Prison School OVA

June 3, 2016

After the successful and very interesting TV series, it is not surprising that I was really looking forward to Prison School OVA. I thought it would be another one of those episodes taking place somewhere in between the TV series or a random unrelated story but this OVA takes place exactly after the boys have been freed from prison, cleared of their guiltiness and the USC being sent to prison in return for their heinous crime. If you think that there wouldn’t be anything more interesting after the boys are finally free, then you’d be in for a surprise.

Mad Wax
We see the USC getting a taste of their own medicine being ‘abused’ by the real student council. Kate outrages Mari’s modesty. Meiko and Hana come to her defence but Mari doesn’t want them to do anything that will provoke them and prolong their sentence. However Kate fires back that she is the one to say because wasn’t she doing the same kind of treatment to the boys? Therefore she is the lowest person ever and they are the ones recognized as prisoners by the chairman.

Our boys are enjoying their freedom. Kiyoshi can’t help think of the steamy kiss with Hana which is freaking amazing! But remember, he has Chiyo… She wonders if he is okay with the dark truth never revealed to the public. Kiyoshi honestly doesn’t care about it anymore and he is more worried he got Chiyo into this mess especially her sister who is now in prison. Because Kiyoshi’s hands are injured, he can’t feed himself and Chiyo does this on his behalf, sending jealous rage to the other guys. But Shingo can’t stay in the jealous pack because he has got Anzu to do the same. And Andre too. He has got his own ‘mini harem’ as the girls find his fat body amusing and do not hesitate to take a punch! Bliss for the masochist! Gakuto can’t take anymore of this so he leaves for the library to find haven in his Three Kingdoms. That is where he meets this girl, Mitsuko Yokoyama. She shares the same Three Kingdoms interest. Gakuto starts panicking if all this is a trap because why is a girl being so nice to a guy who has infamously soiled his pants? He even has doubts shaking hands with her. But then she whispers she also soiled her pants before and understands his feelings. Though, that was in kindergarten. And so it is a start of a beautiful friendship. Gakuto gets a first taste of how klutzy she is when a chain reaction of accidental events in the library that involves the shelf falling down causes her panties to come off! Nice full view of her ass! OMG! Meanwhile, Joe is the only lonely guy and he has his ants to play with. He realizes one of them is missing and frantically searches for it only to almost get creepy with some other girls. When the ant is found, he realizes it has no freedom when it is free. It made him wish he was back in prison.

The other guys are surprised that Gakuto has now a companion of his own. They can’t believe his incredible hijinks of viewing her ass and think it might be some honey trap. Andre notices Joe has been acting strange and goes to talk to him. Joe seems to feel out of place. He lacks the skills the rest have and wished he could be back in prison. It was hard at first but he got used to it. He felt he could rely on those bars. He is not like them. Gakuto gets more accidental fanservice from Mitsuko when he accidentally drops his books while daydreaming so when she picks it up, her panties got stuck in the plant. You can imagine what happens when she stands up… Joe seriously wants to go back to prison. He is thinking of groping a girl’s ass (why the f*ck is she exposing her butt like that?!) but is swiftly stopped by Andre who wants to know what the heck he is doing. Joe doesn’t answer and walks away. Gakuto predicts another fanservice mishap but this time he hears Mitsuko scream. She thought she saw a flasher. A naked man with only ropes tied in BDSM style. Gakuto vows to protect her. They see a stray dog and when Mitsuko takes the leash, the dog starts chasing a stray cat. Round and round it goes… Yeah, Mitsuko ends up being tied like BDSM style. Seriously, I don’t know how it can turn out like that. We see Joe talking to himself in the bathroom. He is the naked BDSM culprit. Calling himself a coward who is all talk and no action. He is trying to psycho himself to do it. The next time will be for real.

Rumours of the naked BDSM pervert spread. Andre heard it but first he realizes he never thought of doing that kind of act! He goes to check his spare rope and finds it missing. Andre talks to Kiyoshi and Shingo to go help Joe because he is acting strangely lately. But the duo have plans with their respective girlfriends and all they could note is not Joe’s strange character but the BDSM rope that Andre brings around. Andre isn’t pleased that they don’t care about Joe and now understands why he wants to go back to prison. He rushes off to find him and uses his inner masochism to sense Joe’s next move. That hooded guy is going to exhibit himself before a bunch of girls changing at the locker room. Meanwhile, Mitsuko yet again gets into another fanservice hijinks. That pervy stray dog starts licking her, uhm, that part. She loses balance and trips over barrels of water. What the f*ck are the barrels haphazardly parked there for?! Andre realizes he cannot make it in time to reach Joe. That is when Mitsuko and the barrels of water flood the hallway. The slippery floors give Andre the idea to slide like a human bobsled. But how come Mitsuko is faster? He notices her exposed skin did the trick. So Andre strips himself (I wonder how he does it in that position) and only wearing his BDSM ropes. Now he is fast! Joe is about to open the door when a cute girl comes up to him to give him cupcakes they made during home economics. Joe is shocked. Is she talking to him? That’s right. Sure? Who else is there, buddy? This is not a joke. She is really talking to you. Wow. She finds his reaction funny and hilarious. Oh my. Such a sweet girl. You blushing, Joe? Welcome to the club. Andre then crashes into the changing room. In that split second, the guys understood what the other was trying to do. Joe realizes Andre was here to stop his crime. The other guys come by thinking Andre is the rumoured culprit. Joe has no choice but to agree with them. However Andre is fine with things as they are because nobody lost anything. Besides, he is enjoying the beat down by the girls. Yeah, a win-win situation, no?

Prison Of The Heart
This OVA does not disappoint and certainly lived up to my expectations. The only disappointment is that there were no more episodes! I need more of this series! Though, I can’t help feel a bit disappointed that the USC have been primarily ‘forgotten’ for the rest of the series seeing they did the ‘opening gig’. I’m not really a sadist and despite the USC doing bad things on the boys during their tenure, watching them getting their just desserts I just feel a little bad for them. Because the real student council members themselves look like badass freaks and my guess the reason for their harsh punishment is that they have some sort of grudge against USC and thus the reason why they only made their move at the end of the TV series instead of doing their bit to help the boys. But that is another story to explore. So please make another season of this.

This OVA is all about the boys just like the TV series. The biggest question of belonging is perhaps the theme of this OVA. Because now that Gakuto and Andre seemingly have found some sort of happiness in the opposite sex, it all boils down to Joe who feels isolated by this fact. I believe he doesn’t want to go back to prison. It is just that because his friends are too busy thinking about their own girlfriends, he felt neglected. No more bromance? That is why it doesn’t matter where he goes but the prison was the most likely of choices since it was a time where the guys were hardcore close. They were together. Even if he does land in prison all by himself, he has those memories and those familiar walls of all those that happened. And of course, it wouldn’t be nice for Joe who might be the least impactful character to go out on this state as he too finally finds the start of his own romance. Hopefully it will hit off. Yeah, it proves that girls in this school aren’t yuri lesbians.

The original TV series has its fair share of fanservice. This OVA is no different since there are actually bare tits! Well, if you bought the BD versions of the TV series, it will be uncensored. Since I didn’t, this is the first time I’m seeing those delicious uncensored boobs. Though, they are just limited to USC scenes. Is this why they had their appearance? Otherwise the rest of the series’ fanservice relies on Mitsuko’s unfortunate turn of accidental events. It is like she has a knack to turn something ordinary into extraordinary porn-like positions. Heck, which guy doesn’t want to have this kind of girlfriend?! And the more Gakuto sees her, the more he might change his interest from Three Kingdoms to 3 sizes of Mitsuko. Hahaha!!!

Overall, the crazy and bits of this OVA is still interesting despite the no-brainer moments that make no sense. Like what the f*ck was a stray dog doing in school anyway? Or how can a few barrels of water flood the entire hallway so fast? Screw logic! It is for the sake of entertainment! Oh yeah. I’m not complaining. Hopefully there would be another season and maybe it would be about the boys-starved girls trying to get their hands on the limited resources known as guys. Because. It will be hell. I would like to see how they break out of this harem paradise prison.

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