Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desu Kara

July 22, 2016

When you hear a magical girl anime, what do you mostly think about? A cute loli. A magical pet. Cute clothes. Don’t forget the important transformation scene. Magic battles against monsters. Magic battles against darkness. They always triumph in the end. Sounds like fun and a dream for every young girl to be the heroine, right? But what if you want out? You don’t want to be a magical girl in the first place and have had it being one. Just like the protagonist of Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desu Kara, she didn’t want to become a magical girl but under the circumstances she is forced to. And thus this is her life as she goes about trying to live a normal one while having this additional magical girl baggage to her name. Oh, did I mention this is supposed to be a funny show?

Episode 1
Yuzuka Hanami is sleeping as usual in the early morning. Her dad must be a workaholic because he gladly leaves the house and happily looks forward to working 21 hours straight! Like any other independent girl, Yuzuka prepares herself and heads to school. On her way back, she sees something scary lurking in the garbage site. WTF is this strange ball creature with wings?! Miton is surprised she can see him and initiates a barrier so that no one can interrupt their conversation. Hey wait a minute. If no normal humans can see or hear him, why the f*ck put up a barrier in the first place? What is wrong with having another human seeing him? Anyway the fact that Yuzuka can see him means she has a potential to become a magical girl! Say, isn’t this how Nurse Witch Komugi-chan was conceived? He gives her a wristband and tells her how to transform. When she does, she becomes very embarrassed with this swimsuit outfit. Miton explains the magical girl outfit takes on the form that best suits its wearer. He can’t stop staring at her… She reverts back and doesn’t want to take up this magical girl job but Miton insists she will get used to it as swimsuits do the best work in summer. Yuzuka is not keen in working with him and Miton’s smelliness from the garbage makes her slap him away.

Episode 2
Miton is taken back to Yuzuka’s home. She blindfolds him as she transforms again to ascertain if her outfit is really a swimsuit. It is. Miton believes it must be her fetish. Better keep quiet if you don’t want her to give you that painful scrubbing punishment. He teaches how to materialize her power and it looks like she could materialize water. This water magic comes in handy especially when this pervert starts saying things that are uncalled for. She can splash him or drown him. Miton notices Yuzuka is good in cooking, something magical girls aren’t supposed to be good at. Is this some sort of stereotype? Yuzuka thinks Miton eats garbage. He is distraught she thinks so and tells of his sad story how he almost died of hunger and had no choice but to eat anything he finds. Yuzuka feels bad for asking that. But then he checks out her panties. The frying pan comes in handy sometimes… Miton learns about her parents are often away and thus leaving Yuzuka alone most of the time. He thinks she is lonely and assures will always be with her from now on but Yuzuka shoots that down and would rather be alone. Ouch.

Episode 3
Miton learns more about Yuzuka’s dad and the way she describes it, it sounds like he is working in a black company. Yuzuka did talk to her dad about this before but he told her why his company isn’t one because he enjoys what he does and gets paid properly. But doesn’t that still make him a corporate slave? Miton decides to follow Yuzuka to school since nobody can see him. Too bad her friend, Daiya could. And even Chiya Sakagami. Chiya asks Yuzuka if there is something bothering her lately and if they are good friends. In that case, what the hell is that ball creature?! Miton introduces himself as Yuzuka’s partner but since she denies it, Chiya abuses him and warns never to say that without her permission! It seems nobody else in school can see Miton. Chiya wants to see Yuzuka’s transformation and Miton allows it. You’re her best friend, right? Chiya is impressed at how cute the outfit is. Just when you thought Miton and Chiya can be friends, Chiya beats him up and another warning not to do this without her. She wants in on this.

Episode 4
Unfortunately Miton explains he can only control with one bracelet at a time. Yuzuka doesn’t mind giving up her role but it seems you can’t change the registration of the bracelet. He assures that there is a retirement age for magical girls: 16 years old. Although Chiya is not pleased, as long as Yuzuka is not in danger, she doesn’t mind. Chiya then records every line of Miton says when he assures Yuzuka doesn’t need to fight or be put in danger. Later Yuzuka asks his opinion of Chiya. He knows she doesn’t see him as a friend but is sure she cares a lot about Yuzuka. Then she receives a message from Chiya to be extra careful of Miton and not to be swayed by his sweet words. As they go shopping, Yuzuka realizes how poor Miton is when he can’t stop fantasizing all the premium meat and desserts. Miton enjoys Yuzuka’s finest cooking and wonders if it is alright for her to splurge for his sake. It’s okay. Because Chiya told her to make him owe her! Oh sh*t! Now to make his desserts… No thanks, he’ll pass…

Episode 5
In her bathroom, Yuzuka transforms to test out her water magic. She has some fun but the only downside is the need to wear this swimsuit to use her power. She thinks Miton has peeped at her as he knows what she was doing. He explains he can sense whenever she transforms via the bracelet. He doesn’t understand why she needed to go to the bathroom just to do this since this is her house when she can just transform right here in front of him. I think that is precisely why she did it there. Yuzuka asserts she doesn’t like the swimsuit transformation and even more so a stranger looking at her in one. But Miton considers himself as her partner as he turned her into magical girl although Yuzuka quickly puts her foot down on that. They are nothing more but strangers. Strangers!

Episode 6
Yuzuka’s dad is coming home early today and she wonders if Miton can make himself visible to him. Miton disagrees because doing so will cause more harm than good and will have to manipulate his memories. He fears he would be handed over to some shady organization and experimented on if his existence gets spread around. But when Yuzuka mentions about the potential of getting more money from him and buy better food, Miton changes his mind and supports the idea of not hiding things from the family. Look at how much he is drooling. Once daddy returns, Yuzuka asks if she could get a pet. He okays it. So what will it be? A dog? A cat? What the heck is that creature?! In order for Miton to manipulate his memory, Yuzuka must transform. Although dad catches a glimpse of his daughter in the swimsuit, Miton is able to manipulate his memory to see him as a fat parrot! Miton has also restored his stamina and notes how tired he is. Could his job be tougher than magical girl battles? Next morning, dad feels refreshed with lots of energy. So much so he is ready to work for 200 hours straight! Please don’t!

Episode 7
Miton is placed in a cooler because Chiya is also here in her swimsuit. He is convinced to stay there when Chiya notes Yuzuka will lose he will if he sees her. She then won’t want to do this anymore and won’t like him. Chiya wants to learn more about Yuzuka’s magic. She demonstrates and Chiya finds her cute. The girls want to know what happens to the clothes when transformed. They get replaced? Not a convincing answer. Chiya asks the question what would then happen if the swimsuit is taken off, would it be replaced by another? If that happens, they could sell it! But Chiya disagrees. Because she’ll keep it in her collection. Miton is not sure where clothes go during that but the outfit is essential in supporting the magical girl fight with magic so it won’t do any good taking it off. Wondering if there is any way to leave her original clothes around when she transforms, they test it out but the clothes get mixed up with each other. Yuzuka panics and transforms back but more mix up as this time her panties disappear. So it seems it is a bad idea to add more clothes as it will screw up the process. Too bad. But Chiya keeps her swimsuit top anyway.

Episode 8
Yuzuka introduces Chiya to Daiya. She finds her cute and the trio had a fun outing all day. After Daiya leaves, as they make their way back, they spot a girl with a flying penguin! Miton and Pochi (his name is too freaking long and complicated to pronounce, so we’ll just call him this) know each other. Mafuyu Shinogi points out that since they can see Pochi, could it be that they are magical girls? Thus she mistakes Chiya to be the magical girl. When Miton claims Yuzuka is her partner, she immediately denies it. Mafuyu reveals she is a magical girl and is happy that there is another one around. This too makes Yuzuka happy as this means she has a new friend.

Episode 9
The magical girls show off each other’s costume. Mafuyu is a Santarina and she quite likes it. Mafuyu has always thought she was the only magical girl around since Pochi said the chances of another one were incredibly low. She hopes they can be her friends. Miton suggests to Pochi to link up but the latter refuses and narrates the hell he went through. No shelter over his head and had to eat food from garbage. That sounds a lot like Miton, right? As Mafuyu is a senior, she will be retiring soon. Yuzuka wonders if it is rude to ask her about the retirement age but Chiya directly asks her. For now, Mafuyu will keep that a secret. They see Miton and Pochi like best friends now. Garbage buddies? Chiya refuses to acknowledge what she sees. They go buy stationery and since Chiya and Mafuyu discover they prefer the same supply type, they become extremely good friends. Probably if they have cut all that chatter, they could have made it since the shop just closed for the day.

Episode 10
You wonder what kind of magical girls Miton handled before because he finds it odd that Yuzuka is properly doing her homework. He thought she should wait for last minute and party first. He asks about things that she cannot handle physically. His sexual harassment? Anything else? The swimsuit. He will look into the system since she dislikes it so much. Yuzuka wonders why he never did it in the first place. It is because by removing the swimsuit it would means she is totally naked. Hey, not bad, right? Yuzuka gets mad and gives him a punishment scrub. So now you know why, right? With Miton adding that her consciousness keeps the swimsuit materialized, looks like the only way Yuzuka can ‘hide’ it is to wear clothes over it after she transforms. He cautions the problem like the last time, screwing up the system with overlapping clothes. She kicks him out and will try it out herself. After her transformation, she realizes her mom was watching.

Episode 11
Mom guesses she is a magical girl as well as this poor mascot design thingy (spot on!) turned her into one. But she asks if all monsters are defeated, why turn Yuzuka into one? No reason in particular. As dad has his memories altered, by right mom should have hers too. But Yuzuka seems to hint mom doesn’t care about this things so it is okay to let her be (why does she sound like a neglected child?). Mom learns about her water power but isn’t impressed with it since it can’t make any money! She has Yuzuka show her transformation again. She demonstrates her magic too and mom can’t stop taking pictures. Yuzuka nearly drowns Miton when he suggests she stays in the swimsuit forever. Yuzuka goes into hiding when dad is home early since his bosses got sick and got the approval to come home. He is so happy that for the first time in 5 years, 3 months and 6 days he gets to be with his family!!! Somebody call the labour department! Dad and mom spend a nice time together and Yuzuka couldn’t be happier.

Episode 12
When Miton notes Yuzuka has not many friends, it hits her real hard. She starts thinking of all the friends she has but can only think of Chiya. She thinks harder and could only come up with Daiya and Mafuyu. Not so bad, right? Although she looks at the bigger picture like classmates, she tries to support her view of having fewer friends means the stronger your bonds with each one will be. The more the weaker, right? This is what Miton understands: She is embarrassed that she doesn’t have many friends. Spot on. With Yuzuka flustering, he rephrases his words is Chiya her only friend at school. This only makes her mad. When Miton tells this to Chiya, same expression. Only, she wants to kill him! Chiya for once imparts valuable advice. She knows he is trying to look out for her but should only say those things once he is her friend. So on the way home, Miton has decided he is going to become Yuzuka’s best friend. Well, at least Chiya smiles and agrees. Really? She is agreeing to let this guy into her life?

Magical Swimsuit Model?
Wait. So this is how it ends? What did I just watch? What just happened? What is going to happen? Although the ending doesn’t make it any better, to be honest, I have mixed feelings while watching and once I finished the series. I can’t seem to figure out if this short anime is good or just bad. So I’m going with my usual middle ground approach. Yeah, that always solves a lot of things, right? :-).

Anyway, let’s start off with why it is bad. Simply because there is really nothing much to it! I wonder if we have been trolled and ‘cheated’ into thinking this is some sort of magical girl show but it feels like it is just half of it. The lack of any evil to fight makes it the biggest pitfall for why this series is really a magical girl genre and raises one of the biggest idiotic questions of how this is even possible. Why the heck do you even need to have magical girls when all the evil in the world has already been purged? Even the so called ‘reason’ gave here wasn’t really any reason in particular. It just felt like lazy writing. Hey, if Miton himself doesn’t know the answer, where else can we find them? Unless you take into account Miton is a swimsuit maniac and thus why Yuzuka was forced to become one then it is a different story but still, why the need of a magical girl when there are no monsters to fight? Therefore just because of having only a transformation scene feels like it makes it legitimate to be called a magical girl show just doesn’t justify it. After all, Yuzuka looks more like a loli swimsuit gravure model who can make water bubbles, that’s all.

One the good side, this anime is fairly simple and non-complicated to watch. In recent years, the themes of magical girl genres have gone from being your simple good versus evil trope to one that is complicated with personal traumas and dark themes. I mean, just take a look at Mahou Shoujou Madoka Magica. That has got to be one of, if not the darkest magical girl themes around. We have got magical girls show ranging from dealing with child abuse (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha), despair and blood (Genei Wo Kakeru Taiyou) as well as hidden dark secrets that might tear even the closest friendships apart (Yuuki Yuuna Wa Yuusha De Aru). With such dark themes around, magical girl series are not for the innocent anymore. Sure, there are still colourful and typical magical girl hype type like the Pretty Cure series down to the silly ones such as Nurse Witch Komugi R and Ilya’s little spinoff, but they still have its own issues to deal with albeit to a lesser degree.

Therefore this series if you are talking and comparing it with recent magical girl series, you would find that this doesn’t even compare to a fraction of it. This means this series is easier to enjoy and easier to understand without the need of cracking your brains, tissues to wipe away the incessant weeping and whatever medication to help your heartache from it all. But this simplicity in turn can be its own downfall because everything is so simple and relaxing, it can become boring. There is nothing much in this anime that makes it memorable in the long run. While it is good for a few minutes worth of chuckles, there isn’t anything much to say beyond that. And that weak ending somewhat ruins it…

Thus having the setting of a world where evil monsters and beings have been defeated and leaving this world a peaceful one is indeed a refreshing premise when it comes to the magical girl genre. So in that case can all magical girls retire early? I doubt that will happen when there are magical mascot maniacs mad about magical girls can’t live the rest of their lives without having to serve one. This leads to the plot suffering because what else is there to do when you have no dangers to face and no inner demons to fight? Hence many of the episodes feel like standalone fillers which don’t really satisfy your magical girl needs. If you really need one, that is. And so I conclude this is how boring and lacking a decent direction a magical girl genre can get if they are not fighting monsters. Yeah…

So okay, overall it might lean towards the negative side and this is also partly contributed by the seemingly simple characters that aren’t anything much themselves. Firstly, Yuzuka is just a typical ordinary girl. That is all. When she comes into possession her magical powers, she is no different than before. Her life somewhat remains the same (albeit now with an annoying ‘poorly designed mascot’ part of her life) and she hardly puts her magic into any good use except impress others and sometimes to drown Miton whenever he goes overboard. Personally I think even Chiya is more interesting than her because of her overprotective-cum-possessive tendencies over Yuzuka and don’t-mess-with-me-you-f*cker attitude and look. She is perhaps the only character why this series is a little funnier. Otherwise it falls flat (no boob puns intended) without anything more to laugh about.

The other funny character is Yuzuka’s dad who seems to be a victim of corporate slavery but can you call it so when he is ‘enjoying’ it so much? Or is he really brainwashed? Somebody should call UN’s ILO and report this company! But then again, with Japan being famous for karoushi, they might just shrug it off. Oh wait… Could this shady corporation be a sleeping evil organization that will burst into the scene for world dominance under everyone’s nose when they least expects it? The much needed antagonist and the reason magical girls are called back to fight evil and putting Yuzuka’s magic into good use for the first time? Yeah. Even so, it might be too late as far as this season is concerned. Let’s not think too much about it.

Miton himself fails at everything. I thought he is some cheap knock off from 2×2=Shinobuden’s Onsokumaru but looked a little creepier. Usually mascot creatures steal the limelight in many shows but this one just couldn’t lift off the ground. Though Miton can be considered a pervert but he lacks that kind of ‘energy’ and ‘passion’ that makes perverts, well uhm, perverts. He sounds so monotonous which goes well with his seemingly simple yet creepy look but I doubt that with this series also being labelled as a comedy genre, we won’t look at him like some sort of jump scare monster. Thus in comparison to Onsokumaru, this little winged ball is nowhere close and his sexual harassment pales in comparison to that said yellow ball. Not sure if you can even call it sexual harassment. Yuzuka isn’t a violent girl to begin with and mostly you’ll see her angry face and the most if he really steps out of line, water bubble drowning or that dreaded scrubbing (which we only see once ever happening to him). So Miton and Yuzuka reconciling with the possibility being friends at the end whereas for the entire time she was not even acknowledging him as one just feels out of place.

Other characters felt like they weren’t necessary in the first place. Sometimes I feel that they were there just to give a little variety and prolong the series that would otherwise be boring as hell if it was always Miton and Yuzuka and occasionally Chiya. Think about it. What the heck was Daiya’s appearance for when she didn’t really contribute anything to the story. She might as well be a total stranger or a character with no name. Same case for Mafuyu and Pochi. Another magical girl. So what? What was the significance of it all? So perhaps the only reason why such characters appear is for the ‘final climax’ so that Yuzuka could count who her friends are. Really, that’s about it. It could have been a running joke about Pochi (ironically a penguin given a dog’s name) that he is usually cut off and often ignored by Mafuyu. Another running joke is how each time Yuzuka addresses Mafuyu by her surname, Mafuyu wants to be called by her first name. But you know that is blatantly ignored when she does this all the time. And do we need Yuzuka’s mom coming home just for her single episode debut? Therefore with these characters don’t really contribute to the story in the first place (not that the series had a good one either) and only serves to make them feel more redundant.

There is nothing astounding from the voice acting with most of them being newbies in the industry or at least not ‘hot’ enough to land them many anime roles. Most disappointing one goes to Yuuki Wakai as Miton (Reona West in PuriPara series). I’m not saying her voice acting is bad. But because of how bland Miton sounds, this character could be the worst magical girl mascot ever. The rest of the casts are Akane Fujita as Yuzuka (Megumi Uda in Haifuri), Nichika Omori as Chiya (ironically she was the voice of this magical girl, Yurika in Rokujouma No Shinryakusha), Miku Itou as Mafuyu (Sahono in Mangaka-san To Assistant-san To), Asuka Nishi as Pochi (Shinobu in Kiniro Mosaic) and Minami Tanaka as Daiya (Minami in Wake Up, Girls). The opening theme is Yumeiro Tori Dori Parade by Earth Star Dream. Sounds like a song for a carnival or children’s parade if you ask me.

Art and animation seems decent. Simple yet cute but there isn’t anything more to it. After all, this is a simple series and you don’t need to go into elaborate and extravagant designs just to serve its comedic effect. That is why sometimes I feel that Miton and Pochi fail as a mascot design because they look one kind, if not a bit creepy rather than cute. So simple this series like as though it feels like they are cutting corners designing the swimsuit outfit for Yuzuka. Yeah, why not just smack on a bikini top and bottom, slap a pareo attached to it and you got yourself a new magical girl outfit! If she doesn’t look like a girl heading to a beach, she looks like an exotic dancer amateur or magician’s assistant. Really. No doubt one of the worst and could be the worst ever (and lazy too) magical girl design I have ever seen. Sure, it looks like a normal swimsuit but when you classify this series as a magical girl, it is hard not to think so. This series is produced by Pine Jam. This is their debut series and so far the only one they have produced. So let’s hope they use this experience and make greater animes in the future. Trivial note: Their website is full of pine jams animation… Sweet! Yum!

Overall, this series is simple and enjoyable to watch in the short run when you are in need of something cute and funny that doesn’t need a lot of brain cells and emotional draining. A plus point if you are a lolicon. Because of that, the downside to it all is the non-existing plot or even its direction. I believe this isn’t supposed to be a slapstick nonsensical series like, say Teekyuu, Ai Mai Mi and Fushigi Na Somera-chan in which the non-existent plot can be forgiven because the hilarious absurd garbage greatly overwhelms it all. Until there is true world peace, magical girls are still much needed to keep evils in check and the world balance. Because we still need them. Lolicons still need them. They will never have enough of wanting a magical girl.

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