Surprise! Bet you didn’t think that there would a top bishoujo list in the middle of the year! It wouldn’t have been if not for this ‘special edition’. After celebrating 10 years of top bishoujos from my anime adventures half a year ago, I decided to do a ranking list of for the really pretty awesome anime ladies from the past decade. Yes, you read that right. All the while, the top bishoujos of the year have never been ranked and only been listed alphabetically.

Therefore with this special midyear top bishoujo special, I hereby rank the top 50 bishoujos of all time. Well, at least from 2006-2015 period. Time to dig deep into your memories to see if you remember them. The criterion to qualify for this list is that they must have appeared in the final top list of that year. So those who barely missed the cut or were just honourable mentions won’t be eligible. It will be listed in ascending order as well. Enough talking. Let’s get down to the list to see how awesome my tastes in bishoujo is ;p. Oh, how to read: Rank) Name (Anime) (Year). And yes, short commentary included.

50) Saber (Fate/Stay Night) (2007)

Holy smokes! Just when I just mentioned the rules, I already broke it right at the start?! For the clueless, Saber didn’t end up in the final list as my top bishoujo that year and went as far as just an honourable mention. I don’t even know why… I promise, this will be the only entry that broke the rules. It’s not a bad thing, right?

49) Nao Yoshikawa (Good Morning Call) (2007)

Haven’t heard of this unknown OVA? Well yeah. You should go watch it. I’m glad I did. A good bishoujo is one way of remembering an unknown series.

48) Rosette (Chrno Crusade) (2006)

I’m not into nuns with guns but at least she was one of the little motivations to watch the series. Isn’t that the same for most animes I watch?

47) Yuuno Houzuki (Kurenai) (2008)

Don’t let her cute looks fool you. She is a stronger fighter than the main character himself.

46) Lydia Carlton (Hakushaku To Yousei) (2009)

When you are a doctor for fairies, it is only natural that you have to be as beautiful as fairies, right?

45) Tenma Tsukamoto (School Rumble) (2006)

Ah, one of the few early crushes I had… Naïve, childish and gullible but that is what makes her so cute and lovable.

44) Nina Sakura (Ultra Maniac) (2006)

I never did get around to finish watching the series then and now. Even so, I suppose she was cute enough to make me remember her after all these years.

43) Rikantz Seaberry (Kenzen Robo Daimidaler) (2015)

Not many anime characters wear a top hat as their standard outfit. With nice braids and cheerful personality, we’ve got ourselves a winner here.

42) Chika Koizumi (Kyou No Go No Ni) (2006)

No, I’m not a lolicon! At least the original OVA version makes her look much better than the TV version that made her look like a cartoonish kid.

41) April (Coyote Ragtime Show) (2006)

Gothic. Badass. Enough said.

41) Mahiro Mutou (Busou Renkin) (2009)

One of the few plain looking girls on this list. Who says you can’t find beauty in such plainness?

39) Kakei Mihaya AKA Blood Leopard (Accel World) (2013)

MEIDO CHARACTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Had she looked cuter, she would have gone up a few places.

38) Motoka Nogisaka (Yosuga No Sora) (2011)

MAID CHARACTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER PART 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Same reason too, had she been cuter, she might jumped a few more spots.

37) Chelsea Arcot (Shukufuku No Campanella) (2011)

You tend to get lost with your lousy sense of direction. So I tend to get lost in your beauty for the same cheesy reason.

36) Hime (Kaibutsu Oujo) (2007)

The (future) queen of all monsters. Can I be your slave?

35) Kouko Kaga (Golden Time) (2014)

Smart. Stylish. Obsessive. Oh well, 2 out of 3 isn’t bad.

34) Tsukino Azusagawa (Yakitate! Japan) (2007)

Who wouldn’t like a girl who is kind hearted and forgiving? Sometimes a little naïve but hey, 2 out of 3 isn’t bad, right?

33) Aria Shichijou (Seitokai Yakuindomo) (2011)

It makes me wonder if she was a little more perverted, would she have ranked higher? Or was it her perversion that every guy’s fantasy would love to have as a girlfriend made her this high in the list?

32) Orihime Inoue (Bleach) (2007)

You didn’t think she would end up on this list, did you? Well, if I wanted some boobs and cleavage I would have gone for Rangiku but then again, she never even made the cut.

31) Saki Rukino (Valvrave The Liberator) (2014)

Everybody wanted to see that rape scene Haruto did to her…

30) Sylvia Van Hossen (Princess Lover) (2010)

The only reason why she ended up here is because her uncanny similar looks to Saber. An indication that Saber might have been placed this high had she qualify in the first place.

29) Chihaya Ayase (Chihayafuru) (2013)

It’s like they’re trying to get me interested in playing karuta by putting a pretty face main character. Too bad I’m only interested in her. Not the game. She is also a testament why some pretty people should just stay quiet… And maybe that is why she didn’t get any higher.

28) Chiyo Sakura (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun) (2015)

I think it has something to do with her polka dot ribbons… Hypnotizing…

27) Tamako Kitashirakawa (Tamako Market) (2013)

There is this strange resemblance from her, like a cross between K-ON!’s Mio and Yui…

26) Mao Mizusawa (Kimikiss Pure Rouge) (2008)

I’ve said it in my blog before and I’ll say it again. It’s her locks, baby! Her locks!

25) Megumi Katou (Saenai Heroine No Sodatekata) (2015)

What did I tell you about beauty in plainness? Megumi proves it by getting this high on the list for that but I guess that is also the reason why she couldn’t go any higher. Stuck at midpoint?

24) Chelsea (Akame Ga Kill) (2015)


23) Krista Lenz (Shingeki No Kyojin) (2014)

Move aside Mikasa. Just because you are a fan favourite doesn’t mean everybody has to like you, you Eren-possessive b*tch! This angel suits me much better!

22) Chiko Shinmoto (Super Seisyun Brothers) (2014)

Can you blame her for being obsessed with handsome guys when I myself am obsessed with pretty bishoujos?

21) Cecilia Alcott (Infinite Stratos) (2011)

I know Cecilia ranks at the bottom in terms of power and file and rank among the other girls in the harem. Don’t worry, you’ll always be tops in the beauty department in my books.

20) Sahoto Ashisu (Mangaka-san To Assistant-san To) (2015)

It takes lots of patience and tolerance if your boss is an author of a perverted manga. How can she stay so pretty amidst all that sexual harassment?

19) Honoka Sakurai (Suzuka) (2008)

Another plain looking girl. But with her long black hair that is worthy of a shampoo commercial, I think that sealed the deal.

18) Chitose Mihara (Kobato) (2010)

Even if you are a minor side extra character appearing limited times in a series, you still beat out looking your best than the rest.

17) Kurumi Isoshima (Mahou Sensou) (2014)

The series sucked. The ending sucked. At least your beauty didn’t. At least it eased the pain of watching through that horrendous dozen episodes and even more horrendous ‘ending’.

16) Takao (D-Frag!) (2014)

Why do I have a feeling that people will get the wrong idea that I chose her because of her boobs? Doesn’t every female character have them? She’s is just extra larger than the average…

15) Megumi Kannazuki (Muteki Kanban Musume) (2006)

They should have made her the star of the series instead of that ramen delivery bully girl.

14) Shirley Fenette (Code Geass) (2011)

The only reason why her character exists is so that she could die and provide a catalyst for our main character to carry on/power up/ turn the tide/move forward the plot. Literally, having a beauty to die for… Oops.

13) Alicia Florence (Aria The Natural/Aria The Origination) (2012)

With a number of blondes already making it on this list, it goes to show to show that blondes aren’t dumb and there just to look good. For Alicia, she is a good reason to dispel all those dumb blonde jokes and stereotype with her elegance, intelligence and independence.

12) Celia Cumani Aintree (Walkure Romanze) (2012)

Are they trying to get me interested in the art of jousting by putting a top head babe here?

11) Haruka Morishima (Amagami SS) (2012)

Best girl of Amagami SS! No question about it! And oh, Haruka girl, when a girl hints she is tired of playing the little sister to the guy she secretly has a crush on for a long time, it DOES NOT MEAN she wants to be the big sister!

10) Asuna Yuuki (Sword Art Online) (2013)

Yay! We have already breached into the top 10! Don’t hold your breath as we start getting closer to the top spot. Oh wait. How did she end up in my top 10? Barely beating out on Haruka on the looks department. Who cares, right? Despite being relegated to a damsel in distress in the latter half of the series, she still kicks ass.

9) Hare Menjou (Guilty Crown) (2012)

She reminds me of Code Geass’ Shirley’s fate. All of it. Only, she is cuter.

8) Hiromi Yuasa (True Tears) (2008)

Looking very much like a typical generic bishoujo girl, right? What’s so bad about that? If they only design female in characters in every other anime in that era this way.

6) Sawa Okita (Tari Tari) (2013)

I think it is the way she ties her hair… Yeah, that…

6) Touko Fukami (Glasslip) (2015)

Another reason why a disappointing series is watchable thanks to a pretty lady…

5) Ume “Kurumi” Kurumizawa (Kimi Ni Todoke) (2010)


Don’t worry, Kurumi. Even if everybody hates you and Kazehaya will never set his eyes on you (he’d rather have a horror movie-like girl than a bisque doll like you), your beauty will never be wasted in my eyes.

4) Mio Akiyama (K-ON!) (2009)

Was supposedly to be my ‘official’ third waifu during the hype and height of the cute moe girls era… But then…

3) Kosaki Onodera (Nisekoi) (2015)

Team Onodera FTW!!! If not for this seemingly ‘late’ entry that stole the bronze spot, a certain bassist would have claimed it… Yeah, literally pip her to this spot.

2) Suign Tou (Rozen Maiden) (Eternal)

Is it without a doubt that the first doll of the Rozen Maiden series still holds a special place in my heart after all these years? She appeared in every top bishoujo so it is only right silver place belongs to her. You should look at the specific blog posts I made a few years ago for her. Though, I might be a little guilty for not doing so in these few years.

1) Mai Tokiha (Mai-HiME) (Eternal)

You should have seen it coming from the start. If you have been following my blog for donkey years, that is. Yes people. Mai is still the queen of my heart. Gold place will always belong to my first ever waifu and perhaps this is partially the reason why I came out with this top 50 blog. Just to brag how beautiful and I love her all these time. I know, I know. I haven’t been putting up dedicated posts to her for the past few years either… Well, you know what they say. It is the thought that counts, right?

Eternal Beauty
That’s it folks. If it was already hard for me to just pick top 10 bishoujos every year, now I know how freaking tough it is to even rank them! Even I had this ‘internal rage’ of why a certain girl ranked higher or lower than the other. I thought of putting them on as equal ranks but if that is the case, there would be too many and it defeats the purpose of this blog post. Congratulations for those making the list and for those who didn’t, don’t despair. It is safe to say that all those top bishoujos who do not make the final top 50 cut are automatically honourable mentions. I’m too lazy to list them down here and if you really want to know who they are, you should go do some retrospect on my past blogs. So it goes to show that perhaps my taste in bishoujo has evolved but nevertheless still remains generally the same. I noticed that most of the recent bishoujos would tend to end up in the higher tier compared to older ones so it could also be because they are in my recent memory. Therefore as of this time and date, the rankings of these beauties are definite. It might change in the future or not but I’m definitely not going to do another major one just to show some shuffling changes. With this party over, I guess now we can move on and look forward to a new group of bishoujos waiting to be named at the year end. Can’t really wait for it. Waku, waku desu! All hail Anime Bishoujos! Long Live Anime Bishoujos!

The army is supposed to protect the nation. But who is to supervise them? The army police. Likewise, the police who are supposed to police over the peace of a nation, who is supposed to supervise over them? I’m not too sure but I’m sure there is a special task force to oversee that. I think. In short, in every or most professions, you have another body that supervisors and oversees something. So that is why when you have superhumans protecting Earth from evildoers in the name of justice, who will be the ones keeping a watch on them so that they do not abuse their special powers? According to Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou, Japan has formed a bureau to manage, keep track and organize these superhumans from the shadows as a measure to secure peace and order. These are not only the trials and tribulations of the bureau as they seek to keep the peace by doing their job but you’ll find all the conspiracy and political manoeuvres behind it all. Yeah, what is a superhuman series without all that in addition to all that pow, wham, bam, zap and boom.

Episode 1
Kikko Hoshino works as a waitress when a customer, Jirou Hitoyoshi needs her help. He believes a scientist is going to sell national research secrets that will cause delay in the sciences for a decade. To their surprise, it is the other way round. The scientist seems to be getting something he wants experimented on. With Jirou telling her to steal the package, she does so as she uses her magical wand to teleport away. The agent then turns into a giant evil alien. Another giant alien, Grosse Augen pops up to fight it. As explained, it might look like the giant transported to another dimension to fight. But in actual fact just like in reels for every movie, there is a gap between those films and thus that is where the fighting takes place. Just too fast for our human eyes to catch. Kikko follows Jirou as they continue their mission. He explains they are from an organization that protects superhumans. Jirou transforms his car into a giant mechanical Centaur, Equus to fight the evil alien. And there’s something about using the climate too. Whatever. Anyway the evil alien is defeated. But Kikko is shocked that Jirou attacks Gross Augen too. Jirou tells Gross Augen to separate from that human. However he claims to be sharing this human’s life now. Flashback reveals the human police officer saw he was dying after his spaceship crashed. After being explained about the danger befalling on the planet, he did not hesitate to agree and merge with him. Jirou does not believe about him giving his life for his planet because if he did that, he cannot exist. He also knows the body is at its limit but if they act now, Gross Augen can go back to his home planet. At the back alley, Jirou did the necessary to send Gross Augen back. I’m not sure what happened back at the bureau but the scientist looks disappointed upon learning he was dealing with aliens. Jirou brings Kikko back to his organization and is made a member. Flash forward a few years into the future, Kikko is seen chasing down Jirou but he gives her the slip after all that fighting. It is believed he disobeyed orders from the bureau to save a human’s life and went rogue. And it has something to do with Jirou merging the human with the comatose evil alien after separating him from Gross Augen. Jirou is adamant he won’t return to the Superhuman Bureau ever again.

Episode 2
Fuurouta the ghost kid is at a carnival where a man is exhibiting a rare and expensive bug to awed kids. He causes havoc to free the bug so he could sell it and get the money when a thick black fog engulfs the area. The freed bug is grateful for his assistance and mentions the Tartaros Bugmen in this fog are her comrades here to whisk her away. The black fog is now engulfing the National Diet building. Fuurouta seems to be in prison but when he heard about this news, he decides to get cheeky again. I mean, as a ghost he could just pass through walls, right? When Jirou sees him, he tells police officers to surround him since he cannot pass through living objects. At first Fuurouta is not interested to work with Jirou and his bureau but after seeing how cute Kikko is, he’d love to try it out. He learns everyone here is a superhuman except for Jirou who is the only human. Fuurouta wants to join but they’re not hiring since they just hired Kikko. They brought him in just to watch over him so he doesn’t play pranks on others. Fuurouta smitten with Kikko, tries to impress her but her mind is somewhere else. Along the way, he meets Campe, the bug he saved earlier. He gets the wrong idea she likes him so he tells her he already has someone he likes. He also thinks she is a ghost because she ‘suddenly disappears’.

The bureau’s chief, Daishi Akita talks to Jirou’s adoptive dad and researcher, Magotake about the Tartaros Bugmen who once ruled this world for millennia before falling from power. Magotake believes this virus which he cultivated from their grave is the reason for their downfall. With all the superhumans in the fog case dead, Fuurouta decides to help out with this fog mission since he can pass through things. If he is successful, he’ll join the bureau. He enters the fog and throws the virus container at them. The fog disappears. Campe doesn’t seem pleased and flies away. The bureau members vote whether Fuurouta should join or not. Kikko is against it since she doesn’t want kids working in dangerous places. But by majority votes, Fuurouta is in. In the near future, Fuurouta is attacked by a grownup Campe but saved by Jirou. Campe has been looking for him to avenge the deaths of her Tartaros Bugmen. She as their queen was captured and about to be sold and Fuurouta saved them. The Tartaros Bugmen lived in Japanese woods and had a contract with humans. But today’s politicians forgot about it and started cutting down trees, infuriating them. Because Fuurouta killed them with the virus, she is the only one left. Fuurouta feels guilty and would gladly die by her hands but Jirou tells him his life is not enough compared to the millions he took. Even if Campe took it, what difference would it make? She can’t forgive him is because they are friends. But Campe notes because they are different now, they cannot be friends (Fuurouta is still the same ghost kid who never grew). Fuurouta is sad that he is always stuck as a kid and cannot tell between good and bad. He wants to grow up too. But Jirou tells him to stay as he is.

Episode 3
Detective Raito Shiba is investigating a series of bomb explosions at train stations at airports. He is not too thrilled when the Superhuman Bureau is also assigned to this case. As employees from Yatsuka Heavy Industries were targeted, it is deduces that Yatsuka might be developing weapons for other countries. The loophole is that doing research for it is legal. But what if a superhero is trying to stop them in making weapons for other countries? Shiba lock horns with Jirou about the non-existence of superheroes and will find the culprit himself. Akita explains Shiba was a brilliant detective till an accident. His entire body is replaced with a machine and his memories and personality was transplanted into it. Shiba on his way to a Yatsuka factory, meets a girl named Mieko Koorogi. She asks if he is with Yatsuka. He denies. When he sees the Superhuman Bureau here, he takes her to run but gets electrocuted. She then grabs him and runs into the factory. Mieko is also a robot as she is trying to search for someone but looks like it’s the wrong target. It is discovered that a pair of robots, a male and a female were created during the war. Mieko is one of them. Kaoru Handa is the other although he went missing after the war. It could be that they are sent away and programmed to meet like lovers. When they meet, they might turn into the ultimate weapon. If they are a bomb, you know what this means when infiltrating an enemy country, right?

Shiba finds Mieko and realizes that the recent attacks were because she was trying to find that person and the only clue she got was that he was made from Yatsuka, like how all the bombs were. Shiba is drawn to her but she is not amused and runs away. He is going to shoot her when Jirou borrows some time stopping device from fellow comrade Hyouma “Jaguar” Yoshimura to stop time and grab both of them. Shiba reveals his body is designed very closely to her counterpart, that is why he is drawn to her. That is why he will also destroy her. After telling her about the possible merger that will turn her into a bomb, he tells her it is a safer bet for her to merge with him. Mieko couldn’t accept it and jumps into the water plant to self destruct. In the future, Shiba has turned rogue as he destroys a military escort bringing home a criminal that has been living a recluse life in Guam. He brings her to where the water plant was. He thought Mieko blew herself up but had merely dived to the bottom to hibernate. This criminal is Kaoru who was given orders to hide in the south, Shiba wants him to merge with her. After explaining the false love and sense of justice programmed into them, he will use them to show what true justice is and awake Japan. Jirou steps in to stop Shiba. Mieko and Kaoru have already merged. However they cannot do as Shiba wishes since what he is doing is evil. But aren’t they just machines to programme what they are told to? Jirou says justice and all that crap is only due to humans’ misinterpretation of it and at times make mistakes. Shiba and Jirou begin their super power fighting. If the bomb doesn’t destroy the place, I think their fighting would.

Episode 4
When beasts were spotted in Japan, Jirou wanted to use his power to kill them but was reminded the bureau’s duty is only to secretly manage superhumans. Jirou believes all beasts are evil although his colleague, Emi Kino believes not all are. Upon arrival at the scene, Gross Augen pops up to take the beast on. That was the first time Gross Augen appeared and has fought many beasts. But after he has left for his planet, a month later it seems more beasts are appearing. Will there be another such great hero to fight beasts. Speaking of which, a giant squid beast is dropping acidic drops over the city. Don’t worry, there is this little superhuman, Earth-chan to the rescue. Although everybody knows this superhuman, based on the law, superhumans cannot be reported in newspapers despite the monster incident can. Even if superhumans can appear in magazines, they are all lies. It is what the bureau wishes for in their bid to hide and protect them. Also, since more beasts have emerged, the number of superhumans laying low has increased to help out and show off their fighting prowess by defeating those beasts. Jirou and Kikko are following Fuurouta to a bunch of kids keeping a baby beast, GaGon. They are picked up by Ukyo to see the president Matsumoto of a mini company, Radio Wave. As beasts are popular with many people, his aim is to broadcast them live when they appear. He feels sorry for beasts because they are product of human experiments and industrial wastes and believes they should co-exist. However Jirou believes otherwise that they are born from nature.

They explain GaGon had been Hiroyuki’s brother ever since the war. His real brother died of malnutrition. When he picked up GaGon in the streets, he treats it like his reincarnated brother. As proof, it is quite gentle and friendly. Shiba stops by to report findings from the lab about the DNA of beasts coming from one source. This means somebody is manufacturing beasts and might be selling them to crime syndicates. Jirou defends Radio Wave as this rundown factory cannot make a decent beast. Shiba thinks Jirou is conspiring something because with beasts being the bad guys, it is a good reason to make superhumans look good. Ukyo and Matsumoto thank Jirou for not reporting GaGon. GaGon takes a liking for Jirou and clings all over him. When the news reports the return of Master Ultima, it seems like it is a very bad news. Akita sees a couple of his old friends and in their true form, they discuss what measures to be taken. Akita then reports to his bureau members that all the reported beast appearances have been sold separately to organizations by the same maker. And the broker is Radio Wave. Jirou becomes upset as he rushes over there. However Ukyo comes crying that they’ve gone too far as a Big GaGon has been developed using bits of GaGon. Jirou tries to stop Matsumoto but the latter activates his Big GaGon to crush him. Jirou releases his locks to turn into some fire monster and burn the place down. Ukyo is actually Emi as she ‘repairs’ Jirou by pushing back all his protruding bolts and calm his flame.

Episode 5
Jirou is resting and having troubling remembering what happened. As the beast appearances have reduced, Matsumoto, Hiroyuki and GaGon are currently missing but the bureau believes they are hiding at some university that is organizing a peaceful march. True enough they are. Before Jirou could take action, Hiroyuki stabs him with a serum that makes him go berserk. He accuses them all of being beasts so they should become one too. This is part of the plan to make Jirou look like the bad guy so Matsumoto can send his beast to take him down and earn good public image. There is a dead American beast but with GaGon’s regenerative cell, it can grow explosively well. The beast absorbs GaGon and turns into MegaGon! The rally leader convinces the student to protect MegaGon as Jirou runs rampage. Luckily Fuurouta ejects Jirou before anything untoward can happen. MegaGon and the rest make their march and garner more support from the public. Kikko confronts Emi about her disguise as Ukyo. She claims she is a youkai and can’t shape shift without a model, thus the missing cut out pictures from the magazine. Emi knows the chief loves superhumans and would never have allowed this. But she continued to let Jirou stay on the job because he is far more dangerous and not an ordinary human. That is why she loves him. Only a person who truly loves him can stop him. She shows a burn scar on her palm. In short, everyone has beasts inside them. Kikko sees worried Jirou trying to get up because Emi went by herself to defeat the monster. He reveals his hatred for beasts that began since his childhood. A beast was attacking the city and at that time Jirou just escaped some strict facility. That freedom made him cheered on the beast because it is like it freed him. But at the same time he hated it for wanting to destroy the world. There is one beast he can’t reach and Kikko thinks it is Emi. She tries to kiss him and act like a beast to prove there is one inside her?! WTF?! When MegaGon begins to move, it is stopped by Fuurouta disguised as a sticky mat. Then Emi summons the birds to annoy MegaGon as it turns himself into a ball. To buy more time, Kikko uses her magic to try and lift it but to no avail. The trains collide for some super explosion but since it didn’t reach, Akita possesses a train and fights MegaGon till a large explosion occurs. The crowd then provokes MegaGon to attack and destroy. Matsumoto rants about beasts not able to understand humans and that is why he loves them. Cue for him to get killed off. Jirou arrives to finish it off. Emi is seen giving Magotake blood derivatives of Jirou.

Episode 6
As part of the investigation, Fuurouta joins a music-cum-comedy band, Mountain Horse consists of Don, Freeze, Haru and Dee, as an assistant. Seems they incorporate superhuman powers in their brand of comedy. Previously they were normal humans but after making their debut on stage and after the next band supposedly had superhuman powers played, the next day they found themselves with superhuman powers. While the rest relish about their new powers, Don is cautious because of the laws regulating superhumans that made them illegal. There was a robbery in progress but their powers were more comical than anything helpful. It took another group of superhumans to chase the robbers away. Angel Stars becomes the first bona fide superhuman all-girl band while Mountain Horse is left to become second rate comedians and hardly do any singing. But Don doesn’t think it is such a bad idea since it is making people laugh. One day Don overhears his boss discussing with Michiko Touzaki to control the superhuman population by adding some drugs into chocolates as promotional items for Angel Stars that will take away their power. Don is then picked up by the bureau who wants his help to stop this evil organization but he refuses since it will cost them their jobs. While Don’s band mates are pondering to stop this evil, Don talks about how being superhumans is bad. He doesn’t mind being second rate because he gets to make people laugh. The band is called to see Touzaki who is offering them to sing a song that will sell 10 millions of copies. However Don remains suspicious that she would pick them and refuses her. He knows she is on to them that they know about their plan and shutting them up. He hates being superhuman but if they continue to treat him the way he is now, he will be less than a third rate. He is going to use his superhuman power just this one time. So they infiltrate the factory to destroy the chocolates but the robot mascot attacks them. Even Angel Stars join in the attack as ordered by Touzaki. During all that, Dee was killed. Jirou was about to intervene but Don informs that they are quitting immediately. This means they are free to play wherever they are and will not be tailed. He also threatens them to stop this chocolate production or he will show everyone this proof. In the end, the trio continue their comedy routine. Jirou who wanted to recruit them felt their superhuman powers went to waste but Fuurouta notes that they made people laugh and that itself is a great power.

Episode 7
Kikko’s little mascot helper, Ullr is talking to Emi about Kikko’s whose true identity is a princess of some dimension as opposed to her witch status as the people here think. Both somewhat agree Kikko might be getting to close to Jirou. Ullr as her watcher doesn’t like it. Emi as Jirou’s boyfriend doesn’t like it. Kikko meets Judas to register him as part of the bureau. However Earth-chan thought he escaped from prison to do more bad things and attacks him. However Judas zaps her so they can get away. Flashback shows Judas was part of some evil organization. He used his power for evil till Earth-chan fought him. Her words made him changed and wanted to turn over a new leaf. Now they need to contact Earth-chan. Kikko wonders why can’t they just call her. Well, she is a satellite orbiting Earth! Hey. Kikko is seriously bringing a land phone up there? I don’t think the cable is that long. But she has no time since Earth-chan senses those calling for her help and dives down to defeat the evil and even help a baby bird back to its nest! Yes. Even helping an old lady cross the street! Earth-chan our everyday hero! Eventually Kikko gives her some konpeitou to allow this machine to have dreams. Back home, Jirou tells Kikko that Japan’s Prime Minister will be joining DFE (Defence Force of Earth), an organization to defend Earth from evil space people. However many superhuman youths are against this and Earth-chan is needed to help protect the PM. Because the public will always believe whoever Earth-chan protects is the good guy, the whole plot is to make the public view Japan as joining DFE as good. And it is the bureau’s job to make that happen too.

As they talk to Judas, it seems he wants to join in the protest because he believes not all space people are evil. Some superhuman youths think Japan wants to make them fight again. Earth-chan thinks Judas has lied again to become bad so Judas promises he will join the protest and not use his power. When Kikko asks her was she able to dream, she couldn’t answer and blushes. Then some smart ass tells Earth-chan that Kikko is actually a witch. Earth-chan thinks she is tricked and throws away the konpeitou. The protest begins but Earth-chan is just staying watch since she only reacts and helps those who make an SOS from the bottom of their heart. When the protest gets violent, Earth-chan again thinks Judas lied when he used his power. When Kikko intervenes, Earth-chan fights her. Kikko tells her although lying is bad, humans cannot be right all the time. Jirou adds about Earth-chan’s design that the more people she helps, the more feel good feelings she’ll get. It seems to hint that her design isn’t to help others but to hurt. They see Judas using his power to help an injured man. Judas explains how his heart was calling out to Earth-chan in the past to help him help a guy stuck in some accident. He apologizes for breaking his promise and can never be a superhuman of justice like her. In the aftermath, Japan successfully joins DFE. Earth-chan has not slept well since that day and goes down to visit Kikko. She gives her a piece of konpeitou and tells her sometimes people need a little lie. Earth-chan thinks this konpeitou is what lies taste. Mmm. Brings back nice memories of her family. Sleep well.

Episode 8
A group of young kids, BL Clan led by Yumihiko Otonashi diffuse another student protest case. Although they have superhuman powers, they still refuse to register with the bureau. When rumours surfaced about Eye of Lucifer returning, Jirou gets alerted because he is the enemy of Rainbow Knight, his admired ally of justice. Although Rainbow Knight has been labelled mainly as a criminal because his records stated he kidnapped children and demanded ransom. A collector who collected Rainbow Knight’s gun received a note from Eye of Lucifer he will come to steal it. He engages BL Clan to help protect him. Jirou and co are outside the collector’s house. BL Clan thinks they are working for Eye of Lucifer. Suddenly Eye of Lucifer is seen and has stolen the gun. They try to ring him in but he escapes and leaves his decoy costume behind. Jirou continues to believe Rainbow Knight is a hero because he remembers he died before his eyes. Kikko asks Shiba more on Rainbow Knight. The kid he kidnapped, Daitetsu Maki was never found. She thinks everything was a scam to make Rainbow Knight to look like a criminal. But she is even more confused that he was told Daitetsu did exist. Jirou is not happy BL Clan is here to help protect his home since Rainbow Knight’s mask is located in an underground safe. When a commotion is heard outside, they see Equus slightly activated. They think Eye of Lucifer is trying to break the safe using this. It is puzzling because only Jirou can activate Equus. When Eye of Lucifer is seen carrying off Rainbow Knight’s mask, they think it is a trick. He might be holding a fake to make them check on the safe and he’ll steal it then. But to their surprise, the safe is already open. Only Magotake and Emi know its password. Again Eye of Lucifer escapes with his decoy suit.

While BL Clan is resting in their base, Rainbow Mask appears before them. He claims Yumihiko has stole his mask. When his friends couldn’t defeat him, he summons his mecha, Gigander 7. Rainbow Knight deduces Yumihiko’s power is to bend metals. This proves he is disguised as Eye of Lucifer. Because when the villain appeared, why didn’t he summon his robot? His power could easily make Equus look like it activated and open the safe. Yumihiko claims Rainbow Knight’s mask and Eye of Lucifer costume in his possession are real. When the real and retired Eye of Lucifer (an old guy now) confronted Yumihiko, he was worried his family is now being suspected. Yumihiko suggests donning Eye of Lucifer himself to commit crimes and to give him the perfect alibi. Of course his real goal is to lure out Rainbow Knight because there is something he needs to ask. A golem attacks them. Rainbow Knight saves Yumihiko. It is revealed to be Jirou behind that mask. He made one as a fan. Yumihiko remembers being kidnapped by Rainbow Knight who claims he is doing this to protect him as an ally of justice. But after he was rescued by the police, he learnt there was a demand for his release. Although he remembers him as a nice gentle man, he wants to make it clear he is evil. That is why he will defeat him and never become like him. Jirou calls him strong because he can differentiate clearly what is right and wrong unlike him. He adds that the beast that attacked his town when he escaped the facility, he fought it with Rainbow Knight. He sees him as the superhuman of justice but Rainbow Knight denies and claims he just tries his best to be one. Not everyone can be black or white. Even if they are grey and believe in justice, he wants to be that ally of justice. The golem is taken down. The culprit behind this is Akita and his comrade who believes he now owes him one so stop opposing the DFE issue. He also got back the original suits of Rainbow Knight and Eye of Lucifer. In the future, Jirou confronts Daitetsu who is no other than Yumihiko.

Episode 9
The bureau is keeping an eye on a superhuman family of 6. They are believed to be immortals. It seems the wife is waiting for the husband, Minoru to return. They sent out a signal 2 years ago but there hasn’t been any reply. It all began when some factory exploded. This family who lived there survived and showed no signs of anguish. They hijacked an ambulance and crashed it although no bodies were found. They find it strange for the superhumans putting on such spectacle that would only attract more attention. Jaguar believes the family might be missing one member. Originally there were 7 of them. He was there during the feudal times and watched over the family from time to time. Akita remembers a case from USA about an immortal family but they took 2 years to reply. It is believed Minoru had been taken as prisoner of war during World War II off the shores of Hawaii and then end up being used as human experiment to see what could kill an immortal and the secret behind immortality. Nothing worked and they don’t know what to do with him anymore. Only when the bureau gave details about the family, the Americans admitted to this. Magotake finds it odd that the Americans want to do shared research with them now and thus going to set Minoru loose with this intention to reunite with his family. Of course Jaguar finds it odd that they would release an immortal now whom they have kept hidden for 30 years. The plan now is to keep watching them and once they reunite, they will register the family with the bureau.

The family receives a breaking call from Minoru and they are so glad to hear from him. Suspicions start rising when there has been no contact from the American side. At this point in time too, Jirou seems to have left the bureau but makes a return to save the family. He disagrees with the bureau’s excuse of protecting them because he thinks they are just going to exploit them. Of course old flames are starting to be brought up but they have to put they aside now since the Americans have appeared in their giant Transformer! Looks like Uncle Sam doesn’t intend to do shared research after all. The family is not happy that this happened when they are a whole again but Jaguar argues superhumans need to be under government management. The bureau do all they can to fight the robot but Transformer dude can even melt Emi’s youkai! Minoru explains this biological weapon the American created. As long water is around, this robot also serves as a chemical plant that processes the fluids. But it has a ‘weakness’. It will self destruct once its mission is done: To kill the immortal family. This is of course to hide the destruction. There’s some crap about separating molecules from life but I don’t really understand that scientific crap. The family happily goes to be melted by it. The robot soon melts itself. But shortly, the family regenerates and head their own way. Jirou is still upset that the bureau believes in protecting and managing superhumans. It is like they’re saying they are beyond the control of a nation and mankind. It is just arrogant. I guess this means he won’t be coming back even if they ask. Because they cannot harm anyone and no one can harm them, they have already surpassed humans.

Episode 10
Jaguar is a time police from the future, Time Patrol (TP). He goes back to the past (present time) to stop a criminal from changing history. Meanwhile the police surround a house whereby an ordinary old man is holding a couple of superhumans hostage for scamming him. Jirou and the bureau can only watch. Suddenly a blimp belonging to Infernal Queen (IQ) kills off all the police (because they are inefficient for letting this happen), kills off the old guy (for resorting to kidnapping) and killing off the hostages (for being scammers). Yeah. Everybody died. As explained, IQ is a terrorist organization who decides to kill anybody they deem evil. Next day when Jaguar enters the office, he is asked by Shakkou, the commander of the public security force who suspects him to be a member of IQ. He explains more about IQ and their stealth technology that hides their identity. He shows them pictures of IQ’s members and one of them looks exactly like Jaguar. Jirou believes the photo is fake but Jaguar himself admits it is him. Then he uses his time stopping power to escape but Kikko manages to catch up and brings him back to her place to show him Jaguar’s clone she captured last night! Because he had different items from another era, she believed he wasn’t the Jaguar she knew. This Jaguar is from TP on a mission. Jaguar reveals more that he is also the creator of IQ as he wanted to change history since in the future where he came from there are no superhumans as that potential was taken away from humanity. Jaguar did confronted TP Jaguar before but realizing killing himself would create a time paradox and making himself disappear, he went back in a little further in time to change his methods. Therefore right now there are 3 Jaguars existing in this time line. The bureau Jaguar, TP Jaguar and IQ Jaguar.

Jaguar knows IQ Jaguar will be targeting and to kill the bureau. He throws a question to Kikko about time paradox. Something about if humans would disappear if all the evolved monkeys were eradicated. No. Time would just let it slip by since it would be an unsolvable paradox. But since Jaguar is not big enough to influence time, he would simply disappear. When IQ launches their attack on the bureau, Jirou faces off with IQ Jaguar and although he believes that evil in any form is inexcusable, he questions his method by eliminating evil would make the world a better place. After all, Jaguar was the one who made Equus for him. Equus manages to best the blimp. Jaguar confronts IQ Jaguar and explains why Equus is much stronger because he created it after the blimp. He shoots himself as IQ Jaguar warns he would disappear. But Jaguar already knew it would come to this and is ready to disappear. Eliminating him would just make him feel at ease. He dismisses his childish cold hearted way in making the world a better place so IQ Jaguar thinks he is just trying to erase his embarrassing past as an adult. After IQ Jaguar dies, Jaguar is surprised he is still around. Oh, but the blimp crashes. Did he die? Nope. He pulls himself out of the water and standing before him is Kikko. She explains she went to get TP Jaguar’s time watch and showed it to Magotake. He went to research on how to make time travel work and thus his watch began to research on time travelling. And thus Jaguar’s watch was created, creating a time paradox question of the chicken or the egg. Now he has become an unsolvable paradox and must exist for the sake of time. Like Jaguar once said about history cannot be erased. Just that things get written over. And that is why the past cannot be undone.

Episode 11
Claude, some Code Geass Zero knock off intercepts a US submarine. Jirou is seen talking to Touzaki. He hasn’t forgiven her agency for being involved in that chocolate and GaGon incident. She claims he misunderstood as they support the hypothesis the humans evolve into superhumans. They think the bureau is too liberal with that term and should include aliens, demons, robots, etc. After all, superhumans are humans too. Angel Stars are here performing for the launch of the US submarine. However Claude is seen standing atop it after it surfaces. He asks Angel Stars if they are fighting for justice, freedom or peace. They answer justice and their paycheques. He likes their answer and slices open the submarine! It reveals the inhumane use of superhumans as power source for the submarine. Shiba fights him. Claude believes superhumans should not be used for wars and conflicts. He claims superhumans fight for either justice, freedom and/or peace. The fight ends when Kikko tries to intervene. Claude releases some explosion that reminds Kikko of Jirou’s power going berserk. In the aftermath, clips of the submarine workings are shown on TV. As showing such footage would violate the superhuman law, the bureau believes Imperial Ads must be behind this and pulled some strings. They also think Claude is from that agency seeing their timing is more than coincident. While Jirou drives Kikko home, he mentions his disagreement of Claude’s ways and might be planning to fight him. But Kikko is more concerned about Jirou’s hostility to Imperial Ads. He brushes it off and believes Claude is not superhuman but a demon. Kikko points out herself as a witch. She can’t take anymore of this arguing and walks the rest of her way home. One day Kikko gets a call from Claude to come as he wants her to see something. She decides to go alone and it has been 2 months since Claude has stayed silent. Inside the hospital, she is shocked to see Claude killing the doctors. Wait a minute. Why is Claude shock to see her see this? Kikko starts feeling hot and eats some herb that turns her into some, uhm, evil sexy sorceress? She tries to extract answers from Claude but he says this is something he must do to fight true evil. Then she asks Claude if he is someone she knows. He shows a group picture with Jirou instead. With her suspicions confirmed, Kikko passes out.

Episode 12
A scene showing Kikko meeting Dr Nagakawa. He knows about her identity as a witch who gains her energy from human happiness and is here to find a partner. Read that as spouse. Taki and Takahara from Strange Power Risk Management have been requested by the police to investigate crimes of magic and science abuse. Using magic to materialize simple solidification of that moment carved deeply into that point of space in time, a secret passage is also revealed where dead corpses of superhumans were used to be experimented on. Could it be Claude got word of this place and came here for revenge? Kikko is not pleased to hear a new law to be passed that will put superhumans down with force. It makes Claude’s case more humane. She runs away but Jirou wonders if she and Claude had met. She gives him that group photo and tells him he should just reveals his true feelings for her. Jirou asks Emi about this unknown kid in the photo. Since he doesn’t remember, Emi tells him this guy was his friend, Jin. He is dead. Killed by Rainbow Knight. When Jirou goes home, he sees Magotake talking with his old friend, Yoshiaki Satomi who is now an old guy who receives advisor fees from Imperial Ads. Seems they were talking about that Daitetsu incident and the possibility of somebody being Claude. Jirou asks Magotake about Jin and he remembers how close they were and if he was alive, he would be a year older than him. This Russian superhuman, Golubaya Laika enters Japan’s airspace and is shot down by Master Ultima and the SDF. Kikko sees Psy-Kicker at a school to talk about Claude when Golubaya crashes down. The news is reporting all over about this crash. Golubaya is the first superhuman to head to space without a space suit but unlike Master Ultima who is a spaceman, Golubaya is pure Earthling. He once defied orders and attacked an enemy nation before giving his famous speech of Earth’s beauty that is worth risking protecting the lives of all superhumans. Although he was demoted, he might be in contact with Claude.

News spread soon that another student protest at the school opposing the mistreatment of Golubaya being unfairly shot down and calling for greater protection of superhuman rights. Psy-Kicker translates Golubaya’s last words he is here to see a friend before he passes away. That friend is Claude who wanted him to see the inhumane superhuman experiments. Claude believes superhumans are supposed to lead the world to peace but their freedom is taken away in the name of war. Everyone is separated from justice. He knows Kikko has great powers and wants to save people. He has her show her true feelings as she turns into her dark witch form. Jirou arrives too late to protect Golubaya and the superhumans are siding with Claude. He is attacked by Kikko and he believes she is mistaking him for Claude. Master Ultima arrives to retrieve Golubaya’s body. As Jirou is explained, Golubaya flew over Ogasawara Islands without permission and was shot down. He is told to concentrate in finding Claude. Deal with him or else a war will start. More revelations being Ogasawara used to be US territory before being handed back to Japan. There was a superhuman research facility there and maybe Golubaya knew something about it and was headed there. When Jirou confronts Claude in his hideout (courtesy being tracked by Emi’s familiar), he sees him talking over the phone about the kidnapped kids in Rainbow Knight’s incident that all except Daitetsu were killed. In reality they were sent to an island to be experimented on. The ransom Rainbow Knight demanded was made up. Claude gives Jirou the phone to hear the explanation right from the mouth of Magotake. Rainbow Knight threatened to reveal his existence to the public as well as superhuman experiments performed on children. If Rainbow Knight is labelled as a criminal, it would be easy for the government to strengthen their grip on superhumans. His sacrifice was necessary to form the bureau. Jirou is not happy his hero is set up as a criminal. He demands answers but Claude cuts the line. Claude reveals himself. He is Jin though he goes by the name of Nagakawa. He believes Jirou would have been sent to the island and cruelly experimented on just to bring out his abilities had he not been the adopted son of Magotake. He believes the bureau doesn’t protect superhumans. Akita disagrees. Although he wanted to protect superhumans for the sake of the planet, they were in a hurry to form the bureau. Claude doesn’t believe his word and cuts up Akita to reveal his true alien form. A cigarette smoke cloud?

Episode 13
Strange Power reports the cruel superhuman experiments in a press conference but the police arrest them for breaking the secrecy law. Satomi and Touzaki see Junichi Mitsuya the politician about the recent events as well as the student uprising in major cities around the world. Mitsuya thinks they are trying to cash in on the superhuman stars and selling other people’s goods. Mitsuya argues the revised law that is about to be passed in legislation will define humans and thus human laws will no longer apply to them. However Satomi argues back by defining superhumans, he can create any segregation law he wants. That never crossed Mitsuya’s mind! Later he calls the bureau about failing to find Claude. Akita is disappointed in him and possesses his body. Emi and Ullr talk about world balance if Claude and Kikko pledge. Also, Ullr hints that he is trying to find a partner himself but I suppose he can’t make a move when Jirou’s around. Jirou wants a way to bring Kikko back but that medicine that Nakagawa made for her, absolutely impossible. Emi is not pleased Jirou is doing this for Kikko. She has a spell that will turn her devil queen side into some human tiger. As for her original personality, well, if that is her true personality. However Emi wants Jirou never to see Kikko again. Because whenever he is with her, he is trying to become a person she wants. The uprising in Japan begins. The students do a Zero clone by putting on helmets and impersonate Claude to fight the police. Earth-chan intercepts and the crowd wonders whose side she is on. She doesn’t want that tragedy to happen again and she’ll punish both sides if necessary. But she is attacked by Yumihiko who is siding with the police. Then there is Shiba facing off against Psy-Kicker but Fuurouta helps the latter since he is an ally to all kids. Psy-Kicker and his group are then faced with Jaguar and his ant mecha army.

Of course the ultimate fight is between Jirou and Claude. Magotake and Master Ultima are watching them. Despite Claude has the ability to absorb and transform metal, it is Jirou they want. Although he is a product of coincidence, his powers are still needed. It is hinted Master Ultima sacrificed many superhumans to create Claude. Or rather his helmet that gave him his powers. Kikko is about to assist Claude but Emi keeps her busy. She pops a pill that takes away her devil queen side while her original body falls unconscious. Jirou remains defiant to his ideal he wants to protect and be an ally of justice the best he can. Claude calls his ideals foolish and can never be achieved and is only sweet on the ears. That is why he is going to defeat him and become a second Jin. He will not be his replacement and deny everything that is of him. Jirou releases all his locks to go berserk and smash Claude. Claude is going to absorb all the metal but he realizes his helmet is broken and thus his powers have gone out of control. He turns into a metal statue instead. Now it is Jirou’s turn to go berserk. You know you’re in big sh*t when Emi as the only person who could save him starts pleading for others to save Jirou. Judas senses this and calls on a handful of characters over the series. I’m not sure singing with Angel Stars would do any good but as Jaguar mentions, Jirou needs to be pulled out from Equus that is taking away his power. Psy-Kicker does the honours to bring him out before Emi puts back the locks and seals the raging flames. Earth-chan is seen broken. In the aftermath, the revised law has been rejected based on majority vote and many are in shock that Mitsuya had a change in heart. Little does everyone know this is actually Akita possessing him. Jirou has left the bureau without a word or note and this makes Kikko sad. You happy now, Emi? He did live up to your promise never to see Kikko again. What do you mean you meant for him to chase Kikko out of the bureau???!!! Next time make your intentions clearer!!! Ah, a youkai nevertheless but still a woman…

Super Management Crisis And Complication
Oh… My… God… You mean there is another season to continue?! You mean I have to put up with another season of confusion? Looks like it. But first let me get this first season out of the way. Sad to say, I was hoping to enjoy this series but it ended up confusing the hell out of me. Because of its non-linear storyline as well as the confusing plot over plot, combined with the many characters, it is quite unfortunate that I found this series to be hard to watch. Hard to understand. The confusion took that fun out of it. Gone are the days when superhuman and superhero stories were relatively straightforward and having that goodie-goodie tone. Now it has become this ‘sophisticated’ and complicated. I am sure that hardcore superhero fans and those with brilliant minds would appreciate this kind of work while dumb idiots like me resort to mind numbing ecchi fanservice season after season. Yeah…

Okay, to start off with why all this confusion was bad for my watching experience, let me begin with the non-linear storyline. You see, after a few initial episodes, I realized that they were going back and forth between the past, present and future events. I believe and am very sure that despite how disconnected they are, they are all connected and hopefully in the second season where all the dots will be drawn together. But as far as this season is concerned, with a plot that jumps from here, there and everywhere, it only further confuses me to think what the heck is happening. Because for example Jirou was part of the bureau as seen for most of the episodes shown but in the future it looks like he has turned renegade and fighting against them. Thus, such disconnected shorts, my mind was not able to put the pieces of the puzzle together and by the time this season ends, I have so much wondering to do and questions to ask. But thankfully, I forgot most of them by the time I penned down this blog :\.

This brings me to another point. Because of this non-linear method of executing the storyline, the disconnected stories of some of the episodes feel like standalone fillers. Like that Tartaros Bugmen episode I was wondering what the implication and impact of its story to the series except being Fuurouta’s only prominent episode. In many cases, their stories for the episode do not end there and warrant something like “To be continued… In the near future, b*tches! Hahaha!!!”. Like that robot couple reuniting and facing off with Shiba. Or that case of Yumihiko/Daitetsu in the future. The cliff-hanger ending doesn’t bode well with me since the next episode will be a totally different new story. Except for the final few episodes which became some sort of mini arc. Like I have said that these episodic-like episodes I believe are part and parcel of the bigger story and picture which hopefully will all be connected to when I watch the next season.

Then in most episodes you have like some sort of protests by ordinary citizens (why are they usually unhappy students?) who aren’t happy with something and therefore some blockade and standoff with authorities. Then the confusion comes when the superhumans or whatever gets involved. Whatever. I guess with unhappy people everywhere, it is no surprise to see something similar happening in reality but I’m not going to compare real life and anime here. Sometimes it gets confusing especially that GaGon case where giant King Kong was rampaging but the students were protecting it to go on a rampage. Huh?

The other thing impeding my enjoyment is the characters themselves. Don’t worry, they are cool. Each of them has their own personality and some with weird super powers. I don’t dislike that. What I am trying to say is that thanks to my previous couple of paragraphs regarding the flow of the series’ episodes, it gets even more confusing to try and understand them especially the main characters from the bureau. This means it goes without saying that other side characters or characters that for now appear only in that episode, I’ll be usually wondering their fate at the end of the episode or their overall impact at the end of the season. Except for the final episode where they try to mash in as many of the past characters so that you’ll at least remember that they still have some sort of role to play and related to this whole mess big or small, directly or indirectly. Then again, for the umpteenth time I will say it, they are all somewhat connected and yes, wait for it, I’ll find out more the next season comes.

For example, Jirou himself. Now, I remember clearly this dude says he is the only non-superhuman in the bureau. I am not sure if his memory is faulty (since he really does have memories he cannot remember) or he is being planted with false memories. And then halfway through, we see him spout superhuman-like flames. OMG. Is he a robot or a superhuman trolling everyone else by convincing them he is true blue human? So is he human or some sort of superhuman but doesn’t technically fall under the definition of what a superhuman is? Confused? I know I am. I want to believe his tragic past is simple like how he got involved with all this sh*t but it just got complicated after that Rainbow Knight revelation and all that other crap. Geez. I don’t want to talk about this anymore.

But I still have to talk about the other characters. At least from the bureau. But they too are a big mystery since we are only fed bits and pieces of information about each of them. Like Kikko the magical witch from another realm. Okay. Emi the youkai who has more than just colleague ties with Jirou. Okay. Fuurouta the friendly ghost. Okay. Jaguar the man from the future who came back to the past and is now living in the present. Uhm… Okay. Akita the chief of the bureau who isn’t really an old geezer human as we think he is because he is some sort of, uhm, cloud alien? Well… Okay. Magotake the adoptive father of Jirou who looks more than just a scientist than meets the eye. Okay. Then there are other recurring characters like Shiba the detective who tries to quell the situation but often fails because crowd power or bureau intervention. Then there are those who aren’t done yet and more is to meet the eye than them like Master Ultima, Touzaki and Satomi. Are they on our side or against? Okay, too many already. Time to stop.

In short, the character development isn’t the best here but I won’t go so far to say as it is that bad. It is just that with the confusion and complication of everything, maybe there were more revelations about certain characters over the series. Just that I was just being such a stupid guy trying hard to understand. And while my brain was working, my ears weren’t so perhaps the important stuffs just slipped before my ears. Every character including other superhumans making their cameo here holds a lot of great potential and secrets to be revealed which I believe would be quite interesting to know. Even the background of certain incidents as well as how superhumans came about and all that conflict sh*t would be good topic to be explored in depth. But as for this season, I will just leave my thoughts here.

Those hoping to see some sort of romance brewing between Kikko and Jirou and even with Emi might be disappointed. I know I am. Because I thought this seemingly love triangle distraction would be the only thing that I would understand and enjoy. Shucks. Then perhaps they tried to troll us with Ullr but I suppose nobody cares about this cute little piece of crap. Because we are so used to seeing such cute little critters as mascots to assist the heroine instead of being a main character and love interest of others. Yeah, it will be freaking weird if it ever works out. Then again, everything in this series is weird simply because you don’t understand it well enough.

It is interesting to see the series exploring the theme of using superhumans and exploiting their powers for war. The biggest irony is that normal ordinary humans that don’t possess a shred of power are the ones suppressing those with actual powers. But at the end of the day, the question of morality, justice, freedom and peace boils down to even viewers’ discretion. Your stereotypes and knowledge will make you conclude whether or not the act of managing superhumans is good or bad. There will always be two sides to a coin. Anyhow, managing humans, super or not is one big messy piece of sh*t, don’t you think so? Come to think of another irony, do you think it is logical for laws made by humans to regulate superhumans? Imagine superhumans making them for ordinary humans. I smell hardship slavery and dictatorship… On a side note, for those who are wondering why this series looks similar to American DC Comics’ Watchmen, it is because the producers made this series based on its setting.

After all that confusing storyline flow and insufficient character developments, I guess I could say I also take some pleasure in watching the action scenes. In line with the superhuman theme, I guess it doesn’t disappoint as you have your flashy and exaggerated superhuman powers that defies logic accompanied with lots of explosions, booms and bangs. But these action scenes usually aren’t that long as they are just something to supplement the drama and plot. After all, with the bureau going around investigating stuffs, sometimes you might feel it is turning into a detective genre instead.

The art and animation style of this series can be said to be unique in its own way. At least slightly different than your today’s standard Japanese anime. It has lots of interesting character designs although some like Jirou reminds me like he popped up from some retro anime series. Uhm, like that dude in Cyborg 009? Yeah, definitely that similar hairstyle. Some look cartoonish like Fuurouta (I supposed it would be in line as the series’ joker character) and Earth-chan. Besides, I think many of the decent female characters have this bishoujo look. You know how a sucker I am for a pretty face ;p. The colourful backgrounds as well as the bright colours of the characters definitely give this series a superhuman and superhero feel. Also, if you feel that the series is like it popped up from a comic book, that is because some of the background tones use those dots to convey that sort of feel. They just didn’t incorporate onomatopoeia words.

As the cast list of this series is long, the only ones I recognized are Aki Toyosaki as Emi, Ayana Taketatsu as Earth-chan, Shinichiro Miki as Magotake and Nana Mizuki as Campe. The rest of the casts are Kaito Ishikawa as Jirou (Genos in One Punch Man), Sumire Uesaka as Kikko (Shalltear in Overlord), Eriko Nakamura as Fuurouta (Chisato in Koi To Senkyo To Chocolate), Tokuyoshi Kawashima as Jaguar (William Jones in Emma: A Victorian Romance), Tetsuo Kanao as Akita (Chad Adkins in Gangsta), Kenichi Suzumura as Shiba (Sougo in Gintama) andTomokazu Seki as Claude/Jin (Chiaki in Nodame Cantabile).

The rock style opening theme, Katararezu Omoi by ZAQ isn’t too shabby and fits with the overall mood and pace of the series. The ending theme is unique as it is weird. The Beginning by Yohsuke Yamamoto is one of those few anime themes to be an instrumental. Although the rock piece is acceptable, what I found weird is the ending credits animation filled with paper cut-out montage and animations as well as kaleidoscope effects. Superhumans on LSD? I also found out that there are quite a lot of insert songs featured throughout the series but I never noticed them since I was too busy trying to understand what is going on. Although those sung by Angel Stars I have noticed but it isn’t something that appealed to me.

Overall, this series isn’t an easy anime that any Tom, Dick and Harry could just jump in and simply watch and understand. It is not like your Hollywood superhero movies whom everybody can just watch and enjoy without even reading the comic book first or know a damn thing about the characters. You need to take some time to digest what is going on. This season isn’t as concrete as I hope it would be and more like wet cement. Still shaky and not solid yet but in time would be. Hopefully that is what the second season would be. This series is after all like superhumans themselves. They are still humans beneath all that fancy costume and flashy powers and deserve to have a second chance.

I thought Japan had come out with their own version of the American TV series, Bones. But who am I to compare since I never watched that show anyway. Sakurako-san No Ashimoto Ni Wa Shitai Ga Umatteiru might be a mouthful to pronounce and the title itself might be misleading because it literally means Corpses Buried Under Sakurako’s Feet. Saying this is a horror-cum-murder-mystery wouldn’t be exactly accurate either. Our titular character has always been fascinated with bones and an expert in analyzing it. She can tell and describe with intricate details of any bones you present to her. Yes, each bone tells their own story and you can safely guess that there will be murder mysteries that need to be solved based on her expertise in examining these bones. Interesting, no? If she isn’t weird enough for you, why the heck does she have an ordinary high school boy who isn’t exactly a bone freak following her around in her investigations?

Episode 1
Shoutarou Tatewaki sees people gathering before the school gates. A dead cat. He requests for newspaper and cardboard box and Yuriko Kougami brings it for him so he buries it under a sakura tree. As he narrates, the reason he doesn’t freak out as much as others is thanks to Sakurako Kujou. She is a princess who loves bones. She isn’t interested in human relationship (though it is sad she has a fiancé) and has dedicated her life and passion to bones, making a career even out of it. Her home is filled with assembled skeletons of animals. It is a scary place considering she lives alone with only a housekeeper, Ume Sawa. Shoutarou’s relationship with her isn’t clear but he follows her around to dig for bones. And so here they are at the lovely beach and he is made to dig for bones. To motivate him, she will treat him to Alaskan prawns if he finds a good specimen. After all the common animal bones dug up, they stumble onto a big one: A human skull! Sakurako waxes lyrical about the skull and from her touch and knowledge, she can tell the gender, age, race and even how this person was murdered! Yes, Shoutarou lets us know that each time they go bone hunting, they are very likely to find those belonging to humans. All the time. He calls the cops but Sakurako wants to keep this skull to herself and runs away! The policeman comes anyway to take their statements and all of that procedures, blah, blah, blah. Sakurako is confident they’ll never catch the killer. Because this skull is at least 100 years old! She can deduce from the molar cavity and such.

While giving a ride back to the police station, the policeman mentions about finding bodies recently because there is a double suicide washed up ashore just up ahead. This immediately piques Sakurako’s interest as she orders him to stop. I can’t believe that without any identification whatsoever, she barges into the scene and orders the forensics to show the body. Who is she to give orders? She can tell this isn’t a double suicide. It is a murder masked as a double suicide. It took Shoutarou to explain about her relation with her retired uncle who is a great forensics so the police agree to go for her advice to conduct autopsy. After giving her statements at the police station, Sakurako explains how she knows it was a murder to satisfy our curious brains. From the implausibility of tying the knot with a weaker hand and how the knot is facing the wrong way, there is also no obvious evidence that they died drowning and must have been murdered beforehand before being dumped. Shoutarou thought she was acting suspicious when she wants to use the public phone to call instead of borrowing his handphone. He discovers she is trying to smuggle out that skull as her reward! She is still adamant it is hers. Eventually she couldn’t keep it and Shoutarou couldn’t get his Alaskan prawn reward. But back home, Ume has prepared a lavish dinner (Sakurako’s call earlier). She mentions Shouko, Sakurako’s aunt who runs a rose garden visited while they were out. She also left a gift that would delight Shoutarou: Alaskan prawns!

Episode 2
When Shoutarou is at a convenience store late one night, he sees a little girl in the middle of the streets. Naturally he takes her to the police station so he could call her parents. But as a 3 year old, she can’t speak well. I guess police officer, Hiroki Utsumi lacks child diplomacy so she’s not showing him anything. Shoutarou fares better. Trading his candy to take a look at her backpack, they find a teddy bear with a bloodstained handprint. No, it’s not paint you dumb officer. Shoutarou has an idea. So he goes to bug Sakurako at an ungodly hour just to hear him out. After changing her clothes, Sakurako notices something wrong with her left arm. The girl won’t show it to her but after talking about that crap about regenerating bones, I don’t know if she understands it but she lets her see. Sakurako deduces there is some sort of fracture and possibly by force twisting. She could be a victim of child abuse. Although there is no pain and she could go on with her daily life, there will be swelling. This means there must be a time her mother must have brought her to a hospital to check so they can find out her name and where she lives from the hospital’s records. Although Utsumi did find the hospital, however the name and address are fake. It can be concluded the mother fears being reported for constituted abuse. While hanging out at the playground, Yuriko is surprised to see Shoutarou. Even more surprising is that she knows the little girl since she used to volunteer at a children’s centre and they used to play a lot. This means she knows where she lives and her real name: Yuuka Tominaga. At her house, Yuuka is happy to come home but upon opening the door, Shoutarou stops her from entering. He knows that foul stench. The stench of a corpse.

Time for Sakurako to work her magic and unveil the mystery. Checking the mom’s body, she feels there is something off. From the slash wounds, she deduces it must be a surprise attack and the killer must be someone she knows. The sound must have woken up Yuuka. Mother tried to save her daughter but the room is filled with garbage and the only way out was through this kitchen window. But why didn’t she escape herself. When Sakurako accidentally steps on a milk bottle, she believes there is another child. Turning over her body reveals a trapdoor and underneath it is a baby boy. Due to the heatstroke of being trapped, the baby is barely alive so Sakurako proceeds to do CPR. But the mad killer is back and stabs Utsumi. Now he confronts the duo. Sakurako cannot stop her process and Shoutarou is scared stiff. Wounded Utsumi returns to restrain the mad guy. Shoutarou turns into a brave lad to tackle this guy. Don’t worry, he has training in martial arts. But this brave act has Sakurako remember a traumatic event. She screams for Soutarou not to go. When it is over, she scolds him for doing something reckless and having a death wish. In the aftermath, Yuuka reunites with her baby brother, mad guy gets arrested and Utsumi is wheeled into the ambulance. He’ll recover in no time since the attack missed his vital organs. Sakurako deduces what happened although most of it would be speculation. The guy is a drug addict, returned for reasons unknown. He slashed the mother. She tried to get her kids to safety but only Yuuka managed to ‘jump’ to safety. Although she defended her children, it still doesn’t absolve the guilt of letting her child’s injury go untreated. Shoutarou is surprised she called him by his name. But he wonders if he misheard Soutarou then.

Episode 3
Shoutarou accompanies Sakurako on a hiking trail to find more animal bones. He is still irritated that he returned to calling him his unwanted nickname and doesn’t remember calling his real name for once. As he is about to ask who is Soutarou, they hear a woman’s scream. She has found a dead corpse with bones exposed. That sound is like music to Sakurako’s ears, no? And it’s time for Shoutarou to call to police too. As usual, she ignores all protocol to examine and deduce about the hiker of how he died, when he died and even the possible age based on the bone structure and fractures. I guess the detective wasn’t listening to her awesome theory and takes her away. Thus she has been sulking in her room ever since. Shoutarou brings cold watermelons to her room. He sees a photo of her and a young boy. She explains that is Soutarou, her dead younger brother. At the end of the school term, Yuriko wants to see Shoutarou. At the café, she starts getting a little upset. Uhm, is it about the chiffon cake he offered? But she thanks him for finding her grandma. Eh? The police was the one who told her. That dead hiker is her grandma. The police had classified her death as suicide but she kept believing it wasn’t so since the last time she left, everything in her place was left as it is.

Shoutarou brings Sakurako to Yuriko’s place as she explains about how grandma offered to take care of bedridden grandpa by herself. His dementia worsened over the years and the family continued to believe grandma’s words that she could do it herself. Yuriko feels guilty that maybe they just pretended not to know and pushed all the responsibility to her. After all, taking care of an aged person is very stressful and that must have driven her to suicide. As thanks for listening to her story, she gives them a piece of grandpa’s painting. But since she wants to know how grandma really died, Sakurako brings her to the site. She is very sure her grandma didn’t come here to die and thus did not commit suicide. It is true that she might have fallen off this cliff but it is not a height that would kill you. She just fell in a bad way but thankfully she didn’t have to suffer long before she succumbed. But as to why she was here, they head up the cliff. A very beautiful scenery of the mountains and town. This scene is in one of grandpa’s paintings. But the painting is not sunset but sunrise based on the direction he painted it. Therefore grandma got up in the wee hours to just catch the sunrise. Then there’s some scientific explanation about the sunrise rejuvenating your cells. Thus grandma came here to cheer herself and continue to live. Yuriko realizes she wanted to see the sunrise so she could continue living with grandpa.

Episode 4
With the things he has seen, I’m sure you can’t blame for Shoutarou to be worried about his mom and wants her to live a long life. After all, dad passed away when he was young. He gets a call from Utsumi needing a favour because his friend, Fujioka thinks he is going to die. Apparently all the men from his family die premature deaths so he thinks it is a curse and his turn is next. Did he mention Fujioka has got a family too? Of course Sakurako rubbishes this curse thing as mere coincidence. Utsumi wants a favour from Sakurako to tell him the curse is not real. Oh, there is one more thing. He has a cursed dog too. Apparently the dog that has passed through several owners, all of the owners died! The last owner was his uncle and he too died shortly after. The dog was supposed to be euthanized but Fujioka pitied it and took it in. Fujioka’s house is a large custom designed mansion. Must be his lucrative trading business. They meet him and his family. Their dog, Hector instantly jumps on Sakurako and takes a liking for her. They talk more about Hector. Utsumi thought Hector warms up to Fujioka but he says it feels like the dog is more of watching him like as though it has been staring at him for some time. Fujioka still believes in the curse and has already taken steps to assure his family lives comfortably without him. Since Sakurako calls all this crap, Fujioka shows a book containing the names of all the family members throughout the generations, their age of death and even their existing or pre-existing maladies.

Fujioka is even serious when he wants Utsumi to help his family when the time comes and protect them on his behalf. The argument gets too intense that Fujioka decides to cool off and go get his birthday cake. It’s his birthday today. The wife then continues about Hector. Maybe it likes dead animals because when uncle was found dead after a week later, it was seen next to his corpse. Sometimes during walks, it would run off and bring back dead animals in its mouth. She thinks it can smell death. Aside of finding Hector another owner, she also mentions a cursed painting he took in. Since this forest landscape picture was creepy, she has her husband kept it in the storage. They continue examining the various diseases the other men in the family died before they reach 50. Sakurako thinks it might be genetic and skin disease and respiratory illness might be the source. After all, Fujioka previously had asthma treatment. Hmm… Maybe he should just quit smoking? When Fujioka returns, Sakurako immediately wants him to show the cursed painting which she believes is close by here. Everyone is left shock at her actions but she knows the answer to solve his curse.

Episode 5
Fujioka brings them to the room where he kept the cursed painting. Immediately Sakurako has everyone put on mask and gloves because it is toxic. That smell that permeates the room is arsenic. The mould of the painting is the culprit since it is kept in poor conditions and with the humid weather, the mixture of chemicals from this painting that was painted hundreds of years ago out. The easiest way to solve this is just to open the window and let some fresh air in! Thus it can be explained that many of the premature deaths are from arsenic poisoning that could lead to respiratory and digestive system failures. Sakurako notices his nails and coughing as symptoms but assures them his daughter has not shown any signs but to be safe, take her to see a doctor. Sakurako also deduces why only men in his family die young. Something about stress levels releasing dangerous chemicals that constricts blood vessels and thus increasing cardiovascular risk. Women on the other hand have higher tolerance to stress. With the myth of the curse busted, everyone focuses on celebrating his birthday. He is going to continue to live, right? Relieved Fujioka wants to go wash his face and take his last smoke. But it seems he is contacting with some shady guy. The rest continue to talk about Fujioka. Utsumi and Fujioka’s wife knew him as a nice person but after they had their daughter, it’s like he started to change. It’s like he has accepted his curse and worked hard so he would leave enough for his family. When Hector couldn’t stop barking and Utsumi only recently met after having seen each other for a long time, Sakurako feels something is not right. Then it hit her that everyone has been deceived by Fujioka. He is the one who made that detailed family tree. Noticing Fujioka is taking too long, they head outside to see him bleeding to death. It might look like a mishap from the axe handling but Sakurako knows he is trying to kill himself from the way the wound is created and how the handle is broke.

Sakurako continues that Fujioka went to great lengths to adopt a cursed dog and cursed painting despite knowing and fearing the curse. His detailed research of his family and the trouble he went through to print it out so that he could conceal his suicide as accidental death by taking advantage of his family’s cursed history. Utsumi was used because a police officer’s words would have more credibility. Besides, isn’t it strange for him to suddenly trust Utsumi after not seeing each other for so long? Fujioka reveals after the birth of his daughter, he really wanted her to have a good life so he started investing heavily but a year ago the stock market crashed. Truth is, they don’t have enough to survive for next month. Sakurako is a little upset because he came up with this ridiculous plan not knowing how those left behind would feel. Hector was always watching him probably to stop this foolish act. He has fears like when his father died, the family suffered financially. His wife doesn’t care about the money because it’s her dream to grow old with him and they can sell the house to start over again. Although the ambulance siren is heard, they remember a car blocking the path so it will take time for the detour. Utsumi carries Fujioka and makes a mad dash for help. He owes him big time for this. In the aftermath, Hector is now adopted by Sakurako. Fujioka has got a job and doing fine. Sakurako is still puzzled about the appraiser of the painting who convinced Fujioka to keep it and even showing it to a baby. Sakurako believes curses exist but not in supernatural sense. By magnifying the anxiety, death can be easily triggered in some situations. The wind blowing in Shoutarou’s face surprised Sakurako a little as she saw shades of Soutarou.

Episode 6
Yuriko’s friends want her to invite Shoutarou in a group date for the festivals. I suppose she knows Shoutarou is into more of that woman so she didn’t invite him. It feels odd she turns up alone while her friends are with their dates. Yuriko thinks she sees a lady trying to jump off the bridge. A slight distraction and when Yuriko looks back, she is gone. But a letter is dropped where she last stood. Her homeroom teacher, Itsuki Isozaki happened to be here on patrol so she tells him what happened. As the letter has no name, he opens it. It sounds like an apology-cum-suicide letter. There is also a ring. Using a marker pen to determine the authenticity of this diamond ring, Isozaki can deduce it is a wedding ring and there is a date that goes back 3 years ago. Could it be the woman wants to follow her husband in death? Isozaki doesn’t want to search for her claiming it was her choice. Utsumi patrolling the area hears them out. Teacher and policeman get into an argument about saving this woman. I mean, how could they find a total stranger whom they don’t know how she looks like in this sea of crowd? Yuriko tries to reach Shoutarou to reach Sakurako but he isn’t picking up. The argument is escalating so she draws a hideous portrait of that woman so they could at least have an idea on how she looks like. The search remains futile and Utsumi has to go tend to a lost child. When Isozaki gives up, Yuriko chides him for not having someone close to him die. Before she could go look herself, he tells her he still believes he is right. However if Yuriko gets into trouble, it will be his responsibility. Therefore he will accompany with her to search for only an hour. Only an hour? He wants to watch the fireworks…

Yuriko happens to stumble upon Sakurako. And then the lost child announcement paging for her to return to the information centre! You can imagine Sakurako’s embarrassment as she chides Shoutarou for doing such a thing. I mean, she has no handphone, how is he going to contact her? Now Yuriko scolds him for not telling her he is here! His handphone? Forgot to bring. Unbelievable! Yup, looks like his worth is only his connection to Sakurako. Back to the case, Sakurako laughs at everything after reading the letter. This is not a suicide note and this ring is a mourning jewellery. It is practised in the west and often the hair of the deceased is used. However this ring is different because it is made of bones of the departed. Some high compression theory to explain why it became synthetic diamond. It is believed that woman has found a new partner in her life. Therefore she wanted to say ‘goodbye’ to her departed ex-partner and thus the letter. As the ring cannot be simply sold anywhere and she doesn’t want to keep it while with her new partner, the only way is to throw it in the river. There is a way to return this ring to her but to save all the hassle, Sakurako throws it into the river. She’s already starting a new journey in life and you don’t need this kind of things to bog her down. Case solved. Oh, and just in time for the fireworks.

Episode 7
Shoutarou is surprised Sakurako turned up for his school cultural festival. Didn’t she say she would? His class is running a maid-butler pancake store. His friend wonders who this pretty lady is and they couldn’t believe she is just somebody he knows. But they start to believe they may just be casual friends when she got up and left after she finished. Shoutarou goes to find her but it doesn’t take long because he knows she went to the science lab to check out the bones. This place is off limits so Isozaki catches them. However Sakurako isn’t happy how the bones are treated. They are placed like as though to collect dust. She makes a few adjustments and this impresses Isozaki. He then has a favour to ask of her. The prep room is believed to be haunted because of the bones assembled by a science teacher, Atsurou Sasaki long ago. He died on the job and the bones were left ever since. The principal has been bugging him to go through them but he remains sceptical. Since she is here, he thought of asking her to help go through them. She will in exchange for cakes. As a start, she looks through the list of all the items in the prep room. She is impressed with the large number of animal bone specimens. Shoutarou feels uneasy some are of pet category especially the skull in her hand is that of a cat. He then remembers Sakurako’s first pet was a cat and connects the dots that the cat specimen at her home is her cat. He gets upset to learn she only felt sad for a while. She even dissected and did autopsy on it to find the cause of death. I don’t know what’s his problem of getting so worked up. I know, nice memories with pets but doesn’t that differ with everyone? Shoutarou and Isozaki go through other boxes, one that seemingly contains the personal belongings of Sasaki. Then there is a huge chest in which Sakurako picks its lock. Inside are bones of a human. There is fire damage on it so it is believed instead of burying the bones after cremation, Sasaki took it back here. Soon, this is all over the news. The bones are confiscated by the police and even some of the animal specimens. It is learnt the bones belong to a woman named Natsuko Sone. She used to take care of Sasaki’s sister. Shoutarou remembers that name in one of the belongings. Shoutarou notices the cat bones missing. However it is also not on the list. He fears that Sakurako may have smuggled it out. When he goes to visit her at her home, nobody is in. Sakurako seems to be communicating with him via words on a monitor. This bed-ridden guy is supposedly her forensic uncle, Masamichi Shitara. She gets a book of unsolved cases he used to handle.

Episode 8
Isozaki is tasked to mail Sasaki’s belongings to the family since they find it troublesome to come and get the stuffs. But Shoutarou offers to go delivery it personally because he wants to know what kind of a man Sasaki is. So he goes to bug Sakurako and they drive over to the place of Sayuki Haruma, Sasaki’s older sister. Although wheelchair ridden, Sakurako notices her odd toe sizes. These Celtic toes run in the family. Sayuki confirms the bones were of Natsuko who was also her best friend. She asks if there are more bones found and of course they say there weren’t. It supposedly belonged to Natsuko’s baby. Sayuki narrates when Natsuko was first brought into the household to look after her after Natsuko’s mom who worked in the red light district passed away. The trio became close friends. When Sayuki was in her teens, Natsuko became pregnant. Although Sasaki was fond of her, he was not the father. The baby died because it was born premature. Natsuko knew of her position and had to dispose the baby. The family disowned Sasaki when he went into the teaching profession but even then, they did not get married. When Sayuki married, Natsuko immediately left and only a few years later they learnt she died alone. She feels bad and wants to give them a proper burial but it is sad the baby is not among Sasaki’s belongings. However Sakurako believes they are buried in a different place and by following the clues from the poem, they dig up an orgel buried underneath a tree. Inside contains a few bones. Sakurako deduces one of them to be a grown female so it may be possible Sasaki dug up her bones, placed them here and reburied them again. But she senses something amiss from the other bones. They confront Sayuki again and Sakurako believes the real mother of the baby bones is her because of the Celtic feet. She also found holes in her story that if Natsuko buried the child immediately after giving birth, wouldn’t that pose a threat to her life? And why did Natsuko gave birth in Sayuki’s room in the first place?

Sayuki explains the truth that she fell in love with an acquaintance of her dad. Natsuko would help write love letters on her behalf to him and such. They parted ways after they found he had a family but by then Sayuki was already pregnant and her dad was trying to arrange marriage for her. The rest was the truth. Natsuko protected her even it meant destroying any hopes of being with Sasaki. Shoutarou still doesn’t understand even if it was so, why didn’t Natsuko and Sasaki end up together. Sakurako says that Sasaki believed the baby belonged to Natsuko and that she might be his half sibling. Because Natsuko never knew her father and how could their dad bring in someone unknown into the household at that time? Later Shoutarou returns to Sayuki to hand back the poem. It isn’t about something grim but about goodbye. Shoutarou then investigates why Sakurako bothered to steal a cat’s bone when the creature is so common. Realizing her naming sense of why she named her cat after a bone part, he realizes there is a pair of cats. He explains his findings to her and knows she is an alumna of his school. Because she was able to find her way to the lab without getting lost and already knew Sasaki’s name. After all, his school was only opened to girls until 10 years ago. Sakurako claps his brilliant deduction and admits Sasaki was her teacher. A brilliant one that taught her the skills of the trade. In this box contains the bones of her other cat that she believes belong to her. Her cats were poisoned one day and Sasaki without saying a word understood what she wanted. Sasaki also viewed completion and peace in death so when Natsuko died, her bones were already with him and they were already together. He was happy indeed. Sakurako’s day is brightened up when Shoutarou says he already spoke to Isozaki to allow her to keep the cat bones and could just replace it with fox bones.

Episode 9
Sakurako and Shoutarou visit Yuriko. Today happens to be the monthly anniversary of her grandma’s death. There are a few belongings from grandma that was supposed to be for her but she can’t figure out which of them so she has Sakurako help out. Yuriko remembers grandma talking to her just before entering high school. It was something about a time when she will get married. Sifting through boxes of letters and poems, Sakurako shifts her attention to the paintings. One is a painting of lilies which is an obvious reference to Yuriko. The other is some island and despite its tragic grandma-grandchild story behind it, the painting represents a happy time for her. Sakurako tells the truth that she doesn’t know which painting supposed to be for Yuriko. Based on a letter she read, Yuriko received a doll for Christmas. She knows Yuriko doesn’t like that doll but her frustrations were never shown in any of the letters. The conclusion is simple. Grandma’s happiness is her happiness and Yuriko’s happiness is grandma’s happiness. In short, only Yuriko can solve this mystery herself.

When Shoutarou brings several puddings he bought at a local store for his next visit at Sakurako, he remembers he used to buy only this brand of pudding from that particular store when his grandma was dying of cancer and hospitalized. He kept wondering why and surprisingly Ume can solve this mystery. After asking Shoutarou a few questions that include the time and distance he cycles to the shop and hospital, the key issue here is time. His grandma was suffering from some bone cancer in which the cancer destroys her bones from inside out and it is a very painful illness. Each time Shoutarou visits, she will have the nurse inject pain killers as she doesn’t want him to see her in pain. But since the pain killers take time to be effective, the reason she sent him to buy those puddings to buy some time. Shoutarou realizes he had been a burden without knowing grandma’s suffering. But they tell him grandma know how he felt. Because you cannot take possessions to the afterlife, memories and times spent together are all that are left. The reason grandma chose pudding was because Shoutarou liked it and she wanted to see his smile. After Shoutarou leaves, Sakurako tells Ume that she will be taking her to see the doctor tomorrow morning as she knows her back hurts each time she stands up. However Ume has her pride and refuses till the day she dies. Sakurako notes it is time to put an end to this.

Episode 10
Before the snow covers the forest, Sakurako and Shoutarou walk through for the ‘final’ bone expedition. Isozaki also tails along but he is more interested in the plants. When Sakurako catches glimpse of a certain butterfly, they follow it and it leads them to a corpse. Thankfully, a hare’s carcass. Isozaki then gets a call from the parents of one of his ex-students. Because it sounded urgent he had to leave. Of course he had no car so the only way is for Sakurako to drive him back to change first. Isozaki explains the case about his ex-students. Hitoe Madoka, Futaba Nishizawa and Minami Tsutsumi were so close to each other that they were like sisters. In the second year of their high school, Futaba suddenly vanished. A note that sounded like suicide was found and the case was closed although her body was never found. Ever since, Hitoe and Minami grew distant so much so they were like strangers when they graduated. Now, 2 years later, that call was from Hitoe’s parents and she is also missing. They meet her parents but seeing they are like the rich noble kind, Sakurako isn’t kind enough to mince her words. Because why bother to call her ex-teacher instead of the police? Save face? Some family they are. Instead of talking to them to find any clues, Sakurako searches her room for better chance. The missing items are a large back and a handphone battery so it seems she must be going somewhere for a few days and without signal. None of Hitoe’s friends knew of her whereabouts and when asked if she had contacted Minami, the parents don’t think so because they believe their friendship is irreparable after so long. Shoutarou notices Hitoe was in the tennis club and suggests calling ex-members to find out. How? Conveniently Yuriko is part of the tennis club and agrees to help get in contact with some members. But all she could find are rumours about Hitoe might be dating a painter whom she became a model for.

They pay a visit to Minami’s household, which is a total opposite of Hitoe’s. Her parents don’t care and they look like a drunk or slut. As they search her room, mom mentions their fight stemmed from Hitoe sleeping with Minami’s boyfriend who was some painter. After Futaba went missing, Minami got a boyfriend but recently she found out Hitoe slept with him. Sakurako pulls out a painting from underneath Minami’s bed. Isozaki confirms the girl in it is Minami. This painting is also very similar with the one in Fujioka’s house so it is very possible that painter is connected in both cases. She also found receipts in the dustbin. This must be her favourite restaurant. They see her sleeping there and as they try to get more answers from her, she becomes more defensive. Sakurako even mentions Isozaki’s plant hobby was because of Futaba’s disappearance. Because he failed to save a student, this became his atonement. It’s like if he cares for them, they will respond and won’t leave. Still, she won’t help. Noticing Minami’s anaemic behaviour, she has Shoutarou call Ume to prepare dinner and a room for her to stay. Shoutarou wonders why she is being so nice suddenly. Sakurako observed her behaviour in such atmosphere, they won’t be getting any answers. Besides, if you want to lure a kid, always use food. It’s something she learnt from Shoutarou. And Minami sure tasted the best dinner and dessert ever. It brings back happy yet sad memories how Hitoe used to make such pies for her. At the end of the day as Shoutarou leaves, Sakurako invites him to join her for breakfast tomorrow. He is so happy about this food invitation (I guess kids do love to eat) that he couldn’t suspect Sakurako’s intention. Minami remembers meeting the painter, Hanabusa who was looking for butterflies. I guess she got taken in when he said he found her ‘butterfly’. She was so madly in love with him that she’d do anything. And that meant carving big butterfly tattoo on her back.

Episode 11
After Minami dreams of the good times with her friends, she wakes up the next morning ready to talk to Sakurako. She believes Hitoe is at the elm house. She brings them there and the cabin is quite messy with all the paint marks. Inside a room, oh, it’s those corpse butterflies again. Don’t worry. It is the carcass of a dog lying next to Hitoe. Seems she has taken sleep inducing drugs but the amount she took isn’t enough to be lethal. Eventually she wakes up and the friends make up. When Hector starts barking, Sakurako is happy that it means Hector has found a buried corpse near an elm tree. Digging the ground, everyone else becomes shock when Sakurako picks up a bone supposedly belonging to a young girl due to its size. Isozaki falls into shock and depression, trying to dig the rest out. With his bare hands. Sakurako wants to know which of the girls killed Futaba but they deny and say she committed suicide. Flashback reveals the trio found this place. Each has their own personal problems in reality and this secret base of theirs they could do whatever they want without a care of what others think. They were the happiest trio in the world. One day, Futaba suggests they commit suicide. Minami was against this but Hitoe agreed. When Minami saw how serious they were, she ran away. Being their friend, she can’t help worry and went back to check on them. Futaba has hung herself and Hitoe in a daze because she tried to stop her but failed. Minami then buried the body on her own. When Futaba’s skull and other parts are dug up, Sakurako easily concludes that Futaba did not hang herself but was killed via strangulation. Because of the force applied that broke certain parts, considering Futaba is light weight, such bones cannot be broken via hanging. Therefore the only reasonable reason is that Hitoe killed Futaba and faked her death. That was how Hitoe injured her hand by trying to fake the hanging. Hitoe continues to deny this but when Isozaki looks serious in wanting her to tell the truth, it is time to let the cat out of the bag.

Because there was only 1 rope, Futaba was going to kill Hitoe first and then hang herself. She was dead serious (mind the pun). No choice, Hitoe strangled her using the rope since she realized she doesn’t want to die. Then she faked her death and lied to Minami. Hitoe continues to blame Minami for abandoning them in the first place. Isozaki stops her from carrying on. Instead he apologizes for not realizing the pain they were all in and couldn’t do anything. Actually he was more afraid of hurting himself. You thought the emotional crying would end everything but Sakurako is further delighted when she realizes a skull part is missing. There has been a guy who has been stealing sphenoid (the butterfly shaped bone around the nose). There have been cases even during her uncle’s time and although Sakurako suggested it could be from the same person, it was shot down/ Because no trace of the killer is found, cases soon went cold. But now she is sure who is behind this: Hanabusa. Minami defends that painter to be her angel and has nothing to do with this. She believes he gave her a reason to live and took good care of her. Flashback shows how he ‘gave his love’ by carving those special butterfly wings on Minami’s back. Sakurako rubbishes all that and the girls were just his pawns. He would never love them. Unless they become bones. Minami becomes mad and is about to stab her. Unfortunately Shoutarou protects her and gets stab. Finally Sakurako shows some shock emotion. Don’t die Shoutarou! Thankfully he recuperates in hospital. She is there to explain the truth about Hanabusa who collects sphenoid as his prize. That is why this is goodbye. Shoutarou’s turn to fall into shock. As a cunning and dangerous man, he probably knows all about them by now. That is why she doesn’t want him to get involved further. She doesn’t want to see his bones. Shoutarou is mad that this is the reason why she never calls him by his name. He is right. I know he feels hurt but he doesn’t know how much it hurts her inside too. Because outside, she cries.

Episode 12
Shoutarou has not seen Sakurako ever since. He tried calling her but she never picked up. Oh, he had no balls to go visit her home too. So I guess it is time to fill us with a flashback of how they met 2 years ago. He used to come visit his grandma and at that time his senile elderly neighbour, Hatsue Yachi went missing. Prior to this, Shoutarou did see Sakurako before because he used to wander in the woods and reached her home. He always viewed her as an elegant lady till one day it came crashing down when he saw her took in some corpse. So when Yachi went missing, he suspected it was her. In fact he found Sakurako with her and thought she was the kidnapper. Actually Sakurako found her wandering in the streets and was trying to bring her home. But this shrine she was brought to, Yachi becomes depressed it isn’t the one. Although Yachi was sent to the nursing home shortly, she went missing again. This time Shoutarou had a hunch who might be behind. He confronted Sakurako at her house and she believed he was the one who called the cops earlier. Then she explains about her bone hobby and shows her entire collection. She puts on a surprised look when she learns his name. After Shoutarou told everything, Sakurako helped look for Yachi based on what she knows. They visited some shrine and the priestess said something about the older shrine was renovated and merged and some sort of god that the shrine was dedicated in praying to. This leads Sakurako to know where Yachi is and before you can guess what she meant by all that, they find her unconscious body next to a tree at the shrine’s old site.

Knowing that Yachi will go missing again, Sakurako feels the need to find what she is looking for. Shoutarou notes that she seems to be looking for something buried underneath a sakura tree. This piques Sakurako’s interest because the only thing buried there would be corpses. True enough, they found one. Sakurako shows off her expertise in telling all about this dead man, his job and even how he was killed! After Shoutarou calls the police and they take the bones away which is confirmed belonging to Yachi’s father, due to lack of evidence, the case is of course cold. Sakurako then sees Yachi and tells her about the bones. She then reveals it was Yachi who killed and buried the body. Yachi is shocked and admits she killed him. He was an abusive father. One day she couldn’t take it anymore and fought back. She didn’t realize she went too far and killed him. With her mother, they buried his body at the shrine seeing it is a place where young children are buried. Sakurako narrates how she closed her heart after that. She asks Shoutarou his opinion about this case and also knows about him being a stalker watching her. Then there are some words about time and being alive. Now Shoutarou will not want to regret anything, he runs over to Sakurako’s place. She is not happy to see him and wants him to go home. Using some of the words Sakurako said to him then, he still wants to be with her despite all the deaths they have seen. She blames Hanabusa as a dangerous factor but he claims because of her, many other lives were saved. He believes only she can take on Hanabusa. Because of that, he will stay close to her to be safe. The reverse psychology works as she agrees because she can’t forgive herself if anything happens to him. After all, he also knows she will be successful because she has a competent assistant. Is that a joke? He sure is looking quite highly of himself. Enough of the chatter, they head back in for some apple pie. Hanabusa is seen with a big painting of Sakurako.

Skeletons In Everyone’s Closet
Eh? So the season ends without our main characters even facing off with the supposedly greatest antagonist of the series? Is this some sort of teaser? If this is their way of ending with some sort of suspense and cliff-hanger for a mystery drama series, it is unique but drab at the same time. But otherwise, personally watching this kind of genre feels a bit refreshing for me seeing I am the type who don’t really favour this kind of category or put it high on my watch list. The mysteries in this series aren’t that complex to begin with that you will be left scratching your head in the end. At least they aren’t as bad as the kind that leaves you with more questions or opened answers left to your interpretation. So at least with answers for each mystery ‘served on a silver platter’ to dumb viewers like me, I guess in a way it is passable.

I am not sure how I should put this about the overall feel of the mystery and drama parts. Although they are interesting in their own right, something in me makes me feel that it lacks something to make it even more epic. I’m not saying the mysteries are generic or boring but it just feels it is missing something. I admit and agree that I am indeed glued to the screen and feeling quite interested in knowing the truth behind the mystery. Furthermore, many of the cases we see they end up solving are mainly revolving and related to the main characters like Yuriko’s grandma, Shoutarou’s own granny, Sakurako’s pet cats and Isozaki’s students. It feels more like a ‘family matter’ than solving some sort of big international case that would have gripped the entire nation or the world. But then, Sakurako would have become an international phenomenon and wouldn’t be able to do her favourite hobby quietly.

On the same topic of mystery and drama elements, a little part of me also felt that Sakurako is more like a local detective than an osteologist. Although it is a good thing they do not spam and over focus on the bone parts but the overall mystery of the case has other elements in it that it somewhat overshadows the bones factor. Bones still do play a part in the unravelling of the mystery (and thus why we need Sakurako to explain the big bulk of it), but in the end of it all, it just feels like a mystery that could be used in other series of the same genre. Like the case of the mysterious death circumstances of Yuriko’s grandma and Yuuka’s broken family story, bones are just the lesser factor in untangling the mystery, which is not really a big deal in the first place. And that I mean, stumbling upon bones of somebody big and important like a VIP that would lead to an international organized crime that would lead them sending henchmen out for their lives that would to our protagonists running for their lives while they uncover more truths (and bones)! Yeah. That.

Sakurako is the most interesting person in the series because her character itself doesn’t conform to the expectations of society. She lacks tact and is not afraid to speak her mind and sometimes she is so blunt in your face that it might hurt sharper than a knife. I’m not saying that her voice level rises but even at such a tender voice, the way she says it so straight that it feels there is sarcasm in almost every of her sentence. It is like if you ask a ‘stupid question’ (for the sake of revealing the answer so that we viewers can understand), you’ll be treated with such an answer that also has an air of authority in it. Sometimes you might feel that there is arrogance in the way she explains it (only because she is the best in her field) but at the same time you cannot help but respect and be awed as well as be all ears when she starts speaking.

You can say that I am a dumb person because sometimes when I hear Sakurako explain her facts with reasoning, sometimes I feel that she is just more than an osteologist because she knows a lot of things. And I mean a lot of everything. I suppose that even with her interest in bones, she has to have knowledge on other stuffs so that she could understand better the history of her bones. Like I said, each bone tells a tale so perhaps in her quest to know what happened to them, she did lots of research along the way and thus adding to her knowledge. I’m not saying Sakurako is so smart that she is a walking encyclopaedia but I find it somewhat convenient that for all the cases, she tends to have the know-how of it all. Conveniently she knows all those stuffs. And I am not saying that Sakurako is like an omniscient God or something but another factor why she could easily prove her facts with such confidence is because of her keen observation. To be fair, I believe the series have put clues for viewers to spot too. I am not sure because I’m not observant enough. So this is one of Sakurako’s better traits and why she relieve us dumb viewers of the mystery that we are dying to know of.

The other characters somewhat feel lacking. Those appearing for an arc would be understandable but for those recurring characters, it felt like their potential is somewhat wasted. That for instance, Shoutarou. Besides being her lackey following her around, Shoutarou’s other role seems to be retorting Sakurako. In the sense that whenever she becomes too blunt instead of being tact, he would scream out her name, as if a reminder for her to watch her words and be considerate of the feelings of others. Like she cares. All she cares are the bones before her. I wonder if Shoutarou has a crush on Sakurako especially that final episode when he declared to be by her side. Doesn’t that sound a bit like a proposal? Too bad for those hoping for Shoutarou x Yuriko romance. It never seemed to take off an inch in the first place. Shoutarou only has his eyes on Sakurako and Yuriko is only using him to get to her (not in the bad sense). Oh, here is another reason why Sakurako is the most brilliant character in the series. With Utsumi playing the dumb policeman, that’s why. He might not be a retard level dumb but his more casual ways certainly make it tempting to put this guy into the dumb cop category. After Hector has become Sakurako’s official pet, he does nothing special except being the series’ mascot. I mean, look at his smiling face which is so suitable to be used as a meme. Yeah…

Another reason why the characters feel weak and lack impact is because that there are other obvious questions surrounding them that we want to know but were never answered. Or perhaps it could be just red herring? Is this their way of really sticking it to the mystery genre? I don’t know but I don’t really like it. For example, Soutarou. All we know about him is Sakurako’s dead little brother. That is all. Nothing is said over how he died and how do we know she isn’t just making things up? I know Sakurako isn’t the kind to lie but I surmised that to her bones are the only truth. Shoutarou may resemble closely Sakurako of him but that itself isn’t enough to make us believe why she is pretty much ‘attached’ to this kid. To protect him? Even if he isn’t the real Soutarou? So why say goodbye in the penultimate episode? How the heck will she protect him if she never sees him again?

I have a theory about this. Because of how Hanabusa is connected to all the cases we have seen in this episode, it won’t come to me as a surprise that Hanabusa had a hand in Soutarou’s death. Otherwise why would Sakurako be so obsessed in chasing him since for who knows how long. Why does Hanabusa seem to take a big interest in her? Sometimes I also feel why all the cases are connected is because Hanabusa might be trying to bait and lead Sakurako to something. There is something going on between them that we don’t know as of now. Because of the level of the mystery of that Hanabusa guy is and how late he makes his appearance (despite making very ambiguous and very short appearances in prior episodes), he is another interesting character and sadly with the way things ended this season, it just kills the fun in thinking how much more interesting if these mortal enemies were to actually come face to face sooner than expected. Bone master versus butterfly collector. How epic can it get when you see both ‘mad people’ face off each other. It would be just bone chilling to think about it and how Shoutarou gets implicated in this mess.

Then there are others like Shouko who looks like Sakurako’s twin sister than an aunt. Was her single cameo appearance just some red herring? What about her bed-ridden uncle? Has this guy got his consciousness hooked up to a machine or what? Then there is the case of Ume and her bad back. It could be something big or it may just be trolling us since we are told nothing more about it. Because if it was never mentioned in the first place, I am very sure the story would have even gone by smoothly. It feels like it is foreboding something sinister in the future or a reason to make us worry and something to care about this housekeeper that would otherwise be a minor side character we will forget no matter how nice she is. After all, she is the only real family that Sakurako has got. This leads to the biggest question of them all: Who the heck is Sakurako’s fiancé?! For those who could even remember this, probably it is just something to get our hopes off in seeing any chemistry between Sakurako and Shoutarou. Besides, wouldn’t it be just odd to see a high school boy with an older woman? It is uncommon but it isn’t something you see every day. So this fiancé thingy might just be another lie to keep possible suitors off her back while she continues to happily indulge in digging up bones.

As much as I was hoping this series was produced by the anime studio Bones, not because I am a fan of that production house but rather so I can make a pun for this series (I know, it’s just distasteful), unfortunately this series is made by Troyca. It is a newly formed company and their only other anime it made as of today was Aldnoah.Zero. This aside, but I am impressed with some of the background and sceneries like the sakura petals floating and even the sunrays shining through. Although not perfectly a masterpiece, you can see its effect and it is quite mesmerizing and quite a welcome relief if watching a few bones will make you a little sick. Therefore sometimes Sakurako’s house that is filled with all her bone trophies might feel a bit like a horror house if you are not used to it. Talk about bone and spine chilling… Character designs might feel generic but hey, at least the ladies here look pretty. I mean, take a look at Sakurako. A beauty with brains. Who wouldn’t love a smart slender woman with long smooth black hair? Unless it’s a horror movie… I am not really a bone enthusiast so I am not sure if the bones are drawn to realism. But I don’t want to say bones look cool because I prefer not to look at them. Unless it is the chicken drumstick or lamb chop I just ate…

Voice acting is pretty okay considering this is a drama-like series. I only recognized Akira Ishida as Isozaki and Takehito Koyasu as Hanabusa. I couldn’t for Shizuka Itou as Sakurako but she did quite a splendid job in giving Sakurako the character as we know. The rest of the casts (recurring) are Junya Enoki as Shoutarou (Shion in Cardfight! Vanguard G), Ayaka Imamura as Yuriko (Miyabi in Absolute Duo), Hiroki Takahashi as Utsumi (Hisoka in Hunter x Hunter) and Masako Isobe as Ume (Amaterasu in Inari Kon Kon). The opening theme, Dear Answer by True sounds okay but nothing spectacular. But the ending theme, Uchiyoserareta Boukyaku No Zankyou Ni by Kiyoshioni MkII sounds a bit weird. Somewhat starting off like a slow piece that you’d hear singers sing in a lounge bar. Then it has those funny sounding synthesizer effects that make the song like a dreamy sequence. Probably to add to the mystery feel of the series but it just made me feel weirder.

Overall, the lack of mystery genre animes out there may be a factor for it to stand out among the crowded field of mindless action, mind numbing fanservice, ubiquitous high school romance, no-brainer slapstick comedy and other shonen, shoujo, yaoi, yuri series out there. But that itself doesn’t make this series all that great. Because if you are an avid mystery fan (I am not, by the way), you might be disappointed by some of the less than engaging mysteries that are no biggies in the first place. With some I read complaining about poorly written characters, a dozen episodes aren’t going to help do justice to the series. Especially when part and parcel of mystery series take time to build up strong cast of characters and the plot. I hope people won’t have a bone to pick with this series and make it a bone of contention ;p. And I certainly hope the only bones I will ever see are chicken bones, fish bones and livestock bones after a great meal. Yeah, some bones can taste real finger licking good ;p.

Kekkai Sensen

June 19, 2016

When you talk about a culture as a melting pot, what kind of image does it conjure in your mind? Could it be a place with lots of other races other than the locals? You mean aliens, right? No, not aliens as in illegal immigrants mingling about in the local crowd. I mean, real aliens. Even if they are not extraterrestrial, at least the kind that comes from the other world. And that people, is the setting of Kekkai Sensen also officially known as Blood Blockade Battlefront. The great Big Apple of America that was once known as New York has now become a melting pot of all kinds of weird, strange, bizarre and funny aliens from the other side of the world mixing and blending with the daily life of humans, American style. And when you have such a huge paranormal chaos at hand, how do you keep all those aliens in check to protect our human asses? Yes. A secret organization to keep the balance in check. Heh. Humans have a hard time keeping each other in check. Can this one do it for all known races?

Episode 1
Leonardo Watch is writing to his sister, Michella that he is doing fine after arriving at the Big Apple for 6 months. It is the still the same chaotic and noisy place it has always been. As narrated, the mysterious city of Hellsalem’s Lot from the Otherworld suddenly merged with New York. A strange mist barricaded the city and ever since it has became a melting pot of humans and bizarre aliens. Leonardo quickly runs into trouble when a monkey steals its camera while he is eating at his usual diner. However it is no ordinary monkey and it has some supersonic speed that humans cannot catch by their naked eye. But Leonardo could and starts chasing it down. By a stroke of luck, a nearby bank robbery’s explosion takes them out. He is rescued and picked up by Zapp Renfro who is going to bring him to the secret society of Libra. This has been the organization that Leonardo has trying to find and join. It is believed to be a secret group of super humans keeping the balance of both worlds. After going through secret passages, Leonardo meets the chief, Klaus Von Reinherz and fellow member Chain Sumeragi. However, they realize Zapp has got the wrong person because Leonardo looked like this Johnny Landis kid they’re supposed to recruit and they just got word that he died. Leonardo pleads to stay when the news reports regarding the bank robbery when the robber splits itself to cause more rampage while being arrested. The broadcast is being hijacked by Femt, the King of Depravity who is bored with the way things are and wants the entire city to play his game. They must find the Gate that split the robber in 2 before the demon does and destroy it or else… Our gang deduces the Gate is most likely that monkey. Oh, there it runs…

Their base is shortly destroyed by the police and Zapp thinks Leonardo is a traitor although Klaus did save him from harm’s path. He notices something special about Leonardo’s eyes so he explains 6 months ago he was with his family here. They thought Hellsalem’s Lot was a place of miracles and something could help cure Michella. As he was about to snap a family’s photo, a large monster appeared and asked them to choose a witness. Leonardo was so scared that he froze but Michella offered the thing that would be taken from her. With the police breathing down their neck, Klaus has an understanding of Leonardo’s ability and would like to enlist his help in which he believes is the key to restore balance. In exchange, they will help with his goal. Long story short: Welcome to Libra. Klaus fends off the mechanical police so Leonardo and Zapp could start their mission. Zapp gives Leonardo a lift as they try to find the monkey. Zapp materializes his blood to fight the demon. Leonardo uses his sight ability to dodge all the attack to run towards the monkey. However he does not kill it but the bug implanted in it. This upsets Femt because had he done so, something interesting would have happened. His plans ruined. Steven A. Starphase. Libra’s second-in-command is unsure about Leonardo possessing the Eyes of God and Klaus taking him in. He believes they can deal whatever it is should anything happen.

Episode 2
Leonardo witnesses a few quirks of his Libra team. Zapp always trying to kill Klaus whenever he thinks he has his guard down but is often defeated. Steven explains the priceless artefact being the Eyes of God. It allows the user to see into the past and future. This means there’ll be many who will be targeting Leonardo. That kid is doing pizza delivery as part time job for living expenses but each time, Zapp intercepts and steals his pizza in the most bizarre way!!! WTF?! You can’t escape from this dude! He knows where you are! So much so Zapp just rides along on his pizza bike! They pass a dry cleaning company loading clothes into a van. But Leonardo’s eyes mean there is something more sinister lurking underneath all that. Leonardo realizes he has been noticed and tries to ride away. However he is intercepted and kidnapped by this samurai alien who knows his eyes aren’t but ordinary as he could see him. Zapp is left bleeding profusely. Inside the van, Leonardo realizes the aliens are doing something illegal by sneaking vacuum sealed humans as food to the Otherworld. The alien boss relishes his Eyes of God and wants to get over this job so he could quickly experiment on him. Zapp is not lying in hospital unconscious for nothing. Before Leonardo was kidnapped, he tagged him with his blood so he is in full concentration while trying to mark his position. Leonardo can’t just sit around and wait for help. He uses his eyes to make Sonic (the monkey is now his pet) visible as distraction to crash the van. The aliens are mad and are going to kill him. Once the van is stationary Klaus and his team make a mad dash as they follow Zapp’s trail of ignited blood. They fight the aliens and they’re so scared by Klaus’ blood martial arts that they got no chance of fighting back. The abducted humans are recovered and Leonardo is recovering in hospital. Bandaged from head to toe. He learns Zapp was being assigned to watch over Leonardo and thus that hilarious pizza hijacking scenes. Leonardo should be grateful but can’t help feel pissed off over all the trouble he got into because of that. As Leonardo bums around the hospital, he wanders into a cemetery nearby. He meets this girl, White who wants to be friends with him. What’s the catch? She’s a ghost!

Episode 3
He snaps a photo of her to be sure. Hey. She’s in the photo! She finds him interesting and takes a liking for him. But it’s more woes for Leonardo as he is evicted from his rented apartment when the landlord decides to convert the place into a luxury hotel. So that is why he is sleeping in Libra’s HQ? There is also the case of some synthetic drug called Angel Scale going about. Let’s say the unwanted effects are devastating and they need to put a stop to this before this gets out of hand. But no matter how hard they try, they could not find a clue of its trafficking route. There is only one way left for Klaus. Meeting up with K.K., they head into the Otherworld. Klaus is surprised to see Korshakov Ulchenko here although this important human being denies he is so. Both sides enter to see Don Arlelelle Eruca Fulgrouche, one of the big bosses of the Otherworld. They are supposed to play a game of Prosfair each (a complicated game resembling chess from the Otherworld) for a deal. Klaus wants Arlelelle to dissuade Ulchenko from playing but that guy tells him not to keep his nose out of his business. Ulchenko goes to play first. It seems he wants nuclear weapons for his country. If he can beat Arlelelle within 9 hours or force a draw by then, he will grant his wish. Or else, he will pay with his life. Because Ulchenko also wants Klaus disposed, he adds another hour to the game play. Unfortunately, Ulchenko lost and it was only 2 minutes before time. Yeah, with 1,200 years of experience playing the game and all that brains as his body, seriously you think a mere human could beat this monster? He is going to have his life but Klaus tells Arlelelle to hold his horses. Due to their special relationship, he allows to put off the killing until his game is done with Klaus. Klaus wants info on the Angel Scale routes. Okay. 99 hours of game play! Oh sh*t! He also wants Ulchenko’s life to be spared. Arlelelle mentions that guy did not hesitate to eliminate him as part of his request. Why would he save someone like that? Klaus views humans as weak and because of that, they behave in ways devoid of self respect. Even if he himself has his own problems, there is no way he would compromise on his way of life. The match is taking a toll on Klaus as he is bleeding! What kind of game is this?! Eventually Klaus is successful in forcing a draw at the end of his allotted time. With the information given, K.K. contacts all her agents to get their ass and haul up all the culprits and not put Klaus’ efforts to waste. Not too sure if Leonardo got a new place of his own but White is hanging out with him and enjoys his company.

Episode 4
Libra is hanging out at the bar. Leonardo doesn’t seem to be in the groove. Awkward. Perhaps he thought a change in pace would be great so when he mentions earlier on he saw someone giving of a bright red wing shaped-like wings, it got everyone’s damn attention! Care to say that again? To put it shortly, Leonardo saw a vampire and this calls for a specialist. Blitz T. Abrams is a close friend of Klaus and an expert in these vampires known as Blood Breeds. Only catch? Disaster happens around him! No wonder Zapp is looking so scared. He shows a suitcase containing a severed hand of a vampire clutching tightly to a piece of paper. They believe it contains true names of the Elder 13. Many agents and men have died trying to take the scrap off but to no avail. They want Leonardo to use his eyes to peek into the names. He gets blown back after that and then he starts seeing sparks everywhere. Seems his vision has gone overdrive (seeing more than he should) so they are taking this chance to head to their supposed lair to take a glimpse of how they look like. Peeking down at the chasm at the centre of Hellsalem’s Lot, what he sees is not 1 or 13 of them but thousands of them! An emergency call just came. Seems the subway is being attacked by Elder class vampires. Steven and K.K. head there first to buy time for Klaus and the rest to return but they got owned. As the video is being streamed live by Chain, Klaus wants Leonardo to use his eyes to see their weaknesses. Klaus arrives in time to show off yet another of his blood martial arts and seals them by mentioning their true name.

Episode 5
White is just like any other woman. When she’s mad, she won’t say. Leonardo has to guess. And damn right when she says it’s nothing, it means something! Apparently Leonardo has ‘experience’ in this case because Michella was like that too. Women… Zapp and Leonardo are riding on a bike when a huge monster truck (literally) starts gobbling up vehicles. Klaus and Abrams quickly go release Dog Hummer because Aligura is after him. Ali who? The women who altered Hummer’s body. You see, he is fused with this talking blood named Deldro Brody. When Leonardo gets thrown off Zapp’s scooter, he is hanging by a thread on the monster truck that is Aligura’s base. Leonardo has to pray ever so hard for Klaus to rescue him because he certainly can’t stand hearing her torturing love stories. Like how she has a boyfriend named Deldro but since he wasn’t that handsome, she found good looking Hummer and then chop Deldro’s blood and put it into Hummer. There. Two in one. She even forces Leonardo to talk about his love stories. Despite that guy doesn’t have any love or crush, she tries to force it out of him and to confess to whoever that girl he is getting closer lately. Hummer and Deldro turn into a giant monster to fight Aligura’s truck but get blown away by the force of their own punch! It did stop the truck in its tracks for a while but in no time it is up and running. Steven then contacts Leonardo to tell him they’re going to blast the truck away. Before you jump to conclusions, he wants Leonardo to use his eyes to control and lead the truck to the park. He does so as the rest of Libra display their special powers to help guide the truck to where Hummer and Deldro are waiting. Gathering all the blood in the fist and punching it away in the plainest form, the truck starts disintegrating in midair. Its debris rain all over Hellsalem’s Lot and although there are many casualties, we couldn’t care the least bit because all our heroes survive, right? After Leonardo is discharged from hospital after a few stitches. He is supposed to go home and sleep but he screws that and instead goes to sneak White out of the hospital to bring her to a movie. I believe this movie is supposed to be comedy but she starts crying and apologizing to him! So as not to make her feel bad, he too mentions his heart strings were pulled because it reminded him of his family. His sister is the strongest and always took care of him. Just pathetic. White disagrees and thinks he is a nice guy.

Episode 6
As Leonardo is going to cross the street, a truck hits a white mushroom head kid! Don’t worry, he is okay since his body is like rubber. Nej (short for Amagranoff Luozontam Ouv Lee Nej) wants his burger! The truck driven by those burger guys (I’ll just call them Blondie and Blackie) aren’t really that remorseful although they give him a half eaten burger as compensation. On another day, Leonardo catches Blondie and Blackie selling burgers to Nej at a very marked up price. He doesn’t mind getting ripped off because he loves burgers. Leonardo then decides to buy burgers on his behalf and soon they become burger buddies spending time together as well as eating lots of burgers. Yum. Things get a little serious when Nej doesn’t remember her mother. Or rather, he somewhat knows her but mother doesn’t remember giving birth to him. Blondie and Blackie are in deep debt sh*t. So deep that Blackie soiled his pants. Blondie had to wear a gas mask. Then they ram into Nej again. Blackie is so mad that he takes out his frustrations beating that mushroom kid. He continues beating and beating till his head turns red and finally explodes into spores. Instantly everyone collapses. Scared Blondie pulls Blackie back and escapes. This incident is reported as mass fainting followed by amnesia. Blondie seems to get an idea when Blackie doesn’t remember a few hours before. When Leonardo learns of this incident, he goes to find Nej. Luckily he manages to find him and he looks alright. But then Blondie hits Leonardo on the back with a bat. When Leonardo wakes up, he sees the duo hitting Nej with all their might. Blondie thinks if the spores are released, they can make their loan shark forget their debt. Blondie knows because he saw it with his own eyes what happened. When they won’t stop, Leonardo uses his eyes to control them. Blondie is not happy he did something and hits him on the head. The pool of blood was enough to make Nej furious as he blows up into spores. No time for the duo to get their gas mask. When Leonardo wakes up, he couldn’t remember how he got in hospital or anything that happened 2 weeks before. He still continues to buy burgers but couldn’t understand why he buys for 2 people. Eating it makes him cry. In a case of déjà vu, he sees Nej getting hit by a truck again and mushroom kid wants his burger. He relents and their friendship starts over again. Leonardo returns home and surprised to see White talking to her big brother, Black. Leonardo remembers seeing him at the subway (during the vampire episode). Black likes him and instantly becomes his friend.

Episode 7
Leonardo hangs out with Black. He asks about White’s condition and it seems she has a bad heart condition. Now Leonardo feels bad for taking her out that night. When he returns to Libra, he receives a call from Zapp that he is in trouble and begging for Klaus to come rescue. Of course he goes on his way and surprisingly the place is an underground battle arena. It seems this is a ploy by Zapp to clear his debts but that depends on Klaus’ performance. He is cutting a deal with this arena’s boss, Ozmaldo. Klaus’ first opponent is human and he knocks him out with one punch! One punch man?! The next opponent alien and is taken out after a few punches. Now the crowd loves him and Klaus is forced to stay and fight more opponents. Leonardo hears from one of the contenders that Zapp has a hand in it. Also, there is this ranting about this underground fist fight. Despite all the dangerous crimes in Hellsalem’s Lot, nothing beats a good fist brawler. And it looks like Klaus is getting into that mood as he takes down wave after wave of champions! They should just hand him the belt already. He is so good that Ozmaldo steps into the ring himself. The final boss? After trading punches, Klaus uses his best punch that blows off his head! Oh wait. There is a little demon inside it?! Everyone is shocked. Leonardo’s eyes determine he is a vampire. The demon reveals he was only using this corpse and he didn’t kill him in the first place. But he is satisfied to have fought Klaus and leaves. Zapp cries crocodile tears over his gratefulness of being saved. And Klaus is glad he isn’t hurt! But that scumbag shows his true colours thinking Klaus is tired and this would be his chance to beat him up. Too bad Zapp got owned as usual. After Leonardo picks up Black and sends him home, the latter tells him White is a good person despite the crazy things she says and hopes he will be good to her. Black then seems to meet up with Femt and reveals his plan to end something. Also revealed is his true form as Blank and one of the 13 kings.

Episode 8
Black tells Leonardo a little history about New York’s Great Collapse. It could have been worse had not Casters stop the spread. It seems his parents were Casters but Black doesn’t want much to do with it anymore. Not what he had went through once. Something about his parents leaving his sister in his care before perishing. Zapp must be living the good life. Wine, women and junk food? No wonder he is getting fat! But Chain warns him that her friend, Angelica has called her about some creep visiting the fast food chain she works and keeps harassing her for her number. We can guess who that stalker is. Then they get a call from Fang Hunter HQ that some bloodline gate was opened in India and now New York is being targeted. A hunter is currently engaging in mortal combat with a vampire. As Libra rushes towards the scene, the epic power fight is turning New York into one big demolition wasteland! Eventually the hunter, Master Raju Jugei Shizuyoshi uses all his powers but the vampire enclosed himself into a womb egg for regeneration. Libra acknowledges Jugei’s awesome powers but he berates Libra for having this fat useless indiscipline subordinate (that’s you Zapp) and all other insults that would make a grown man cry. He wants to take Zapp as his disciple to train him. Everyone knows there is hell to pay so if Zapp wants to continue staying here, he must destroy the egg. It is virtually impossible to get close to it because it will attack anyone in its radius. So how the hell is he going to solve this? Just thinking of the training hell is not enough. He must do something. Chain gets a call from Angelica that she needs to see this Zapp guy and she’s getting wet just thinking about him. Suddenly Zapp in a flash uses all his skills to cut the egg. So awesome that Jugei is praising him as his best disciple. Zapp goes to answer Angelica’s call but it is just a time teller. The egg is still intact and not even Leonardo’s eyes can see anything inside. They think its other half of the body is operating independently somewhere else. Jugei says his other disciple is bringing it here by plane now. Meanwhile, I think there is some sort of bipolar argument between Black and Blank about something happening to White. Black wants him to remember the deal to leave his sister alone in exchange for whatever things to be done onto him. However Blank says he didn’t do anything and it is White that is doing things on her own.

Episode 9
As the plane enters Hellsalem’s Lot, some giant tentacle crushes it to pieces. Even when it crash lands, the vampire half continues to attack. Leonardo is trying hard to see his full name (he is only halfway there) as Klaus and Zapp fight him off. Once Leonardo has finished, Hummer and Deldro get him out of there while the rest continue to fend off the menace. Leonardo thought he saw a strange aura from the plane. It turns out to be a fishman, Zed O’Brien and Jugei’s disciple. Zapp can’t help laugh his ass off at his texture and such. It might look like Jugei is purposely letting the vampire reunite and join back with his other half but it is so that Klaus can seal him as a whole once and for all. Jugei praises their competency and leaves Zed in their care. Fishman must be the most shocked at this decision. Abandoned? Meanwhile, Blank has been watching and betting the entire spectacle with Femt and Aligura. Because it failed, Femt is calling him a liar and such. Blank is happy that Aligura saved his day when she lends him some device. A flashback shows White and Black up against some entity. Black told it to take his body and do whatever he wants with it and leave his sister out of this. In turn, he got possessed by Blank. White, who was experiencing chest pains during the epic showdown, now wakes up in her room with Blank by her side. He gives her the device supposedly to take Leonardo’s eyes. However White says she wants to become friends with Leonardo although Blank tells her it is impossible since everything has been set and the bets placed. More flashbacks of White and Black’s younger days. Dad was probably drunk when he suggested his children to be nicknamed White and Black. Though, Mary (White’s real name) agreed to it. Despite they are different, they are still so similar. They are twins after all. Dad wants her to help William (Black) if he is about to make a mistake. It is just their wish for them to be always happy.

Episode 10
Just when Leonardo is about to sink his teeth into a decent meal of juicy hamburger set, suddenly a large concrete slab crashes into the diner. He could have been squished had not Zapp and Zed act fast to save him. Outside is Klaus facing a thousand alien enemies in mecha suits. Great timing. Time to help out. To find out how it all came to this, we go back earlier in the day when Leonardo, Zapp and Zed head out to eat for lunch break. However every damn place they go, the food is either disgusting, creepy, can-you-even-eat-that kind of feeling and in worst cases the food eats you. WTF?! Though, ironically Zed isn’t fazed and is fine eating just about anything. Sorry, the duo will have to pass. Next! They thought this fine dining restaurant would be an end to their food woes but they were wrong. Nothing to do with the food, though. The chef seems to be having affair problems with his wife and mistress. And they’re fighting in open! What is worst than hearing this drama to make your food taste bad? Having their blood spill on your food! Meanwhile Klaus and Steven see Daniel Law about some upcoming mafia group trying to stir more trouble in this city. Intelligence has it that a thousand power suits meant for China went missing and it could be stolen by that group. He is requesting their help for manpower to stop this. Looks like Klaus is all itching to get into the action. Then they go see League of High Order Spirituals (LHOS), an influential group of Casters that raised the barrier to halt the Great Collapse, for more information. I guess all is lost so Leonardo and co just head back to their usual diner to order the usual. The rest is history. The Elder of LHOS also told Klaus and co that one of the barriers has been damaged. It is not their fault or all the fighting. Ever since the barriers were raised, there was one person whose whereabouts elude them. The Caster couple in charge then had perished and nobody knew what happened to them although their children survived. Leonardo sees White praying in the abandoned chapel. But Blank spoils the mood by calling her a liar because she is praying for her own sake and still hoping for salvation after all that has happened. White then gets serious and tells Leonardo to give him his eyes.

Episode 10.5
This is a special recap episode. In the form of a radio programme trying to give some advice to a troubled caller (Leonardo going under the alias of Tragedy of L!), we hear mostly about Leonardo’s experience ever since coming to Hellsalem’s Lot, from the people he works with to the misadventures he had. I guess it was so traumatic that the radio host had to calm him down from time to time. Although the scenes are mostly recycled, it is amusing to hear what they talk about although basically it is just recap. We learn that the reason Leonardo is here is to find a cure to Michella’s eyesight, the reason he came to possess Eyes of God in exchange for her eyesight. The remaining half of the series has Leonardo talking about his meeting with White. It is then the interview narrations stop and thus the recycled important montage and clips pertaining to White and Black (and Blank), their past to their current goal of taking Leonardo’s Eyes of God so Blank will return her brother as agreed.

Episode 11
Time for a big flashback as told by White. The Macbeth family has always been Casters. Therefore when Mary was born, she was somewhat the black sheep as she is the only one without such power. However her parents accepted and loved her as much but this only made her more miserable. Will on the other hand had full powers but he was a cry-baby and a wimp. One day he stopped using his powers and Mary wasn’t happy because of that he got bullied and accepted it. When she complains to her dad, he continues to believe Will is strong and he doesn’t have to become a Caster if he doesn’t want to. He talks about an important incident that made Will want to stop using his power. Mary took up photography not because she likes it but since anyone can die, she thought photos would still be around. When bullies took her camera, Will went to get it back. They threw it in the river as he dived in to save it. Although he was rescued and hospitalized, nothing life threatening. Mary started crying about how worried she was. He should just use his damn powers. She won’t know what to do if he had died. Will then reveals about the perfect mud ball Mary once made. So perfect that it made him jealous and blew it away with his power. But Mary wasn’t irked. Instead of crying, she went to happily recreate another one. He felt ashamed of misusing his power and vowed that he will not use them again until he becomes stronger. He shows her a picture he took of her while drooling as she slept. She is crying as thanks and gives her brother a big hug. The siblings become closer until that Great Collapse incident. Mary narrates about Casters need not to be big or strong. They just need something they had all along. That is why White will now take Leonardo’s eyes and get Will back. She cannot live in a world without him. After slapping the goggles onto him, Blank takes Leonardo as he narrates about death being the privilege of the living. As he is immortal and forgotten by death, it made him despair thinking he is not truly alive. He uses Leonardo’s eyes to cast a great havoc over Hellsalem’s Lot. White must be feeling guilty as she goes through Leonardo’s camera photos. Is that why her heart is in pain? With Sonic appearing next to her, she pleads for the monkey to save Leonardo. Change of heart? And letting a monkey do it? Blank continues to tell Leonardo about his bad luck in meeting White as a ghost. The barrier in place of her heart is what is keeping her alive. It is her parents’ last resort to save her. Lingering attachment is also what keeps the siblings alive. Blank then shoots unconscious White in her heart. Femt is pleased with the beginning of the Second Collapse.

Episode 12
A 50 minute finale, Femt wants Leonardo to start destroying the world. Casters are trying to fix the barriers all over Hellsalem’s Lot but apparently there is a missing piece and Libra is requested to help look for them as well as for Leonardo. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. For those old enough to remember the Great Collapse 3 years ago, the same thing might be happening all over again although it looks slightly different this time. It is deduced that Mary is the final piece in the barrier and she herself is the barrier. Something must have happened to her and her family that her life was fused with the barrier. Femt goes to see Blank who isn’t pleased that he let Leonardo go. Because that kid wasn’t interested to play any of their games. Femt wanted to wager if Leonardo won, he would answer any questions but Leonardo wasn’t interested because those questions weren’t probably for him. Besides, it doesn’t make any difference seeing that he is going to die anyway. Just the question of in here or out there. Femt also knows Blank to be some sort of silent observer throughout time and mankind’s history. He only set feet on stage after the Great Collapse. He thinks he needs more nonsense. Chaos begins all over Hellsalem’s Lot as the buildings shuffle like Rubik’s Cube and the road just uprooted like as though gravity went on vacation. Oh, there are ghouls attacking the place too. Our Libra members become Resident Evil protagonists to whack all of them. Femt and Aligura are watching this entertainment from their haven. Meanwhile Klaus confronts Blank at the top of the floating pile. They note they aren’t the ones they are supposed to meet. Because Klaus is supposed to see Will. Not sure if Blank is trying to kill Klaus and himself but the former is doing a good job in preventing that since he is here to save Will from himself. There is some talk about light and hope but I’m not really interested in that crap.

Leonardo emerges from his captive and not really happy to see the chaos. Sonic is here to show him the video of White pleading for Leonardo to be saved. Erm, shouldn’t the monkey give the video to Klaus or Libra? Anyway it gave Leonardo the motivation to save the day. So put on your running shoes as he runs through the chaos. Along the way, he encounters several Libra members who help protect and clear the way for him. Some like Zed wants him to know he is an ordinary kid like he thinks he is. A kind and ordinary kid that will not hesitate to risk his life to save his friend. And some like Zapp is the only dude whom Leonardo doesn’t hesitate to beat up because he nearly killed him while despatching the ghouls. Leonardo panics when one of his eyes cracks. He is unconfident he can finish the job. But Zapp just tells him off to just do it. As long as he has his life and back in one piece, it’ll be okay, right? Blank assures semi-defeated Klaus that even if he dies here, his successor would carry on his ideal because of the determination in his eyes. Leonardo has finally arrived and he disagrees with that. So is he going to kill Blank with his eyes? He isn’t sure. He isn’t sure if that is right too. As long as he is alive, he has got that time to think about it. So the next time they meet, he’ll give a better answer. Leonardo uses his Eyes of God to separate Black. Once he hears the whiny kid cry he wants to live, Leonardo calls out to White about never giving up to reach the light. Her soul will never be defeated. Since her other half hasn’t given up, she shouldn’t just yet.

The chaos all over in a blink of an eye. White wakes up with Leonardo by her side. He knows her secret so it’s okay. Telling her that light line again, but if the light is too strong sometimes, he will help guide her as many times as it takes. Leonardo then head butts Blank to draw out Black. Brother and sister reunite. Black tries to act tough like he doesn’t care about the world but White tells him to shut up and be the brave brother she once knew. Blah, blah, blah. More reconciliation. They’ll always be together. Don’t give up. Yeah, we get it. Black then transfers whatever powers he has into White’s body so that she will be able to put up a new barrier. She claims her love for him and their parents helped her weathered through the 3 years. White returns into her barrier form and with the barrier finally complete, LHOS can now rejoice and finally rest because the day is saved. Yeah, Elder had to work overtime and almost had karoushi, eh? Klaus praises Leonardo for his work. He is the only one who could have saved them. His reaction? An emotional cry. Wow. I guess he was never complimented like this before. In the aftermath, this entire season might be just one freaking long ass letter he wrote to Michella. And now I am wondering how the heck can she read all that if she is blind! Or is that the universe in her eyes? Anyway, he writes to tell her he is fine and hopes to tell her all in words what he experienced. Oh God…

Steven is addressing his Libra comrades. They are about to attend dinner with some Sultan at some fancy posh restaurant. He reminds them not to be rude because if this goes through, they will receive annual funding of 3 million! So that’s why… As the food is created by the best chefs from both worlds, Leonardo and Zapp find it hard to contain their ecstasy! The food is damn freaking good! I’m glad they held it in instead of ‘vomiting’ it all out on the Sultan. K.K. might look calm and composed but inside she is going crazy! But Zed doesn’t seem to have such nonsense. Raw fish isn’t his thing. He’s not a cannibal. Because of that, Leonardo and Zapp try to fight over his food till mad Steven hints they can share. Remember, don’t be rude. Before the next food arrives, Leonardo excuses himself to the toilet and warns everyone not to touch his portion! Such cheap friendship. Steven is already having a hard time trying to control himself from the food ecstasy. The others are also going crazy with their own flashbacks. Worse… Zapp and the Sultan are like best drinking buddies talking about women! So uncouth… Oh well… Klaus realizes Leonardo has been gone too long and at the same time a bunch of terrorists are trying to storm in at the front gate. Leonardo realizes he is lost because the space of this restaurant keeps shifting. He has the bad luck to meet Femt. However Leonardo is able to tell when the dimension is shifting and this saves Femt a few times. Not sure if Femt is feigning if he knows Leonardo or not as he is wondering if they met before. They finally reach the front gate just when the terrorists are about to come in. Femt uses his demons to kill them all. Femt then heads back in and assures Leonardo he loves this place and respects the restaurant’s rules. He wants him to forget this incident and that they have never met. When Leonardo returns, he finds Klaus and Steven outside their dining room. It seems everyone inside has gone crazy from the food and has to be restrained! Definitely food to die for.

Local Alien World, A Living Nightmare
There was this big issue about the last episode being delayed. Apparently the excuse given was that the final episode was too long to fit into the usual half an hour time slot, thus the indefinite delay. I am not sure if this is some sort of publicity stunt because keeping viewers waiting for the finale this way is a big no-no. Because except for this announcement, there was nothing else mentioned about when it was going to be aired of if this final episode was going to be a DVD only episode. Heck, I even remembering reading a statement on the website that the staff will only air the finale once everybody loses interest in it and when they are too busy watching other animes to give a sh*t! That might not be the exact words but it amounted to something like that. To me, I think it was just arrogant. I’m not a fan of the series even after watching it but since I was interested to even watch it, I think that kind of excuse was just plain dumb.

Eventually the last episode was aired 4 months later and it took almost an hour for this finale. So was it that spectacular? Okay. At least it wasn’t bad. My thoughts that if the time slot and duration of the series were the problem, shouldn’t they just split the final episode into 2 episodes? It will still be under the 13 episode per season, right? Then we did not need to have that recap episode in the first place. Maybe they don’t want to ruin the continuity of it but heck, they’ve just ruined that continuity by suddenly halting to stop airing the final episode months earlier. So what difference does it make? Even if they split the episodes and pissed us off that the real final episode will only be released as an OVA, it wouldn’t be as bad. Although, it is still as bad to do it that way. But to delay it like this method so as to maybe gauge if people still cared about the series is just plain wrong. It is a bold unique way to make people talk about the series (if they still cared) but I certainly wouldn’t be proud to be part of it (this was also actually stated in their statement) if I were to do it this way.

One of the things I find to have mixed feelings is the filler-like episodes of most of the episodes. I am not saying that the stories of each episode are boring as they are quite entertaining in their own right. Like that lunch hour searching for the right place to eat. That was hilarious. A place with so many eateries and yet not a single suitable one! Just like a drop of water in the ocean, huh? Because of this standalone-like episodes, I somewhat felt it diminishes the epic greatness of this series. There is no ‘continuity’ in the plot as we are shown such fillers and misadventures of the Libra members. Even if there is a plot, it is subtle and ‘cameo’ in the initial episodes. I’m sure it is for the build up for the climax especially with that White and Black story just brooding to explode, which of course became the story of the final arc. But of course, once you get into the pace of the series, you start accepting that you shouldn’t be taking this show all too seriously. That is why we have so much weirdness in everything here. They throw in such amusing ‘fillers’ amidst the developing plot. At least this way it is better than to have a great but confusing plot that is hard to understand. The series may have its own terms but they aren’t that hard to remember since from time to time there will be quite a comprehensive and brief explanation being shown across the screen to explain some of the new terminologies that viewers just come across in the episode.

Leonardo feels a bit lacking because other than his mission to help find back Michella’s eyes, this guy feels like someone who is playing the role of a tsukkomi. You know, a retort. So much so I feel he is somewhat very similar to that character in Gintama, Shinpachi. There is another reason why I said so but more on this later. So as far as this season is concerned, looks like his quest to find her cure is still a long way to go. I am sure Klaus will keep his end of the bargain but that will be another story. Heh. Maybe play another Prosfair with Arlelelle for the answer? Back to Leonardo, it is quite hard for me to see how this guy is pivotal in ending the chaos that almost begun. We are given the perception about his Eyes of God that are so important. I don’t even understand its true potential. Or why his damn sister would even trade it for him. Maybe because I don’t have such farsightedness and vision so I can’t really see it. I don’t even understand how his eyes were the catalyst in turning this everyday nightmare to become and even nightmarish nightmare. Not that it matters to Leonardo anyway because life has been hell since he first came here. He has just gotten used to all that nonsense.

Zapp, this guy is actually a joker and his secret hidden role is this series’ comic relief dude. I mean, take a look at this guy. No doubt he has got great fighting capabilities but that is all that is cool about him. Because if you notice, the more he tries to act tough and the more he opens his mouth, the more stupid he becomes. The longer it gets, the dumber his character looks. It isn’t entirely a bad thing since he made me laugh a handful of times but if you were to take him seriously right now at the end of everything, I think it would be hard. Had he not been a show off, he would have been a great and respected character like Klaus. From that brazen Leonardo’s pizza usurping scheme to that fast food worker harassment, this guy is just one big idiot. Don’t even get me started about how he thinks he can take on Klaus thinking he is not on his guard. Of all the members of Libra, this guy’s attitude makes him the most interesting. Really.

But if you want to look into character development of the series, the other characters of Libra just feels lacking. Perhaps of the many side characters in this series that you won’t care about help contribute to this. Like Klaus is the strong and reliable gentleman of Libra but nothing much more is known about this guy. Nothing much more is known about the other Libra members like Chain or Steven. While Libra’s second-in-command seems to be a shady guy thanks to his mysterious connections to just about everything, is it me or does Chain seems to fail in many of her part of a mission? Then there is K.K. as a strong kickass woman whom you’ll wonder if she admires Klaus or has a crush on him. They should have more scenes of her with her big guns. Man, she looks kickass firing those. And newcomer Zed is like, uhm, strangely calm and serious fish dude. He came in late as a member due to circumstances and it made his character even suffer from making a great late impact. Sonic? Not too sure if he is Libra’s mascot aside being Leonardo’s pet that doesn’t do much. Overall, the Libra members don’t really leave much impression seeing the way how the stories are executed as it slowly focuses on White and Black.

The biggest mysteries are the vampire breeds themselves. Who are these breeds and what are they are certainly captivating. We have seen some of Libra members engaging in a few of them and it took really a lot of everything just to fight on par with them, which is basically no sweat on those vampires’ terms. I thought they would be the antagonist of the season but with White and Black and that barrier crap thingy, I guess maybe it is for another story and another season. But even more disappointingly, Femt and Aligura whom I thought would make a better impact than they are. I don’t really know what they are up too except that perhaps for being so bored with Hellsalem’s Lot that seeing chaos is the only kick they get. So what happened to them at the end? I don’t see them screaming in frustration yet another chaos thwarted or their enjoyment ended too soon or perhaps they are satisfied with all the destruction that they just decided to go back and sleep quietly. Yeah right. So it is a shame for such psychotic characters to be given this kind of treatment.

The action scenes are quite good and with all the super powers with some of the characters, you can bet that there will be one hell of a big explosion, blood, chaos and destruction along the way. The great flashy impact and effect of the big battle can be felt. It just boggles me how Hellsalem’s Lot will get fixed and repaired. No wonder the place looks like a decimated slum. But still, if it has been many years since the Great Collapse and the blending of aliens within human society, why do many parts of the city still look like they are standing nicely? Especially if some sort of devastation is seen every day, it just boggles me the rate of patching up the city to function as normal (well, sort of) instead of becoming a lawless ruin. I know, Libra and alien technology that make Hellsalem’s Lot still standing. But the buildings still look like of human design than of alien culture. The other thing about the action sequences are when Klaus takes on the enemy. This guy has a few variations of his Brain Grid Blood Battle Style (pattern numbers that I can’t seem to remember) and some even with freaking tongue twisting names (they’re in German actually), they’re just freaking huge when materialized and epic that it just feels like game over to the poor enemy who is at the receiving end of it. No chance.

The art and drawing are quite good. Looking at the streets of ex-New York actually does make it look like walking in the streets of one (unlike that fake Miami city in Miami Guns, no?). So if you have this perception that New York is one big depressing dangerous slum, well, with the way it is shown here, I am sure you’ll believe in it even further. Other stuffs like the effects and background scenery (like the cemetery garden near the hospital) are gorgeous but I won’t go so far as to say they are a masterpiece that would make you go wow for days to come. Sometimes I feel that with the many alien characters in Hellsalem’s Lot, it is like a big place where rejected ideas of alien designs go to. Get what I mean? It’s like the producer has asked his team and perhaps they in turn asked others to draw designs of aliens. Who cares. Just draw them. And as a result, you have a mish-mash of one of the weirdest and most bizarre aliens ever seen as an excuse to populate Hellsalem’s Lot with them. Some of the character designs of Libra felt like I have seen them somewhere before like Steven looking awfully close to Cowboy Bebop’s Spike but without the afro. I’m too lazy at this point to think about the rest, though.

A reason why I said I found Leonardo to be similarly close to Gintama’s Shinpachi is because he is voiced by the same seiyuu, Daisuke Sakaguchi. If you have watched Gintama, you would be familiar with all the stupid antics and especially that Shinpachi character who is the voice of reasoning that nobody listens to as well as the glasses character whose main role is to do retorts and rebukes. At times when Leonardo does his rebuking role, the way Daisuke Sakaguchi pulls off that retorting screaming voice, it just sounded so freaking familiar. Even in his deadpan voice of such retorts, I thought Shinpachi transported himself into this anime after having had it for not being taken seriously enough in Gintama. Haha!

Rie Kugimiya is familiar playing dual roles of Black and White (or Mary and Will if you prefer) although she doesn’t go into her trademark tsundere role. There are other seiyuus that I recognized such as Yu Kobayashi as Chain (she sounds quite flat here since she doesn’t go into her crazy trademark voice), Rikiya Koyama as Klaus, Kazuya Nakai as Zapp, Akira Ishida as Femt (he is really enjoying his role as a villain, isn’t he?), Mamoru Miyano as Hummer, Keiji Fujiwara as Deldro and Nana Mizuki as Michella. Then there is Ikue Ohtani as Nej. It is refreshing to hear her voice other than that yellow blob in Pokemon or that tanuki, oops I mean reindeer in One Piece. There are other popular seiyuus lending their voice here as I found out later but they are just minor background characters and I probably didn’t notice thanks to the myriad of casts. They include Yuuki Kaiji, Miyuki Sawashiro and especially my favourite Mamiko Noto. Wait a minute. She was in this anime???!!! I MUST GO BACK TO THAT EPISODE AND I FIND HER CAMEO!!!!!!!!!! Yup, it’s that vampire villainess. Hey wait a minute… ANOTHER SHORT CAMEO ROLE MAMIKO NOTO GETS KILLED OFF!!! WTFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As the cast list is long since the series is filled with lots of minor background characters whom you’ll never care about, let me just list down some of the recurring ones whom I don’t recognize. They are Ai Orikasa as K.K. (Shizuka in Working!!! S3), Hikaru Midorikawa as Zed (Lancer in Fate/Zero), Mitsuru Miyano as Abrams (Ayame in Fruits Basket), Akio Ohtsuka as Abrams (titular character of Black Jack) and Satomi Koorogi as Aligura (Himawari in Crayon Shin-chan series). I didn’t realize that even Sonic has a seiyuu attached. It must be the easiest job ever seeing the monkey has no lines and does not frequently make noises. Yuuma Uchida (Nagisa in Classroom Crisis) is behind Sonic’s voice.

The opening theme Hello, World is quite an excellent rock piece that gives you a feel of what this anime is going to be about. The only odd thing about it is that it is sung by this group named Bump Of Chicken. Wait. What?! WTF?! I don’t know about the group but having this kind of name feels more than just raising an eyebrow or two. But I prefer the ending theme, Sugar Song To Bitter Step by Unison Square Garden (I thought Daisuke Sakaguchi was the voice behind the leading vocals but I was wrong). Despite its name, this is a very upbeat and jazzy piece with a funky feel to it. It is quite catchy that you might even want to join all the characters dressed like the Blues Brothers as seen in the ending credits animation in one big strange dance. Whatever that works, huh? Yeah, they are just having fun, aren’t they? Some of the songs also have that jazzy feel to it and a sultry insert song totally in English, On My Own by Ai Ninomiya that is just lovely.

Overall, perhaps another season will do more justice seeing this has quite the potential but seemingly falls short thanks to the single cour of the series that just takes away the interesting character development and in-depth interaction between the Libra members. I don’t mind the filler-like episodes since they were quite funny and amusing but at least they could have weaved the characters better into them. But if you are in for the artistic and flashy exaggerated fights, then this series would be an entertaining value. Maybe this kind of nonsense is the in-thing and trend for thrills and spill as opposed to your typical linear storylines. Yeah. To borrow and edit what Femt has said, I think all of us are in need of such nonsense. A little bit of chaos once in a while is good for everybody, don’t you think?

Admit it. There is only one reason why you are here watching the second season, Shinmai Maou No Testament Burst. It is only because of how delicious you see the main character caressing and pleasing his harem. It gives you the motivation and makes you feel that you could please your woman this good as him too. Am I right? What about me? Uhm. Oh, I’m here for the plot since the first season in such a cliff-hanger fashion that I am dying to know what is happening. So, you don’t believe in me? Please, believe in me! Speaking of that, you’ll here lots of that too in the sequel as well as the horny pleasing fanservice that you are about to get. Yeah, I admit. I’m here for the shameless fanservice too…

Episode 1
We start off from where we left on in last season when Jin goes to face off with Leohart as payback for last season’s ruckus. As epic their battle may be, it is time for Jin to stop fighting and make his exit. After that action, it’s time for fanservice! What a way to start off with Mio dreaming of something horny about Basara! OMG. Is this what she has become? At school, Basara is introduced to fellow festival committee, Nanao Tachibana by Hasegawa. I don’t know why there are punks in the committee too because this delinquent, Donoue is showing no respect (for the budget) and wants things to go his way. When all else fails, use the fist! Luckily Basara is here to stop his punches. When Hasegawa enters, Tachibana uses some mind control on them as they ‘obediently’ follow Hasegawa for their counselling. Basara is then advised by Sakasaki that something is amiss with Hasegawa. Because she has no enemies and everyone loves her. Like as though she is using some kind of magic. Mio and Yuki bump into Takigawa who asks them a favour to help protect Basara when he is not around. Last time when his powers went berserk, he wants them to become stronger and strong enough to kill him if he ever becomes that again. So why the gloomy face? I know. Who else to take out their horniness on? No other guys would do. Basara is at the train station when somebody mind controls the crowd to attack him. He is conveniently saved by Kurumi who also brings him home. They think something is amiss when nobody answers. They are in for a surprise. WHY THE HELL ARE MIO AND YUKI DRESSED IN SEXY LINGERIE BEGGING TO BASARA LIKE SEX CRAZED DOGS???!!! AND WANTING TO LICK HIS FEET TOO???!!! Mio realizes too late that Kurumi is here and runs away in embarrassment to hide in her room.

Kurumi is explained this indecency about their master-servant bondage. Especially Yuki’s direct words of how they decide to become Basara’s b*tches and submit to him even more to become stronger. Yeah. A reason to get kinkier. And who else better to know how to be hornier than asking Maria themselves. Kurumi is not amused with this unholy act but Maria tricks her by comparing her to her sister that she is immature. As expected of Kurumi’s pride, she is forced to prove otherwise. This means getting into the kinky act too. “We’ll relieve you soon”. Oh yeah… I’m sure Maria has got great footage of that. Basara knows Maria was purposely playing the villain. Maria explains she too has an older sister but was strict as hell. Therefore at least she wants Yuki and Kurumi to remain on good terms with each other. He is so touched that he hugs Maria. Sure he is not a lolicon? I’m pretty sure this motivated him to protect his harem family so that night he goes out to look for the enemy who is targeting him. He suspects Hasegawa. Jin just rescued Zest at the end of his epic battle.

Episode 2
The sports festival begins. Basara and his girls keep a lookout because Maria told them although she never heard of normal people being granted magic power, it could be a high ranking demon or somebody with great abilities. Before that, we have some fanservice fun rivalry between Mio and Yuki when they run a 3-legged race with Basara. Each trying to cling on to him for ‘wind resistance’ and the balloon bursting event which looks so horny that mothers have to cover their child’s eyes, the old men take photos and the male classmates just screaming in jealousy. And when the balloon pops and makes the girls wet, it dissolves their clothes and make them go into horny bondage position. WTF???!!! I didn’t know this was some sort of Sex Olympics! Turns out to be Maria’s fantasy. No doubt Basara and the duo won the 3-legged race normally. When Kurumi senses something abnormal coming from Tachibana, that is when Donoue starts attacking the field with his mini tornados. Basara disables them with his Banishing Shift while the girls evacuate everyone to safety. When Kurumi confronts Donoue, she realizes he is another victim of manipulation. Then she gets kidnapped.

Meanwhile Basara faces off with Tachibana who displays his true form as a vampire. As they fight, Basara cannot help but wonder if Tachibana is the real perpetrator because his tears are real! Tachibana is accusing Basara of trying to kill him when all he wants is to live a normal quiet life. Basara defeats him and shortly cannot feel Mio and Yuki’s presence. Then he is confronted by Hasegawa and is very tempted to believe she is the culprit. She won’t let him pass and easily breaks his sword. The trap barrier placed by Sakasaki allows Basara to escape with him. Sakasaki then introduces himself as Jin’s acquaintance tasked to look after him while Jin is away. He explains he doesn’t know Hasegawa’s true form but is somebody who possesses powers on par with S-class demons and can manipulate others with her magic. Her objective is to rule this school behind the shadows. Wait a minute. Just the school? Not the world? He wants them to plan a counter attack but Basara attacks him. He believes Sakasaki is the real culprit. Because if Jin considered Hasegawa as a threat, he wouldn’t have taken some measure against her. I mean, why transfer Mio to this school if she was dangerous? Sakasaki applauds his brilliance and slams him to the wall. He transforms into his true form, a fallen god. Such gods are believed to have been kicked out of heaven and turned into the ways of the demons. And now they are invading the human world as their next step for revenge. As there are some humans bestowed powers to stop their advance, the hero clan are such humans. You think this fallen god is going to play by the rule? He uses unconscious Kurumi as his hostage so Basara is forced to lower his weapon. When that happens, he slashes off his arm!

Episode 3
When Ornis (Sakasaki’s real name) lets his guard down, Basara slashes him! How the heck did he mend his arm back? Well, you’re screwed now because Basara is in berserk mode. Yeah, the fallen god is actually shaking in fear! Luckily he is chained down by Afleia (Hasegawa’s real name). It seems Ornis was the culprit that unleashed Brynhildr’s power because he wants to protect Afleia’s pureness. At least that’s what I understand why this dude is getting so worked up for. He still cannot accept she is trying to protect Basara whom he wants to kill. Afleia seems to be a fallen god too and although her powers are sealed, there is a condition when it will be unleashed: When it is necessary to protect Basara. Now it is that time. She is going to eliminate him. But why not let Basara do the honours then? If she did, he will continue to run rampage, something she doesn’t want. Now he is begging for his life but I don’t think that cuts it. Goodbye Ornis. You won’t be remembered. Hasegawa then heals Basara via, uhm, sexual healing?! She allows him to go wild as she rips apart those delicious boobs! Oh yeah! So sex can only tame the inner wild beast? Whatever. Conveniently she slightly alters his memories as well the rest of his girls because it is too early for him to know about her true identity yet. And so the sports festival concluded well. Tachibana apologizes for attacking Basara. Because vampires were blamed and driven out of their land, some heroes find it a reason to hunt and kill them so he thought Basara was trying to kill him. Of course Basara won’t ever do that, making this dude crying in relief.

Back in his bathtub, Basara can still remember Sakasaki as the perpetrator and fought him. However he felt somebody else was there protecting him. However this is not the time to think thoroughly because here comes his harem asking him to get horny with them! Even Kurumi is now part of this harem? Leave it to Maria for everything. I’m sure Maria has other naughty ideas to make Basara please his woman but it comes to a rude halt when her sister, Rukia doesn’t like how she has been misbehaving. She is here as a messenger to invite them to the demon realm. Meanwhile Leohart and his demons have unearthed another relic and don’t like how those noble councils to fight without even analyzing it yet. His loyal men pledge their strength to help him achieve his goal and defeat the council that Wilbert couldn’t even purge. Lars informs that the moderate faction has summoned Mio back to the demon realm and this is Leohart’s greatest chance to lay claim to Mio’s inherited power. The act of summoning her can be seen as an act of aggression, a reason enough for them to act and remove that threat. Rukia cannot say the purpose of the summoning is for as she is just a messenger. She is sure that Ramsus, the leader of the moderate faction as well as Wilbert’s older brother will explain as he will be there. So our gang have some time to think things over. Basara is mad at the turn of events and Mio doesn’t have to comply. But after Maria and Basara pledge they will always be by her side, I suppose this is enough motivation for her to decide to return. Because nothing can be resolved by running away. If she is feeling guilty of dragging them into this mess, don’t worry. They reassure her again they will always protect her. So pack your bags and let’s get going.

Episode 4
The demon realm is a pretty nice place. They arrive at Wildart Castle, once belonging to Wilbert and now under Ramsus. They are surprised to see Zest working as a maid here. She is actually hired as Shella’s personal maid as that loli succubus’ mom makes her appearance to play her cheeky flirtation on Basara. Maria is summoned by Rukia and to be punished on her actions (from last season). So is this some sort of whipping S&M punishment because Maria knows she has to strip! And then of course Basara tells her to hold her horses because it’s not Maria’s fault then, blah, blah, blah. He considers Maria as his little sister. Rukia warns even if he does this, the guilt in Maria’s heart will not vanish. So will he punish her instead? Yes. I think we all prefer this, right? And so Maria gets spanked. But not just any ordinary spanking because Rukia enhances her horniness so each spank sends her into ecstasy till she faints. Yeah… It was good? Kurumi is caught eavesdropping and Rukia needs to punish her. Since she is part of his harem, he claims Kurumi is Maria’s friend and will also exact the punishment on her behalf. Whatever. So the same thing. Horny mode enhanced and it looks like some porn scene, Basara licking her armpits! WTF???!!! Is this her sensitive spot as said by Maria?! When he returns to the rest of his girls, he sees an old dude sitting with them. He is Claus and Wilbert’s ex-strategist. He brings them to the main hall as he explains the growing fiction between Leohart and Wilbert’s side till Ramsus appeared as he claimed to be a moderate. However not many loyalists under Wilbert are ready to change their loyalty so easily. At the hall, Wilbert’s loyal subjects hail the return of Mio and Basara fears this is what Claus might be after.

With Noel guiding them around town (why he heck in maid outfits? Oh hell, who cares!), Zest goes off on her own as she is still reeling from the guilt from last season of making Basara and Mio suffer. She believes she has no place to return and stumbles into trouble with some of the guards. She resigns to her fate but Basara makes a distraction to take her away and even carries her when her high heels break. And that folks, completes Basara’s good treatment of his harem girls. Just wow. When they return to Wildart, Ramsus just arrived. Claus tells Basara Ramsus has no interest in Mio and only wants to extract the Demon Lord’s power from within. This piques Basara interests because by doing so, Mio can live a normal life. However Claus cautious him of a drawback. Ramsus is being reckless with his method. As no other being other than the Demon Lord himself can do so, if Ramsus does it, it might pose a threat to Mio’s life. Yeah, time to think deep. If you’re tired on straight fanservice action, how about some girl on girl yuri action? Because Maria wants to get horny with Kurumi after learning what she did. Luckily Kurumi isn’t a lesbian and won’t let her modesty be outraged. Then we have Noel washing Mio’s boobs like, well, you can picture that yourself. Mio learns that Noel and Lars come from the same orphanage and know each other. She views him the reckless type thanks to his numerous missions to the human world and can never stop worrying about him. Basara meets with Ramsus and wants to talk. Lastly, Luka, Leohart’s top magician (despite just being a kid) finally extracts the ultimate biological weapon from the great war era. It is a heroic spirit. Since when did Fate/Stay Night have an appearance here?!

Episode 5
So, Basara is here to scold Ramsus about the way he is about to treat Mio? Who the f*ck he thinks he is?! Wise Shella tells them to stop since this fight will only bring Mio pain. So instead, why not share some fanservice fun because Shella has Zest wash his back and do all the fanservice stuffs like every maid should do. Suggesting that they should make a pact and since both do not have anything against it, the master-servant pact is soon formed and thus we are rewarded with a full-fledged fanservice scene that is on par with any hentai flick as Basara pleases Zest to calm her inner horny demons down. Welcome to the club. Oh yeah, that was good. After that everybody goes to pay respects at Wilbert’s grave. Next morning, the town is entirely rudely awakened when the relic piloted by Gald (Leohart’s trusted general) breaks in to warn about handing over Mio or else. Yeah, he just demonstrated destroying the mountain behind. So all our girls except Mio head out to battle because she is forced to stay in the room and watch the battle via TV so as not to fall into this enemy’s trip. And some political reason too. While Basara fights Gald one on one, his harem takes on the relic. Mio’s patience runs out when she sees Basara getting hurt. Although Basara did score a big damage on Gald, some alien beam took him out and threw his burnt body before Mio. Now she’s mad. Very mad. Gald is not happy that Nebra intervened and was supposed to only be an observer. However this gay dude claims Leohart shouldn’t get any more powerful than this and is going to show him how to use the relic properly. Yeah, Gald gets taken out. It saves Nebra time when Mio appears before him. She is in mad mode that she will kill him not 100, not 1000, but a million times! With the relic struck down, even Nebra is now scared sh*t of her. Though, Mio collapses after exerting too much. Nebra becomes desperate to blow up everything but Ramsus uses his gravity power to neutralize it. Even more desperate, Nebra goes down to kill Mio personally but gets stabbed by Basara. Surprised! Didn’t think he’s dead, eh? Don’t you dare touch his sister! Nebra begs for his life but before he can reveal the big boss, he explodes. The only way to keep a coward’s mouth shut. The rest are shocked to see Lars taking Gald’s body back. Basara thought he is from the moderate faction though he claims he has his own complicated circumstances. He tells Basara to settle things and to come to Leohart’s castle since he is waiting for him.

Episode 6
Mio tells Claus that he need not worry because she has decided to live the rest of her life as a human and do not intend in succeeding her father. While heading back, they meet with Jin for the first time in ages. Meanwhile Gald is still alive as he reports to Leohart about Brynhildr’s dimensional fluctuation and supersonic flash crap that enabled Basara to defeat and lose an arm. Leohart then sends a message to Ramsus about their upcoming fight in the form of a tournament. A seven against seven match of representatives and the side with the most wins will obtain authority over the demon realm. Ramsus and Jin feel suspicious about it since the highly coveted Mio is not mentioned and something sneaky must be in the works for the council to even approve this. However they have no choice but to accept this or risk an all-out war with casualties. They talk about Safia whereabouts but it seems Shella points out she isn’t in the demon world right now. We cut the chatter for a few seconds of Mio fanservice as Basara pleases her like a pro porn actor. Oh yeah, you go! Then we are cut to Basara and Jin’s training in the forest. Who the f*ck wants to see father and son train?! Give us back our horny fanservice! Break time, Jin asks about his chances with Leohart since Jin fought him. He says he himself can’t win head on but this doesn’t mean he can’t win entirely. Because Jin knows that Basara is unsure of his true strength, he wanted time to teach him this but since time is running out, he is going to speed up the training. Hell mode on! Meanwhile the girls too have their own form of training. Sexy warm-ups? I wonder how Mio could do push-ups with such big boobs. Since Mio is feeling like a burden again, Shella tells her to focus on her own powers first. Then she makes Basara’s harem feeling horny before giving them eat some pill that suppresses that horniness. But it has a drawback, the more loyal they become, it will be more difficult for them to ascertain Basara’s position.

The nearby forest suddenly become almost like an atomic explosion. Oh, this is what happened to Basara’s training? I guess he almost couldn’t make it. Daddy went a bit too far so he needs a little TLC from the girls for now. Yeah, freaking huge crater where the forest once stood! Sorry if you are expecting fanservice when Basara wakes up in his room. It is his dad instead. Time to talk about serious stuff. Like how he has to learn to control and channel that destructive berserk power into a discharged attack. The thought of this makes Basara remember the traumatic times where he almost wiped out his village. Luckily Jin snaps him out of it. He mentions about the 3 limiters he have now. A conscious one, a subconscious one and his hatred based on Brynhildr for causing that incident. As it is difficult to control that demon sword, its wielder must be fully focused or it will devour your mind. Basara’s aversion to that has him placing a limit on Brynhildr’s power. During the training, he didn’t have time to think about this and that crater was the effect. During Leohart’s fight he needs to remove at least 2 limiters or he’ll be in deep sh*t. However Jin also adds this battle isn’t necessary he needs to win. Though Basara’s reason here is to protect Mio, imagine if his side wins, the moderate faction will then rally cries to make Mio their next Demon Lord. A draw isn’t the answer too but Jin has a way and if Basara fails, daddy will be there to cover his back. How convenient. Things get even more shocking when Jin feels the need to tell Basara of his 2 mothers. Wait. What?! That night, Basara trains by unleashing his power. Don’t worry, it’s towards the sky. I hope some planet didn’t get destroyed. But Yuki gets worried jus by watching this. Next day, Basara and his harem start their journey to Leohart’s castle. I guess they will be the representatives because nobody else is f*cking good enough to be the heroes and fight for their goal.

Episode 7
The kids arrive at Leohart’s castle. They also meet Belphegor, one of the council members and the guy who took over Zolgia’s place in his demise. Yup, another baddie we love to hate. So before we get to the big battle, we need to have big fanservice. Because in order for them to get stronger, they need to submit even further to Basara. Screw the logic because I’m sure Basara is too as he orders them to strip and they engage in heavenly orgy! OH YEAH! Basara you lucky bastard!!! Belphegor too is indulging in his own orgy but he is so powerful that all the women he f*cks got their life sucked out. Next please. Later, Basara meets up secretly with Lars. No, he doesn’t want him to rig the match but to get him some perfume. Yuki wakes up from a nightmare about Basara going berserk while Mio has insecurities of Basara. So what better way than to overcome by flirting with him, kissing him and then make love in the shower. OH YEAH! Round 2! Basara you lucky bastard!!! I guess he is too busy in the shower to notice Lars sent him a message. Tournament day is here. Noticeably missing are Belphegor and Basara. Whatever happened to them, don’t lose faith. Especially Basara’s harem. You’re making them worried. The rules of the match are simple. However cannot fight or dies, loses. And this must be a surprise announcement to our girls because Mio is now the prize for winning this tournament. The first match pits Mio against Luka. What a surprise. I didn’t expect this matching. But it isn’t Luka she will be facing but the ancient heroic spirit he dug up. Looks like Mio is in a pinch when this relic starts regenerating. But when she thinks back earlier in the day when Basara told her he will be gone to attend some business and to have faith in him he will come back, this bullshit motivation serves as Mio’s turning point as she powers up and blows away the monster. Yeah, you lost kid. And the whole damn crowd is just freaking surprised seeing her demon power. Next up is Maria and she will be against Lars. Only Noel is freaking surprised to see him here.

Episode 8
Maria can’t best Lars so the only way she can stand a chance is to transform into her slut adult self. I suppose bustier and more curves mean more power? She did give him a run for his money but eventually he is still better. The crowd calls for him to kill her but Lars shuts them up saying that he kills whoever he chooses. He spares her life, leaves victorious and leaving Noel to sigh a huge relief that he is still the same guy she knew. Rukia and Mio must be so worried about Maria that they accompany her in ICU rather than give a f*cks about Kurumi’s match. Yeah, even Yuki was looking worried and Kurumi played the big sister to give encouraging words to make her cry. Kurumi will be up against Viscount Admirath, the loyal retainer to Lord Madonis of the council. Admirath passes Kurumi some token from Basara and hints that if she doesn’t lose, kiss goodbye to your man. She doesn’t believe him and knows it is a trick but her guilt is for too superior. Therefore Leohart and his men can tell something is off when Kurumi is fighting him. It is like they’re faking it. Leohart’s right hand man, Balflear decides to investigate a little. Ultimately she loses to him on his, uhm, Hollow deer? Admirath is going to kill her but Zest protects her. Although Kurumi’s loss is accepted, because Zest interrupted the match when the winner is not announced yet, the penalty will be for her to forfeit her match. So our heroes are losing 1-3. Kurumi’s life is worth it, right? Don’t worry. All they have to do is win the rest. Right?

Meanwhile Basara sneaks into Belphegor’s mansion. Using that perfume to give out Zolgia’s scent, he easily infiltrates the place and interrupts Belphegor’s sex time. Luckily Belphegor was sharp enough to cut him. Then he starts telling him how much he wants to f*ck his harem especially Mio. Wrong words. Because Basara revives! Or rather he purposely let him cut him first. Madonis praises Admirath for his fine work and if things go well, they won’t have to resort to that. Balflear overheard this and continues his investigation. Next is Yuki versus Volga. If this dude seems familiar, he is Valga’s brother. This guy talks big and even badmouths his dead brother. Cocky enough to say this match will end in one blow. Unfortunately, it his him who realizes too late he has been cut up in one strike so fast that nobody saw it coming. Yeah, this guy is even worse than his brother. The next match is supposed to be Balflear against Rukia but since that guy is missing, the match is forfeit and Rukia fans will be disappointed not to see her in action. It’s a tie now. And so the final match is supposed to be Leohart versus Basara but since the latter is nowhere to be found, everyone is getting worried. Rukia is thinking of letting Ramsus substitute (why didn’t they do this for Rukia’s match?!). Because the final stage is set at Xamdu, some super demon stage, this means even if Basara makes it back, he will have difficulties fighting there. Double worried now, eh? They should be. Because Basara seems to be lying dead in the middle of nowhere. Still keeping your faith, Mio?

Episode 9
If you kept believing, then be happy because Basara is now in Xamdu. The big epic fight begins with Basara even using the perfume to create double visions for Leohart. Well, just blow the scent away! In addition to being injured, Basara’s moves also seem sluggish like as though he is hiding something. When Leohart seemingly defeats him and Basara falls into the lava, Basara takes out a pill that Shella gave him. It is supposed to release the demon blood within him as well as his other mother’s blood. Woah. What?! He pops the pill and he comes out donning a super Demon Lord armour. This guy is fast and furious, easily taking down Leohart. But the price to pay is that his body is bleeding as the power is destroying his flesh. At this rate his body will be destroyed. Mio can’t stand this and goes to Xamdu. Wait. Is this legal? Right before Basara could kill Leohart, here Mio comes doing I don’t know what that has her whisk away to Earth. Not just Earth. A place where zombie students want a piece of her and poison air melts her clothes. Yeah… She suddenly realizes this place is inside Basara’s mind. She goes to find him only to meet her worst nightmare: Zolgia! Don’t worry. As long as you believe in Basara, you can blow away your inner demons! Oh yeah! Finally she finds him. But his instincts make him want to kill her. His other sane side is trying to prevent himself from doing so. All while Mio is just helplessly watching. Then he succumbs to the power. A blatant excuse for a rape scene!!! OMG!!! But Mio accepts it. Do whatever you want with her. Basara you lucky bastard!!! And just like that, with the power of sex they are returned to Xamdu and Basara regaining his original self. All hail the power of sex! In another great twist of development, Basara shakes hands with Leohart. So a draw? A truce? The council becomes worried when they get word Belphegor has been done in. But Madonis isn’t panicking yet and will unleash his trump card. The ultimate demon that reigns over all heroic spirits: Chaos! He can also summon his heroic spirit buddies to destroy every damn land in the demon world! Holy sh*t! The demon world is becoming one big hell. Wait, that’s quite appropriate, right? Heroic spirits are murdering innocents and Madonis believes this is their way to test such weapons and prepare for their next big attack against the gods. As long as they survive, they can rebuild the demon world whenever they want. So they’re telling me they are okay to do the manual labour in creating the kingdom brick for brick?

Episode 10
Admirath goes to settle his score with Kurumi. Yuki and Zest protect her but he has poisoned the air with miasma. For reasons unknown or why it didn’t affect the girls in ICU, Maria and Kurumi wake up stronger than ever to rip off his arms! Now he is screaming like a girl! Then Maria beats him down with some super combo to finish him off. Good riddance. We don’t want to see anymore of him. We also get to see Lars showing off his cool side to fight a heroic spirit and save Noel (just for impressions sakes) and for those fans who were disappointed not to see Zest fight, here she is taking on several heroic spirits as compensation. Ramsus uses his gravity power to hold down Chaos. Better hurry and think up of a way. Basara observes how his power could hold down Chaos. In short, they need to open a black hole and push him back there. With the power of believing, Leohart will help keep Chaos down, Mio opens the black hole and Basara unleashes all his limiters to don another super Demon Lord armour that pushes Chaos back to where he came from. It goes without saying that all the heroic spirits soon disappear. The council is shock their plan is defeated but don’t worry. Madonis still has a trump card. This guy still has tricks? In fact all of them take out a button that will detonate everything but before they could do that, Leohart’s sister, Liala kills and decapitates all of them! Woah! Good riddance. She could have killed them anytime she wants but seeing they are going to take out her beloved Leohart too, it’s time for the old geezers to die. She calls Jin out from his hiding and knows he is here to kill the council too. From their talk, she can sense Jin is one of the ancient high ranking dragons! Wait. What?! Looks like they have bad blood between them and would have started fighting if not Basara had come in. Looks like he had the same idea to eliminate the council. Her keen smell has her believe she is on good terms with Lars and she hopes he can get along with Leohart since all the old men are gone.

Liala goes to investigate with Leohart Belphegor’s mansion. She smells a familiar smell on Belphegor and knows Basara killed him. She realizes his plot to kill Belphegor would reduce the council’s influence and this would lead to the war in the demon world dying down. But she can’t understand why the need to fight Leohart then. As explained by Jin and Ramsus, eliminating the council won’t solve the problem easily. Even if they proposed peace by offering Belphegor’s head, the ones they surpassed would even be more wary of them. That is why Basara risked his life to fight Leohart so he could unveil the council’s plot and by crushing it opens up a better method to peace. With the war dwindling, lesser people will go out their way to get Mio’s power. Ramsus notes Basara changed the history of the demon world and all because for the sake of his sister. Now if you are wondering how Basara came back up when he was lying and facing death, Lars went out his way to pick him up so that he could finish what he started. Yeah, these guys are really getting along. With no further business, our heroes return to Earth. Ironically Basara wakes up from Mio’s traumatic nightmare. So how do you calm that down on a cold night? Mio wants him to warm her up and this is a big hint for him to pleasure her. Only to be interrupted if stupid Maria could just keep quiet while filming this hot porno scene. And now we are back in familiar territory because Yuki and Kurumi also want to be pleased by him as they erotically dance around him. It gets crowded now with Zest joining in the horny fest. Mio feels left out? Basara becomes a true man as he tells them all off: Quit your bitching! I’ll relieve all of you together! Oh yes! Basara you da man!

Because the TV series lacked the much needed horny steamy fanservice for Basara x Mio x Yuki, the OVA is here to save the day and our horny libido. Maria wakes up Basara and right in the early morning, she is sexily cleaning herself naked in front of him and possibly climaxing. Sorry girl. This guy isn’t into loli. So he ties her up and then goes to wake up Mio. Then he realizes this is Maria’s ploy to do so because Mio is sleeping with her pyjamas half undressed. He tries to quietly button her clothes but looks like her boobs keep unbuttoning them. Yuki spots this and this gives the horny girl an idea to undress herself. Pick her and she will show him her boobs every day! Mio wakes up from the commotion, misunderstands the situation and guess who gets the raw end of the stick? Maria must be happy her plan worked out but Basara now takes out his frustrations on her. In school during PE, Basara and Yuki are supposed to get some ball in the store. Fanservice moment when Yuki gets stuck on a hurdle and sends her climaxing. Then there is this part she climbs a ladder to reach for the ball. Her butt is in Basara’s face. But all that flustering has them lost their balance. Basara catches hold of her. One hand holding her boobs and the other holding up her pant, which is pulling on her camel toe. Another round of climaxing? Mio barges in to see their unholy act and when she tries to separate them, they all fall onto each other. Basara wakes up in the infirmary. The girls are okay but still asleep. Hasegawa wants to know how they ended up like that so he says his body moved on his own. So to understand clearer what he meant, Hasegawa now flirts with him. You can move as you please now. Boobs suffocating all over his face. One of the greatest regrets in his life…

Maria is shocked that she has forgotten Mio’s birthday tomorrow. Talking to Basara about the birthday surprise they need to give her, she suggests some of the horniest presents to give her. Of course he shoots them all down. Basara couldn’t stop thinking what to give so he decides to ask Mio herself. Uhm, doesn’t that defeat the purpose? He enters her room and when the door locks, Mio is seen acting like a slut. Noticing her hypnotized eyes, he realizes this is again Maria’s ploy. Indeed. She is recording this in another room. You can both get it going now. But since Basara is complaining how this is wrong, Maria changes the bedroom scene into a festival atmosphere. Yuki is also here so that Mio won’t hog all the fun. So we see the girls ambiguously licking and biting sausages, getting baby chicks stuck in their cleavage and the competition to grab a goldfish has them falling into the pond. As they dry themselves at the shrine, they start becoming horny. Maria notices Mio’s power is going berserk and needs to do something about it. However her horny succubus side tells her the need to record and watch this steamy affair. And so we have Basara doing full hentai foreplay like licking and caressing their body parts! OMG! This could be really hentai material!!! When the magic malfunctions, the girls come to their senses. Maria explains the hypnotic magic has some safety feature and thus it got disabled on its own. But she is glad all went according to plan. The biggest loli beat down ever… You think Maria is really sorry and learnt her lesson despite that? When Basara mentions he was doing this for Mio’s birthday, she says it is still a long way to go. Maria checks her calendar and realizes the different dates between the human and demon world. Honest mistake? Think not. She earns herself another round of beat down when she promises on her next birthday she will make it more exciting and erotic. Yup, she never learns.

How To Pleasure Your Horny Harem 100 Times
Unfortunately… I am starting to find the plot interesting! Believe me, it is a fact. With the revelation of Jin being some part of a dragon, it really makes me start believing that this show is soon following more familiar steps of High School DxD. In my previous blog, I did say that this series borrows a lot of elements from many other animes but mostly High School DxD seems to be the prominent one. Now with this revelation including the appearance of fallen gods and such, this could be the hornier version of it.

As far as this season is concerned, notwithstanding the fanservice because that itself is a category of its own, I would say that the storyline is suffice although this season could be simply summarized as our heroes making a journey to the demon world to put an end to all those pursuers intending to get their greedy hands on the power that Mio inherited from Wilbert. It opens up new possibilities and development with the introduction of a handful of new characters but we will have to wait for another season to see if where it would take us. If that ever happens. And now the fact that Basara has 2 moms, it gets even more interesting how this guy is conceived. Really.

As usual, the fanservice doesn’t disappoint and they are at the masters of showing it in a way that doesn’t amount to hentai but borders with it so closely that it is allowed to be shown on TV. You got to have great control in resisting to fap whenever you see the Mio and Zest wanting their boobs to be pleasured, Kurumi her armpit, Yuki her butt and whatever there is for Maria. The ultimate testament of horniness! Haven’t found anybody who gets stimulated by the vagina part? Yet? Yeah, if they would just get rid of the annoying damn censors! Yes. This atrocious piece of blockage is still very persistent whenever such scenes are played out. You’ll be annoyed as hell if you are really hoping to see some bare tits. Heh. That is why the producers are smart enough to censor them on TV (I think it is also required by the law) and then make you blow your cash on the DVDs so you can enjoy those delicious boobs. Otherwise you have to do what I did the last time by using my very vivid imagination to view them all. Yeah, great fapping material indeed. For all you know, there is a hentai version of it out there somewhere seeing how easily the scenes here can crossover to being in one.

I have also mentioned in my blog for last season that the character development feels weak. It still does here because with a handful of new major and minor characters introduced this season, you just don’t feel that there is any much focus on the characters. And perhaps because there are only 10 freaking TV episodes compared to a dozen last season. I wonder if you can call those fanservice pleasing moments as character development and bonding at least for where Basara and his harem are concerned but if you want real character development like insights to their past and the likes, you’d be disappointed. Only very slight hints and teasers are all you will get. So even if we have more Basara x Mio make out moments, it still doesn’t feel deep enough that would make you feel that their relationship has gone to the next level.

Even the recurring characters don’t really feel much. Especially Yuki whom I noticed has been less scheming and sly compared to last season and spends most of her time in the demon world being a worrywart. I know she is worried about Basara and his childhood trauma but sometimes it signals to me like as though she has given up on the race and knows that Mio would be the chosen one and thus her gloomy morbid melancholy. Is it because this season takes place in the demon world unlike back on Earth where you have high school setting and such? Kurumi feels even more like a side character despite being ‘officially’ inducted into Basara’s harem. Perhaps she is using an excuse to help out her sister to get close to him since when she debuted this season, she sounded a lot like a tsundere. We also see the Nonaka sisters trying to be sisterly but I suppose it didn’t leave any much impression. And Maria. Still the cheeky succubus loli but in this season we see her film antics lesser because when you’re away in the demon world and things are getting serious, do you have time to do all the filming and editing? Or did she just forget to bring her camera? Zest on the other hand as the latest induction into the harem feels like she has given slightly more screen time than the other girls but even that too isn’t really much. Get what I’m saying?

Basara is being the typical main character with all the main protagonist cliché that you have ever seen in past animes. Main character with power and ability to power up in the future, check. Unleashed power level that could be over 9000, check. Tragic past that would leave one in tears or at least sympathetic, check. Gets the girls, have the girls, check. Goes far enough to protect them, check. Fights strong enemies and if he doesn’t kill them they become his ally or friends, check. Always there when the time is right even if it is the last second, check. Check, check and double check everything else. The only difference is that he gets to do perverted stuffs to girls without looking like a desperate pervert. And he does in not only one or two but five of them! At least this is the last count up till this season. Mio isn’t exactly the damsel in distress type but I wouldn’t go so far as to label her as a very strong female character either. She spends a lot of time this season worrying about Basara and I think it is compounded because Basara ‘stressed’ her up by telling her to believe in him. It feels like it did a little more harm than good. But thankfully Basara always keeps his end of the bargain. And when it is time for her to ‘rescue’ him, it somewhat feels a little forced. Oh well, that is what you call the power of the main character bullsh*t. We love it.

Then there is Jin who is still mysterious and awesome because he nothing much about him is revealed yet. Trying to match that mystery but with complications of his own circumstances is Lars. Once Basara’s rival, now he is his best friend. Or is he just trolling? He has been a double agent for almost anything and since last season he achieved his goal by killing Zolgia after making a deal with Basara. So I wonder what his deal is this time. I thought Hasegawa would show more potential this season seeing the enigma around her behaviour with Basara in last season. Well, she did reveal some juicy stuff about her real identity but after the kids left for the demon world, she is never to be seen again for the rest of the season until the final episode’s montage of the-whereabouts-of-every-character-right-now.

Talking about the new characters, they still feel as weak as the recurring ones because, yeah, like I said, quite a handful of them. Although Leohart made his cameo in the previous season, this time around he gets to flaunt his powers and it would be dreadful if this good looking demon would be casted forever as the main antagonist so in a twist of the plot, we make the ugly council guys the baddies, kill them off and make friendship between Basara and Leohart’s side. There. Because this guy has got quite a few good men under his command like Gald, Balflear and Luka. All of which suffer from lack of screen time and not really heard of again once their ‘role’ is done. Better than Claus. What the heck happened to him?

Liala only made a couple of episodes of appearances but her powers seem to be on par with Jin and thus another interesting character but lacking enough screen time. Just for teasers? Then there is Noel whom they make us should care about (not only because she is a maid) but because of her relationship with Lars and for those tired of Basara and his harem can look forward to this one if it ever happens. Ramsus, who looks like the king of hearts on your pack of cards, feels like his role in this season was just for that last moment. Same case with Shella. I don’t know where she gets those pills but it feels like just to drive the plot and give our main characters and excuse to power up whenever necessary. I thought Rukia would be part of Basara’s harem. Didn’t. I thought I could see her fight. Didn’t. How disappointing for a maid character just to remain as a maid character.

Demon characters we couldn’t care of like Madonis, Belphegor, Admirath, Nebra, Volga (what a joke – a record for a character existing less than 3 minutes) and the rest of the useless power hungry council men make their short appearances and then killed off. Good. Because we don’t want any more new characters who continue to live and we have to worry about the next time. Like that Belphegor dude, I wonder why he is even in this anime. He could actually be done without except to give Basara a little side mission to kill him and put a little tension into the drama. After all, what else does this demon guy do anyway except f*cking his horde of slaves?

But I am baffled to what happened to some of the characters in the end. Because that final montage is supposed to calm our hearts and let us know how they are doing right now. Because the hero guys from last season who didn’t make one single appearance this season, Takashi and Shiba were even seen doing their own training. But what happened to Tachibana? Did they forget about him? If they can show Jin travelling on a journey with some woman (she did make a cameo once this season but we don’t really know who the f*ck she is), we even see Luka and Gald recuperating but what happened to Balflear? Where did he disappear too during the tournament in his investigation? Unless he was killed off in a surprise trap by the council that I wasn’t paying attention to. Isn’t that why he didn’t return?

They turn part of the action scenes into tournament style this season. Even if the tournament feels freaking short and just a stepping stone for the plot, but I guess it is better than dragging it out for so many episodes like certain long running anime series. After all, I am sure by now you would know that you watch this series not for the action but the action of the other kind. Not in the stadium or coliseum but in the bedroom. Haha! I mean, you don’t really see any varied moves from our characters, right? They can mainly condense the entire fight in 2 episodes. One episode Basara vs Leohart and the prior episode for everybody else. Otherwise seeing Basara slashing with Brynhildr, powering up with a different amour, almost getting devoured by his newly unleashed power are hardly exciting by today’s standards. It is just passable.

While the recurring casts are retained, the new ones added to the line-up are Hibiku Yamamura as Rukia (Asuramaru in Owari No Seraph), Tesshou Genda as Ramsus (Umibozu in City Hunter), Atsuki Tani as Madonis (Borka in Sanzoku No Musume Ronja), Taiten Kusunoki as Gald (Rock Bison in Tiger & Bunny), Ayumu Murase as Luka (Haruka in Joukamachi No Dandelion), Naomi Kusumi as Belphegor (Mamoru Kabe in Zetman), Keisuki Koumoto as Admirath (Shinichirou in Isuca), Mina as Noel (Sohara in Sora No Otoshimono), Asami Tano as Tachibana (Chiharu in Toaru Hikuushi E No Koiuta) and once again I couldn’t pick up it was Kikuko Inoue as Liala.

The opening theme is Over The Testament by Metamorphose. I am not aware of this rock piece but I found out that there are 4 versions of this song featuring Yoko Ishida, Kaori Oda, Aki Misato and Megumi Ogata each. They do not play any voice acting part in the series. Oddly I find all the songs to sound the same and couldn’t tell them apart. What I found out was they are a singing unit formed for this series. The ending theme is another rock outfit, Temperature by Dual Flare. Unlike last season where you have naked fanservice as the ending credits animation, they do away with all that and put up, uh, pictures, sceneries and action scenes.

Overall, just like many anime series under the ecchi genre, you won’t remember the fights or the characters in the long run except for the value of its steamy fanservice. Like how we will always remember Freezing for its tits, High School DxD for its tits, Maken-Ki for its tits, Seikon No Qwaser for its power sucking tits and even Valkyrie Drive ~Mermaid~ for its lesbian tits. We can never get enough of them. This series still has decent (oh, the irony) development for its plot and characters if they are willing to give another season a try. Because Basara will always tell his girls to believe in him and I believe we all should. Because for a man who can pleasure his harem and making them even hornier and wanting more like a repeat customer, isn’t he the ultimate peace and love making dude? Yes people. Make love and not war! Salute and respect to da man!

It is always good to help out. It is always good to lend a helping hand for those in need. You become a person whom everybody can rely on and it makes you feel good that you can help those. But sometimes helping every time does not always bring positive results all the time. Others become lazy and just leave the tasks to you. You become burdened helping others that you don’t have your own life. Just take for instance this main character in Komori-san Wa Kotowarenai. Basically she is a good girl. She never turns down anyone asking for help. Any kind of help. Even at her own inconvenience. That is why she is so beloved and so heavily relied on. Sometimes you wonder if she was taught to say no. Wouldn’t that be easier? Ah, perhaps doing all the donkey work is much easier than speaking out and refusing. You know, action speaks louder than words?

Episode 1
Right at the start, we see Shuri Komori unable to decline help from any of her school mates who ask her help. But do they all have to come and ask at the same time? This girl is so kind that she even lets other girls behind her to go use the toilet first since they can’t hold it in. I wonder how long she can hold it in. This isn’t confined to just favours from others. Even in class, the maths teacher tend to pick her when nobody else volunteers. Thus her best pals, Masako Negishi and Megumi Nishitori suggest hiding her easy-to-ask face. Hmm… People still recognize her under that cat mask. Maybe it is her height. Will crouching do the job? Nope. People will still crawl to request favours. At the end of the day despite the numerous requests, Komori feels happy to have done something for others. So her friends also ask a favour of her: Let’s walk home together.

Episode 2
No rest for Komori. Because just when she leaves her home for school, lost strangers keep bugging her for help. I know it is good not to waste but I am wondering if the entire class is lactose intolerant since everybody dumps their milk on her. So she has to drink it all… And Megumi keep wondering why her boobs grow enormously huge. Her friends start to note she is displaying old man behaviour thanks to all the helping she does. Then they note her most feminine parts. The flat chests have no more to say… But they can’t help wonder if this makes them more masculine than her. Megumi notes the height difference between Komori and Masako. The latter replies it is the inside that counts so Megumi presumes herself as being number one in that. The rest can only put on a disbelieving look.

Episode 3
Megumi asks for Komori’s help to be popular. So Komori pretends to confess to her and wants to go out with her. They feel embarrassed… Because Masako has not enough sleep, she wants Komori to help wake her up. Since that would put her in the same situation, she suggests to come live with her. Not working. Megumi praises Komori for being helpful and never turning down any request. It is just a ploy to let her to copy her homework. Not working. Komori’s height is useful enough to provide shade for the little ones during PE. When the teacher wants to form pairs, everyone goes to bug Komori. When her friends want to hang out at her place, everybody wants to come too. This causes Megumi to cling on to Komori and proclaims giant girl as hers and hers only. Komori shares her umbrella with Megumi and Masako since they forgot to bring theirs but it is just too small.

Episode 4
Komori seems to be doing well playing volleyball with her friends. I guess this means the volleyball club has to ask her help to pitch in for their practice match. As expected she accepts and the asker is so glad she is a can-do-everything-girl. I’m sure Komori doesn’t think that is really her. Komori doesn’t do well compared to her teammates and this makes her think she shouldn’t have accepted it so easily. But can she turn it down easily? She feels down when the team lost so Megumi reminds her she was here to help. So keep your head up high. The volleyball team thanks her for doing her best. But she still isn’t that can-do-everything-girl. Komori doesn’t want to be that but try her best at everything.

Episode 5
Masako asks Komori if she has ever thought that she can’t help with something. Relationship advice. I suppose she doesn’t have experience. When Komori asks Masako about it, her reply is that all she needs is only Komori… Get the hint? Noting how strong she is, Masako asks Komori to pick her up. Very light. Now Masako wants to try and pick up Komori. But when she places her hands on her side boobs, Komori coils from the ticklish feeling. Megumi notes Masako has been relied on as a class rep. Masako denies she is the leadership type although we see her doing great leadership stuffs. When Megumi asks Komori if she would like her to do something, Komori replies as long as it is not helping with her homework. She knows her game…

Episode 6
Komori bumps into this small guy, Kurou Ootani who is also her classmate. He seems to be pissed with her for never turning down requests so he is here to vow he will never rely on her. Well, that sounded like a request, didn’t it? When her friends notice something on Komori’s mind, Megumi doesn’t like the sound how she isn’t telling. This has Komori lump Ootani the same as Megumi in which he protests of course. And so Ootani volunteers to do things for others. When Komori asks about his reason for doing so, he replies he looks unreliable since he is short. However he notes he is different than her because he does it out of self satisfaction unlike her who enjoys being relied on. She says it is because someone is close to her during those times. And right now that someone is him.

Episode 7
The class cleans the pool. When others request Komori to help, Ootani has that jealous look so she has to invite him to help out too. The girls get to use the pool after cleaning. Masako can’t swim but Megumi has a great idea. While Komori swims, Masako rides on her back! So those boobs float? The guys are running and pass by the pool. Ootani looks at them and envies how the girls get to use the pool. His eyes meet with Komori’s. She calls him a pervert and soon all the boys start chanting Ootani is a pervert. When the guys and girls switch places. A case of déjà vu and history repeating itself but this time Komori envies the boys at the pool. Ootani gets his revenge by calling her a pervert when their eyes meet and her friends start chanting her as one.

Episode 8
A day at the beach. Megumi forgot her swimsuit but Komori has a spare one. Realizing her big boobs, imagine how her swimsuit will look on Megumi… Depression… As usual, Komori cannot decline when people asks to help take photos. Haven’t they heard of selfie? Komori sees Megumi being hit on by a guy and brings her away. She thought Megumi would brag about getting hit but it seems she is close to tears. Was that a scary experience? While they watch the fireworks, Megumi holds Komori hand with excuse to not get separated. Komori notes there are still some things about her friends she doesn’t know. Komori is very tanned on her way back. She thought of putting lotion now when her friends mention how it will sting when she baths. Too late for it…

Episode 9
Komori invites her friends to the autumn festival which will be held in her district. Ootani is also there to help Komori with the preparations. But he tells her to go home and dress up since she will have to go out with her friends. Then he makes a snide remark that dressing up won’t do her any good either. At the festival, Komori is once more requested for help by an old lady so she tells her friends to go ahead first. After she is done, she realizes she forgot her handphone and her sandal straps broke. Ootani is nearby when he sees this. Look at how odd a petite kid trying to carry a tall girl with her big boobs being pushed against his back. Komori tells him about her problem so he yells out loud her friends’ name. They come to them in no time to help fix her sandal. In school, a girl asks Ootani to make the roll call. He wonders why she didn’t ask Komori like she always does. She was told his voice is louder.

Episode 10
Komori’s friends ask what she would want to be when she grows up. A school teacher. Good choice. Because she is always depended on. They also add she should be a detective because she is dependable in solving cases then. It does make her think of the prospects but her friends think she is really interested. The teacher reminds his class to make sure not to drag their friends into the same high school. This is also specially pointed out for Komori so as she would need to decline those who do so. Megumi asks Komori for an answer to a question. Surprisingly she can’t answer so they go ask Masako. Megumi isn’t worried if they just scrape through as she is very confident they will end up going to the same high school. Komori likes the idea of inseparable friends. Megumi forgot her homework and asks Masako to show hers. Komori is so shock that she looks at her with a piercing stare! Masako too! Can’t believe that Megumi is asking someone else?

Episode 11
Masako and Ootani are sick so they are absent from class. As an idiot, Megumi prides she is immune to it but suddenly she starts sneezing. Komori is tasked to send printouts to the sick ones. At Megumi’s home, she learns she has been studying hard to enter the same high school with her friends. Want to hug her? At Masako’s place, Masako is worried they will drift apart one day. Komori is also worried but all she can say is not to worry because she loves her. That is in friendship sense, right? Outside Ootani’s house, Komori faints after seeing him in his boxers… Now it is her turn to get sick. She feels lonely staying home but the next thing she knows, her friends are visiting her. Ootani too is about to visit. As Masako and Megumi leave and pass by him, they give him a piercing stare. Komori soon feels better and believes there is a medicine (friendship) that will make you better and cheer you up immediately.

Episode 12
Komori looks down. Ootani can tell it is because with exam season around and everybody studying, nobody is asking her for help! Her friends cheer her up by asking to help with their studies. But it is back to gloomy back home because mom won’t let her help with the house chores until exams are over. Then Ootani talks to her that even if people don’t ask for help, she should help out. I guess she is fine with that. But soon when the requests come streaming in, you can see a big smile across her face. She is back in session. Komori narrates having people rely on you means they trust you. It makes her happy. That is why she will never decline anyone.

Always Someone To Lean On
I can’t say that I am impressed with this series mainly because due to the very short duration of 2 minutes per episode, there is nothing much that left a reasonable impact for me to remember this series by. To be fair, the series is fun to watch but that is also mainly because of its short duration. I am not sure if I can stomach sitting through an entire episode if it is made into a full length series. Because I can’t imagine about every episode or skit which if just about Komori helping others out. Can you imagine every darn episode following this same formula? It will get boring pretty fast.

That itself is already a problem I am experiencing while watching this short series. Because that is what 99% of this series is all about, Komori unable to decline any request and thus she gets into the action of helping others. It really lives up to its name of its series, which is of course what this series is and should be about. However as I have said, that itself is a downside to me personally as there is nothing else special. At first it was funny to see Komori doing just about anything to help out but when you repeat it episode after episode, the novelty wears off. Thank goodness it is only 2 minutes long?

With a very small cast of characters (in fact, only 4 main characters), it is another reason why this trend gets pretty lacklustre after a while. But heck, it is adding a 100 characters and leaving them undeveloped just to f*ck with our minds, right? Therefore I think the very small pool of characters for this series is just right although it is very pretty much the same going along with the lines of friendship. They care about each other, they worry if they are going to be friends in high school and even for the rest of their lives. It is pretty normal for them to think like that because at least it shows they are being realistic and they value their friendship very much.

Komori as the main character is amusing at first with her strangely helpful attitude. Not to say it is a bad thing but sometimes it makes ‘corrupted’ guys like me wonder if a porn producer asks her to star in a porn shoot, will she do it? But if you notice, she isn’t a girl who will say yes to everything. Her record of not refusing requests is not 100%. That is because whenever Megumi asks for help to copy her homework, Komori at least have the decency not to let her take the easy way out. So there is still hope for this girl to actually say no and refuse. She just needs to say more of it…

With the lack of any back story, you wonder if this habit of hers is something she is born with or something she picked up along the way. You know, something devastating happened and she vowed to always put others before herself or if it is for some sort of promise made to someone in the past. Oh well, screw all that deep confusing plot. It is just about a nice girl who likes to help others. Let’s keep it that simple. The only mind boggling thing about this giant girl is that it made me wonder if she has more friends other than Megumi and Masako. Because I am pretty sure she is very famous around school and town and even possible over the world for helping any darn stranger. So all those people must be her friends, right? No? Yeah, those leeches just being lazy and dump all the task to her…

Komori’s friends are amusing too but since they are just supporting characters, I guess they lack any other impact that will make them stand out more than Komori. Literally too. Small flat chest girls, do they stand a chance against busty tall girls? So with have Megumi as the resident idiot, the lovely hyper cheerful girl who tries to take advantage of Komori’s helpfulness to let her copy her homework and Masako who is somewhat of a polar opposite, lacking any emotions and a bit cynical which I sometimes think she came out from a mild horror movie with that dead zombie looks. And Ootani? Little kid wants to be relied on but often ignored due to his stature. Well, I hope he isn’t doing it for the rewards. So far so good. It might be hinted that he may have feelings for Komori but I think I am just thinking too much.

Art and drawing isn’t to shout about. The characters look a bit cartoonish but that is okay for a short anime. Right? Voice acting is also okay. The only main casts are Aya Uchida as Komori (Kotori in Love Live), Ari Ozawa as Megumi (Nozomi in The Rolling Girls), Maria Naganawa as Masako (Akiko in Anitore! EX) and Reina Takashita as Ootani. On a trivial note, this might the first anime in a very freaking long time that I noticed does not have an opening or ending theme. Yeah, it is so short, why even bother?

Overall, a fun short series if you have time to spare. If you need a fun way and motivation to rekindle that helping spirit in you, this series might do the trick. Or not. You know what they say about giving is better than receiving, right? Remember people, while it is always a good deed to help others, sometimes it is even better not to because there are just some things that need to be overcome by yourself instead of getting help from others. Because there are some things that you learn and grow stronger when you do it yourself. Besides, there is only so much the helper can help and it is ultimately yourself who gets things done. You know what they say, if you want something done, you have got to do it yourself.

Himouto! Umaru-chan

June 12, 2016

Never judge a book by its cover. How many times have we heard that idiom and yet fall for it? I’m sure that all of us are guilty of judging others by their appearance one time or another. Take a look over there. Look at that girl. She is pretty. She is elegant. She has good friends. Everyone admires her. She helps others in need. She probably has good grades at school too and does well in sports activities. My, this girl is an absolute role model and how I wished that girl was my girlfriend and future wife. Well, you know what they say about looks can be deceiving. Folks, if you believe all that in a girl I just described, then you’d be shocked to see the other ‘dark side’ of her. Our lovely protagonist of Himouto! Umaru-chan might have all that desirable traits in the eyes of the public. But when she comes home, she becomes a spoilt slacking brat who only feeds on junk food and laze around doing nothing but play video games! Oh dear. How could such a girl be this uncouth? As long as the world doesn’t know… Because it is her poor brother that has to put up with her whims, fancies and tantrums.

Episode 1
As narrated by big brother Taihei Doma, his younger sister, Umaru is a beautiful and helpful high school girl who also excels in her studies. She is the dream girl that every guy would die for and every girl would admire. However back home, all that cute and pretty façade is cast away as she reveals her true uncouth, selfish and slacking nature! OMG! How can this be?! Donning her favourite hamster hoodie, she bugs Taihei to buy her a manga magazine simply because she cannot be seen reading one by her friends or it will contradict her story. When he refuses, she starts throwing a tantrum worst than a toddler. Even resorting to her puppy dog eyes just to force him to bend over. Finally he gives in to the love for his sister. What is the thanks he gets? She tells him to pipe down because she is reading! Man, she is going to easily top the b*tch list of the year. Umaru also has a couple of pet hamsters and she dreams of them becoming her slaves. Of course the one doing the real taking care is Taihei. Flashback sees Umaru bugging him to buy her the pets. As usual she throws her tantrum. In the eyes of the public, Taihei becomes the bad guy for being such a heartless dick for his sister. Eventually he gives in… And he realizes she has never once cleaned their cages… Umaru continues to excel in school. Like any typical girl, she has her best friend, Nana Ebina. But not all look up to her as she too has her own ‘rival’, the attention seeking Sylphinford Tachibana who is always second best to her in everything.

I’m sure Umaru scoring perfect in all her tests would be pretty admirable. Except for Taihei who feels the biggest irony ever. How can this slacker do this well? I mean, look at the ‘important’ decisions she has to make. What anime to watch today and what kind of food and drinks to go with it! Oh yeah. It’s sure tough deciding the best mix. And once she’s done with the best combination, nothing can stop Umaru from her comfortable pleasure. Yeah, this is the life. And when it is dinner time and Taihei has made her favourite steak, she is too full to eat them. Oh God… While Taihei accompanies Umaru in playing a first person shooter video game, he remembers he needs to go shopping for groceries. This doesn’t sit well with Umaru because she was just getting started. Forced to accompany him, she pouts the entire time. Of course in the eyes of the public, they think she is the idol while that bland guy is her manager or something. Who cares. Umaru is also a dick (oh, the irony) in choosing her snacks and when Taihei thought he could pacify her with ice cream, it seems to go well till she accidentally drops it. Yeah, it’s his fault somehow. She doesn’t help carry the groceries despite a big chunk are her snacks. Then he remembered last week when Umaru helped him with the groceries, he promised her he would play a video game with her. He asks if she would like to continue their game and the smiles return to the sister. Taihei still sucks at the game and Umaru taunts he is no fun. Sighs…

Special 1: Short specials lasting 2 minutes about Umaru in a parallel world. For a start, she plays a prank on Taihei and big brother is confused there are a few versions of Umaru. They are all still annoying nevertheless. Because now he has to spoil them 3 times as much. So parallel world or not, a slacker will always still be a slacker.

Episode 2
Taihei returns from another rough day expecting to be rougher at home. Hey, what’s this? Umaru is so nice and polite? Oh, turns out Ebina is here. Even more shocking, Umaru actually lifted her finger and cleaned the place before her friend came? Unbelievable! You can’t blame Taihei hoping for Ebina to come here more often! After Ebina leaves, it is back to that slacker character. It takes a lot of energy to put up that act, eh? To Taihei’s nightmare, Umaru didn’t actually clean up the place but dumped everything in the toilet. And she’s complaining he bought the wrong snack flavour… Umaru plays her video game till morning. So when Sunday morning comes, she still has time before her anime shows. Too bad Taihei can’t stay up and is exhausted from work. Thinking of playing a prank by sleeping with him. Before she knows it, she already fell asleep. And she missed all her shows… Whose fault is it?

If you’re wondering why Umaru is so kind to let Taihei accompany her out on that day, it is because there is a simultaneous competition going on and she wants to win both the prizes. I guess he had to give in to that sisterly look of “I want to spend time with you…”. Yeah, right. Luckily Taihei manages to enter the final and the other finalist is surprisingly Ebina. He won. On the way home, thinking Ebina really wants this long cat bolster, he gives it to her. Umaru who has been watching them ever since (she lost hers and rushed over to see how Taihei is doing) is not very happy she betrayed her. Whose fault is it? But Ebina is one happy girl. Eventually Umaru orders that bolster via net auction. Once again, Umaru bugs and pressures Taihei to buy a game. This time she waits for the right time to throw her tantrum but at the supermarket, Ebina is there so her tantrum is put on hold. Ebina also joins them for lunch and Umaru suspects Taihei is using Ebina as a scapegoat to prevent her from getting what she wants. Taihei continues to ignore her till Umaru cannot stand it anymore and goes into her tantrum mode. OMG! Is she busted?! Turns out Ebina was quite deep in her thought and didn’t notice. Phew? But in the end, Taihei is still forced to buy the game. Flashback shows a year ago when Ebina came from the countryside of Akita to Tokyo. Already a shy girl, she is made even more nervous because men can’t keep staring at her big boobs! The first person who looked her in the eye and greeted her was Taihei. They are staying at the same apartment and it is safe to say because of this, it was love at first sight for her. Luckily too, she became good friends with Umaru.

Special 2: Ebina joins the special as she tries to advertise the specialties of Akita like its food. Umaru has an idea of putting mascot outfits on Ebina so they can strike it rich in town. But which mascot outfit? Time to try them all out. Even becoming the map of Akita? It makes no sense anymore.

Episode 3
The midterm test is coming up so what is Umaru going to do about it? Play video games… Incredible. Till Taihei warns about the surprisingly hard stuffs, it starts to make her worry. Then deep in the night, she has a nightmare of her friends mocking her for being weak. So she wakes up screaming and bugging Taihei to help teach her. A few days later, she scores top place. Sorry Sylphinford. You’ll have to settle for second place again. With everyone giving lovely admirable stares to Umaru, it’s hard to think there is one who would be staring at her like piercing daggers. Yeah, there’s one. Kirie Motoba. Does she have some sort of grudge with her? Although Umaru does have her suspicions, she lets her guard down at home by playing video games the entire afternoon. Thinking Taihei has come back late, she goes to scold him but to her surprise, it is Kirie at the doorstep! GASP! HORROR! OH SH*T!!! You’re busted!!! Although Kirie tries hard to contain her fawning over her cuteness, somehow Umaru ends up inviting her in. Kirie gets the wrong idea she is Umaru’s little sister. Might as well go with the flow. Umaru plays that part and calls herself Komaru. To her dismay, she learns Kirie knows where she lives because she has been stalking her for a week! Actually Umaru has dropped her student ID and was trying hard to return it back to her. So is this why those stabbing stares? In another twist of events, Kirie wants Komaru to be her master! When Taihei comes back, he is confused seeing Umaru in her slacker form before Kirie. He is scared when Kirie gives him that death scare. Umaru realizes it could be that Kirie is just shy (thus her scary look) and can only talk normally to kids.

Kirie continues to hang out with Komaru and daydreams of becoming friends with Umaru. She wants to ask for advice but that face she puts up makes her look like some sort of pervert… If Kirie’s presence freezes everything, then Umaru’s presence brings spring and colours! Kirie now gets to walk back with Umaru and she finds it hard to contain her happiness. But then she realizes that walking back with them too is Ebina. I guess everybody in this world are fruit heads, the reason why she never noticed. This causes Kirie to become jealous as she runs away. Later she talks to Komaru that she has a rival… What in the world? Umaru is watching a horror movie in the dark with Taihei. Although she is scared, she won’t admit it. She wants to watch the sequel but Taihei has to go out shopping. Watch yourself? I think she’d rather wait for his return… Then strange things start to happen like in the movie. Stormy night. Power cut. Just your imagination… Then she sees a ghostly hanging from the window and it scares the sh*t out of her. Taihei comes back and Umaru thought she could hug him. Instead, he rushes out to the window to take in the laundry (that ghostly figure) and scolds Umaru for forgetting to bring it in. They continue watching the sequel. As usual, Umaru is scared hiding behind him while watching but not admitting it.

Special 3: Kirie is now in and since she is finding a little hard adjusting to this world, Umaru takes them to the sea to train their balancing. Kirie cannot stop fantasizing about the island survival life with Umaru. Kirie and Ebina find it hard to keep their balance on the float and this scene reminds Umaru they look like paper sumo. When they sink deep into the ocean, they stumble upon the legendary Ryuugajou and are treated with the best hospitality. They are given a box at the end and thinking the legend would be different in the aftermath, but after opening it, they all turn old.

Episode 4
The video game shop owner fears when Umaru steps in. She is the legendary player known as UMR who has aced in every game she played especially the crane game, turning video game stores broke. The owners setup traps and tricks to make the games harder but each time it backfires as Umaru wins more. She wins every prize in the machine and now her room is cluttered with them. But when she sleeps, she dumps them all on Taihei. The ever attention hunger Sylphinford challenges Umaru to a tennis game. In a doubles match, Umaru pairs up with Kirie and Sylphinford has Ebina on her side. Each time Sylphinford serves up, Kirie gets to take the shot thanks to her athletic ability. On the other hand, Ebina is such a klutz that Umaru’s team may just win by default. Even when Umaru serves a weak serve, Sylphinford is so passionate to take it that she always crashes out. Back home, Umaru is like dead because of her muscle aches. Taihei receives a porcelain cat as gift from his junior colleague. Despite Umaru calling it ugly, she secretly takes it out to play and as we have guessed it, accidentally breaks it. The horror of Taihei never ever buying things again has her go into desperate mode to fix it. Wow. What an elaborate surgery. Watching videos and online information to piece it back together, the problem now is to fix the head. She has to build from scratch at it is completely broken. But she cannot remember its face! Eventually Taihei finds out she broke it but because she reflected and apologized, he is not mad. But he is mad because she spent ridiculous amount of money for all the repair materials using his credit card!

Taihei accompanies Umaru to a fighting video game tournament. Alex is also there and accompanying his sister too. We are introduced to all the weirdoes in this tournament but Umaru cannot be more surprised to see Sylphinford as one of the final competitors. As everyone wears a mask and using their alias, thankfully Sylphinford doesn’t discover Umaru’s identity. However she is so bent on being number one that she is the only one revealing her true identity to everybody. Of course the finals boil down to Umaru and Sylphinford. Obviously Sylphinford is much better as she pulls off devastating combos after combos. On the verge of defeat, when Sylphinford sees Alex looking at her from the crowd, she gets very embarrassed and runs away. Thus, Umaru wins by default. Sylphinford continues running till Alex catches her. Next day in school, Sylphinford is back to her usual rivalry with Umaru. The other girls think she is doing it for attention but Umaru knows it isn’t so because she can tell from yesterday’s video game challenge, she did put in a lot of effort and practice.

Special 4: Now that Sylphinford has joined the gang, she and Kirie argue about being number one. Ebina wonders what Umaru is the master of and since everybody doesn’t know, Umaru makes up being number one in Umaru’s Path. The Way of Umaru. She might be lying around doing nothing but there is this crap explanation of how she is channelling her energy and chakra, blah, blah, blah. Everyone follows her method lazing around till they fall asleep.

Episode 5
Umaru is playing at the arcade when Sylphinford pops up. Luckily Umaru had her mask so she recognizes her as UMR. Apparently Sylphinford wants to challenge UMR and beat her before defeating her eternal rival Umaru. So they play games based on luck, which doesn’t feel like winning at all. Heck, they give their winnings to some old man! Bless those goddesses! When Umaru mentions about having fun at the arcade and isn’t sure why Sylphinford wants to win so badly, she gives her a winner’s medal as a sign she has won. Sylphinford revels in victory. Now she wants to become friends with UMR to team up and take down Umaru! I wonder how this is going to happen. Kirie hangs out with Umaru and while it is sizzling outside, the duo are enjoying the cool comfort in their room. This is the life. When Umaru falls asleep, Kirie can’t help turn into a perverted monster. But she fears Umaru might be onto her when she starts climbing her?! WTF?! Sleep climbing? This ‘paralyzes’ Kirie as she cannot move from her spot. They fall asleep and when Taihei returns to see this atrocity, he turns off the air-cond and opens the windows. The heat immediately woke them up. Umaru is enjoying her bath. But because the bubble bath is controlled by Taihei, she sneaks out while he is busy on his computer to steal a bunch of them. After finishing her bath, she chugs down her cola to cool down. Remembering she needs to take her milk coffee, she accidentally slips and spills her cola.

Taihei does the laundry on his day off. Noticing Umaru has not much clothes (aside from that hamster one), he gives her 10,000 Yen to go shopping with Kirie and Ebina. Big brother so generous? Umaru notices the duo are still at odds with each other so she tries to calm the tension trying out clothes together. At the end, Umaru sees a game she wants to buy. However, Taihei reminded her the money is for clothes. Her devil side got to her so she bought the game while the rest of the money on cheap warehouse sale clothes. Umaru is a pain when trying to get her to wake up or eat breakfast. But she’s like an idol once she heads off to school with Ebina. We see a rare glimpse of Taihei at work. Looks like he is the responsible kind dutifully doing his job compared to his colleagues and even the helpful one. Heck, there is even a colleague who has a crush on him! Look at her reaction when his male colleagues ask who made his lunch. His girlfriend? Even though it’s a lie, he says it’s his sister. Phew… So responsible this kid that he even helps a slacking colleague finish his day’s work! When he goes back all tired only to see Umaru happily sleeping like the lazy pig she is, he can’t help resort to his devilish side by rudely waking her up. That grin proves he enjoyed it…

Special 5: The girls are now Umarangers! Little Sister Squad? So we have them discussing their plan as a team to save the world as heroes from evil megalomaniacs. Their arsenal includes a cola powered cannon and the very clichéd giant mecha hamster robot to help fight big monsters. They even tease Ebina’s nature as a shy girl who falls for the enemy commander (Taihei) since she is against all the fighting. But this gives her the motivation to fight. With their excitement reaching feverish pitch, the girls can’t wait for the evil to attack them. Too bad the baddie is still waiting to recruit his minions. No takers?

Episode 6
After Taihei sleeps, Umaru continues to have her own time. Noticing she is out of cola, she decides to head to the convenience store to get some. She returns and sees a different view of the town’s night time. However when she returns, Taihei is waiting and is mad she went out on her own. What if there are crazy killers like this Jason dude?! On Taihei’s day off, he has… Nothing to do! He did all the cleaning and chores the day before (the weekend). Sure, thoughts of Umaru bugging him occupy his mind. He goes to make char siew and then falls asleep the entire day till Umaru gets back from school. Don’t worry, the char siew isn’t ruined thanks to the auto burner. With Umaru always bugging him while he is working on his PC, Taihei decides to get a curtain to separate their single room. Umaru agrees seeing she could do anything she wants without him yelling. Taihei of course believes his work efficiency would go up. It’s like they have a new life once the curtain is put up. But soon Umaru gets bored so she ‘stalks’ him while he is working, making that guy looking over his shoulders many times. I guess things didn’t work out so they take away the curtain with the excuse that it feels a bit cramped. Taihei and Kirie join Umaru in playing the Game of Life. While Umaru has extremely good luck, Taihei has decent luck but Kirie goes from hero to zero. So as not to make her feel left out, they purposely lose the game to be on the same footing with her. Umaru is excited that today is her birthday. Look at that long wish list… She is bugging and hinting to Taihei but that guy seems to be acting like normal. Did he forget? Checking the calendar, indeed today is her special day. Hmm… At school, her friends remember and throw her gifts. Even Kirie and Sylphinford remember too. Despite all their presents, she can’t help frown over Taihei because she was really expecting it so much from him. So she rushes home and catches him in the act of putting up her birthday decorations. So he was just acting and pretending the entire morning? Heh. Taihei the responsible brother forget about her? No way.

Special 6: The girls are imprisoned. But they can escape since the grill easily comes off and they revert to their chibi size to go through small cracks. When they reach the exit with 4 doors, each decide to take their own path in hopes of meeting each other again. Each ends up in a room that has all their desires. Turns out it is a big elaborated trap and thus that is why the legend that nobody has ever escape this prison before.

Episode 7
Umaru is being lazy as usual. Even to a point of calling Taihei just for fun. Later when Umaru is looking for the box for her Hatsune Miku figurine, that is when Taihei mentions he thrown it away since Umaru said she didn’t want it (because she was busy playing her game then). This causes Taihei to feel bad. Although Umaru doesn’t really care about the box, seeing Taihei’s guilt, she can’t help play a prank to scold him. When she wakes up in the middle of the night, Taihei is nowhere to be found. She panics and starts calling for him but he is not around. When Taihei returns, she can’t help get emotional and cling all over him. Seems he went to buy a replacement. But did he enter the wrong store? This is a geisha, you know? Next morning when Taihei learns it was just a prank, of course he gets mad. Ebina goes with Umaru and Taihei to eat at a ramen store. The ramen is on par with her junk food and Umaru would love her cola to go with it. Of course she can’t. Not with Ebina around. Taihei’s colleague, Bomber is accusing him of living with a woman! Sure, he just got dumped but why the heck take out his frustrations on this guy? Plus, he doesn’t believe that woman is his sister. Whether Taihei accepts or not, he wants to come to his house. Although Taihei has texted Umaru about it, she was asleep so Bomber sees her cute sleeping face and fawns over it. When she wakes up, she freaks out her brother has become a gorilla! When Bomber goes home, we learn he is the older brother of Kirie! He wants to treat her like a little sister but the feeling is not mutual as she beats him up for trespassing her room. UMR and Sylphinford pay a visit to an old candy store and see many weird stuffs being sold. It is another usual day at work for Taihei. On his way home, he follows a stray cat and ends up in unknown parts of a residential area. When he sees a familiar poster, he remembers seeing it with Umaru before. This prompts him to think he has been working for 5 years and doing the same things that he is starting to forget these memories. Even more confusing is that he remembers Umaru calling him by his first name. When he sees the cat again and it licks his hand, Taihei remembers walking this part of town and that girl wasn’t Umaru but his mom. What a splitting image. He now knows where he is and feeling good, he will make Umaru a great dinner.

Special 7: The world is overrun by zombies. Kirie has no qualms killing her zombie brother! As for Taihei, he goes to work as usual. Because working for an oppressive company makes him like a zombie! The girls are stuck in a shopping mall but living in paradise with all the amenities. They think they are set for life but the food runs out after 3 days… Time for Umaru to play Michael Jackson’s Thriller?

Episode 8
It is snowing and we know Umaru by now she is going to stay in and play her games. However when Taihei mentions he is planning to bring out the kotatsu but the place is so messy, Umaru becomes serious in cleaning up. The kotatsu is like paradise for her. Now she can laze around like never before. It got too comfortable that she sleeps. Infectious enough to make Taihei fall asleep too. Meanwhile Kirie doesn’t appreciate Bomber sharing the kotatsu with her… On Christmas day, Umaru is anticipating Taihei will be back and they’ll have their fun but it seems he and Bomber are doing overtime. What kind of company is this! I know Bomber has the right to complain but when the section chief, Kanau comes to check, it’s back to work. She isn’t fond of Bomber and even dares him to quit. On the other hand, she treats Taihei nicely and even gets a little flirty. It is getting late and Umaru sees Taihei and Kirie at the door. He is in a Santa suit since his friend wanted to buy it. Taihei happened to bump into Kirie on the way back and she has an octopus present for Umaru. Bomber joins Taihei and Umaru at their house to celebrate New Year instead of cramming up the shrines that is pack with people. Bomber brings out his beer snacks so Umaru won’t lose out and brings out her kiddie snacks. They taste each other’s food and find some complements well with theirs. It is such a bliss that Umaru falls asleep so the guys just let her be and watch the sunrise by themselves. It is already way pass New Year but Taihei looks serious in making Umaru remember a promise she made last year. That promise is to clean up. Now she’s trying to retract her statement or being smarty pants that she didn’t specify a date and place. But that will be after they visit the shrine. Once done, she returns to her cheeky self that she will be relying on him to do the cleaning. A throwback to that overtime Christmas at office when Kanau chides Bomber and flirts with Taihei. She learns he has no plans for Christmas except to go home. When Taihei suggests they go out just like old times, flashback of their days at school (I guess she has had a crush on him since then) and her lonely days as an adult. She acts tough by passing it up but deep down she’s regretting it like mad. But at least Taihei gets to home early. Is it a bad sign when a lonely woman rents DVD on Christmas? That is what Kanau did. Back home, she receives mail of a picture of Taihei and Bomber in Santa. She crops out Bomber’s face and continues to admire Taihei.

Special 8: Edo period Umaru! Kirie as her subordinate, gives her castella. Then they go bully slave girl Ebina by pulling her obi and spinning her. When Sylphinford the ninja tries out, this makes Umaru want to have a go of being spun as it looks fun. The next morning, Taihei the officer is going to arrest corrupt Umaru but she and everybody else are out cold, dizzy from all that spinning.

Episode 9
Kirie is trying to make cookies for Valentine. She fails the first time because she is fantasizing too much about Umaru till it got burnt in the oven. The next try she is successful but Bomber at them all thinking it was for him. Here comes the pain… Next day in school, she is nervous to give to Umaru and trips. But Umaru is sharp and knows what she is doing so she picks up the cookies and eats them. Kirie also gives Taihei her cookies but she mixes it up with those burnt ones! No, it’s not chocolate… Umaru enlists Taihei’s help to assist Ebina in making Valentine chocolates. He is surprised at her fancy kitchen and she has to refrigerators! Taihei becomes an expert in telling the girls how to make chocolates (including that cheesy line of putting your feelings in it). Yeah, there is even some chocolate history. Just make the damn thing. Ebina wanted to make the chocolates for him but is too shy to put his name and eventually put hers. The rest think it is for herself. Umaru gets a distressing call for help from Sylphinford. Turns out it is to buy some DVD event of an anime. Then they go anime shopping together and talk about their brothers. At this point, we should know Alex is Sylphinford’s brother. Although Alex is into anime, in his perception her sister is not. That is why she is secretly doing this and the reason during that video game tournament, she ran away after spotting him. Sylphinford believes they are comrades because they both have big brothers. But Taihei isn’t into anime but cooking. Sylphinford thinks she should cook with her brother once in a while because it is easier to fall in love with something your loved one likes. So when Umaru wants to help Taihei in cooking, he thinks something is wrong with her!

After Umaru leaves the house, Kirie just comes in. She is shaking all over that I think the cup is now empty. Taihei has to entertain her and probably this is the first time he wishes Umaru would be back soon. He tries thanking her for those ‘chocolates’ but it gets even more awkward. The silence is killing them. After a long time, Kirie apologizes for giving burnt ones. Taihei realizes this is the reason she came over. Umaru won big at the arcade and comes home late, much to Taihei’s dismay. She thought she could confide in Kirie but looks like she’ll be going home now. Protection over. Taihei comes home late one night and sees Umaru sleeping and her untouched pudding on the table. Next morning, Umaru is throwing a hard tantrum that somebody ate it. Well, it wasn’t Taihei. Needing to set a good example, he cannot simply accuse her. Although it would have been easier to buy a new pudding, they will have a court case drama to find the culprit. Umaru’s alibi was her snack party last night and fell asleep before she could eat her dessert. She turns the tables on Taihei citing he came home late and was so tired that he ate her pudding. Taihei suggest making pudding to jog their memory because it was what he promised. After eating them, now the memories come back. After Taihei came home, he is going to put the pudding in the fridge. Sleepy Umaru ate it and asks him if he knows how to make pudding. And there you have it… Taihei is going to blow his top but Umaru keeps changing the topic about his delicious pudding and he should make more.

Special 9: Umaru the world’s famous medical doctor and her friends are nurses. When Taihei wheels in Bomber for an emergency surgery, it seems Umaru is focusing more on her snacks and games than the surgery! In the end, she hands Taihei a pair of hamsters. He blames her if he had locked them up properly, they wouldn’t have escaped and got stuck in Bomber’s hair. Yeah, now he is bald. But Umaru blames Bomber’s afro instead.

Episode 10
Umaru is sick and she thinks Taihei will have to take leave to take care of her. Sorry, girl. You’re all by yourself. To get back at him, she doesn’t rest and plays her games as usual. Next morning, it seems Umaru is well and Taihei caught her fever! But does Umaru have a change of heart as she is going to take care of him? Apparently she goes out shopping to buy foodstuffs to spike his food! But when she comes home, she sees him nearly dead and starts panicking. Not so funny now, eh? This must be a figment of her imagination as she defeats the evil Umaru virus with her leeks! Stick it in the butt! Taihei wakes up next day feeling fine. He sees Umaru sleeping next to him. Though, he reeks of leeks as it is tied around his neck. Umaru is a picky eater and won’t eat her green peppers. Despite Taihei telling her he worked hard to make those, she still doesn’t care. She isn’t pleased he put them in her hamburger steak for her school lunch and even lies to Ebina that she is the one who made it but big brother doesn’t like it. But when Ebina notes the effort to make them and that Taihei must be very happy, her conscious kicks in. Back home, she says stir fry green peppers will be okay but Taihei if she has eaten something wrong! Grrr!!!

Umaru frolics so much that she accidentally spills her cola. Little does she know, it short circuits this little blinking device. Don’t know what this is? It’s a modem! No internet! Horror! First world horror! Aha! Try looking it up at Yahoo. No internet, duh! User her mobile to search. No wifi, duh! Play games to relief stress. No internet lah! Oh no! Umaru is trapped! She is cut off from society! Taihei and Bomber return to learn her problem. She is not impressed with the funny mask Bomber has. But when Taihei tries it out, they all laugh like mad. Then they play a game of cards. See? Life without being connected isn’t so bad. Umaru visits the manga café since her home has no internet. Although the space is small, she finds the amenities convenient. It is like her secret base. A cool secret base with a massage chair, free drinks and she can read all the manga she wants. But after a few hours in, she feels bored. Even with 4 hours remaining, she gives up and returns home to be with big brother. Nothing like home sweet home, eh? We head 10 years back when Taihei is still in high school. He scored yet another 100 marks and others think he is some sort of robot. Of course Bomber only got 15. Even during this point, Bomber and Kanau hate each other despite sticking around Taihei. It is like this guy is the only reason preventing an all-out war. At the arcade, the duo challenge each other with their theories at the crane game. Both wrong. Both failed. Taihei used his brains to get 3 cat plushies for the price of 1! He goes home to little Umaru who is still an angel then and gives her the plushie. But 10 years later, he must be sick of it because Umaru keeps winning it at the arcade.

Special 10: Umaru and friends are idols and just finished a successful concert. At the backstage as they discuss their success, Ebina wonders why their concert doesn’t have singing. Umaru bluntly explains that fans won’t be satisfied with conventional concerts anymore and they need to do something different. So they discuss the novel things they should do like no one else has seen before. A sleeping concert? A mountain hiking concert? A dinner show? But the space concert has to be the ultimate because it is like the entire world is watching them. Let the concert begin! You do know that sound doesn’t travel in space, right?

Episode 11
When Ebina gives Taihei some rice from Akita, he thinks having her join them would let Umaru eat some healthy diet once in a while. That girl craves for pizza but once she tastes it, she finds it delicious. Ironically, it is Ebina’s tummy that growls after seeing a pizza brochure so they end up ordering a mini one. Umaru is having a tough time deciding what snacks to buy. We see her various personalities in her mind having a heated discussion on what to buy. No one can agree on anything and they start fighting! Mental breakdown! When Taihei eats the snack, all the little minions get shocked upon realizing that this snack was supposed to cheer him up if his proposal at work failed. Fortunately it passed so Taihei thought it was a snack for him to celebrate. Ebina joins Taihei and Umaru to eat parfait. She is having a hard time trying to be true to herself after that last tummy growling incident. She tries to hold back but eventually finishes it after taking the first bite. When it is the rainy season, Umaru’s snacks are soggy. She is lazy. Even deflated! But not as bad as Kirie who is so gloomy because of some traumatic experience. Taihei tries to help improve their mood but I guess trying to explain the elegance of the rain is like pearls before swine. So he tells them about the summer season that comes after it. Ice cream tastes better. Instantly they revive. Such simpletons. Time flies and before you know it, summer is here. Umaru hangs out with Ebina eating lots of chocolate, UMR teams up with Sylphinford to clean out the arcade again (and eat more ice cream), Umaru even wins some prize eating the stick ice cream with Kirie. More ice cream heaven when Taihei makes her a big one. Then Taihei blows his top when he discovers she has bought a secret cooler to keep all the ice cream she has bought. Busted. That’s Umaru for you. Man, I wish I had a taste of all the ice cream here! I WANT ICE CREAM!!!

Episode 12
After watching a car commercial, Umaru bugs Taihei to buy a car because he can send her to school while she uses that time to sleep! Using that beach trip as an excuse, Taihei thinks she wants to go outside and must not let this chance slip. The salesman is of course trying to sell while Taihei is worried about the 3 million price tag! But do they need a big car? Umaru quotes about sending her friends. As Taihei test drives, Umaru starts fantasizing the car life. They can go anywhere, do anything! Reality comes crashing down when Taihei is real slow because he is very worried of an accident. What if Umaru is hurt? What if the car is damaged and he can’t pay back? Anything that crosses the road (at a safe distance) scares the hell out of him! Umaru suggests to just go in Bomber’s car. Taihei packs for the trip and at night the siblings can’t sleep because they are so excited. Ebina and Kirie are also coming on this trip. Kirie is trying to hide her face from Bomber and big brother doesn’t recognize her just because she changed her hairstyle! Umaru appears as her elegant self. This is the first time Bomber sees her in this form and he is confused Taihei’s sisters have the same name. Thankfully he is dumb enough to think this is some family problem and won’t question anymore. During the drive when Taihei calls Kirie’s name, Bomber is shocked that his sister is onboard! Luckily he is dumb enough to think that Umaru’s friend has the same name as his sister! Big coincidence?! At Enoshima, the gang take walk around the island, eat local delicacies and enjoy the local attraction.

Kirie is about to ask Umaru what happened to Komaru since she isn’t on this trip but is interrupted as the birds are attacking Bomber’s head thinking it’s their nest! Kirie laments Bomber doesn’t recognize his sister just because of the change in hairstyle. He attended her high school entrance ceremony in place of mom. Since they have a love-hate relationship (more of the latter), she beat him up and this caused her other friends to stay away from her. By making friends with Taihei and Umaru, she was able to talk more. That is why she is grateful and worried if something happened to Komaru. Umaru thanks her and just says something urgent came up for her. Bomber laments his poor relationship with Kirie ever since the ceremony and perhaps he shouldn’t have come. But Ebina says no sister despises her big brother for coming. Bomber is so happy nobody has been this nice to him for this long (really?) that he wishes Ebina was his sister. Just when you thought Kirie is going to pity him, her anger has risen to boiling point. She beats him up and despite that pain feeling familiar, he still can’t recognize it is her! While Taihei watches passed out Bomber, the girls play in the beach. Swimsuit fanservice time. They are joined by Sylphinford who is on vacation with her brother on their luxury yacht! As usual, Sylphinford challenges Umaru to everything but Umaru suggests playing with her, at first she feels awkward but soon joins in the fun. Taihei thinks of letting Umaru experience the mountains next time. But as usual she is lazy and lethargic about it. Instead, she chides him for being unreliable because he forgot to buy her usual stuffs. Here is to another love-hate relationship.

Umaru sees a pillow she wants on a TV shopping channel but of course Taihei won’t waste his money. Use that long cat bolster instead. Next day, she is surprised that Taihei bought it but he becomes a lazy ass after having a taste of it. She fears he will become useless! Umaru then finds herself in a middle of an advertisement advertising the cat bolster. It has additional features like serving you and play games on your behalf to level up while you sleep! The best feature of it all is that it can become a rocket for you to ride! If you’re wondering this is too good to be true, it is. Just a damn dream. But at least Umaru appreciates more as thinks how ‘lonely’ it is. Oh, remember this bolster is the one she got from the auction. The real one Taihei won is with Ebina. Again Sylphinford hangs out with UMR so they could plan to take down Umaru. At a shop, Umaru sees a rare Hatsune Miku figurine up for grabs via lottery and feels the need to get it. Using limited cash to increase her chance, she lost. Even Sylphinford joins in. Despite having more tries, she got all worse prizes! But she is happy with it. Umaru has a gambler’s thinking because the more she buys, the more her chances will increase and thinks of going back to get more cash or use Taihei’s credit card. But when Sylphinford gives her an extra notebook, Umaru becomes quite happy over it and has forgotten all about getting the figurine.

Taihei and Umaru are eating yakiniku. Taihei thinks he is the grill master but ends up blundering and panicking, burning up lots of them. Next cubicle, Ebina is eating alone but she is a master and knows how to grill her meat and enjoy them. Mmm. Delicious! In a rare act of kindness, Umaru gives a piece of her cooked meat to him and they continue eating the rest. Both sides leave at the same time and Ebina’s face becomes hotter than the grill upon seeing them. Umaru has cast away her hamster hoodie to wear a wolf hoodie! Oh, it’s Halloween. Kirie is a witch and scares the hell out of Taihei by hiding in his closet. Is Halloween about scaring people in Japan? Noticing he doesn’t have a costume, they prepare one for him. A bloody chef? But he makes the best pumpkin dishes ever! Mmm. Delicious! Umaru loves the softness of her futon that she feels lazy to go to school. Thus she fakes having fever so that she could slack the entire day doing what she enjoys. But in no time she starts feeling guilty that she has lied to everyone and that they may not trust her anymore. Before noon, her friends are surprised to see her coming to class. She claims she has gotten better. This means Sylphinford wants to challenge her. No rest for the best? Lastly, Umaru comes clean with Taihei and reveals the trick she used by rubbing the thermometer against her body to increase its temperature to bluff him. I guess she saw this coming Taihei blowing his top. But at least her conscious is clean now.

Ms Jekyll And Hyde-chan
If you are looking to find some sort of plot in this anime, forget it. It is basically close to zero and reading the series’ synopsis is enough to get an idea of what the entire series is all about. Because every episode is divided into several skits and plays out randomly. It is good in a way that you don’t really have to a plot to follow and remember whatever convoluted storyline has aired. But because of the standalone filler-like episodes, it feels there is somewhat a break in continuity. In the sense that you are just watching random adventures for chuckles other than to have at least something to follow, look forward to and care about. By following this format, it is a great way to avoid ending a series with plots with a cliff-hanger or dissatisfying ending that would upset many as well as they can easily add on episodes or another season without falling back on the plot that has happened.

At first, Umaru was on the verge of being a very spiteful sister in my books. Because her character of bossing around Taihei like as though he is her eternal slave started to remind me of a particular anime of a sister and brother who didn’t get along together. Remember Kirino from OreImo? Yeah, I almost hated that b*tch the way she treats her brother. But after lots of episodes, you learn the character, you learn stuffs you didn’t know and in the end, the sister doesn’t turn out to be a total b*tch after all. It was the same for Umaru here. The first few episodes of Umaru playing hide and seek with her alter ego with her brother and friends sometimes make me feel hot under the collar.

But I remembered what I said in my opening paragraph about judging a book and jumping to conclusions. Despite only a dozen episodes, Umaru although still is the slacking sister, she is not as bad as you think she is. I even come to think that by bossing around her brother, this is her only way to show her love to him. You would have noticed that there are a handful of incidents that show Umaru does care for Taihei and panics like when he is not around when she thought he is supposed to and showing decent kindness. So all hope is not lost that Umaru can turn into a decent sister in any form. So okay, that might take a while unless something drastic happens. Like Taihei dies and she could either turn into a super responsible chick or just let alcohol (upgraded from cola) ruin her life. Oh well, let’s not get into that and ruin the ‘happiness’ of this series.

It is funny to see that Umaru has this ‘ability’ to change into her chibi form. At first I thought it was just figuratively speaking. Like you know, when she puts on her childish behaviour, this chibi form symbolizes it. Who knows, she actually can turn into this size without other people figuring out they are the same person! Or they must be that dumb. I know Bomber is but the rest? Chibi Umaru is definitely cute especially wearing that hamster hoodie and could have been cuter if she loses that selfish attitude. But then again, would Umaru be Umaru if she does not have this alter ego of hers? She could have been a great spy for the government with this double personality of hers. The best camouflage that nobody would suspect! Of course we would prefer very much for her to stay in her elegant form forever but I guess sometimes both sides need to ‘come out for fresh air’. Sometimes I feel a bit odd when she puts on her hamster hoodie because it is like it gives her the power to shrink into an evil chibi self. Really.

Taihei as the beloved brother is a character that you will have to give a lot of respect. He works hard as an honest salaryman and he can still find time to provide for his little sister who does nothing but laze around, if not complain her ass off if she does not get what she wants. Without this guy, Umaru would have been dead ages ago! I kid you not. This guy cooks. This guy does the cleaning. This guy does the laundry. This guy does everything! He is the ideal husband for every darn woman looking for a useful guy! And yet his efforts go unappreciated (mostly) by his closest and only family member as she continues to b*tch about like she is queen of the universe. At least in her own head. So once again Taihei, I respect you for caring so much for Umaru and I forgive the occasional top blowing when she steps out of line and yet she fails to learn it. You try to teach her but she refuses to learn and change, what more can you do? This guy has the most boring and uneventful life ever, stuck with a useless sister, her weird friends and dependent colleagues, sometimes you wonder if he had a bad karma in his previous life to deserve this.

Other characters feel okay but they aren’t as deep enough as you would expect some sort of interesting character development. For example, Sylphinford is your typical annoying halfie, the self proclaimed rival to Umaru that must challenge her to almost everything. All the time, she always has to settle for second place but does this stop her from becoming even more annoying with her future challenge declaration? Then there is shy girl Ebina whose only traits you will ever remember are her big boobs. The awkward and gloomy Kirie is a mixed baggage because her character is so awkward like as though she has a screw loose in her head. She can range from a killer stare to a creepy stalker. Her face is scary enough to scare away the devil! But either way, ever since meeting the siblings, at least they manage to open up a bit. Though, there is still a long way to go. Despite their different personalities, can you say that all 4 of them are like good friends?

Kanau is an interesting character since she has romantic feelings for the most responsible and boring guy in the world and it could have been chaotic if she was really thrown into the mix. Umaru would really start worrying if Taihei gets engaged to her because I mean, who would take care of her then? Then the fight for onii-chan begins! Not happening here. Her insults towards Bomber are always amusing to hear and despite her tough stance against that afro dude, she is like any other shy woman trying to get Taihei to notice her. So another year of Christmas watching DVDs alone?

It is a small world after all because who’d knew that 3 of the main female characters have older brothers working together in the same company? I can generally say that the relationship for each of the siblings differ from each other greatly. With Bomber and Kirie being the most obvious and most striking of the love-hate relationship. Sometimes we want to blame Bomber for being the blur head and slacker that made Kirie hate him but sometimes I think that is how they communicate. Although still uncomfortable around Taihei (albeit slightly improved), I think Kirie would rather hang out with this guy (and of course her master) rather than her big brother. I don’t see their relationship patching up soon given how dense Bomber is. Heh. Can’t even recognize his own sister… I’m not too sure about Alex and Sylphinford but I am deducing they are close enough but not close enough to know each other’s secrets. Especially with Alex being a perverted otaku who uses his workplace computer to browse through otaku products and having the cheek to ask Taihei to fix his PC when it freezes!

When you have a character that is into video games and the otaku culture, it cannot be helped that there would be popular references and trivia peppered throughout the series. Otherwise it will be just a big waste. The most obvious being that Hatsune Miku figurine. If you are fast enough you can spot other parodies that range from Street Fighter to Pokemon to Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica to Death Note to One Piece to Mario Kart and that trademark hand pose from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Artwork and animation look pretty decent. Conventional anime standards but mostly leaning towards colourful, cute and kawaii. You might find the drawing and character designs a bit simple and average but I guess that is okay considering the genre this series is. Maybe a bit unrealistic because I was wondering if Sylphinford is some sort of aliens because she seems to have sine sort of petal shaped flower for her eyes (or is it stars?). Creepy or cute? This series is animated by Doga Kobo who also brought to you series like Plastic Memories, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, YuruYuri, Love Lab, GJ-Bu and Shin Koihime series.

Aimi Tanaka is the voice behind Umaru and I believe this is her first major role as a main character. The last I heard her was as Yuyan in Lance N’ Masques. It is quite amazing she can pull off different voices for Umaru’s different persona. Maybe that is why the rest can’t figure it out. The same can be said for Yurina Furukawa as Sylphynford and Akari Kageyama as Ebina in their first major role as new seiyuus. The rest of the casts are Kenji Nojima as Taihei (Yuuto in High School DxD), Haruka Shiraishi as Kirie (Ayumi Himekawa in Glass No Kamen Desu Ga), Hiroki Yasumoto as Bomber (Sado in Bleach), Tetsuya Kakihara as Alex (Natsu in Fairy Tail) and Ami Koshimizu as Kanau (Ryuuko in Kill La Kill).

It is chaotic frantic hamster frenzy opening! You’ll be spammed with lots of chibi Umaru and her hamster forms in the opening animation credits. The song itself is a denpa song with Kakushinteki Metamorphose sung by Aimi Tanaka as crazy and lively as it gets. Hope you don’t get hamster phobia after this. “U-M-R! U-M-R! UMA janai yo Umaru! U-M-R! U-M-R! UMA janai yo Umaru!” Yeah. Get ready to be spammed that line that might send you into a frenzy. The ending theme, Hidamari Days feels more like generic anime pop sung by the main female quartet. This time the animation spams the girls having a lot of fun in the sandy beach. Ah, if life could only be this bliss. Well, it has almost always been for Umaru at least.

Overall, this series is a mixed baggage of emotions. You will feel annoyed and irritated as Umaru’s irresponsible behaviour behind closed doors. You will laugh at all their funny antics and come to realize how dumb everyone is not realizing Umaru and Komaru are the same person. You will feel motivated at Taihei’s efforts in trying to be the responsible brother. You will feel your heart warmth all inside when you realize that after all that they have been through, they are just normal siblings who want to spend time in each other’s company. You will feel disappointed that this series is more or less the same thing in every skit and despite having potentials nothing much really happens. Who am I to judge Umaru? Here I am sitting and watching my animes instead of doing something useful. I have been a slacker even before Umaru was conceptualized!

Hidan No Aria AA

June 11, 2016

I thought they failed to secure the necessary funding for the sequel. I mean, it has been pretty much over 4 years and so I assume it is safe to say that Hidan No Aria will not be getting a sequel ever. Fans of the series who watched the original anime back in 2011 might have remembered that at the end of the series, the producers even had the guts to cheekily ask fans to help support the DVD sales of the series if they ever wanted to see another season. Well, doing such desperate move only jinx it further even among hardcore fans although speaking so is only speaking the truth. So I am not sure if they finally reached their target after 4 years or they decided to scrap everything and use all that was received to make a sequel spinoff that nobody asks for. That’s right. Instead of getting season two of Hidan No Aria, we get Hidan No Aria AA instead. While our main girl Aria still does make decent appearances, the main character in focus will be a totally new character. That is why it is called a spinoff. Maybe Aria has been threatening to bullet holes in their body for making her series absent for such a long time.

Episode 1
Akari Mamiya has a dream showdown with her idol Aria. Indeed it is just a dream. She realizes she is late for school and why didn’t her sister, Nonoka wake her up? Well, she did. She got a kick in the face! Must be that showdown dream… On the bus, she meets her friends Shino Sasaki and Raika Hino. But it comes to a crashing halt as it has to give way to authorities chasing bank robbers. Making it more spectacular is Aria on the job as she kicks ass to apprehend all suspects! This gives Akari motivation to be like her idol but during the test, she is so paltry and chicken sh*t that it is just paltry. Just pathetic to watch. Just heartbreaking to see her lose and being mocked by Urara Takachiho. Her friends try to cheer her up by suggesting an Amica contract with Aria. It is a special contract whereby a trainee receives special training from a senior for a year. Although Akari’s hopes are close to none since Aria has rejected 20 Amica requests! But I suppose she is desperate enough to fill in and hand it in. Aria receives the form and is bewildered this E rank kid is the last of the last. Then Aria makes a surprise by popping up before Akari. Since she is busy, she will test her right now as she believes everyone should be given equal chance. However, not everyone was good enough. If Akari is still contemplating if she should take this chance, here is another lecture about chance and crime doesn’t wait. So what does Akari do? Straight on charge? Well, she lost at judo. Noticing the same gun she uses and how much Akari idolizes her, Aria takes her gun and the test will be to get it back in 30 minutes.

So it begins a game of cat and mouse. Aria the agile acrobat and Akari the clumsy klutz. But even Aria is amazed that she could keep up and persevere because many would have given up at this point. Their test is interrupted when a real crime crosses their path. The friends of yesterday’s robbers are trying to break out their comrades. Aria goes to help the authorities. A baddie tries to ram the car into her but Akari sees this and pushes her away and gets slammed! OMG! It is already amazing how she survived that crash (with lots of pain) but it is even more mind boggling how she stole the keys of that car from that position. With this case solved, their test resumes. This time Akari turns the tables on Aria. She tells her she has been running away all the while. She will not become her Amica if she continues to run! The showdown begins as Akari uses a risky move that although has her grab back her gun (albeit temporarily), she loses her balance and falls off. Don’t worry, the river is below. Akari thought she has failed but thanks Aria for everything. However Aria says she has passed. Though, the test is a tie since Aria still has her gun. Until she can get it back, Akari will be her assistant and unofficial Amica. That’s good news right? Later, Aria senses something amiss about Akari and has her informant, Hina Fuuma do some digging. Elsewhere a group of bad chicks are discussing about the fake robbery as distraction that failed due to the intervention of an unexpected factor. They are not worried yet as there is still time.

Episode 2
A sad flashback of Shino. Rich girl, no friends, alone. Yeah, Akari ‘saved’ her by becoming her first friend. Now that Akari is an Amica, she is going to live with Aria in her dorm. Man, it is freaking huge! Because Akari cannot name an area she specializes in, Aria has her sew her parachute. Akari is sad that she is reduced to a lackey but Aria is surprised that she took less than a day when it normally takes 2 days. Later Aria sees Fuuma about Akari. Based on her martial arts stance, it seems she uses some ninja assassination skill. Next day, Akari is praising all about Aria to her friends but this does not sit well with Shino. The last straw came when Akari can’t walk home with Shino because she needs to help Aria pack for her long mission. Back home, Shino takes out her frustration in her room. We see all the posters, dolls and mementos in the shape of Akari! OMG! Creepy! Fearing she would lose her friend forever, Shino goes to do some online research. Common sense tells her fighting Aria head on would be dangerous but she has found a way to take Akari back.

After Aria leaves for her mission, Akari is invited to Shino’s mansion. They spend their day together till night time when Shino brings her to her garden and tells her about the 3 day cancellation rule. Of course Akari is unaware so care to explain to us? In the Amica contract, there is a clause stating if the younger sister fights a battle and loses within 72 hours of that contract, the contract is terminated. Oh look. 15 more minutes to time. Shino takes out her sword and starts attacking her. She knows the uniform is bullet proof but it will still break her bones. She can take care of bed ridden Akari for the rest of her life! Creepy! We get it. All that flashback about her friendship with Akari boils down to jealousy, right? And she’s blaming Akari for this happening. Shino can even deduce Akari is going to use her martial arts stance and has already a way to counter it: An even freaking longer sword! No close quarter combat. Akari seems on the verge of losing till Aria shows up (because she has sensed something strange in Shino). So she’s here just to tell her to take care of these little things if she wants to become her Amica? It had an impact on her anyway. Akari uses her scarf to hold Shino’s sword and then leverage it to toss her into the pond. It is Akari’s win. Shino fears Akari hates her now but Akari still considers her friend. Like that, their friendship is patched up. Next day, Akari thought Shino would be sore over last night but here comes a very happy girl. She has found a system whereby Amica sisters can get together and form a group. She has requested to become Shirayuki’s Amica so the trainees can now form their own group and forever be in their yuri friendship. Love is always mutual!

Episode 3
Here is another creepy stalker. Kirin Shima has a room filled with Raika’s stuffs and just woke up from a wonderful dream of prince Raika coming to her rescue. Oh boy. Aria takes Akari and friends’ measurements to see what guns suit them as well as has them all fight her at the same time to gauge their level. Even so, they are no match for her Baritsu martial arts. Then she pairs Akari to fight with Shino and Raika to fight with a guy. Of course that cocky dude loses easily. All the while, Kirin has been watching and admiring her beloved. Meanwhile Akari-Shino’s fight isn’t much of a fight but some sort of yuri position? After school, Akari is worried when she sees Aria talking to Kinji. Shino is delighted with their ‘date’ but she didn’t see Akari was more concerned about tailing Kinji instead of hanging out with her. Akari fails in her tailing as Kinji flushes her out. You know this guy, I suppose has dealt with many hardcore Aria fans and thought she is the same. But Akari gets upset when he mentions Aria is a bother following him around. Then the wind blows up her skirt. Sexual awakening! Don’t worry. Kinji bloopers by falling into the river and thankfully Fuuma saves him. Akari later talks to Aria and confirms she was just trying to get Kinji on her investigation team. There rest are classified and Akari gets lectured about her punctuality as well as her awareness of her surroundings. She didn’t notice a thing around Shino. Don’t let it happen again.

Akari sees Kirin trying to ask Raika and be her Amica. Of course she refuses and even notes Kirin was Riko’s Amica last year. Akari talks to Raika but they noticed the boys in a class badmouthing Raika and her ‘masculinity’. Akari then catches Raika crying alone in the toilet. What did Aria said about being aware of her surroundings? I suppose she’s taking it too literally so she tries to tail Raika on her day off. Kirin is also there so they spy on Raika. To their surprise she is trying out girly dresses. Eventually Kirin reveals her position. Raika is embarrassed and warns her not to tell others. Of course she will keep her mouth shut. For a price. Thus the inevitable showdown to decide if Kirin can become her Amica. If she wins. Otherwise she has to stop following her around. Raika seems to be distracted by Kirin’s girly stuffs and even more so a yuri kiss! Kirin easily takes her down with her foot work. So while Kirin is sticking like a leech at Raika, Akari notices about Raika fighting because she could have easily countered that move. Could it be she lost on purpose? Kirin feels bad but Raika thought she changed her mind in making Kirin her Amica. Riko happened to be there and congratulates Kirin. Akari is left puzzled wondering how Riko knows her name. Aria continues to see Fuuma but there is no other information on Akari. It can be said that there is really nothing to it or she might be good in hiding her past. Either way, Aria doesn’t feel comfortable that something dangerous about Akari is bugging her.

Episode 4
Akari and Aria are idols???!!! However at the end of the concert Aria announces Akari’s retirement because she is E rank! She goes on to create a new idol group with Akari’s friends. Kinji is also part of this group???!!! Man, this sucks. Yeah, just a freaking dream… There is this Quartet test coming up and all first years need to form a group of 4 to participate. There is a possibility to go up a rank but provided if they win. As usual, Akari’s team is made out of Shino, Raika and Kirin (despite being an intern, as she is also a first year, she qualifies). Call it bad luck or fate, their opponent is Urara’s team. That b*tch even had her Aizawa twins, Yuyu and Yaya to start and stop laughing! Raika hates how Kirin is being badmouthed and tries to strike. She is stopped by Fuuma who is hired to be on Urara’s team. They continue to bully to rest and only leave when Aria comes by. We learn that Urara’s dream was to walk in some sand dunes with Aria. She failed her Amica test and since Akari got it, thus the extreme animosity. Akari and co talk to Aria about Quartet. Aria has never participated in one before since she was a transfer student. As Kirin has requested Riko to help train them, Shino suggests using her place for that. A sleepover-cum-training-camp, I guess. Shino explains the Quartet game format which resembles something like capture the flag. Then Riko has specific training regime for each of them. Akari’s one is the funniest because she is riding a horse riding machine?! So funny that the twins are spying and relaying footage back to Urara who is laughing her ass off. Laugh while you can, b*tch.

Raika feels a bit jealous when Riko gets a little too close to Kirin for old times’ sake. Shino also remembers how she became Shirayuki’s Amica. In the weirdest way possible, Shirayuki taught her how to become to best cook and learn different camera and spy gadget models! Essentially it is how to eliminate your love rival. Especially if the enemy is a certain pink twintail, go for the kill! Still obsessed over Kinji, eh? Raika continues to ponder if she would be a good Amica considering the ‘awesomeness’ Aria and Riko’s track record are. But Kirin assures her she has been watching her all along and admires her strength. Don’t you think it’s creepy? How long has she been watching her?! Late into the night, Akari continues to practice on the machine. Aria sees her in action. She learns Akari continues to be hardworking because she wants to prove Urara wrong that it is not impossible for her. They then continue their gun chasing act for that Amica contract thingy for a while. Of course Akari still loses but she has become a bit better. On the day of the match, Urara continues to be a b*tch refusing to shake hands with Akari because she thinks of herself as so godly. I’ll love it when she loses…

Episode 5
The game begins. Akari becomes the first victim when she is caught off guard by the twins. Don’t worry, Shino is here to cover her back as she was taught to fight 2 on 1. She handles them to let Akari go ahead. Fuuma faces off with Raika. I know Raika wants to show off her big sister coolness to Kirin so it looks odd for Kirin just to be standing behind her being protected. Plus, how can they see in all that smoke screen? As expected, Akari faces off with Urara. As expected, Urara shows off her b*tch power while Akari is reduced to a cowering coward. Because it is just freaking perplexing to see Urara’s pistol as every shot of hers count (it hits something) whereas Akari armed with an uzi can’t hit a freaking damn thing! NOTHING!!! WTF???!!! Urara narrates her failed Amica contract with Aria. After that she even tried to bribe Aria with more money but still got turned down. And you thought money can buy you anything, eh? She starts badmouthing Aria for picking a low level person like Akari. It just shows Aria isn’t as great as she is. This riles Akari but as she comes out of her cover only to get shot in the guts! Don’t worry. It’s rubber bullets though it still hurts like hell. When it’s time to end the game, Akari rides a nearby scooter (was the training for this?) up the dirt hill where Urara’s flag is placed at. It just looks silly seeing how slow the scooter is going up that mound and that is even after Akari jumps off. I guess that is why that training was important to control the scooter, blah, blah, blah. Had not Shino jump in to disable Urara’s gun, this tactic could have failed. The scooter dislodges the flag and it is Akari’s team win. Urara is so shocked with the defeat that, uhm, she falls and her butt is stuck in a barrel? Kyouchikutou has been watching so she activates some mechanism that has the iron scaffolding fall. Oh no. Can Akari and Urara get out in time? Don’t worry. Aria has been watching the match too. Luckily she has called Reki whose perfect sniping shoos away the falling metal sheets (to even create a little iron shed?) and enough time for our girls to escape. While Akari’s team revel in victory, it seems Riko is in cohorts with Kyouchikutou and the scooter belongs to Riko and was purposely placed there.

Episode 6
Raika and Kirin are getting married! Before we get to see the second yuri kiss, Riko crashes in to object in her spaceship?! While Aria helps Raika fend off the many Riko clones, Riko kidnaps Kirin. However Kirin is okay to be with her and they fly away happily ever after. Yeah, even Raika can dream something of this sort. Everyone celebrates over Akari’s win and she has been promoted to D rank after saving Urara. Speaking of that b*tch, she is here just to give flowers as thanks but that is about it. After the party, Akari wants to thank Aria for the good luck charm she gave prior to Quartet but Kinji notices it is a safe birth charm. Akari shoos him away but he notes Aria is different now because she once told him she didn’t need friends. Aria sees Fuuma again and she has nothing more about Akari. Aria noticed Akari using some supernatural power during Urara’s rescue but couldn’t see clearly due to the shed blocking. She thinks something must have driven her to a corner to make her use that technique. Kirin worries Raika is way too close to Akari because that tomboy flips up Akari’s skirt!!! Wait, what?! Even more so when Raika agrees to Akari’s request easily but when Kirin does some requesting, she has second thoughts about it. So she seeks Riko’s advice in which she tells her to invoke the Manifesto. So Kirin coaxes Raika to teach her cute loli classmates in giving some gun lessons. I think they are fawning over her instead of paying attention. After that they lure her to a room and then dress up to do… Senpai rape???!!! WTF???!!! The cuteness is making Raika go crazy! Count on Kirin to be the ringleader. She wants Raika to read aloud this Manifesto to declare she will choose her Amica over everything else. Raika screams out Kirin is her bride. That seals the deal. Time to celebrate? Next day, Kirin reveals about becoming Raika’s bride so Raika throws her into the river! She thought of replaying Raika’s recorded declaration on her handphone but Raika throws a knife into it! This gives Shino motivation to do the same with Akari. Please, no…

Episode 7
Urara. Lots of servants. Including Akari! But she is the worst servant and always gets punished! By tickling! Yup. A lousy dream. If you think that is creepy, wait till you know that Urara has Akari on her mind and wants her to be hers! OMG! But she is at a lost on what to do next. I guess bribing is out of the question, eh? Speaking of Akari, here she is before her. Urara panics but thanks to Akari’s dumbness, she manages to bluff her way through. Urara goes into overdrive to get Akari. This means leaving a bouquet of flowers in her home. Akari reads a card attached to it as invitation to her home (so that she can show off how glorious her room is). If you think Urara is spying and stalking Akari reading the card, let’s just say it is Shino instead. And she is not happy that somebody else is going to take her girlfriend best friend away. Akari arrives and is treated to a sumptuous party. With the twins as servants, I can see why they are freaking jealous. Things start to get wild when Urara can’t control herself and starts smothering herself in Akari’s boobs! It has begun! But before anything else can begin, Shino crashes in. I guess there is only one way to settle over Akari: A duel. At an abandoned building, the fight for Akari’s virginity, oops I mean, friendship begins! They are both neck to neck with each other and even to a point whispering stuffs about Akari’s smell and hair. Creepy! Kirin’s cute loli friends happen to pass by and think this is some cool fight and want to record it. They are told off and one of them accidentally slips and falls off. Akari’s quick thinking has her dive down to save her and the rest soon start to form a human chain catching and preventing them from falling to their deaths. Everyone is okay in the aftermath although Akari gets scolded by her ‘best friends’ for being reckless. Based on Akari’s logic, the duo are happy that they are considered as friends. But Urara concedes defeat to Shino because she acted first and this proves her love for Akari is deeper. Of course she won’t give up on Akari’s friendship and even states aloud her intentions to violate Akari (actual f*ck words censored out by conveniently cars passing by)! Akari is clueless of course but Shino is in shock and flustering.

Episode 8
By now you would have guessed such blissful opener is a dream. But an octopus shooting ink into Akari’s pussy???!!! WTF???!!! It is some sort of premonition that she wet the bed! Horror! Luckily it turns out to be her water bottle spilled. Urara continues to spy on Akari and in a ‘big coincidence’ invites her to lunch. From the direction of their talk, it allows Urara to invite Akari to her spa. But she didn’t count on Shino, Raika and Kirin who happen to be there to also take up her invitation. Curses. There goes her alone time with Akari. To keep up her pride, she is forced to allow them to call their other friends to join. This means Akari calls Aria to join but she declines (because she can’t swim) but with Riko’s teasing, she is forced to accept. Meanwhile Raika didn’t expect Kirin and her friends to have a swimsuit choosing party at her place and is forced to go along with it or else Kirin would put up crocodile tears. Meanwhile something shady is going on between Urara and Shino. They put away their rivalry to discuss strategies to deepen their violation friendship with Akari. Urara shows the same swimsuit she will wear with Akari. But Akari’s swimsuit will shrink when it gets soaked in water and in no time everything will come off! Oh yeah… On the day after everyone arrives, the twins are running late and scared of being chastised by Urara, they slip and mix up the swimsuits. See where this is going? Meanwhile, you must be wondering how many pads Aria is putting on to make her boobs look decent. Remember her concave boobs! No joke! Over the course of the fun, Urara cannot understand why the swimsuit shrinking is taking so long. Didn’t she notice her own swimsuit is gradually getting smaller? The twins then realize their mistake and can only pray for the best. This is also noticed by Shino. At the end of the day when Urara gets desperate and signals her final measure, the twins and Shino start struggling with her in which a trapdoor is released, sending Urara and Shino into an underground steam bath of love! So something naughty was supposed to happen here? Well, the rivalry is back. Thankfully Akari is so dumb not realizing what the hell is happening. Later Akari thought she successfully stole her gun back while Aria is changing but it is just her water pistol. Try again. Aria thanks Akari for inviting her and admits spending time with them isn’t so bad. She suggests spending time together again. This time she will visit her home.

Episode 9
This dream sequence starts off differently. Nonoka dreams of her past whereby something traumatic happened to the sisters. Their home got burnt down and they got tormented by a culprit that looks pretty familiar. Aria arrives for her home stay. Yes, she’ll be staying for a few days. So has Akari cleaned up everything yet? When Akari mentions about Aria’s stay to her friends, you can see the dead looks on Shino’s face. Want to bet this piece of information reaches Urara? Akari and Aria to errands together and because Akari’s jealous admirers are so bad in tailing, Aria just tells them to come out. I guess it is also a cue for them to join in. With the rest of the other friends who happen to be here too. Yeah, big coincidence. Shino and Urara have to bite and hold in their jealousy unless they want holes in their ass. That night, Akari thought she could sneak up on sleeping Aria and steal back her gun (or is it to molest her?) but Aria is as sharp as ever. Next day, Akari makes a vow to Aria that she will work hard to become exactly like her. She views her as the perfect Butei who holds up the law. Aria interrupts they’ll chat this later and sends her on an errand. Then Aria makes a run for it because she knows shady guys have been tailing her. Shino and Urara spot this so they go get Akari and call for backup. At the wharf, Aria faces off with the goons but the way they fight makes her realize they are just amateurs. She takes them out gradually but when more goons arrive, so does her Butei friends. They manage to suppress the big group but one sniper still remains elusive. Aria throws Akari back her gun and wants her to shoot him. However she is paralyzed in fear and cannot do so. Before she hits trauma mode, Reki takes him out.

In the aftermath, it is reported that those goons are related to those earlier bank robbers who have a grudge against Aria instead of some criminal attacking Butei students. Akari fears she will be scolded by Aria for that slip up but surprisingly she thanks her. Akari returns her gun since she didn’t get it back on her own accord but Aria says it isn’t necessary. The Amica test is over. She has decided Akari is not fit to be her Amica. That slip up isn’t just the reason. Aria realizes they are different as people. Akari works better with her group of friends while Aria is more of the lone wolf type. Learning her path won’t make her gain much. Akari remains stubborn so Aria tells her off that slip up would have put them in grave danger. Because Aria goes on dangerous missions, she’ll put in a lot of danger. If Akari can’t even shoot decently (not to kill but even as warning), do you think she is fit to be her partner? Besides, doesn’t Akari looked relieved when she didn’t have to shoot him? Aria then takes Akari to the shooting room and forces her to shoot. Even when not looking, Akari nails perfect shots to the forehead, eye, throat and heart. She claims had she shot then, the baddie would have died. Now it is Akari’s turn to run away and cry? Meanwhile Riko is seen talking to Kyouchikutou again. It was Riko’s plan to instigate those stupid punks as distraction so that some group can arrive safely. Now their operation can start. Riko will take out Aria so that Kyouchikutou can hunt down Akari.

Episode 10
A terrorist hijacks a bus. Aria was involved in the mission with Kinji but gravely injured. You know how Akari will feel when she sees this, right? Riko is dancing happily that she defeated Aria so easily. Kyouchikutou appears before Akari and wants to talk. She confirms her partner who is interested in Aria is the one who hurt her. As Kyouchikutou is only interested in Akari, she warns her about the seed she has sown 2 years ago and will bloom as early as today or tomorrow. She gives her the ultimatum to come to her hotel room. The nightmare begins when Nonoka collapses. Her condition stabilizes in ICU but she is in danger of losing her eyesight. Akari starts blaming herself that everything that has happened is because of her family’s secret technique and that she shouldn’t have become a Butei. So only now you think it is not okay? Akari’s only choice is to become Kyouchikutou’s pet. Her family were Shogunate spies in the past, similar to intelligence spies in today’s modern way. They possessed a technique that could kill. But during modern times, they were told by their mom this ancient technique was only passed down as tradition so using it wasn’t allowed. However if the time calls for it, only use it to protect. They train hard under mom until that fateful night 2 years ago. Kyouchikutou attacked the family seeking for the technique because the evil organization that she belongs to, IU is upset with them for keeping their technique a secret! WTF?! Kyouchikutou poisoned Nonoka and did an Arnold that she’ll be back for her someday. Akari’s family subsequently scattered and went into hiding. Fuuma adds Nonoka’s poison is called Fuchou and was originally her clan’s technique in which Kyouchikutou stole. It can only be neutralized by the person who made it. At this rate, Nonoka will slowly lose all her senses and die.

Akari is going to be a hero to confront Kyouchikutou. She’ll sacrifice her life if it is needed. But Aria heard everything and tells her to hold her horses. This is no fairytale so her sacrifice will be meaningless. Aria has deduced that Akari was trying to hide and suppress her technique, the reason why she is lowly ranked at Butei. She also tried to modify her technique since killing is forbidden in Butei’s law. Akari feels things are impossible at this point because she tried so hard in sealing her ability that she couldn’t learn anything new. Aria reminds her she has something that she doesn’t have: Friends. I guess it is time for them to join hands and support Akari in her first ever mission that Aria dubs Double A. Akari’s friends station outside the hotel as Akari heads into Kyouchikutou’s room which pretty much looks like a dark lab. Kyouchikutou lets her know what she wants in exchange for the antidote. She wants Takamakuri, her family’s secret poison as well as Akari herself. As Kyouchikutou is a master and enthusiast in poison, it upsets her that a poison technique that kills in a single touch and doesn’t leave a trace eludes her. Akari rejects her outright. One more last chance for Akari to join IU and Kyouchikutou will help take care and grow her stronger than Aria. No? Time to face off then.

Episode 11
The reason Kyouchikutou could fly is because there were nano-wires all around. She decides to go eliminate other obstacles first. Fuuma becomes the first victim when she mistakes her poison gas that turns out to be gas that melts her clothes too! So a ninja is incapacitated when she is naked? Even weirder, Kyouchikutou rips off her mask and it is the same when a woman has her naked body seen. WTF. She goes unconscious after Kyouchikutou scratches her with her poison fingernail. Next up is Raika. Another poison fingernail move to leave her paralyzed. Now it is Urara’s turn. This time she got trapped in some hallucinating drug before being sprayed by the big knockout gas in her face. Kyouchikutou then causes a big accident pileup on the bridge just for her showdown stage with Akari. If you think Akari’s uzi is going to do something, the big shocker is when Kyouchikutou unpacks her giant gatling gun!!! OMG! Surprise! She fires but Shino protects Akari. She only lives because of her bulletproof uniform but the beating is enough for her to be taken out. Akari is now mad. That Bruce Lee pose has Kyouchikutou finally smiling in glee because Akari is going to show her Takamakuri. Since Akari is remembering Aria’s words and lessons, impatient Kyouchikutou fires her gun to force her to move. Akari is so amazing that she dodges every bullet! Both girls are left puzzled because Akari failed in making Takamakuri happen when she zooms past her. Is this a joke? But lessons from mom soon come back as Akari explains Takamakuri isn’t a poison technique. But Kyouchikutou doesn’t believe. Akari continues explaining the technical mumbo jumbo about pulses and pressure points. Yeah. Whatever. In a single strike, not only she destroys the gatling gun but rips Kyouchikutou’s clothes too! OMG! Why didn’t it rip her underwear? She is arrested but in her underwear too? No decent clothes to put on? Yeah, after all the trouble she has given, the least she could do is give us fanservice. At least she believes Takamakuri isn’t poison now. But she warns it is not over yet and more trouble will come. Akari and Kirin think she is just being a sore loser since their friends are beginning to recover. Aria then rushes into the scene to warn them a piece of information she got from Reki. It seems another member of IU has infiltrated the place. You don’t say. Could you have timed the advice a little earlier because here she comes now running rampage in her mecha. Suimitsutou is not happy that her little sister was bullied and now it’s payback time.

Episode 12
Suimitsutou is going to blast everything until her sister is released. All the while laughing with that derp face and eating her potato chips. Yeah. She’s the crazier one alright. Akari suggests she will be the decoy, much to Aria’s protest. For once Akari reminds her about her own lesson regarding impossibility. Akari then runs straight towards Suimitsutou and although she knows she is a decoy, she just fires away. Another bad shooter because all her shots missed. Or is Akari that petite? Aria runs back to her friends to request their help. Once Suimitsutou runs out of bullets, Reki fires the bridge cables to tangle her mecha. Then the rest shoot smoke screen to cover her vision. If she resorts to electronics, they release tin foil interferes with the electromagnetic waves. As she tries to fly up, Aria shoots her glass cover with paint to completely blind her. Akari and Aria then fire their rounds to send Suimitsutou to her defeat and let her get arrested along with her sister. Great news for everyone is that Kyouchikutou has accepted some plea bargain and so she will make the antidote to cure Nonoka. But it is not so great news when Aria praises Akari and then says this is their last mission together. She tells her to find her own Amica. Not because of what happened recently but she already told her they were different people to begin with. Besides, Aria has so many enemies that following her around will be dangerous.

Akari won’t accept this and challenges her to another test one last time. If she is strong enough, that won’t be a problem, right? She will go all out to defeat her. Aria accepts the challenge and the test will remain the same like last time. Only this time Aria will not run but fight her. So it begins the battle. Akari starts using her power and holy cow! Am I watching a Naruto fight???!!! Akari did some reckless move that allows her to steal back her gun but at the expense of losing her consciousness. Aria could have taken her gun back but seeing the happy looks on her face, she calls it her victory. In the aftermath, Akari continues to remain mainly the same. Still waking up late. Why didn’t Nonoka wake her up? She tried. See that big slap on her face? Yeah… Kirin and her loli friends force Raika to give them some lessons. She isn’t the popular one, though. Because Urara and Shino are at each other over Akari. However she declines them because she has got a date with Aria! So what is Urara going to do with all the food ordered for her? It’s a shame to go to waste so the losers dine over them while they make another pact to get rid of that Aria b*tch. Aria and Akari are on their way to a mission and bump into Kinji and Shirayuki. Akari still hates Kinji’s guts. Shirayuki still hates Aria’s guts. Kinji can tell Akari is a little different now. Aria and Akari being their first official mission together when suddenly… Akari blunders! How the f*ck could she be so clumsy and fall over Aria! It is no surprise she is so embarrassed and upset and threatens to turn Akari back into a trainee!!!

Yuri No Aria B+
Remember what the name of this series is. There is no way in the world that Akari will be separated from her beloved senpai forever, right? And there you have it. An average story to begin with that ends on somewhat on a happy note with our 2 main protagonists together in what will be a long love-hate relationship. But that is another story. Basically the entire season can be divided into 3 parts: 1/3 of the show being the introduction to the main characters, another 1/3 resorting to yuri hijinks fanservice and the final 1/3 reserved as the ‘main plot’ for the girls to kickass and strut their stuff.

Sometimes I felt that the overall story and plot were mediocre because of certain scenarios like when you keep thinking that Aria as the best Butei around, she failed to get a single decent information on Akari’s past. I mean, is Akari really that good in keeping her family secrets? Is there really no documentation of them? How the heck IU knows about it when Akari and Butei don’t (so okay, there are many things Butei doesn’t know about IU)? Aria’s guts tell her something is wrong but that is about it. And with random low level punks targeting her, shouldn’t she get a hint something is obviously wrong? Maybe information isn’t Aria’s specialty since she is more of the on-field action girl and perhaps that is why Aria reminded us she is not as perfect as we think she is. But of course. The best ranked Butei and she can’t even swim? Something feels wrong. Even more so Fuuma is supposed to be a ninja and Aria relying on her means she is an information specialist of the sort, right? Yeah, she had one job and she failed.

I even thought that Nonoka’s unimportant role and appearance in this series is so that she could be a reason to be shoehorned for the final arc. I mean, do you even care about this caring sister who gets little screen time? The activation of the poison in her body just makes me want to ask why the heck did Kyouchikutou waited for 2 years just for Akari to decide if she would come and join her. And what the f*ck were the sisters doing for that couple of years? Didn’t Kyouchikutou tell Akari that Nonoka was poisoned then? Didn’t they try to find an antidote? Oh sure. Living the normal life seems more reasonable. She is going to die anyway might as well let her live the best normal life ever. Duh. And if Akari’s Takamakuri is that strong, can she use it to fight against IU? I know she doesn’t want to kill but couldn’t she just think of it as protecting her loved ones like her mother told her? Uh huh. The case of Akari being just Akari. Now you pay the price.

If you remember the previous season whereby Kinji was the main protagonist, he had some sort of weird sexual condition that made his senses and skills improved when he is stimulated. Though it was just merely hinted as a quick one here, I guess they throw out that kind of Hysteria Mode fanservice (especially for him to get horny with Aria) in exchange for yuri fanservice this season. Yes people. Yuri seems to be the fashion fanservice for this spinoff considering that all the main and supporting characters are female. Sure, you can count Kinji’s minimal cameo to break the all-female appearance but that hardly changes the fact that almost every darn girl here seems to be lesbians ranging from mild to extremely creepy. Really.

Akari may look up to Aria as her role model but don’t you think that this is a subtle hint of being yuri? I mean, look at her room. If it is not creepy enough that she posts Aria’s lessons in her exact words on her bedroom wall, you should see the Aria posters in it as well. It sure did freak out Aria when she came for the home visit. Further prove that Akari is yuri is the fact that she hates Kinji. The only recurring guy in the series and she hates him?! For what? Letting nature accidentally take a peek at her panties? Compounding the yuri love triangle are filthy rich girls Shino and Urara who are rivals to steal Akari’s heart and body. Yuyu and Yaya might look like loyal servants but you can tell from their actions they are so into Urara, the reason why they abide her every order, whim and fancies. Not forgetting the yuri pair triangle of their own, Raika and Kirin and Riko. Sometime it gets pretty duh to see them worrying about the other, stealing glances at the other, only to feel jealous when they see the other getting along pretty well with another woman. So being yuri partners mean they can’t decently talk to others? Throw in Kirin’s cute loli friends and you can have a big moe yuri orgy fanservice. Hell, yeah!

Although Fuuma and Nonoka don’t seem to be yuri oriented thanks to their minimal roles in the spinoff, but I wouldn’t discount it either. Otherwise it the spinoff would be exploding with distasteful yuri fanservice (refer to Valkyrie Drive ~Mermaid~). I’m not saying that this series has horny fanservice like that horny anime since the most you get is just one lousy mild yuri kiss and that was just between Raika and Kirin. Even Riko herself has yuri tendencies towards Aria considering if you watched the original TV series, their rivalry goes way back to their forefathers as phantom thieves and great detectives. Though, Riko feels much like a flirty Playgirl anyway. Kyouchikutou’s obsession with Akari means it is yuri, right? What about big sister Suimitsutou with her sisterly love? That is sisterly yuri, right? Yes, any female relationship among each other is seen as yuri!

Therefore the only obviously straight female ever in this series is Shirayuki. From time to time you can see her planning out her creepy stalker antics to grab Kinji’s heart but usually it fails. It just feels odd that as the only non-yuri character, she struggles really hard to achieve her goal. Would Kyouchikutou’s lingerie scenes be considered as consolation for the typical male targeted demographic fanservice? Okay. Better than remembering Aria’s concave boobs, right?!

The characters of this spinoff feel generic and cliché themselves. Like Akari as the lively and clumsy girl. Despite all that sunshine she has a dark past to hide but eventually no longer wants to run away, confronts it, gets over it. So typical. Then you have her group of friends like Shino the rich best friend, tomboyish Raika (but with a fetish for cute thing!), moe loli type Kirin, ninja type Fuuma (whose favourite pose is hanging upside down most of the time), obnoxious rich rival b*tch turned obnoxious rich comrade b*tch Urara and her yes-man (or woman) twins. The old casts also remain largely similar like cheeky and scheming Riko, Reki’s stoic and taciturn nature. Since Kinji isn’t the main star here, it means Aria does not display her tsundere quality.

Action scenes are rather okay although they are a few compared to the yuri fanservice you will be getting. This spinoff even pales in comparison with its predecessor if you want to talk about fight sequences. The characters here do not really show off much of their skills and even so they look pretty generic like Fuuma with her ninja techniques, Urara with her pistol and Shino with her sword (I believe Tsubame Gaeshi is her ultimate strike but I couldn’t really tell the difference). I don’t know what Raika does and Kirin is only reduced to relay information (can’t a cute loli fight?). It gets weirder when Akari could pull off some sort of seemingly supernatural move. I mean, really? She has got to be the biggest troll ever. Missed all the bullets from an uzi but accurately hits all target with a pistol? Yeah. Akari just being Akari.

Poison master Kyouchikutou is calm and cool in her techniques and I was hoping she owned every other damn character before she lost. You’ve got guns, you’ve got swords, you’ve got fist fights (that short final ‘Naruto’ fight really felt weird), why not insert a mecha battle too? That is what basically Suimitsutou’s role is all about. Come to think of it, why the heck did Kyouchikutou need to secretly sneak her in if it was part of IU’s intention to test this latest mecha? Can she just barge in and fire all the way since Suimitsutou is the crazy type? Why wait and follow according to plan that only when Kyouchikutou falls, then only she can debut. Huh? Besides, the big irony is how Kyouchikutou noted she would have preferred her sister to remain in the sidelines forever and should not have lost in the first place because her crude destruction was just embarrassing. And also the case of the spinoff being just the spinoff, the action sequence of how Aria lost to Riko was cut out and it felt disappointing because I really wanted to see how the Quadra couldn’t live up to her reputation. But it may be the case Riko didn’t face Aria directly because they are still sitting together in the end. After all, Riko is the greatest pretender. Even so, shouldn’t Aria at least be suspicious of her considering how their fate went about in the original TV series?

Despite the art and animation style looking the same, Doga Kobo took over from J.C. Staff in animating this spinoff. And now the characters seem to look similar like some of those visual novel games or manga they animated such as Hoshizora E Kakaru Hashi, 11eyes, Koihime+Musou and Myself;Yourself. Or maybe it is just me. After seeing so many animes over the years and seasons, the characters start to look more or less the same. Because even in this spinoff if I am not concentrating, I have a hard time telling the difference between some characters like Shino and Shirayuki. They look nearly similar on the outside. And of course a no-brainer because Yuyu and Yaya look so close that if they didn’t wear their half headband that has their initials so big on it, I couldn’t tell them apart.

The casts from the original series are all retained so it is quite the delight to hear Rie Kugimiya as Aria once again. The rest are reduced to cameo roles like Junji Majima as Kinji, Mariya Ise as Riko, Mikako Takahashi as Shirayuki and Kaori Ishihara as Reki. For the new line-up, Ayane Sakura as Akari once again her bratty voice suits such a character. If you think her character resembles so much like Cocoa from Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka, then you are absolutely right. Sometimes I just thought they pluck out her character from that series and put her here. The other recognizable voice is Aoi Yuuki as Kirin who puts on her ultimate cutesy voice. The rest of the casts include Ai Kayano as Shino (Inori in Guilty Crown), Mao as Raika (Renge in Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku No Zvezda), Sarah Emi Bridcutt as Urara (Yuzuru in Date A Live II), Ayaka Imamura as Fuuma (Miyabi in Absolute Duo) and Inori Minase as Nonoka (Hestia in DanMachi).

Hearing Yui Horie as Kyouchikutou, I believe this has got to be the blandest role ever she has voiced. Don’t get the wrong idea. She sounds very fitting for her character but over the years after hearing countless of anime roles ranging from super cute (too many to name), creepily cute (that loli from Umineko Naku Koro Ni) and robotic cute (Miss Monochrome, who else?), hearing her in this role suddenly takes away all the emotion from the stereotype that I am used to hearing her. This isn’t exactly her first emotionless character role. She did something similar too like Raika in Papa No Iukoto Wo Kikinasai. But this one takes the cake as the most monotonous ever. Oh, here is a little trivia too. This isn’t the first time Yui Horie voiced a character in this series. She actually made a cameo role as the Landlady back in the special OVA episode of Hidan No Aria. I wanted to make a connection speculation of the character but I think that would be a stretch.

The opening theme is Bull’s Eye by Nano, a rock outfit that is quite fitting for the action theme of the series but not so when you think about how this series is so much yuri. Yeah, I think it is still better than putting an all-girl idol unit as the opener. The ending theme is Pulse by Team AA, which is basically a duet between Akari and Aria. Nothing special about this generic anime rock pop. But still a reminder that despite their bratty and tsundere specialty voice, they can sing decently.

Overall, just like what I have indicated, this spinoff gets a B+ because despite the story being average and felt lacking, at least it gets a plus for being entertaining (in the purest sense). If you like your action with lots of moe and mild yuri, look no further. Just don’t expect the same plot you’d expect in the original Hidan No Aria. Just a different ‘plot’… Although I feel it has a story and characters with potential to develop, something tells me that it all depends on the DVD and BD sales… Hmm… Didn’t the producers ask fans to buy them this time around? Well, you better now in case you want to see another spinoff of a spinoff of this series (maybe by that time you’ll have another Aria spinoff). Otherwise Akari will be putting holes in your body and more accurately than Aria could.

Sore Ga Seiyuu OVA

June 10, 2016

So… WHERE THE HECK IS MAMIKO NOTO???!!! I thought they did this OVA because they felt bad in leaving out my favourite seiyuu and thus Sore Ga Seiyuu OVA was supposed to be their redemption. But alas, it was not meant to be. So they’re not sorry they left her out?! Oh, who am I kidding? I didn’t really think this series would have an OVA in the first place. Albeit it only lasts for 15 minutes…

Petit Uchiage
Our girls are having their day off and they are really excited to spend their time well at this hotspring inn. Sorry folks. No full fanservice here. The most you can see is their butts, which really amounts to nothing. In the hotspring, Rin said something cute that made Futaba hug her. Their hotspring enjoyment includes watching a hero show. The funny part was how Rin was being taken as ‘hostage’ by the baddie but Ichigo punched him! Not too sure if she is jealous for not being picked since she was quite enthusiastic about it. As they go buy souvenirs, they pick their favourite mascot straps. Rin picked a creepy one but with her voiceover, she could make it sound super cute. The trio continue to play out a scene using those mascots till they realize a couple of young kids are watching them. Embarrassing? In fact, the kids are quite in awe and want them to continue. In the midst of that, an employee spots them. I suppose he is a big fan of Earphones from the way he reacts after seeing them. They are then taken to the president’s room whereby Masumi Asano hopes the girls can put on a live performance at this place. At first they are unsure but with Ichigo having all the hype that this can be their bonus event, they are in. That guy couldn’t be happier… It boggles me how they can print flyers of their performance so fast. And thankfully instead of choosing cheesy mascot outfits for the performance, at least the t-shirt of the inn is better than all those crappy options. I mean, you want to go for that Playboy bunny suit? And so their performance begins much to the delight of the crowd. Futaba has a little tripping but it isn’t any big deal. She is a funny girl, right? They also host a lucky draw event in addition to singing. What a swell time. On the bus trip back, Futaba notices the kids sleeping holding a signed group photo of Earphones with them. Can they actually sleep like that?

No Event Is Too Small For A Budding Seiyuu
Well, I can’t say I am impressed (because no Mamiko Noto). But it isn’t a total disappointment too. Because really, what else would you have expected? In any case, this special episode is just something extra for the fans who bought the final volume of the BDs instead of anything that is groundbreaking in terms of development or characters. So it goes to show that you do not have to have flashy mega concerts in big cities around the world just to be famous or become famous. Earphones doing an impromptu performance at a small hotspring inn may not even be news or reach the edges of the internet but at least for all those who are there, they are happy in seeing their performance. It is perhaps little gestures like this that go a long way and such little gigs that make unknown units into famous stardoms. So… How many more hotspring performances will they need to perform on their day off so that a scout could spot them and give them their big break?

Comet Lucifer

June 5, 2016

It is that dilemma again. Because Comet Lucifer has both elements of fantasy and mecha, I was torn if I should watch this for the former. But then you know me by now, I have watched a handful of mecha genres throughout the years based on silly reasons and so as not to have some sort of regret bugging me for the rest of my life, that is why I am willing to let that mecha part slide and watch this just for the fantasy. So what is new in this original anime? Planet has lots of crystals that are highly sought for. Boy loves collecting some rare crystals. Boy wanders too far into mine. Stumbles upon girl amidst crystals. Boy meets girl. She has some sort of powers. Other parties sought her powers. The battle to fight and protect her begins. Complete with mecha hype. Yeah, original alright…

Episode 1
Sougo Amagi is mining for minerals in some ruined mine when a bright light hits him. Whatever it was, seems he has gotten the Giftdium crystal he wanted. He is so happy he rides back like crazy back home to analyze. True enough, it is the real deal. For a moment, he thought he hallucinated something because it looked like a girl smacked into him during the bright light collision. After he returns from buying his bread lunch from Vee, some inner burst of power makes him collide with Kaon Lanchester. Before he knows it, he becomes her accomplice in running away from Roman Valov and his butler Otto Motto in a high speed chase. Seems Roman wants her to try out a wedding dress as their parents have arranged for their marriage. Kaon like the rebellious kid she is, is of course against all that. I suppose Roman gone overboard in trying to take them out that they accidentally bump them down a deep mining crater. Don’t worry, they’re still alive. Meanwhile, a military unit is digging and blasting rocks so this naturally affects the underground area with all that shaking. And like always, this leads to the kids discovering they are nearby a shining lake. The water recedes to show a huge Giftdium pillar. Curious, they head up close. Sougo’s Giftdium reacts with it and the pillar breaks. An unconscious girl falls into his arms. How convenient. And then a military mecha unit storms in and with orders to retrieve Lima. How convenient too. Why do they always have to act in aggression? As they are helplessly cornered, the biggest convenience comes when the unconscious girl (Lima) activates a big giant bipedal mecha to fight off the menace. Time for Smackdown! It’s like watching Godzilla fighting other versions. Only it is mecha version.

Episode 2
Now the mecha seems to target Sougo and Kaon. Before that can happen, the military’s Captain Gus Stewart joins in the fun to beat up the behemoth. Sougo and Kaon take this chance to run but each time the mecha tries to go after them only to but stopped by Gus. Too much underground fighting causes the floor to collapse. Just when the kids are about to be doomed, the mecha conveniently saves them before disappearing. Conveniently too, Roman and Otto found them and conveniently head to the exit before the place collapses. Back at Sougo’s place, they are discussing about Lima and if the military is somewhat involved. Hajime Do Mon, the café owner and Sougo’s caretaker lets them eat some desserts to freshen up. I guess it’s so good that it woke up Lima. She mimics Kaon as she digs in to this delicious pie. So now she’s acting like a curious active monkey. Roman suggests she stays with Sougo here along with Kaon while he sorts this out by asking his parents for advice. Yeah, he is willing to put his wedding on hold. Gus is called back to HQ and what does he get? A new mecha to play with?! I suppose with his status as a great war hero, he gets to have this privilege. He sets a condition that he gets to choose his own team. So first up he visits a prison housing a very secured prisoner, Patrick “Pack” Young. Well, the guards abused him and somehow he could slip out from his chains and dodge bullets (or rather tensing his muscles to heal wounds) to kill all of them. Gus praises his skills and Pack is happy to be reunited with him. When Sougo tries to dissect a strange stone, it turns into a strange bug as it tells him off. He wants to transform into its true form but can’t. He is surprised to see the crest on Sougo’s hand. Felia (Lima’s real name) is learning words and things fast. When she tries using her telekinesis power to move things, the bug tells her not to use it recklessly. She suddenly quits using and when the curry is going to fall on Sougo, the crest works up and the bug turns into that huge mecha. So she has a name? Moura? Oh, there goes the roof.

Episode 3
Big = powerful and mighty. Small = cute and annoying. Like how Moura is stealing Sougo’s breakfast but paid the price by falling into the curry, pissing Do Mon off. No use bumming at the café so they head down to town to have fun. We learn from Moura that Felia is some being that controls this planet and sustains its nature and life to ensure the planet’s prosperity. Moura is her guardian to keep her powers in check. I guess nobody is listening to all that when they’re having fun. Because it is more fun seeing Sougo and Moura butt heads with their petty arguments. I suppose Felia was so happy that she accidentally drops her cake. She uses her power but once again Moura warns her and when it stops, it comes crashing down on some guy’s face. Little do they know, this psycho guy, Alfried Macallan has seen her wonderful power and will now display his own show for her. He starts off by hacking all the electronics in town go haywire, in turn causing lots of accidents. This guy is also a sadist as he initiates a few near mishaps near Felia to see her terrified expression. When he hacks a construction mecha to go after her, Sougo becomes the bait to lure it away from them. The girls hide in a cable car (of all places?) but Alfried has spotted them and takes control of it. Even creepier he materializes a creepy avatar to talk to Felia, making him sound like a lolicon. Moura can’t do anything because she can’t transform if the crest isn’t nearby. Once Sougo gets rid of the mecha, Alfried hacks another one to shake things up. As Sougo is now nearby, Moura is able to turn into her mecha form and fight. I guess heavy mechas fighting on a tight wire rope is not a good idea. The wire snaps. The cable car is falling. Felia uses her power for a soft landing. The day doesn’t end badly because Felia gets to see more of those cat pigeons. The backlash of the cable wire almost hits where Alfried is and he’s got a portion of his hair shaved off! What a close shave? Alfried is confronted by Gus who wants him on his team.

Episode 4
Felia is helping out as a waitress. Everybody must be impressed with her ‘magic show’. Except Moura… When Do Mon hears the typhoon is coming, he panics greatly and initiates extreme measures to protect his café. He explains the fearsome typhoon he once experienced but starts ranting about his stormy romance. Kids not interested… The rest help out but Felia looks like she is frolicking and having misusing her power that includes turning the entire garden into… Dancing vegetables? Roman too offers his help as he initiates his mecha. Since he doesn’t know how to pilot it, he is going to crash into the girls. Sougo’s crest activates Moura and turns her into a giant mecha to block and protect them. However he loses his balance and crashes into the café. Didn’t they just fix this part? Luckily they finish in time and treated to a BBQ party. Moura once again learns Felia tried to use her power. She can’t hide it and turns the BBQ fire into fireworks. Next day, Sougo and Kaon have to go to school and this makes Felia upset because she wants to party with them! No can do. She almost burst her power if not for Moura suppressing it. Poor snakey gets thrown through the window. When Do Mon leaves to check on Vee, he lets Felia look after the café. It’ll be okay since the shop will be closed. Too bad Gus and his team arrive to kidnap Felia (Alfried tracked her position by hacking the city’s CCTVs). I believe Moura is trying to stop them but can a little bug prevent a charging humvee? Smashed to pieces! Then it’s like Sougo’s inner danger sense tingled because he sensed something wrong and rushes back in the rain. He is shocked to see the café in a mess. Just in time, Moura informs Felia is in trouble.

Episode 5
Alfried tries to feed his princess but since she keeps calling Sougo’s name, he gets riled up and vows she’ll never see that pipsqueak again. Moura is able to trace where Felia is thanks to her necklace so Sougo plays catch up with Gus’ moving fortress making its way through the abandoned mines. When Sougo is detected, Pack starts firing at him. Cue for Moura to transform for some mecha action time. This means Gus is going down to settle their score. But after all that punching, Moura gives him the slip and Gus is left frustrated with their unfinished business again. Sougo tries to sneak in but Pack and his men are waiting. Gotcha. He is beaten up and locked in a room. Thanks to Moura sneaking via the vent, she cuts open the door for Sougo as they go find Felia. Felia expects Sougo opening the door but it is Pack instead. He brings her to the top where he is supposed to hand her over to some rendezvousing craft but due to bad weather, it is being delayed. With Sougo confronting him, Pack threatens to kill Felia. As Moura snatches his knife away, a little struggle ensued that has Pack punch Felia in the face! She falls off but mecha Moura saves her. I guess Gus who has just returned to the bridge, sees the mecha again, now he has to go back to fight it. I guess he really wants to settle it. From punches to laser beams, Gus loses when Moura unleashes a flurry of beams to immobilize him. I don’t know what Sougo has been doing the entire time because it was enough for Pack to return in his own mecha to kill him. If he was looking for Felia, shouldn’t he have noticed that bright purple ball in the sky? As Pack is about to kill him, Felia’s burst of emotions knocks away the bad weather as she picks up to save Sougo and bring him to a safe place. How convenient. Now she is in her grownup version, sounding less a retard. Is this what happens when she uses up all her power? Mmm… Nice body. Nice racks. No wonder Sougo can’t recognize her.

Episode 6
Felia dreams of a red castle and a shining ring. Moura thinks it is the Altar of Abyss. Its fountain is believed to contain lots of Giftdium and replenish her powers. If only a certain snakey did his job in keeping Felia’s power in check… Well, I guess they’ll be going to find out. Because Roman and Otto are against them, they got tied up while Sougo and co steal borrow their car for the ride. Eventually Do Mon unties them so looks like they’ll be going on a chase. During the journey, they stumble upon a wedding procession and with Kaon flustering about that wedding disaster, they almost crash into them! Since a flower boy was hurt and traditions cannot be broken, I guess Sougo has to replace him. There is also a tradition that if the flower boy and flower girl are close, chances are they might get married. Kaon thought she would shoulder the ‘responsibility’ but Sougo asked Felia instead. So why the lashing, Kaon? We know… During the midst of the wedding preparations, a group of military guys led by Vincent Dudley crashes the ceremony to capture Felia as ordered. Time for your fix of mecha fight for this episode. I can’t believe Kaon could even best some of them and take Felia and escape. While hiding in the shed, Felia suddenly says I love you to Felia. I believe she was trying to understand and put to use what she has just learnt about love from the bridesmaids. Kaon apologizes to her and also says she loves her. Woah. Wait. Turning yuri?! Thanks to a mecha guy for interrupting and capturing Felia before it really turns into a lesbian scene. I’m sure Kaon’s rake won’t do damage to the mecha but thankfully here comes Roman in his. If he could just cut out his lame poses… I think he isn’t sure in controlling his mecha. Well, whatever works. His clumsiness frees Felia and Dudley meets his match when Moura uses her lasers to incapacitate the troop. With the villagers throwing stones now, they are forced to retreat. Yeah, military guys lost to a bunch of normal backwater people. Bride and bridegroom are so happy and beautiful together. Sougo and Felia look similar like that. It just breaks Kaon’s heart seeing this.

Episode 7
Flashback shows Do Mon and Gus were partners and best friends during the war. The gang are on their way to the Alter of Abyss when suddenly Moura gets an afro???!!! Well, looks like they’re reaching the place. While taking a break, Felia thought she saw a glowing butterfly. As they continue, the engine bursts. Time to put up a camp for the night. Roman thought he could show off his cooking but he gets high eating mushrooms. Poisonous mushrooms! Now we all know what happened to Mario, eh? Sougo fixes the engine late at night and since Felia can’t sleep, they talk. Again she sees the glowing butterfly and they follow it. They are ambushed by Pack and with Moura summoned into the scene, he relishes this grudge fight. Too bad Gus wants to hog the action to himself so he has Pack go after Felia instead while he tackles Moura. Roman is here to assist in letting them get away while he stalls Pack. But Sougo and Felia are cornered at the rapids when Alfried inches closer in his spider mech. Call it bad and good luck, Pack throws Roman and slams into Alfried. But the impact means Sougo and co fall down the waterfall. Vee is asking Do Mon why he’d open a café. A friend once told him he makes good coffee. Unfortunately she disappeared from this world to cover up a top secret case. That’s why he swore to protect Sougo as the legacy she left behind. Do Mon points his gun at Vee and wants her to drop the act. Apparently she is a spy agent that has been feeding Gus information about Sougo and Felia’s whereabouts. Sougo and co wake up at the bottom of the waterfall. Felia and Moura are missing. They are awed at this beautiful land. They see Felia dancing amidst the glowing butterflies. When she remembers the dream, her body starts to glow and a shining ring forming in the sky.

Episode 8
Seeing the ring, they believe it leads to the Altar of Abyss. But how are they going to get there. Roman deduces via river since it flows there. Wait a minute. Isn’t the ring in the sky? While the guys gather wood to make a raft, the girls try to force Moura to eat mushrooms? But their food woes will be over because in the middle of the jungle there is a pot of curry! From whom? It’s Do Mon! I guess he figured the kids need to eat. While picking ingredients, he remembers during his military service, Gulf Zoneboyle assigned him to protect Ena, Sougo’s mom. Before the kids depart, Do Mon tells Sougo to stop this and go back because he is dealing with the military and will die if he pursues this. Of course he is stubborn and won’t listen. He promised to protect Felia and if he dies, it’s his business. Do Mon has no business in this. This makes him mad and punches the little rebel. He lectures him about throwing his life away easily and protecting someone isn’t as easy as he thinks. He thinks he wants that red crystal badly to risk his life. It is the same reason why his mom died. So everyone camps for the night. Felia thinks deeply how everyone loves everyone in their own way. More flashbacks from Do Mon. When Ena’s research finally reaches success by developing Lucifer, somebody stole it from her and she put up a fight till the end to try and protect it. Unfortunately for Do Mon, he was away on military duty and when he heard what happened, he rushed back only to find her place in flames. Next thing you know, everyone is at her funeral. Do Mon became a dark vigilante as he goes to great lengths to find and kill the culprit. Moura in her true female humanoid form talks to Sougo about the seeds of life floating through space till it finds a planet. An angel grows from it to nurture the planet. Felia is this planet’s angel and thus Moura is her fated servant. Do Mon confronts Gus to steal his pass since he has business with the bureau. To Gus, Do Mon is still the greatest soldier but Do Mon considers that guy he knows dead in that operation. Gus won’t accept this nonsense and screams something about fighting his own war. Deep in the night, Sougo, Felia and Moura leave for the ring while they leave their sleeping friends behind.

Episode 9
Because Felia has the wrong idea about Do Mon being Sougo’s dad, a little flashback tells us as Ena’s friend, he took him in when he had nowhere to go. Naturally Sougo was sad over his mom’s death. He didn’t want to eat his favourite curry made by him and wanted his mom’s. Do Mon worked hard to replicate Ena’s cooking but it was still like day and night. Kaon and the rest continue to go after Sougo instead of going back. Because they need to punch this jerk and teach him a lesson. Do Mon tries to enter the bureau using Gus’ card but since it is already blocked, he had no choice but to kill all the guards. Though, he gets shot in the guts. Too bad Zoneboyle isn’t around so he leaves a message to his secretary, Lillian Anatolia for him to meet at the memorial. Sougo is under attack by Dudley’s force (is this place a replica of Stonehenge?). Moura transforms to fight them and buy time for the rest to move ahead. Once again Gus enters the fray but this time he is furiously looking for Do Mon and blaming him for retiring before him. Gus blasts Moura away with his super cannon. Pack grabs Felia hostage. Gus is willing to free Felia in exchange for Do Mon. He blames Sougo as the reason why his mentor turned from a razor sharp knife into a dull one. Sougo protests to that. Do Mon didn’t become weaker, he became kinder. Gus thought Do Mon is here. No, just Roman. His smoke screen causes some confusion. Alfried panics when he can’t see his mademoiselle he bumps into Pack as he drops Felia. Don’t worry. Kaon caught her. Sougo then goes to Moura and revives him by piloting her. Super fast, super powerful. Gus could have died had not Pack rescued him. Do Mon is talking at Ena’s grave about Sougo’s growth. They had their first fight and he hates it because he loves that kid. Zoneboyle probably took his time coming because it’s already evening and Do Mon might have told his entire story. To his surprise, he sees Ena before him. He goes to hug her but gets stabbed. Turns out to be Lillian in disguise.

Episode 10
Looks like Kaon’s group catch up with Sougo and Felia. They’re trekking up the stairways with weird floating stones. Felia thinks she is sick since each time she touches Sougo, she starts to feel hot. Felia (and us) assures her that this isn’t any sickness of the bad kind. She’ll eventually figure it out. Somehow Vee freed herself and to her horror sees Do Mon in his own pool of blood. She relays this info to Gus and in turn he becomes crazy. While resting for the night, Roman tells Kaon a big news: He is breaking up their engagement. I’m sure Kaon welcomes it. However Roman still loves her and after this is over, he will start anew and court her again. Felia and Sougo seem to have a penchant to wander off by themselves. I guess it’s the much needed cue for them to have quality time. You know the usual. Sougo thanks everybody for everything. If not for you I won’t be here, blah, blah, blah. When this is over, I’ll take you somewhere, yada, yada, yada… Sighs… Arriving at the temple that they believe the altar lies just behind this huge door, conveniently Felia falls through a trap door. She is trapped in the middle of some crystals that begin to activate and materialize a dark version of mecha Moura. It forces her to become its pilot. And that folks is today’s mecha action with dark Moura versus white Moura. When Moura takes a big hit and is causing Sougo lots of pain, Felia pleads for dark Moura to save his life and she will do anything. And because all it wants is her, she tells Sougo not to follow her. Just like that, this kid falls into shock and depression while Felia is flown away. Trying to eke more answers out of Moura isn’t going to go anywhere because that bug doesn’t know a thing. It gets even more depressing when Vee calls to tell Do Mon is dead. No use reflecting on his warning now. Sougo blames himself for being naïve. He can’t do it anymore. Roman is going to shake him to his senses if this is how far his resolve goes. Surprisingly it is Kaon who slaps him. She is calling him pathetic because the childhood friend she knew is the embodiment of justice. She is going to save Felia. What about you? The answer is obvious.

Episode 11
Felia is having tea with Zoneboyle? He likes her so much that he will have to destroy her? Indeed this old man is senile. Sougo and Moura are attacking the bureau. They manage to breach through the force field with their pure might. But upon entering, Moura loses power. She then takes on a form of a humanoid girl. I guess what is shocking is how she looks like a cosplay girl. No wonder Moura herself is shock. Since dumb guards and mecha guards are hindering their progress, this is where Vee steals the limelight to keep those goons away to let the kids move forward. I love the way she hides her guns in the baguette and grenades in the melon bread! Holy crap! And while she is firing away, she can still reminisce about her atonement to Do Mon and Sougo. Look where you’re firing! Zoneboyle considers Felia as a tainted stone because she has taken a human form and obtained unnecessary feelings. Therefore with this device he is going to turn her back into her true and ultimate form called Lucifer and help prosper this planet further. Sougo and Moura are besieged with more guards. You think it would be even more trouble when Gus jumps in seeking revenge. But he is here not to fight Sougo and helps him instead. Revenge indeed he is here. He is going to find Do Mon’s killer based on Alfried’s intelligence. When Zoneboyle learns Sougo is the attacker, he wants him to be treated properly since he is Ena’s son. However Lillian stabs the old geezer! Lillian will kill Sougo so that Felia will fall into despair. Losing hope means Lucifer will be completely purified and thus she will unleash her true power. While Moura fights Lillian, Sougo climbs up to save Felia. I don’t think his pipe can do even a scratch on this giant machine. Lillian transforms into dark Moura. Just in time, Roman and co destroy the force field generator allowing Moura to transform into her mecha form and protect Sougo from dark Moura.

Episode 12
Felia is reunited with Sougo. Too bad he says everybody has died and they are the only ones left. He wants her to come and live with him in a new world. You would have suspected something amiss by now and so does Felia. Because Sougo is saying that her special power is needed to go to that planet and there must be some kind of trigger. Before you know it, Sougo turns into some sort of hulk but is ultimately smashed by the real Sougo and Moura. The battle is still raging on outside but Moura manages to break through dark Moura’s core and rip Felia out. Dark Moura turns into a trilobite?! The happy reunion is short-lived when some God-like voice realizes Sougo’s crest and that he is the one who wields the true power. So once again dark Moura is materialized but this time absorbing Sougo inside. It flies off seeing that Felia the useless shell is no longer needed. Of course she is going to save him. In the mean time, another planet is going to crash into this one and is causing a great turbulence! I doubt the underground shelter could do anything. When Felia catches up to dark Moura, it’s time for a little history lesson to understand and sympathize with the circumstances.

It seems dark Moura is a fallen angel. His master died aeons ago. Because the people ‘bite the hands that feed them’. That planet is Earth. Overpopulated, they killed themselves along with his master. So dark Moura has been lonely ever since and seeing this planet filled with life made him jealous. He must have gotten crazier and weaker from all those aeons of waiting so he thought it would be a good idea to create his new ideal world of utopia by slamming a lifeless rock into one filled with Giftdium. Oh, he’ll be the new archangel! Playing God? Felia fails to beat him so she is resorting to praying to big father? Didn’t work either. She regrets coming here and ruined all these lives but Moura tells her had she not, she would not have given life to this planet in the first place. Yeah, like duh… And with this renewed determination, she crashes into dark Moura. A calm scene as we see Felia and Sougo reunite. Sougo doesn’t want her to go but she assures they’ll always be together and she’ll be watching him. Last words for him: I love you. Yeah, same words from him too. Next thing we know, the planet is still there, everything is just decimated. Everybody lives. Sougo lives. The little Giftdium in his hands must be Felia. He knows. Aftermath montage that takes place many years in the future because the characters all look so old! Roman and Kaon married and have a lovely family, Gus continues Do Mon’s café as a happy hippy, I’m not sure what Pack is since his mug is on some poster, Alfried is some big corporate bigwig, Vee living the farm life milking cows, while Roman is a rocket scientist, Otto is a renowned spaceman and finally Sougo is a professor but prefers to spend most of his time outside looking for crystals. A picture of Felia on his table to remind him of the good ol’ days.

Stone Cold Luci-fail
Meh. What just happened? I don’t know. Everything at the end just felt like so rushed or to put it in another way, it seemed like everyone is starting to lose interest and ran out of decent ideas and thus that bitter sweet tragic but happy ending of Felia sacrificing herself to save the planet. Well, it isn’t all that bad since she turned back into a rock like what she had been in the first place. I thought with Do Mon killed, Zoneboyle murdered and Felia somewhat ‘dead’, they should have just killed off everybody because I don’t think that will make a difference anyhow. Really. But instead, we get a little time skip to see how everybody aged well and lived a peaceful and prosperous life. Where’s the fun in that? Like some comments that I read online, it started out great but ended in a lacklustre way. For me, it didn’t start out great. It was just ordinary. Although, I share the same sentiments that ended in a dreary way that it wasn’t anything special.

I don’t know where this anime is going. I guess this is one of the risks of being an original anime. There is no manga reference to fall back on and although it keeps things fresh because there is no such pressure and expectations, it can either turn out good or bad. In this anime’s case, more of the latter. So if I am to summarize what the entire anime’s direction is about, the first half dedicates in Sougo and friends keeping and protecting Felia from parties who want her, the second half is a journey to the altar to replenish her energy before being abruptly interrupted to the final arc of rescuing her and then rescuing him.

Character wise, I don’t really feel their impact. Basically many of the characters feel like could be done without as they are forgettable. The entire show is just one big series of Sougo and Felia sorting their feelings out. I don’t know. Since Sougo loves Felia and Felia is the embodiment of this planet, then would it not be wrong to say that Sougo is a planet lover? That aside, both felt generic and nothing really special. Sougo is quite plain himself without anything special. You’d think his strange hobby of collecting rare crystals would come into play but it doesn’t. Yeah, he sure got the big catch when he landed Felia. And a whole lot of big trouble after that. The world almost got destroyed. I don’t even know or remember why the crest got on his hand. It is an excuse so that he could have some sort of power up. Even the part of piloting Moura came much later in the series and prior to that he was just like a spectator. Felia on the other hand is almost like a retard given her nearly child-like behaviour and Moura serving like a joker because this snake doesn’t do anything useful in her little form except being annoying.

Sougo’s friends that come along with the chase feel even more redundant. It feels like they are in the series following him so that Sougo would be portrayed as somebody imperfect and to show that even the greatest heroes need friends and sidekicks. They are largely forgettable and don’t do anything much. Nothing that would leave a lasting impact. Sure, Roman’s funny mecha might deal some distractions but it doesn’t really steal much of the limelight or change the course of the plot even if it wasn’t around. Otto is much worthless as a butler because I don’t see him doing anything like a butler should do except following Roman around like an excess baggage. And then you have Kaon for a little love interest but that doesn’t really matter. No, it doesn’t. Really.

Gus, this guy… It feels like his entire role in this anime is just to initiate a mecha fight with Moura. Yes, people. The big chunk of mecha battles you see here is from them. So it is either with his silly quest for rematch or revenge for Do Mon, I can hardly think of another reason why this guy exists in this anime. Sure, he has his military orders to retrieve Felia but given the fact that he always appears in this way makes it hard to think otherwise. And I thought it was going to be something big when he picks his own crew. I knew it is just a small one and I was expecting more crazy sh*t people other than Pack and Alfried but even the duo don’t do much here. They feel pretty mild despite Pack is some bloodthirsty crazy kid who slaughtered his jailers but can’t even decently catch a stone and Alfried is just some crazy stalker material with information at his fingertips. These guys ultimately turn into evacuee staffs in the final episode. What a waste of potential.

Do Mon is a great teacher and has got a great violent and turbulent past but I guess his purpose and role in this anime is to get killed so that it would wake up Sougo. Really. His relationship with Gus during the war felt shallow because even if they were complete strangers, it still wouldn’t mean a thing. Their ‘friendship’ felt like a convenient excuse to change his goal when the time calls for it. And Vee? I don’t know why she’s working for Gus in the first place and when she decided to turn over a new leaf after Do Mon’s death, I don’t think we even care. Zoneboyle has been making cameos in every episode seen as some old guy watching through his gigantic telescope for who knows what. Sure, it has something to do with his fascination for Felia and thus the mobilization of the military to go get her. Or something like that, I can’t really remember well. And when I thought he is going to be the end finale antagonist, he gets killed off in the penultimate episode. I know it is for the twist factor but honestly, I wasn’t really expecting much from him either. Good riddance.

They try to put in a little of that romance stuff especially between Sougo and Felia. You know how typical it is. Boy finds girl. Spend a little time together. Naïve girl doesn’t understand what love is. Doesn’t know how to explain it well. Time for parting. You figure out the rest. It feels like this cheesy romance is a slight distraction and drama we don’t need. In the case if this chemistry is missing between them, then the entire story would have been even more boring because what is the point of having such a show when you don’t have the main characters liking each other? Even the unrequited love as in for Kaon’s case feels painful to watch. We know, girl. Same for Roman. And because we all know Sougo will never let his love go, he stayed unmarried and thus we are back to square one with Roman x Kaon again. If you can’t have the best, second best is not to bad either. It could have been too for Do Mon and Ena if not for the latter being dead. Well don’t worry. He followed her after he got killed ;p. Then they trolled us with Do Mon and Vee prior to that but we forgot all about it and didn’t care in the first place.

Even worse than the romance stuff is the so called subtle environmental issue reminder in the final episode. I know, we are destroying our mother Earth as we speak and at the rate we are doing so, in no time we will all kill ourselves. Yeah, yeah. We get it. We know. We heard it. But nobody cares! And the irony of it all is how the baddie is going to slam planets into each other like slamming big heavenly balls so as to create a new kind of paradise. What kind of f*cking crap is this?! You talk about saving the environment and yet you go destroy a planet brimming with lives despite the fact that humans are polluting it but even destroying them isn’t ethically correct even from an environmental point of view. Can this fallen angel at least come down and play Jesus to at least save these pitiful humans? Oh f*ck that. Killing them off is much easier. I doubt watching this would make our conscience feel guilty and take great care of our planet because we all know a dark Moura will never happen and do a Nibiru cataclysm conspiracy. Or will it?

Mecha fights? Uhm… Okay, I guess. Like I have said the umpteenth time throughout my life, I’m not a mecha fan and you can even accuse me of being a closet mecha fan but something in my guts tell me that it falls flat. Moura’s fighting abilities as a mecha are also uninspiring and boring. She can fly, she can fire beams, she can do close quarter combat, but nothing really extraordinary. So what if Gus received a new upgraded mecha? I don’t see any different in it. It just looks different so you can tell it is that dude piloting the red one. Oh, and the purple one for Pack, which doesn’t do any much difference too. All other generic mechas only have the ability to fire their machine guns till they get slaughtered and put out of commission.

Drawing and art feels mixed. The world especially the main town itself might not have that fantasy setting but nevertheless it still looks different and perhaps this is the ‘best’ in this department. Because the character designs feel a bit bland and simple. Like Felia, she just looks a bit one kind. I know she isn’t technically human but taking a human form, well let’s just say that I wouldn’t consider her to end up as a candidate for my year end blog of bishoujos. Really. Then there is Moura’s design that is so cartoonish rather than cute it feels hard to take this bug/snake/seal seriously. It’s like as though Moura is came up after the producers played a few video games and mashed certain mascots to develop her design. Really. It’s like they think it is okay to pass her off as that. Yeah, I thought Moura looked like one of those robotic enemies from Sonic The Hedgehog… I’m not a mecha fan so the mecha looks ordinary. With the military’s mecha looking so bland, it is a reason why Moura in mecha form looks majestic. And seriously, Roman’s roundish mecha even reminds me of that fat bird in Tamako Market. It feels like a joke especially you see the way it runs and operates. I’m not sure whether to laugh at it or not. Really.

The voice acting didn’t really inspire me. I didn’t recognize anybody except for that one single person. Yup. I was happy at least this anime had Mamiko Noto in it as Ena although it was just cameo. But then you know, that silly trauma inside me started to resurface when I realized that she is playing yet another character who is dead or killed off. Sighs… Why oh why… If you’re interested, the other casts include Yuusuke Kobayashi as Sougo (Marui in Shokugeki No Souma), Ayaka Ohashi as Felia (Momoka in Sabagebu), Inori Minase as Moura (Chino in Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka), Rie Takahashi as Kaon (Futaba in Sore Ga Seiyuu), Takuma Terashima as Roman (Shiroe in Log Horizon), Ayaka Suwa as Otto (Ikumi in Jinsei), Kenta Miyake as Do Mon (Klaus in Hayate No Gotoku), Kenji Hamada as Gus (Enishi in Hanasaku Iroha), Suzuko Mimori as Vee (Nanami in Kamisama Hajimemashita), Mutsumi Tamura as Pack (Sonya in Kill Me Baby), Junji Majima as Alfried (Ayumu in Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka), Hidekatsu Shibata as Zoneboyle (Dragon in One Piece) and Tomo Muranaka as Lillian (Yuuma Kuga in World Trigger).

The opening theme by Fhana is Comet Lucifer: The Seed And The Sower. Is it me or did I find her voice is a little bit too high for this song? For an anime with only a dozen of episodes, there are numerous ending themes. The first one is Oshiete Blue Sky by Ayaka Ohashi has a bit techno in it and could be suitable as a dance song. Personally I feel this is the best of the lot. Not to say the rest are bad but if I were to pick which is to my liking, it would be this one. The second one is Evolve by True which only lasts for 1 episode. Ayaka Ohashi does the third one, Hadashi No Mama Demo Kowakunai as well as the fifth one, Hitotsu Ni Naritai. Fhana sings the fourth one, Tsuioku No Kanata, which is my second pick.

Overall, sad to say that this is one of those animes where expectations were expected and it started off reasonably well for you to continue into the second half but then it starts losing steam once it is obvious that everything starts to fall apart with its poor execution of character, plot and even the mecha battles. It had potential but failed to capitalize on it like as though they ran out of interest and ideas. Many end comments I have read really felt disappointed to the point that they ask you never to touch this show and regretted watching. I am much ‘kinder’ because I wouldn’t have known all about it had I not watch it myself. Disappointing, yes. Regrets, no. It is my only hope that they should have had the Giftdium or Lucifer crystals to help made this anime successful and prosper.

YuruYuri San Hai

June 4, 2016

I suppose we cannot get enough of lesbian lolis. That is why after seasons of spectacular and comedic yuri little girls and even a handful of ‘pre-season appetiser’ special episodes, we are proud to present the third season of YuruYuri San Hai. Expect more or less the same thing from the friends of the Amusement Club, a club that does nothing and everything that will charm and annoy our hearts with their brand of yuri antics. Not forgetting the student council quartet as the supporting casts that will enhance all their antics. Last and not least, their sisters, big and small to compound all the yuri and sisterly goodness that you have never gotten enough all the while. So get ready for another round of the blessed daily lives of our happy lilies. Hey, somebody has got to give mild yaoi a run for their money, right?

Episode 1
So bored. So lazy. So much so, Akari is ordered around to bring things. Leave it to Kyouko to come up with ‘interesting’ things to do and this means playing the king’s game. Loser will be a slave forever? Don’t think I want to play that game. When Kyouko becomes king, expect her to give unreasonable orders. Like how Akari is forced to spin around 100 times and act like an elephant. Looks like she’ll be out for a while. Chinatsu dreams of becoming king so she could kiss Yui. Luck isn’t on her side but when she does become one, she guessed the wrong number instead. So she has Kyouko spin around 100 times and act like a bear. Passed out. Good. With the numbers whittled down, her chance looks bright. Till Sakurako and Himawari arrive to learn what they’re doing. They go and call the rest to play. One more round before the rest arrives! Too late. Now her chances are close to zero. I guess Chinatsu never became king ever since but she is so desperate, she keeps forcing the rest to play one more game. Just one more game! It’s getting late… During home economics, Kyouko as usual is in her brand of antics. Though arm wrestling is her idea (while they wait for the food to cook), she loses to everyone she challenges. Is she that weak? Her only hope is to find Akari and beat her… So she thinks she is the weakest? While Akari is on her way to Sakurako’s house, she sees a little girl, Hanako trying to get a drink from the vending machine. Her selection is at the highest row and although Akari offered her help, she declines. She got the wrong drink so Akari agrees to buy that drink and swap. It’s the drink she always wanted? Didn’t she see the can label first? What the heck is this masochistic taste! Hanako feels bad for her making that disgusted face. Akari is happy to be called a big sister but notices the girl’s black coffee drink. Does she have a mature taste? Actually it is for her big sister in high school. She has lots of assignments and thus needed this kind of drink. That is why she is here to get one for her. More embarrassing for Akari, Hanako acts more of a big sister to her since Akari is clumsy in spilling her drink and then scraping her knee when she trips. Yeah, even nice comforting words to her with candy. Quite insulting, eh? After Hanako leaves, Akari meets up with Chinatsu to head to Sakurako’s place. To her surprise, Hanako is here and is Sakurako’s sister! And you think that embarrassing secret of hers would stay buried. Well, it would be if Akari could just stop panicking over nothing.

Episode 2
As Yui is packing her clothes, she freaks out when she sees a spider. She calls Akari for help. Due to the same pronunciation of spider and cloud (“kumo”), Yui gets a creepy wrong idea Akari loves them. Of course Akari freaks out seeing the spider thinking Yui wants to scare her. No choice, Yui calls Chinatsu who thinks this is a date. She becomes disappointed seeing Akari here. She is even more chicken when seeing the spider but thinking she could work her way into Yui’s hard, she bravely catches the spider with her bare hands. And then throw it at Yui’s face! Looks like Kyouko as the last resort is needed. Resourcefully and intelligently, she catches it and sets it free outside. To thank them, she has them hang out as they make pancakes. You can guess the weird shapes they’ll be making. Sakurako and Himawari are studying together. Because they look gloomy, they think the other has some sort of trouble bugging them. How did boobs become the source of problem? Sakurako feels insulted when Himawari tries to cheer her up despite calling her stupid. Ayano tries out a dress that she received from her mom’s friend. She decides to go for a walk in it but had the bad luck of bumping into Kyouko. Even more embarrassing when she finds out this dress was made by Kyouko! So they hang out together at the park and talk about things. It soon dawned to Ayano this looks like a date and she becomes nervous. But she gets the hang of it once the conversation resumes. Kyouko thanks her for hanging out with her today and hopes she would cherish those clothes. Ayano takes that in extreme sense as she wears it to sleep… Akane is in the lecture hall and realizes she left out her dakimakura with Akari’s print outside to dry! Horror! If Akari sees this, she will go into shock and disappointment! She might even leave the house and Akane will lose the smile that has been the light of her life! Horror! So she skips lecture and runs faster than a bus to return home. Too bad Akari is already back. Even more disheartening when she thinks she has rejected her. Actually Akari made cookies with her friends and wanted to wrap them before she came home. Phew. Secret safe. Dakimakura kept and she gets a taste of her little sister’s delicious works. Akane eats the cookie so little and bit by bit every day that Akari just tells her to finish the damn thing.

Episode 3
In art class, the girls are drawing portraits of each other. I suppose we are worried what kind of picture Chinatsu is going to draw of Akari. We know. Because she is taking paint colours that don’t belong to her! Even the teacher is feeling sick looking at it. Meanwhile Sakurako draws Himawari with concave boobs. The feeling is mutual as she too draws Sakurako with huge monster boobs. The teacher thinks they are great friends despite their argument. Akari accidentally sneezes and causes Chinatsu’s eyebrow to be thick. Add another thick eyebrow? Not going to cut it. Unibrow? A headband? Sakurako also accidentally sneezes. It makes Himawari look like she’s coughing blood. Same for Himawari. Eye censor over Sakurako? Chinatsu sneezes too and accidentally makes Akari paint another thick eyebrow. While the Amusement Club discuss what kind of animal they want as pet (do friends even count as one?), Sakurako thinks she could be better by copying Ayano. I think what Himawari meant was her character and not her physical looks or actions. Yup. Sakurako tries to imitate everything Ayano does like a shadow that it makes her so embarrassed. Ayano thought she could have some relief to go collect Kyouko’s handout but to her dismay, Sakurako does it. Say, the Amusement Club girls have made a dog kennel out of cardboard and Sakurako is glad to play the dog? More woes for Ayano when Sakurako continues her imitation. I don’t think this is flattery. It gets worse when Sakurako wants to eat her pudding! But the fridge is empty! Himawari has foreseen this and hid it somewhere, much to Ayano’s relief. At the end of the day, everyone realizes Sakurako didn’t change and is the same idiot all along. When Kyouko comes in because she forgot to write her name on the handout, Himawari intercepts Sakurako so that Ayano could have her much needed yuri time with her. And Chitose for her much needed fantasy. Kyouko visits Chinatsu’s home. As she waits in her room, we get to see her hideous drawing of Akari! Horror! But surprisingly Chinatsu’s big sister, Tomoko calls it a work of art. Then she continues to praise Kyouko for being a very good and reliable friend. It gets to Kyouko’s head as she fantasizes of being a responsible girl. When the other friends arrive, Tomoko seems to think Yui is Kyouko… So I guess that explains the mix up. This makes Chinatsu embarrassed and even more so when Kyouko starts annoyingly teasing her. Tomoko even more confused…

Episode 4
Kyouko, Ayano and Chitose are having a sleepover at Kyouko’s place. The rest are crashing at Akari’s. They wear the animal pyjamas that they wore during the camp. Cheeky Kyouko takes a picture of a seemingly sexy Yui pose and sends it to Akari. Better not Chinatsu find out about this… When Akari goes to get drinks, she sees Tomoko at the door. It seems she’ll be sleeping over with Akane to complete an assignment. When she goes back, she is surprised to see the rest stiff as stones (they are trying to play a prank to surprise her by acting as though time has stopped). Akari bugs Chinatsu and even shows that sexy Yui picture but to no avail. Only when Akari tickles Chinatsu, everybody starts moving. Now Chinatsu wants to know about the picture… Those scary eyes… Meanwhile, as Akane goes to get tea, Tomoko smothers herself on Akane’s bed. Love the smell… When she spots a ring, she fears it could be from her boyfriend. Akane reveals it was given by Akari as thanks. Although it is a toy ring, it is still very precious to her. Akane shows photo albums of Akari but Tomoko is more focused on how cute young Akane is and tries to burn all these photos into her memory. When Akane notes Tomoko is more like a little sister, the latter can’t help want to play that role and be protected by her. When it is time to sleep, those thoughts prevent her from sleeping. Thinking it is a little cold, Akane sleeps with her. She goes back to her bed once it is warm enough but Tomoko wants her to stay a little longer. At school, Sakurako teases Himawari for being weak at sports. Then she makes her own lottery whereby she’ll predict the fortune colours of her friends. They have a hard time deducing what colour it is since Sakurako uses the wrong kanji. She’s trying to use that strengths and weaknesses excuse everyone has but we think she should go study more. When they note her name is hard to write, she tells them a very strange and complicated way on how she remembers it. It even has an illustration. Old woman scratching a tree?

Episode 5
Himawari is stressed out. The gym test is around the corner and she still cannot do a back flip circle. Asking Sakurako for help only lands herself in teasing trouble. That is why she is begging Ayano for any advice. Since she is unsure, Chitose suggests asking Yui. Yui trains Himawari. It looks easy but it is going to take a while for Himawari to master that simple move. Eventually she couldn’t and the test is already here. Sakurako is flawless and when it is Himawari’s turn, Sakurako made things worse by teasing it in her face that her monster boobs are preventing her from doing so. Pissed, Himawari suddenly does a back flip kick on Sakurako’s chin! OMG! It’s perfect! She did it! Himawari ‘thanks’ her but we can tell how sore Sakurako feels about it. When it is late in the evening and Ayano is about to wake Kyouko to go home, she accidentally trips and rips off her ribbon. It becomes awkward to return it and before she could settle it, she’s gone. Ever since, Ayano is laced with guilt and Chitose misinterprets that there is some loving going on behind it. But after hearing the truth, Chitose will accompany her to return and apologize. She assures Kyouko won’t hate her because would the one she loves be so trivial just as to hate her for something like this? The Amusement Club girls especially Kyouko just realized the missing ribbon when Ayano comes in to confess. Kyouko is glad that more importantly Ayano didn’t hurt herself when she tripped. Kyouko accidentally trips when she is about to get snacks and something hints to us that she ‘killed’ Akari when she rips her hair ball! Ayano and Chitose are out shopping clothes for each other. Yui and Kyouko happen to see them and Kyouko wants Yui to do the same. Yeah, she couldn’t be more appropriate with a t-shirt that says “I am AHO!”. OMG! Kyouko loves it! She even wears it as they study at the cafe. They see a diligent, responsible and polite Hanako in the next table and Yui remembers Kyouko was once like this before she turned irresponsible. Hanako’s elder sister, Nadeshiko comes to join her and Kyouko thinks this babe is like her doppelganger. Get real. Kyouko gets even more embarrassing upon noticing Nadeshiko is reading her favourite manga magazine as she tries to put up embarrassing acts to attract her attention. She even tries to put words in Yui’s mouth that makes her look like a stalker. Hanako thinks they are some sort of comedians since Kyouko is wearing that AHO t-shit. Nadeshiko helps Yui in her homework and Kyouko thought she could do the same for Hanako. Good news: There is nothing she could teach her. Thank God. Looks like Kyouko is the one in need of coaching. When Sakurako arrives late, Yui and Kyouko find out they are her sisters. Sakurako even boasts she is smarter than them and takes a liking for Kyouko’s t-shirt. Peas in the same pod…

Episode 6
Yui can’t read in peace since Kyouko is bugging her. She tries to ignore but this only makes Kyouko annoy her even harder. Including making a hideous version of Yui using cushions that only scared the sh*t out of Akari. Suddenly Kyouko reads Yui’s book without permission and won’t let anything distract her. Just when Kyouko is about to reveal spoilers of the ending, Yui beats her up. Phew. Kyouko brought lots of apples courtesy from her family. Of course she fools around and pretends to cut herself and giving the rest heart attacks. It is Chinatsu’s first time carving apples so she isn’t that good. Akari teaches her how to do it and she gets the hang of it. Yui and Kyouko cut extra apples for the student council, surprising and delighting them. Because the big apple has a nice carving from Kyouko, Ayano wants that but Sakurako thinks she is a glutton. They enjoy eating the delicious apples. Maybe for Sakurako who is like ‘devouring live rabbits’. Kyouko fools around again and this time she really accidentally cuts her finger! When the Amusement Club girls gather to have nabe, the stormy night has the power cut off. This is the perfect condition to play her usual pranks and thus scaring the sh*t out of Akari. Akari needs to go to the toilet but since it is that dark, she bumps into the wall and ‘killed herself’. It’s just like that mystery murder story Kyouko cooked up. Kyouko continues her pranks by making faces when the lightning flashes just to scare Akari and screw with her mind. When the electricity comes back on, everyone sees Kyouko’s funny face… Yui then checks the nabe just to be safe Kyouko didn’t sabotage it. Yeah, anything wrong just blame her. But they are fascinated when they learn Kyouko could carve elaborate designs on the food. It’s hard to eat them if they are this cute.

Episode 7
I guess all that practice of asking Kyouko out to a movie is wasted since Ayano didn’t have the guts after numerous tries. Then Kyouko beats her to it as she asks Ayano to see a movie with her. Shouganai na… Meanwhile, for Chinatsu to prepare herself for a sleepover with Yui, she has Akari go out with her and practice like as though they are on a date. Each time it only makes Akari wonder what kind of person Chinatsu sees in her beloved senpai. They have a fun time with their outing and similarly Ayano and Kyouko have a blast too before and after the movie. Kyouko takes a commemorative photo and sends it to Ayano. Ayano thinks she should try again to ask Kyouko before she loses this chance forever. However Kyouko upon seeing those tickets instantly wants to go and is very grateful for it. See? She doesn’t even need to finish her sentence. Ayano felt she worried too much about nothing and just needed to be true to herself. Akari and Chinatsu’s outing just finished. It gets weirder when Chinatsu wants to practice kissing with her! Freaked out Akari runs for her life but trips and bumps her head into the pole. The bumps must have turned her horny so Chinatsu regrets for getting more than she bargained for as Akari is going to rape her mouth!!! NOOOOO!!!!!! So Chinatsu is at Yui’s place. Trying to put into practice from all that training feels like for nought. It even gets odder when they watch a lesbian drama only to turn into some horror crap. Worst possible timing, Kyouko calls Yui so Chinatsu has to go bath alone. But at least Chinatsu gets to sleep next to Yui. I don’t think she can, seeing how heavy her breathing is. She sees Yui’s sleeping face and is tempted to kiss her lips but pulls back thinking this is more than enough. Yui wakes up next morning thanks to Kyouko ringing at the door. It’s 6 in the morning… Yui sees Chinatsu’s happy sleeping face. Sweet dreams.

Episode 8
The first 5 minutes is turned into a silent movie! Because Matsumoto is the ‘star’? It all begins when she picked up Akari’s lost notebooks. In return, Akari gives some sweets. Noticing Kyouko has sore throat, Matsumoto gives the sweets to her and in return gets an envelope of money?! Actually it is a picture of Kyouko in a cosplay outfit. Ayano happen to see this and likes it so Matsumoto gives it to her and in exchange got a hair accessory. So happen Chinatsu’s hair pin broke and Matsumoto gave it to her. For that, she got an energy drink. Oh look, Himawari is feeling drowsy. This drink energizes her. A glue for a drink? Chitose is searching for her misplaced glasses and accidentally steps on it. The glue sticks it back and for that, Chitose gives a sewing kit. Just in luck. Yui’s button got torn thanks to Kyouko’s harassment. For helping sew it back, she gets a snack. Sakurako must be hungry from harassing Himawari so what better way to feed that animal and get a toothpick. What in blazes… But she is able to share takoyaki with Nishigaki. Sakurako wakes up from a dream whereby Himawari is so nice to her that she is being taken to heaven! Because of that, Sakurako tries to resist everything from her. Of course Himawari senses something wrong and tries to find out. Sakurako pushes her away and accidentally touches her boobs. This causes her to be upset and kicks her. Sakurako is glad Himawari is back to normal and this gives the latter the wrong impression. But after Sakurako explains what happened and prefers her mean personality, this doesn’t sit well with her as they start arguing. Ah, back to normal… An odd friendship forms between Chizuru and Kaede at the park. The latter is trying to teach her to smile but when Kyouko enters the scene, Chizuru becomes her hostile self. Anybody would be with that idiot around. But Kaede thinks Kyouko likes being yelled at seeing she somewhat accepted it. Kyouko meets up with Sakurako to help choose a pyjamas outfit for Hanako. In the mean time, Kyouko has come up with so many nickname variations of her but she wouldn’t say the one she wanted: Boobs. I guess she is lacking in that department very much. When Sakurako decides a cow pyjamas, Kyouko thinks it is about boobs. Actually Hanako likes milk. So Kyouko becomes her master in training her for the crane game to get that prize. I don’t think she taught much before handing it to Sakurako. Fortunately after a few tries, she got the prize. Kyouko then goes to see Yui to give her an alarm clock present. It has a special feature to record one’s voice as alarm and Kyouko and Sakurako have taken the liberty to record it. It’s all about harassment rather than waking up.

Episode 9
After Chizuru comes to talk with Chitose, this has Ayano and Yui wishing they had a sister too. Kyouko suggests she can be Ayano’s little sister but knowing the annoyance that will come with it, she’ll pass. Kyouko then suggests the duo be each other’s sister. They act it out for a little while but felt quite embarrassed. Kyouko continues her amazing super sister story filled with super powers and fighting over whatever. Huh? Chizuru thought she has failed in talking with her classmates but they think they saw her smile. She doesn’t appreciate that ‘attack’ advice from Kyouko to make friends but it’ll make good reference. During the volleyball game, those classmates request her to team up and they play a wonderful game. Could have been even more wonderful had not Chizuru injure herself. Chizuru again thinks she is bad at making friends for making them worry and is not cut out to have friends. But the next day, her classmates continue to be impressed with her and before she knows it, they become good friends. Chizuru wonders if that attack advice was meant for volleyball. It is Mari’s first errands and so Yui and Kyouko go to great lengths in reminding her what to get. Of course they are still worried so they tail them. Mari also meets Kaede who is on her errand so they ‘overcome the obstacles’ together. Similarly, Himawari and Sakurako are also tailing Kaede. Nothing eventful happening except maybe Mari tripping and trying not to cry. Yui-Kyouko and Himawari-Sakurako team each think there are suspicious people tailing the lolis when in actual fact it is the other. They go head on to ‘attack’ the other but only freak each other out. Ayano sleeps over at Chitose’s place. Chitose talks about how much her twin has changed especially when she used to be so dependent. She also dropped her accent thanks to after meeting Ayano. That night, Chitose sees Ayano’s cute sleeping face and remembers her nose bleeding started after she became friends with her. Then she fantasizes for Ayano to continue being happy with Kyouko (each fantasy is getting even more risqué!) and in turn she herself will be very happy! Next morning, Ayano wakes up shocked because the blankets are covered with blood! Meanwhile Chizuru did not sleep a wink last night as she was eavesdropping from next door since last night. I Thought her bedroom would be flooded with her drool by now… And if you noticed, Chinatsu feels the same like Akari for this episode: Abandoned!

Episode 10
Akari is helping Yui shovelling snow outsider her compound. When Chinatsu hears from Akari, she instantly rushes over to help! Of course with Kyouko around, this means more fooling around than anything. Like making a huge giant snowball and a weird figure of Akari with a long neck… WTF. Mari is the one having fun the most in the snow till she starts sneezing. While everyone goes out to buy pork buns, Kyouko is supposed to start up the kotatsu and when Akari comes back, she is nearly freezing to death! Not sure if this is a ploy so she could hug Akari and warm herself in yuri fashion. Then there is a little flashback of how Akari ‘sacrificed’ herself during hide-and-seek and let Kyouko stay hidden. But even the duo are at their limits and start hallucinating. This Chinatsu is real because the slap is real. Before we could have frozen lesbianism, Yui comes back to solve the problem. One end of the plug is not plugged in. Damn… Later, Kyouko creates a weird snow house with spikes and death mask. However Mari is so happy to play in it that the others just respect her. Too bad it is Kyouko’s turn to catch a cold. While the friends visit her and Kyouko talks crap about her prophetic dream of losing her teeth and can never eat again (it grows back eventually), the rest notice Yui acting strange. When Kyouko has recovered and the Amusement Club girls are meeting as usual, that is when Yui reveals she was asked by the teacher and members of the track and field club to join them. Akari and Chinatsu are worried about her leaving although she has not given her answer yet. But Kyouko looks upset! It’s real! She’s not acting. She got up and left. Though she took the cushion instead of her bag… Next day just when things seemed to have calmed down between them, those track and field club members come looking for Yui again. That is when Kyouko starts thinking she can’t lose an important member of the club and is going all out to stop her from joining. What is she going to do with that fake moustache? But eventually she learns Yui turned them down. Yui had never meant to join another club. But because the Amusement Club is not an official club, she can’t really mention it but after talking to Akari and Chinatsu yesterday, she now knows what to do. Kyouko is so relieved that she is suffocating Yui with the cushion? All seems to end well when Chinatsu mentions the formation of a new manga club in school. Kyouko trying hard to resist… Just when she just made a damning statement of anyone in the club joining others will owe her a year’s worth of rum raisin…

Episode 11
Yui and Ayano are tasked to clean up the gym. So as they get changed, Yui can’t help hold in her laughter after hearing Ayano make a pun. It felt awkward so the same thing happened when Yui tells the pun. So while they naturally chat and insert-cum-exchange puns in their lines, it seems 5 minutes have passed and Kyouko and Chitose have already done their share of cleaning up. Because Yui likes the tea Chinatsu made today and wants to taste some tomorrow, she looks forward to it. Only if she didn’t get sick. She is throwing a tantrum she needs to go to school for the sake of love and goes against Tomoko’s wishes to stay home. While Chinatsu is like a zombie in school, something odd happened… Her drawing becomes so good! OMG! It can even win awards! But Chinatsu insists she is in a slump?! Not only that, she continues to excel in other areas! Creating the best meal, winning for her team in basketball, speaking English flawlessly and listing down the entire pi sequence! Yui is happy that her favourite game is getting a sequel that while skipping, she accidentally hits her toe on the furniture. While squirming in pain, Ayano comes in and gets the wrong idea she is crying. Of course the same with Kyouko. So Yui tells the truth that she is reluctant to. Not too sure if the duo are teasing her or just trying to be considerate by skipping around too but it makes Yui unnecessarily embarrassed. The Amusement Club girls visit sick Chinatsu back home. She isn’t pleased with Kyouko’s usual idiocy but when she mentions she is sad that Chinatsu is unable to come to club meetings but her health comes first, it makes her blush. Maybe Chinatsu needs more rest because she starts seeing how handsome Yui is. Eventually she recovers and to celebrate this, Kyouko suggests hanami. The tasks are being divided like Himawari and Yui making food. Ayano, Chitose and Chinatsu are responsible for party supplies but Chinatsu has wild imagination getting a nurse package and Chitose a lie detector so she could see some yuri but I think she doesn’t need that device to cook up such fantasies. Next day when all the friends head to the hanami spot, they are shocked to see Kyouko sleeping there. I know it’s her job to book a spot but she has been camping there since last night?! But there is nobody else around? Because this is the secret space she found. So why the heck the need to camp then?

Episode 12
The hanami activities start off with Kyouko giving a speech followed by a lame comedy act by Akari and Sakurako because the former was too nervous and the latter forget her lines. Then Chinatsu and Ayano feel embarrassed to give their party supplies because it is pink afro. Don’t ask. Sakurako stirs things up with another fortune telling of hers and of course she spells most of it wrongly. When sakura petals float into the drinks of everyone except Sakurako, she becomes jealous and shakes the tree. All the bugs drop around and everyone scatters for their lives. Looks like an abandoned hanami now. But at least everybody has a beautiful view of the lake area. And then Akari loses her ‘star’ status to a duck. The Amusement Club girls are to help Kyouko and her manga manuscript. Of course each time Chinatsu offers to help, they quickly get her to do something else. Kyouko then suggests coming up with an original robot and they should pitch in their ideas via relay drawing. To Kyouko’s dismay, the rest seem to add weird parts that do not resemble anything robotic. Each time Kyouko tries to put it back on track, they somehow mess it up. In the end, I don’t even know what weird creature this is. It is getting late so the girls take turns sleeping and helping out with the manuscript. Akari learns from Yui how the Amusement Club was founded. Kyouko found a random key on the floor and started opening every damn door in school! Then she found this place that they key fits. She decided to make it her secret base seeing this place was previously occupied by the tea club that was disbanded a year prior. They did think about getting other members but it was decided Akari should be their third. It got livelier when Chinatsu joined. Akari is glad to have joined this club. By morning, the manuscript is completed. Kyouko thanks all of them and will always treasure the times spent together. This coming from Kyouko? Seriously? It makes Akari so glad that she just goes to hug her while the rest pat her on her head. Later when Chinatsu discovers a page missed out and volunteers to touch it up, the rest were too slow in stopping her. NOOOO!!! There goes the hard work.

Yu-rule, Yu-reka!
Although this season is still as enjoyable as before, but as I have came to fear and predicted during the Nachuyachumi specials that the brand of comedy and jokes may have become repetitive and a little boring. Don’t get the wrong idea that this season is worse than its predecessors. What I am saying is that it feels that there is something lacking that doesn’t make it much greater than before. It still is on par with its previous seasons but nothing extraordinary that would make you want another season really bad.

Perhaps one reason why this season feels a bit less is because I feel that the over-the-top comedy seems to be toned down a little bit. I remember there was that crazy exaggerated camp antics back in season one. Even if those exaggerations are part of their imaginations and fantasies, in this season it just feels lacking. All we see here are just the normal daily life and interaction among the friends and nothing that would make us jump up in surprise. At the end of the day, everything is still pretty much status quo. The friends still remain as friends and the idiots still remain the lovable idiots.

Maybe another reason why this season feels toned down is because of ditching the running joke about Akari lacking any presence. This would have certainly been almost forgotten had not that small little cameo joke to remind us. In the previous 2 seasons, the series always starts off with Akari’s corner and with their usual brand of antics. But for this season, we straightaway jump into the opening credits or the first skit. With that running joke being cast aside, it is a good thing now that Akari feels like part of the club instead of a ‘forgettable’ member just for the jokes. If it was still persistent in this season, I am not sure whether or not it will still be effective as before. But nevertheless, it is still a good development that Akari is now more noticeable than before and is seamless during their meetings and other activities. At least it proves this series can still get by without that running joke.

Another new segment this season is right before the next episode preview, there is this segment called Cross Review whereby the Amusement Club girls review a product that is somewhat featured during that episode. I believe that these products are real and not made up since it has details like its dimensions, cost price and manufacturer too. Unless they are made up too. While we have reviews ranging from a can drink to a doughnut pack to a cardboard kennel and that lie detector, but some are really questionable like, uhm, a volleyball? Is that AHO t-shirt on sale too? And of course the most questionable one is the dakimakura of Akari. I wonder if it really exists but considering how many weeaboos there are in this world and I have seen in real life such dakimakura of anime waifus, it will not be surprising to know that this one really exists.

After the product’s info, we get to read the amusing comments of the Amusement Club girls on the product and each giving their rating out of 10 points. What I usually noticed from their comments is that Yui tends to be more pessimistic in nature in her reviews. Perhaps this is in line with her character (and so does the rest). Because if every character rates it good, then it would seem all too perfect, right? There is always that negative judge in every panel, am I right? Yui seems to play this role although despite some of her cautious reviews, she does rate certain products highly. As for Chinatsu, her reviews are based on what she thinks if Yui would like it or not. Akari’s is more cheerful whereas as we know about Kyouko, it depends on how delusional she can get with it.

Other than that, everything else remains pretty much the same and this includes the main and supporting characters. Like Kyouko and Sakurako continue to be their resident idiot and troublemaker, thus giving this series its life and comical value. You can expect the same cheerfulness from Akari as well as the mature and responsible character from Yui and Himawari. If Chinatsu’s drawing haunted you in the previous seasons, they still do here. Only difference is that she does well according to our standards when she is sick or tired! Yeah, the eternal dilemma of whether or not for Chinatsu to be a sick girl forever. Likewise, it is still status quo in the yuri development between the girls because Ayano continues to be a tsundere towards Kyouko and Chinatsu fawning and doing anything for her Yui senpai. While Chitose continues to extremely fantasize all about it without her glasses and let her nose bleed.

I’m not too sure about the rest of the minor supporting characters because I feel they make even lesser appearances here. Whether or not it is a good thing it depends. The lack of their appearance means the focus can still be on the Amusement Club girls as well as the student council quartet (which is what this series is supposed to be mainly about). But on the down side, these other characters too are amusing themselves and it is a shame that they don’t more screen time than they deserved. Like Matsumoto whose only limelight was that short silent movie skit. Sure, she doesn’t talk much or even too soft to be heard but does this mean less screen time for her? Even for Akane, Tomoko, Chizuru, Kaede and Mari are reduced to just cameos although making a big progress is Chizuru because she gets to make real friends this season. It would have been fun to see how Akane continues her unhealthy obsession and perversion of her hidden Akari stash and most probably Tomoko for Chinatsu.

Although the opening and ending themes for this season maintain the lively and exuberant beat that is pretty similar in previous seasons, somehow I feel they are not as attractive as before. For instance, the opening theme, Chochocho! Yuru Yuri Capriccio has all that you would expect in a YuruYuri anime with its fast paced beats with cute and cheeky lyrics. Could it be that it has, how should I say it, ‘too much noise’? The same sentiments can be said for the ending theme, Acchu~ Ma Seishun. Perhaps, too much noise again. I’m sure with the cuteness of everything from the lyrics about through all the seasons 365 days a year and the cute animation of the lolis would cover it up.

Overall, this season is not bad but if the producers plan to make another season, I just hope they would add something new and different because the signs are there that if they continue with the same formula, it would just be bad for this series. Like what you may ask? Perhaps introduce the first ever returning male character! Gasp! A male character in a yuri themed anime? Well, it might sound unlikely and a long shot but you can’t be thinking that these middle school lolis will forever stay the same age and size forever, right? Okay, maybe you hardcore lolicon lovers might vehemently protest against that. Just remember that your loli dakimakura is only for personal consumption and never to be brought out into the eyes of the public. That will be like zero out of 10.

P/S: I rate this season 8/10. Period.

Prison School OVA

June 3, 2016

After the successful and very interesting TV series, it is not surprising that I was really looking forward to Prison School OVA. I thought it would be another one of those episodes taking place somewhere in between the TV series or a random unrelated story but this OVA takes place exactly after the boys have been freed from prison, cleared of their guiltiness and the USC being sent to prison in return for their heinous crime. If you think that there wouldn’t be anything more interesting after the boys are finally free, then you’d be in for a surprise.

Mad Wax
We see the USC getting a taste of their own medicine being ‘abused’ by the real student council. Kate outrages Mari’s modesty. Meiko and Hana come to her defence but Mari doesn’t want them to do anything that will provoke them and prolong their sentence. However Kate fires back that she is the one to say because wasn’t she doing the same kind of treatment to the boys? Therefore she is the lowest person ever and they are the ones recognized as prisoners by the chairman.

Our boys are enjoying their freedom. Kiyoshi can’t help think of the steamy kiss with Hana which is freaking amazing! But remember, he has Chiyo… She wonders if he is okay with the dark truth never revealed to the public. Kiyoshi honestly doesn’t care about it anymore and he is more worried he got Chiyo into this mess especially her sister who is now in prison. Because Kiyoshi’s hands are injured, he can’t feed himself and Chiyo does this on his behalf, sending jealous rage to the other guys. But Shingo can’t stay in the jealous pack because he has got Anzu to do the same. And Andre too. He has got his own ‘mini harem’ as the girls find his fat body amusing and do not hesitate to take a punch! Bliss for the masochist! Gakuto can’t take anymore of this so he leaves for the library to find haven in his Three Kingdoms. That is where he meets this girl, Mitsuko Yokoyama. She shares the same Three Kingdoms interest. Gakuto starts panicking if all this is a trap because why is a girl being so nice to a guy who has infamously soiled his pants? He even has doubts shaking hands with her. But then she whispers she also soiled her pants before and understands his feelings. Though, that was in kindergarten. And so it is a start of a beautiful friendship. Gakuto gets a first taste of how klutzy she is when a chain reaction of accidental events in the library that involves the shelf falling down causes her panties to come off! Nice full view of her ass! OMG! Meanwhile, Joe is the only lonely guy and he has his ants to play with. He realizes one of them is missing and frantically searches for it only to almost get creepy with some other girls. When the ant is found, he realizes it has no freedom when it is free. It made him wish he was back in prison.

The other guys are surprised that Gakuto has now a companion of his own. They can’t believe his incredible hijinks of viewing her ass and think it might be some honey trap. Andre notices Joe has been acting strange and goes to talk to him. Joe seems to feel out of place. He lacks the skills the rest have and wished he could be back in prison. It was hard at first but he got used to it. He felt he could rely on those bars. He is not like them. Gakuto gets more accidental fanservice from Mitsuko when he accidentally drops his books while daydreaming so when she picks it up, her panties got stuck in the plant. You can imagine what happens when she stands up… Joe seriously wants to go back to prison. He is thinking of groping a girl’s ass (why the f*ck is she exposing her butt like that?!) but is swiftly stopped by Andre who wants to know what the heck he is doing. Joe doesn’t answer and walks away. Gakuto predicts another fanservice mishap but this time he hears Mitsuko scream. She thought she saw a flasher. A naked man with only ropes tied in BDSM style. Gakuto vows to protect her. They see a stray dog and when Mitsuko takes the leash, the dog starts chasing a stray cat. Round and round it goes… Yeah, Mitsuko ends up being tied like BDSM style. Seriously, I don’t know how it can turn out like that. We see Joe talking to himself in the bathroom. He is the naked BDSM culprit. Calling himself a coward who is all talk and no action. He is trying to psycho himself to do it. The next time will be for real.

Rumours of the naked BDSM pervert spread. Andre heard it but first he realizes he never thought of doing that kind of act! He goes to check his spare rope and finds it missing. Andre talks to Kiyoshi and Shingo to go help Joe because he is acting strangely lately. But the duo have plans with their respective girlfriends and all they could note is not Joe’s strange character but the BDSM rope that Andre brings around. Andre isn’t pleased that they don’t care about Joe and now understands why he wants to go back to prison. He rushes off to find him and uses his inner masochism to sense Joe’s next move. That hooded guy is going to exhibit himself before a bunch of girls changing at the locker room. Meanwhile, Mitsuko yet again gets into another fanservice hijinks. That pervy stray dog starts licking her, uhm, that part. She loses balance and trips over barrels of water. What the f*ck are the barrels haphazardly parked there for?! Andre realizes he cannot make it in time to reach Joe. That is when Mitsuko and the barrels of water flood the hallway. The slippery floors give Andre the idea to slide like a human bobsled. But how come Mitsuko is faster? He notices her exposed skin did the trick. So Andre strips himself (I wonder how he does it in that position) and only wearing his BDSM ropes. Now he is fast! Joe is about to open the door when a cute girl comes up to him to give him cupcakes they made during home economics. Joe is shocked. Is she talking to him? That’s right. Sure? Who else is there, buddy? This is not a joke. She is really talking to you. Wow. She finds his reaction funny and hilarious. Oh my. Such a sweet girl. You blushing, Joe? Welcome to the club. Andre then crashes into the changing room. In that split second, the guys understood what the other was trying to do. Joe realizes Andre was here to stop his crime. The other guys come by thinking Andre is the rumoured culprit. Joe has no choice but to agree with them. However Andre is fine with things as they are because nobody lost anything. Besides, he is enjoying the beat down by the girls. Yeah, a win-win situation, no?

Prison Of The Heart
This OVA does not disappoint and certainly lived up to my expectations. The only disappointment is that there were no more episodes! I need more of this series! Though, I can’t help feel a bit disappointed that the USC have been primarily ‘forgotten’ for the rest of the series seeing they did the ‘opening gig’. I’m not really a sadist and despite the USC doing bad things on the boys during their tenure, watching them getting their just desserts I just feel a little bad for them. Because the real student council members themselves look like badass freaks and my guess the reason for their harsh punishment is that they have some sort of grudge against USC and thus the reason why they only made their move at the end of the TV series instead of doing their bit to help the boys. But that is another story to explore. So please make another season of this.

This OVA is all about the boys just like the TV series. The biggest question of belonging is perhaps the theme of this OVA. Because now that Gakuto and Andre seemingly have found some sort of happiness in the opposite sex, it all boils down to Joe who feels isolated by this fact. I believe he doesn’t want to go back to prison. It is just that because his friends are too busy thinking about their own girlfriends, he felt neglected. No more bromance? That is why it doesn’t matter where he goes but the prison was the most likely of choices since it was a time where the guys were hardcore close. They were together. Even if he does land in prison all by himself, he has those memories and those familiar walls of all those that happened. And of course, it wouldn’t be nice for Joe who might be the least impactful character to go out on this state as he too finally finds the start of his own romance. Hopefully it will hit off. Yeah, it proves that girls in this school aren’t yuri lesbians.

The original TV series has its fair share of fanservice. This OVA is no different since there are actually bare tits! Well, if you bought the BD versions of the TV series, it will be uncensored. Since I didn’t, this is the first time I’m seeing those delicious uncensored boobs. Though, they are just limited to USC scenes. Is this why they had their appearance? Otherwise the rest of the series’ fanservice relies on Mitsuko’s unfortunate turn of accidental events. It is like she has a knack to turn something ordinary into extraordinary porn-like positions. Heck, which guy doesn’t want to have this kind of girlfriend?! And the more Gakuto sees her, the more he might change his interest from Three Kingdoms to 3 sizes of Mitsuko. Hahaha!!!

Overall, the crazy and bits of this OVA is still interesting despite the no-brainer moments that make no sense. Like what the f*ck was a stray dog doing in school anyway? Or how can a few barrels of water flood the entire hallway so fast? Screw logic! It is for the sake of entertainment! Oh yeah. I’m not complaining. Hopefully there would be another season and maybe it would be about the boys-starved girls trying to get their hands on the limited resources known as guys. Because. It will be hell. I would like to see how they break out of this harem paradise prison.

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