Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei No Kyokan OVA

July 15, 2016

After my successful stint in watching an OVA in Indonesian subs, I decided to test out another OVA with the same language. Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei No Kyokan OVA is one of the many OVAs of a TV series that is most likely never ever getting an English sub. At least not for the time being. So what better way than to satiate my ‘closure’ of another TV series that released an OVA by watching subs from another language that I understand. And thus this is my second OVA with Indonesian subs. Like many other OVAs, shows from such genres don’t necessarily have the plot continuity and is all for fun and fanservice. Like I’ve said many times in my previous blogs, all to get your 2 cents worth of buying the DVDs.

Lecty’s Pet
When Lecty is out jogging, she finds a stray chick in the bushes. She even saves it from a bad cat who wants to eat it for lunch! Bad kitty! Go away! Poor Lecty has her hand scratched while protecting Piyo-chan. Meanwhile Freon is addressing her team that a Garuda was spotted near Mistgun. It is believed that it has laid its egg somewhere in the city. If the egg hatches and the offspring grows up, it will suck the magic force out of everyone. So for the safety of Mistgun, they need to find this egg first before panic erupts. At the same time, Kanata tells his E601 girls the need to take care of animals as part of their curriculum. Surely the self-proclaimed goddess is too good to do something like this and Misora is giving a lame excuse that she would rather use that time to practice. This means Lecty has to do it, right? Lecty tends to the chicken coop where we are spammed with many cute little chicks. But she notices Piyo-chan doesn’t mix with the rest and wonders if he is scared. She remembers Piyo-chan’s shyness is the same as hers and understands. Piyo-chan slowly opens up to Lecty’s kindness. You know something is strange when Piyo-chan is getting slightly and obviously bigger than other chicks. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking about this chick could possibly be… Lecty continues to frolic with her pet by introducing him to her teammates, take it swimming and even shopping! Hey, are animals allowed in shopping malls?

As the search for the Garuda’s egg drags on, the need to find it quick becomes evident. Therefore instead of keeping it quiet and looking for it in the dark, Yuri and friends start distributing flyers about the Garuda. So you can tell from Lecty’s reaction when she sees the flyer and when she acts like there is nothing wrong. She quickly runs to the coop to take Piyo-chan and run but Freon and her team have already surrounded her. Apparently Rico saw the striking similarity in the flyer and Piyo-chan and reported. So is Lecty going to give up and let Piyo-chan to his fate despite being repeatedly told how dangerous it becomes when it grows up into a full Garuda? Guess not. She’s pretty attached to it. Then cute little bird turns into a Garuda. When Freon orders her team to attack, Piyo-chan protects her. But then it starts sucking everyone’s magic. Kanata saves Lecty before he is the first to run out of magic and collapses. So it is up to Lecty to use the power of words to convince Garuda to calm down. Can she talk in chicken language? When all else fails, she is going to put him down with her own hands. Suddenly Piyo-chan disintegrates himself into a pile of ash! I guess Lecty’s feelings did reach Piyo-chan after all. He too was quite attached to her and for her sake, ends it himself. But all is not lost and you don’t want to let a cute girl being left heartbroken forever. Because here comes Piyo-chan out of the ashes as his original little chick self. Can Garudas reincarnate themselves? Who knows… Piyo-chan becomes part of the family as he frolics with the E601 girls in the pool. You f*cking lucky little bird, you!!!!!!!!!!! And before you start wondering if Piyo-chan is going to become a ferocious Garuda in the future, Kanata already made a necklace that would prevent it from absorbing magic. How convenient.

Cute Chicks, Hot Chicks… Evolution! Then Devolution
Wohoo! I still have it! I can still understand a big portion of the subs. Yes! It isn’t all that bad. So I suppose now it is going to be a trend for me to find TV series with OVAs without English subs that I can easily substitute them with Indonesian subs as well. Oh yeah. I can feel it. The expansion of my anime experience. I’m levelling up alright. Ahem…

Back to this particular OVA, I guess there is nothing much to be said considering that I have already expected it to be somewhat like this. I figure this OVA is made for Lecty fans in mind. Things are pretty predictable as shy Lecty gets her screen time focus and show us that among the loser girls of E601, she is the most caring of the lot. Anime ‘veterans’ could have easily guessed the identity of her chick from the start. Otherwise it would have rendered this OVA pretty much useless and redundant, right? It feels like Lecty is some Pokemon trainer. Although not sending Piyo-chan to fight other cute critters, the way she cares for it and loves it like part of her own family, when Piyo-chan starts to grow up, that scene just feels like a Pokemon evolution to the next stage. And then it devolved itself because of the power of love. Yeah… Not too sure if Piyo-chan will become a permanent member of the team (if they ever make another season) but you can say that he is the new hot chick in town! Oh yeah.

So as not for the little chick to steal all the limelight, this OVA still serve us little bits and pieces of fanservice. Sorry, no bare tits. From the girls having a shower discussion about the need to quickly find the Garuda’s egg (can you call this as shower thoughts?) to pool swimsuits fanservice, I suppose you can’t complain. Wait a minute. Can chicks swim? Sure, chickens can swim but not as well as ducks or geese. You know, I just find it odd that a chick loves to play water. I thought animals that are not water based don’t really like to bathe themselves in water. Like cats and dogs. So why the heck is Piyo-chan so cool in the pool? Just a freaking excuse to see Lecty in her swimsuit and at the end, the rest of the girls. Yeah… Hey, come on. You don’t want to be bored by seeing Lecty taking Piyo-chan to the video arcade, right? He might just beat you in Street Fighter V for the ultimate embarrassment…

Overall, just an okay OVA to complete the TV series. Nothing really special in particular unless you are a fan of Lecty or cute little chicks. Food for thought: If Lecty can tame the ferocious Garuda just by caring for it, is it possible to do the same for those Devil Beetles? Then they don’t have to fight all the stupid war against the bugs. Yeah… Hey, everybody come adopt 100 Devil Beetle bugs each and take good care of it. And when they grow up they won’t blast our city into smithereens and cause other unnecessary damage. Yeah… It’s so crazy it might just work. Unless it only works with Lecty’s touch… Boy, is she going to be a busy Pokemon tamer… But just remember to treat your pets well in any circumstances. They remember well if you pamper or mistreat/abuse. Better never having to have one that bites the hand that feeds than to have one that bites your head off!

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