Hidan No Aria AA

June 11, 2016

I thought they failed to secure the necessary funding for the sequel. I mean, it has been pretty much over 4 years and so I assume it is safe to say that Hidan No Aria will not be getting a sequel ever. Fans of the series who watched the original anime back in 2011 might have remembered that at the end of the series, the producers even had the guts to cheekily ask fans to help support the DVD sales of the series if they ever wanted to see another season. Well, doing such desperate move only jinx it further even among hardcore fans although speaking so is only speaking the truth. So I am not sure if they finally reached their target after 4 years or they decided to scrap everything and use all that was received to make a sequel spinoff that nobody asks for. That’s right. Instead of getting season two of Hidan No Aria, we get Hidan No Aria AA instead. While our main girl Aria still does make decent appearances, the main character in focus will be a totally new character. That is why it is called a spinoff. Maybe Aria has been threatening to bullet holes in their body for making her series absent for such a long time.

Episode 1
Akari Mamiya has a dream showdown with her idol Aria. Indeed it is just a dream. She realizes she is late for school and why didn’t her sister, Nonoka wake her up? Well, she did. She got a kick in the face! Must be that showdown dream… On the bus, she meets her friends Shino Sasaki and Raika Hino. But it comes to a crashing halt as it has to give way to authorities chasing bank robbers. Making it more spectacular is Aria on the job as she kicks ass to apprehend all suspects! This gives Akari motivation to be like her idol but during the test, she is so paltry and chicken sh*t that it is just paltry. Just pathetic to watch. Just heartbreaking to see her lose and being mocked by Urara Takachiho. Her friends try to cheer her up by suggesting an Amica contract with Aria. It is a special contract whereby a trainee receives special training from a senior for a year. Although Akari’s hopes are close to none since Aria has rejected 20 Amica requests! But I suppose she is desperate enough to fill in and hand it in. Aria receives the form and is bewildered this E rank kid is the last of the last. Then Aria makes a surprise by popping up before Akari. Since she is busy, she will test her right now as she believes everyone should be given equal chance. However, not everyone was good enough. If Akari is still contemplating if she should take this chance, here is another lecture about chance and crime doesn’t wait. So what does Akari do? Straight on charge? Well, she lost at judo. Noticing the same gun she uses and how much Akari idolizes her, Aria takes her gun and the test will be to get it back in 30 minutes.

So it begins a game of cat and mouse. Aria the agile acrobat and Akari the clumsy klutz. But even Aria is amazed that she could keep up and persevere because many would have given up at this point. Their test is interrupted when a real crime crosses their path. The friends of yesterday’s robbers are trying to break out their comrades. Aria goes to help the authorities. A baddie tries to ram the car into her but Akari sees this and pushes her away and gets slammed! OMG! It is already amazing how she survived that crash (with lots of pain) but it is even more mind boggling how she stole the keys of that car from that position. With this case solved, their test resumes. This time Akari turns the tables on Aria. She tells her she has been running away all the while. She will not become her Amica if she continues to run! The showdown begins as Akari uses a risky move that although has her grab back her gun (albeit temporarily), she loses her balance and falls off. Don’t worry, the river is below. Akari thought she has failed but thanks Aria for everything. However Aria says she has passed. Though, the test is a tie since Aria still has her gun. Until she can get it back, Akari will be her assistant and unofficial Amica. That’s good news right? Later, Aria senses something amiss about Akari and has her informant, Hina Fuuma do some digging. Elsewhere a group of bad chicks are discussing about the fake robbery as distraction that failed due to the intervention of an unexpected factor. They are not worried yet as there is still time.

Episode 2
A sad flashback of Shino. Rich girl, no friends, alone. Yeah, Akari ‘saved’ her by becoming her first friend. Now that Akari is an Amica, she is going to live with Aria in her dorm. Man, it is freaking huge! Because Akari cannot name an area she specializes in, Aria has her sew her parachute. Akari is sad that she is reduced to a lackey but Aria is surprised that she took less than a day when it normally takes 2 days. Later Aria sees Fuuma about Akari. Based on her martial arts stance, it seems she uses some ninja assassination skill. Next day, Akari is praising all about Aria to her friends but this does not sit well with Shino. The last straw came when Akari can’t walk home with Shino because she needs to help Aria pack for her long mission. Back home, Shino takes out her frustration in her room. We see all the posters, dolls and mementos in the shape of Akari! OMG! Creepy! Fearing she would lose her friend forever, Shino goes to do some online research. Common sense tells her fighting Aria head on would be dangerous but she has found a way to take Akari back.

After Aria leaves for her mission, Akari is invited to Shino’s mansion. They spend their day together till night time when Shino brings her to her garden and tells her about the 3 day cancellation rule. Of course Akari is unaware so care to explain to us? In the Amica contract, there is a clause stating if the younger sister fights a battle and loses within 72 hours of that contract, the contract is terminated. Oh look. 15 more minutes to time. Shino takes out her sword and starts attacking her. She knows the uniform is bullet proof but it will still break her bones. She can take care of bed ridden Akari for the rest of her life! Creepy! We get it. All that flashback about her friendship with Akari boils down to jealousy, right? And she’s blaming Akari for this happening. Shino can even deduce Akari is going to use her martial arts stance and has already a way to counter it: An even freaking longer sword! No close quarter combat. Akari seems on the verge of losing till Aria shows up (because she has sensed something strange in Shino). So she’s here just to tell her to take care of these little things if she wants to become her Amica? It had an impact on her anyway. Akari uses her scarf to hold Shino’s sword and then leverage it to toss her into the pond. It is Akari’s win. Shino fears Akari hates her now but Akari still considers her friend. Like that, their friendship is patched up. Next day, Akari thought Shino would be sore over last night but here comes a very happy girl. She has found a system whereby Amica sisters can get together and form a group. She has requested to become Shirayuki’s Amica so the trainees can now form their own group and forever be in their yuri friendship. Love is always mutual!

Episode 3
Here is another creepy stalker. Kirin Shima has a room filled with Raika’s stuffs and just woke up from a wonderful dream of prince Raika coming to her rescue. Oh boy. Aria takes Akari and friends’ measurements to see what guns suit them as well as has them all fight her at the same time to gauge their level. Even so, they are no match for her Baritsu martial arts. Then she pairs Akari to fight with Shino and Raika to fight with a guy. Of course that cocky dude loses easily. All the while, Kirin has been watching and admiring her beloved. Meanwhile Akari-Shino’s fight isn’t much of a fight but some sort of yuri position? After school, Akari is worried when she sees Aria talking to Kinji. Shino is delighted with their ‘date’ but she didn’t see Akari was more concerned about tailing Kinji instead of hanging out with her. Akari fails in her tailing as Kinji flushes her out. You know this guy, I suppose has dealt with many hardcore Aria fans and thought she is the same. But Akari gets upset when he mentions Aria is a bother following him around. Then the wind blows up her skirt. Sexual awakening! Don’t worry. Kinji bloopers by falling into the river and thankfully Fuuma saves him. Akari later talks to Aria and confirms she was just trying to get Kinji on her investigation team. There rest are classified and Akari gets lectured about her punctuality as well as her awareness of her surroundings. She didn’t notice a thing around Shino. Don’t let it happen again.

Akari sees Kirin trying to ask Raika and be her Amica. Of course she refuses and even notes Kirin was Riko’s Amica last year. Akari talks to Raika but they noticed the boys in a class badmouthing Raika and her ‘masculinity’. Akari then catches Raika crying alone in the toilet. What did Aria said about being aware of her surroundings? I suppose she’s taking it too literally so she tries to tail Raika on her day off. Kirin is also there so they spy on Raika. To their surprise she is trying out girly dresses. Eventually Kirin reveals her position. Raika is embarrassed and warns her not to tell others. Of course she will keep her mouth shut. For a price. Thus the inevitable showdown to decide if Kirin can become her Amica. If she wins. Otherwise she has to stop following her around. Raika seems to be distracted by Kirin’s girly stuffs and even more so a yuri kiss! Kirin easily takes her down with her foot work. So while Kirin is sticking like a leech at Raika, Akari notices about Raika fighting because she could have easily countered that move. Could it be she lost on purpose? Kirin feels bad but Raika thought she changed her mind in making Kirin her Amica. Riko happened to be there and congratulates Kirin. Akari is left puzzled wondering how Riko knows her name. Aria continues to see Fuuma but there is no other information on Akari. It can be said that there is really nothing to it or she might be good in hiding her past. Either way, Aria doesn’t feel comfortable that something dangerous about Akari is bugging her.

Episode 4
Akari and Aria are idols???!!! However at the end of the concert Aria announces Akari’s retirement because she is E rank! She goes on to create a new idol group with Akari’s friends. Kinji is also part of this group???!!! Man, this sucks. Yeah, just a freaking dream… There is this Quartet test coming up and all first years need to form a group of 4 to participate. There is a possibility to go up a rank but provided if they win. As usual, Akari’s team is made out of Shino, Raika and Kirin (despite being an intern, as she is also a first year, she qualifies). Call it bad luck or fate, their opponent is Urara’s team. That b*tch even had her Aizawa twins, Yuyu and Yaya to start and stop laughing! Raika hates how Kirin is being badmouthed and tries to strike. She is stopped by Fuuma who is hired to be on Urara’s team. They continue to bully to rest and only leave when Aria comes by. We learn that Urara’s dream was to walk in some sand dunes with Aria. She failed her Amica test and since Akari got it, thus the extreme animosity. Akari and co talk to Aria about Quartet. Aria has never participated in one before since she was a transfer student. As Kirin has requested Riko to help train them, Shino suggests using her place for that. A sleepover-cum-training-camp, I guess. Shino explains the Quartet game format which resembles something like capture the flag. Then Riko has specific training regime for each of them. Akari’s one is the funniest because she is riding a horse riding machine?! So funny that the twins are spying and relaying footage back to Urara who is laughing her ass off. Laugh while you can, b*tch.

Raika feels a bit jealous when Riko gets a little too close to Kirin for old times’ sake. Shino also remembers how she became Shirayuki’s Amica. In the weirdest way possible, Shirayuki taught her how to become to best cook and learn different camera and spy gadget models! Essentially it is how to eliminate your love rival. Especially if the enemy is a certain pink twintail, go for the kill! Still obsessed over Kinji, eh? Raika continues to ponder if she would be a good Amica considering the ‘awesomeness’ Aria and Riko’s track record are. But Kirin assures her she has been watching her all along and admires her strength. Don’t you think it’s creepy? How long has she been watching her?! Late into the night, Akari continues to practice on the machine. Aria sees her in action. She learns Akari continues to be hardworking because she wants to prove Urara wrong that it is not impossible for her. They then continue their gun chasing act for that Amica contract thingy for a while. Of course Akari still loses but she has become a bit better. On the day of the match, Urara continues to be a b*tch refusing to shake hands with Akari because she thinks of herself as so godly. I’ll love it when she loses…

Episode 5
The game begins. Akari becomes the first victim when she is caught off guard by the twins. Don’t worry, Shino is here to cover her back as she was taught to fight 2 on 1. She handles them to let Akari go ahead. Fuuma faces off with Raika. I know Raika wants to show off her big sister coolness to Kirin so it looks odd for Kirin just to be standing behind her being protected. Plus, how can they see in all that smoke screen? As expected, Akari faces off with Urara. As expected, Urara shows off her b*tch power while Akari is reduced to a cowering coward. Because it is just freaking perplexing to see Urara’s pistol as every shot of hers count (it hits something) whereas Akari armed with an uzi can’t hit a freaking damn thing! NOTHING!!! WTF???!!! Urara narrates her failed Amica contract with Aria. After that she even tried to bribe Aria with more money but still got turned down. And you thought money can buy you anything, eh? She starts badmouthing Aria for picking a low level person like Akari. It just shows Aria isn’t as great as she is. This riles Akari but as she comes out of her cover only to get shot in the guts! Don’t worry. It’s rubber bullets though it still hurts like hell. When it’s time to end the game, Akari rides a nearby scooter (was the training for this?) up the dirt hill where Urara’s flag is placed at. It just looks silly seeing how slow the scooter is going up that mound and that is even after Akari jumps off. I guess that is why that training was important to control the scooter, blah, blah, blah. Had not Shino jump in to disable Urara’s gun, this tactic could have failed. The scooter dislodges the flag and it is Akari’s team win. Urara is so shocked with the defeat that, uhm, she falls and her butt is stuck in a barrel? Kyouchikutou has been watching so she activates some mechanism that has the iron scaffolding fall. Oh no. Can Akari and Urara get out in time? Don’t worry. Aria has been watching the match too. Luckily she has called Reki whose perfect sniping shoos away the falling metal sheets (to even create a little iron shed?) and enough time for our girls to escape. While Akari’s team revel in victory, it seems Riko is in cohorts with Kyouchikutou and the scooter belongs to Riko and was purposely placed there.

Episode 6
Raika and Kirin are getting married! Before we get to see the second yuri kiss, Riko crashes in to object in her spaceship?! While Aria helps Raika fend off the many Riko clones, Riko kidnaps Kirin. However Kirin is okay to be with her and they fly away happily ever after. Yeah, even Raika can dream something of this sort. Everyone celebrates over Akari’s win and she has been promoted to D rank after saving Urara. Speaking of that b*tch, she is here just to give flowers as thanks but that is about it. After the party, Akari wants to thank Aria for the good luck charm she gave prior to Quartet but Kinji notices it is a safe birth charm. Akari shoos him away but he notes Aria is different now because she once told him she didn’t need friends. Aria sees Fuuma again and she has nothing more about Akari. Aria noticed Akari using some supernatural power during Urara’s rescue but couldn’t see clearly due to the shed blocking. She thinks something must have driven her to a corner to make her use that technique. Kirin worries Raika is way too close to Akari because that tomboy flips up Akari’s skirt!!! Wait, what?! Even more so when Raika agrees to Akari’s request easily but when Kirin does some requesting, she has second thoughts about it. So she seeks Riko’s advice in which she tells her to invoke the Manifesto. So Kirin coaxes Raika to teach her cute loli classmates in giving some gun lessons. I think they are fawning over her instead of paying attention. After that they lure her to a room and then dress up to do… Senpai rape???!!! WTF???!!! The cuteness is making Raika go crazy! Count on Kirin to be the ringleader. She wants Raika to read aloud this Manifesto to declare she will choose her Amica over everything else. Raika screams out Kirin is her bride. That seals the deal. Time to celebrate? Next day, Kirin reveals about becoming Raika’s bride so Raika throws her into the river! She thought of replaying Raika’s recorded declaration on her handphone but Raika throws a knife into it! This gives Shino motivation to do the same with Akari. Please, no…

Episode 7
Urara. Lots of servants. Including Akari! But she is the worst servant and always gets punished! By tickling! Yup. A lousy dream. If you think that is creepy, wait till you know that Urara has Akari on her mind and wants her to be hers! OMG! But she is at a lost on what to do next. I guess bribing is out of the question, eh? Speaking of Akari, here she is before her. Urara panics but thanks to Akari’s dumbness, she manages to bluff her way through. Urara goes into overdrive to get Akari. This means leaving a bouquet of flowers in her home. Akari reads a card attached to it as invitation to her home (so that she can show off how glorious her room is). If you think Urara is spying and stalking Akari reading the card, let’s just say it is Shino instead. And she is not happy that somebody else is going to take her girlfriend best friend away. Akari arrives and is treated to a sumptuous party. With the twins as servants, I can see why they are freaking jealous. Things start to get wild when Urara can’t control herself and starts smothering herself in Akari’s boobs! It has begun! But before anything else can begin, Shino crashes in. I guess there is only one way to settle over Akari: A duel. At an abandoned building, the fight for Akari’s virginity, oops I mean, friendship begins! They are both neck to neck with each other and even to a point whispering stuffs about Akari’s smell and hair. Creepy! Kirin’s cute loli friends happen to pass by and think this is some cool fight and want to record it. They are told off and one of them accidentally slips and falls off. Akari’s quick thinking has her dive down to save her and the rest soon start to form a human chain catching and preventing them from falling to their deaths. Everyone is okay in the aftermath although Akari gets scolded by her ‘best friends’ for being reckless. Based on Akari’s logic, the duo are happy that they are considered as friends. But Urara concedes defeat to Shino because she acted first and this proves her love for Akari is deeper. Of course she won’t give up on Akari’s friendship and even states aloud her intentions to violate Akari (actual f*ck words censored out by conveniently cars passing by)! Akari is clueless of course but Shino is in shock and flustering.

Episode 8
By now you would have guessed such blissful opener is a dream. But an octopus shooting ink into Akari’s pussy???!!! WTF???!!! It is some sort of premonition that she wet the bed! Horror! Luckily it turns out to be her water bottle spilled. Urara continues to spy on Akari and in a ‘big coincidence’ invites her to lunch. From the direction of their talk, it allows Urara to invite Akari to her spa. But she didn’t count on Shino, Raika and Kirin who happen to be there to also take up her invitation. Curses. There goes her alone time with Akari. To keep up her pride, she is forced to allow them to call their other friends to join. This means Akari calls Aria to join but she declines (because she can’t swim) but with Riko’s teasing, she is forced to accept. Meanwhile Raika didn’t expect Kirin and her friends to have a swimsuit choosing party at her place and is forced to go along with it or else Kirin would put up crocodile tears. Meanwhile something shady is going on between Urara and Shino. They put away their rivalry to discuss strategies to deepen their violation friendship with Akari. Urara shows the same swimsuit she will wear with Akari. But Akari’s swimsuit will shrink when it gets soaked in water and in no time everything will come off! Oh yeah… On the day after everyone arrives, the twins are running late and scared of being chastised by Urara, they slip and mix up the swimsuits. See where this is going? Meanwhile, you must be wondering how many pads Aria is putting on to make her boobs look decent. Remember her concave boobs! No joke! Over the course of the fun, Urara cannot understand why the swimsuit shrinking is taking so long. Didn’t she notice her own swimsuit is gradually getting smaller? The twins then realize their mistake and can only pray for the best. This is also noticed by Shino. At the end of the day when Urara gets desperate and signals her final measure, the twins and Shino start struggling with her in which a trapdoor is released, sending Urara and Shino into an underground steam bath of love! So something naughty was supposed to happen here? Well, the rivalry is back. Thankfully Akari is so dumb not realizing what the hell is happening. Later Akari thought she successfully stole her gun back while Aria is changing but it is just her water pistol. Try again. Aria thanks Akari for inviting her and admits spending time with them isn’t so bad. She suggests spending time together again. This time she will visit her home.

Episode 9
This dream sequence starts off differently. Nonoka dreams of her past whereby something traumatic happened to the sisters. Their home got burnt down and they got tormented by a culprit that looks pretty familiar. Aria arrives for her home stay. Yes, she’ll be staying for a few days. So has Akari cleaned up everything yet? When Akari mentions about Aria’s stay to her friends, you can see the dead looks on Shino’s face. Want to bet this piece of information reaches Urara? Akari and Aria to errands together and because Akari’s jealous admirers are so bad in tailing, Aria just tells them to come out. I guess it is also a cue for them to join in. With the rest of the other friends who happen to be here too. Yeah, big coincidence. Shino and Urara have to bite and hold in their jealousy unless they want holes in their ass. That night, Akari thought she could sneak up on sleeping Aria and steal back her gun (or is it to molest her?) but Aria is as sharp as ever. Next day, Akari makes a vow to Aria that she will work hard to become exactly like her. She views her as the perfect Butei who holds up the law. Aria interrupts they’ll chat this later and sends her on an errand. Then Aria makes a run for it because she knows shady guys have been tailing her. Shino and Urara spot this so they go get Akari and call for backup. At the wharf, Aria faces off with the goons but the way they fight makes her realize they are just amateurs. She takes them out gradually but when more goons arrive, so does her Butei friends. They manage to suppress the big group but one sniper still remains elusive. Aria throws Akari back her gun and wants her to shoot him. However she is paralyzed in fear and cannot do so. Before she hits trauma mode, Reki takes him out.

In the aftermath, it is reported that those goons are related to those earlier bank robbers who have a grudge against Aria instead of some criminal attacking Butei students. Akari fears she will be scolded by Aria for that slip up but surprisingly she thanks her. Akari returns her gun since she didn’t get it back on her own accord but Aria says it isn’t necessary. The Amica test is over. She has decided Akari is not fit to be her Amica. That slip up isn’t just the reason. Aria realizes they are different as people. Akari works better with her group of friends while Aria is more of the lone wolf type. Learning her path won’t make her gain much. Akari remains stubborn so Aria tells her off that slip up would have put them in grave danger. Because Aria goes on dangerous missions, she’ll put in a lot of danger. If Akari can’t even shoot decently (not to kill but even as warning), do you think she is fit to be her partner? Besides, doesn’t Akari looked relieved when she didn’t have to shoot him? Aria then takes Akari to the shooting room and forces her to shoot. Even when not looking, Akari nails perfect shots to the forehead, eye, throat and heart. She claims had she shot then, the baddie would have died. Now it is Akari’s turn to run away and cry? Meanwhile Riko is seen talking to Kyouchikutou again. It was Riko’s plan to instigate those stupid punks as distraction so that some group can arrive safely. Now their operation can start. Riko will take out Aria so that Kyouchikutou can hunt down Akari.

Episode 10
A terrorist hijacks a bus. Aria was involved in the mission with Kinji but gravely injured. You know how Akari will feel when she sees this, right? Riko is dancing happily that she defeated Aria so easily. Kyouchikutou appears before Akari and wants to talk. She confirms her partner who is interested in Aria is the one who hurt her. As Kyouchikutou is only interested in Akari, she warns her about the seed she has sown 2 years ago and will bloom as early as today or tomorrow. She gives her the ultimatum to come to her hotel room. The nightmare begins when Nonoka collapses. Her condition stabilizes in ICU but she is in danger of losing her eyesight. Akari starts blaming herself that everything that has happened is because of her family’s secret technique and that she shouldn’t have become a Butei. So only now you think it is not okay? Akari’s only choice is to become Kyouchikutou’s pet. Her family were Shogunate spies in the past, similar to intelligence spies in today’s modern way. They possessed a technique that could kill. But during modern times, they were told by their mom this ancient technique was only passed down as tradition so using it wasn’t allowed. However if the time calls for it, only use it to protect. They train hard under mom until that fateful night 2 years ago. Kyouchikutou attacked the family seeking for the technique because the evil organization that she belongs to, IU is upset with them for keeping their technique a secret! WTF?! Kyouchikutou poisoned Nonoka and did an Arnold that she’ll be back for her someday. Akari’s family subsequently scattered and went into hiding. Fuuma adds Nonoka’s poison is called Fuchou and was originally her clan’s technique in which Kyouchikutou stole. It can only be neutralized by the person who made it. At this rate, Nonoka will slowly lose all her senses and die.

Akari is going to be a hero to confront Kyouchikutou. She’ll sacrifice her life if it is needed. But Aria heard everything and tells her to hold her horses. This is no fairytale so her sacrifice will be meaningless. Aria has deduced that Akari was trying to hide and suppress her technique, the reason why she is lowly ranked at Butei. She also tried to modify her technique since killing is forbidden in Butei’s law. Akari feels things are impossible at this point because she tried so hard in sealing her ability that she couldn’t learn anything new. Aria reminds her she has something that she doesn’t have: Friends. I guess it is time for them to join hands and support Akari in her first ever mission that Aria dubs Double A. Akari’s friends station outside the hotel as Akari heads into Kyouchikutou’s room which pretty much looks like a dark lab. Kyouchikutou lets her know what she wants in exchange for the antidote. She wants Takamakuri, her family’s secret poison as well as Akari herself. As Kyouchikutou is a master and enthusiast in poison, it upsets her that a poison technique that kills in a single touch and doesn’t leave a trace eludes her. Akari rejects her outright. One more last chance for Akari to join IU and Kyouchikutou will help take care and grow her stronger than Aria. No? Time to face off then.

Episode 11
The reason Kyouchikutou could fly is because there were nano-wires all around. She decides to go eliminate other obstacles first. Fuuma becomes the first victim when she mistakes her poison gas that turns out to be gas that melts her clothes too! So a ninja is incapacitated when she is naked? Even weirder, Kyouchikutou rips off her mask and it is the same when a woman has her naked body seen. WTF. She goes unconscious after Kyouchikutou scratches her with her poison fingernail. Next up is Raika. Another poison fingernail move to leave her paralyzed. Now it is Urara’s turn. This time she got trapped in some hallucinating drug before being sprayed by the big knockout gas in her face. Kyouchikutou then causes a big accident pileup on the bridge just for her showdown stage with Akari. If you think Akari’s uzi is going to do something, the big shocker is when Kyouchikutou unpacks her giant gatling gun!!! OMG! Surprise! She fires but Shino protects Akari. She only lives because of her bulletproof uniform but the beating is enough for her to be taken out. Akari is now mad. That Bruce Lee pose has Kyouchikutou finally smiling in glee because Akari is going to show her Takamakuri. Since Akari is remembering Aria’s words and lessons, impatient Kyouchikutou fires her gun to force her to move. Akari is so amazing that she dodges every bullet! Both girls are left puzzled because Akari failed in making Takamakuri happen when she zooms past her. Is this a joke? But lessons from mom soon come back as Akari explains Takamakuri isn’t a poison technique. But Kyouchikutou doesn’t believe. Akari continues explaining the technical mumbo jumbo about pulses and pressure points. Yeah. Whatever. In a single strike, not only she destroys the gatling gun but rips Kyouchikutou’s clothes too! OMG! Why didn’t it rip her underwear? She is arrested but in her underwear too? No decent clothes to put on? Yeah, after all the trouble she has given, the least she could do is give us fanservice. At least she believes Takamakuri isn’t poison now. But she warns it is not over yet and more trouble will come. Akari and Kirin think she is just being a sore loser since their friends are beginning to recover. Aria then rushes into the scene to warn them a piece of information she got from Reki. It seems another member of IU has infiltrated the place. You don’t say. Could you have timed the advice a little earlier because here she comes now running rampage in her mecha. Suimitsutou is not happy that her little sister was bullied and now it’s payback time.

Episode 12
Suimitsutou is going to blast everything until her sister is released. All the while laughing with that derp face and eating her potato chips. Yeah. She’s the crazier one alright. Akari suggests she will be the decoy, much to Aria’s protest. For once Akari reminds her about her own lesson regarding impossibility. Akari then runs straight towards Suimitsutou and although she knows she is a decoy, she just fires away. Another bad shooter because all her shots missed. Or is Akari that petite? Aria runs back to her friends to request their help. Once Suimitsutou runs out of bullets, Reki fires the bridge cables to tangle her mecha. Then the rest shoot smoke screen to cover her vision. If she resorts to electronics, they release tin foil interferes with the electromagnetic waves. As she tries to fly up, Aria shoots her glass cover with paint to completely blind her. Akari and Aria then fire their rounds to send Suimitsutou to her defeat and let her get arrested along with her sister. Great news for everyone is that Kyouchikutou has accepted some plea bargain and so she will make the antidote to cure Nonoka. But it is not so great news when Aria praises Akari and then says this is their last mission together. She tells her to find her own Amica. Not because of what happened recently but she already told her they were different people to begin with. Besides, Aria has so many enemies that following her around will be dangerous.

Akari won’t accept this and challenges her to another test one last time. If she is strong enough, that won’t be a problem, right? She will go all out to defeat her. Aria accepts the challenge and the test will remain the same like last time. Only this time Aria will not run but fight her. So it begins the battle. Akari starts using her power and holy cow! Am I watching a Naruto fight???!!! Akari did some reckless move that allows her to steal back her gun but at the expense of losing her consciousness. Aria could have taken her gun back but seeing the happy looks on her face, she calls it her victory. In the aftermath, Akari continues to remain mainly the same. Still waking up late. Why didn’t Nonoka wake her up? She tried. See that big slap on her face? Yeah… Kirin and her loli friends force Raika to give them some lessons. She isn’t the popular one, though. Because Urara and Shino are at each other over Akari. However she declines them because she has got a date with Aria! So what is Urara going to do with all the food ordered for her? It’s a shame to go to waste so the losers dine over them while they make another pact to get rid of that Aria b*tch. Aria and Akari are on their way to a mission and bump into Kinji and Shirayuki. Akari still hates Kinji’s guts. Shirayuki still hates Aria’s guts. Kinji can tell Akari is a little different now. Aria and Akari being their first official mission together when suddenly… Akari blunders! How the f*ck could she be so clumsy and fall over Aria! It is no surprise she is so embarrassed and upset and threatens to turn Akari back into a trainee!!!

Yuri No Aria B+
Remember what the name of this series is. There is no way in the world that Akari will be separated from her beloved senpai forever, right? And there you have it. An average story to begin with that ends on somewhat on a happy note with our 2 main protagonists together in what will be a long love-hate relationship. But that is another story. Basically the entire season can be divided into 3 parts: 1/3 of the show being the introduction to the main characters, another 1/3 resorting to yuri hijinks fanservice and the final 1/3 reserved as the ‘main plot’ for the girls to kickass and strut their stuff.

Sometimes I felt that the overall story and plot were mediocre because of certain scenarios like when you keep thinking that Aria as the best Butei around, she failed to get a single decent information on Akari’s past. I mean, is Akari really that good in keeping her family secrets? Is there really no documentation of them? How the heck IU knows about it when Akari and Butei don’t (so okay, there are many things Butei doesn’t know about IU)? Aria’s guts tell her something is wrong but that is about it. And with random low level punks targeting her, shouldn’t she get a hint something is obviously wrong? Maybe information isn’t Aria’s specialty since she is more of the on-field action girl and perhaps that is why Aria reminded us she is not as perfect as we think she is. But of course. The best ranked Butei and she can’t even swim? Something feels wrong. Even more so Fuuma is supposed to be a ninja and Aria relying on her means she is an information specialist of the sort, right? Yeah, she had one job and she failed.

I even thought that Nonoka’s unimportant role and appearance in this series is so that she could be a reason to be shoehorned for the final arc. I mean, do you even care about this caring sister who gets little screen time? The activation of the poison in her body just makes me want to ask why the heck did Kyouchikutou waited for 2 years just for Akari to decide if she would come and join her. And what the f*ck were the sisters doing for that couple of years? Didn’t Kyouchikutou tell Akari that Nonoka was poisoned then? Didn’t they try to find an antidote? Oh sure. Living the normal life seems more reasonable. She is going to die anyway might as well let her live the best normal life ever. Duh. And if Akari’s Takamakuri is that strong, can she use it to fight against IU? I know she doesn’t want to kill but couldn’t she just think of it as protecting her loved ones like her mother told her? Uh huh. The case of Akari being just Akari. Now you pay the price.

If you remember the previous season whereby Kinji was the main protagonist, he had some sort of weird sexual condition that made his senses and skills improved when he is stimulated. Though it was just merely hinted as a quick one here, I guess they throw out that kind of Hysteria Mode fanservice (especially for him to get horny with Aria) in exchange for yuri fanservice this season. Yes people. Yuri seems to be the fashion fanservice for this spinoff considering that all the main and supporting characters are female. Sure, you can count Kinji’s minimal cameo to break the all-female appearance but that hardly changes the fact that almost every darn girl here seems to be lesbians ranging from mild to extremely creepy. Really.

Akari may look up to Aria as her role model but don’t you think that this is a subtle hint of being yuri? I mean, look at her room. If it is not creepy enough that she posts Aria’s lessons in her exact words on her bedroom wall, you should see the Aria posters in it as well. It sure did freak out Aria when she came for the home visit. Further prove that Akari is yuri is the fact that she hates Kinji. The only recurring guy in the series and she hates him?! For what? Letting nature accidentally take a peek at her panties? Compounding the yuri love triangle are filthy rich girls Shino and Urara who are rivals to steal Akari’s heart and body. Yuyu and Yaya might look like loyal servants but you can tell from their actions they are so into Urara, the reason why they abide her every order, whim and fancies. Not forgetting the yuri pair triangle of their own, Raika and Kirin and Riko. Sometime it gets pretty duh to see them worrying about the other, stealing glances at the other, only to feel jealous when they see the other getting along pretty well with another woman. So being yuri partners mean they can’t decently talk to others? Throw in Kirin’s cute loli friends and you can have a big moe yuri orgy fanservice. Hell, yeah!

Although Fuuma and Nonoka don’t seem to be yuri oriented thanks to their minimal roles in the spinoff, but I wouldn’t discount it either. Otherwise it the spinoff would be exploding with distasteful yuri fanservice (refer to Valkyrie Drive ~Mermaid~). I’m not saying that this series has horny fanservice like that horny anime since the most you get is just one lousy mild yuri kiss and that was just between Raika and Kirin. Even Riko herself has yuri tendencies towards Aria considering if you watched the original TV series, their rivalry goes way back to their forefathers as phantom thieves and great detectives. Though, Riko feels much like a flirty Playgirl anyway. Kyouchikutou’s obsession with Akari means it is yuri, right? What about big sister Suimitsutou with her sisterly love? That is sisterly yuri, right? Yes, any female relationship among each other is seen as yuri!

Therefore the only obviously straight female ever in this series is Shirayuki. From time to time you can see her planning out her creepy stalker antics to grab Kinji’s heart but usually it fails. It just feels odd that as the only non-yuri character, she struggles really hard to achieve her goal. Would Kyouchikutou’s lingerie scenes be considered as consolation for the typical male targeted demographic fanservice? Okay. Better than remembering Aria’s concave boobs, right?!

The characters of this spinoff feel generic and cliché themselves. Like Akari as the lively and clumsy girl. Despite all that sunshine she has a dark past to hide but eventually no longer wants to run away, confronts it, gets over it. So typical. Then you have her group of friends like Shino the rich best friend, tomboyish Raika (but with a fetish for cute thing!), moe loli type Kirin, ninja type Fuuma (whose favourite pose is hanging upside down most of the time), obnoxious rich rival b*tch turned obnoxious rich comrade b*tch Urara and her yes-man (or woman) twins. The old casts also remain largely similar like cheeky and scheming Riko, Reki’s stoic and taciturn nature. Since Kinji isn’t the main star here, it means Aria does not display her tsundere quality.

Action scenes are rather okay although they are a few compared to the yuri fanservice you will be getting. This spinoff even pales in comparison with its predecessor if you want to talk about fight sequences. The characters here do not really show off much of their skills and even so they look pretty generic like Fuuma with her ninja techniques, Urara with her pistol and Shino with her sword (I believe Tsubame Gaeshi is her ultimate strike but I couldn’t really tell the difference). I don’t know what Raika does and Kirin is only reduced to relay information (can’t a cute loli fight?). It gets weirder when Akari could pull off some sort of seemingly supernatural move. I mean, really? She has got to be the biggest troll ever. Missed all the bullets from an uzi but accurately hits all target with a pistol? Yeah. Akari just being Akari.

Poison master Kyouchikutou is calm and cool in her techniques and I was hoping she owned every other damn character before she lost. You’ve got guns, you’ve got swords, you’ve got fist fights (that short final ‘Naruto’ fight really felt weird), why not insert a mecha battle too? That is what basically Suimitsutou’s role is all about. Come to think of it, why the heck did Kyouchikutou need to secretly sneak her in if it was part of IU’s intention to test this latest mecha? Can she just barge in and fire all the way since Suimitsutou is the crazy type? Why wait and follow according to plan that only when Kyouchikutou falls, then only she can debut. Huh? Besides, the big irony is how Kyouchikutou noted she would have preferred her sister to remain in the sidelines forever and should not have lost in the first place because her crude destruction was just embarrassing. And also the case of the spinoff being just the spinoff, the action sequence of how Aria lost to Riko was cut out and it felt disappointing because I really wanted to see how the Quadra couldn’t live up to her reputation. But it may be the case Riko didn’t face Aria directly because they are still sitting together in the end. After all, Riko is the greatest pretender. Even so, shouldn’t Aria at least be suspicious of her considering how their fate went about in the original TV series?

Despite the art and animation style looking the same, Doga Kobo took over from J.C. Staff in animating this spinoff. And now the characters seem to look similar like some of those visual novel games or manga they animated such as Hoshizora E Kakaru Hashi, 11eyes, Koihime+Musou and Myself;Yourself. Or maybe it is just me. After seeing so many animes over the years and seasons, the characters start to look more or less the same. Because even in this spinoff if I am not concentrating, I have a hard time telling the difference between some characters like Shino and Shirayuki. They look nearly similar on the outside. And of course a no-brainer because Yuyu and Yaya look so close that if they didn’t wear their half headband that has their initials so big on it, I couldn’t tell them apart.

The casts from the original series are all retained so it is quite the delight to hear Rie Kugimiya as Aria once again. The rest are reduced to cameo roles like Junji Majima as Kinji, Mariya Ise as Riko, Mikako Takahashi as Shirayuki and Kaori Ishihara as Reki. For the new line-up, Ayane Sakura as Akari once again her bratty voice suits such a character. If you think her character resembles so much like Cocoa from Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka, then you are absolutely right. Sometimes I just thought they pluck out her character from that series and put her here. The other recognizable voice is Aoi Yuuki as Kirin who puts on her ultimate cutesy voice. The rest of the casts include Ai Kayano as Shino (Inori in Guilty Crown), Mao as Raika (Renge in Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku No Zvezda), Sarah Emi Bridcutt as Urara (Yuzuru in Date A Live II), Ayaka Imamura as Fuuma (Miyabi in Absolute Duo) and Inori Minase as Nonoka (Hestia in DanMachi).

Hearing Yui Horie as Kyouchikutou, I believe this has got to be the blandest role ever she has voiced. Don’t get the wrong idea. She sounds very fitting for her character but over the years after hearing countless of anime roles ranging from super cute (too many to name), creepily cute (that loli from Umineko Naku Koro Ni) and robotic cute (Miss Monochrome, who else?), hearing her in this role suddenly takes away all the emotion from the stereotype that I am used to hearing her. This isn’t exactly her first emotionless character role. She did something similar too like Raika in Papa No Iukoto Wo Kikinasai. But this one takes the cake as the most monotonous ever. Oh, here is a little trivia too. This isn’t the first time Yui Horie voiced a character in this series. She actually made a cameo role as the Landlady back in the special OVA episode of Hidan No Aria. I wanted to make a connection speculation of the character but I think that would be a stretch.

The opening theme is Bull’s Eye by Nano, a rock outfit that is quite fitting for the action theme of the series but not so when you think about how this series is so much yuri. Yeah, I think it is still better than putting an all-girl idol unit as the opener. The ending theme is Pulse by Team AA, which is basically a duet between Akari and Aria. Nothing special about this generic anime rock pop. But still a reminder that despite their bratty and tsundere specialty voice, they can sing decently.

Overall, just like what I have indicated, this spinoff gets a B+ because despite the story being average and felt lacking, at least it gets a plus for being entertaining (in the purest sense). If you like your action with lots of moe and mild yuri, look no further. Just don’t expect the same plot you’d expect in the original Hidan No Aria. Just a different ‘plot’… Although I feel it has a story and characters with potential to develop, something tells me that it all depends on the DVD and BD sales… Hmm… Didn’t the producers ask fans to buy them this time around? Well, you better now in case you want to see another spinoff of a spinoff of this series (maybe by that time you’ll have another Aria spinoff). Otherwise Akari will be putting holes in your body and more accurately than Aria could.

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