Triage X OVA

July 8, 2016

I have resigned to myself that there will be some OVAs to the TV series that I will never watch. In today’s internet age where many claim that fansubs are dying, it is already rare enough for them to exist and fansub some series every season as many series are being officially simulcast and have their own ‘official’ subs. This usually means if a series has an OVA, we are most likely not ever going to see it subbed. At least for English speakers. You’re lucky if you have any despite the bad and horrible grammar of ‘caring’ subbers to give us Japanese noobs out there a chance. At least better than nothing. This is the case of Triage X OVA. It wasn’t a series that I was a fan of and one that I would really be desperate to watch even if it came out another season. Even as of today, there are no English subs of this OVA. So how did I watch this and understand by not watching the original raw version? I saw it with Indonesian subs! Oh yes! For the first time ever (or at least in a decade), I decided to test if my Malay can still be of use and thus that is why I went to ‘try out’ this series.

Recollection XOXO
What a way to start off the OVA with a ‘celebration’ by breaking the fourth wall with loads of ‘dangerous’ fanservice!!! Oh yeah!!! We see Hitsugi talking to Oriha about sizing up the other ladies in Black Label. Of all the ladies, she perceives Yuuko as her main rival. Must be those monstrous boobs… When asks about Oriha herself, she turns into an idol and pretty much is the most excited about it.

The main story proper of this OVA is an expansion of Hitsugi and Yuuko’s past. Remember the part where Yuuko stormed into an abandoned lab and was set upon by this experimented wild child who was Hitsugi? Yup. This OVA tells us what happened after that. Hitsugi is taken back to Black Label’s base where Yuuko and Miki continue to rehabilitate her but to no avail. Each time Yuuko goes into her room, she becomes like a raging animal attacking her and the only way to put her out is injecting some sleep serum. It is already the 50th time and Miki wonders if she is a hopeless case. Even Mochizuki is having doubts whether she can be saved. But Yuuko continues to remain hopeful and vows to save her if it is the last thing she does. But the same cycle continues to repeat itself with no improvements in sight. One day while Miki is watching over Hitsugi, Inunaki comes by to start having some sort of office romance. I guess Miki doesn’t mind because the duo are like so in love with each other. Hitsugi sees this and starts to feel weird. Wait a minute. After experiencing pain and violence all this time and suddenly she feels embarrassed about seeing a couple make out? I suppose it is only natural…

Therefore when Yuuko decides to go by a different approach and have a picnic with Hitsugi, she somewhat opens her heart and gives Yuuko’s onigiri a chance. Thinking that this method works, Yuuko continues to have picnic with her. But when the meal gets more refined, the metallic sounds of the kitchen utensils start reminding Hitsugi of those operation tools. That trauma instantly activated and she becomes wild again. Fortunately she is calmed down with Yuuko’s motherly hug and doesn’t need the serum. Seeing the vast improvements, Yuuko requests Mochizuki to take Hitsugi outside. He agrees on a condition that if she goes out of control, she has to be taken out. For the first time Hitsugi experiences the joys of the outside world. A different experience altogether. Looks like everything is smooth sailing. Till Yuuko left to buy drinks and a couple of punks want to flirt with her. WTF?! Are they lolicons?! Their metal comb induces her trauma as she starts getting violent and beat them down. When Yuuko returns, she slaps Hitsugi! The punks make a run for it when Yuuko shows them her angry face. Sure they aren’t afraid of her monster boobs? Yeah, I think they’re lolicons… Anyway, Yuuko quickly hugs Hitsugi, relieved that she did not kill them. Had she done so, Miki has been waiting from afar ready to snipe her out. Thank goodness it didn’t come to that. As a reward for sticking with us this long, we present to you yuri fanservice with bare tits courtesy of Yuuko and Hitsugi bathing together. Bonus: Hitsugi kisses Yuuko on her lips!!! And now in the present, Hitsugi is cured from her traumatic past and her monster boobs are as big as Yuuko’s, enough to give her a run for her money. Haha!

From Monster Kid To Monster Boobs
OMG! I can’t believe it! I actually understood a big chunk of it all! That means my Malays masih boleh dipakai! Yahoo! Not bad, right?! Time to celebrate! Ahem… So okay, even if Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Malaysia do have their differences, there are still many words that I could understand despite having some differences. But overall, it looks like I’m still in touch with the language. Obviously… So a big pat on my back for that. It helps too that I know some basic elementary Japanese and such lines do not need any subs at all for me to understand. So I suppose this is not that all bad. At least for my case.

So back to this OVA in particular. I was expecting some full blown mindless fanservice and nothing but tits, tits and bigger tits. Even the 3 minute opening trolling had me expect that it would turn out something this sleazy. After all, when you have such a series with such a reputation, it is only natural for viewers and fans to quickly assume there would be such fanservice to get your money’s worth when you buy the DVDs. It is both good and bad thing for this OVA to turn out as an origin episode and knowing more about the relationship between Yuuko and Hitsugi. But there is all there is to it and nothing else to shout about. And to shut us up for those complaining about fanservice, they slapped in a few bare tits scenes so that you can’t complain about this fanservice show lacking its fanservice brand.

But be warned. This OVA might give the wrong conception that having a nurse with big hentai boobs can speed up your recovery! Or turn young girls into lesbians who in turn transform their flat plains into towering mountains! You know… When Hitsugi kissed Yuuko, it is like as though they transferred and exchanged some tits DNA and that is why the adult Hitsugi has such ungodly boobs. Haha! I know it is an outrageous theory but we are so accustomed with many anime girls who have small breasts to even have them remain as they are when they are all grown up. Stupid puberty forgot to develop those…

All in all, I wouldn’t have watched the OVA had not for my sole intention to test my Malay. Seriously, that is the truth! It might take years for any English subs to come out and by that time I might have forgotten if there was an OVA to this series in the first place. At least now with the satisfying ‘test results’, I can look forward to watching more OVAs in this manner. That is an advantage if you are multi-lingual. Sighs… If only I could read Chinese… Oh heck, why didn’t I just learn Japanese straight and save me all the trouble?

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