Mushibugyou OVA

August 5, 2016

It feels like ages even though it has just been a few years. These days one of the ‘sad’ things about overseas an non-Japanese anime fans is that despite you get to watch the TV anime series you want (legally or not that is not the point we are going to discuss and up to your discretion and conscious), there are probably a whole lot of OVAs that don’t really get their chance of such exposure. In recent years where ‘legal subs’ are now provided in just about a big majority of shows released for a season and thus some believed the reason in contributing to the ‘decline of fansubs’, it is unfortunate that OVAs and specials of many series never got subbed. Even if they do, they take ages. So as in the case of Mushibugyou OVA. While it isn’t very long since it came out, but the time it takes for a group to sub it properly took its toll. You know a ‘busy’ person like me has so many animes to watch and shows like these get pushed behind if it is ‘not complete’. Then there was the fact that there are an unknown number of episodes for the OVAs. Hence I’m not sure how long or forever this will drag out. So I guess I got tired of waiting and just watched whatever that was available. Better to have watched some than never to have any at all?

Bugs are still invading Japan. So why the f*ck are Koikawa, Tenma and Hibachi fighting each other?! Over this cake?! WTF?! Then Jinbei sees the cake and eats it all himself! And he got beaten to a pulp. As Jinbei goes on patrol with Mugai, he sees this kid, Torakichi being bullied and thrown out from a dojo as they don’t want a lower caste to join them. When Torakichi sees and thinks Jinbei and Mugai as samurai warriors, he brings them to his house. His parents aren’t pleased seeing as lowly peasants they must know their place. However Torakichi begs them to teach him to become a samurai as he wants to become stronger and protect his loved ones. As expected, Jinbei is so touched by his determination that he agrees to train him. So we see Torakichi undergoing training from Jinbei sensei and the rest of his comrades soon help out. Except for Mugai who is just watching on as this scene brings back familiar memories of his past. One day as Torakichi goes to defend his siblings from the dojo bullies, Torakichi’s parents tell Jinbei to stop fuelling his samurai delusions because of their lowly social status, that kid can never become a samurai. Watching their son put in so much effort and not realizing his dream can be extremely painful. It may about to get worse because the siblings come back to report how Torakichi lost.

Jinbei goes to pick him up and you can feel his devastated moral that he won’t become a samurai even after giving all he’s got. He thought of becoming a strong and important samurai to stop the bullying but it was all a letdown. Leave it to Jinbei to tell him how much of a samurai he has already become. Because he tried to protect his siblings with all his strength and that itself is the ideal samurai image Jinbei has always been pursuing. Our bullies are getting their just desserts as a giant mantis bug swallows them into its cocoon. Our samurai heroes go into action with Jinbei fighting it upfront while Torakichi climbs its back to free the bullies. Torakichi is going to be devoured by parasite bugs but here comes Mugai in action. Then the rest of the squad members too to show off their bug killing skills. Finally Jinbei destroys the mantis. The bullies apologize to Torakichi but he holds no grudges since fighting to keep people from despair is what it means to be a samurai. More superb motivational advice from Jinbei to not worry about his current status. Continue what he is doing and he will one day become strong. He hopes they can be strong together. And Mugai watching remembers something this similar too as he notes that is why he became strong and betrayed his friends.

Mugai is so deep in meditation that even the animals gather around him! Hibachi is observing this lovely sight when boorish Jinbei had to interrupt. So as Hibachi sings praises about Mugai to Irori, the latter asks if she would instantly accept a wedding proposal from Mugai. Of course! But what if Jinbei says he likes her? This throws her off balance. Speaking of him, here he comes taking her hand to go on a patrol. This only gives more ammo to Irori to cheer for her. Because of this, Hibachi becomes very self conscious as she observes Jinbei helping others in his silly way. Then there is this ‘showdown’. Hibachi and Oharu ‘compete’ to help Jinbei carry his vegetables?! It ends with Jinbei falling on top of Oharu. This ambiguous erotic scene pisses off Hibachi so she tells him off: He will never become like Mugai! Wow. That really hit him hard. Kotori talks to Hibachi about her upcoming mission to destroy a Mushibito (human insect) at a fort. That’s normal but what’s the catch? Mugai is joining her and he personally picked her for this mission since she is the nimblest! You bet she wants to go on this mission. Oh yeah. So excited that she couldn’t sleep all night just thinking about the possibilities (delusions) with Mugai. So the next day as they make their journey, Hibachi realizes something amiss… They didn’t even talk!!! Meanwhile Jinbei seeks Koikawa’s advice on what Hibachi told him. Koikawa punches him and from what I understand it sounds like go-figure-out-yourself.

Mugai continues to ignore Hibachi even when she offers something to eat. Instead Hibachi experiences emotional flutters as she observes how observant he is on his surroundings. Yeah, even careful enough not to step on a pretty flower! KYAAA~!!!!! <3!!!! It is obviously she sees him in an even higher light but why is she comparing him to Jinbei? When they reach the destination, it is raining heavily and Hibachi spots a man being swept away by the current. She tells Mugai about this but she is in for a shock when he tells her he doesn’t care and his priority is to kill this Mushibito. Hibachi couldn’t help feel disappointed and lashes out at him not to say such sad things because this is not what Jinbei will say! She goes off to help the man but the current is too strong for her. Mugai finishes off the Mushibito and even has time continuing his combo to save that guy! Woah! Hibachi regains her respect for Mugai and believes he wanted to exterminate Mushibito fast so he could save this person. Thankfully it turned out like that, eh? She returns and tells this story to Jinbei although she herself feels pathetic for lashing out at Mugai. Jinbei then tells her he has been reflecting deeply about what she said so much so he hadn’t eaten! He hasn’t found the answer yet but he will continue to do things his way and train as much to become like Mugai one day. Okay. Whatever. She is happy Jinbei is being himself but claims she will get acknowledged by Mugai first. Later Hibachi apologizes to Mugai.

F*ck! Let’s just screw everything and put a modern day era high school setting! It begins with the usual cliché. Mushibugyou the new transfer rushes her way to school but bumps into fellow schoolmate Jinbei. A kind soul as always, he takes her there. Meanwhile Nagatomimaru addresses the students in the hall about the cultural festival. The best performance with the most votes will win a luxurious cruise trip and they can bring a partner along who cannot deny. Yeah, it means Nagatomimaru wants some gay time with Jinbei! Mushibugyou is in the same class as Jinbei as he shows her around the school. Nagatomimaru doesn’t like what he sees (it’s like they’re dating) and although Jinbei clarifies, Nagatomimaru wants to come along too. So they visit various characters making their preparations for the festival like Oharu making her dango, Hibachi making her explosives and Tenma reading Playboy magazines for inspiration for his figurines. Really? Jinbei will be doing kendo but he isn’t doing it for the prize as he has a goal and must do it to improve his skills. So the festival is on the way. Various weird acts… Jinbei and Mushibugyou walk around. In the hall, performances that are done and votes casted, their total is displayed on the board. Currently in third place is Koikawa’s yakisoba stand (did he put drugs in them?). Second place is an animal corner. This isn’t exactly a performance because it is Mugai so deep in meditation that the animals gather around him. Of course running away with the lead is Nagatomimaru’s host club for boys and girls. Sexy boys and girls give the other gender their much needed attention for his much needed votes. Nagatomimaru is convinced at this rate victory will be his since there are 2 performances left.

Next up is Oharu and her dango. However she gets clumsy and gives everybody free fanservice. From her boobs in Jinbei’s face and delicious pantsu shots, it is no wonder Oharu’s performance skyrockets up to second place. Only second place? I guess everybody has a little gay pride in them. The last performance is Jinbei’s kendo up against Genjuurou. In a tough battle, Jinbei loses but he doesn’t give up and gets up to fight back. This motivation has everyone in awe as Jinbei continues his power fight. As the votes are being tallied and it could be the big upset of the day, suddenly Yukimura and his men hijack the stage to force everyone to vote for them or else. Before they know it, every other character starts usurping them claiming the top prize is theirs. And all hell breaks loose because it turns into a free for all with every character beating the crap out of each other. Yeah, I don’t think that character is even from this school. The pandemonium ends when the entire school is destroyed. You happy now? Apparently not Mushibugyou. She is most upset. Oh no. She was enjoying Jinbei’s performance and they had to ruin it. Oh sh*t. They’re going to pay! She transforms into her dark form but since she is wearing a school swimsuit underneath, everyone loves it and unanimously votes for her in first place. And then everything all turns out to be a dream of Mushibugyou while she is at some cocoon castle. She notes how Jinbei makes her dream of fun things. Fun? I thought it was f*cking weird!

Sleep Tight, Don’t Let The (Giant) Bed Bugs Bite
I am not even sure how many actual OVAs there are even if currently right now it officially stands at three. One reason that made me say that is because at the end of the final OVA, Jinbei trolls us with his report of how good the first two OVAs were. They were so well received. So does this mean there will be more? Apparently he is ranting how ‘good’ they were because of the Oharu fanservice offered until pissed Hibachi cuts him off. There is no announcement of the next OVA preview like in before so I assume that it is dusted and done but with this trolling, I can’t say because just like monster bugs that suddenly pop up when you least expected it, the OVA too might spring such surprise.

Overall, the OVAs were just nostalgia to me. Okay, partially fun too especially the final one no matter how f*cking silly it was and far it strayed from its usual setting. I don’t know, I just feel that the subsequent episodes are straying a little. It starts off with the usual of everything like we know, Jinbei training and giving hope to a young samurai wannabe and fighting a big dangerous bug because you know, that is what the show is all about. It shows Jinbei never changed as the idiotic guy with a big heart. Never change, Jinbei. Never change. Then the next focuses on Hibachi and her love dilemma which isn’t much considering how we all know a big dick Mugai is. Yes, it shows that Mugai is still a douchebag but he does it in a cool way. So cool that you’d brush it off aside when he does the next slightest good deed. Oh yeah. That is Mugai for you. We love and hate him altogether.

Finally the high school setting just kills it. Just like how ecchi themed animes must have the obligatory beach episode or pool episode, I suppose when you have a feudal setting, sometimes you need to break all that familiarity and go for something different. It only shows how much gay Nagatomimaru is. Ironically Mushibugyou had the least role as a supporting main character even in the final OVA considering this series was named after her. But I guess that is what underdogs do. They steal the very show at the very final moment. Heck, it was her dream after all. Uh huh. A big troll just to reconcile with our minds why they had a high school setting in the first place. And maybe they should go shameless fanservice with a fourth OVA, making use of all the buxom babes and flat chest girls and putting Mitsuki to good use since she makes cameos in all episodes without contributing to anything important except to show off her sexiness.

Right now, my sentiments of the series is already long gone. In other words, I am not really interested or looking forward if they announced another season. But it could be different then because you know, nostalgia. Bugs are one of my biggest phobias and I don’t know how I even managed to sit through the entire TV series without being scarred. So unless they changed those bugs like those insect men into cute bishoujo girls invading the land, then yeah, maybe. Nanto…

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