YuruYuri San Hai

June 4, 2016

I suppose we cannot get enough of lesbian lolis. That is why after seasons of spectacular and comedic yuri little girls and even a handful of ‘pre-season appetiser’ special episodes, we are proud to present the third season of YuruYuri San Hai. Expect more or less the same thing from the friends of the Amusement Club, a club that does nothing and everything that will charm and annoy our hearts with their brand of yuri antics. Not forgetting the student council quartet as the supporting casts that will enhance all their antics. Last and not least, their sisters, big and small to compound all the yuri and sisterly goodness that you have never gotten enough all the while. So get ready for another round of the blessed daily lives of our happy lilies. Hey, somebody has got to give mild yaoi a run for their money, right?

Episode 1
So bored. So lazy. So much so, Akari is ordered around to bring things. Leave it to Kyouko to come up with ‘interesting’ things to do and this means playing the king’s game. Loser will be a slave forever? Don’t think I want to play that game. When Kyouko becomes king, expect her to give unreasonable orders. Like how Akari is forced to spin around 100 times and act like an elephant. Looks like she’ll be out for a while. Chinatsu dreams of becoming king so she could kiss Yui. Luck isn’t on her side but when she does become one, she guessed the wrong number instead. So she has Kyouko spin around 100 times and act like a bear. Passed out. Good. With the numbers whittled down, her chance looks bright. Till Sakurako and Himawari arrive to learn what they’re doing. They go and call the rest to play. One more round before the rest arrives! Too late. Now her chances are close to zero. I guess Chinatsu never became king ever since but she is so desperate, she keeps forcing the rest to play one more game. Just one more game! It’s getting late… During home economics, Kyouko as usual is in her brand of antics. Though arm wrestling is her idea (while they wait for the food to cook), she loses to everyone she challenges. Is she that weak? Her only hope is to find Akari and beat her… So she thinks she is the weakest? While Akari is on her way to Sakurako’s house, she sees a little girl, Hanako trying to get a drink from the vending machine. Her selection is at the highest row and although Akari offered her help, she declines. She got the wrong drink so Akari agrees to buy that drink and swap. It’s the drink she always wanted? Didn’t she see the can label first? What the heck is this masochistic taste! Hanako feels bad for her making that disgusted face. Akari is happy to be called a big sister but notices the girl’s black coffee drink. Does she have a mature taste? Actually it is for her big sister in high school. She has lots of assignments and thus needed this kind of drink. That is why she is here to get one for her. More embarrassing for Akari, Hanako acts more of a big sister to her since Akari is clumsy in spilling her drink and then scraping her knee when she trips. Yeah, even nice comforting words to her with candy. Quite insulting, eh? After Hanako leaves, Akari meets up with Chinatsu to head to Sakurako’s place. To her surprise, Hanako is here and is Sakurako’s sister! And you think that embarrassing secret of hers would stay buried. Well, it would be if Akari could just stop panicking over nothing.

Episode 2
As Yui is packing her clothes, she freaks out when she sees a spider. She calls Akari for help. Due to the same pronunciation of spider and cloud (“kumo”), Yui gets a creepy wrong idea Akari loves them. Of course Akari freaks out seeing the spider thinking Yui wants to scare her. No choice, Yui calls Chinatsu who thinks this is a date. She becomes disappointed seeing Akari here. She is even more chicken when seeing the spider but thinking she could work her way into Yui’s hard, she bravely catches the spider with her bare hands. And then throw it at Yui’s face! Looks like Kyouko as the last resort is needed. Resourcefully and intelligently, she catches it and sets it free outside. To thank them, she has them hang out as they make pancakes. You can guess the weird shapes they’ll be making. Sakurako and Himawari are studying together. Because they look gloomy, they think the other has some sort of trouble bugging them. How did boobs become the source of problem? Sakurako feels insulted when Himawari tries to cheer her up despite calling her stupid. Ayano tries out a dress that she received from her mom’s friend. She decides to go for a walk in it but had the bad luck of bumping into Kyouko. Even more embarrassing when she finds out this dress was made by Kyouko! So they hang out together at the park and talk about things. It soon dawned to Ayano this looks like a date and she becomes nervous. But she gets the hang of it once the conversation resumes. Kyouko thanks her for hanging out with her today and hopes she would cherish those clothes. Ayano takes that in extreme sense as she wears it to sleep… Akane is in the lecture hall and realizes she left out her dakimakura with Akari’s print outside to dry! Horror! If Akari sees this, she will go into shock and disappointment! She might even leave the house and Akane will lose the smile that has been the light of her life! Horror! So she skips lecture and runs faster than a bus to return home. Too bad Akari is already back. Even more disheartening when she thinks she has rejected her. Actually Akari made cookies with her friends and wanted to wrap them before she came home. Phew. Secret safe. Dakimakura kept and she gets a taste of her little sister’s delicious works. Akane eats the cookie so little and bit by bit every day that Akari just tells her to finish the damn thing.

Episode 3
In art class, the girls are drawing portraits of each other. I suppose we are worried what kind of picture Chinatsu is going to draw of Akari. We know. Because she is taking paint colours that don’t belong to her! Even the teacher is feeling sick looking at it. Meanwhile Sakurako draws Himawari with concave boobs. The feeling is mutual as she too draws Sakurako with huge monster boobs. The teacher thinks they are great friends despite their argument. Akari accidentally sneezes and causes Chinatsu’s eyebrow to be thick. Add another thick eyebrow? Not going to cut it. Unibrow? A headband? Sakurako also accidentally sneezes. It makes Himawari look like she’s coughing blood. Same for Himawari. Eye censor over Sakurako? Chinatsu sneezes too and accidentally makes Akari paint another thick eyebrow. While the Amusement Club discuss what kind of animal they want as pet (do friends even count as one?), Sakurako thinks she could be better by copying Ayano. I think what Himawari meant was her character and not her physical looks or actions. Yup. Sakurako tries to imitate everything Ayano does like a shadow that it makes her so embarrassed. Ayano thought she could have some relief to go collect Kyouko’s handout but to her dismay, Sakurako does it. Say, the Amusement Club girls have made a dog kennel out of cardboard and Sakurako is glad to play the dog? More woes for Ayano when Sakurako continues her imitation. I don’t think this is flattery. It gets worse when Sakurako wants to eat her pudding! But the fridge is empty! Himawari has foreseen this and hid it somewhere, much to Ayano’s relief. At the end of the day, everyone realizes Sakurako didn’t change and is the same idiot all along. When Kyouko comes in because she forgot to write her name on the handout, Himawari intercepts Sakurako so that Ayano could have her much needed yuri time with her. And Chitose for her much needed fantasy. Kyouko visits Chinatsu’s home. As she waits in her room, we get to see her hideous drawing of Akari! Horror! But surprisingly Chinatsu’s big sister, Tomoko calls it a work of art. Then she continues to praise Kyouko for being a very good and reliable friend. It gets to Kyouko’s head as she fantasizes of being a responsible girl. When the other friends arrive, Tomoko seems to think Yui is Kyouko… So I guess that explains the mix up. This makes Chinatsu embarrassed and even more so when Kyouko starts annoyingly teasing her. Tomoko even more confused…

Episode 4
Kyouko, Ayano and Chitose are having a sleepover at Kyouko’s place. The rest are crashing at Akari’s. They wear the animal pyjamas that they wore during the camp. Cheeky Kyouko takes a picture of a seemingly sexy Yui pose and sends it to Akari. Better not Chinatsu find out about this… When Akari goes to get drinks, she sees Tomoko at the door. It seems she’ll be sleeping over with Akane to complete an assignment. When she goes back, she is surprised to see the rest stiff as stones (they are trying to play a prank to surprise her by acting as though time has stopped). Akari bugs Chinatsu and even shows that sexy Yui picture but to no avail. Only when Akari tickles Chinatsu, everybody starts moving. Now Chinatsu wants to know about the picture… Those scary eyes… Meanwhile, as Akane goes to get tea, Tomoko smothers herself on Akane’s bed. Love the smell… When she spots a ring, she fears it could be from her boyfriend. Akane reveals it was given by Akari as thanks. Although it is a toy ring, it is still very precious to her. Akane shows photo albums of Akari but Tomoko is more focused on how cute young Akane is and tries to burn all these photos into her memory. When Akane notes Tomoko is more like a little sister, the latter can’t help want to play that role and be protected by her. When it is time to sleep, those thoughts prevent her from sleeping. Thinking it is a little cold, Akane sleeps with her. She goes back to her bed once it is warm enough but Tomoko wants her to stay a little longer. At school, Sakurako teases Himawari for being weak at sports. Then she makes her own lottery whereby she’ll predict the fortune colours of her friends. They have a hard time deducing what colour it is since Sakurako uses the wrong kanji. She’s trying to use that strengths and weaknesses excuse everyone has but we think she should go study more. When they note her name is hard to write, she tells them a very strange and complicated way on how she remembers it. It even has an illustration. Old woman scratching a tree?

Episode 5
Himawari is stressed out. The gym test is around the corner and she still cannot do a back flip circle. Asking Sakurako for help only lands herself in teasing trouble. That is why she is begging Ayano for any advice. Since she is unsure, Chitose suggests asking Yui. Yui trains Himawari. It looks easy but it is going to take a while for Himawari to master that simple move. Eventually she couldn’t and the test is already here. Sakurako is flawless and when it is Himawari’s turn, Sakurako made things worse by teasing it in her face that her monster boobs are preventing her from doing so. Pissed, Himawari suddenly does a back flip kick on Sakurako’s chin! OMG! It’s perfect! She did it! Himawari ‘thanks’ her but we can tell how sore Sakurako feels about it. When it is late in the evening and Ayano is about to wake Kyouko to go home, she accidentally trips and rips off her ribbon. It becomes awkward to return it and before she could settle it, she’s gone. Ever since, Ayano is laced with guilt and Chitose misinterprets that there is some loving going on behind it. But after hearing the truth, Chitose will accompany her to return and apologize. She assures Kyouko won’t hate her because would the one she loves be so trivial just as to hate her for something like this? The Amusement Club girls especially Kyouko just realized the missing ribbon when Ayano comes in to confess. Kyouko is glad that more importantly Ayano didn’t hurt herself when she tripped. Kyouko accidentally trips when she is about to get snacks and something hints to us that she ‘killed’ Akari when she rips her hair ball! Ayano and Chitose are out shopping clothes for each other. Yui and Kyouko happen to see them and Kyouko wants Yui to do the same. Yeah, she couldn’t be more appropriate with a t-shirt that says “I am AHO!”. OMG! Kyouko loves it! She even wears it as they study at the cafe. They see a diligent, responsible and polite Hanako in the next table and Yui remembers Kyouko was once like this before she turned irresponsible. Hanako’s elder sister, Nadeshiko comes to join her and Kyouko thinks this babe is like her doppelganger. Get real. Kyouko gets even more embarrassing upon noticing Nadeshiko is reading her favourite manga magazine as she tries to put up embarrassing acts to attract her attention. She even tries to put words in Yui’s mouth that makes her look like a stalker. Hanako thinks they are some sort of comedians since Kyouko is wearing that AHO t-shit. Nadeshiko helps Yui in her homework and Kyouko thought she could do the same for Hanako. Good news: There is nothing she could teach her. Thank God. Looks like Kyouko is the one in need of coaching. When Sakurako arrives late, Yui and Kyouko find out they are her sisters. Sakurako even boasts she is smarter than them and takes a liking for Kyouko’s t-shirt. Peas in the same pod…

Episode 6
Yui can’t read in peace since Kyouko is bugging her. She tries to ignore but this only makes Kyouko annoy her even harder. Including making a hideous version of Yui using cushions that only scared the sh*t out of Akari. Suddenly Kyouko reads Yui’s book without permission and won’t let anything distract her. Just when Kyouko is about to reveal spoilers of the ending, Yui beats her up. Phew. Kyouko brought lots of apples courtesy from her family. Of course she fools around and pretends to cut herself and giving the rest heart attacks. It is Chinatsu’s first time carving apples so she isn’t that good. Akari teaches her how to do it and she gets the hang of it. Yui and Kyouko cut extra apples for the student council, surprising and delighting them. Because the big apple has a nice carving from Kyouko, Ayano wants that but Sakurako thinks she is a glutton. They enjoy eating the delicious apples. Maybe for Sakurako who is like ‘devouring live rabbits’. Kyouko fools around again and this time she really accidentally cuts her finger! When the Amusement Club girls gather to have nabe, the stormy night has the power cut off. This is the perfect condition to play her usual pranks and thus scaring the sh*t out of Akari. Akari needs to go to the toilet but since it is that dark, she bumps into the wall and ‘killed herself’. It’s just like that mystery murder story Kyouko cooked up. Kyouko continues her pranks by making faces when the lightning flashes just to scare Akari and screw with her mind. When the electricity comes back on, everyone sees Kyouko’s funny face… Yui then checks the nabe just to be safe Kyouko didn’t sabotage it. Yeah, anything wrong just blame her. But they are fascinated when they learn Kyouko could carve elaborate designs on the food. It’s hard to eat them if they are this cute.

Episode 7
I guess all that practice of asking Kyouko out to a movie is wasted since Ayano didn’t have the guts after numerous tries. Then Kyouko beats her to it as she asks Ayano to see a movie with her. Shouganai na… Meanwhile, for Chinatsu to prepare herself for a sleepover with Yui, she has Akari go out with her and practice like as though they are on a date. Each time it only makes Akari wonder what kind of person Chinatsu sees in her beloved senpai. They have a fun time with their outing and similarly Ayano and Kyouko have a blast too before and after the movie. Kyouko takes a commemorative photo and sends it to Ayano. Ayano thinks she should try again to ask Kyouko before she loses this chance forever. However Kyouko upon seeing those tickets instantly wants to go and is very grateful for it. See? She doesn’t even need to finish her sentence. Ayano felt she worried too much about nothing and just needed to be true to herself. Akari and Chinatsu’s outing just finished. It gets weirder when Chinatsu wants to practice kissing with her! Freaked out Akari runs for her life but trips and bumps her head into the pole. The bumps must have turned her horny so Chinatsu regrets for getting more than she bargained for as Akari is going to rape her mouth!!! NOOOOO!!!!!! So Chinatsu is at Yui’s place. Trying to put into practice from all that training feels like for nought. It even gets odder when they watch a lesbian drama only to turn into some horror crap. Worst possible timing, Kyouko calls Yui so Chinatsu has to go bath alone. But at least Chinatsu gets to sleep next to Yui. I don’t think she can, seeing how heavy her breathing is. She sees Yui’s sleeping face and is tempted to kiss her lips but pulls back thinking this is more than enough. Yui wakes up next morning thanks to Kyouko ringing at the door. It’s 6 in the morning… Yui sees Chinatsu’s happy sleeping face. Sweet dreams.

Episode 8
The first 5 minutes is turned into a silent movie! Because Matsumoto is the ‘star’? It all begins when she picked up Akari’s lost notebooks. In return, Akari gives some sweets. Noticing Kyouko has sore throat, Matsumoto gives the sweets to her and in return gets an envelope of money?! Actually it is a picture of Kyouko in a cosplay outfit. Ayano happen to see this and likes it so Matsumoto gives it to her and in exchange got a hair accessory. So happen Chinatsu’s hair pin broke and Matsumoto gave it to her. For that, she got an energy drink. Oh look, Himawari is feeling drowsy. This drink energizes her. A glue for a drink? Chitose is searching for her misplaced glasses and accidentally steps on it. The glue sticks it back and for that, Chitose gives a sewing kit. Just in luck. Yui’s button got torn thanks to Kyouko’s harassment. For helping sew it back, she gets a snack. Sakurako must be hungry from harassing Himawari so what better way to feed that animal and get a toothpick. What in blazes… But she is able to share takoyaki with Nishigaki. Sakurako wakes up from a dream whereby Himawari is so nice to her that she is being taken to heaven! Because of that, Sakurako tries to resist everything from her. Of course Himawari senses something wrong and tries to find out. Sakurako pushes her away and accidentally touches her boobs. This causes her to be upset and kicks her. Sakurako is glad Himawari is back to normal and this gives the latter the wrong impression. But after Sakurako explains what happened and prefers her mean personality, this doesn’t sit well with her as they start arguing. Ah, back to normal… An odd friendship forms between Chizuru and Kaede at the park. The latter is trying to teach her to smile but when Kyouko enters the scene, Chizuru becomes her hostile self. Anybody would be with that idiot around. But Kaede thinks Kyouko likes being yelled at seeing she somewhat accepted it. Kyouko meets up with Sakurako to help choose a pyjamas outfit for Hanako. In the mean time, Kyouko has come up with so many nickname variations of her but she wouldn’t say the one she wanted: Boobs. I guess she is lacking in that department very much. When Sakurako decides a cow pyjamas, Kyouko thinks it is about boobs. Actually Hanako likes milk. So Kyouko becomes her master in training her for the crane game to get that prize. I don’t think she taught much before handing it to Sakurako. Fortunately after a few tries, she got the prize. Kyouko then goes to see Yui to give her an alarm clock present. It has a special feature to record one’s voice as alarm and Kyouko and Sakurako have taken the liberty to record it. It’s all about harassment rather than waking up.

Episode 9
After Chizuru comes to talk with Chitose, this has Ayano and Yui wishing they had a sister too. Kyouko suggests she can be Ayano’s little sister but knowing the annoyance that will come with it, she’ll pass. Kyouko then suggests the duo be each other’s sister. They act it out for a little while but felt quite embarrassed. Kyouko continues her amazing super sister story filled with super powers and fighting over whatever. Huh? Chizuru thought she has failed in talking with her classmates but they think they saw her smile. She doesn’t appreciate that ‘attack’ advice from Kyouko to make friends but it’ll make good reference. During the volleyball game, those classmates request her to team up and they play a wonderful game. Could have been even more wonderful had not Chizuru injure herself. Chizuru again thinks she is bad at making friends for making them worry and is not cut out to have friends. But the next day, her classmates continue to be impressed with her and before she knows it, they become good friends. Chizuru wonders if that attack advice was meant for volleyball. It is Mari’s first errands and so Yui and Kyouko go to great lengths in reminding her what to get. Of course they are still worried so they tail them. Mari also meets Kaede who is on her errand so they ‘overcome the obstacles’ together. Similarly, Himawari and Sakurako are also tailing Kaede. Nothing eventful happening except maybe Mari tripping and trying not to cry. Yui-Kyouko and Himawari-Sakurako team each think there are suspicious people tailing the lolis when in actual fact it is the other. They go head on to ‘attack’ the other but only freak each other out. Ayano sleeps over at Chitose’s place. Chitose talks about how much her twin has changed especially when she used to be so dependent. She also dropped her accent thanks to after meeting Ayano. That night, Chitose sees Ayano’s cute sleeping face and remembers her nose bleeding started after she became friends with her. Then she fantasizes for Ayano to continue being happy with Kyouko (each fantasy is getting even more risqué!) and in turn she herself will be very happy! Next morning, Ayano wakes up shocked because the blankets are covered with blood! Meanwhile Chizuru did not sleep a wink last night as she was eavesdropping from next door since last night. I Thought her bedroom would be flooded with her drool by now… And if you noticed, Chinatsu feels the same like Akari for this episode: Abandoned!

Episode 10
Akari is helping Yui shovelling snow outsider her compound. When Chinatsu hears from Akari, she instantly rushes over to help! Of course with Kyouko around, this means more fooling around than anything. Like making a huge giant snowball and a weird figure of Akari with a long neck… WTF. Mari is the one having fun the most in the snow till she starts sneezing. While everyone goes out to buy pork buns, Kyouko is supposed to start up the kotatsu and when Akari comes back, she is nearly freezing to death! Not sure if this is a ploy so she could hug Akari and warm herself in yuri fashion. Then there is a little flashback of how Akari ‘sacrificed’ herself during hide-and-seek and let Kyouko stay hidden. But even the duo are at their limits and start hallucinating. This Chinatsu is real because the slap is real. Before we could have frozen lesbianism, Yui comes back to solve the problem. One end of the plug is not plugged in. Damn… Later, Kyouko creates a weird snow house with spikes and death mask. However Mari is so happy to play in it that the others just respect her. Too bad it is Kyouko’s turn to catch a cold. While the friends visit her and Kyouko talks crap about her prophetic dream of losing her teeth and can never eat again (it grows back eventually), the rest notice Yui acting strange. When Kyouko has recovered and the Amusement Club girls are meeting as usual, that is when Yui reveals she was asked by the teacher and members of the track and field club to join them. Akari and Chinatsu are worried about her leaving although she has not given her answer yet. But Kyouko looks upset! It’s real! She’s not acting. She got up and left. Though she took the cushion instead of her bag… Next day just when things seemed to have calmed down between them, those track and field club members come looking for Yui again. That is when Kyouko starts thinking she can’t lose an important member of the club and is going all out to stop her from joining. What is she going to do with that fake moustache? But eventually she learns Yui turned them down. Yui had never meant to join another club. But because the Amusement Club is not an official club, she can’t really mention it but after talking to Akari and Chinatsu yesterday, she now knows what to do. Kyouko is so relieved that she is suffocating Yui with the cushion? All seems to end well when Chinatsu mentions the formation of a new manga club in school. Kyouko trying hard to resist… Just when she just made a damning statement of anyone in the club joining others will owe her a year’s worth of rum raisin…

Episode 11
Yui and Ayano are tasked to clean up the gym. So as they get changed, Yui can’t help hold in her laughter after hearing Ayano make a pun. It felt awkward so the same thing happened when Yui tells the pun. So while they naturally chat and insert-cum-exchange puns in their lines, it seems 5 minutes have passed and Kyouko and Chitose have already done their share of cleaning up. Because Yui likes the tea Chinatsu made today and wants to taste some tomorrow, she looks forward to it. Only if she didn’t get sick. She is throwing a tantrum she needs to go to school for the sake of love and goes against Tomoko’s wishes to stay home. While Chinatsu is like a zombie in school, something odd happened… Her drawing becomes so good! OMG! It can even win awards! But Chinatsu insists she is in a slump?! Not only that, she continues to excel in other areas! Creating the best meal, winning for her team in basketball, speaking English flawlessly and listing down the entire pi sequence! Yui is happy that her favourite game is getting a sequel that while skipping, she accidentally hits her toe on the furniture. While squirming in pain, Ayano comes in and gets the wrong idea she is crying. Of course the same with Kyouko. So Yui tells the truth that she is reluctant to. Not too sure if the duo are teasing her or just trying to be considerate by skipping around too but it makes Yui unnecessarily embarrassed. The Amusement Club girls visit sick Chinatsu back home. She isn’t pleased with Kyouko’s usual idiocy but when she mentions she is sad that Chinatsu is unable to come to club meetings but her health comes first, it makes her blush. Maybe Chinatsu needs more rest because she starts seeing how handsome Yui is. Eventually she recovers and to celebrate this, Kyouko suggests hanami. The tasks are being divided like Himawari and Yui making food. Ayano, Chitose and Chinatsu are responsible for party supplies but Chinatsu has wild imagination getting a nurse package and Chitose a lie detector so she could see some yuri but I think she doesn’t need that device to cook up such fantasies. Next day when all the friends head to the hanami spot, they are shocked to see Kyouko sleeping there. I know it’s her job to book a spot but she has been camping there since last night?! But there is nobody else around? Because this is the secret space she found. So why the heck the need to camp then?

Episode 12
The hanami activities start off with Kyouko giving a speech followed by a lame comedy act by Akari and Sakurako because the former was too nervous and the latter forget her lines. Then Chinatsu and Ayano feel embarrassed to give their party supplies because it is pink afro. Don’t ask. Sakurako stirs things up with another fortune telling of hers and of course she spells most of it wrongly. When sakura petals float into the drinks of everyone except Sakurako, she becomes jealous and shakes the tree. All the bugs drop around and everyone scatters for their lives. Looks like an abandoned hanami now. But at least everybody has a beautiful view of the lake area. And then Akari loses her ‘star’ status to a duck. The Amusement Club girls are to help Kyouko and her manga manuscript. Of course each time Chinatsu offers to help, they quickly get her to do something else. Kyouko then suggests coming up with an original robot and they should pitch in their ideas via relay drawing. To Kyouko’s dismay, the rest seem to add weird parts that do not resemble anything robotic. Each time Kyouko tries to put it back on track, they somehow mess it up. In the end, I don’t even know what weird creature this is. It is getting late so the girls take turns sleeping and helping out with the manuscript. Akari learns from Yui how the Amusement Club was founded. Kyouko found a random key on the floor and started opening every damn door in school! Then she found this place that they key fits. She decided to make it her secret base seeing this place was previously occupied by the tea club that was disbanded a year prior. They did think about getting other members but it was decided Akari should be their third. It got livelier when Chinatsu joined. Akari is glad to have joined this club. By morning, the manuscript is completed. Kyouko thanks all of them and will always treasure the times spent together. This coming from Kyouko? Seriously? It makes Akari so glad that she just goes to hug her while the rest pat her on her head. Later when Chinatsu discovers a page missed out and volunteers to touch it up, the rest were too slow in stopping her. NOOOO!!! There goes the hard work.

Yu-rule, Yu-reka!
Although this season is still as enjoyable as before, but as I have came to fear and predicted during the Nachuyachumi specials that the brand of comedy and jokes may have become repetitive and a little boring. Don’t get the wrong idea that this season is worse than its predecessors. What I am saying is that it feels that there is something lacking that doesn’t make it much greater than before. It still is on par with its previous seasons but nothing extraordinary that would make you want another season really bad.

Perhaps one reason why this season feels a bit less is because I feel that the over-the-top comedy seems to be toned down a little bit. I remember there was that crazy exaggerated camp antics back in season one. Even if those exaggerations are part of their imaginations and fantasies, in this season it just feels lacking. All we see here are just the normal daily life and interaction among the friends and nothing that would make us jump up in surprise. At the end of the day, everything is still pretty much status quo. The friends still remain as friends and the idiots still remain the lovable idiots.

Maybe another reason why this season feels toned down is because of ditching the running joke about Akari lacking any presence. This would have certainly been almost forgotten had not that small little cameo joke to remind us. In the previous 2 seasons, the series always starts off with Akari’s corner and with their usual brand of antics. But for this season, we straightaway jump into the opening credits or the first skit. With that running joke being cast aside, it is a good thing now that Akari feels like part of the club instead of a ‘forgettable’ member just for the jokes. If it was still persistent in this season, I am not sure whether or not it will still be effective as before. But nevertheless, it is still a good development that Akari is now more noticeable than before and is seamless during their meetings and other activities. At least it proves this series can still get by without that running joke.

Another new segment this season is right before the next episode preview, there is this segment called Cross Review whereby the Amusement Club girls review a product that is somewhat featured during that episode. I believe that these products are real and not made up since it has details like its dimensions, cost price and manufacturer too. Unless they are made up too. While we have reviews ranging from a can drink to a doughnut pack to a cardboard kennel and that lie detector, but some are really questionable like, uhm, a volleyball? Is that AHO t-shirt on sale too? And of course the most questionable one is the dakimakura of Akari. I wonder if it really exists but considering how many weeaboos there are in this world and I have seen in real life such dakimakura of anime waifus, it will not be surprising to know that this one really exists.

After the product’s info, we get to read the amusing comments of the Amusement Club girls on the product and each giving their rating out of 10 points. What I usually noticed from their comments is that Yui tends to be more pessimistic in nature in her reviews. Perhaps this is in line with her character (and so does the rest). Because if every character rates it good, then it would seem all too perfect, right? There is always that negative judge in every panel, am I right? Yui seems to play this role although despite some of her cautious reviews, she does rate certain products highly. As for Chinatsu, her reviews are based on what she thinks if Yui would like it or not. Akari’s is more cheerful whereas as we know about Kyouko, it depends on how delusional she can get with it.

Other than that, everything else remains pretty much the same and this includes the main and supporting characters. Like Kyouko and Sakurako continue to be their resident idiot and troublemaker, thus giving this series its life and comical value. You can expect the same cheerfulness from Akari as well as the mature and responsible character from Yui and Himawari. If Chinatsu’s drawing haunted you in the previous seasons, they still do here. Only difference is that she does well according to our standards when she is sick or tired! Yeah, the eternal dilemma of whether or not for Chinatsu to be a sick girl forever. Likewise, it is still status quo in the yuri development between the girls because Ayano continues to be a tsundere towards Kyouko and Chinatsu fawning and doing anything for her Yui senpai. While Chitose continues to extremely fantasize all about it without her glasses and let her nose bleed.

I’m not too sure about the rest of the minor supporting characters because I feel they make even lesser appearances here. Whether or not it is a good thing it depends. The lack of their appearance means the focus can still be on the Amusement Club girls as well as the student council quartet (which is what this series is supposed to be mainly about). But on the down side, these other characters too are amusing themselves and it is a shame that they don’t more screen time than they deserved. Like Matsumoto whose only limelight was that short silent movie skit. Sure, she doesn’t talk much or even too soft to be heard but does this mean less screen time for her? Even for Akane, Tomoko, Chizuru, Kaede and Mari are reduced to just cameos although making a big progress is Chizuru because she gets to make real friends this season. It would have been fun to see how Akane continues her unhealthy obsession and perversion of her hidden Akari stash and most probably Tomoko for Chinatsu.

Although the opening and ending themes for this season maintain the lively and exuberant beat that is pretty similar in previous seasons, somehow I feel they are not as attractive as before. For instance, the opening theme, Chochocho! Yuru Yuri Capriccio has all that you would expect in a YuruYuri anime with its fast paced beats with cute and cheeky lyrics. Could it be that it has, how should I say it, ‘too much noise’? The same sentiments can be said for the ending theme, Acchu~ Ma Seishun. Perhaps, too much noise again. I’m sure with the cuteness of everything from the lyrics about through all the seasons 365 days a year and the cute animation of the lolis would cover it up.

Overall, this season is not bad but if the producers plan to make another season, I just hope they would add something new and different because the signs are there that if they continue with the same formula, it would just be bad for this series. Like what you may ask? Perhaps introduce the first ever returning male character! Gasp! A male character in a yuri themed anime? Well, it might sound unlikely and a long shot but you can’t be thinking that these middle school lolis will forever stay the same age and size forever, right? Okay, maybe you hardcore lolicon lovers might vehemently protest against that. Just remember that your loli dakimakura is only for personal consumption and never to be brought out into the eyes of the public. That will be like zero out of 10.

P/S: I rate this season 8/10. Period.

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