything. We don’t even know why this ‘fight’ started anymore… Next day, Cocoa and Chiya have to seek help from the rest to finish their homework or else they’ll start the next semester in supplementary classes. This must be their just desserts. After school, Maya quickly leaves to go tail Rize. She thought Rize’s sharpness has her found out but actually it was just a rabbit. Seems Maya wants to learn how to tail others so Rize teaches her and their first target is tailing Aoyama. Unknown to them, Sharo is tailing the duo. When Aoyama stops at a shop, she can’t help notice Sharo hiding in the corner and starts observing her. The three-way observation never moved… Till Sharo gets up and realizes she is late for her shift. Aoyama goes after her but trips. Rize and Maya help her up but are told to quickly follow her. Unknown to them, Chino and Megu are tailing them. Likewise, Cocoa and Chiya. This pair is in a full detective getup and they’re sweating like hell. Rize learns that Maya is worried about her friends drifting apart after graduating from school. That is why she thought of taking action. This touching scene has all the stalkers get out from their hiding place and reassure her it would be okay. Nobody noticed Aoyama was spying on them nearby? Looks like nobody noticed Tippy spying from afar and that mascot too didn’t realize Chino’s dad is also spying on him because he left Rabbit House unannounced.

Episode 9
Chino has always thought there was some rivalry between Rabbit House and Amausa but since Chiya doesn’t know anything about it, could it be just Chino’s grandpa’s misunderstanding? Cocoa and Rize talk to Sharo to find out about their past since she is Chiya’s childhood friend. Since she can’t remember, Aoyama explains and will even write it down! Eventually Rize deduces that old rivals become new friends in today’s age. When they go back to Rabbit House, Tippy is in battle mode ready for kamikaze! He barges into Amausa to take on Chiya who isn’t sure what is going on but plays along. It stops when Chino intervenes. They learn both their establishments once served coffee amitsu as joint promotion. So I guess there were some sore feelings between their grandparents when their coffee or tea weren’t praised as good as the other. As part of her school’s assignment, Chino works part time at Amausa for 3 days. It isn’t the kimono that makes her feel uneasy. Having nothing sitting on her head does. No Tippy? Anko will do. Similarly, Maya is working at Rabbit House while Megu is at Fleur du Lapin. Chino is introduced to Chiya’s grandma who is quite strict especially learning Chino is that old dude’s granddaughter. Chiya thought she could make Sharo jealous that they have a new employee. But Sharo knows who she is and also teases her back. Chiya actually starts pouting with jealousy! She also feels down that this could mean there is no appeal for her to work at Amausa. Tippy calls Chino during the break to get more info but grandma comes in to give her snacks. Despite her harsh words calling Chino a glutton, she’s a pretty nice lady if you think about it. Tough love? Tsundere? Chino enjoys the snacks and hangs up before grandpa starts calling her a traitor. Chiya left a note to Sharo that she would love to work at Fleur du Lapin with her. So Sharo misunderstood it and lets her wear her uniform. Chino deduces the uniform she is wearing was meant for Sharo. Sharo’s happiness is short-lived when a button pops into her face. I think the chest area is a little bit too small for Chiya, don’t you think? Time for Sharo to blow her top. Forget about working at Fleur du Lapin. Give back her uniform! When Chino sends a picture of her and Chiya so sisterly-like, Cocoa goes into a jealous rage and sends a picture of her, Rize and Maya being even more sisterly.

Episode 10
Rize excels in all sports activities as she notices Sharo supporting her among the wild fan girls. The other girls think Sharo wants to join in so this has Aoyama relive her younger days in clubs. She was in the literature club and always had a junior pestering her about deadlines. Rize invites Sharo to become her assistant in the clubs she’ll be filling in. We see Sharo become her PA in various club activities. She hears others compare her to a legendary person that led numerous clubs to victory with questionable offhand advice. She is only known as Midori or Miss Emerald. In a bid to find her identity, the duo had to participate in each club’s challenges. But even so, they get nothing much out of it except she might be from the literature club and had a habit of mingling with other clubs that her junior had to drag her back. Hmm… Sounds familiar… When Cocoa asks Aoyama for her real name, suddenly a furious woman comes in to look for her. Instantly Aoyama hides under the table! That is her editor as she is here to drag her back for missing the deadline. Oh, she calls her Midori… Could it be? When Cocoa wants to play with Chino, she is pretty much preoccupied with her bottle ship building. What about going bug catching with Rize then? Her men tell her that she is busy for today and will not be available. Cocoa bumps into Aoyama running away from her editor. She is desperate enough to cook a story that they bumped into each other and switched bodies! Not buying it! Next morning, Cocoa wakes up to find everybody gathered outside Rabbit Cafe. They’re going camping at the mountains. Didn’t she get Rize’s invitation? What invitation? Oh no… Cocoa feels so upset that nobody wants to play with her that she locks herself in her room. It isn’t the postal system that is bad. She did get the invitation card but it was in her pocket and she didn’t read it. So it is going to take a lot of coaxing to get that fuming girl out. And when regretful Chino is about to do her part, Cocoa bursts out all dressed up for the camp. She was just trolling everybody and was never mad in the first place. Gotcha! Chino feels this is her first time away from time and can’t help feel anxious if she would enjoy the great outdoors.

Episode 11
The girls look all geared up for their camping trip. Nothing could go wrong, right? Till Rize finds out their food provisions are empty! Time to go survival hunting? Can these girls do it? So they try fishing and despite being amateurs, they reel in quite a haul. Only Chino has not caught any so Cocoa offers to give her aura of support and instantly she caught one. Chino not amused… Chiya and Megu are tasked to find mushrooms but all they find are poisonous ones! When Chino’s straw hat is blown away and floats down the river, she tries to go get it back. Although successful, before she knows it, she is trapped on a sandbar. To think that she didn’t even know how to swim. She signals to the rest for help but they think she’s just waving. Until Rize swims there to bring her back. Chino gets scolded by Cocoa for being reckless and that she is more important than any fish or straw hat. Wow. Cocoa sounding like a big sister for real for once. But she blames her the most for not keeping her eyes on her. Sharo thinks Maya is drowning and saves her. But Maya was just swimming. All the girls start splashing at each other. Chino reflects on Cocoa’s scolding. But her patting was full of warmth. Cocoa and co fend off zombies but get eaten! Megu and Maya are the only ones left as they tell Chino who just awakened from her dozing. Megu then transforms into a zombie and this scares the hell out of Chino. See how she hops like mad in her sleeping bag! Outside, she sees Cocoa and co doing BBQ and looking fine. What about the zombies? Then she gets horrified upon seeing blood on their face that she faints. I guess the ketchup prank went too far.

If you’re wondering why they are camping instead of staying at the cabin, it seems somebody sabotaged the electricity. After dinner, Sharo is already drunk on caffeine so everyone starts spinning around the campfire so fast that they might even lift off. When everyone lets go of their hands, they flew a few metres back. Sharo had so much fun that she hugs Rize. When a shooting star is seen, Chino immediately makes a wish for all of them to have fun again. Sounds embarrassing but not so like the others. Cocoa’s surpassing of Mocha, Chiya’s globalization of Amausa and Sharo’s stomach full of melon bread. But that is nothing compared to Rize’s grudge wish for the person who sabotaged their trip to get what is coming. Hey, all is not that bad since they get to see the stars. Rize’s dad suddenly his drink spills on him by itself. Well, we know the perpetrator now. He needs a new drink so Chino’s dad wants him to pay up. Rize’s dad challenges him to a blowgun contest. It got so intense that their shots look like shooting stars. Chino goes to return Cocoa’s straw hat and thank her. But she is already asleep. Revenge time: Snap a picture of her sleeping face. Next morning, everybody paints their face with ketchup to scare Cocoa as penalty for falling asleep first. It is sweet revenge for Chino when she gets to scare the daylights out of her. See how fast she hops in the sleeping bag.

Episode 12
The photos from the camp are ready. There is one picture of Cocoa in a very elegant pose. Cocoa herself didn’t realize it was her! So different? Chino has caught the photo bug and she is now interested in snapping photos of everybody in their daily natural action. If only Cocoa didn’t try so hard and ruin it because she becomes stiff and clumsy inside her shots. Cocoa stumbles upon a Ciste map behind a picture frame. The rest mentions how they played this game a few times before (basically a map that leaves clues to let others find your hidden treasure). Cocoa gets ‘jealous’ that everybody has played it and wants to play too. Chino agrees to accompany her and brings Megu and Maya along. This game also brings back memories for them because it was the first time they met Chino and became friends. They misinterpreted this barista job as some super powered thingy and wanted to be her friend. Cocoa might sound cool in her deductions but could it be she is just as naive as she sounds? The girls finally reach the final treasure box that contains mini items put by previous treasure hunters. Megu and Maya tease Chino that she has Cocoa to thank for because she gets to play this game again. Back home, Cocoa wonders if Chino is mad because she is going through all the photos and none are reasonably good. With Cocoa being goofy, you know why… Cocoa thinks she doesn’t deserve to become her big sister but some petty girly argument ensued (including pillow throwing) before Cocoa realizes Mocha had sent letters to Chino and she requested her to send natural ones as Cocoa only sent goofy ones. Mocha is happy that she gets letters from both Cocoa and Chino. But she couldn’t recognize this elegant lady is her sister! You mean she really looks that different? Mocha is left panicking because Cocoa left a little ‘threat’ at the end of her message. She won’t be sending her letters for a month for trying to steal her Chino! What?! Megu and Maya make a new Ciste map and hand it to Chiya and friends for them to play. They manage to win and find some adorable items to keep. And Cocoa got a photo of a goofy girl and she didn’t even realize that was herself! Sharo accidentally picked another Ciste map from the treasure and this one belongs to Aoyama. Looks like they have to go play it.

Rabbits And Coffee To Go. Would You Like Lolis To Go With That?
OMG… Oh… My… God… I didn’t think I would last this long till the end. Because it seems yet again I have survived the moe onslaught and lived to tell the tale! Oh yeah! I thought I was about to be doomed by all the cute and cuddly factors that seemed so overwhelmed. Never had there been a break to catch a breathe and it was a continuous assault of moe, wave after wave of kawaii-ness I tell you. Man… It felt like an eternity but the battle to overcome the moe is finally done! I have emerged victorious! Standing tall amidst the bloody moe nose bleeds and burst blood vessels from the overall moe factor, I can stand tall and proud that I have defeated and conquer the ultimate that many has perished along the way. Yahoo! Kudos! I am the legend! Alright! Time to celebrate! And for all those who came out from this barely alive but having your little ounce of life intact, a big pat on the back and a big congratulations for making it. Yeah… Forgive me little exaggeration if you will.

Back to this season, I guess this is what to be expected from a genre that is totally about cute girls doing cute things. You could say that everything here follows exactly the same pattern as it did in the first season. The familiarity is so similar that viewers who have watched the first season would definitely feel right at home watching the second one. It hardly strays from there as everything remains the same like as though this season was just a delayed extension of the first season. So for those who are expecting any slight changes or deviation from the formula, you’d be disappointed. Heck, the moe of everything is already enough to kill you so need I elaborate more on that?

With everything feeling right at home, this means there are hardly and character development and the main characters remain largely the way they are as we know them ever since. Well, some things do not change. Like Cocoa who is still the annoying klutz and the big sister wannabe. She doesn’t have the material to be one and she is a very long way off from being the ideal sister even in Chino’s books. But hey, you have to give her points for keep trying and never giving up. Just like many of her traits, her annoying character is also her good characteristics. Her silly antics are the ones that provide the main laughs of the series. Some may call it repetitive but if you find it moe and kawaii, you’ll never get enough of it no matter how annoying it will be. Then you have Chino still timid as usual but she is making tiny progress in opening up and one little step closer to her dream to become the ultimate barista. Well, keep on trying. Then there is the reliable action girl (although there are hardly any action around) Rize and the prankish Chiya whose annoyance could be only second to Cocoa and could even be her partner in crime when it comes to annoying others with their cute silly antics. She still would do what it takes to promote her Amausa but since this is a cute and kawaii series, this means nothing dangerous like underground mafia and kidnappings. Yikes!

If there is any member of the group who has changed slightly, I would say it would be Sharo. Because I remember this girl has got phobia on rabbits. Surprisingly this season sees her completing the rabbit mascot among the coffee and tea houses with her taking a delinquent stray rabbit as her pet. It goes to show that she is indeed making some big progress with her phobia. Sometimes to a point I think she isn’t really that afraid anymore. Somehow I feel that the rabbit mascots don’t steal the limelight this season. I don’t remember if they did last season but Tippy’s presence is already quite minimal despite his role feels relegated to some sort of rebuking joke just to add to the cuteness. And it still always boggles my mind that whenever Tippy speaks, everyone thinks it is Chino’s great ventriloquism. If that girl is not around, they feel puzzled hearing that strange voice from somewhere. I know rabbits don’t naturally talk but aren’t they just curious? Maybe not. Speaking of rabbits not getting enough spotlight, this means Anko remains relatively forgettable wit even much more limited scenes. Even more disappointingly Wild Geese. I thought that stray is here to stay but after that single episode and being adopted by Sharo, it’s like they have forgotten all about it.

The mystery of Aoyama continues although I believe the other interesting ‘progress’ about this novelist who never seems to finish her work, is we get a little more insight of who she is back in high school. But that is about it and maybe it will take another season if you want to hear more about her. Speaking of new characters, Mocha is the only new one introduced and with her having the same character as Cocoa but slightly my big sisterly and responsible, it goes without saying that the seed doesn’t fall far from the tree. The other so called new character is Aoyama’s editor but she only appeared once or twice and she isn’t anything relevant to our main girls. It’s like they’re trolling us when she first appeared. Could she be a new character to stay? Because now that she has found out Aoyama’s usual place to hang out and slack, I thought maybe it will become a running joke to always barge in and bring her away. But it seems dragging Aoyama away has been going on for a long time stretching back to their school days. Looks like more things are not going to change. Another interesting thing to note is the ‘rivalry’ between Rabbit House and Amausa that seems to go back to when the grandparents have some sort of feud. I’d like to know more about it but perhaps it would be distracting from the main girls.

If one thing that bugs me, I started realizing that Rabbit House, Amausa and even Fleur du Lapin are void of any customers! The place is always empty and the most one or two customers. And that itself is rare! It is perhaps that without the bustling business, the girls are able to have so much time on their hands to go have fun and play with each other. It is amazing that their businesses have not gone bust yet. Even more so, Aoyama seems to be their frequent main customer all the time. It’s like she is their only customer! And I do realize that this town seems void of people too! It feels like a ghost town! It could be this town has a very small population despite the very beautiful European-like buildings and such, but I just can’t help notice there isn’t much people around. Like as though the main girls are the only ones around. Where the heck is everybody? That’s why I have this eerie thought that all this might actually be just one big imagination and dream. In reality the town is decimated in a zombie apocalypse. The girls are dying and only clinging on to this dream. That is why you have Tippy the talking rabbit and the magic of everything moe! Haha! Super conspiracy theory! And then all the moe factor wakes them up in this deserted wasteland. Ultimate shock and twist! Yeah, I don’t think I really want to have this kind of revelation for this series.

This season’s themes feel absolutely similar like last season. So if you wonder why Nopoi, the opening theme for this season sung by Petit Rabbit’s, sound so awfully similar, now you know why. The lively pace of this song with all the cute, moe and kawaii elements bring back those memories. If last season made you go “pyon-pyon”, this season now makes you go “poitte-poitte”. The similar bouncy feel of last season’s ending theme can be said for this season too. Tokimeki Poporon by Chimame-tai has all that bubbly and moe-ness, so much more than the opening theme because we have Chino and her friends doing cute dances and playing rock-scissors-papers at the end that it would just tighten your heart each time you stay and watch the entire ending theme from start till end. Furthermore, hearing this song reminds me of The Beatles’ Sgt Pepper’s style of music but a moe version. Even more so for the special ending theme for the final episode, Nantoku Mirai by Petit Rabbit’s which is of a slow lovely ballad. Made me want to go Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, Fixing A Hole and A Day In Life.

Overall, there is nothing much to be said from this season because there is nothing that is different to make it stand out even more. It is like this season is made for those who love the formula of the first season and thus those who are not really into this genre will not really find anything attractive. Seriously, is there anybody in this world who cannot resist moe lolis? Oh yeah… Macho guys… *Shivers*. So if this series and season doesn’t let the moe kill you and bleed to death and choking, then at least it will calm you down a little and make you smile. Oh heck. I remember there were very miniscule fanservice in the previous season. There are one or two seasons here too but it is so minimal that you won’t even remember it. Since you’ll be overawed by the blinding moe. Just when you thought the moe onslaught is over, here comes another wave of moe zombies bringing you terror once more. One cup of coffee for the road then… I’ll be ready when the third wave/season comes…

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